Thursday, October 31, 2013

Samhain Special Deal At Eleneetha's

special deal at eleneetha's

I know what you must be thinking..
Why is she presenting us with tropical notes on this oh, so sage and myrrh and cedar filled night?
This is for our bodies, the cedar and sage is for the fire which you should light and then stand beside it and make your intentions clear to yourself and see beyond the veil....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bringing in the ladies

 I had to bring in the ladies from the sun room because it is cold out there. It got cold! It was like a light switch too..
I have enough sweaters and coats and I hope these sweeties like it here this winter.
I made room in my work shop for them and I hope they love the steamy waves of cloudy odors coming out of the soap molds, my imaginary cauldron of sorts..with modern day is where it's at, man!!!
(one reason I like to pair like minded soap blends together..:))
I have had them for three years now, these orchids, but that was before kitty..she doesn't ever go in that corner because she is afraid of water and the sink basin is right i think we are safe. they look healthy, right?
I like the cat..she and I have a very nice Libra Scorpio friendship..she needs space from me and I give it to her. There enough people here for her to get any kind of lovin' she wants..Tom plays ball with her, she fetches the ball and places it on the carpet for him..ok, I love the kitty!
I say, "kiiiityyy" like "soooeeeyy"..she runs away and comes back for more..:) kitteeeeeii..with a weird farmer's wife kity my kity, leave the orchids alone, one is about to flower for me for the first time and I hate to have to make that purple flower feel forlorn..please leave my lady orchids alone"

We are about to enter an intense period of astrological magnificence..with Uranus involved, I see a rigid militant vibe and some jerk of course will take it the wrong way and try to control with power. I say, if you can, take the high road and treat people with honesty and gracious and hold to the idea that we  fix things not make blame. If anyone dies in this and they will, you will be the strong one. (by death, I mean an end and not necessarily and physical death) death is complex!
Yes, a small percentage die, somehow. (who am I yoda?)
the rest of us will have to tend to our needs, our basic survival instincts come through in many colorful ways..
some work harder, others hide in their cave, make due with less, need less and adjust.
Some take power by bringing people down others can look at the bright side.
If you are gonna slice something in half, then think about it first!
Give a man a hand, but not your arm..if he takes your arm and eats it, then you are both watching too much walking dead on netflix, haa
I get to a point, where I cannot watch any more harrowing experiences where zombies get sliced, axed or shot of course..I will watch more tonight with my boy..

 It is about the facts and the real facts and be honest, do not make up reasons for your suffering. Why are you unhappy? What do you want? Money, a marriage, a home, a garden or a delicious lover adoring only you?
In your twenties, you are sorting through what you do not want..there is a lot!
In your thirties you will want fewer, simpler things. In your forties, you will have adjusted to keeping what you have, your dignity, I hope,  letting go of hurts and bad people in your life and starting new projects..In your fifties, you are suave beyond words because of the pain you went through for the last twenty years..loosing people hurts.
I do not know about the sixties, but I  see women and men in that age group everyday. I suppose that is where the idea of cynicism some seasoned sufferer who went to the dark even for a minute!

You do not have to suffer, not unless you are in a war or some other real calamity, otherwise, think about what makes this such an emergency that you are screwing up your adrinals for?
Calm down honey..think about making some things simpler. perhaps you are doing more than your body can handle. You need to rest, rest a book, read two, read a nice sentence written by a smart person, one that makes you think about what is real and what is greed...I know, it is big!
I will tell more abut mercury in the next one..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Scorpio and why Gemini wants one

"you had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself go by"
Carley Simon, Cancer
She may have been talking about Warren Beatty but maybe she was talking about Mick Jagger..Mick is a Leo man, and Warren, an Aries, both bad choices! Seriously over 1300 women, Warren? It is a can that happen? I guess when you have a pretty face...

Having to totally change the way you do things, hurts like a dirty bitch, but you will must know how extremely gifted you are. It is a beautiful thing and none can compare to Scorpio when it comes to being the dark lord..the one who can easily go in shadows and feel things with a dragon of some sort..if we look at Scorpio, we can think of a creature who is willing to wait..and then there it is, a perfect opportunity to grasp something amazing. Saturn has been heavy on Scorpio these last few years. Saturn is about aging, getting better, learning to give, learning to recieve  and being scared a little of being  or looking gross or being abandoned.. you could never be that! You must know that you hold things together and we rely on you in so many ways..who's shoulder is best to cry on? Scorpio!

Aging is so weird..I keep pulling my face to see if I look better with a lift..I look like the cat lady with a face lift:)
People are scared of looking ugly and old, old and ugly...I have a client in retail (Taurus), I, without giving it a thought sold her a product for women. "50 and wiser"..she called me 2 hours later..
"50 and wiser??!"
"The last time I got  the the ones for women, wiser, I do not want "wiser"!"
She is her 60's..older than me..but not wiser..
You know what I said?
I explained that women as they get older, get more and more areas..
( I was hoping to kind of inspire her)
She was quiet for a minute..she just hated the word wiser..she just wants to be dry and a "woman" on paper.
I gave her what she wants..still, I can't help thinking about that much extreme rigidity..avoiding the thing that can help you because you refuse to accept reality..
Who am a mind control crone to know such things?
Isn't that like  buying a pair of jeans in a smaller size because you will loose the weight by next week's event? I knew people like that..who wants to wear a pair of pants that are ill fitting all because they have a smaller number on them?

How can you not eat strudel or some Parmigiano Reggiano with a little basil and tomato..that is like heaven..don't even get me started on olive of the most beautiful things on earth!!

That is the outside world..except for the olive oils and tomatoes and cheese.
We are here and safe from worry because we have a wonderful family life and people who love us. Scorpio always seems to know this and gain in profound ways..
have a wonderful day.Happy Birthday my be-loved Scorpio

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hungarian Food and The Old Whore Soap Special Right Now..

If you have even had a bar of the old whore, you know that it is special, reeks of good stuff all day and, and, this one weekend I'd like to give one away with each purchase..if you ordered Friday, I will still include one with your box..thank you by the way:) I just bought more oils with your money:):)
I cut them so nicely too. They seem an ounce light.
When you want to buy the old whore and think the price is too steep anyway..dude..each batch is 100 dollars worth of oils..each one,  some more and loaded with the most divine oils, demonstrating with ease, each classic layer of goodness..and I only make 8 bars at a time so that I can condense the vibration:) but that is just me, the soap momma!
The first OWS had 70 dollars per teaspoon, that would be wasteful. What to do? Add more patchouli, that is what!
Ok Ok, I am crazy and it is Mercury retrograde..
One Old Whore Soap with any purchase at, eleneetha's shop

In Astrology, I see Jupiter/Moon in Cancer all day and that is awesome..also Saturn, Mercury, Sun..all in Scorpio..
I hope you have been enjoying the reprieve we are having with this brilliant Scorpio Vibe! I have to say, Having anything in Scorpio is very classic..Sun Mercury Saturn in  Scorpio brings you back to your cozy  hiding place resting, eating, enjoying being human and that means no guilt..put guilt away, yo!
It is time to accept who you are at this moment and relish in the spirit of "you made this"
Filled with a sense of wanting to keep what you been nurturing for two years or it work or a partner..
Are you feeling like you are in a cocoon?
Like nothing is happening and you are just waiting for some change in the atmosphere?
That pertains to Aquarius more than most of us, but fear not, look at Virgo and how they are forced to change everything..
I see things like hidden treasure in the form of you having a generous gift for yourself tucked away..this can take form with you being the weaver of truths.

If you smile more, your brain makes you prettier, that is fact..

It is really windy here on a chilly Saturday Fall day:)
I hope that you have a wonderful day..

Oh and if you want to spend money on every beautiful thing you see, small stuff is fine..a new dog  will need more time than you can ever give...a car..wait two weeks and if you still want this much, buy it..two will take that long to get your paperwork ready anyhow..
Any new job will be met with new facets of peoples fears and it takes your elegant poise to run the show and say what you are thinking and no yelling or crying..
Aries, be content
Taurus, get moving
Gemini,, not in the mirror:)ok the mirror
Cancer, ask for the  thing you want
Leo, make your project be your lover
Virgo, good, finally!
Libra, paperwork success
Scorpio, working
Sagittarius, where are you pointing that thing
Cappy, best most happiest learning
Aquarius, learning to be on your own
Pisces, having the means
choosing wisely..

The Hungarian food thing?
Who doesn't like strudel or a vanilla custard apple pastry this time of year?

Friday, October 25, 2013

in the middle

I am sitting here enjoying a spicy Cabernet Cacao tea by good:) I hope you are having a nice day. I am packing some orders and enjoying fall, I hope you are well and happy on this fine day..fine, fine-ness, thousands of years of fine-ness!

I thought about naming this soap Tobacco Road because of the design which  I managed to create with the syrupy tobacco absolute:)

This soap is really goodness!
You know, I love patchouli with oakmoss..that is how the old whore was sort of propelled in to..with out oakmoss, she isn't the old whore and with out labdanum either.. But that is her and this is another aspect of her distinctive evolutions.
This is patchouli and oakmoss..heated to almost smoke and mixed in with tobacco absolute and orange blossom absolute..there are specs of oolong tea and a hint of smoke from vetiver and smoked tea.
We may just have something of a magnificent mixture of goodness here!
I put 4 drops spike lavender..just that and loads, loads of patchouli.
In The Middle

Thursday, October 24, 2013

face creams

I know, we get  dry and you faces need nutrition..not just face cream.
As you know, I am in the business..both retail and handcrafted skin care..
I am telling you that you can put all the peptides you want, nothing is going to do the things they say it does..that is why all the rich with money get face work done..they call it work..
You should see the women that come in for arnica pellets! 200!
It is funny and sad..
I'll, at times be out of 200 c and they squawk,lol.."now I have to take double of the 30c"
"No. you won't, it doesn't work like that"

Here is the plan..nice skin is not peeled or is who you are man..
I mean, on the one hand, sure, of course I am so happy I do not have to hunch over laundry in the river, and women and men,  are, at this time on Earth, aging slower than 100 years ago!
Well, for one thing we have more nutrients than ever and we do not hunch in the fields or grind over an ax, or an anvil or even the dishes. I like a dishwasher, one two three, bamm clean counter..
Things are getting easy for us and that is good. The skin care on the counters in retail stores? Dude!! No!!
Think about how much potassium sorbate you want on you..that stuff is acid..acid..not cool..grapefruit seed extract is no better! I have heard some things about that stuff as a preservative..
Rosemary extract..(they take the smell out but it still has a strange texture to me)..
Skin Care needs to be fresh..that is the key.. that way, you do not have to worry about preserving the ingredients..I think so :)

I want to make a really nice winter cream for the face..some people love creamy opaque and some love oily.
In winter, oily is long as you are damp. That makes all the difference. It is the moist maker! For the face, I say a little spring water, hydrosol and then the will emulcify with your skin's moisture at that time and give you coverage and protection.

Right now I am using frankincense balm on my face after a shower. yes, it has olive oil..did you know that olive oil has palmitic acid and loads of vitamine e?
Also I have a few others, a jasmine sandalwood thing I had made for Shabra, there was a wee bit left over, it got really nice in time..olive oil based..there is also a cream I made with resin oils, royal dawn..more for the body, that one..It is a little heavy for my face, I have used it though..
Next.  a jar or two pluto potion with orange blossom absolute..
a little will go a long way but I like that one on my neck..olive oil based..
There are many who use pluto potion at the moment!
Pluto potion is 6 ingredients;
beeswax,extra virgin  olive oil, ylang ylang extra, orange blossom, a drop vanilla co2, patchouli..fine fine aged patchouli..for your fine fine aged assezzz babies!
After you put on oil, cream, you must wipe it off, pat dry and let your skin breathe for a few minutes..
Then, you can decide if you want to go make up work, I always wear powder and eye stuff..I love black eye liner..not the liquid stuff because I cannot put that one

Olive oil is noted for its polyphenols and flavonoils and high vitamine e content .and these constituents may be the reason olive oil is so able to blend itself in skin can take any essential oil easily. Other phenolic constituents include aldehydic secoiridoidsflavonoids and lignans (acetoxypinoresinolpinoresinol).[56] The latter two compounds are only present in extra virgin oil.

Now, I am inspired to try some new oils in a balm for us..maybe  not olive..maybe some really nice new know a little hemp oil on the face is lovely..maybe I will take a look at Botanical Innovations ( thank you, Miss Lindengliitter) for ideas on which fatty acid will serve us best this season..Prep is my favorite part when making things for you:)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

saturn conjunct true node

in Scorpio with mercury retrograde in Scorpio..

I think it is shaking us up a little because Saturn is fear..
do your best and be honest, that way you don't have to remember what you said..right?

The eight fold path was created for a reason..that when we feel spiritual we connect and feel better.
That is the void that religion may fill..I do not was stuffed down my throat to where I learned the whole thing in Greek and then I was like, why can't women go in the altar..I am going..I did go in the altar one time or two! Do you believe it? Archaic, to say the least..
You have to say three times, "I Renounce Satan"
I don't even know that guy..
is he pretty, why is he evil if god made him, who made him, how come god gave him earth and made it so fun?
How come god made pain, and a fire pit for his creation? Why did he make the slaughter of humans on earth..children and women and men..with swords, with fire, with a friking flood?
wait, wait, so this guy is about to kill his child for god to show that he loves him enough (child endangerment)
and then when he didn't we have now created all religion on one side of our planet..and the other not much the beginning of Hinduism, if the husband dies, the wife has to die too..but they don't do that anymore..
Because we are smarter and this is a great time on earth. We know why floods happen and we know more about how cycles of weather effect us..We also know that we are more than our planet. There are others in the same little space, going around the same star..our giver of live..all true real stuff..

Pluto in Capricorn teaches us to do with less so that in the long haul, we have already paved a path for ourselves with our hard efforts, Saturn in Scorpio is smarts, getting to the details and doing things perfectly..
I love a nice clear path:)
Mercury in Scorpio retrograde teaches us that mistakes have been made.We carry on..learning, remembering not to do it again..throw the guilt serves nothing..carry on..that is what Scorpio does, Mercury in Scorpio that is..

Astrology is interesting. I believe that one can become more self aware, more in control and more focused when utilizing archetypal forces of our civilization since the big ice age thaw about 11 thousand years ago..
I had to call it something..archetypes...humans..still so brutal and getting less brutal?
I want more stupid wars!
Who needs them? Let's fix this place instead of taking everything we can from the oceans, and the mountains..our precious water, our precious land. Lets us have real conversations and real food and real books now and again..
Our lives are wonderful in so many ways..we couldn't have picked a better time to be here! It is for sure better than before, way better!

have a wonderful day:)

Monday, October 21, 2013

one day special at eleneetha aromatics

eleneetha aromatics one day special

 one as my gift with any purchase on this day 10/22
One huge chunky Eucalyptus Mint Soap with himalayan pink salt and green clay

digging deeper

Dang it!! I don't want to dig deeper! Mercury retrograde is here so you will, dig, I mean.
We all will, yea? Who do you love? What do you love? Why do you love him? Or her, them..
What do you get out of them? What do you give?

Yesterday,  an older fellow asked me this question, "do you like working here, because you seem to enjoy it?"
"Yes, I enjoy my job very much", I said to him, "would I rather be at home tinkering in my garden and watching telly? Yes..but my work is very exciting..and they throw money and gifts to me..and all this business with insurance is taken care of.."
"well, I  like teaching the bible for thirty years"
he was kind of behind me ( i walk fast in those boots) and didn't see me smile. "nice" I said to him..
30 years of devotion to the bible..never exploring what others on earth during the same thaw (ten thousand years time period) of the same ice age had to say about it....ok..
He is a nice fellow..what I am going to challenge everyone about their mythology..non..
He  proceeded to tell me about his 12 or 30 grand children and his ten children..he seemed so content. he hunts me down in the store when he could easily ask a grocery boy to take him to nighty night tea..

Yogananda learned to bow to the stone..sometimes we are presented with saints in odd ways...I suppose..

Saturday, October 19, 2013

just some astro thoughts

Aries, your pot is being stirred up by Uranus for is very interesting:)
As  long as you curb rebellious ways and become authentic even in your relationship, you are and can be  happy..
authentic is a big word..and to me and what I see about this is, you are in a constant challange for that perfect shore, that perfect house or perfect war..but things in our world have changed..we make big mistakes and we call them sins...we lie to protect ourselves from our own wrath..
what is best is not what is traditionally best..the good thing about you is you are forgiving..but the hard part (heh!)is forgetting..
Taurus, you have never had many friends and parties in your life, and now even less..This is a good time to direct you fortunes to you art, your design and you ability to explain things..nice and slowly..
Gemini, oops! Baby?? It is cool, you are ready...every other Gemini, you can look forward to a busy year where you work more, better, and is there a seriousness I have never seen before?
baby is code for new job, new outlook, new big are ready, and Gemini boy is having a sweet baby with the girl..he is so cute and the girl is so cute and prim..:)xo
Cancer, you have waited a long time for you partner to get it together with some ongoing little issue..By June you will ask for what you deserve..dude, it is too long in coming, say it! No, not to me, but the other person..say it..It'll be good, promise..
Leo, You've been spreading yourself too thin and that makes you cranky:) by February, you will begin a period of expansion with regards to new friendships which will help your future..
Virgo, you are ready to own your talent, and be the, I do not know. But relationships can get complicated and money may be an issue right'll figure it out because if anyone can wait for the best things it is you..
I am really excited to see what you come up with this time:)
I just want to grab a  good Virgo and squeeze..with love! Not the one I was married to..that was too toxic..I don't hate him has been so many years, I forgot what he looks like, the fak! :)lol
Which leads me to Libra~it is a grand time to focus on business and work may  feel strapped with money, and that leads you to work harder.. it is isn't real..the strapped part..Libra just has anxiety about certain things like money, like little leaks in sinks and basically mundane things!
"don't they have a person who does that?"
"I'm busy making perfume"
Scorpio, it may  feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders..again, this is only an illusion..still though, your leisure time is almost all gone  running here, working in a new town here and there..but honey you look amazing..Scorpio is my one  favorite signs and among the most beautiful in the zodiac, dark eyes, smart brain, clean wardrobe..yummy and dangerous..:) the way you communicate will change drastically in the next few years..
Sag, people come and go and your own idea of what you want will change a little this year.
stay focused and do not change your mind about the good stuff.
Cappy, Boons my dear boons, you benefit from many boons, your life is good and your head hurts sometimes because it is so full of ideas and information!                                                                               Aquarius, a lovely sign, I am just getting to understand..they love high quality and lots of it..i am learning to relax a little and be accepting of their love and you?
well Aquarius, good things..
for one thing you do not see it now but in about a year's time, you might be managing due to the recognition you are now getting for your hard efforts..
you will change so much, you already have. You are in a position to become a teacher or role model..and your look will change more this year more than any other time..I do not see you staying in this new place too are headed somewhere else again! Money seems to fall in to your lap, but know exactly what you are doing and, you are willing to live with less so that others whom you love can have more..
glorious, you ahh!

**as always, my astro thoughts are just me, ranting and it is all for fun and a reflection of our mythology:)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo and The Full Moon

So do not think you are the only one here..I always do..who else is there?
Happy Full Moon
It is grand really. Mars in Virgo trine Pluto doesn't care..there is work to be done..slaves, humans have always had slaves to do their dirty work.
I like the fact that I can get dressed nicely and go to work and be elegant but at home, I wear and old pair of sweats to clean..
That is mars in Virgo all day. For Virgo, it means getting to the low down..You must work, and I know some Virgo peeps think that sitting at the computer is working, and it is working, but now get up and do it, take that next step towards whatever you really fight things too long..not fight..
wait for..goodness help you if it is a Taurus Moon person with Virgo planets! You will wait for the best thing!
Sweet Isis, I am surrounded by Virgos and Scorpios..sometimes too much waiting. You put Leo behind all that and you will have artistic, very bohemian family life..I know I do..
yes yes, the girl is here..why?
She could have easily stayed home with her momma yesterday?
I do not know why..I know I cannot ask her to leave..I can't, she is nice, and very to her self..but, we are all is like she found a little corner to sleep in, like a cat..she is Leo:)
I will grant this gift to her till the semester is over.
I am so Libra like that..just can't get to that last step of really saying how you feel. Maybe it is better not to say anything sometimes, yes?
My friend will ask pretty much anything..
Like, "Does that manuka honey bleach your skin because of the hydrogen peroxide in there?"
She's like, "I don't want to bleach my eye brows!"
"I don't think so, but do not apply directly to the eye brows..I have been using it for weeks..I like it a lot!"

**the manuka honey can lighten the skin a little if you put it on neat and let it sit of a long time on the area. I do not think the facial scrub  will bleach your hair because it is being carried by the clay and other botanicals in there, plus you add water and it gets further diluted in the mix..and then you rinse, I like the effects, but if you have any doubts, toss it, I will make you something else..

I love scrubs, they are so so nice:)
I have been using the charcoal soap on my is awesome and feels different. Ever wash your face with charcoal based products? There is a strange clean with it, yes?
Not dry, but something totally changed.
We are beautiful, I know this! Good fats mean something! Real ingredients help us, toxic things hurt..I want the best things for you. And may you be basking in the lotto of life!

There is is then..xo
Libra's Birthday Special

you get
one jasmine lemon beeswax jelly
a one  ounce jasmine lemon oil with sea buckthorn and hemp oils
a one ounce vial of toner with witch  hazel, lemon and jasmine

check it out all day at eleneetha's

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The moon is full tomorrow

how nice for us

everyone was odd today and it rained. it rained a cold rain that hurt my bones a and my bones, I put arnica and frankincense on my feet. It is so weird about my bones and rain. I just get all inflamed and not in the same spot on my it was my left foot..I got a leg cramp in it... lol..I just took some magnesium and i feel it working and when I rubbed it with frankincense it felt way better..I took arnica and put arnica on it too.
I am like a human barometer with the rain..northern California would be perfect if my family would go with..
like I am going to leave my momma again..we spent so much money on the phone when I was  gone in the jungle..
she spent it..she called me all the time. I had a cell phone..when I moved to the hippie house, I had to walk two miles for the  phone to get reception. She knew my schedule so she called me when I was in "town"
My parents are still talking about the money my mom spent on the phone talking to me..she would have loved Costa Rica. Anywhere is nice as long as you have good food to eat and good stories and internet:))) yes?
We had lemon and papaya trees and bitter orange trees, ylang ylang, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger, tumeric, noni, bananas, which you have to cut the whole thing of the bananas when they are ripe and then you have like 40 bananas all at wonder they fry them up all day..I think that might make a person overweight..but when you walk 10 miles a day, you do not get fat..and here we are with Dr Oz telling us we need to eat a tamarind fruit called Garcinia Cambogia..really? Now we are calling fruit by their botanical Latin names to make them sound amazing. Now they are super foods?
Dude, in the tropics, you can eat all the tamarind you want, until you do not want to look at it.
I loved a drink they made with tamarind..they would just blend the fruit, seeds and all with water, ice if they had it and sugar and strain the whole thing in a good..
the sugar is unrefined and very caramel flavored..You can get tamarind fruit here too, but it is not the same if you ask me..some things are meant to be enjoyed for a short time and then we move on...

I am beginning to be able to talk about it the year I  taught English to the Colombian drug dealer's daughter. I found out long after she was my student..a sweet, quiet girl, tall for her age and thin, he was just big a very big man and always well dressed..and was I supposed to know Jesus was a drug  dealer?
The little girl wanted to learn English to please him. I never met the mother but I noticed she kept a very tidy home...I noted the clean floors, even in the corners. :)

The feet
carry me
hold me
move me
left side
my heart
my feelings
my emotional receptivity
my honesty

(:I move freely and easily towards my awesome future:)

The Dark Matter Of Black Madona

can i tell you that the whole place radiates with a little rose and a little vetiver..
we are all well and very happy on this fine chilly morning..
I made some soap yesterday:)
now i am about to clean the house with lemon

1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup soap water
lemon oil

This I damp mop with after a good sweep through the house with my broom made by the broom chick on etsy..another great Tonie find! Miss Linden Glitter, I love you..if I were gay, you'd be my wife! You will just have to settle with my love and affection for you.

Tonie wants jasmine with lemon..
I will 
so we should expect a balm and a witch hazel spray..that is how she asked for it..
She loves everything i throw at her and she explains her reasons.
I have really nice friends in my life..look at me doing things..i have been going out with an Aquarius friend for dinner and a chat..i like her..she is safe and i get to get out of the cave for a couple of i said, my friends are all lovely high thinking babes..i am skittish about leaving my cave..there is so much to do..
i wonder why i am in this work mode??
Mars in Virgo!!!
Ah my beautiful Mars in Virgo Magnetism
my home is clean
I am so busy
doing one thing at a time
cleaning up my messes with ease and grace
I love you so..bring me some dreams
 one, like the night before where I was gliding through water like a creature of space and time..where my realities are beyond my understanding and then somehow, effortlessly easy and here and now it becomes clean and tidy in my mind...
I am ready to submit to my needs by serving others
I am ready to remember my internal prayers
I am now remembering all the goodness I had stored away to use at this moment..
thank you

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

etsy glitch

Ok so I can accept credit cards on etsy, yea!!
It is great, people are buying there is all this money that I cannot use right away..
They hold the money for five days and the it gets deposited in your account.
Cool,  I waited, the pot would just keep growing right?..They say it is a one time time so I am going to stick it out:) It'll be my growth time, I thought to la la

the money?
where is it?
I can't find the money now. It did not get deposited and it is not in the shop payment account on my etsy thing..and, and after I went and tried to update my back account, they say my routing number is wrong. It wasn't wrong the first time now it is wrong..??

Do you know how much I wish we went to cash again?
And we all lived near each other and we don't need fakin insurance and fakin cards..yes it is raw and hard too in its own way..
is this mercury retro already??
mercury is always about too many details..ETSY should have their own credit card like paypal and then, done, no problems no transfers no having to review every periods, no dots and no hyphens allowed.
I tried that off the grid thing in Costa Rica. there is a lot of walking and you must clean the floor two times a day..
every day and in rainy season three four times..that is why the momma stays is simple.
you put the beans on, fry up some big bananas, in the hills they use lard from their own pig and in "town" they use a common oil there, safflower..they fry up slices of big  bananas every morning..they eat them with beans and an egg from their own is a nice life..the men all cheat on their wives..I didn't find them the Colombians,,sweet lord..nice skin, always naked and kind of! The women are all like J Lo..jiggly and naked all day..
They reach a point their mid forties, the women there look  kind of squarish and cut their hair short..I found it interesting..and they changed to wearing a two piece polyester dress thing..

Ok back to reality..I am calling my bank to see if the routing number can even have nine digits..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mars in Virgo and Pluto Capricorn

it is nice for so many reasons..
These two related planets, remember that Mars is co  ruler of least that is what I've been taught..
sweet seduction
looking clean and tidy..
getting the truth out.
reckoning with you over needs..over needs..over needs

Well if Pluto in Capricorn teaches us to do without, Virgo can wait for the best thing  best. So strive for all the best and be content is the message I get..

my dream..
i was at an ocean and I was actually skimming in the shallow parts of a lovely clear little cove..on my left, there was a stone built fence under water guiding me..i skimmed it with my left hand and it was in my sight all the way as far as I could see, but I didn't even look..I kept my head down and my left arm out about half way to guide me as I skimmed under the water in soft sand.. I woke up thinking, about how I don't like being under water but in my dream it was easy and like nothing..I moved like a creature of water..effortless..
that was my lunar eclipse dream..all 12th house:)
all i can think of now is, who built that stone gateway..? me?

The 12th is all about fear, darkness, abandonment, solitude and duties to the point of confinement..
the 12th house is hospitals and building with many rooms..confinement..
it is art, dreams and awareness...
Now for many of us with Cardinal planets, like Aries, Like Libra, Cancer, well there are challenges..

Aries, you areas of discontent, may  seem trivial to some fixed types..maybe you do not need proclamations of happiness to be happy and content..

Libra, paperwork and all that crap you hate must be dealt with..why do you keep your head in the sand..there is no magic jeany going to fix things for you..right?

Cancer, slowly but surely you are an expert at managing..for some it may seem too slow, for others just glow like a sunny afternoon on my patio drinking oolong and talking about all the things you want to do with your life. Plus, You are so nice..

have a wonderful day

next soap via me and that lovely gemini charcoal with rose and a hint of does that sound?
Who wouldn't want one!
They are going to be so cute! I will splurge and use about 1/2 ounce rose absolute for 8 bars witch I will cut in to 16 sweet squares and wrap for because charcoal in a nice cured soap is heaven, heavenly..
that'll be for us..we'll save our soap for a really special  yule or to give to someone who knows rose and really loves rose..with vetiver..yes..

Monday, October 14, 2013

organic sugar and my habbits

You know why they call some sugar vegan?
Because when they whiten and polish, they may tumble sugar with bones to break it down to a fine white powder..bones!
So I, 90% of the time, buy organic vegan sugar..then, I found a nice 10 dollar organic sugar, not vegan, at the giant store and I like it..I don't think that company uses bones..My mom, she brings conventional sugar to me all the time, that big yellow kids and their friends use it up..I like sugar in my coffee with half and half and they go through tea..They love 365 organic black tea..delish and cheap..80 tea bags for 4 bucks isn't bad at all...
I usually buy organic coffee but I will buy from local roasters here as well. I wish I had my own roaster!
I would roast the perfect medium light roast.
ah the much sugar does it take to spoil lets see all my kids and all their friends?
It would seem a gallon of raw organic sugar in 3 days!
Are you kidding me? There is no sugar for one cup of coffee?
there was... one of the boys left one teaspoon for my cup this morning..
he is so sweet and now doesn't sleep because that girl took his bed..
I am like what is up, no no, everything is fine he says..cancer.
You know every once in a while, I  have to clean up a little..too many big bodies doing nothing but studying..
Who am I? The Librarian?

Am I the deep clean librarian?

Lights out by 11 bitches..and I am giving you the two hours because I am generous and you are quiet..

A co worker at the my store who is a little younger than me, a Taurus, like a milf..
she says, "Loook at me, I am fucking beeeuutiful!"
She's is always showing us pictures of herself sitting or posing on some monument in a sunny place somewhere..
that is why I  said that the other is funny.
The girl who says that is Russian so it comes out not as vulgar for some reason..cute, because she's a blond with big round breasts, and charming..
I like it..we laugh all the time while saying it but we are all working out and you know, looking fine for our ages..I work with some  really amazing looking ladies. That Cancer girl is so pretty and she can barely walk with that perfect heart shaped ass..we've had to run young boys off because they will just hang out to be near is so cute!
The Russian? She married some sort of symphony guy to stay here and then course they divorce but they are still friends..she dates men with six figures..she told one guy, he couln't afford her..hahahaaa
"what is that, a measurement?"
six figures?
sixes all around please..I would want a man with a six pack and a giant brain in his knogin!

She was an engineer in Russia now she is a cashier..the language thing is in the way.."To be" is different in Russian..
I should start learning that language. I know it'll be easy because I catch words now which I understand..There is a huge community here by my work..if I still want to do it in two weeks or so, it will be easy.
now back to me..
If I am to have anastasia's place, fresh cafe, it will be easy, like this house was easy in the end..
I am looking at a Mercury aspect where other peoples money, insurance documents and deep cleaning of debris will be in order for the next few weeks..also the us government is in a strange banking thing again..dude, overspending is China is on US's  ass threatening to get mad if she, they, we,  default...
We still have about two years of the Pluto Uranus square and it'll get exact 3 more times..
Uranus in Aries is a little scary. I feel it is like this;

Sunday, October 13, 2013

the full moon and next week

Do you believe another year has gone by and I am still fucking beautiful?
I don't mind it a what by 60 I'll likely have deeper etches in to my skin like a good witch should..
I have a strong will, I do!
and craft of the usage of it..does that make me a witch?
Fine then, I am..I am also a yogi and a friend and I am another year older and closer to DEATH!
calm down yo, I am kidding..everything is really good.

 There is a girl at work who is so sweet, she keeps asking what I'll do for my birthday..I took the day off for one thing:())maybe I'll go and buy myself a new book to get lost in and get some paper in Ann Arbor and then eat some Zingermans delishousness!
Too much adoration makes a Libra uncomfortable..she gets awkward and trips and maybe even cries if there is a sweet baby near by..throw a John Lennon song in there and she gets really perclempt..spell that!

Next week we have the full moon , open your eyes moon and see the truth moon and this year it is on October 18th!
I feel like any Libra is going to get boons at this time but also all next week we still will focus on bills and getting our paperwork in order..simplify and go for it..for sure.
get the work done, be nice and smile at all you meet!
life is swell for the most what if you can't buy that cream with ground diamonds in it,( to me that would be the equivalent of 3 ounces orange blossom absolute) you can buy a nice bar of soap for yourself loaded with beautiful oils and sunny bright intentions..(take my word for it) at Eleneetha's!!

Now lets think about an Aries Full Moon and what it can do for you..

Aries Libra polarity is a relationship axis..
it is all about me and you..Where Libra is fair minded and about being equal, Aries is about being authentic over being tactful... think about how you serve the needs of your loved one..
we are talking relationships here..
Libra is about compromise, Aries is about the self and what you are getting from your partner..your work, your craft, you are iether attending to it or not..
In my opinion there may be some  needing declarations and giving in..admitting, letting go, letting be and allowing for some space for the other person..
Let's see how this week unfolds for us...

sleep potion

one drop each
ylang ylang

put some on your wrists and then rub your wrists on the top of your head, on your hair...
as you sleep, the oils will get on the pillow and continue to relax your mind as you sleep. try that with about 500 mgs of holy basil and you will float to sleep..and dream nice things..

mercury is in scorpio enough

to get your ass in gear..get intense, get, caring about your work.
in other words, you are gonna have to pay to piper, if you wanna dance to the music..
I learned a dance to "tears of a clown" when I was 14 or something and the piper song was also popular..
Diana Ross was so big in Detroit then,' and so, we danced our asses off. Then,she went on to make the inspiring(not) "I know that you're cheating but no one makes me feel like you do" Inside Out..jeez!
Nice way to inspire  everyone, expecting less..we all have, I suppose..well, in so so saying, we get to the point when it is enough! Really!
A a Libra woman, I  am not completely incapable of relating to the notion, that people want other people in their sex life..but still, for practical reasons, we do not share our body fluids with just anyone! Am I right?
Who knows what that person who cheats brings
I read a book on the nature of germs and bacteria and how people get is telling..not a depressing way..just awesome information..I mean it is quite a disaster..but germs are so interesting.
"coming plague"
you can get it on Amazon,

The Sun and Moon in Air will be fun and intensely surreal today with a clean sky getting thicker and then rain later..gotta go..
have a wonderful day

Saturday, October 12, 2013

garden's down

It is over..I pulled everything out..I made a chair with marigolds over an old chair which is broken and I put the corn stalks next to looks kind of cool! Next year, I will expand the garden and plant more tomatoes! They are so good, so tasty off the vine!
I believe this is what Samhain is! Celebrating what once was by honoring what remains.
Do you like my chair?

violets and broom flower

So some of you may had had the pleasure of using this beauty right here. I let it go, I was busy and hadn't the chance to use this violet leaf creation.
I knew it would be good because I was all immersed in Game Of Thrones at the time.Plus the original Plantagenet wore broom flower in his hat when he arived in England. I dreamed of how broom flower would smell to me now.
(sweet, powdery, delicate, tang, pleasant, dry) I remember them in Greece. The seed pods would "pop" open and make a sound..

I wanted to create a manly yet sweet smell in a soap.Something for a warm man for me  and heady woman for you if you want one, you know someone, just in from some adventure, holding gems in his hand for me and with him, a tobacco, vanilla, amber, horsey,  animal  scent having the edge I may crave as a woman..
Back in the day my man would be coming down the hill holding dinner in one hand and paw paws in his pocket because he knew I loved them...they are amazing from a tree on a hill somewhere..
When a good clean man is sweaty and warm, it can be intoxicating..that and his deeds towards you..

The Venusian Violet Soap
Now it is is gone, save for a sliver from trimmings. I will make more, but it won't be like this was..they never are because I set a high bar, lol:) and then reaching it requires deep concentration and letting go at the same time...

My lovely customer wants an oil with this blend..
very good idea..
stand by:)

a repreive

it seems that we are given a chance to take a break and not think as much as we do..about the past, the trials the constant bombardment of events which we cannot escape from...
are we capable? of course!
do we let fear take over to a frenzied pace sometimes?

Venus and Mars are in a nice energetic place in fire signs which is energy but focused energy..not as random with Leo vibes in there..Mars in its last few days in Leo will detect some  endings and some, new awareness about their limitations as a human..
The Leo factor can be harsh. Leos themselves have been known to be harsh.
They feel entitled..but the last  few weeks may have been too much for them.
The Leo factor starts out hot, heavy and amazing always and then there is burn out and not able to be proud of their work, Leo types may have an outburst or three! They feel entitled..hahaaa

So that is where we have been all month and now to move on..Mars enters Sag soon and we get to learn.
We can learn anything we want but we get to understand more and be better  for the climb ahead..
Think more money because of your efforts and then think up a magical dream and then have that fantasy..dream on I say..
think about you, and me,  sitting at a table full of money and flasks of great health to go with..
Think about you and me deciding and giving money and flasks of good health to our beloveds and others in need...
think about who we are and how we always do our best..always, without even trying and even now our goodness makes our bellies warm and inviting for all the goodness our hearts desire.

have a wonderful day and take the next few hours of Mars in Leo to really shine in a skilled and gorgeous way!

Friday, October 11, 2013

good friday to you lets talk planets:)

lets keep it simple, lets keep it tight
libra sun squares cappy
it is time to submit and not suck :)

I see a libra man being kind of a jerk..some of them can..I am sorry  it is true..libras get pissed about the smallest things too and in men that is more testosterone and that may  mean militant obsessions..
dude, you look like a mean shreck with that pad of paper in your hand all what if you are the boss..
try to see other's point of view and know what you are doing instead of making rules just because you are in charge..

Yes, I know a couple of libra men .. I love them, we are friends, but man, oh man are we different you and I.
I forgive you and myself...I am sure I was militant about martial arts back in the day..
Once, I made every one's vacation in Hawaii kind of a drag. We had to stay near a gym or I wouldn't go with..
dude, I have grown out of that, really:) I was like,  "What? You want me to go to Hawaii and not go to Gold's gym so that I can wear my Gold's Gym sweatshirt at the Powerhouse gym in Garden City, Michigan?"
I worked out with Hulk Hogan and some other really big guys who would come  to our gym..
My family didn't care where we stayed ..:):)

Libras..we want all the goodness all day and for some it does not mean always doing things some one's our mind..remember the symbol for Libra? A tall chick holding both arms out, always overlooking, always overlooking, scanning, weighing, thinking...
Capricorn is sometimes tired out by all that mental crap..they get things done like a steam roller..nice and slow and deeply ingrained..making a step so that they can use to climb down and then go easily back up..

Capricorn vibes make us see our clutter. we want to clean up a d tidy up and sparkle through...
Doing a little cleaning, sweeping and dusting can change your day so fast!
now, lets have lunch!

Black beans salad and
home made  apple is the spice:)

I am happy on this very good Michigan day, I hope you are too!

henry rollins

What a cool dude! that is the kind of man I like really!
Not saying  I am all attracted to a phantom beautiful man, but you can see the intensity in this man. This raw honesty which also borders genius! Smart is very sexy. Yes??

henry rollins

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

shipping fees and what not on etsy

I am really diggin etsy lately! I have placed myself among a crowd of perfumers and soapies of all sorts and people who love warm sweaters and knitted things, heh!

This chick the other day wrote me to yell about my shipping fees to other countries..
its 23.99 bitch..and I charge 20..why are you writing me to yell about fees?
I told her that without saying bitch..(I said bitch because of breaking bad)))
If you think it is less, I will gladly work with you..
"never mind!, I'll go elsewhere", she said to me, lol
I wrote her back, saying, "so, you just wrote me to argue, you must have a whole lot of time to get mad.."

You may have noticed that I use padded flat rate envelopes for the soap and creams. It enables me to stuff that thing with as much as i can..more that in a small flat rate box. I pack them well, I do.
So far I have had one breakage in 4 years and that was in another country where they should have been gentle.. maybe some bad labels but you can tear that off. You know, the thing with labels, I struggle a little.. I always say this to me' self.."dude your a soapmaker, who cares about the paper!"
I know, we want the label on the cream not to get oily..and then look bad..tear that fucker off of there!
Now, you have a clean jar you can wipe down when ever you like. I try to be careful with perfume labels and have been known to save empty spray bottles for year and years..ah, Libras and their trinkets!
(i like to use grain alcohol with lemon to clean things..on a damp cloth, it is nice..:)

Lemon is so beautiful! So clean and fresh..I have 5 golden sunny lemon soaps right here right now.
In those 5 bars there are 4 ounces maybe 6 of lemon oil..whoooo!
That is not all!
I also added another two ounces grapefruit seed densely citrus with bitter that I call it,
 "lemonchello dollop"

I will list that soon as I cut it..not for every day but when a guest comes, you scent the whole bath with lemony goodness...
and believe me when I tell you that you will not get sensitivity, just don't use it on your baby. remember that many of the acidic compounds in citrus get oxidized by the high ph of the sodium hydroxyde and fats during the soap process.  You get concentrated flavor in a blast..
Plus you can use a little on acne or your little sliver with backing soda will scent your whole wash...

I love soap, I love good soap, and I love you and I thank you so much for allowing me to make yours:)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Current Planets7-Oct-2013, 11:42 UT/GMT
TrueNode748' 8"

The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the true node in Scorpio..that is what is up!
People have asked me, "what is up?" Is Mercury retrograde..soon yes, and that does cause some tensions with money and how much you have to fix things which break..look at the dynamic between the Mars Venus square..
stubborn pride gets you no just makes bigger rifts between lovers and friends..
also it matters to a Scorpio type about clean and tidy and the Leo type just wants to lounge and love..
I think in the end, it is all good.
We can take this moment to secure ourselves a little better for the next time. Scorpio is about details and Leo too, but more thorough even..
it is great fit for change and art. good coffee, good food and good sex..pain, and sorrow..and remembering non essentials for this wasteful and gets you all riled up..
forget the past..even for a moment and forget it again later..
forgive now, clean you space and speak up the truth..people will try to twist might even twist won't change the facts..and it is all water under the bridge anyhow..
what do you want at this moment?
If you say it out loud to yourself, you will note how you convince yourself about why you want this..or that..

Spell Binding Sage Soap

The month wouldn't be an Air element and Libran, if there weren't any sage...

Spell Binding Sage
Sage drives away any negative force, sage draws forth courage and clarity and yes, a coldness like ice..when need be,  ability to see through veils..(Isis)
I added the sage to 3 ounces patchouli and only about 5 mls, you do not need to use a whole lot. Sage with patchouli. Like woven velvetycloak on you, warm, soft, mellow, rich, in velvet maroon colors...
Ah, patchouli, so that we can be secure about the goddess in us, she is always right there, telling, asking, anointing you with fearless calm and grace.
She is what you are in your own head, in your mind.
No she isn't always pretty, (Hecate)but then you see into her eyes and a billion lights twinkle in there, you connect, your heart aches a little and it is a good hurt..(Demeter)
I then reached for something I had ready near by..holy basil and pumpkin seed oil infusion.
I poured that in..
then came the oud perfume from last month when I wove this had one drop mint, no one knew about it. I never said a word, I wanted to tell, but said nothing....and now it became magik...(Astarte)
then, I shook that 32 times (oh, mighty Isis) lol
now comes the best part..
allow to settle for a few minutes and then add,
Virginia cedar

Your will is your just keep remembering that and everything will take care of itself...(if magik can happen with essential oils, then it can happen in you and me, we are capable of so much we still have yet to understand....about ourselves and our true power..our will)

thank you

"I guess that is why they call it window pane"

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I laugh at my geekiness

I spell things wrong and now with spellchecker on automatic, I say things all wrong..I wonder how google gets these ideas!
Sorry guys. I am a geek all day!
I will say this though..
when it is  comes down hard, I can talk about it..
words come out and people ask me why I say things.
I do not always know why..
maybe I am the bob dylan of soap making, lol!

His words spoke about a feeling..look at "tangled up in blue" the ultimate bittersweet love song!
About gut wrenching separation with people who should be away from one another because the love the hate is too much, it sucks them down to a point that cannot be completely detached from..
I suppose that is what people call baggage, right?
You carry bit and pieces with you in your life which you've cherished and some which tore you apart..trimmed you down a tad..let you see the dark edges in a person you love and still forgive them..even so...
sigh, what do I know, I can't even spell words but my is spell binding, really!
LOL, yo!

Friday, October 4, 2013

witch's brew special

Witch's Brew October special

This is the soap I will offer as part of the special.
It is great deal. You get a nice hunkin' bar of soap, a sweet potion and an oil..

this is soap is about evoking,  asking, telling about attraction and about plenty..
I call it "Royal Spice" evoking attraction.
I started with frankincense, of course and then, a little twist of lemon..not too much
labdanum to hold and secure
orange peel to brighten dark corners and dissolve fear
cinnamon bark and clove for courage to speak and be clear
a shot of anise
a shot of cassia
copal co2
peru balsam
vanilla co2
jasmine for the raw animal, for Isis,  full of mystery
rose for sweet tender yoni open to receiving..(yes, i said, yoni))
heat blood strong and fervent

The balm which will go with this will blow you away..It will be warming and very easy on your skin. I am not about to burn you with cinnamon balm..I think you might like this to be more frankincense and bitter orange, more like incense rather than cinnamon..


yur a fine tomato

I grew these. They feel like boulders, that is how dense they are! The big one had to come in because he took the plant down with him..
you become who you hang out with I guess:)
organic all day

we are everything we have everything

We are as it is every three months approaching a mercury retro. Overspending on big things like cars and stuff may be hasty now because you have overlooked some paperwork or bills you will deal with in the next few days.
We are also approaching The Sun in Scorpio so that is all money, other people’s money and how good you are at dealing with it. Also because the Scorpio element wants the best, you have overindulgence extraordinaire.   

Personally, I would spend it all and then ask for more. I seem to have a knack for using all the money.  That is what it is for..for me to  comes, it goes..I have been rich  and I have done is all the same. I rather liked it when I was in the jungle and no one knew my name and I made tortillas and na’an and all sorts of flat bread because the oven was outside and it was nice. I made breads for a year..puff pastries, and sour dough’s.. I would have to say that making bread in Costa Rica was one of the most satisfying experiences on my culinary path. In the morning as my dough was blooming, I would read Escoffier, Julia, Bobby Flay..all the books I had.. and..I would plan and  think about the next little salad I would make for the restaurant..One time I made a custard cake..a beautiful crust enveloping a firm delicious custard cream inside.  It took all day. They were like, “ why, why is she going through all that trouble?” I made raspberry sauce to go over it.  The owner would go to the city and buy me whatever I wanted.
He was so generous, he was! One time when I first met him, he said, “you are so raw, you don’t even know what you can do!”  Looking at him and saying nothing, which I should do more, I said, “so you like my sauce?”


what is it?

We Have The Sun The Moon both in Libra..yea!
I like the feeling of reprieve and calmatude for that. The New Moon has brought with it, ideas of adjustment, justice, and a tearing apart of information.
With Scorpio influencing from behind the scenes we are continuously challenged by deep dark secrets and their baggage..
Plus it is the year of the snake for a few more months.

Think about that..the snake really doesn't care about world hunger or if cows are mistreated, he is a snake..he goes for what a snake would go for..
Look at the mother hen and her babies..she knows exactly what is up with her little ones..never getting too far from them because  they are in hers.
I guess my point, on this very early Friday morn, is that we shouldn't concern ourselves with things that are not real to us or not so important. We will concern ourselves with Libra vibes..
Bathing, smelling good and looking fine ass fine!
Oh, I didn't tell you that air signs obsess..oh, yes..look at Gemini's attention to minute little details other signs would never catch. Look at Aquarius with her penchant for experiencing life at its fullest and decorating it just so..does it border obsession? Libra with her flavors having just the right balance!

Libras can be quite militant too, especially Libras with Virgo planets. I worked with this Libra girl once..she was smart and mean..and you wanted to kick her ass! She inspired rage in people..dude, no matter how amazing you are, don't be rude because of it. Kindness is also always remembered. 
I hope she grew out of that. Libra always grows out of things that haven't worked. Every two years or so they transform and become better. That is, The Libra Way~

Every October, we can celebrate who we are, we can also learn who we do not want to be. That is what Libra Sun vibes bring to the table.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

herb pharm

Such a nice company. You have a guy, who is really a little genius, doing something which helps the planet.
They always keep their integrity.

Ever feel as if the whole world came crashing down on you and you had nothing to do but face it and  accept what it is?
They call it anxiety disorder..or something like that. I call it fear!
Have you ever been presented with some news or some dreaded future endeavor and then lost it because it seemed so daunting?
Me too! I get to cry some times!:))
There are always reasons and there are magnetic forces for the physical effects.
 I feel it is merely a little taste of what the Uranus Pluto square..zappy zone..fricking fear zone we should call it..remember that no matter how awful you feel and it seems as if your heart will explode, it won't and you still must face this fear..
You did it:)
Now seal it with the truth and be brave in the face of'll find that things continue weather you die or not..don't die.
just saying..

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

game of thrones and my humble review

It was really good. I thought too gory, too naked, fine naked ok, too revengeful..
avenge this and avenge that..
people and their gods, and women and their loyalty.
I got to listen to the first book and and then couldn't wait so I watched the two seasons on Amazon on my telly.
Also when you buy the season, they give you little backgound information about how they make the sets and whatnot:). The set designer is this woman about my age with about the same lines on her face from thinking too I want to be like some one like that. She designs all those sets and evokes the tone and how we will feel as the characters move about.. a lot of wine drinking!

The writer writes very nice sentences. He does a good job putting real history and myth together.
Who is in line for the throne! It is true, medieval kings were as ruthless as the story illustrates. And when you fight with swords, guts spill out!

"The old gods, the new, they're cunts!" omg...:) lol it isn't an exact quote, but I enjoyed it.

I love swords!
I love to hold them, fight with them if I could ( I will try) and I know which character I am in the story, two..
the amazon knight and the girl Arya..
I love swords so much.
One time, I went to a festival with some witches and there were all sorts of vendors there selling stuff. there was a sword there which I fell in love with. It wasn't valarian steel  but it was a perfect size..I couldn't afford it then perhaps not even now..the guy was asking like 400 dollars then.. I have never forgotten it..I know the girl who bought it. I wonder if it is still in her hands. She would make clay sculptures that would knock your sox off.
she was Libra!
We are rather elegant in so many ways and then there is the sword factor!
We cut through things and separate the parts..right in two..yes it hurts like a dirty bitch!
I am sorry about that..
In higher spiritual forms the notions is that , human suffering is based on desire..I do not know who said that, some Buddhist or something.

I did really love it that the imp was so awesome in this story. The actor is brilliant. What dignity, smarts and a measure of vulnerability most would not tolerate..I loved it! Oh, and the dragons..later they will likely melt that iron throne! I wish I could watch season three right now! I have to wait!

Have a wonderful day,  I will to go cook something for  when they all come home. I don't like it when my family just forages in the kitchen so I have been making one pot meals..Delicious dishes. There is always enough soup..always..
(George Dimopoulos used to say to me, "you know how I make money?
"No, how, George?" I asked as I prepped his pile of onions.
 "With my soup and my salad dressing!"

I love you:)

George's Greek Dressing
olive oil 1 cup
wine vinegar 1/4 cup..I always use more:)
(these must be the best you can afford)
grainy mustard
a shot tobasco
whip in a blender
1 teaspoon fine dice red onion
1 clove garlic fine  fine dice..
1/2 teaspoon celery, fine dice
give it one pulse or two