Saturday, February 28, 2015

Computer Troubles? Plutonian Myths Anyone?

Things started to go weird a couple of years ago and I had to buy an new battery so that I could just make it work like that and it did, for a while. A good couple of years really.
Then the other day I came to terms with the truth. The lack of communication with my printer, the lack of speed to please me and finally and not even finally, I dragged it on for months, years maybe without pleasures of watching videos without a complete crash every time.
Nothing would print, no usb port function..
A woman will only take so much neglect, no? 

As a result of ( Plutonian myths at odds with new adventures??)this I had to get a new computer. I loved the old one because of the pictures and some fun labels I had worked on.
I will make new labels like I always do so point...
Some of your  products will have a little homemade I still have not installed all the soft ware on this one.

Plutonian Myths at odds with Mars

Because Pluto brings us down, man! He challenges, he nudges and he seethes with rage inside. Mars seethes on the outside.
When you involve yourself with someone who refuses to see the question in fear of the answer, you lack from the get go. That is just me saying things.

So now, where will we go from here.
I do not know. I know way of dealing with the public is stellar  but why, why do I have to answer questions about the difference between flax and chia? It is all omegas, lol!
You are holding a phone with google and you drove here..sheesh..
I guess the art of being fake at a retail level towards strangers, is what bugs me some days.
Yes, yes, I get it, smile at everyone, which I do, always. I have no enemies, but nobody is perfect. Some humans are dicks. No I will not follow you to millet tonight to pour it in a bag for says self serve for a  reason.
I do help a lot of people who actually deserve it, not the lady in high heels who, I think came in because she needed a loving friend..dude, my feet hurt by the time she hungrily came to try to drain my brain. I was just finished with this lady who lives in constant guilt. She will not leave my side and she needs the testing and the energy, happy to help and talk walnut flower essence and what do you need is easy!
Stop feeling so sad all day about what you've well now. Be smart and do your best, now. Take the time to do it right. And do kundalini yoga so that you can always stay..light..I said (light" :)

**I gave her walnut because she fears other's judgment of her. Walnut and if she could, yarrow. Yarrow is good for almost everything regarding the environmental energies.
The fuks, leave her alone! Who are you? See, how people are? They are not happy unless they make you feel like the devil is your friend.
It was that drug she was taking, I do not know which one, I never asked her. Okay, I mean how long are you going to remain so shaken up?

I began a book about bees and cannot do it. I do not want to feel angry like that through the day. The fuk, T Ray bastard in the story!
No, I am thinking a nice book to settle me down and make me learn new words which inspire.

I am meditating on Pluto
who digs all my dirt
he is vile and angry
with sorrows that have hurt
he takes that so far under that it melts in to the underground having been churned in to gold and silver molten, with new elements which transform the raw powers of creation having once again expanded and continued onward

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I am so excited about citrus

This is the best time to eat oranges. Your body which has suffered through the dry heat of winter, craves a juicy fruit.
I love citrus in March!
So we are are getting these oils in the shop:
pink grapefruit
blood orange
may chang
gotta have that one
and then of course I just started working with black currant absolute.

Yesterday, I paired, this black currant paste with jasmine..and it was, I smell fruit all the way.
The dry down is super fine with that material! I bought it at Eden. I have been doing good business with Sunrose and Eden and I am happy to have them! And as I have said before, samples make me happy. Like Roseanne's nutmeg co2! It is beautiful and smooth in every way. She sends the best samples!
Eden gives nice samples too. They know, that if you order a certain oil, they'll send a couple drops this and that to compliment your selections. I find that to be very considerate.

I am really enjoying creating skin care so much.
Today, I will make an oily face cleanser with helicrysum, rose and frankincense, oman, sacra..
I know, I want it.

This will be a super fine face washer with a few drops propolis and astaxanthin from red algae.

Fruit Seed Oil Cleansing Elixir
contains 100% fruit seed carrier oils
og red raspberry
og blueberry
og cranberry seed
og black cumin seed
helicrysum oil
rose otto
boswellia sacra

This is something you can use as a treatment of even after a face wash. exquisitely simple and super healing too. I like it for a face wash after my face is nice and steamy, use it instead of soap.
of course you could always use this as a serum.
One could follow up with a nice hydrosol and it is perfect.

Also, it is time to make more shea butters. yes, there should be citrus shea butter right now.

Monday, February 23, 2015


my caps were on..that is what kind of blogger i am:)

Hey guys, did you know it is the year of the goat or ram? The green sheep as some in modern times call call it, and some call it the year of the the goat then or the sheep? It has to be different mythology for each of them, no?
I would think the sheep is easier to control and the goat more a loner...also more danger where there are still many bears in the mountains, like in Turkey, there are bears!

How can Chinese astrology reflect on the whole world then?
 Probably just enough to make it sound mystical. The ideas of animals effecting us?
There is some truth to that, I mean it is 4* out  there and 14 below wind chill and In Australia where the sheep are plenty, it is still thing says something.. to me..
like, sex, birthing, organizing, thinking, being calm and speaking your mind.

Of course it will be a better year! We will have finally understood the score..and yes, some people are might have thought one thing and now you know, about it... now, instead of having your back stabbed all over again, right, you let go and think for yourself.
I know,  finding real people to be close with is hard, that doesn't mean try everyone before the best thing in your mind comes along. It means form a group that protects one another. A family, strong and money the sheep's life it is the milk, the cheese, the hair which keeps anyone warm, the leather for boots and warmth in winter from their warm bodies just near by. In Greece in my village, the sheep slept below some of the houses. They kept things so clean in order for that to work..clean up then..get a hair cut, always be on the look out, your keen sense of smell, sharp, your taste in the finest grasses easily insinuated...

gleaming group
rowdy in words
beautiful hair
wiggles as she walks
romps with much flair
by the end of this year
the spell which has been cast
will bring riches
and happiness beyond compare
 be aware of strangers with dark eyes
wolves, they  love sheep

Goat Man Soap? omg :)

goat man
reaching out
invisible force

Sunday, February 22, 2015

so pretty unforgettable northman

I have a little of this and that to make a bath experience to satisfy my desire to always be clean and smell like incense and me.
The menu for March is about to unfold!

For a man and a woman...
 I would like to have a soap bar to be  rather green in nature and later as it goes to a sliver, I will have enjoyed its woodsy scent all the way to the sweet ass end..(pun intended)
 I  want a manly soap, with musky notes, animal and moss here, all the fougere I can really take and that is a lot.

Should there be a resinous pine or a spruce mixed with a fine aged patchouli oil?
Yes, of course it will be there and you will not even know it is in there..some people do not like patchouli and do not know that many of their favorite perfumes have it in there. I love it, especially when I have nice aged patchouli. It is the best!

Unforgettable North
All of ingredients will be exposed as soon as I make it and write down all the additions..
pine, amber, smoke, leather boots, fragrant along the face lines and deeply close parts, kind of scent..more on what is to be later. There will be vetiver..

Afterwards, bath oil!

Inevitable  Time


rose sandalwood, peony, ylang ylang cinnamon

cedar (one drop, one)

The oils for this are just now brewing or as you like to say"evolving":)

It is the rose that triggers something in me this time of year. I know it is everyone kind feeling the love start to spread and once again, you are calmly knowing that the softness of spring time brings better light on everything.

After a great bath one must protect with oils on the face  on the must. This is a great time for quiet meditation and mindfulness about your day. You get to know your body.

I have my hands on some organic  marula oil and some organic  green tea oil..camelia ..also there will be organic jojoba. I wanted the carrier oils to be to be light with very little scent to them. Og jojoba is good for you and really has no scent. Marula is beautiful! It glides on the skin and then disappears.

Look..rose and sandalwood are expensive. If something is 13.00 retail, how much rose do we expect for that amount of money? For some of us, it can always be more rose!
 I will try to make it fair,so far, I am looking at $17.00 per ounce of bath oil..bath perfume. It will have a long life so if you use it now and again, in 30 days time, it becomes much better!
Inevitably so!
For me, one ounce lasts about a month. I use an oil every day. You should too!


Specials in March will be Lemon Lime Clementine Soap and After Bath Spray..$13.00
You will love it!
It is fun, refreshing and a great deal!
(now you can splurge on some of  the other really nice things I make)))

eleneetha's shop

Saturday, February 21, 2015

conciousness evolution atheism

People get scared when I talk crazy. new ideas always scare the fearful!
I myself declare ideas and get scared, mad, emotional and try to practice thinking my thoughts through before I blather on about why a girl "must" wear head wrap or not. I say no, because you are no longer in the desert and that I can see every luscious curvy part of you with the other clothes you wear, One girl, is so pretty with the long tight skirt and then she glides down the big hall way, where she works..I always wonder if she just took that thing off, if god would notice even. Her dad, might! Oh yea, he would.
Am I a feminist? Yes, in that everything should be fair not some rules that do not fit our way of life here..sigh. Women can be smart and handle things.

Mostly, I love you anyway.
My children all say, I am being too harsh and perhaps targeting racism based on clothing..I don't.
I am speaking of the philosophical and the poetic and real. I like a scarf now and again, myself.

And also, you must work towards a better world for all!
You cannot go around shooting and slicing peoples heads off no matter where you live. How mad do you need to be to go burn a church down? At my house, everyone is too busy reading, studying and learning. School is hard and takes all their time.  You are burning people alive? Ever hear about calculus, dummy?
Moreover, when women get to do what they want(ohhhh) they take the bindings off and love you the idea that it is all sacrifice for the some thing better? Non, mon ami!
You cannot be sure of such things. You must always do your very best now.
If you do not have real love in your heart while fasting, you do not think god sees that? Oh is all about truth inside and out.
You may be all like, "well, I am fasting for god" "I will not eat chocolate now for 40 days cuz jesus had to suffer for me" He wasn't the only one, The Greeks were crucifying people before The it wasn't that one time! Brutal, they were!

I mean really! Doesn't it all come back to the main questions?

"How do you set your intentions?" "Who or what do you serve?'

When we learn about how our consciousness works, When I see that there are not really seven houses of the moon where certain saints live now..When I hear you are doing well, when I think about you and you call me, when I dream about you and next time you sing me a relevant song about my dreams and thoughts that day.
Yes we are connected and driven by and to certain un relenting forces!

I am me with me and always in me..if god is that, I am ok with it. If god needs me to to wash by the river and lament and praise his name or worship only this demi god or that demi goddess or that one or imagine there one looking over me all day..I say to myself, I say, "now anastasia, you know, none of that is real, pay attention!"

 I am immediately taken in my mind, to the images I have seen of laneakea, (the Virgo cluster my ass, )) big with ...the great attractor!!

That is so cool, so then I think, ..two or three minds together create forces..and yes we can not see them, they are small. electric, magnetic and very small. There are neutrinos passing through us right now, me and you and we do not feel them or know they are there. Is there a super fantastic creator of the universe with powers to be metaphysical? I do not know. I doubt it. Is Isis real? She needs to show up and show those fuks then..for taking her name and using it to kill.

Only through common sense and respect for all creatures, can we help our earth and man kind..not by  some turban wearing tyrants who think the earth doesn't move and always speak by yelling and pointing a finger! Just sayin'! The do yell, a lot! And the point a lot too!
 Educated people do not. They speak calmly, they respond by raising questions, not their voices.

 I am not saying I have mastered this, or The bible..soap making yes, the bible..dude, there are no locusts gonna come out of the earth with faces, you know that right? When  John, an agry cleric,  was in a cave writing about Revelations..he must have also been suffering from sulfur poisoning or methane..but no, locusts will not come out of the earth with faces of Roman soldiers and when our Sun goes red giant and fries the earth but good..everything we are would disperse in those flames..locusts? really??

I yell at my kids all the time! Never on how they should believe or have faith in Shiva or Yogananda.
I yell about knives and cups in the sink! How many times do I have to tell them?

The history of man is quite clearly evidential and more so today, than any other time. Humans are  very organised in  the building of this civilization, er, our civilization..
Everything we know came form something else before...our ways that we communicate is as alive as we are. If that is not mystical enough for you, I do not know what is man, but it is wonderful and super cool.

Now, what is for lunch today? I made this yesterday;

Macedonian Lunch with olives on the side:)

roast 6 peppers, peel and chop them and sprinkle salt and olive oil on them..
chop medium, one tomato
one onion sliced thinly
one cucumber medium dice
one garlic clove gently minced not smashed just minced
a dollop red wine vinegar
set aside in the cooler to marry

two ciabatta rolls

one cup cream cheese
one cup feta ( I love the french sheep's milk feta)
one super finely minced garlic clove
2 tbsp chopped herbs like parsley, basil
a few drops lemon juice, like three or four, not a whole lemon

you put a light layer on each side of the ciabatta
you then fill the ciabatta with your salad


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

quotes that blow my mind

"a puppet's will  is only free as long as he loves his strings"

That makes me think about "free will" and what an illusion it really is, huh?

Nothing is free and many things in our brain and body are automatic.
It turns out that our brain plans things and does all sorts of things with out our ever knowing it. Also and this is interesting, our brain decides to say a certain word or do a certain thing like reach for a cup before we decide to. Yup! That is what I say! "wow!"

Why am I telling you this on this snowy morning?
Because, practicing mindfulness is what I want to master. mindfulness is freedom, yes?

Here is another interesting video of our body's amazing activities!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

how do you set your intentions

by  observing things that come to my attention
by always relying on my higher mind
and always saying what is on my mind

at times, my voice will boom
others times I will cry and worry
not today..
I have been given a talisman
I humbly accept


Rune Secrets

Monday, February 16, 2015

daily rosey intentions

quiet plans
no one to bother with
nothing but you and your you-ness

I have been on a journey. I have always known my mind, well mostly, and know what I want.
I have cried over the  loss of not getting all of the things my way. I have laughed and enjoyed moments that seemed to be unforgettable and now, I must say, they are..I have to go back to minds remembrance to focus on them and why would I?
I am moving forward always. Even when I stop and do nothing, things are moving based on what work I have done that last day before now.

It all seems like a lot of drivel all of it. Unless you set some intentions.

My friend, she asks me, How do you set your intentions?"
She asked more than one time. She will do that to get my juices flowing because wanting what is best always makes you choose better things and ways to react with life's traumas.
"How do you set your intentions?", she  asked me a third time.
"well, I ahhhh..okay, I slowly become awake, and think things witha is so good when I am all rested. I think about flower oils and I think about my visions of the day before"

Cassis Rose Sandalwood Oil
I am thinking, thinking of your flowers, thinking of soft sweet clovers and violets and  damp dirt and there are peony and jonquils near by and musky vanillas coming from u.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

new neem things

Three soaps made on this chilly, -8 degree day.

Juniper with raw honey, neem, rhassoul and salt

organic grown hemp flowers with rhassoul, salt, frankincense, ginger, cinnamon and sweet orange made in balm and now in soap just this one time!
(I have in my possesion various extractions from people who grow coconut oil and butter made long and slow time:))
Great for pain they say..since I do not particularly love the smell of hemp as any sort of balmy application, I though I would make soap and see what we get.  I might as well use it for something.

and, neem lemon, yuzu with salt and rhassoul as a soap bar

Rhassoul is a bland color but I don't care. I love it. When you put a little rhassoul in a clay mask, you feel it more. It does not feel like any of the other of the clays I use. For example, the ancient Aztec clay (Calcium bentonite), that one is too severe for all the time and yet I love it, now and again.
 Rhassoul feels like ground rocks which is how it used to come in this country. It is heavy in the hand and light at the same time. We had to grind it and work it to a powder in order to gain its benefits.
Remember when I got so mad that everyone had to have it? Yea..some things are not for everyone are they? Like everything all the people who had to have it lost interest. I didn't..dude, we are talking manganese and lithium in trace amounts..just perfect really!

I hope you are having a nice morning and that you relax a little bit and stop being so mad all day. Do not be mad, do your job, be a happy boy or girl and not some emotional revenge driven boy or girl.

Just saying..say less, think more..and use my soap!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

every body

has a new way of talking and I walk like a giraffe! ha ha ha

That is what one boy said to me, "you walk like a giraffe!"
"it is the ravages of time, boy, how you doin'?"

In my mind I walk like a gazelle..freely and easily through my day.

Yes, Mercury is direct and we also have gone directly to thinking things through.

Always guiding our mind to our best things.
Our mind, now there is a IS really ours, maybe huh? All of us driven by some group collective chemical do you think slums spread or a breakdown of a city..lack of attention and care for better outcomes over all? Better yet, glorious gardens with flowers and happy people thriving in good health and prosperity.

They used to call that little guy in your brain some sort of name too! God?  No, I forget, it starts with, "H...Homunculus, I think..
who is in charge

I am in charge of my things (value) thoughts and my calm cool attitudes..good words fly though my body directed by my thoughts and energy suddenly shoots out through my fingers spreading immeasurable goodness to all I meet..this thought is a seed which spreads to all I may yet to encounter..we are drawn together by this brilliant force..The great attractor..just like out in space, we are out in space..

That is us, where the red dot is..

I love you:)

Monday, February 9, 2015

a proper oily balm face wash

When I met Tonie, I was in Kentucky I think. She called me and asked me if I give samples as my skin care and soap, sound interesting. I love to please her Scorpio Moon, and what is it with me and Scorpio and why is astrology so interesting?
I told her I would send her samples if she buys something and she did and the rest is history. My people love me! They can't help it.:)
Here is why..we all love a good face wash, a great song and toner after..a toner, a serum, you just put it on after a wash or shave for the is anointing and allowing for nutrients.

There are many boys at anastasia's at the moment..."hello, my lovelies, spray that vetiver!' 
I think that vetiver, on a good man is about one of the best things in life! Tonie, would know this. She loves good vetiver on her awesome man!
I find joy in that. how we can enjoy aspects of life and talk about it. I love good skin care...

You begin by turning on the hot water, time enough to allow your face to get damp..don't burn yourself but it must be hot. I like the shower for my face wash with a creamy scrub or oily balm but a basin will do just fine.

Now,  a small globule of balm in your palm, if you please.
Make a loose paste with a wee bit of water, and apply to your face.
Not like scrubbing a floor, just nice and gently going in circles..
leave this on for a minute if you want to.

Now, rinse this with the hottest water you can stand and not burning, just hot. A nice hot washcloth  with the basin method is so good. You put it on your face and let it steam..rinse well with cool water and pat dry.

Spray a little hydrosol on your face. I do not use toners from a store. I find they leave my skin sticky because they have to add ingredients to keep them fresh for two years and then it is the perfume they add! 
Instead, I love rose hydrosol and that is all I use for years now. Sometimes, Evan Healy sends me a nice hydrosol as a gift. Frankincense hydrosol..mmm

I would be distilling frankincense all day, if I had a still! I think I want that most days.
I digress...

Next, your serum. That is all.
Tell me now, how nice your skin glows.

I love an oily face wash. It always feels so good when you are done.

Some balms on my menu are not for face washing, not unless you want to smell like the old whore from across the
Tonie would. I know I do.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I have been making notes on patchouli

It is so good, patchouli is!!

Here is something I want to make,
patchouli vetiver with cedar, vanilla, tonka, sandalwood and maybe some frankincense in there along with musky labdanum to make for a musky note.
I wish I had some ambergris..maybe soon I will buy some and we can make some interesting blends with it. I want to, right now, thank all my customers for making that possible every week. the excellent ability to buy oils and make things for you!
This last idea..
It sounds like scorpionic rock star to me.:) Who is constantly evolving and realizing they do not really need what they think they need?

I am "pungent", my one boy said the other morning after I had been mixing for a couple of hours before going to his pad to watch the young one..:)
No, I am not dwelling on one word, much!
I am pungent, because patchouli and basil stay on you for a while. I had used a very strong old whore soap I had in my bath that day.:) and then took a spray of the 100% concentrated cologne base i have been mixing for a couple of weeks now..LOL

Modern Man Cologne
modern man cologne

You see, I am so deep in this scent that it has taken weeks to make it what I want.
 It comes at you with green notes of basil and grassy clay sage and settles in to a soft woodsy goodness.

Basil is wonderful!                                            
All men should refresh themselves with basil so that they will remember we are here together and walking beside one another in honesty and is the best way. That way you do not keep any secrets to stain the love or to have to dignify. That way you do not make pre-contracts on what you must have in me or you or him or her...the job, your bed, the sex, the loyalty, and the learning.
Modern woman, she is smart and funny and can finally uncover her head in the sun light..ahhh..
Life's goodness is always just a thought away, yes?
I think so. :)

I will remind myself of this..
while working with basil in such a concentrated way and can observe many little attractions though the day. Those who I spoke with, were all kind and respectful as I  easily projected these qualities.
Basil does offer many wonderful components which soothe, calm the mind and offer crisp clarity.
Holy Basil also is rich in adaptogens which reduce the amount of toxic cortisols in the body which are hormone like particles we make when we are stressed out and cry all day about other people.
( this does not include my rants on religion as it is important enough for review)))
Look at your own mind now and organise what your next move will be.
Be mindful and think do not react..think..
I love "think"!

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, February 6, 2015

the language of leon


you are cute as a kitten
you are fun as a wild beast
lazy of laziest
greedy of greed for acquisition of lazy deeds
or droll you do
on insignificant things
like what a douche justin beiber is because he sold out
for fake art
You are a scientist
in the future
as a youth so sweet and eager
as a young man obstinate
and out of your mouth, more hurtful when you hurt
every  one does..they feel the same brutal agony inside bite where it counts for the best things and to others know where right off, you are keen

it is time to clean your corner...your little dirty cave
clean your face too..
paleo may be for you  ha for me.
you actually need to hunt
get ready to hunt boy
or you'll be like that lazy bitter hateful lion on the cartoon movie.
If you want the best things
you will find brilliant ways to get what you want

time ticks

Thursday, February 5, 2015

real pluto

pluto and charon

you see..every great power begins with a friend near by, a lover or a real sensing type near by to soothe.

These are pictures we have been sent of Pluto..from a NASA spacecraft.
Wow..look at him pulling that moon while she tries to get is a dance everywhere in space.
the moons are always female enrichment. yea?

When we look at Pluto, the farthest planet, we, humans, in the past thought it was forever..but no, it is just outside of our street in space..we are in space doing the same thing with our moon.

When our sun goes red giant, all the water in our solar system will have to go somewhere else in space. Is n't this just amazing? Tiny tiny little specs of water like dust in space..having been here from the begining.
I think so.
Have we thought that all that gas on Jupiter could form a dual star sytem, when that happens? 
I know we may not be here anyhow..I sometimes think like that..Jupiter in the great distance of time will ignite with all that extra energy being pushed out..before our star goes all diamond and all the juice in us goes out there with the water to freeze again until being re-seeded somwhere else in another neighborhood in space..
Do you think I am silly? Look at the pioneers of a recent 600 year past on Earth. They took a chance and went out on the water and went out of their towns to meet dragons..maybe dragons are real on another earth..but here they dwell in our  metaphysical imagination based on our fear of the future based on what our civilizaton says is fearful. mermaids, men living in a whale..things like that.
Think 1000 years ago when they used to kill people for saying these things. The earth is round and it spins while spinning around a really hot star that gives us life.
If that is not really amazing, then dude, we can all just accept every mystical thing and live in fake peace and fake words to soothe us during rough times.
Every time is rough, baby..this is the best time now! We should all work and be free of unreal fears.
What is so great about pretending?? Also, this idea  makes the tyrant your boss! That is not great!

I know, I know, I am passionate about this. And may have insulted more than one Christian or Moslem..yea? Well, they insult my inteligence when they burn people alive and cut their heads off!

They have all done it. I give you,Hypatia, around 370 AD, , ancient philosopher, mathmatician and astronomer..they killed her naked in the street and then burned! A bunch of robe wearing mysogenists bosses got pissed because she said that, "one and one make two not three, mr bishop sir"
So, a mob of Christians, whatever that was 1600 years ago, they got together to make sure god saw them punish her! (today there are over 35 thousand different christian sects, back then maybe just ten or so..)
Really, these are the guys that created our "beliefs and what they should be?

They cannot be dictators for is not their divine right!

Pluto proves this in such a wonderful way! He is always quiet and observant. Yes, he does seethe inside. Look, that is the way of creation. Heat is essential...
Pluto in our myths is about dirty passion, isn't he? He is deep in  the dirt, the deep frozen tundra of ideas..I am sure there are hills on Pluto..he is the boss of himself out there in  the outer regons of our solar is lonely one would think. Pluto loves privacy and alone space and in our heart.

having the deep inner fire that keeps you magnetically linked and always evolving..I wonder what you'll be next?

Monday, February 2, 2015


mercury retrograde and the magnetic forces as great as one molecule being able to think for itself and reproduce itself and happy imbolc

Okay, ask me  for mercury advice and then you get mad because you feel like I am telling you what to do or some other dumb thing..
"it is the way I "divine" and how I "intuit"..words come out..dang it, but they do! LOL

If anyone one feels like I have to censor my words when speaking to Catholics and they are,being Chaldean,  have more of a hurt feeling card when I criticise the bible.
I will not censor my words over this  or any other thing which needs review...just because I am not allowed to say anything because you know, they are Chaldean or they are Jewish or they are snake holding is ridiculous and no one should have more special rights on earth based on the  belief that that there is an all mighty god waiting to judge you as a sinner..stop it.

"uh, since I am a sinner, why did he make me that way?"
and "who made him?"
How is he so favorable to one race over another here on earth?

I would ask this of any leader or any of my children or of my friends,

I would say that he should just show up one day clearly, and tell everyone, on earth..everybody..ok..clearly, not with sheep or fire breathing dragons in the sky..clearly..not with donkeys or blood..human sacrifise and threats! Honestly!

"hey I am here, now stop wasting your planet and be nice to each other..make something good yo, "hey you, with robes and a your mean angry  demi god over the cartoon, put the sword down or I am comin after you in three seconds, mister!"

This god seems to wait and give cryptic messages and sends himself down here to save us and that didn't work he said he'll come back some day and everything will be sunny. How many years has this god been watching  innocents being tortured by weather, by their own kind? He must love it or he would not have created it??
Wow dude, really..maybe I will think about a better way now..this whole idea is kind of scarring me more than any zombie ever could.

How can he make a forever torture chamber for humans? (hell)

One christian asked me recently, "when is the last time Christians did something so bad as to cut peoples head off like the new highlighted terrorists at this moment?'   I said, "as early as when Hitler decided to kill all the Jews in Germany because he was Catholic and hungry and it was cold I guess..
"That was a long time ago", he said..
It was not a long time ago. In Bosnia and in Syria we see the same thing all over one religion over the there. In Ireland where they fight over God whether he is Catholic or the  more tyrannical Protestant god.They bomb things for! Is that what The Lamb Of God, brought?

The snakes were Ireland, when st. valentine came there and killed them..
The real day is was today not the 14th of Feb.

They called "Pagans" anyone who had fun and wasn't them.. lol

"You are a Christian, do not say that!"
"No, I cannot say that I am"
"What do you believe in then, Astrology, The Stars?"

I can see the stars and pretty much measure them every day. There is a formula(to everything) and I can count them, had I the time.The Sun making its way back fulfills every promise, ever year in  which I live on the earth. Will I come back better or having to learn more so I can reach Nirvana?
Will I have suffered enough like Jesus   and finally be free in Heaven to live in constant serenity?
If I do enough Kria, will he speak with me then? Will he change time itself to make me happier?

At least the kria helps your body what with the rhythm of the breathing and control of ones will.
I can dig is wonderful.

But now, I was saying about mercury retrograde..the do for others in the extreme..the see other's fears and help them and the where is all my money and why does everyone need so much of it all at once???
One must give themselves to each idea and every deed, with this desire to make it always good, the best thing..always mindful,  which actually makes your will strong.

What is "Will"?
we should study this..

cleaning and preparing and planning
creating while being still and then soon, the doing.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Fresh Airy Sweet
tuberose in orange blossoms 

vivid connotations

vivid dreams
what is my mind storing
fear and tears and intrigue
what is my minds eye searching for
awareness and intellect
what is real now

winter deep winter
to rest
to ponder
to protect
and then to proceed