Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Me and How I Plan to be More Awesome

Unless some other tragic event happens where I cannot even ponder on delicious aromatics,(ha!, as if!) , I feel like going forth in to the next few years of my life will be quite profound.

I always feel it, like when I was twelve, I knew I would become a fitness instructor and when I was 25 I knew then I was going to age beautifully and not be a body builder for too much longer. squatting (my best 420)..I knew that in my 30's, there would be a little less impact physically..and I mean a little!
I still work at a nutritional based grocery store and I yet, I am feeling it again..in the next 4 years or less, I will have developed new skills and I may say, stealthily, I have learned, and, I will sleekafy myself to enjoy the next phase after that..
yes, I said Sleekafy! I am always paying attention even if I do not know how to turn off the play station or that I can take a photo of the screen of my i phone if I press the home key and the lock key at the same time.
No one knew that, until someone showed them. Or, they sat there like zombies staring in to their phones hopelessly searching for that perfect gif which will make them laugh or cry, depending..they are usually a kitty and some cute thing..wait, that is me, I love looking at kitties!

Sometimes people take my kindness for weakness. It happens all the time. Even people who think they are in higher standing (whatever the fak that means) think that I am not as capable as they are because I like to have fun and I am odd and I say things.

Frankly, I am a little tired of it! I have been conscious of it for years, but now it stands out.
Lee- sten, bitches, I climbed a mountain, raised children to be awesome humans and can still run circles around you even at my slow pace. One reason is that I do not mind being alone. And many many people cannot stand it. being alone. They run around and socialize because they do not want to face that dark demon woman or man in their head. Oh Lilith..

So they play little games in order to shut one person or many,  out so they can feel important.
it sucks and do not ever think I am not conscious of it. I am and can see right through it.

Here are some inconsiderate comments spoken by  lesser types who may breed jealousy and exclusivity whist at the same time proclaiming they love god...
"oh, why would you go to that meeting, I am also going,, you will get tired and it really takes your time"
(in other words, you are not good enough to be in our club())
I do not appreciate a person who tries to keep me down..and realize this early on in any relationship.
"oh, I feel like we, as strong  women, should go to all the meetings that effect our lives and work"
"I always go!", she proclaimed!
I stopped for a moment and looked at her and said, "Yes, you do.'

It is funny, I do not actually care that much  about every meeting, my point is that sometimes people act like they care about you while trying to hold you back just in case you might exceed their place and in their fake security. Or, this it it. People are really this shallow, this rigid in their ways and this concerned  with their social status and looking proper. Even they, must face reality..


Monday, September 28, 2015

Saturn has entered in the area of knowledge learning logic and being alone

Alone and not the like Hermit (Tarot) who sits in a cave and allows the world to develop without him. Alone in a sense that knowing one's most inner mind and knowing what is right.
I think Saturn can be pampas and arrogant and try to convey exclusivity and manipulates, perhaps with an iron fist.
Do you know someone who is like that, kind of sneaky and perhaps says one thing and does another thing? (Oh :))like every TV evangelist who practices witchcraft and then condemns anyone else who does.)
Saturn is bones and if you have any Sagittarian tendencies, I would definitely say, bones, teeth(again), and basically invisible structures which must change for the better will be definitely noted in our lives.

***If you thought science is wrong about what ever some might want it to be wrong like how old the earth is, you'll see new sciences spring out of the darkness and we'll see more about our Universe. I also say it is time for a brain pace maker and epilepsy to be controlled..it is so cool, science!

We have only seen glimpses and understood way less about way more and more..:)

For me, as this phase brings me in closer to me and what I want.
 I will present some very different work will will reflect my age and expansive experiences.
Expansive, even though they feel like being pulled inwards.
Bones teeth, knees, elbows..going forward hurts us..

**also if you think about the weight of particles and that each one has a weight, our atmosphere has more carbon now than ever before..this may make us feel heavier too.
Or..maybe I am too sensitive.
It is Saturn, babies..don't worry, do your job.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jupiter in Virgo and the concept of the concept

If the planets have mythical meaning then the moons at Uranus would be British royalty. I think one of them is named George..mhooahhhh
But no, my mythology, my brain. I  will quietly observe the contrast between Jupiter and Saturn. There will be a slight edge for sure.
It'll be logic and truth, oh yea and we can not pretend to know anything, only live each day as if it were your last..surviving and being kind to a point.
In retail we learn that the hard way..and we survive. (he he, you can turn anything in to a zombie scenario) by always being kind and professional.
I feel like it is all really real and super exciting. To have Jup in the health sector is real too! real to me. Why, I can't tell you how many people are on my ass about the baguettes. Cauliflower rice! seriously? Just eat the rice or eat the cauliflower..I like it sometimes, with lemon, I suppose!

My mother has given me some really freshly pressed olive oil from some friends of her's in Greece. She also gave me the olives from which it was pressed. They are super oily like really really oily because small town stone ground olives are hard to work with. They are crisp and pop right off of the pit.
I think we should have a face wash with the oil. I might just melt some soap with whiskey and try to get some glycerin  and then add the olive oil. Like a nice liquid soap..
It is beautiful and I will eat some it is just that you cannot waste a perfect oil like this on just food.
Speaking of soap..
I made the fougere'!
I made it good and rich and dense and sweet and crisp and bitter and mossy and  hay and tobacco and patchouli..

I meant to sort of drizzle and swirl a little of the syrupy perfume base over the soap bars, but there was no time. It went in  gel phase very quickly! I just let it soak in and bake itself in each deep groove.
Like an ancient language..scent radiates around her now.. but this is, day one..
know that all that dark material is patchouli and oakmoss and vanilla and labdanum , vetiver a little bit lime..and essence of birch tar..a drop of a drop....
fougere autumn 2015
Fougere, Autumn 2015
Earthy goodness
masculine feminine
mossy good

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Libra oh Libra

Happy Birthday..another year older and less likely to regret
any past action as punishment required
or guilt acquired from mean mean sorts of folks who in their militant ways tried to coax..

You've taken a step back and realized the wrongs which have been colored right by liars and handy reckless scavengers of feelings who thought your kindness was weakness..

For you, the polarity has always been easy
until someone comes along and shatters your kindness by trying to grip you but tight
You know how that works for an animal (all other astrological archetypes)
Libra, you are not an animal or a human, (scales of  justice, sword of truth, balance hard work, art) (swords are ideas)
something more like a rock star in a hidden realm of our consciousness..
They are attracted to your  happy light reflecting brightly
They are longing for more words to flow between you
they linger on thoughts longer because of you
you say things
say all sorts of things..
some, they cower in fear at what you say
"Oh, don't say that?"
"why fucking not?
Say anything, just do not be vulgar and use insults as bridge..a little dirty, but never vulgar..
Libra, wow! You look elegant, always serine when you walk..
Knowing deep in your mind and heart, that you do not need to be right, that is more vulgar than anything.. You can  present the truth in ways yet unheard by the ones who will yearn hear you, yearn for your ideas, like a lover in his peak of desire, like a magic spell woven by a master.

happy birthday libras


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mercury retrograde soap exploding with what it takes to be good and happy with everything I have everything thou art everything..

Lilith Rising is about cocoa butter fat and patchouli and how it is just perfect with ylang ylang and carries her power, her wondrous ways. There is sandalwood here in this blend but if you want more sandalwood, you'll have to go for the oil on the menu. (Lilith in me)  there is a nice time for ylang ylang. It is tropical floral. It is yummy skin care and makes you and me happy.

This is ylang ylang with velvety distilled lime and patchouli rose sandalwood and many more outrageous nuances.like what Lilith means to you. is she frightening with that snake? I say, "yes"!
Think always about what is next, do not say too much, think and observe. Be in control of your self and your belongings. Give what it takes to make it better for your next adventure. do not sit and cry about the past. Do plan ahead and always clean up. A messy mind and messy house makes for too far gone attitudes..
Is she wisdom?
She was driven away from stories. But, she is about coming back strong and coming back more detached. her powers of transformation may be wondrous or destroy men's conceptions of what women should be..
I am afraid of her a little bit. But not enough to ignore where she dwells in my mind and when it is time for her to rise out of my minds eye and I realize I am her..I am everything and always have been everything...oohh ohhh
baby  bay baby baby, ohhhh... I am who I need to be and want to be and you are too.

back to soap....I still haven't  finished the fogere'
It is going to be so friking good! I slept with a drop on my arm and my bed is like a fern hollow!

Cucumber sorrel with mint ..sorrel is high in minerals and vitamins. it tastes like green grass and lemons..in soap, it is bright and refreshing.

super fine patchouli with a little chypre glaze

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I am making patchouli soap and notes on that

I love patchouli. You love patchouli. It is underlying layer of my beginning to aromatherapy and all its glory.Today I am making patchouli soap. It will be so clean and so big minded and we will have enough..
Oh, yes, it is good enough, and never enough! You know this my sugar plums!

Is there anything better than oils? (yes, loads of cash to buy more!)Good oils. Ones which transform your mind somehow, make you think juicy things? Like where did this flower grow to have this intense aroma? Why does it make my mouth water? Juicy things, like creating  your own scent.Maybe a juicy love right next to you? People really like that.
Lovers are important. We are made to hook up and feel loved by other humans..right from the get go,
Good and smelly ones is what I  would want.  Loves, that is..like you. I feel like I love you. We are connected somehow and we've exchanged energy. My soap, to your hands and all over your bodies..
Pan sexual Vibrations?
Rawerrrraahlol...I am kidding and I hope you do not think me too vulgar.:) I am a cave woman at heart.
And smart and funny and a singer of songs and dancer of dance moves and dallyer of time in the fields of fragrant  flowers..mmmm in my mind.
In Greece we would go to the mountains and sit down by the stream and eat cheese and bread and and grapes, we would  lie there enjoying our day in wonderment of how simple and pure joy it felt like. To dally away a summer afternoon with cool breezes stroking our hair and faces..mmmm
The water so clean in the stream, that is one thing I remember.
It was usually a break in the foraging for the women and the men were somewhere working too. and everyone came to rest and eat before wrapping up the days hard labor.
One of my cousins came one day on a stallion. I could smell that horse. the leather on my grown up cousin's  boots and the mossy stream  near by. This aroma still has me haunted. The smell of the mountains drying minerals on their faces flickering in the sunlight. The birch trees near by, and musky smell of men having worked up a sweat and the testosterone and all that silent  attracting stuff we do not think about.

making ..oh yea..making it, la la la hey yo hey yo, la la la

Super fine patchouli soap..

og coconut oil
cold pressed olive oil
one pound shea butter
a little bit cacao fat og and raw
good clean water
patchouli  (aged and smooth as silk)


Fougere Fall 2015

lavender mailette
clay sage
geranium bourbon
one drop tonka
orange blossom
one drop ylang ylang

Friday, September 18, 2015

thinning and culling

I am cleaning up the shop.
 eleneetha aromatics
It is time to get ready, clean up and organize. Mercury retrograde always makes me want to tighten my line.   How can I? Oils change constantly on their availability and quality.

I have been kind of looking at what others are doing and some prices they charge for their perfume blends and I have to say that is not enough product for the amount of "perfume" they sell.
Maybe I think too much about price and how much is something worth?
It is worth as much as people are willing to pay for it!
In the end and no matter how organic an oil is, it cannot cost nearly that.
I understand the concept.
In business you take the cost times three to get a profit after all is said and done. In that sense we are talking about big money investing and saving from the get go.
As  artisans, we do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a proper deal in ingredients so that our profits can be super high...
We must take less of a profit in order to sell our wares.
I am not complaining, I charge way less for some things and try to make up for it with other things. When you give me 5 mls of oils, dude, I will use that is like two days!
I need more than most folks even. As I have skin which needs anointing but good!

Practicality and nice oils do not always go together.
I think one can make it work. One must always be willing to change formulas and always willing to explore new designs. I would like to change my logo as well..it is about that time.

For now I must plan wisely and not jump the gun, like Andrea when she shot Daryl!..Of course the reality is, that, I will keep my favorites and continue to explore new blends in both soap and body perfumed oils!
My life, my interests, my creativity and my mind..all good!
 I hope you are well and happy as you read this and do not allow mood vampires in your world. All  they love to do is whine and complain about others whilst simply trudging along with their sad lonely incompetent lives..
Am I too harsh?
Hey. I am a momma and we say things.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

could Trump win as president and why I like Carson and Saturn in Sag higher learning

Carson is a thinker..I like that. Someone who listens and basically dissects things to sort them out again. that is a smart man there..problem. He has more melanin and that makes for dumb ass race issues.  But I think he is awesome because he won't be moved too much by that either. I hope..I mean Christi is getting all emotional like "oh, after 911 every one was scared and we had to go there and kill a bunch of people"
Carson is like.."take their money away and they will come crawling back with Bin Laden in your hands."
or something like that..you guys know I do not quote things exactly..unless it is something I had to..

blah blah blah
and they blather on all of them. In fact I do not know why a really smart person would mix with any of them..I guess some one has to.

I suppose bomb factories need to make money too! putas, humans, blowing each other up fir their gods still..yes they do and we all know it!
I told that boy at work who insulted my intelligence the other day that his insinuation that only an idiot would believe in evolution! "Listen, for some one who professes to know god's love so much, your joke is insidious"
 It is insidious and very un god like to ridicule others over this real evidence, dilly dick..lol...what are you afraid of, your grand pa god won't save you from his own wrath?"
I am done with all of it some days..
I mean do not worry, I do not just sit on the computer and rant about life in the out there world..I sometimes read the news on all the web sites and feel like why are we so dumb and herd along like the zombies on walking dead.
I do not and  one very nice difference between a scientist like Ben Carter, they are not as manipulative as a politician..for sure! You see intellect choosing new options not to just make war.
As far as evolution goes..dude we not just sprayed here 2 million years ago which is nothing just like that..there is real evidence we grow from the Earth..she is our billions of year old mother..do or do not accept that you came from a frog or lizard, but your kin are all still evolving all over earth..when the future humans look at the human migration (year of the sheep 2015) in to Europe from their fucking sucky dick countries, they will note and we should note, how humans have traveled to better places throughout our evolution and stay on earth..moved on to better lands..better grass..

I digress..

Mercury Retrograde
my heart rate is up
my minds banner held high
I will not be a follower of wrong doers
I will strive for riches beyond even my dreams
no not like a trump
like a cool bitch
who has nice dresses and makes good food
who is a feminist and an male-ist a "femimalist"
who realized long ago what is right
that we should love all kinds
and offer hope
a smile
a nice word
asking for more as the infinite says always "yes"
love what you have now
ask for the chores to be done
ask for the jewels that you love and want
ask for the best soap you'll ever want to use
making a memory making a mood
which revives your hearts mind
which repels the unkind
which radiates hope and reality
mixed together
each thought
like ice so hot or blue fire
it sears itself in to a chemical brew easily
making sparks of energy fly

we should all fly as we evolve..:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mercury retrograde notes and happenings

I am excited because I can be outside most of today and enjoy what is left of this awesome summer.
It is time to clean up and take care so that we are all ready for the winter months.
The next six weeks or so will be the last touches we have put to our last year and the comfort we have created for ourselves during the cold months.

Mid September and Mercury retrograde following a rugged Venus retrograde where we got our shit together and refused to be door mats for our lovers!
Some of us need to have them ripped away from us we get so attached..sheesh..better to rip it off then allow it to fester and make you fat brained, where all you do is worry and wallow in self pity. That there is a human flaw god could have fixed right from the get go.

Mercury retrograde..people get scared. I understand. it all sucks having to come up with not only documents but money and not for (in my case) sandalwood..I love it! The one from Eden, it is just so nice..
Interesting about planets when they slow down, we get shaken up and or we scheme big.
These are the times I dream up ways to make things or even on a grander scale, to have a store front where there is foot traffic. My sweet soap shop and  with forest fairies and secret witchy things..:)good coffee, really good conversations and aromatherapy from nature..ahhh

My Mercury retrograde song...

I want it I want it I want..year after year, I want that..la la la
sing it with me babies..
I want that I have that, la la la la la
shake that bootie mommas..

Now we wait, we gather, we sort and we fix broken ideas or toss them to the wind..who needs unrealistic goals? 
I must point out.                                                                                                                                     Everything is real, each thought each memory lights up a new circuit. It is so amazing!

Do what is correct now and you will not have to remember what you said..in other words, people lie and the they cover up and they sneak around and say bad things..I call that time wasting.
Ideas come from inside your mind. Your behaviors and the things you do ..that is all you!         
That is a concept which we must arrange as true.
It is spiritual when you think of one's intentions and how they present them to you or me.
 Are they clean? Are they insidious in nature?                               
 I wonder sometimes..
Like, "hey, that was an insult!"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

pounding pavement

hello :))

Our summer is over here in Michigan as far as I can see. it is dang cold outside right now..
What is this Sweden?
I am sure this is normal there for their actual summer.
I always wanted to go there but now I won't.
Like I am gonna get more tired traveling through airports and all that stuff.
I have to say, I love going home. Sometimes I am just so so grateful I get to have this really nice house to come home to.
I am at the center from where everyone lives..all my loved ones, kids, mom, the only ones I do not get to see are my soapies from all over. But still we feel so close don't we? I do!

Barbara, Miss B..I love you and happy birthday!

Today I will stretch and do yoga..my plank is finally getting easier.
I will not eat a whole baguette and I will smile and be polite.

The other day...
"anastaisa in whole body, line one'
I couldn't get it the first time because in retail it gets to where your in the middle of something far away from the nearest phone..and three "I am in a hurry" people on my tail.
second page"anastasia..line one"
me, "thank you for waiting, how can I help you?"
she began to spell yelling  each letter of the item and yelling over a speaker because she was driving with kids in the car..I was already pissed about that but maintained my composure..Just park the car in a safe zone and then call people.
"O L B A S    P A S T I L L E S"
"yes ma'am we have Olbas products, the cough drops, they are about 7 dollars"
"the 60 count?"
"yes ma'am, the 60 count"
"where are you located?", she yelled.
I told her where and she said, I don't know how to get there from here, just tell me, I am in a hurry!"
" I do not know where you are ma'am..where are you?
She could have said, Egypt and I would have been able to help her the same..
"I do not know ma'am, go west on ten mile..till you get to orchard lake road and then go north."
"where is west,, I don't have time to talk to you!!"
She shrieked at me!
I hung up, gently..
I figured if she calls back, I can ignore her and giver to some other poor soul..

Now, here is the thing about people, they forget themselves and then do stupid things. Like drive in traffic and try to search products to buy at the same time! Just park the car and find our where you are before yelling at someone who is surviving..
I mean babe. really now..chillax.
One of these days, I will have forgotten this encounter and moved on to the next interesting one.
The day is young, she might find out she lives just behind where I work..LOL

Gemini folk..All I am saying is, you will survive and thrive. that is when you decide you are all in.
You have opportunities to really define yourself and also you could just quit and go to the next thing. Time ticks and what I say to most young Gems, is " focus focus focus and put away childish things"

I will say more on astrology in the next few days..remember, it is a reflection of my impressions and not personal.

Have a good day..xoxoxoxoooooo

Saturday, September 12, 2015

mercury retrograde and Saturn is moving on

It is about time too. It has been almost four years since Scorpionic individuals took this mission, this task, this lonely rejection of the status quo and ultimately this unique rush to rise above the ashes, the rubble, the lies you told yourself so you can cover up the secrets...
What do I know?
Listen, like my friend says, it works on an atomic level. My knowledge does! lol

Mercury wretched grade is what we should call it.  Do not worry about it so much is my conclusion! It is a magnetic force that alters our gravity a little and we get all emo..so, what? I mean crying is okay, isn't it?
Cry for your old bitter relatives who do nothing but complain. Cry for your female lovies who endure more than what is on paper. cry for the sake of a child who is an innocent and yet so easily forgotten..cry for the Mormons who have to wear special underwear because that is what their deity likes, (true) cry because you care and then still, do your duty.
Be saved or unsaved..but at least die doing something rare and good..just not today..do not die today.LOL
We have to bathe in good aromas..
Today I used The Old Whore as soap and the new Chypre I have constructed..I always go back the that formula and hopefully each time I tweak it a little more to what I want.
I hadn't realized before how much labdanum you actually need to make her so so good! Distilled lime hints of incense and vanilla notes, edgy and velvety smooth..mmmmmmm

Memories are good and they still sting a little..but we must put aside the bad days, the wrong marriages to wrong people and... live our life today..making good thoughtful choices today..always doing what is best..not just what you convince yourself is good.

Who am I preacher?
Yea, I preach the good word of glorious fats on my skin and grapes in my mouth to  be enjoyed while I listen to a soft voice reading poetry....memories..yea!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

making things for the festivus

I most likely spelled "festivus" wrong, but, allow me to make scrumptious things for your bath times and I will be contented with that.

I have been planning and doing and now with Mercury Retrograde, why not take this energy a step further and use it as my broom so to speak ..the thing that carries me where ever I want to go..is it metaphysical? Yes, I always ask the questions about what we are..what are we??
Only in that there is so much more to know., my friends..never think you done knowing and changing. Otherwise you end up a mess and in a hateful sense.
When Mercury goes retrograde, following on Venus retrograde and Saturn in its final minutes in Scorpio..yes, yes.. things get rumbled up and rise up right out of the past like a sprite rises up to our ionosphere and then sprinkles most of itself in fine light particles back down to earth. How delightful that must be in a cosmic sense!
(sprites are lightening that is so powerful, it goes upwards in space and in slow motion you see they break up and fall back down to earth..))
  Some people might think I have lost my spirituality and gone to the world of science and too much real things!
But that is just it! It is more miraculous to me than anything I have encountered in my studies..space, atoms and what we are is just way too spiritual, really! 
I want to be in touch with every vibration
every sweet thought of excellence to be so powerful as to shoot up in space and sprinkle happiness to all, good health to all and wealth to all..(om)!
People say they love my soap because it feels magical in a sense..I hope that each time I say words to your box, that it reaches you in your most softest and loving glad hearts..I do..It is like food soapmaking, is!
You make a plate that is so good that people close their eyes and think things.."mmmmmmmmmm"
With food, you will notice who shows up to eat..
with soap, it is cyclical.  We re-do everything in soap making. It is like that with oils. For a while there, I had some of the best rose oils I have ever had and the Madagascar vetiver I got the one and only time, just blew me right away..I wish I had more of that oil..my goodness!
Yesterday i had the pleasure of working with helix method coconut oil and raw cacao. Helix method is interesting because they allow a bit of fermentation on the fresh coconut and then cold press.

It smells divine so I melted it with raw cacao butter ..so good just like that. In soap, I feel  it will add a fresher more fruity coconut layer..in body lotion, it'll be scrumptious!
In fact, I love it so much, I will add it to the next batch of shea cacao vanilla butter!

I hope you have a wonderful day and think about 
 the picture as if you are looking at it from a mountain on Pluto!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

being gay today

I do not care about Caitlin Jenner at all. It isn't because she is a woman now, it is just that I don't care about any middle aged [person dressing like a classy businesswoman or Las Vegas (aging) whore.
It is a thing some gay boys love..to be glammed up and pretty. I do not care for it on any female.
I don't care much about that, I went to Vegas for about ten minutes and it was hot and I said, "no, this is not the place for me!"
We had to leave the my gut said, "just no"

I do not think we, as women of open mind, should  allow Mike Huckabee to say dumb things like, "god intervened"It is to secretly laugh, if  we were among one of his tribe..secretly because you cannot say too much to a believer..they get pissed..
How pampas that he thinks he know what a divine creator would be like!
(back to Joan of Ark's ultimate question, "do you believe you are under the grace of god?"))
Say, "yes", and you are too confident, say "no", then, you admit to being bad..

You certainly do not need to defend him Miss Kim's fat ass jumper wearing nasal sounding ass! (sorry, I had to)
**also if you agree with Kim, you must be boiling mad right now.                                                         Every citizen must be given proper documents!, so no, you are not doing your job."
All of her supporters  look silly to me.
They want to keep women, babies  or men who want to be married to someone they love, down by pretending to defend their god and then holding hate signs up about how bad people are who are not them.
Also I might add, he seems to intervene in all the small stuff and then allows babies to drown when their parents a fleeing oppression of the worst kind by such hateful violent humans!
He intervenes in prayer at the hospital so that your loved one recovers from a routine surgery, and then allows Pablo Escabar to blow up a plane with 170 innocents..he allows women and children to be treated like they do not matter by those who feel like they are defending him..their god.
I bet many said, "oh, thank god we were not on that plane." translates to;
"lord, thank you for saving me from destruction this time and many I say, sir, you are lovely and wonderful and lovely.."

I do not see why you have to defend your life to anyone. I always say, that live the life you want to live and believe in and do not do bad things, no harm to anyone..no harm.
So if boys want to be married to boys, then so be it..
The whole thing about sharing the lav, is like harder to see clearly. I think it is ok. But I never went in the lav at school for the whole sixth grade!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

The day is full and clear on what needs done. Mystic says it is still this week for planning and next week for full on energy and being amazing at what you do.
What do you do?
I guess that is up to you and what you have been nurturing.

For myself, I am already planning the yule specials this year. Mostly because I am glad about me this year as I am aging gracefully and always willing to listen to reason. If you tell me that wheat is bad every time I mention a sandwich, I will not do what you want. A life without baguettes? No, please, not that..I will cut down.

I have ideas that we will get  our juices flowing, which are trending at my shop and also in the world of scents and nature.
Any of you regretting having the sexy summer soap? No, I hope because that one is perfume all day. As it has aged, it has qualities I never knew would form. ( this is why, one must be open for surprise openings in our daily lives))
I must have be high when I added all that secret resin what ever in it.
Chocolate and frankincense? I do not know, the oils do what they want to do in my hands..
speaking of which, Did you know that enzymes are proteins? And, that they are kind of the reason for all types of ancient life forms..
alive not alive?
Life form parasites and bacteria..evolving oh so slow ..in long universe vast spaces kind of time.
They communicate to attract each other by the energy the enzymes absorb..this activity is like a beacon to its own kind..almost in the way we make hormones..
(to me it shows on a primitive level, how humans also attract one another)
Think about what it means to be real..to me it is marvelous!

((I know that it is this for me; I attract the best most luscious and free customers and I am so glad about that)

I thought I would make 6 sets and offer them in such a way  that  we can all have something really good without too much money spent.
They will be $25 or $40 as  I  haven't measured the cost quite yet.

1, Coco Loco Set includes one butter cream of cacao butter and Helix system coconut oil..organic..vanilla co2, cacao absolute and baby you are so freeking happy..simple and very good..
one cacao butter vanilla soap and one spray of sexy summer refresher..

2, The Old Whore Set
one bodacious ow cream
one big and heavenly bar of her bad ass-ness
one ow delectable spray refresher

3, Lemon Balm Honey Set
This is a soap bar with beeswax, honey and true melissa, may chang and orange blossom.
Comes with a lemon balm soothing balm and rose hip oil serum with tamanu and lavender mailette

4, Neem salty soap with eucalyptus and frankincense
This comes with a neem butter cream and witch hazel toner with frankincense and lavender

5, Black Bitch in Borneo
one black bitch soap
one BB shea cream
one BB body refresher

6, to be conjured later....

I love making soap and some of you who have been buying from me for years have made me so happy that we can share in this experience and understand this very amazing art form.
It is a clear example of how evolution works..look at a bar of soap, smell it now, smell it is two weeks and bammmm,new, different, richer, deeper, always changing..

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Black Hearted Bitch in Borneo

Why Black Hearted Bitch?
Why Borneo?

We should think about why not! One needs to languish after a hard days night!

Why, Black Hearted Bitch?  It is better to always say less and observe.

Maybe then you wouldn't opened your heart to cowardly jackals and evil does who made you their bitch, their reason for their own badness and made you wonder if you are worthy.
You are worthy.
You are here and reading this so, you are worthy!
More than you thought too!

I honor the thick face.
I honor the black heart which chooses wisdom over adornments (lovers) on their genitalia.
I honor the master magician who gets money and food out of nowhere..where is nowhere?
Nowhere is where you are going  if you do not have a meaningful purpose.
Intent is the key and your intentions must be clear especially as Saturn finishes its last few minutes in this space..I feel like it effects the way we age and think about our boundaries.

Black Hearted Bitch in Borneo is about these ideas.
It is not that she lacks compassion, it is that in her life there are also fine points to be attended to and meaningful living to be done. As Rick had to pass on the guy who was being attacked by zombies because they could not use their energy to save him as it will make them weak and then everyone dies! (Walking Dead). Men can be Black Hearted..of course they can!

(((I chose an animalistic fougere base for this oil. It is an oil because in Fall and Winter, I like to put oils on me skin.:)
Organic jojoba, patchouli, tobacco, vanilla, sandalwood, ambergris, petitgrain, tangerine, rose, benzoin, cognac, a drop cacao, ...)))

Lets us attend to her black heart...om to higher thinking
om to words that are true
om to your goddess who is always composed
she radiates power
let it cloak from psychic dangers let her go so deep as not to be fathomed
by  her own minds direction
let her erupt at just the right moment
let her be quiet and always observe
let her ask all the right questions and even the bad ones
do not act like you do not know they are there
you are there and they are with you
cherished and stroked having collected themselves in what you are now
You Black Hearted Bitch  of a goddess
you wondrous creature  of love newly defined forms
your creativity spreads like a painted dessert after a long dry dusty fire burned away all the oldness and brought you to a higher realization of what is..
You are Mine:)

Saturday, September 5, 2015


It is a big deal to women I guess. I have a ton, so I get it all day.
"wow, look at all that hair hair, what do you take?"
Nothing really..
I am not about to swallow 20 vitamins, but I do pop clorella and sea buck thorn oil or a gummy C once in a while.
I will take a protein drink but it seems to me an egg has about 7 grams of protein perfectly broken up so as to digest itself.. and if you eat two, you'll get all the natural biotin from the yolk, not to mention the lecithin which is the highest quality and comes from the yolk. If you are hungry  later, it does not hurt you to take a protein drink if that is what keeps you full and happy..

"It takes more than a protein drink to be full and happy."
"that is what she said!"

Some women that come to me are so over dieted and dried out, what do expect when they do nothing but take diuretics for years and years and laxatives and then the botox and high heels, while all the while, their lives are filled with appointments for hair and nails and the shoes and the pants and the carry out because "who has time to cook?'
"who has time to have a real life?', would be my question!

I am using Laffe Herbal Rain shampoo. It is basically marketed for African American (whatever that means). It does smell soapy a little but, hey, I like it and their conditioner is super nice. There is a clean fluff to your hair even it is dry.
Ever since I stopped using sodium laurel sulfate it is not the same with shampoos.
I have gotten used to not having sulfates on my hair for sure! And don't give me any bar soap shampoo..if I want dread locks, I will go to Jamaica, lol!

Hair is mostly protein and the way your body processes proteins will make for the strength and energy carried to skin nails and hair..
Can you believe that our skin and hair are made of similar components like silica and calcium, magnesium, iron...??

Oh, the sea buck thorn? Omega 7..it has a lot to do with protecting the thin tissue on the mucus membrane of your stomach..this where the nutrients from food enter the blood stream as the enzyme receptors in our cell wait with mouths open to receive the goods. I love the glow on my skin with sea buck thorn oil. You can try it and see if you like its effects.
By the way, you can eat all the kale and spinach smoothies and go raw but if you drop acid on the weekend, then it is not health..you would need to weigh out the cost and how it robs you of life giving forces.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do I know Lilith

Not really!

There are rumors that in the old old books, god made Lilith first and then when they re wrote stuff in Roman times, they kept her out in all the modern books and we do not know how  many books of Lilith there may have been because, I do not know if you recall this but, Alexander The Great and his men burned a very important Library..They were not bitches??
She was made before Eve. Lilith was cast out because she refused to submit to Adam so Eve came along and snuck around because that is always better. We cannot be ourselves with Adam because he wants, quiet, demure, not bitchy..not ever bitchy..Yes, Eve was sneaky. How do you think she made friends with the snake?

A common comment I heard in my village as a child, was, "woman, be quiet,m you know nothing of politics or the ecumenical council"
They would all (the women in the house..there were many), look at each other and squint or make a gesture that the men were the dumb ones..and they would stay quiet.. so it goes today. To a point with Greek women. My mother will only take so much and then all beware for the Kraken  emerges!

We make up names for women who are said to be difficult and bitchy..some are, I know some men who control empires who are total closed off dicks..or too wide open as to manipulate like politicians do every day..look at Trump..for goddess sake, that guy can incite a riot about stupid things like if someone is gay or likes sex in the ass, which maybe he, himself does. Christians have asses too! And I know I rail on them a lot but some thing is not right in heaven my friends..
On earth as it is in heaven  sounds bad to me.
I am all like, How does the guys sex life  have anything to do with, "if he loves god with all his heart"?
Or if he is brown skinned, God does not love them enough..they are not as moral! It is this platform on which we  see  dead babies in the water because of some very bad people hating on weak and poor women and children..who are scared for their real life and not eternal salvation and more concerned with safety..

But I digress? No, I do not digress..I continue and say more Lilith type ideas because enough with this, "Hilary is an ...bla...and ...bla..
She shows  up, doesn't she? (I would vote for Bernie..yes, I like Bernie!)
I do not know Hilary either. maybe she is a bitch.
I am sometimes.
I remember when I had to walk miles and miles in costa rica just to get to a town so I could take the bus to another town to make a few bucks for a day..that sucked and was grand in so many ways..but mostly, it was hard work to support the monkey reserve and feed the mediators while I stayed quiet and serine..not all days, I can tell you that..
I'd finally walk up the final big hill..there were four each way, and I would hear, "oh, glad you are here, we only ate twice today"
I love it..how long before I said something then?
(if you know me, then you know, it was not long and way too  long in coming()))

I do not know Lilith in person just as I do not know, Shiva, or Durga or Jesus or Paul or Mohamed in person. I am told it is  God's love I should crave and all will be well if I just love him..Course Durga has many arms so I can see where as a powerful woman she had to have projects all over the place like most witches!
If god is energy in me then yes, I love him..If Lilith is the other side of me, I love her too..she already mine, what is not to love about that?

Oh, and I love you and I hope you have a great thoughtful day and stop looking at dicks and asses ()))) on the interweb..it is not healthy..and wastes a whole lot of your precious time..
ladies, when you begin by showing body parts, it is like saying you are playing and have this with many..and no higher intentions than this.
A real mate wants to see you and do things with you and love your mind and your body..everything has energy and makes for a platform in which the "friendship" is raised.
Just sayin''


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harpy Birthday Virgoan Lovelies

I love Virgos! Boy Virgos are my favorite among my other 13 favorites..
If I were to say that there were 12 or 13 types of humans..and if I were to give them qualities of the seasons in which they are born..there just might  be a reason to tie in astrological archetypes in our daily lives. I would say Virgo types are awesome!
Human kind is what it is today because we cherish certain qualities in each other and raise them in our cultures and life styles.
When I think Virgo, I think about how they plan their time. It seems to me sometimes it takes them longer to achieve a goal because they can wait for the best things..even when every one rails at them..they do not alter what needs to happen in many cases..which is to wait, ponder, plan and penetrate at the best moment.
This could lead to piles of clothes or a hole in the wall they mean to fix soon. :)
Don't get me wrong, as wondrous as they can be in the bedroom, they can tear your heart in pieces. They are always paying attention and yet it seems like they are dim on the most simplest of requests!
Put Saturn on top of that and you may have a slow starter..or an OCD slob who can't even get to his bed due to the clothes that smell of goat and grains all in piles! Ask him or her to break down a formula or lead a team..it will happen and he will grease it..and make you clean the grease cuz he doesn't like to get too yucky on his hands!

Happy Birthday my Virgoan hunkin, lovely, beautiful faced, smart, funny, and super sexy, Virgoan Gods...