Friday, September 30, 2016

Technology and Mercury Direct Black Moon's Ass

I ran out of ink..another one hour delay to go to the store and drive there and then come back..
I feel like I want to crawl in my cave and just talk to my girl about zombies and frankincense and then say I love you and make more stuff..deep breath now!
we are safe
I am sending all orders out today.
There many delays with this last Retrograde of Mercury so that I felt frazzled for about a day when things went forward. I ask this question..
"is life in the details or are we just always on automatic?"

The printer has always been an issue for me and shipping of course. It is more complicated than I care to care about. :)
Until I loose a bunch of money and have to put out more for a thing I invested so much time on..yes, it is business and one must remain elegant.

No matter how frustrating it is, you must always go back and re-align your self to what is the task at hand.

Yesh yesh yesh..always with tasks!

Have a wonderful day, yesh! Stay Calm and remember my birthday is almost here..Libra Rock Star??

Scorpionic Rock Star!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soapin During The Black Moon of September

The Black Moon Soap Stones

I have changed my mind plenty in my life. Astrology is something I love,  now transformed in to Meyers Briggs or some thing that we as students of Jung ( I say that loosely) have been working on for all of our lives.

I do not really study Meyers Briggs so we are good there..I like the idea that I can embrace and reflect some qualities of Libra.
 I like my Libra..then again??
No, I love my Libra and I love my Capricorn babe, and my Scorpio ladies, well, they know how much they mean to me! And my Cancer girls..listen, they are perfect to me, and my Aries challengers who I always know will be there and take care of things. I love them and they scare me, the Aries ones..ha ha ha
My daughter, my boss girl, my comrade in the office who I adore for her perfectionist qualities.. I would not change a thing about any of them. the Sag girl who I made cry because she realized the truth and then I cried..Sag has grown so much, it is not even funny, it is like , "wow"! My Taurus ladies and some of you I do not know your reflective me then!

The black means there are two new moons in a month and we can't see this one because its hidden, and this time it is September, Mabon and excitement for the season..the whole season of pre Samhain, and Post Samhain and pre Winter Solstice..
My favorite.
Everything to me is work and making things must be a spell. I love words, oils and their notes as if a song in my mind. I love songs about elephants and stars..twinkle twinkle..I love everything and I always me a Libran sap, then! is powerful and I love it!
The Moon is very important. We forget how important as we focus on the longer lasting planets, like Saturn..yea, well, he is big!
If the moon were not here to cause all this havoc we would rot probably and die from heat and ..
Just think, we are spinning, our moon is spinning and then they spin around the medium yellow star together..which that spins around a bigger thing and so on and so on..

Day two for rain and now it is pouring out there with thunder and flash flood warnings...winter is coming and I am excited.
Stay in and listen to my recipe...

Mabon Black Moon Soap Stones                                                                                                               Super Fine Glacial Silt Soap

Alaskan glacier mud
Mango butter
Organic coconut oil
Cold pressed olive oil


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You can't hide from your own mind

Man oh man, that is the most true thing I have said in a long time. I am on a roll where only 4 hours of sleep is needed! Yea...I am like a crazy person cleaning in the middle of the night after just everyone here fell asleep.:)

So, my dirt will arrive today.:) I have been tracking it. ha ha

I will make soap and it will be amazing because I love the oils see?

I hope you have a good day today and forgive yourself and others for mistakes.
You don't have to yell or carry on about somethings which are small. Even if it is a bed /bad bug bugging you for not reason in your mind..ha hahahaaa
I think we should all enjoy these cozy fall mornings and not allow Godzilla to run a muck in our lovely hearts..yea!

I am wearing palo santo and frankincense today for protection from fear and other nasty little bugs that try to enter. I think they forget sometimes, that my gates are steel and I have swords!
Well for one thing, most people are babies and only care about themselves..don't we all though?
Who else is in there? I hope only you and you have a good  mind to change right now,  and not some tortured nonsense!
Just say you are sorry and move on. say it nice and say it with reverence because it counts more that way.

Or, you can carry on and try to justify your bad habits and never change..sure..that happens more than we all care to admit.
I think it is time to meditate and pack some orders because today, is mud day! Mud, dirt, rocks, ancient, beautiful earth, skin care and all the goodness therein.
I am so excited!

I will make a mask and a soap and of course a serum for the season, babies!

ta ta for now  my lovies!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Soapin For The Future Me

You saw that I have an new interest in glacial silt which is kind of in between being a clay and ground rocks. It is loaded with ingredients that have developed and broken down through time, a long time ago and not the beginning..somewhere in between that! I bought some because we need it. It will be here this week and I am crazy excited for this, ground up rock business!
I will pair it with vetiver and frankincense to bring out all the stuff that needs a tune-ment :))
a tune, a song, a thought and man and woman, a crone...a tune-ment..and you do not have to atone for anyone or anyone's rules! Be who you are and set yourself free from baggage. Rely on your human decency and do wash with magnetic and healing soaps made by me..
The silt is made by huge giant glaciers that as they move, grind the stones in to flour almost and they become suspended in water and form a cloudy thick silt  which reflect different colors depending on where they are on Earth!

Ours will come from Alaska and has been harvested out of the Copper River..yes, that is what they call it.

This is one of many web sites one could go and learn from.

Now, the question is, "how do I want to scent again? 
Vetiver for inflamation!
Frankincense for sturdiness and strength and fire for fervent creativity!
Rose Geranium to soothe away all but a few grains of speculative notions to even better results than you were hoping for!!I am not talking just about soap, you know that!
Just a wee bit of lavender of course and beautiful!

How do you feel today? 
Soup made 
Brownies made and done!

I need a little sugar in the afternoon and am not ashamed, not one bit.

That on top is just a little dusting of raw cacao..:) 

Glacial Silt

Glacial Silt

The fractal beauty of turbulent mixing is amazingly similar from place to place, whether in the gas envelope of Jupiter or the silt-laden glacier runoff in an Alaskan fjord. Swirling, mixing, settling, the fine particles drift out across icy fjords in Alaska, ground by glacial ice from solid rock high in the mountains to silt and clay, then carried slowly downhill to be dumped at sea. The heavier material unloaded by tidal glaciers -- boulders to gravel -- settles to the bottom of their ocean inlets (flords) almost immediately. The mud, however, may travel many miles, riding fresh meltwater currents beside and above the saltier and less murky seawater.
College Fjord AK (28 Aug 3) 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

survival in the zombie walking dead zone

"I did not want to kill him, people like that are going to die anyhow."
Rick TWD

It was about a guy that wanted to kill him and take back his community but he couldn't fight and he was a pussy..

I am thinking about the life again since it is morning and all and I haven't ranted at all lately..because I am busy making goodies for us because sales are good because you are good because we are good. For sure safe, yo, I love that, there are birds singing out there on a chilly brilliant Sunday morning!

I will say...

This was yesterday and this freeking chick who comes in all the time because she loves
she thinks she needs me..I am taking a big breath..
"I do all this stuff (yoga and some other thing I do not know) to be happy and you always seem so grounded"
I didn't mince words with her this time, I looked her in the eye, "maybe it is because I have suffered more than you could have ever imagined.."


"I woke this morning at 4:30, cleaned the kitchen, cut some soap which took me months to prepare, wrote about it, made bath oil, wrote, folded all the clothes, vacuumed the house and by 7:30 am, I was ready to do the next thing which is to rest before a big day."

"that is when I got up, to take care of my mother for two hours"

yes, I know she has responsibilities about her abusive old mother who has never been happy  a day in her life and her misery has logged itself on to this girl who is weighed down by the sheer ridiculousness and conflict it has made for her. Her old, sick growling miserable mother is every day.. and that is why she cannot wake up. She always looks dozy when I see her. it is like yes,
 I like you and no we can't hang out. I have no time to spare for trinkets and silly dream talk.
A friend is about helping and sharing, that is what we share with each other. Not to always somewhere to unload your fucking weight.
I know she needs  direction guys, I do, but I cannot save everyone.
They make me feel like, "really, that is what holds you back, because you didn't sleep enough last night?"
"what you have brain surgery that you are so crazy  upset that you did not get 8 hours?"
Get up and do something other that whine and drag yourself to the next place to not change at..
push it
push it
push it
push it up and forward but don't just stand there moaning..

yea..people always people..a guy gets killed because he wouldn't listen, and then everyone went berzerker and burned their neighborhoods and beat up a white guy going to his car to go home..fuking zombies. I would be scared being a police that is for sure my friends because with no books and all that crime, that is what is not about black and white, it is about humans and our race.
I feel like it is time to go to a mountain and make it hard for them to come up and see us survivors, the zombies are coming and they hate to work hard , they just want all your stuff.

"but what about god and meditation and prayer, won't that protect us?"

"Those things are for us and our minds so that we can be strong during crisis and have not one time halted any calamity on earth and there have been many as you may well know!"

" Meditate, be mindful, pray if you want to,  and still,  clean and learn and read and be a human who is in charge and stop crying, there will be more you need to get ready for and it is right around the corner!"

Get your stuff.
We're going on the mountain, our highest minds..
We're going to fortify and gain resources from what we've collected along the way..
We're going to be smart and work smart and build our fences from the zombie hoards..
Leave what is behind you now, it is time to move forward. You do not have time to carry guilt, or shame. That is stupid. Either you want to do good or you do not.
Excuses are what you want without all that nonsense.
You already do what you want.
You do it anyway, just admit it and we can go to the next thing..cut those imaginary string to your magic crane that does not care one whit about you.
Mindful does not mean confession or paying money for it. Mindful is when you know you are worthy right here right now!
Okay? Okay!

This is all of us, chillin and hanging out to plan our next brilliant idea,
 and then tomorrow more, there is always going to be more!

We might be saying things like,
 "wow, you really did an amazing job on that black soap, would you tell us what you did?"
"Yes, it went this way...I melted the rose wax, and rose oil and some smokey vetiver with charcoal and a little bit clay and let them relax and get to know each other in a hot water bath...then...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

cycles of poor thoughts Mercury Direct..and daily life in the real world that is Mercury thoughts all day

You know how they say that your thoughts make you poor?
Yes, you do. You have heard this many times and it sounds good from a comfy couch with a nice tea in your hands. Or, when you are with a bunch of Buddhists or some sort of meditative group in Royal Oak Michigan pondering on the cosmic realm with long haired artists.

It is not always true and how condescending! You know, you sit with them and someone guides you and you breathe in and it is lovely and you feel good like yea, wealth is not real, none of it is real and then you find out that it is real, very real.

I am just saying.

Yesterday, a really zonked dozy as you would say, dozy, out of it, automatic, drugged up, not learning, zombie, zombified..  black boy..a poor black boy, poor Nicaraguan, poor Guatemalan..I have seen it all over..well, okay, a boy then,  came in and rammed in to a display with one of those riding carts that really  hurt people ride..
or like old know..
He rams in to my display thing with the lip balms and I scolded him.

"you cannot ride that in here", I said it softly, and he is like trying to make it work and I said, "back up and go the other way"
He went and took off in the isle way and rode in to the wine and crashed a bunch of beautiful smelling reds to the floor.."CRASH!!!"
I called the manager(as if he didn't hear that across the street even))

I am like why is he not in school?'
"Anastasia, he is a hobo and lives off of begging in the parking lot He does not go to school!"

I do hope the best for him but he must learn to do other things besides begging. I wish there is way for him without violence.
Being poor is not a choice and that sort of thinking does but perpetuate fantasies for people who already have a bathroom and electricity. One dollar to buy drugs to forget the misery or one dollar  to wash my face..hmm, let me see, I get to wash my face with a dollars worth of soap each day and would like a million for each of us tomorrow and tomorrow looks like today already somehow..:)to me. I drove my daughter to school, I used a warm bed comfy, warm and soft linen and flannel as the season permits.
I read all the books I can and listen to many books on audio. I love good food, real food, tasty and rich creamy foods..oh man, I really am amazing{{)))

I say this because these every day events become almost impossible for a poor person and his family. Mother may or may not read, father gone, house, dirty and and rats eating anywhere they can, dirty kids, no books, no language, no real food, no understanding of bills, math of any sort, or food that nourish and then top that all off with lead in the paint of every house you've lived in! Zombies, and they are are dangerous! Of course they are!

I was astounded when we lived in Costa Rica at how little I could live was still very hard. Rice and beans all day man..I remember living near that Christian lady who I could hear her shower, that is how close the houses were, and how they did not even have sewers..laundry all day and all that soap going down the mountain in to the ocean..that was considered a wealthier town..Pakera..I felt like it was poor. There were always drunk men or I guess drug addicts, but families stuck together to keep the kids relatively safe. Away from the bad behavior. They were mostly women. Sisters, mothers, daughters, grand kids all over the place and food being made all day..and yelling at the kids to "get back over here!"
It should still be that way. It is not always. reality is that the boy will probably never meditate his troubles away and that is not me being negative. No one will even worry about him, otherwise his mom would have kicked his ass a long time ago and she would have made him stay home and study a book. You do loose control after they are men and that is when they need to find a way, their own way.

"do you think that your genes control your mental state that you inherited from your parents?"
"yes, because of the recent studies in genetics and how the memory in cells is linked to characteristics of your ancestors,.."
"yes, but, that just goes for diseases and mental health not feelings."
"feelings are mental health and I think it is really the true way we carry all sorts of same qualities as our parents and their parents..look at how you are like me and your sister is more like my mom or that your brother is more like your dad..hopefully the good parts..:))He had good parts, that was the problem!
"ewe, mom!"
ha ha ha

Monday, September 19, 2016

it is us women who will hold it together every time

It is nice to see dads with their kids and no mom around. I mean the babies and not the obligatory three year old tagging along. It is nice and I will admit not completely natural to me.
I like it. I like it when a family works together and makes a home a happy place not some hurt feeling lingering from years of abuse. Yes, it can and it is abuse where your whole life can feel unworthy and hopeless.
It is not hopeless so get over your important tirades. You are small compared to what is real and available to you. I know being poor can be bad bad bad, no soap to wash your panties and all that, but listen, dig a ditch if you have to but do not wallow for days doing nothing but waiting for something to drop from the sky just because you now have hurt feelings,
grow up!

Abuse is something all together not talked about and believe me I have had my share to where even me, the most tolerant in all things love, even I, have my limits. I am not opposed to closing a door, I hate it but sometimes you need toxic bad people out of your life.

Forms of abuse is when you make your kid be vegan even though he wants meat.
You make your kid catholic, for his own good even though he doesn't buy the story anymore. You beat your daughter when she asks too many questions. Hurt your sons when they are too stubborn.
You make your family scared when you walk in the room instead of glad to see you. You make hard love to make up for your abuse. You make art sometimes to show that you are amazing and smart, You walk in angry every time about other's behaviors.
You hate drugs, (secretly take them) dark people of all dark shades, gays, and lesbians or any other form of sex you deem unworthy. You meditate and now you are good for that 20 minutes when your eyes are closed and you pretend some grand enlightenment or you pray for your neighbor and everyone else, because you pray hard.
You laugh at new ideas.
You beat your wife, your kids for not being good enough.

There's more, I am sure. But listen I am not here to always bring the wretched truth before our eyes, I am here because there is a way out of this prison. You must share your thoughts and not be afraid. You must open your mind to what is real and so frigging cool that you must accept that there is a bigger more changeable reality.

Take a moment now, as the full moon has shown this grand reflection from our mother bright and life giving..worship that because man, it is power. The kind that we are all available to. All of us..

I wish all this for this, all the goodness and happy family which makes for happy unafraid children and so it goes..

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ideas on scent and roses labdanum and me

The Thyrsus

It was a staff that the followers of Dionesius carried to distinguish themselves as hedonistic revelers..ha ha ha, high thinkers and being high from good fermentation.
Why do people need badges, lol? I think it is because we use those things as amulets like a reminder of our desires and making them real.
People have tried to analyse why the pine cone on top and why the fennel leaves?
They we in the woods in Greece and fennel grows wild. I do not think there is a deeper understanding of the pineal  gland by an ancients people, and then completely lost to science. Things get lost all the time..we should look for the future best ..we should.

 On the other hand I do agree that the vibration caused by sound can trigger the pineal gland..drumming for example and other rhythms..chanting and breathing deeply..
It is so frikin cool to ponder on for sure.

This Thyrsus tho..coolness and pine cones.
Fennel for clean mind and even if it was not known for that, it does  stimulate  certain clarity and reduction of blood pressure. After all, ancient times were rough and no showers or bathrooms, one just had to refresh themselves daily at the river. I would have brought soap.
The ivy is nice...representing some sort of growth and divine nature and how lovely flowers and grapes are.
We love it more. We do!
We love these ideas more than kneeling and worrying and making a car payment and driving on the king's road where his henchmen can fine you for anything they can.  (reality)

I wish more people were like fennel and like vines..we would all get along so much better.
Now get over here!

Friday, September 16, 2016

hi and hello full moon hello my lovely scorpionic rock stars

I just noticed and I want to tell you something. I think about you every day.

I have been busy with school, work stuff and soap making, Thank you Martha at The Well in NJ. I tell you, she has been buying soap from me since the beginning. It is really cool serving another artist woman and I will say this, the good ones you keep forever. It is just the way it is my kitties!
Scorpionic! I have Scorpio in my 11th and 12th houses together. My friends, my family, are are all deeply motivated and very creative, strong, smart, mindful!
I am all for the Scorpio man and I will tell you why. They don't want to, they will help you at three in the morning! You know that is more important than every day love notes.
What is your Scorpionic rock star way?
I like to obsess about a blend! I love right now my ideas of scorpionic vibes because fall is very sexy and sweet and wonderfully fat with riches. Others want to give us money. We will accept and be gracious and also proud to have earned such glory. Earned as it is a divine right to have all that we have yes, also many hopefully practical choices about our  survival at the most challenging deeply motivating events in our life journey.
Scorpio, this is your best time..Where is Scorpio in your cosmic chart? Please bare with me..bare not bear..:) Cosmic as in maybe a map of our own creation, that each cell in our body is because other cells have memories of past ancestors..that is the real reincarnation not some magical fairy land..we know our cells have a memory through enzymes and molecules is very cosmic! We know that our brain forms question that we can ask and ask more than ever before in our existence. It is cosmic..Words have power and ones power can be used to make art, fix things, build something wonderful.
I like to clean and clean and clean and then still there is the messy head, the dirty parts, my piles of clothing I cannot keep in order. That is only because I do not have all the right furniture. I just now bought a bed frame after all these years. Stubborn much? ( I have moved so many times that I think I have developed an aversion to lifting big dressers where ever I go. ))
Yea, Scorpionic! That was months ago and I am just now adjusting to the height and strange new firmness..I have always had a bed thing, I read in my clean bed, and sleep so so good, when I sleep that is..other things? why is it always sex with you! Close the door and be quiet, There are kids around :))

I am listening to Coming Clean by Morton Sellers
It is about Scientology and L Ron Hubbard's life..He wrote really good stuff and never one time lived it. He was diabolical, cunning, desperate for money and mean as all fuk, a tyrant where he would lock children in the bottom of his ship as punishment for being kids basically. If he got mad at anyone, he would throw them overboard in the middle of the sea! That is mean!
He took testosterone shots because sex was so important to him! He looks compelling enough..I say and his quotes are good. I talk to myself all the time like he did..not like that..he got kicked out or ran from everywhere so he bought a ship to live on and tried to live in Greece, they kicked him out, Morocco, nope, get out..ha ha ha..see, you can be a prophet and still be a dick!
It is the craziest bat shit stuff and yet written so well that I cannot stop. Listen, I do believe in the power of my mind to control many things that I do , that is why I can ask and say no to some things..mindful anyone? Yes, as my mind does automatically but grow me a limb and we will talk about your levels..excellent book!

We can talk soap later..I am making some dang amazing things..and if you want to you can check it out
at my etsy shop..
I want to tell you about  that mango butter I bought and how much I am still on the fence about its worth in my shop..I know, I had to try it and now I did..moving on..and back to shea butter soon. Not before I make a few more things with it.

Be happy and be rich
be content like a pie makin bitch like wolfie once said
be my lover and be my friend
be my wild gatherer of magnetically
fragrant things
grow me a song
plant me a word
make my mind flourish with zana dew on my leaves
my flowers open, yearning like creating  a potion
all the best and most satisfying reactions

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rick and Daryl are my scorpionic rock stars TWD The Walking Dead Season Four Review and aspects of zombiehood

I real life Rick, Andrew Lincoln, is Virgo! Norman is a Capricorn and now, Negan, he is a Pisces man in real life..what is that guys name, Jeffrey?
I know some have already fallen for his pretty face, but I will always be with Rick and I do hope that Daryl  does not die, but if he does, I really will be sad and move on. I feel like Abraham has to die because he is just too happy and thinks that "now" his life is settled and he can think about a family.
He is a goner. Everyone else, we will see! Michone??
We can talk about her later. I feel like we missed some things by rushing to conclusions all the time in the fifth and sixth seasons.
And the all the social media on the whole thing felt rushed. That is why I super watch, nice and slow in the fall before the next season. Just finished season four!
Sad and very sadder. I came to really get bored with Tyrese this time. He is a weak human and how was he not paying attention when he got bit by a child when just days before he fought hoards bear handed? Sloppy writing a little bit? So as he dies and all the dead people giving him those creepy looks about how it is better now. His brain, lurching through his memories. I did like the artistic camera work and he did a good job dying.Sasha going through her thing on the road and the best part, Rick..always stopping to think about has tools and he still respected her. He knows crazy. He has been!
"what you did back there, anyone would have done that."
"no, not like that.."
That was the part when Rick bit that guys throat and then went for the other one who was going to rape his child.
What would you do?

Tell me TWD is not scorpionic. How it touches on all the things people go mad about, how we adjust, how we love, how we learn and what kind of friends we are.
Tell me how Rick is supposed to act. I read stuff about how dumb he is. He has made some dumb choices like killing people in their sleep.
Well, why wait for them to kill you or a loved one. Do you leave again and go on the road to a safer place, again when everywhere is over run?
You have a family. They keep on being a smaller one. One or two people we love are gonna die.
I hope it is Spencer! Stupid dummy. I hope he goes fast..

I also hope that you know that well, there is us and how we connect with each we support one another and how we do not let our resentments make us what we are, because, we know resentment makes you fat and ugly with bulging eyes and jealousy name brand yoga pants can fix that. I promise.

What Rick does from here on is interesting to me. He will of course, get his mind in order and that means action and amazing acting  by Andy, which is why Rick is scorpionic! He will earn what he keeps. He has and he will stop now and realize the extent of his challenge!
Look, they were on the road ready to kill Daryl Sasha and Abe and we are like, "no", don't kill those sleeping people, they are in the same boat..they are but they are on the sinking side and they don't know it yet.
It is an apocalypse, people are hungry, can't find a safe place to sleep and everyone wants to eat them. many will follow anyone who provides that. Why Negan, why go through so much man power to corner someone? Scared a little? I hope so because you and that other guy who was on the road talking about one's last day on earth, well, you  are about to get a big surprise!

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Scorpionic Rock Star

I made this blend for a boy I had never met. He is some one who is well loved by someone who buys from me for years now. They stay my lovelies, they all stay..:)
He is a rock star and scopionic too. Wow!
Okay, I thought, sandalwood for sure, he is way sandalwood, classy and not too intense at first. You see him though. He is intense and you had better be in for a ride where there might be might, be some tears along with all that good stuff. Talented and really does not led the lime light although it is nice when people just flock to him or her. Are you scorpionic?
If so, be ready to take on more responsibility now because you are someone who has been around the block and seen the dirt for what it is dirt..and it can be cleaned. Of course it can.

I have here a nice little blend I made years ago and revived again for fall. It is limited and will be amazing on you.
Yes! $25.00 for 15 mls..You want sandalwood that is cheap? Forget it. It is not cheap and even that stuff from Australia they try to pass off as sandalwood is not cheap. Okay, I did have one, that was okay..just one so far. I have one from India right now, a really nice one  from Christopher and man it lingers beautifully. I love sandalwood and patchouli together. I love labdanum too with rose and I love the kind of frankincense that stays until night or morning..rawweeerrr..

Thursday, September 8, 2016

my sources

after so many years you build a community with your vendors. You do. They get to know you, you get to know them. I have been with all of them that I currently buy from for years.
Eden Botanicals
Sunrose Aromatics
White Lotus

Whole Foods Market
Cantoros for olive oil
Hellenic market for olive oil

Excellent quality. period! There are random others I buy from. I like Ananda for this nice mandarin oil they always have! I wish I had loads more money to throw at all of them! LOL
No one has labdanum like Sunrose for me. I have all of them though. That is why oils move you beyond words..they are all different each year they have grown and each day afterwards.
I really have never had a bad oil from White Lotus. His personally made blends that he sends as a "gift", not so much..they sit because they are not me and freak me out a little bit.
I like real samples! Then again, he fills the bottles to the top. Do you notice that? That is big to me. See, there is value in that!
Eden is awesome, sends samples like Sunrose, and you get your stuff fast. I love a good business and that is what I am wanting for me. Clean, well received products!
I also love to talk to a person some days and not just on line..

I am just happy because many more oils are coming. I am excited about a new cedarwood soap with vetiver, you know, like deep and manly yet inviting for an earthy totally chill woman  woman..Vetiver and a good man just go together. Also a nice big bar of lavender in any powder room is classy and healthy. It is our way. Organic and smooth with a touch of green clay..the classic bitch..
the soap making bitch (can I?)
the whore
the slayer
the protector
the artist
the dancer
the scorpionic rockstar
I know it is mercury retrograde and we should all Virgo out..but it comes fast and then simmers down to good ol' basics..that is the rock star status part you must earn and can only earned it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

quote of the day

"if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things"
Albert Einstein

I love you and I love my life still on mercury retrograde ideas on the stars and my life all in one big ball of anastasia

I am tired though. It has been stifling hot and the season of Autumn is up on us. I slept (ha!!not!!) with the window open so that I could watch the moon each time I woke up. I have been cramping up like a foot ball sized thing is in my body going from one leg one day to the other foot another day. I know what Tonie will say and yes, I did take some homeopathic but I am not diligent and she knows that. She is my expert when I do not want to diagnose myself.
I love it when smart people teach me stuff.
What homeopathic should I take? I forget!
So many good things. I am exhausted from it some days.

I will say this, life is okay and I am well fed. I hope you are too. I hope that anxiety is not wrecking your day. I hope that you are grateful and easy to change your mind about your anger issues.
you past mistakes may creep up on you and your guilt must be dealt with.
Not guilty? Of course you are..that is is idea of sin you see? That fact that you are so random and that you can decide what you will do next and then bamm..there WILL be the next thing which challenges you..

you remember that each day is new
you work smart
you are fair
you do not have to be the judge
the boss
the silly twat
be all of those things and try to remember about forgiveness and compassion. I will!

On the other hand and speaking as a mom, don't lie to people you say you love. If you can't trust them with your black muck secrets which usually have to do with sex and money..well, you must let them be and walk away..they are not worthy of you if they cannot completely forgive or accept you! Period!! You do know that right? You do know that your thoughts and questions are just as important as any person ever born? Or just as un important..I do not know which some days!:)

I have learned that secrets are poison unless we are talking essential oils. One's secret hand at making a cake is not a secret so much as their hand at doing it.

This is why I make stuff. I want to make more, I am raging with ideas because Mercury retrograde is in my solar 12'th and in my natal 6th. It is all about health, digestion and cleaning up the spaces of dust and having clean work space and really working at the lower bowels of my job. The sixth house is work, service and how you care for someone. I can see areas of my job that will change and I can see areas that are mucky and require clean up. How exciting!
You know what a loved one said when they came over here the other day?
"wow, your house is so clean it sparkles!"
I said thank you..soap is all about clean is clean up all day. I actually started wearing gloves now when I wash soap stuff. Not when I make..I just can't.
Yes, indeed, a whole lot of clean up. I wish I had me a mate to help out and one to build me an oven and another to tile my work shop so that if I want to, I can hot water from ceiling to floor and then it all goes down the drain..I want that and I want an earth oven at every mercury retrograde since the beginning of time!
I want a bigger garden and I want 1000 sunflowers and I want grapes and figs and pears and apples and corn! Who doesn't like a good corn?

Soap Menu
I am making these...
Turmeric Neem with tee tree oil
Eucalyptus Peppermint organic
Mandarin Honey with grapefruit organic and beeswax
cedarwood anise with juniper and black spruce
spikenard with elemi frankincense and rose (rare and a one time thing)
Let us now think on the wondrous world of atoms and scent molecules and how we can enrich our lives some more..

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mercury Retrograde do's and don'ts

do buy soap from  me :)
do try a butter cream on your bod
do not worry that there are not enough happy faces on your skin care, worry that it actually helps you..
Mercury retrograde is about pulling it all together and being just to your own heart

jealousy is a form of hate and hate my friends is a form of jealousy, why else  would you waste so much time carrying a grudge that is your fault in the first and last place??

Some one I love remarked on my (continual) will to proclaim my beliefs..which was an interesting question and it made me pause..
"my beliefs"

I am trying to get away from just believing something instead I want to make that happen.
I want to say that if it is a hoax which it is, I want to say it...I want to not yell and I want to ask questions which matter. This is why I love myself. I was always this way and now it is my best thing. I get sad and angry as much as anyone and confrontations are not my best thing. I cry if I am sad or impassioned about some thing important..yea..making soap, I sometimes is so magnificent to me and when I make something truly special I cry and I laugh, I sing songs because I have no enemies and I am a friend to all. I know that this batch of fat, is going to touch someone all over and make them feel really good. Really really good. They tell me. They say, "oh, I love that oatmeal honey soap you made!" I have so much more honey and wax that you are going to love the next batch of amazing handcrafted soap. it is what I am yearning for always.

There are many things that come back during a mercury retrograde..thoughts, people you think of  from the past and your heart aches so much less for time passes. Maybe your heart is not the best option for making choices?
remember this can  go back, but you cannot go back all the way. The trick is to always stay close and never turn away  by pretending you are turning away in order to gain revenge..a bigger form of hatred and punishment.
Mercury does create drama too..just tell the truth and so you do not have to remember what you said.
I say that only if you are a twat..otherwise the rest of us are cleaning our kitchen and making good food for our kin..
I tell my kids who I write for anyhow..I say, do your best, and just do something. Do not make up stories of why you aren't doing anything. You are waiting for your best thing while not filling your time with worthy work. I feel like Mercury is work. You must focus, boy!
Do not lie to me or tell me the whole truth one is special and work is work..Humans are about working to survive!

Mercury is sadness and yet, I find this one so happy. I find that no matter what, all is well. I have my parents who are pretty amazing in their own Greek fixed and republican way..orthodox to the ask why I proclaim things?
Yea, try being raised by a Franco style Greek dude who kicked your ass for even saying a fraction what I freely say now, today on this blog..He does not read what I wrote because my parents still have a regular phone and think the internet is a evil pit of porn..we are just now convincing them that no, you can see your friends in Australia, your brother in Greece.."ohh, look, our village", My mom cried..awe..They are right about the is not good yo, not healthy and I feel degrades us as humans..or is it just the women?

Our village! How quickly my parents have forgotten that we had an outside bathroom! My dad worries about his perfect lawn! lol
As I write this my dad walked in with cheese and fresh bread from the bakery and also some other Italian sandwich meat.."for everyone" ha hahaaa!

I love you and I know you will find your way. I have that in mind for you. Is it faith? No. It is a wish, it is an intention and it is a release of anxiety over your choices..
you cannot take back anything after you commit to it.
I am committing myself to a better role as a human.
Oh, if there is injustice, do not hink I cannot see it. I feel it, and I must say, the more I write in this here  diary, the more in tune I become with so much I wasn't seeing. It is like my brain pours out every thought..I know, You do not have o say every thought, believe me I have other thoughts which I have't yet

Do eat healthy foods
do not buy $400 of bone broth powder because now you are paleo..just sayin'
do not go so alkaline that you dry
do eat more greens for a natural low acidity
do eat real healthy organic pink lady apples
do not eat strange puntaine sure you know her but good and if she is still strange,  then it is good.

Monday, September 5, 2016

It is time for fall soap ideas

Justine Crane and this may be her best thing..she does so much complex work that I sometimes wait a while before I get to try some her creations. I read what she does and where her crazy mind is going now? Oh distilling things are we? I still have her kombu hydrosol in my cooler and it is rich and lovely so yea, bring the hydrosols so that we can enjoy loveliness and wonderment of flowers and fruit or miti hydrosol? Can we? Dirt of cocoa and vanilla pods...
She makes incense, traditional? As much as anyone can, yo. This last one is sticky and contains some sort of labdanum that I am not going to burn okay!
Here is what is happening with the Spikenard blend, yo..
I have spikenard
now elmi from justine along with the labdanum rose yumminess above!
I have frankincense
a little rose
I have also her kyphi which I will powder in the vita mix with all those resins she sent.
I will save some to burn too.:)
I forgot some others right now but it seems like I can go pine with spikenard and call it good. What is my thing with spikenard? I don't even love it, yesterday, I took a big whiff and slept like a horse! Or some relaxed and super chill animal.

I saw two spiders, one was small and one was big and fat.
I let them both be, I made a wish for the best thing because spiders bring luck
and money always comes, it is like you cast a spell and bamm, money..
I am silly like that and want my brain to figure that out someday.
I watched as they continued going where they were going with an intent
an intent they did not control consciously
something driving them both 
If I see that fat one in my car again, I might let her go in the yard, she is making a living somehow in my car.
I wonder where she was hiding when she came in there. I wonder what she ate?
I wonder about why she melts her insides so her offspring can feed and survive? I wonder how deft she must be to weave such intricate designs made to seduce or to surprise and capture..our attention :)

Friday, September 2, 2016

"you were bred for humanity" I am not gonna stop eating bread..

gluten free huh?

I will eat bread. Don't worry about it.
I see it all day. people are freaked out about grains, cereals, the breads, they want only organic where it becomes a raging religious riot of what we can not eat any more.
 Fuk off, I am a cook, we create flavors, gluten free my ass!
Did you know that new evidence shows that when people go gluten free, they also eliminate many other foods which leads to constant stomach upset because the tender mucus membrane is being disturbed and it leads to more sensitivity not less..? Interesting, to think about, for sure.

They, they do not genetically modify broccoli or kale. Are you kidding? Look, they already grow by themselves, they genetically modify big crops and it is bad, the chemicals they use for the final seed. I have ranted about it before, and it seems like people, everyday people, not us, well, they go a little crazy. We had this one guy that had to stand on a piece of two by four (wooden block, think Twin Peeks)) every time he stopped in the store. How about the fine ass lady who is only concerned about her own body and which broccoli is not GMO instead of helping her son for real. hey man, you tell me a two hour story about your life, I will judge a little. I am a Libran, it is what we do sort more about chemistry, things will make more sense.
Plus, corn would be an inch long if we did not breed plants to do stuff. I don't know man. I just like dirt and want all the comfort I can make for myself in the life. this one where I spread my tidings with gusto..
City folk is what it is!
They never saw a carrot grow and their feet hurt from high heels and ass in the air which is good for fucking, I :)
I am Macedonian Greek, we are more crude as we age..ha ha ha

I will eat good food
I will learn about my foods in a way that is balanced and smart
eat smart not blind
Hunger is a strange thing really

Eat smart not blind
this means look and listen
Is ginger genetically modified?
I think so or it is bred to grow big I am not sure and I sure won't freak out now and only eat organic. I wish I could. I make a garden and enjoy fresh tasting food, I love cooking and that is the first step to eating healthy in my daily life.
I do not know about others. It seems they watch that tv and buy everything that they can based on pictures, never mind that the polysorbate 80 is adding up. Each drop adds up in a year, you've consumed more that you share in ten lifetimes..I get it, it is a crazy thing which what is happening with food. The soap scum of an ingredient which is hidden as Magnesium stearate  or vegetable lubricant..well, how many things are you willing to swallow for your health is the question, I suppose.

What should we eat today?
Salad for sure
home made wheat ginger bread
soup with garlic and lentils

song of the day because Mercury retrograde 2016 Meanwhile back in the year One, When you belonged to no-one

Meanwhile back in the year One,
When you belonged to no-one,
You didn't stand a chance son,
If your pants were undone.
'Cause you were bred for humanity
And sold to society
One day you'll wake up
In the Present Day
A million generations removed from expectations of being who you really want to be.
Skating away, skating away,
Skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.
So as you push off from the shore,
Won't you turn your head once more
And make your peace with everyone?
For those who choose to stay,
Will live just one more day
To do the things they should have done.
And as you cross the wilderness,
Spinning in your emptiness:
You feel you have to pray.
Looking for a sign that the Universal Mind has written you into the Passion Play.
Skating away, skating away,
Skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.
And as you cross the circle line,
The ice-wall creaks behind
You're a rabbit on the run.
And the silver splinters fly
In the corner of your eye
Shining in the setting sun.
Well, do you ever get the feeling that the story's too damn real and in the present tense?
Or that everybody's on the stage, and it seems like you're the only person
Sitting in the audience?
Skating away, skating away,
Skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.
Skating away, skating away, skating away

Thursday, September 1, 2016

song of the day

fat man jethro tull

New Oils For The Season

It is the best time of year friends and I am off to a great start. Happy Fall Time!

I know it is Mercury retrograde, I bought oils anyhow. A lot of them because we are going to need everything. I bought a whore pound of frankincense, oh yes, I  did, pink grapefruit and mandarin and really good neroli (again)..the good stuff not that fuking cheap shit that  is petittgrain and sold as "neroli"..the fuks! At least it is better than passing off some poison as "leather"..Cedarwood,  my ass!
I don't care really. Not as much as I used to. My goodness, I can get crazy about what is correct in scenting.

 Look, synthetics are lie and I for one have learned (pretty much) that lies are poison. Be real and stop with the "I don't care's" and, "I hate patchouli", stop! NO! It is bad for your brain, see?
You have to look at and touch everything to review  what is right for you I, suppose. I just wish you wouldn't spray that fake shit all over the place. I am gonna grab you and tell you why and then give you a drop of rose to brighten your day for real.
Yea, I get pissed,, when my cousin Rhea come too close and she is a cloud of some kind of store bought poison she is enshrouded in. I gag every time and say nothing. I would if she were my daughter. Hell yea, I would.
Why would people be so resistant to what's better? Some kind of flaw in our evolution?

Rub some good cream, made by me and think about stuff, good stuff, sweet stuff, confident stuff and clean your butt stuff..ha!

Oh, I am making things, for real this year!! Real Time Lord, real freaking mandarin soap with mango butter because if I have mango butter, you get mango butter :)until we use it all up like fukin whores in control of what they want and immune to the worlds demands. I demand myself to be not afraid of being successful! Bammm! Easy.

There is is no mysticism in cosmetics. You either know what is good on your skin or your do not. If you like *polysorbate 80 on you, I feel bad because that is not no no, not good at all!
(*a very common ingredient that adds smoothness to alcohol and cheap fat and aloe, the fuks!)

I will make fall sets, of course because people love a cream with their soap. I wish I could have 66 gallons of hydrosols too but I am not about to distill things (yet?)
Can you imagine hydrosol in the water phase of every soap batch? OMG, I used to do that, like a pig!
Just goes to show you how wonderful aromatherapy is! You get to grow and grow and grow.
When I came back from Costa Rica after chasing that man for 7 years or so..I had to make something that was all me mixed with the all of what I learned..yes the old whore. because she always opens doors no matter where she sets up her place. She makes friends, she is a friend to all and has no enemies.she is safe and clean and proud of her day in every every she is proud of her day, she is wisdom in every way too because nothing is as perfect as an angel because an angel with wings is not real..a pterodactyl is real..ha ha ha ha