Tuesday, June 30, 2015

confidence and full moon realizations

Mine (confidence) gets shaken sometimes but mostly I acknowledge that it is adrenals overworking and spewing out chemicals.
It is something hard to get over when you have a whole ton of stuff going on and some things do not  satisfy or delight.
My last little shake up is an example.
It is nothing big and for me a very real episode of what I want versus what "they" want.

 the demo lady (the gemini) has been on my ass for months to bring her perfume..

I never did because I did not think she could handle my depth.
She bugged me all the time, texted me and made sure I finally brought my incense like oils for her to buy. We talked about what she wants and I explained things and told her to read my menu. (now, I do not think she has a computer)
I broke my own rule..I prepped and carried product and at the moment she was pleased.
The first warning..
"can I pay you tomorrow"
"yes" ( what could I say, no?)
She had already dabbed in the the old whore"
Next Day..fucking dumb ass...lol
I see the money in her hand and she comes up to me and says her husband told her it is too strong!
My steel gaze met hers and if I were Rick, I would say, "kneel on the floor"
Looking in to her eyes, I said, in my quiet raspy  voice, "I do not take product back and  last night, had an inkling that you really had no love for essential oils, you are a citrus girl, I told you that, right?" "How many times did we talk about what you wanted?"
"oh, no, I will keep it.."
She handed me the money and mind you, I gave her a deal and she didn't even notice or get it.
"allow the vanilla and patchouli to work with your oils on your own skin and do not tell your husband, I told her. Who is this guy? A Republican?" lol
I took her money on principle and my time spent making her labels.
I bet she had to ask him for money and he was mad because he supports, his wife..
who knows!
When someone says an oil is too strong, I get offended and hurt. I also feel bad for the woman who has to beg and made to feel guilt over a little cash!
I get mad at myself for not being harder in the first place and knowing what is real.

What are the signs of someone just going through the motions and not having one real thought in their head..just a bunch of lies all put together to do nothing but stand there with a finely pressed shirt..

Monday, June 29, 2015

gemini thoughts and other tid bits about walking dead

there are two ways this could go..lol

You could get your shit together and get some work done..real stuff..then again, you do smell delicious and I do not say that to just any one.

Funny thing about how people smell,huh?
Like, some, they can smell really good and most people that pass me, no.
They do not take care of themselves really. And the two chicks yesterday from London or something, dude, so pretty they smelled ok. yes, fake, but at least they are trying.They had money and I served them well, thanking my lucky stars that I have the patience of a saint and magnetism to attract nice people.
Then another customer who was flirting with a Gemini demo lady yesterday, cute and dressed nicely, just like  all whole foods clients..most..when she could not answer the questions he asked he finally came to and asked, $4 dollars for this thing? You try putting ten beets in a two ounce container and see how much time and money it would cost, I thought..
"that is why they call it elite, not everyone can have it."
He looked up at me and smiled.
I do not know how he smelled to me but there are folks with too much expensive bad cologne..please.no, stay away from my vanilla patchouli cloud.
I find that people want to hate patchouli but really they do not realize how many times they themselves have worn it secretly hidden in something.

It is almost full moon..don't forget things. Be rare and do not falter. You will need to rest and for me, a whole lot of clean up after a whole lot of raining..after all, we do not want to be one of those neighbors with the dirty house and garbage in the front all the time...no. no..we will have a lovely home where it is a pleasure to walk up the pathway.
Secure your fences and show people that they have to be tough and be real.
There "are" many work to be done in summertime here at Crabtree Chalet..Like fixing a fence and making sure about the garden.
Look at this wonderful place Johnny Depp Is selling. wow, I mean just wow! Oh, wait, he is a Gemini!
Sigh, why would anyone sell that place?

Can you believe it's almost July? Yes, I already hear the bombs going off..I suppose they are proud of something.
What? The fact that some of them have never left Livonia and do not even know what they should be proud of..I am mad! Every year the pollute the air with harmful heavy metals and we are supposed to breath that because you all need to gather on hills and you like to blow things up and see dragons in the sky? but has anyone measured the air quality after such an event, let alone all the driveway bombers..that is what I call them))

I am thinking more about happiness and what it means. How we have to live the life we believe and not just talk shit all day about spirituality and brotherhood and brother it sounds good to me, but as I learned a long time ago, you need to focus and attend to the best things...

I will leave you with my best fantasy brain idea..
la la la
Me, in Georgia on the set of Walking Dead..
Me. once in a while being a walker and the rest of the time..cooking, making soap for Norman?

I notice the guy who first encountered Morgan, he has been a zombie a few times. Oh, he will be dead soon! The Wolves! Jerks!
When I first watched the episode where Rick and Pete got in a fight and Michone had to punch Rick..
I think Rick has gotten his point across to the villagers! Finally!
"I am not sorry about what I said."

Who would allow the dumb ass priest to shut the door? What a dumb ass!
I just watched the whole fifth season like a binge.
Rick is intense because he is has to be steel. He has to say what has and must be and he will not be stupid. Not on purpose! Had they listened to his first plan, Beth would still be alive.
I am so excited for many reasons! Rick becoming an awesome leader, and martial artist?
Morgan must teach them all how to fight with a staff because it is way cool and many more people will die.
Carol?? Cunning Carol..we will see!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

jewelweed balm

I have been infusing jewel weed in olive oil. I think this sort of way of doing it is the best way to get all the sticky juices from the plant.
It looks like the wild impatiens and I am so grateful to have it thanks to rare and super amazing women who love me..even a little bit. Like when I get a dug up plant that heals!
I love that and it means more to me than diamonds. I do like a nice garb but only in a stylin' my way and not because kim kardashian wears things that are said to be fashionable.

I took about 4 cups of roughly cut fresh jewel weed and 2 cups delicious fruity Greek olive oil,gently heated  on low low low for about 30 minutes and cooled it and I slowly heated the oil through the day and next day for three days.
I strained and applied on three mosquito bites and it does make the itching stop. It needs more though. It seems light. Indeed! I continue to thrive in my abilities to grow stuff. My back yard will indeed soon turn in to a secret garden! More Jewel Weed! We have it.

I will take the mixture which I strained  and I will place it over a double boiler this time because I do not want to completely cook the olive oil..I want to merry the clean sap with the oil..
I will roughly chop more jewel weed and continue this process today. By later this afternoon I should begin mixing the bees wax with this jewel weed olive oil infusion.
Eventually, this material will wilt to a quarter of  it original volume.
 I will add lavender and frankincense along with tea tree oil, just a drop. I love frankincense for itching and inflamation.
It will also come un scented so in case you do not want to smell anything.

According to Wildman Steve Brill, jewelweed contains the same chemical that is the active ingredient in Preparation H.
Other compounds called balsaminones found in jewelweed have strong anti-itching (antipruritic) properties. (Source: PubMed.gov)

I will make enough for all of us, but if you want some oil infused or in a balm, let me know. It will be at my shop on etsy, if I like it which I do do!

Have a wonderful day and I hope that everything goes your way and that you become smarter everyday and that your today is very much like tomorrow..:)))

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

who doesn't

and if witches were real we would all be feasting on st trope somewhere..
No I am going to say that real happiness comes from living the life you believe in and trust.
I am going to really exceptionally and totally now enrich my life like I wanted to enrich my marriages..both of them..lol
You why people break up?
I do not know but it pretty much starts with a person changing their mind about how much truth they are willing to share about themselves.
Why can't you be open and stay open always?
We don't because we are afraid of being judged because that is when things no the other way.
You show your ability to hate and worry and carry on and for long periods of time. before you know it, years have gone by and you've spent most of that time crying. Who needs or wants that?
You are angry that that person would not follow the righteous path..drinking, drugs, women, Internet porn, meeting up with strange women or men in trailers..stop!
I have seen it all. Judgement against someone you love is harmful. Sooner and later you begin to hold your thoughts back in fear of confrontations.

Real witches are like monks, like zen gurus like filled with poise and love...and the riches are not of this world.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Nam Myoho Renge Kio

"I devote myself to The Lotus Sutra of the wonderful law!"
It is beautiful and I think the wonderful law should be with us..
What is it this wonderful law? Time and time again we ask and tell of it.
The Law of Attraction that what you do think and make happen is all on you" I hope you overflow with goodness and prosperity. Enough so that you can give away some.
It works. We forget to use the tools in our brain to which make things happen.

Nam Myoho Renge Kio

Organic burnt orange soap

There is a thick rich perfumed graze over this gorgeous lovely!
I made it with the oils listed previously and a few potent drops of this and that.
So that it was, in a way, baked on the soap as it went through its transformation.

I get the oranges and the smoke...not too much, just as I thought.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I have more to come

There will be another May Chang soap of course and I think it should have a yellow look with ground chamomile or calendula.
I want that and some other ideas keep flowing. Like for example not olibanum but the other one which is sweet myrrh. That may strike my fancy.
I was reading about Ania's garden and what that girl can do with tuberose. It is a beautiful thing.
I wanted to tell you hello before I get on the move again..Things seem to be opening up  and we get to see who has been ready and who needs to simmer down and get busy making, doing, thinking, asking.

I am still studying quantum physics and ancient history at the same time so don't you think that I sit at on my awesome couch watching zombies..who cares if Circe is naked walking the streets being shamed..I need me some Rick time. That is after I cut some dang fine soap.
I mean, what if it is not good? What if it smells bad? What if it is too smokey and not enough depth?

Oils  are magical in the way they transform..yes, indeed. Do atoms have a consciousness then?

kameno portokali a soap of burnt orange and choya loban

It means a burnt orange. In Greek. Oranges and smoke...The kind you throw in a fire with a few cloves and it it just fries in there and sizzles and then dried to a perfumed smokey goodness..
I like oranges that way, when I can feel the bitterness in my nose. The wonderful bioflavonoids having been transformed by the high heat of the fire...
This soap I offer is thought of in such a way, such a feeling of comfort and having that always.
Orange is that way.
On its own it is fleeting but mix it with any base ingredient and it does change. It can be a middle note or even a base note if you mix it with something holding.

My blend for this will be composed of organic orange oil and a 3% addition of choya..we will see after that if more is ok or too smokey.
I do not want to smell like a camp fire, I know that some of you love that.
I want a kind of perfume here. Something that lingers on my hands after a nice hand washing.

Kameno Portokali A soap Of Organic Orange and Choya Loban
soap base of organic coconut oil and cold pressed olive oil..
Organic orange oil
choya loban
black currant
tonka one drop ok?
petitgrain, lemon

These are my ingredients and I think they are quite amazing so far:)
Of course as soon as it is ready, I will show you.

I am rather excited and thoughts of why I do what I do and how creative my spirit is. It is true happiness for me and now the boons which come my way and bounce towards you.....

Friday, June 19, 2015

all these passwords

At work we have to change our passwords all the time and I forget more of them everyday.

I have been studying a booklet by this Hungarian company Eminence. I love the ideas and the look but I am afraid one cannot make a million different things and still pay attention to what is really real.
I realize we live in a world where our creams must be silky smooth and and feel like we are from royalty with golden labels and what not.
I love the plain ones:)
There is something classy in evan healy for a example that the others cannot come close to..Eminence is some sort of other category, none the less.

They have names like Garlic Tomato Masque..I wonder how many of those they sell. I have tried to put botanicals like avocado or fresh coconut, mmm,  in a masque but I've not tried tomato. You can keep the garlic. I bet it is good but I cannot imagine putting it in a jar with some tocopherol acetate that it would remain the same after weeks or years..
Neroli Age Corrective Mist..mmm sounds wonderful!
I have smelled different brands of "neroli" based perfumes and sprays and none of them smell like neroli..why?
Because the real thing cannot ever be made to in large quantities  needed to make the finest neroli ideas..
I want a kilo of Tunisian Neroli and I would use it all for us!
I am using patchouli soap at the moment and sticking with the moonlight oil I made..as an anointing.
I feel when I wear a sandalwood rose based oil, people love me more. maybe it is because I do love myself more that day. I am going to wear sandalwood rose today with red currant..let us see where we go from here on..I love summer!
I love you!

It is a beautiful day brewing.
Remember the babies?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Governor Walking Dead watching it again so I can see Merle do the right thing

I just finished the third season of Walking Dead.

If you have read Robert Kirkman's books, the governor is a little bit cleaned up for TV on Walking Dead. Still, the acting is so good that we get the  all the evil from the governor with just hints of what he has become from the weak everyday suburban dad to a monster.
On the show, he never did get to torture Michone like he had planned. He sucks..The actor is pretty amazing, the way he saunters and carries on.."kill them all" (David Morisey)
"we can leave each other alone and you can live your way and we can live ours never to speak to one another."
Anyhow, you saw what can happen when a man goes bad and I think it is real in a sense that men can get real mean and unreasonable. Especially when they feel strongly about what is theirs.
During a war, there is famine and food becomes an issue and that is when people get really greedy.

I love this show. After watching the first three seasons, I got caught up on what I missed the first time. I must have fallen asleep for the episode where Merle died. The Gov, he loves to kill people and let them turn.
I think he is a jerk.

By the way, I think Merle is sexy:)!

Monday, June 15, 2015

I have been brewing up a new brew and some one tried to save me..

In my mind it is vanilla labdanum..always with labdanum for a reason.

Cistus is beautiful and lends itself wherever needed to offer grace and dirty sweetness!

Dirty Sweetness
(that is when you go through big life events that make you a better person)...thinking about results is how it is...loving your life, being really happy and asking all the questions.

Remember, strong does not mean being mean and cruel..
We like to hate Hitler because for a short moment in time he went over the edge! Humans around him supported his cruelty...how about how the United States (remember the trail of tears?)has been harboring wars since the start in order to take over the world,  and out there right now in some countries, guess what you fuks with your archaic dark religion, technology has even made your war easier! England before that. Remember when they just went in to India and took over?

I was going to get poetic which you know I am..poetic.

Our children are sick of it. Iran's youth is waiting for the old ones to die so that they can begin to enjoy their lives..less and less people want to die for them. But think about the United Sates too! This nation has been at war most of the time they have been a nation. How many of your boys would you like to send to war? I would not!
One of my boys thought he wanted a career in the Military, dude, I was upset. He came home because he could not stop smoking weed..and guess what, I am happy about that! Their documents of the idea that a son or daughter has to go and fight another tribe? That kind of success means nothing to me. That is some guy at a desk, not real life where your child is bloody for!
If more of our children grow up to be smart and ask questions, we would focus on better things as a human race.
Eating GMO watermelon, most likely! People are freaked about it and I have to say, in my world it would not happen and if we teach our children about real life and how happiness is about grace and poise and asking what? where? why?
Why does god want this?
I thought he is love?
Why does the church need more money for golden like towers?
Why the vestments?
Because, be respectful of traditions..

(also it is rain and cold out, it is not 110 degrees anymore..you cannot operate heavy machinery wearing a sari..) opps, you are a girl..yup, that way you do not have to think about the world)

Last week at my store where I work, a woman started a debate with me about how she gave her life to Jesus and God. That,  what the world says God is, is not God. God is Love and give yourself to him, trust him and do not be angry.
I am not angry at life, I said..I am angry that a divine  leader would make everlasting hell just in case you do not follow his rules.
She started with Adam and Eve..
"Adam and Eve are not real, babe" I explained  how real creation is made based on what we know about physics..everything happens slow and you need the one thing before the other..you need a giant star in order to live and die first and then that debris to make a smaller star like ours..after that all the melted stuff comes together to cool down and form basalt and then granite and then continents and then things grow from that. We actually came from that and what ever it was, the seed which made us, grew and transformed though cell division and more life and death..
It took me a few seconds to say that and she already got the glazed look in her eyes. "It is not a battle." Thinking should be ok, asking should too.
When I began quoting the Bible and what I found deplorable, she again said, no no no, that is not God.
Let me ask you then how you can interpret what god is based on a 2000 year work which continues to change with languages..from Greek to Hebrew to Latin to Old English, to Modern English, to Southern English and Puritan English and 12 steps something.....??
So,what you are saying that your mind's consciousness is God? They have a name for consciousness (homunculs, https://www.nytimes.com/books/98/12/06/specials/dennett-consciousness.html)) in science..it seems to work in the same way our universe works..it is amazing how we can make certain areas of our brain light up when were are happy or sad..in a greater sense, it is similar to how clusters of galaxies for in super clusters and even greater yet, Lanaekea seem to gather in the vastness of our universe..

It is something to think about and explore and make new words for new ideas which should always develop.

Don't be scared.

"no more kid stuff..."

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Soapy Sunrise

I'm cleaning out the soap shop and there might be a sweet sale coming up at my soap shop!

I happened to have forgotten about a soap I made weeks ago that I had not cut.

I made it with so much healing balm that it was sticky so I wrapped it and put it away.
I should say, "put her away!"

Amber Witch
She is very much like the old whiore but she isn't.
Begins with spicy amber because it is what is so base about her. You realize she has top notes. Oranges, mandarins and bergamot, and the patchouli must come through. The rose and hints of jasmine and some sort of creamy honey flower.
I feel like she is very gentle and a wonderful way to wash your smooth skin!

I am making this a one time special deal so if you'd like a great hunk of balmy wonderful soap, check eleneetha's shop.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

If i were to choose any conventional perfume, I would choose Tom Ford

His ideas in perfume are brilliant and it seems to me he knows a little something of fine oils. Like his Fleur de Portofino..that sounds delectable. With the magnolia and the orange blossom neroli..he puts civet. many do. I like what it does to perfume like ambergris.. but man, no..not in aromatherapy..still though, his ideas are classic and really hypnotic..Tom Ford, Sahara Noir ..omg, it is really something that blend..course there synthetic is there too..
And then like the rest of them, he puts some thing that does not exist naturally like syringe..a flower no one uses in real essential oil distillation. I suppose someone could extract that..humm
It is like they can't stop doing it.
Why would they? It is a huge industry where snake oil is sold for cheap and to billions of customers.
We are a consumer civilization and like most of our addictions, we can't stop doing harmful things to ourselves so easily.
Tom Ford rises above the fray. He seems to know essential oils and seems to love them. Based on his choice of oils here, I would say this is a stunning blend! If it were me, I would take out the civet, and that other thing and add more neroli.
fleur de portofino

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, tangerine, bitter orange leaf, violet leaf, syringe
Heart: acacia flower, magnolia, orange blossom, osmanthus, rose, jasmine
Base: acacia honey, labdanum, vanilla, tolu, civet, ambrette

I have smelled many a perfume at TJMax and some other stores where I recognize  name brands and then when I smell it, it is like "whoa!!!"
That is not an orange and for sure peach is fragrance synthetic all the time..I can smell that and say "oh, metallic..nope, fake!"

I know, what you may be thinking, perfume and aromatherapy are not the same.

They do take from one another.  We want the smell of an orchard and we want the ocean with citrus. Some things are only meant to smell like that right where they are. Where it took millions of years to make enough nutrients and molecules to create that scent of ocean and citrus groves and jasmine near by and morning mist in your face in the morning with sunny honey scents filling the air.
To put all that in a bottle is lying. And we believe all of it. We want to.
It feels so good to want that.

You know what else feels good? When three women in a row ask you why you smell so good. You will tell them it is from me:)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Here is where Daryl is awesome more Walking Dead Ideas

I love Daryl! He is heart felt. He is a boy come out of abuse and low life..by low, I mean everyone is mean and on drugs.
He is a loner because if not, he would become like them, wasted!
Wasted is a good word for what it (the badness of low life) does.
It not only makes you do nothing, it makes you mean because it uses all the good chemicals in your brain all at one time and then you feel low and start with the meanness!
I feel like that is how Daryl grew up, around people like that.
isolated in a mountain somewhere with a bunch of no accounts doing nothing.
I have heard that in some towns, the whole place, they are are all high on meth and the pills. The pills! Daryl's brother, Merle, was one of those kind. We dug right in to his story. We have met people like Merle, I know I have! They hate Jews, Blacks, Indians and so on!
They are not liberals in mind but they live like liberals.
Daryl is so in doubt with himself all the time because they never one time gave him reason to be proud of anything and even if he was, he couldn't share any joyous event in his life with Merle, his brother or any other person in his family. He wants good things, Daryl does!
I love him, because he is always working hard like any good Capricorn man! He is always on the move and needs alone time. Interesting about Daryl, Capricorns and how it all fits...
He still used his own abusive brother as his way to get out of that ditch..remember that? He fell deep down a mountain and almost died. Having to drag himself up in order to live through another day... Had I not seen the show before, I would have fallen in love right there with him..but this time as I watch from the beginning, I love him already.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

can we talk about shane (walking dead)?

I am re watching Walking Dead from the beginning.
I guess I want to see  the way each actor evolves in the role they play. Daryl was so fresh in season one..so cool! But this is about Shane!
Shane..is he bad? Why were we so shocked about him?
Well for one thing, he right away fucked his left for dead best friend's wife and it looks like she is preggers by him too. Dude in one month's time or two is all it was, so don't give me this thing about people need to move on..I get that, but then again, so what if Lori went for Shane? Do I care? Is it smart to get your eyes off your own kid to go have sex in the woods during a zombie apocalypse?
Is it smart to let him go in the woods with dad during a zombie apocalypse?
No! "Lori, I think your guilt and over emotionalism brought on all your bad decisions"
Ok, ok, I am going too fast!
He tried to go get Rick out of the hospital and  that was futile or they would both be dead and then with the guy who shot Carl..by accident..Shane killed that guy during the medicine run for Carl. They would all three be dead, Carl, because the medicine which they were getting, Shane and the guy, I forgot his name! The heard of zombies would have killed them both for sure!

Did Shane do the right thing?
"I am sorry", he said to the guy!
Now I have not gone to the part when things go really wrong for Shane..and I can see why. He is keeping too many secrets and it is too much to bear.
Rick on the other hand and I only mention this because so many people are comparing them, Rick and Shane, and, I think they are wrong.
Rick is transparent. He talks about every plan  in open honesty.
His team knows him and if not, he sets them in reality.
Shane Shane..Oh, guess what happens when you cross Rick?
He will bite your face off!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

before I get carried away about the little prince and his wee sister

Kings, queens, I could care less but babies are cute no matter rich or poor. In the royal house, we are talking rich!

Robot space alien,
"Kings and queens in a top leading country of Earth??"
Random human,
"Yes! "
Robot space alien,
"w t f ?"
" I think you all have a few hundred years before you stop that nonsense!"
Random human,
"what do you mean, these beautiful people are ordained by God!"
Robot space alien,

transformation and
understanding your limitations
It does not have to be traumatic but a little privacy is order..what feels traumatic now may soon fade in to a pang of regrets..especially if you are one to over react...hmm?

I am thinking that there is a surge of movement so I expect that you are thinking that too.
June is that way anyhow what with school finally being done for the year..mommas wrapping up graduation and cleaning house.
I am in cleaning mode all year but when I can open a window, that is wonderful, breezy and clean.
For some,  it is never clean enough and it is true..it isn't. That is why you do a little every day.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Craving ylang ylang with cedar in a new summer soap and spray tonic

There are things brewing as we move forward in to summer!

Soap and spray!
I am featuring citrus oils on my next few menus...

Red mandarin
petitgrain (lemon)
ylang ylang absolute
jasmine sambac
coconut oil ( a few drops as a toner and leaves a trace of  buttery scent)

Refreshing and yet drys off to a nice tropical wave of loveliness! That is why I love the spray. The soap is not ready but know that,
I want the mandarin to stand out and strike me with a blast of juicy refreshment!
You are juicy refreshment!

Hello Summer

Tomatoes are in! They are growing about an inch a day so I expect this area to be lush in no time.

This is a zinnia I was gifted by one of my boys!

Ok one more...

Mixed Basils almost ready to plant in the big garden;)

I hope you are doing well and that you are also enjoying your Saturday!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

drone on

Urban drones?
I bet it is the future what with all the unnecessary violence in our world!

Guess what?
Statistically and health wise, we have never in all of humanity been safer. Each year is better due to education and medicine. Is our spirituality gone to the trash?
It is one thing to be spiritual and loving and kind based on what you want to get back, the law of attraction and all that, it is another when you start talking "my god", "your god" to me. I get pissed! And technically that means you believe in more than one god and so it goes...
You want me to think things are bad and that I will be punished for something I didn't do? (listen...)
They want you to be scared so you can be an exclusive part of their group.
I mean really!!
The fuks! How does a one year old with no arm have any blame? Sin you say? Guess what? Humans are sinning less. It is not because they go to church or read the bible. Most of the ones I talk to do not even know who Lot was!  No, it is because humans are smarter and have too many things to do besides die  for god. We want to see our sons grow up and our families thrive!

Why do I babble like this to you?
Because, I am sometimes sick of it. All the complaining and jealousy and greed from the same people who color their god according to what they want..
"vengeance is mine sayeth the lord"
Yea, I wonder who made those words string together?
I am sure, he was a cleric!
The rest of us are involved in real life science and study and the arts, books....
Like about the young geniuses who can now grow an arm in a lab..dude!
Jesus killed a fig tree because it wasn't fig season and put demons in pigs to suffer and die over a cliff, today we can grow an arm, fix hearts, replace bad knees and all because of our progress in science.
You see how the smarter we get, the safer and more prosperous we are and can be?
I do. I mean who wants a bunch of rubble and dead people because of anger over god and who gets be in charge of (the money)him?

I took a political test the other day.
It turns out I am a lefty, right up there with Bernie Sanders!
He is smart and has real awesome ideas for all humans to thrive.
I will say this..our sons and daughters are the ones who are more tired of the religions and their rules and they will change Iran and many other like countries in to an open and free place where women can hold their head high with out fear of clerics..seriously, it is them we fear not god!
They will get old and die and the young  will look at earth and life in new ways.
Freedom to all
Good health and vitality to all
Realization to all


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

intuitive intelligence of the heart

my mind in tune with my real desires
real needs being met
real deeds always well thought out
words spoken with out of fear and pain
or hate

if god is real, this force is in every one of us
the voice with in us which is silent unless sought out

close your eyes
remember what is real and what you want to be happy here
on earth
your home and where you are now

touch everything in your mind
the ideas which matter to you
stroke them with fondness and forgiveness
do wrong no more
scheme no more
stay quiet and think things through
what do you want to be happy here?

Money..of course..more please and thank you!
Great foods? Oh, Oh yes, please and thank you!
Nice shoes to cover your feet
nice friends to listen when you grieve
about your pain now and again, please and thank you..
and laughter all the time
laughing instead of crying.
love making to the fullest fulfillment..

"Why are you sad my muffin?"
"Forget it, you wouldn't understand!"
"Try me."
"ok, here it is..........and then....and now...this!"
"you are laughing at me!"
":(, because it is funny, that is why I laugh. You are gonna make your self sick over this one thing in life when you have so many adventures ahead! Look at all the good in you and how so many rely on that heart felt goodness."
"okay, it is kind of funny!":)

a grain of rice in our solar system

that is the comparison one gave  me to describe homeopathy..
It made me thought full.

Ok, so a grain of rice  in our solar system.
What if that grain of rice connects  to a bunch of atoms of arsenic or lead in space..in the space of your body?
This would definitely find its receptor, its place. One grain of rice is still one grain of rice. Not enough to feed even one person but has to take some space.

I am baffled and very interested in this debate..
Is homeopathy real, or just another myth hoodoo like gods and goddesses..and creatures  which breath fire and fly in to the sky scoping out their domains?

Sometimes I dream I am flying over a huge area like a dragon. Then I remember I can't fly for real.
I am bound to this earth by my bones and my gravity. I was born out of mud made of calcium, magnesium and silicon..all made in stars..I am surrounded by trillions of invisible life forms all working together and on their own to make me who I am.

If I eat a grain of rice, will it trigger a reaction in me?
I think it will make me hungry for more rice.

Like attracts like..even in bacteria..it is so cool!