Monday, June 26, 2017

I am more conservative than you are

I cook and make soap and nurture..and yet, you,still think I am a "goddamn liberal"?
I make a garden and feed all my kin and talk to my mother and my sons and yell at them for being dumb. I work until I can't stand "no" more and then  I lay down and rest. I read and listen to people when they actually talk to me and not yell insults and crazy ass fits..get over your self. you cannot behave in such ways is what is and should always Liberal, huh??
He called me that and it was the last straw!
Yup, I guess so, because no matter what I say, you will not change your mind.

You are more liberal than you think.
We all are.
Sick? Doctors! Roads, water, to your house, toilet, where did he think that shit comes from,  oops, I mean goes? I know right?
Instantaneously? Like god made us!
One guy said to me,
"You sound bitter.."
I am a little that you get to sneak  in a corner and talk about how bitter I may be.
It is not bitterness if it is not you then?

Women need to step up. accelerate the pounding of man gorilla brain pounding his fists at other man gorilla brains as whose god wants more blood?

Wait, you are Christian and your god is love..I keep forgetting that part when you talk like you do.
People say that maybe I am stirring the pot but then I always have even when I was stirring another one last year..ha ha hahaaa I am just trying to figure out when I insulted you most? Was it when I said all religion are like children's stories and serve to intimidate..make humble and bind to a creed.

Yes of course you are in my prayers. My meditations and focus on what is and hopefully may always be your good..please flourish so that you don't get mad at me when I say things. I mean get mad, sure, do not say mean things and not use  my looks or some dumb weird thing. or feeling like "bitter"

Tell me right now that the hurt remains for past swords from your heart being too open and someone guts you like never before..How did you feel and still feel the pangs of hurt of someones hate toward you?

Guess what, I once got my ass kicked because they said I didn't love Jesus enough.
Guess what, once I wrote about shea butter (years ago when I was blue lotus moon)and because I said an adjective about the women in Ghana and how gorgeous they are and I got my ass beat because I was deemed a traitor for loving black skinned Africans! True story and if you think I should be gracious about that. Sorry!

To say that I hate Christians is strong. I do hate that they have committed many atrocities in the name of their god and for them to be noble and more noble than me..sorry, no again.When you put a scale in your mind like that  it never turns out,  "oh, you don't hate Muslims as much as "us"..therefore you are evil and liberal! "
I have aid it before, it is more like children's games than real life..

I guess I  am tempted a little to tone down my ideas but I do not know if I can. I will always want to share good news like how fats works and how soaps is made and how science is how! You computer right now is science and was never instantaneous. And if you think Donald Trump is your friend? I hope so. It would be nice. it sounds good but be aware, Mussolini also wanted  to make Italy great again. He started the Catholic Youth with the Pope of the day..right, many years ago was that?
Not many and we will change. Italians today are done with the wars. It messes with the ragu and how the pasta is served. I hope so anyway..I wish we could all just grow our food like the past and work and be a nice planet of rich healthy happy people.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

pulling the lettuce and making the way for onions.

I have been harvesting garlic and basil and dill and that is about it. My vine friends take time to spread out. I am training them to climb with things they were throwing out from work and my usual little nik knacks I like to put out there for the tomatoes to rest on. This year, hay and straw. Straw to hold moisture and hay to smell sweet and green. Think of sweet grass. hay is like that except when you have so much hay, you can jump on it? Am I crazy? You can put a soft blanket over it and look at the sky or the night stars making their journey through time like us. I would do that in the morning,like right now at this moment, it is 3:30 am. The only time I can be alone away from too many people to  be able to think of how much I love them all.:)

A recipe

fresh garlic
fresh dill
fresh basil
olive oil
put these all together in a blender and use with anything you like..grilled portobelloes and almost every other grilled delight.

I am not vegan, I was vegan and turned it around.
I have a friend who always brings up his ideas of perfection and said vegans are better people than meat eaters.
He can bite me because I am a fuking stellar human. and who is counting?
I bet that guy never worked a farm in his life. He never worked the ground. he is afraid to touch things. Americans may be afraid of dirt. i am not sure though:)
Who gets to decide what is sinful and what is not sinful?
Does your sexual past have really anything to do with your current love?
I hope not because if so you are bound by jealousy and hate from the get go.
The love part will fade in to bitterness and agony because you may not have gotten what you bargained for. Things change and your lover is really an ugly demon here to suck of of your good, your goddess, your honest, you worthy, your clean efforts.
Or at my age, men, well many  men are fuked up and still think they are young but too many drugs and alcohol and staggering has become habitual and here we are.
I will stop cussing maybe..:)

Today will be good. I will work
I will think
I will ponder
I will not stink like a fake cologne with ozone ugliness..ozone?? Why???

Monday, June 19, 2017


summertime thangs

I was thinking about things. I am sort of studying brain stuff some more and it makes me think about my inner brain and why I think and do the things that I do.
Why I am never really lonely unless too many people are there then I am lonely, really lonely because I know I stand out. None of them even have a glimpse of what a bad ass I am, have been or will continue to be as my badassery is my my secret and my stand.
I am learning my job better, and as you may have heard by now, Amazon bought Whole Foods Market. I am now an employee of  a global company. Coolness and whatever man!
 How do I feel about the sale of my beloved whole foods? Meh! Soon drones will scan vitamins and body care right in time for me to bank on my retirement savings and just make soap. Yes real people still want real soap made with good fats.. Corporate details are what they are.
Move along. I make money there and do a job that soon will be done by a robot and they like me so much they let me stay and talk to the real people that come in with every fuking complaint.
You know why they are so depressed? They are so fuking bored from doing nothing good that they come in there for a reprieve and comfort. They have nothing to do because money alone is not enough for happiness, you have to keep learning and learning and not be a lazy fuk, wondering who., next,  will do your thinking for you so that you don't even have the knowledge to get on google.

I had a letter written on the web site of whole foods requesting information on why toms of maine roll on is not available. Seriously? You already went to the internet to contact me. Go to Toms and ask them! Toms's roll on really? They made a new one 5 years ago. If you like it so much, why don't you know that? I am just sayin'.
Also if you are the type of guy that shops for his "queen"?? Nuff said about that kind of talk!

The new moon is almost up on us. This is a time of learning and remembering everything you learn. The new moon in Cancer.  It is about keeping what you have, allowing some  secret works to develop in to real usable skills for the next three months which will lay down the pathway for the next three years.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

there are good things everywhere

I love this time of the year. Here in southern Michigan, it is has been unusually  hot and dry. No rain for days and now they are telling us that our water is not fit to drink. "don't worry though, it is nothing serious. just drink bottled water for a few days until we fix this."

What do they need to fix?? Well,  (well) The water levels dropped  because of the high temps and now all their chemicals are concentrated. they do not just say that in plain English. Contaminated with bleach and dioxin or what ever other poison they try to use in order to satisfy the ignorant masses. Who are these "they" any way?
This is what I am asking.

Water and food is what drives all mammals my babies and we are said mammals too. Because we are aware of ourselves is why we feel so special.
Most humans cannot even accept evolution so it is easy to sit in darkness and let others lead the way.
I would rather be in the fray, the out of the way, the developing secretly mammal  female to
works hard to make it right..for her little fray friends..:)
I am drinking bottles water by the way.

How about that? Imagine no water..
no baths
no soup
no clean underpants against your ass
imagine fighting to survive
no food store near by
to eat a breakfast or make a nice tea no sugar
no clean shoes
no phone to call your mamma
"mamma" like Lambert in that cartoon show
walking miles to get pails of water.
Imagine if you can and if it hurts you just a little to even think it..yes you have heart and
now, you can open it to share your thoughts your ideas and your art.

Monday, June 5, 2017

notice something?

My writing is getting better. At least sometimes. I know I tend to go off and rant but that may be my best thing in writing. I am not sure. I like poems too.
Like the one I wrote about some of the Patriarchal slime that lead our world as they always have, with violence and greed about their gods.

I called it Patriarchal slime because I heard a friend use that term about some leadership in our towns and head offices..

I might have to change some words but it goes like this..and when I say is raspy and low voiced beatnik sounding..

Patriarchal slime,

:) patriarchal slime I see you all the time 
your head held high 
because god is on your side
your shoes all shiny because you have it all
just as long as everyone abides by your own man made laws
the time has come for you to face
and not feel disgrace because your god does not care about you so boo hooo
pretty boy

I wrote right before all that stuff on the news about London and the fuks who are randomly killing innocent people who are living their lives.

I have told you before and believe you me, I hate the religion, all of them, especially  Islam but Muslims here in Detroit are fine. They work and are trying to make a nice home and make money and live a decent life. No one seems mad when I talk to them. Oh, and there are a shit ton of Jews down the road. A bunch of Chaldeans too..all from that region and yes, I find some of their habits distasteful like their constant "honey" but well, Greeks are obnoxious too..Oh yes, they are!
Their priests wear long gowns just as much and well, they also work near each other all these different people.The difference with western faith is that the priests wear that shit only during ritual, the rest of the time they are normal looking unless they have to wear the thing on their neck just to say who they are..subtle but still as poignant. The Greek priest I know, looks at his job as a job and has a family and they travel and look pretty in pictures. He seems normal except when he came top pray over my dad in the hospital that time when papou fell down the stairs, he said, in perfect English, "here John, this is myrrh fro Jerusalem" and he put it on my dads forehead. I reached over and asked to smell it..
Fake and so fake! My  dad thought it was golden myrrh from the most holiest of places. I said nothing. They know God but do not know the difference from real myrrh and a fake toy made to fool children! is true though.
You walk away from something like that in deep thought. Are we better because we review and change as need be?
I think so.
And I have said this before about how new generations do not want to live like that. They want music and dancing and nice looking hair and not just for dad and brother to see..creepers!
These few idiots who think they can change earth to their views are but a small spec in time. Future humans will remember them for what they are, apes with no education. because once you learn, there is no going back to make your self believe, you are in knowledge already, willing and open to all the best things for all people.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

hello and thank you

The more I read, the more I am grateful. I am grateful about my life and my heart's needs always being met.

Remember cologne guy? Well he dumped me because he does not want to dump cologne. Sigh..I mean on the one hand it was nice to have a dude fawn all over me and I know none of that is real. I have been around the block a few times and so I engaged to my horror. It is horror when these dudes come sniffing like they do. I  do smell nice and well, somehow Uranus struck again and I am in this weird friendship which secretly I found a little gross because it is so outside the box for me to engage with men.
I am a monk and I like it.

"Mom where are you going"
" I am invited by Ted to go to a movie"
"mom don't go, you won't have fun" They all chimed, their friends who come here often also rebelled at the notion.
" already said yes, Ted needs me right now, he is nice, I want to see if i like it.."
"you won't, mom, you know that."
Later,  I came home all perclempt and displaying asthma symptoms from the cologne. I thought it was Adrenalin and it was actually his perfume which choked me for two hours. Why would someone wear such heavy cologne is my question.
I don't know but I asked him to wear nothing and he got pissed of course.
I am sorry..I have issues and he could not adjust.
Needless to say, I am traumatized by the whole thing.
I can not imagine fishing for dudes like that and having to drop people and get new people because of some angst and loneliness thing that needs filled. Awe.
I am not lonely. I have never been lonely.

I think the thing is that I am a witch and men get scared of that.

As well they should be as I am not to be trifled with for too long.

"do you believe in Karma?"
"no I do not, I relate to the law of cause and effect"

I am Kali
I am Durga..

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello June first and how are ya

Do you know me?
I am not your native nor your blood
we are the same though
we are made of star dust and churned particles made by heat in our star,
so hot so so hot :) Like your hot bod babe!!

We are the same and should not be troubled
yet we dwell and dwell in anxiety and worry about silly little daily things that wreck us

We cry over our hair and our legs and our varicose somehow if we pretend they were never there we can actually make it happen by this "belief"

we love pretending as babies and to carry the tales of children to our adult years, we all do,  we want that and do it..
our fairy tales are just bigger and have a bigger price.

yes like karma in like reincarnation..
"anastasia, I am shocked, you do not believe in reincarnation?"
"no, I don't, does it really matter what we may have been?"
"yes I think so, that is karma"
" maybe it is "revenge"  dressed as free will and or karma?"
He walks away, pondering why he even talks to me any more..ha ha ha..
He wanted that all to be true we all do we all have.

have a wonderful day and remember how amazing we are, how smart and how go, have a  good dream in the deep darkness of twilight and make it a wealthy one a healthy one and where good  will to all reins."_)))