Wednesday, February 29, 2012

food matters

I watched this documentary yesterday.
Loved it and I think we should all watch it.
I will to watch it again. Not because I am angry but because some of the reference science they spoke about is right up my ally. Global Pharmaceutical profits go through the roof! Many billions of dollars a year. No wonder they don't want us to take vitamins.
They make us healthy and we feel better.
Doctors study medicine, which toxic drug for which disease. They are all toxic to your liver..all of them!

The idea here is that you consume a fresh food diet including today's super foods.

wheat grass every day for sure if you are sick
pom seeds
all that deep red dark fruit which contains super tiny particles which heal and protect.

Maybe that Oz fellow is on our side. At least he is sending people in the store. My friend Tonie told me that. I said ok. I will make this good but I am still not going to bring in ketones or white bean extract. The ketones are petrolium based.
thank you
for coming to my blog

dear inner guide

please lead me to know the truth. lead me to release all attack, fear, judgement and anger. help me forgive.
(Gabrielle Bernstien, Spirit Junkie)

that is Gabrielle's beginning of meditation every day:)
There is more but I think the idea is you make your own conclusions based on that format.

Show me how to be generous and kind
Bring me smart associates with higher intentions and skills I can take with me from this day on
I am open to receiving all the good everyday and that goes for everyone

thank you
for coming to my blog.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

og raspberry mask

the blend
1 cup good clay (kanwa for me)
1 teaspoon ground organic red raspberry seeds
1/2 teaspoon black raspberry seeds

Make a paste with oil of your choice. I used organic red and black raspberry seed oils.
I added frankincense oil from India and Somalia.
You get a free sample with any purchase at my soap shop, eleneetha aromatics..
thank you

Saturn in Scorpio

If I were to think back about 30 years ago I could get an idea of what I have been embarking on today.
yes, it will be a different octave but I will know what kind of energies I am dealing with here from the other side. It is almost like crossing a huge lake and after a long journey, you are on the other side of that. the trajectory is what we should look at with Saturn.

Aries, sneaking around is not going to satisfy your insatiable love for the party.

Taurus, you are beautiful and have to learn something about accepting modes of business and school, so buck up babe!

Gemini, keep plugging and there will be some really nice things to work on. I know you are bored and you are thinking about the future. Don't worry about the future, the future takes care of itself by you contentment today...

Cancer, take the accolades and the rewards for a job well done:)

Leolicious, what a nice lovely person you are. Loosing things along the way and looking good while doing it.This Saturn will make you more in control of your destiny. Of course you will do a good job.:)

Virgo, take a huge breath honey and release..still here? You must learn to love and forgive. Your stubbornness can make your bones hurt and you must forgive..forgive, forgive, forgive.

Libra, Saturn is still close enough to keep you humble. You have all the tools. Forgive and always praise others. It is better for the outcomes of daily life..

Scorpio, look, you cannot mix staying up all night and the yelling your ideas to loved ones during the day and then needing loving after that..just saying.
What about letting others be right. This is you chance to realize where you need to change your habits.

Sagittarius, fix some stuff at home and be honest about your hearts desire instead of adhering to "old world" traditions and beliefs. Your duties intensify a bit and you will have to take charge of things yet again....he he

Cappy, what a great time this is for us(my moon is cappy). learning, stretching, being happy and learning some more...this is what it means to be happy. You must spend alone time and it is ok because before you knew it, it was done:)

Aquarius, dude, you are hot and you are warm and comfy and then bamm, you disappear..ah darling you!

Pisces, I feel like you. I want to be like you and I like the way you think. Thank you for the awesome advice and understanding. Pisces people, you are my best thing:))

I am still reading the Course in Miracles..
basically it is about;
I am sorry
please forgive me
thank you
I love you

Monday, February 27, 2012

boswellia serrata

this is frankincense, India. It turns out that is is a component of natural medicine and very helpful for kidney and joint function. Kidney is all about filtering harmful metals and access calcium before it lands on some precious tissues in the body. Once that starts, you will experience joint pain due to inflammation from the intrusion.
As well educated women and men, we can alter this by following a natural food diet~ no microwaves, or processed food and 85% fruit and veg.

I just realized that boswellic acid comes from frankincense! During ancient times this was medicine for any stomach issue but also purifies because resins contain volatile turpines and in the case with frankincense, boswellic acid.
Other resins we can consume as medicine are Myrrh which is excellent for any breathing ailment and dragon's blood for stomach support.
What about cedar, or larch? Yes! In Russia, they take larch resin to boost the immune system. They mix it with bilberries! So cool!

Boswellic acid, an extract from Boswellia serrata, has been studied from tumors to reducing pain from arthritis.
have a good day:)

Another reason to love frankincense!

Feb 27 hello

merc is going retro in virgo..learn, do, re do and learn again
saturn is headed for scorpio..what do you want from sex or a life mate?

It is almost 4 years since I returned from Costa Rica. From living on a mountain with monkeys and banana plantations. I tended to those bananas every day in the morning but I knew that jungle life at the end of the world was not for me. Not by a long shot. I always asked myself when we were gonna get out of here and stop scrounging for rides up hills and long mountain passes. On some mornings,when I was all alone in the dark path watching all the bats ,head inside the canopy of the jungle for the day, I would walk down the hill and chant. I would chant about what I want.
here is one of my little diddies..( I don't know if that is word:)))

(sung to the tune of beverly hillbillies)
come and listen to a story about a gal named ann
she works very hard as hard as she can
then one day as she was feeding all her clan
up through her mind sprung a bubbling plan
of ideas and good mornings
well, the next thing you know ol' annie is a millionare
she still making soap and she doesn't have a care
her mind is full of gratitude and generous behavior
she has a lovely house and very lovely neighbors

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio

tell me about it!
But keep it to your self.
admire great qualities in others and use that as you chariot of behaviors
when you praise others, good vibes come to you
when you are jealous and hateful, you will attract those of like mind.
make it good every time
don't skip steps even it takes you longer
I know that one is hard for me on some things..some:)

With this vibe you must always consider others when doing everything.
It is other people's money coming to you
and sensibilities
and of course sex parts

be the beauty

“You may control a mad elephant;
You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
Ride the lion and play with the cobra;
By alchemy you may learn your livelihood;
You may wander through the universe incognito;
Make vassals of the gods; be ever youthful;
You may walk in water and live in fire;
But control of the mind is better and more difficult.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

Saturday, February 25, 2012

raspberry mask

2 dessertspoons cold pressed grounds of red raspberry seeds go a long way. I made a whole cup full of this mask and am still only 1/4 of the way through.
there is a fine clay in there and i made it paste with red raspberry oil, cold pressed as well.
it is very scrubby so next time I won't put so much seed material in it.
Oily and smooth with that clay for sure and goes on beautifully. I like all of them and for this cleanser I used the Kanwa clay minerals.
I have been washing my face with it for a week now. I am loving it and I always follow with a special serum. My skin is nice and smooth.
I couldn't be more content with red raspberries.
Eating them is like talking a vitamin. There are so many micro nutrients in a red raspberry that it would take a long time to list them if it were at all possible. I am planting a few of these fine brambles in my yard this summer and they will line a whole area of my yard from now on ~along with blue berries and blackberries.
Berries are not only important for your skin and hair, they also provide dense protection from harmful rays of the sun what with the anthocyonoids or what ever they call them. these are particles that form in very red and deep purple plants and flowers. they are super anti oxidant and have some sort of micro shield of protection from harmful substances.
We are now advanced enough to be able to analyse particles of matter that were unknown to us before. It is big I tell you!
You know what is so awesome about all this? It is Fatty Acids we should all embrace and learn about. They repair and break down clogged cells and refresh and tone your skin and anything that may linger directly under it. Adipose!

The mask cleanser goes on red looking from the berry seeds
I am going to offer it as a free gift with purchase (any purchase)~ That is how much I want you to try it and make your face look plump and moist.

Saturn is about to go into Scorpio, yippiieeee!
Maybe my bones won't ache as much..I am a Libra and Saturn in Libra has made me more aware of my bones and teeth as far as being to move in a reality as much as I "will to" in my mind.
Saturn is aging, teeth, dad, mamma, bones, lessons, work load, load of shit to shed....which one is you?

Friday, February 24, 2012

hello from weirdsville

were you in a weird volatile zone yesterday and were running around just barely accomplishing any task? Kids in trouble, mass misunderstandings...

And if I hear one more person ask for chick weed for reducing water weight, I am going to loose it. Alright, I will not loose it. Yes, we had chick weed last year, remember when you didn't want it? I spoiled those myself because they went past the exp. date (another rant for another day with that). My point is that the guy ( Dr Oz) just picks random things and these people flock like sheep in line to buy what ever he says. pretty soon we will have a shelf with a big sign saying "as seen on Dr Oz"!
Does anyone see a problem with this guy? Or am I just annoyed that he is basically taking my job away. All I have to do is keep what he says in stock and we'll make money right?
Oh right! The CLA is already being returned because some knob thinks it should take a day to work like her aderol does. Or now it is all about 7keto...yes we tried that in the 80's and you still have to eat less or it will not do what diet pills will do.
That is the thing isn't it? We want the drugs that work but when they start to not work and take away, we look weak, flabby, pale and fat in the eyes. There is a good sign your liver is being overloaded, fat eyes!
What do I know?
I am going to work this morning and going to do my best and try to be patient. I will tell them to drink another diuretic tea with parsley and bitter fennel and maybe they will be content for one day. Now way!? Now he says Pur eh will help you loose weight? "Sorry we are all out of Pur eh since this morning at ten..:)"
I try to remind them that, you must practice diligence with herbs and supplements and not just jump to the next thing that guy tells you!
What the hell, dude!
Thank you for the business really, but will you please start educating on usage, and way of life and make more thoughtful choices on products which are actually on my shelf. I had three boxes of 7 keto for 6 months before that guy talked about it for weight loss. Now I have 12 and they will be gone by this afternoon. I should be happy.
Stop calling it belly fat! It sounds like a jelly doughnut for the stomach!!:)
If you want a firm stomach you must, eat less, skip dairy and animal products and exercise.
It works every time too!
I cut butter out of my diet 4 weeks ago and I am more fit looking. Plus I do yoga. Yoga is the best way to learn about your body and begin to love it and also control its flow of energy. By strengthening your core, you are now in control of everything around you.
Am I thin? NO!
I have always been stout. It is the Greek in me. I look bad if I get too thin. My fat is nice and holds my skin up a little. Why do you think Madonna injects herself with plumpers..?? Just sayin'")

I am happy and I would like to always be in a state of understanding, calm and grace.
Thank you for allowing me this morning's rant:)
I will eat quinoa today with almonds and apricots and perhaps some currants. It'll be delicious with a box of blueberries and a tall water an hour later.
The fact that I have access to fine food always, is just my luck! I am happy indeed then!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

someone like you

is full of ideas
is loving and kind
is smart beyond compare
graceful in face of fear
can trust in your abilities
can sit down with your worries and sort it out
can be thoughtful
can apologize
have skill only you can insinuate
always have enough

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

new moon news

with all that stuff in Pisces, I would say that one must emphasize compassion with a little stern knowledge in there for learning.
how else are youn'uns going to know what is up? There may be a young person who needs to learn the ways of sophistication and not walk around all knowing.
Let mamma tell you honey!
( I am mamma in case you were thinking it is you) :D

It is all about a Pisces ability to run the gig and be the one everyone turns to. She is rich, has good food and a warm inviting home a Pisces influenced woman is!
She also has her ways so don't go too pushy on getting "your way" with her. She can spot laziness from a mile away. She is hard working and will tell you that so should you be!
She smells good, warm like patchouli honey with citrus and sandalwood and one drop jasmine on the crack of her ass so that people who follow her are beckoned by something mysterious!
They are drawn to her by an invisible delectable string, which shines with glorious light and wonderful praises.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy new moon

in Pisces!
Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Chiron together? Yikes!
It is all good my lovlies, all good.
Well, yesssss, there is loss of a loved one or two. As long as you are living right, you have nothing to fear. That is how Pisces rolls. There is kindness and compassion galore and then, bamm, someones is lost to us. Drugs, liquor and other things can go wrong but it is all in what you nurture.
If you are sitting there wallowing in self hate and pity, you will be sad and lonely and who gives you more love than you can use at one time? Drugs, sex, that TV, maybe? Although I admit, I do enjoy netflix and I will admit one more thing, I ate a Big mac the other day! I never eat Big Macs, I don't know why I wanted it so much. It was delicious and then I got a little sick, felt a little ashamed of myself and let it be. What was I going to do beat myself up all day and night because of one fast food meal?
With all this Neptunian energy, we can harness love, art, compassion, dance moves and dream evaluation. Oh, you will dream and dream big I say. Don't be afraid of love and success, it is a commin'! It is already here for you to pluck as needed.
Be the glorious woman or man you can be and do it without even outwardly trying. Yea, then you can be super elegant when they tell you that you are awesome and you do great work and you are an artist, you'll say, "thank you" xxxxxxx
Happy New Moon

Sunday, February 19, 2012


how much vomit can one person look at and not think of The stand?

I have moments when I believe that every child should be home schooled because my kids were wheren't sick before public school. I am not talking about the system. I am talking about cramming 500 600 kids together and making sure they stay clean. The people that run these buildings can't possibly make sure everyone is hand washing. When a stomach flu hits hard like this, it is most assuredly airborn by now. As a mom, I have not been so comfortable with this part of children raisin'..I get grossed out, and queasy myself. But I am MOM, I am strong and I am feeling good.

I have been cleaning my house like mad and washing sheets with 7th generation free and clear and pure lemon oil. The floors, with eucalyptus, which I will now add tea tree oil because I do have some stashed some where in a 5 ml vial and it does kill germs!
I rarely use tea tree.
Maybe I should learn to love tea tree oil, like I should learn to love wintergreen.
Now birch I think I can go for... and even some wintergreens have been memorable.
But I normally steer away from these guys.
Wintergreen is used in many pain formulas and has a pain reducing effect on the body and we all know that birch is one of the best things for circulation and detoxification of stagnancy in the stuff under your skin:D

Tonight for my bath I will combine
30 ml carrier oil- og coconut in a bath is excellent and easy ( just scoop out a spoon and mix in your oils. If it is not soft stir it up, it'll go soft in no time and the coconut smell goes away and your immunity bath is ready)
8 drops birch
8 drops wintergreen
8 drops Cyprus
8 drops Siberian fir
Himalayan salt to taste ( will go one cup)
Mix your coconut and essential oils and dump them in the bath while the hot water is running. Add your salt and wait until you bath water is completely mixed up with your oils. If you still have oil floating on your bath water, make a little soap cream in your hand with a nice bar of something, and mix that in the water before you get in and oil floats on your delicate skin.
I had that happen with grapefruit oil once. Even my leathery skin was not happy!

Be brave, clean the tub, get in there, float..
think about all the goodness that flows to you all day
all because you are willing to accept joy and happiness anyway
be aware of your self
and always speak to people with respectful adoration
they like that:D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

spiritual stars

i woke up today thinking of you
the stars in your eyes and stories that have yet to be true
you spinning like a vibrant star
spreading your knowledge for those near and far
You who are strong at your core
you can be elegantly charming or an old whore

the old whore
she opens doors
she is true to herself
and knows her own core
a place where ideas are born
a place of infinite power
and concentrated energy
which she plucks easily
and she always offers gratitude in the morn

have a great day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mars Retrograde

In Virgo right now!!

clean your house
make a list of your good
make a nice soup
make a salad
eat some blueberries as an antioxidant..they like a vitamin.
Be a whole person. Put away the ciggies.
take some parsley tea
some holy basil tea (tulsi)
try not to get worked up because at times you may be so busy, it is like a fire under your ass
tell your kids what you want them to do, or they won't know
(all that homework makes them a little addled)
read books instead of facebook
other's opinion's of you may matter when mars is retro:)

mirroring and angst

my eye is twitching. It usually means some fear thing is creeping up on me and I get crazy intense inside. It is always for my good but lets just say that the universe is violent and we're in it.
It helps that I am aware of it which kind of angsts me more..
So I went to Mystic Medusa's blog and the first thing I read was Pluto and how to handle the transit.
I am in a a huge Pluto transit. Libra Sun (saturn there now)and Pluto in Capricorn in my first house.
I mean if I haven't completely transformed by now, then my name isn't "gorgeous (53 year old) babe in a Libra way."
Pluto is all about transformation.
A breakdown of structures and by now, those changes have been well under way. Life is learning!
What one has to do with Pluto is submit and always "actually" forgive.

I purchased A Course in Miracles yesterday..12.99 at Barns and Noble..
I open the book in the middle and it struck me.."you do not have to suffer, if you are a child of God, you do not have to suffer"

that is a big thing to people when you mention it. I always take it to; "that is why we cannot rely on here say about Jesus having to suffer for our sins"
"what is your issue, Anastasia?" said the avid Armenian christian lovie I work with...
As soon as you say Jesus, people get defensive. Me too I reckon.
But besides Jesus having to suffer, I do not think we have to suffer. That was 2000 years ago. Voyager has left our solar system and is out in the milky way! There are perhaps billions of earths out there. I wish I were smarter so I could write about it:):)

I find that when you live right life
and right food
and right thought
(there is a proper list at some Buddhist site I am sure)
Things fall in to place, the right place.

the challenge for Pluto in the first house is how you will forgive each time.
It seems Pluto wants me to mull things over till its an acid in my mind..
I must be sensible and forgive, forgive forgive.
I trust myself and this moment:)

Friday, February 10, 2012

New face new style

Pomegranate Berry Supper Seed Face and Body Toner (soap)
Ground Black Raspberry Seeds
Ground Red Raspberry Seeds
Ground Organic Quinoa
blueberry seed oil
blackberry seed oil
pomegranate seed oil
red raspberry seed oil
calcium montmorillonite clay
rosewood oil
ylang ylang


the swamp hag

she is based on frankincense and her healing powers for skin. Tonight I mixed her not with water but with raspberry seed oil, cold pressed and fruity as oil can be to make a creamy paste. About a pearl sized dollop.
I don't know how many ketones you get but this was one of the most invigorating masks of all time mask making.

the swamp hag
a green clay frankincense mask extraordinaire, with pure essential oils. When I introduced her, I hadn't yet realized her ability to hold tight and set me free at the same time.
That red raspberry oil? Loved it! I slathered it on after my bath tonight. I waited for a minute and my body went in to a hot sweat and by the time I had damp dried, this oil completely soaked in.
Even now, 10 minutes later, I want to go in there and put more on my face.

I forgive
I release
I forgive
I release
My life is an adventure I gloriously accept boons~

I sort of ranted this morning but know this, I am quietly going to spread the idea of less is more..and everyone is beautiful and not because of the shoes or purse they carry or that we are not one size. Some of us are wonky eyed or bow legged like me, thick haired, bushy headed..each so special in some way~ just like planets and stars!

the earthly delights

I watched a dvd called DIVE last night. It is about food and how much we have to waste.
Are you going to tell me people are starving and then toss 200 pounds of chicken in the garbage? I had no idea.

Monsanto (which by the way is kicked out of Europe and Costa Rica) says we need to make more food in a lab so it lasts longer so we can feed the world so we can sell it in a timely way and so no one gets blamed toss it in the trash when it gets close to its "exp date"..

I take notice of these things ladies and gentlemen because we are responsible for all the garbage. It is gross to think that here in Michigan we have so much trash that Romulus looks like a ski resort, except with big trucks and gates and a gray pallor everywhere. It was once country side in Romulus with farms and trees all over the place. Today there are garbage hills for miles, yes, miles! And, I have heard a rumor that we get paid to bring Ontario Canada's trash here too. Thanks, you fucks!

Monsanto, another word for Round Up, a poison which kills vegetation, yes grass and weeds which we ate in the old days for good health, before Dr Oz told us what to eat.
How interesting they named their top product Round Up.
They are rounding up all the seeds they can so they can control the commodity of food consumption.
Organic farmers today have to hire lawyers because those government bullies take away their freedom to eat the way they want to. Monsanto is very involved and has top workers in office. Remember Donnald Rumsfeld?

It is up to us then. To educate ourselves and decide how we will feed our children and our grandchildren. High fructose corn syrup (GMO< Monsanto) causes heart conditions, course diabetes, excema, and nervous depression. It does! Then the drug companies get to make billions on pills to help you...
That is where Dr Oz comes in here.
How many people, mostly women came in the store looking for raspberry ketones?
How many phone calls?
This is how they sold this product;
"you have to eat a bushel of raspberries to get the amount of ketones in this supplement"
This is what I reply to all the excited fat asses, some very thin, some just right;
"maybe you shouldn't be eating a bushel of anything!" There is no magic pill!"
You will have to eat responsibly and with function not just pleasure and no amount of ketones is going to fix your need to be told what to go meditate and take some fish oils for goodness sake.
Minami is my favorite.
And I didn't say all that. I did think it though:)
yesterday and very pretty and well dressed obese family, mom, pops, the giant yunguns, wanted the ketones.
"I am sorry, we don't have them.."
I thought to myself, what are these people consuming?
High Fructose is a fermented mind control drug made in a lab, my friends. It gums up toxic particles and sticks them on your arteries as plaque. it is the number one cause of sugar diabetes and heart issue..all gmo corn all Monsanto Round up..
just saying...


Monday, February 6, 2012

packing orders

I am a bit behind this week and as you know , work sometimes goes ten day on and one day off. It'll end soon as we are hiring help on that end.
Two days off means orders will be less time and more efficient. I did get some new papers. so pretty, so vibrant!

Things are really good. yes i get upset, but I always see myself as acting 'selfishly" and will earnestly make an effort not to ride the "ego train"...xx

I feel moody though.
like really, you waited in vitamins to ask me where the milk is?
That is like waiting in the parking lot at the gym for a close spot so you don't have to walk from your car too far. hah hahaaa!
It is true, we always want the closest spot. I suppose that goes for life.
So my new manager, is a raw vegan and sort of a yogi. He is all about fairness and love. I am too, but I wear my heart on my sleeve (like when I told a lady who was harassing me about salt, I love Jesus, so drop it, I am saved.. really I am! I hurt her feelings, he saw that) and he has an intense stare where he doesn't say much. A Leo boss..they like it when you do simple errands for them and they want delight..
I will be his right hand woman for a while since they are giving me money and then more money. I need less some would say. It is true I can live with less so when I get an extra 100 a month, I like it..that is like a phone bill.)

Ok so, the boxes, the butters and the soap..all doing fine and will be at your door this week..Australia, 2 weeks!
making some butter right now..
feel the fear and do it anyway:)
I accept all glory both money and fame..

have a glorious day sweeties

Sunday, February 5, 2012

imunity soup

1/4 cup olive oil
1 onion large dice
1 whole head garlic chopped in chunks
1 teaspoon og oregano
1/2 teaspoon
1 teaspoon paparika cumin, pinch cinnamon
2 bay leaves OG course
2 teaspoons Celtic salt
1 bag og lentils
water to the top of the pot
a nice big pot
saute veg
add spice
wait a bit
add lentils
stir well
fill with water to the top, bring to boil then simmer for two hours
add kale
add mustard greens
whatever you want
I like it plain:)

Be well and happy today and be attentive and clear headed.
Mars is retrograde in Virgo so it is time to eat well and change our bad habits into good ones, understand our weaknesses , fix them and move on, be confident in ourselves and our abilities because they are real honey. No, we are not gonna be jerks about it, we are gonna be graceful and charming and think kind supportive thoughts for all we encounter. Yes!!

"I will think clearly and act with intent not ego"


Saturday, February 4, 2012

why is everything going my way

why do I always have what I need at the time I need it
why can I see my ego flaring and am able to contain it before words turn into swords
before the whole thing turns in to a piercing trust of a stingray's tail thingy not caring where it will strike...
being wrong hurts but it feels better that not knowing you are wrong
why can I now forgive in order to be free?
Free of fear of every little thing...Wrap it in worry like a scared little mouse
worrying that you won't be smart enough to pay for your house..
Finding out where your darkness lies and embracing it and then setting it free..
Is Neptune in Pisces bringing new ideas my way?
Letting me know that I am OK? Is there a part of me that loves me too much? Now way..

Carrot Juice
3 assorted bags of organic frozen veg, kale being one of them
a can of og black beans
a can of og garbanzo
seasoning of choice
I think Karen (the inventor) used braggs liquid aminos..
it was delish, low in fat and highly filling...
eat it for lunch for one week

tonight, I will cut the lemon raspberry seed soap...
of course it turned out to be more will love it if you get one.
I couldn't help it. The base is a pure og cream soap base with a few raspberry seeds.
Then I added the rose otto, lemon oil and stirred. I poured half of this in the mold and with the other half of the creamy fat, I added a splash of wild frankincense and wild sweet orange oils. The red Moroccan clay was necessary!
Does this sound boring? :):):)

Have a great day..:)

Neptune in Pisces

across this nation
people hurting
from lack of irrigation
they'll be needing some supplementation
to help with gestation and offer relaxation
what will they do
who will they choose
who can offer reprieve

vote for me, I'll get you what you need:)

(a rap for my last interview, I got the job)