Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cyprus oil and the benefits of diuretics

 In  urine, fats are lost from the body to the extent of 4% of the volume of urine. So, it is but obvious that more you urinate, the more you lose fat. Then, urination promotes digestion and also does not let gas form in the intestines as well as removes excess water from the body and reduces swelling etc. The most important role played by urine is that it removes toxins from the body. Added to that, it also reduces blood pressure and helps clean kidneys. Most of the medicines for lowering blood pressure are based on this benefit of urination.

That said what are supposed to drink Cyprus oil in tea or something?
I wouldn't be opposed to taking a drop once a day but what else is there but soap in order to gain the goodness and all the awesome benefits of Cyprus oil?
In a massage blend and maybe body scrub?
I am not doing a body scrub, you can make that at home easily.
A massage blend would be perfect though. is when I start to ponder about that idea...
I do not want to smell of Cyprus and lemon all day. I want to smell like rose, patchoulis,  vetivers and sandalwoods and this is why I would only do this  as a treatment at night..You bathe, you rub it on, and then you look refreshed in the morning..

The soap is a green clay salty affair with simply Cyprus oil and lemon. 4 ounces of lemon in a 6 bar batch.

I want to have it stand out and also do something at the same time.
When you wash with salty clay soapy foam, you will realize what you have in your hands. You will take a hand full of it and hold it to your nose and breathe it in..glorious? wonderful?
Oils do that like no other thing on earth!
The oil:
2 ounces of your favorite carrier oils
I used organic jojoba, evening primrose, sea buckthorn oil, 32 drops Cyprus oil and 5 mls lemon oil.
It is strong but not bad at all in its final approach. Rub it in your most pearly parts, by your bumm.
What if it works and you urinate a bunch of fat and stuff?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Full Moon in Taurus Everybody!

Not to mention the fact that mercury is about to go back in to Scorpio and if that  doesn't get your train of changes in faster mode to nowhere well, I say then what will?
You staying calm, that is what!
You staying poised for greatness!
And you recognizing when someone is trying to be charming but it is really manipulation and fake?
Frankly, I have been in a really awesome space with regards to my choices in the last few years.
Sure, I have my family near me and everyone helps everyone.
I want that! I love that!
I want to call my boys and have them come to me to help me if should have a car break down or my computer breaks down and then the dang printer again!

Listen this week it was all those things!
My beloved Betty, my red Focus died for good yesterday:(
She was very good to me Betty was!
She took me to work, to Ann arbor, to Zerbos and back home.
I am wishing that my next car will be as good if not better than my Betty was..
I am driving a 5 speed scooter right now and listen at my age, I am over manual gear driving but I wont even think about buying till late November..
The printer is another story. I got this wifi thing and it was working just fine until my computer stopped communicating with the printer. i have tried everything. And I know there is a logical pathway to solving this problem..but really now, what a drag.
I am almost fed up with it! lol
I have had to improvise on labels again and do them the hard way. I hope you are pleased with your goodies when they arrive.

I always like to review the retrogrades for the whole year in 2012..

All in Fire signs and  two of three having regressed back to water.
What does that tell me?
Skill (aries)
Flamboyance and display (leo)
Higher purpose (sag)
which is now, with the Sag thing.

By the 6th of November we'll have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio.. for a while. I can live with that. I mean what is a stupid printer problem when you think about the real disasters in the world?
I can be grateful I live here in Michigan where we only got  the tail spattering of the big storm. that was magnificent in strength and power to destroy as it hit land. Here we had a super cold windy icy rain day.
How long has that storm of Jupiter been going on, 400 years or so?
Space is awesome! We are in it and sometimes it is violent, yes?
 Blessings for everyone involved by the storm, please stay warm..xx

Friday, October 26, 2012

Planets in Scorpio Now

The Sun. Mercury, Saturn and True Node all in Scorpio way up there in its Disc of Archetypes which is revolving and twirling in space all on its own. In space the constellations are far away from each other even though in astrology,  we only detect them for a month at a time, in space the distance is billions of light years away!! The who idea of distance and time is still complicated in my soap making brain! I love following astrology and I love to study the details involved but give you the math, I cannot.

When you follow stars the way astrology does, you know that this stuff out there is going to happen and then bamm, you are all in it and all that emotion may be swirling around all of a sudden. You are in the middle of a twirly whirly sort of sparkly goo..and you made it. That is how I see all this transiting Scorpio stuff!

And now back to me, heh!
You too!

Look where you have Scorpio in your chart and see  where you were, where you learned to troubleshoot and do, with Libra before that.
Libra having to hold balance and doing it well!
I think look at Libra and where you may be too rigid about your  beliefs of perfection where elegance dwells and everyone smells good, and perhaps only wanting things your way. With  Libra in your 7th house you might be juggling a variety of affairs with regards to money and holdings at this time.. Libra in the 12th would be a review of all that 12th house business of inner power, dreams, and secrets and also being held down by someone. and so on.. Look at where you have this Scorpio powerhouse visiting and you can see how the last few weeks were effected by Libra energies!

Where eventually you'll have to concede and where you can shine by doing not shining..
I always say this, "a nice white shiny horse is beautiful with you on it but eventually you have to feed that bad boy"
:) it is all about what you produce in the end..maybe like a plate of food. You can throw a bunch of slop in a pan or you can take time to make it pretty and that means taking extra steps and sometimes we are lazy..
I say a lot of things!:)
I love saying, I do:) I feel like you are right in front of me here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scorpionic Composure

Finally, Ill be making more soap this week.
When Mercury hits, we are always delayed. I was slightly delayed in making time to enjoy my favorite activities.
The shadow put a stop to our plans and we must also stop  for a moment and rethink our strategies.
Holding on to bitterness and heart ache from the past seems really acute right now due to the Scopionic energies which may effect some intense sorts like ourselves..not a good time for stimulants because they might cause a headache and that is anger at yourself.
Let it go!
The more you think and rethink and then brew on how you were hurt here and disrespected there..dang man, forget it!
Those people who've been cads to you will fade away right quick!
You will remember how awesome you are and remember to hone in on the good stuff you've got. Boons my dearies boons!
Your boons and mine~
how we are amazing at something and how noble we are and how our families love us and how we look great and eat well and use really good soap..:):)

Scopionic Composure

Jasmine Lemon Lime Soap
Shea butter based soap cream
with yuzu, lime, pink grapefruit, lemon, and jasmine sambac

Confidentially Yuzu

We do not hear too much about this fruit.
It is sort of a sour mandarin or a sour orange of some sort... no, it has a strange thing all it's own so a smell hard to define in my opinion. Sort of a lime and lemon with a little resinous vibe to it.
What do I know about it except that it smells really awesome to me and I fee very content when using this oil.
Today I mixed it with sandalwood (Sri Lanka) oil and I feel really good about that:)

Used in aromatherapy, it has been found that yuzu oil is very similar in action to bergamot, having a refreshing and uplifting effect on the body whilst calming the mind. Also in common with bergamot, this oil has a powerful anti-bacterial action which makes it effective against colds and flu, which would account for its success and popularity in Japanese folk medicine.

It is a very effective oil for use with stress, burn-out, nervous tension or anxiety, where it helps to bring a soothing and calming effect to the emotions. It gives upliftment to depressive states, frustration, regret and also helps to build confidence.

I want all those things on any day.

Confidentially Yuzu

8 drops yuzu
8 drops lime
8 drops pink grapefruit
4 drops sandalwood
1 drop jasmine (sambac)
1 ounce carrier oil I used og jojoba

You can put this in you hair and at the base of your neck and also all over your sweet ass..:):):)

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

vitamins and nutrients

that have yet to be discovered?

Yes, as we get to find smaller and smaller particles of matter in space (our space) we also continue to find more and more that there are nutrients yet to be discovered which play a vital part in out bodie's life cycle.
What are they?
Up till now, we know about polysaccharides and we know about phytonutrients and we also know about the importance of essential fatty acids..
essential because they cannot be made in your body, you have to eat them..
Recently we have knowledge about anthocyanans, the tiny materials found in red fruit like raspberries and red grapes..don't even get me started on how good grapes are for you..get organic..
Listen you can take all the little brown or red pills for your health all day but none of them will heal you as fast as a blueberry. Blueberries are like eating a vitamin!

That said, I take supplements. I have since the 1970's!
I take omega 3's,
probiotics and a few mushrooms here and there. Do I do this everyday? No!
Your body needs rest from all that stuff every few days..
Eat right, and your troubles fade away like fog on a sunny ,dewy morning.

Mercury is in a shadow for the retrograde in your last year with honesty and be the woman you are ( or man) and be what you want to be. You'll be fine just pay attention because it'll be necessary.
Be grateful
be kind
forgive and walk away
walk away from a fight (so hard)
try not to justify yourself so much
forgive the past, you were there and did the best you could
I love you

top ten foods high in vitamin e

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

vitamin e and tocopherols and even tocotrienols

yes, vitamin E..
Remember when you would break open a capsule and spread on your skin and then actually feel better because it looked and felt better?
Don't do that anymore!
Those things are always in a carrier of soy bean oil and you know what that means!
93% of all soy is genetically modified!
Goodness knows whith what, scorpion venom or some weird thing.
If you want to consume vitamin e, you can add some wheat germ to your diet and if you want it on your skin, use a nice natural cold pressed oil like hemp, pumpkin, almond, they are all good.
Soybean oil?
Never, ever..and yes, I am a zealot about who makes my food and what oil I use on my skin..
New Chapter has a food based Vitamin e as well as Garden Of Life and I am sure there are others. My very favorite supplement of vitamin e was from a brand called Mega Food, but they discontinued it due to the high cost of making it.
I mean what are you going to buy a $6.99 mixed tocopherol or a $70.00 food based with all the tocopherols and tocotrienols?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"show me who you run with

and I'll show you who you are"
In spanish, it is the same; " Dime con quién andas y te mostrar quién eres"

In Greek,  
Dixe mou me pion trexis kai tha sou dixo pios iese"

Dixe, or to show, to tell, to display

Anyhow I thought I would bring this up because I have teenagers running (estan andando) and I have to repeat this phrase often.
Sometimes they take one or two seeds that I toss at them. 
At least I hope so..

I usually have dreams and hunches where I catch at them at something that they may have thought to sneak over on me! Yea right!
Between my mom and I, we pretty much know what's up.
My mom, she is powerful in so many ways!

I bring this up because last night I met another momma with a teen who hangs (hung) with one of my girls.
stench of ciggs
bloated abdomen from alcohol and pills
talking about counselling
and institutionalizing her daughter because she can't handle her..

I understand, but to send your 14 year old girl to girl prison? 
I asked her how come she was gone all night three Saturdays in a row?
"I work", she said.
I am thinking... doing what?

(they tried having their party here but I made them leave, my home is not a party joint, it is the house of the goddess, me)

After the woman left, I told my girl to be proud of being a dirty drunken whore if that is her choice but to look at where she has been hanging out and the results of how you are colored by your friends and who you hold dear.
That is when I say these phrases. they are in every language because it is true all over earth.

" show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are"

I feel like everything is fine though. I want my girl to work on her skills not waste time basements!
So it shall be!!
Blessed be!!

** an intimate little story, I know..sometimes, it is ok to share one or two real life stories...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

what about jasmine

Jasmine with pink grapefruit?
Doesn't that sound nice?
Or should I make what my beloved lindenglitter wants, lemon and jasmine or
Lemon and rose??
I'll buy some lemon then..I only have lime.. jasmine with lime?? yummm!

the idea of shakti and enlightened shreem

and good decisions..

enlightened shreem

I have been working on a soap as a gift offering to Inanna  since Sumner. I would wake up and think violets and roses and mossy mosses. Chanting, "isis astarte, demiter, hecate, inanna, inanna, inanna inanna..."

And then I realized what I had been conjuring chanting her name..
Inanna is a goddess of fertility, sex and war..

What is happening in my life right now?
What am I channeling with my creative abilities or shakti?

All I can say is that this soap I just made is to offer a gift to the powers that be..(yea that is the god within me)
which will cool and soothe
and open veils of mysteries

my mind is willing to accept these ideas and through my words and my hands will flow all the enlightened  shreem patterns of good intentions:)

Enlightened Patterns Soap

I used a nice dense blend of organic virgin coconut oil and fruity extra virgin olive oil.

I added some oakmoss and violet leaf absolute
labdanum came next as well as a drop or two lavender
and one or two drops ( yes drops only) patchouli
leaves of roses in an absolute
and a dollop of  China rose streamed in my Inanna brew too

It smells so green and so velvety comfy
you are like, "what is this, some enchanted forest?'

Friday, October 19, 2012

pumpkin pistachio dumplings with cardamom pu erh gravy

You know what tastes so good about now? A nice ravioli! We should all get together and make dumplings one of these days and fill them with a delicious filling and then make a sauce to put on it with some of the pan drippings..and feed everyone and spread our seeds of shakti to the mouths of our babes everywhere...:)

{homemade dumplings should be slightly boiled and then fried in a little butter and olive oil. forget coconut oil here..(in my opinion, as there is a place for all oils and I do not always want coconut oil in my mouth)}

How would I make a sauce with cardamom and black tea?
Easy because I wouldn't add a huge amount.
This type of tea is interesting because of the fermenting of the tea leaves to produces a thick tannin filled and full bodied black tea. Since I am going for flavor not a traditional 5 minute brew, I steep the tea bag for about 10 minutes.
I used Numi, Cardamom Pu-Erh and made an 8 ounce cup of tea..
ok so leave that be..

I am simply going to bake a whole squash in the oven, and then after it cools off, mix it with caramelized onion, salt, pepper, chopped pistachios, ground cumin, a sprinkling of clove and nutmeg, one nice egg, and if your like it really creamy, you can add a soft mild cheese. I would think about ricotta...

 2 cups og unbleached flour
1 egg
salt a dash
water a few spoons at a time..

knead to a nice elastic dough

let it rest two hours

then roll it out and do the last part which is construct your dumplings.

Boil your dumplings for about 2 minutes and then set them in a strainer
Saute the dumplings in a pan until they are golden and crispy, place them on a nice big deep plate..yumm

 and then, eat one to try it:)

take a tablespoon of flour and a tablespoon each of butter and ev oo

cook that until you feel like the flour has a toasty smell to it but do not let it go constantly stir this..

next, add about two cups water and bring to a boil
add salt
one small bay leaf
a dash of smoked chilie, I like every red pepper powder..I wish to use as many as I can in this lifetime:)
a drop or two soy sauce

simmer for about 5 minutes and then add 8 spoonfuls of the tea..add a little cream at the end to smooth it out and now
 serve over your favorite ravioli!

You can buy them frozen dumplings anywhere..Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, even your local grocer has them in there. The Asian market down the road from me, Da Xiong, has them frozen with some sort of black bean business, that would be good with a sauce like this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

making soap

It is that time and this year, I am way ahead of schedule..if there were one that is!
There is the old whore which is spectabulous this batch is!
There are the beautiful vetiver ones smooth and the other with a little rose geranium and a little adzuki to scrub you a little.
The next thing coming up is (finally) the violet soap.
I haven't yet made it because I loose sleep about the blend. All I want to do is mix it with rose and some rose leaf..maybe it is too simple a blend but my higher mind says to trust myself and go for it.
I shall!
After all, what  is the worst thing here, that it will smell amazing?

Just another example of how I fret over little things while all the while living out the big stuff automatically..
I did make a small batch of a blend I was sent as a gift, called harvest moon..I do not know what is in it as Christopher at White Lotus hasn't said. It is supposed to bring the scent of Japan during the harvest there.
I can't decipher any one oils in this blend at all and the way he does his blends I can be certain there are many oils in this combination.
The thing with soap is not like perfume though.
In soap, if you do a complex blend, you might be wasting the oils. Might!
Soap envelopes the oils and twirls them around and picks the one which stands out most.
That is one good reason why I like things simple. In soap, an expensive sandalwoody blend can fizzle out and just smell like pudding or something.

I made a soap once for a perfumer who sent me her delicious blend which cost her a small fortune to make..rose, spikenard, sandalwood...she freaked out when I told her that there is no way you can charge 50 bucks for a bar of soap even though each bar cost about that much to make..One would have to only sell to aromathrapists or perfumers who really want this type of blend sudzing up and then going down the drain..

Don't get me wrong, there was a time I used sandalwood like a pig-ess:)
Neroli by the tablespoon full and rose by the pound..
Through the years I have matured and become simpler in my desires, more refined, more poised and needing less.
What about you? What do you need?
Less is always more, now I must go sniff that harvest moon soap and try to detect something in there which I know..davana maybe?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Dark Moon Spell To Raise The Wind

writing on a cake dates back, way back in time!

This is a good luck spell

make a cake, fine buy one if you want.

get some candles for me I would choose 8

one glass of red wine
8 almonds
one garnet stone or ruby
bloodstone is nice

sit down
dip each almond in the wine and eat it making a wish each time for your life
when you are finished
light a candle
dip the bottom of the candle and put it in the cake
do this starting at east southeast while holding your stone in your left hand throughout the process.
You must encompass all directions and give notice to the forces of nature.

When  you are finished, sit in you sacred little circle you have cast and drink your wine, toasting to the good of the world.
Keep the garnet on you for a month, see what happens..
now I must go review my eight wishes..

lets see now...
a pound of frankincense
a pound of rose otto
new uggs
new bed
1000 cash
new car
5000 cash
a pound of good sandalwood
a good massage by a strong woman  fine a nice man too but I have to see his hands first!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dark Moon Friday Till Monday

Make it good. Plant some seeds of intentions and do not speak too much about it, It'll take the energy away.
that is Dark Moon all the way.Anything really.
You tell everyone your ideas and thoughts and the next thing you know, they aren't special at all.
I am not talking food recipes. I am talking about the big stuff. In this case, big Libra stuff! That is the New Moon a commin..
For Libra, it is all about getting your P's and Q's in order and being glad you did.
Sure, you get to be a coward in some cases, we all are..but for the big stuff, you thrive. You get it done, and you get it in and to top it all off, you do it in the most timely way! No waiting!

Scorpio will take a break from justifying his/her opinion and go to a quiet place where a little submitting is in order in order to create a full circle of success! Otherwise, no compromise means no love and no love means all alone Scorpio counting his possessiveness all alone..
Scorpio, if your question is, "have you ever let us down?" The answer  is No, and what your actions were along the way, are what people always remember.
Find work and do it everyday..things are changing for the better!

Sagittarius dear, you may find yourself counting your real friends on one hand. Yes indeed! Your social connections will prove to be "not enough" for you and you will surely see the shallow ones drifting away. New loving friends are what you will learn to cherish in the next few years and not some social standards of old worn out traditions based on national pride or family pride and yes, even your religion. They seem to bore you these days I know it! Read more books and get away from the mall, I say!

Capricorn, I know you dream of your enchanted place where the fairies greet you each morning sparkling in the chilly dew and reflecting a wide array of starlight.
I bet you even have pictures!

Aquarius, well, you are a star however, you you have a reality check about how pretty you actually are.
You are as pretty as your thoughts, honey. Your words and actions have been everything. Say how you feel and feel what you say, it doesn't matter who hears? It kind of does!
Maybe don't say everything..maybe it is a good time to nurture someone else for a change.....
I feel like that is your quest. You can nurture your own self anytime! Someone may need your support and forgiveness.

Pisces, am I seeing you solve one thing and now you quickly replace that situation with another problem you want  to solve?
We all rely on you don't we? If there is one thing we can all count on is your comfort and knowledge. Thank you!

Aries, are you wondering when all the adventure will begin with Uranus in Aries? It has been here all along and you are on a ride of your life..and not just this one!
A few tips?
Threesomes hurt one of the three..or all in some cases!
Take your abilities and remove yourself from that format. Once you do, you will be at the top looking down on all your choices..
thrills and spills along the way are inevitable.

Taurus,  you are cute! So stylin! And your mad skills are being noticed. keep keeping on like you do and comfort and joy will follow! Romance maybe?

Gemini, beautiful  love! Things are looking sunny and bright. You are past a difficult period and now have taken the reins and heading into a period of complete understanding and with this knowledge you have become like a chariot driver!
Decide what you want and think about that 200 times a day for the next 200 days!
(do not choose bringing back your lost love):):) Think bigger and more better!

Cancer, you idea of perfection is wonderful, You are comfort and home! I love that about you!
Wonderful days ahead my dear. Be ready for serious lessons and mind awakening details.

Leo, I know you want what is best. you may be burning the candle at both ends and missing some details. Just saying honey!
400% is not real for you right now. Delete a couple things and work on you amazing skills..You heart shines like a shooting star, in the daytime!

Oh my Virgo, I love you so much. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I can relate a little about my past lives through you. Maybe it is because you are so utterly real to me. I can tell you anything and you understand and have compassion for my plights,small as they may be. You show genuine caring. Now be that way for yourself too!
Serve yourself while serving others? That is the Virgo way!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moon's In Leo

Time to show some flair and since the Sun is in Libra that will be effortless! You are so beautiful and it shows from the inside out..
You shine like a shooting star in the day time:)

Leo is all about having fun
looking good
being excellent
being a control freak drama queen
tallented in every way and everybody knows it

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


she is isn't finished. You know me, I cannot wait to share the excitement!
She is my African Goddess..all mine..wait till she is done, right?
Innana Innana Innana
With rose leaf absolute, violet leaf too, some gorgeous labdanum and rose otto too
to put in a balm and also a soap
yes, she has breasts and since my little artist is a budding young sprite, they seem to be younger, more radiantly firm..:)
ah life, glorious, life!

Noticing Mars in Sag and Knowing

Knowing things about people.
Being able to walk in a room and understand the psychology. I think this is Mars in Sagittarius!
Now say you are a Capricorn person. And then think about what is up right now.
Do you see that people are on some ego trip where they overstep their human boundary to make a point?
I think this is Mars doing a number a few but noticeable people and events. For you my darling  Cappy, I say, be above them and go with the flow. Be happy to serve and be rewarded big time!

For some there many be heart ache for sure. Hey there is always that. Feelings get hurt, people get huffy and the Sag influence is sometimes pampas, too truthful and arogant and some of us become eager to show our plumage. It is cool, as long as you do a good job, if not, then look at the numbers (proverbial) and see where you can turn mistakes into opportunities for growth.that may include humility, mk?
Being thorough is cool, being communicative about it is better because some slower ones won't know what is happening and where you are coming from and then you just look like an arrogant ass instead of a person deserving accolades.

I know in my case, I have this visitor in my 12th house. I know now, that this is the reason for all my strange dreams and ability to remove myself from reality in a small way and explore inner more tender areas of my psyche.
Somehow, I feel like I can say what I want to say and hone in on a beautiful gift I have, which sorting out ingredients. Just like a cake  recipe, everything has proper steps. Everything has prep work and finish work which is to polish... Life, I mean!
How can you harness Mars in Sagittarius?
Look and feel out where he is visiting in your chart. Overlook and feel all the ins and outs and whathave yous.
You will note certain little flavors.
Like if Mars is in your 2nd house now, you will have more events in your everyday work life which bring more money and energy towards making more.
The 7th, brings certain events which force you to face the law and how you live in your society, with your partner,  how you show your face too.
When you have Mars transiting the 7th, you will have to show your face! If you think happy thoughts, and even if you don't completely mean it at first, you will be prettier! I know this 100%! You will wake up one day and be freeking happy for real..
If you always forgive and have fun, it just works itself out. People love you more when you are genuinely kind..They are drawn to you, they give you money and gifts and you give the same way and ..
la la la
I know I do go on.

Check and see where you have Mars transiting your chart right now and call me in the morning:)

"Thank you for this wonderful day"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hungarian Sweet and Hot Peppers last of the fresh of the vine

I roasted these and then I finished them over a high heat with garlic good sea salt and a drizzling of the finest olive oil I could find..
There are few habaneros too in there but  not many.
They are super tender so you can pop them one by one in your mouth with some nice bread and goat cheese if you want to. I have feta here so I'm all set.

It is chilly here and super sunny at the same time. We had some frost last  night and I have to tell you that it gets my blood just sparkling this time of year!
I believe!
I believe in the life I live and I live each moment in perfect gratitude.


I am getting a wide range of generous portions of my favorite oil this week!!
Templar Fir and Rose and Cardamom and labdanum..
There are others, I'll  surprise you but good, my pretties!

For now, let's eat and be merry, yea?

Sunday, October 7, 2012


has been impossible. I wake up and toss and turn, my room is too cold, my room is too hot..
Saturn having been visiting my tenth house for the last three years has be a reality but I forgot that it'll be a couple more as I seem to have Venus and Sun in Libra, north node too,all clustered in succession with Jupiter mercury and Neptune in Scorpio..
To say that I have a creative, intuitive astrological spread is an understatement what with Neptune and mercury cuddling together perfectly. Jupiter farther away in Scorpio always magnetically pulling me towards great big magnetism.

I mean, you do attract what you wish for in your mind first.
I think that now is my best time ever. Yes Saturn, you thought I forgot? about letting the most subtle fears rise to the surface for once and you say what is really on your mind? Make sure it is good stuff, is all I am saying.
This means forgiveness. This means forgiving yourself...
om shrim hrim gleem glaum gum ganapataye vara vara da sara vaja nam
mein vashewaye swaha...:)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio

A whole load of guilt has been lifted off of you now and so you can say what you want and feel good about yourself somehow.
You chose the right path in life and everyday
you live what you believe and show kindness in every way
you care about others and  aren't afraid of telling them the truth
you are really something just being you

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

best ever black bean soup and cilantro cabbage salad

Black Bean Soup
3 cups black beans washed (organic)
2 new mexico dried chilies
1 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons salt
one big onion
one whole head of garlic cleaned and smashed
1/4 cup olive oil

in a pot filled with water to the top
cook for three hours
serve with rice and cabbage cilantro salad

you will need cabbage chopped
one onion diced
one bunch organic cilantro
juice from two lemons

delicious and low fat
be well
eat some good food
and think well of others

Saturn In Scorpio more...

If you are a Sagitarius, you will be drawn right back into yourself. You will be tested and you will test yourself. Be noble.
If you are Capricorn, you will pull away from some things which may have been a waste of your precious time..and now the work. You will do amazingly!

Libra, there is a lot going on and and bunch of stress has somehow lifted. You did good!
Love yourself!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reality and Saturn in Scorpio

I have a feeling, no, a hunch, that Scorpio doesn't care much for least part of the time!
Saturn being an archetype of all time time is heading in to Scorpio in just a few hours, tell me that there will be reality to pay sometime for all of us in a way..
and for Scorpio in a big way.

What it isn't cutesy enough for you? Should I tell you a bunch of stuff to hide some more?

Do you know what's funny?
Dirty little secrets when brought out into the open aren't as dirty.
In you mind you have made  this shameful thing that you think you have to hide, but then the the truth in the open light makes you wonder if you were just dreaming it all.
I mean first off, it is done..what is done is done right?
Then you are like an icy queen looking over the debris and making distinctions about what you will do with this shiny rubble.
Saturn is very much about the truth, the cold icy reality and if anyone can handle it, it is you honey, because Saturn is also GRACE and POISE..

You can't hide from your own mind. Do a great job at whatever and don't waste time thinking about hiding your flaws. If you can't be proud of who you are right now, what's the point?

Don't waste any time scheming and trying to hide your habits and bad reactions in secret mind places. Make excellent WISE choices at every moment. No manipulation, please!
If you nurture pain and agony, your liver will get its feelings hurt and the next thing you know, you break out in some skin ailment because pain and agony do not filter toxins in your blood and HAPPINESS does.
The pain hormones are caused by adrenalin which is triggered by thoughts and feelings.
We are still discovering the micro components of these hormones and how they trigger specific receptors in the body.
When you smile it actually triggers a chemical in your brain..When you are kind your face gets prettier. When you are deep in thought it wrinkles so..
It is amazing really!

have a wonderful day