Monday, June 30, 2014

business is pleasure

eleneetha's shop

lavender mailette

At white lotus aromatics
it is on sale and lovely, today is the last day of his sale!
I swear I can feel the linelol and linolene.
it is almost thick:)

I love all lavenders but this one is perfect to me..
Bulgarian. too sweet for summer
Tunisian, something that does not agree with me personally..I like it has a after tone about it..
mailette lavender, perfect

In case some of you are wondering what happened to the limey salt soap with kombu, it will be back soon. The lemon oil and the lime will be here this week. I needed more lemon and lime so it is "off the market" for now like that  Russian woman that I know, says all the time!
" I have to look pretty, anastasia, I am on the market!"
 She loves nice things and traveling! What is it with Taurus and all this traveling? I thought they like to stay home and cook tasty food?
Every Taurus I know seems to know how to live right that is for dang sure and speaking of Taurus types and me..:)

Astrology is lovely until you get down to the if you have  certain types  mixed with certain culture, of course you get a certain archetypal types..
The mythology is not logical, you cannot possibly rely on a lion or scales..these are purely images we made for ourselves during times when we were just beginning to explore our consciousness. Which is why now in modern, times you have new ways to describe Myers Briggs who took from Jung..I love all of it!
quote for the day
" I rely on my mind's eye to be keen not mean"

I am packing orders today..I love you:)
have a great day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturn is in Scorpio having entered the sign on October 5, 2012

Saturn is in Scorpio having entered the sign on October 5, 2012. 
Look back then and see what you have taken on as a life project. 
You may find out many things about yourself and what you want.
Aries, you go get it girl and i say girl because they do stand out and are willing to conform to the regime and lead in a very awesome way. The men may seem not let that fool you. They are humble enough to do swell..I feel like the older Aries are confused a little. having maybe wasted their life serving something that maybe wasn't that giving back..
It can mean can mean waiting to die. having served your time in the field, the church, the business..
I know the queen is a Taurus lady and so I feel like she is reflected here in many ways..
one being, she is faced with these things and more. I mean she is 80 ish! Sheesh, let some one else do all the visiting in nice dresses and hats..
Aren't you tired of traveling and protocol?"

 I know, I do not like the idea of getting on a plane, like ever! 

As far as anyone else..ok...all of us..
we are all in the same boat. having to master ourselves in order to live is the point isn't it?
Living better? Being happy  for real and not waking up all pissed off at everything! I have known people like that..never fakin happy!
Sheesh, get over are an ant living in a colony and you know what happens when you leave the colony and go off on your own? Mostly you die, something kills you..look at the guy they found in the ice from 6000 years ago..he was off on his own..

I find that with Saturn aspects, it is good to go back 30 years or so ago and try to remember what was up then. If you are not 30 yet, take note of events now because you have 30 years to make it right, clean, loving and memorable..or else..
er um yea..there is a danger of  falling ion a pit of despair too..
drugs, and their effects and sexual obsessions..pride!!

allow me this idea with Saturn cycles..
you have the task as a is hard but you want to learn certain things and ask for them in your own way, the way your momma taught you and the way you have learned in your brain the way your dad showed you how to be proud of what you know...

so in youth you have energy and here in Scorpio we get to see how it has changed us in 30 years.. I feel like for Libra, it has made them more practical with money and able to make more with their words and strong will..some Libras are tyrants in the craziest ways..I  know one who thinks her dog is a human and will not allow her room mate to watch telly without head phones! "he will hear those things"
Really, Libra!!?
silly twats we are!!

so, two years ago in October, we began a life event that has slowly changed us, made us more serious, changed our diets and our hair and  perhaps allowed us to think about loving ourselves inside and making that real...

yes, we will question religion..and we will change of brains beliefs to reflect the evidence..not some club of better humans who get to not suffer in fire and brimstone..dude, no..lets all make gardens and say good things to our kids and laugh our guts off!

june new moon 2014 in the morning

Saturday, June 28, 2014

kombu with lemon lime and clementine

I made this one soap with salt like a whole lot of people love, I might add. salt is wonderful and when you can use more and not scratch someones bumm too much, you've something scrubby but not scratchy.Also if you're looking for harder soap and refuse to give up palm oil, this is a better alternative..a really good one..salt and clay!
Have you ever seen the olive oil soaps from Greece or France, kiss my face at the store. Olive makes really hard soap..but yuckolla on the lather. Not for me..coconut oil added, og ev, gives me everything I want in a soap bar.
olive plus coconut plus salt plus clay a little shea butter is lovely too..a whole lot is better. I love a rich shea butter soap bar!

Something has changed in shea butter though. lately all the ones I see at the store  seem too smooth and a little thin.
I wonder if there is a new processing that makes it come in smooth. They do have to melt all of it, even the raw one..which I will not use because it smells bad. I do not want it on me smelling like that..This is why I like shea butter which has been refined a little. Choose reputable vendors who know how the shea is refined. It could  be hot water and citric acid or it could be cheaper and faster refining methods like hexane..your vendor must tell you the truth!
(many of of the topical cannabis liquids you see on the market today, use hexane to extract the thc drug from the plant, many growers do not understand about chemicals..even if they grow organic..I know this because they call my store and ask me for hexane, quite often..)
Why is hexane bad?
It can penetrate the skin's surface and carry other heavy metal particles easily to your body and somehow we know that these metals mimic estrogen and that is where the trouble starts.
There, many things can go wrong
I think that eczema is one symptom and I think it can cause confusion in the body to have to process these dark components it has no business doing.
The body has  enough to much!

If you want to carry certain compounds through your skin, you will choose easily processed oils like tamanu, rose hip seed, and cranberry seed..all very rich in omegas, and a natural nutty odor..
A lady asked me yesterday, "I would like a firming and anti aging cream for my face and it has to say, "anti aging"
Anti aging and wrinkle anti saggy ass
anti everything..firming, regenerating, brightening, tightening
I was really nice and explained about the ingredients being of high quality gives all the beauty one needs instead of  lables..they all use potassium sorbate at retail level..they have to. it is the law of the
Last week JLo was on some show and said she had been using dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream for years now and it was the reason for her fine complexion.. The day cream does not contain potassium sorbate, and it is packaged so that it stays fresh. I find the products a little to fussy for me  but hey, like I said, most folks want the label to say things and come in a fancy jar..
Good brand, great one, really. I love the tinted day cream under my eyes in the mniddle of the day. It just brightens my skin a little!
 We sold all of those at 35 dollars a pop. Gone, just like that in one day!
Thank you J Lo!

I like grease as much as the next woman. That is why I love coconut and shea for a nice face wash..
rinse with warm water
apply the oils on circles
get in the hot shower and rinse good..

Now can I tell you about the woman who called me last night and started spelling really strange words to me and I finally asked what are you working on that you want these obscure herbs I have never heard of?
"I am trying to tighten my Virgina."
I went silent for ten seconds!

"I can't help you except in one way "
"220 keegles a day and you'll be able to suck up a brick with that thing"
"I'm sorry, if I have offended you but you shouldn't use herbs you have never heard of and ones which have never been studied for such a delciate  area...There is a Chinese herbalist in Windsor, Canada..I do not know his name.."


Friday, June 27, 2014

the midas touch ale & part two

each time I make a soap, it is well thought out and sometimes takes weeks to make it right..or..what it needs to be..this is my creative process, I talk and I think and I sort oils..and thoughts associated with oils.
my right ear is popping as I write this..
this could be a refusal to hear or listening to too many tid bits of of information and not enough long term listening.
It is on my right and I feel it is a response to my daily life.. everyone wants to hang with me and tell me their story..they are all interesting. I found that I listened all day today and we sang some songs, ok, I sing,  in the back hallways of the store..they must think I am a nut..I was on my own a lot..I liked it. I feel like it is like the 5 of penticles, you are on the outside and kind of left out but you put yourself is weird..
One very educated woman in engineering told me she has horrible fear that when her contract runs out, she won't be hired in again..she is married to a guy who works so that would not be  too tragic. Maybe her bills are more than she makes..she came in to buy all new skin care for her face because she developed allergies to  everything she is using..
Now do you see why I am so ferocious about ingredients? Anything that is conventional is full of chemicals! You try to read the lable!
Like an ferocious dame, I am!

I couldn't even watch the In Betweeners, no gut splitting antics of British youth vaginas or dicks, or being bent which means being inappropriate rants tonight:)
I am drinking a drink made by a local brewery called Midas  is a barley, white muscat grapes, saffron..I have had two sips and my head feels spinney:) delicious and not like regular beer at all.
The other day i drank a perfectly dark beer made in palo santo wood. It was memorable, like a bread it was so thick, like that!
saffron sounds better than it is very Indian, very alkaline..I barely taste it here..
I want to make this beer with the palo santo blend i have brewing..I think it will add the caramel notes I am looking for..not a whole bottle of this beer, but a little bit to the soap base is nice.
There are soapers out there who only make beer soap. I don't much care for milk based soaps myself. I know they are popular. Every time I use goat milk it caramelizes, but the ones from the store barely look like there is goat milk in  them.
I wonder what is up with that?
Maybe they use a powdered version?

This is my new blend for July..
The Midas Touch
with palo santo wood, frankincnese, myrrh, templin fir and cedarwood, Atlas
there might be rose
I will for sure make a soap
it will reek but good
you will love it I hope
if it sucks, so what
that is the best what!
It will not suck..
it never has before
it is so beautiful to work with oils

typos and changes

I may have made it sound as if Iwas saying certain soaps are bad..non! Dude, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, that is for friend she lets me know and I love her so much for this!
I shouldn't care about artificial colors in our skin care but i do and I am passionate and that means fire and some feelings getting hurt..
after all this blog is not just ranting about life and wrongs in is about that  and more..

please do not be hurt..who am I, Gary Oldman?
he spewed and it was bad and bamm, he took it back..he is like these people butter my bread..time to kiss asses biggo!

so, yes, the emotions!
Let me tell you how awesome we are instead for a bit then!
 let me laugh with you and sing with you and if you were here I'd give you soap for your ride home!
a sliver or is the Greek way!

next, I would like to review Pluto Boy Body Butter
It has this way of allowing itself to shine later rather than starts with almost a thick honey cloud and then, later you get the sandalwood, neroli, rose..hidden, like all of his talents, ready, to shine on when needed!
may he ride the biggest waves of success and joy!

new moon midas touch

I am loving the down time in soap making but it will not last. Already I have a list that is getting quite long. I will not hurry I will simply take my time and make great things..
I am often asked by my family if this is an expensive hobby for ( I need rose again and more frankincense))
and no

I have made some mistakes along the way to working with etsy, like the time I spent 300 hundred dollars so I could make a 25 dollar perfume for a girl who later said it smelled like petro! I gave her a refund and opted to be a little more frugal next time! If I have the oils on hand, the products will be on the menu, if i don't, I don' is just soap not some life and death mask! Right?
We have come to a time in skin care and soap making that is not necessarily healthy every time.
I do not think it ever was..there are always going to be raspberry cupcake soaps for the child in all of us..and the palm oil usage! Like we need to cut down more trees so that other animals suffer! Palm oil is a cheap filler that makes slimy want hard soap, put clay in it. It works..besides each oil has its own character and offers hardness naturally based on the  oil's compounds!
Like patchouli and vetiver always make harder soap.
This is where I go all True Detective on us..not the married guy, the other one, the one who talks about real stuff and is labeled "weird"...
He is a Scorpio Mathew Maconnehey is!

Back in the day about 21 years ago, there were few soapmakers out there.. Barbara, at Woodspirits (mastery))), that Sunfeather girl and many others who have come grandly and gone to make room for others..
Zum, they make beautiful soap,  they do! Some karma girl  here in Detroit who makes fake smelling soap..
 What is the point?
How about game of thrones smell, or vampire smell? Yes, I enjoy a dead smelling thing with a strong stench of iron from blood and sulfur..ha ha ha
I get it. We all want a gimmick..something that makes us stand out so we can make a few bucks, maybe takes us on a fantasy..
At the finish, it will not matter much..all that matters is effort and the creativity for for real..and your ingredients!

I had a wonderful web site back then..with grapes, of course! That Muse girl made the home page for me.
She said I was too energetic and intense and exhausted her! Ha!
I think she was fond of me. I did have tons of energy back then..I could skin a deer and make dinner in hours it was a good life..oh, yea, I cried a whole lot! Men!
I feel like you can let someone lead you to extreme uncomfortable life and is as if you are in a bad dream but you wake up every day and make it amazing..pain makes you do great things..covering mental anguish with drugs makes you say stupid things and do nothing..
we all have done both so do not think I am on a hill professing perfection in life.
It is real..all of it..whatever it is!

The Midas Touch? (touch everything and touch some things more))
That we can all have?
That we can thrive by the sweat of our brow?
That we can be great?
That we make new channels for passage
That we make a few great things not many common ones
This concept, I love!

Have a wonderful day!

())((oh, the inbetweeners on netflix..omg..raunchy and funny, I do not know what to say, (my daughter walks out, she can't take it) but it is wonderful to laugh out loud now and again..omg!!)))

Thursday, June 26, 2014

darker still more notes the dark moon

it beckons thought
you had better see what It wants
before it wakes everyone up

of course it is you

You say it is God ( I say that))
the Goddess
and Vishnu
and all of his consorts
(how disrespectful this method!)
give me kali
durga durga durga
give me Persephone over Demeter
who in myth, hurts everyone because she is hurt

what does Persephone do?
she uses her head and always figures it out and comes back
she makes deals
she is calmer than Demeter
she is in us
our brain with our cells having evolved for billions of years in to what we are now.
If that is not god, I do not know what is..water? Is god water? know what we do to it too big to think about this early in the  morning?
(I had to wake up at 4:30 for work))

use these forces now to your best benefit
if you made mistakes, say sorry, if you did good, do it again.
if you are on top right now, you are gonna fall a is better that way..say thank not think they will always be loyal to you or love you most..people come and they go. It always hurts..sometimes, you see them in some accidental encounter. they are still beautiful and dangerous. You can see it in their eyes, desperration or some crazy shit all their own.

be kind of course, but do not just open your life to the next thing right away..wait, plan, do, make it fiercely excellent..that is memorable, always..

Make a deeply sattisfying wish right now!
(mine is  "more for us")

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

blasting off and mars opposite uranus

we are talking strategy
thinking to make a move
saying in your mind what is right
striking for good reason
by that I mean, do not start a war unless you get something good out of, love, station, placement in is all  here, right now!

feeling lost
void brain syndrome
making mistakes as a result of boredom

sexy boys and girls
frustration over silly things

what is so good about a war?
nothing because you want to get what you want without fighting
that is why you think things through
the thing about this transit is that there is much anxiety and words are spoken..
If you are doing wrong in any way aries, libra, cappy and cancer, it shows up..some Virgo type will catch you and every one will cry..
maybe it is sag type who can see a little too much tilt away from them..well, first thing is, don't cry..what do you care about some low life's opinion anyhow?
You don' are too smart and have learned too much to ever turn back to where you were on your back crying for mercy and not in a good way!
Are you remembering now?
Yea, I know..

take care of yourself
do a nice job
don't forget to be grateful in times of strife
everything is learning
your battles simply become a memory in your brain's theater..winning does not mean getting doesn't..

have a wonderful day
the moon is dark. It is perfect to manifest anything your heart desires..make it sexy, rich, sweet smelling and divine for yourself, babe..
choose the thing you want and love it fiercely
make it your mastery..
do you know what you can achieve right now..the forces are get to choose which way to go!
It is all is the best way!

I love you:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

notes on palo santo soap

palo santo
templin fir
siberian fir
altlas cedar
a drop styrax

a citrus
a little brighten

dark beer aged in palo santo wood
(carmel, earthy notes)

how does this sound to you so far?
I feel like it will smell of the forest, a temple and the higher mind..:)

loving what you do and more notes on mercury retrograde

When you calm down enough to listen to your mind, you can do anything from there. When you let your emotions turn inconsolable, you look like a dick and people suffer! Is that what you want?
I suggest a funny book, anything that can make you smile.
Forcing outcomes may be more challanging than some thought.
Merc retro is triggering some past muck, it sucks,  it sucked then, yo!
Why?  So, so  embroiled  we
I don't know, but as we age and when we get past the need for sex, we make some mighty fine decisions based on real events and what we need to do now. It just feels better. maybe we aren't as scared anymore..fear is death, my takes hours of your life away.

Frustrated thoughts and pushing towars outcomes that "must" be true may be something you need to curb..all of us do..
Why attack someone who doesn't even matter because you are so scared of seeing what you have become? They never did matter because you do what you want, always, remember that, You do what you want to do always  and  because you maybe can't get out of the misery you have created now,  you might be psuhing youraself into a corner with the sun in your eyes...? Those are some thoughts  when very stubborn types challange me..Man, good thing..good thing,
I only surround myself with smart people with very good, is, for sure not to be judged and looked down upon..but as usual  digress:) or do I?

There is evil and it may dwell down the street from you. Fours away (space and time) is nothing and I say build your fences to protect yourself.
"maybe that is what the walking dead is about", my friend asked me. I thought it was a profound thing to say.
yes, maybe  the vampirious wants to to feed off of anyone..anyone they can mold and hate on..
"if it is a mirror you want, look into my eyes, or a whipping boy, someone to despise" Sting sang that! Another awesome Libra!
All I know is this, burning bridges is no way to live because if you talk about burning bridges, that is what you are doing.
The heavy vibes people create do not need to involve you.
Do what needs done and do not loose sleep over things already done.
When an animal wants to bite  you in the ass, you kill it or run.
Fakin kill it already! What are you doing , playing tag with a viper?
Even they, eventually come out in the open..
My mom is an expert at killing a child when we would go down to our garden to irrigate the plants, she would carry that ancient ax which she brought with her when we came here, she would swifty kill that thought..that is how she is with bad people too. lol.."ma"
ne moy nemoy ( means, do not do it)

~what needs done for me~
planing beautiful dark green myrtle with sweet woodruff throughout the whole perimeter of the place
thinking about palo santo soap
(what a strange is so wierd!)
I still have a few nuggets of jojoba bead pink graperfuit soap should get one of those, they are refreshing and clean you but good after a hot sweaty day!

Should we talk about palm oil next?
Does anyone really care about the ingredients and why we make soap?
I do!

I need to make some notes about that, maybe we can do a little study together:)
have a great day!

Monday, June 23, 2014

"crop dusting is evil"

"oh but I would do that if that is all there was"
You won't dig a ditch but you are willing to poison our planet more?
How do I know you won't dig ditches? Why all I see you is doing nothing but talk about dying and how you can't wait and how you've been told that you will be gone in exactly 14 years 12, because this was revealed to you in a mystical session..
all I know is that if you want to die so badly, why are you wasting my time with your heavy and low  ideas. What is the point when all you do is think you are is pious and somehow more evolved than all of us.
who am I talking about?
does it matter?
Does it matter if all you do is sit in silence with your eyes closed and then the rest of the time you complain about how you can't wait to die all because this world is bad and you were a dick to everyone all your life and now your back hurts, you can't hardly walk and you look like shit because, you do not believe in all that "natural stuff" we hippies believe in.
First of all, it is not a religion! We "hippies" (although, I have to say, I have had a very sheltered I have!)), we hippies, know better about science and how things actually work.And a good diet is the key to everything and your face shows all of that..
Of course you should not poison our planet and work for those fucking killers who spread bad compounds on us, our kids and our tomatoes..and who take on everything as if god were on their side..
I guess I would be a hippie and why not?
I love gardening, eating great foods, homemade soap, talking and laughing with my Tonie, my gals at work..the two boys at fun and so sweet my life is..and my house is paid this month:)
The money thing, I have been dealing with since I left soap making a few years ago.
I had been put in a hypnotic state and saw some things that hurt and were scary..I feel like I should not have gone that way trying to see the future, but every year, I come out in financial comfort sunshine mode and realize I am super fine..everything I need is right before me..
Why do I  always choose the hardest thing?
I have a Capricorn Moon that is why..and i know in my heart, that if you do a bad job that hurts us all, you are not helping the earth and your fellow humans..
I know this, that, maybe you would feel better if you ate a salad and got off your ass. Go outside would you?
Capricorn is all about learning and more learning..once in a while you get one that dug himself in a deep deep hole and now is too far down to get may a need a shovel when dwelling in so much muck!
How else would we learn, I reckon..I know, carve out some will find something buried in there, a treasure or a diamond, gold, silver.. It makes for fearful life when you have experienced horror and lived. look at all those people at the border, right now.
Life is, can be, horror whether you are 'saved" or not..whether you trust in god or in god, that is  you in there.."hello, I love you!"
like we have to make deals with god now? Could it be that Jesus was in a coma and died a slow painful death in the south of France? He may have died on the boat ride out of that place..there have been rumors that someone lived in a village in France with her mother ..there is an interesting story, about the Black Madonna, huh?
Plus, people do not rise from the dead all the way to if they do, we cannot see is another dimension..something even in its reality is more profound than any idea I could at this moment conjure up..
So how come it hasn't happened again?
Because someone was so scared they made up a story. Remember Doubting Thomas? (was he a Taurus?)
Thomas saw the scars on Jesus's hands and feet and knew, that, "Yup, that is Jesus!"
"Ok, good, so you saw him? Was he walking?"
"OMG, yo, that is so good, it is a miracle!"
sorry, I can't help frustrating when all I do is surround myself with Christians..beyond this blog, I never bother them, they always come to me:) sometimnes I say things..


I am packing orders today..thank you for your patience and kind uderstanding about some delays at eleneetha's..Merc retro, juny, zap zone ..all rolled up in some mighty focused energy..loving you and being me..this is quite the gift isn't?

The Black Donnelys
(what is up with that guys upper lip?)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

palo santo soap

Someone asked for Palo Santo Soap again, and I think I should make some.
I bought an ounce and i will make a little bit soap and see if I like it.
Maybe it is one of those soaps you keep going to smell and kind of not like it then later want to go back and smell again...mmm kind of no..
I feel like that about clary sage and jasmine grand.
I do not like citronella, with its powerful cintonellol and gerinol copounds..I feel like citronella ruined lemon eucalyptus for me in a small way.
I never want to smell like citronella, that is for dang sure.

Everything is lighter for a minute and I do not know why..I can check out planetary locations  but does it matter? Each day is new anyway, each moments  is different from the last and then all of a sudden (by chance)), some memorable event shakes us up and rattles our bones..I ask you this, How many people that you know right do are complaining about their feet? I must have heard planter faciatis 50 times yesterday! lol
Did you know that it takes our solar system 240 million years to go all the way around around  our galaxy?
Sometimes and for many thousands if not millions we go through nebulas that re seed us and changes us continually..

I feel like this is a seriously amazing process and once we gather our knowledge, all of us and forget about divine beings and such and focus on what is real. Our earth is divine and she needs us to be nice to her, she breathes and she loves us for real. she is our home. The trees know this because they continually help her breathing. I hope we all embrace wind, solar and water power soon  because our carbon levels are definitely going up and that is where we must take notice! Also plastic is now embedded in our rocks and we have left melted plastic embedded in the rock, they even named it something..please recycle plastic babies, it helps everything..
like returners..
how often do I see them at the desk returning things. Some, everyday or every time they come in..
what you think I am gonna wash the shampoo bottle  from your bathroom,? GRRRR
Just use it and wash the bottle. Oh, you want to try another one and do not have another 9.00 dollars?
I am so glad I am not that person! I have this alternative practitioner that comes in and I have been told he returns everything! He even watered down shampoo so he could come back and get more crap to return. It is like they have a sickness or something! Knowing this, makes me take more space between me and them. I will be cordial, of course, but now I have a thought seed planted in my mind about them..My divine earth mother having to take the poison for the sake of someones trivial need for never enough. Think about it...
I do not know, I do think about these things.

I know that I love trees. I love the sap, the smell of the floor at their kitty always smells my feet
she likes patchouli and rose i suppose:)
have a really good Saturday and come down and see me at my store, I am doing a whole thing on honey and royal jelly in food and skin care. there are awesome tasty things going on.
I love you:)

Friday, June 20, 2014


the scorpio man

knows one big thing
loves a nice dry place
clean some times the only thing clean is them
to say the least
spends generously
will give you everything and then take it
when need be
ha ha
he is intense
he is
hold it in as long as it takes
thinks he never forgets but even he changes the story to fit himself now
how is he so in control and so far left or right..we'll see
this saturn in scorpio just uped the notch
he has to work
his head hurts
people know he is good
so they flock
some are repelled
he doesn't care
he doesn't want a taker a lazy fak around anyhow
yes it hurts when the leave
it hurts like a dirty bitch
which for sure the scorpio mind can be
your secrets are safe with me
except that one time every one knew
saturn makes us all see the hidden sides of reality
the deep dark corners where we keep cherished secrets
we think we do
our actions say who we are
scorpio vibes say wait, fix this first, wtf?
he will not be ignored but the tactics for some, these events are unforgotten
you know this and more
are you ten feet above us us all then?
what do i know except that i love you
you make me feel at home
strong like clan and son and mother uniting
like a good peaceful home
I want this
you know my heart
some cry when you are right and cry more when you are wrong
some one does
someone has to cry
(it cleans your eyes))

Thursday, June 19, 2014

moss and fern

I have been in love with this scent combo for a long time. always tweaking it, letting it be and the adding something here and there.
This is a spray in pure grain distillate and pure essential oils..representing ideas such as moss, sweet and soft, on a balmy evening, oak moss, lavender mailete and hay, roses in the distance, violets in the field....the sweet scent of hay and grass..
There is clary sage hidden here which transforms the aromas into something magical..micro particles making invisible waves of energy..entering your brain easily and happily..kissed by light reflected by this special array of aromas...
lavender mailete
hay absolute
violet leaf absolute
hint of rose
clary sage
alder wood smoked salt

I would like to call this a perfume, but, it is not.
I take no further steps in separating the final result..I want to use this up in a month or two and then put it away for other things..

This is a wonderful beautiful room refresher!
This lovely moss and fern blend, fougere, will stand in as a great base for the next thing..stand by for that one...

love come down

"oohhh you make my love, come down, all the way down,.."
I woke up with that  song in my head.Well, I live in Detroit, it still gets played a whole lot in places I frequent.
Now. I will hear it three more times at work and be singing them words all day..
**one of the boys i work with will dance with me. It is so fun with the younger men..I suck at street dancing...ha h ha ha..I look like a crazy person, like Elane on, Seinfeld, was so bad that everyone would turn away in total, "no, please" mode!

I am almost done with game of why did they kill that guy, that was just mean? They give you characters which are obviously short lived on that show. Cerce is a bitch, a horrid hag..I would stay away from people like her, like a bad snake she will bite and poison you for life. Some things you cannot turn back from. They ruin you  you in a trancendental way! Each time you think of it, it cuts you deep inside a bit.
nevermind the past honey! You can move on, you are moving on..
"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"
So the Game of Thrones..
They guy who writes for this show, is yucky in real life. that is what happens when all you do is sit on the computer..
Some actors are better than others. Also that story gives you a side to British life and its cast system from way back. Really, The  "Queen? She is a Taurus by the way. I wonder why she wants to put on tights and travel so much waving her hand? "Her People"
 Maybe I should study this Taurus  type, and see what is up with these chicks. they do not dick around when it comes to style. If it were me and it is, in some cases, I would lay it all down for taurus woman..
"all the way down.."
I'd be like, here, take care of this.."
I find them to be in control, living well and face it, it is a load off of our backs because Taurus Woman is great at folding, cooking, taste like in the Japanese sense, definitely classical knowledge. Taurus man, knows one big thing....But it is Taurus lady who is really pulling herself together...themselves together..holding, trusting, being pretty..oh and the dragon girl on game of thrones is a Taurus too. She makes any sack they put on her look stylin' bully..that is boo lee..
tightening the reigns on some stray projects that take their time and money which can be used for better things.
Maybe that should be the lesson of the taurus way
 of money today...
Is it ever enough?
Ever enough holding and sharing love and art?
Ever enough dust to clean up..
you must
pay them all and then  be free
that is what money is for
not some fucking guilt trip

just sayin'
sorry I cussed:)

Evelyn Champagne King

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

see guys, awesome sauce

dr oz is questioned for being a douche and a mass hypnotist
the fak!
see, the law of cause and effect does not spare anyone..
it cannot be seen yet is the highest possible force
all true for me and you

The weather has been so crazy cold and the super hot and then big giant thunder..I wonder if all that electricity can make you feel headache kind of sweally headed?
I did stay up late watching the telly. the big boys were watching a radio show debate on what else, is god real?
see our civilization is already ready to put away certain mythology..but I found  it interesting that the callers used certain scriptures to prove that god exists..nice folk..the word "interpreting" came up about twenty times!
So, four thousand years ago some guy named Jonah said that there were things that cannot be seen and the caller equated that with god showing the man that atoms are was his way of putting his religion and his knowledge on science based on waiting TV..of course we all do! I listen to lectures all the time. The guy watched cosmos just like I did and it makes you more wondrous about god..
it was weird.
the atheist was very well quoted in the bible...but kind of yelly becomes obvious that these callers were not well educated and could only use certain words to convey their thoughts clearly enough. Public speaking is harder than you think.
I would have rather watched game of thrones, but what could I do but be gracious with company? I like game of thrones but I do not yern for it like the Dead, it will keep me busy until Walking Dead comes..Rick!!! Give me a zombie apocolypse anyday!
Orange Is The New Black
My friend just watched it so now we can talk about it..not too much, because she isn't done yet!
Who am I, Piper? Lets see, she is a soap maker, she loves whole foods market, ...humm she makes skin cream with cayenne pepper from jalapenios which she chewed up..ha ha ha..well, she is in jail!
and ewe!
I loved all the charachters in this soapie sort of story..Red! Is not Kate Mulgrew the bomb!? I love her! Early Taurus, she is!
After a hard days work, there is nothing better than a good clean up and settle down a bit. That is how you sleep good!:)))

In fact, I should go clean this kitchen up..there is perfume to be made...
I love you:)

Monday, June 16, 2014

full moon in gemini?

oops, it should have said Sagittarius! Full Moon in  Sagittarius!
Sometimes I do not have time  a week later, to go back and change my it is too late anyhow!
My beloved friends laugh with me all the time because of my  failed language skills.
it is ok
because it is a beautiful day
mostly any way..nothing is perfect

my couch
my couch is perfect!
sorry about the Type O's..
sheepish smile::;)))

always look forward

I had a homeopathy workshop once by a very well spoken woman who loved the emotional benefits of homeopathic medicines.
she was over 300 hundred poounds, maybe even more,
can she be an expert in something like homeopathy or bach flowers when clearly she needs them in one large way? I loved her lecture!
Every one came out of that not caring about anything she had to say. I did. I mean, yes, she is severely overweight, but she still learned so much!
I am still unclear on how homeopathy is telepathically for sure in some way or another.
reality is so much more magical that all the magic we make up...
We have a wonderfully rich and  "word" filled few months coming up.
Word filled as in don't fucking throw swords out of your mouth just to prove to someone that they hurt you a year ago. or ten...
forget were a big player in all the traumas you created..
take ignatia lol
take oak and take walnut and think about what you are and what you want.
and  do what you want..
say the not be a marter.

here is a story about me..again..
a few years ago we had some sort of discourse in my little circle..all of us being in agreement over the actions of some family and or friend member that we all love..I was the last to finally say something to the wrong person..
who do you  think still gets the heat for saying what is real?
the big mouth is me..
I am very outspoken to people I love with and about them..
we all talk...why do you think people wait in line to tell me their life?
Maybe because I listen a whole lot?
If you still feel un happy and un not lay it down to another person. be free and say what you want to say and do not just follow like a blind sheep in order not to rock the boat..
you do not have to rock the boat. if someone you love is doing that or done that recently and now it is your turn? No! You must continue to move forward and perhaps, choose who you speak with, very carefully.
The laws of cause and effect are super clear and super cold!
It is Universal Policy..:)
If big mouths like me didn't ask the pertinent  questions, how are we gonna understand what is correct? ha ha lol omg...
"oh, your talking is uncomfortable", my mom said that..:)
I know, breaking free from chains of ignorance is painful at first. You have had them practically grafted on to you..and me..remember this story is me.
When I was a teen, I was awful..questioning every religion and asking the why' dad would come after me..a whole lot..he was so mean about his faith, he was! He is amazed about space and his Greek Orthodoxy..
Hey man, I will not challenge him, my mom, yes..he is my dad, I will challenge you, but not him..who am I, some silly twit just trying to make it in the my home and at my job which really hurts my feet lately..I took the faking boots back and I still hate the new shoes..
I might go on a greens fast one day a week and see if the extra greens help the inflammation I seem to be so attached to.

"I walk easily through my day"

If people  at home are talking about you, they probably agree on something you are doing..when everyone agrees, then yes, it is you!
(it could be that they a malicious bad people, but you would never attract that anyhow..I hope!!))
So, look to the future you and what people will say about you soon as July, things will have changed so do not get too worked up.
You are in the arena, so you cannot be too surprised about the players.

I will be shipping orders today, most of them..a couple tomorrow.
Everything turned out so nice and I just want to say thanks for  giving my skin care a chance and washing with my soap.
have a wonderful day..time to work, babies!

I have been dreaming up some beautiful ideas..mercury retrograde is wonderful for crearting, thinking, redoing and making art..
let us now re make something good
a cake a cookie or digging up dirt

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Special at Eleneetha's

eleneetha aromatics




I have just finished a course in critical thinking one will be Jung..(boring...but, good)
The facts are that you cannot really ever know everything and don't be a dick about what you already know.
I am not saying I or anyone I know is a dick..just that our brain influences us big time and some very learned scientists are dicks in the end.
(I love Niel De Grass Tyson in Cosmos!)
"tested and they don't work"..they will say about homeopathy or flower essences..and yet at the same time, they will get excited about real mental telepathy and our energy, how we radiate heat..
dark matter and dark energy which we still  know nothing about..
if our heat radiates ten feet out or more and can be seen  in another dimension, then how can we dismiss homeopathy? The dog does not know that arnica helped him, but he is resting way more comfortably for hours later! Is my brain making that happen or is it still some undiscovered validity?
I want it to be true, so it is. maybe that should be good enough.

How we feel now is how we feel now but we can get all worked up about something someone did to us and another mood that may have never even tilted our emotions..we direct the heat in our mind. Take ingatia 30c, it helps with sadness and grief.

I am speaking about this because this last full moon has bloody been work!!
Yesterday, how many people walked by me in pain from the knees? Three in five minutes.
Of course they hurt! The pressure of a huge mass of clouds and full moon magnetism would definitely physically effect us. You could also become aware of issues in the body you had overlooked.
Knees hurt..moving forward (stuck)
head hurt..maybe it is drugs maybe it is something else
too much salt or fried food...anger
gall stones..too much fried food with  cheese melted on it!

And they say astrology doesn't work!
I am thinking of astrology and its roots.
myth and psychology
the study of types

there are a few people walking on a path
they all come to a stream too big to walk over so they  would have to jump..
person one, doesn't hesitate, he jumps and keeps walking
person two walks away, it is not worth his time
person three has to measure everything first so that his clothing stays clean when he jumps
person four, sits on a rock and cries for a minute and then jumps...

My point is that there is not only a thinking stuff that decides things way before we do them and that  thinking stuff is you, us.
Jung accepted astrology as a reflection of our human experience. I like that because I think it works. that each ruling thought we give, effects us based on our mythology as humans and as a civilization only a little over a million years in the  making!
Astrology is understanding types..not predictions. I do not know about  all that. I can measure things and say that based on these events this will happen.
I know for example that the full moon makes people just crazy emotional..this last one..jeez..stop..
by next week, we'll be back to our giggling selves!
How about now? Good!


Friday, June 13, 2014

happy full moon in gemini

happiness and joy
good words
happy smiles
and truth be told
learn and relearn
be in suave mode
be in enjoy all the money it is what it is there for
and do not hoard the stuff until it chokes people even you and then you cannot say the truth anymore..see?

be in clean up and re set
be in no regrets
only good memories?
look..don't lie
just set the bad ones aside..
it is done anyhow

now we can eat something good and hug a nice bunny:)
(little fuckers eat my sunflowers! good thing they can no longer reach them..:)
Happy Full Moon in Gemini my Gemini!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

coconut shea butter cream in the vita mix

4 ounces shea butter
2 ounces organic extra virgin coconut oil
3 drops vanilla co2

start on low
and blend on medium until fluffy
it does pour right out
you do need to scrape the blender because a whole lot remains inside..I save all of that from myself in a small vessel, the rest set itself inside my containers..
makes about two four ounce tubs depending on if you add less or  more coconut which loosens the shea.

pretty cool, huh?

super easy body smoothie in the blender

One of my skin foodie customers makes her own creams too! We shared our techniques with each other the other day.
She uses the blender!
"That's is crazy, it will stick all over the blender and there will be waste."
"no. it pours right out and sets."

I will try it..shea butter and coconut oil smoothie with vanilla..not too much vanilla so that if there is a mercury retrograde mistake, not too many dollars being wasted on searching for easier ways to make things. It seems to me, to be too good to be true and I might have to scrape my mistakes in a nice bath.
( I will definitely let you know)

4 ounces shea butter
2 ounces organic extra virgin coconut oil
blend until smooth and 
3 drops vanilla co2..gently now

("the one for the hair and skin", they will say..what do they think there are special coconuts made for hair?)
Read a book you twit, and get that phone out of your ear when you speak to me!)
You cannot get off that phone to ask me something important? Of course I won't care for that!
"sorry, I didn't know"
"again, get that phone out of your ear and give your attention to what you are asking for"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the girl who is never happy because of mercury retrograde

it is always something..and do not think this is about you, even though it is and it is me too:))

She is the one who wants things.
I can tell by fixed habits in which  she must have things. Whether it be her taste in clothing or her decisions on life. she is fixed all right.
We all want things, that is for sure. When mercury is retrograde our creative juices get flowing and we want.
Well it takes money and dedication to getting your needs met.
I would first review why you seem to always go through this choice making when mercury is is like, dammit, I can have this and that and that and this.. i almost have to  force my inner self to lay off." No means no, inner,"

If you need that certain thing, I will tell you that this is the time to think about and not change too much unless you are gonna fix it more or break it more. I know this though, if you do a little something every day right now, you will be so happy in Mid July..that is the future self you need to consider. The July 15th one..think about all the blooming and all the getting together you will have achieved. if that means giving up to one thing that you love, I think it is wonderful.
If it is some life dicision you must consider, well, consider that nothing is a life can buy a house or a car if an opportunity crops up. Don't be afraid of has been erratic since we all started spinning around the sun together..mercury is also a diamond in the rough..and a tell lies to yourself...gossip is so fun too but share too much and your ass is out some alone time yo! It is so good for you..too much and you become changed and only create reality based on your own oppinions..
great alone time, a sharing discoveries with others is what it is all about..sharing..mercury is about being open and caring about  our, your vertual community.. world..there is a place for scrapbooking down the road where women get together and the raw milk guy comes to the bank down the road,  on Thursdays..and the  the little markets in town where people like us make things and share that knowledge with the world one healing beautiful transaction at a time.

Take gardening for example. My favorite!
Everything is coming up! Soon there will be vines all over the rough looking archway which is just for looking at because I have another entrance to the inside..:):)))) It is like a 6 year old built it!
So what, right?

The other day a dear soapie friend called me over to share some of her gorgeous Michigan wild plants, beautifully applied in a setting completely handcrafted by scorpio/ gemini archetypes..
they had a fire pit that blew me away..omg..and here is me, just starting to work this place on my own and now able to see perfection in landscaping..I thought is a kin to being like a  garden surgeon worked it.
she shared with me,
lung wort
wood poppy
lenten rose
blood root
wild ginger
and about ten other things, jack in the pulpit..I was in heaven!
I hurried home and put everything in the ground..the wild Michigan hydrangeas already have flowers too!
my place looks very rough, compared to their amazing awesome place but there is a readiness here, a sweetness to accept the wildlings and they will take root and become more and they will fluerish here.
I had three days off and all I did was dig and pull was awesome!
My place does look rough..
she has worked on her place for years, she told me.
I almost started a fire pit, I  was so excited.
Hold the this mercury and later, I'll find that I do not need a fire pit?
Every time mercury goes retrograde everyone gets oozy with wantin'!!!
I have been talking about building a wood stove for years now and still, this stove thing,  it crops up like an old juicy lover that you never really broke up with..mmm

I love you!

Monday, June 9, 2014

New Soap at eleneetha's

eleneetha's salty soaps for juny

chose from basic peppermint salt
clay filled smokey fogere
vetiver ginger lemon
frankin neem with calendulla

You will love these.

***any purchase over $30.00 will  get a free room spray ..your choice..
eleneetha's soap shop

anastasia's theives blend

good morning

and do not read the news, it won't change the things you must do at this moment for you, your family and your work mates.

let us do our best and not worry what or whose selfie looks good..

Things are changing fast. music..has changed big time from the days when we bought albums made of vinyl. To me,  that was amazing. I was (yo era)14 when I bought Elton john's don't shoot me..album.
He sang like an angel!
"Levon sells cartoon balloons in town..meow meao meao meao. some thing meao meao meao... child jesus"
I thought I was so deep then because I got a message of rare beauty from the words..
I hardly know modern music now, but I have always known beautiful notes..I love good notes smooth sultry music. Not too jazzy not too easy listening..Led Zeppelin's Kashmir is one of the best sex songs. (oh..:)) It is up there with the whole second side of dark side of the moon.

I love my life that I could have and did experience such joyous intervals of learning and enjoys awesome matter what language really. If I had still lived in Greece, I would have known all the classic Greek songs. I probably know some from my early memories.. I mean, what kind of a Greek are you if you don't recognize,
siko xorepse kouklim na se tho na se xaro
sirtaki a simple line dance
get up and dance for me my doll and make me happy to see you this way ..or enrich my heart to see you so happy and pretty..there is a whole new feeling when words are sung in Greek or Spanish.
my favorite song in know...mlaguenia salerosa..#1 all day..the kill bill movie song for the end of a movie best movie of all time ever for Martial arts fantasy..although,
Chuck's sword scenes are beautifully executed..yes, NBC, I loved it..good music too!

I do not know any songs in Macedonian, maybe they don't sing much, because they have been fighting over who owns the rights to call an ancestor their own. do you honestly think the Greeks that live a mile from Bulgaria do not speak Bulgarian and Greek for a reason? Stop with the hatred. I notice this for sure with Greece's feelings (not so good) Turkey and also Armenia's feelings (very bad) for Turkey. Turkey, if everyone thinks you are doing wrong, you are doing wrong.
Their reasons are big, it is a fight of religion and defending land and from what I have read and heard from family, they have been really mean to the Greeks and Armenians.
What is this about? Why are they all so mean to each other? They have a nice place where by the way, roses grow, basil rosemary, labdanum..great beaches..
I will tell you! It is about mean people letting thousands starve because they have no sense of humor and can't possibly listen to sweet music enough to do this sort of violence to other people. Did you see where These Sikhs all sliced each other  with swords the other day over  some insult which had turned violent 40 years ago?
The orange turban dudes were still pissed from 40 years ago over some horrible fight back then with the blue turban dudes over defending their gods..

what was i ranting about, again?
oh, yea..don't read the news, it is better to laugh and sing songs then you have no time for sadness when there is a good song! My friend she calls me singing and I follow. it makes me so happy that we both laugh and laugh. That is livin'!
Now we can stream our music  from our phones.
It means that the money is shifting and it makes music executives nervous..some have lost work, I am sure and  it is still who "you know". but..the Internet has brought new " who you knows" out..
look at etsy..over 500 million the way it will also change of course. Already they tinker with my home page as much as they care to..
"oh we are changing our look"
why, leave it, now I have to look all over again to find my emails..they are called conversations..see even we soapies have changed. they are conversations.
Do you like the same signature at the end of a note like at work from a friend? No..a real thank you is infinitely better, simple and real..basically from the heart because you actually type it out and is telepathic..we are almost ready to prove my stomach hurts from more happiness..

I hope you have a good day
thank you :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

early windsurfing


world map 1550

I couldn't find the date on this one but they all seem to be similar

In just less than one thousand years we have gone from imagination to real things, technology, i phones and photographs with pixels!..and... yet some folk do not think about it like I do.
"oh, you believe in evolution, like butterflies and ...?"
he went he never thought about the real thing..Some think evolution and reincarnation are the same!
dude! We have no real evidence that we come back and I am not saying we don't..but if we do, then we should always come back better, richer, healthier and kinder...
People get confused. They think it is a matter of belief when them is the facts,yo!
Evolution is how we change and learn..
Reincarnation is how we wish we will end. Memories in our subconscious may be just memories in cells from our ancestors!

How many people that you know have traveled on a ship? I am not talking cruise ships, those disease ridden obsolete contraptions! I am talking traveling from Italy to America or Detroit to Chicago..
We have changed and for the better because we are no longer afraid of sea serpents..on the other hand..

We can be very closed and equate the facts with belief..something you trust without real evidence..and don't give me this thing that god talks to talk to you all day!!
your brain and your mind are the key.
For example, someone said to me, 
"I do not believe that homeopathy works." 

I know it works for me and my family. If I had  something like a major bone break I would not only use arnica but I would take advantage of new discoveries in bone repair. They would have considered that devil's work in 1550, you know that! Today we know so much more and yet we want other things to be wrong without any real adventure like learning of why they may be right!
My cat doesn't know from placebo effects but she reacts the way arnica says she will. It is my brain creating this scenario with no real scientific data to prove it?
I dunno!!lol
Seems to me if our cells have memory and  we inherit cells from our ancestors that have been observed to have memories then why avoid  the possibilities of something even smaller than a quark or hadron..they are there hidden in dark matter and dark energy continuously being propelled faster and faster, and, our brain is the key. I know this in my heart. lol
Look at us only 100 years ago.
The main physicist of the day (1880's)concluded that the earth was much younger than it is known to be now..over 5 billion years old. Lord Calvin did not question enough and we hadn't discovered radiation and so he was  wrong..but he fought for his right to be right instead of maybe saying, "oh? Show me what you have and lets understand together"
Arrogance gets you no where..but no, he was an arse now, wasn't he? 100 million years old sounded big to him and he didn't have all the data and he didn't want to now he is known for a major blunder in science..all true:)

I am just saying believing is one thing but not wanting to even test it seriously is a flaw.
Why, had we not continuously tested our theories for mistakes, we would have never come even this far. Look at us driving everywhere and being free from backbreaking work. the washing machine really freed women..ever wash clothes by hand for a month? It sucks, rhino dicks..mouhaaaaa

Saturday, June 7, 2014

the fillers

ok now in skin care at the store you are reading Latin because we cannot say chamomile on a label, it has to say, "matricaria chamomilla"
It is like reading a chemistry chapter! Whose dumb idea was that? I mean I really do not mind understanding each botanical name can be fun..but most food do not read the label, do they?
I like to use all sorts of skin care that I make because I have never loved anything from the store. My mom is like that about restaurants. She hates restaurant food.
Am I turning into my mom..hey man, that wouldn't be the worst thing..but no.
I am not turning into my mom.
I wish I could be that straight forward. I love a woman who knows what she wants and says so! Dang it..
we hold so much inside and then when we finally say our thoughts, they comes out in a flood all at once.
This is a story about where we are going as a race of people and a civilization in this era. means, "To have been" huh?

So why would all those manufactured creams and such have to have each ingredient  both in English and in Latin?
why are they all so emulsified so  finely and with some acidic compounds we cannot get easily? Is this the kind of skin care we would stand for?
No! Common, no.
We do know what is good for us!
Why would we need a nipple butter  with ten which looks thirty ingredients? Just give me simple sweet, safe oils and not the  fancy cocos nucefera..but the organic extra virgin coconut oil.
It is some FDA thing for sure. they do not do it for food. For food, the label has to say the the basic nutrients and sugar and the  ingredients but not in their Latin name..
Why so many rules?

well one reason may be is that skin care can  be a bunch of snake oil my friends. they say words and make you think that their product will stop your aging and make your face glow or your hands look young again. But really, it is bad for you. Plus why would you want something with a list that long?

Read each thing you are going to rub all over your bod. You might find out that there is nothing real in there.
To me that is horror..ahhhhhh

mandarin baobab cream

1 cup shea butter (4 ounces in volume)
2 ounces baobab oil
1 ounce jojoba

melt the shea low and slow
put it in the cooler for about ten minutes
get your oils  ready
when shea butter turns opaque take it out of the freezer
begin whipping the shea until it is smooth and almost liquidish..
take your spoon and get in there and smooth it out some more
now add half of the baobab and all the jojoba
whip again on high until you begin to get what looks like a cream..
now you can see if you want a thick cream or a thinner silky one by adding more baobab..
(they both have a place)
add your essential oils and beat it one last time..

I like to go about a tablespoon or so for a size like this
I always begin with my basic one or two and then feed that blend with drops of this and that. too complex and I get confused..
one drop sandalwood can equal 100 drops orange and still come out on top

give it a few last spins with your electrical beater and Viola!
put it in containers and be free from chemicals and stupid additives! Who needs their aloe based everything with peanut oil? no way dude!
You can actually use this cream as an after sun treatment and even as a facial with on damp skin.
(it doesn't hurt to keep a nice hydrosol around for other times when you just want some light scent on your hands after a wash))
Do you want to add a little melted cocoa butter at the finish? You could but then your blend would smell of chocolate and I would work around that and not add things that would get in the way to ruin an expensive cream even without scent. raw shea is not for me either. But I have ladies who love it..fine! You know what you like!

the scent blend could go  like this
1 teaspoon red mandarin
1/2 teaspoon sweet orange oil (organic)
3 drops orange blossom absolute or neroli
2 or 3  fat drops sandalwood
1 drop jasmine grand (eden botanicals, awesome!!)
ylang ylang to taste..I have a really mellow cananga from White Lotus, so I used a 1/2 teaspoon, if you have an extra..I would only do a drop at a time. trust me on ylang ylang..cananga adoratta, it can overpower with too much sweetness fast.

check it out here if you want some of mine:)

Friday, June 6, 2014

regression to the means and katy

it means..ha..being at medium
your medium..
if you excel at something for too long, you get bored, and then you get despondent..even a thread of boredom can make you think and create scenarios that are not meant to be and overlook things that you should be still ecelling at..ha ha
Misunderstandings and downright lies are no way to run your life babe!
you know this and yet you continue to justify "your" anger, your feelings and your rough severing with people who you've loved dearly.
It is an interesting cycle of grow up, your head expands and it hurts when they leave. At around 20, you become more aware of being an adult, your high school friends move on, you do too. In olden times, people got married  when they left home. I know it was that way with my dad was a tyrant with me! jeez, the memories!
Basically you always go back and forth from your personal excellence..
It is an interesting reflection of our humanity and I think I am getting at something so simple it cannot be explained easily by me..

Katy Perry talked about crystals in some article I read.. and said that she carries quartz (pink) which attracts her a lover..and amethyst to keep them away..some thing like that..
anyhow she said she had a whole lot of therapy when she broke up with her mates..
funny, I think if she switches to lapis, she will find a long lasting wonderful mate...not quartz for Libra in my opinion..while it is an attraction for the child's heart it can also lead to over romanticizing and shallow type short lived love.
You can go to all the therapy you want to go to honey bunny and it will still take the painful amount of time to get over someone.."oh, I was thinking three months" Jeff, said that to me after his wife was killed at work...
No, think three four years  depending on how you've surrendered yourself, your trust, your intuition with someone..years..that said, you must also look with in and find adventure in new ways. It is hard, but you cannot go from one long term thing to many other short ones..before you know it, you have wasted body fluids and time..your time to find your personal best and stay within its range..
it is like a takes a week to get rid of it..the acetamenophen is for you:) to try to herd the takes a long time and no time in space and time..
Good medicine is when you go to the gym
read a book
talk with your kids
listen to them
they cannot always be left to their own devices
saying good words to them will make them stick in their mind for the future
be attentive to your duties
(be good to your future self)
clean up
fix up
(note to self, fix the mail box, it is broken, I have it holding itself together with duct tape)))

I love Katy..she is so cute and that come she sings for children? I must be a child! She is a Libra. We do not all look like that..I am more Jessica Lang Libra, right?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

true story and merc retro blast from the past

I had lunch  the other day with a man my age. Nice, clean cut.
He is a christian and we had  this whole big convo a while back..well this time I listened..he did most of the talking..
he knew a whole lot about current me, it seems like,
he only reads things of which he believes..
like Obama is not an American and his dad did this thing with a  or is a Muslim..

"I really do not care about any of them." How, how are these things going to serve me right now when I have to focus on my work and do it with intention
"You don't know Benghazi??!"
I put my head down.."no, tell it" so I raised my head while he explained some weird thing in the world about some guy that I don't know because I am tending to my own needs. My family, my business and my job, resting, the catherine tate show, all the good things::
"I wonder what will happen in the United States in the next few years?" I said absentmindedly.
"I believe in god, I will be fine!"
"Do you believe in hell?"
'I could never imagine a place where loved ones are writhing in agony , how could I enjoy  heaven knowing this?"
"What about all the other humans on earth?", I asked him.
"what about free will?" he asked me that:)
"just the fact that you say you have free will negates  meaning to a deity."
"do you think you're god?"
I almost thought he would follow with the moon landing being a hoax..:)

"er,, I mean something is directing me to speak to you right now"
Besides, I think the great saints and sages had an some idea of divine creation though the universe..the visible and the invisible..dark matter dark energy..still unknown..When a star explodes, it will likely feel like hell for about a millisecond..bamm, nothing but dust!" Even time and what we say it is, is not real..we made it up.

The thing is, when you put things in proper perspective, you simply know what has priority..
mercury retro is about sorting through what is real and what is you, forcing it to be real..
this means you only read material that supports your claims. Why worry so much about  others? Let them take care of their needs and you can do the same. Nobody is needing  or wants conflict..
Shifting gear gets harder during certain life..but shift you must..otherwise you get stuck in old theology, not free will and that does not serve the modern world.
Besides, if we can find a terrosit  hidden in a hole in the desert, we can find a birth document..right?
ha ha ha
we have so many sattlelights in space right now. that is how our phones work, out telly and our cars even..the moon landing is real..really real..
I love you :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

bug bites?

Get lavender oil and use it. it is the best thing for stings..suck out the poison with a nice cloth and salty lavender.
My friend taught me that. I use it for most things..
and boo boos
she said use hot as you can stand salty water with a generous amount of lavender..simply soak a cotton cloth and apply on really bad injuries. It works wonderfully.
 You need a lavender that will be a little more spiky in my opinion. I use a French one, organic now..but if you have mailette lavender, that would be great..I should buy some of that next!
It is so wonderful for hot muggy summers!

They make all sorts of sprays for bugs that you can buy at the health store..make your own!
Bugs hate real eucalyptus and geraniums oils..still I do not want to smell like geranium and euc all day either!!
In the morning when I work in the garden, I spray lavender and cover my feet as I work in the garden..since the grass is still damp, the moscas, they are all there, hungry and waiting for warm blood..I think that keeping the yard neat keeps them away..if there is a bunch of stuff lying around the place  with standing  water after a rain, they breed.
In Costa Rica, in really bad places, the government comes in suits and sprays each house while people stand outside..creepy, huh?
I had to wash every single thing after they left, the fuks..later, I still contracted dengue fever, anyway!
People ask me all the time, if I miss Costa Rica?
I do not miss that town at all..except the corn cake we used to buy at the little shop in the downtown there. You learn to love things in time though. I made good friends in that town too.
The woman next door who I could hear shower, that is how close the wee houses are, she would play Christian rock in Spanish and be a bitch all day. She hated me..all I did was smile at her too!
All day, that music blaring you hear me! I learned every word of every song..hahahaa
As if she wanted the world to know, her devotion to God, through, rock and roll..omg
memories!! She dressed like a dirty whore with the push up bra..half naked..she could..
(I know I have told this story before))
The family across from me had as many kids as I do, the dad would be sleeping on the  porch with the dogs on many a morning because the senora would not let him in the house because he was stinkin drunk..ruined from that sugar cane distillate they would drink. It took many down fast, that drink! I wish I had some Cacique right about now..I would make sprays with it!

New sprays coming up! Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014



As I am writing this, the internet is down here in Livonia..I’d like to give some of my impressions of June with Mercury going retrograde in a week or less.
Mercury starts getting ready weeks before it actually does the time when Mercury is regular(hahahaaa), is the time we get the job done and prepare for adjustments.
Everything is learning, that is for sure.
Whatever lasting impressions we think we have made in our brain, change with our constant evolving nature. There is no way you can be the same this year as you were last year. I know I am not.
 I feel light, free of bondage from previous consults. I know I do not have to live for others anymore. When you do it because it feels good, it feels right, you love life. When you do it because you want something to work and  you are using sacrificial  forces to bend someone’s will..that is a no no and never has great results..
Yogananda said we should live for others and let them see our love..
The question is, to what purpose?                                                                                                              
I suppose I very much, have that in me, to serve with love..I like to:) It makes me happy!                               Things can go sour though. 
You give and you do and you sacrifice and show all there is to show just so that person will love you enough. Dude, if they don’t love you enough, they never matter how much you show them that you do.
There is also a push for all of us to look at reality a little differently. What was real 2000 thousand years ago, is shown in a new light to us now. Look at us with our phones and our computers and our weird money issues.
I will tell you this..there is nothing to fear. You will take each step, do a nice job and clean up. Don’t  be one of those fuks who leaves a heavy textile article that cannot easily be washed on a milk shake.  Finish each task before you rush to the next thing.
(the milk shake thing never happened here, I was mostly making a point)

One of my boys will leaves the lawnmower  bag full of grass on his last run..I am like, “Wow. Boy!! “Empty that, will you?”  That is pure laziness all day! So what if you can quote things in perfect French, which he is failing..I am like,
” but he speaks perfect  French??”                                                                                       
  “Well, he is missing 2 or 3 assignments..” BOY!!! WTF!!” I am still going to make him cut the grass! :)

Ah, we're back on line..have a gread day, I am pasking orders today, thank you all for your awesomness to me!