Monday, August 31, 2015

Lilith In Me

Lilith is said to be in Libra. For nine months!
Here she is, all fire and ice.

If she is a bitch, whore, or what ever name people who hate want to call her..she pushes on. And if you say to her she is "nasty"..well yes, if "nasty means, smart, funny, fit, beautiful mind, glorious creator of things rare and good, then yes..I say, "Yes" :))
She has been on the outside and saw things a different way. For this, the weak minded have shunned her. but who is crying now my lovelies..??
Who is crying?

We are! We all cry at some point or another and really are too emotional as humans..but my bigger point is really that no one can escape reality and continuous evolution. No one..not even Donald Trump..with all his money.
Don't get me wrong, I would take some off his hands if it mean  he would be a better man
"President Trump sir, what should we do with these gay Mexican Hindu pan sexuals here sir??"
"Throw them out, they are all fired!"
"Even Miley?"

As for my bitch Lilith in me..well, you'll bear with me I hope as I undress and unravel more mysteries and customs of our kind.
Of course, I will ask things..I must ask why and how, it is the way of all people who break down recipes. Sooner or later they will want to know how and why and which ones..
if people did not always make themselves so exclusive with their gods I would not have to rant so much. But they have and they have myths and everyone chants, I chant and then I hear my own inner conscious mind is in control of the chemicals which radiate through my body. it is amazing.

I am almost done with "The Hot Zone"!
It is so good. But I do not see how in 8 more chapters they will be able to explain how AIDS and Ebola are so related..well it is because they are in a category that is Phylo or string viruses..oh man!

One travels in the air, the other only in blood...all, trying to survive by eating as much meat and multiplying by consuming the host and failing when he dies and then they hurry as fast as they can to find another host.
What is it?
I am so enthralled..I did not sleep all night from the edgy feeling of viruses existing and how there are so many right now living in us.
Dig deeper?
Ok, I will..I need more patchouli for that!

My Lilith
My Lilith
you are power in me
and full range observe
full on determination
brimming with imagination
blooming with deliberation
consuming words and regeneration
transforming ideas

yea yea yea yea.....

Sunday, August 30, 2015

"I'll pray for you"

Which means, "you are a heathen and need my help because I have a thing with Jesus because we can sit  together in perfect heaven and eternity while you fry in hell."

I always say, "thank you" :) and squint my eyes as they walk away.

My Mercury in Scorpio, does my mind, because I have Neptune in Scorpio, I think this...

"thanks, fuck wad! What makes you think I do not have a secret love affair with your God??               He comes to see me every night while you sleep all drenched in his glory from the day before when you begged him for me and did not really mean, if you cannot begin with decent conversations and ideas rather than "ignorant, silly, stupid, un saved,...
yea, you think you are saved? Please go to Sierra Leon and see how saved you really are..maybe you can help the wretched a little before all the heaven business.
and....further more,
lol, if I am ignorant, you are fat!

When I was a girl, I would sneak in to the church library for the priests and deacons.
There were so many books that of course, I went for the big one with paintings and pictures.
I can still recall the painting of a man and a woman..naked..grayish, with horrid snakes going through every orifice of their bodies and their faces frozen in conscious misery..
It could fakin scare a girl to Timbuktu!lol

Oh, Happy Full Moon, I will pray for you!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My obsession with Viruses and my new book, "The Hot Zone" WARNING graphic content but not too much graphic

I am learning about Ebola, so named because of a river and lovely smart people who had to be brave enough and most died to study this very ancient dangerous little life form. It may have been on Earth right  from the beginning, more than four billion years ago. There is your space alien!
We call it a life form because it can only live when it attaches itself to a living thing.  BAMMMM!
Humans, monkeys and apes are targets for this little creature.

So it is not alive but able to replicate itself and live off of living things, and when the cells it grows in burst (with gross dead tissue)because of its growth, it carries in the air.
To understand how small these creatures are is to think of this . (period),....there could be as many as millions of them in that point. Interesting, right?
My friend, she is like, "why are you reading that??"
I love it!
Can you imagine that what we think we  is not real is not the whole picture.... that there are fields of space so great in between what we see as just a few centimeters?
I love it!

The reality of this parasite is enormously disgusting so I will not can google and learn if you like.

Yes, zombies are frikin real and they do not eat others but eat you inside out and then jump as fast as they can to the next host.
"Are the viruses alive?"
"no, and yes, they are life forms."

I read about these sorts of creatures in a book called, "coming plague" and was fascinated with the way scientists tracked viruses.
In the Hot Zone, they track it to the first guy that died from it.
He had been in an ancient cave 7 days before his symptoms..the cave had crystals like blades all over and there were thousands of bats on the ceiling of this cave. It was a big cave.  There were deep crevices where petrified baby elephants had fallen in...He got sick and his companion did not. This was in 1976..
I think they made a movie of this..but hey, I never saw it and so it goes..The Hot Zone..
They call it "hot", because the body gets really hot with fever and makes your blood hot and foamy because of the die off of living cells.

Today, some survive..but I mean, I am sure there is brain damage or some serious heath issues after the body's insides are basically melting by the second!

ok ok
I will stop because,.
chapter four is next...

Friday, August 28, 2015

If I were a brick layer, I would throw a few bricks at the head of Monsanto

If I were  a carpenter, I wouldn't need that boy who will make my oven outside. Hee, hee, I am so excited that it is going to happen.
Nice right? Not mine...

Meanwhile back to what is is cold here. Unusually cold for August. I remember August as everything being scorched. Not this year, cool nights and crisp sunny days with cloudy days in between. It is like September here already.
I do not mind. I love an open window.

So, I hope you are all well and happy as you read this.
How is your skin, good, right?

Sometimes I like to see what others are doing and then I can rate myself in a way.
I bought a sulfur soap for my girl who breaks out during her menses.
It is really bad some months and I feel for her, really. I remember when I was 17.  She has discovered thyme oil. Potent and burns so do not just put it on all over. you take a little drop and dab and bad area, one by one.
Also, one needs to take probiotics. I feel as many others in the health industry, have concluded that probiotics and intestinal health are the keys to over all health.
I sound like a commercial!
This whole fermented cabbage business has me in a tizzy. How can salt and cabbage go so wonderfully sour?
I mean just a couple of tablespoons a day and, wow! Zing!
So today, I will buy supplies to make this for us for the winter..It will sustain our need for the extra little bacteria to combat the baddies..
It is all about survival in the end even for the smallest living things and when we understand as a human race(wow, how hard is it?) that it is better than wrapping all our seeds in poison and then spraying poison on them as plants, causes  problems in our cells like in Hawaii right now with fucking Monsanto! There is evidence that there are more birth defects around the farm areas which is all of Hawaii. They spray bananas a whole lot and so much more. It is crazy.
Say  "NO", to Monsanto, those fucks, who want to make our Earth last less time! The long will it take and how many deformed chickens and how many deformed babies and stem cells will it take when they finally realize how awful they are and have been?
You are worried about ISIS? Monsanto has the world..they want the whole sphere! Dude!
( maybe they are the ones who spread Ebola) ha hahahaaa

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Full Moon News

There is to be a full moon on August 29th. You however have been preparing for about a week due to   un- preventable exits.
Everyone is changing for the better even though it feels like sorry or isn't.
Things sometimes do not fit right. people loose feelings or have too much of them. They have addictions to their devices and porn or actual drugs which only feel good those first few times.
Hey man if your lover stays on his phone and tablet through the night and then gets mad when you ask, "what is up" by saying, "why, don't you trust me?" and then he or  she hides their phone and makes pass codes..??
Addictions are so interesting..and humans lie to themselves more than any other creature, I am sure of that. is hard to take .. so one must face the facts.
People do not like to understand the truth when fantasy is so much more exciting.
Like the idea that a secret government population control committee made the Ebola virus because they want Africa for themselves..

It is air born and we've tracked it origin in Germany( via Africa as Marburgh, 1965) and tracked why and how and when it spread from Africa,
I mean, who ever this Luminoti are, they are just as susceptible to getting this awful awful deadly disease.
If it is in the air, it will be easy!

Are there secret cults like this?
I really do think that, no. If the evil priests that have  secretly or so they thought,molested millions of boys through the years, if they were exposed and could not hide that tragedy which is continued today..then no, I do not think this theory is even remotely correct.
Maybe I am wrong but evidence is evidence.
And now with the internet, almost nothing can remain a mystery. Even the most far fetched stories come out. Just read the daily mail if you can stand the snarly remarks and worship of only youth and beauty.
 One can waste a lifetime pretending and never actually live a good life. Wishing and never being fulfilled. Dreaming and hoping that things will be as they seem on the screen. One can basically get any sort of lover they might want and it is all pretend at first. Hey it feels good the first few times, like drugs.

This full moon is about money ( and being frugal)
health and food that we eat

Comfort and organizing what needs done..lets us attend!

Monday, August 24, 2015

joan of ark

Question: Do you swear to speak the truth in answer to such questions as are put to you?

Joan: I do not know what you wish to examine me on. Perhaps you might ask such things that I would not tell.

Question: Will you swear to speak the truth upon those things which are asked you concerning the faith, which you know?

Joan: Concerning my father and my mother, and what I have done since I took the road to France, I will gladly swear to tell the truth. But concerning my revelations from God, these I have never told or revealed to anyone, save only to Charles, my King. And I will not reveal them to save my head.

They burned her  for wearing men's clothing..that was their reason!

Question: Do you know whether or not you are in God's grace?

Joan: If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me. I should be the saddest creature in the world if I knew I were not in His grace."

The question was a deliberate attempt to entrap her, since the Church's doctrine held that no one could be certain of being in God's grace; and yet answering 'no' could also be used against her because the judge could claim she had admitted to being in a state of sin

(ha ha, and they were God's servants?)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Soaps of Summer

I thought you might like to know about some of the lovelies I made..for you lovelies!

organic extra virgin coconut oil and pure fruity extra virgin olive oil as a fabulous soap base.
Above, you will see a honey bees wax lemon balm ( melissa) soap.
I added lemon balm from the garden, neem oil, local honey, local beeswax, melissa absolute steeped in lemon oil, organic, and orange blossom absolute..
Just cut, it smells so good that I simply can't wait to use it..

Here we have, jewelweed soap with wormwood and neem oil. I have added rosemary and organic peppermint oils to cool and help with itchy, angry skin.

Autumnal shifts

There are some things, ok,everything, you can not just fix. You lived it and it is forever. Your brain is a tidy machine...easily tucking away everything...
Some stuff is big.

You've decided to change because really you have to.  You think you've come to a decision and now everything is smooth sailing.  You think you've now been able  to finally let go of all your ghosts.
( those mangy thoughts you tuck away in your brain)
Just like in your daily life,  and a couple times s year,  you must clean out everything and re organize.

I must say, this whole last year has been more about aging and well ladies, no matter how much Botox you do, you're  still    not 20. Hahahaaaa
Nope. All True.
At my job, a lot of very affluent people come and look ridiculous in some cases..;) I mean I buy shoes with padding and they walk on stilts. Lol
Fine, walk on them, who am I, the  clothes and shoes police?
A little bit ( and I can't help it) ))because there is an air of,  
 " oh look at me"
"Look at me!!"

As August is about self love and dignity in leaving, so, we adorn ourselves, I suppose.
August is about endings.
It is time to say goodbye to our'll go fast from here on.. Since the new moon  couple of days ago, I can feel that autumnal, headed our way, shift...

Adding something of your self in to the pool of  goodness is the key to real happiness  and not just walking around with your hands up crying about how the world is so bad.
My dad worked his ass off so we could live here,  I work my ass off so I can  live here. The world is not bad, it is actually safer and less violent than any other time in our past..
I say this because sometimes people forget how wonderfully lucky we are.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

mars in leo ideas

great hair
what could be better than that?
great soap deals at my shop:)


This is verbena daiz with specs of organic calendula..(litsea cubeba)

This is vetiver smokey from sri lanka, with green fig and bergamot. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

john oliver so funny

"leeesen to me" Virgo Boy... a letter to someone I know may have known or have observed here and there

Don't be a dick
get your self arranged
If you are always a mess and angry, it piles up
The best thing is to hone in on your creative forces and invent the best things for yourself.
Do not be an emotional vampire..when things get real...
Try to calm yourself and be just fine because it is not them babe..
It is not the ex slaves and not the liberals, not loose women or whores, and not the dirty swindlers handling big money over there where they exploit all of our slave  tendencies to serve a lord
a team to serve its is all like a big ball of human doings..

so now you find yourself being alone..of course my heart aches for you..that does not mean it is enough to help only makes me weaker to share my precious energy with someone who throws it away for cheap internet thrills..
don't be a lazy dick who sneaks around and maybe someone would have been there for you..even if they were, you were to always make them feel bad about a thought or a a past..proclaiming that, " god only helps the sincere"
What a bunch of drivel indeed because it seems to me I am god more than any divine being could ever have  helped me. Which is not to say I haven't used every resource to expand my awareness of real life.. meditation, focus, freedom...history and real things like science..BTW we have found the missing links that prove evolution is correct...why?? well, because creation has a pathway..just like each day of our lives and what we do with this time.
You call it free will I call it the law of cause and effect..
How can it be free if there is a punishment a condition to its fulfillment?

Monday, August 17, 2015

looking at the planets and how they are

I can only decide if really, their influences have effect on me personally and then why?
It is because we make everything..we made god and we made the planets and we made the mythology.
It colors us and I can look at a chart one time and notice that "Oh, we have two Virgos and three Leos right now..

Yes, my lovely smelly bunnies, two Virgos and some Leos..

As August was a time of waiting and being left out of stuff, people being delusional emo fuqs, so now is the time to actually look ahead, be organized and pay attention..the best thing is, you will feel the push almost like a wind a blowin for change. And do not think that it will be apocalyptic and the only one comes in cycles change does.
Yearly cycles and in human terms life cycles..Saturn being prominent  throughout our lives as it it takes 30 years to go around the sun and we notice its magnetic effects which we've given meaning to.
In a way it is a beautiful thing to assign fault or reason, in  an other, it is also quite childish to say that Saturn has a personality of a Zeus type figure..It is not Saturn up front now,  but Mars and Venus in Leo.

I struggle and am compelled at the same time. I love to notice the effects of planets. Like when Venus went retrograde how we all changed something..our hair, our lifestyles and our lovers even..I changed my bed and sprayed the sheets with I changed my mind many times too!

"how can you be scared of horror movies and Satan if you are an atheist?"
I am scared because I was raised Greek Orthodox and the stories in the Macedonian sense are much like Dracula and Nosferatu..I was five and scared shitless.. We did not have TV or internet so every story was passed down by yia yia, my mom, and they told it in their mountain language..I speak both Bulgarian and Greek and loved every story.

"momma, why doesn't  God protect us from the devil? Why did he flood the earth?"

"well, he gave us arms and legs and a brain.."

Speaking of which and beside the fact that makes no sense what so ever..he made us flawed and expects us to be perfect to so we can escape his punishment which to me seems drastic..
I ask again,
"what kinds of  gods have we created?"
"thou shall worship no other god but me"
** which implies there are and were other gods**

here are some ideas I have about Leo vibes mixed with some Virgo...

Two Virgos and a few Leos..
expect some nice things to happen
cleaner place
hair cut
better shoes
better lovers at your door
cleaner mind
cleaner food
less baguette for me
more yoga

Moon and Mercury both in Virgo..means a check list of all you are doing or done
do not fake will show.
 Oh the Leo, you are awesome..the hard work always pays off for you..
That is all of us by the way.

I wonder what kind of soap Leo energies have brought my way..
I want some nettles in soap for some reason and I crave rose with honey.. like a wild one in a field somewhere where a house had been long ago and there is left  is the rose bush hundred of years old....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

being in tune hurts some people's feelings who are not in tune

Well, you cannot fix the world. Who are you the leader of everything?
No, dedicate yourself to your science your art,  what ever it may be..your bread baking..and it does not mean opening up a tube which pops open with dough.
That is the stuff that makes you fat!
Making a dough is way more complicated.
I like to start from scratch often and get involved in the bacteria and fermented goodness which comes from yeasts and cultures.
I suppose that is how some people are in positive and free and loving relationships!

People saw me yesterday, I came out of my cave garden to see the world.
They all asked me"how I am doing?" I am way good~ I have everything~~thou art everything~everything is everything...yea!

The girl whose husband, I gave soap to came to say, "thank you."
She seemed sad and stressed over something and came and looked me in the eyes..
more like insinuating looking to where I think I said, "stress?"
"well, you know.." She is raising twins and being married to a store manager of a natural store is a whole lot of alone time with the girls. Their (managers)phones must always be on call and email duty.
I get it.
She is really pretty and wants more out of life and she is scared because it sucks when you cannot even go to the store without packing everyone, supplies and all that.
Where I was raised, the kids stayed home. In a court yard with yia yia and everyone else went to make a living which was to work the farm so we could eat all winter.
I know modern times are way better ( I love my dishwasher, dude, all these people all day coming over and being all happy and eating))
When we would go down to southern Ohio to visit family, there would be nothing in the fridge..pepsi, they drank that..
Jenny, grandma, would in two hours make biscuits, gravy, fried chicken, her own canned green beans, or rabbit depending on the season, sometimes even squirrel from the mountains. They eat hickory nuts all summer in the hills of the is so lovely!
All the grown up kids would come out of nowhere and tell stories.
Now a days, they all use meth and the whole place is high in some parts..I guess nothing is good enough for some people, huh?

Farming is hard work and no one wants to can the veggies when they are three for a dollar at the grocery..
I will say this, they had this crate of potatoes down in the cellar.
It was huge and there with potatoes all gnarly and things growing out of them..let me say, cleaned and peeled and then fried in a little oil..mmmm

I started a three day poolish to respect the new moon
2 cups warm good water
1 nice teaspoon of sea salt
6 or so cups good Italian flour..get organic if you can
mix this up but good with a spoon and cover with a clean cloth..make sure you use a vessel which can be big enough.
Put this in a clean dry place for 12 hours

"bubble bubble no toil  and no trouble"

12 hours later
uncover and add more flower and a little more water to make a dough
again cover and let it rest in the fridge for 12 hours..

Next day..
make patties or loaves depending on what you will do with your bread..
let them rise to what they want to be..about 4 hours in the fridge and then 40 min. so out to proof.

How to proof good bread.
boil a bunch of water and put it in a pan in the oven to make a steam and let your bread rise in there and pull it out when your bread is ready.
bake at 375 until golden baked and beautiful

let us begin...

Friday, August 14, 2015

oh my venus

why do I love to linger on you so
why does my brain not erase memories which should be done and done for
each thought each action has become this
what ever this is

 I want to say that I am so caring that my heart aches for you
or is it our chemical connection drawn by an erupting dragon's fire
when saw you the first time I though of the dragon and it was repulsive to me and yet I lingered too close and it pulled me in like a black hole sucks everything it can and will if it gets too close..
this is where your light
your being
your you is no more
you've become a part of that darkness which pulls all light and it is gone

somehow babe, you've made it out
it was like tearing your guts out and as if your head would explode from crying
it is like being stuck in a sapphire water fall for eternity
so pretty from far away
Get farther away babe, you say to your self
find a talisman to protect you from pain and mistakes
sing to the highest powers that be

take the blessings of your forefathers because some of their cells are you
but walk away from oppression from name calling from persecution
right now
right away
smile at me and say
"good day sweet honey flower momma"

I love you and you can walk freely and easily through this day:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

essential oils are not perfume..and other smelly ideas about smelly things

Some essential oils, you must love for what they are and not have expectations of perfume smell.
It is never that and yes, bergamot can be soapy!
It is often referred to that in perfume blogs.
I love it and, as far as "soapy" goes, I can work with that.
Also it takes a long time for rose patchouli and bergamot to mix and there might be a soapy smell. Rose is funny that way. she is shy and it takes her years to trust 100%. that is why the thorns baby! Otherwise 60%  to 80% of her goodness, she allows,  is just enough to bask in her love and be in rosy heaven.

I buy rose from Eden at the moment, I buy patchouli from Sunrose for many years..mmmm, so good.
I have had some of the finest roses from many across many years., Jan Salco with her white rose oil, I would buy in ounces. Many a beautiful rose oil,  in my lifetime, has come through my doors and taken me on.
If rose were a real woman, I'd be gay for sure and a rose whore..
Don't get all caught up in numbers about %%..I was simply making a point. that we should all be a little like rose before we throw ourselves 100% with just anyone..Be always attentive to what is real and not the news channel and facebook. that stuff isolates you and makes you have unreal expectations.

That is, plant oils have their own nature, each one, having certain qualities.
Like how labdanum changes so dramatically with what ever he mixes with.
Labdanum with rose and frankincense is a dreamy, beautiful, and may I say, "a hypnotic", union?

Speaking of which, a fougere blend should happen. It is a perfect time for geranium, lavender, oakmoss, patchouli...wormwood from the garden in flower soon and for the bitter and maybe some tomato blossoms. they are pretty and are loaded with interesting components.

There should be another fig soap. "My figgy",is doing well and even though I cannot get ripe figs from her, (yet) I can still use the green ones which never grow big or juicy enough, yet..I guess it takes years of care, who knew...still, the little ones are hard and I must boil them in oil and then drain and chop or..or I can put them in raw.
 I have to crush them like garlic..that is how unripe the fruit is. I feel like they add a bitterness which is pleasing.
Wormwood for sure can add a whole lot of green and bitter..
wormwood fig with fir soap

I want to make another bergamot with choya loban and vetiver soap because, I have to say, it was one of my best things.I will steep oolong this time and use that as my water base.

I hope you are doing well and are super happy as you read this!

So, you know, I love cooking and I have been following a chef named Magnus Nilsson from Sweden (outstanding kitchen) and the crew at Faviken and one day I decided to post something on the restaurant's Instagram about the duck farmer he gets his ducks from..

I said,"I love you and want to marry the fuck farmer"
(note to self, your phone is wonkey to now spells things for not type without your spectacles)

One of the chefs who responded said it was a great idea and we should all have that!
I said I was sorry and meant that I love the duck farmer who almost cries every time he kills a duck.
So sweet, he is! For lunch he has three fried duck eggs with garden leaves and salt.
"that is what a duck farmer eats", he says humbly...

I think it is beautiful to live so simply.
A few ducks on a mountain is yia yia had ducks. she kept them away from the house.

Monday, August 10, 2015

More reclusive, yes..Venus still retro

You need this time to do things for yourself not just to latch on to anyone who will love you enough.

You look fear in the eyes and say what is on your heart's mind. I wish we could all be perfect like that.

It is about six in the morning and just wonderful outside. The creatures of the night are still singing and it rained just a touch in the deep night...I love it. I love it, love it!
I plan to clean the soap shop today and ship some orders out.
Later I will watch Doctor Who because the new ones are on Netflix.

Venus is still retrograde and my reclusive time. I cannot abide the stress of the herd. It is so stupid like the two chicks who went to a Bernie Sanders thing to scream and yell and do nothing good, except scream and yell.
Every life matters and you should be kind and respectful when a genius speaks..listen..hear what the ideas are saying. That was what the event was for, not a bunch of bad crap. he had to leave because it got so heated.
It upset me a little and I must say, anger is a strange thing.
Also you do not see, the really smart people yelling and screaming to get their points see smart words and ideas presented...
Too bad humans are so emotional..we might all learn something extra each day.

Also:) and since I turned this in to a political observance, Donald Trump is funny.
How can he be a dignified leader when he begins by name calling?  Some women who are not as pretty and have loud booming voices, still deserve the sunshine of life (gods love and all that) on their head just like you, Donny..why the name calling?
(it comes from having it all and thinking you can say and do anything..greed and tyranny is a monster)

Sigh about the world and them.

We should all simply meditate in the morning and stretch and say, "hello"
to the day
your feet as they touch the fluffy carpet by your bed to greet your heart's mind
free to become better
free to live clean

it is a beautiful thing.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

she said, "yes, I would", and thank you

Beautiful cool nights in Michigan make for the quite the contentment and good sleeping.
Great brain food, sleep, because when you wake up refreshed, you can cut some dang good soap or read a book and learn something.

I won't make lists, that is up to you. The thing is to say that, there will always be some sort of strife. One of my long lost loves used to say and perhaps still does, "when this money comes or that money comes, we will be in a better place."
A better place is not us just waiting around of course.
A better place is practice and hard work. Unless of course you have a benefactor who loves your boobs and gives you hundreds of bucks each day and millions at night..
No magic wands doing it anymore?
That is because the metaphysical realm is not able to come here and change our future sorrow. never has and never will.
Our brain can change anything. We just have to not have so much pride, that we can't change our mind if need be..

I do not spend all day philosophizing, the rest of the time, I try to work on ideas to make them real.

Sexy Summer Blend

15 mls cacao absolute
5 mls ylang ylang
5 mls rose absolute
2 mls lavendula agustafolia
1 ml vanilla co2
I mix this into a 8 or so ounces grain alcohol and there it is. Fresh, sweet, floral and sexy.

It does come on a little bit odd. The dry off is perfect. Like, ylang ylang and rose kind of have to marry each other before they can be soft together. I feel like vanilla guides the way top that end and then lavender having mixed with vanilla along the way is soft, sweet, floral, sexy...
Perfect for now. I am a patchouli woman all the way which is why I put patchouli in the soap made with this blend in mind.
For soap and vanilla it is another story.
I added many more top notes and plenty of them in order to scent a soap cream properly heavy.

There you have it,
Sexy Contentment Soap!
cacao ylang ylang rose lavender soap

Friday, August 7, 2015

In a raspy voice she asked if you would like another

I am very glad about all the ladies and men who got a dragon's blood with vetiver soap. Man it smelled good! I only got a wee sliver myself and I thought it was a little different and better at lingering on the skin a for a while after you use it.
I love when I go to bed, having a good final hand wash,and then I snuggle in the clean scented sheets and the aromas come together and I drift off.

This whole Venus retrograde..and even though I want to say "fuck you", but I wont. I mean it is, what it is, we make Venus have attributes like we make God have them and it is all hearsay anyhow..our mental energy must be pretty powerful then, and then in its own way connected to the physical magnetism.
All I know is hurts a little. My kids are growing up and one by one leaving the awesome next I have provided. I do  my best, and I hope they think more as they age about everything I may have taught them.
Their dad? He had good qualities and I hope that they have more self control and less hate than him..
let us talk about him another day..too much time wasted on what could be is ridiculous.
I am not sad about it..I feel like I have a very strong positive life, no matter what I do.I hope you do too.
Do not let one small episode in your life get you in a tizzy for years. It is silly to waste your good like that. You are wonderful. Know that! Live it too. Be always clean and tidy and smelling like a wonderful aroma that is only you.

Venus retro though, and being a Libran has shown my mind many, many things.
I see sweet loving babes hurting, and realizing things and just being drawn by new brain chemicals to uncontrollable for so many. is it the internet which is making people want to have pretend sex?
That is so weird to know in my heart I do not find pleasure in pretending. I like real. I am a witch in that way who uses intending forces to make a real things I can use. That is a witch. Too bad there isn't another word. If I were a male, I  could harness the words, "guru", "teacher", "yogi""chef", but, as soon as a woman begins to define herself, she must break barriers...yes?
The trick is to use forces which define you as a leader, if that is what you choose. It is like oh, if I tear up it is more accepted so I can tear up if need be..I mean not wailing crying. ;)
You can say.."oh, excuse me, I am a little emotional at the moment, but about this idea?"
A man boss could not do that.
I don't think so.
Venus is about gender and how our ideas of gender from even ten years ago have changed. Being bi-sexual is normal in my daughter's circles and a new kind of youth.."she/he is "pan-sexual"
pan sexual.."Fine I will call your fiend Lola, "Rafael" now!"
He visits all the time and is a really cute kid. His mother will lock him out for the night if he is late.
"don't you have a key, babe?"
"yes, but she dead bolts it from the inside."
in my mind..
"yes because that is what a good Italian Catholic would do because Jesus said so, bitch, your boy girl is 21, open the fucking door!"
3 seconds later...
"Oh, I am sorry babe, you can always crash on my couch if need be:)"
He said thank you and left, hastily.

I do not see the point about "God is love" and then that is it. Humans stop, it seems to be good enough to say but actually to live is another thing. that is when the apologists come and make reasons for how God uses that love.

I am going to use my lovely energies to make some really good things and each one being like a well thought out dish. Delicious and beautiful, earthy, rich and smelly in the best ways.

I will nurture my soap shop in such a way that it will always inspire and excite in unique ways.

I wish to make my whole back yard a sustainable food and herb farm. Something in between a farm and an urban garden. Each year, I have dug up more space to grow food and make my tiny space healthy and useful.

At work, I will be honest and speak my mind,

Sunday, August 2, 2015

more ramblings on herbs and potions

My review on jewel weed balm..I feel like jewel weed in its most raw form is most effective for poison ivy. Other wise for other skin ailments, it is perfection. Poison ivy needs to dry up and not be itchy that is how it can be controlled. 

When I first thought I had poison ivy, I right away took a handful of jewel weed and crunched it up and rubbed it everywhere. It was cool. I felt it was over. It was over, for a week, I bragged on how awesome jewel weed is..and it is very nice, thank goodness we have it!
That was a week ago and now, the poison still wants to spread. I will not let it but it is ridiculously tenacious poison!

My remedy so far is active applications of raw jewel weed and then in between I made a spray with alcohol from grain and essentials oil. frankincense mostly and patchouli and ok, neroli and bergamot. At least I smell good while I suffer. After a hot salty shower, I apply the balm. Awe!

I hear people loved that salty tea tree soap with jewel weed and mint..I feel like that one was awesome.

I would like to thank all my awesome customers for keeping us afloat happily with awesome orders this summer,
thank you so much!
Next, and soon, will be a flurry of soap making.

ghost of frankincense is in high demand and I feel it a keeper for sure!

bergamot with smokey vetiver and oolong tea and dragons blood

( I have one secretly saved back)

Old whore, we need more of her forgotten ways..her style and sense of grace
her poise and delight
her strong face to fear
her readiness to be fem-goddess

a woman
be a woman
be a real woman
do not lie to me
do not treat me badly
do not think I cannot see it when you are sad

I am not your beast in a cage
I am free and think with my woman brain
and I like it

ah the whore, she always inspires me:)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August First Venus Retrograde News and Ideas

As if that really means any can you equate the beginning of time as 2015 years ago? That is so dumb to me. But no, that is when we started counting and the rest is backwards..counting backwards.
Today we can  go so much farther back that we are at the
And that there is the debate.

We can go so far back that we found, find, nothing? Well, it seems like it is nothing but hey, maybe that is when the really big stuff happened. a huge crunch to a dot and then, "boom"!

It does mean something to me though, humans, our planets and how we are so entwined with them and each other.
I find this year to have been interestingly in a response to our planetary changes.
I mean really, tell me, tell me right now that when Venus went retrograde, your world didn't rock  and shake you up a little.
I attributed all this to our over sized adrenals (true) and basic humanity having gone too far as per usual.
What can I say, things happen because people lie and are basically lazy and want to play.

Here is a tune I would sing to you if you were here having a coffee with me,

When Venus went retrograde and we felt the earth move,
did we cry for our pain a little
or did we wish we could groove
meanwhile we've left a trail of misery and hate and sneaking around
meanwhile we justified our lazy fuk ways by latching on to the next one who will give us comfort
some did, I know...
lessons for me and ideas for you..ooohhhhh
Venus is about being one with yourself in honesty baby,  not doing to someone what they did to you.."do it to your self puta!"

Venus is The Empress and The Secret Queen of Knowledge, she is a bad ass if a banishing is required. She is also about finding out secrets hidden as if in a chest opened and revealing a monster inside..or so it seems at first..when you take a better look, it is something very manageable..yea..
She is pregnant with ideas flourishing, success at her reach
she is in control of herself
She is beautiful and all that, when ever her age ,in what ever realm.

Soon, she'll go back to being her sulfurous self, hot, steamy...normally content..sooooon....

The "concept" of the concept of pleases me!