Sunday, November 27, 2016

nelson mandela 1964 speech

 I listened to his speech yesterday and this morning I read it and can't stop..It is a long long speech and he spoke with out notes or teleprompter and yet, he remembered facts and statistics effortlessly out of his head!
Here is but a short excerpt of this speech and I hope you at least skim through the real one.:)

Nelson Mandela's speech before he was sentenced to life in prison

Pass laws, which to the Africans are among the most hated bits of legislation in South Africa, render any African liable to police surveillance at any time. I doubt whether there is a single African male in South Africa who has not at some stage had a brush with the police over his pass. Hundreds and thousands of Africans are thrown into jail each year under pass laws. Even worse than this is the fact that pass laws keep husband and wife apart and lead to the breakdown of family life.
Poverty and the breakdown of family life have secondary effects. Children wander about the streets of the townships because they have no schools to go to, or no money to enable them to go to school, or no parents at home to see that they go to school, because both parents (if there be two) have to work to keep the family alive. This leads to a breakdown in moral standards, to an alarming rise in illegitimacy, and to growing violence which erupts not only politically, but everywhere. Life in the townships is dangerous. There is not a day that goes by without somebody being stabbed or assaulted. And violence is carried out of the townships in to the white living areas. People are afraid to walk alone in the streets after dark. Housebreakings and robberies are increasing, despite the fact that the death sentence can now be imposed for such offences. Death sentences cannot cure the festering sore.
Africans want to be paid a living wage. Africans want to perform work which they are capable of doing, and not work which the government declares them to be capable of. Africans want to be allowed to live where they obtain work, and not be endorsed out of an area because they were not born there. Africans want to be allowed to own land in places where they work, and not to be obliged to live in rented houses which they can never call their own. Africans want to be part of the general population, and not confined to living in their own ghettoes. African men want to have their wives and children to live with them where they work, and not be forced into an unnatural existence in men's hostels. African women want to be with their menfolk and not be left permanently widowed in the Reserves. Africans want to be allowed out after eleven o'clock at night and not to be confined to their rooms like little children. Africans want to be allowed to travel in their own country and to seek work where they want to and not where the labour bureau tells them to. Africans want a just share in the whole of South Africa; they want security and a stake in society.
Above all, we want equal political rights, because without them our disabilities will be permanent. I know this sounds revolutionary to the whites in this country, because the majority of voters will be Africans. This makes the white man fear democracy.
oh there is more..yea..what a guy, he spent 27 years in prison and then became a leader of the whole place..

Saturday, November 26, 2016

that was so comic book and your life might be

Mine is! My life, my family and my friends..I am still discovering my life, mostly!
I work with some pretty smart girls and I say girls because they are all younger than me. We all make mistakes. I am older and not wiser to the beauty of manipulating the masses as to make them buy their food and sundries in just the most enjoyable way. I do have to step aside often both  for customers and fresh young nuggets ready to climb the corporate ladder. "go on then, I think..:)
Listen, I love it to a certain point and when I see people buy 100 dollars dinners for their family because they forgot how to make stuffing, I pause. I know, they all have jelly bellies and watch too much telly and never read about anything real like atoms and words that make them think, they are at the doctor and then the hospital to visit a friend, they are many of them so sick. Sadly some read only books that agree with them and visit Facebook which only agrees with them in all sorts of pictures and now they come to Instagram and pour their poetic hearts out each time they break up. sigh
it doesn't matter was my point anyhow, if you've sort lost what I was

no wait, I remember my song!

Jelly Belly
jelly belly
you know you watch too much telly
eating and eating and worrying about the government
you simply want to loose yourself in the sedative entertainment
geared to hypnotize easily  allows your brain to retire
you forgot that it takes fire and you have to start the flame
what will you do
will you cry in your room about your lost loves and your lost money
who cares about you honey, don't you know about refrain and do what needs done and say to me words that are true so you do not have to remember and make up fantasy stories..
I am stepping aside whenever you need me to, so you can pass, don't worry, I love you and want the best things..glory, money, great sex and more money..
do it with class honey
say to me words that make me feel sunny
sing me a song
I want that
Remember to work out so your ass won't sag..too many of the masses  can look up in there..they want to so bad, it hormonal..and your tight pants!


Friday, November 25, 2016

a little Black Friday sale at my shop

I put a few things on special for today only. I hope you get to buy one or three bars of soap for winter. You like to exfoliate, I am here for you. We aim to please. I mean me and my royal inner self.. lol

I just read my last I do go on ad on:)
This is what happens when I learn stuff, I rant and become emotional in a way. Know this, in real life, ia m the same and my voice is to say in all honesty what new things I am learning yet..oh man, I am so excite.

Enjoy your day today and don't go crazy spending shit tons of money on stuff you think you must can do without a whole lot of stuff. a whole lot, and soap is not one of those things.
ps, I am about to go wash with some lavender soap  right now!

good smell
fresh skin
good thoughts for your day while hot water surrounds you
soft towel
delicious vanilla fat on your skin
mango butter and shea

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November the week of thanksgiving and the lie I love you more

You know, after you slaughter a bunch of brown people, you can sit down and pretend that god did it for you and you are so so so thankful.   The Jews do something similar on Passover. It is crazy shit what you can spin and as long as we all agree, it must be true, right? Humans, we are the same all over earth so do not think I can honestly accept that Babaji is living in the mountain! More pretending on that one. I also know that Elvis is not still alive meditating somewhere.
A bunch of worthy people sitting down and being thankful that they just slaughtered a bunch of other humans already living there...good on them! Or, we would maybe not have been here sharing this note. and they say evolution is not real..
Thanksgiving though..dude..
That is the real thanksgiving and aren't you just a little bit offended that the myth continues based on some collective creepy lie and the  need to actually gather together one time a year and act like you love each other and pretend other things rather than the truth.

Some truths are that bad that you cannot say them out loud. people even get mad. They want to pretend that Santa is a friend of Jesus and heaven has mashmallows and clouds everywhere while their brothers are writhing in melting hell which the soul has no meat sit so I wonder how that would feel.
We are just a meat suit.  A mutant  of meat using other meat for energy.

Yes be thankful..of  course you should. your problems and most of us, are first world. There are people living so much differently and with less and it feels so bad when you are hungry. There is food and not enough of of it so the constant yearning would continue and then you kill something and eat. You kill the other guys that eating your food and you kill the food so you can eat it...look how we have evolved to what perhaps every creature that would dominate a planet would do by now. We have man made habitats for our kill. Also, I am not paying 50 dollars for a bird I do not care for the taste of!
Listen woodsman scientist fellow who loves me, bring me a wild bird I and I would really consider your company ..wild not some health food crap or kroger bird filled with so much hormones that all I taste is salt..just like the cross, you have made a bird a symbol of some sacrifice which was really a massacre  because so many already here people were slowly driven out to extinction by you being the ones who brought filth and  disease..jeysusss!!

"hey we're here now, give us all your shit and and leave this area!"
"where will we go?'
"go west, it is nice!"
"There are other tribes living there and it is far, why can't we stay here?
"because I like it here, we insist and you will do as we say, anyhow, so you had better get packing!"
"it in the middle of winter!"
a bunch more already living people, dead and gone!

You say that I am a spoil sport? Someone who wants to rain on the pretend party?
I am not good at pretending.
Open your eyes and get your life in order..stop pretending god loves you more..I love you more, me, I love you more..and I would show up with a smile on my face.

Monday, November 21, 2016

things that hold you back

having to have something right now
having to be anxious about electronics
(I mean how do I know how to hook up a cody so I can watch the walking dead in there alone?)
I did that once..I bought a phone so I could text a man and then he wasn't interesting..ha ha ha..I liked that phone. He was so lovely at first too. With his strange arty ways.
I like an Aries boy. They are willing to do for you..they will pour everything in to giving and then when they don't get their way, oh could be as small as shoes in the wrong spot and they freak out..
fun fun weird people.
I wonder how and who raises these kids who go out and break things and get jobs where they do nothing but fuck up.
I find it interesting is all when I meet women who are only concerned with my hair color. It is time to grow it out, get over it. Why do I need that fake brown hair so I can look younger to appease some social system which despises the older generation.
By the way seniors, please do not eat when speaking to me close up. and no one else should either but it happens most with some really older ones. They love the crackers with the avocado dip. We make it fresh, it is good and they get a sample and then come right to me to talk about b12..ha hahahaaaa
you have to be nice.

I am busy until next year in retail so I hope to make not some amazing soap but that every batch and every oil and every grit I might have added touches your skin and makes you so frikin' happy that you fart!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

don't look at me now a poem for Rick Grimes TWD

don't look at me now with your cast down eyes
I am not your savior either and that may well be the surprise
the dying wishes for doom may be your trip in this life
where the zombies are nothing to the monsters that arise
from shame and fear and ignorant cliches

fear not my demeanor
fear not my  submission now
your dick down my throat, really, it is a short way to my throat..learn math..

thank you for reading my poem for rick:)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

enormous feet


I have boys and one of them has size 16 shoes..ha ha ha
that is so funny..he is a big man anyhow. A wonderful ocd fakin good man. He washes his hands and he keeps himself clean. Sometimes I feel he dawdles, my sweet one..dawdles and carries on on the one thing that must happen and life is his own little bubble and he is happy. We all are. We are the happiest we have ever been, all of us. Yes people die. People get sick and get old and get mad..sure..sure..and they do go away, good..some have to go away to become what they are so that they can be at happiness with themselves. You need a safe secure home for all that to happen. there are rules to everything. I should say recipes you always have to tweak.

Another boy will sleep all day until he "really" needs money and then he goes and does "jobs"..I do not like a man sleeping in my house all day and have made myself clear more than one time. It sinks just have to always be clear on what you want and what needs to be said.

As a parent, I have hurt many feelings. I had to. I always told my daughter the dangers of being alone with boys and how quickly they can spread your legs and then it is over..
"mom, eweeee, you're gross!"
Sure sure, I am gross..he!

Being clear on what you want may be an art form and one must nurture those aspects of living day to day events. memories and fun and the perceptions of what it was have changed..we now know that our memories are like a photo that keeps changing and evolving based on our perceptions of reality today. I am not saying what one remembers is not true, it is just not the same.
Don't think that I am forgetting the pain of being burned by that hot soup or the pain of being burned by jealousy or back stabbing..we all have.
Move on, allow for time to forgive is nothing about you anyhow..when someone is evil and mean based on their authority, that is on them..

In the space of the short time that you are here, on earth, okay:_), you body's cells have continued to evolve, regenerate over and over and over. Even you brain has built all sorts of new areas of receptors based on what your true desires have asked for..asked or intended or steered..yea..sure sure

How much tv have you watched today, or facebook post have you had? I would say to my kids, and myself, don't fill your brain with other people's ideas and desires are, make your own..

Thursday, November 17, 2016

that lasted one season..where was the full moon in your chart, I was fourth house taurus..almost fifth..oohh la la

So then I wrote a couple of papers on what god should be and they had me read it to the congregation after church. My ears were ringing so I do not remember what drivel it was but I am sure I had developed some sort of interest enough for all the old men to have a little charming bru ha ha

Ever read your stuff out loud? Notice it is never what you think you wrote! That is for sure because I know when I read some things I wrote, it sucks..the feeling of illiteracy is grand and yet, I am  talking so you might as well get used to it. Dammit, I am taking communion on my period..I broke the rules. I walked behind the altar all the time. Women, are not allowed to this day!
I was like 16 or just..Jordan was 18 and he was always only interested in my soul more than my body seeing as that he attracted ten girls to one or two boys...he spoke gently and I always have liked that.
I think the Greek society stuff is coming back to me now, because I see my cousins and my ex cousins all the time. People and families like to stick together. There is nothing wrong with that unless they are criminals and break your All the boys I had crushes on are coming in to focus in to some sort of a dreamy "oh, yea.."
Seeing as that I am have Taurus Fourth house issues and it is so wonderfully, I will focus on cleaning up, letting go of old clothes, smelling good, art, flames, old flames, no flames but fun stuff as I head towards some amazing wonderful friendships.

Remember how some things are only meant to be happening for a short sweet while and you can not go back.

I am always tweaking my ideas about astrology, I love mythology and see no reason why I can't incorporate focus on fourth house issues as much as any one who cannot know ever know and only make up,  who says, "here, give me all your shit, no, here take the weapon I killed your people with, and now, hold it ,  you just break down and give me all your shit, I will kill you so bad you ..""
Oh Negan!

I hope you enjoy my rants, I love speaking to you in this way. It is my way of being in real time..or is it not even about time because we made up that word too??

my song of the day

you can't go back all the way
if you try you will cry at the decay
as time and space  move so swiftly
that sometimes you feel as if you are standing still
you are not
there will be rot
anger and chaos
in each day
rise above the fray
do not get stuck in some pretend pile of thoughts
that is how you rot like a zombie
barely understanding this moment because you get so stuck in yesterday's wonderment
you can try and still you can't go back all the way..
I say, move on, go forth, ponder new ideas, creativity flows..comfort easily easily had, clean floors baby and my feet and your feet easily go forward..
They are good, you get to have coffee
and beer and a sandwich and a nice it is to sleep in linens
soft smells of sandalwood wafting through your pillows
make a memory now
make it good anyhow
make it rich and rare and soft and fuzzy and smile at me as I smile at you now..and no, low brow.
I am smiling..
"oh you can't go back all the way, it is to cherish and rule this day, right now, to laugh and sing and be my fre,, lovie, my nerd butter belly booley..

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

1974 and jordan bajis

You fall in love with a face, and I was young. I thought Jordan Bajis was the most beautiful greek boy ever ever and he invited me to bible study. Everyone was happy. We were trying to find truth and meaning in life. I thought it odd that all these boys were all of a sudden interested in me and good boys according to my mom's and dad's standards.. greek and good family..greek and church were. Oh, Pete Samakas, what a babe he was!
It was nice with Jordan,  he took us through a guided meditation prayer thing and his sister came down the steps and said "yay, god" and it is all I can remember about her shallowness.. Of course she said that. She was one of the rich more refined greeks and her hair was straightened..haha the things you remember..
I was introduced to the crazy fat family by Jordan who said they were more advanced in the study. By then I had read the bible like all the way in three months and skipped over all of the harsh god of the old testament , he was awful with even his instruction on how to abort a baby..dude, Leviticus is nasty. I wanted the one god that songs were written about like Elton John's song Levon..oh man, I knew that album inside out.  "and there is no one there to save him, if he and I think it's going to be a long long time till touchdown...sighing singing..
So I went to their house one Tuesday with Jordan and his fine ass self, and we sat down to experience this higher prayer business and the mamma came out and started  the prayer with the most loud business chanting things and then they all started writhing and saying starnge made up words that "only god can understand" and I was frozen..
I did not know which sounds to make to to rightfully talk or speak  to god  and felt uncomfortable there..was this what god wanted? the one who would  always forgive me and never drown me or burn me oh man, they scared the fuk out of me so much, and Jordan went off to college (he was much older than me)and I began dating hunkin Nick..I wish I knew about vetiver then, we might still be together...naw..:) Nick is fine I am fine too..remember?
I love vetiver and I am glad you came when you did..

Sunday, November 13, 2016

tonight is the night bro

and yes, I am dancing like Danny De'vito in that movie he was in with Arnold. Have you seen him in "always sunny in Philadelphia" so funny that show. I can only watch a little bit because it is too much some days. :) All of them, from that hunky one who with the episode "Cool Mac" I friking died laughing! xxx

your true nature coming in to view.
Your truths as it were.
what do you value most?
what do you desire now?
brings forth gifts
 My word! Your words..they all mean something..lets us now talk about "Love"
What do you Love? What is it that you value most?
Right now, you have an opportunity to develop kinder modes of is not always what you want or believe, it is about what it is and patience is the way.

Your words.. They are the true weapons men use and some dumb ones with the guns.
Sorry, you do not need it, your kids are smart and will find them. When that sperm donor left, I sold every one of them. I sold them because the neighbor came over right away and offered me big bucks and then he said he would feed my family all winter (we lived on a huge  hill.  :) if I would be a mistress with him. I didn't. why? look, he said his red truck was better than I said no, but now I wonder if it would have been not bad to be an actual whore for a dude who liked red  trucks. I must have been really hot then! Plus, lol, a little bit of time after that, it snowed and I ran out of heating fuel and had to go buy diesel at the gas station down hill and had to walk because it was like five feet and no plows!
I have been having memories of that house in Kentucky I loved it so much. You could make an apartment downstairs and it went right out to the hill and the woods. Damm! Remember when I pulled grapevines till my hands bled?
I loved that place as I have loved every house I have been in. This one? Oh man, trees, food, nature in a small controllable space all my own? Yup! My mom near by, yup! Papou with visits and gifts, yup.

So full moon magnets got you pondering on things and stuff?
At least you are not Rick having to deal a visit by Negan and his goons. What a dick, Negan!
I mean who doesn't want to be loved, right? I don't know, I want to be comfort with all the loyalty. I think Rick, he tries to be good. He does and then he kills when he has to. In real life tho, the weapons are swords and knives.
Rick is going to decide what his next move is. He will think on this like a man and transform it in to something spiritual almost.
I love The Walking Dead!

Have you noticed that I haven't spoken much about the bible? Don't worry, soon I might share some thoughts on my last book on the "God" by Dan Barker
okay just a few notes! :)
The patterns in  the templates in  all the early books is fascinating because there is constant repetition of phrases like "I will bring famine and pestilence and the sword on you" and then they repeat it word for word..and over and over. You have better keep all the rules or else and guess what, I make deals with Satan and one time  he bet me that one of my best men was only good because I was watching..(job) so I let him torture the guy so he could prove he loves me  and will follow my rules. Negan all day! Yup! and yes this is still god talking, I let Satan kill all ten of  his kids and burn all his sheep and kill his cows with a sudden pestilence..and .. sigh!
God makes deals with Satan now? Bets and gambling for someones true love for him?
Well, Job got on his knees and said, "oh glorious lord god, your the best, no really the  very most wonderfullest best"
Tell me now that "god is love" the way, he is a jealous god and that is why he brings that. He hates women as whores, and when you look at other gods or stray from his rules, " I will raise your skirts over your face and shame you" some books translate that in to "I will rape you"

Tell me now how your gods are love!

I am just saying and well, it is the full moon and I do not think we should always hide behind a hazy wall of lies we tell ourselves in order to be in charge at least a little bit..
I do not want to be in charge, I want to make the old whore tonight! I have everything I need to make her but good. I might even raise my own skirts..ohh la la
Under the full moon, I will glow my good thoughts  and reflect and soak in delight and soak in comfort and family, great powers transformed in to rich layers of joy and healthy relationships..
The old whore because love is dirty and sweet and self love should be the same. the old whore because she has been alone in her thoughts for a very long time and says words to herself, on  her  behalf bringing happiness overall.
Her opinions change as they need to. Her hair always wild and her witch notes always developing, always attracting, and always graceful in her poised readiness. be ready baby..

Saturday, November 12, 2016


What is with the electronics? The printer won't work right, we need a new router like all of a sudden. And as always, I am observing and testing my awesome abilities.

This full moon is powerful magnetism at work though! Big reflecting, big exposing and realizations..

It is so odd to me because I am seeing things in people all day long. It is crazy interesting and I am very good at my job. My other job, in retail at a swanky grocery store in the richest area in the US..yea..everyone who has money is not cool, or smart, or interesting, or at least versed in something real besides they are not. I look at them and know which ones are rare. I know because i am ten feet high.  That is where I have always stood. In my mind okay, high like higher learning, higher realities and for sure meditation on what is best.
People, though?
Well, the whole time you thought so highly of yourself as to put that person down in your mind as soon as you approach? To think that they are not as worthy of you, or to think that for sure you are more special in some way that he or she is not..let me say that some of those who you deem lower, only seem that way to you and  the whole time they could see right thorough your bravado and picky nature.
When will people learn, they are not more special just because they must have just that certain tea?
fuk off, I like all the teas, ya fuk..mhoohahahahaaaaa Oh man, it is so funny, right?
Not all the teas, I am willing to try them. some are not is cool. I like a nice black tea.
Look, I work retail, the people I meet are not like us. They don't even read because they are out shopping for their special things they must have. they do not meditate, because it takes time away from shopping for just that right melon. I get it. You  want the best.  In costa rica, the bad melons were sold to the people (the rest imported here for our consumption) and the mangoes fell off the trees on the ground. We picked them up and washed and ate them, there has never been a taste so sweet here after they import them.. the melons that were dented, were so good, so good.
You see, how some may have forgotten the true beauty of food, when everything has to have a name to represent their higher tastes..because they use the most expensive butter?
(I am laughing because it is true))):))

 The other thing is, it is cold here and crisp and frozen grass.

I am an enabler for the most part. It is for me to learn to be not an enabler and not afraid to say what is on my mind in order not to hurt someones feelings.
 Our feelings get hurt! That is for sure! You know why? It feels like a loss. That is why. We hate to be wrong but we get to be wrong sometimes. I told a girl one time that I would never use Now Foods brand oils to make skin care, just for laundry or cleaning.
Well, I have smelled the oils, the citruses are not bad. I have smelled worse orange oil in a store and store lemon smells like turpentine. gross! I would never put that in anything, not even the wash.
I smelled Now's lemon and a nice bergamot..not like Sunrose, but very tolerable..if not pleasant.
hmm, what smart company in so many ways. Give people what they want by buying shit tons and selling it cheap.
No way is it for me, but, I can tell you honestly, I would use the orange..if I had to  I suppose. The patchouli is not bad. Like I have said, I have smelled worse.
I buy orange and patchouli from Sunrose, she really has a refined nose with citrus oils, the patchouli, amazing and her bergamot, deep, rare, sublime, perfume, soft, lingering, delicate and is something nice. I use also Eden's bergamot. Gorgeous. It will turn, so keep all citrus in the cooler, you should.

I have been meaning to tell you. I have some great news. I have been gifted by Jake, Remember him? He was the one who was messing around with distilling for us a couple of years ago?
 He gave me his distiller! Oh, man, what a boon!
I want frankincense hydrosol and I want really good resinous essential oil of frankincense if not just for me and my own. You? Are you my beloved? If so, please understand. This is a beautiful thing and I am so excited, I am scared..
With reverence and joy, let us
I have a sweet man in Yemen who supplies me with some rather amazing hunks of resin. I even have black frankincense and a really dank brown one. (@lubanfrankincensesupplier). He is honest and sends on time. He takes pay pal and it is very very cool. He has this frikin myrrh..well, you know, I am already thinking co distillations with frankincense.

We  will talk. be at not drain not fight with me..I love you anyhow..I just do..that is the reality..I love life and I love you! NOW, here and now,  full magnetism with the moon and me, should radiate but good.
( I wanted to write it that way)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

when there is so much beauty and your only worry is who didn't become your king

oye..when you're  sick so sick and won't take a supplement because it is not kosher because your needs are the most special..

when you go on facebook and do nothing but complain about "this county", "these kids" and "those people"

When you come to work and act all sweet until the boss leaves and then go back to being a cunt.

When you do the same at church, you know, pray, sing and then go home and abuse your wife.

When you lie to your loved one just so you can sneak around and do wrong and maybe she won't find out..she will, he will, and you suck.

When innuendos  enter you vocabulary and you slip and  say mean things because your criteria for happiness is based on that one thing you just have to have and it has to be that way because you are special and your needs matter and your way..blah blah

when you think you can compete with me..don't..
I don't compete and don't care to.
you know why I don't?
I am happy and really, that is not the point. I will perish when I do, having done and still doing my duty. I live for that because I am glad about my choices, and, I am glad about my friends and I am ecstatically glad about who I am talking to right now..:) you! I am so happy some days my stomach hurts from it. I have always been this way.

I love each moment here and the adventures and tears? Well, yes, I have cried. I still cry. Just not as much because the truth is, the older I get, the easier it has become to be grace and poise.
I also have plenty of people here who mark my words and correct me..
That is the beauty of family and closeness with real friends and real people and real family life.
They all came home and hugged me yesterday. They ate my food and I got kisses and then they told me I am awesome...

There are many things I want..none of them are as sad and shallow as the herd's choice in their kings and saviors..
 I want a new table..I am looking at this one below with out the benches..I will use some of the chairs I already have and collect a couple more to make kind of a country feel without being too pretentious.

reclaimed wood table

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

let us talk about the oils full moon super moon

I just now,took a big whiff at the modern man cologne I made a couple of years ago and man oh man has it changed! I think the clay sage is the best thing in there. There are many more things in the modern man but the clay sage really pulls me today. Clary sage is about femnal flow and grace. Modern Man began with blue cypress and lavender but you know, there is plenty of patchouli and labdanum and tonka and clary and a little bit holy basil. It is so friking good I must say! I did something perfume and I actually like it. You know how I am about alcohol..not my thing, I like oil, I just do. Clary sage though, so good, so mellow and so forgiving and accepting.

I  have two boys who use this cologne so it has has time in my shop to become itself. Not many dudes at eleneetha's?? It is cool, babies, you come when you are ready.
Do you have time to become yourself or are you dragging your heart around and creating innuendos in order to satisfy your need to stand out?

That is all full moon stuff.
Be aware and since it is closest it has been  in many years, it will pull and push and hold and break may already be in the process of adjusting and rocking our world and lo and behold, we are already rocked, it is morning and the birds are still singing.

One thing about your fears, sometimes they mean you should be ready and look at why you are scared..sometimes your fears are real omens. well, beware of being exposed for who and what you are..this cannot be stressed morfe poingnantly.

I keep trying to tell my younger witches that I can see through all that anger and really, I don't care for it, but I will be gracious for only so long as we all know..even my patience which has lasted years can dry out.

Super    Full    Moon

Money True Values Who Are You How Do You Contribute

I am super stoked for us
I am ready to share my heart
I am ready to open to goodness
I am always willing to listen
I am always willing to stand down and think
I am always secure in myself
I am always fair and honest
I have everything I need at this moment
I am always relaxed and poised
my close friends have been with me for many years
I create like minded groups of humans that think higher thoughts
no religion
no separation (unless it is church and state)
no lies and no more lies
no greed or jealousy a form of hate
jealousy is for sure a  form of hate jealousy a form of hate
jealousy a form of hate
jealousy a form of hate
jealousy a form of hate
it is don't lie to me or your own mind
I love me and I can love you
I don't have to

I do want this for you, constant joy
constant wealth
constant good health
constant self realization

open your mind now
get all you can in your head to your head won't explode if you change your mind!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

and some walking dead stuff TWD Carol Ezekiel Rick Voting Day thoughts

They changed the time to FALL BACK here and I haven't been the same since.:)
Tired, achy and generally wanting my feet rubbed. No, it does not have to be a young hot dude. yuk..
I am older now, we have improved our taste and carry on without any angst for  dumb things.
I bet we still do. If we want to conjure up feelings of guilt and shame, we can pretty much do that easily.
We do not.
We can stop and think and not always react to our strong passions and or feelings of not being accepted or not being good enough..
think twice before you react and think three more times before you act out.

Get in your cave and sing a fukin' song because guess what?
You are not that special, you live on a little tiny blue speck in space.
Far way and long periods in between of nothingness and now you think you matter, your ideas will save us and your team will have won over. Yea??
Think about this;
Blue speck in space where we have "evolved in to what we are now"
what ever that is, conquest and blood seem to be a part of overtaking a space on this rock.
It is not yours really! You know that right? You know that and yet you make up stories to get the kids to follow you. Horrid stories about burnings and stabbings and  floods and torture and they get so scared of that ultimate destruction, they do anything for that one night when they sleep comfortably and eat something sweet to the heart.

It is not yours to begin with.
Who do you think you are, anyway?
Your ancestors worked themselves literally, to the death, digging and doing "back breaking" work. When is the last time you heard the word "back breaking"..common?
Maybe in the remote Amish communities..where debauchery of men still happens, they just do not say anything about happens among the holiest of men and we hide it as to not expose their evil natures to the common man..while they get to rob you of your money to support their habits.

Bring america back again? What lovely dream..what a lovely thought.
There was a whole race of humans, a civilization of nations here for thousands of years (not 300) before the white man came and completely wiped them off of the face of the earth!
Now, you are afraid of the same thing, aren't you?

Teach your family everything so that they are not scared of monsters. teach them well...
Remember when Carl almost got his arm cut off by his dad, because god, I mean Negan told him to do so he could prove his loyalty?
I would sleep with my boy and Michone that night and not let them go and the next day I would plan and be quiet and sit tight..I would plan but good, if I were Rick, which I am choosing him above all the other archetypal selections in this story..

And all the rest of the haters of the other side,

I would tell them, "go home and watch walking dead and choose the archetype that you are during an apocalypse, then we can talk.

The more I think about it, the more I am Carol, right? My husband was more like Earl and Merle and I was Carol, always watching. Was..and I am still watching..I might even say something quietly and with force..I might..

As far as Ezekiel and all his secrets from his people, well, that is wrong and keeps people following a dream rather than a real fight which is right there.
Negan, is a jerk, right? A big fucking jerk and everyone who has been broken by him must still retain resentment? Why then do they all follow and say nothing?
Why do they allow him to abuse and torture others the same as they were tortured,  and yet, they all comply, follow him and for what??
A fresh and delicious sandwich or salad, that is what! "here keep my wife, I give in"
That and a bed and not being scared and not being hungry to where you will eat dog food out of a can because there is nothing else and you can't anymore and do not care any how.
We are 9 meals away from chaos..
(please don't go spending you whole paycheck on staples for a famine, save some for soap))

Monday, November 7, 2016

happy voting for your team

"there she is, the traitor"
she was talking about me as was walking in her space and my decision to never vote for trump no matter what. He is a misogynist. Enough said!
"Yea I heard what you said about Muslims and why we can't keep them out!"
"do not put me in your circles, I hate both of them pretty much and I will never be on anyone's team if it means keeping the others out!" "that is called, "otherism" and it is real and worthy in cases when evil men roamed the earth and killed all the male children and took your virgins. We can relax now a days..except in Saudi Arabia and many other countries where people do not have a choice. There is no separation of church and state. Many want out of that prison that is why they leave.
There have been mass migrations since the beginning of life on Earth and this land was taken by white men, as well." Earth is not yours personally. Golly!"
"why? How can you say that, american values and what we were great again plus "They" are violent head cutters and have many babies and then they vote their religion in!"
"stop, we have separation of church and state and this is not England or Saudi Arabia, where they do not, read Thomas Paine.."
 Them, quiet now.. Me,
"I believe both sides for lack of a better word,  have good ideas and I will not join some fake ass team just to be on the "right" side.
"yeas but the Muslims!"
well, then, you have to keep the Jews (same bible basically) out, and the The Calvanists and the Mormons who believe in many wives because fuking men..dude, who believe in torture of others and then you put up ugly ass Fences to keep people in."
"stop, you are not getting my point!"

If Trump gets to be a leader of some dumb club I have nothing to do with, well, I will still need frankincense tomorrow. om to that, "om"

I will not follow anyone's creed of what is correct, I can think for myself and I know for sure that all who come here must change. My family changed and so will yours. Your mom may never uncover her head, but your daughters will. and here, you cannot kill them for it! In Germany, you cannot kill your daughter for it, Even in England, you can not kill her for removing her head covering and when she does, what will happen do you think? And if you threaten her with death and shame her, remember, you will die and she will live longer and she will not treat her daughters that way. She will change, you will die..your dad died and your mom died or will die..they all had to change for their time.
Will God smite her as he has done millions of times, put a sword or a rock in a mans hand to kill her?
No, because we have changed and evolved in to better humans because torture is a way that has never brought joy or happiness.
Yes, Muslim families come in to town and begin their lives here and maintain their customs.  To a point! You cannot wear sari in the operating room. If you want to work at a pool, nope? You will always stand out because in our free world here we don't get smitten. Nothing happens when you cheat on your wife and leave her. You don't have to make up stories how she is a whore because the law is the law. If Muslims want to have 7 kids and you think that is bad because they will vote in religion state? No way. Be glad because their kids will learn about the constitution and how it is not changeable on that matter.
"Separation of church and state! The best and most wonderful thing!!!"

Get your gods out of my face, even the ones you want you make in to gods! They are not, they are but a face on the telly, reminding you that you are easy to manipulate in to buying fuking perfume and the car and purse that goes with it.

now go and vote, I am having tea and a pancake..

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I think it is good

sacred love collection

Clove Blood Orange
Frankincense Myrrh
Juicy Spruce
Scared Love Trio
I want to say that it is about harmony and affection and affectionate words and greetings. "hello" Good Morning" and I love the way you say words" :)) You make me smile when I see your face and sometimes I swoon because I laugh so hard. I love the way you accept me as I am, witch, soap maker, mother, healer, artist of something or other and the rest like I would have been the professor on Gilligan's Island..ha ha ha

Clove...guess what?? It is awesome, warming, detoxifying and pain relieving. I know! Why don't we use more clove oil?
We get wrapped up in patchouli and exotics that we forget the wonderful healing properties of clove. I bet if you keep a sliver of each for a shower sometime it would a nice way to end or begin a day because all of the those properties and atoms of goodness just helping and elevating and making you think of wonderful things that you can do and will do and will conceive and will potent with intent and no regrets and no fear to make you weary and always to listen and be will to focus on what you can do best and what you will actualize and manifest so you do have to remember what you said or what you did, you'll just run along now, right at this moment, and be organized and count things that matter right now and inhale a big one a great big puff of air..take the air and think before you strike and always get higher not lower and never like some fucking pitiful beast of burden who only aches for your blood and sucks it in and then you gave it because of of some fucking rite of women or real love gave it, all of it and it drained you but good. did you replenish enough now, do have "I am so sorry" in your past? Strike now and burst its orb of icy particles holding you back for looking even further than you ever could. Who do you think you are?
I only want company is all:)

Friday, November 4, 2016

new blends for the full moon and yule

Look at me, I am so full of ideas and I can feel stuff from you and sometimes I take it personally even though, it is nothing to do with me. I suppose one could say I am self absorbed and say too much.
I hope you are self absorbed too and do not forget that there is more than you.
There are always more ideas, better flow, adjustments and wondrous gatherings.

Our soap business is growing. Ours because we have come here together. Trying each new old whore as she is made, loving her and making each wash a memory and something which leaves you with a thought and I hope a smile and always a whiff for  one more.

I was just looking at a beautiful photo of mandy aftel at her organ. wow!

 How long did it take her to collect all those blends? How long did she ponder on each addition, each drop of some rare stinky ingredient? Have you ever smelled sea weed? Spikenard?
Palo Santo? Murky, spiky, hits hard and changes on your skin..yes, they all do that.

I have a list of oils I will be working with this next few weeks. There are still some sets left and I hope you get to try the specials right now at

Here are my plans for the next full moon and beyond towards Yule....
 Three new soaps I will offer..

 Organic Coconut oil, fruit delicious olive oil, mango butter, sal butter(adds longer lasting abilities), organic jojoba and shea butter for a soap that is grand, rich, basic and clean!


blood orange.

black spruce

sandalwood vanilla after bath anti oxidant skin blast
blood orange neroli after bath skin blast
patchouli rose after bath skin blast

Made to be used while you are just out of the shower or bath. Just a few drops on damp skin and allow a moment for absorption..
Ingredients are, organic jojoba,  organic borrage oil, organic rose hip oil, organic argan oil, organic baobab oil and pure essential oils.

I am working on these at this moment as we now look at  our fragrant future with hope, happiness and smelly attractors of said hope, love, future good all men and women.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

my heart rate goes up

Easily. It must be my Mars in Gemini and it is also my stellium if you will, in the tenth with Scorpio..
How can I believe in astrology and still embrace science?
Look, it all fits and you do not have to burn people alive to proove it. Even Negan does not do that.

I stayed home from work yesterday. I never touched one bar of soap or bottle of oil.
I told a girl, "no, I cannot fill a certain order..they add up and take away from my art."  I am an artist not your servant and that goes for all the people I serve at my job.. 
Order what I have or not. If you want more palo santo for example, go to eden and buy some. That may make it hard for some who have expectations. It is stressful and I do not want to make plans and and change plans and adjust my already very busy life style. Plus, when you dictate what it "should" be, it is not mine and then we go back to this, "I am not your servant".
I make art with essential oils, if you want a better one, I am sure there will be opportunities for you to fulfill your desires. I want to make a spell each time. I can't do that if there are emails up on emails..
I am not a market where you can say more  or less. That said, again, I am not light on the oils, I pour generously for the extra lingering.
There is a point where more oils just makes a mess.
I haven't experienced it too much, because I have a hand. I do. The only time I mess up is when I rush and rush..

That said, it has been quiet. I relate to my customers in such profound ways that a feel all of them. 
Using my soap is like eating my food. You will love it and come back for to that!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

good morning November and spooky dim afternoons who am i and who are you

Hello Scorpio :)))
Where we clean up our digestive system and clean up our space..
Be careful that the only thing that is really clean is you and every thing else looks like filth and pile of stuff you have touched for years. Okay, months.
OCD much anyone?

Well, the great thing about the scorpionic effect is that we get to really understand stuff, or at least more.
Maybe it is a good time to state calmly, without yelling, a real hard one for me, and speak your mind.
Yesterday I got in to a debate with one of my girls. She is always admonishing me for my lack of understanding of modern culture..I know! Me! The naked dancer around a fire at a pagan festival, not understanding modern culture!
Look, I hate pretending that a girl is a boy..I hate it as my mother would have hated me smoking pot..I couldn't hide from her then or now.
One time she came over and I was growing a wonderful plant..a cookie strain, and she said, "oh, I know that plant, marijuana.." ha ha hahaaa
"leave it alone mamma, it's medicine"
"okay, okay"
Me, not understanding modern culture and me, having too much concern with bible verses?

Well, I feel that the role of women is founded on all of those fake principles and maybe its is time to change as women and humans and frankly, just because every Argentinian has been haughty with me, does not mean I am racist. I guess if you show up at a rich person's house anywhere as a servant or some sort of catering,  they would be haughty. Racist? Me? I got a little pissed..and I told my ideas.. It means that each region and place has their own methods and of course they don't right away mix. There is a huge gap in general in South America between upper class and everyone else..
I hurt her feelings and told her she was condescending..I was wrong hurt my own feelings when I said it.
That is the scorpionic thing that I was lurking about  to is like that one seed of truth that hurts too much and changes you a little bit. It helps us all change and makes own brain grow and that hurts too.

Kids..young passionate adults all over the place wanting to change the world and finding that they like money too much..
all of us..

Well, Scorpio is all about money. Get ready to get some. There will be more and it is now brewing to the brim to pour over and heal and soothe and carry onward, new reviewed and revived changes.....
There is still a powerful moment now to plant some seeds of truth for yourself. How you will change and how you will adjust to the growth. How we will adjust to the growth..
I think Scorpio is easy to change. Yes, there is a fixed nature and a meticulousness, there is also the ability to listen and observe and be, if I may say, calculating, compassionate and maybe even a little courageous..

"we can all live together"

I am Rick bitches, who are you?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The They are being elected

The Them, The They.
All I could say is that, after the pussy grabbing debacle from the one side to the naked guy on the other. LOL
The lady is being surrounded by creepers and the dude is a creeper, just not naked, and mostly a big mouth!
She is clearly better suited for the job simply in that she is a little bit bit more educated.
Don't get freaked out!
Who cares about those people. (Watch Black Mirror and tell me what you think)?!
I must admit, I love observing and how interesting the masses are!
They flock to the winning side like a drug and the losers, well, they beat innocent people up and carry on with their signs and hatred. It is powerful in a way and so backwards in my eyes and my mind. I say eyes because what we see and what we are drawn to is obviously scientific and easy to manipulate. Just say the words. say them often and make pictures in your mind and you will be drawn to those things. (The Secret) I was skeptical then and I  still found value in it. I chanted to feel better and it worked by golly. It really worked.
(I keep forgetting to ask for more)

Most of the humans will not have them. Only 1% get all the money, the rest fall under what ever the pyramid of the cast system is today in 2016 the year of our lord..our lord..
sheesh, why the lies?
He couldn't even save himself and god never showed up when the Jews actually needed him..why the lies?
Why? Why the bowing to men? Why do we want that so much? Some cannot abide such pretending for too many years of their life and they move on a mountain. Some of them die because they got too far up.Most, follow the rules and bow to the gods.

People die, they want to make sure they have a good place in line to meet the divine unknowns..
why is it divine again?
Here is what I think..
What ever I am, I am gonna die doing some really amazing acts for me and mine and if you get ensnared in some dream life of angels and heavenly mystical powerful giving loving beings..fine..but, in the back of my mind, I know it can't be..because what ever we are makes those ideas increasingly paltry notions..

So what is really your problem with a woman leading the country?
 It is a 4 year job and so far, the other guy has been lazy what with the health care nonsense..penalty to poor people again much!
Maybe she will lean towards helping more WOMEN and that should be the main thing not some name calling and what evil she may have done through the years. Has she? She is a puppet all this time and a back door person..with a huge group of men pushing decisions. I hope you know that. She has not grabbed any pussies for sure. And if she has, she has been supper secret about it. I like that.
The other guy? Is he evil? I do not think so. He is a simple minded jerk of a man who has gone through three wives. Each one being a little taller, a little younger and a little easier to train right??
Well, sure, let us have another woman hating jerk running things..yea..He has a golden bed and wants to be king and you call that "okay" and better than a lady and older lady for sure right??
I wonder how many women hate her? Why they hate her and call her names? And maybe they are being influenced by their group dynamic.
I do not know and I will not vote as I have never voted for any of them.
There will in a thousand years, have been so many of them, the they who say what we do and what we eat and how we eat and which underwear and which curtain and which table and which, purple, blue..

It is up to me and up to you to say the words and ask all the questions and say what is on our mind.
And to meditate and live clean, live happy and contented and notice the world for what it is not what the TV tells.

Any thoughts?