Thursday, February 27, 2014

2 hour hair treatment

Winter is so hard on hair. It dries out faster than you can say frizz!
Maybe it is just me, but my scalp feels itchy and tired. Like it is dry and calling me to care..just like some people! ha!

I mixed
shea butter
organic coconut oil
lavender neroli and  organic jojoba
I whipped all of them on a cold winter's day. The shea whipped very  nicely because maybe, it was the organic argan oil I drizzled in there to loosen the shea butter..I may have chilled it too far which is why it  created a lovely whip! Clearly this consistency wouldn't hold on a hot summer's day!
I put a whole lot in my hair and I massaged  my scalp I will wait 2 hours and do my thing..
which is make stuff, clean up, polish and then scheme my next move in skin care.
Last month, I used rose hip seed oil, this next month I may just go ahead and splurge on some raspberry seed oil, or more black seed oil..both very nice for hair care!

I have all sorts of resources at my fingertips..from herbals to books, to really smart people who teach me all day. And, then there is me!:)
You know, my lovely smart friends, the ladies I work with all sweet, young, hot babes..I am the oldest and witchy and I am so glad I have made such a nice place(lugar) for myself both at work and here at
Life is sweet in many ways..let's do our hair!

Here is the thing with good friends..and..I must admit I do this too..
but we say we are sorry for not having contacted them..("Hero", Rhonda Byrne))
I mean, we shouldn't apologize, we should just be happy to see each other..
next time I speak to you, it will be like, "Hey there babe, what's up? Tell it!"
"I love you, you have been my friend for ages, and, it is like we were never apart"

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

sunshine and snow

the polar vortex
it sounds like some 70's sci fi movie..

It is cold, yes and now everyone is saying how this winter has been awful. It really has, cold cold cold and very cold..floods when there is a little melt down and then ice over that. If it gets any colder, we'll build tunnels in the sky, just so we can get to work safely..
In a thousand years, they will have more completely covered living and commuting areas..due to the pollution and radiation from a red star, our sun..
It may be ten thousand years, a million, but red giant, it will become..
But, what is to become of us?
"ashes to ashes, dust to dust"
Star dust that is!!

ok ok, space is not all I think about..I think about practical things too.
I think about my boy and I think about you
I love the way you look
My eyes reflecting liquid crystals like The Doctor's Sapphire waterfall..
My heart open to the best things for you and  me right now, today.
My "brain" like a sponge absorbing easily what needs noted and my "mind" knowing what needs shed..

wearing jasmine and frankincense.
it is nice

I hope you have a wonderful day and, as Mars the ruler of Aries goes retrograde..keep you main plans a secret and plan plan Mercury goes direct, next month will be interesting. The thing is passive aggressive behavior, will be hard to hide..that is what I think.
Also, nobody needs to know what you are doing. be creative, be serene and be quiet and really does make a difference on how people respond to you.
You know, I work retail and sometimes I get an old lady bitching at me about prices.
I have no tolerance for this as I am  completely powerless to adjust pricing of toothpaste.
I will be honest always but sometimes I get scolded..I say I am sorry and try to let it go..ok I forgive her. It is hard. Old folks are cheap no matter how much money they have.
My ba ba used to hide her money and as she got older she would forget where she put it and she would accuse everyone of stealing it. She was a Gemini and lived to 96 years old..she would wander the neighborhood and visit a widow down the street who supplied her with funny! My mom  thought ba ba had Alzheimer's and it was really just consumption of  cheap whiskey!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Mercury Direct and Mars Retro

here is the bottom line with this aspect
you can make a list of all things you can't control and it will go to the wind..wooosh!

you cannot make someone love you enough
you cannot turn back time
you cannot change the corporation
you cannot control the weather

make a list of all the things you love
nurture everyday
that is what will show it self now..

any one can get a dishwasher job, I promise you

So, if you know someone who is complaining about their work, run away from them..
Even if you are washing dishes, you had better consider singing a dilly about it rather than bitching about this that..
Wash the best dishes you could ever wash!
 I am washing dishes right, in a minute..always with the dishes. It is like a morning after a party!
Tea cups coming out of corners and such and that is just my family!

So here we are, on a Monday, having some tea and chatting about work and life and our awareness of ourselves during everyday events.
How we see our "fit" in this whole picture and once again, watching our words or lack of them.
Saying the truth should be easy, but it isn't and if you have any sort of angst, it is all on you..I mean who else, right? Just remember that whatever happened in the last month is a culmination of the last six months! Bills have gone unpaid perhaps or you may have been neglectiong some very important details with your job..maybe both for some..
Look, take each day and be open to change and do not allow the mood vampires to drain your soul..if they had no one to complain to, they would forgive themselves and be quiet. Sometimes, it is better to be quiet and smile..the ones who have a board with the list of the things they hate, run away from! Go now! Go read a good book, (Hero, by rhonda byrne)
The more self aware we are, the more we understand some basic survival methods..
setting up an area of disappointment makes more complaining, negative soul suckers and violent thoughts all around, drug addiction, alcohol, pain, whiny pain!

Setting up a positive calm room takes more as well, yet the results are powerful!

attracts love

I have tried it..during a very intense time with two of my teen is like scream zilla meets darth vader with those two!
I almost got in a panic one day and brought in the whole family as an intervention..that is what Greeks do:) We share with our lovely highly intelligent friends and momma!
Why? Because everyone is afraid of yia yia..they all love her so much!
I am a Libran with Mercury in Scorpio..a true genius really, :):)
I am just now realizing my mother's witchery and she really observes my thoughts and listens to my ideas on God..we went shopping yesterday, yes, I went to the mall! Changing, I am! Last year, I would have fallen apart at the prospect of going in a big place like that..Mercury in Scorpio types like to keep it simple and close to the cave..that is why I love living here in Livonia..My Italian market is nearby, Cosco, Zerbos, Wholefoods, all within ten miles of me!

People ask  all the time if I miss Costa Rica? I say, "No, not at all." I really love it here. I love everyone I work with and I love my job and I love soap making and my awesome warm bed with the sweet smelling sheets and I love good food, good bread, good  cheese..
I have plenty of money, to meet my needs..
I have you..
I find that sharing my ideas is most rewarding! I hope to take my time and get better at writing..
Soapmaking is getting a little boost as well.
I am working on a new perfume oil inspired by a gorgeous creature from the North..

Narcotic Prayer Oil

neroli~narcissus anointing oil
rose otto, og white rose
china tea rose
ylang ylang
clove one drop in the whole blend
Doesn't that just get your juices flowing?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

she calls her a he

Art is about what the image makes you feel as much as skill.
This artist is phenom to me!
Aries all day with the tenacity of Taurus somewhere in there..
(and they say astrology doesn't work)
They (Aries) rule when it comes to being a tornado of skill and capabilities.

I found this image to be uncomfortable as a sketch and now that the colors are in, I see me in this image and others who have given their heart in all honesty and sacrifice even.
It is the head which inspires me in this picture..
a little creepy, a  creature from some distant planet.
made of all colors, perhaps having  further understanding about what we are.

I love you

Friday, February 21, 2014

calm waters

after a storm
words spoken like swords
selfish desires coming to the surface
clearly, now, understood with pure focus
on what's to come
what is already come
already has had its special place under our sun

you, a remnant of a super nova
which made calcium and gold
which is you
you golden witch
you siren of joy
you leader of compassion
triumph by submitting to a greater force and allowing yourself to move forward
like you have a choice about that!

A good intention is automatically cloaked with power (Emerson said that)::))
I am intending strength from my core,  ideas flourishing and comfort always:)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

piggy bitches

be aware
you are sometimes a rare gift
but may be militantly following  a plan a template
and then in so doing you bring to you common needs
being an actor instead of a writer of templates
of scripts
of stories which will tell
who are you?
the story or the story teller?
or just another mongrel wandering in the wilderness all alone, begging to be respected, admired, loved and even more, adored during millions of moments..

by exposing someone one's secrets, somehow feeling bigger now, better, justified?

forgive and allow for the water under the bridge, that is where is is, always moving, without you or with you, clinging at the edges, your fingers already thick with muck and'll take a knife to get that scraped out, for sure..
you can be on that bridge, knowing you are safe and sound here right now allowing the Universe to take care of itself..all you have is your heart in your hand..and some deep rare hunger to change and it hurts like a gnarly bitch!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

hello mercy jerk

Mercury retrograde has sure gotten some feathers ruffled..
how many times have I been saying, do not burn your bridges and you are like, " no, that is fucking it!!
every time..that is how many..
sure, things get heated the faking truth hurts!
Are you going to carry this burden  on your back and become more bowlegged as time goes by, or are you going to forget others and do good in "your" life?
that means helping others who care about you..when they need you, not when you want them to..the ultimate sacrifice you can make it your time, so precious and so easy to forget...
If there were a better time to be thankful, it is now..
think about the Serians, all homeless or that Pakistani couple that got stoned to death the other day  for adultery..can you imagine a place where they still do that?
Or that jesus' name can be taken in vain..that there is stupid, when every war does so and we pray for winning..

When we calm down about our things we can see the world we live in a whole different way..
everyone needs some love today..they may be hurt
or sick
or tired
been cryin
been grievin
but some of us..we've
been restin our mind from daily squables to viewing something grand
to using our hands
resting our mind and reading a story
about brand new ways to know "matter"
our minds like sponges sending waves of energy through our thoughts and yet we still do not understand how far they go..maybe until they too collapse unto themselves..
my aim this day is to pile on the best ones along the way, yo:)

Monday, February 17, 2014

love on the wild side

This is one of the best things I have heard in a long time, " with others I had to stay  busy and do things but with him I am happy just doing nothing"
You know, to me that is awesome. Doing nothing big but still being happy..not having to go here and do this  or that with friends just to fill an empty gap in your heart..which with how the emotions of the day may have brewed, you may be feeling an emptiness deep inside..
Mercury retrograde + angst of some sort..yes, it is easy to get all hung up crying or complaining with no reprieve from where to be able to let it go and be free from pain, anguish, worry, money crap...of course I could go on, but why? It makes everything bigger in your mind. Justification is always a lie, or at least half of it is.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

kron gracie

The little dragon!
I almost wanted to get on the mat and roll around,:)

In my mind, I recalled how fun it was, my life in martial arts and now this boy at work and his girl take gracie ju jitsu and he shares some  of his excitement and I remember I knew some moves and how I loved it..I always lost but, I didn't care. Everyone wanted to fight me, because I gained energy and wore them out loosing..:)
The other day a boy at work came at me just for fun and just out of side kick , at the right moent, (in the air~not actual hitting))that boy is fun to work with..he does what I tell him before I tell him..that there is true martial art.
Life is good, even if you are tired.

I am not tired. My body aches because it is snowing (water in the air makes me feel heavy)but I move and I think and I speak calmly, I is great, busy and never, I will completely smile at everyone and be polite as usual:)

Allow me to tell you of my little worry at them moment..
when I say my techniques in skin care, it doesn't mean I am taking credit for anything..everything I have learned is from watching and practicing and listening and trying examples from masters.
My scrubs, which have come a long way are not mine beautiful Tonie makes a scrub that is  perfect foam and paste at the  same time..
eavnhealy puts fenugreek in her scrub..
I am currently using seeds of berries and grapes steeped in black seed oil and manuka honey, frozen and then pulverized in the vita mix..btw, my vita mix is only used for skin care and an occasional fruit fact, you could eat this scrub if there weren't vetiver in it!
Would I call myself a skin care artisan? Yes!
Who else makes a butter that is such a pleasure to use?
Someone, I am sure:()) hahahaa
and that is why we love oils, we show it by our food and our skin is the same..

I love you and hold you in my heart

we should do some astrology soon:)

Art in progress by Sarah Crabtree
It is so cool! I wonder what it'll show us in the end?
I have named this one..
"I hold you dearly in my heart"

Saturday, February 15, 2014

talking with the coconut oil guy at columbus foods

He  was appalled by how much I super fat my recipe and that I am crazy to use organic cold pressed coconut oil for soap!
He told me I could use organic refined..
"How is it refined?"
He is said, "it's organic so nothing in a bad way, they simply use citric acid to refine the oil."
"where do they get the citric acid?"
"i don't know, but listen, it evaporates in the steam process, you are only getting very small amounts of citric acid particles"
he started to do the math 
I changed the subject..

It is expensive to use cold pressed coconut oil but, I do not think I should change to refined organic..
what do you think?
Would you like to have more foamy lather in your soap? Do you care  which coconut oil I use? Am I just being stubborn?
I do not mind that my soap is a little too oily..and I certainly could care less on how long it does what it does..
I have used lighter olive oils and yes, they saponafy, but look,  the whole unfiltered oil renders a more complete product in the end..somehow more dense and more deep in its colors..the fat speaks for itself!

tell me..
refined organic lower price?
extra virgin organic?

the year of the horse colors and ideas

sandalwood and lime color my mind
yellow and gold are gleaming there too
jasmine and lemon,
patchouli with rose like wine from the best vineyards
and a resinous goo that calls me with ideas ranging in the blue violet templin fir juice and
red green cedars and birch
a beautiful burnt orange in cinnamon clove
 sweet caramel
mixed with vetiver
with vanilla at the back of your neck
waiting until the last moment to show herself and sweet she is

vanilla with lemon
lime or sweet orange
or a soapy  nugget drenched in bergamot and black smoke from tea
lemony lemon with lemon grass...wouldn't that be refreshing?

Refresh yourself  by the water at least once a time to drink is in the afternoon..make it a drink break.

you are pretty
condition your hair
get a hair cut
clean up your mane
make it glisten
make sure you are eating good fats form cold pressed oils
eat more unrefined organic coconut oil, for shiny works!

I like one half teaspoon with sesame seeds and one chocolate chip..simple and rather tasty..and it isn't such a big bite that all you get is oil..the oil mixes  with the melty chocolate chip and you are done for the day. It is like taking a vitamin.
supplies you'll need for daily intake:
1 jar organic gomasio sesame salt with seaweed
1 jar organic extra virgin coconut oil
1 package organic chocolate chips
1 small spoon
take 1/2 teaspoon daily


Friday, February 14, 2014

burnt sugar grape flat bread for people I love

Ever bake grapes right in to some pizza dough and then douse that with sugar and spices?
Bake at 500 for 10 minutes and then reduce heat to 400 for ten more minutes..let it rest before you eat this, the grapes are hot! Who can wait? I already burned my finger with carmelized sugar!
Sorry I cussed the other day..I was just messin':)

I hope you are all having a wonderful fullfilled evening at home with people who love you. and it is just a gesture, but why not just say , "thank you, I love this with you right  now.." even if you say it quietly to yourself, which you should always be secretly in love with yourself.
For some of us, it is our family, the music, the knowledge, the I go an a in biology, it is nice..
the hard things are when we compete with what we think is real and for sure what we want , or is it  adrenalin forcing our hand?

Angry thoughts may lead to accidents..has anyone drawn a little blood today by rushing?

By the way, the bread thing was awesome!

balms are good happy full moon

Everything else is a step down from a good balm and a spritz if hydrosol..I love rose should always have some!
This isn't me being staunch or arrogant, these are the facts mommas!
Beeswax balm is protective, allows your skin to breathe and is absorbent enough to grasp other fatty acids from olive or avocado or finer ingredients like baobab or rose hip seed oils  (stinkin rosehip!))..ok, ok, I like skin loves it so I use it when I want to:)

Try these techniques of mine and see how your skin has a nice warm glow.
I am not saying go makeup free, but I am saying that the reds,( rose hips, red berries and red water plants) the fragrant gifts  of nature are the first step towards good skin care.
You can buy all the glycolic cleanser you want and they can never do what a perfectly ground scrub can do..a spritz of rose hydrosol over an waxy is perfect..

follow up with your face prep for the day
at work, I like to look polished..even if I feel like I ate too much ramen the night before..I am obsess with making the perfect ramen have to start with kombu and clean water..after you simmer the kombu you pull it out and start on your broth..

I put the drained kombu in the vita mix with avocado oil and made it all smooth..i wonder if i can make some skin care with that for remains frozen for the moment:)

Remember the gnarly bitch balm?
Patchouli cacao in a rich beeswax balm?
It started with my love of rose and patchouli at the time..
I am making it her today..she starts with local soft beeswax, avocado oil, organic olive oil, cacao absolute, rare old patchouli..I want to make her sweet with amazing chocolate coming from the center of this blend, then the gorgeous patchouli and then oh, what the fuck, something else, a wonderful musky finish later in the you glimpses of vanilla mixed with youness..
she is a gnarly bitch sometimes!

Happy Full Moon In Leo, Kitties..
Snuggle up and be loved is the best way but if you don't have that, then you had better just love yourself then..
make sure you look nice today and not over done..people are looking..
I love you!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the wierd russian thing and the lentil fiasco :)

 I do not know the correct number of items I should have on the menu at eleneetha's,  but when I do, I will make it really feng shui..meanwhile I will try..

I make really nice soaps, yea? I'll use really good oils and heavily which is why I run out of material:) Why do I, myself think so? Because I am unwilling to compromise when it comes to best ingredients! Based on that compulsion, I will attract the same kind of person, who studies ingredients as I do. We are not alone..
Also, I compete with no one. Not in this business or any other endeavor. I love helping people and when they are just as wonderful, there is vibrant fire and glow around me and I am a rock is a Libra thing, I  think.
Are there better soap makers out there, better butter makers? :)
Yes, of course!
 I don't know how MyChelle does it to get their night cream so light and smooth at the same time.  In the end, I find most over the counter creams to be either too waxy or too fragrant with some fake crap they put in there..and potassium sorbate? It feels like a clogging mask of chemical to me every single time, where something light like a beeswax jelly, never does!
I like shea butter for one reason though..even though it is oily too and needs to be stretched with other carriers and hard to work with..I like it because it is doesn't need any holding holds we all should::)xo

I made a "blend" for perfume using some techniques I have been studying the other day and every one loved it..It had many things..I wanted a citrus leather sandalwood thing I made the cream with it..I worried it wouldn't be good..I sold them all and worried my ladies wouldn't love the blend.
Then later, one day, I opened the base perfume I had blended and it blew me away!
I was once again amazed at the power of essential oils and how magnificent each oil is!
Sometimes I do not trust myself and I worry about outcomes. Essential oil blends do not come out the same way when mixed into different mediums..and each thousand times one might encounter a blend that doesn't agree..hopefully no..not even one out of a thousand..

friendly universe bath oil

The same one went into the cream I made and they are completely different in scent. In the cream, jasmine, rose cry out, in the oil, all the things I was wantin', the bergamot first and then the dry off leaving hints of leather and richness in musky musical notes riding on micro particles of flower juice.
The carriers have a whole lot to do with the outcome of a scent in skin care, even simple jojoba or coconut oil can effect a finish on one's skin.
I like coconut oil in soap. I like the cold pressed organic vendor ran out and that is  something holding me back a little..good thing I made enough soap to get through this short period with grace.
I mean I really should, just get a drum of og coconut oil (55 gallons) and stop driving everywhere to buy it.

All in all it is a step in the right direction and with Mercury wobbling backwards at the  moment, it is a time of prep.. and then foreword on with   Mars Libra going retrograde..many endings too.
Say good bye and remember the good you gave and thank yourself for always being stellar... and now for all the "hello's"..
The new "hello's"!

There are high thinking minds at your door
respectin' you all day
and in the evening they tuck away good thoughts of you to save for a rainy cold day
to give you their heart
without expectations
and submit to your love
every word and every deed done with out guile
and done without sacrifice but with charm and good delighted intentions..
I love you

**I threw away some lentils and they leaked all over the floor and I had to clean everything with soapy water on my knees, making sure to get all the new spill mixed with old hidden ones..

Monday, February 10, 2014

lion's mane mushrooms

Lion's mane mushrooms are increasingly studied for their neuroprotective effects. Two novel classes of Nerve Growth Factors (NGFs) -- molecules stimulating the differentiation and re-myelination of neurons -- have been discovered in this mushroom so far. These cyathane derivatives are termed "hericenones" and "erinacines." The levels of these compounds can vary substantially between strains, based on the measurements our team has conducted.
paul stamets

Sunday, February 9, 2014

beautiful dreamer super seed scrub

I have waited and waited to turn you on
so that you can feed each skin cell whose energy is open to receiving
fervently waiting for the best things

and here we have them..
Organic grape seeds are a very hard seed to work with and adding the red raspberry seeds this this scrub made it a two day grind( if you know what i mean)
The vita mix, actually gave out for five minutes so I gave up.
I knew i didn't want to add too much clay to this only a little of that but more mung bean powder which I ground each thing on its own until I added the seeds..

The extra day proved to be perfection.
here we have the scrub simply mixed with the rosehip seed jelly with the Brazilian green water..simply mix equal parts and apply on a wet hot face..
You will love it and your skin glistens afterwards..
mind you that rose hip seed oil has an odor and you might want to wash it off and apply something else later after you rinse everything...the idea with these heavier oils is to use them as a we know, that rose hiop seed oil is healing in every way for skin repair!
Pomegranate too, it smells I always wash it off with soap after a treatment..remember that after about three minutes, an oil does what it does and it is done..your cells close back up after three or four minutes.
The stinkier the oil, the more it does, look at tamanu! oye, no!
too much rawwrr...

Give me jojoba or a light marula anytime..mmm, marula oil...I love that one..we should have that with just neroli in it!

beautiful dreamer scrubin for me

Anastasia's Super Seed Extra Fine Facial
organic red raspberry seeds
organic red grape seeds
organic chardonay grape seeds
organic black raspberry seeds
organic black seed oil
manuka honey 16+
mung beans
french green clay
organic vetiver
a few drops geranium and patchouli
brazillian green propolis
astaxanthin from red algea
tupelo honey

athiests and people who come over to debate god with me

"Thia (auntie), You believe in God, right?"
I started explaining what I thought and he was lost..poor boy! He wanted me to just say, "yes".
I sort of started on the spark of consciousness in the brain and all that!

Atheists (without god) are the most hated of all types of people, including serial killers..
I don't know. Fear? Fear of bad thoughts?

I look at it this way, the more you learn about the nature of existence through science and real understanding of nature, the less you "believe" lies of a virgin birth or someone coming back to life because they are more special than you and me. It is ridiculous and an outdated myth made during a time when we thought we were here in this universe, all alone..just special and so non pure..dirty even..
wow, who thought of all that crap?

It seems to me if you have god in your heart(??) you always do right, even hate becomes unknown to you, right?
When someone tells people that God doesn't exist, they freak out and want to squash that thought and the person who thinks it.
They will say it is because they are defending God..
They get emotional like you are taking their heart and ripping it out and then they will be all alone in this human existence. "God makes me happy, he is real to me, I believe in him"

Do I think God is real?
No and yes!

My reasons for no..and yes...
Man has evolved till now as he has, slowly and messily..from a bone marrow eating humanoid living in trees with hair all over and big flat feet  to using the land to grow and make stuff with, including a nice cave somewhere, fire, shoes and boots and good coats in winter..that there is brain power!
 We have  learned to use what is before us to make ourselves more comfortable as we learn more and more about ourselves..our brain and where this life actually comes from..we rely less and less on myths and hearsay from hateful jerks who make rules and the stories.

"If it weren't for Rome making the Catholic Religion, Christianity would have remained in one small little town, never to be heard from again"
Mussolini or some one in the regime of the day..

If God were real, why would he allow a bunch of soldiers kill his "only" son or his chosen people, the jews?
That is when he should be God, otherwise what is the point?
I mean really?
I saw a bumper sticker on a car the other day, "god is pro life"
He is isn't!
His son, the crusades, atiilla, alexander, the christians who burned people alive, the nazis who were catholic, the fascists in cahoots with the catholic church, those fuckers that killed my grandfather..they all said they believed in God.
What about us? Are we constantly unhappy, worried, fighting, jealous, bitter, annoying, over medicated and maybe that is just americans:)))??
God is supposed to bring goodness and joy or the concept of perfection that can never be reached due to our creation of a divine being who can punish..or requires praise all day just so you can get some relief from your misery..
again with the praise!

I am gonna praise my coworkers and my children and my momma and my own mind where even there, I have courage and poise..poise.

 Surely because I ponder such ideas, I must be divine! I must be something more than a life form soaking up the Sun's rays to make nutrients to keep me alive, ok, that there is amazing, yo! So, yes, I reach to ponder that a divine source does exist and always has..

That trees and flowers and grasses have all the components for us a  higher life form, to  thrive by.
the bone marrow with it's life juice have transformed all that with water and iron in my blood.
That is really amazing, really something to praise..

being resentful about one idea or the other is no way to live.."just let it go", I said in the end.
Be a good person and try to be happy, do good work and rest when you need to..
calm down
let yourself think before you act out
do art
do not compete with me or others
just do what you do and be happy about it
nobody needs to know how awesome you are
and certainly, nobody wants to hear you complaining all day and hating this and hating nice..
and when you separate yourself from all that, you end up on top having accomplished greatness simply by doing good work, being calm and having poise.
That there is God to yes, I believe in God..I guess...:)))

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fabulous Three Day Sale At Eleneetha's

Beautiful Dreamer Set

the two for ten's

They are great for two reasons,
Traffic for me and actually getting something amazing for yourself for very little money.
You know it and I know it, good skin care costs money..the oils, the scrubs, the charcoal and whatnot..a girl has needs!
When you run out of lotion , what? I can't even think about it!:0)

So we had that chamomile lavender is nice, for the kids, after dishes and maybe even before bed.
I will use vetiver and geranium till it is gone..I did put patchouli in there, just a drop as to soothe the geranium a little more.
It is one of those balms that just feels right anytime, yes?
I am already getting notes from the gals who bought the special deal and they tell me, "thank you"
I love that:)

I will do another two for ten soon as I still have a few more of the white lidded jars..they are not that bad, really..

What do you think about the dark one among the others?

Can you tell by the oils which is cham and which is vetiver based?
The two red ones are, green propolis and astaxanthin..yes!!

Coming up at,  eleneetha's
Brzillian Green Propolis balm with astaxanthin and heavy on the frankincense for those of us who need that on our knees or lower back for pain, boswellic acid and all that..

Brazillian Green Propolis Face Scrub with astaxanthin and super fine ground grape seeds and red raspberry seeds, both organic and all ground superfine. I like this scrub very much and it has been a year since we used grape seeds on our faces, this year, I have a vita mix..dude!! I am so happy with it. What an amazing tool!

The Scrub
ground organic green grape seeds, ground organic red raspberry seeds, ground organic mung beans, manuka honey, organic black seed oil (black cumin), Brazillian green propolis, red algea extract and our new exclusive vetiver patchouli geranium blend...not too much..
This is a fabulous facial for all of us. I hope that you get a little:)

The Balm..
not as complex as  it's rose hip seed oil cousin on my menu,  but still something very nice.
local bees wax, brazillian green propolis, one drop is that strong and I certainly wouldn't want to stain your pink tender skin!
The scent is vetiver/vanilla because, it is a nice finish to this lovely facial. You can use any balm you have handy,  if you make your own scrub with your own ingredients, but why would you when you can get this all from me, Anastasia:)

What do you think? To me this is something nice because I love you and me!
ok? Ok!
venus direct, mercury retrograde..folding, driving, is what needs done..and you always smelling nice..


Thursday, February 6, 2014

and now some emerson

I listen to audio books when I am packing orders, I like biographies and zombies. The last book, the pope and Mussolini was very good and gave me a perspective of how stupid humans are as a whole..they wanted to be arians..and what price they all paid to have it for a moment spec of time..yea, so Emerson and next Tesla..
but my point, people are zombies..I love zombies..they eat your brains you know and then you become like them..choose wisely, i guess:)

People who stay home and watch tv  all day and say the are bi polar,
aderol people, that other drug they all take for happiness, they  remind me of zombies..
I wonder what triggers that chemical?
I know there is something that changes a person..

"I have really, really dry skin."
"ok, use this and drink a glass of water"
"Uh, no, I hate water."
"well, change your mind about that:)", I said:)(actually, I ranted about, the raisin and how there is a reason it is dry and water! I can only say so much.
"No, I wont", she said to me..


have a good day

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

winter gray

We will have to shovel snow for sure today:)
I kind of like it now, the snow, it is a nice warm veil from the bitter cold, especially if you're in the house all warm and cosy making soup or cake or some goodies. I love that!
My favorite food though is roasted peppers, any way any how..

Here we have jalapenos New Mexico and poblano roasting on a cast iron skillet coated ever so slightly with coconut oil (og)
When you do it this way, the aromas that come from the roasting are heavenly, smokey, fruity and rustic.
these will be peeled and chopped with tomato, onion, lime juice, salt, one garlic clove and a whole bunch of cilantro..
this tasty refreshing salad is so good with just about any starch..I like all the breads, I might pair this with a semolina round loaf, if I have my preferences:)I don't much eat corn tortillas, I mean I am Greek! That was one thing I didn't  love about Costa Rica, fakin corn tortillas!!  I ate them, when you are hungry from hard work, everything tastes good. You walk a whole lot and it is hilly there.

I should make that soon, a nice round semolina loaf!
What did you think I was gluten free?
I am a cook, we eat everything..
ok, no snails, or frankly with all the toxic metals in our waters, I do not eat fish..I will taste things at know, it is all about the food, the flavor, the root, the acid from citrus, it is a beautiful thing!

My thought of the day to me..

"I rely on my abilities and would never cheat myself, I am a hard worker and I smell good and also i am honest with my self..I love my life and my day to come.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mercury Chiron Conjunct

I feel it for two days now! I cannot sleep because my brain is in a very strange consciousness point..I toss and turn and think some more..
I am a Libra with Mars in Gemini, thinking is what we do.
But Chiron and Mercury conjunct in Pisces  during a pre  Mercury retrograde..may be a wee bit of a  catalyst and / or disruptive little ghoul, which you will take care of like that guy in walking dead does..:)
(February 9th, Walking Dead)
Just because these "mental" planets  are in emotional Pisces, this doesn't mean it is all lovie and cute..although there is a bit of garishness as some pisces folk get to.. get away with..
they are so interesting..

For Virgo, this is an awesome  time to finally be who you are. Hiding behind a veil of dogma and rules on how to get to heaven is no way to live your life..
Veils get worn out and ripped open or you gently slide them to the side and, now look.
(not all most will have suffered and now changed in to either zombie brain eaters or artistas)
if you are reading this virgo, I am leaning towards the artista side for you:)

respect yourself

with venus and neptune coloring your cosmic lights with blues and greens and violets somewhere in the distance reflecting other golden hues from other reflective  beings..the creatures of love, loyalty and commitment to your interests..your art, your words, your knowledge and wonderful poise through traumas..your words..we are one..

and as they say in the song, "what ever you do, do it good"
 ( )

Sunday, February 2, 2014

right here right now

Mercury is about to go retrograde so get ready, as if you already haven't been jumbled by Mercury:())
Here in Michigan,  the snow on top of warm slush and then snow and then more is such a big big winter..of course six more weeks, if not eight!
Then again, there could be more flares from the Sun which would melt this all up in no time..the mountains of snow will take a longer time. I wouldn't be surprized if we had them through May 2014!

I feel good:)
The energy  is too much some times and with Mars in Libra heating up my creative juices to a perfect pitch and array of color, I am energized..maybe too much?
 I will take this time to tidy up my life in more ways that one which is the Libra way..

If you are Scorpio, look for 12th house issue to crop up and make you see things that were buried, impacted,  too deeply for you to is the time to be easily brave and to  be free from worry. You are loved and respected because you are always deeply right, Scorpio Moonies too..
If you are waiting for an opportunity to present itself, it'll be in helping people in need..and skillfully organizing their needs. You are an, just do anything until you will do want...
get it?

Cancer, thank you for being a listener and friend.
It is about time you thought of your needs now instead of waiting and waiting around someone sucking you down..fak that! You will gracefully say the truth where some of us blurt it out with anger or too much passion.
Get it done, son!:)

Gemini, honey, cup cake, sexy beast! Now, lets get some work done..not everything is that one detail you keep being distracted a sneaky good one!

Pisces, yes you are right..but maybe put away the razor sharp teeth after the resolutions. It is over when it is over but you'll beat it a little more..Aries too..if you dwell on something long enough, it becomes real in your mind..the same nervous chemicals get released..
No body is perfect and people take advantage..they just do..we all have..humans instinctively make choices to better their survival..
no different from cave men we are!
I mean what is a million years within billions?

Leo, I've picked on you enough.

have a wonderful day, I am making brioche and it is time to bake:)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I should just stop texting

I told the girl to leave..she just has a away of always being there..
I wake up, she is on the couch tapping her foot against the edge really fast because she takes aderol for her "condition"..and so, I said, "no more" The horse has reared! I want people to make more space not take it..
"oh, her mom can't have internet because of her boyfriends legal issues?" (before, me, "awe")
Today, me, "take off babe, it is too much of a strain to have you here"
I am such a stubborn ass Libra sometimes! I mean I feel like I cheated what my heart's disire and I've waited  six months now, to say, what I want, exactly! The Libra way,  "well, didn't want to hurt her or my  boy and she got to live here and carry on.."
Libra is a procrastinator so thank goodness that my Capricorn Moon took me right down to the facts, eventually, ha ha ha!

“The time for pondering and planning was 2013 Snake year. Horse year is time to act fast, buy that home, launch that business, travel the world, make a big purchase, get a promotion at work, have a breakthrough – take a leap and fly.

It is the year of the wood horse just having completed the year of the water snake..
Some of us haven't enjoyed too much of this watery snake at a times but "know" ourselves we did. The water snake makes people really fearful and having to deal with emotional attachments. Having now come out of the slimy part of the water, ok, I'll  say, where there was algea, you have once again  experienced some sort of fearful yet necessary growth.It makes your head hurt, all this trying hard business!

The wood horse
wood is an interesting part of our is the giving ~ the  material. The warm bed, the family contentment and money.
this is, right now, the best time to be grateful. The wood horse Carries you though. You may get burned badly if you let the wrong people roam with you. it is time for dicipline and if ever there was a time when you would be judged on who you run with, it is now..
don't think about what hasn't come yet. Think about how lucky and warm you are and how you have enough food and bread and a fire to heat everything up and abilities of energy and intent coming very easily now!

maybe someone carries you maybe you are carrying someone
wood is duty
and spotted cuteness here and there

the tree,
 somehow grows near us,
giving us fire
the ashes giving us soap:)
giving us food and medicine

The year of the wood horse makes me think about all those things and helps us settle our affairs..there is always enough..
but you must let go of your fears and perhaps run with more purpose and reality of who you are and what you want. Be as detached as you can be. and as loyal and worthy as you can. Be honest..and I mean honest.

My abilities will astound me this year. I know that yours will too!
I feel like that.
At work, I have reached a point, where, my memory is right on and as soon as I get good at something, I get thrown in to the next thing..It is awesome!
I love it so much and I shouldn't say that because they'll push me further..hahahaaa
The horse jumps fences and walls so let go! :)