Wednesday, May 29, 2013

mung bean sprout stew

Mung Bean Sprout Stew with Shitake Musroom

one huge chunk of ginger, peeled and chopped fine to make 1/2 cup chopped ginger:)
1 clove garlic
one bunch green onion
cracked chili pepper ( I used guajillo chili)
about 20 shitake mushrooms
2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil

 saute that for about five minutes and add mushrooms and stir that around five minutes

 add one cup soy and five cups water maybe even six  if you want to.. add,
mung bean sprouts ( about 6 cups)
and simmer 20 minutes
The idea is to get all you can out of the can add kale, spinach, swiss chard, bok choy, watercress, red beans, black beans...let's eat!

serve over rice or noodles

steamed basmati rice (almost done)

this is a nice healthy lunch or evening snack. I like the broth plain with a little more heat 
do not worry so much about the soy sauce..and buy a good one from the market..

next soap

well, I do have to make the old whore and maybe some soul radiance soap because they are running low..only one old whore left from this batch of old whore of spring was a good year:)

Christopher made a nice sounding blend with lemon and mandarin and lime and rosemary of all things.
I tried it, it is indeed refreshing and I am intrigued and inspired to make a quick little batch.of a 4 bar little thing that'll be kind of nice. I'll add mung beans to it.
My "muse" Tonie turned me on to mung beans for the face and I purchased powdered some mung beans, ground them up  and used them on my face.
She has a way with finding just the right thing always. Maybe it is the way we fit and how she accepts anything I say or do..she does, my Tonie. She sings to me too!
And I to her.
Today it would have been this Simon and Garfunkel ditty..
Here is to you Mrs. Robinson..Jesus loves you more than you will know..whoa whoa whoa..
 Now the mung beans? What great ideas come forth when you have someone  in your life who supports your mind and your ideas and you:)
Those are the friends and lovers I have and let me tell you this, they all use my soap..or should I say, you all?
What kind of a person wants to rub patchouli and vetiver and geranium all over her bod babe?

I did make a little mung bean thing which I will add to soap, I also kept one jar for me just the way it is?
What would you think of this?
Brightening Face cleanser
 4 tablespoons ground mung beans
1 tablespoon green clay
1 tablespoon quinoa
all og 
essential oils
2 mls each of 
1/4 cup black seed oil.more or less..this you drizzle in until you get the texture that you like.

Makes for a wonderful face tonic and polish. Just add warm water to loosen it up.
Gently,  roll on your skin with just the right amount of pressure. Rinse, pat dry..add face cream, wait three minutes, wipe off any extra..proceed:)

Good skin is nice to have, yea?

Mung beans are high in vitamins A, C and K with folate  as well.
With magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.
Eat some, they are high in omega 3's and also "good" omega 6's.

I am going to cook some up with shitake mushrooms and ginger today. Sprouted mung beans are lovely and so healthy..
Fine then, have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the girl and her sleeping pills

she's been coming around for a year or so
she wanted to hang out but I said no, twice
but she came again and told me some things
she wants a month off work so she can go to rehab for sleeping pills.
It was then that I noticed  her face was odd, her neck a little swollen and her eyes clouded and distant
which perhaps had made her more lonely and eager to shut out her day's events with a powerful drug.
I didn't ask her what is wrong, yo.
She told me a few times that she hates her job and the people there.

you know want Ghandi said,
"be the change you wish to see in the world"

There is a whole lot to be said about that.. like love for real, be honest and all that good stuff, but mostly the "secret" is to be happy with what you have.. to already love your life now, right now..
as far as sleep aids, I would go herbal, homeopathic and of course aromatherapy..
a nice lavender bath with a shot of magnesium always works for me. I like the powdered magnesium in a little water, some nice salt in the tub and my always awesome oils..
drink the magnesium, and then take a bath:)

Sleep potion :)
3 drops neroli
1 drop rose
1 drop chamomile
1 drop sandalwood
1 drop mugwort
add this to some soap suds before dispersing in a hottish water filled,  clean, bath tub..this way it mixes with the water better and will not float on the sink yourself in the water and be thankful. It is the secret, the law of attraction and an open door to communion with the divine and all you have to do is see it by closing your eyes.

*make sure you always have a clean bed. wash your bed linens often and spray lavender oil on them. This works because, some night, you go to bed with a lot on your mind and fret all night and then all that vibe is on your pillows. This is why you kiss your pillow before sleeping, so that your dreams are sweet and honey-fied:):)and that always carries over in to is mind control!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturn and all the goodness that lasts

Saturn in all its misery (work, the chores, kids, mother, father, husbands, all that..) holds things together..misery is something one can banish or nurture though. Look at Saturn reflecting sun light from so far away while also spinning rings of dust, some the size of mountains and water  while still maintaining all that glory..
Do not ever forget who you are and what you are holding together. Remember how loyal you are and how magnetic you are and like Saturn able to crush anything that may get in a dangerous zone. It would be like smashing a walnut..your force would be..but instead, you take that fierce desire that you can always, at any moment, express and  direct yourself  to reflect sunlight, joy, and happiness for all you have and all you do and how amazingly wonderful you are.

have a wonderful day

Sunday, May 26, 2013

full moon ideas

It occurred to me that as the moon did its thing this last week, we have all gone through many transformations.
Being enlightened about events can be quite painful like a sword went through your gullet and sliced you easily because it was filled with acid dripping on to its blade...
yes, I said acid..I did..

When I say we, I mean some more than others. People like me, who have been around a half century, are a little better equipped to take on forces with are undesirable. But still, to watch others go through pain is another thing. Which is why my last post may have seemed so personal..
My friend she is like, "you want a hot guy who will help you build your oven and roll you around a little"
and then the guilt about saying things like that..I said to her, "I wasn't talking about me, exactly!"
oh what if I offend someone who reads this that knows me..
Guilt may have been one of the energies which I am referring to. It isn't real, yo. It is your inner voice directing you...
Guilt because we didn't trust our instincts enough to do the right thing in the first place, guilt because we hurt someones feelings, or hurt our own feelings.
What do you expect with Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun opposite the full moon in Sagittarius square Neptune?

I hope you have a wonderful day and perhaps since we are in  memorizing, fond memories to our ancenstors and all those boys who died for  governments, rulers and kings..

Saturday, May 25, 2013

happy full moon in Sag May 25, 6:25 am, 2013

ever since we started counting time..and when was that? The ice man was in the ice for 6000 years, yet we now say 2013 based on the time when earthlings decided to measure days and nights and count them, I suppose.
I wonder if the ice man counted hours of days. At noon, based on the sun's position, he knew exactly what time to sit down and eat and rest for the hottest part of the day. Everything was  based on the weather and in winter, people stayed in doors and probably drank their wine which they made,  and ate bread which they made..
I remember a fruity drink we had in Greece, in the  village..I do..
We had a huge courtyard where my yia yia had a building just for cooking and baking bread in her big stone oven. Man, I want one of those!
I want  someone who wants one to help me build the oven outside, so, if you have an interest in earth ovens and want to do some hard work,  give me a ring.:)
Meanwhile, the full moon has been so painfully intense this  week, yes?
I know, I am tired and my bones hurt on account it hit me hard in the 12th house conjunct Saturn..Saturn is bones and the twelfth house is always to say the least, about being a hermit and out of the loop.
Yes, that is me!
How about you? Can you identify the areas where this intense full moon has effected your life? What with being in Sagittarius and Jupiter being in Gemini..clearly communication has been the number one issue in the last week.
You get a little Saturn in Scorpio mixed in there and let the ambiguity begin followed by a little cruelty in some cases.
I do not know why, but signals have been mixed up, confused or flip flopped around until we are left just whirling in a circle saying, "what happened?"
How much energy have we spent fighting something which wasn't worth the fight in the first place?
The other thing is you have a certain arrogance in the air which I find distracting..
The important thing is to let it be. Try to remember what the outcome has been for this thing you have fought  so hard for. Try to remember how you will be in a year from now. What are the things you strive for in your everyday life?

If you seek adventure, go find it, and if you seek love, ask for it..if you seek domestic bliss, say it!
Say what you want..
I want a great body.

I love my body and I love my face.

I want nice clothes.
I want a sweet man.
I want a hardy lover.
I want a scientist, horticulturalist, natural man..but that is me..

What do you want?
I want more clothes.

I look great in everything I wear and hold my head high.

I want plenty of money.
I am happy with the money I have.
I get paid well and love what I do.
I get surprise bundles of money from unexpected sources.
I want a job which I enjoy going to.
I want coworkers who are kind and honest.

I want a world which has understood that we are more than territories on earth, more than our skin color and beliefs of omnipresent beings..but that is just me.


Friday, May 24, 2013

the rooster

the rooster soap 2013

sarah c made the clay thing. I think it  is a fine soap dish.
This soap is called, "the rooster" :)

After I ground all the material in the Vita Mix, I added it to a high olive oil soap base.
I did wonder a bit how raw juice of herbs would act in soap. The lemon balm oxidises so quickly. It had already began shriveling around the edges as soon as the leaves realized the steir stems have been cut.
Lemon balm is grand to me. It smells lemon and incense at the same time. If you drink the tea of lemon balm, it'll relax your mind and not so much your body.
As I notice her in the flower bed, she always maintains her space while looking prim and elegant at the same time. Let the peppermint creep where ever he wants to, I am staying here and making this good. And she does. She builds herself a little ridge and easily maintains her space around the others. I have her next to strawberries as they both like little hills to grow on with plenty of air and water.

You'll notice that the soap is not they have to be all pretty?
My intentions are to create a soap bar that is lovely to hold after about a week in. Then, you'll see the textures and hints of something wonderful and special in so many ways. Like the way the scent changes, its melt down during the time it's used..
The best thing is when a bar of soap goes down to a sliver and never melts! But oils do what they want to do. some maintain their firmness the whole way..(like a penis):))))

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

do you think you can tell

strawberry flowers
lemon balm
lemon verbena

I am going to basically pulverize them in a vita mix today. I'll add coconut oil as my carrier and also to preserve the juices till night fall.
I will keep this cool and then tomorrow I'll put the whole thing in soap base of organic coconut and olive oils.

The scent is going to be earthy and green, I have to say with lavender (Kashmir) and juniper and a petitgrain which I have here from Sunrose that I find quite stunning. I used it to clean my house yesterday and let me tell you, it was nice..crispy, juicy green-y..:)

No matter what I feel that  this bar will be interesting and not so bad for the skin, what with all the chlorophyll and minerals you get from the greens.
Look at the wormwood for example, she will stomp an any unnecessary thing with no hesitation. having her around is only going to make things more precise plus, wormwood and Pluto seem to go together in my opinion and that  could be another rant:)

Monday, May 20, 2013

let it blossom

let it grow

This will be my theme for the next few days or weeks even.
Right now, everything looks naked, bare like nothing is happening. I even haven't made soap in a month!
You do know however, that something is always happening even when you cannot see it right off.

This week is a great time to just relax and stay calm. Wait and see sort of thing. clean up  for sure and tie up loose ends.

Clean up.
Organise your clothes,
your closet and the corners of your kitchen, you'd be surprised to see what is under there..change the bedding and tonight, do what my well loved  friend Tonie says to do and that is kiss your pillow and say thank you. This brings really good dreams and dreams do come true, you know.

I have been hearing sirens all week too and it isn't even the full moon yet!
That makes me say to everyone, to keep your eyes open, be mindful and remember to honor yourself and be who you are..naturally.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

patchouli neroli soap with petitgrain

a matter of time

This is a one time awesome soap I made a few weeks ago. The last of it. Three bars left.
Do you see the dark center? That is patchouli big time!

There is real neroli in here and you can smell it..:)
Pair it with any perfume and it will only enhance its beautiful aura of scent:)
I am wearing pink lotus orange blossom over it today.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, May 17, 2013

she lights up the garden

I got  this off of my daughter's door. She draws on her walls to but I am rarely inclined to go in her chambers.:)
I went in to get kitty and found a whole door with this woman on it..
I am like, "dang, but that girl draws some mighty fine facial features!"
I feel like that right now, soaking up the sun and all that good stuff outside in Michigan.
This woman is raising her head high and facing the Sun and saying, nothing, just breathing it least that is what it says to me.

It became summer here and  there have been plants and planting to consider.
(I'll show you photos of Crabtree Manor 2013 as they develop)
so far, this is where I was yesterday.
Ready for planting having worked the soil but good.

have a wonderful day, I'll be thinking about  cardamom and juniper together..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Neptune square Venus

Ever since I was a little girl, when I began to study astrology, I have noticed when Neptune was doing something in my life.
As I have gotten older, I have experienced many a flood in my houses. They all coincided with Neptune doing something in my chart.
Sometimes now, I don't even think about it, I just know Neptune is here making some sort of connection to a planet.
I do have Neptune in a prominent placement attached to Jupiter and Scorpio"_))
Last month...
hot water heater, tanked out
the pipe under the laundry broke during a super load and flooded everything which was on  the floor ready to be washed.
one of my Scorpio customers, scolded me for a misunderstanding..thank you..I can now do better business on etsy as a result of this small glitch.
my Scorpio boy scolded me for trying to fix the pipe with silicone..moohaaaa
it still isn't fixed
Meanwhile, I put the hose through the window so the wash water can go out the is a very gravelly area and luckily no beloved plants will be hurt during this adjustment:) plus I one use eco detergent with lavender anyhow..
Yes, I can make adjustments, that is Mercury
Going with the flow, That is Neptune
 watery vibes, yes, but sometimes, with Mercury and Jupiter...whoa Nelly!
Floods can be  emotional, too!
(I did not cry when the pipe exploded)))

Here is the thing about destruction, the floor, having had a good cleaning, sparkles! Even under the washer, it is clean, it was laundry water, the rinse cycle..ha! Lucky break there!
Mercury Neptune conjunctions can be super creative! There is a strong desire to want to escape, yes, but also in that journey we can explore opportunities to  succumb to changes and to what  needs  done  right now.
Neptune square Venus in the sky..that is what it was...
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

ego bitchin

I know some of us can handle a Uranus square with Pluto and are able to reflect on the times and not get too worked up. Not me.
Injustice and wrong words can verify to a Libra that fakeness sucks like a heart beat, we know!
If I love you, you'll fakin hear about it! If I kind of like you I can be objective and sultry in my understanding. Yes, I said sultry. What a good word for someone who can be calm and pretty at the same time without engaging in any sort of emotional outburst.

Air signs throw swords of truth, they do, have you ever made a Gemini mad?
Yea, you're like where did that come from?

Anyhow, here is the thing about being is that you've made choices with  the dark side in a way. You have made some sort of selection which counteracts with feelings of trust
acceptance and joy.

Again, with the living the life you believe, huh?

Stay calm, I say, I mean people have their own ways of dealing with separation and detachment, whatever they, we, may be struggling with at the moment..and I mean moment, momentum, time and its'll only be what it is and nothing more. So a few turnips fell of the cart, they got jostled a little:) By turnips, I mean ego and loyalty...the facets of you and who you are constantly becoming.

I submit myself to my happiness
I submit myself to my success
I submit myself to pure understanding
with cultivated waves flowing though the atmosphere
a watery bend twisting and winding itself to my best ingathering

Have a wonderful day:)

Now let's talk about the frinkin isolates?? WTF?
You use those and think you are natural? Really?

Ok ok, in opinion, which is humble, but true, the perfume business is pure evil and lazy and have trained the general public to want to smell strawberries all the time. Why, you can now even use a raspberry keytone to loose weight, true!
But what I say, is why?
Why would you go through so much trouble to smell a banana on your body? Yes, they have banana isolates and call them natural.
They are not.
The idea of flowers and resins is they are are what they are, but, when you go in a lab and pour some chemical alcohol poly something to separate the molecules, it is no longer aromatherapy..and not anywhere near natural. I can always tell the difference.
Because people have forgotten what real smells are and then when you finally give them something beautiful like neroli for example, they pull back and don't understand the honest beauty of the flower..they only know a "fresh breeze" smell from their arm pit spray..once they begin to open up to oils, they begin to work on themselves. they will buy jasmine and put some on to submit to their famine beauty and attract a lover..just a little jasmine goes a long way though, and I do not appreciate some gal who douses herself with the sample of jasmine in my area and leaves us all with her cloud of of loneliness and angst mixed with fear of spending too much on herself.
Just buy a new bottle for yourself. You will keep it around and pick it up and the your skins oils will get on it and color it with only your electro magnetic  forces..

I do believe this is real magic, I do:)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

eight fold path

wild rose herbs

hootin annie here,
I am fortunate in my other job to have had the pleasure to go to a lecture and sale pitch)) by Dr Terry Willard. I sat in the very front seat He was very fun to hear talk and also his ideas are refreshing.
hell yes, I would use burdock and yellow dock and red clover and flower essences are my favorite things, dang it!
"All these guys look the same", my work mate said to me on the way home. Look at Dr. Wiel and  that Paul Stamets guy!"
They sort of do! Nice clean robust faces and a beard and a little girth. Hippies with smarts from the sixties and seventies:)

I am not cleansing 2 times a year, guys! But if you have been gorging on the sweet cakes and candy and realize you are in need of some flushing, this cleanse may just be your cup of tea..I did get a sample which I'll use the liquid within this kit.

no flour
no sugar
no tropical fruit
no dairy
no alcohol
you can have a little butter..

What, no bananas? Too sweet, too much sugar, no flour only whole grains, no rice flour, quinoa flower or any other super ground thing in the belly.
I am not giving up bananas, they are so good to me..
I'll give them up for a few days, maybe:)
I have heard this idea before that you only eat the fruit which grow in your region, and there may  be some truth to that. I have to read about it a little more before I stop bananas.
The idea that cleansing in January is not as productive as cleansing in April, due to the fact that in winter your body holds all the fat it can so it can survive the cold and there is a definite spike in activity in Spring and Summer.
Plus we are for sure, more active when the sun is out warming us and all of our electric currents.:)
wild rose products

Friday, May 10, 2013

manifesting love

eclipse may taurus scorpio cycles

 NEW family of eclipses, the Taurus – Scorpio cycle. This is a time where intentionspre-paving and saying it as you want it to be will have profound effect.
Kim Falconer

I want to say something mystical and righteous about this solar eclipse but, there is nothing mystical about our meat suits (Taurus) only something deeper after we shed painful and unnecessary things.
"I submit myself to my sucess"
I want more love
Money is an'll have to account for it and measure it and dole it out where it needs..or you can go and buy a new 500 dollar bag to forget your pain. Do you really need to show who you are in a status way?
This day is perfect to plant your seeds and ask yourself what you want.

Taurus says, (sometimes) "why do you make me hit you?"
True, hugh? You have this vibe like, "it is my way or get out"
As a result you'll have the automatic either a fight or submission.

I want more affection
I want more money
I want more flowers
Remember Taurus is about enjoying the moment and can easily caress that feeling for a long time.
But Scorpio on the other side wants that too, but they have convinced themselves that they want it a certain way..want want want.
We all want,
but with this polarity, I feel like it has gone wonkey on some level.
One thing is, Scorpio is left out, out of the loop and who ever they pull in, is also out of the loop. Remember too much secrecy and too much "alone time"  will cause loneliness and then you're like, "does anyone care about me?"
The answer is that they care about themselves and in the end people will do what they want to do..want..

Having what you want ... the ultimate happiness, isn't it now?

Really think about it and intend that. 
If somebody does not love you enough, they will not change their mind and love you more, but, you will see some good things start to happen, like  new experiences about to embark on. 
Scorpio will force us to get rid of bad things..or you can hoard them until you smell of low self esteem and broken hearted endurance..
we have all live it at some point or another and the whole business of life is that nothing lasts forever. nothing..things dissolve, die and get redone over and over and over and over..
I mean really, when are we gonna get over things? Why do  we hang on to things so hard that it changes us in to a creature like Gollum..from lord of the rings?
I feel like Gollum sometimes and then I feel like a swami, my precious smami inside..the whys and the whos of my brain and why I hang on to things. Why I have certain desires..why my eye got all hurt the other day and I had to use euphrasia and belladonna make up for my eye business, 
I want 500mls of sandalwood and another 100 mls of white rose co2 and a nice clean place without debris and hair on the floor.
You know, the Scorpio influence likes order above all things and Taurus is all about style. Look at any Taurus that you know, and they are well dressed and they all seem to know what goes with what..
So we have an opportunity to anchor these possibilities in our selves and provide for ourselves true happiness and learning to be alone to sort through our desires in our lives.
 Clean soil free living space is a must. Or some, they do that and then their car is filled with a bunch of crap they should have gotten rid of ten years ago, let along now store it in the car..I know people like that! Some of them are Virgos or Pisces people. 
The Scorpio during this eclipse teaches me that order and control are essential and presenting myself in my own awesome way is ok and it is also ok to be vulnerable and ask forgiveness and relax a little.

what do i know..:)? soapmaking for sure, yo!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

dark moon may 2013

all I have to say is, thank you and thank you and thank you
 am my own guru
I am my own god with in
I am my own responsible good person
I am wearing blood orange with orange blossom absolute

I smell so dang good..and fresh and light..
I hope you are having a wonderful day too:))))))

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

one final thing

here is one tablespoon of emulsion of violet flowers. The final result (if one could say that) is a syrupy thick, purplish, burgundy thing that does indeed smell of violets, sort of.
One drop on my palm, and I could smell something a little wild. These violets which grow here are very hardy and hard to manage. you have to keep pulling them out of the garden most of the summer. Everywhere they are.I do give up at some point!
So I would say this about violets or a violet type pf person..

grieves for others
un effected by lower types
survives no matter what and looks pretty while doing it

violet leaf body oil
1 drop violet leaf absolute
1 drop oak moss
1 drop vetiver
1 drop rose leaf
2 ounces unprocessed oil of your choise ( I used green tea oil , camelia olifera)
one other option might be,
1 drop patchouli

Monday, May 6, 2013

garden at crabtree manor 2013

This is the garden space we chose for our 2013 season. It is the sunniest spot in the yard and the boys dug most of it out by removing the grass and everything. Then, lo and behold, the neighbor comes over with his  mini tractor and broke the dirt down to a smooth rich powder and right when i was pondering on the huge task of shaking dirt out of clumps of grass! 
Next, I will get some chicken or cow compost (::)) and mix that with my own dirt which I made last year..
deep breath for the awesomeness of dirt!
BTW, it is bigger inside of the circle:)

going to paste The Violet Experiment

I am now evaporating the alcohol off, it'll take all day:)
So far I smell bread and butter with jam..I am not sure which  jam, but a sweetness comes sort of turns my stomach like know how jasmine is too heavy?

heart of gold

I am listening to Neil young singing heart of gold makes me remember my 70's time here on earth so much. That guy, Neil, is a Scorpio man.
 I have decided to hone in on Scorpio for a while I guess, because everyone who is close to me has some Scorpio in them and some not so close too.
Hey man, even them!

It is me who is attracting this energy that is for sure. I must feel a kinship with scorpio and somewhat feel their pain and joy, their unreasonable determination on some occasions.
I like Neil. I have been listening to his autobiography in the car and even my older children enjoy that more than the anyhow we're driving sarah from work one day, and listening to his story and I am like, "sarah look up his birthday, he feels like a scorpio to me"Yup, he is!

keep me searching for a heart of gold
old man

"like a coin that won't get tossed rolling on to you"

I like Neil's sentences, he writes like that too.. like he'll go on about details of trains and Lionel and then say something completly left field , profound!
that is a scorp for you..hehhhhuhhu

Sunday, May 5, 2013

violets and scorpionic infusions

This is after 3 days after I filled this jar with violets flowers and one leaf got in there, I left it in and just kept adding flowers all day yesterday. They shrink to nothing and now I'll add more flowers. As many as I can pick.
I used grain alcohol as my solvent..look how green it is already!

mostly good and easter should be during this time of year

I bought a 20 dollar four berry pie for Greek Easter, I went outside to pick violets and came in to find it eaten by my boys..we're now having Italian Teramisu which I am fortunate to  have an awesome Italian bakery down the street..I could have walked there if I weren't so lazy:)
"Who ate the Easter pie for yia yia's house??" hahaaaa, I yelled!
All I  heard was,  "sorry mom" and I chilled out and felt bad for yelling at them. They are nice boys all!
Fine, I ate some pie.
Achatz Homemade Pies
Troy, Michigan
Four Berry Pie

 It was a delicious  pie with blueberries, cherries and blackberries with a crumbly top and the filling stays together perfectly so you don't struggle with syrupy oozy sauce..::)

The reawakening of earth during spring is glorious to say the least. Blossoms everywhere..the real reason why Christians celebrate and get dressed and eat and laugh with their family after which they nap:)

 It's Persephone and Demeter  getting back together and knowing they are safe. It is me and you talking and rekindling our mental romance with each other. Our love of our ideas rolling fulfilled in our brain. That is why weeks or years can go by and when we meet again it is as if time is nothing, we are talking and laughing like always..

It is like that for a Scopionic Life type person. We tend to collect things and people just stay around forever once we connect. I am not saying that Scorpio puts you in a cage or anything like that..non..

you want to be with us, Scopionic babes
you crave it..
you save it
you'll make it better
and you'll make it but good
you are all style
with some grace and poise
you are ten feet higher than your brood
and they know that is true
because it is true

****I have been tincturing violets, I am about to strain the first round and then add more flowers. It is beginning  to do something:) I can smell flowers, I can:)

Friday, May 3, 2013

aromatherapy and value

If you are kind of person who looks for value in everything, aromatherapy might be challenging for you.
Here is where size matters for all the wrong reasons. first off, price... when buying a high quantity of orange oil for example..I mean, I buy that in kilo sizes, no problem. easy, under 100 bucks for a kilo. If I  want Moroccan neroli,  I am  gonna pay and pay some more. What about rose? Good thing a little rose goes a long way! One drop of rose can sweeten any blend that is for sure. I am so happy about that! How rose is so powerful and because I like her so very much.

At my job, the people are now coming in asking me to smell their blends. Before it was like, "what's lavender?"
True! I have been a part of conversion of sorts!
So this little Aries gal I work with who is leaving, just crams her wrist under my nose and says, "smell"..
humnn, "cironella?
not geranium, but what, "lemon eucalyptus?"
She mixed heliochrysum with rose otto!
Sometimes rose otto smells a little citronelish to me..depends..Simplers's rose otto does...Simplers is an organic brand of oils at my store. I like their lavender and in a pinch, I would use the is actually getting better.
You know how some oils evaporate a little and just get creamier? Rose is like that if you can keep it in your house that long, after all you do only maybe, buy like what, 5, 10 mls at a time?
I know, man! Once you get started on our path, you had better set some money aside for the good stuff!

In retail world, out there where some ignorance may lie..I mean people, the masses who do not read much or still in some cases do not even have a computer, we encounter shock at pricing! But they hear about lavender, they want prices.
."12 dollars for this?"
 "They told me it's for sleep."
 "Does it make you go to sleep?"
"This is a distilled oil from lavender flowers which may relax you and calm your isn't like a pill at all"
"oh, I had better not, because if it doesn't work I'll want my money back"
I want to say, "you don't deserve lavender?" but..always respectful, I am...
"why don't you just dab some on your wrist right now and then just smell your wrist all day, see how you feel"?
"it will not knock you out, don't worry"

Sometimes I worry that they want to take all of our precious substances and cram them in a pill, yes you can get lavender in a pill, also Indian frankincense and mastic gum..
I feel like some things like  frankincense or mastic,  even dragon's blood should not be over used..but I have always felt like that when something is special. Remember how upset I got about Rhassoul?
Everyone and their momma wanted it for a while.
It went from chunks of rock I would get in a green paper sack,to a finely ground powder that you could buy anywhere.
I do not know how I feel about that. When it was hard to attain, I went through a whole process to make it a powder. It took me days, during which I am sure I filled it with energy and apreciattion of its goodness to me.
Ready to use can never be that..but I still buy rhassoul now and again. I just hope dr oz doesn't hear of it!
Some things are meant to be special and only for a few people. Not everybody. Nothing is equal in our Universe...:)


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


they are all over the place  on my lawn. You know the Russian woman who lived here before me must have put them everywhere before she left. They will soon turn my whole lawn purple in the back which is something I've dreamed of for along time. Nothing but purple carpet of violets with apple and cherry trees suddenly exploding with flowers!
I will tincture these violets and I will grind them up and see what I get.
 I haven't tinctured since 1999 or something!

violet white rose perfume oil
I love violets because they remind me of fairies and sweetness in life. You mix violets with some mushroom powder and you can make a soap or take the tincture and infuse it with some ceps vibes! You could!
Tonie wants a soap to smell of dirt, like a forest floor.
I want to make her happy so here we go and...because it is the year of the snake, the soap will take care of all the archetypes which insinuate dirt, moss, and low growing violets where cautious and secretive life forms dwell. Where they quietly observe and learn and wait for their chance where they are warmed by moist moss and fragrant creepers of thyme and chamomile.
There is more I can say.
I won't.
Only time can tell it and she always does.

recipe for a future dirt farmer

ground dried violets flowers
ground shitaki, maitaki and changa mushrooms (host defense)
german cham
violet essential oil ( absolute)
clover (abs)

It'll be interesting to see what comes of it. some soaps get where they are in a year or two. it takes that long for all the components to settle down.
I am going to get my ingredients together and hopefully stun and I intend to stun myself all in all.

ruled by venus
helps libra
helps aries
and helps virgo
rich in vitamin a and c and anthocyanin which is basically able to shield skin from harmful sun can eat violets too. They are charming and tasty!

Violet white rose oil on the heart and mind chakra would nice after a bath of violets and mushroom soap..
have a wonderful  day