Sunday, March 30, 2014

tell me something real

Not some made up mythology always geared to disappoint!
You can feel all the euphoria at church and everyone is singing praises and you feel lighter..
unloading something while sitting there is shoes that are killing you.
When I had to go to church, which was everything, every saint's birthday and every icon holding event there was, my dad was there which meant as kids we were there.
They freaked out when I started talking about evolution and space..early on and this was the 1970's, I told papou vangeli, (my dad's dad) which is evangelos in Greek which is angel in Spanish..only they say it an hell..hahaha
But papou, he freaked out when I told him what I had learned about Darwin's discoveries. He started yelling in greek that it was an afront to god and sacrillage to say that we evolved from monkeys!  Hey man, maybe we didn't, maybe some asteroid came and seeded it self just on us and nothing else on this rock, just us and only us humans. People get so mad when you challenge their religious order..anyhow I was 12 or something and did not argue with him but even then, I walked away thinking how sad that this man is imprisoned in his religion and clouded from the facts..the observable ones..and bound to a militant religion where it was what the bible says.

.In this new book I am reading, The Future of the Mind, on all the new developments on the brain, I am inclined to think more practically. Soon there will be a pace maker for the brain and people with epilepsy would be way way improved.I think like 90% but don't quote me. They can already erase and then put back thoughts in mice and mental telepathy is just around the corner!

Having said all that I can now accept astrology again as my friend and advisor in life.
I should study more archetypes and see how we humans have telepathically created ourselves as we evolve here  on Earth for millions of years to come. Who knows what shall become of us? One thing is for sure, if one were to look at us from far away, one would see that we are all here basically evolving at the same rate, give or take a thousand years  here and there..remember that we've only had the written word for about  five thousand years now...

Astrology is a few words on types of people we are and types of events that color our lives. We have always known this. And try as scientifically inclined as I try to be, I cannot deny the forces which are making Mars retrograde really intense and in Astrology, we can detect Uranus forces at work..right now we have both!
Uranus is Aries makes for very intense battles and conflicts and short tempers and thieving!
Mars in Libra, is fine for a couple of months, but six months, not so comfy now are ya dearie?
Talk about confusion and more crazy coming out in all of us!
Mars retro can mean simple surgery and just plain simple bumps..
I bought this awesome knife at TJ Maxx the other day and it is so sharp that as soon as you put your finger on it, it'll slice you like butter..dang, all I did was touch that is sharp!
Mars retro bitches trying to hold you back from your own mind's riches
thinking they're more grand because of their positions
and that their reasons should be your reasons
make your own reason and don't be a dumb ass
because soon you will be a memory, which one, you may say..
the one where people say, "yes, this person was amazing , kind , artistic and wise" or the one where people remember that badness you made, the broken shit, the tantrums, the selfish stupid things that teens do that maybe you've carried with you since then and here you are at fifty now, still having the same dream the same rigid stance and your way or the highway mentality.
Mars retrograde is a good time to check yourself and create some order in a a way that works easily for you because now the hard way, is a pain in the ass!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

chypre in all forms

It turns out, I am not alone..
There are all sorts of people making natural chypre. they love to write each other in forums. I read some lovely things and still I feel no closer to perfection. It is ok, I have time to make it again and perfect old whore..whore because she is in charge, taken a  step back  so that she can see more and has control of her circle..not whore because of porn, if you think that, you do not get the old whore...a whore for labdanum not dicks..hahahaaaa
Chypre is Cyprus. When the Plantagenet king was marooned (really imprisoned) there, he and his slaves,  fell in love with the labdanum, a sticky material from the little mountain rock rose which grows there in Cyprus! The Greeks would use for everything from medicine, soap and perfume. The French brought it home and made things with it. Mix it with rose and frankincense some time..Delicious..
Can you imagine mixing it with lavender and some other lovely botanical? I know some have added the lavender oil because I have. I called her "distracted dilly" and she was one of my favorite soaps of all time.
She was old whore with spike organic lavender.
The balance of oakmoss to labdanum  may change from one year to another and the patchouli will always change so our lady is in constant growth and development. yes she is a lady, what did you expect, some porn whore?

Bring art and science in a constant flurry of ideas and the old whore is  there, bring sandalwood and mosses and  see things, beautiful expansion, understanding of science and art in all forms..I want that, I am old whore for that!

Old Whore Drenched In Chypre 

Friday, March 28, 2014

telepathic mod squad

"I have no enemies I am a friend to all"

Yogananda said that..he had digestive issues  bouts of cholera or some other tropical disease while growing up. His momma died young from all that cholera and he was devastated.
I am bringing up Yogananda because his intuition was so keen, he became a guru. Is it really mystical when we can now pass along our mental thoughts via computer without ever saying a word? Look at Steven Hawkins...his thoughts go in a computer and it speaks for him.
And I am saying(forgive me papou) but no icon ever saved any one's life in a war or when there was cancer or some other human calamity. Steven Hawkins can't bring back his lost physical strength and or anything for that matter not matter how long and how much he meditates. He is/was a prisoner in his own mind..I wonder how awful that must be. Not to be able to move your hands or speak. Someone said to me that he made bad karma, that is why he is like that..oh, then, god is a jerk! Oh and how come he wants to kill all the Egyptian babies? What kind of loving father does that, or allows his son to be wrongly sacrificed? We still cry over that every year now..i know I have.

Oh, Yogananda, and what does this have anything to do with anything?

Nothing at all, really. I like to write my thoughts in the morning. If I offend, please forgive me, it isn't personal. I want you to be happy.
be real
don't be scared

Remember the Mod Squad?
I had pants like that!

I feel really loved and really appreciated. My kids cleaned and took care our home, made food, the house is warm, I work with an awesome team..
 I came home last night to rest after a grueling week, someone giving me three stars instead of five on the patchouli soap, dude, thanks for your very wise review, but really, go back and smell how luscious it is now, bitch! (in the breaking bad sense, not really))
I made special cream for her because she didn't want sea buckthorn and now I get a not so adoring review?
Truth is, no one can be happy 100% of the time. More and more people are coming to my shop, maybe some are authorities on soap or blending.
Some want this and some  want that and I aim to please so I will usually go out of my way to please. I think this year, I will tighten the rules a little more. The old whore she is 8 at a time, not 20 and if the cream has one oil you do not want, I will not make a new one omitting ingredients just to make a buck while spending more on new jars being filled..Pluto in Capricorn means practicality and wisdom, yes?

  I have smelled some peoples perfume blends that smell like the back of a horse's ass..overdoing that fecal note there? I never say a word. You know why?
Who am I, that is why!
I am a student and mad scientist of oils, I have nothing to do with  that judging business..sometimes blends are  bitter and pungent or too sweet and floral. That is the magic of essential oils. Or, the old whore, that one time, she goes crazy and won't let me cut her. I rushed her a little and she rebelled. She is not to be underestimated,  the old whore is brill when need the Urban sense not the fish..:))
My power comes from me and the images I make in my brain..I am my own conductor. that is why I will always only focus on the ingredients and not who is doing what. Do the ingredients always have to be exotic?
I think it is time for an olive oil cleanser! I have some ideas like whipping olive oil with Himalayan pink salt..not too much. Olive oil ... beautifully rich in all sorts of healing nutrients, like vitamin e and palmitic acid.
We'll talk!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

cuts like a knife

I haven't talked a whole lot of about mystical and mythical things  like astrology lately. I am trying to sort through what is real and what is some magical being there always ready to protect me or give me something good.

I 'll give you something good!! lol

When I think about Astrology, I can no longer apply the concept in my scientific mind, no matter how small it may be..the fact is that,  we are one Galaxy in millions scattered across vast distances, how can that  all that apply to us. There are no magic flying horses, or women who were really witches. they all got burned by the same ass holes making all the rules now. Just last year they stoned a woman for having sex! What about the boy at work who is a jahovas witness and can't have sex outside of marriage, won't do it! He is over weight and has this whole religious thing about sex and marriage..and being pure! Truth is, he is sweet, and very smart.
I wonder how his family would react if he told tehm, 'this is rediculous, I am having sex, I quit!" I can see that he is torn because he is getting smarter and cannot deny the powwer of our knowledge and evolution.
Our cells constantly changing to adjust to that knowlege. I do not follow any religion, but I know that jahovas witness is not for me.being pure has nothing to do with having pleasure. that is so stupid. "hey, lets cut off the cliterus and the tip of the sexual organs so that our little humans do not feel as much pleasure"
I wonder who thought that up? I hope we stop that one day!
Still, I feel like yes, Mars is retrograde and many people who may have been super fricked up,  finally got the message that they can't be lazy fricks just because they are cute. Work is work and loyalty means something.
I see that. I see when Mars went retrograde that there would be some sort of strife..that seems to fit in  some sort of archetypal image I may have concocted reading Jung or some other guy. The fact is, I can find a connection, mathematically..angles from where we stand mean something? We used to think that our solar system was the astrology, it still is. We are actually in our own thing..guarded by a little ice ball (relative to other such things in our neighborhood in space) filled with would take many years just to get out of our ball..many, many years and then we would see that it this way bigger than you and me..
Have other life forms developed their conciousness like we humans have?
Who am I to dictate what the planets are saying? How interesting though, that the Sun and Uranus and  where they are  now  are creating some extreme winds..with Uranus in Aries, we have all the extreme all day! We can track him astrologically through the ages and observe his quirky extreme ways..we can!

Aries wants all the love and Uranus is willing to go to extremes to get it..Mars in Libra says, "Yes" but,  "look at this!"..and hen steps back hard and someone gets shook-en up..I know it is shaken, rumbled then!
I am ok and so are you. I do not understand why the planets in this oh, so extreme angle, push such drastic changes but they do!
I think I have touched on Pluto's part in stern Capricorn..
I feel all this. is this my mind analyzing my own conditions or is this really a magical consciousness?
Are my thoughts nothing more than neurotransmitters of my intentions? If that is so, then it is bigger than what I can conceive! That maybe I  am the pilot of this train and my focus of each thing energizes makes it happen.
Thank you Uranus, for teaching me these things, thank you my Capricorn Moon which is allowing and  willing to do the hard work, easily facing facts and making things happen!

I hope you make things happen!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

These Years and the profound structures of our human brain

I have nothing much  say about that because although I can conceive of that kind of power, I cannot mathematically write it down or even explain the brains functions..there have been over 20 thousand research documents on studying consciousness and still it is a mystery.
We are getting closer though..
we know that the brain has more power than all the computers put together!
that it is split in two and each one can have its own belief but only one side can talk..
that means we are always at odds with ourselves..the inner mind and the outer voice..Today,2014,  we can track the nuropaths of our thoughts and even plant them in some one's brain...does this get us closer to what we are?
the inner mind being a conductor, a manager of the outer voice..
I am saying, "say the truth, so that you do not have to remember what you said"


I love you and thank you for reading my thoughts of the day..

Saturday, March 22, 2014

my friend the russian

a wonderful dame really..
she said that Crimea belongs to no country now..both the Ukraine and Russia  want to take her because there is much natural gas there..
I asked her when I saw her yesterday, "who owns Crimea?.
All this war over things like resources and no one wants to give up their gold..that is for sure..
then again, I live in a strange grocery world where everyone pretty much comes in with funds..some say a rich fest. I don't but let me tell you, I have many many Russian in my realm, and they are smart, educated hard working and that means being able to shop at the  best one in the world.. I  work in one of the most affluent places on earth..west bloomfoield, the home of many a Piston's wife and kids..I do not watch sports so, yea..too busy trying to figure out how bees make that stuff from the pollen of the myrtle bush in New Zealand and then convert that into some peroxide thing and we eat that!
smart lovely folk who just want to leave the regime! I hope  everyone simmers down and not too many innocent get killed because of some ass hole with a gun! Think about thousands of them like on game of thrones when Damaris  just blew everyone away with her awesome warrior queen thing!! "No dragon is a slave!"
I loved that episode, of course she understood everything he was saying about her, "whore", "bitch", she was calm and, she,  never flinching.
I want that..:)
I love you:) ha..
could they have put more old english spelling in her name or what?? yes, us Lybraeryans..
It is the dragons
does she name them?
no, don't tell me!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Russia Crimea and your own home life

Everyone is tired, Mars doesn't like to be in Libra unless you are actually a Libran and even then you get to watch loved ones do stupid things.
You know words do a whole lot of damge and even  now, you should watch what you say to everyone.
 Many a narcissist is about to get a reality check.
Always, in the back of your mind and mine we should remember, we are not that special and certainly not that cute, that is the bottom line and the top line too.
Once you get that under your belt, then you can get on with the real stuff.

There is a whole lot going on in the world. I say if a country of whatever little imaginary square on earth, if these people want to be Russina, let them..
I am sure things will not be all that much better..maybe though, they will because people will want that.
I  like a peaceful place where no one is a snitch  but goes about their life being nice and smiling:
"thank you"
"you look nice"

Politics, is always in focus when mars is in Libra. I have told you of the tie with Uranus in Aries and how it spewed out Musollini and Hitler..
I saw a sign today as I was browsing the news.
"god hates" "jews"
Like a divine creator would do such a thing..which is why I do not thinnk anyone here on earth is special or has all the answers on creation.
Ok, even if you put 'free will" or any other imaginary idea in to it. It never fits with what really is.
Not the Hindus not the Jews with the chosen people thing,  which made Christianity and not the Greeks, not the Romans..wait, yes the not forget(as if I would let that happen)
Paul was a Roman above all else..

The fact that we exhist is profound for sure, but our mythology is non functional.
Somebody asked me if I am a witch?
In Greek, Magissa..
Of course I am. I have enough knowledge and ideas on herbs, treatments, fatty acids and so on so offer valid real measured outcomes. Can I conjure up a few billion or make some one love, also I cannot say when you will die or if I can read, I cannot..
 I am a student of carl Jung, Yogananda and many other really smart humans..I love Dawkins.
You, we  can make up a lie that says your people are  smarter and better and most sacred above all because god chose you that day..not knowing that it was happening all over earth at the same time by different peoples who had settled in each spot and declared the same

When one begins to question god, that is when others get worried as to not offend him..
he hates and now he is jelous? really?
We know in civilized culture we try not be is a form of hate..
he tells us not to covet and will kill us if we do..but he covets!
that makes a way out for humans to do what they want in the mask of "oh we must  understand his way, they are a mystery."

Mind you I am raised in western christian backround, but think of the countless who pray and PRAISE shiva, ganesh and lakshmi,,I even do it! You'd think by now he would have helped them  maybe put up some fences to keep the cows out..don't even start me on bangladesh..or mother teresa..all those 'sick" people still sleep on mats while she built over 200 convents around the world...dude!

You and I,  we can actually measure the vibrations certain  sounds make and this vibration stimulates the pineal gland which gets more solid as you make that base low sound at least one time a day..aum, om..
Melatonin is released in the pineal. this hormone like compound is related to many really good things in the body. Sound sleep  and good digestion..melaton is made in the pineal but released in the body through the mucus membrane in our is so cool! I must have a lot because I can sleep and I certainly love to eat!

Enough rant! We, you and me, we're fine. I am making soup and chanting sacred words to vibrate my brain..try it!
Plant\ some seeds, first in the mind and then outside. I just bought every sunflower veraiety I could get my hands on..all organic!
Today I will also buy more calendulla seeds..I wants me some really dark orange ones..
I can see more dirt stomach hurts a little from joy of spring!
Let the world take care of itself, me, I am making some soup and is a wonderful day!

"Let me simmer in joy and inteligence and love you more"


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

spectacular collisions

the jars are here
delicious labdanum arrives tomorrow, I also purchased some cistus and a soft sweet oakmoss...I am brimming with joy about this right about  now! I will of course seal the material inside with beeswax! I am so excited, I love you!

How does oakmoss, labdanum and fir sound in a soap..yummy?

words and whores of words

This last photo shows a rough cut. I had three batches which got too much fat. 35% more..
I know, even for me it is too much. if you'll forgive the rough looks, you might be delighted with the foam and the clean rinse, it is loaded wih oils!

the logo

I removed all the photos going all down in a steam. I'll cut that that down a bit when I get a minute to work with a strange file it came with.
I am trying to make the web site load easily. I will still include photos of all sorts in each new little thing that I write..well not all of them:)
I am changing things up because  do not like going to read something with flashing ads and it takes like 3 minutes to load!
I have all the minutes, see, I just don't want to use them  being loaded with all of the debris, I am not in any club or political union, put simply, I am pumped intuition, and I make stuff with oils. I love them I do..look at the old whore whose pungent nature has brought thousands of people joy in some way..over 5000 views for her! Yay, OW!!!
Or, the time lord or the way I have learned to work with citrus and neroli which is all my own in soap..I  have blended neroli with so many things hoping to hold its illusive beauty for a wash or two. I love neroli so much!
I will make a jar of cream that will beautifully age while I use it and just change into something even more special. Sandalwood is like that, so is vetiver of course, all of the oils are stellar!!
If I could make a rose soap that would stay like, super rosy, I would..can you imagine me as a billionaire..I would certainly take more than  a few million and make rose gardens for miles and then I would build the finest distillery just north of  my sandalwood forest and, to the south east, miles of purple because  of the lavender mounds and then I would make stuff all day..
I should live in France meanwhile, I'll make a mini in my yard which is more real, plus my momma is here. We're good. I can see dirt and things are still alive out there, it is going to happen!

greek woman

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ideas a flowing

$3.00 each
wonderful smells
fern like but with more
a fougere like you've never had from me before and little lucious scenting for the most awesome person which you are.
I only made few  so some folks already got one in their box, but if you want one, there are six left..

we have charcoal with quinoa and clay with myrrh and rose de mai, we have fougere with oakmoss and lavender and geranium and tonka bean..we also have a thin layer of frankincense and cedars..
you should be quite pleased with this lovely nugget, indeed!


Monday, March 17, 2014

the patchouli now

look, it is all too young..sure you might have a little vial of a 20 year old tucked away in the closet..but when a soap person makes soap, we use all the patchouli oil..then later  we can wait for time to make the patchouli  nice and mellow..
this month in soap has been interesting. The cold seems to change product, even the gel phase is different.
soap is a whole lot like making peek, you wait, you wait..

I have so many ideas, that I am bursting and I really have to stop myself. today, all I could think of was, tuberose!
I bought three different rose oils and they all rock!
so, of course I will do three balms in those little corked jars!
I should  make them 5 each and be done with it. I should sweep a path for the new moon..the next two weeks a flurry of ideas, seeds ready to be planted.
I should make a frankincense rose balm and another with frankincense and  myrrh and a third tuberose jasmine orange blossom, shouldn't I?

my seeds will be of calm and grace..even if, and I said if, someone doesn't love my patchouli soap..I am ok, I am fine..:)))
I put too much much patchouli too!
I just ordered oils for the neroli winter's brew revamped as neroli spring brew..
do you know why that soap was so freeking awesome? It was the hidden nutmeg and peru balsam in the blend. Both noted for the ability to hold neroli to a very lofty place..
The nutmeg is co2 organic. I am very excited to make this one for us, maybe I'll add mandarin.

this last full moon

I may have the exact degrees a little mixed up but the energies are what they are.
 last week was a real thrill for many of us and an eye opener too.
I am thinking that Saturn is lurking and making sure you get a dose of real business and not just bull shit lies.
For many like Virgo like Leo, it is time to get out of the cave and be someone..make yourself do it..nothing will get done with you thinking you can stay up all generally  happens during the day.
Leo stands out pretty strongly for me today and most days lately, but these aspects will effect all of us humans
Some are really feeling that Saturn slap in the upside the head there..

1, what goes up, must come down
2, law of averages..that when you do really well, you tend to drop your score the next time
it is the law of averages..I say raise your  average and be mindful of your reasons for anger, or jealousy or guilt.
3, praise makes us lazy..a little bit? yes?
4, money makes everyone happy, it changes everything
I really hope you get some today:)

when you dwell

it is cool word it is where you live, your abode and your mind too! Dwell too much on one thing and then, before you know it, you'be been  wigging out over something for six months! I call that time wasting! Ever hear the term "eats me up inside"?
That sounds really horrid when you think about it!
Why do we get so upset over a word? Why does it cut us like a knife if someone says something that gets too close to our core?
I don't know. I do know some folks have been  dwelling on somethng so much they are getting themselves sick over it and making others want to walk away.
Ego, all of it..and the stubborn ones shall go down,  fighting, they always do. Why do we dwell so much on insults when as Bruce Lee always said, "you are looking at just a bridge or just a mountain where there is all that glory above you"?
He said something like that..I loved that guy!

This beautiful Full Moon in Libra means we will be able to see the other guy's point and allow anger to vanish in the wind..there has been a whole lot of fire (Mars) with regards to an offense, or words, (Libra) and some have been burned. When we want something just a little too much, we tend to over react a little and this takes us a little farther from getting is the law!
This law of cause and effect works for me, everytime.

A boy at work asked me, why I don't move up and become a boss?
I am like, "I am already up, son!"
One of my workmates calls my customers, "clients" hahaaa
we all laugh..
I do not move up fast because it gets rough in the competition arena and I like to come home and make is all I will say about that..I do know that in business as well as simply crafting a pie, one must do their best and everything else just falls into place.
The Aries vibe here means we  should concentrate on our hard healthy work. that is where we  will shine..and, at home, we  must find solace in our own hearts and comfort in that..not what the other guy is doing..
Mystic calls Aries "ramzilla"
Pound that pavement, girrrl!
I will tell you this much..some the most powerful women at my store are  Aries! They work their ass off!
I love that.

have a wonderful day..
I just got a new sweeper which I will thoroughly test..
I am so happy right now!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

zap zone heating up

that means new lovers
and rash decisions
maybe some people got the message
some did not
they spew out trash and get that right back
I suppose karma is like that..cause and effect and all that stuff..

I have been exploring the intuition and how I can improve on the ability to retain and explain my thoughts, I is 99.9% percent of the time to say nothing and just listen..
here is a convo I had yesterday with someone,

a guy and me talking

I said something to the effect of, "just because someone thinks they are suffering more than the rest of us for whichever profund reason is wrong..everyone must bear the tournament and theater of being human.."
the guy, , "no, some suffer more, you have to consider past lives and karma"
me, "even when you take karma into effect, one does not have the right to be abusive to loved ones just because he is suffering"
I wonder if the guy is a Virgo man?
I wanted to argue with him and debate my points..but my brain was just a whirl of replies..
like how humans use karma as a crane to take them out of peril if they would just suffer enough..
it is just another  excuse and being sorry for being the animals we  really are..
all day, regrets, anger and why?
because some dumb store didn't have our favorite hand lotion?
get real as my mom says..
or as Bruno said, "your god is too small"
So then if Karma is not what we thought it was and our planets are just nothing to do with us?
Of course they have everything to  do with us..Uranus aspects, Mars, Jup,Saturn and our  Pluto, way out there, just slowly ever so slowly getting bigger, all icy now but in a billion years, a tropical paradise..sigh!
Our own Sun bringing energies, magnetic forces which effect our Earth! Surgeries, teeth hurting, your back all sore, your feet needing a nice rub down by someone who has great hands..practical matters first..we are all just fine and should stop taking everything so personally.
It is all real, like Yogananda says, I am a bubble, you are the sea"
That is beautiful  to me because scientists, when they describe "multiple universes", they draw it  like bubbles, everywhere...this makes us small indeed!

Ok ok, the zap zone..
there is so much to say about it. it has been happening for about three years in your life now..maybe you got married and divorced, lost loved ones, got in big fights, raged at your sister, raged to your friends about your ma, yea, ma, raged at your lover for not loving you enough, that fak, ..

The beauty of being Libra right now:) Libra says,

"wait wait..if you want a lover, you'll conjure up someone that is a perfect fit..when you conjure up your money matters, you'll conjure up always enough, always enough your sacred soul cup ever flowing with resources at your fingertips..
those who really love you  are at your side right now and the rest takes care of itself.."

Do you see how wise I am?

Friday, March 14, 2014

still working on fougere

I had run out of clary sage..I thought I had some but must have tossed the empty bottle.
I work in a place that has everything to meet my needs so I bought the clay at work.
Aura Cassia doesn't have the most amazing oils but the basics they have.
Clary is what makes the fern scent come alive..
so far I have put together a group of oils which go like this so far,

lavender organic to bring calmatude and easy breathing

oakmoss delish

geranium absolute
geranium co distilled with rose pettals yummooooohh
a few drops palmarosa
a few wonderful rooty drops of vetiver co2
tansy for the sunny feel
sea buckthorn co2 (love)
pomegranate seed co2 (love)
plus the organic vetiver I have now from sri lanka, a few drops of that
clary sage to holds everything together..the great optimist, ruled by Jupiter..

 I am inclined here to add a little drop angelica..Venus rule angelica is.

I must wait a minute before I do that, so here I am, saying, "hello":)  which is also a soap I made last night, which turned out amazing and all that..sometimes I love what I do so much I can't sleep, that goes with work stuff too. I get so excited when I accomplish a big job and it finishes perfectly, like a good blend..I slept so well last night, so deeply..the oils really effect me..I had dabbed on a few drops of my frankincense which just came!! Wow!! It is so freeking good!

I will tell you why I make soap..
It is because the magical uses of oils refine me and take me to very spiritually lofty place..and it is not scary at all..because all along I am always where I need to be..
spiritually in that each magical micro particle is doing something it is supposed to do and serving me at the same time.

How is your day so far?

Thursday, March 13, 2014


The Student of Carl Sagan, Neil De Grass Tyson on Fox..
you can pick up the first episode on hulu..I loved it.
Course, I love anything space!
The area where comets live ( it is a huge ice  globe) surrounding  the outside of our miraculous solar system with our most perfect star, in The Milky Way galaxy where  a cluster of millions of  galaxies reside in the Virgo Cluster..the Milky Way is next to a huge beast of a galaxy called The Andromeda Galaxy..some day, a long long time from now we will joing is so long in time yet each moment creates its outcome..I do not think that Andromeda calls herself Andromeda.
The Virgo Cluster!
I wonder what The Aquarius Cluster made??
In the year  1600 hundred they killed that guy Bruno because he said their god was too! Catholics of some sort did that!
Paul was a Roman soldier above all and I believe he pushed  the whole creed thing..which flows even into the Greek Orthodox know..." I believe in one god, the father almighty..who for us and for our salvation came down from heaven and was made man.."
 I think the great sages always had an incling  about the heavens..the stars and their meaning, they  imagined a deity like this..why not? Maybe paul had some great intentions. You could say that he  didn't know any better, these were violent times! The Romans were cruel outside of Rome..remember crusifiction? We actually still worship the cross, an ancient and cruel act upon our fellow man..think  about it..
man goes around killing and punishing wrong doers like god god does, we must be the same right?
Why would you make hell for your children any how? The devil and all that?
You made the devil, dummy! Do you really need me to tell you that?

I would be like Obi Wan Knobi, course in a cape, "put the sword away, these aren't the men you're looking for.."

We are truly made of star light! Gold made in a star, a big ass giant ass star that as it burns out, all the stuff it made cools and becomes calcium, phospherous, silver, platinum and gold..all of them..freeking exploding so powerfully that they spread these materieals far far into to thinnk about how we instinctively value of the last things a star makes before it we intinctively attract ourselves to who we  once were.
If it is on earth, then it is billions of years in the making because some big ass star exploded and made us..
our gods are all too small, yo!
Now we are finding that these wee particulates have a memory, an imprint of who we once were..past lives? reincarnation? All true based on the particles always coming back together somehow and always becomeing something new..
You get almost all the same DNA as your parrents and make 100 new genones of your own..
we all do that..we get our own unique looks because we change and stay the same.we continue to thrive
I am not saying that we get reborn again in a new family..that is dumb..again, that concept is too small when considering multiple universes..who knows what I am saying, I talk a whole lot:)

I am making Fougere
a perfume and a soap
I will explore my desire for moss and warm sweet grass
me sitting on a blanket in the afternoon..near my grapes and my apple tree.
me weaving the flowers into little hair adonments..first made of geranium and lavender.some moss from the oak tree..
it means fern
one would think of tonka here as a fixative and maybe a shot of hay.

Hurry Spring!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

hunkering down during the last storm

not really, aside from the school closing, which they should, it is business as usual here in southern Michigan.
It is snowing hard and right after a nice warm two day period when most of the ice started to melt and we could see our driveways for a day or is wild how much snow we had this winter!
Everyone said how winter was getting to them..they say that every year.
I have a customer who starts taking mood tonics in September because he anticipates the darkness.
yea, the mood is low, it is dark, maybe you are not supposed to be go go go all the time..
funny that I should say that! Let's see, a full time job, full time soap life, full time momma, full time student of life..
I am lazy by nature, see?
I have been known to take the easy way out as to not have a confrontation and feel fear or save time in many cases.
I just don't care about the cold. It is is snowing, we are in modern times and have heat and a dryer..
We forget to appreciate the dyer.
When I was in Costa Rica, I adored the sunshine for 6 months or so. I would hang all the laundry out side and feel the sun on my face while chanting om..during the rainy season, I prayed for a dryer..all my clothes drying slowly in damp air got to me. I never felt they were dry enough, I wasn't dry enough for goodness sake. you do not need too many oils  on your skin over there, I will say that!
You can grow a banana plant in six months and be eating bananas for two weeks..
fried with sour cream on the side.
they have this cream thing there. it is like sour cream or creme fraiche, supremely delicious!
You dip your fried  in butter banana in it and eat that with a coffee and a sweet bread in the after noon.
All the women take a break at 4pm. The prep all day, they sweep, they make food and they sweep and mop..all day..
At first I thought they they weren't civilized or had any knowledge of books or modern technology and that was why these women wasted their time mopping and cleaning!
I did, a little bit..I mean I showed up with  2000 books a computer and all sorts of needless things to the villagers..hahahaa
the bugs ate most of the books during a dry season in Cobano, Costa Rica, I lived on main street in front of the bus stop..I loved that rotty house and in the end, it was too much floor to clean up..floor everywhere with tiles! hahahaaa:)
Yes, they mopped all the day, freeking mopping and sweeping and singing with their half naked asses jiggling..
They mopped because, the jungle is dirty! When it rains for six moths, you will find dirt and mud in every nook and cranny, you must mop! It is torrential rain too, for days and days and days and when it finally stops,  you have found yourself in a smaller space because the whole flora has moved in on you!
One time I went in to the nearby jungle to cut some bamboo ( I just loved that machete!) because I had seen some artful fountains you could make with bamboo. I was too dumb to think that I'd  need a shirt and gloves for the job and just stated to cut some stalks. Well, first off, they are taller that you would think!
I began to itch. It was because bamboo makes a dust that is like  glass on your skin. I ran home crying, running to the shower running making sure there were no snakes in there ( it happened one time, I freaked) and I rinsed. The local guy shook his head at me and told me about that little "facts" about bamboo. The Costa Rican boys all laughed at me for a couple of weeks for that.:))
I made nothing good with the bamboo. To hard to work with..still, a fountain would be pretty, they are so pretty, I really wanted one of those bamboo water fountains next to my earth oven I was going to build. I will do that here, I must. Things take time to happen in some cases.In my mind, I am standing next to my oven and the gentle sound of water nearby, birds singing and sunflowers all over the place.
the sunflowers are gonna happen, I have plans, yo!

I am in a really happy place here. Would I love an estate where I could plant everything and live a self sustained life in soapmaking??
yes and yes!
I will make it a mini  estate here at Crabtree Chalet, this Summer. I will plant so many sunflowers, you'll want to come sit in my yard and just make yourself contented being with me and my artful outside friends:)the lavenders and wormwood and the excellent California poppy...

Monday, March 10, 2014

the old whore

I was going to call her some other "safe" name. But I wanted to finally nail my abilities after years of living with a crazy man, being a freeking maniac with energy to spare..which is why body building, biking, not swimming but all sorts of yoga and fighting..and still after all that search for a meta physical meaning of who I am. I chanted shrim and I chanted om and I chanted om nam yo ho renge kyo..and then slowly, I was able to see that I may have been expecting  some sort of imaginary crane to get me out of my predicaments..
 Was I  living and acting upon  to every one's expectations of who I am? How they see me or  how I aim to present myself to you even?  nam yo ho renge kyo.. that is a good one to remember.. I think it is  the vibration that makes the cannot do this chant with a high voice. It is a wierd makes you go to the base, where the root of who you are, resides..
Libra wants people to love her and with Scorpio it gets to the extreme level..we are not easy to love..but people love us.
(and they say astrology, doesn't all accounts, it shouldn't))

With The old Whore Soap I am saying, "let me tell you what a whore is honey!"
My friend Tonie is the one who pushed me..she is like, call her "the old whore"..hey, who is the genius here? Tonie:)
My friends, and all the people I know are super smart. That is one thing, I am always so grateful for!
I want the old whore to have it all!
loving family
loads of cash
wonderful health and
oils and grapevines everywhere er
maybe that is just me:) it is almost spring here..

I make her with my favorite oils of all time..good patchouli and deep vetiver..the secret ingredient which shall never be revealed, except with of them long gone now, and we are better for it..
 I will be making The Old Whore, today..
lapsang su drop co2
wormwood hydrosol grown in the garden of 2013, organic
oolong tea
a speck of a drop of sea weed absolute..a a toothpick  dipped in there and then gently mixed into the oils.

When working with labdanum, one must have a warming vessel..that is why I think this soap has lasted so may be the complexity of labdanum, its beauty, its sweetness and it anti oxidant power that can make any blend super heavenly and amber like.
You just simply melt the labdanum over a very very low flame..a hot water bath is nice..
I have a really awesome stove where I can heat it at the lowest melts like caramel, I add a little bit olive oil and then gently mix that together..(reminding you that this is a 30 second job, so never leave labdanum un attended on your stove)
I then take that to the work station and mix in the oils.
I allow that mixture to stand and I then carry on...It the attention to the prep that leads me to excellent results..
I think that is why she stands out.
She has everything and she lingers gently on everyone through the day.
men love her!
Why wouldn't they? She smells really good on a man..:)

my intending poem about the old whore today::)))

The Old Whore
she is the one we all adore
she can hold a thought
she can un tie mental knots
she is logic and force
 the physical
and the meta physical
electric currents carrying bursts of knowledge
yes she is sexy
and sometimes cute
she will light your inner fire..she will open doors you never knew existed
she will devote herself to your supreme intuitive mind
her circle being a platform to allow for flashes of power soaring to the heavens
where stars are made of diamonds and things like me and you..

I love you have a nice day:)

Friday, March 7, 2014

new in soap making

I am making soap this whole weekend.
Here are some creations so far...

Temple Fire
A beautiful soap!
Siberian fir, templin fir cone, cypriol (nagarmotha), frankincense (heartwood, smokey, deep, animal)

Geranium Lime Bliss
I made this for Michelle S and  she will likely buy all of it because the price point will be nice, but maybe, you'll get one for yourself. I will take a sliver!
this is geranium Absolute and distilled lime peels..refreshing, crisp, mind altering gladness prevailing.

Patchouli Lemongrass with Organic Lemon oil Lime and shot maybe three or four drops..enough to form a root.. vetiver..
it is so delectable, I can't hardly wait to cut this..
must leave it alone..must..not..touch..

to ward off evil critters
both physical and metaphysical:)
basil, rosemary verbenon and organic lemon in a simple coconut oil soap base with olive of course:)
use it as a cleaning tool in the work room and the cooking areas for your hands.
refreshing, clean, dealing with what is physical and understanding the metaphysical..that is basil!

I think this will also come in a spray for the house..
Banishing Basilisk Room Purifier..

You begin at the south east corner and go west and then north of your home..
damp cleaning each corner while blessing and protecting yourself and your abode

Next, will be single note vetiver for sure and also some new crisp citrus is in order..
I really have been wanting frankincense with orange and black pepper..I will make a citrus soap with clementine and bergamot and valencia orange  with a shot rosemary verbenon..

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the sandalwood

I am wearing sandalwood and one drop frankincense, heart note..
white lotus aromatics

I took a bath with some stinky patchouli soap before that so I am sure I linger a bit today.
I hope you are doing well and not lingering too much on sadness and loss..
I hope that you linger on wellness and clear head..and all the goodness and forgiveness and generosity that you can propel towards others today.
be gracious and be kind is the key on this cold and yet sunny day..I heard another bird today:)

Did you know,
that we humans share common ancestry with every other human for the last 100 thousand years, with every dog, cat and mouse, whale for the last 200 million years and every tree and daisy for the last few billion years??
I read that, in a book!!

“I am thrilled to be alive at time when humanity is pushing against the limits of understanding. Even better, we may eventually discover that there are no limits.”
Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Monday, March 3, 2014

patchouli soap 20146688

Actually I just wanted to make sure I had the 6688 in there..if man would have begun counting a billion years ago, it may have turned out differently..
Patchouli Soap batch#2014 6688
would haves are not what we are about..
we are about doing right by ourselves right now thereby extending that  out to anyone who meets us..
"my heart hears you", is the notion today as we make our most gracious and sweet patchouli batch.
She is solo today and not just an  ice goddess or snow queen..of course she is, there are six feet of snow out there everywhere you look. she is calm plus a billion!
The glacier could easily form here if it were to  continue to snow and freeze..
Before you run out to the store to buy bread, you had better just relax because Spring is about to get here soon! I heard a bird this morning and the one just the morning before and that means they know:)

patchouli soap
single note
bursting with rich patchouli flavors (sunrose aromatics)

have a good one!

Mars retrograde and how we've come to know what we now know

The year of the horse,  as if that isn't enough to teach us to be aware of who we hang out with, combined with Mars in Libra retrograde,  may ruffle a few feathers!
This is the time to show who we are by displaying honestly the company we keep..

I think the retrograde will get tiresome to some degree. in Libra, Mars is hard working, fastidious, organized and sometimes militant! The retrograde will slow things down a bit and bring some past people back in for a short visit!
Folks you haven't seen in years all of a sudden pop back in and say, "hello."
The other thing is that Mars will bring some critique..
In retrograde, it'll bring a whole lot of nothingness made in to somethingness..
Be aware of passive aggressive behavior and outright "boss' like attitude from bosses. somebody sure loves being in charge and goes around with a pad and pencil..
don't be skeered!
If you are Aries, this is your best time to do great work with out being a jerk. Some Aries chicks are super intense right now and may be showing some rather interesting growth patterns.
All in all, I think it is good. Even if you have to lick your wounds a bit, you are growing and getting better and better every day..your skills are superb!
Libra, you too. Be even more humble and see how you flourish!
Quietude brings new is also a good time for Librans to clean their closet..Libras seem to let that one pile of clothing just sit there..maybe it is is only this Libran!
Taurus, honey, you are holding on to something that is valuable but at the cost of your much time are you wasting holding on to this precious thing? In the next three months, you will re think about what you is my opinion, you should move and be closer to those you love, those who keep you safe and warm at night and those who make you some pie..
Scorpio, you may have lost something rare, and gained a reflection of something greater than you and yet, you have harnessed some of this energy and made everyone love you more!
How do you do that? When I look at you and into your eyes, so deep set as to hide your soul..but I can see your spark of pure crystal light from all the way over here, man!
Gemini, if there was ever a time to work harder, it is attention or mistakes get made..this goes for all Gems and those who have Mars in Gem..words can be like swords or they can be calming and gracious!
Sagittarius, I didn't think I could follow you, so moody you've been, so angry and mean at times..but maybe it was me  reflecting and reacting..
Pathways have been cleared for your passage, I suggest you take the high road because the one more traveled is also more treacherous..based on those who have parked themselves along the way..sure, you have fewer real friends now  and some who have shown themselves to be quite rare..I hope I am one of them and you for me:)
Cancer, your kind patience and real honesty is so awesome! These next three months is sure to be even more thrilling for you. I think work will be better for you and you can now take some time to master your craft..don't plan too much, stay focused.
Cappy, you are  about to flow right in to a great adventure in your life. I am excited!
Aquarius, you about to get real with yourself. perhaps you  been reacting rather than taking a hold of a situation and "telling" what you want..seething in secret helps nothing but make acid in your stomach.
Too much seething makes us all sick..hear that Leo?
lately, Leo has been very sad, lonely, discontented and downright mean at times..
what ever this is babe, it'll pass. you will be fine because you are smart and cute and stylin all day..
a little more gratitude is nice, and will automatically make you more pleasant to others!
No one wants to be around some angry jerk all day, right?
Pisces, will tell you that right away. If anyone can hand you the bitter truth on a silver platter, it is Pisces!
They wear red beautifully now and we should get them some thing purple to wear as an amulet..
We should call it, "Purple Piscean Amulet"
it should have a sprig of seaweed,  a few lavender flowers and amethyst stone inside..amethyst is about open heart and agape love..poetic love, the kind which saves you!
And this makes me think of downtrodden these last few years. I will say that, the Virgo women who have taken a step back and now are rocking out some fine  work which really impresses me!  Virgo men, who have waited and waited forever almost, to finally get paid for all their stellar efforts..they seem to be able to go through time easier than most of us..Virgo...and the year of the horse go nicely together..
by the end of Summer 2014, there will be gains beyond words for you! I hope so!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

falling on ice

I used to skate all winter on was my thing as a child, I always enjoyed activities which were nice easy  slow movement. I would watch skating on TV and go on the ice and have fun..I fell a few times..I was 12!
I would say that in Judo, which I hated, you fall through a whole session! I was 25!
Bamm!! Over and over again!
I remember how much I didn't even want to practice  rolling with my young boys when we took martial arts..everyone needed to roll..I hated rolling..I always did it half ass.
"here, here is your foreword roll.."
He made me, I learned not to fall on my head. I was the worst student he had and he still gave me a chance. I sucked, yo..for 5 years I sucked.
Then one day, I didn't suck anymore. One day, I realized my boys had quit and I was still showing up to practice..I was super devoted to the forms and kata..there was a secret kata, I never got to learn..:)
I should still learn that..I have forgotten my moves by now but at least  I can still fall and hopefully not break any bones..

I fell on the ice yesterday! It was a funny sight for sure. I just slid right down on my right side with my whole body just taking it evenly..good thing I didn't break a faking hip!
My hair went all forward and I looked like a Siberian bear on the ice..I may have grunted like one!:)
I came in and yelled at who ever was here and said it was a damn shame one's momma had to take the trash cans back when there were perfectly good sons for this job! It was quite a thing and good thing I seem to know how to fall. What do I have to put steel thingies on my winter boots now?
As a parent, I get to just doing things myself sometimes..just to get it over with..That is the lazy Libra part of me.
I forgot that I have power to wield here and was too lazy to harness it!

Mars retro in Libra..
good for taking care of business
taking care of yourself by getting a hair cut your teeth cleaned and your bills paid.. I almost said, "balls"..xo

Oils have bee arriving so I will be offering some mighty fine goodness in the months to come

I bought everything
og vetiver, yumm
three roses
I also bought a geranium co distilled with rose lovely will that be in the next fougere blend?

"Fougere" with its  geranium, and lavender, Grosso, with its tonka and oakmoss..I will do a spray with the next fougere blend soon..I have been meaning to, I just needed a little has been five years now, since I began blending again and here we are with a great opportunity to use what we have learned..
Which is that  the classics really stand out..who doesn't want jasmine? Crazy People?

Wear it today and see how people respond to you.
men will think you are sexy, women will get close to you..

I like a man who can pick me up and smell of hints of vetiver and lime, sandalwood..)

vetiver/lime/geranium + natural clean man smell = warm sexy male human