Saturday, August 31, 2013

honey honey with pluto potion patchouli and ylang ylang

oh sugar, oh honey honey, you are my candy girl
(the archies)

the word on the oud

it has been about 13 years since i have smelled oud oil.
I can't stop smelling it
I don't know if I like it, I just can't stop smelling it:)

Blend I
I mixed frankincense and rose with oud
I had to add more rose,
it seems to bring out some thing nice from this thick viscous substance..
(terpenes, sesquiterpenes)
This tree seems to attract a fungus which takes over and the tree in order to protect itself, makes this resin. By the time the tree grows old and dies it almost all resin and then some guy cooked that.
I wonder sometimes how man comes to just know when something is good for him??
Yes,  said can put oud oil right on you. It is anti fungal and very skin friendly..

I have been using a drop or two at bedtime for good dreams..I woke up feeling good and rested. I had dreams too, lovely dreams:)

Now the next thing
oud patchouli vanilla with one drop lemon

good morning

it is almost September and we're on our way
to where?
to anyhow anywhere and yea, here..if I may say
the key is a smile and a forgive and a sweet word or two

you made this place in life for yourself so this must be what you revere
you make each morning a happy day ahead
knowing no sadness or fear
knowing only do and hear
with calmatude
and nerves of steel
 your eyes  can see from ten feet high and through walls of  anger and dread..
be glad for this good fortune to now act swiftly and move ahead

and be who you are

 not some  broken thing sitting on a chair crying that everything is wrong and you're not loved and now things have changed and your back hurts and you suck basically because you hate everything and say mean words every time you open your mouth..ok, not mean words, but sad is all the same..

words shape your mouth, make them sweet, it is better..
ya hear?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

obsessed with smoked tea

Not a fan of drinking lap sang sushong tea, but lately, in perfumed oil, oh yea. In soap for depth, like the old whore, yea!
I am going to put more in blends..
Look at me, all growing and changing..
why, I even started a journal so that I can remember some details that can get lost in my brain
Oh they come back, somehow, but get lost they do.

Anyhow, some people have ordered from the new perfume offering, The Power Of Six and the most popular blend so far is bergamot with the smoked tea..
the power of six (blends)
You have six ideas in blending and one or two really stand out.
I wore Jasmine and Sandalwood yesterday from this group and got so many good things all day..I wonder if jasmine brings  boons, because every time I wear jasmine, I seem to have peaceful days..with sandalwood, not alone..maybe it is sandalwood! I love it so drop on you before you go our for the day and you are blessed for something good.
So,  I am wearing the bergamot blend and can't seem to stop sniffing it. I am looking for the tea. I am looking for the smell of tea, after the smoke clears. It is there. Is it perfect? Never!
It is always perfect in its irregularity..a blend and life is.
How can you ever think to have the most perfect oil, the most perfect wine or cheese..(Sartori Raspberry something..OMG so  so good))
Soap and perfume are like that. The flavors continually aging and becoming uniquely their own fragrance..nothing can be duplicated when using fresh real ingredients..I have never once had two patchoulis that were the same..not one time!
You get batches that you adore and some you just get through, because they just didn't do it the way you like .just like people:)
Nice thing about soap is you can go to the next one, people not so much, they may linger and drive you nuts until you love yourself enough  to get  them out of your way.
That is Libra talkin, right there.
Well, there is work to be done, I must do a few hours of prep before soapmaking tomorrow and door shopping with my momma..I need a new back door!
have a wonderful day:)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


rose jasmine oud one drop lemon

violet oud labdanum and lap sang tea (I want to call it violet smoke)

bergamot oud cedarwood labdanum

rose frankincense oud

oud patchouli vanilla lemon

oud sandalwood jasmine

which one makes your mouth water most?

more on Uranus

the creatures big and small were so loud the last few nights, I found it  almost mystical. Take this morning, well, 20 minutes of sirens in the distance ( I wondered what happened) woke me at 4 but  then of course I went outside at 5 to say hello to the plants and what not, and the creatures, so loud, so loud!!!
Now the rain, a thick warm rain with the wind gently  tousling the sunflowers and trees..
if global warming is real, I suspect that all this area will be tropical one day, or not..I realize that the sun goes through hot and cold phases but our sun has been very hot for the last few years..what is it, three years now with the flares?
do not even think that all those particles of matter aren't gonna shake us up..and send extra heat over our way..after all we are merely 94 million miles away from our star.

Uranus in Aries may bring war like conditions as well as new ideas and new bold discoveries.
Think about some one militant who wants their own way! Think about your new hot french lover who is so eccentric and wild and you are like ooh la laaa... Uranus energies, they intensify everything.

(hey, man, people tell me everything)
here are some things I was told last week....

Aries, "be crazy about me"
Taurus, "why do you make me hit you?"
Gemini, "yea, you should see how beautiful my new lover is"
Cancer, "I just want to spend the day with him"
Leo, I'm to be heard and admired!!"
Virgo, "secrets, secrets"
Libra, "tell me..tell it to my soul or I'm wearing jasmine"
Scorpio, this is how it is, momma!"
Sagittarius, "evolving, morphing..), making, doing""
Capricorn, "see my silk sheets, 500 thread count, get in there""
Aquarius, "what, you said, bring some friends and dress up"
Pisces, " who loves you"

Agarwood Oil

one drop all day
to see what i want to do with it.
a dab on its own
brings what
some say calm
down in the fungus

I would mix it with myrrh and sandalwood and maybe one drop rose...
if i were going to mix it..
I'd like to mix it with sandalwood  and that is all.. or a drop pink lotus and a drop pink peppercorn..if I had pink peppercorn!
what about a drop lap sang on that?
I  am so excited, my little vial will be here in a few days..yes, I will let you know..and there is a big surprize a commin too! you just wait now!!
have a wonderful day

what gets in

I don't want you to worry about me and think I am going though a thing. When Mars squares Pluto in one's chart, one goes through intense experiences. Plus, retail, is retail..
Every two years on the average,  so when Pluto squares Uranus in the sky, it must be bigger,  seemingly more important. we will get through this too. 
. I am mentally at the moment as I write this,   building that barrier of protection, like a net..for myself..and you..more self awareness, more good works..and I do know that the key is creating detachment and space between ourselves and lower types..dude, once in a while one gets through, the a bad bug in your house.."get outa heeahh"
I always say that to a bug. I have about 4 kinds of ants that try to get in and an occasional moth..In Costa Rica, snakes, frogs, and giant ass need a net because in the morning when you wake up, and see what is sleeping on the outside of you, you are glad you are netted in..sigh..oye!! It is so raw and always being on a camping trip..
I remember that now..the sound of nature and waking up in the jungle is wonderful with the distant sound of the ocean and birds singing. The monkeys arriving to eat and hang out and follow me around the place, waiting for me to leave them  a treat of some sort.  I will tell you this..jungle animals are focused. They do not have time for squabbles.  Sometimes they do happen, but the dominant parent nips them in the bud right quick!
The momma monkey takes care of her youngun' and the chicken momma never leaves her eyes off the babies. 
 In other words as some yogi said it, tend to your important duties and everything will happen for the best results..or something like that, his English was not very good and I had to sort out the gist of it on my own.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Uranian trickster

So you know, I work retail. I have worked in the health industry and I say industry, for about 30 or so years. I was around during  part of the "roots" co-ops and small stores in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, working and learning nutrition. I  worked at Zerbos for a few years and learned many things. Like why would I pay 30 dollars for angel water when I can bless my own?? Well, we didn't have  The Secret back then, did we? We thought that frangipani was real in those little vials, we danced around fires:)

Health stores attract crazy! Uranian crazy..
It has been the same for many years. you will get that one lady, always a woman, who snaps and wants to start taking and tyring everything. Then the returning!
The last one, this red headed whore, took my time and it was in many cases twice a day for three four weeks and I gave her samples and aloe, and carbo veg..yesterday, she snuck in when I wasn't here and returned everything. I threw away 200 hundred dollars worth of stuff on that wakadoo! But more important, my time..
(mental note to me, be more self aware and (learn to see people's scam sooner)
That would be a shopping cart about 1/8 full in the land fill! I had spoken to her the other day that I did not want her "trying" any more stuff ( I noticed her at the desk, returning some dumb thing we told her she could use for her stomach))because then she will not know what has worked, and more important,  we throw that shit away bitch! No, I didn't say that, but I did tell her in my nest nicest way that i didn't think she should be trying this many things...she did it all over the store, drinking, eating and returning..sick? or Mean?
If you say sick, how come she was so good at describing her symptoms and her day  was so well planned out to simply scam what ten people last month three times a day. Three times day! My stomach would hurt just seeing her pasty eating face!
(pasty is some sort of meat pie)
( the jester, or the fool??) That is Uranus really..I feel like Uranus  brings a little crazy and a little thieving..
My store you see, will take everything with a receipt..
She used the whole month and then returned every thing! The probiotic  was warm, she never even opened it but I still had to toss it!
Ok, I feel fakin violated! And not in a good way yo, not in a good way...I took pity on the wrong person.
She told me how she lost her husband and had to raise her kids on her own, I was like, awe!!!
How did I get sucked in? I felt for her. i must not make that mistake too often..
I  will just tell people, krill is bad karma, I will not talk about, it is not better than any other distilled fish oil and if you want want astaxantyhin so bad, eat some red algae, why you gotta take from our fellow creatures, there aren't that many, really!!You hate whales or something? How can you be so mean to tell people that krill will heal their joint pain? That is like saying Emu oil can heal joint pain! Like I want to rub animal carcass oil on my knees because they hurt! ha!
Oh, dr oz, mercolla, dr there is happy looking man! hahahaaaa

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pluto Potion An Intense Perfumed Beeswax Jelly

PP Pluto Potion
ylang ylang
vanilla co2
orange blossom absolute
sweet orange
organic extra virgin olive oil

pumpkin vine by the compost pile

even the compost pile gets pretty this time of year

a pumpkin grew from last years Halloween pumpkin which I had thrown in the compost pile:)

"my lady"


baby watermellon

baby watermellon

little fairy with ivy

look how cute!!
that is a dark purple morning glory ivy growing near little miss and look how the ivy has caressed her even making a little umbrella shade for her.
hello and good mornin to ya..
I would like to be more like a little fairy but there is nothing little about me, what with 15 planets in my tenth house, the good the bad and the ugly...and with this many kids around here and their friends, believe me, it gets ugly..
"I would like to come home and not find a bunch of people here, drinking coffee, tea, loving the space, I get it:))",
I told my girl as we were driving to get salad fixins'.
She said they were all valid acquaintances and I should think of that. I wonder if that girl will become a lawyer or something...she likes history and math that one.

I have spent the last two weeks just sorting and cleaning and folding and eating.
This is the best time for food!
My three favorite foods, tomato, pepper and cucumber and goat cheese.
Ok I like orange cake too!
I made some orange cake with organic sweet orange oil..
Don't worry, I won't be any time soon, calling it food grade, but we ate some..dang it was good!
one box trader joes vanilla cake mix
4 local organic eggs
1/2 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil
1/8 teaspoon organic orange oil (cold pressed)
a little bit whipped cream (from the last recipe) to loosen it up a little more
 bake 350
If you want to you can melt some nice chocolate and drizzle it on top. I would use that dark chocolate bar with espresso beans in it and I would mix that with a little heavy whipping cream and then drizzle that on top of the fragrant fluffy cake steaming on the counter, the coconut oil, the orange and the vanilla, mmmm
."oh, whatcha makin?"
"what, orange cake??
"mom, don't put that funny chocolate on it, can we put some regular chocolate frosting?"
"wait, did you put something in here?"
"yea, I am making an orange cake, do I need to ask you next time:))"
"no, no, so what is in it"
It is like I can't turn them off. :):)here is always someone trying to control my every move.
must be my Scorpio attracting that squaring my Leo in the 8th house....

Interesting enough with this Pluto square Uranus..we are talking major upheaval, yo!
Tell me that when the Sun shot out billions of tons of particles at  us last week, twice.. that all your magnetism did not get all shook up.
Maybe you didn't notice, but I did.
I felt as if I were out of my body and watching everyone over react..I must admit that this is an opportunity to be the most on board and reliable as can be because it will show big time by 2016, when all the rough spots of this major transit  in our space and time is done its thing and passed on to the next..which is gratitude and real understanding of God..
not some feared crazy guy who you have to bow to. That is what Jesus told us not to do! He'd be here having coffee with all these people.
You made him in your mind I suppose as did I.
any how
Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus  in Aries!! tell me about it!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

soap ideas for the week

Why do I want rosemary and lavender bud soap? With a wee hint of mint??
I smelled one from South Of France and I liked it.
The shredding the compressing with the triple milled and the we have one companies that add colors to make themselves interesting..they are. Their orange is fake and so is their lemon. Real scents do not smell that way. If you add the proper amount of essential oil oil of orange to a soap it'll still be a little flat or dull and simple..
For a two pound batch, I have been known to add a whole cup of orange oil, and still not the same "what orange is in your mind" type of smell and must put something in there to hold down the orange and then after 30 years or so, you can become and artista of aromatics....and holding things down, like Poseidon held Athena down in that cave...

I do realize that we live in an advanced age (ha!!) and can duplicate chemicals to make what we want to the drugs and the drugs and the tide and the cheer because without them, our clothes will smell like us,  our heat, the animal parts of us that reek..
That is why we add the scent. We want to hide from what we are, animals, naked stinky animals...
So we apply oils and unguents..
We are crazy for it.
On we go.
I would rather not smell of tide. I can smell it on people now.
You know, when you've become so used to the natural, that fake stuff really stands out and in some cases it'll make you a little sick..

Even some natural oils can make you a little sick, look at jasmine! Lately, or maybe even always, Himalayan cedar makes me oozy. It just turns me around and I submit, like an albatross would land on a sandy beach or something...or some other heavy creature looking like she is gonna crash and then she glides in..

one drop jasmine can make you submit but good. Maybe it is taking away grief and that hurts just a much to let it to keep the fakin thing!
There will be a time when jasmine can be a dream come true, when it is blended with a little ylang and a little vanilla..omg one drop of that on your belly and your inside lady parts or man parts, somehow soften and open up, and you are in your head again sorting and working it..
that is how we do..

I love you:))

Rosemary Soap with lavender buds
Jasmine Sweet Orange Soap
Frankincense lemon
Pink Grapefruit Bergamot with lap sang su shong
Davana Champaca Flwer with Ginger vetiver co distillation

Vetiver Lime Cream
Vetiver Cedar cream
Vetiver Cream
Fat Phase:
shea butter, sea bcukthorn, satcha itchi oil, and hemp oil..
Made to be rubbed deeply in the muscle of lower back for Kidney and Adrenal support.

Friday, August 23, 2013

zdravets and sage

There is something about zdravets that is more like insense than any other leaf.
Zdravets is a geranium, and a very stinky one.
I have had zdravets essential oil, but let me tell you, nothing compares with the leaf at your nose. I made this little sage garland and added a few leaves of zdravets. I wish I had more, but, I made the mistake of planting wormwood in the area and my little zdravets, doesn't like being towered over by that overloaded thujone bearing beast!
Kind of like people:)

Thursday, August 22, 2013


1/4 cup good olive oil
1/8 cup organic red wine vinegar

two week special at eleneetha's

the power of six perfumes

iduna with the apples

I want to be like Iduna with the apples. She is a little obscure and always carries goodness and treats in her large bowl tray made of some sort of vine thing in the forest.
She walks tall and has the apples that is for sure, Iduna does.
What does that mean to me at this moment in time?
She is younger yet as old as time. maybe she is that part of us which loves the refreshing taste of apples or any fall fruit in the same family. Like when I was a child, the fall harvest brought joy and laughter in the family..what with bushels of apples and pears and wonderful home grown corn..
btw, the first apples were wild and crab apply..:)not the juicy crisp varieties available today..we still had the wild ones, in the mountains by my village, Proti, in Greece..let me tell you that those little nuggets were so delicious and concentrated with flavor..oh, man, we walked for many miles up hill to get some..I would follow the big kids..they said my eyes were too big for my stomach:)

I want to always have a clean space to make and create my blends and for that to linger here a while and then  transcend itself through out space and time and at the allowance of you, feeling that, and you, transcending that back to us..

she has the apples
she is tall and dark
she is fit
she knows the ways of the forest and where the eatables grow
of course she wears flowers in her hair

I made two garlands so far, hopefully today, two more

the are already wilted, but still smell wonderful..

this one is French marigolds with lemon verbena and sunflowers a couple of calendulas

this one is not as showy but still has a nice feel and gentle scent...

it is a good way to save seeds and adore flowers

maybe, if i think they are  pretty enough,  I'll give some away with an order  if someone asks for one..

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

my cauldron

I am brewing up some new blends for Autumn!
There will be clove and sweet orange and there will be anointing oil for sure.
There will be a few more balms too, something with a smoke to it, like that lap sang..
lap sang su shong co2 with fresh sage hydrosol in a soap!!

After the smoke clears from lap sang, you get the tea!
I get the tea!!
It smells so good to me, why shouldn't I make something with it? A bergamot lap sang su shong balm?

I am thinking about the next soap too. there should be a new bath of Astarte with shea butter or should I go jasmine? Also I have been thinking about brionia..I wonder how good that smells right about now??
Jasmine is nice but it is not for every day, not for me anyhow. Still a nice balm of jasmine and sandalwood??
Now that does sound very good..

I got this picture from
 mystic medusa.
she is so awesome!!

solar flares

We just had a mass ejection from our Sun, yesterday..Tuesday 8/20/2013..
It is very hot today and my face hurts if I am outside too long. maybe it is because I know it happened that I feel it more. My cat, Soapie, has been in a sort of frenzied tizzy, running, carrying on and and acting sort of edgy.
I feel like she knew a bunch of overheated stuff would come to a head all over our friend's cat has also been acting up. I feel like they know what is up!
The sadness in Syria, who knows what they are fighting for or if they remember!
The inconsolable have proven once again to be inconsolable..this may go for many of us on a small scale and the world.
I was glancing through the news and I feel astounded that people are so mean about God!
Some believe and some do not and then they spend so much time calling each other names..
Who cares! If God is real, then he loves us and if he isn't then it is possible that space and time are so curved out and twisted up that it  grows off into a new a pimple!

silica rich goodness

I bought some diatomaceous earth. It is from fresh water and food grade. I made some of my myrrh heaven with tamanu oil soap:)
myrrh heaven

After that was done, I went for the hard stuff..
a soap made of a goodly amount of silica rich diatoms having become earth, and oils of the detoxifying birch and wintergreen and cyprus and juniper.. they dominate here so easily and so smoothly..

Sunday, August 18, 2013

my hair is three colors

The first is 5N from Nature Tint which I have been using for say, 5 years.
The second, a red henna which took quite well to the 5N pigment layers I had been using.
Third about an inch and a half of gray which I am growing out.
90% of me is growing out..
80% of me is growing out.
It can go on and on and then I'll like put henna on it  again..but it is so messy, I do not want to.
Ok so  the gray..
I have about two inches of gray. I was thinking that I would let it go and see what a big head of giant hair looks like:)
When I retire and do not have to bend down in front of myself all day, I will let my hair loose and shock everybody.
They'll be like, "there she is, the crazy hair horse faced hag, let's go over to her house and get something!"

But seriously, the hair thing is big..
What if I shave it all, start over like Jamie Lee Curtis when it grows out a little.
My hair would be all frizzy on my head all short..
No, I must be sensible..
Let it grow, see what it looks like and go from there..
dang, what about that auburn henna from light mountain? that one has indigo powder in there with the henna leaf powder..
I went and tried a liquid henna called suryia. What $17 dollars for three weeks worth of highlights? Please! I actually could have used two bottles!
They do have a nice conditioner however.

The hair on your head says a whole lot about you..Look at Einstein..
like I am anything like the guy..hugh! :)
Still he did have some wild hair..
I'd  look like the female Einstein of soapmaking and essential oil studies..without ever saying a word..just walk in a room and be like, ' I love me some oils sugh so's that I can study their micro elements, and their super intense qualities!!"
There is magik all around us and it for sure can be measured in time and space!
athenes theory of everything

There is this little chick who comes in and just buys biotin. It took her a year and dr oz to make her take the biotin for her her hair which is thin because she does not eat in fear of being overweight!
The other day, she comes in and just stares at my head..
"what, I know it is three colors"
"no it looks lighter" she said
"I'm growing it out"
she is small so she has to look up at me..she wants the big hair but she can bring herself to eat an egg or a sandwich with tons of  goodies in, "what are you worried about?", I would say to her..I sold her the biotin, 5 mgs, the one from my store because it is the same thing and cost 6 dollars less..hey save some money for your coffee and pepsi all day..don't worry the biotin will take care of the thin hair..not!!
Eat some kale, eat some cheese and other cultured frail she is and does not know it.
What am I the frail police now:))??
Aries..why are they so obsessive. they can't get enough? They find something which works and they make it their mission..each tightening the cord and pulling it in further.. and still, they can't get the point where it weakens them. They become the slave to their success..
could it be my sweet darling Aries, that in all your years, be it 2 or 20, you have realized only a few close people who actually care about you.? Who doesn't want to be loved more than Aries?
The ones who you were devoted to in some weird fantasy, are not real. only how you treat others now.
Say what you want and be reasonable.
There are people who see you as unapproachable and self serving and others who crave your  fiery energy. Aries men are among Astrology's best lovers next to Virgo men..Capricorn men too. they're earthy , musky and warm ...Earthy men give out some hormone energy which is lusty and rich.. Gemini man gets your mind first, Libra does loves nice sheets! Cancer is comfy and warm and will hold you afterwards and all night, lightly and gently..Leo will talk all night after he eats you up..
Taurus, earthy, I said...scorpio will suck your blood ( you like it) and then go play his techy game..
Pisces, I do not know for sure, but they will definitely tell you what they need and you had better give it..yum
Aquarius, can go to a sweat lodge where people go naked and chant tantric mantras and there is no problem with that.
just sayin'

have a wonderful day, eat something good :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

diatomaceous earth soap with myrrh

myrrh heaven soap

etsy user guide by me and experience

I am working with esty. It is easy and my phone app is convenient at work and about answer emails and other soapie issues..
I have even found a way to not be directly on the soap page as to avoid nail polish and nail  polish and for a while there it was eye shadow and my worst favorite of all, you know whoop!!! (it rhymes)
There is this one gal with big teeth selling skin care and another one with horrible skin, horrible, who sells acne stuff..stop it especially the you know whoop girl. Who does that?

The fragrance page!! yeiiiii!
There, on etsy's fragrance page you have a good amount of people working with aromatics. course you have the stranger girl, she has made the most sales!
I believe it is her style and writing ability yes, but also it is her love of oils and scent which make her an artista! She makes perfume, she blends and she thinks about oils and the type of intention she wants to sell to her customers.
But back to me..and my awesome abilities and intentions..ha ha:)
I just want to stress how much I enjoy melting and pouring and dropping and smelling..How I will work on a fixative base for years and years. It finally becomes something amazing and then it flees for a time  and comes back to the old whore, or the chypre blend that is my beloved project these last few amazing years..

There are many people selling on etsy and then they go on the face book and dilute themselves by cavorting with predatory types.
I want to make amazing things and talk about it, not be a judge of who is "the" too?

Anyhow, someone asked me the other day about recipes. I do not keep them, I'll jot things down on scrap paper for weeks upon finishing a blend, but no journals.
So, if I tell you a recipe, it will not turn out the same..why???
The vibrations of your oils are different from mine, especially if you work under a full moon in full chant mode or full running around mode or facebook mode! Your cell structure may be from several different stars than mine:) that there is science..just saying..look it up:)
Facebook makes you forget to live your life..think about how  often you have your face in front of a screen, worrying about someone liking what you said instead of working on something wonderful..all that wasted adrenalin!!
At  least that what I think anyhow. look at bread from San Fransisco, one can never duplicate that formula in New York..the air is different, the bacteria is different, the hands which deliver the product have certain oils on them..they're different..

I must go..and leave my wonderful clean cave where I deep cleaned with frankincense and lemon yesterday..ahhhh
Wouldn't that make a nice soap?
With diatomaceous earth, you say?

Will do, will do!

Friday, August 16, 2013


August Honey Soap
$4.00 Deal!

August Honey Soap

Mystic Nights In Lebanon

Lebanon Balm

peppery smells

In August, at night, in Michigan, the air is thick with the spicy scent of flowers ( or maybe it's just my house))and then when you go outside, everything is in bloom and the bees are happily buzzing and the sun is (finally) shining having rained most of July here..
the bees love coriander, they are nuts for these flowers!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

my sweet little kumquat tree gave me gifts

the blossoms smell like the finest neroli  and they had to be plucked and added to organic coconut oil..
like a peasant's enfleurage! Tomorrow I will add a few more flowers and then the next day again, each day allowing for this mixture to heat up in the sun.

Here are some other soap wanna be's
sunflower meets marigold

calendula meets sunflower petals and green coriander seeds

this last group will be a new rendition of The Rooster..
He will also contain plenty of petitgrain and spike lavender so as to sattisfy you green man gods who want this brew!

Have a wonderful day:)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

let us play with your look

with brian cranston xxoo
and jimmy fallon

it is on youtube and my sweet tonie sent it to me because she likes to work her mind all day and titillate mine.
She does..
funny how we get what we expect from people..:)
anyhow, if you watched Breaking Bad and were riveted for a month or so, with your eyes bulging out,  then this will be refreshing fun..
a new way to look at brain cranston
it is too much some days..and in the next few days we are gonna run, we had better had some laughs while we're at it..right?

I have been inspired to make some bath oils with scents  based on some soaps I have on the menu.
The sweet October Union girl asked for Mystic Nights in Lebanon oil to go with her soap, such a nice energy she has:) I will make...
and , for sure, my amazing E would love to have a birch oil rub down..I am thinking like ones ones you would get from Europe..Weleda, Olbas come to mind..
Not too much smokey birch tar but more like a heated penetrating rub down..
At one time, a long time ago whe it was the 70's I  loved this stuff from Europe, zerbos had it and they would advertise in health magazines ..I believe it is now olbas brand, but there were others. Olbas seems to have the right idea still, but they use a chemical dispersing soap with PEGs in the formula..

the whole idea is to stimulate while puling away debris..yes??
I will make this and show you when it is ready..
I had been playing around with the idea of liquid soap, and perhaps I can make a low sudzing soak for some folks now and should be green with organic chlorophyll from nettles and it should have a little coconut oil  soap in it..why coconut? Because it foams and you wouldn't have to use as much to get a lather as say from an olive oil based soap. Plus, a little lauric acid from coconut oil helps break down fats and oils in order for more absorption of mineral components to enter the mitochondria of your skin cells..

I want to be like that woman in the bathtub, hair up, smiling, soaking, being healed inside and out, being happy, because she is on top of her game and her mind is sharp..:)

 Mystic Lebanon will be including labdanum, oakmoss, frankincense and some balsamic fir and birch paste (not the smoked kind)

E Fitness Rub
A dynamic composition  to stimulate and heat up during a massive rub down!
there will be birch paste (my doing)
cyprus oil
we need those for sure
there will be angelica
extracts of celery seed and other alpine type herbs..because that is how i roll..(that is what he said:))

Angelica brings clarity and anti swelling properties which will help women..particularly the second chakra
There will be some heating agents as well as cooling, like, cajput and a drop or two wintergreen..
The penetrating agents  in a rub down such as this must be light enough to enter your blood stream, one little tiny micro nutrient at a time by the trillions..

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ylang Ylang and its weirdness

Ylang ylang is too much! It is too much sweet and too much weird tang, (I call everything tang::))
Mix her with a little spruce, you could, she sweetens forest blends..
mix her with patchouli and you have softness and warmth. Ylang ylang vanilla is heaven..mmm, ylang ylang vanilla..Mystic Medusa loves that combo, she does..
I do have a very nice patchouli that I am working with. a couple patchoulis really!
One is younger but organic and the other is old from Sumatra and delicious.

Years ago I had made an interesting musical ylang ylang patchouli with a drop cinnamon, nutmeg..cardamom..why not??

Ylang ylang is so sure of herself that few things can frazzle her.
Oh, she may change you, but you cannot change her. You can, gently enlighten her..and she will allow you to turn to your most exotic parts of your brain where ideas meet with matter and become real in the most uncommon sense.
She is  tenacious and  velvety sweet. You cannot have too much of her, she needs a ton of space, besides, a little of her goes a long way.
She is Ubiquitous..she is!
She permeates areas yet unknown to you...:):)
To say that she brings peace, is to say something true. You want to roll around a bit and rest and laugh with her and appreciate her wonderful ways. you love her, I know you do, a little bit at a time...

Monday, August 12, 2013

thirteen flowers

thirteen calendulas to make one balm
This one is frankincense but there are others, like jewelweed and lavender

Next , there must be a cedar wood,  frankincense and vetiver for pain relief..I will try:)

managing my local business

People around ask me for soap now. My daughter's friend asked if she could have some soap:)...
Course she did. Once you get the clean, smooth sweep of the finest layer of  beautiful essential oils gliding on you and making you feel good and your skin happy, you don't want to  not have them. People come and use my washroom... and I have a creamy patchouli soap in there right now sitting on a clay soap dish that Sarah made next to some cream I whipped up with sandalwood in it..I am sure someone snooped and opened a jar to smell..
Dude. natural skin care is where its at!  
This is true 100% of the time..using an oil such as frankincense is something your brain with all its neurons and whatnot, will make new cells and lighten up areas unperceived. These are particles which  have yet to be discovered...
And that is just one oil. Imagine when working with all of them?
One can now see that it is of utmost, yes I said utmost:) importance that we choose vendors of oils who are also artists and are of right mind. I am thinking organic whenever possible. But when it comes to ancient practice of collecting resins off of trees, you are talking about someone who must have reverance for his trees. I would think so anyhow.

As far as local go, they will say, " I need some soap momma", and then weeks go by as I wait for money..
Do I simply deliver soap and expect payment..that seems like kind  of vague..I do not really like hauling product with a vague notion on if it should be now or later.
I get it, we are all busy, but I, myself must become more diligent..besides, it is what it is..
I will not deliver products like some gypsy, you want, come to me honey, with money"))
Money is so weird yo..
Yesterday, I confided  to a customer that I make my own soap..
She talked the whole time...
"I really love that one  lady's soap at the farmers market, but it's four dollars"
She wanted really cheap soap  but natural:))
"how much is your soap, will you sell me some?"
My soap is nine dollars, I told her..
"Well some of us like nice things and wonderful oils are exquisitely expensive..."
She bought the soap made in Israel,  that is three for six dollars..I gave her the one with shea butter, I do not think that the vanilla scent is real..but I must get off of my soap box..who am I the ketone police?
I hope that she goes back to the girl at the market and splurges on herself.
I mean really, it is four dollars, what is she going to save the world with four dollars?

I learned something from Clara at Zerbos's years ago..."Practice what you are worth" she said to me. 

Thank you, have a wonderful day xo

Saturday, August 10, 2013

chypre in the woods

chypre in the woods

rose one drop in the whole blend
templin fir
balsam fir
black spruce

looking for a nice tenacious scent for your day?
 One which you can apply over you moisture cream and not mess up the scent which you started with?
One which  heats up and changes and elevates you to a higher consciousness?
Try this blend..
more layers than what is usual for me..but sometimes I do a nice job at blending..
I took ideas from White Lotus and mixed oils from many sources..
I am very pleased with this..I hope those of you who have had one, are enjoying its wonderful grounding energy..

being in receiving

Is there a difference between taking and receiving?

There must be. Otherwise we wouldn't feel such guilt over getting.
Capricorn Moon wants to pay  back some how as if life is in trading make things right.
Libra Sun says, "oh, how nice, I am loved.."
Scorpio takes money for granted and loves her little games, in secret where she beats is no object! She'll give you the shirt off her back and maybe later take yours..ha ha nice, I am kidding:)

Sagittarius wants to prove she is a capable person..
She is chill and relaxed about money herself to meet her own needs..most of the time..she has no problem spending it and accepting  she can sort through details all day..focus and say, "thank you"

Listen, all I am saying is for us to be accepting and not just taking  so if that means giving something to someone you love, then so be it, give it. If you have it, give it!
that is how it works for me..
 And give to yourself. I think accepting a gift from myself is so wonderful! Do I ask myself if that money could have been better spent on clothes or more food for my children? Rarely! i will spend all the money on them, my children..
There is always enough for us to get what we want and I usually want things.
I want a pound of distilled frankincense and I hear told by some reputable sources that Mysore sandalwood is being sold as real, the real thing..
Dang man, what if it is true??
I remember I had 16 ounces from Trigve at enfleurage, once! sigh...Trigve..what kind of awesome name is that for a world traveling aromatherapist!?
She had some of the finest oils I have ever had the pleasure of using:)
I really haven't bought anything there lately because, well, one never gets to talk to Trigve any more, do they?
Plus..I am using huge amounts of oils, and five mls here and there is not practical..but still, her myrrh and her green lemon were out of this world. I remember one time, she sold me some  frankincense and myrrh resins which were in  chunks as big as my fist!
Thank you Trigve, for making the 1990's glorious!!

 I like it when a business is small enough to treat you like the friend you have always been to them as a patron of their wares..At the very least that is what I strive for mine..

How do we become more serene in our daily "accepting" of goodness?
I think it is just by saying thank you:) each time:) thank you for even the smallest is going to be a nice day.

Aries says, "thank you, may I have anothah?"
Taurus, "that was delicious, now come here..:)
Gemini, "thanks, momma"
Cancer, "lovely, I needed this:)"
Leo, "this looks good on me, thank you"
Virgo, trying not to feel guilty, "thank you" and then already having had plans to devour this treat, moves off in a little corner and partitions off each section to analyze exactly where it'll be used and how, of course..there are ins and outs an what have yous..

Libra, surprised and gratefully, saying, "thank you"

Aquarius, looks great and loves her space, saying "thank you"
Pisces feeling the most gratitude whilst giving..

Have I missed anyone?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Jewelweed Balm
 with organic calendula infusion and jewelweed extract
the oils will be simply og olive
organic calendulas from the garden infused in the olive oil
jewelweed extract
organic lavender oil (Bulgarian)
(they say jewelweed helps with poison ivy, I have never tried it and so I cannot say for sure, all I know is I have been wanting to make this for a long time)

Organic Calendula Lavender Balm
with organic calendula extract and organic lavender oil made with beeswax
(simple and perfect for any reason which lavender would be helpful0))

Organic Calendula Balm
with steam distilled frankincense
and organic calendula infusion in organic olive oil
(who wouldn't want a rich frankincense balm handy when something serious needs tending to...head, shoulders, knees and toes are all about frankincense)

new moon

in Leo in August right now:)
If there were a time of year when you could take all the adoration, all the confidence and self love and squeeze it in a few glorious days, it would be now. (how about all the time too!!) The new Moon in Leo, you,  me the whole thing.. expressing appreciation for our awesomeness!
Think about how amazing you are. think that what ever you present to your peers will be loved and admired for its art and creativity. think boons, gifts and new ideas coming to you.
Think about reading a new book and speculating as to the outcome and being pleasantly surprised by everything..that comes with your expectations.
Open your heart to love, and contentment. Open your heart and mind to the best things and know you are already there, having everything you wanted at your feet, energy flowing through your fingertips and spreading sparkling joy to all.

one drop rose on your heart
one drop sandalwood on your third eye
one drop frankincense at your tops of both feet
apply and be open to love, grace and wisdom/confidence

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the in crowd

who cares, you attract who you are anyhow!

Look at psychics and fortune tellers for example, the ones I've seen are overweight and look all day to others woes, they allow for a certain absorption of energies.  With Uranus retrograde the "in" crowd may surprise you. I would still say to keep your cool and do  not stand out right now. There is always someone slick around to wowz  us and makes us question our own pizazz..
You will see in some a certain desperate anxiousness which stems from control issues that need to be addressed, and you'll see sudden flashes of insight and crazy raw shakti realities down from the pit of your stomach....
look deeply there at the base of your spine where all your beginnings lie.

 A healer woman, came the other day, a homeopath to boot. She brought her business card in order to promote her new office of homeopathy. She was pretty with nice very light complexion and heavy and tall at the same time. She looked like she had a huge brain, like her forehead was too full in the front..full and round..
 After she left, one of the vitamin reps said quietly,  that clearly she has things to work on before she can help others..
so true, but she may have had a gift unseen to help a few people..and yes she still has things to work on, but the vitamin rep has a bit competitive defensive disdain for her upon sight, that he automatically went in his Cancer cave and said it when you could only see two little eyes out of the sand of his persona. heh,
he is lovely!
People judge one another, what can we do?
Some of us have the ability to observe and not judge too hastily, and others do not..we are not saints, we are humans learning to become and know what we are..but on the other hand..
Just sayin'...
Hey man, if you snap at me and your lip sneers, that is the last thing I'll ever remember about you, I'll walk away because I am a Libra, I will remember a faint picture of you for eternity, that is Scorpio in me..I am not a saint for gosh's
Let's face it, we work, we are always in contact with many people. I am, all day. About a million of them a year..(just guessing:))) people in my face all day talking about their ailments, what doctor oz said, their most private body functions, more and more wanting to go all natural with skin care..Yeiiyaa!!
I always give them probiotics and food based vitamins and ask them why they can't sleep. Why? Sleeping is so nice!
Then they tell me. Awe!!

Pisces folks, your mind may be too active and creating scenarios that are not true and based on your desire to control everyone because we all know that you are right in the end:)

Aries, you are very attached to some things. You will have to change and let yourself give up.
You have immersed yourself for too many years in your militant view of your life and your church. (whatever dogma it may be)
Not everything is written in stone. I feel like Aries men go through a thing where they are inconsolable over past events, dwelling on  things that cannot be changed. Your will is not other's will. I'll never be.
I suppose that goes for all of us:)

Monday, August 5, 2013

feel the push

(that's what he said)))

August is rough. Becoming aware of school coming up, documents to organize and teachers to talk with, is, is busier than ever and it is rough too..Mercury finally out of the shadow setup zone making things move faster...
sound about like what is up?
You know what makes me sad and I cried? When Robin Hood died in the BBC series at the end of the show! What a sad death that was!! I cried till midnight! The other stuff, well, life yo!
Kids, work, family, parents!! Oye..It'll never stop..but fantasy keeps us interested. At least it does me. I love a good funny story or something wonderful like Robin Hood dying at the end of the show, Like I think Buffy should have stayed dead at the end of the fifth season instead they brought her back for two more seasons only to make her work in a burger joint and loosing her power in all that mundane misery..
I loved Buffy, I love Joss Whedon and I love the BBC!
How about the new doctor? Anyone a fan of Dr Who?
Hey man, you have to have some sort of diversion from reality, don't you?
Would you be a companion to the doctor?
Hells to the yes, I would!!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

the garden now

 I tried my hand at making a fence for the new lemon cucumber vines to grow up on..delicious by the way!


All I do is dream weird dreams lately so I decided to see what Neptune was up to. 
Neptune is at her best in Pisces and here she is.. right now at this time in Pisces  and she hasn't been in this area in space for a really long time.
The last time this happened was 1848!
The gold rush, mass hysteria.... (dr oz)??
During  1848, there were many social issues being fought for and begun. I like to think that my dreams are a result of me, thinking about my daily life in cosmic colors where my shakti wakes up new fresh ideas and also instinctively allows to  me understand a warning from with in. 
I like to be a part of this Neptune Pisces that looks at the deeper meaning of our lives as a mother and woman and a friend to all..yea!

Look at some of the awesome stuff that came as a result of Neptune in Pisces;
like the first homeopathic school and the first women's movement and first  gas lights at the white house..

And.. all  sorts of countries and governments taking over places on earth. Pisces can be a coltrol freak and mean sometimes, I see that..put Pluto in Aries (1848) and you have violence, put Pluto in Capricorn,(2013) you have wisdom and a littlebit hurt fealings and a time where having had lived and faced the hard knocks of life, nothing on a mundane level which is presented before you will be too shocking. 
You can handle anything you set your mind to.

Don't be scared, be a woman! Be the man you think you are in your mind!

 The comunist menefesto was also presented during that year and the US took Texas from Mexico..although there were planets in Aries that effected this type  social control over the masses. then again, look at the higher octave of that with this cycle of Neptune, The US is in Afganastan and for many years in The Middle east..things are shaking up at all times in that region of earth..

In Myth, stars and planets are given human physiological qualities but in reality it is all magnets and gravity.
By all accounts astrology should not work and some astrologers would say, by all accounts it does!
 Uranus aspects correlate with sun spots and solar flares..Neptune brings dreams, it always does.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Plantagenets By Dan Jones

What a wonderful writer Dan Jones(:))) is! Such a way to tell a story. It takes me back a thousand years ago, where war,  like today, (1000 years later), was about territory, killing pagans or anyone else who wasn't you, separating Jews, oh yea they did it there too and and taking over a town by taking control of all the food and money. In England, and I don't know why the call it merry cuz it seemed pretty awful, but in England, there were thriving villages in between the killing. people like us wanted a calm serene life with nice food and clean water.
I wonder how they took Jesus' teachings and decided they were for war.
"Christ rules, Christ arms, Christ conquers",
they would chant before war.
Basically these guys around the year, 1200, found out that there was a pretty powerful guy, some sultan,  Saladin, taking over countries left and right, and  so it starts!
 It has continued for thousands of years.
I am glad I do not have to wear a cape over my head so that nobody sees how "hot" I am underneath the robe! I mean it could still happen, I suppose. The spread of Islam is still happening on earth.
One religion can be a little more flexible  than another. not by much! The Koran is rigid like the old testament. they are similar..
 I wonder what would happen if we just all work together and loved each other, the yin the yang and all that.

The weapons during the turn of the millennium, were bows and swords. You get cut with a knife like that and there is 90% chance you will die from infection.
 When I cut myself really badly and saw a reason for concern when everything started to swell up, I had lavender oil,  salt and hot water and if I needed,  antibiotic ointment.  During the Persian empire, resins were used to treat infections while northern Europeans were still using leaches and cow dung!
Of course mommas would find herbs to heal their families! They knew a thing or two about plants. women knew, witches, they called them. Why? The more ignorant, the more one believes in supernatural ideas.
"We are going to kill her, if she floats, she is evil, if she sinks, she is innocent."
Who thinks like that?
"Hey lets make shit up because we are drunk all day and since we are strong and arrogant, well, you had better watch it if we don't like you!"
Look at how easily a man can change when he has a uniform and a gun (police), give a man a gun and he will become the enforcer, he will! Make him a king in a castle, turn him into a god and then beg his forgiveness for killing a dear on his land which he took from you and which you still work so he can eat and go fight in more wars which you pay for!
Ah, taxes!  This was a time when taxes were ridiculous. Wars were very expensive even then. How do you think you would feed and pay 15 thousand soldiers? Any way you can scrape up the money, that is how. At one point, the lords and barons said, " no", they were not going to fund yet another war!

Some places on earth were more advanced. Take the American natives before Europeans. They found ways in the woods to help themselves.
I remember as a child instinctively reaching for certain weeds to rub on my itchy bug bites.
That is the rugged and very healthy, plantain herb, by the way:)
Simply smash it up in your hand and rub it on an itchy bug bite. It works. I should make some soap with that!

Why did humans decide that they needed to defend Christ by killing off other humans on earth?
 For gold, silly! Lots and lots of gold! Boat fulls of it! And control of the land, for sure!
Some people have said it was because these cultures were heathen, practiced human sacrifices and blood rituals..Europeans in the name of Jesus did the same thing and so did many other civilizations around the planet. And yet, I hear that Christ arms..they killed him too, yo...or almost killed him. I feel like he walked away and perhaps died on a mountain somewhere  away from craziness.
Catholics believe that he walked around for 40 days after the Crucifixion. There is only one way that can be true, otherwise he would have shown up a few times and explained that this is not what he was talking about.

He wanted for us to have;
Making the smallest sacrifices and doing that for love.

Friday, August 2, 2013

a dark hermit sort of day

It is a good day to be The Hermit. It is a good day to reckon with your thoughts and plans and say nothing about them. Do not complain or rant or give praise, just think and plan and be a well wisher for yourself and your best happiness. Isis

Today you will nourish yourself and your words should be well chosen and well received by all.
Be royal and be secure that this is the best thing. Demand from your mind and the god within of your divine right. Everything in The Universe belongs to you!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calendula Infusion

I cut about three average sized bundles of calendulas and let them dry on linen overnight as to ensure the flowers were free of any watery moisture and then I clipped them at the base and put the flowers in a jar and filled it with olive oil. I then immersed the jar in hot water for two hours. The jar is in a dark cool corner and I already shook it vigorously today and put it back.
I am now waiting for more flowers to open up so I can keep adding fresh flowers to my potion. I want it to smell of summertime. These calendulas are not what I thought they'd be. I expected bright orange flowers and instead I got red apricot colors. They start as maroon colored and then go lighter as they open.

Calendulas are members of the daisy family. They are sweet and sunny in nature. They can withstand a bit of cold where other flowers wilt. They are rich in lutein, a nutrient essential  for eye health.
They seem to love being cut and their stems are quite resinous always leaving a sticky sap on my hands when handling them. I will continue to handle them, inhale a deeply as I can, their indescribable scent! I know now  why tagets is so special.

Calendulas represent something quite nice spiritually as well.
 In folk remedies, this sweet fragrant marigold has  been used as a healing skin tonic so gentle as to be a perfect mamma's helper. To anoint your baby after bathing  with a nice calendula infused oil, is one of the most magical things, you, as  a momma can do.
Calendulla is about using your words to get good results. To listen and to be open to listening.
When they say, "let the sunshine in", they must have been thinking about calendulas!