Monday, August 1, 2011

Vibrational Healing and how the flow of acid effects your day

When we make soap we use sodium hydroxide (PH 13) and that is so alkaline that it has gone the other way and has the ability to burn you like acid while have the capacity to transform anything fat + water into cream. Think about it, calcium is around 11 PH and we take that regularly. Sadly without hardly knowing because if you eat any sort of processed food or fast food, you have consumed more than your fair share of the calcium carbonate. They dump it in everything here in the US, from cereals to juices, you name it! Some studies have linked calcium to hardening of the arteries and stones. Even wild animals like deer will not chew on a "salt lick" (a natural mineral deposit where animals in nutrient-poor ecosystems can obtain essential mineral nutrients)
The more I study, the more I find that your body's PH is essential to good health and the more I study I always come to the conclusion that your emotions produce more or less acid depending on if you are happy, sad, shocked, angry, in love, or sexually aroused.
Each one of those emotions are necessary for the development of new cells and stimulation of the brain.
That said how could we possibly not consider the next step, which is what kind of vibration does each wave of emotion cause on the body?
If our words have power, our thoughts are the creators and our bodies the transporters.

When we think about what we can "take" to decrease acid in our bodies, we should consider homeopathy and flower essences too.
Yes, you can't see it physically doing a big giant healing session, but you will feel better.
It works in secret, behind the scenes.

Right now I am taking Mimilus for fear and Vine for flexibility and leadership abilities.
I gratefully accept life's rewards and acknowledge all my talents. They are many:)

Thank you~

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