Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oh osho

there's the rumor that he was assassinated..well...
besides that, I am trying to read through his book.

Speaking of which..or should I say Witch!
How come any religious book that I read, always talks about the no's?
no sex
women are wicked
men are always noble
no drugs
no carry out
no dependency on human emotion

Look around buddy, every one is getting high on something..and even in sacred India, they are sniffing some sort of chemical whitener..you know, the one people used to paint over a wrong word on a page...
yes, they brush a bit on their hand and dry it and then sniff it.
Where is Durga there honey? Where is the monkey faced man who cares for nature?
Where was Jesus when my mother watched her own father get bayoneted to death by a Catholic..sort of!
How had a 4 year old manifested that through karma?
Another word for guilt for some""
Today, and here and now where we have money, there are jobs in drugs and drugs galore to take..
That guy, that guy who knows chemistry is  now is in a lab making synthetic chemicals ( Prozac, adirol and something...!) which trigger more molecular change than any shot of fine whiskey, amazing sex with your mate or a good bit of homegrown will ever do.

I mean really?
How can growing pot put you in jail when the  cigarette industry  thrives in  a big legal drug fueled empire in which every seed of tobacco in the US is soaked in chemical weed killer before planting! They are then regularly sprayed with chemicals  because you cannot possibly grow that much tobacco and get a bug free product, after that they are mixed with igniting materials like salt peter..= heavy metals in the body = poison
I would like to know, what kind of person would make gaseous poisons and then put them in a  box or can and then spray you with it  and then go and throw someone in jail for growing a plant at their own house?
Did you know that lawn maintenance is one of the biggest poisons to our Earth's water supply?
Did you know that they can still find traces of Prozac in the drinking water in certain places of the US?
Wow, I wonder how it all got there..

I realize it will not matter in the end. When the earth's surface once again turns in to melted rock oozing and concentrated with our collective existence and.... once again regenerates itself into molten violent being and finally..frozen for a small eternity until our Universe collapses back into itself and then begins its heavenly cycle once more..breathing and being is a mirracle!

Kindness is a drug. Giving is a drug and being loved is a drug..Flower Remedies are  drugs because your intentions are  drugs..each cell remembering itself..heh...
I am the master of my domain..
I do what I want therefore I am happy
thank you i love you

Monday, July 30, 2012

beautiful day

moon in Capricorn, yes, but there are hidden treasures everywhere. All you hacve to do is remember them and where they lye.
It is like that. each cell of you body, each litlle molocule has an orbit around its center..and you being divine inteligence which fuels its destiny..
I am a poet...heh!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

last day of my vacation and I am having a sale on etsy as a celebration

It was really restful too. I will remember this for a long time. I made spinach pie today and will enjoy the last few episodes of that drama I am watching on Netflix..
Hope you are awesome and looking fine all day.
Thank you!

Friday, July 27, 2012


I took a drive yesterday..No it wasn't pleasant, I rarely enjoy traffic and one lane drives when there is construction and I am driving a stick..but..even though I would have rather stayed home in my cave,  I took the opportunity anyhow and went to the paper store at Kerry Town, Ann Arbor. So much to choose from, what could I do? I did the best I could and it's all good!
I do not even want to cut this one!
I get so excited.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Host Defense

I am on the mushrooms! Stamets 7. Rishi, maitaki, lions mane and the big brain one, cordiceps all included. Now there is something interesting right there..cordiceps are a fungus that bury themselves in the brain of some caterpillar and grow out of the top of their heads..crazy right? More crazy, is that some one said let's eat that and see what happens..
This one is grown on brown rice..and it is the best mental reviver I have consumed in years.
Mushrooms are wonderful for health..they contain super charged enzymes and other components that are part of the spark of life..beta glucans, poly saccharides..I won't list them all because each mushroom has different chemical constituents. Cordiceps are rich in mannose while Maitaki is more beta glucans..
get Paul's little sweet mushroom book. It is an easy read and very informative.
Myco Medicinals
Give them a call, they are so nice!

Mushrooms for health and well being are a fine choice for me! They are very wonderful and give me tons of energy, which I have been storing for the next season.
I am off from my "other" job for a few glorious days!!

I might take a drive to Ann Arbor to get some papers but after that I'll be holed up watching a long drama on Netflix, called Breaking Bad..
The two leading actors have amazing chemistry and, I haven't been the same since watching.
Interestingly, the actors in this drama are  Pisces and Virgo in real life, both choosing to enrich a role and make it juicy..right on!

*ever since their  Saturn in Virgo transit 3 years ago, Virgos haven't been the same have they? Well, even after all that drama in Virgo's life, they have been able to separate themselves long enough to have recovered somewhat from the ordeal they had just put themselves through..learn that you do not have to suffer to receive divine atonement! And most folks are in the same sort of pain you are..it hurts you more....
Who am I to say that it doesn't?

** now there is the art of making money, but babes, the less we scheme and the more we do, should be our mantra..and  we do it because we want something nice, kind and beautiful  to shine thorough.

My personal plan is to make soap but not until next week, this week will be for enjoying my life and selling what I do have.
 My lovely people have been really digging the sulfur soap (soul radiance)..I already have to make more!
I bought red mandarin oil  recently which I will mix with dark patchouli..I will put in some mango melange that Christopher conjured up at White Lotus:), I can hardly wait to smell that!
My mouth waters at the thought of such gloriousness.
I'll be patient, I'll wait!

Just made and still curing is a wild sweet orange, blood orange,  bergamot, neroli petitgrain, bergamot petitgrain and frankincense (Somalia) to hold it together. I kind of went a little hotter than usual and the orange still smells a little smokey. I find this occasionally when working with orange oils..
I hope it turns out ok..I will include an nice cut sample with each order for a bit..I hope you get to try this.

Have a wonderful day~

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

goodness me but it's hot

I actually had to bring the orchids in even though they were in the shade outside, I felt they were being too weathered out there. Tomatoes are coming in as well as the cucumbers and the corn which I planted for them to climb on. So cute!

 I did make soap and feel all caught up.

This is Sage Mint Soap made with Juniper Ridge White Sage Tea. Intense isn't the word, Glorious is!
So far it comes off very mint, but wait a sec, and sage is there, oh yes..

Un Stress

Monday, July 23, 2012


it is a big part of my job as a person and at work.
Am I like Lucy and Ethel in that chocolate episode..??
I am in control and plan every move with precision and style and even though I am odd in many ways, they accept me for that..they are all so nice to  me.
But back to my point..
Isn't running a home and family sort of like that? Every few weeks you dig in the wardrobe and clean things out? Or, have a flood in the laundry room forcing you to have to now sweep and mop and then everything is sparkly again inviting all the good and lots of money:)
I think so.
Enjoy this mercury retrograde at home, languishing(can I say that?) rather than fight the world..lasts till August 22, really..I still haven't bought a new printer so I made copies of some of my girl's art and am now using that to wrap your soaps until I find a nice printer.
Also about mercury retrograde, is that our juices are flowing..inspirations coming out of nowhere and making us excited.  Remembering dear ones whom you haven't seen for years, just pop up in to your life again?
 I know right!
Life is an awesome journey.

"A doubting mind is always looking back, always thinking of the alternative" osho

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am reading OSHO, The Mustard Seed
"The Revolutionary Teachings of Jesus"
Very cool..

I know that I rant on and on about The Truth and such..
I am very interested in the real events not some rules and kingdom made up of men in robes saying who can do what.
Mostly it's because I was raised in The Greek Orthodox Church, where men lead the religion and women make sweets for after the services, while looking good!
Greek women love to look rich and classy and we pride our selves on how well we can work with filo dough.
My mom rolls out her own, I rarely use filo, but the other day I had a work of art at In Season Cafe in Royal Oak Michigan, which blew my socks off!
Some sort of pistachio stuffed  whole wheat filo with a cauliflower sauce..
I do not know how the chef made cauliflower taste so heavenly, but he or she certainly did. I gobbled up everything!

My stuffed filo recipe which I always make for my family( when I do make, that is)
pack of filo dough, thawed
2 sticks salted butter melted on very low heat
two packs cleaned spinach ( I like the babies in a bag)
1 pound container whole milk ricotta
1 pound container of cottage cheese again whole fat
salt pepper
dollop of olive oil
grated lemon
1 cup crumbled feta
4 eggs (free range)
a bit chopped green onion ( not too much)
taste, add more salt if needed

now fold a about two tablespoons at a time in to filo triangles.. each layer being dressed in the butter in layers
I use one sheet per triangle~ brush with butter and place on backing sheet.
if you do not know how to fold filo in to triangles, google it..it is super easy..
bake at 400 for 10 minutes and then at 350 till golden brown

cheese curds

a hunk of ancient grains bread and salted butter, toasted in the oven...
Wisconsin cheese curds with garlic and dill
organic breakfast blend coffee

I am very  happy right now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

the rain finally

I cut the beeswax soap this morning..it is still a little bit rawer but I just couldn't wait.
All those specs are made of soft honey and propolis particles I could not dissolve:)
So far very lemony, bread and butter and fruity jam coming out..I still haven't been able to detect the Roman chamomile but it'll be there, it'll be there, because it is already in there..things do not ever disappear, they dissolve into something else.
It is beautiful, man!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

boredom and food shopping

The more you say it, the more it happens, right?
Yes, I get bored!
Do you think I wouldn't get bored answering questions about tea tree oil and green coffee bean all day?
Special orders and disgruntled customers..and..
 Did you just "you hoo" me? ( I was appalled and she was well dressed too..just goes to show you, money isn't everything)
"yes" she replied..
As I approached this woman, she immediately changed her demeanor..all she wanted was pie and what it tasted like last week..she came all the way to cheese to do that, heh!
I am like we're out, how about frozen pie..it is good, you simply thaw it..
"I want what I want."

"I understand," I always say:) "I am sorry, ma'am."
( while walking away, I think how I will try to shed this one in a thousand encounter)

I am thinking to myself that, people need to get back to being polite.
Seriously? You speak that way to a sacred servant of your food? Are you crazy? You are going to eat that and feed your soul with that vibe? No wonder you look so thin and frail..In some places they do worse..
Better way..bless it from the moment you walk in the door..you are the one who is grateful that you have this awesome place in which to buy nourishment and glorious items from around the world!!
Plus the way I see it; you are lucky to get to talk to me, you'll see...I'll even show you Rescue Remedy!

" I love and enjoy my glorious job"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

merc retro and my juices are starting to flow

oh yea, river flow..
fix this and fix that, right?
spending money and keep fixing and then another yet smallish thing pops up?
buck up, it is almost finished, do one thing at a time and do it while planning the other thing?
dealing with somewhat out of touch type of person who is pushing your buttons?
Where are the boons?
Oh they pop up unexpectedly from our past and thrill us with gifts.
I open my mail and there is money or a necklace with a sweet peal in a pod..look at how  how enriched your life is and how many people care about you.
You should be more accepting of gifts from people...
This is a time to rest for sure. Get inside and rest yourself, honey..wash your hair and read something  nice if you want to..
watch netflix something, something... ( we're re-watching Dr Who before the next season starts and a new show my daughter likes, Psych..just fun chillin' stuff for Summer)

I did say pops not poops, right?

plus it is hot. just so hot...

yup..it is mercury retrograde...in July!

Poor scorched earth, right  now..and just a few solar flares did this. Now can you see the power of our Sun and how it spins Mercury and how it spins us and how we are a part of the great magnetism?
 Our bodies are equal to  thousands of tons of nuclear weapons in  just one human... each cell being fed by starlight or our Sun.
That is how much energy it takes to keep your cells and heart and brain going..that there is Sun energy.
Have a glorious day.
I am using a soap called Intention and then afterwards putting on  spruce patchouli frankincense on my knees and wrists..
It'll be a good day, :0

Thursday, July 12, 2012

ideas flowing through my mind

but I still can't put my finger or mind to exactly what is next.
I've been asked to do another vinegar type soap for shampoo and I will make that.
Maybe I should melt the resins I have from Siberia (cedar and fir) with that beeswax of Barry's..
and make "resinous blu"? here is the girl for the label so far....

Every soap, it's like a boon. So... now I will strive for this....bitchin' right?
Resinous Blu
the light
I am submerged in eternal light:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

enzymes~ the spark of life

That is the death of a star.
With in that sphere are all the materials which made up its solar system..and what ever it made up during its billions of years of existence...materials like carbon, calcium, enzymes, and alcohols.....
it looks like your eye doesn't it?
Which leads me to enzymes and your eye...:)

Enzymes are found in all living cells..every part of you from your beginning..
They enable us to see, hear, feel, move and think.

Did you know?
You are only born with a certain amount of enzymes.
Everything raw has its own enzymes to break itself down.
Everything cooked requires the body to release more from its store.
Everything dead like meat as well.
Everything which shouldn't be there like toxins.

If you feel sluggish and dirty inside, try some enzymes before meals and eat more fruit, tomatoes and bananas:) cherries, lettuce, pineapple, water mellon, melon' and mango..no limits!
The idea being that you fill up on the good stuff and have less room for the rough stuff, like sugar and dead fried meat on top of bleached soft white flour..
Even we, the healthy cooks, break down and eat carry out!
Then the bloating begins, right?

For a nice enzyme blend, I like for sure, Enzymedica, they are awesome and vegetarian and the owner is really a scientist Tom Bohager (lovely man) and  they only make enzymes..
 Mega Food is good too.
Choose vegetarian rather than something glandular..and I must say, Standard Process brand seems to have a following and they use pancreatin and trypsin ..which are both animal derived.

Think about your last meal..the food you ate, the protein and vitamins your teeth ground for you to swallow..
I did eat some birthday cake for Emily, my daughter..she is a wonderful girl, they both are. Listen, I work hard and love cake!
Have a wonderful day and remember to remember about the star..and how you will evolve into that sphere of burning light..
Maybe in 3 billion years,  we will have made an atmosphere on Mars so that our species can survive further in to time..
Maybe there will be palm trees there and our future generations will watch the Earth become molten again.....
Don't worry though because energy cannot be destroyed..it can only change and transform..

Monday, July 9, 2012

the next thing

I have a bunch of caramelized honey, propolis and pollen which I will make soap with.
The scent will be lavender chamomile. Roman chamomile with it's appley cucumber scent.

I hope it turns out good..:)
have a good day

Barry's Bees

The final result of rendering beeswax...the bindis:)

I will thank my workmate Barry for actually bringing me some beeswax after all,  I had been hounding him for weeks. He wants to do a trade and since he and his wife love verbena I will gift that and a few other things for their awesome generosity.

I have ordered hexagon glass jars for the scrubs and balms..for now, we will enjoy these.
They aren't something you would throw in your bag..keep them near your bed and enjoy a treat now and again which can captivate your attention towards something  that is for your best benefit. I think this is real magic..love and power flowing easily though our hands.
thank you:)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

the vesel

in which the amber infusion I had..had to be finally emptied and cleaned. I reek of it..it had to be done!
I wonder what kind of attractions it will bring?
singing.."it's gonna take monehhhh..a whole lotta spending money..to do it to do it to do it to do it"

I will shower now and put on something light..patchouli and neroli:)

It has really cooled off here, 7/8/2012:)
boons my dears, boons to you

Saturday, July 7, 2012

some sort of greek flower

My mother has been saving these seeds every year since we came here in 68..:) She smuggled some of her favorite flower seeds so that she could plant them here . She is an amazing gardener..
I think they look like some sort of breed of Impatiens, but I am not sure...

I want to show you the bees wax!
It comes all crumbly with bits of honey and propolis and bits of this and that..sweetness in life.
I will strain all that tomorrow (save that material and make soap) but the wax, ah the wax, with that I will make some fine balms and then..well who knows. I might even captivate my own soul''':)

**that crusty stuff is honey which separated and then caramelized. I can smell wild flowers and sweet yarrow.

772012 which 19 which 10 or 1

Great day and great times! Thank you for your awesomeness and believing in me even when I've been a goon!

The weather has been hot beyond comfort. But, we... er... I am suffering through it. Drinking water and eating fruit and veggies, raw mostly. The neighbor brought over some green beans from his garden and I simply threw them in a pot and boiled 8 minutes with salt, sea salt...
I think you can be extra hydrated if you don't have a bunch of heavy  food in your belly..although I did make a delicious pasta dish the other day which they gobbled up..my kids did with some of their friends.

People really love my home and am in love with the vines..I included today's photo of their glorious beauty!
I never sit in there, you know. I don't want to shake them up too much. The arbor thing is for them..:)

'I enjoy my comfortable daily life'

Have a wonderful day,

Friday, July 6, 2012

the god particle

oh yea..
the divine force and belly of a whale
he heh

we are stardust we are golden:)

So why couldn't evolved species of life live with in a white dwarf for example?
Look at it this way..
Everything we are will be born and die and rot and  will have become something else to the point of we now are and what we will become here on earth...
so in three billion years as our earth is consumed  by our star and we eventually become re torn appart within a boiling diamond in creation..carbon..and other things....is all that will have become for many billions of years..

What will we have evolved to be then, I wonder?

 I mean we have only been here about a million years in this form.."homo sapien or as I would say,  "stand up on two legs walker"
I just wonder is all
have a glorious day:)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

my happiness focus of the day

Making a good dang soap is happiness to me.

It makes my heart pump a little faster. It makes my belly quiver with excitement and I can hardly sleep for the desire to cut each piece and hold it in my hands.
Also the place reeks of frankincense..maybe I used too much??

have an awesome day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

parent stars

Do you know why they call them parent stars? Because without the birth of a star (which is violent), planets would not form, neither would enzymes or bacteria..
Our sun is our true parent and itself having been created from debris from a death of a super massive star exploding and spreading stardust (us) throughout The Universe, including gold, silver and basics like silica and magnesium..do you still think God is a guy sitting on a throne?
The holy spirit, I get.
The holy throne, the trinity, the virgin births, the men in robes..
They are diviners of captured energy and can lead masses though fear of punishment from god.
The Law of Attraction is God, dudes! And pulls everything back together and then spreads it out again in space and here.
Your thoughts mold you and make you who you are now and flare out as far as time to draw their rewards!

 I shall now create thoughts which will guide me in to new glorious situations.
Let The Universe bring wonderful boons...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

one more thing

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!

news from the shop

My printer broke down..am I going to cry? 
Yes, a little and then I will pick myself up by my ass and make something instead of crying! I will work out the labels so you'll be super delighted with your box when it comes to you!
I'll buy a new printer and go wi fi with it, I will! Just not now, not today..Today I will  think on special times here on Earth!

Wormwood Motherwort Balm with the old whore oils..I mean really!

Frankincense Myrrh Sandalwood Balm

Lemon Verbena Lemon Balm~ Balm

all handcrafted with organic olive oil ,herbal extracts, essential oils and pure beeswax
and all $17.00 per ounce (which will last you a year)
These are super special and made for special times and situations:)
I will list them today. Maybe you'll try one or three..who am I a genius?
Just Lucky, I guess:)

Summer 2012

my summer vacation

here are the grape vines today as it is raining gently outside after a long drought....7-3-2012=15=6  :)

It is my best thing as my Secret Garden hasn't somehow sprung up in one season as I had imagined it. The reality has been a lot  of digging and cleaning up as I build the soil around these beauties and the whole place.
It'll happen in its own time.
So far I can hardly wait to wake up and look outside and see what is up and say hello to all the living beings in this yard of mine..also there are many frogs here..they get used to you and become brave and then hop off.
I am not touching frogs,ok! My mom is the same way. And I really do not have to. It all works out:)

Soaping notes..
My oils arrived yesterday and I am in awe once again with White Lotus Aromatics. I am taken away to beautiful emotion, elation, fond memories. The frankincense from Somalia which I bought  is glorious. I'll use half like a pig and then save the other to let it age to Winter Solstice..
I also  got my self a bit  petitgrain, bergamot bigarade (stunning, deep, creamy velvet) and another one called, cambava..which smells of citronella...The vetiver..ah the vetiver..omg:) Madagascar..wonderful enough to be its own soap alone with nothing else but a few drops of that petitgrain..

You can rub your knees with a good frankincense to help with pain and fatigue and this one is just what I needed at the most perfect time.
Not CO2 but steam distilled..sometimes I like that. You can capture something new and very keen vibe with steam distilled.. I must say.
And frankincense has many fatty acids which you do not see which should be noted.

  • 3-acetyl-beta-boswellic acid (Boswellia sacra)
  • alpha-boswellic acid (Boswellia sacra)

anti inflammatory properties
anti bacterial
kidney tonic therefore the lungs
plus it revives your state of mind
clears the way
lets you face fear

take a whiff of a good one and feel your mind be swept of any doubts or fears~
Frankincense to me is grace under pressure:) understanding your motives and acting on them...
thank you i love you have a good day