Monday, October 14, 2013

organic sugar and my habbits

You know why they call some sugar vegan?
Because when they whiten and polish, they may tumble sugar with bones to break it down to a fine white powder..bones!
So I, 90% of the time, buy organic vegan sugar..then, I found a nice 10 dollar organic sugar, not vegan, at the giant store and I like it..I don't think that company uses bones..My mom, she brings conventional sugar to me all the time, that big yellow kids and their friends use it up..I like sugar in my coffee with half and half and they go through tea..They love 365 organic black tea..delish and cheap..80 tea bags for 4 bucks isn't bad at all...
I usually buy organic coffee but I will buy from local roasters here as well. I wish I had my own roaster!
I would roast the perfect medium light roast.
ah the much sugar does it take to spoil lets see all my kids and all their friends?
It would seem a gallon of raw organic sugar in 3 days!
Are you kidding me? There is no sugar for one cup of coffee?
there was... one of the boys left one teaspoon for my cup this morning..
he is so sweet and now doesn't sleep because that girl took his bed..
I am like what is up, no no, everything is fine he says..cancer.
You know every once in a while, I  have to clean up a little..too many big bodies doing nothing but studying..
Who am I? The Librarian?

Am I the deep clean librarian?

Lights out by 11 bitches..and I am giving you the two hours because I am generous and you are quiet..

A co worker at the my store who is a little younger than me, a Taurus, like a milf..
she says, "Loook at me, I am fucking beeeuutiful!"
She's is always showing us pictures of herself sitting or posing on some monument in a sunny place somewhere..
that is why I  said that the other is funny.
The girl who says that is Russian so it comes out not as vulgar for some reason..cute, because she's a blond with big round breasts, and charming..
I like it..we laugh all the time while saying it but we are all working out and you know, looking fine for our ages..I work with some  really amazing looking ladies. That Cancer girl is so pretty and she can barely walk with that perfect heart shaped ass..we've had to run young boys off because they will just hang out to be near is so cute!
The Russian? She married some sort of symphony guy to stay here and then course they divorce but they are still friends..she dates men with six figures..she told one guy, he couln't afford her..hahahaaa
"what is that, a measurement?"
six figures?
sixes all around please..I would want a man with a six pack and a giant brain in his knogin!

She was an engineer in Russia now she is a cashier..the language thing is in the way.."To be" is different in Russian..
I should start learning that language. I know it'll be easy because I catch words now which I understand..There is a huge community here by my work..if I still want to do it in two weeks or so, it will be easy.
now back to me..
If I am to have anastasia's place, fresh cafe, it will be easy, like this house was easy in the end..
I am looking at a Mercury aspect where other peoples money, insurance documents and deep cleaning of debris will be in order for the next few weeks..also the us government is in a strange banking thing again..dude, overspending is China is on US's  ass threatening to get mad if she, they, we,  default...
We still have about two years of the Pluto Uranus square and it'll get exact 3 more times..
Uranus in Aries is a little scary. I feel it is like this;

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