Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Delicious Dog You

When I say delicious I mean in words and deeds and not necessarily looks, although I do like a clean man with his pockets inside his pants:)
he he

I made a rare beauty this morning. I blended something pretty awesome and certainly complex!
What happens I do not know but when I sit down and intend what will be with what I have right at this moment, something really cool comes out..really cool.
Or is it me? Am I so intoxicated by the oils that I loose sight of what people really want? Do I dream this stuff up and then decide how I will impress with the outcome? I want to please you and always intend that. As for me, I am simple, I like a little smoke, a little dirt of you will. That is why I am so attracted to vetiver. It is a Libra thing! We are not always as elegant as you might like us to be.

Here are the players:
vetiver5 ml
lime 30 ml
sandalwood 4 drops
oakmoss 5 ml
vanilla (melted in olive oil)5 ml
bergamot 10 ml
blood orange 10 ml
patchouli 4 drops
frankincense 4 drops
violet absolute 4 drops
cognac absolute 4 drops
juniper 4 drops
water phase: a pumpkin ale by Southern Tier Brewing Company, their motto, BEWITCHED AND BREWED WITH PAGAN SPIRIT (very cool)
make it your self with 13 ounces of organic coconut oil and 36 ounces fruity olive oil and call me in the morning. This batch is right now heating up rather beautifully and hopefully in the morning of the 31st, I shall cut and display for you.
joyfull you
thank you

Friday, October 28, 2011

4 Planets in Scorpio

and that is really the small stuff.
Investigate some of your stuff and try to get to the bottom of things as we approach the shadow of Mercury going retro in November. Money, will be necessary and so will (ha, will) attention to detail.
If you have anything that needs fixed, this is the time to tackle the situation..(The Situation!!)
All in all, we can honestly say that things are certainly moving along and it isn't because political yo yo says we are now poor or some crazy crap.
We are not poor, ok! You want poor, go light your fire for some hot water in rainy season, outside, in some shed which is also shared with the chickens. And you are standing there thinking to your self, "I wish I had a stove inside right about now, I would happily cook the food on it and I wish I had some food to cook beside black beans and rice. A piece of bread and some strawberry jam would be real nice and coffee out of a coffee maker instead of a bag contraption someone concocted"!
Now how did I get myself in this situation? (very long story) How am I going to get back out?
It takes a while to change your mental pictures. What do I know about it!
I do know this; I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life. I have everything I want. Good things are all around me,I receive with out guilt and give happily and generously!

"Get that guilt out of my face!"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Neptune trines Libra

so that is why I have been having such crazy lucid dreams!
Mystic Medusa says best so go read her ideas about what planets in just our solar system effect us.
All I know is my body aches right now and I dream strange dreams every night.
Good thing I look good while doing it. ( kidding) A woman took my arm and said, "wow, that is so soft, what do you use on your arms and legs?"
I use a body oil and take sea buckthorn oil.
My favorite. I feel like my skin is less dry when taking omega 7.
New Chapter has a good one and so does a brand called Sibu..check it out, it might be just the thing for winter when you rarely get any sun on your face and I believe that its composition of caratenoids may offer a glow, or I might be imagining this.

Did you know that elements like gold, silver, uranium are born in stars and in particular the super massive ones? Our sun formed because a huge ball of "plasma" exploded and all the stuff just reformed with what was exploded. It is mind boggling really.
Our perfect medium sized sun isn't going to explode, it will slowly burn itself out out and basically turn in to a super hot diamond just simmering slowly for billions of years. But before that, it will have sucked us in for billions of years...Wow!

I wish that we will have settled our small differences here on Earth billions of years before that happens and we could live on a happy, garden planet again with technology of course:)but without corporations making our food with fish genes. Just sayin'!
Let's change the world with our pocketbooks and then we will see. Lets buy fresh, eat more beans and we can make this Earth be that special part of the diamond where war and klilling is not an issue and we all just love this place.
We should be more like the care bears:)

thank you I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blue Lotus Moon

It was an awesome group I had back when groups were cool in the 90's. The women who attended who so super fantastic and even though we had some drama brewing which made me shut it down so fast that people got mad at me we have kept in touch . That is how I want things still. Real honest women and men whom I have real honest friendships with.
A friend noted then that people seem to get upset when you leave. I know, but if something becomes toxic, what should I do but terminate the pain somehow? That is very Libra really.
We seem innocent and then bamm, you get cold steel between your eyes. We are not as out of control as one might like to fantasize. Seriously, we are more than the few minutes a day we chat with one another, more complex than a few superficial moments one might get to spend with us.
Ah, we Libras..get busy girl, forget all the glory, do it for the best reasons. Service and Joy in Life!

Take the Aries woman right about now, She is so super graceful under pressure that just having her near you brings more confidence and more practical life skills than one would ever imagine.

Scorpio, you are just fine, you know what you can do and have the intelligence to get there. It may mean that you have to change your schedule or adjust your habits.

Sagittarius, anytime I am with you I fall in love again with you and your kind. Not everything has to be a club though.

Leo, change you cologne and see what it attracts. I know having a loss is hard so just the release guilt and have some fun.

Virgo, you are not special enough to punish your self so often. Find something good to do that makes you happy.

Cancer,get some exercise honey:)Take a walk outside and breathe a little fresh air now and again.

Taurus, listen Jupiter is opening doors, you are an artist, everything is glorious!

Gemini, yes life is about changes and you are so awesome that I am in awe of your beauty right about now.

Aquarius, cool , cool, water flowing reviving thoughts in to better ones, always striving for the highest. I love your style honey!

Capricorn, you know I haven't forgotten you. Can I say that you are stunning? Can I say that you are also hard working and discerning and smart and super funny?

Pisces, it is odd how I am surrounded by ya'll. Even if we never talk, it is as if you and I communicate through our minds. Time and space alters for our friendship. I bet others say that to you, others whom you have touched ever so easily and unforgettably.

have a wonderful Sunday, ya'll!

one ounce spring water
2 drops each
wild rose flower JOY
cherry blossom HAPPINESS
black eyed susan CARRYING OUT YOUR WILL
delphinium (larkspur)JOYOUS DUTY

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Morning Saturday

Going to work after two days off and getting in to that mode.
You know, organizing your thoughts to "how can I exceed your expectations today?"
I have even answered the phone like that twice or thrice actually. (I was in a having fun mode) and yes it was somewhat fake. What do you want from me? I am a Libran!
Anyhow, even though it is fake, it creates a platform where my customer is not only, like, "oh.. well... I want....
I want a pill that will free me from another pill which the doctor gave that makes me so unhappy and depressed that I can't go on.
Or my ocd son, daughter, friend needs something for her eyes, her kidney, his prostrate. Thanks Dr Oz..but why oh why would you ever tell people to take white bean extract or raspberry ketones? Why? :)
It is a long super long list of desires that I would try to satisfy.

I will think, I will reason and I will offer flower essences where there is an opening.
Yesterday I purchased pretty face, larkspur essences and a wild rose from a small company called LFE or Living Flower Essences..omg man!
I can feel the energy upon opening and then two drops in my mouth and I could taste the rose..wild rose that is..The will to live and Joy in life..Do you see how rich I am right now?
Larkspure or delphinium nuttallianum for joyful service and, to me it is beautiful.

Buying shea butter today for my new idea of frothing shea butter with raw organic cacao butter for my Body Frothers..maybe they will be good, maybe they won't.nahhh..

what if they are awesome??
Thank you have a good day and I am 15 days without facebook and feeling really good..

Friday, October 14, 2011

dark matter

it is a web that hold our Universe together and it is very mysterious. It holds all the galaxies together and itself and supports all the matter with in it's magnetic energies.
I say we harness this vibe by understanding ourselves beyond the shackles of only the things that we can see. How about knowing that we are so so small.
How about looking at that invisible stuff and knowing that everything we do at this moment will effect the next one?
How do we harness this vibe?
What do I know? I read other successful people's opinions and make something mine out of it. I like Luise Hay, Mike Dooley, Yogananda, and myself and the god within me.
I would like to master the Flower Essence Repertory and learn more about Homeopathy and of course share it with you somehow.

According to Mike Dooley (leveraging the universe), it is about visualizing but meanwhile physically do an action that will lead to your goals. So as the planets support and twirl around one another and their suns in their galaxies, so do we magnetize objects and people based on what currents we send out.

I guess it is all about gratitude and in the end,happiness.

"I am a happy, rich, successful, soapmking momma who owns her own home"

I thought about this quote all night as I created a manifestation mantra for myself. This is what came of it this morning because all night I pondered and repeated certain words until all the words became comfortable to say in my head.

Make one for yourself and see what you want to say over and over..

My daughter is sick today so I will most likely make some amazing soap or a butter would be nice right about now....and as I look at the oils which would be nice I realize I have a goodly amount of og lime, og lemon, bergamot and blod orange.

coming up on eleneetha at etsy....

Lavender Body Frother ( yes there are those who want a lavender anything on their hand and body)

"Frother" as in the verb from Old English frĊfor

to comfort to feed, consolation, joy, refuge, compensation, help, benefit
to have good food, prosper, satiate, enjoy)

"Lemon Lime Frother" A Vegan Body Whip

Lemon Lime Seaweed Soap To go with the body butter..what do you like on your body after a bath?

thank you for stopping by

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am submerged in eternal light

we all are, really. Let our bodies be healthy and our minds be strong and may we always support one another without envy. There is plenty of success for everybody.
I hope that you flourish in what ever endeavor you might be involved in.

Crazy Annie's Viciously Delicious Minestrone Soup

you will need:

8 different kinds of beans like black, navy, peas, barley, lima, pinto, kidney and if you do use barley, be generous because it makes this dish.
Saute 2 onions (med dice), 8 cloves garlic (chopped fine) in olive oil
cayenne pepper
2 bay leaves
chopped parsley and chopped basil (fresh this time)
1 full jar pompadoro tomato puree
water to the top of the pot and bring all this to a boil
add cleaned legumes and grains
add salt to taste
reduce the heat to simmer and cook 2 to 3 hours
add your favorite macaroni and cook 10 more minutes...tasty and low in fat!

*eat with focaccia and juicy Kalamata olives on the side
My dough for the bread is rising as I write this. You can go to any good bakery and get some fine soup eatin' bread:)

Soups bring the family together and bring in good vibes.
It is not about anything other than good food, good family moments and if I may say,this "clan type gathering" is also about protection from harmful negative outside forces. Yes, look at the negative, but only give yourself a few minutes to analyze and please do not dwell on it. Remember any good thought is a thousand times more powerful than a negative one. I should always remember to say thanks and remember how lucky I am right now.
Not everything is about me anyhow.
Eat some soup and go kiss a child.
I am a child of The Universe! Kiss me..ha ha

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Full Moon ~under ground time lords

After the last 10 days, I can tell you that I have come out transformed a little and feel a little trashed over it. Like maybe I had to go through a black hole and come out from the other side totally changed. Crushed and then crumbled and finally becoming dusty matter.
Yes, I am more efficient and yes, I understand better everything I set out to do a year ago and now looking back, I can honestly say I gave it my all. I can say that I grieved over trivial projects and learned new words like leadership and margins and merchandising product to its full sale potential. (otherwise known as retail)
One of the things that hold me back at my job are my emotions and not being detached enough at all times and smiling all day even when old matron types dis me like some servant...well, I don't even want to talk about servants because I am a servant all the way..sheesh what a week!
That is right! A servant who people flock to like a light shining and calling, 'all are welcome"

The best thing I have made in a long time is this essential oil blend in soap. Did I write down the recipe so that I can make it again? No! I wish I had a liter of that Oshadi Blend with frankincense, myrrh and Cyprus oils! I only had a bit but I can tell you that it did something to the smokey woodsy cedar and vetiver blend that I had ready for this soap in the first place.
When you finally wash with one of these bars, the one thing that will stand out is the a fine smooth yet gritty texture. That is French White Clay and French Green Clay on top. You will note the smokey vetiver and cedar wood oils but then something kind of sneaks up on you and woa!
What was that, some sticky sweet frankincense? What do I know? Essential oils teach me something, always. This time it is that they are miraculous gifts from exploding stars. Each one a gift from the heavens having been manifested into matter here on Earth and each one having abilities all their own.
Everything is energy. We are alive because of the energy or heat from the Sun. Other suns in our galaxy and other galaxies (billions) are becoming new stars or exploding and spreading all their substance throughout our is real and it is on all day honey!
Thank you for visiting my blog:)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

almond milk biscuits and black lentil soup

the soup
one bag organic black lentils
2 small onions med. dice
4 cloves garlic minced
pink salt ( I used Redmond)
smoky pepper mix
basil (fresh if you can)
olive oil for saute
gently fry the onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil
add the spice and cook it till the green smell is gone ( about 10 min.)
add the lentils
fill the pot pot with water
make sure it is a nice big pot for soup
salt to taste
cook two hours

Almond Milk Biscuits
1/2 stick natural butter or coconut oil if vegan
4 cups organic all purpose flour
1/2 t salt
1 TBSP baking powder
2 cups almond milk
make some dough with this and don't over smooth it.
cut into biscuits and bake at 450 for 20 min. or until golden and fragrant.

serve with a green apple, romaine and onion salad with blue cheese crumbles and red wine vinaigrette..delish!

Get back to where you once belonged

Isn't odd how we always go back to where we once had to work something out and review and do it over again, hopefully better than the last time? With me it is always organization.
You can not go wrong if you harness your best intentions and give them a good HA! And then just go with it.
It means embrace what you are doing right now and love it and do the best that you can to make it amazing.
Don't like what you are doing? Do it better and see how it changes.
I tried this recently and I must say, even though I still don't care for some of the tasks, they come out completely grand in the end.
I swear, mostly it is my insecurities (and ego) holding back form happiness more than any other thing.

Good thing there is soap!

This week I made a cedarwood soap with vetiver.
I used my best vetiver from Sunrose Aromatics and my best organic Atlas cedawood along with my beloved Virgina cedawood oil.
It is a delicious woodsy soap bar and perfect for clearing the old and making a path to elegantly placed success.
Cedarwood is ruled by Jupiter and as Jupiter is in Taurus right now I must say It is a perfect time to reflect on what we have, how rich we are and how we should always be kind to one another.
Not that Jup in Taurus isn't over zealous in the end, you can at the very least, expect a nicely designed space with great taste in between that space:)

Cedarwood soap
Che~ Sed

I am using organic coconut oil and olive oil from Crete in this soap base.

juniper OG
one drop nutmeg co2
one drop ylang ylang
one drop cade
It smells so good out of the bottle and I can hardly wait to cut this and show you.

I am also thinking I should make something with the blues. Yarrow, Blue tansy, Blue Cham...

Thank you

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magnolia Rose

Still not Facebooking and my imagination has begun to flourish again. Not that I wasn't creative before. There is something going on in my head and it has nothing to do with how many thumbs up I get from a fascinating link or thought I might have posted.
I will tell you this, I haven't been able to read a book in a long time as my attention span became reduced to no more than 3 minute articles on any given subject.
The internet is good for that. Even now, I put off more important tasks (general cleaning and tidying up) to share my thoughts with you. It is as if the life in this computer and you who share these short memoirs are connected by thought and transcend time and space and here we are. :)
Welcome and hello! Thank you and thank you again for being with me all these years. I have made friends that are worth their weight in Golden star dust as if being dense neutron stars themselves!

I made some soap to celebrate. I made some flower soap.
You must be thinking that I have lost it. Nope. Just clearing my palate and trying something new.
The recipe started out simply enough. Olive oil from Crete and organic coconut oil, cold pressed. I love that stuff. I use Navitas brand and sometimes another one when that one is not in stock. It is my favorite one. Creamy, cold pressed and again dense in its oiliness.
French white clay is next and the oils which speak for themselves like music or a cosmic collision of galaxies would at first swirl around one another and then join in incredible continuous elliptical galaxies. It happens all the time and it is happening now. It is grand!

magnolia oil
drops of cedar
ylang ylang complete
petitgrain mandarin
petitgrain sur fluer

thank you

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Fool

It is about freedom and faith and trusting that you are being taken care of because you have everything you need to make it good right now.

The herb is Panax for detached innocence, protection and motivation.

Follow your heart and embrace whatever comes your way:)

The soap of the day is Pewter and Myrrh.

Herbal Tea of panax ginsing, damiana and ashwaganda should be just the ticket today.

thank you
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