Tuesday, February 28, 2017

lana del rey witches and casting spells

 I mean really!
Once you start hexing you put yourself in the wicked witch category and we are not wicked.
We who have been
put aside
cast away
tortured for sex
and for what?
Looking at other more practical and healing ways to fix things, make them better make them habitable..beautiful, creative, hard working.
Now we are hexing? For politics?

I know it is hard to understand but  had we witches, had we metaphysical powers, wouldn't  we  have chosen not being killed horribly in this meat suit?
Had we those kind of powers?

Instead we have snuck around and still made things happen..like medicines which to this day are all earth harvested and then refined and then loaded with what ever chemical Men  had in mind. But we stay together, we want healing and meaning to our good lives. We brought our children up safely until they themselves go out and produce for themselves, sometimes our sons were soft and sweet until they grew up and went away to kill for the king and we stayed home and cried as if the world was torn apart. Or like when we found out the the whole virgin thing  is preposterous and gently prodded and poked to say that is is silly.  I wish we did that  right from the beginning! I wish we secretly told our daughters and sons, that was a lie, right from the start I wish we did.  Moses wrote after he died because the language structures we not that ancient as to hear God tallking.. but I  digress..he said "thou shall not suffer a witch to live"
It is is the very first thing that guy wrote who ever he was.. One of his wives surely had had  to cure some cough or something for the kids and what, You are going to kill her because she is worshiping another god..like the one that rules over clovers or frankincense??
Sneaking around in forests like they show in the paintings of naked women reveling..like it is the worst evil thing to some men and even women to this day!
I mean people are getting their heads cut off and you are worried that women are worshiping satan (your demi god) or fairies or any other thing than that killing angry god you are so afraid of would hate? It is silly and childish, really.

Now we have hexing!

Your power (power) is only for you..if you use it to hurt it takes away
if you use it for good it it can span to father away with golden and radiant vibes
if you use it for protection..good luck
You are only as protected as the amount of money you have right now and how safe you are from jackals..and vagabonds..how far away and self sustained you are from the city.
Even in the most remote places you will need rice and wheat..something to make your belly happy.
If you really want to help, go and read other books be free from old world restraints and tell your children to be strong and smart and sometimes to stay quiet, stealthy and looking at the future self.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

dragon's blood balm

2 ounces dragon's blood resin
2 ounces Yemeni frankincense
ground in mortar and pestle till smooth and powdered
pour in to bees wax and olive oil which you could make a balm with..
melt them all together till you get a syrup to the liquid state but once in air goes oily solid. that is perfect because you want that for a long time in hot water..let them marry..next day add,

choya loban
pine white
palo santo

red hot babe

hold hot for hours in hot water bath..

be free from restraints
be honest with yourself
don't believe your  own lies or others seemingly calm demeanor.
The red balm will be ready in a couple of days..I might even buy tins. I do not always like tins so I must calm down and brew my brew up..our brew.

I want the red hot smoke that comes from choya and dragon's blood. I want  the vetiver to linger on the skin having married with the incense and amber tones.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

me and kyphi go way way back

and no I won't just yet, start singing 'walk like an Egyptian" :)

I am working on a scent though..my own rendition. I looked on the web and read about Justine Crane's version which has been well thought out and she went further to make incense which is divine.
 I read about some of the others who I really don't know if I can trust.
Some like to write witchy names in order o invoke a certain message in order to sell their wares.

We had a run on some fake amber thing that lasted about three months at my store and now..it has dwindled to a few who really enjoy the animal scent the Indian company as perverted in an amber like horror. I can smell it and it is sick enough not to go back for more. Who am I an emperor of scent? Ha:)
My black witch love, I call her that because I love her dearly and I feel like my mom, she is someone I can trust and I know no matter what, she will slice through any bullshit which I love more. Even if it is mine.
Maybe that is why my soap shop is so special. We are all sort of seeking kindness and peace of and a feeling of joyful wonder at such simple beautiful plants that give us so much?

My kyphi so far is brewing very nicely. I added mastic today and it changed everything. I added more myrrh because it is what I feel is the main ingredient beside frankincense. I am sure the ancients  used what was easily bought or traded and can you imagine how much gum and resin they must have collected in ancient times when the demand was not as high as today?
 Even twenty years ago I had chunk of myrrh as big as my fist..today I am happy with chunk as big as my thumb..very happy indeed.

I will not likely make incense because Justine makes super fine incense and I can't do everything all at once anyhow..
A little kyphi spray though, might be nice for all of us..yes?
kyphi spray

Thursday, February 16, 2017

hello from wonderwinter land

It is cold and snowing of course because it is still winter. There is hope and the season comes which will be awesome spring time..for now we wait. We must.

Wait for what?
 It could be a development you have been working on for years now..four years now..ha
Yes you have. You dove deeply, learned, became more detached about outcomes and you thrived to this point. You have survived and it looks good on you. You hung out with people smarter than you, you read books, you made good food and delicious skin care..I say baby, what else is there?
A Springtime Fougere'?

Wait for what?
Well, sometimes when there is all out war among the masses who can't decide between hating the king or drinking gallons of black seed oil because it cures cancer brings your long lost love back, gives you 27 thousand dollars in your pocket book...er, in the seed oil business's bank account like every 30 seconds for about 4 months or so..we will see how long this lasts and it is not really my point..that is..all because why? Some dumb ass started spewing miracles and they all love it..the miracle, the cure, the revelation which always turns out to be nothing biggie and they still have to work for their lives and things are still what they are because of each thought and each effort.

Believe me, some people kiss the dirt right now. They are down and crying. Guess what, the strong survive and the ones who spend too much time crying, are not making and doing and working and singing, and talking and breaking it down. Everyone will have get up and change, they have to change or they end up like Pete (the dick who beat his wife) on the walking dead, their face shot up and nothing left..(it is a metaphor for a hateful face in this sense)
I see it all day. Smile in to yourself and it will show outwards.
I find that singing is helpful.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

am i blue

yes I am blue with rich abundant always honest thoughts
am I blue over you
you  you you
yes, because you ripped my heart open and left it there after you saw it was not white enough
yes, because you didn't turn out to be the man I dreamed you were as I lied to myself to support the bigger lies
as I cried to my self as I watched you wither in to a shell of a scholar or a :)nything worthy of a respectful holler
am I blue over the failed experiments that left me bereft for loosing hundreds of dollars of oils
am I blue over that so much..
I should be
not as much though

am I blue over your unkind words when I wasn't there to defend myself
a little because the lie was that you are more important for that moment

am I blue ho ho ho ho
Am I blue that earth is ragged with chemical bombs so fat men can talk on the phone and hold their balls..
it is a thing to make on ponder on what is important

Am I blue then?

I am happy
I am free
no restraints to cause me worry of persecution
'or hate
no restraints
none to be had
what should i do now but be super glad

I am free to say and do the right thing
my thing that is right
What should it be this time? Am I to dream of it tonight?
I may already have and like a light wave it takes a while to come to me in a real setting, come totally to light..

I will make it so. I always begin with new moon and and imbog for the year because I still respect all the sacred times our star enlightens us, feeds us, makes us grow,, makes plasma which is everything we are..I love when he peeks out of the horizon and stays there like my star to be always depended on to be brightly making me happen..
Am I blue?
Only because
tanzy and yarrow and the chamo blue..oh yea....

blue heaven gelee'

your skin care

I know you know this but I thought I would talk about it for a few minutes.
I am not a salon asthetician and what ever that means but skin care is simple and should always be clean and not some drug store lie to bring swarms of crazy people who want the fairy tale.
I was once drawn to those things myself.
Clerins was a favorite with this green toner that burned my skin so bad I thought it was working. I loved it when Clinique had a special and I got the bar of soap as a gift and that toner burned my skin.
They all have names like they are super advanced science and then you read the ingredients and it is bad stuff all  in there. Bad as in synthetic and poly- somethingated.:)

I do know that it should be simple and we should be using real ingredients at least most of the time.
What you do to your face now makes a difference tomorrow.

Face Scrub Mix - Dry

2 tablespoons clay of your choice
1 teaspoon rice flour, quinoa flower, oat flour or garbanzo flour..I like garbanzo..
(3 to 10 drops essential oils)
5 drops lavender
1 drop bergamot
4 drops frankincense

add enough water, vinegar or oil to make a paste..
It is awesome and works great on any skin type

Personally I find that toners are not for me as I get older but a little bit apple cider vinegar toner is nice.
You can scald the vinegar and add your oils and equal parts water.
For toner I go /50/50 water to apple cider vinegar..mmmm it is cooling, and revives the skin after a good scrubbing.

Have a great day and wash up!
Do you need soap? LOL

Saturday, February 11, 2017

asteria the mother of hecate

Every one had a mother who molded them and has to have the comfortable power of earning that.
 Not every one is equal see? Some mothers are  wack, I get it, the club or facebook is more important than family. Some in their almost sixties, no one is home because  their family, their beloved dog died..I mean things happen all the time.
We all get to  make a life that is  important in its own reign..sort of if you want to go philosophical as I always do enjoy that.  it is a  time to rest and be chill..Like, hey, look how nice..:) course I will not look like that all youthful..it is a metaphor see? :)
I feel like I will be her today, Asteria and all through my mistakes and flaws because you know why? Because I work my ass off...

Asteria Mother of Hecate

I have been working on a blue oil for months in my mind and then when I finally compose an oil, it is not as simple as oh, I have the oils and now I will make cleanser in five minutes. It is complaix. Just know, there is a lot of water boiling and wiping down. and the clean glass in hot double boiler and the waiting as all beeswax reacts in its its own way as I have recently found out that the bees wax from Barry is more dense and keeps giving bits of honey until the last of it which I cannot see an end  to.

I am at this point pretty excited about my work with oils. It really has been many years in a love affair that has never disappointed me.
My blue oil is so good. I have to say it is the tansy that makes it that way and the feeling like all the blue azuline is in there doing good and not some color of fake blue.
.blue heaven gelee

I ordered a few blue oils to make a small batch of blue soap. I think along with my (asteria) blue heaven serum as a set. That does sounds nice, I hope that I can pull it off.

The mother of Mary is revered in Orthodoxy  as many other mothers of famous women in religion..all 3 or four of them..raweraaaarrr lol

Art by Emily Balivet

Friday, February 10, 2017

weekend boons full moon ideas

Full moon and everyone has a little melt down before they go and do what they have to do. Isn't it?

always content to love what you have
and I do..so much!

Full Moon ideas...
Thea, who is a little older than me and doing errands all day in her business which taking care of rentals houses her husband left her with before he died. Her mother is in bed all day because she is old and cannot walk..oye.. I think amazon delivery for that family would keep them happy but as Thea does not "text" or go on line, I do not think it will get to that. I feel for her because her husband used to take care of the details for her. He was so nice to me...but we all die..we all die, stars die and flowers die and simply leave a small waft molecules behind...

**each cell in your body is an extremely complicated machine. We are made of trillions of tiny robots. Not a single one of them knows who you are or cares.

 motor protiens

More on the full moon ideas with my observations..

Roger who has been on the video games too long and now must get up and actually earn..

"You have to earn what you take.."
"we earned what we took..ha ha ha ha"
walking dead

You may have noted I put the best thing last, in my little poem in the beginning..the part about always loving what you have instead of loving to want what you can't have..not even ever..think of future self for gosh sake.
All of your agony at this moment is because of too much and not enough. Just like the Earth is about to shake things up with its magnetic switch over, so you must turn yourself around and look at what is real and how you can now look at new ways to live by.
All your happiness is from just each wretched moment being wonderful perhaps  even unexpected boons. Mostly it is doing for future self..

It is tax time. Money boons! I will buy a table. I need one that does not wobble and does not look like I bought in the Wards catalog..brawwrrrr lol
I should like real wood
oak would be nice
I am looking..every good thing takes time. My perfect table is waiting for me.

Yes the full moon.

It is really about doing more..

doing different, doing new and maybe even innovative.

It means weeding out I am afraid.
Exposing to one's higher self what he she we me you  and I are worth to ourselves at this moment.

How much you have and are willing to share with others

doing for others and not just talking

I wonder :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I love astrology

It is fun and I can make things fit like a puzzle even if it is after it happens, somehow it gives one a them and it is fun to make stories and say words. Some words touch someone now and again. I love the way it all fits really. That is why I love combining astrology and aromatherapy. It is a perfect way to create intent and follow up.
I am glad people love oils.
I think it is the wave of the next few years until we finish off every tree by not caring about what garbage we throw away to end up in the ocean. And everyone screams that it is not really true. we are not that dirty.
Yes we are!
Walk in the bath room with your glasses on and it is time to clean. I like it that way. I do not mind the soap smudges of which there are many.
My daughter likes the litsea soap I call patchouli verbena..it is so sharp that one!

*oh before I forget..stop swallowing so much calcium through processed foods. Processed foods..see, they add a little limestone to keep everything dry in the mix and call it calcium carbonate..the fuks do!
Too many rocks in our diets maybe? Animals in the wild only lick those stones..so..

As I was saying about astrology and how I really don't write much about planets and such. I like the energy right now even though the anger. I say do not let your secrets fester and bring them out , it weeds out the true friendships from the ones that want to moodily drag you down to their morals.
What is morality anyhow?
Have we not understood that peace is the best way in a home and a planet overall..have we not finally seen we govern our outcomes and that is what happens..burned out buildings and babies nowhere to go having been raised to think that women come second because of some dumb story of Eve??
(I know that is probably a run on sentence))

With all of this new fire energy from Aries planets, my intentions are to become more fit and flexible as I do get lazy and forget to do yoga..
My intentions are to keep cleaning up and getting rid of old stuff that will not serve me. I am going to simply make my sleep space clean and with out debris.
In soap I will explore scents which have always been a distant aim and now we are here..I have iris and sandalwood..I am intrigued by their beauty together.

10 drops sandalwood
3 drops orris root absolute
1 drop verbena
sharp herbaceous mellow nia nia nia so far

With sandalwood it always takes time and I am just delighted that I can experiment and be so free to expand my scent memories..I wish tho I could make the gnarly bitch again..wait??
I can..maybe today..

 Aries tho..Mars Venus and then farther out, Uranus
We must stick together and not allow injustice to children and mothers no matter what. That is my way by the way! I know this much, my mother rules our family like the queen. All of my kids worship her. She has Aries aspects, my mom.  She can get to the point faster than an asp!

Rose is coming today...rose is coming today..oh yea

I have organic cocoa butter and I have jojoba and I have the gnarly oils right here!

Aries energy..there you go..fresh, stunning, a little self aware, clean, horny.

I know it will not turn out like the one I made 20 years ago. man! Those times were so good and so bad at the same time. I feel like I am not that person anymore. Having devoted my whole life to religion and my culture and that guy and his/our Yogananda culture, and the Buddhist culture in Costa Rica.. I realized like Dorothy, there is no place like home, near friends and family.

"you're a nigger loving whore if you're raised in Detroit and you were raised in Detroit so you are a nigger loving whore!"
"you are wrong, I do not see colors like you. Having been raised in Detroit where we all have learned to live together"

(that was a real conversation, by the way, and hence The Old Whore Soap))

The Old Whore
There is so much to write about her. She has mountains of stories of how she treated people, how she has been treated, her devotions, her deeply abiding needs to please and be happy, her dark addictions having been shed now..
Her abundant tears of sadness and joys and bitterness? Well, of course, bones are bitter and they carry all the burdens..that is why she remains light on her feet. :)

Such a harsh word "bitterness"..listen do not let anyone accuse you of being bitter when you point out flaws in their logic..that is changing history to support the lie. Remind them fast so they know. Otherwise they will not know.
I love you!
I have to work and make stuff..have a good day..
*secrets are poison
*secret wishes for goodness and joy and lovely green earth with clean water..yea!

I am getting a new knife today too..I mean really I could burst!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

mars in aries and everyone wants to fight

We all  should always take this time to think more than act and don't think your secret habits will not catch up with you..
Also if you are a soap maker and smoke cigarettes, I will not use your soap. That stuff gets everywhere from your finger tips.

Habits! Time to stop doing stuff that hurts future self okay! This aspect in astrology has always brought wars and strife and because we will have some kind of Uranus connection here right quick, there is a violent note, tone. )) and they say astrology does not work..magnets work and two planets together bring forces..so I am looking at the mythology..what??:)

Refugees nowhere to go. Some of them are crazy like all humans.

Refugees..immigrants, aliens..
They are from everywhere..like they always were. Every mass migration has been made because of weather and food and safety. when you look at it from a large scale it is so clear. The Native Americans came over an ice bridge yearning for a warmer place. You get like that if only a little bit and you need sunshine so badly if for a season. try 40 thousand years in coldness.
By the way you america first folk, really? Your parents and your ancestors and further back suffered and died so you can have a big sign and support some organized thing.
I choose the humanists all the way.
They do not kill because it is smart not to.
We rely on education not fear and fairy tales and some made up story from flat earth thinkers,  of Jesus and how he  died for us. He did die. You are going to die..or the other guys..not just Jesus..do you really think there are spirits waiting to torture you? In my opinion though..I say no, I say it seems that way because your cells have a memory somehow..
 Maybe it is because your "being has done this for so long, having been made born lived somehow and died fast when a nearby star violently exploded over and over and final here you are and you think now this is the only way it can be and bammmm, you fuking melt once again it to the fire when our sun dilates a million times and burns everything and absorbs it once again..oh man..

I get worked up about it because it is so profound that the ingrained fear lingers so powerfully in all of us. It is something to which once recognized, changes you forever.

Humanists are willing to change their mind based on evidence now and not 2 to 4 thousand years ago when it was okay to think that herbs were witchery and men spoke to god directly and he said..blah blah bla..
Guess what, if he was so pissed about making us and the way we turned out and if he was so powerful to have made both good and evil, why wouldn't he make everyone disappear instead of drowning all humanity in spite..wtf? Lord?

I have to go..I would rant more :))

Thursday, February 2, 2017

an ounce of sandalwood

It is a whole lot to spend on one oil but as I am in love with sandalwood and feel it has healing benefits to my heart and soul, I bought an ounce from white lotus. It is my go to many mornings before work. People love me more when I wear sandalwood. I do not know how they could love me more but they do. (joking)
I am actually trying to be more detached and yet I am also trying to engage in such a way that a conversation can happen.

I love a nice Indian Sandal..spicy, warm, inviting..
You know, you can dab it on and it will radiate as it wants to. It is so elegant. Not all of them are elegant. So far the Australians for me,  are not producing what I love in that wood. Depends!
 I smelled a nice Aussie sandalwood on a gal who wears rose a lot. It works on her. It is so personal isn't it? Aromatherapy is personal because you will study and wear oils you love and that can help you.
 I think all the mineral components and energy from all those mountains still growing and churning have something to do with potency and rarity in an oil. I choose Indian sandalwood all the way and then again, some hybrids like Hawaiian sandalwood have been stunning. They are all different. All of them.
This leads me to make a nice beard oil for my boys..so many lovely ones, with beards now.

For boys and girls

a little bit lemon verbena

You have to infuse the ambergris crystals with the oil before you begin to work with it. I would say use og jojoba and make the commitment to make the potion. It is a commitment and that is where all your intentions come from. the actual pocket book and the philosophical one too.

for girls and boys


Have a wonderful sunny day and may the sun shine brightly in your home..:) Happy February 2nd! Happy Imbolc! It is the real valentines day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

good morning :) coming out of a powerful new moon

We are changing right now. We are looking at new ways to do things. We have a nice life. We have enough money. Things? Yea?? We sure do. I am looking at all sorts of things I like and I do not have to leave my house and drive..which.. I have to drive today..to ann arbor and then work. We are out of paper and we need good ones..I am so excited. I can't order paper on line because I have to touch each one for the month of it short stay in my work shop.
I am very happy.
Before that I will be making more soap  to celebrate imbolg. I wish we could have a blue soap but that would have taken planning and more money. The blues are not cheap.That is why I offer the oil with all the blues in it. Yarrow, tansy and blue cham.mmm.. So stunning and so freshly prepared for you and me. It is art and it is gourmet..soap gourmet.ha ha
food and soap really..it fits. I am well aways of certain formulas in cooking and how the fat is a big part of humans health. Fats can help you live. Do not be afraid..luckily  my soaps are vegetable based..
soap though.  aromatherapy, notes..mmmm
It is a spell. It is. It is magic well thought out and planned for a final product which breathes a life of its own and even when composed remotely okay, it is  so beautiful and each inhale of scent is met with an experience. In some cases loud and in other cases even more profound. what is this place that can carry secret molecules through the air?
It was like that when I conjured that hops soap from my scorpio friend..I was driven to make with with spikenard and then I was high for three days on spikenard's potent drug like effects. I thought that I had made a mistake..it was so dirty fukin' dirty..and then..I sold every hunk and no body hated it it..it just needed its time to simmer down and be what it wants.
People who are okay with spikenard know what they want. I love this craft. I am so in to it for so many years that my hands know what is the right weight and the intent in them must show. It is all a circle even in us.

Today I am making more patchouli verbena soap and more THE OLD WHORE  with more oakmoss than ever before. I had a dream she likes it that way and she spoke to me as if it were sexual. She wants a little more labdanum too all of it really, she wants it and she will have the finest bergamot and  juicy orange on top..a little drop..she wants ambergris, she does, and if she had any real musk, just this once..:).well none here not even a drop. that is why jasmine and rose and  vetiver patchouli...
I want her to be happy. She has ideas and thoughts and wonderful learning and points of view that are well for lack..of a better word...discerning..

I watched a show called "cucumber on Hulu..I have to say, it is very sexual..am I old?
**shock factor!!**
I can't wait for episode 7!
Russel T Davies, you broke my heart yet again!