Sunday, July 31, 2016

a letter to a young man

I love you very much

find work
be a good man
be a clean person
help yourself now
learn to read good books

don't lie to me to justify your own untruths
I can see all that as muck and vile anger ties that keep us separate and you closer to be a misogynist
please no and I know that you do know better
I understand
the world teaches you that women  have power too
we do
oh yes we do
and if I can't play you with round kicks anymore
don't worry
I have words that will blow you away
I saved them and polished them all the years I had to hold back what I wanted to say but did not out of fear of men's loathing of my opinions
oh you are capable of this too as a young man, but we have evolved to understand a little more of who we are..
This is the time you will see me for who I am..oh yea..oh me oh my..
I hope I am a warrior still and that
I have seemed to stay above the wretched lies
(I hope I have))
 the congested desires that can make us stuck
more stuck in our beliefs
may they be true or no
may they be real or fake
may they be always ready to be better
is what I say


Saturday, July 30, 2016

July is the New August

It has been a wonderful summer so far and I hope you are enjoying some time with nature and your own natural inclinations. I have been busy cleaning this place and organizing and dusting things.
I am also of a mind to make some very wonderful interesting delectable rare sort of soap and that is in the works right now. I just do not want to rush this experience of creating like I rush to buy bed linen, which I had to do. I bought linen and cotton, don't worry. I love to sleep in clean comfort. It is the best thing ever!

It is very addictive when you get in to buying mode. You want everything nice in every other area of your home. I am of a mind to paint the kitchen soon because I want a white kitchen. Right now it is a color of bland beige because when people paint a house to sell they make it so you will be able to change it. I am glad it was not dark blue or some dank color, some trendy mess that fades as fast as a tan does in January..ha hahaha

The thing I am making?
You see, I grew tobacco because my son gave me a few plants. the flowers are so lovely that I am drying them to maybe infuse them in coconut oil and some other fantastic flowers too. I feel it will be the epitome of what summer 2016 has been and I am intending this as to spread some joy for each moment and each thought. Plants do tell stories as much as any living creature on Earth. They speak of what each ray of sunshine felt like each day. The tell a song, a story, that vibrates on a level we can not see. Truth!
These particles are so small  and rare and spread as far as our Universe is expanding..
Beautiful it is! They are, you are,  and I am. We are on that wave, yo. Nothing else I can say will be bigger than that thought.

Friday, July 29, 2016

quote of the day

But superstition like belief must die 
And what remains when disbelief has gone?
Grass weedy pavement brambles butress sky.

Philip Larkin

Church Going 

Once i am sure there's nothing going on
I step inside letting the door thud shut.
Another church: matting seats and stone
and little books; sprawlings of flowers cut
For Sunday brownish now; some brass and stuff
Up at the holy end; the small neat organ;
And a tense musty unignorable silence
Brewed God knows how long. Hatless I take off
My cylce-clips in awkward revrence

Move forward run my hand around the font.
From where i stand the roof looks almost new--
Cleaned or restored? someone would know: I don't.
Mounting the lectern I peruse a few
hectoring large-scale verses and pronouce
Here endeth much more loudly than I'd meant
The echoes snigger briefly. Back at the door
I sign the book donate an Irish sixpence
Reflect the place was not worth stopping for.

Yet stop I did: in fact I often do
And always end much at a loss like this
Wondering what to look for; wondering too
When churches fall completely out of use
What we shall turn them into if we shall keep
A few cathedrals chronically on show
Their parchment plate and pyx in locked cases
And let the rest rent-free to rain and sheep.
Shall we avoid them as unlucky places?

Or after dark will dubious women come
To make their children touvh a particular stone;
Pick simples for a cancer; or on some
Advised night see walking a dead one?
Power of some sort or other will go on
In games in riddles seemingly at random;
But superstition like belief must die
And what remains when disbelief has gone?
Grass weedy pavement brambles butress sky.

A shape less recognisable each week
A purpose more obscure. I wonder who
Will be the last the very last to seek
This place for whta it was; one of the crew
That tap and jot and know what rood-lofts were?
Some ruin-bibber randy for antique
Or Christmas-addict counting on a whiff
Of grown-and-bands and organ-pipes and myrrh?
Or will he be my representative

Bored uninformed knowing the ghostly silt
Dispersed yet tending to this cross of ground
Through suburb scrub because it held unspilt
So long and equably what since is found
Only in separation--marriage and birth
And death and thoughts of these--for which was built
This special shell? For though I've no idea
What this accoutred frowsty barn is worth
It pleases me to stand in silence here;

A serious house on serious earth it is
In whose blent air all our compulsions meet
Are recognisd and robed as destinies.
And that much never can be obsolete
Since someone will forever be surprising
A hunger in himself to be more serious
And gravitating with it to this ground
Which he once heard was proper to grow wise in
If only that so many dead lie round.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

soap batch for seven twenty seven

Honey Propolis with organic oats and shea butter

I am getting requests for face soap, a complexion bar.
I have saved a few really good ingredients for this batch of lovely soap.

cocoa butter organic 20%
 ounces organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic, extra virgin
fruity olive oil, I like organic extra virgin
shea butter
rose hip oil
organic jojoba
( you can calculate the lye from here according to your weights)
when saponafied, add,
ground organic oats
wild african honey
wild african killer bee propolis
myrrh oil
frankincense oil


Hot Times and I do not mean Vaginas

Oh, you can't say "vagina" on the internet? Sure you can! Look at all the porn all day on the internet. You have your subtle, your blatant and everything in between. When men do it, it is men doing it.
I do not know about you but I see a lot of six packs in pictures and none in real life. Ha hahahaaa
Obviously it is all made to sell products and nothing to do with reality. Humans are always trying to sell the lie so that as a group, if they all think it is true, even though it isn't, they can feel strong and powerful. It is a fat ass lie, none the less.
Just tell anybody you know right now how in REALITY there are no races. We are all the same species with different colored skin under our fine fur. Yes we are.
Now cultures are different thing..I know this. Still, wouldn't it be wonderful friends if we just accept the truth instead of made up stories of chosen people and fires and brimstone?
There will be fire alright, because earth will burn with the red sun in a billion or so years. It WILL happen and until then we will just continue to evolve and shape our human brain to lie to itself a little bit each day, just for the comfort of thinking we are special.
I think we are special, just as in I do know the sun is hot and makes everything we are, calcium, silicon, gold, silver, vanadium, magnesium, all of it! Made in stars for our benefit. If that is God, I am happy to be on this meat suit fest she might have prepared  for me or he..don't cop an attitude just because I said "she", who cares? I am sure God is not some dumb lies about food and survival in detail. I am positive! I am sure we are to learn and be better, not some angry, jealous, spiteful shit you carry with you all day while you justify your low behaviors. Seriously, do you not see you do that? I am sorry, because doing low, brings low. "you are who your run with."
I am so glad you run with me. I am so glad you get to spend time with me exchanging words together. I am so lucky to be friends with you
you bring me joy and happiness too
you help  make my day seem slow and easy
you say words that are just peezy weezy

I would sing that running across a field as a young girl and now, I will sing slow and easy as an old woman..I am not that old, but I do like to plan myself for future me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

remember when they asked me to make dick soap

II did it! I made these little goddesses and these little perfect penis soaps for that shop in California.
It was was nice job. I made money and everyone was happy. It was NOT a sell out because I made like 200 dollars not 200 hundred million..
It was the olden days! :)

Now I make blocks of soap for a shop  or three and I think there should be more. It is clean work as to say, it is exactly what people are looking for on both ends. me to make a great bar of soap and them, so to speak.. to have a great bar of soap!

When you get to use a really healthy bar of soap, many things happen. You get  to experience each essential oil as it delivers fatty acids, and antioxidants to where it wants to connect to. Like terpenes man, like euginols and what not.
It is beautiful and each oil, each herb, the colors, the bar exactly as it should have been all along and is. You'll  get black from charcoal, and you'll get green but not like a clover, for gosh sake, that is when you question why we have to add more color to something in order to sell more of them. That there is selling out for real and not some made up shit about  how it is sill natural because isolates or lake colors.
Stop, some things are good because they are a complete thing, not broken and then put back together like some bad one bite foam meal. I want real food every day. You can keep the frozen one bite 100 dollars desert. I will eat cherries in a bowl and be so happy. Blueberries, OMG, just so good.

Where does that put me in this oh so fidgety business of skin care? I manage to continue to be me.. I understand more each year and still remain true to aromatherapy as an art. I know there are many many like minded humans who want the same things. I know there is enough and plenty for all of us.
The bottles in the stores are amazing and we are drawn to them because they make us feel like we have something really nice, like we are special.  It is not what you think and everything is mass produced if you already saw it in a store.
I get it. Not everyone is born with a passion to make face care or soap or natural flavors for spices and herbs.. But we should all experience something clean everyday. Like making our own food instead of opening cans or jars or the freezer door.
One does need tomato paste though. One just does. I am about to have the tomato boon (gift)from the garden this year. I have been really wanting a tomato soap not soup, okay maybe one time we have tomato soup..It is really cooling and calming, licopene is!

Look, look at the leaves and how nice they are.:) I done growed that so foar. I hope it becomes glowing with rare antioxidants so I can cut it up and eat.

It is hot, stay cool and stay true to your desires. Become right now what you are and please do not be scared of the dark. Open your eyes in the dark and find a way through it..actually, space is pretty dark and we are traveling in it. Yes we are!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

look at me look here

Do not go to the news first thing, oh, you did already. Yea, me too.
Look here..right do not worry or carry on all day about tragedies that may effect you or may not effect you. Of course they might. life is about living with others, playing nicely and being content.
Not carrying on all mad and all hurt and all unforgiving. People, we're are so dumb. We are you know, we can  carry guilt  and jealousy ( a form of hate)for fuking  ever!
Some of us never forget that one slight to our  person as to hold against another forever,. and that is on a personal scale. "oh, they did this 10 years ago and now I can't ever trust them" Look in the mirror and realize nothing happens for no reason. Many times, it is our own mistakes that makes us unhappy.
Yes, we have all done it..I think I have in the past said things like that. Imagine on a large epic cult scale?
Listen, it is time to change, we must change! God is not going to make us good, he must be sitting around partying for days and then waking up from a hangover and bitching for the rest of the day and sometimes beating his wife or children..(flooding his people cuz he was pissed at them for he what  made them like, like in wars, like in slaughters, like in burning fellow humans alive)) it all happened!
He slept through the whole thing.  Is God ungrateful too?  I think I lived with a man like that for a spell. It makes sense that the more power you have the more you can hurt people..but why?

Never mind that you are a "believer" and your own personal god in your heart would never hurt you in particular and he must think those who were killed were expendable, except for me and you, right? (I fuking hope so)I think he is a jerk..never mind that..what about  right now?  What is it now? Are you gonna cry all day or pray? Pray? Pray for what? How about review the details and give answers that are transparent and logical?

The world and its strife is so sad to me. why aren't these people and yes, I will say these people, these people these people these matter their color, why are they not studying science? Why is Europe and the United states actually loosing some ground to be in agreement with evolution?
Do you believe that The USA is only second to Turkey in all its authoritarian creation God?
I find it interesting is all.
That means that all the bones that say otherwise are being rejected for a more fictitious creator who made us in a flash?
"how could something come from nothing if there is not a creator behind it?"
"it wasn't from nothing, everything took a long time to happen, there is a method Contraction, Expansion, Accretion..."
"That should prove to you God exists"
""it can be .. if that is so, I will not allow a third party to tell me who and what he is!"
"I will not abide tragic killing on any level for him"
"I will love all people and not because of their monks and priests"
In reality, it is something more, it is always something more and has nothing to do with where you came from..maybe it is about gold, as simple as that, stars make gold, we are star dust..we are all the same..on a traveling ball through time. is that not enough to make you super stoked? I am. If we are stardust and are super attracted to gold at the same time, maybe God is in the atomic force that drives back to gold? LOL, dude, I do not know!
I love all of what I am right now. I know I am worthy and I want the best for all of us. US
US now!
You and me and all of them, working, learning, being happy and not sad no matter how we want our sexual thrills or which food we want to like.
I love now, I do. My heart is so fulfilled because I am safe, I hope this for all on Earth..All, everyone. It is the only way we can survive, together.

quote of the day

The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.

 Thomas Paine

“I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.” 

― Thomas PaineThe Age of Reason

Saturday, July 23, 2016

It is so hot that my spelling is getting worse

It has always been, let us say, rushed. I am from Greece and that is my excuse. Also as I get "older", my fingers are fatter. I love them and my hands. It is a warning that you might not want to be so concerned with the letters as much as the words they imply.  Oh, I will imply alright! I will Intend and I will aim to be always wise and happy. Like always with a Black Veil that can harness knowledge and apply it whatever she wants to make real. What is real? What is good?

Look, look what I made now!

I want cedar wood and I want activated charcoal now. Check it out!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Making soap is so cool

I made so many blocks of perfect soap in the last two days that I am thinking quite highly of myself right about now.
It is time to clean up the pots and pans and then I will maybe take some pictures. We will for sure have a special deal on turmeric and neem cleansing set..yes we will.

I made a lovely neem soap. You will not even know it is there. I put organic turmeric in it for grit as well as Celtic sea salt..oh, I did, I sure did! I put cold pressed olive oil from Spain, my favorite, unfiltered and I put just enough organic cold pressed coconut oil to give it just enough foam.
You can keep the colors and blue fake salt soaps, give me real things all the days!
I put organic tea tree oil and organic spearmint enough to smack you in to joy! Wow! Last, for just a little more polish for the fine ass of yours, I put diatomaceous earth. Cooling, healing, skin care. Right now.

For the mask, we will have turmeric and rhassoul clay mixed with wild honey and rose hip oil..
you clean with a scrub sometimes and life changes and you are better. Why? because, those few minutes that you are alone, you can ponder on the more, the next, the happier...I want all of that for you..

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hot ideas and good living

Queen of Hungary Water, cleaned up and ready to spray..delicate, cooling, refreshing and adorable..:)

It has been a lovely season in Michigan so far this summer and I see no other outcome other than life is precious and we are too and it goes on without our consent.
Look at these flowers and how stunning they are just because they are. they want to seduce us in to grabbing them and sucking in all their heady sweetness. It is close and subtle. The little white ones are tobacco flowers! Just the best smell ever. Like neroli times a thousand! Really. then again, neroli flowers are neroli times a thousand! The red ones are balsam or wild impatiens from Macedonia where my mom smuggled seeds from when we came here from Greece.
My mom, is like that, she brings seeds and gold to where she is going next! I loves  her!

I want to tell you of something new, there isn't. All the things are good and I am a making the soap daily these days..

I will be making tangerine soap  today with the nutmeg and the petitgrain and ylang ylang and mimosa..ohhh man..maybe we should have a special deal with an oil and a soap?
Let us see what we can muster up for the weekend..
Have a wonderful it, don't go around being pissed about something that has nothing to do with you at all. Fix your own heart and smell the flowers. MMMMMmmmmmm
Our life is good, let us chant praise for us..yes it is.

Monday, July 18, 2016

"please keep my daughter in your thoughts", she said to me

"why, is she sick?"
"no, she and  her boyfriend are really trying to make it  with their mushroom business and I just , please keep her in your thoughts."
"okay, I will"
I started thinking right away..
I started thinking about me and my needs and why I do not grow mushrooms as a business. Why I  work retail in order to serve women like her, clearly with money and clearly on some sort of path. We both said something about the violence in the news.. "oh, no no no, Muslim is evil, ..sharia is evil"
"all religion has been no.."
"I am Jewish, no non no, I have FAITH.." her hands almost waved..I squinted my eyes and touched her and said, "it is fine, you are fine..
"okay, that is fine..I get it, you want me to pray to my god just in case I have a better deal going with the divine invisible?
I do but it is because I think on my own and do not rely on a cosmic helper.
..I did not say any of of those things because I find it charming for 20 somethings to explore new ways of doing things..
I mean really, it is cool! What if mushrooms save the oceans some day?
(they wont, we throw away too much plastic..we do)) They have helped suck up refined oil spills before. I loves them.
I am thinking about the mushroom girl in a good way..I always will..I loves her too and her mamma!

Being is parent is hard and it sucks sometimes. I sometimes just need to walk away instead of thinking about my kid's drama..I had my own, it is true. I had it, you had it and here we are..All my drama was based on fear and loathing of me.
How do we as women show up and become efficient and truly make a difference when our sisters are being strangled by their own brother's and castrated by their own mothers and aunts? It is crazy and so, when someone is on a platform of a simple request, I want to be like Sasha on The Walking Dead, "That is what you worry about??"
I can also see a better side to this whole business of Muslim and Islam and Sharia and Baton Rouge and BLM and Trump, going, "yea! I told you all, kill them all"
You, me, us, earthlings,  might just have to face the facts that, our enemies are in our own minds. I think that is what all the saints and self proclaimed yogis were searching for. We all want to feel good, until we don't and that is when we become deluded and lie to ourselves and make up reasons for our bad feelings.
If my brother had tried to kill me, I would have put up a strong fight. I would have smashed his face with my always on boots and broke a few ribs..I do not like when someone tries to hit me and as I was raised in a violent Greek home, they beat me a lot. I did not care if they tried, I always spoke my mind. I learned to fight and they were surprised at my audacious nature. One time,  I broke one of their ribs for going after me, they stopped. they were careful when they tried to hit me.
You know what I did after that?
I married a misogynist shrouded in fake love of a misogynist and submitted to a new form of violent abusive woman hating bull shit! Yea, until I finally dragged myself to the truth..I am my own protector and it does not matter how much you meditate, you are still a douche deep inside lurking with your dick in your hand for the fantasy whores..they are not real.  Oh..I am good when salty, yes? Too much??

What is real is that we must change and stop the violence and pride in one's honor in how many virgins we can hold down..sorry..that is dumb.  It also shows us that women can never live up to the fantasy. There was no virgin, okay, I do not think I can ever wrap my head around that idea. No matter how much you beat me! I mean Mary had more kids, Jesus had a brother..oye..barbaric and a different rant!
Yea, if we all grew some mushrooms, maybe we would all have a new frame of mind where only mellow and good vibrations are abound. That sounds just fine to me.

Let us now reflect on some other means to live..And..let Us
wipe out crime because everyone is too busy working and learning.
You must change
WE must change
We must learn

Rick GrimesYou know, I was thinking, how many of you do I have to kill to save your lives?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The world and the violence and how we will finish this with words

mystic medusa

You think we are so advanced and we would never behave in such ruthless and violently cold ways to exterminate people who are not us?
Yea, no way, humans are mean and the more they linger in ignorance, the more people suffer.
I am not going to go in to why there is so much violence and religious type war but I can only say, "no more!" and it will not continue.
They burned 15 girls alive last week,  in one of those uneducated ignorant misogynistic cult countries for whatever reason. They did not want sex with them or something?
It is crazy and enough is enough. Elevate women, get some books and miraculously buildings do not get blown up!
I was not born here but the founding fathers of this place wanted to remove the church from power because they sucked then as they suck now. They can do nothing but blow smoke though their chimneys while lower clerics molest boys! yes they do and did and got caught because smart people do not like that! Ignorants did not know it was happening and yea, it did! My point is, which is more evil? A boy in Dallas getting killed by police or the truck mowing down people? No different and everyone on EARTH must change. They will. their children want to. Do you think they want to live in partially blown up houses? They do live that way. In constant repair mode.

 And really, where my friends is god now, and how he has never one time shown up to help the innocent yet the power hungry illiterates get to  go around shooting babies..good one, you fuk!
Would I be less angry if he was white and tortured his teenage boy in a backwards Baptist church in Modern New York? I would and I would say "enough!"
All churches and all masques must be monitored as a business, temples too.
Don't be alarmed, it must happen.
It is smart and will for sure make people think about the next "plan" to get revenge on the other "god"!

Okay, okay, I know you do not come here for political debates or religious debates, I know that. I am not less in awe of the universe now, than I was last year or ten years ago. Studying molecules in scent made me smarter about reality. You too?!

"Why are you listening to Newt on YouTube?"
"I was listening to him talk about Sharia law and how it should be abolished in this country and I agree with him, it should be abolished in the United States!"
You would have thought I said I was voting for Trump and in about 30 seconds, six of them pounced on me and gave all their arguments as to why that is wrong..I listened and told them to back off. Religious ignorance must be put where it belongs, in the trash. Open your eyes and think and, yea, I hate religions all of them, not yours though?
Stop carrying on as if your god is so important and also, if you come here, you must go to school and you must work. Everyone, even your sister.
I find it is so interesting that we don't have more money to fund the most important thing, schools..we do and there is a lot of it. We do.

Two things..
This is the best place to live because the church does not have a say..none of them do and guess what? that's very good. Let them hide in their secret caves trying to sell the same lame story!
The other thing..books..we have more here than any other country..In Tunisia, they may have blown them all up the last time some ass got pissed over his own anger and poverty so he blew up a village. His own, most likely.
It happens here too. In our own home towns but in a smaller scale. I wonder why that shooter killed 14 people just last night in Bakerfield from a home town drive by. not Muslim so, no news?

I must be careful because the line between racism is thin..No More Sharia..okay! We all hate it, fuk off!
You too? Maybe we should continue to talk and write and listen and learn ..thank GOD for the does show more than porn!


Saturday, July 16, 2016

be careful who you hug and conventional perfume blues

You can hug someone innocently and then smell bad all day because drakar noir is on your clothes and in your nose..I told a boy one time.."no, babe, your cologne does not go with my chypre:)
"oh, what is chypre?"
He was so sweet about it and I love the way he was gracious. He wears less now and we are all happier because that toxic fake ass poison is not clouding our minds. You know me, I will tell them the truth and not feel like I hurt their feelings.
Hey man, if you get hurt feelings over perfume and take it so personally, then well, you should not even consider hugging me. Unless we are talking essential oils..Then, I am willing to come closer.

Who am I, a grand dame of scent?
I am a good blender because I can find balance in flavors. Just as I do not enjoy too much curry in food,  I also know how to make it balanced according to my tastes, which are pretty nice. :) I love all the foods and I love all the flowers too.
I can never be a prominent perfumer because one at that point must submit to using toxic and lower methods to get scent. Who needs that? No one!

I think people are also reading more about toxic effects of scent. "Poison" is actually poison and modern perfumes are not what they were years ago. There is fake everything and if you want to smell like a strawberry or a peach, go ahead, er, please no..don't do it. Yuk!

Queen of Hungary water with a twist!

Morrigan Herbal Tonic
I was reading about The Queen Of Hungary who was renowned for her beautiful skin and elegance. I mean she had money and unguents..yes she  did but her skin was very nice, they say it was. She made a concoction which is still admired and revered today. An herbal infusion with benefits.
I am growing most of the herbs that I used for Morrigan, an alternative queen's brew.
I have added essential oils and many other wonderful botanicals  not seen  in the photos.

Morrigan was my choice as queen here. I wanted someone who is a little more powerful than a woman in a throne. There must be poise and grace but also fearlessness and strength. Morrigan does not fuk around. She will slice your head off because you need to be sliced and she may  not cry, she knows all the facts and if it is war, then she is ready.
There isn't war. I am making a point because she always seems to know when bad things are coming in her myth story. I like her and aspire to be more like her. Pretty is as pretty does and strong is as strong does. I would rather be strong than someone waiting for praise for my looks. Looks fade, actions are memorable. memories of good and good talks are the way of happiness. pride is deadly. It really is. what does it mean  but a way to fail? No one is so perfect as to not make mistakes. pride keeps you from being balanced and forgiving. Shed the pride and be free from expectations..I feel like Morrigan is very much that way for me and my myths in my mind..

"oh, if you did this, now I won't love you as much"
Morrigan, with no words..
"whoosh.." (that's the sound of a sword slicing someone's head off who thinks they can make the rules of what is proper and what is not!))

I invoke your strength and power
I invoke your quiet stealth
I invoke your power to see results
I invoke your beauty in all nature
I invoke calm and cool poise
I invoke songs and garments pleasing to the eye
I invoke in me your power myth
You are my goddess amulet..a thought that becomes real bit by bit
from a seed I planted in my heart first and then as my mind molds possibilities
my hands make it real and right for me

Friday, July 15, 2016

quote of the day

"A hug is when you come wearing a fragrance and leave with two."
ancient Arab saying

July is almost over essential oil ideas and quick thoughts on this or that thang

Who cares about any of that?
me me me
It is all about me.

Things are good. I have been so busy with everyone this summer that I barely get a meditation in..hence the emotional kind of notes I have been writing. I am not up is just that in the morning sometimes, the more acute aspects of living effect my mind a certain way. i want to be loved and loved and I want everyone else to love as well. They don't always. You cannot help the way someone was could have been bad..I want  to try harder to raise good people and work with good people and step aside when I am ready. Soon..I must step aside..and that is okay. I must adjust to my aging body.
Do you think that is it? Women are really scared of being old and limp and hurting and saggy boobies? yes, oh, yes, they are! Come to Whole Foods anytime of day and you will see the transformation from regular to boobies, lips, shoes, tight thing's the way of glamour. they see it on the TV and want that look. Is it pretending though? Oye..let them be them, they want to look like that..I see Kim Kardashian hair all day. You know, the braids, yea, all day!
One girl came in yesterday, with the whole thing..the tight black dress, the high shoes the perfect legs, the perfect was like on TV. oohhhh
Do you know what I do when I go home from work? I take off..everything! I bet she does too. Man, she was perfect looking with the face and everything!
I am not gay, I do not think, but I did stare a little like, "wow" lol

My "wife" and bestie, my Tonie called me and said we should mix hydrosol with a little bit oil and spray it our face for summer. Like a drop or two in four ounces of our favorite hydro.

I am getting a little bit rose geranium  hydrosol (no one can get rose right now because there are huge minimums and who can afford 66 pounds of the stuff all at once?) for me. Four ounces,  it is not enough to make for all of us and all I have is basil hydrosol from when Jake distilled it for me. I should make a basil and tangerine soap! Yum!
I know, I should buy a little still and brew a few things from the garden. I want tomato hydrosol and cucumber hydrosol and even lavender! I want, I want!

I want nice things
clean as can be
inviting as can be
hardy as can be
I want nice nice things for you and for me

Hydro Cooler
4 ounces hydrosol
4 drops grapeseed oil or evening prim, or even sea buckthorn oil is nice
(what ever you like)

1 drop rosemary
1 drop basil
1 drop lavender
1 drop lemon
1 drop tangerine
1 drop grapefruit
1 drop petitgrain
1 drop rose geranium

Shake well and spray.

You do not have to use this blend or any essential oils at all, for that matter. I love oils and I am feeling like I want some queen thing too. Queen of Hungary water then?

Jake wants to sell his little distilling thing and I must say at this moment, I want to drive over there and pick it up and start! I want, I want!

Today I am prepping an apple cider vinegar infusion for the Queen Of Hungary water. We must have it..
Here we are in its more authentic form..the following herbs will be needed for your consideration..
You can use fresh or buy dried from Mountain rose..or your favorite vendor.
lemon balm
and many more like

stuff them all in a mason jar and fill to the brim with apple cider vinegar
wait and wait
want and want
after six weeks, you will have something you can dilute with witch hazel or hydrosol.
You can use essential oils too. I would. I break rules, baby!

Have a wonderful day and smile dammit, not everyone is as smart and beautiful as you!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

body images and sex shamers

I get it. We all have our secrets, our little addictions and our big mistakes that get over run by our thoughts to become habitual and automatic.
It is easy, you just walk around all day getting more and more mad at anyone who looks at you funny.
Sometimes though, big things happen. In a group or team the big things are always small, however,  because the group is big, you get hearsay and creepy gossip.
Maybe humans are naturally insidious and need to fight the urges to be cruel or try to squash the urges which drive us in groups to single out one or two humans in order to escape their own lies or their own insidious nature and secret hates.
I like to talk about good things mostly, however again, do not take my happy kindness for stupidity now, I can see it all and your secrets mean nothing to me and I hope you get to do all the things you want to do. I feel like we should all respect each other like that instead of talking shit about each other all day and making it so it is bigger than it is in order to hide our own secret pain and disdain for our choices.
I think in that way I can see how humans can group together and talk lies about someone.
It is easy to do. I always used to say, "soap is a dirty business". In the early days, some of those chicks were crazy protective about their secret soap plans!
You get mad about something and the first thing you do is compare your good to their bad..right??
Fuking humans!
ha ha ha

Look how fashion drives ludicrous clothing and how comments on line are very mean and trollish..yes, the have a word for what is is."troll" with  opinions and hearsay and insidious nature all combined to hurt another person who did nothing to you!

Really? It hurts my heart, yes, but I see it coming in a big dark cloud and it is scary and loud and do not forget passes quickly over only to leave debris and broken things, like a persons feelings, their heart, when all they did is love you and care for your future goodness.
I hope they did.
Karma is a weird thing. Each action, each thought, each word, each lie, creates a wave and it continues  until it thins out and then it happens again. I am making good waves as much as I can. I will honor myself always and not shame someone because they like sex a certain way, or too much, or with too many people, or they are too fat or they drink too much wine or smoke too much pot..
I will not hurt anyone who wears funny clothing and I will always smile and say, I am sorry when need be. I will not say I am sorry when you make of fool of me, I will be hurt and I will cry that you treated our love so thinly. I am okay, I can take it. I have had my heart broken before..but what about some others?

This is not about me. I am old enough to take it. How about all the other younger and less evolved humans? How about "belly fat" and garcinia cambogia?  Why is it so important? Does it mask a dirty secret, a dirty diet, with dirty words strewn about in order comfort one's insidious mind?  What, am I, a philosopher now?
Is Trump  going to be president?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

myrrh soap with vetiver and lime

It is time to make a soap which may or may not be memorable to you. I loved it and it was fast the way is went through my shop, so, now we want more. I am gathering for that because a gal who loves soap, wants more.

It is a rhasooul based little nugget and I am very excited to have it in my shower.

distilled lime, blend))

rhassoul clay
red raspberry seeds
shea butter
organic coconut oil
cold pressed unfiltered olive oil
grape seeds grapes

" do you write down recipes or are you on the fly?"
I have not answered. That is a good question and, "no I do not write down recipes!"
You will find notes everywhere  of what is on my mind. I do it all day and make sure I gather ingredients  for a creation..not some fuking recipe! Oils change all the time. One must be prepared to adjust, of course. Lemon sometimes is not as lemony or the patchouli must be really velvety and aged right.
My girl will call me and say, "you are moving in to the firs soon?"
She always knows what is on my mind..I love the firs.
Soon we can move on to the firs and spruces I need to ponder on things and not just make stuff the same way all the time.
I think that's what makes my products so unique. I am not like anyone else you may have tried. I  stand alone and make unique soaps and stuff for those who have the same path in life. Natural skin care and peace on earth, going back to old world good stuff, and not the stuff that did not work,  and always respect and purpose.
I am not interested in modern isolates or ozone smells or whatever other weirdness less focused people thrive on. Give me the real thing or nothing. I am not that hungry to change all the time in order to please the masses who cannot remember what they put in their mouth( a penis)(hopefully)))) let alone what they will wash their hands with.
ha ha ha
Like that one?
It is a joke. :)

July is almost over and that means tomatoes from the garden and that means creating new things for fall and that means I love you all!

Monday, July 11, 2016

man shoots drone and no one died

All the unrest and violence every summer it is in the news. The fires in Cali and the friking doped up fukers in the middle east somewhere being enraged by a speed drug they actually  mass produce there and then they are driven to blowing themselves up  to prove they are better or more mad, I do not frigging know! The fuking fuks! Go read a book somewhere about math and why circles are infinite and I will guarantee that you will probably be excited in a whole new way instead of violence and vandalism.
I do not care for any human who goes on a rampage and destroys valuable things which belong to another human.
That is uncalled for but it has been happening since the raiding and steeling was installed in every explorers dream.

We can do nothing about that but look at our own world in our own home and in our own familie's disposition.

I recently met a woman who's  child by no other request was dumped off here for a quick " visit".
My boy was to hang with him but he made plans with a girl for dinner and he know the kid was safe here. He was. I was miffed with my boy for sure!
 When the child's  mother came here after a long vacation trip to get her boy she gave me a stink eye about a car seat..:)?
" I do not know about the car seat."
I almost lost it!
(this is why you learn martial arts so that you can take down bitches who are a little too full of themselves without actually hurting them )))
I kind of stood there for a second like Rick did when the guy in the prison said, "shit happens" LOL
The boy was three and played and played in my home and there were a bunch of people entertaining him where he barely wanted to be excited to see her.
He does not know her. Dude, she was on a trip with her boyfriend while he was in day care..the whole time, how much time? Who knows and I do have a point. Stay home if your mom can't help with your kid. No one else outside that should be with him. Only family! Think about it before day care, before the lady down the street. I know it is hard and you have to work now a days.
Sigh..I wonder how we get to our lives like this. I wonder where her mom is and where her dad and where her sisters, brothers..maybe her mom is not the motherly type. I know a lady whose daughter finally gave birth to a baby girl and she does not want her or have any desire to hold her. Interesting. Maybe the attachment leads to sacrifice in one's time to babysit for a daughter of son. There is always a return.

Oh, the girl who came to get her kid and the car seat thing? Who cares! She's busy making plans for the next drop off! I can not save her. She is set on her path. I hope the best things for her, really.
My idea here is that  one must contain one's self. It is hard not to say what is on your mind, but you should and it should always be respectful to the other person. I love the Libra idea of balance and offering acceptance to the other side as they  hold you steady too.
I love that I am here for all of my children just as my mother has been here and kept us together and her mother tried but the Germans killed her husband in front of her face and she lost it a little each time death was caused upon her family. Later her boy was blown up because fucking soldiers had to blow up villagers..yea, they are the problem, right! Farmers and 8 year old boys! Now you've shown them! Putas! Go sing a song, you need more lullaby and dancing and then rest.
elephant lullaby
The Elephant's Lullaby
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

In the jungle, late at night
All the little elephants are tucked in tight
Except that one little elephant won't close her eyes
And so we sing the elephant's lullaby

All the animals under the stars
Listen for the sound wherever they are
And by the light of a jungle moon
Big Mama Elephant starts to croon
She sings go to sleep, little elephant
Go to sleep (Chorus)
Little elephants need to get their rest
To grow up big and strong
To make their ears so big and floppy
To make their trunks so long

All the elephants like to play
Hide and seek and tag all day
They slide down trees and swim in the creeks
And take a long bath every day of the week
But at the end of the day
It's time to hit the hay (Chorus)

So if your elephant has been up late
Is tired and hungry don't hesitate
Just give 'em some peanuts so they don't cry
And then sing the elephant's lullaby
It goes Go to sleep, little elephant
Go to sleep (Chorus)

I have always respected my kids enough to let them screw up a little. They need to learn from the pain of adjustment and sorrow. It is the best way to decide weather you can-hold it together or go around breaking shit for no reason. killing from fear, from exclusivity, from power and from ignorance will only lead to more efficient ways to enforce protocol.
Drones! Get ready because I do know this, I would not be a police and I hope none of my kin wants to either. Good! They can come home from a nice job and be together talking and eating and being happy instead of wanting to shoot people or being shot dead. Who needs it!
Also, what do you need a gun to go to the grocery store? Why do you think it will protect you more than a knife or rod? The market is 2 miles away and you need a gun on you somehow because you think it is the wild west and everything is a go? Sir, if you have a taser, why shoot someone right off?

"Go to sleep little elephant!" I want to say that.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Blends For July


Rose with Cacao Jasmine and Sandalwood

Violet & Orris Perfume

Cacao Patchouli Perfume

I am composing these in organic jojoba.
I think you will be a little bit stunned at how long they last and how wonderful they smell on you!

eleneetha aromatics

I have been thinking about how many different ways I can enjoy rose and jasmine in one day. I might be a little bit high from all the jasmine, but that only leads to more self composure and quiet observance and most of all with jasmine, you get compassion with confidence.
I say confidence because that is the most important  part of being a free woman or man.
Being able to say what is really on your mind and hopefully, it is kind words and fair treatment of all souls.
I find jasmine sometimes unbearable. Dirty. Filthy and Sexy at the same time.
It is true. Jasmine is not for everyone. I like it sometimes and with the right amount or rose or violet oils. No matter what is your favorite one, well, you get beauty and elegant graceful waves of pleasure.

Does jasmine bring back your long lost lover? Goodness, I hope not!

I am wearing cacao and patchouli of course. Of the three, that one, is so nice and mellow and I can smell it at the end of the day on me.

Enjoy your day..your sunny smelly and wonderfully happy day!

Monday, July 4, 2016

good morning those who slept

Those who haven't? I am sorry all the bombs kept you awake...AMERIKA!! Okay, Anastasia, it is a few days every July and you smell sulfur and hear loud bangs..yes, it sucks, it is pretty but I do not care for explosions all day and night.

That said, I love it here!
It is the best place to live, believe me!
I have traveled to many places but this is my favorite. The USA is beautiful and we should make it more!
We should all speak of this land is exquisite and rich and healthy. Why not?
It is so. WE are here making this country what it is. I hope that we get smarter and smarter as we have been. Yes we not think a few losers blowing things up is going to last. No one wants the cost of rebuilding and  groups that break down buildings and kill for god or what ever it is they are so angry about, they , will be met with demise. It is the way of evolving. We accelerate each  year too. In 50 years, war may be a laughable option all over earth.
We are healthier than ever too and we live longer. did you know that?
We are prettier too because of cosmetics and skin care and dental hygiene.
More people died from their teeth than any other thing in past times.
The smarter humans get, the longer they live.
The more they move, the more they live.
The more they think about science, the more their brain can adjust to Earthly changes..without fear of God.
I mean not when some dumb fuk with a bomb is trying to kill himself for god and the guys who forced him to do it.
This god sure needs a whole lot of killing and rules and starvation for him..what a load of crap!
I was gonna not go there..I can not help it! The more I think about it, the more I wonder what kind of loving god watches his children in despair as they chant and cry and suffer and he never actually shows up..oh no, he is love and loves you. They don't even sleep for a month every year and still he makes them cover up and tells them to kill his other children?
Does he? Does he really?
"well he made you, you might as well believe."
What a load of crap!
"he made me huh?"
"Yes, god made everything."
"and there is free will"
"Nothing is free, it is not free at all as it comes with an ultimatum.."
"seems to me luv, that God  watches and takes notes for after and nothing more to show he is real or not real. Nothing at all.
 I do not know and never will and nor do you know  or any other third party with a long robe and a penis.."




I am making soap today. I will talk about that next time. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mars is going forward again and what ever it is and has been is

Do not forget that this is your best time ever and
comfort in your work is never going to happen so get used to always having to change


nothing stays the same ever ever ever..everything is death.

What I want for my future...not the death part quite yet. :) Oh yes, I will speak of it as I am not afraid of the inevitable.

Right now, money because...
I want food for health
clean clothes
anointing oil
cooking fire
seeds for planting

everything else is  more words

You saw that I have money at the top.
Of course you need money.
"Anastasia, what are you afraid of?" We had been talking about god and why we should believe..
"I am afraid of my gas bill or my water bill, not a divine being who can save me after I am dead"
He pondered on my words..
"I am always weary of the water bill too!"

See, it is always about survival and how we can, each day, make it and continue to thrive. Otherwise, no money, no soap, no clean clothes, no friends who respect you enough because you are poor after goes further..
No good food that you can pick freely and without fear you can't pay for it.
You want a book to read? No way. The library is too far away.

Those are few reasons why money.
I will not go in to the whole rest of my list of what I want.
There are two main secrets to my list I will not thin too much as to write them down. One must keep a few things to one's self or otherwise weaken the intentions.

Mars was retrograde for what a month or so? Yea, it was intense. many things broke down for some and others have been elevated in a smallish way and not without struggle.
It is time to put down the ax and help each other and cry for someone who is having loss. You love them, they need you right now.
You need to always remember that the words you say every day make you what you are, make for the memories you have shared.                                  
 Do not waste a moment on lesser ideas, and do not waste your vagina or penis on swine..ha ha ha ha ha

You may remember kisses and poems or you may remember being thrown in "ossoto gari" or you may remember being in a drug house for most of your youth..choose what you will remember next year, right now.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July

You are quiet and lovely at the same time
you guard your ideas and your safety zone and you always come in as if you were expected
and you were..and happy birthday to you because you smiled at me when you came and said words to anoint my weary brain
and you do

you're calm and fresh
the way you speak the truth without pain
the kind of way  you carry on without haste yet complete attention
too much sometimes
you beckon me to come to you and stay a while
as the sun this time of year is always a little hotter and the particles a little warmer as they land on us

I love that way about you!

pregnant thoughts
warm push to the future
fruit and veg growing
more growth
fast push to greatness
being trimmed
I love you always
I love your fearless honesty..

that is it!