Sunday, June 30, 2013

after bat guano

lady sunflowers after days of rain
I wonder what they'll do. I started them late from seeds, but I figure they'll grow by late September..
I'll keep showing you..

I went to the hydroponic store to get the organic food for my plants..that place was cool..bat guano all over the place in neatly arrange packaging..little grow light set ups, big set ups..:)
I bought an organic liquid and a bag of dry guano. You just mix it with water and feed your plants.
I was inspired to get it because I saw some plants that were fed with actually giant strawberries from one or two plants..
my plants so far make small tart berries because I have been only using compost..gardening is all about learning, changing, clearing, constant clearing and then feeding the plant. they like it when you pay attention to them..
and every time I pluck a weed, I wonder how smart they are, they make themselves look like your plant so you are always surprised when they've grown enough and then you see them...I have tried mulching and only by the sunflowers to keep the heat down. It seems silly to be paying for decorations and dirt..but pay we must since there aren't any horses nearby anymore, no chickens either. I think you can have 3 chickens in Livonia. Still, like I need one more thing to do, right?

I am feeling this Mercury retro big time.

friendly faces re telling
forgetting the telling
remembering the goodness
forgetting the whys
remembering the be causes
self glorification
rudeness again

me, "hello ma am, how can I help you?"
the lady, " why is there no expiration date on this extract?"

"this company abides by herbalist standards, therefore, does not put an expire date but they do put a date when the item was prepared"
the lady,
"no, don't tell me, I am a pharmacist, I know, there has to be a date!!"
me in my head,
"hey how about you educate yourself on herbs and stop being rude??"
"how do you get to be a jerk, how?
Go to the companies web site if you care so much..why are you putting your ignorance on me and my service abilities. You are a pharmacist but do not own a computer..humm
Do you get up in the morning and decide to be mean and nasty to everyone you meet?
Are you so self glorified that, you cannot imagine anyone above you?

I tend to make space between someone like that and myself and she let someone else console her over her tragedy of no date on the herbal vial and another opportunity to proclaim that she is a professional woman, a pharmacist.
I am like, (in my head again) "well, I am a soapmaking witch and I could care less about that, how about you smile at me and speak gently?"

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our Hearts Are Shining

bleeding heart
Vania Zouravliov

This is considered dark art, but I find Vania's lines and ideas fascinating..look at the girls eyes..
I like her rooster too:)

It says a whole lot about controlling a wild creature (or person), you would have to have the right bindings and contraptions...

I know that I would rather have my heart bleeding than have to bind a creature that could at any moment take an eye or worse, grab a nipple..(sorry:)))

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

delphinium blues

delphinium.. blues... after the rain a heavy rain..I am having to hold them up, the blooms are so heavy and soaked like sponges from all the rain water. they don't mind much getting drenched but can't take the weight. I had  one that  broke was too much..:)
 They smell odd to me, sweet like a flower but dry, and obviously showy..I held the broken stalk of flowers in my hand and thought about what I am feeling now holding this amazing thing.
for sure
looking out at the future kindly
knowing things end
getting on with it
being honest
trying in earnest
overlooking at all the madness and always
showering them all with gladness..

in the back there,
I tried to make a chamomile chair..:)) it looks like a 3 year old did it..I keep thinking I'll have time to pack it with dirt and just use the chair as a mold..and you know put thyme on the dirt..or chamomile..fine I'll toss the red broken chair..or not..
oye, being a Libra is hard some days, but not today..
today, I'll learn more about my printer, and have an open mind and leave the chair alone till August when Mercury moves on from Cancer.
Retrograde Mercury is about refresh, renew, look over, re do, do it again, and then one more time, save a buck, be grateful, eat something good, not too much, and tell the truth, yes, but also be clear so that there is no gray me Mercury can be meddlesome and jealous that point..stop, re-think and love yourself because you are just fine..also that to know and live by that there are some things you cannot control  but your own mind.

I'll stop:)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

distracted dilly

distracted dilly
photo: a special belnd of old whore and spike lavender soap~ wonderful, glorious, deep, woodsy, refreshing, smells great on you all day....

 I made some old whore soap with  the organic oils of patchouli and vetiver that I currently I have..not for long though..
Jeez, I go through a  whole lot of patchouli and this one was amazing..the old whore soap is deep and filled with good oils and extracts, and this one is just as special:)
She turned out nice, the old whore did. Course, she always does and she is always a little different, you know that..she is on a constantly evolving course because every patchouli and every vetiver oil is different..not one distilation is the same.. She can feel the earth move and her electric currents, the old whore can... I had some extra soap base   of the old whore  and also a little extra lavender  grosso soap so i put them together..why wouldn't I, right?
I used a ton of honey in the lavender soap because I want a new complexion bar and I am working on something gentle that I do not have to dig out of a jar to use or have to have a ton of extra ingredients..
here  is one version;
                                                                                                                                                                              lavender soap with green clay and local raw honey
2 pounds olive oil
1 pound coconut
1/2 cup honey
good clean water

og lavender grosso
clearing of the mind
inhaling of good thoughts
shrinking down the holding on to

inflammation  across this nation, too many temptations, lack of irrigation, not enough compassion, stubborn pride galore....

don't worry too much about the mass collective
do something you love and be reflective of each thing that you say and each thing that you do
and then you will empower that timid and shy part that old whore always knew about you:)

ha ha ha
have a good day

Monday, June 24, 2013

some of annie's key words for jup in cancer for 12 signs

Aries: upgrade on home life, mom and dad and real estate..I see you owning a new home
Taurus: broader more evolved perspective, more travel..
Gemini:  realism and awareness serving your goals or are they serving you?
Cancer: terrific rewards, coming out of your shell, fast track..
Leo: your imagination is spectacular and inventive, go for happiness and the rewards will cannot lazy your way out of it..I know, it isn't should be always creating and eating grapes, but it is time to hunt, my lovely Leon!
Virgo: you will expand your circle and rewards follow for something you've been working on.
Libra: confidence and security means you allow for others to be exalted. This is the key to becoming a leader.
Scorpio: old habits die hard but they die, it is you who is best suited for this type of personal maturity with depth and decision.
Sagittariuss: personal transformation, understanding , teaching
Capricorn: great new partnerships, new beginnings
Aquarius: pave the way to tomorrow by doing all the dirty work may not look like much now, but rewards come..
Pisces: relationships blossom, your heart shines with love and compassion and you have some more love to give? I know!
Thank you"_:::)))

Jup at 29 degrees Gemini

Feeling a little rushed lately? Feeling like a part of your body has been needing some care. I am thinking psoas muscle and I am thinking hands or both..they say your psoas is a window to your heart's mind..:)

Jupiter is about to enter Cancer. I like this. I know there are endings and with Jupiter in Gemini and, we were presented with powerful and painful swords at the finish..the powerful part is where you shed wasted time and  and learn to deal with the truth, the painful part  is when you shed it and it hurts you to the core..and you keep it and suffer more...move on without too much fuss and you are better and broader of mind.

Gemini is like that. The truth is so simple to them that they sometimes are rude, inconsiderate and envied because they are so pretty, they do not have to do as much as other people..
Look at every Gemini that you know. Pretty, hugh? They seem to just say things which are on their minds and sometimes, I swear I detect snidliness..ok ok  now I'm  thinking of that cartoon dog who used to snicker, heheee
Gemini People need a ton of space. make too many demands and they will retreat further in to their mind.
It is isn't because they are mean. it is because they are delicate and wish to have the least amount of nervous tension or "drama" as people in moderns times call it. They used to call it "nerves.."

Cancer planets  dominate for the next few weeks and with the Sun moving in on Venus, I think we'll have a nice few days where we will enjoy and appreciate our awesome lives...let's allow the boons which Jupiter brings to highlight our lives and let's allow ourselves to secure and nurture our homes and family members.
Cancer loves;
gut instincts
unique contentment
learns easily

Jupiter loves
brings boons to home
brings interesting world events

Sunday, June 23, 2013

the moon was glowing last night

It was so pretty..I was able during one of my rants to still observe her and say thank you for her beauty.
That said, don't think I didn't notice all day that people are emotional and wonky!
So emotional, me too really..a little bit..
I mean, I cannot solve peoples psychological problems..all we have to do to be happy is accept ourselves and our bag of bones..right?

"what should I eat?"
 (Really, at almost 80 years old, you still don't know which food you should eat)
I asked her about her childhood..she grew up in Austria during WW2 and they never had enough to eat. There wasn't enough flour for the village so they always ran out of bread. She remembers going hungry as a child..that can change a person. Now she is always worried about the food.
I told her to eat anything she likes and not worry about candida but she does. She worries and worries about it. I gave her probiotics and I always tell her to breath in and say that she is calm..
She'll do it too! "calm"
I told her to write that word down on the outside of her glass of water because it would energize the water. She does it and says it works..awe!!

" I can sleep"
"I don't know!"
"well, tell me about it.."
"I wake up at 5 am  automatically!"
"Oh, ok, I do to, everyday. Why not just get up then?"
"No! It isn't enough"
hum mm
clearly it is enough..what are you going to do just lay there and make yourself suffer and think about all the bad things people have done to you and frown more?
I remember as I approached menopause, I couldn't sleep. I would get up at 4:30 and do work and get everything done by tenish and then take a nap at 3 or 4..
I am not saying it is a perfect plan for everyone. At that time I was a stay home mom, but if your body wants to get up, I say do it..if you need to rest, rest..that is always best:)
Go make something or go read something..
I am reading a book of short stories by F Scott.
I might enjoy that..

I hope that you are well and happy as you read this and that you remember how wonderful life can be because of its crazy blend of heads and what they think of..

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Solstice 2013

Thank you for being my friend and always accepting me the way I am.
:) I wish that this year brings us joy and compassion and lots  of money and boons
I wish that my soap business continues to grow and flourish with the best soapie friends ever and the best work mates for me that I could have even wished for
I wish for you to know your own divine right that you and I and the divine source are one..
everything that is possible belongs to us belongs to us belongs to us

I am dreaming now that our health will improve and that our words will continue to be kind because we monitor every one of them that comes out of our mouths..(a hard one for sag or sag rising, hehhh)
I wish that when you and I go on line we get to learn something from each other and not some lunk head hater talking  mean things about some pretty girl on the TV..who  cares!

I am saying thank you thank you thank you because I get to work with oils....and..I get to spread my seeds all over bar of soap in Spain and one in Australia, one in the rest, yes??
Easy there, not too fast, I like a gentle trollop..usually:)

I have been feeding the roses some sort of kelp based tea once a week. pretty, yes?

have a wonderful  day

Thursday, June 20, 2013

when I go back

and read all of my typing errors, I cringe a little and hope that who ever reads my blog can cringe and laugh a little with is about the message and not my language skills, :) right?
I will really take time to proof my words and be a better typist.

speaking of going back, I was thinking about the past and some of my choices during  times  and now that I am so much older I should have new guidelines in which to choose my direction for the next 5 years.
I won't be angry about the past. I will forgive myself and others. and I do but some folks you just have to walk away from. They are bad for you and your environment. I mean, who wants to live in a constant state of emergency and battles?  It can take years off of your liver..better to use them bitters for your best body's health instead of for releasing toxic stress chemicals, right?

I will take into account the energy now, Cancerian all day and all summer and well suited to caution and reality.
Jupiter enters Cancer and stays for one year. I think that during Jupiter's opposition to Pluto later in this cycle, we'll have even more opportunity to get to know our inner self..and yes, some of us will suffer inside a little..people do not always live the life you think they should. When you find out some things about someone you love, it is shocking and relevant because maybe you can remember something in yourself...
That was then..this is now.
Think about the powerful aspects in our solar system and in our neighborhood in this galaxy and how we can measure our neighbors in space at this moment in time and how we are a part of something big.
Think about Summer Solstice and make  the powerful wish you'd like to make and how this is the time to get what you want by taking care of the things that need done to clear the way..Mercury is about accepting the simple truth.
As Merc slows down a little we seem to be speeding patient with yourself and be honest. fakers suffer the most inside..and Cancer energies do not put up with that too long.. we can all look at Cancers and learn..

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

shreem to cypress oil and lavender

i am making soap with cypress..
an excellent inflammatory oil and pleasantly in its odor.
I will add some stone pine oil from Austria and also some wonderful blue hemlock spruce..
I will then round things off with a few helpers, like lime and sweet orange, not too much and a drop or two cardamom cedarwood and lavandin..

It is an excellent blend for breathing due to terpineol-4 and linalyl acetate  in the lavandin..but mostly, you will love it because of it well rounded refreshing quality. Highly coniferous and cleansing this blend is. Great for any man or woman..great for any skin condition too!

cypress 2 ounces
stone pine 1 ounce
blue hemlock spruce 1 ounce
Himalayan cedar wood 40 drops
lavandin 1/2 ounce
lime 1/2 ounce
sweet orange
1/2 ounce
cardamom 40 drops

this I will add to a, 4  pound soap block and after that we will simply smell and take it all in and relax our mind and body even if it is just a'll be good!

Monday, June 17, 2013

sandalwood cream

I have been asked to make a sandalwood cream.
I want that, you want that and in order to make it an amazing sandalwood experience, I will have to use a proper amount of sandalwood oil to make it the experience we are looking for.
it'll cost us..
In order to make a 4 ounce jar of cream with sandalwood oil, i will use about 100 dollars of oil to make 4 jars
That is 25.00 cost of supplies..
So I will  offer it  as a sort of co-op purchase..
$30.00 each I am charging an extra 5 dollars for the jars and my time and all that..

I will buy an Indian sandalwood oil and make this cream this week..there are only four to start with..
One is for Michelle R..Miss Rod..a gal pal I have that is like you and me:)
she loves sandalwood, patchouli and the old whore..
like me and you do:)
Have a wonderful Monday as Mercury is in his set up for his retro action next week.
Ah, justice and the balancing our harmonious life:) our money, our home and our food..

Sunday, June 16, 2013

House Blend No 44

red mandarin
sweet orange
champa flower ( a wee bit)

85% olive oil and only 15% organic cold pressed coconut oil

I cannot wait to cut is still warm right now so I cannot even look in there, alright, I looked..after all these years in soapmaking, I get thrilled with each batch as if it is the first day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I am going back to lavender and as Mercury goes back and forth in Cancer till August, I will review lavender's awesome qualities one by one.
There are many lavenders to choose from at the moment in aromatherapy.  From Kashmir to Bulgarian to French hybrids, they are all lovely.
At  the present time and for the next batch of lavender soap, I will mix a hybrid distillate called French grosso, a spiky one, plus it is organic. I will try it with a couple of things..maybe even nothing.

Here are some notes I have at the moment...

Lavender Grosso  Soap  with a hint of green clay
thick dense soap
spiky, fresh, breathing, encouraging

Moss on Neptune Soap
I will add oakmoss and patchouli, nothing more..and the patchouli  is not so much standing out as it is exalting everyone else and standing in. Where everything draws to him like some enchanted thing weaving itself lovingly around all. So secure and so happy as to allow for lavender's beauty to shine forth.
spiky attractive secure

Lavender Brightening Face wash and serum
(with a beautiful sweet orange to brighten the skin and also chamomile to soothe)
polished aware alive

Lavender is nice on the face. I know that we all love, rose, neroli or even vetiver, but on the face and for my everyday routine,  I like just plain ol' lavender.
You can spray lavender on your pillow and sleep better and you can mix her with just about anything and be happy.
I would think a lavender juniper berry soap would smell pretty amazing in the shower right about now..
I'll wait on the juniper berry, and intend a soap like that for July. I hope I can wait that long!:)

I can wait, there is nothing to hurry about..


Friday, June 14, 2013

coconut milk in soap

it's nice!
It lathers wonderfully and I detect a sweetness it adds to a blended soap base.
What else would I put in coconut milk based soap? Lime?
Yes, but over palmarosa and with a shot of lemon and lavender to smooth things over...
you are my sunshiny day

With organic ground oats added  so that you can have an everyday soap that explodes with  coconut milky, clean lather and supports every one's needs by being vegan..well of course it's vegan!
Why wouldn't it be?
I made some for you and me:):)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

feet and more

It has been a hell of a week and I am tired. I think it is due to all the clouds which hovered here for a week and did nothing but make me more heavy. These were  days when my shoes seemed like I was carrying boulders with my feet..hahaaa
It finally rained and I do feel better. My feet, are fine too. Actually everything is fine.
What is it about my feet? If I get anything, a  sniffle or a headache, my feet start the throbbing. In fact, I always know when something in my body is going wonkey because my feet tell me way before it happens..

Take care of your feet, rub them, stroke them and thank them for carrying you so easily and lovingly through your day:)

"my feet and mind are flexible"

have a wonderful day

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

being in the right place

You can't force love and you can't force is about constant diligence, work and the love  and enjoyment of being in all of that witch brings your desires to you.
I think so:)

have a wonderful day

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tonight the Patchoulis

There is some patchouli soap to be made this week. I think tonight it'll be patchouli, patchouli vetiver and patchouli rose.
It'll have a flow where you can get one of them or all three..
all three, xoxoxx

I like threes a  whole lot because it is a rounding off of sorts.
By scent not numbers in soap's case ...rounding off scent..yes..

When you look at threes though, you see something nice.
They don't call it a trine for nothing, right?
It means easy, fresh, calm and soothing. It also means sharing, caring and listening..not scheming unless it is about which soap you'll buy or in my case which soap I'll make or what sweet treat I'll consider eating. Yesterday it was a blueberry muffin with apples..delicious!

I would like to invite those ideas in your mind and mine.
 Threes in tarot are about the third house.
Family, talking, a couple buying together, a nice place, (jealousy, and broken hearts), short errands, short trips..
You see, when you do not say good things and show no compassion, you will cause pain in someone else. That is why the three of swords would come up for example. In astrology, the third house is about trips and little bursts of information about events in our world, our family and our work acquaintances and which words we say every day.

Every day I will,

Thank myself
Thank you
Listen to  you
Accept you (no body is perfect)
Give daily adoration to someone
exalt them

Patchouli Plant

What do threes have to do with patchouli? Nothing:) but...
Just because it seems exotic to us doesn't mean it isn't an every day sort of a plant somewhere. It is in the mint family after all and able to creep itself anywhere it cares to, what with its strong root system and sweet sultry fragrance.


Friday, June 7, 2013

my eye is twitching

Ever get that? Your eye just vibrates and makes you stop and ask yourself, "what is going on here?"
I have had a really great year so  not much twitching..unless you count minor situations with my kids..but my point is that a twitchy eye is a warning. It is for my people. My mom will call and always know when I am in need of support because her eye twitches she tells me.
Hmm...she is always right too!
Now, it could be a magnesium deficiency...but I am willing to explore the possibilities and master these interesting eye twitches. It happened to me when that big asteroid passed us. Like three days man!!
I feel like old folk tales are true -ish, to say the least:) and everything is about space and our magnetic pull with each other  in our solar of billions, even trillions  within vast distances..

Happy dark Moon babes!
Ask your self for a favor today and see yourself in the presence of your desires....

Best things:)
honesty with out brutality
rich juicy words
like morsels of food

Thursday, June 6, 2013

organic vetiver

It smells like heaven outside right now. One reason is that I am doing laundry and the dryer is making everything smell like what is going on in here.
I had been in the middle of a new batch of birch soap when I realized that I didn't have enough birch tar to make a big batch of birch soap and I had all this soap base with castor oil for shampoo bars..
"I did get a stunning organic vetiver oil", I thought to myself.
So, I then proceeded to make some vetiver lime soap..I made this some time ago and it was fabulous.
I really do not know how it'll look. The thing with castor oil in soap is that it is so GLOBULOUS..globs of weird material globulating out of the bottle and the the soap comes to trace in like less than five minutes no matter what temps go go with. So I made a "decide" right there..
How simple life is and how easy.
I reached for organic vetiver and distilled lime and was quite generous with each..2 ounces vetiver and 4 ounces lime..
I made a new shampoo bar slash body bar..
I am calling it this;
a membrane of interweaving  love shimmy  vibes  shampoo and body bar
 "honey pie vibes" or "come here you delicious warm man (or lady))) vibes"

I am getting nervous, what if the soap is super ugly? Like me sometimes?? I look like a witch you hear me!

Now take a deep breath because you have to pay attention and be gracious with your leaders and think kindly towards others.
Because there are things to be reckoned with..
Like for Aries being  on a such an adventure, and Cancers growing so quickly, like over night! How nice for you..I know Cancer people have worked harder than anyone I've seen lately.. Cancer is about to get on a chariot and ride with skill and attentive poise, a natural leader right now too. It is all good, just watch your food, k. I know I want to eat when Jupiter is in a water sign. In Cancer, Jupiter will definitely bring us closer to home and eating pie, mmm..
We make a home where ever we are..that is Cancer all the way..They eventually create a little cave for themselves no matter where they live at the moment. Still, to them, home is best.

For all of us Jupiter in Cancer all year, will influence our desire for stability and grounding with nourishment.
Of course the home will be involved. Clean and tidy living is what is best..clean up and then sit down at your nice table and have a chat, a bowl of soup and a good show maybe on Hulu:) The best thing is to not anchor yourself into bad habits..or bad thought gets  to you, tears you up and rips you open and then you continually feed it with more adrenalin and emotion till you are broken on the floor..they write songs about shit like that.
We have all succumbed to those feelings, and we have all the next day when the sun is shining and the birds are singing and life has gone on, we go on too..I am just saying that you are what you nurture. If you trust and feel content, you will be..if you are scheming, and in a state of emergency brain, you will be..
emergency brain is a term that I use for people who are in a constant state of emotional emergency.

 "leave me alone, I am stressed"
"you wouldn't understand"
"yes I would, I climbed a mountain, tell it"

What about us Libras?
We're somehow always on the edge of insecurity...hard to beat that character..but, by doing the right thing, we will always achieve our desires and feel good about our actions.

"I shed all fears because I do the right thing always"

We Libras sure do know what is up with every one and I feel like people see my shiny light which is  saying, "come here by me, I have awesome soap and good words for you:)"


Monday, June 3, 2013

just bought some amazing oils for summer

How about some palmarosa and lavender with only salt in the soap?
It sounds great because it is really nice on the skin and smells refreshing.
Palmarosa is one of the best oils for summer skin.
One reason is that it is a nice cooling oil and another would be that it is pleasant and gentle on your skin.
I will pair palmarosa with lavender and geranium with a shot of organic lemon..the soap will be creamy white with specs of salt.
Sound good?

What about Patchouli Cacao together?
Yes, in soap!
It has been one of my very favorite combinations in perfume. I think a nice dark bar of goodness aught to tweak some insane frikin amazing part of where there is harmony and understanding and real friendship within.
patchouli soap

More Black Walnut soap you say?
I'll think about it..
I think I will use only essential oils this time because I am out of larch and birch resins.
Birch resin is not smokey like the has a sweet and very pleasant tone and until I can collect the resin from my tree, we'll have to wait before I get more of that stuff.
The oils I will use will still be from trees and provide a unifying comfort vibe which also helps inflammation and creates a vector of confidence and right thinking..
vector = momentum plus direction
I like it!

All I can think of though, is rose with cardamom and maybe a shot of nutmeg....what is wrong with me?:):)


Sunday, June 2, 2013


I wonder if I should tincture that lilac and see what it does??

soapwise in junie june june

coming up, lemony rose soap

I got a really good deal on a half ounce rose absolute..
if you know rose, you know that this amount of rose oil is a lot!
I am so excited about that..

also that my soap business is everything I want it to be with wonderful guests and lovies:)
thank you old whore for opening awesome doors xoxoxx

Soaps to be made for Junie June June
lemony rose
soul radiance
time lord
moss on Neptune
blue lotus moon drenched in violet (with violet absolute from my garden, and violet leaf)

Have a wonderful day:)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

the garden party and feeling the shift

It has been storming and hot here in Michgan in June. Thunder and steady rain, the best kind.
It reeks of lilac out in my yard too because I have a bush which really bloomed this year.
You get a little too close and you cannot take much of that.
Look at the lilly of the vally. Ever put one of those under your nose for more than three seconds? Too much!

Gemini energy dominates ( brutal truth, boredom, moodiness, learning new tasks, little trips here and there) and we are getting some endings and wait for it..wait for it...
Cancer energy all the way too. Coming up, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Cancer.
Being home is nice and getting your home in top shape will be the theme for the next year.
Maybe your car needs a good cleaning as well...
Mercury is about to be in Cancer till August, osculating back and forth until he goes on  to move in Leo , where excellence will be expected of you and, when you always do the right thing and your best, you cannot be too disappointed.

So June looks like a fun month to me. I have Cancer in the sixth and seventh houses, so being home and communicating with my family makes me a leader extraordinaire and I have to tell you that, I am happy and doing fine in June of 2013.
I hope that you eat something wonderful today  stretch a little like a cat and take a bath with one of my soaps. heh!

haven't yet tried eleneetha's soap?
take a slice of rosemary and lemon and wash your hands
or a shower with the old whore
let your man wash with the old whore and he will smell so good all day