Wednesday, January 30, 2013

soapie the first

when she first got here I had already been having second thoughts about keeping her. I wasn't completely prepared to care for yet again another being in my home, and, she is not not that demanding to me.
her name is "soapie".

she is a baby who was found under a car by a young nurse in west bloomfield michigan. I named him her Mythra and brought him her home..
we then named him charlie which is better than fluffy which we named most of our pets when my kids were young..
come to think of it, it may have only been one see I am not an animal lover, not a hater but not all lovey dovey and all that with pets and babies, yes..which is why I have 7 kids..hahahaa
we then all started to argue about what we would name him her..charlie, mythra, marvin garden, soapie the first..
we now know she is a girl..and I know she has been soapie all along. her name came when she was ready to be a part of here, my home. she loves all the kids and very respectfully keeps her distance from me and yet seems to always be nearby..just hanging or wrestling with her toy thing...
soapie the first..

Saturday, January 26, 2013

tell me something good and thank god for scorpio

I am out of the loop for a reason. Not that i think I am better..on the contrary, whenever i see something clearly sooapy blendy balmy that is of high quality and interesting i get a little insecure I would say..
I squash that right away.
admiring other's work is a blessing and makes your stuff look way better. i know this. I can see what somebody is pretty amazing
i am talking about skin care. i am talking about perfume, butters, balms and oils..the loop being my peers on facebook and whatnot..
it seems I do not fit seems that way..but really it is that once you get diluted with a bunch of people you do not know..things become a celeb..a no face..

my libra wants to have luxury, my scorpio (thank god) wants precision and clean lines..this is why I can make so many amazing things and that is why I feel good and happy..

in honor of my libra scorp predominant in my tenth house, i will be secure and precise today!
now sing me a song

oh, I finished battlestar was a bit of a chore in the middle.
I mean they could have done an amazing show with one season..but know they dragged it out for four..
the other thing is why would roslin not take the cylon blood to save her life a second time? It cured her cancer before..I say do it she walked around a whole season (22 eppisodes) with bald head and a scarf..
and how come all the boose? i get it, you like whiskey!
and why destroy your ship where there is a hospital, and you want to start a new race with from scratch?
that was dumb..
I love the theme of how people go bad and possessive and hate each other for doing and thinking what the other guy has. I loved the cylons and the cylon babes were all stellar acting..
no, they made these miracle machines of anti matter and then they hate them..yea well they killed all of the humans on 12 planets the cylons did..they were pissed. they are like we hate you! You made us to serve you and you made us to fight for you and now you're mad that we are here..
after the mass killings there were 40 thousand humans in a fleet of ships in space looking for a place to live..the cylons following them till the end having already had mixed themselves in the human's lives..
that was cool. the change in humans, the will to survive even if it means killing  the other guy..sometimes he wants to  kill is very interesting..I mean what would you do, if you were one of the last people on a ship looking for a home?
anyone ever see battlestar galactica?

I gotta go..sorry about my spelling today:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

say no to palm oil

please read this:)

the furs are out

I work and have for most of my adult life worked in west bloomfield michigan...
There is money here. They have their own economy sort of.. I mean you have old money, new money and plenty of medical centers with modern facilities where doctors and well trained nurses work and they also have money..they make a pretty good salary, I would think.
They are not the ones wearing furs.
Do you want to know who wears fur? You got your heavier set middle aged matron, that is who. You have your fake eye lashes, your botox, your fine suit and always your heels..
I always wonder if they do this everyday? I only dress up if there is a wedding or funeral, you know church clothes:)
The rest of the time, while I still like to fix my face.. use a nice foundation (Gabriel) and I love green eyeliner (Zuzu) but I'll wear some trousers or a know, casual, with comfy shoes..
dang man, there is ice out there and you are walking around in spiky heels? where ya goin' to meet the queen? You must love beavers! (it does look warm)
There is a consignment shop down the road that has used furs..should I go?
Would you wear one?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the right Aquarius reasons

what are they? Your higher purpose?
doing the right thing always
and it gets down to not lying..
always with the honesty..sheesh!

if you are going to explore the meaning of god, this is the time. Aquarius energy is about healing yourself by letting go of your angst and letting temperance glow..
Yes people hurt is ok to be hurt, to be trimmed a little like your stomach hurts all day from, questioning you about, if you said the right thing, or if you didn't say the right thing.just stop and be focused on the task now. Also if I may say, maybe don't expect too much from your loved ones.
They are not here to save you or respect you if respect is what you're after..

me, I simply enjoy  mornings that do  not a fight about who wore whose hoodie to school?
then all you hear is , "shut up mom" or, "you don't know anything about it, so stop insulting me about a scarf"
It tears me up that I can't wrap them in layers of hoodies, it is so cold out there (5 degrees), but you know, it isn't cool enough:)!
I must allow the girls to wear or not wear what they want! then I worry all day about them freezing cold..
hey man, I said my piece, whatever!

I wonder to myself about who I am.
 I work in sales but is that really who I am?  For now I would say , job is an awesome extension of my inner beliefs..
one reason being that I really do want to help people choose the best thing for whatever it is that they are treating.
Sometimes I want to yell at them and say, "stop being so fucking depressed! What you think you're the only to one to have gone trough pain and disappointment?"
(one lady said she didn't come for a psych treatment all she wants is her kid to not be autistic))
But there are reasons why things happen and I like to get to the bottom of things.
Like, how's your diet?
Do you eat processed food?
how much fried meat do you consume?
Do you eat white bread? (big one)
Do you drink water?
How much?
Do you take pain pills?
Do you sleep all night?
I believe that self treatment is the most effective way to  understand your body's needs at the time they are needed. When you study your own body, you know your body's rhythms and your core energies when they are can check you emotions and figure out where it is being triggered in the body. Does it it fit in with modern medicine? Yes! Ever hear of quantum physics? It is very real..

(speaking of which, in the next ten years we'll have have detectors in the toilet which will test your urine and other things for any pre illness signs, it'll have  messages on a screen to alert you  if anything is really going wrong way before it becomes a hugh? how do yo feel about that?))

gotta go warm up the car, it is bitter cold out there! hoodies!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

skin care 2013

I love skin care, I love scrubs, I love polishes and oils on my face and on my body.
Salt? Which one, give me as me as much as I want but not all there is!
I love clay too, green sea clay, mountain clay and even diatomacious earth..(all made in stars btw)))

I was just browsing on google at some of the more expensive face cleaners. $52.00  for steric acid and glycerin and then you call it anti aging?
Or better yet, put a bunch of interesting extracts like st. john's wort and pomegranate and follow with soybean oil as your base it some fancy  name like eminence or sea foam and you can make millions of them..
People buy anything that says anti aging. The FDA says that is ok to say anti aging as long as the cream is topical and does not enter the mitochondria of the skin, you can say anything you want and not get in trouble.
(ah the american way, sell sell sell)
But then..we have smaller and smaller materials  that do enter the skin, especially when we combine these with the other stuff we add to our cream base. Any acid will carry things through though.
 Boric acid, ( I used to make creams with that) citric acid, cetyl alcohol, the one they all use now too, potassium sorbate..they do that to make it stay longer on the shelf not help you in any way. Plus, this system does not work because it opens a door for manufacturers to say what ever they want on the label and give a long list of ingredients and that no one will check to know what is what in there..they don't because it is expensive to analyse each ingredient and hasn't really been an issue. Now it has become one. and who cares? I do. Do you think I want to smell your poison perfume every time you walk by?  What did you pour that on No wonder you get headaches! You are giving me one!

Anyhow, it all goes to show  you that when you pay 50 bucks for a cream, it has to have a fine jar with a nice professional label and look good in your powder room..right?
Not even close honey.
I know we've all been there. Standing at the counter buying clinique or lancome..and smelling up the place with poisonous perfume. We didn't know. Now we do. Now we actually feel better when we use simpler materials! Plus, once you realize essential oils and love them, you are in for life!
What is better than a little coconut oil, nothing that is what. It has enough acid to clean you and protect your tender skin suit.

Monday, January 21, 2013

what is happening with Jupiter

by all accounts astrology should not work. what is it? are we worshiping mythic unreal personas of ourselves?
by unreal i mean made up. Like, Zeus or a God who would make sacrifices to prove his love?
When we are doing well, he blesses us, when we struggle, it is his will..
We worship and beg for his love and his forgiveness and if someone we love has to go to hell because they did wrong, well, we'll think to ourselves, "they deserve it, they shouldn't have sinned against god"
this is all silly..we have made god a benevolent king and some one we have reverence and fear..fear because until now, we didn't know much..not really.
but then again...

We are made in stars so it makes sense that in stars we will regenerate..the sun is our mother and our grandmother is a star which exploded billions of years ago to reconstruct  the new materials which made us..iron, magnesium, silica and other raw materials made in stars and only in stars. zeus is you, jupiter is you, so is athena and so are, rhiannon and inanna and hecate and hera and mary and jesus..something bigger than us and out of this realm and our understanding.
the real effects of Jupiter are  huge because of his magnetism to us and everything else. So big he thought he was a star, still even might get to be one for all we know..maybe god is magnetism..omg
the law of attraction!

So am I imagining that Jupiter and all his qualities are in a big play at this moment with Gemini energies coming forth so quickly that someone had to get pulled in and swirl in a bunch of truths mixed with lies?
what do I know? I am a geek all the way!
Stay cool and be calm, say the truth but don't hurt anyone, (someone always gets hurt) and this I say to myself because gossip and hearsay can lead to anger and resentment.  Either way the truth is the truth. accept or you want to suffer and do what someone wants you to do without any thoughts of your own? No, you do not.
You'll be suave and cool and calm.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

emotional week anybody?

yea, I mean I found myself crying for just about anything. Even if there were actual things to cry about which there always are...
What happened to that fierce lioness who could beat up anybody and  still go work out and then make dinner and do the laundry at the same time and make 55 gallons of soap every month?
I keep asking my self this question every day. People tell me to come out with them, join the fun, the party..
no, I wont..
Why am I recluse?

I know why and I'll tell you if you don't mind.
I love it here. I love my house. I love my couch and my kitchen and my soap table and I love to clean and tidy up and then rest and help my kids out with homework like Spanish and soon there will be French lessons coming through my home.
I love conjuring up my next soap smell and talking about blends in balms which work with my beloved friends, like you. Some combinations do not work for the time I put ginger with cacao..not for me..ginger is weird anyhow.
I should open my heart to ginger..ginger with lemon sounds nice...if not pedestrian..
I love a soap that when you wash your hands with it and then you dry them, you take a little closer inhalation. You put your hands together and bury your nose in them and smell. I know that isn't just me.
Vetiver lingers beautifully. So does patchouli, yes, but put them together and you have magic.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

loneliness and lying

Of course there is a science to lying. There is. There are distinct chemicals  in your brain when you make up a story, like a whole section lighting up and the neurons in your brain  sparking up and creating chemicals which reach your gut in seconds.
"Trust your gut feelings"
How often do we say that?

God is in the neurons, so says Athenes's Theory Of Everything..check it out on youtube:)

Everything in our everyday conscious behavior means we  have control of our will. We control what we will eat, wear and which road we will follow  to work everyday..But our thoughts can get the best of us. We lie to ourselves so we don't have to take the blame for our own mistakes.
frakin guilt!
Gum to guilt!
Om Gum to guilt!
We lie to others so as not to loose them, or shock them..I mean really! I have seen it over and over.
We become afraid of letting our true feelings out and hold it in for so long that there is a furious jet of energy created between us when we do say what we want to say.
My mom, she says what she wants to say.. Pisces isn't afraid to say what is up that is for dang sure!
I feel like that with my work mates right now.
Nobody is afraid to be themselves and it works.
Saying what is on your mind without any emotion is a key..we are all learning, everyday our consciousness is changing its "mind" for each new development and we make adjustments and justifications. Every instant is planned by you right now.
om to success gum to guilt..xo

Let's be lovers and let's be friends..that is the Libra way.

You being a cute Capricorn or at least a Ram..a cute one though:)

You being an Aries girl teaching me the other side

and my little Sagittarius babe, doing her thing, quietly and so intent... the exquisite gleam of her work radiating light years away..:)

until then, have a good day:)

Friday, January 11, 2013

hello how's it hangin

Capricorn vibes
knowing that effort is the key
interest = commitment
having enough to rest and enjoy..saving someone nurturing, feeding

Everyday read a page of some book or a whole chapter..I will devote the next few years to the Materia is time and I am on my way to being the healer I dream of being...

I want people to come back to me and say they are completely satisfied, thrilled and smiling all day..I want that.....I  don't on the other hand want some woman yelling at me about ground coffee.. it a first glance I am shocked and speechless and then I review and then get pissed .... By that time she is long gone having had the pleasure of trimming me a little and stomping off..and I have to wonder why she would speak to me in that way? 
I still ego wonders?

Anyone else having some ego encounters? I am thinking this is my chance to become more poised, more in control of these types..always in control that is cappy...

feeding and opening to being fed.
Capricorn likes to be on top so admitting they need a hand is not in their nature and it is. 

I am watching The Battlestar Galactica..the new one because I didn't know there was and old one. I am a geek..:)
I  have renamed it as my "space opera" ;)
have a good day:)

Monday, January 7, 2013

looking back

or not
lets look forward
lets not make bottom lines and lets not have closure
the facts get skewed all day anyhow, no looking back and judging this and hiding that..
being honest and being kind always wins
doing what you want brings happiness

Do you love the picture of the hot Spanish babe by Alberto Vargas?
Mystic Medusa turned me on to his art..Mystic says Venus is void..she explained it and it made scense, but not enough to re tell it.

Today is about your dreams and reality.
The power of your mind, your consciousness to conjure up images that may or may not be real..
let your dreams go wild now and in a couple of days, you can decide how you feel about what you dreamed up, this time:)

I found some old absolutes from the past today, violet leaf and ganet..I am thinking that,  with the royal jelly/propolis  I have here. I love a well cured violet leaf soap. It is so green and smooth when finished and follows up with a floral sweet  sort of scent...what do I know about telling what it reminds me of. I try though:)
It wouldn't be vegan at that point but very nice on the skin.
Someone reminded me of bergamot the other day and now I can't stop thinking about it..i want it and I want a whole bunch..mmm

**the soap you see above is the old whore before cutting..she looks beautiful from the very beginning to me.
**have a wonderful day and be  happy, i will too and I will smile at everyone I meet today.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

how about a nice bar of soap

today, I had in my hand, "epona" a  soap of lavender fir and patchouli and I had a pure three petitgrain soap I had made last June and didn't really love love..too piquant (can I say piquant?) at the start, too acidic, too green.
so i wondered what and put them together at the base of my nose...
I am making that and a patchouli cedar frankincense soap next next..
Plus wouldn't a nice rosy set do nicely for my favorite time?
Imbolg~ Honoring the myth of  Brigid... the Goddess of fire, patroness of smith craft, poetry, midwives, and healing.
There is more info  on google if you care to read more..
But back to me and my roses..and a sweet set for etsy...

so..... rose soap. rose cream.. and a jojoba rose roll on? A little offering to yourself and the woman or man that you are...
 When is the last time you smelled like a real rose? Not that you could completely  I mean if you use any of my soaps, you'll note  patchouli on something you wore..(I love that)

I love this time of year as well because the sun being in Capricorn makes me think I have accomplished something and now I can lighten up a little..yea!! For Aquarius!

meanwhile I am still pissed at Dr. palm oil for belly
he loves passionflower. Now he says we should have the powder.. a teaspoon a day?
How much calming down do you need all day? Unless of course you do not do anything and watch tv, eating this and eating that..I do that sometimes.. I like whole movies and  documentaries.. I watched a really interesting thing on Mary Magdalin on Netflix..that was really good stuff!
We all know the truth makes more sense when we know all the events, all the what have you's..we know... :)

plus I am enjoying some lectures by Machio Kaku on you tube..
this is a good one, The Universe In A Nutshell..

It has been a nice vacation from soap and I am happy to be able live my life this nicely and I loved 2012 so much..making soap for us, being here with you, and my awesome job. After years of study, I can put it all together and it is works and they give me money and gifts..sigh..
What is next for the coming year?

more kindness
more honesty
no pretension
deep healing
hot lover
hot cinnamon man
next to a fiery cinnamon girl
yern to be united
since being together 240 years ago
get ready:) to have a wonderful day...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 astro thoughts

Four Billion Two Thousand Thirteen really...heh!

Think about it, we are as old as time. From the moment that big bang flashed forward we have been traveling on that wave of energy along with it. Changing, evolving, being liquidated and exploding, melting, settling on this rock and who knows what is next?? In a few billion years we'll meld with Andromeda becausethat is what we are, parts of stars!
Star dust, boiled and broken down and re

Religion, my friends and that includes astrology is nothing more that sun worship..
Even the most ancient mystics were able to see that we are nothing more than star dust traveling on invisible dark matter propelled at unfathomable speeds outward and then back into ourselves by unknown forces.

We do know that in our home, in our little system we have magnetic forces all our own that shake us up, make us see, clean us out and fix our trains of thought..the planets in our solar system have a magnetic pull so strong that when that pull becomes particularly stronger or weaker, we become effected. Look at the oceans and how they behave two times a day, simply by our moon's magnetic pull..can you imagine how stagnant things would become if we didn't have the moon's pull on us?

Aries, focus on making something of yourself during this awesome phase..this learning to be humble are good at it and if you have planets in Pisces, you will be gracious under any pressure.
Don't burn all your bridges, is my opinion.

Taurus what ever you want, just send me your bras and plant stands when you move next Summer:)
( I like the black lacy ones) You lost some weight..what with Saturn making some demands on you..who has time to be a foodie? Not you! You know my address!

Gemini boys and girls, dearies and sweeties...thank you for being a  voice of reason and a friend. Your good vibes bring awesome in a room and your cuteness is sparkly and know you are cute! Loneliness is fine for what?

Cancer..your classic good taste will take you far this year. You are well organized and thorough .plus you are extra sexy in 2013!
All I can say is "ass"
in a good way..

Leo, I like the way you can move on and not hate the past. You know who you are gonna hang with and you like your space while being adored at all times.
I adore you right will new friends this year, bring opportunities and gifts..

Virgo, be happy now. Be content. Don't blame others for your lack of whatever is bothering you. So what you don't sparkle and joke around like an Aquarian..people know who they can count on and that is you!
Good things will surprise and delight you soon!

Libra, study something new and get off your ass and work out a little. You have been putting that off because of seem to be in work mode most days. You like to do well and to be super smart..still, you are smart, not super humble, be brave and speak the works! ( I am a Libra woman if you haven't already figured that out yet, lol)

Scorpio honey, chill out, rest, clean you teeth and change some habits which have pushed you in a sort of rut. Wisdom comes from alone time and honest re evaluation of past deeds from others and your own honesty to you..
You are loved unconditionally by many and they are here to let you know...we'll talk:)

Sagittarius, focus on real things not the empire and its legends..just saying,  you may loose the notion  of why you started all this to begin with. Because you are an artist, not some leading authority. You will quietly lead next year. You will learn and learn but good... to focus on your art, your skills, your thoughtful words and stylin' bod!! You will look amazing in black now..add a bit of green around your eyes..for growth!

Capricorn, Pluto in your sign is interesting. You have become a bit of a hermit, instinctively knowing and not having to tell it..Your mind is in memory mode as it is able to remember phone numbers from 1974..I know I can..having my moon in ol' phone number on west parkway Detroit in 1974 was, 278-4532.
you can quote a whole song honey some of us, not so much..
now I have to think of a good song for you:)

Aquarius, find yourself more lonely than ever.
Look at your house honey..who is there for you and thinks of you and feeds you even? Are you taking things for granted? Are you doing for someone other than yourself? You might just have to!
Not the world, not the meetings and not the work out, not your food needs someone else..
I am not scolding you, but rather, I am telling it....If you have some Pisces somewhere, I suspect a nice growth period of reflection and creativity..On the other side, you can experience some shockingly intense friendships that will yet again teach you to transcend any common ideas and beliefs!

Pisces, awesomeness, calm authority, we love you and know you are our pillar and divine friend.
I would rub your feet with my hands dipped in organic oils and smelly essential oils like frankincense and rose.I know you like vanilla and ylang ylang so I would add some of those oils too and make you feel adored which you are by me!

thank you and what do I know..I am a geek and a ruffian!