Thursday, December 31, 2015

when I think about tomorrow

It is usually that I have a whole lot going on and rarely think about the very end what they will do with my meat suit. Like the whole thing is weird to me and I never think about that is never that I  should get my proper golden casket and where I will stay for the night before they dispose of my carcass.
I do not have grandiose ideas  of where I am buried.

I only talk about it because my dad, who is older in years, not that old, trust me, he is spry, my dad is consumed about the details of funeral life.
He sings at every funeral from his church so what do you want me to do?

"of course, dad, we will have your body in church for over night.:)"
"of course dad. It will be nice. Sorry no marching bad though, there will be plenty of"
Sometimes he will say that he has something to say and we all get scared..hah hahaaa We do not want to hear it because he has a good life. he forgets he has people who love him and don't want him to change.. I am saying that for many it is never enough, is it?
Old people are interesting like that. They grieve over why their kids did not follow in their path and change for them but they are too arrogant to realize they are also not willing to change for their kids..somebody is gonna be sad when they want so much from everyone while they sit on their throne of power.
Do I have daddy issues?
You bet you ass I do! I will not challenge them because I do what I want and my dad comes from a different time where Franko (that fuk)and Mussolini( dumb fuk) were prominent and people marched in line....I  have educated my self enough to where he (my dad) will not get in to a debate with me..hahaha.
I do not debate him. I always point things out... thangs that make him think.

my dad
"what do you think about Obama bowing in the mosque when he went to visit the mosque?"
"I think he did the right thing, god is everywhere and it is respectful."
He said nothing more..
A few years back...some beauty queen said some dumb thing and since they watch that tv, they were both, my mom and dad, all like "ana, what do you think about what that girl said that gays shouldn't marry?"
"what do I care about some dumb girl in a bathing suit and gown, what do I even care what she thinks?"
Next day, the beauty queen's porn pictures came
I said nothing..

Oye. I wonder if my kids think of me like this?
They are older now and I feel way better than me because they have me for a mom. My mom? Awesome mom!
I come from a long line of no bullshit wise women who can kill a snake to protect her kids. Sadly even we the strong ones, get stepped on by men and their violent ways.
My kids,
they kind of protect me now. The big boys will come over and fix things..
Thangggss, babies, thangs!

Last day of the year means nothing to a cell in our liver so don't drink too much, Morning comes fast!
Tomorrow is next year already?

Aγιoς Βασίλης έρχεται
και δεν μας καταδέχεται
από - από την Καισαρεία
είσαι αρχό - είσαι αρχόντισσα, κυρία.

we close our eyes
we rest
we just stop to grieve and dispair
no need for that
today we smile
we love and admire                                                                                                        
our family
our family our friends
the ones that enrich us
that make us laugh
that take away worry with a song
that bring us cookies and some soap
a nice cup of tea
a flurry of decadence
no regrets
you did it
put it down if it sucks
you must be your own person
no ties or chains of neglect and pain

your joy comes from you
being alert
energy radiating through your whole sphere of contentedness
us, at pure harmony with each moment
each choice

Thank  you and good morning!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Salty and more

Anastasias Witchy Winter Rose Spellbinding Potion

The interesting thing about making a potion is that you get to experience its growth and development along the way.
I knew this potion was not ready until I put all the rose in it.
I put both absolute and fragrant fruity Turkish rose. I put dragons blood slowly brewed and heated during a period of time. I also put more flowers like cassis and more rose after that.
There is a dark quality here, there is density and there is so much stability form aloeswood resin and omani frankincense.
It is so beautiful and the cardamom is best. It did what we all yearn for rose. I yearn for a winter witch
the one in my mind
she acts as if she is wise and cool
and that is because she is wise and cool
she speaks with kind words to show and contend
she thinks with logic but compassion is near
she listens with open mind and measures what is to be revered

Through the hand of time through thoughts of mine
to all good hearts that we should all entwine
like a web of good fortune
like a tree that bears delicious fruit
always replenishing each season
always more goodness
more happiness
more appreciation for our wondrous experiences together

the love I share shows itself easily and often, through each look in to your eyes
the forgiveness we give so freely having bled from too many dangerous pokes with spikes
having shed all guilt to glide through our days
having our family always remember not to have too much faith in dumb lies, look at me and tell me you are mine.:)))

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

imagine working together for our best things in 2016 whatever that means

to me it means living clean....

to many today...
 not tasting food anymore, not caring about others anymore, not caring about the mess they leave behind when they go
and not knowing real leather scent because all they know is that fake horrid crap I smell most of the time.
I mean, what is leather scent?

In the old days when men and women had to use botanicals for treating animal skins, you had plenty of leather, some was smokey because of birch and some leather was spicy sweet with hints of flowers.
We can go back as far as the 16th century where we will find that the rich had scented soft gloves which were treated with ambergris, musk, civet and other botanicals to cover up the animal smell of animal skin...with more animal scent?

Obviously we have found better ways to treat animal skins..I like a cloth glove myself and always have.
Let me say, the smell of boots and horses is what I like.
"I am a dog, as keen as can be, is there room on that horse for a gal like me?"
(room on a broom reference, I love that little film.))) it is on Netflix..

My sweet girl in Guam wants more of that vetiver dragons's invocation soap I made this year, too. I will try to make more but I think I worked on that spell for about a year before I used the material. Dragon's blood takes a long time to do what he does.
We will see, I have an Oud Rose brewing too. Wintry, spicy and rosey..mmmmm  I put cassis and sandalwood and myrrh and I put rose. Next I will add cardamom and cassis to divine a fruity note off the top. How about I don't forget the citrus top note. Bergamot, lemon, orange blossom?
I just took a big breath and will continue to think this over today. My words are strong with truth and I am like water smooth and calm water.
Wait, I am a keen as can be...

These little nuggets are a lovely taste of ylang ylang and orange blossom patchouli and a little bit rose and sandalwood.
Bitch Nuggets
Sweet Witch, (that is me) Bitch Nuggets (that is me)
It is actually Lilith Rising Soap...

Monday, December 28, 2015

Icy Winter Day and which soap to have made

I should say Witch Soap, ha ha ha!

I had a good day. I made some really delicious soap and it turned out so good because I got to use this really thick olive oil from Greece and it always makes for a nice greener looking soap.
I made a  raw cocoa butter and shea oatmeal soap with lavender vanilla and a little bit patchouli. I made it with so much shea butter which was in itself enriched with organic rose hip seed oil and a few other very nice fatty acids.  I also made more patchouli soap. I used really rich glorious patchouli oil, the dark one.

I love oatmeal in a bar of nice creamy soap. I want the lather to be thick and foamy. I love cocoa butter too, it just has to be blended with some nice smelling oils. The last soap I made with cocoa butter didn't even stay on the menu two days. We will see how long this one makes it. I used the last of my vanilla in there because I wanted it to be sweet. I also swirled honey all over the top and allowed that to bake in the soap as goes to gel phase. I really love the way honey smells when combined with other pleasant ingredients that accept honey as a friend.

I am so excited about the season coming. Yes, Happy New Year, and the other one, the sexy one, the one which promises spring and flowers and really good pregnant ideas!

I am working on a new blend with greener notes. I am excited about it because green notes are not the easiest and so we will have an adventure on how many things green I can produce to entice and enrich all of our lives, if only for a brief moment in time.

Green notes can be tricky. In perfumery, they use synthetics and blend them with citrus and bamm!
In natural scents we use green notes from nature, like green tea, like petitgrain and like lemongrass.
I have not always loved the lemongrass but it has its place.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

glorious and grand

Do you know what I find glorious? Great food and a home where people are comfortable to say and think they way they do and no one is freaking out about each other.
 I usually get that here and for that I am very grateful! Grateful indeed!
Right now I am making potatoes and they smell so good. I will brew up a pot of oolong tea and relax a little before I go and face the outside world.
To remain in my glorious state, I will continue to read and learn about love, life, humans, and all the so called mysteries we humans refuse to shed. "Go in to the light", I say!

Someone called me a republican the other day and I lost sleep, I was so pissed!  I get called names on line all the time and they never hurt as much as that slur on my character! They next day another person said I was a liberal and my ideas sucked! I got in their face because fool me one time, shame on you, fool me two times, shame on me!
I will tell you all that I am not a republican and never will be. I am not a democrat and never will be. I am a socialist modern socialist liberal. I insist that we review the idea that 10% of all humans  have all the wealth and get to control not only the  media but almost every aspect of our lives and what we should be wanting and doing!
In modern socialism like they have in Iceland, they worked out  the dictator like aspects of what old socialists used to live by. It  was still 10% of the wealth and power enslaving the rest..
I will continue to change and reflect on my mistakes where guilt and penance plays no part on my daily life because I think about every action and therefore respect my decisions!
Modern day socialism like in Northern Europe is different. We have learned not to, I should say they have learned not to rely on banks and governments for every aspect of their lives. Plus they are generally healthier and happier..these are ideas we should be considering.

Republicans lack empathy, totally and completely.
Democrats, they lack compromise.
Modern day educated socialism doesn't care about just one person or one group, they care about everybody.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

bitchin full moon on christmas

And everyone was amazed that on a holy day we had a Cancer Full Moon.
I did not think too much of it a mystical thing at all, remember that The holy days have changed through the years and not until about 1600 years ago  did The Romans name December 25 as the birth date of Jesus. No one really knows!
They had to unify everyone so they could count them and make them pay taxes to the kings of each generation.

Then, there is the Pope who  says words and claims  things,  like,  why we should have mercy and how we live in access. Coming from the wealthiest little country on earth that is really ballsy to say. the Vatican is shrouded in secrecy and pagan rituals and has more money than God and yet,  we need to live with less?
I get it. We should have mercy and live with less.
But it does not make us better or closer to salvation.
These ideas are fear tactics made up of men who used this power to control the flock.
When is the last time you saw sheep anywhere?

The sheep
The groups
The people

Ah, I will stop.

People get all hurt when you point out obvious flaws in the whole Jesus thing.
We are pagans though and if you believe that mythical being exist and can help you, then who am I but someone who does not believe in angels.
I never saw a winged creature floating in the sky. No, I never have! How about you?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happiest Of Holidays to you!

Warm fuzzy sweaters and hot drinks in your hands my friends. You smelling really good and people coming near you to say so.
The food enticing and rich flavors all around.
Like  a soul cake..
Soul Cake Sting
I love this song so much and thought I would share the feeling it invokes.
It is ok that it is about Jesus and what he stood for,  we love that.
Happy Christmas
Happy Festivus
and Yule

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tobacco Vanille

This blend is euphoric because of the exquisite dry off on the skin.
Vanilla, with vetiver and coffee and a sweetness from the tobacco is just so lovely. 

smokey powdery sweet and sultry deep

A winters day in a deep and dark December

I got some cute jars at the store last night and thought they were so cute. I was seduced by jars at the TJ Max!

I had a little beeswax left and made them like this.
With frankincense, patchouli, cedarwood and labdanum and also spruce and fir from Canada.
I love this scent combo and only wish I had more elemi to put in it. These will burn clean. I love that.

I am giving these as gifts to friends and family but you can make candles so easily if you have the right jars or molds.

 December Day Blend
1/2 ounce frankincense Somalia
1/8 once spruce
1/8 ounce fir
1/8 ounce cedarwood, Virginia
1/16 ounce labdanum
1/2 ounce patchouli
1 drop rose absolute
No top note? Beeswax is a top note, here:)

Monday, December 21, 2015

winter's festivus

We do gather together to ask to live another winter, we still do.

In the city where the air is dense with chemical molecules and in the country too. Humans die in the cold. That is why we keep a safe shelter for each other. Why cities spread far and wide.

We gather together to enjoy each other's family and say thank you to our mothers. I told my mom the other day, I tell her a lot of things..I said she was a good mother to us and always made sure to tell us how it is.
I suppose she might have even raised us to believe in santa claus, but we did not have that in the village, we had agios nicolaos, the black robed saint who brought cookies and cakes in January and we got to sing about him coming. It seems like we sang a lot as children, I remember when I was six or seven and I sang all the time. badly..I always got excited about cinnamon on my rice pudding and my aunties said I was greedy for it. I am still greedy for the best things and I want them all the time.

Find out what makes you happy and do that. Each day do something which gets you closer to things you want for next year and the one after that. I am looking at 8 years out at the moment.

We gather together to ask each other forgiveness and our words should be like water and not always like swords or stuck in the mud or a heap of sand or raging like fire. Yes, I have just named four elements..but there is so much more to say on that, my favorite subject, physics. the real, 'force"!

We gather together because there are many things we have stowed for the deep chill. If we were in the mountains, we (you and me) would have a fire in every room and for sure, ducks and chickens down the road. They would be happy,  we can all  be happy. That is my point.

My plans for this winter are to make more interesting beautiful soap and rejoice in my abilities some more and of course. I will clean and organise more too.

I have an awesome menu right now and that makes me happy.
Here is a shea butter recipe I composed  for a client. It is so fantastic and fresh!

step one mix your favorite carriers with your essential oils.

I used,  organic sunflower, organic sesame(not too much), organic argan, organic jojoba and organic rose hip seed oil and a drop or organic olive oil. It is nice on its own just the way it is. I made an 8 ounce bottle of this one. The olive oil may sound weird but it adds natural tocopherols and palmitic acid which is a nice binder, like an emulsifier.

ruby red grapefruit peel oil  1/4 ounce
distilled lime oil 1/8 ounce
one drop jasmine
one drop ylang ylang complete
one drop black pepper
one drop frankincense

Step two, in a glass bowl which is in water,get your shea together and begin to slowly melt the shea.
when it is liquid, put it in the freezer.
Just when it starts to go solid, you begin to whip with your stick whisking attachment
(I have one just for shea butter and nothing else.)
Now slowly drizzle in your carrier blend and continue to whisk until it is creamy and smooth.

Bright, sunny, warm and yummy so why not try some on your tummy?
If we were in the mountains....

Saturday, December 19, 2015

pour a bunch of orange blossom

I love oils so much!
Orange blossom and patchouli.
That is what I am wearing and it is fantastic.
Once in a while I get island rain and hot scent of afternoon flowers at other times.
You have to have lived or visited a tropical zone to know what I mean but there is a weird scent on some afternoons in the tropics. It has to be the right amount of moist and hot in the air and you will smell ylang ylang for many yards away and I hear one can smell champaca flower by much more than that.

I just recieved like 8 small samples of many different ylang ylang distillations. They are all amazing but I love the organic simple one most. Clean, sweet, exotic are some words that come to mind!
Since I have all this orange blossom, I will combine orange blossom with ylang ylang..I will wait and then make a balm, if you like it, you'll have one too, I will then make something with honey and oats and orange blossom mint, yes, mint, but only a hint
like the time I put the vetiver with rosemary and it made everything better
and maybe I will put a drop or two orange blossom and cinnamon
maybe I will
oh, yes, how about with lime and grapefruit to add depth and courage to say words calmly yet with real force as to spread great things as the seed themselves and become what they will become..

I love oils!

Friday, December 18, 2015

if I hear one more time that the jews killed jesus

Let us get things clear before we forget real Festivus, which is what Christmas  was until Constantine became christian and changed the names but kept all the good stuff...I just need to organize it in words and this is a way to clear the air..if we ever can clear the air  from the "believers" that profess stupid things, like a 6 thousand year earth..ha ha ha, please no, and it is the zirconium which finally settles that garbage. It breaks down very slow, very very slow and we can measure that! 4.9 billion years old, Earth is.

See when soldiers take over your cities and towns, they do bad stuff and in ancient times it was worse because there was no running water and people suffered more and died young. During the time of Jesus and many like him, Apocalyptic preachers. There were many pagan  spiritual groups and no one cared about each other's gods. They were basically  at war each other before the Romans got there which they did and they stayed for many years, many many years.
People began forming groups that were apocalyptic in themes of how they would escape this horrid life with these awful dictators, killing, raping and stealing from the townsfolk.
I know it must have been bad because my parents told me stories of the German occupation in Macedonia when they were children. men do bad things when they can.
This horrid life it was too. So, when Jesus died, he really was not the only one. There were many apocalyptic preaches in the day. I am not saying he wasn't the most popular. I mean the guy was great. He could walk on water, they say.
In modern times, today, they lie in every newspaper, you gonna buy that one from 2000 years ago?

 For about seventy years, they told the stories, by mouth, and they told them some more until one day a brilliant Jew who worked for the Romans, named Saul decided to formulate a club to bring some happiness in  the world..well, that is after he killed a guy for telling Jesus stories, yea, after that because the holy spirit, see? It was common, you see, in their culture, they did it all the time and still do because you know,..what ever!
He changed his name to Paul and started groups everywhere around the area and they still had big parties and sex and stuff and he got mad at them and wrote letters about heaven and how good it was going to be when they died, so they all prayed and prayed and wanted to die and they wanted everyone else to die too, so that they could all finally be happy in heaven with god.
Later, some preacher type guys wrote the story bout Jesus and how it went down..(matthew, Mark, Luke and John)also created a hell based on Jesus's teachings where if you are a sinner which you all are, they there is the other place where you are torchered and forever, unless you bow down, submit, give up and all that, to the glory of god.
Many people liked the feeling of glory and heaven and holy spirit so they came to the events held by Paul. He told them how to live right so they could be accepted to heaven. He showed them how to be obedient if they were slaves and women to sit on the floor and cover their heads because god hates them a little bit that is why they bleed every month so when they bleed they cannot receive the blood of Jesus.
In the early days they were accused of cannibalism and orgies because of the "Take this, my body" "this is my blood"
After that, they  cleared the air and things became more organized until about 150 years after Jesus died, a cleric for one of the branches wrote a letter to The Jews, "why did you deny our lord, why did you kill him?"  It spread like wildfire between already ignorant people! That dude he blamed them. He blamed the Jews for Jesus's death and it was The Romans all day! This has continued as a feeling for hundred of years and I am not accepting the lies anymore! Do not say ignorant uneducated things before you know the real story!

"Well, The Jews killed Jesus"
"No they didn't, The Romans did it"
"Yea but, stammer stammer, they made it happen"
"no they didn't, they couldn't, they were an occupied country, it is a fact, they may have not liked him very much. I mean  he showed up in town on a donkey followed by a hoard with palms and singing, How was he now going to hide anywhere in that town where he was captured. There is some theory that states that Judah was really a representation of The Jews in this story because they needed to blame someone." And "Born is the king of Bethlehem", was born!
Gotta bow down to something all the time, minnion?
"humanity has bowed down enough!"
"I am going to pray for you"
"don't pray for me, who do you think you are, some one closer to the divine source than myself?"
"no, I'll still pray for you"
I am still pissed at the shear arrogance!
So I told her of my love of the facts and history and how I have been everything and am already everything..dumb ass, she'll never know me!
Cute girl too! She told me her story.
She made a deal with God so that he would not give her a deformed baby that she would have to love but knew that she could not love so she prayed and told him  that if he gave her and healthy baby, she would follow him and believe and he made good on the deal she told me.
"you made a deal with god?"
"Yes, that is the power of the holy spirit."


Some of you may think that I am not spiritual any more or I should not be saying bad thing about Christ. I am not, I am not also, lying about it either. I have never even when I was a Jesus freak in the seventies, never have I had a relationship with him. He was alive 2000 years ago, get over it! I was always talking to myself. Even now I do. Who else is there?

**I use this blog to speak to myself and mediate on my thoughts for the day or week. It is not meant to harm or destroy anyone's faith or spiritual path but here for me, to sort things and share a thought or two with you.
Happy Festivus

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Raw cacao butter peppermint and oats

so now quentin is a cop hater

They are calling Quentin Tarantino all sorts of know the hoard of zombies on line who hate everything and when they really hate you they say bad things about every part of you.
Who are these fucks? These trolls, these horrible watchers of hangings? How many people showed up to watch women being burned, I wonder? Well, these are the same kind of people..
I do not know but maybe Quentin has the balls to say what is on his mind and now he is a cop hater!
How silly!
Have we forgotten that cops have not always been helpful? That they hide behind trees to make 95 dollars at least per car that goes over? That they can raid your house and take your kids?
That they can tear up the house when they come and leave you wrecked? That they shot an 11 year old boy playing by himself in the park because they couldn't bother to get out of the car?
That so many black men are in jail over pot? yes, pot! Anything they can get people on they will..
I do not want them., I do want responsible humans around me  to where I do not need a cop, but there have been times they were helpful I guess.
Like the time I thought I was having a home birth and then I panicked because I really couldn't tell how dilated I was and thought it best that I go to hospital, they came for that and looked thoroughly throughout  my home to see how we lived. We passed that one!
How soon we have forgotten all sorts of messes for the last two years and thank goodness we have Jihadi to hate now because the cops are now good?
The fuks. You give a gun to a man and he will kill with it. They act different and I am afraid of all of them and even when I am being helped by them..true.

The thing with Quentin is he might be an ass, I do not really know him but he might be an ass..

To my daily mind I will say this;
Be nice is all am saying..yea? Be nice to each other, respectful and gracious and smiling always leads to more smiles and then nobody is gonna go to jail or die.
Maybe do not go to every hanging or witch burning. maybe stay home and make cake or a nice cup of tea...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

quiet december

We are all quiet and poignantly attending to our tasks. This is good because when ever there is a rough phase the thoughtful calmitude liners and makes us quiet.
In my case a just a wee bit ha
I am having a  saturn in the twelfth house phase. I am observing from my inner self all of the things in my world and from this vantage point, all I can do, is think some more.

I have been listening to music again after a long 12 years only sanskrit chanting phase.It is my I Phone, it does everything!
 I am in to The Dixie Chicks and Adele right now, don't judge me!
I  was like, "what the fuk, "hello"?"
It grows on you and you can do chores and sing along.
Who am I to say? Choose your own songs. I love The Dixie Chicks!
cowboy take me away
Yes, it is dated. We, as women in 2015, we do not yearn to be coddled or taken anywhere as we enjoy having led the way all along!
Still, there was laundry to be sorted and sort I have, as everything is looking really good and I love that!

I hope you have enjoyed my soapmaking this last year.
 I have added many new names to my lovelist and some have just faded but they always come back.

I just washed my hands with Ghost of Frankincense and it is still on my skin. I used  so much frankincense in that batch! You are gonna love it if you already bought one.
This batch is almost gone so if you like the frankincense, you will freak out when you try this!
ghost of frankincense

I am making one more batch of soap tonight and then we will see about next week. Thank you for all of orders so far, they are very nice. Thank you!

 felicitous fox soap


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Love from the outside Blend

A new blend I am conjuring...

top notes

somewhat in the middle..
carnation ( have a little)
cinnamon bark
jasmine grand
ceadrwood (texas)

Base and best part

( I will add a few drops of a leather blend that is complex on its own so I will not list everything it took to make leather scent with only is not exactly what I is very close to perfect)

Nobility in Soapmaking

It is funny to say it but I think like anything, it qualifies to be grouped and sorted in a cliche of some sort.
Take the cute soapmakers who love to use more art in their soap ,like cupcake soap, or smiling soap or dr who soap, star wars soap..the list goes on and on.
And why shouldn't they make soap look like pop corn or a tree. I like shapes too, I like the beeswax one that people are making lotion bars with..
I do not care for lotion bars, yuk! You have this wad of fat in your hands and it melts and gets all gunky and collects skin particles each time to use it. They are small but I know they are there.:)
"OCD much, ana?"
ha ha ha
I know you may have your own thing about germs. I am never as clean as I want to be and that is another rant.
Nobility in soapmaking is my theme this morning.
Nobility in soapmaking?

It really comes down to aromatherapy and what you do with oils and how practical you will be in the final product.
I am working on new thing for next year already.
This last year, I have found a new passion for Guerlain and what he used to do with oils. He was a master of blending and I will continue to strive and study his mastery next year and beyond.
He loved vetiver, you know! He also used plenty of oakmoss and labdanum. As I grow to understand his blends, I now realize how much labdanum one really needs to make a proper chypre with just the right amount of bergamot and rose with just the right amount of patchouli. He did use animal extracts. Musk and civet.
I would not mind having a little musk, I have never had any real musk. Remember Jovan Musk?
I wore that in 9th grade and the boys would go mad and follow me home and call me "Stashi"
I thought they hated me but my mom said they were boys and that is what they do.:)

I feel I can add Nobility to soap making. I have earned my place in aromatherapy too. No, I do not broadcast and belong to any group of perfumers. That is not my plan. I am not able to meet their criteria because they might feel they are more noble that me..maybe they are. I feel pretty dam noble though! lol
Plans for improvement for the next year include a more defined plan of operation
hand written recipes of some like I used to do when I cooked.
I would take hours each morning before I cooked so that I could make the very best meals for my guests. I did a really good job. I realized that while presentation is a  big element to acceptance, taste and smell is that hold one down. I wanted to watch them eat my food like I am telling a story. Each bite representing an emotion.
The first bite being light, salty and only a couple of tastes in order to bring excitement..
Next is rich attracting savory sweet like a bright song, like a dance with a lover that by the third course, you are in deep commitment to relish and expand your mind and join with the feeling of deliciousness, your mouth so delighted with flavors and your body settling in to and achieving high expectations of satisfaction...
sleepy now, you rest a little before I bring out a masterpiece confection and you spirits lift in time to dive in and be completely sated..mmmmmm

Soap should be like  that..

Sunday, December 13, 2015

the thing you choose

That chosen thing should be for the best results not because you think because you are special that you will have it and get away with whatever you are trying to sneak away with.

It was a very intense new moon, I must say. The whole thing was intense for two weeks prior and then it was like a wave or something but reckon we must or perish in a web of muck and deception and  twisting of words to get away with not suffering, but suffer all must!
The great philosophers were always spewing about happiness but I have come to a conclusion being that I have heavy Saturn aspects in my life, I have come to know that the suffering is important. Coloring your life happy is not real and you must be real and accept the chaos and the sudden pains that will come for one reason or another.
I say this as well, "reasons are bullshit!"
If you make something your priority, all your intentions are clear.
Intending now health vibes to all, and creative forces to wash us all with joyful words coming form that and even in the chaos we can look at the near future and not be stuck in a void of hatred and anger for the smallest of human violations!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Paper, great holiday

I have been thinking. I know I think too much but this time I was thinking that we stress too much  over this one day. We scrimp and save and carry on about how stressed we are and that to top that off, our kids have finals and that is even worse, they are locked away in their room studying!
That and if you are in the retail business, you get to see the ugliest of humans come now and again.

I am telling you the truth on that one! You know it too, because many of you deal with the "public"
It is crazy how not so smart people can be and bullies they are, bullies.
Yesterday, I feel like I had my usual poise and then Bamm, some dumb ass comes in and gets all bitchy to me and I would not have minded but she was bitchy to her husband in front of me and that is  a big no no in my book.
He had to stammer and when he offered a book for them to read together, she got are in his face and started saying things.meanwhile I am standing la la la
"I want organic hand lotion!"
"ma'm I have only  one kind that is "organic" and yet I feel  the one that is natural has better fats."
"it doesn't say hand, it says hand and body!"
I looked at her in the eyes and kindly said, in my deep bedroom voice, "listen!"
"they are labeled that because it is the same category.."hand and body" see?"
I showed the really good one with shea and cocoa butter.."no, it is too oily!"
And I thought to myself as I gladly walked away from that one, "lady, your skin is a dry desert  so how is anything going to soak in that?  I might add, as well as your heart and you are a bully to your man, poor guy"

It is nice to come home and be free from all that. It is really nice to be able to make things that are wonderful and clean and smell delicious.
I am glad I have chosen this very special path. I feel that aromatherapy skin care attracts a special person, smart and funny and well informed on small details of poise and grace.That is us babies! Don't worry, we are not wimps, we growel if need be.
Oh,, and I am getting new paper this week and when I go to the paper place, everyone is so nice. The kind of humans that go there are not driven by hate or greed or their gods, they want good paper for their art..we do!
Have a wonderful day, I have to pack a few orders..
Thank you for all of your orders! Thank you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

essence of earth soap and oil special

I worked and worked at my job and now it is time to nurture some ideas while I was working.

Did I ever tell you I love to rap in my head while processing 50 or so boxes of stuff for my job?

You know.."my name is annie and I am here to say
I love your face and  that makes my day
I walk around smiling over something you'd say, ha ha ha ha
the laughter, it is best
because we always speak kindly and that makes us glad..
makes us glad not sad
makes us happy to say more
to give back
to always say thank you
to always forgive
do better now
make good things for your kids
my kids your kids
we love them most and each day, we have tea and toast

I will stop for  now to share my new soap with you.

I love this image and it is the reason I chose it because it invokes a vibration of what I may be feeling and wish to impose on my mind as I conjure this brew for us.

 Vetiver and Oakmoss
A good dose of Black Spruce and Canadian Fir
Now I will add one drop tonka and black pepper and then I will add a drop or two()) geranium bourbon..and now I will say more kind words with 
powerful notions carried by the smallest of particles..
warm woody and crisp and a little spicy too.
I call it "wolf witch" in my mind.
She rides a wild at times and knows how to control the most savage creatures 
harness what is useful for the good of all, 
good will to all
good health to all
prosperity to all
self realization to all

Sunday, December 6, 2015

up in them hills you need a gun for squirrels or zombies

Here in Livonia Michigan, you do not. You may be a hunter I suppose, there are still a few left and for a registered killing implement should be registered and you should definitely keep all the rules regarding guns.
You do not put on  top of the fridge and hope for the best because out of 100 people with guns in the house, one or two will be careless. The 3 year old gets because you fell asleep watching Wendy and now dead baby! You suck!
What do you need a gun for in Farmington, Michigan where that weird big lipped lady(she used to shop at my store), she shot her husband in the back as he was leaving her..she got a gun to kill him and herself!
A baby just got killed by some ass hole in Detroit with a gun and you never even heard about it did you?
That is because it has not been talked about enough.
I know because I work with some people who live with other people who have had loss because of guns and shootings! They talk about it in the break room!
"what do you need a gun for", I asked them!
They stay quiet and say nothing to me because they know, almost every one has one where they live!

How do you feel knowing a dumb ass 18 year old has a gun and a couple of women with kids and he has friends with guns and they often take drugs too? How would you feel as a mom or dad raising educated kids knowing they were there?
What do you need a gun for?
Personally, I think you should have one stowed away in case of a zombie apocalypse, but otherwise no. You cannot have it handy just in case you go in to a rage because your woman voted or your girl looked a man passing by and start shooting everyone!

"Holy Shithoard, Jesus and what the fuk, Buddha, there Dali!!!" 
(((("Do you all think maybe we can start working on this big one here next, I know you are busy looking at us jerk offs down here begging and pleading and wearing robes to please you and hide from evil..come now and free the zombie hoard and lead them to a happy life to roam in the sea..."))))

See, the issue is that you want to be able to have a gun or maybe two because you are free and in control of your destiny. You have to also practice and alway remain in control because it is not reparable in most cases like if you cut yourself, you'll get a band aid and some soap..guns kill every why do you need a loaded one all the time?

After learning about current events  this last few weeks, I have been forced to look at what is up with the planet. I know, it is sort of interesting in that I can turn to this archetypal type study and still turn my back on religion and the hokus pokus of modern day wizardry..
So I looked to see where the planets were and how the angles presented themselves before me by looking at the magnetism!
Mars square Pluto..woa!! I know now why, why the emotion and reaction by lower types!
Mars square Pluto is wild and angry too.
Mars square Pluto blurting out truths
Mars square Pluto proclaiming and chanting and hiding from pain
Mars square Pluto sex and losing old lovers like pain being shed
Like rain washing away bad deeds but in this case it is dry wind and ice which leaves little cuts
cuts in our our psyche and our emotions because words are like swords
haunting us about what could have beens and yet having too far been cleansed of all the past decisions which  now we carry with us as remnants what what we were and they pile up like rags  and here we are now, drenched and dripping and yet cold  inside over our earthly hive our hurting earth..
when they argue about this and that and blow black smoke and holler their words to us which are like drugs really, they incite and react violently with their words and refuse to back away and some one sheds  more blood to stop the whole mess and now we ponder and think about what could have been with out knowing they whys of what already are
we guard our gods in case they see our real doubts in our hearts..
Think how she might be feeling right now as she constantly sees you looking at the beyond when she has been here all along creating your existence..
our hive, our earth
our home must breath as she spins and carries us through time
what will we become?
what are we becoming?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

space stuff

Back to me

There is a new special brewing, I am so excited. It may be my last holiday offering  and it will be special.

Black Divine Face Scrub
Myrrh and Pink Lotus Balm with rose hip oil and argan and brazilian green propolis
Apple cider vinegar face toner with lavender and clary sage

Black Divine Face Scrub
activated charcoal
rhassoul clay
Brazilian green propolis
organic ground quinoa
rose hip oil, organic
honey, local and beautifully rich with summertime flowers
50 mls

Myrrh and Pink Lotus Balm
local beeswax
organic olive oil
organic rose hip oil
organic argan oil
pink lotus absolute
one drop of this and that
50 mls

There will be a free gift of apple cider vinegar with lavender and clary refreshing and wonderful anytime you need a lift
organic apple cider vinegar (Braggs)
lavender mailette
organic clary sage

happy words

Do you now, think I rant too much? I must! This is my way to unload some thoughts which stay with me at night while I sleep.
WTF in the news, yo!?

You give an already violent man willing to kill, a gun and then tell him to do it because God and us and them theology, and you have horrible things happen. Grow the fuk up! Who the fak  are you?

 Killing is not the way
and Christians you too
put away the pitch forks any time someone questions your god
and do not say it is the devil because that is your demi god too
I wont follow such violent gods, I won't
I will ask why he has not helped anyone
not even the jews (chosen people, wow, arrogant much?))when they were being slaughtered

this violence must end
it must start here
Every human has a voice, that is the point
and that fuking brother who shot his sister because she went to vote! Now hiding running like a a book!

How about a man to be a real man and tell me something warm and good about myself?
If you came to yell and deny facts or give me reasons
Well, reasons are bullshit it is your intentions and what your priorities are...that shows me who you are
and if your religion denies you freedom from showing your hair or some other dumb thing, maybe they are wrong, yo! Maybe these rules do not fit and now look at what..shame up on your family and loss, is that what you want?

Fraking free will you say? How Is it free my friends?
How when there is a lingering doubt? How when there is a punisher who never protects..not one time! And She our real mother  Earth, spins and breathes and clears the way for the new.

It is the law of cause and effect. Change the cause, we must! Do tell your children that this is no way to live. Empower women so that they have a choice.
Do not say for me not to say things because that is why I came in this say what will not be whimper the words which should not be whimpered,  they should be asked and said, and boldly pondered up on, yes, yes we ought to ask things which would never have been asked before..before we knew it is our choice to live free and making our mind up towards the best things.
Who am I to say these words right now?
Do I wake up in the morning with anger against my fellow man or woman?
No way baby.
I want us all to work and live really well and eat good food. yes, middle eastern food!
Who do you think made that taste..women? There are many factors in taste and I for one love strongly flavored foods with good bread.
That may be another rant here soon.

Religion Poisons Everything

"don't say that!"
"why not, I have many examples of how believing in religious gods destroys common sense"
"no, no, don't say that!"
"I must say it, because it is true."
"no no my god is real"
"so you think there is more than one?"
"There are none because I do not know what is after we die and I do not want to waste time, now"
"don't get mad"
"I am not mad"


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fame Throwers

I just read this article again because it was read to me to agree with this president and how he feels students today are self absorbed and want to politicise everything.

This article broke my heart a little. The anger that comes out of this presidents head is astounding to me. He, instead of taking compassion and really understanding someone in a christian way, he scolds him for having the feelings! Good one! Maybe this guy was abused as a child and does not like being touched? So the only one that can play the hurt feelings card is the only one saying they have the card..humnn?
When I brought up my concerns about this mans insensitivity, my reader said I could not say certain things about religion and scripture. I said that Religion poisons everything because it causes exclusivity to happen.
Of course I can say that! Look at them, all eager to blow themselves up so that they cover their women  or in our western way,  subtly chastise the rest of us for not being as equal as the men..No more!

Freedom of Speech, 100%
Maybe I do not want to hug everyone  next to me? People carry germs, dummy!
No, this guy tore the person who dared to come to him with this small matter..Let us all remember this tyrant next time we have an issue to discuss.
Corinthians 13 or it if you want to and reflect if it still has the same meaning for you as it would have 2000 years ago. See if the believers of today have more of a chance in the afterlife as you do. see if you yourself may feel as long as you two the line you will go to heaven as long as you're reverent enough you will see god through meditation. The list goes on as my mind can conjure all these ways that we humans make real enough to hate anything that questions your ways?

"'open up, let me in"
"because of what I am going to do to you if you do not let me in"

I think we are reborn through the memory in our cells and that is amazing and have no idea about what will happen after my death. I know that My bridges are are steady and strong and I hope we've met there and passed one another often smiling as we pass.
I hope in your heart that you do but the group thing has changed. We are not hiding from the Romans. We are working and making money and living beautifully as we should at our age.
 Maybe focus on your family and that is church..I find that real love never admonishes when compassion needed.
true love is there for you with an open ear
not ready to scorn because you are different
Real love is healthy
honest and does not need public ridicule or yelling at each other of  who is jesus and what he meant,
it is about showing up in the middle of the night and showing your loved ones that you care
always in doing without expectations that you will get the same and yet the law of attraction brings the same and more


"If science proves Buddhism is wrong then Buddhism will have to change"
Dali Lama

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December One One Poem a Saying

Priestesses richly adorned,
Anointed with myrrh, perfumed with lotus,
Their heads garlanded with wreaths,
All together drunk with wine,
Fragrant with the plants of Punt,
They danced in beauty, doing my heart's wish,
Their rewards were on their limbs.

Tomb of Wennefer
M. Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, Vol. 3. p.56

Same as we ever were, Start To Finish Whew, it is over for 6 weeks so now we can move on from high expectations Walking Dead Reviews 608

I love The Walking Dead!
I love Robert Kirkman's writing style, and his ability to make a story. Unfortunately people want more now. They cannot wait for anything. Suddenly the story seems dry and unexciting.
We were kind of expecting too much if we listen to reviewers on line. They cannot wait to write about it and tear it a part. I disagree with them. They must love to be first to say things and  remark on their regrets. of course there are many! The story can't always fit your expectations and it is a story!!
It is a story, yo. There are no zombies. never will be, so stop saying how this guy is dumb or they should have done this and feeling tricked  or how they should have done something else. I do it too, I suppose!

They could entertain us with a thousand different varieties of how a person would react if everyone he loved died and worse yet wants to eat them so they go around chopping zombie heads and most  people are have become  vicious and mean. (oh, just like the internet commenters)
That all said, it is a cliche in a way. We want the hero, but when he fails a little we are pissed. (unless it is God, then it is a mystery why he does things)

Start to Finish brings us to the part of the story that was a little boring to me, so I am looking forward to the next episode when Abraham may use the flame thrower on those boys in the road and come home and re-group. I love me the violence and strategies!
The story has a whole lot of things going on. It does not help that I do not love any of the new characters no, not even Tovah/Deanna. Going to the baby when she is about to turn, my goodness, these people suck!
I am concerned about Ron, he is still going to do wrong, because he is an ass hole and should have been watching his brother instead of being an ass hole!
The little fuck, what a creeper and Jessie just whining, "oh let's pretend we are brave."
I would be like,
"Keep your eyes open or you are going to die baby and  turn off the fucking music, now come over here and be a boy, hear me!"

No, Jessie,  just hide him in his his room so you can baby sit for Carol! Ha!
The thing with Carol went like I thought. She keeps her eyes open and followed stupid ass freaking Morgan who is an ass of the greatest proportions!

I was so bereft when it was over. I felt like we lost time on insignificant things and people. 90 minutes for Morgan? I could do without it and have kept the goat safer than that! Right when the cheese was getting good too!
The last 8 episodes happened in a short space of time. Like a few days and nights. They were only a few miles from home when Glen didn't die.
So again, we are talking about very short time span and really guys, what do we want from Rick?
He is good enough, he isn't good enough.

"your dad is a killer"
"so was yours"

Rick is a killer/hero because he can cross a line when need be and come back somehow, each time getting more and more resolve to continue on and protect his people. He sort of knew that they would have to adjust in this new community but trouble is always around the corner and he is edgy about it.
This whole season, I feel we lost him because it was not the tight bond he had formed with his crew.  They were off finding themselves. Now, it is time to do what you came for Sasha. there is a reason to live some more.  Abraham found those weapons and they will use them.. there was a reason there was a garbage dumpster Glen and Nick climbed on and there is always hope.
Rick, he must continue to be the hero and tougher still.
He kept the priest alive and that guy fucked him over in the end, and then people died.
He is forgiving when he sees it will be for the good.  I bet some of us would not have been.

Back to Morgan... is he going to learn to survive without his dependency to devote everything to it?
Kill everything~ Kill nothing..And Carol, why could she not wait a few hours before pulling a knife??
Now look, the doctor  chick is good as dead out there, "mom" boy is gonna get himself killed, I bet the whole lot of them will die and by then, Glen will have devised a lure for the herd and the whole thing will play out..we will meet Negan.
Sam and Dean's dad from Supernatural. My teen girls loved that show!

Any thoughts?