Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Politics and I don't care

Don't get so consumed about politics and who will be elected.
Trump is strong and mouthy and Americans have always been downright mean to everyone who wasn't them! He just might be our next leader..our big ol team leader...
All I know about him is that he is rich  or something and he wants a wall all along our ugly, wall which will be gratified to messy looking puta crap for years to come! (graffiti))

Look at this small scale disaster wrecked in the garden...@eleneetha on instagram

(it wrecked the whole grace of my garden and the plants did not like it at all) I tore it down..

I think we should all adjust to this trauma with grace and understanding but if I hear of a rape of a woman and it continues because your culture thinks it is okay, well, I don't think you can thrive here!
We must, protect our own and we must allow for women and children to come and be safe. Humans!
The USA..what is it? Who are we really?
 "hey, we  came here and took this from law abiding already here longer than they could ever have dreamed of peoples..for centuries and centuries they were here.. we came and tried to enslave them and when they would not, we killed them all, took this land with blood and bombs and guns and small pox and now it is like,  "hey, your skin is brown and we don't want you here."..I beg to question this a bit sir...
hey man, the fear is real and natural to have dislike, it is  human nature tho..

We do not want ALL of your customs is what! You are not more holy with your hats and your may not know what has never been known,,bud.

We do not want your ranting hateful masque leaders to tell you what to think and make you more mad when it does not fit.We do not care for you beating your wives, but I may say that, many white and black and brown southern, northern, eastern, downtown, western highlands, all beat their wives, many Livonia men beat their wives..I bet they do. Why do you think they stay covered up?
(laughter here..)

Here where we are in our civilization, bad things will be outlawed. It is not acceptable to think you can hurt your kin. You go to jail for that Unless they are too scared to say anything..humn..In America, people go to jail more often for violence against their women..I learned to fight back but many women can not fight back and are kept safe and always kind of dumb too. They must take Jesus or follow the rules of their sacred days.  The more we know, the more it does not fit.
It will never fit  because the more we know, the more old myths do not fit. There are rarely sheep, or wilderness where a man can have sex with his daughters and blame them in the end and for 4000 years man believes it to be good.."oh, not good, but all the women's fault, for sure! I would say,
"fuk off Lot, what kind of daughters have you raised to do this with you? Your God has low standards!" Who ever thought of the best story about God got the most people to join his group and give offerings and monies..
Oh man..I said bad things about God..I am not irreverent by any means though. I know that I know, about what I can never in Modern Times, we have evidence and forensics..these are question that must be answered clearly..How long were you in the woods? How much liquor did you take with you as you ran off. How long did you stay in the wilderness for the brew to ferment. How many sheep did you take with you? Where is your wife's body?
(I am in a debate about Lot with a woman on line, Jane something))
You feel insulted and shamed when I say things..don't..someone has to say about the blind horse in the corner who hears everything...(my meager metaphor))
For some really mad crazy steroid taking goons, well..
We can't tell you that because you'll get more pissed and say shit and one day, you go crazy..

It happens in families all the time on a small scale abusive (loving) person just hovering over every move you make..breathing down  your neck to do this or to do that right but is never right enough..because the last time you did it not as good...and...God hates women and fags and dark skinned folk from around the corner...

Humans are naturally tribal by it seems like the Anglo wants to lead. They are saying things like, "oh, they are trying to take our culture away", (they).ha! Which culture?
"You are in Whole Foods Market buying organic lettuce and kava flip flops enjoying a wonderful spring day.."
The more of one culture, the less of yours kind of thing, right?
So I am thinking that just like all of us immigrants, they in a few years will uncover their heads and Mohamed  or even Jesus, will not be as relevant. It ALWAYS happens. I mean who but me even talks about the old testament characters? ha ha and lol...

People do want art and good food and to be appreciated and not treated like a fukin clown. You're a fucking clown anyhow and I love you. Ina rare and adoring way not some jealous fuking  puta fuckers who do nothing but hate on the world because they are
I love you because you are already mine and I want all that is good for you so that it trickles down to me and  i then return the good which is transformed into something that touches your very heart deep hearts mind  to such a degree of happiness that you burst in a laugh or two and then we sing together.

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