Sunday, February 28, 2016

As Spring Begins and me with some dam fine rose oil...Rick and Michonne banging and stuff and thangs..

This is a newer and more profound version of Lilith. Fragrant does not begin to describe her fantastic tenacity and glorious skin loving qualities. The glaze is 100% perfume and it provides for extra shot of tenacity of scent after the shower.

And as  Rick is comfortable in his new love affair~family affair with Michonne, and he still cannot rest and just hang out.. we, here, in the non apocalyptic world(maybe) that we, must learn and grow and that makes our brain work and hurt and all that stuff and we must not forget our constant diligence towards our best things.
My brain is working and wanting more for Chi..khi, k hhhh ii. "Chi" means many things and it represents many things about being human and what we are and our energy force and how it all works.

I am reminded about that I must use better words. I must be happy. I must create  and I will try not to cringe if I see Rick kissing that goddess. She rocks (Michonne) to me as a woman and athlete.

Can I just talk about pink lotus with fougere in soap? OMG, babies, OMG!
Sometimes this soap comes out too much geranium and nothing else and I have been really working on the proper balance of oils in order to construct  my version of a woodland fern hollow with a stream near by and watery flowers in the quiet parts of a pond or quiets parts of a stream.

Moss, pink lotus, lavender, patchouli, tonka, fir balsam ( abit), vanilla, geranium..sigh, I love it, I have to say!

Friday, February 26, 2016

no events for me?

"I have these tickets to a thing, do you want to go?"
"no, I am making soap,tonight babe, you can come over if you want to."
"if you had given me notice before now, I would have"
"soap waits for no man" was my thought.

And made soap I did.. The time lord like he always should be.
I bought four ounces and all but one, are gone. How much in a brick of soap, then?
Lets us say 2ish because I used some in the ghost too.
They are so good. So so good.

Who wouldn't want to wash with frankincense?
I love it so much because it puts a base for other things to settle in and the fats are just right.
I have tried to review in my mind how I feel when I use frankincense. Boswellic acid being the main constituent here..I know people eat it. I would rather steam or massage, but hey, who am I to say? Someone who does not need to be a  club..I guess that is it..and what is really so wrong about a few ladies chitchatting about essential oils? Nothing, women have done these things throughout all time, I love that part and it is better than a tupperware party or stripper birthday parties I was invited to in the 1990's..ha ha ha ha lol I went, yo!
The other day it kind of opened my mind a little, not a lot, but a little,..if you have a bad health problem would you inject frankincense oil like that young living guy does in Mexico? I mean, yes, I would, I think, no, sighing..

So a drop on the roof of your mouth hugh? I mean yea, one time a year..I will apply a drop right on my knees for the day and night. I love it. I will put a drop on the base of my neck, by the medula oblongada. It is a beautiful thing!
 Is eating oils a thing now? How will this effect aromatherapy which has been studied for years? Will lavender become mass produced  and owned by Monsanto?  No. There are plenty of places that grow the end people either love essential oils or they do not. (** all the lavenders from different places smell completely different from one to another..another amazing thing!)
In time...
 I feel it will keep the lovers of oils and  thin out folks who do not have money to drink prepared lemonade with lemon oil at what 4 or 5 dollars each? I had a lavender drink one time, at a restaurant made with an herbal infusion and it was good..I just love tea and not flavored. I am so weird like that.

I love everything, you see? I love the olive oil I get to choose for us, all from small farms and not a refinery.
I use a nice organic coconut oil. It really does matter for the lather to have just enough cream to foam ratio. If I could and it were just wild of me, I   would use more expensive fats, but my balance of essential oils to fats must be well met. Good fats/fine essential oils..
Smell everything and see how you feel.
 I would love to have more butters from other islands on Earth. babassu is nice. I mean, babassu is nice to say too. It does trigger a thought of islands and tropical places. Have you ever tried the actual oil? Gorgeous and coconutty! Marula from South  Africa too! I love it. Nothing beats organic jojoba though. And remember how jojoba has no odor of its own. Not much anyhow. Rose hip oil? Potent, right? I can smell it on everyone who uses it for day time. Daytime, night time, who cares! I just want to make good stuff.

About 80% essential oils  with local beeswax and waiting...

It has become a jelly like substance which easily breaks down in to almost nothing on the skin. It is not only interesting with the oils I chypre meets frankincense! There still specs of oakmoss. I did not stain it yet...interesting and smells like, Goddess of Air meets Yggdrasil..

This is why I must get better organised and serve my little soap shop in the best way it can go. what is that, something grand? I do not know..I know this my ideas just glow
with rich colorful atoms traveling in waves just like sound..sound..words and invocations is what I like to push through
each time, your scent lingering and blending with the "spiritual" "air" that atoms create..your atoms, my atoms, they must be doing something together right about now?

Babassu babeness is on my mind now...actually..:)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

thank you for time lord

I made this soap a long time ago because of The Doctor! Doctor Who? David Tennant and maybe Christopher Eccleston, not Matt Smith although I loved him so much and not the new guy..
My Doctor and my feeling of what a divine time traveler would smell like was David Tennant.

The Doctor smells like heavenly stability in the face of terror and he is not always kind but he does what needs done. I  wanted to be like him so much. I am like him but in the human sense and with only one heart. Two hearts? I wonder if creatures in binary star systems might  have two hearts?

Time Lord Soap

A Frankincense and Cedarwood experience. And, I feel like a nice balm would go really well with this as a gift. There should be little vials of love as an extra sometimes.

Time Lord

The Doctor's Wife is another thing altogether. She, The Tardis..ah what would she smell like? Super smart must smell like something..citrus, air, electric currents, old world flair, musky amber..and secrets behind nooks and crevices, intelligent wording to attract the best as she guides him (the doctor)with intent...
It has been on my mind.
The Doctor's Wife
She said, she said to him, "hello" whahhhhhhh!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


"Hey, have you gone to that new Arab store, they have olive oil cheap?"
"They had olive oil cheap until they saw me buying gallons every week, then they raised the price, I do not go anymore!"
"Why because Muslim?" He walked up close to me like there was a secret to tell..ha ha Catholic from the same region..God is geography, people live in places therefore people are gods..:)
"no, I hate all the religions the same:) I stopped because he raised the price because he saw me coming every week. the ass!"
yea, only on the one I buy and when I said something, he gave me the price and a pack of gum that day. Juicy Fruit. ha ha ha ha ha
It left me with something odd I must say.
He needs to study retail and how to treat people.
I work retail and man oh man, some days you just are done with requests or to  have another question hurled at you even by the people you love. It is a strain to the mind after the same old music all day and of course the work team and how that effects you..." ah..what, we need a dentist, the electric bill came?"
"Mom, are you listening?"
"yes, tea first and while the water boils, clean the kitchen and work space. "Now..listening"

It has been a nice few days and what a full moon we have had! I looked at it both at night and soon as it sets in the morning before the whole day thing starts. :)

I am of a mind to spit out the stupid stuff and move on from it. How about you? Libras are sure headed to some very profound change and I am glad. We all are ready because if anyone feels discontent fastest it the Libra mind set. We need to be a little bit challenged, it is our best thing.

The full moon is about exposure and no matter how hard you try to hide stuff, it will come out. Thirty years later in some cases and right away for other. Come, it will, truth. I can't hide it  too well and it should be this way, right?
I do not know, I would not just blurt out my deep thoughts to just anyone. Oye, we do not have to say every thought. Or confess every dirty deed. I could care less about dirt. I dig it and will put my hands all in it.
It is who I am..

**expose your inner heart's mind  to yourself right now, what needs to be set aside. Do not carry anger in your mouth, it will rot the words that come out. see?

Right now there is an actual storm brewing and it said to be a big. I am about to make OW balm for a girl who likes her wicked tempting ways..

I am so excited about this last batch too. Aged patchouli, just a perfect amount of bergamot and rose and amber notes all day and tonka and vanilla..neroli..mmmm
The UPS guy doesn't have to come to my back porch to drop off packages,  but he does because he said my house smells so good.
Some days it sure does.
Today is that day. I love you and I thank you loads...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lets us make some good stuff..

I am offering a series of cleansers and matching balms for the next few months. Starting with, Red Kali.

red kali face scrub and mask
With Frankincense, vetiver and geranium oils..

This product is an extension of my love for the red balm I make with red algae and Brazilian bee propolis. It is super duper healing power from really amazing ingredients. I hope you check it out and that it pleases you!

There will be more....

The next one will be composed of French Green Clay and offer themes which will include oceanic factors and we all know the minerals that come out of deep clean water. We do..
They all contain frankincense on some level..and this will highlight helichrysum and chamomile.

Finally, a black scrubber with ground clove, activated charcoal and a little bit Aztec clay, frankincense, neroli and rose.

Monday, February 22, 2016

whispering contests

more to keep the thoughts empty
to not feel
to be free from doubt
from worry
from loneliness
and sorrow
or hunger

think of hope in its truth
that everyday is a chance
a chance to be exceptional
to work
to fail and open your eyes from your eyes to fullness
to focus on the tasks and not the hate
but to love everything you choose to do
everything you are is  is now. Not yesterday, now. You brought it all here now..yea.. You are breathing each breath as cells reawaken in to something rare more rare still in the next moment..say words that define you, say what you really think..
brighten your brain will fullness of life and knowledge..

It is not a contest anyhow not for believing or not to be believing
not for fighting over the right
not worrying about every wrong
being real

our ideas now,
It does not change a thing of what we are.
we are whatever we are..

There is only time between us and what is out there. It may seem like a long time but it is not even a speck of a flash
and terror can come in a flash just the same
keeping us awake or making us so tired and upset over things we seem to have no control of..
we do

we can be kind
I wish this..

Sunday, February 21, 2016

cleaning up (our act)

I have been perusing for bottles and jars. I want a nice looking product but nice jars are expensive. My vials cost normally under three dollars not 13 dollars for one. Man there are nice one out there!
If only I could just be consistant and always be able to have them. This means buying by the hundreds and not a dozen like I can afford.
There are black ones on Amazon and beautiful those miron glass  violet ones that I love from Norway. Just gorgeous!
What is it about their workmanship that is so perfect?

So elegant!
So clean!

Look at that little chef, Magnus, (Not Norwegian but cold enough and northern enough)he can make a duck cost 500 dollars and it shows. :)

I want purple perfume bottles.
I have had those fine green ones for one tiny month or two and they were gone! The Old Whore looked gorgeous in them. I think I also sold some of my fougere in or two.
They were expensive and I loved them.
By expensive, I mean like six dollars each. I bet Miron violet glass is more than that. I will call them and see.
So 20%  to 30%of your product must go to packaging? Yup..
Here is the next thing; You have to have a nice stick on label that is water proof and that means committing to something. This goes for any skin care in a jar. I am simple when I look at  some items with frankincense and neroli in  grapeseed oil going for 60 dollars. Yup! The jar and label cost 15 dollars and then the stuff and then the shipping..oye! Back to reality and having a clean line of products.
I have chosen blue and amber glass and the best that I can afford for us. We must have amber jars for basic goods and most of us use every bit of what we buy. I do. Make it good I say and use some good oils. I feel like if we all of us are to enjoy real and perfect skin care, the jar should be the last thing we worry about.
I mean presentation..there is an alluring factor..there is. The story takes you to a higher level of thinking. I want that. I love it. I love what is in there more.

I like grapeseed oil well enough. Not for my face or yours though. I have seen meadowfoam oil lately, maybe because I am looking, feels too thick on me and frankly I have always kind of not wanted castor oil too, even though I use it in shampoo type soap that I make.
I hope you have a good day,
and tell me something good.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The seeds that actually sprout

I am all excited because Spring is almost upon us and that means fresh air and and outdoors. Enough with the dragging of winter, I say!
Enough with dragging yourself through the anger and contempt of stale wintry ideas. Enough with the hurt ass. Be smart right now not after the bad is over. That would like God, showing up after the accident to give hope. Like, The Pope, having clout over his dominion, ha ha! That is very funny.
ha ha ha ha He forgot that the church is not in control unless you are very poor and destitute, then the crowds come.
I can't help it some days.
I do read the news and try not to get involved. I try! LOL

I am involved in a deeper sense, involved and comited to in my future business and what I want here on earth, like right now, today.
I am thinking it is time to be a big girl..(scared pause)0)) okay, bigger girl.
It is time to grow up and serve my rare treasures in a better and more refined way.
It has been my goal all along, to improve and become smarter. Why else would I do it?
Because it is all I have? Not!
Because it is a worthy time bending experience? Oh, yes!
Because I like dirt and what comes out of it? Indeed!

I have had to tone down the addiction to make constant new stuff and thangs. This means really focusing on the best ones. My inventory will be as it has been, really amazing oils from dealers who care about each product.
I do not want to cross too many lines but a little bit musk might be in order. we will see and I will always tell you what is up so you are not guessing about animal ingredients.

I hope you have a nice day where you will remember yourself in all things and where you will go over all your boundaries to see where the breach might have been.  Because now, is, the, time, to, change,  and be polite to all people.

"There is only dark meat or white meat"
Rick, TWD

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Year Of The Monkey Ideas and Defining Yourself

I will daily define myself by the things I love.

The monkey must have his boundaries. It is an essential part of the tribe and its smooth harmony. Also, The Mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, is very important in Monkey culture. Yes, there is an alpha leader but women are among the most in numbers and run the show. It is cool. And the theme of women being empowered in our society is cool.

 I will love that!

When you define yourself by the things you hate and not the things  you love, you are going to be in turmoil and sadness your whole life. By your whole life, I mean now.

One time, when I was starting out at my job, I was still fresh out of the wild life in the jungle and a little scared and the girl who was supposed to be my boss, was showing me her "pet peeves" about how she like the vitamin jar to be just at the edge of the shelf and how she likes things done.
I was quiet for a reason that day, I can tell you. I was quiet because we lived with monkeys and lizards and she is worried about the thin line of how a jar should sit on the shelf. I think I was stunned by the triteness of it.
I made sure I was keeping in line with the line.
Later she was fired for a drug problem because it seemed she was mastering and the practice of other thin white lines..
I saw it happen over a short period of time. I liked her well enough, but we never got close.
An over compensation towards the tiny things while overlooking the big
What struck me then was the smallness of it all and how complicated the thing is.
There are rules and just because one eats brown rice, that does not mean they are good, wise, loyal and caring.
It means they eat well and evolve in their own way.
Drugs help everything..
There are bad ones, yea?

You are defined by your behaviors and your words.
I want mine to be good and mellow not some fcked up mess of a song I keep singing. That will not happen because I never do sing a dry song for too long.
I want to enjoy a cup of tea and rejoice about my daily doings.
I want to experience truth in every form even if it means I must change.
I must change again my babies. You must change again. You know it, it will happen from right under you if you waste too much time with nonsense, silly intrigue or time wasting hanging out..

I have been changing all along and you may have been with me the whole way like my children who are all so awesome and lovely, to my readers who visit and might cry over some poignant thought I may have invoked.

I will daily define myself by the things I love.

Today I will list my shallow things I love.

I love the walking dead and well, I love you, always.

I love salad
A nice coffee
That stupid show I am watching called, The Originals,
The Old Whore and oh, I forgot to tell you.
I joined a new lovely market place place on line, called,
I looks nice and clean and I will maybe have a little more broader "cast" for my old whore.
I have a nice brew of her wickedness brewing just now. It is already about six months old because I keep tweaking it. Yesterday I put more neroli and tonight I will add a triple rose brew I just bought from Eden.
I should say that this old whore is really special and rare and I will express that in the way you "will" feel after a wash.
"mmmm, that is nice on me, yea!?"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How real is real Reflections On The Year of The Monkey

I don't know much, you see,  but the lines between right and wrong are thinning.
 The vibe is in a rushed and emotional state because ....

The Year Of The Monkey!

emo (rants, indignance)
fast talk (shedding lies as if water flowing)
bad nerves ( scratching your ass wondering if someone will help)
bad words (striking aimlessly with false or ignorant claims)
insults (snake poison vibrations in your heart)
silver back (worthy leadership, knowing your place)
hierarchy (worthy words which (witch) enlighten)
alpha types (the teachers who teach by learning)


And then, the evolution begins in our minds. We suffer and learn or kill each other. Monkey bites are horrid and can even kill a man to death! lol
You see, we must accept that we are part of nature and a part of everything on earth. That is above all that matters..
However we were seeded here through stars living and dying is a reflection of something greater than this simple place we exist in, this home, place of work, this seat here in this oh so fragrant space.
I look at us from the outside for a reason. Someone has to. You want to go sometime and see what there is from a higher tree. Yes! Let's!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

To all you all who doubted Rick all this time..ha...nasty reviewers Episode 9 Season 6 SPOILERS DAHLING

I know it is their job, but when reviewers say things about The Walking Dead, they have to. They have to hurry up and watch and be first to say stuff.
I need to mull things over and think about what can happen. What has happened, and then weigh out the evidence. With real life too.
You know I get like Rick more than Daryl..I am more like Rick and fcking Carol when it comes to practical issues. Except, taxes and economics..that makes me mad and edgy.
But Rick has more than tax issues to worry about and fix.
He is in a bad spot because, Morgan and  no one would listen. He coaxed and cried and yelled and almost had to kill  some of them for them to learn. And the weak ones still died. They had to learn or die.
Learn..that, bad things are out there and you may be one of them.
You may be a zombie brain eater because it is the easiest way for you to live this life here as this creature. Sucking off of anyone who gets close enough and then at the last moment striking like a snake and you bite the closest person next to you just so you can be fed in that one spot.
fucking zombies..ahhhh ahhhh life..ahhhhh

I digress..
As we can recall when they were relatively safe in the house, that fcking Ron bitch just couldn't be normal and nice and he  had to have a fight where he almost killed Coral and  fcking shit, the zombies got in..

(in human terms and reality, those zombies  would be the guilt, anger, drugs, sex, super emotional political affiliations, your gods... and utter hate you may carry around like one of them, piss off, all of it! I want to live!)

Ron in the end couldn't even rise above this horrid situation a little bit and Jessie, a bad mom all day and giving looks to my Rick like that? No way. Rick is mine, I want to show him the future. lol ha ha
So, the kid who should have listened to his mom and she should have dragged him to the safe place where  the baby was going, with her hand on his mouth, and then  she should should have given him a what for, but she let him make his own decision.."no, mom, I won't leave you"
"not, okay!"
Michonne, once again, has shown herself to be a true Ninja! One who knows when to kill. My Michonne, you are a goddess! Did you see at the end how she held that baby as if she is so in love with her and Rick and the whole relationship is right between them?? He can trust her with his life and his family. I love loyalty, it is a beautiful thing even in the center of chaos.

I want to talk about Daryl. He is really something, right? It is exactly as it should have been. There was a very good reason why Abraham (ginger boy) found that big gun thing!
"Oh, Yea, chew on this!"
I loved the connection between Sasha and Ginger boy..dude, she likes him! I am really loving the thing between them and Sasha is smoking hot!
I am not gay but dang, I love a strong and talented woman, no matter her color.

Carol, though, I struggle, Did she  basically kill that boy with her words? It took him longer that if she had shot him near flowers but the seed of fear she planted in that boy Sam, is a little insidious. She had to do it? Man she is cold. No wonder she is so upset right now. Everyone has to find ways to cope, but when what needs done, needs done, she sets her angst aside to do the works that needs done..I love her bravery and willingness to be insidious if it means to  not be afraid. And yet, one must reflect on one's motives, that is mindfulness that is what should always be honored.
People do not and they suffer or die.
Carol will not die, I hope not, she is so real to me.

There is so much to say about this episode. Like how Morgan will develop this character or is he destined to die in the place of some comic book character Kirkman may have written.? I do not know. I know that Morgan was kind of right about things but he just couldn't adjust. He is the reason the zombies split from the herd and came to town!
He learned by embracing  religious rules (from a psycho who staved a man to death)!!
There are no rules in this apocalypse. There are baddies out there with no moral code to begin with so it just goes more bad from there. Truth!
Do you know who adjusted? The priest. He finally shed his guilt and anger and took up a real sword not just words from a book. He just  had to mention how God gave them the miracle of courage.
Look he is a priest, it is what they say. :)
The wolf guy redeemed himself before god just in time (is he saved?) and then he died! LOL
Denise was okay from that. She got her shit together fast and became a doctor instead of oatmeal girl kisser..and is right now fixing Coral.

What an awesomely awesome show!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Good Day

No school and things are  quiet on the home front.
It is tax time and for me that means extra money for dreams come true blending.
I am so excited that this is making me already have plans to surpass last years growth in aromatherapy.
I must have boronia even if it is 56 dollars for six drops and I will try some orchid something if I can get it. We will see about the orchid. For now, plans on practical needs. Vetiver, frankincense,  myrrh, sandalwood and patchouli..
Oh my!
I am also going to get a few wee samples of some baddies like ambergris and maybe musk.
I must I must explore its potential atomic results.

Have a good day and think well of me because it is the only way there is to be!
I love you no  matter what humans say is bad or are my brood
in my hood

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I went and smelled perfume

"blah", "oh no" and ohhhh

John Varvatos or something in the bottles.
Beautiful and also yea, beautiful..nice..

"That is not real!!" I want to scream all those words but keep coming back to smell that interesting thing I smelled..was, is, atoms composed in a lab over benzine? I don't think all of it. I got so excited  I get it now, benzaldehyde..ha! the faks! Yes my friends, everything starts with this in most common of smells and lotions you might buy that smell of vanilla..humph! It is easy to turn around your back on what is right, isn't it?
I would say most common scents use chemicals, I can tell by the headache. This ones I smelled by John Varvatos, were nice..mmm, so creamy and smooth too. I loved one that smelled like amber and wood but also like soft citrus. And then, after a while they all smelled mostly the same and I left the store just happy as a keen dog, wagging my tail of contentment at how wonderful knowledge can be. I could recognize the layers and that is good.

I put on citrus yesterday because I had to make butters for someone with lime and pink grapefruit and then I just put neroli over all of me. I had to because I had some! So, then after that I put on OW chypre I have been working on. Just a few dabs before work. It is never perfect to me so I adjust here and there....everyone said I smell like expensive rare lady used the word French" to me! :)
It was a combination of everything, I know. It also takes a whole lot of vanilla...mmm vanilla good. Good neroli not some dry ass petitgrain. I love dry ass petitgrain mind you, but not, I'm in winter :)and the sun is shining. I need warm and sweet. Not too much!

I have come to many conclusions.. that in time there is nothing instantaneous and it is always built on something and never just appears out of nowhere. Also, some things are hard to shed like the time I added so much choya loban as to ruin everything..
"How do I fix this?"
You stop and leave it be, I thought to my self. I waited weeks and then I added dragons blood and cooked everything slow in hot water for three woke the frankincense resin so that it could escape some of its own tar created by baking in the choya. I then dumped a bunch of vetiver, og, bergamot, and  I waited.
It was during a time when one of my vendors had had a sale on  neroli and I bought about a half ounce and dumped the whole thing in there. just always leave a drop or two for yourself and the blessing to what you find precious, it should be you.
The mind is very easy to manipulate in this way.
What do you find precious?
Say it every day because otherwise no one will know what is on your mind and of course you'll waste a bunch of time.
Everything works that way and we forget that.
The older a perfume the better then?
I do not know..I think some oils will turn in super cold temperatures or too much heat.
 Balance in all things.

Here is an idea of what the old whore blend is built on..

and some deep dark  secrets you should never tell as to thin their power..dive deeply now and know your own old whore power..

I love everything!
I love you!

Friday, February 12, 2016

hello my lovies and let us talk bout requests

I get requests all the time to make blends that people might have dreamed up or just know that they need certain oils in their life right now.
In the past I would rush to the vendor and buy what was needed to make any special blend. Like the time I made that narcissus thing and spend like 400 dollars and the girl said it smelled like gasoline.
I was pissed at myself for rushing and spending money on one or two 20.00 dollar sales out of a 400.00 dollar blend.
I must calm down and not rush. I get so excited, see? I practiced not rushing  all last year and it has worked out. I still make expensive blends when I create..Like The Old Whore is expensive and so are many other rare treasures I provide.

It is the one timers that you never forget and they can never be recreated. Some can, but others, well, cannot be done. I can't ever go back to the state of mind I was in when working with a particular blend. I have tried writing a recipe down too. It just does not fit right the next time.
The OW is like that too. She just gets better with time and adjusts to every change with grace and poise.
I have really come up with something interesting and super cool with her.
I wanted to make TOW..linger where later you might get a vetiver vanilla whiff or a patchouli whiff and maybe a a secret atom just get you just so and you smile.
I want all of that as I create.

I have had one request from a boy who loves trees so we might be able to make an oil blend for the "bod babe" with spruce and birch and oakmoss and alright, now I want myrrh and choya loban again!!
Let us see what we can see about all that..
This is me, not rushing.

pine templar
black spruce absolute
balsam fir absolute
birch tar one drop
one drop choya

let us meditate on this one, yea?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Back to life back to reality

Cells function by a hormonal response that is triggered by the brain. It is like they know where to go and what to become by scent (probably as shown in some cuttlefish and how the make iridescent light) or by a chemical reaction of some sort using enzymes and coenzymes.
It is fascinating and never gets boring. Is it meta physical? No.
It is what it is and what we are, over emotional creatures that have to face trials and tribulations(lol) and various inconvenient situations.
Just be honest to yourself if possible.
 Envy is a horrible beast, horrible, and makes chemicals which can destroy you not only outside where people can see, but inside where your liver is trying to take care of you and all you do is feed is bad adrenal chemicals! That is how lies can destroy and before you know it, at your most seemingly happy state (pretend happy), you break and suffer more.

I am not a philosopher but I have studied enough to know more about myself than ever before. I think astrology helped me in that way. I loved and read every book there was from Liz Green to Robert hand to Steiner and was glorious. And then I did not need that mythology any more to function in the rough and ready real world. Where Jupiter and Saturn are magnetically spinning around the same star as us. There is nothing more profound than the rings of Saturn, nothing any astrologer could ever write about or assign a deity to. 
Enough deities ruling everything and every one. Rule yourself and stop being so special all the time..ha ha lol

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

see what happens when we compare the bible to the koran

drama you say? Mars in scorpio, whooosh!

Yes, there has been a whole lot of fast emotional energy and it whooshed in and out so fast that the lower unevolved types just had a hayday..dude, I am  a messenger not a prophet!

Okay, maybe a little bit of a prophet. :)
What is a prophet anyhow? A poet who makes up images for us of the air of the day and how we ultimately need more love, more patience and more honesty.
Yea, I want that.  I want more of that too and also a million dollars and I do dream about what I would do if I had it.  I would pay off my house and give some to the girl in Costa Rica who really needs it and I would retire and make soap..
Oh, wait, that is mostly my plan now and I am fine. I help my family and my  family helps me. we do that because my mom raised us not to mince words and be foolish with our choices. Okay, my brother has been a fool and I have been foolish more than once..all true!

Now for those of us who walk around in guilt wrapped in indignance, do not even attempt to "fool" me with it. I am not someone you can toy with! I guess everyone finds that out once in a while..
It happens. I am so sweet most of the time and so fun and so wonderful, right? You want to see Kali> Come over here when one of kids has been naughty..ha ha ha ha

I mean they hated Jesus in his own home town, who am I?
I am not him so do not attempt to even try  to think about crucifying me..that old human quality must be done away with. One squashing of a truth sayer is not going to stop ideas and the actual truth. It always unfolds before us and we must use real words to describe it.
Do you know what I am saying? If not, I understand.

I am reeling from it, yes, but I am not the only one. We all have had to face something rare and real at this moment, all of us. I have seen more police cars in the neighborhood driveways this week and more than any other week. Interesting.

Do I look at astrology to see what has propelled this trend?
A whole lot of Capricorn and a little  bit Mars in Scorpio..Whoosh!!  Backstabbing and dirty little secrets?  I guess, but really, we all have a chance to rise above the fray and look at things the way  they are, not some made up dream life.
I will stop, and go with my day and I hope you do too, because if you don't, I am gonna spank you!

I gots to go read this perfume book with no pictures.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Walking Dead Limited Edition Aromas

it is about me I write because of me not you not them

Sometimes, them, because when things need to be talked about in my brain, I will write it down here. Now this seems to be inspiring for some and some just go here to see if I am talking about them.
I am!
It is my blog for a reason! My Blog. I need to say it because it is mine and this is the way I cope with my life and daily doings.
To say that I am emotional is to say that I am emotional. So what?
It is good, I think.
It makes us all think about people and how they make up things in order to avoid my latest scathing post, "slut shame"..
How wicked people are that that will inflict that on themselves and then, on the very next guy  who seems to be weaker than they are.
Just so you know if you still think, I am weak in any way because I am so emotional or worse yet, some other insult you may have stored away just for me..well..yuk. An insult is not an argument..
I do digress...

Slut Shame is wicked in so many ways.
A human adult, if they want to, should have sex and as much as they want, and in any way they like..period..
Slut shaming them is low and unevolved and also makes for the platform of judgement based on what is moral now, what the church has laid out and maybe your mom..
I do tell my daughters..
"do not waste your sex juice with just any person, casting stones to see if this one will catch, it takes away from your witch female power and then you do become weak because your mind is diverted to a debauchery state"
"Debauchery you say, mommy?"
"Yes, and once you get into debauchery, it is hard to get out, you forget yourself, your adrenals get weak from so much liquor and pot, or what ever drug you use when in a debauchery state and then you continue this way..draining yourself of common sense and ultimately crying a lot"
"oh, mom, you are do dramatic when you speak to us."
"I know child, but the truth is like a sword and one must be pierced time and time again in order to work it out and also, it hurts everyone the same."

Slut shame..this is why we hate fags and sluts and bitches and whores and witches and lesbians because of course they go is just what a slut shamer would say!
They make up names to hurt the ones they secretly have disdain for. they spew out insults rather than see the truth before them and ultimately maybe even have become insidious and punish using tricks and underhanded approaches to gain satisfaction by revenge and name calling!
It is insidious, really.
And I continue to write and speak my mind because I must.

You see..I must.

**I am free and freedom is slavery and war is peace..
ha ha ha
George orwell said it and I like it!

 "war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength" 
1984 George Orwell

Monday, February 8, 2016

update on my last post

I had to delete it because too many people thought it was about them..LOL
There, it is gone..
I will try not to be too scathing next time.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

light snow with toast and tea

I made a big salad so we can all eat through the day and I bought a wonderful rye loaf at Joe's in Livonia. I love Joe's! I love a good meal and I love Imbolg!

All is well on this February day and February moment as I rejoice in Imbolg like a true witch of my kind.
I rejoice in so many things and so many ways  and ideas which invite goodness and sexy moments in so many forms.
It is sexy and not always exactly sexual..To me Imbolg is one of the most sacred of the nature celebrations because it is truly driven by a chemical reaction in our evolutionary cycles.
Imbolg is about attraction and actually making a bed for your love. making a magical cove for you and your mate..for private  moments of love.
It is about creation and creativity. About Lilith, transforming into Rheannon..naked and waiting for her lover..she prepares a beautiful bed made of straw and warm scented furs....she would invite and she would willingly give...
perhaps, she would chant...
"Come to me now, my sweet lover,
I will make a bed of straw and furs for you"

so warm and musk flowing from your animal scents
two beings
reacting to new chemicals surging through the body
are you aware of this power with in and with out..
at this moment as our star, The Sun arrives in time to warm, to nurish, to promise something born, something cherished...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

oh hi


I think my last post came out a little intense and some thought that I was mad.
I am fine..just sayin'..thangs..

I am feeling a surge of growth for myself and it is going to be great.
I hope you also have a wonderful surge of growth and it might make your head hurt a little because your brain is growing new spots with electric responders..about your blast of precious realizations.
What do you find precious, precious?

Sleep, I find sleep to be precious. I sleep for 6 hours no more no less. How about you?
I love sleeping without breaking a sweat. Yea, sleeping without being hot and then too cold because you were too hot. Welcome to The Crone Phase, Anastasia! I am okay, and when the hot and cold things comes, I simply decide to get up and do stuff because who wants to roll around being dissatisfied and frustrated..non! Get up plan, smell your blends, realize stuff and thangs..thangs..thangs...but, that is just me. How about you?

**you can't say your kids because the obvious should be, lover, a nice home life..

Good vanilla! I love them all and find vanilla to be precious and worthy of me and me worthy of her. I love her, but if we are talking oils, I find them all so  precious, and magical. I do!
Not magic as in fairies, magic as in, "wow, these are atoms and thangs doing this?"
It is amazing and don't ask me to explain it all, who am I, Luca?

I want to say books..okay, I will say books..not some conspiracy theories that proclaim things without evidence. That is what the internet brought to us, everything! Goat's  milk does not cure cancer, okay! It might help you feel better.
 Read about real things so you can be well informed and then, read about fantasies.
I like real and find the truth to be precious.

I love and find my customers to be precious..having customers means being able to buy more vetiver and that makes me very happy.
Having customers means exploring new ingredients, I find that to be precious..Having contacts with bridges of unity binding us, oh yea, it is is!

It is four in the morning and I am making creams and anointing compounds..

Om, to a precious and worthy life!

**"thangs" is a term from when Rick says "thangs" on The Walking Dead.. who's going to die next?
Abraham, Daryl, or Maggie?
Soon, my preciouses, soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

cruz over trump?

Sanders just a wee bit behind Hilary..things are heating up and I don't really want to say too much but I would rather have Trump than Cruz..

Yea, the next time you need a cure for cancer or to fix a ridiculously common sense problem of water and lead and poison on children, just vote for a guy who kneels to pray instead of a scientist who can detect chlorine stabilizers (poison) and lead in your drinking water..
That will fix it! These are the kind of people who believe in religious freedom as long as it is christian..of course, that can never be denied, it is un christian. Not to say that any one of them except for Bernie and you all know this, he will not kneel, he will go where the problem is and be civilized, smart and patient, and choose what is best, not what is good to a few. Flint, Michigan is a prime example of lazy, uncaring buffoons running city governments. 

Oh well, I am not a citizen so  I can remain blissfully ignorant and not really too effected personally. 
Unless you consider the all to subtle changes in how much I, we,  are paying for dental care because insurance became so complicated! I never did not like Obama,I was, tolerant to a degree because he is simple, but to be actually punished financially because you do not apply to this health caret thing he directed..I hate it! We have always had national health care, it was called medicaid..what happened? Nothing, same old paperwork and personal involvement in our personal matters..same old marijuana laws, it is legal, it is not legal..all I know is that even if you have your card and think you are legal, you may be subject to raids and harassment. And that always costs you big bucks.

I do not really want all that phoney bull shit like in the above  picture. Cruz is just a as ruthless as Trump and more so because he got to the heart of many religious people here in the US who think the earth is 6000 years old and that is it. God made us! 

Evolution is real! It is over and yet, you have these clowns kneeling and praying..for what I wonder, world peace? Well,  as long as it remains Christian, every one else can go to =hell= because they already are going I suppose! To live with The Divine Scapegoat for eternity in a hot place with snakes and stuff..

"Er, we have flown near Saturn and  have pictures that our computers took. Look there is water all over the solar system and comets are water and dust and stuff.."

"Well, You are dumb and will suffer in hell, dummy,  God made it and it happened a short time ago and let us pray now for the starving war ravaged places we shot up and blew up with our modern weaponry made by engineers.."

ha ha ha

Monday, February 1, 2016

humans and my new book

The Emperor Of Scent
By Chandler Burr

I am on chapter two and taking it slow.
So far I have been met wit h Madame Pillaud who was an old french bitch with an attitude. If she didn't like you, you got nothing. :) She had a hole in the wall shop full of old treasure from many years ago. As far back as the the 1800's!
I laughed out loud when I read about her question ("what is the main chord in "Bellogia"?")  to the boy who was dying to learn and smell more Chypre, the old ones, the really real ones without co2 isolates and terpenes and sulfurous compounds..

Civet is the culture from the inner lining of a wild cat's anus, okay! Again with the wierd animal thing!
("carnation"), The boy answered her question and she opened her mind a little for him. Not by much.

Ah The French with their food treasures and perfect ideas on perfumery..almost..They do love their rot!
Dude, the fecal note is totally about French perfume. They like when a perfume makes you feel like you want to be with an unkept woman,,ha ha ha ha

"dirty whore bitch"

Madame, She would not sell you something if  you made her mad in any way. So, people would go there and pay big bucks for a vintage Coty creation or a Dior..Dior.
Diorama has notes of musk, civet, castoreum and then  all the other botanicals.
A chypre is animalistic but my goodness, wow!
Diorama took it to the next level. I would try that one, just the one time or maybe two..just to smell what happens.
Certain oils definitely have powerful reactions from people. When I wear sandalwood and vanilla together, people come closer. When I wear lotus with lavender, I get my emotional nature and really pick up other's moods. Yea..I am emotional. That is why I make such nice things!

I have never smelled Dior perfumes. So far, I love making with essential oils and my own ideas, my own idea, of what I think chypre should be.
It should be alluring, deep, sweet, sultry, warm, balsamic, powdery, dirty, bitter, intoxicating...
I have made many..The old whore is a chypre. You kind of do not like her at first and then, you do. a dab and your good. It is power.
Am I inspired to make perfume now? Of course I am. After all these years in blending, it is a natural transition. So far I have worked with The Old Whore for many years and I do adore Fougere blends. I love Fougere and I really must, I must explore more old whore.
More Chypre for me and more reading about how the smallest of atoms group together to make a molecule to smell like sulfur or peaches.

Peaches?? Yes, you see, modern day perfumes have so many chemicals because of  man made atoms grouping together that they provide some sort of back round for the heavy oils. Also they are cheap and there are more profits for the producers. I do not care for the modern perfumes in any way and prefer to really explore the art of what happens when real apple blossoms meet with real lemon blossom. Then again, some things you can only enjoy off the tree and never in any other way is their beauty matched. It is like like music, scent. that it travels in waves like sound..soft pillowy waves of scent like music. That is why we hear words like "note" and "chord", yea?