Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Ideas

resting on a sunday

Resting means being away from the fields. doing you daily chores and simply tinkering around the home front..
Here in Michigan, they have rituals. They are gone all summer, up north..
That would stress me out. two places to settle in to..I love this home so much.
It is a good home and full of wonderful people that enter here.

Enough about me and how I love myself so much!
I love you!

Life is wonderful in soapmaking too!
shea butter has never been so fun to work with, what with all the super conditioning oils one can stretch it with.
I had a girl order four neem creams. She loves neem, It must really help her because she loves it on her skin. 

Here is the plan for the cream 
I will begin with a little beeswax to hold everything together.

1 ounce beeswax
2 ounces organic sunflower oil
3 ounces shea butter
3 tablespoons or so, of any other carriers..mine are, 
red raspberry seed
rosehip seed
black seed
cranberry seed
1/4 teaspoon neem oil
a dash of himalayan pink salt

10 mls frankincense
2 mls eucalyptus

low and slow melt the beeswax, add the shea to make it melt and  get nice and warm
keep and eye on it, it will get hot otherwise and burn..stay on the lowest setting on your stove and use a water bath to heat every really does make a difference..
add the sunflower oil

take it away from the heat and put it in the freezer for about ten minutes..check on it often..when it just starts to cool and get a film on top, pull it out and gently begin blending. If you need to cool it in between, you will put it in the freezer for another 15 or 30 seconds..

blend it again and add your lovely carriers in a slow drizzle
add the essential oils and beat it again.
Check you texture with a clean spoon, do you want it a little more fluffy?
You will get the hang of will add more oil, jojoba is a nice buffer..kind of a

Why neem all of a sudden?
I cannot even tell you how many people come to me with eczema! It is an out break of itchy and uncomfortable.
Neem is said to be helpful with so many things that I can see why people have taken interest. 

"Neem leaf and its constituents have been demonstrated to exhibit immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antihyperglycaemic, antiulcer, antimalarial, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic properties."

One would think, to use it it more often. It smells a little rough for my taste but it is not for fun, it is for helping.:))
In that case we must use boswellia carterri co2 and a little eucalyptus to just makes perfect sense to me.
have a good one:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ideas on Lilith square Mars

she calls it astro fuckery..
It is true that the aspects are in a tight square..good!
Yes, it is upsetting when zimbos do what they do without a thought or care to what is real and what they should do.
Zimbos- people who are selfish, self serving and easily offended by nothing everyday occurrences

We are not on auto pilot! We think things through!

 The thing with these aspects and I do  not know the mystical reasons why astrology works and why we are effected if it is just mythology and our creation..of types?
Why then are energies so intense right now? Things burn out! Mars square Lilith!

logic says that it is the harvest
the work is piling on
it must happen in a timely way
it must be done, that is it..
The best thing to do is make bullet points of attention for yourself and follow the rules as best you can.
The rules of kindness and understanding..above and beyond any others.

Like the other day, I made a point that a certain vitamin wasn't all that wonderful because it is USP and not really all that
"well, it is special to me!""
"oh yea, well maybe that is why you are  unhappy, and rude and no body likes you much?"
( I did not say that!))
"there are better vitamins for you with out any contaminants or chemical extracting methods"
I wouldn't let her get away with being a being mean to me..
How are you offended by or for a brand? That is stupid and puts you down like an insult!

My lovely Jewish customer who looks like a goddes is so grand when I question her kosher ways..
I mean what do they do pray over the vitamin, it is still syntheticly derived.
"No, it is just a procedure where they look at the way in which the prep work is done.."
"humm....I would say bless your own food cuz I don't think god cares about some hexane derived  nutrient being kosher or no"
her daughter chimes in..( she is about 14)"I think God is a woman, a goddess"
I looked at her awesome momma and I said, "I think you are a goddess and I love your style!"
She is my age and dresses like a stylin peasant woman, always with a stylin hat and long skirt..clean skin, clunky shoes of high quality..
life is good when you eat kale I reckon.

People are so interesting. Some make you feel all warm and loved and others brizzle your feathers a little..
Just saying for all of us to get perspective..and I say that to my kids all day.

**woke up to a child whose conditioner was taken to the other shower..""omg..stop talking""
got up and made coffee and tried to get my Internet to work..
The coffee maker exploded and dumped a whole pot of hot coffee on the counter which took an hour to clean up..nothing was lost except that broken pot.
I brought in an old coffee maker which now I know why I put in is broken. I changed the filter cartridge and it got super hot..dude!! Is this Lilith square Mars? Wow..
What is that the fifth coffee maker this year? Now what?
Leave it! I will get a new press for is not that expensive at TJMaxx..

did you know and enough already!

 Islam has only had 13 years of peace since it began?

Christianity only 50 years of peace in the 2000 years or so since it started?

Judaism, I do not know since they just recently started fighting back.
Enough already!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jupiter in Leo

Basically the energy is intense because we have to shift gear a little. The kids are going to school, the new babies are here and our plans may have changed too. Again, I must say, if there was a time when you have to not care as much as you do, it is now!

Jupiter in Leo wants us to say everything we feel, how we want things and how they should be according to
That is when hurt feelings come. People get more detached or get literally raged.
Stop for a minute and gather your bearings and then think a minute. Do not lie to yourself in order to justify your behaviors. That is not going to work.
Things are what they are anyhow.
To make this Jupiter  work for you instead of you must be humble and fair to yourself.
You must take each moment with gratitude and joy. It is your best thing!

I want to thank you all for  all your generous orders and support of my shop. It means a lot to serve all of you and I hope you enjoy each product and its vibes as much as I enjoy making it for you!

coming up,
Lemon Balm Rose Cream
Orange Blossom Jasmine Cream
and more goodness everyday

Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy New Moon In Virgo

Happiness and joy on this splendid Monday!

This New Moon focus will be on getting things done and beginning new routines.
Yoga a new diet commitment.
Paleo seems to be popular these days. I say try it but do not expect yourself to stay with unrealistic outcomes. There is a reason Man has gone agrarian and later industrial. He finds what works and makes it work more better.
This New Moon teaches us to work more reason may that we can see our mistakes easier with this new moon, find our own weakness and take any opportunity to improve ourselves. Virgo does not like dirt or dirty unless it is dirty sex..they do enjoy that little dark secret..not so secret now!

We could all get a little energy into being healthier. That is Virgo all day. Eating better, eating clean, eating less bread and cakes..

I think it is a good time to be real with your intentions and test your own loyalty. How loyal are you to the real people in your life. Virgo is always tested on this.
We have a Saturn Mars conjunction breaking some hearts..don't be sad, babes, people move on and make mistakes. You can't fix everyone you love, even when they are twats you cannot stop them.
Just remember to ask yourself why you care so much about others? Interesting, isn't it?
The way we get worked up over others behavior..why?
Obsessions? Yes and Mars Saturn..

*one last thing on Virgo vibes mixed with Scorp..b a friend..and in so doing, have a friend..some still need learning to be a friend,
not us, we are amazing!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

the pumpkin soap for samhain

Which I used to say it the way it is spelled, lol...
I wasn't a real "witch" back then, I guess, lol:)
it is pronounced "sowwein"..I know, it is some long lost language.
This boy at work is learning Welsh, I think that would be interesting.
lt all goes together..
The Me, being a silly ass and  and samhain pumpkin brew soap, I loves it!
Here are some notes on my next thing.
I bet you could eat all this, but better to wash with it.


1 cup pumpkin organic
whipped into 8 ounces shea butter
1 cup organic creamy coconut oil
a pinch or two of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger,
1tbsp ground grape seeds with black seed oil to add a little bitter and grit.
the ground peel of one organic lemon, slightly dried.

The essential oils..

30 drops nutmeg
30 drops clove
10 drops ginger
10 drops cardamom
1 drop cinnamon co2
 you do not need as much as you think you need, cinnamon co2 is potent stuff, so this is why less is more..
A few drops, (4) tangerine oil..mmmm
combine these ingredients with a ready to pour soap base, make sure you account for the added fat and moisture from the pumkin.

It will have a name.. I always love to honor the women who have taught us and carried us to a safe place with their words and their thoughts and with the way they destroy bound bridges with logic and merriment..
I always like to honor that in our human ways..but some of us are special, yes? That is what I will focus on!
I know, otherwise you wouldn't be here right now, I know, otherwise you wouldn't care about an omega 3 or a carotenoid and anti oxidant like ginger and cinnamon has..they are so amazing to study.

Yesterday, a girl came in  and told me she loves Neroli, and, I was of course immediately drawn to her.I gave her a sample of of the organic in my drawer with a dab frankincense and she loved it..she was wearing one each wrist and she said something changed..we both noted our love of this oil.
Yes, it is expensive but after a long day of people talking to me and the same music day in, neroli frankincense takes me away.She just walked right up and put her wrist to my nose, I saw her coming towards me and our eyes met. I knew her somehow, maybe she comes in a lot... "she is good", I thought.
."I like the right side"
"me too, this one is odd like it went a bad way"
"Neroli turns fast..keep it in the fridge"
"I think oils are the real life flow of earth" she said..
"me too, I think they are the language of flowers"
"That frankincense is pretty good, which is it?"
Aura Cassia, boswellia serrata..Indian frankincense..distilled..peppery and very nice batch from a brand..tenacious and wonderfully healing in every way. I have everyone at work coming by for a dab or two when they are itchy..and with neroli and frankincense you have calm and ability to wait..neroli is heavenly valium. lol
Just saying, you can always order on line, but in a pinch, at a retail store, it is nice to encounter the exquisite now and again..oh, and dream up soaps with friends who want things like me..


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hello goodness and wonderment

ha ha haaaaa

I placed a little altar for you
one that you'll not know about or see
it'll be a little secret between the universe and me
it is there to behold the truth between us
the one that is/was good and pure
the one that  resides within you now
ready to explore new worlds
showing that yes memories are nothing more than a movie creation in our minds

If the doctor can change his mind and go back in time and change his course after 1000 years, you can after 50..or however old you are when you read this:)

New Doctor Who Tonight!! BBC...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Endings

Here are some things that shine on the morning;))

next year I hope to plant a row of castor bean pants and morning glory 
I feel like it is a nice pairing and easy to maintain.

The neighbor always comes over and says that once you start morning glories, you can never get rid of them.
I ask this to you my friend, why would you want to?
Every summer he says it. I do not think they are hard to manage at all, the babies are easy to pluck, if you do not want them in a certain spot, because they will choke your roses. You must be diligent in the viney ways!
I like the way it helps the castor stay sturdy. and I think a castor & morning glories fence would be cool.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Moonday thoughts and wishes

Is the new dark moon a commin?

I don't mind for myself as I have some 12th  house issues which I am used to because it is not a really bad thing. I always say that do what you can and everything takes care of itself.
some one asked me how to deal with that corporate world..
I am at a constant  like..ok ok, I am fine now, I can do this to like a light switch, some thing comes out of my mouth and shocks someone.
I don't know why...
Speaking of true blood..or should I say truly boring I want to see Hoyt having sex right now!
I wish Eric would have eaten all those guys and been done with all of them which is what he will likely do. That Alexander fella is pleasant..his voice?? I don't know..I would rather he spoke Swedish through the whole thing!
I do not know if you watch true blood..Bill wants to he has a chance to be free I guess..
"we are death Eric"
Anyone but Steven Moyer should have said that!

How can you be? Dead and alive? Did the vampire strain of human get a virus in them? Some strange organism from another planet?  Like the strange zombies on world war z..I watched it again..I am giving it a ten!..Max Brooks wrote that story..Mel Brooks son!

 If the sun makes us..
You need sun light to live and since you are alive..the good kind not the bad where it burns you up. But this is how long it took us to grow humans..began from earlier races of do we know? DNA and computers. Even now, for about $250.00 you can trace your linage way far away..a long time ago.Each living cell in your body having all the time in the world so to speak, to become what you are now..and it turns out that your cells have a memory and they could be composed of materials made billions of years ago in a star..
** I want my cells to have memories of the best thngs..wealth and grace till my cup runneth over and for your cells  too**

"do you think you were a shaman in a past life, because I feel like we have a connection?"
"No, not really" "I do not know..and why does it matter now?"
I do enjoy some of the practical ways in which native Americans used "the land"
Casinos? Really? I do not get that?

My momma said, "do not gamble and always rest, a gambling man is no good", she would say that to me as a child. I saw the pattern and growing up, I have met a few who take chances and risk themselves. As a Libran woman, I like things to be steady and constant. that gets boring to some..I do what I want..whatevah..

Pay attention and say what needs said but gently and with out malice..that there new moon tid bit is an important thing.
I like this time so much!
Virgo lovies, get ready for a wonderful  job or some money coming. I think it is time you step up.
leave your sadness all behind you.
you may want to blame others for your past..sometimes you push yourself in to a corner is all  I am saying..
do what you want and wake up satisfied. It is the  best way I can see. And there is nothing wrong with clean sheets.

Our sun has many billion years to go which makes it a fantastic time to be on earth. There is nothing to fear. I work out in the garden and it is wonderful really. To feel particles of light is hot, stingy, nice.
there is nothing to fear
our family our friends
they are all near
there is plenty of food and salad
and soon in my garden
 organic corn
calendulas exploding with  the most vibrant colors I have ever seen..
I would love my wood fired oven now please
and thank you:)

a patchouli cake I made with she abutter and my super seed oil blend as a refat booster at the finsih.
What a change shea butter makes to a base, yea? it is the big white chunk, the other little nuggets are time lord soap..which I made with the same fatty base..
I used plenty of boswellia serrata  especially locked with in the green clay structures so that as you wash you get the extra wonderful pine and incense notes..all the cedars are here too.
It is the magic of frankincense and cedar makes  for truely magnificent outcomes!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

speaking of orange blossom soap

It would take at least a quarter ounce to make a block of that. Would it be worth it to charge ten dollars a bar just to enjoy a bar myself?
Sometimes I think this way..some times it is worth it to do this.
I made some time lord soap, patchouli soap and a lovely Pluto Potion Soap and then I couldn't help it, I put a few drops nutmeg in the Pluto Potion..
patchouli, ylang ylang and nutmeg with hints of orange blossom and honey..hints, not a blast of Florida which if know that smell, and I think I is heavenly and lovely!

The Time Lord Soap is made and it is so gorgeous! I put a few drops of the blend which was left over in the bottle on me and I reek of church and forest a peppery knowledge..
ha ha

what is next??
Tonight we make palo santo soap with dog fish head beer
I have enough oils to make a whole bunch.
There was something else..
vetiver cedar with oakmoss soap
Too heavy?

solomon's seal

I am trading with a  wild crafter who just tinctured some solomon's seal. I never realized how wonderful this herb is and how for at least 3500 years we have used its diverse medicinal properties!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

ideas flowing


today's menu

organically  grown and fragrant and gently dried calendula petals  steeped in organic olive oil and beeswax
afterwards to be added to potions~

Potion One
Organic Angelica and  Vetiver Calendula Potion

yes, I have found it, my angelica oil:)
what a perfect time for this healing and centering plant
I know this much, it gives me peace and tranquility right off, just thinking about her
she brings grace like a good friend who sings to you when you are tired of the outside world..
rebirth in a way
because she allows for the best things..
more on angelica later
vetiver here is perfection and helps with pain and hurt from too much work..vetiver holds you from deep below where you are rooted..good for the spine and muscles which lead to the regenerative mechanisms..

our healing is just  thought away.
angelica is great for menopause too,
and,  heavy bleeding from ending your birthing cycle in your life.
it helps you get more juicy, you know, where. This is the time when you can bless your home and family and angelica brings health as well as wealth to the forefront of your mind. Who knows where you'll go from there?
You will!!

Potion Two
Calendula Infusion Balm  with German chamomile and Roman Chamomile and a few drops lemon verbena in that..(mostly to really highlight the calendula is that good!!)) I grew some fine organic celendulas this year!!

 Also to be made..

Vanilla coconut hair and skin pomade

time lord soap
pluto potion soap
patchouli soap

dreaming of my wish list..
100% orange blossom soap..that good stuff from eden!
omg, but that would be decadent!

vanilla patchouli moments with a pisces woman

and I even spelled pisces correctly..
you know I  makes errors and etsy doesn't have a spell checker when you edit descriptions..and I edit all day:) that is why it said spakly in stead of sparkly! ha ha ha omg and why?!
finally we get to the bottom of things! It is to laugh! :):)

So,  this Pisces woman..she is not not happy..
she is wealthy and spends upwards to a thousand a week on any thing she wants..maybe more..who knows..
she dresses impeccably with an always pressed linen shirt..I find that Pisces women do like smooth cloth on them and always pressed. this lady, she comes in one time a week and we avoid her, because she just won't leave, she listens to everything  we say and do and asks us questions. It is always so interesting that she lingers..and we have real work to do some days..(yesterday I talked to a thousand people, she was one of  the first)..She is Persian and gorgeous in the face and a little round and curvy..
I am sick.."
"no, you are fine"
I took MRI, I am fine, they said to me"
"that is so awesome!"
"and, no lupus like I told you last year?"
"see? now what is the reason that you are so  sad babe?"

she stated crying..
people make shit up to cry about. right? Well, no, sadness is good really, you have to shed some  tears, it opens you up to real.. How are you to change anyone now, is my question.
If you are crying because you no longer feel closeness with your mate, that is very sad indeed and your kids are moving on..all you want is to be near your lover and your friend that you've lost along the way somehow due to drugs, career or simply put, they were an asshole in the first place and you thought your love would heal all that....awesome connection..
It is to laugh my friends! It is to laugh because we have all been in this pickle somehow.
At least she wants to eat well and take green drinks!

I told her this..
"**odd note here..and very cool!
there are 10 trillion living cells running your body right now and they gather up to perform 200 tasks for you to live..liver, heart, your mind all made up of cells moving around  right now..they have enzymes in them."

Pisces is sweet
you have just forgotten
loyal and worthy
and you should never neglect them
or bore them or nag

I say vanilla and I say patchouli in coconut oil but  for her , I would say ylang ylang with one drop orange blossom...

get a vanilla bean
scrape it and then chop it super fine with a sharp knife
put it all in 1/2 cup coconut oil and in a clean class jar
stick the jar in a stainless steel pot with water in it and slow simmer at the lowest setting on your stove.
allow this to simmer for 2 hours
and then set it aside in a cool place..not the freezer.
you can add ylang ylang if you want to. or one drop patchouli. It is really good.

when you think it is ready, you will reheat your water thing and slowly melt the material down and then strain with cheese cloth or a fine mesh stainer..the water should be hot and not boiling, btw..
straining depends if you want specs of vanilla in your cream..
clean cheese cloth is like three dollars at my store check your whole foods if you have one near by. It is a wonderful tool when you want to make something this raw-ly. this recipe on its own it is other oils really needed.
Also, Zerbos in Livonia,  has that chopped vanilla powder that you can buy by the ounce..
So simple and you have an excellent cream for yourself!

have a good one

Thursday, August 14, 2014

brad pitt and world war z

Zombies? Brad Pitt? was an exciting hour of crazy freeking zombies biting everyone. Brad..I was thinking he would clean up a little but he kept his hair is all hippified. He is still cute. He is Sagittarius! I give it a 9 for effort and fast paced special effects..
The droll story of a UN guy who was called to duty, is interesting..and not really believable because it is Hollywood
 I enjoyed this move so much, that I couldn't sleep, it just stayed with me that energy..
It pales next to the dead..
In the Walking Dead, the zombies are slow, you get a chance to think a little.
The winery in  Farmington seems like a good place as any for us to all be together.

I can take my whole family and we will be ok..I wonder if it has a basement? We would have to fortify the building..and not just with would be first come first serve and after the big bad thing, who ever is out there still..well, there would be few out there..our steel doors would open for them..we need dirt for the roof so that we can grow lettuce and maybe have one cow up there. There is plenty of  left over feed in the store up ahead, if you could make a fast run ..and the Tree House health place has crystals..(:)) The cows would be dead too right? The zombies would eat them first.

"hey, while we are out here can we stop at the Tree House and get all those crystals just sitting there in  that shop?"
"are you kidding right now?"
"they have herbs there and golden seal and stuff!"

Vegan zombies..ha ha ha ha

I loves zombies! These zombies  in world war z, they  scared the heck out of me because they were fast and mean and angry and just berserker! In modern movies they do use some awesome  special effects and this film showed how humans can swarm like insects  and when sick with some virus, they change this movie, in about 8 seconds.

"Is a virus alive?"
" No, it does not have living cells."
"Is a virus alive?"
"But is seems to make things  happen  when it attaches itself to a it thinks then?"
"No. I don't know."
"Mom!!" Just watch the movie!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

neem cream with himalayan pink salt a little note on Mars squaring sun jup

I know right!!
Someone asked me to make it and I am gonna.
It isn't all patchouli is it?

I love patchouli. right now I am using a very old nugget of old whore soap and it is amazing to wash my hands and put on a lovely essential oil butter on my skin.
I am so happy I get to use these ingredients and I know they help me to remember my goodness and beautiful peaceful life:)
By the way, all the flooding here in Michigan yesterday, people were kayaking down the flooded streets and getting all wet in that deep water.
I am glad my house does not flood, but many in Ferndale had feet of water in their basements..I guess there is a whole lot of clay in the soil in Ferndale..That is what I have been hearing.

August is always an ending in a way isn't. Things get burned out and come to a head sometimes and someone gets their head bitten off.
Maybe they need a good bite to simmah down.
simmah down now..
It is mostly good but here we have Sun Jupiter Leo squaring Mars in Scorpio..jealousy and petty trivial pursuits are common in some obsessive type people.
Hey it  is like, "control freak zilla"
why? You should always know why you feel the way you it borderline hate? Why?
Always ask yourself why you do things like this. Why it becomes like a drug and your adrenals get spewed out in such copious amounts that you can't seem to control the need? Hey, best thing ever is, don't be up  in any one's shit..they get pissed even if they do not know about it. Remember  that your thoughts go out father than you can see with your eyes and speak with your  words..

soapmaking today

neem rhassoul with frankincense and eucalyptus
a favorite!

sweet orange cinnamon with ground grape seeds and cumin oil (otherwise known as black seed oil)

they seem sharp, I  know!
I have been working on many things in my mind but a person cannot make everything.
I still have a little violet tobacco perfume stowed away somewhere. I bet it smells amazing right about now..
my plan!ha@&)) is to mix that with palo santo and patchouli in that palo santo beer soap..kind of what I made the last time but with more substance. I feel like the sugars in the beer gives you a soft soap. So what do i reduce the beer on the stove like I would wine and then but the beer in the soap? I mean, of course, I will add less water phase.

palo weird and so alluring. It draws you like a surprise from a long having seen friend.
My best friend..I have never actually met her. That is how much the world has changed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

let's talk about witches and what they do

they conjure up potions for me and you
they are me and you
thinking willing
making things heal
every cell in our brain training to be real
a thought makes light appear so that she can see all things she already knows
like  being sure of what works
are you a witch
or are you a mystic
who knows  what you are
be the person you want to be and do not  be late
talking too long and you'll have to wait again through yet another what needs done now.

they want to heal
they drive away foes
by the will of their aim
their eyes see more
and yet they are are feared
some one said they are ugly because they don't follow cannon law


talk about evil
let's not

lets talk about how we can see vibes in colors of green and blue and even yellow on myself and you
they are drawn as being able to fly at night, if!
Such nonsense has gotten us no where
and given them reason to hate something else..
a whipping boy
a Lilith to have and to scare children with and all because she wanted to be on a top for a minute! ( knew a man like that once))
such games
witches do not play
they make pumpkin pie
and build a fire
and know the rhythm of life is always doing what it is doing.

"wisdom, let us attend"
"Us" like in the royal myself and I:))))

neptune strikes

Sadness comes and goes my friends, and if someone wants out and kills themselves, and leaves a huge mess behind to clean up, that is selfish.
If you want to kill yourself, go do it in the woods away from the kids! Sheesh.
Great, now you are dead and we have the mess you left behind!
Too mean?
I know it is!
Yes I feel sad about Robin..He was funny and a good actor. I am sad he was driven to such haste.
In the future there will be private studios where you can go die and they burn your body right there. You would have to think things through then. Plan your own demise. I suppose if you die in your bed in your sleep it is just as sad
Isn't  it better than finding someone hanging in the bedroom?

In the words of Sarah Silverman when you are desperate and thinking about the quick cash place that charges 700% interest, "do anything else but that! Go work, give blood, do anything else!"

The desperation and pain you feel from loss, the need for  drugs you need now, the pure lust you may feel for something you cannot have at this moment..
"do anything else"
do anything else
go to the library
go to a lecture
go to the art institute and see some paintings
go take a nap
go read a book in the sun

feeling lonely
facing a bitter past
facing in your mind's eye
a long lost friend
whom you loved so deeply
and hated so surely
a word that was spoken
that tore your heart out
now you keep that as a token
sometimes it is buried in a secret place and
sometimes you remember where it is and dig it up

That is Mars in Scorpio hitting Jupiter in Leo, hitting it hard..yes people leave us, sometimes they just walk out sometimes we ask them to leave..we should..

Be nice, it is the best way.

Monday, August 11, 2014

making plans

have an outline do not expect things to be the way you rigidly planned.
just sayin'

look at me, (:)) for example..
I plan all these soaps and write about combinations and then in the end I must adjust and  change and re posses a blend..make it more than an idea..leading myself just best soap at the moment is Juniper Honey soap. I only have like three bars left. The honey flower soap which I was told not to criticize by two beloved friends, is quite Delicious and if you get a sample, I hope you enjoy its rich silky sweet honey lovin' on you.
what is that, is that spice?
Is is a flower of sunshine gold.?
Put some on your face, it is ok to do'll feel really good...and after a good wash with it, it becomes beautiful and just awesome..
I am giving a nugget with each order, I hope you tell me how you feel about it. I love you!

Something about burned honey, isn't there?
It takes on a feeling of fall, harvest.
I Ike a fried big banana... butter  and burned cane sugar Caramel glazed on it and then you eat that with a rich creme freiche..

(the creme freiche in this scenario being the body butter you'd put on after wards!)) if you were creating a bathing scenario vision..kind of thing.))

Right now I am using a simple hydrating oil with rose and a shea coconut cream with sweet orange bergamot and pink grapefruit is so fresh!))I put one drop cinnamon and one drop frankincense and one drop black pepper..OMG
so refreshing and way later, you get a little is slightly warming..and I mean drop..

here is the recipe;
30 drops  organic sweet orange oil
20 drops pink grapefruit oil
10 drops bergamot
1 drop cinnamon co2
1 drop black pepper oil
1 drop frankincense oil
1 drop sandalwood

Shake well in a clean container and leave it be for a day or so.. you can take this and add it to your shea butter or any body balm, and, you can put some in vodka and spray a room. It is quite lovely!
I made a whipped shea butter with this blend for my couple in west bloomfield..he was like gushing all over me the other day. His wife is  happy and he is happy and they love my butters!
I do have a has been all practice because of people wanting my skin care..(thank you so much..may I have another?)
I hope I get about 100 of those kind of customers!
He loves the vanilla coconut shea for shaving..Nice!!

I hope you are well and happy on this cloudy day.
I hope that you get to do what ever you want to do and be glad for it. do not be sad. Everything is where you want it to be. Not happy? Why?

In the end it is all about if I had this here and that there I would be happy, then things would be great...
I hear that all day and not just from clients..we all do it. I mean things are what they are. We are still just waking up as an advanced civilization!  We are in the best time to know it..that we live here and now in space in time..what ever that is?!!

I learned about how we measure time and distance in space last week. very cool! I learned about how dark energy pushes us outward faster and faster and I learned that the mathematics makes it look like a giant flat disk and it continues to go faster and faster and pushing galaxies farther and farther apart.. until one day trillions and trillions of years from now, it will all disappear! Or, maybe that is will all implode back into itself and start over..and  they say reincarnation doesn't exist!  The Sun made us..another  grand Sun made ours! Creation is Violent and hot, apparently!
Who knows what you were in another Universe before it remade everything again?
Crazy Hugh?

have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

my friend's friends

Anne's garden
August 2014

it is about you

people I know think I talk about them when I say sagg or cappy or Scorpio..yes it is about you, ha ha ha
(common, I know 3 Sagittarius women and 100 Scorpios and mix Scorpio with Sagittarius and Capricorn ideas and you have an ego that can go millions of miles..hahahaaa
it is only because you are so good. be careful of imploding on yourselves is all I am saying because then Libra and Aquarius get hit with shrapnel!

(a convo with a person who takes 10 pills a day for ailments)
"I don't feel good"
Did you take a probiotic today?"
"how sick do you have to get before you believe me?"
"Take one, do it!"
"It will only help everything"

"hello, I took it:)))"
":)), good, now do it every day for a month and we'll talk"
"I love you, anastasia"

**instead of the colon tests they give at the hospital and I do not know how much they cost but it is way more  than a simple bottle of raw probiotics by garden of life! I know, it is really dehydrated or freeze dried yogurt kefer type material and I am glad! It works to make you feel better. Even if you are dairy free..
now, being  lactose intolerant is different. But people who cannot drink milk can actually take a fermented yogurt vitamin and not suffer. they make dairy free probiotics but then you do not get the lacto bacillus strains.

I have been having wonderful nights sleep lately..I mean all summer, really. maybe it is because I  take probiotics, hahahaaa
Here in the Midwest it has been so nice at night, you just open the window and breath real nice least at my place.Trouble is, the birds wake me up super I let them sing and dozed for another hour, my room comfortably cool, my blanket a perfect weight..

"I loves all small things, I loves the bunny, I don't know what the hamster is doing but I loves him too"

Friday, August 8, 2014

the full moon is up on us soon

It is going to be a doozy!

Look at me, look at me and what I have to say and of course look at my ass in my  yoga pants..ha ha haaa

for all of us..
thinking that we are offended all day makes for tense situations everywhere.
I for one being of Libra excellence will not mince words and don't give a crap how many hurt feelings I have to wade through but it  always makes for a little tension, and stresses me out when I can't get through to a loved one. Lucky me, all is well!
I don't even care that much about the world, well, yes I do, and the people I love are going to hear me. These are modern times my friends. A sort of Zeitgeist. (a spirit of the times)
We can talk on the phone to a person in China but ask us to re think  our religion,is like asking us to cut off an arm. We are making slow transitions in time for sure. Jupiter in Leo will help our children now.
As man advances so will the idea that he lacks control of himself fade away and his knowledge of a  magical being is actually him..
I do see that man/woman has created a magical helper and a secret knower of himself sort of thing.
But  what is it really?
I ask myself this all day. I want to know my conscious mind and how I create energy. What do I live for? What is that voice in my isn't a voice is it? It is something else. me sort of thing..I can see where early (ha)) man might think about beyond his ability to understand it..
Guess what, just like the big bang, the mind seems to be a part of all that and more..there are as many electric connections in your brain is as there are stars in the universe..all in our brain... It is what runs all animals, the electrified nervous system and it is elctrified energy.

"hey, you shouldn't have put that cup in the  dishwasher!"
"it is fine, I have done it  before"
"no , it isn't, it is already peeling at the edge!"
"you did that with your telepathic mind!"
"no, I didn't!"
ha ha haaaa

Er uh,,Astrology..Yes, astrology..I like it! Look at Scorpio types, look at them really and tell me you do not see the angry dirt hidden somewhere in some corner of their lives..guess what?  We all have that and Scorpio is a shining intense star and they are perfect where they are and they thrive by doing secret work. Scorpio moon peeps are so on vacation and scorpio mercury peeps are intense debaters.
simmah down, no one is going to take your god away..
but the fact that you are angry  saggitarius honey, is you know I am right. You ask secret questions inside your brain. and maybe you make things careful that you are not making bad vibes read more helps everything.

This intense full moon yea? I like it!
I am going to say that yes, we can get impatient, but it does raise certain points for me..Mars in Scorpio with this Full Moon may also be raising some points for you too. You are pissed when you have to defend any one thing! All of us..with our time thing and our shower rituals and  food fetishes, like, you cannot put an apple with salad or the smell of eggs makes you sick. You will not eat eggs to this day as a result and yesterday all day, people were dicks.
(btw, you can put a nice green apple in a salad just fine..I like medium dice))

Sometimes they are mean, people are,  our family can be mean and our friends push it..good, push it then. I mean why keep things buried all the time?

So now the Full Moon, Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter is festive Leo..there are some damm fine tunes playing somewhere, and parties, and you are resting at home. Everything is fine, do not be mad, you are happy and not sad
you are so pretty and really real as a person
you have every right indeed to ask all the questions
and you should always ponder and reason

dude, otherwise we would all be throwing our women out in the world to be gang
Can you imagine the mentality  of a race that would do that to a female child?  How did this idea get to be so revered to the point that even  today in modern times in  China and I think India too, women continue to kill their girl babies after they are born so that they can have another baby in case it is a boy next time.. See?
They are not allowed to have an abortion in China? It seems like ultra sound would be avalable but isn't see? It isn't. The vilagers are in very remote areas and rarely leave the village because it is so far to anywhere and yet they must report themselves to a man resistering births!
In India, they brought a bunch of toilets for every one  in this one village but no one uses
it is some sort of belief that being  in a closed place is unhealthy.. ( it kind of sounds nice, not!))
That is what a cieling fan is for sweetheart!
In Costa Rica, we would have beers with some local chicas and  we would all be walking home and the chicas would just go and pee right at  the edge of the jungle..just squat right there..
Do you think it is some sort of primative thing? Kind of, yea..right? In the US, you get arested for doing that.

We should get hair cuts and clean  up our faces and see what happens.What is with the bearded boys lately? You think it Jupiter in Leo?
What if they all shave at the same time?
Do it!

I love scrubbing my face with rhassoul clay.

Rhassoul is back in stock at Mountain Rose should get some..I will do the same because I made some damm fine neem soap with rhassoul and it was damm fine. I sold it all  that day but I love it so much that I am making more on Monday which is always soapmaking day.

Rhassoul Clay Soap with Neem oil
Loads of neem oil because some people love it for acne.
I made it with Himalayan pink salt. I added eucalyptus and frankincense oils. that is it..
No blend of any perfume..just the healing potential of the oils doing what they do with the salt and the neem and definately the rhassoul clay. I managed to keep a sliver for myself. It is a winner!
I made a thick lather and held it on my skin and let it dry there in order to allow the neem to do its thing.
Life is good yo..
don't be mad and don't expect too do what needs done and no egos. If this transit teaches us anything it is to be submisive to the right way..always kind and always kinder the next you are as kind as tomorow.
I love you..loads

ingredient list
  rhassoul clay
 french green clay
 himalayan pink salt ground medium fine
 neem oil
 eucalyptus oil
 frankincense oil

Have a good one, I love you!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

women my age today I woke up

55 yo!

Anyhow, here is the thing. Because many of them (women in my age group) do not have full time jobs and a business and some of them travel abroad some of the time..I make for a bad friend. I think they think I have idle time and get upset if I do not hang out or go to lunch or come over. The other day I had to cancel an engagement because my daughter had something I needed to help her with..I had to cancel yet again.
She was so looking forward to us chatting it up. They get upset with me!
She is really nice and smart. She is a writer and one of her stories really touched my heart about an Israeli mother just having given birth, having to trade her child with a Palestinian mother so that the killing would stop knowing each  had kin living in the other's  place.
Interesting thought!

Yea, they should assimilate! Plus stop defending god and live, assholes!
I get so mad at them! The dummies who arm themselves with bombs and then kill themselves so that they can kill a few more people and hurt a few more. Both of their dogmas came from Abraham..Both! I think the world is  ridiculous. Why worship this horrible horrible god who can't even defend himself? If he could, wouldn't he just show up? I think about things! Well, he killed Lot's wife (remember she turned in to a pillar of salt) because she dared to look back at her home she was leaving forever..and then Lot has sex with his own  two daughters? How drunk was he? later he gave them away to be gang raped because some angel came over and the men wanted to "know him" he is like, "no, take my two daughters instead and do not touch this man (the angel)))"
No wait, that was before god turned his wife in to a pillar of salt..oye! My point being, that, they are all backwards. Maybe the Israelis are more advanced so you know more of the poor country's  people die and suffer..

Anyhow she was hurt, the other one, is hurt, I am sorry..the whole thing does not work and then I get burdened with guilt because I feel the need in people with my frakin Mercury in Scorpio..
I am busy. Sorry, I cannot. It is the way I have planned my life's day. My kids and my home are what I look forward to every day. I must. I have a whole lot going on..maybe some people can't get that. Not the blaring music and not the mess which you know, everyone pitches in, but the comfort of my own bath and my wonderful telly and tea and honey and laundry and the is my wonderful life!

What is this burdensome feeling, this it based on some sort  of "self manipulation"?
High expectations or too high of an opinion of ourselves?
I do not know.
I won't have it, hear me!

No guilt
no shame
no expectations of grandeur
just be
clean up and be happy
find something to do for you
do a great job
make money
do not rely on others
for happiness
or love
love comes because
your heart is a beacon
it is the hottest part of you

I love your heart and I cannot make plans
I need to rest in between my life's earnings

I love you

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

summer flowers at my place

it is hideous and beautiful

I made an awesome recipe and it smelled like flowers and summer and honey and my goodness!

 It just exploded in the mold and cracked open on top and I had to add (like a crazy person) perfume of Scorpio, I thought it would fill the crack and sort of bake in like it always does..but created a crevice and then as it cooled closed itself off but it was too late.
the chemical reaction was too volatile and the oils simply imploded in themselves.
 It could have been the honey, I put this awesome raw honey I just bought fresh at the market. When I added the honey everything went red. Vibrant red! Then it turned amber orange and then this.

You know, I am obsessed with basil at the moment.. I prepared it in this soap with mandarin with bloody orange oil, beeewax, labdanum, patchouli, frankincense, templin fir, lavender, star anise, burgundy pitch, frankincense tears, loads of honey, raw, from Wiscaansan..(you have to say it lie a mid

Ok, I may have cut it too soon because my thoughts were that it is alwready done for! I had to see what is up in there because the look is already lost!
I think this soap will become of my best things and so I will gift you  a nugget. It will be special to you, you will wash your face and feet and feel like you are a sweet honey bunny..

It smells like butter scotch candy and peaches simmering in brown sugar, it smells of love for sure and it will slowly unfold its rare  perfumed sweetness later.
I hope you get one..put it away until next month  and then we will talk.I am using my little chunk at the fall seems perfect to share a honey cake with myself then.

Monday, August 4, 2014

it is the area

They say that about west Bloomfield..hoity toity and big shoes all day like any affluent place. It is great to not be you when you go there..just observe and look at  the parade.  It is the area!

I am excited about some new opportunities at my job..I get do do demo's..
I did not want to at first, I didn't really want to sanitise everything like crazy and then wear gloves and as I get older I do not change geers too easily.

I had so much fun!
I made smoothies all weekend for everyone and they loved me. We even snuck in a body smoothie I whipped up in the vita mix and women flocked..oh, it smells like cookies and cake..
"yea, it does bitches!!" lol
 Good times!
I made two smoothie recipes each day.

Blend 1
frozen 365 tropical fruit blend frozen and organic and under 3 dollars, ice, 1 Tb raw honey, 1 scoop plant protein and any good almond milk.
blend until smooth
it is very refreshing and good  for you..

almond milk

1 cup raw organic almonds
mixed with 4 to six cups water in a vita mix or high quality blender soak for two hours or so in the cooler and strain..toss the almonds in the compost pile not in the trash if you have a place that has your own outside.

Blend 2
frozen 365 peaches
vanilla almond milk ice

Someone asked if plant protein, and fruit was a good combo..It may be a point to consider with meat protein meals with  fruit,  but pea protein, and frozen berries..I think it is ok. I used Vega Smoothie protein. It mixes creamy is why I like it..
Would I take protein like this regularly?
No way! Sometimes, I would! Not all the time. I love real food too much. I often leave out the Vega smoothie mix when I make this at home. I love frozen organic strawberries, one banana,  one half lime peeled, ice and honey with a little water for hot days when I am working outside and I need a little pick me up..
I actually have two blending for skin and one for eating..
I had to. That Vita Mix is the best thing man! My goodness, it saves time.
I can make in to powder,  a cup of pink salt in like 30 seconds! I used to slave over a grinder thinking I was making the salt better if ground by my hand..
and maybe for some things it does make things simple spells I would conjure up in my minds frontal lobe so that I can spread these ideas into concrete form..
But for times when I need a bunch of salt and I need it to not scratch anyone, that grinder is the bomb!

Have a good one my sweeties..I hope you do!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

migration in animation

another day to be a scorpio surgeon and learn not yern

a surgeon of life that is.

I love this. I get to be real and it turns out I am doing ok and true blood episode 7 season 7, the last one being next Sunday.
I love this season and it turns out eric has been doing real martial arts so it isn't just vampire fast forward.
He is so tall and isn't Bruce Lee, but, still real effort.
If you watch true blood because you like gay sex, it is ok, you can admit it and who cares if the vampires ate all the republicans at that one thing in the story.
"Why you gotta take politics to a religious level. In Vampire sexy land, everyone gets eaten..someone said to me, I don't like that show with their liberal affront to republicans!!"
You know what I said?
I said, "well, I find it sad that in such an advanced and intelligent society where we still divided is that sad thing and vampires  kill everyone!"
"Yea, but I am a republican!"
I am perplexed for second,  see?
All I said was, " why?" " who cares about any of them, we are fine right now in this place, right?"
"er, ah, yes.."
Golly imagine that people risk their lives ( like me a while back) to live here because we get to do fun stuff like watch true blood, hemlock grove, derek, dude, so touching, sherlock and dinner with chef chang, the ramen master.
Republican? Democrats? that is smart and do the right thing always and it seems to me if you worship leadership blindly, you will go over a cliff, one side always does!
Am I wrong about this?
What is so bad about caring for each other? Nothing?

What is new in soap?

Here we have somewhat of "line" forming like cows do on the magnetic rhythms of earth..cows have a special magnet in their huh? That is why they travel in a line together!

Any how, I am confident that I have somewhat of a lovely  line of skin care. I am pulling myself together as it were:).
I have been satisfied with the soap labels, I hope you are too. I want a clean tidy look with somewhat of a classical feel in the materials..also, I want a simple label and  I can make my labels right here and one which you can easily open.
You see, I seem to have an aversion to leaving my house after work. It is restful here.I can think about each oil, give a spell or two make it mine all the time so that no two are the same but each one a seduction like no other no binding strings to bring you in places you need not be, but yes, one which makes you smile and sing and smell it good it can make you sick with desire  to have its luxury and comfort and smoothness of awesome skin on you..I know!! You want this as I do!!

I am never the same. And that is alright. How can anyone in artisan skin care be? You get the kind of rose scent from a  rose which was grown by some guy or woman in France or eastern Europe, Bulgaria and all that. How can they always be the same? I have a rose otto from someone which is solid, you have to heat it..and smells a little sour at first. Once heated, it unfolds memories of warmth and dry sweet resinous airs with mountain breezes near could wonder about certain compounds in the air, mountain laurel for example, it smells amazing, it trillions of particles of scent must surely effect the surrounding flora.
I do not know, maybe I do not want to know. It is just as alluring to me every time I get to buy rose oil as the last time I bought..
Eden has a white rose otto that is beautiful. That is what I am using in the creams and oils right now.
I am conjuring up gloriousness for me the time before that is just awesome.

Happy Birthday Leo!

Here are some ideas some of which I might not get to for 6 months or so but still I want things

bay berry clove
more oakmoss
basil with cardamom and ginger
basil madanrin lime
frankincense and everything

There are somethings which I will keep secret in order with samhain..yes I will do that..lets us revel in glorious unfoldment of sharing our bounty and our health too because in August we get to eat really well! Cherries have been in season and apples soon! Just so delicious!

Have a good one!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

scrounging protien boy

little stupid boy..using my time for nothing good!
he buys the protien begs for coupons and makes sure he gets all that is coming to him and buys 3 canisters on his card.. and then you are like ok,  that went well..but no!
He comes back next week with the product almost all used up  no recipt and gets his money back!
He has played this so perfectly well! Or so he thinks!
Yesterday he scrounged for 24 dollars in coupons and I gave it.
They told me later how he playes his shtick for 24 dollars!
He gets all the money back with his return of product and even the coupon money he had saved with his he never paid for when he saved the 24 dollars. So he goes and buys more product..
Just so he can keep taking this material and never really pay for it..The money from the card comes to him, because he can't work? He is doing a fine job thinking this thing through pretty well! And, we know he is fit because he takes this nutritious powder for two years now!

What is 24 dollars going to do for that guy? Unless he does it every week at all the stores in Detroit?
24x6= 144 dollars..
Still, what a small way to live, right?  okay, what is $144 dollars a week going to do for this guy?
 Nothing at all. he is so messed up on 'dumb', that he only mastered this one thing. Bad Boy! It is time for the anastasia way..
You shouldn't return the same thing over and over to make 24 dollars profit each time..that does not help anything not you not anyone! Especially not anymore, because we all know your game and think low of you!
 I will tell him, "no..bring a recipt and we'll talk." I want to take his picture, but I fear that would stepping on his human right to steel from me and you..that is what happened the last time some one tried to say, "no" to him  and he raged on about stereotyping black and some dumb shit. What he maybe does not know, is they come in all colors and sizes..the scroungers do! White as snow, dark like chocolate..and in between..sneering all day..

Yes, there are great customers..thank goodness.. who come in for real business. I simply cannot imagine spending your whole day wasting your whole life as it passes you by and not challenging your mind to be better as a person and human..
than to  go from store to store returning shit so they can get to keep the 4 or 5 dollars from the coupons for themselves..
People think too small..

I want 24 thousand dollar gifts if we are talking boons from heaven! One billion 24 thousand dollars even!

I do  not know how this boy thinks this is OK..
My boys are rare indeed and we have disagreed on many things of which I found  un reasonale standards in their education, but steeling, no..and scheming to steel, no!   I have one boy right now who can't handle the truth. So? I am not mincing words to protect his dumb secret lies..he gets mad when I tell it like it is..he gets mad..boys need a mom with strong words so that they can be good men..because sometimes the father is not there.
This other boy, this scrounging protien boy? Who knows, maybe the frontal lobe (the area that is one's personality) in his brain was damaged at birth..

worst zombie movie..
day of the dead
so bad
I watched the whole thing!

Friday, August 1, 2014

organic white rose rhassoul clay mask and face cleanser


I wanted something for myself with rose. I love rose so much and I love to wash my face with its divine scent lingering, and making me smile.
The grape seeds are ground to a super fine powder so do not worry that it will scrape your will feel really nice.
I put a bunch of rhassoul too, so if you want you can let it dry and then wash it off in the shower later.
here is the recipe

1 cup ground rhassoul clay (mountain rose) for manganese and lithium
1/2 cup french green clay for calcium and silica
1/4 cup  ground seeds of grapes, raspberry, chia.
1/8 cup ground organic quinoa ( for fluff)
1/8 cup ground  organic garbanzo
10 drops rose otto
I used both organic white rose otto and china tea rose otto

you can blend this all really finely and keep it dry in the cooler..
Here I have added organic fractionated  coconut oil. I find it behaves like a cleanser when I do this this and it is more manufactured that I am used to, but it is worthy of a feels clean and very nice..

I hope you enjoy this:)

bad spelling good heart scorpionic love wave and where is my jasmine oil?

ha ha ha
I am a geek, I have said it quite regularly so that you do not expect too much from me.:)

Here is what you can expect. I work alone and make mistakes as a result. My friends say they don't care about bad spelling and type o's and that it is a pleasure to read my blog.

Do you think I tell too much about religion?
I know I do. It is important to note regularly where we stand as civilization from my point of view.

It is isn't a rant. it is basic logic and real measurable evidence..If Mary gave real birth and believe me,  it is a messy business, pushing a baby  out, if she pushed Jesus out of her vagina, she was not a virgin. never happened and if we accept that even a thread of that is true then we must also see that we have been made to take oath to "believe" in something even though we can see it and it seems to be a dick all day..with all these dumb rules, like you can't enjoy astrology and philosophy or satire or mention his name or in Islam, draw a picture of his sacred self..remember that whole fiasco? sheesh!
Islam and Judaism and Christianity come from the Abrahamic know~ he was going to kill his son for god and then just snipped  his penis and still does..Are we really so advanced 4 thousand years later? It is worthy of thought my friends, profoundly so.
George Carlin said that God was a bad manager because he is so bad with money. "he always seems to need money from us" lol
That is so funny!
Yes, yes, I realize that it means we should be kind and good and help our fellow man. But,  how  come a pope lives in his own closed of country run by his flock's money? It is very interesting..

Maybe this is also an idea. keep your clan close and always do the right thing so that you can do good always and be careful who you give your gold to.
Do not just throw your money to the wind but also become giving and generous, to yourself  and in your own family. My mom taught me that and my dear friend Tonie.

I am fine with all of it..but I must say that living a dream life is a dream right? I mean we all bust our asses in some way or another so we do not have to live in squalor. So we can look at a nice place and eat what ever food we love. I love all the foods. I am a we can make love and talk all we can share laughter with each other with delight, so we can learn by our mishaps and so we can forgive and not tell this and that...and talk it up in to a mountain by the end of the proud you have this, rub your lover's feet with anointing oils and really love each other, really share in the moment ..
beware of lingering past mistakes, be aware of the lingering jealousy at the end of the day..leave all that behind if you can dear must remember this is now, here you are now, and it is very good and safe and dry and warm at night..

I have made so many friends through the years and they all talk to me about, well, just about anything..I have Mercury in Scorpio in  my tenth house  and right now, conjunct Mars in Scorpio. I like it. learning-zilla is a thought that comes to mind.:)
Soon I will expose myself to more through work and more refined behaviors  and ideas..
If there is anything A Scorpio transit can do, and believe me there is plenty they can do, but if there is that One thing that is a best thing is, not to say a word.
They can say nothing and hold back and observe.
They should anyhow.
Here is the thing though..
Holding too much back makes for seething and stealthy and then, one day, like a fucking Volcano!

Stealthy is way the best thing.. be stealthy for goodness not outward authority. Stealthy for learning the shit, the nitty gritty and the rareness in all..being able to ask yourself first and don't lie, now!
That is the Scorpio way. man, you are good though..

Amazing oils for a Scorpio transit would be always sandalwood and always a shot jasmine because it loves the lower shakras where creation and rebirth lie..jasmine does..
Don't believe me?
I am sure there is a wee tiny micro particle in jasmine which makes us feel animal, churning, living thoughts thunderously rolling..burning to reach the heavens of your mind..which when you think about are the mind..and the animal..
Scorpionic, jasmine is, and,  when you add a little bit black  pepper and ginger or nutmeg, you might get a rare hint of mysticism..I have been wanting a little black pepper, actually.

I am in to the oily balms at the moment..I can actually slowly melt each nugget of frankincense in the beeswax and It is jelly..My goodness, but that excites me!