Monday, October 31, 2016

New Moon and Sacred Days

Look, if you have something you want, you better make words in your brain and ask for it. It will not happen just because you have desire for something.
That being said, you'll be surprised at how much you really can live without.
 If  you might want more in your lover, he will not know unless you state your intentions and if and I say if, he says, 'bitch, you can go fuk yourself, asking me that!"
Tell him, he is a wrong person for you and that business does not fly anymore with us women.
We must state our intentions always.
If he says, "babe, you're being crazy again."
(a secret code for covering up cheating)
Tell him, those things are not accurate about your intentions and requests.
If he uses your requests as ammunition for fights, please think about how much that penis is worth to you! If he chooses to be dark and moody, he is a mood vampire..they can suck all your good thoughts if you allow it.
Is it all about Love?
Pretty much. Money and then what, comfort, maybe..Love, Money, Penis/Vagina..back to love then...

 It is about love and weakness and positions of worthiness in our relationships.(and perhaps in sex))
Your secrets are not that secret. You might save the sacred ones but anything else is sure to be clean and handy for your benefits. If you want. You should keep better secrets..better not ugly ones, better ones. People can see that, your loved ones sure can. They can instinctively and hormonaly attract to it.."it".. or be darkened and angry from it.

This new moon is about adjusting and really cleaning up old things you have been hoarding.
You will be delighted at how much you do not need to keep. The air will be better and your mind will be free-er..

If your lover has any hold over you..walk away..if he does not share the chores because "men do not do dishes", tell him about Misogyny and say that we are equal and no one is better! Who does this guy think he is?
I do not know, but I have known many and male who is lazy and over burdensome in these times where he really does not do harder work that women. The horse and carriage is gone and we rarely farm our own food so unless your dude is in construction, he is likely hanging by a computer for 8 hours a day or so.
We are in modern times babies..this means our roles are not as clean and dry as they were once played out for us by clergy and "The "They"" who make world decisions.

You must clean your life or you will rot in the dirt along with all the dust the broken down fibers from old things you think you must keep through time. Yuk!

The New Moon In Scorpio
 a thinning of the veils..LOOK!
abilities to begin over from a broken place
knowing what you want
being a better ear
 know to listen
plan and plan some more..
sit tight
brew some magic
brew some love
brew a potion for your lovely ones which suddenly reflects to their higher minds

Perfection in abilities
 Let us attend..

Saturday, October 29, 2016

along the way

It is along the way that I find you always intriguing
along the way that your words inspire me and make me smile
I know I can always rely on your trust in me
I know that when I lie to me
you see more in me than I can see
you said things before
like how amazing I can be
there were fears holding me back then
there were chores and clean up to be
there were rough rivers to have crossed and way high hills that looked so small from far away

Stillness approaches. Hunkering down with thick socks and baggy plushy robes. The oils are generously placed in their spot, ready and wiped down for the next creation.

My mind so rich and comfy in its ideas. My order and cleanliness on spot!
I still don't know what I "can" do and along the way, it has been and is and always will be mine though, how I walk on it and how I stop and rest and how I climb when need be.. my path along the way.
Honey Almond Soap:)

(Sunrose Aromatics) Ginger Blood Orange Soap

Have a wonderful weekend:)

Friday, October 28, 2016

We are a dot com now..:)
It will increase awareness for my shop and our style of skin care.
Honest Free and Easy Aromatherapy

We are getting to that point where we will expand rather quickly when it happens, it will blast off.

One thing for locals shoppers of eleneetha's goods. I am not a messenger service.
Order on line. That is why I started my web site so that I would not be all day driving here  and there and wrapping before work and such.
If you want soap, please order on line and if the shipping thing scares you so much, I will give you extras to make up for it. I am worth way more than 6.10! (the cost of shipping in the US)
People get weird about on line orders..I get it, you do not want your information on line. Get yourself a prepaid card and have some fun. Free your life!
You know, even my dad will use his card on line. He will sit down with me and look at stuff. I know what you are going to say, "that is a good dad to have"
He is super generous, papou is!

Okay, that was very hard to say and live by. I am always so excited about skin care that any twat that talks to me about scrub and seems excited is just a lying whore who doesn't care enough to follow through and I am like and I know, once again, saying, "why did I go through the time to take time for a person who was lying and making small talk..that was some small talk.."I want", "Please" and "when??" I make, I ponder and I take time on each thing and do not want to rush to get it in a bag and rush to work. Yet there have been times where I will bring  and then the stress of when they'll show up. They are so busy, see?
It happens because people are very high class wanna be's..
When the titanic sank, the "upper class" would not go on the life boats with lower class and as a result, the life boats were half empty in the freezing ocean while the "lower" class perished with the ship. I am only bringing it up because I work retail and maybe when a whore sees me in a mode of work while she gets to walk around in expensive yoga pants with the ass, I am opening boxes of shampoo and butt cream from Alba just for her! rhaaahhahahaaaa ha ha ha
It is a weird thing for sure. Working at a retail store and making amazing skin care..
Look, there are many benefits  to working for Whole Foods Market and I am a working mamma. It happens. Not everyone gets to stay home any more in this economy. When I was married to a pilot and we had shit tons of money, I was still super excited about handmade stuff. I lived in the middle of nowhere most times and mail order was the way.. we had magazines back then.

 Remember The Gnarly Bitch Cream? That was so good!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

he made Rick cry, the fuk

Yea, I know you liked that Negan fellow, but I did not. He doe s have nice teeth!I see an ass hole from far away and man, I have lived from far away and have dealt with many an ass hole strong  man here and there who tried and failed (in the end and thank goodness) to dominate me. I guess we like the dominate as long as it honest and true..not a fantasy where you get to hurt the other person in all ways that you possibly try to do. That is abuse not love. Not friendship. Not loyalty.

I have never seen Rick so broken and ready to do anything, anything, for his family. I know because I am like that to a degree. I guess I relate to Rick the most out of all of the characters because he is so strong and forceful and logical at the same time..Oh, you think he is not?
Do you think his plan for getting rid of thousands of dead things was the wrong way? I know some are never satisfied! I know that and all the media hype over who dies and people feeling cheated..

"fuk off" and please,  "get over it" You are not watching anymore huh? Well why are you still posting? Immersed, you are in a fantastical story. It is boring some times."Moves too slow", you say.

 Well just like in real life, you carry on about outcomes and forget to live each moment which is played out with all sorts of things that are happening and need your attention, and yet you carry on  about that one outcome. Glen better not die.Daryl who basically, does, not much, better not die.
So what you did not know who got whacked!

ME! That's who knew. All the signs were played out for us and the more they talked, the more they wrote on how they were going to do it. It was a done deal two years ago when they brought Abraham in and Glen had to die. He was great and then he had to. The story changes now and we get the plans and the stealth for real because you know, Rick, he learned. He is learning now and he is in pain and learning and knows how to play the game. Submit and do not  submit.
At my job, we laugh at the bosses some days..
"tell me what to do but don't tell me what to do" lol

Carol is playing a new game. I have had a chance to understand her though my reflections on Vegans and Vegetarians and Fish eaters and Meat eaters..I have.
How many chicken carcasses can you dismember and clean before you are like, "no!'

So this bad guy, is pretty smart and I wonder so much, what he was before.
He reminds of of a high school teacher talking to ass hole students but because of laws and such could never act out what he actually wanted to do to them.
What do you think he was in a past life before zombies?

I am sure they will do a little story about him. He for sure cheated on his wife, right? A gambler in Vegas? I keep thinking about it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

we are not equal

We are the same, no doubt, but we are not equal. I just wanted to remind you of that. :)

How violently we react to that is on each one of us. How we are to fear and to worry and pay bills and honor the gods and bow to the kings and nod to the president  who is like a king but not..
we are to bow, honor, serve, and look forward to to it. Why? Because we are hoarding, swarming creatures and for that to work we spew out chemicals that create desire, and want and all of our behaviors in our social structures.
Queen Bee to strong men with guns though..oye!
wake up and let us work together before we perish as we all must
"no more kid stuff, people are going to die.."

Life and wonderment of all this has me awake and brooding over things.
Like I wish I did not need a car. I do not like driving and well, it is bull shit with the insurance and paying more to Cesar to drive on his roads to get to his work place and serve him some more while at the same time bitches and what ever else has them all pissed at me, well, not at me really, just pissed about nail polish or some dumb dress they can not have, they get to come in and behave in the worst ways and I am to be always gracious and elegant, without saying a word. I am and don't care about them who behave in that way. I try to always be kind and accepting."I am sorry" goes a really long way when a person is mad.
One time a woman pulled my ear lobe and I kind of freaked out but then we found out she was crazy and her family just dropped her off at my store so that she could wander around and touch people.
She grabbed a guy as he was fixing the salad bar! Right on  his young working ass!
brahhhhh lol
Poor thing, I could not take her down..or give her an elbow in the eye..she is already fragile. My ear hurt all that day! I see her now and take off. I am afraid (of what I may have to do)to get near some of these people. So many angry and searching and can't sleep, and can't eat anything because gluten and sugar and I am like "what a bunch pf pussies!"
Grow up and learn how your food is grown and what it is..
"do you have organic hair color?"
rawwweerrr LOL
"Oye, yea let me take all this organic wild foraged indigo and mix it with henna and then refine it with the finest of all alcohols for you and stamp it by a third party and then say it is organic, but only in the title not in the ingredients"
I never say that..just to you:))
Retail is two have to be fake because in real life, at my house, words get spoken and we discus why and how and what we have all gone seems like paltry to me. Being gracious though, that should carry over to home life as well as street life. That is how all the goodness comes.
Having to have struggled, means a whole lot as to how you now look at your life and what you find precious.
I mean once you kill a turtle to eat soup, you change, and it hurts and you never forget it. Sometimes you wake up wracked with pain over certain animals you may have killed. You better not cry now, you ate them. You eat them now. Maybe you are a vegetarian..I understand, there comes a time when you are done killing just so you can eat.
Just please, can you not say in each sentence that you are vegan, seriously, eat what you want and be free from the foods you do not want. You are making it a religion and it is not. Unless of course, everything is religion?
It is the chemicals in your brain wanting security in an unsafe and violent Universe. You will melt into and mix and become eternity because you have many many times been here as something else of the same thing...that remains our mystery..In our beginning, we were a violent hot molten place here on our rock, it was a real hell on earth..what about heaven? I can't picture anything about it except a clouds or golf courses all over the place and flying abilities because I don't want to be driving a golf cart, even a golden one.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I close my eyes and dream of you

I am flying, no you are gliding us and I am there telling you what I want..
oh man in my dreams I am me and you and us..I am excited because we fly together and all is well. We think freedom and kindness and all the best things..
I am excited because each time I make something so glorious
so fragrant..
and pure and I wonder if now, this is the thing, the best thing or will the very next one make me feel a whole new always does you know, make us feel whole new ways.
As I touch each oil and each new vial, I wonder how it will all transform or perhaps change me..yes,  to change my mind somehow about something I am holding too long and I think this, " how lucky I am to feast on such wondrous things" xx

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Wonderment

Save for winter some of the stuff you have harvested from summertime.

The wonderment of suffering to survive our lives and knowing an end must come.
it hurts us and it feels so good we want to take in as much as we can. This is why we rest each day where we are safe and sound..of mind and heart.
I made three soaps soaps to celebrate my excitement and rich longing for you and your juicy satisfactions.
My favorite of the three is the lavender with a little smooth grit from glacial rock powder. mmmm,  So nice on the body! I will try the cinnamon with mint, but as you know, I am not a cinnamon girl for too lengthy of a time period. Give me something which lingers on any day. Still, I had to.

Next, is something all together different and my love of life..Templin fir cone.
Maybe you are a,  "I am loving the woods with you right about now" kind of person?

It is all happening right now and I am in love....with you and me and us and our magic carpet of delicious scents!

Friday, October 21, 2016

have I been over saturated with The Walking Dead so that the season premiere is "Meh" to me?


I Can't hardly wait. These last few months, I have had a chance to read more about Kirkman's style of story telling. The bad guy is bad. No, worse than the guy who killed all the Jewish parents of a dozen children he was pondering on how to kill..yes, had too, yea? That was real and about 77 years ago..Christians did it to Jews because they killed Jesus. They had killed all these parents and had a dozen kids in a room ready to of soldiers was walking the little sweet girl to where the killing happened and she took his a scared child would, and he couldn't do it, he had second thoughts..I hope he ran off with her and saved the rest of the children but we know what happened there. I hope we never forget how we can turn so quickly in to monsters, infected.
You think we are so advanced then? We would never succumb to torture of we instinctively guard our tribe from wolves and others, other bad humans. They are out there and Negan would be a pussy  if he were really in this story he is more like a Nazi supremacist who makes slaves out of already slave type guys who can use  weapons and have convinced themselves that being a Roman type soldier is a good thing. In reality, Roman soldiers starved and perished from all sorts of diseases, like scurvy and lead poisoning. Science has shown us that lead is bad otherwise we would all be like zombies doing a crazy man's bidding. In our story, The Walking Dead, it is very much the same.
I mean who would waste so much time and resources in order to kill a few people? He is already robbing and not working for it. He is really sure of himself and it will be fun to see and respond to how Rick handles it. When he gets that look even a Negan will cry. I hope he does.

I would would like to see more passion in Andrew over his role this season. He sort of lost it in the fifth season

The tribe thing is a real evolutionary trait our cells have devised to protect us, our families and our kin.
We should always remember to nurture that and never turn away a loved one, unless, they become evil does..not based on religious principles but actual good reasons not to act on certain impulses which harm us in the end.

If Rick would have been more stealthy and meditative he would have still lost a loved one because Negan is like that. He will kill a few in order to control the many as he hones in your weak spot and takes it and widens its capacity to where you would rather eat than suffer, sleep all night rather than camping in the outskirts.
It is easy to become a slave. It is called Capitalism and Negan appears to know the in's and out's and balance of fear vs fist..
I hope that Rick does not loose a hand.
I wish Carl did not loose and eye..

It is just a story right?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

teens are the worst people on earth ha ha ha and lol I was awful you were too

I have teens. Do not think that our home is all bliss and om chanting or Bach playing in the it is but is not because I did not have to go after one or two of them..three maybe. There was the time I took down one of the the girls..she had come home like a dirty cat with a piercings and red eyes..and..and, holes in her ears to make plugs..(no, they look like old vaginas when you are 30, no)

No way baby. You can do that stuff later, when you are thinking more clearly and I will support you..""..she flipped out, I took her down with ossoto gari (a judo move) and held her there until she calmed down. (honestly, I spoke so low and so deeply that she heard me. "you will behave as a high thinker and do not have time for such bad habits as to have all night cut yourself!"
One time, one of the boys  got involved and I was like Rick in the middle of town, in Alexandria.."Me!??"

 What you thought I hurt my beautiful daughter?
I am/was a pretty good martial artist when I was practicing. Judo is so awesome.

"oh, you do not love me:((("..means I need to fit in with these chicks that wear ugg boots and have holes in their faces.." you are more special and must remember that!"

"you are becoming what you want to be right now at this moment..
do you want happiness or fatigue, dirty drunkenness and sadness??..It is your call."

Guess what? She is fine and looks like a doll face, cute, pretty and clean and well, she's fine, works goes to school and I love her. If she right now wants to pierce and tattoo, I am okay, fine. You waited and made a good selection.  None of this impromptu drunken business! Plus, Plus, we have my mother and father and well, I am not about to take abuse from my mom on your behalf, because that is bad news bears!"

Teens..oye! The sex thing! I am all like , "just be wonderful, so good work, be a good person and who cares about how you do it!"
 I do not care how they have sex as long as they are not dozy angry fuks walking around all depressed and as long as they study or work, I am pretty happy.
That was hard though. One of my boys was hard too, but he was a loner from the start,
and just a few years since that business I see gals that come over here..the whole transgender thing is cool now, they don't want to be sexual and then they do but they don't want to be a girl or a boy any more.."transsexuals are real mom and you have to respect that"
I don't care, to me if you are a girl, you are a girl and really, I myself do not feel right calling Ana, "Raffy" now.  I just say "babe" :)
She is a sweet lovely girl and looks like one to me.

I only mention this because I tried to watch the stupid debate because all of my children and their friends were seated around the telly watching the debate..they want to change the world, some of them were probably transgender..who knows...let them work it out themselves,

I went to bed thinking about the next soap special.

three soaps for the celebration of my life and our beautiful lives in soap making

let us attend to our task
let us not control outcomes
let us forgive the past
move forward
let us attend to wisdom
be wonderful

The awesome mango butter olive oil soap batch special..three bars for 13..see? I am awesome right!?/?

Wisdom Wonderful Worthy

lavender vanilla celtic salt
lemongrass with castor oil
cinnamon peppermint with oats (ground super fine like clay)

We will talk..I will take photos.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I am going to bide my time

as sung in my mind..

I am going to bide my time
I am going to make it real
I'm a gonna sing for sure and then ring a bell of truth
I am gonna be a whore (for chypre)
I am gonna do my best
so that I am not sad nor will I  fret
I am going to forgive
for to give
for to share
for to say sorry
for to connect to laughter and love not fear
remember that I love you for real
you can drink some beer and I will make soap

I am gonna bide my time
I am going to bide my taaahaaime la la

I am going to learn chemistry and philosophize about silicon and Acetyl groups. Acetic  acid is vinegar. see, it is always mystical until you learn that it is not mystical, it is just atoms. We are just atoms. Just?

Let us now delve deeply in to the nucleus and the vast amounts of space between the protons and the nucleic blows your mind..

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Walking Dead TWD Killing for other... what it means for us

It is all about survival and I never really cared for Carol's quick transition in to this crying crazy woman.

Today I understand what that is and I can say I understand about is too much when you have to kill for your self ( we killed a pig one time and it shocked us all enough to not want to kill the other four)It is easy when you can just go to the store and get your meat and chicken and no one asks questions. Who killed the chicken?

In an archetypal sense I will use reality to wax on walking dead stuff :) is not the zombies we should fear as much as the bad humans out there. you get some bad ones and destroy them and then some bad ones get you and kill your family and rob you and you are injured and things fucking suck!
Remember when I got stuck on that mountain in Costa Rica? I was stuck, rainy season on a mountain means you hunker down and because you could die..
No phone, monkeys all over the place and other many!

Being stuck in that mess Rick is in though, that is gonna be sad and big. I am so excited..and sad because I hope he does not get his arm cut off.
I hope Carol decides that she needs to get it together. No walking away to die alone. That is stupid.
She reminds me  of a Vegetarian I have been talking to. She feels superior to others because she does not eat meat. I think she is wrong to take it to the morality clause,  like Carol. You are part of the human race and the human race eats other smaller animals to survive. It always had to. I do think we are evolving to race of humans who will have separation and plant based diet will be a must as we get in to the new age of realizations and rules..more rules.. Pluto In Aquarius is an exciting thing about to open up for humanity.
Does this all mean that as vegetarians we get to be better mentally or better  healthfully? Not necessarily.
There will be sacrifices to be made and are made for us to live the way we choose to live.
Back to me...In a wild place where there are no stores, nothing but vegetation which continually grows all over you and you have to cut it down, your muscles get tired, weak, you will kill. You will kill to begin to cultivate bananas, and what ever else you can eat. A shit ton of coconuts near the beach? Yes, 6 miles later you get to the rocks at the beach that you have to climb to get the coconuts to eat. That is another three miles of climbing. Along the way you meet hungry wolves at your feet They want to talk to you and  ask what is up, where are you from and all that small talk. Move on, they are wolves and will so eat you up.
You take a drink of coconut water and hunt some muscles near the rocky shore. After climbing back up to the mountain, you start a fire and make flat bread and eat.  Tired and super fit from all the climbing you sleep by 8 and slumber to the sound of rain through the night.
Sound good?
Yea, Beans plug up any intestines if eaten every day. Legumes are good but you need fat  for veg to be healthy enough. How do you get fat, from milk? No cow. From what? Coconuts? Not enough..In time your thinking changes, maybe your brain changes I do not know. Your shoes get wet, useless, flip flops break constantly. Hunger and fantasies of  grilling steak begin to hover in your mind. Chicken, fish,

Rick and the gang ate dogs..mmm,  dog!

Oh yea, Carol and all of a sudden freaking out about killing..wake up. You are going to have to.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pluto in Capricorn and every one is offended

We  have been in it so it is hard to see it..when you are in the middle of it all and do not have a clue about the bigger picture and how humanity is always pissed off with itself. That is Pluto kind of but you have this tendency with humans, They get pissed about what you are thinking and saying because they want you to think like they think and when you don't, they start with mean words and manipulative tactics, name calling (a big one) to sway your opinion even though they already hate you for not having it as they have it.
Secretly they must have this need...or are we collectively turning have turned in to these "stupid")) creatures who are afraid of God and what he will do and create their defense. It is always leading to God..
How can anyone know what can not be known and then make up stories about pain and suffering? I do not know..but I am out of that loop. I do not accept that and pain and suffering is being alive.
That is so it! Bones get old and brittle and carrying this meat suit gets heavy on its own let alone to carry some one else's meat suit and all the threats that go along with being a control freak.. Give a person breathing room will ya!

Being here is so amazing and should not be soiled with greed and men blowing each other up and women being stoned..there should be higher ideas spoken and maybe we need to go back to how Socrates tried to teach..lets us learn and be kind..put the bible and the other books down for a minute and see how we are actually are you evolving. How people see you. How they want to see you. If you are around people who make up stories to hurt you, you must recognize this and shield yourself. Do not be weak and cower in fear of being exposed. Okay? Yes, do the right thing and do not change history to suit the lie..
America is great and blah blah blah..yea? Christian values huh? (Please pleas read, The People's History Of The United States)
Let us talk Pluto and how all this time the Capricorn comes out.  You always have a little clown tactics with Capricorn. he brings out the pampas boss, the peacock who lost his feathers (like that guy who gave women drugs so that he could fuk them) and certain shame among his peers. The shame part is about being embarrassed  as dirty laundry and words have fallen out of the bag. It is about lies being spread by dirty gossip made to cover up someone's ass.
These may be quite uncomfortable because image and status is right there leading the way for some with the  Capricorn thing. Aries, Cancer, Libra..this is your time baby! You can change and be amazing or rot in some social box you created and is only there for looks. Don't be a cunt is all I am saying. The cuntiness adds up and people seem to carry memories and pain a long time..but here it is..each day your cells have changed and been reborn and memories have been "proven' to be constantly changing, we forget that and continue with creating the story every time we think it and dredge it all up again. I, for one can remember shots of pain and hurt feelings when having a rare memory of my past, like a knife going through my gullet.Hey man, I will say that to myself, "hey man, you empowered that person to hurt you, how about more boundaries and more integrity and more hard work for you not some person! That is abuse and not love or friendship. Abuse, I say!"
Do your best, say right words, be a wonderful human. You have to try. You have to try today and that means not being a dick.
That is Pluto, he gets his feelings hurt and it goes deep and Capricorn will carry that shit for years uphill and then fakin' realize he does not need shame or suffering over other people behavior.
He also can not control people's opinions! Not of him and not of her and not of how people did what!
Capricorn energies are serious stuff. They can really surpass any expectations they have set for themselves.. Kind of like someone has to ask the questions in order and hold the books.They do not have to be gloomy or boring... They can have a Scorpio thing going and become like a surgeon. Truth! I love that most about Capricorn ideas! Let us now attend..

pay attention to
clean up
sit down and think
listen with out reacting
clean your teeth
smile more
dance for me bitche
my pie making bitche.."he wants a pie making bitch for a wife and he will honor her by doing for her." ha ha hahaaaa
I love that a sweet boy of ours. Yes, ours, We are one for real, bitches!

What do you think? Do you think that Pluto plays a part in our lives or do we just make shit up as we go to explain our strange invisible connection to each other?

"so, what about this idea, if the Universe that we exist in now came from a another explosion or implosion, this means that this  may have happened many times before and we have been here a really long time and do the elements change form each time? Is calcium and silicon the same each time or are there unknown transformations?"
Scientist, ,
"That we still do not know. We don't know if we start all over again or if it is always the same stuff"
"ahh" "ohhh"

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Full Moon Wishes and Dreams


(I know that is a new moon in the art work. I love the way it makes me feel))

Hello my gorgeousness and my sweet soft love buggers..I miss you all so much because it really has been a long time between posts and I am brimming with ideas, thoughts and maybe even some a song or a two step.

Let us now speak of the spkenard, which I have been planning for weeks and just did not have enough myrrh to make it the way I had planned tomake it in my mind.
I thought of something dry. It has to be a dry hot place like the high hills of a dessert country..Egypt had to be like walking in a tomb there, filled with bushels of fruit dried and spices and resins like myrrh resin and all sorts of citrus. Spikenard or  Spikenard, Jatamansi, Muskroot, Nardostachys grandiflora (synonym)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

hops soap with beer and brawny babes begining to groove

Fresh hops dried to perfection
rich black colored beer as thick as bread
spikenard for a good nights rest
rose for loving everything
loving the inner heart's mind
The rest, well,  we will maybe surprise ourselves..
It is almost ready..almost ready to put together
because collecting ingredients for good soap takes time and patience.
I have all of that and more..

an empty spot on the grass where a big thing was sitting all summer

it wasn't anything
just a dream I had about a swimming pool full of water (you know the kind you buy at the big lots place)
In my dream I did not want to remove it from the grass because it would leave a big  round empty spot of almost dead grass..all yellow and withered...
In my dream I had to remove it. I had to get rid of it before it killed all my grass underneath..I woke up thinking about the bare spot outside and it ugliness against the rest of the lawn. I then realized it was only a dream. yes a dream of my picturesque mind. Ugliness has its colors though..
Not its ugliness really, more its not fitting in that place..I had to put it away. Had to!
Unload as it were. That thing is very heavy, unnecessary and too blue! lol..(remember that in reality I do not have a pool like that at this moment)
I do have reasons why I am obsessed with clean and orderly and aesthetic..I know because my home is not like the perfect design photos on Instagram..and yes, I wish I had more linen everything..and no curtains and super tidy..and ocean breezes, mmmm and sacks of money like Donald Trump and I sure wouldn't waste it on grabbing pussies..LOL
(had to)))

I said to my inner hearts mind as i browsed for towels on IKEA..I said some things... and to my minds eye..
You do not need all the things you crave at this moment.
You do not need full control of everything.
Just the things you've been carrying  around with you to this day. Let it go, release this burden and let the grass grow wild which you've been crushing all this time. Maybe not all of it but certainly this one big blotch of heavy weight..
Just like the 2000 books you carried from house to house every year.
Just like the burdens of fear and loathing I may carry because it seems like no one will understand and then if they did, they would think less of a little bit means pain and sorrow and changing..

yea..we all do it, I know because I know I am not special or more special than you and what you carry and what is killing your grass underneath its weight..
I am so profound in the morning yes?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

dozy skunk and still reeling over the sneak peak of the walking dead little sneak peak is Rick getting his hand cut off?

I pulled peppers and began the journey for winter in my garden. I was listening to Bach all day. All day because the counts in Bach are suited for methodical work and deep meditation with my plants that gave me so much this year. I got many of the suns rays yesterday and really took it in as a result of what my life is and how i work and why love it so much. I love my life and I love you.

I hadn't realized how much I grew this year and we sure did feast!

Roasted Peppers Salad with Greek basil, feta cheese, Luccini olive oil and sea salt..

Oh and a skunk has been coming around. He seems tame but no way can he stay because one bad word and your are sprayed but good.

We have music on and he is still in the garage thinking;
"oh, this is nice, look, they put food in a bag for me!" "Omg, there's a couch in there!" "Maybe I will spend winter here."
He is hanging out and so it boy went out there and said he will clean the mess because it is his garage too. I was touched by that and his interest in clean tidy home..
"he's gone for now, mother!"
"good boy, boy"))

"Rick, shut up!"
He had to say something. He had to.. because he must be Rick and regain somewhat of his dignity where there was none to be had and death is the only way out. He took the plunge then and sacrificed, Negan has met his match and that dirty smile is about fear and loathing. How he manipulated such a large group of people is beyond me..but not really. We are looking at an archetype of a Hitler like person who had that gig going for a few years and why? Food, starvation, a need to sleep for evil spirits..they were Catholic all those  who remained safe. No one was actually safe as any wrong move got you punished. A bad look and anything!
In real life it would be the same..some one would speak up. It is human and real. They would be killed right away.. no remorse..war makes people bad intending..mal intention..

"I'm going to kill you!" he said, quietly and with intent and gravity in his words. His eyes having no fear and not at all like the last time we saw him.
We will be heartbroken and shocked and Rick is getting his hand cut off?
He wields and ax for the last couple of seasons, They all have knifes and he has that ax. Now the first thing we hear is the dialog with Simon and Negan.
"what did he  have a knife?"
"he had an ax."
and then ...that long look  that only Jeffrey Dean Morgan can give..(should we watch "supernatural" and get to know Negan from another perspective?)
I do not think I can because that mythology is blaze for kids watched that show.
Is he going to kill Negan? I hope so. I think he  will. Rick must unless Rick is the one to go? No way. Rick cannot die. I hope he does not. no, not ever. The hand being cut off would be heartbreaking..Oh man oh man...
As they follow the comics almost by a thread of space in the juggling of stories..yea?
I do not read the comics. I read the stories about the comics. I am not about to invest in the comics as there are many issues and I have sandalwood to be buyin'!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lavender and all her lovely ways and fougere would not be the same without her

I mean me and all my lovely ways...
Thank you for being my friends and my confidants and my wonderful "coven" of women and dudeliciousness, who love good food, nice family life and great skin care.

That last month with Mercury was a blast and I hope we can all move on and rely on our good thoughts when things do not go as planned. I hope you are well and super happy!
Plans are only meant to change and I can't hardly wait for the next thing.

The next thing?
Soap..all the other stuff is what it is. I clean stuff, I work, I come home and clean stuff and I make good soap..yea..and I talk to you, my babes and my mom. My mom my mom, she is the bomb..of mom goodness!

Next soap is, going to be pretty awesome!
Violet with oak moss in a fougere because fall is for fougere!

I wonder if you saw that I have the bulk soap block on my etsy now. This means you can order directly and not have to worry about which is available and when.. I make everything up on order when it comes to soap blocks. There may be a 10 day wait. check it out;

I left my phone at work so no photos today. OMG and LOL, I am fine, I had to walk to a clock this morning when I woke to see what time it was and that is all I missed. Maybe my mother's calls!
ha ha ha ha

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I will be very nice


I should and always will speak up to us and now it is time to relax and share some goodies and creations I will be insinuating as I enjoy to extremes, this season of Bewitchment and rare understanding of nature and my own nature.:)
I am fine and I love you, what more is there to say?
I will think of something :)

One of the best blends of last year was and still is La Bruha.

Here we have Unfolding A Pink Lotus Experience..

Friday, October 7, 2016

Libras like to uncover the dirty side of life, hey, that is scorpio

So that we can sort through and clean it up:)
That might just be me and my thoughts.

I watched a really good documentary about Saudi Arabia and how they live..
oye, that is probably why I did not sleep. It was hot
Saudi Arabia Uncovered
Excellent and riveting at the same time.

Why am I getting all political all of a sudden? I am not. I don't care at all who you vote for because in the end it won't touch anything those people go through everyday.Plus, politics holds no entertainment for me. I am interested in you and me and how we survive above all that. How we lead our families and how we communicate and learn and become better on our own, not someone breathing down our necks.
They beat women, complete strangers! (like if she is out without supervision from a man.) Not just that, but bad dudes walking around all day looking for trouble. There are police and then are are also religious police.And yet, still, in all that control and more control on the people on how to live, you still have poverty..and the youth who want out of the regime. You say you want random stops like police walking around ready to frisk you? Look at what that can become!
Watch it if you want to learn something about other people of earth and then I would say, be glad about where we are. I hope safe and no one beat you today.

Long live personal freedom..
where you want to always be your kindest and most polite and not because someone is watching, it should be because you know the know happiness comes from being safe and having enough to eat. and listening and changing. Always changing.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

should we talk about men

if you are one and you spout out obscenities about women
or if you are a wonderful, helpful, kind person who speaks and thinks like a human not some  "now I am in charge" douche who gets to makes us do what you want.

Fuks, most men and I would say all of them but I do know some good ones.
Sad because they raise daughters and yet they go on the computer and serenade girls just to fuk ( in their mind or for real) them and when they are done they can go back to pretending they are good and God is watching!
You know which men I am talking about.. I married one..the others, well, I have worked with a few!
I was raised by a misogynist extraordinaire who still needs to insult my mother like any old Greek guy can..all those years in church, for what, to be mean..and say unkind words and be so stuck on that one time in his life? Yes, I do love my dad, so much that I wish he could change and realize what is actually correct..he may or may not..I do not mince words with him and  lately, I quietly tell him how things are..he tries to tell me fables and about some guy on a roof top waiting for god to save him.
"dad we are all on the roof top..why doesn't he just come or maybe not flood the-place so that we all get tortured to death?

Or, or..allow me this thought..
"If God is ultimate happiness, ultimate joy, nirvana, how my lovelies, HOW does this have to begin by torturing a little  2 day old baby boy?" How?? Abraham tried to kill his boy for god and we all still to this day accept that as OKAY..His faith and more lies...
Yea, we all did that, huh? Cut the boys penis skin..three anesthetics because babies forget and don't feel as much pain..sure, that is why some of them die from heart attacks when it is done..the shock and pain so great!
It is okay we say, god wants it that way, or it is cleaner..
Yea, we clean our vaginas daily and I do not see how it is different to clean a little extra skin..don't make excuses!
Why do the stories end with torture? No other animals do this, no other mammals at all..they stick together and everyone learns what needs done  to survive.

We see it more now because it was always there, we were just too busy being hush hush and allowed it.

Elephants, are run by women!
Monkeys are run by women!
odd tho, being so close to each other, as mammals,  humans are the only ones who torture and plan on torturing and devise ways in which to torture babies(circumcision, invented by a man in a robe who could not read), women and anyone else they can!
Did you know that from Tuscany to Copenhagen there are torture devices in museums to show how God loves torture?
I do not get it.
My lovely friend, is struggling with her mom and dad..they think bad things and unreal things and stress their kids out and do not even care that they are hurting many ways that I would not even begin to list, know this, it is atrocious!
My friend struggles with it, she makes reasons why, and apologizes for them..she loves her siblings..but man..what abuse happens and we all just stand around worrying about killing the next person who is not moral enough or that Jesus is watching and God loves us soooo much!
"doesn't your mom see that this is wrong what he does (dad) and speak up?
"No she cries"
Yea, we all have and then when things are better we make up reasons as to why we stay and continue..
(big guys are meaner than small guys because the penis:)
I know plenty of small guys too that are mean..
just stop, will ya!
Deep inside all the men know they are nothing without us!
Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and we run the gig for real.
Even that  6 thousand year old man they found in the ice had proper stitching on his clothing likely made by a woman because there were other parts of the repairs that looked rushed and not as skilled..women fix things, they feed you, or you can just eat raw meat outside like the dogs!
Good women not the crack heads who torture because they always have some dirty ass boyfriend with a dirty ass dick leading them blindly!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Morning thoughts The paper labels and other quick little tid bits

I have been rather consistent with the paper lately. I have also stopped putting laminate and or film on the labels. I find that they get gumpy no matter what. I mean, we go through this stuff and that is why natural is awesome.
This paper I have been using is absorbent and even though it catches eventual drops of oil, it catches it and blends it in..
I will also include a precise ingredient list for your consideration. It is extra info some really worries, I do list ingredients on the menu when I list a product and feel that my customers are sophisticated enough to remember why and what they buy. They all are really..and if you buy my products, thank you so much. I work really hard to make the actual thing so good that you can't wait to wash again.
Right now, that is  I how I feel about some soaps, like that vetiver rose with charcoal..omg..lingers like a dirty whore at midnight and a sweet angel in the morning..mmmm  I only have a couple left so you should not miss it. I am telling you what, sometimes a soap just makes you swoon and carry on from there!

I have to go to work at or I would sit here and write you poetry about

Fukin' Libras!

Monday, October 3, 2016

custom orders

I am change that you require and everything I send you is for your good either through meditation or keen intuitions  and for you to experience growth and contentment to enjoy what I send as a spell sent through time and space for your ultimate power is from my hands and the supreme gifts which flow through them. Aromatherapy is real magic for real.

As you may know, I am sort of a weird and love to make crazy good stuff for us and I love making good soap to the point of addiction and all that stuff we love. Through the years I have changed. I have gloriously and graciously changed my mind so much. I am almost 58 you know!
I used to say, I am almost 60 but that is really two years away.
Libra Libra Libra
We say the wrong thing and then it is right later on.
Anyhow..I will not be taking any more custom orders from now takes away from my powerful creativity and becomes something I do not recognize.
I will try to be more consistent..but really, it is not my way.

You should  still ask about bringing something you have already had and I do repeat many blends..still, they are not and will not be the same..some soap is softer because of reactions with the other oils, some hard for the same reasons, oils do what they need to do every time. My last batch of sage is very dry and spiky..I am using it. It is organic! Soap is soap and sage is good in any way some days. I love it. It cleans and refreshes a room. All of them do. I am using Greek dalmatian sage at the moment from Eden Botanicals where I buy most of my oils. Patchouli, Sunrose all day!
The time lord soap for example, changes. I have not had the same frankincense, ever! Nor have I had the same lavender, unless you are talking about the one they make in a lab and call French lavender..the fuks!
I buy organic lavender grosso or some other one I love in soap, like the mailette. So crisp, lavender, dry and snappy! I love those!
Point being, you will not ever get the same thing twice. That is the way it is..I am like a wild horse! Sag rising!!

One time the girl at work said, "what "do" you do here anyway?"

I was so overloaded with answers that I said nothing.
"Oh, I don't know, I fold clothes.." I said and walked away..she is a kid a babe and a sweet young thang..
In my many years and I only bring it up because it is my birthday coming and I am still here..In all my years,
"I have done plenty my little fuking cunt whore bitch that you would even think that about me..but hey, who the fuk do you think you are and who am I?"

I said fucking cunt whore bitch? You are offended? Common..stop not be holier than thou with me!
Think of it as in the British

Okay so back to me and how I must change and here it is my powerful witches, my glorious gals my daughters and my lovers you all it must be.

I have done plenty baby! Plenty and still have my duties outlined.
I was the one making your beer and your bread in  the back of the bar..I was the one who cleaned your chair and made the sauce you dipped your na an in..I was the one who grew bananas and made real coconut oil from coconuts I collected during high rock climbs to gather..I steeped it all with ylang ylang flowers and made soap.
I was the one who cried tears of agony when I broke up with that guy..after that he was gone from my thoughts. Like, "oh, it hurt, but boy, I feel better!" No harness is nice after all!
I am a wild horse!
I was the one who had to let go while climbing a mountain and the bats and I talked and talked about what I want from now on. I want to say and be who I am now..
I was the one in that military raid on my family all alone on a bus with strangers, scared and all alone (more real than needed to be) trying to crawl back out of an imaginary hole..I may have chosen wrongly in some people's eyes but I got to see things, things,  and they are more important than your green beans not looking fresh enough.
I chose what I truly wanted then and now, I am learning to be exceptionally choosy.
I chose the one thing I did not want until now and I chose it finally because it already was and is..Me, no harness, no strings, and no cry..serine being is real, it is called being on time and waking up happy.

Here we are and this is the most magical and power time for me ever..I hope you can glide with me towards understanding and connection through atomic elements of essential oils..binding us is real, it is!

I am always willing to do the best thing for us so be ready not for more brash but maybe more utter truth than some are willing to except.. My scorpionic nature must be fed..mmm

come to me
come to me
come to me
excellent fat on my skin
good business
good business partners (customers)
good food
good family
good results
true love is now