Saturday, May 31, 2014

needle park

I wonder if people that have homes near there are like, "I do not want to live around all this.."
 I should look into that..It might be like when people began moving out of Detroit..
When we came from Greece, our family lived in Detroit for one year. My dad said, "Oh, no no no, we no stay here!" That was in 1968. He got held up on his first day going to work, at the bus stop..
Now a days, they burn their town's homes all day there..There was a time a couple of years ago that there was a house fire every 8 minutes( 7 or 8))!!Seriously? I think you can buy a beautiful  house for one dollar there..and never leave it alone. Like in the jungle, where I live ved in Costa Rica, you never leave your home un attended..they take! Humans do this..How many churches and chappels are there in Detroit tucked away in what was once a strip mall and before that a bakery? I see many on old Grand River Road when I go in that area..chappels at every corner..

Not that it isn't down the road from me. (about 15 miles. That is nothing.
What a change though,. Livonia,  especially the old part where I live. There are still some wooded areas here and some very old trees. All of my neighbors are lovely..(to me that is they do not come over all day, I am busy)) it sounds mean but it is nice boundary you set up with people that live near you. I have lived in may places, these guys are awesome. Plus, think about it, I can only eat so much yellow zucchini.

There are changes in the downtown area called New Center, in Detroit. It is going to take years and  real effort to get that place cleaned up.
It is so pretty there too.By the river, it is so big, that river.
Rivers amaze me! In Kentucky, in Louisville, The Ohio, meets is so grand, really..
have a good grand!

Friday, May 30, 2014

now this is magic, no?

teleport me
Physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands were able to successfully "teleport" information over a distance of 10 feet,

That is so incredible!
I means we know more and more about what we are!
Sadly there are a whole ton of damage already done. I hope we can think about what we waste from now on.
Not everyone can compost, but dang man, people who buy everything just to try it and return it, aren't thinking right..all that stuff piles up..humans tend to forget some really dumb using lead in everything well in to the 20th century! Can you imagine the mind control factor that heavy metal must have? Today's high thinkers have less lead in their body..we all have less..Maybe that is why we can now learn with an open mind instead of follow with pride in our god(s).
I like to  live  in remote parts of the  human herd but still close enough to get there in short time.. I "heard" one scientist refer to humans and a "herding animal".
Have you ever seen a fast video of ants and humans  in a busy downtown?
I don't know man, they look  kind of alike to me. 

Look at the real explainable magic and very complex way in which we exist and you can really get overwhelmed!
I am here to say that our mind is amazing. I wish I could know  more about this and practice my amazing potentialities:)!
Can you imagine that you have an up to or more radius to make your thoughts move things..dude? Then, what is an aura? Remember when people made fun of us/er/me, for that?:)
Think about ten feet of power you can't see but put on others.
Think about that ten feet every time you invoke an energy, a vibe.
Your thoughts create everything and really make up for who and what you let in to your ten feet,
Happiness makes you smile more and sadness drives people away..
laugh it up, now babies..we can't work right untill we dance!! Up to ten feet!
Energy is really understandable  magic..we should make it a nice place, right?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

happy new moon

I love Gemini!
I work with one of the best beautiful Gemini people I have ever had the pleasure of working with!
He is spunky, gorgeous!
Air people are like swords..they do not beat around the bush and Gemini is so freeking charming, you cannot be mad at them. it does not hurt that they are among the most beautiful people on earth! When something is pretty, you smile is true.
Look at them all stylin! they can find a flaw in any garment and not stop thinking about it.
I have one of my own at home too..
"Mom, how do you like my new shirt, snazzy hugh?"
So cute!
I do not think he actually used the word pertained to that effect..snazzy.
My Gemini can be quite intelligent.
I feel like taking advice from another air element is awesome. And gemini gives new perspective.
Funny thing is how you get what you want just by thinking it.
Five years ago, that job had some dark people who were not raised right, running things.Now, it is nothing but kind, like minded people. I love that!
Not all like minded, but basically all good hearted..the drama weavers don't fit in anymore, they look rank and smelly always bitching about  something..
Look to your own task honey, do it with pride and joy, not reacting to other's drama..
it is better.

We laughed so much My Gem and I..
The Dark Moon seemed to have brought out some emotions in all of us. Some told me they drove to work crying..awe!!
I told him  that I went on a rant and may have shockingly hurt a few feelings..
"because of dog poop girl!" "whaaa"lol
"awe, lets go see"
sure enough, you open the first soap page on etsy and he/she is there with said soap in his/her hand..
You know what happened next?
The other boy I work with said, "i wanna see it!"
"oh, weird, does it have scent?'
"sure enough does, sonne, it is chocolate!"
we just laughed and laughed..
"look, he makes really cute things, like pop corn soap."
Turns out, this soapie makes some cute things..the gem pointed out how cute his cupcake soap was..and true enough, it is all cute!
I wonder what kind of person buys that and gives it to their dad? Gross...
I think Gemini vibes can be soothing.
You  have cool recollection of pending future events.
You expect others to be frank and worthy
and very clean, because Gemini loves sparkly..
of course some are shallow because of mental laziness. They are very precise at that one thing and do not give a crap(ha!!!):)) about anything else..we all have our priorities..


Wednesday, May 28, 2014



I understand all too well about creative rights and all that.
I am just talking, no one is fighting to the death ha ha

I hope you are all well on this rainy Wednesday.. It is nice, everyone is growing out there and soon we will have all the glorious summer time foods..tomatoes, cukes and so many salads with fresh cold pressed fruity olive oil..I've heard over and over that  the Tunisian organic olive oil  in the can at Trader Joes is beautiful in a salad.
There is nothing more "magical" than that to me, yo!

I am almost all out of soap. This is exciting for  so many means making the Old Whore and thinking about what to drench her with next in an oil.. The chypre drencher is almost all gone..maybe three more maybe four..I am glad you got one.
My next scheme which I had in my night visions, you know, the prep time when I lay down and think about what I want to make better. No, not to think about smashing the dog girl..about other things.
My sweet friends and my awesome ladies and men who love good soap..
I told a man at work who flirts all the time with me that a man has to use my soap to be with
 that guy wears so much cologne to mask his alcohol addiction, that, well, no...I like a man drenched with old whore and me..not some rank smelling sour breath liquor face. (man, I am salty today:)))
What about you?

So I have been studying Chypre some more..what? Did you think that all I to is bitch about religion and etsy? The Sun is in Gemini, It is the best time to rant and rave..and talk it up.
Clear it up and clean up. If ever was a better time to make your place nice, it is now..your ideas clear, your intentions pumped!

Old Whore Soap..perfect, all the oils are here..
Old Whore Drenched with Chypre In The Woods
she will be chypre base and after a curing period loaded with
more sandalwood
palo santo
templin fir
siberian fir
one drop ylang
one drop lavender

have a good day :)

etsy rant ancient chinese secret hugh?

Sure, your formula is an old world family recipe!
Because every peasant in the village has access to palm oil and fresh organic coconut oil..
You lie to make a few sales on lie about anything you can to make a buck..
magic potion to make money
magic potion to make dreams..
this is the same snake oil we've been sold on for many many years since the ice started melting ten thousand years ago in Europe and then,  when they (we)came to North America, they (we) have evolved in to bull shit  bakers.

We must like being lied to. I may have done it myself a few times..but I get so annoyed with pedestrian claims. It is as if we want to be stupid! Oh, yea, magic happens..but it is subtle and hurts no one..unless you conjure up some freak of a mate who sucks you dry and then goes on to the next shmuck they can bang on!
They do not even do it on purpose. (most do not))They just do it automatically..and I know I have a thing, but the dog poop soap girl needs her ass beat!!!!
Please, somebody, go over there and take that thing out of her stinkin' hand and smash her face with it..why??

that is all:)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Capricorn and the dark moon

We are about to go into what I like to call "the "Sag /Gemini" sectors"
Right now Saturn is still in Scorpio, the last few degrees. When the ruler of Capricorn goes in to the ruler of Sagittarius..change is profound and meaningful..true story!

The dark Moon in Gemini is awesome right now and highly critical and the full moon in the next few weeks will reflect all the hard work we've put in..
Why do I mention Capricorn? Because this creates some highlights for Cappy..
as well as everyone else..especially  Gemini and Sagittarius..more on that later..

The Gemini thing with Capricorn is about being grateful for what you have right now because man, you have had a whole lot on your plate for a while now.
It was easy then cappy, simpler, yea?. Who am I kidding? It is never too easy. You wouldn't like it any other way, so it is what it is.
In the next few years Capricorn, Sag (The Archer) will change (all of us))in very big ways.
Capricorn will face some dark corners of her life and again and I say this all day, clean up your closets. This means that you even have to change your diet. Do not get stuck in old structures that do not fit your evolution. You health is more important than your ideals. Your child needs you more than your job does and I know that  more and more, you know this!
You do not need all that stuff and it is time to move on from relationships or a diet  that is not serving you.
it doesn't even matter that you have served your own needs beautifully and with gusto. It is that now, you must let go if some ideas and do the right thing for someone else's sake and yourself as well!
I say diet because the Gemini new moon in your sixth is perfect time to review and sort through your inner health and outer health..
For young Capricorn it may be more difficult because as we all know, cappy never had it easy..have we now?
My Moon is in Capricorn..I work hard and can see (suck on) the agony in life's pillars and shells of structures in people and events..
it hurts me  sometimes because I expect complete loyalty and noble actions from people..and..myself!
Who am I? A High Priestess?
You bet your sweet ass, honey, I am!

The airy flow will continue and  with Mars in Libra all summer and June will be a blast mentally for all of us.
I love you:)

All orders will go out today and I must say this;
I feel really good about my chosen profession(s)
I feel like I want to help the life and pulse of the world with helpful and meaningful measures:)
You too?
Join me in this thought for this day..

"I excel further and farther each day so that my "regression to the means" is still respectably high, each year, each day,  my "normal" is excellence"

Monday, May 26, 2014

why are scientists closed minded

Yes yes, I get it. there is no real magic and no crane is the sky waiting to help me if I just worship, pray and hand over my complete will and obedience to the crane.
Science is still reluctant and down right insulting about homeropathy, flower essences and for sure alternative medicine is a big no no to many doctors. In fact the cancer clinic here in southern Michigan, tellstheir patients specifically not to take anti oxidant supplements during chemo therapy.

Funny thing about everything...Science can fathom that there are viruses in our high atmosphere that seem to gather in trillions to form one big thought,  but the idea that energy is in two drops of flower water is preposterous!
The virus things in the atmosphere...They, it, are real. Check it out..a virus grouping together all of those single units on to itself to form a might even be that these virus things may have a big role on on earths weather and the oceans!
That is so amazing to me! That the earth is one big living organism, made  up of life forms that helps itself, herself!
man of war
Anyone unfamiliar with the biology of the venomous Portuguese man-of-war would likely mistake it for a jellyfish. Not only is it not a jellyfish, it's not even an "it," but a "they." The Portuguese man-of-war is a siphonophore, an animal made up of a colony of organisms working together      .

One cannot deny that feng shui is effective..a clean place makes everyone happy. A beautiful rose,  its trillions of microscopic particles whose function as a whole is to gather together in one extremely complex smell..each time, you get to find new areas to explore and inhale its wondrous beauty.
If everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, then two drops of flower essence is always in existence..just spread out over trillions of spaces in time..

I took arnica the other day because I really needed to feel better, I forgot to eat and it was 1:00, my knee was killing me and my energy was low, and now I couldn't eat because I was a little queasy..I didn't want to be at work. I wanted to go home and sit by my grape vine and read a book or look at pictures of flowers I would love to plant..I thought about my blood root and wild ginger happily settling in their new home so we could laugh a little, how I wanted to call my dear friend..and my knee hurt. I took arnica..and forgot about it, when I realised I was hungry (always a good sign) and had broken out in a cold sweat and..I realized exactly what to fix based on my  knee pain..
All this from arnica?
 Emotions are a big part of what we are, that is for dang sure!

Our bodies are loaded with hidden microbes. You know that through man's natural experimentation with fermented foods..probably part of our evolution as humas. There are billions colonies of microscopic creatures  living in and  on our bodies right now..In one grain of regular earth soil, there are over 10 billion microbes!
So don't let anybody tell you that magic does not exist..the real thing is more complex than magic..the way your brain lights up and creates thoughts is magical and the way a rose smells is surely magical..

I love you:)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

tobacco vanilla platform

I love the smell of tobacco with vanilla together.
I would love to make a soap with again with tobacco and vanilla..For now though, a body oil.
I will add a little citrus this time in the form of organic sweet orange and bergamot oil.
I would add a hint maybe just one drop sweet birch..
birch and tobacco give you a nice leathery feel.
I find this blend to be inviting and tenacious at the same time.
I will add sandalwood, rare, and bring  it to a warm finish with a shot mandarin..not too much!

This is a very nice blend for men and women and speaking of is almost time for the rooster..
the lemon balm and strawberry flowers are in and the wormwood is perfect for him..remember the rooster blend?
 Petitgrain, lavender, patchouli, wormwood, lemon balm, straberry flowers and sage leaves...
Now all I can think of is that petitgrain from Sunrose Aromatics! I will be wantin' some of that!
Have a wonderful sunny day!

Friday, May 23, 2014

metaphysical and prophetic

If I could control events in time and space I would be a god.
I can't control matter to create magic...the women and men we've deemed as witches may have had the power to control their brain in a more efficient and advance way or were they just talking..and some guy called them witches and then the murder..if they were really witches, you think they would allow themselves to be stoned to death? Or what ever? They would place themselves in a nice hut somewhere because maybe that was the best thing they could think of back then. Just saying, why would a real magician allow such bad things to happen to himself? "She sucks at magic, yo, maybe we made a mistake about that chick?"

It is simply that things do not work that way. In order to make real change in your life, and we all know this, is to work at it and change your mind, fix one thing, then another. magic should be about what must be and how well we listen to our inner mind.
If magic is what we dream of, we must be sceptical and we must be diligent and real..not dream that we are Harry Potter at Hogwarts..hahaaa
I would love that, actually! Have you seen some of the work on etsy is named, "Winterfell"? ha ha
In reality Winterfell smells of manure and sweat with the women's fancy dresses reeking of underarm oder..which I kind of like on a clean he washes with the old whore.
I would be Dumbledore! The phoenix is his animal because he is so advanced..even he sacrificed himself..humm
there is a story there.

You might have noticed that I am speaking un -magically lately.
I am does not mean I've lost my energy and the way I make things.
I means I will work at tweaking my brain. I will be Greek it means,  to think.
It does not mean negative and nasty. I  have heard many a sceptic talk to me about astrology, which I love!
They say things like, "the planets in space cannot control your life and tell you when you will get married"
Of course they don't..but the rumble and they quake and we must feel the energy. it goes everywhere! Anytime our sun coughs we feel it!
It is energy you can't see..dark and full of everything there is..god.

A good sceptic knows more than the facts too. Asks all the question that she wants to..
Like making ideas stick and allowing the brain to light up even more on the notions you create, think about and, do, do..
Your brain uses 20% of your blood. Did you know that?
Your blood needs oxygen, good food and exercise..
A good thinker always waits before buying the magic formula, however,  which will now (ha!) set her success in motion..she  also learns when enough is enough..
She is kind and even though she doesn't agree with you she is not disagreeable..there is no time for drama..making time for crying and grieving is a drain to the brain. Did you know that?

( a convo from last night)
"I was just at my widow and widowers meeting"
"how was it?'
"it was good, but this other woman there whose husband has been gone the same amount of time as me, she is negative"
"really, how so?"
"She cannot let him go, she is a downer, I mean he is gone three years."
"maybe you've out grown the group babe?"
"no, I need to go"
"well, maybe she girl will learn to let go and move on, whatever that means."

Moving on...there are bad things that happen randomly and  people die or they fucking tear out our hearts until we are so torn apart we resemble those zombies on walking dead randomly wandering until we get someone else we can snack on, or, in order to feel better we let someone drain us dry to where our "will" is a distant memory.."what did I want to do again"?

Thank goodness and time. Time changes everything. One moment you are low and then the next someone gives you a gift. It lights up chemical, electric sparks of real forces at work in your three pound brain which make you happy. You look at your day with a cheerful satisfied nature..the next thing you know, you have already allowed release, heavenly, happiness flowing, spreading across your minds eye  where your real and very complex magic is made....


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

my little hawthorn tree

hello my little hawthorn
Thought you'd maybe not come back because that deer ate half of you when she could.
I see you now are frilly with your leaves all showy and fluffy at the same time...
I can't hardly wait to see your fruit first hand like you are mine...we belong together
my little hawthorn tree
you'll invite more morels to live at your divine blue lotus feet as a carpet of moss holds you dear
and now your thorns will keep away tender mouths of them deer.
You had that planned all along:)
I am really glad you are here..I hope you know that:)

ok so mars

It does feel a little better..I wanted to sleep all day yesterday! It was awesome! I worked outside, held a baby and came home and slept like one on my clean couch!
Mercury is about to go retrograde so I feel like there must be some wonderful fix ups coming up and we're really shining some light on reality and, I am:)

"how can I take astrology seriously if mercury is always retrograde?"
"Take everything seriously because Pluto is in Capricorn and Mercury does go retrograde often!"
 "Every two months, give or take!"
I am going to say that the energies will be more Libran ghosts popping up, other than that it is really more fixing up, cleaning up and getting rid of old things that do not fit.
You know you will because you've let something go for too long based on fear of facing it and not hurting.
maybe even laziness!
(note to self)
Lazy Libra head in the sand thinking you are doing what you can
sometimes the sword in your hand
must be used for the reason it exists

You are fine. Do the best you can and always be kind.
Check on your money that you never actually get to hold anymore.
Funny how we can be on line for hours but going in the money vault is this big thing.

We should be filling our money vaults! The one on line as well as the one we have hidden not tell where it is..make it  big, add to it weekly~ what ever we want dollar, 20 dollars.

We must generous to our future selves!

Now there is an intuitive pump!

Let's be generous to our future selves!

I am making balms today

rose eye balm

frankincense myrrh sandalwood magical mystery balm

Tme to work, my lovelies!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the sheep the flock may be a little disturbing

Ever kill an animal so that you can eat?
I did it one time and I still feel bad.
I mean chickens, pigs and cows.
When we lived on the dairy farm they would eat the small males and let the females live..they have very sharp knives so that the animal doesn't even know what happened. The pigs, they know.

Herders we were!
In 2014 and in any city, we are so far  removed from what a real sacrifice they were talking about in the bible really means. Think about it!

Two thousand years ago europeans and the peoples of empires, they were herders.They would have to kill the lamb once in a while and perhaps felt a deeply painful feeling when slicing the neck of a sheep or cow. Many did not even know know they were part of an empire so remote and never having had to answer to anyone but their tribe leader, if there even was one. Small families started to grow and have more babies.  They raised animals so they wouldn't have to roam looking for food. They raised grains and fruit and
Not the kings and rulers (despotic), the rest of us. The king, we are his flock. (common! even the language is archaic))
The king is the one we must adore because we are his flock..and on and on..

Today in 2014 the sheep are gone except for a few ..most of them. We get to see them on a nature documentary.
The cows will be gone too and likely grown in controlled secret facilities..some ass hole said you cannot let your cows eat "the government's" grass which is just sitting there! They both have guns and both are likely to be christians.
Some other ass thinks Obama did it..
And the clergy people put on their robes and tell us we are the flock which must be tended to. Because Jesus, Abraham and know, the one who killed his only brother because they were fighting over who would make babies with their mom and get dads gold after he was gone?/
How are we still fighting over these concepts?

We aren't for long.  In another two thousand years humans will have shelved religious myths for a greater awareness as to what we are based on actual evidence.
 I bet Zeus feels bad that nobody ever worships him anymore.
Zues, Athena, they are's memories of man's search to find out who we are..
The way I see it, any god or  goddess which would let her son suffer and writhe in pain and still do nothing? That is horrible.
"thou shall not suffer a witch to live"
Right from the get go, he is a killer.
In modern times,  god would be in jail for child abuse, sexual harassment, hatred of women, needing protection and on and on and standing by while his son suffered...he can't help someone who needs a limb but he can make an earth quake to kill a bunch of people who said something bad about him?
What are we that we can say it is ok because it is god?
He tells a devoted servant to kill his son? Abe, dude, please, no..that is your boy not a lamb!
"oh, shit, I had better find a way to explain my obedience to god so I don't look like a tyrant" I wonder if Abe thought that?

How is it that we still have "faith" in all that?

faith mid13century, "duty of fulfilling one's trust," 
fromO.Fr. feid, from L.fides "trust,belief," from root of fidere

I must say, I am in total speculation about truth and what it means to me.
It is not a place where we kill each other and say it is  to protect god and goodness and the other guy is saying the same thing. they are willing to blow each other up for goodness while really, it is about how many sheep they can gather  so that they can have slaves to dig up the goodies that come from those parts of Earth..
How little do they know that there is so much continually being made for us..we are but a speck on a small planet electrically magnetically being pulled by our life giving star..
That is all and so much at the same time.

I am not ranting really, I do not want you to feel bad if you have a kinship with Isis or Kali or even Jesus.
The ideas these individuals provide may be used for goodness and real learning. I love Isis! I want to be her!
I still love theTarot and astrology and if anyone thinks I am crazy..I do not care!
I find that I do notice when a planet is retrograde..When mars went direct yesterday, there were emergency sirens all day. I heard three by 2 o clock and my mom heard some too.
people are a little more loud or I would say irked when planets shift.. not me. I went to ann arbor and bought paper and talked with my girl and packed soap boxes for my sweeties..

Mars is direct now but listen, mercury.. mercury is about to slow down..
just keep your eyes and ears open, say hello and smile..the birds are singing and it is warming up in detroit..livonia..farmington area.
I love it here so much..:)

((digging the now))

Sunday, May 18, 2014



It is is a great show with really good actors! Awesome martial arts, cute actors,  Adam Baldwin.
Hey, er um ah, "Adam, you want to come over have have with me?"
He isn't related to the Baldwins like , Alec..How come that guy is always a dick to people?

Alec Baldwin is an Aries, born April 3rd, 1958

Adam Baldwin, February 27th, 62

They are both comedians but Alec, the over reactor, is obviously outstanding in the group..he has outbursts.
(not that , that has anything to do with a nice reprieve  of a show like, "Chuck")

The other guy from "chuck", Adam Baldwin.
He is so funny and kind of hunky but not steroid looking and he basically plays that one role..but, don't we all?

I love acting more more than ever. How an actor can make you feel emotions is like reading a great book when you were a kid. I  had to read so that I could learn to read English.. I read only books that would teach me about healing, like one time I burned my face with the fumes from this pennyroyal concoction I had made..
People thought I was boring then..

I look at the Piscean man as being amazing because they can be in the background and still stand out. And always, they seem to have that way about them that says, "trust me, I am me, right here right now but that doesn't mean I won't cut you!"

I keep saying Capricorn and Leo..but still,..not yet. Do you see that everything is fine?

 I need more time to say what I am thinking..

Let me tell you of the rendering of the frankincense tears.

I started with about an ounce of tears and one small spoon full of sandalwood balm that I made for cappy, my cappy, my sweet mommasitta..
I let all the oils with in the balm melt and then watched as the fresh tears of my most beloved tree, melted easily and gave me something.
The balm I had used was also with jasmine and when melted, just makes this stuff so incredibly fragrant. I have added more tears (of joy) but no other carriers or fats to what is now mostly frankin jelly...

What is the next thing?
I must strain, the potion  and put some aside for KYPHI (with raisins and a young wine which was gifted during the full moon))just out of the blue))
I will use the biggest raisins I can find and then, we will see..maybe I have to wait untill my grapes are in and that would be Samhain...
For now though, I will take my time on this.
I bet this type of extraction with just a touch olive oil would help the skin tremendously. I would add essential oils of frankincense and little olive oil in a balm. One could whip that further along into a shea butter carrier.

I want to perfume it.
I want to add to this some meditative twist. Something that takes me to the temple of my minds eye..
so far, I have been just scraping a little bit of just that at night, with a is creamy like that...I  haven't slept this good since the last time.
I fret over nothing.
I know everything is fine.
I know I will do my very best that is why..I do not fear outcomes.
Sure my adrenalin gets going and I rant for a minute.
Now we must work, we must plan, we must clean up our dens..

I'll stop :) because I must go plant sunflowers! Have a good day.
I love you like in "tears of joy"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

mars goes direct on the 19th

I am feeling that energy big time.
in my feet mostly.
It is the oddest thing but my feet are just pounding pavement these days.
I had to buy new shoes and that is when the trubel and I mean trubel not trouble this time because I feel things
The big deal about shoes and my feet! I mean really! It is just a new pair of boots and it set me off on a rampage of pain in my feet which led to pain in my ass which led to buying some soft sketchers that are made for old least that is what they look like..I wore them out in a week, you hear me! They are made to go to the market in your car, not the kind of truckin I do.
$59.00 dollars and they already suck. ha ha They are cute and cushy:)
I have to break in the boots, I know this. I do not want to break in the boots..I have to break in the boots..They give lateral support  to old dames like me..sigh!  It is like they force me to walk a new way and I am hard to change the way I walk.
I am kind of stubborn.
Every time Luise Hay  says something like , stubborn pride, I think that it is isn't me..
Or if I test really hard for "generosity" during a muscle test in some flower remedy, I think, no, I am so generous..that was when that chick stayed with me all winter and over took my home..
The message then  was to set limits on how much I should give and  there I was doubling myself that I wasn't generous enough..
interesting thing about looking know now that you are healthier and more confident..
There is a good message in the shoes..My feet will one day find the perfect boots once again and I will walk in them for a couple of years.

I am not sharing anything new about me or you really. It is always nice to re calculate your intentions and decide to either work to get better or sink in to a pot hole trying to scrape your way out with out too much things in life are the truth with happy forgiveness propelling it. It always takes me a while. I will mull things over for a year if I have to. I observe and organise and I will select and I'll perfect..we all should rely on these ideas.

I had lunch with an old chatty friend the other day..she is always the one doing the talking because she cannot shut once in a while I get a word in which was this last time. She is one of my dearest women that I see often at work
I told her that some new family members said that I was too soft, too loving and too accommodating and then they proceeded to lecture me because of those qualities on how I should improve myself..
you know what my chatty friend said?
"well, they just don't know you too well now do they?"


saturday special at eleneetha's

anastasia's ideas at eleneetha's soap shop

Thursday, May 15, 2014

hello and hello again

no not Leo..
not yet..

lets think soap and what were doing next. I have grapefruit ginger lemon grass basil and mint

basil mint for sure
and then it seems I saw an artist's  blend with  basil and  frankincense? It was holy basil which I do not have..I wonder how my organic one tests with frankincense? That sweet Rainy girl wants me to create  more basil inspired blends because her Thai culture uses it so much. I find it so head cleansing! Sharp but not cutting..soft incense and a shot of camphorous waves..what do I know??
I will have hundreds of basil plants this season if all goes well..It might just have to be pesto or frozen though.
Basil is wonderful, I know I have said it before but is there anything better than a tomato with fruity olive oil, salt and fresh basil? Yes, and  when it is out of your own garden does it just blows you away. Basil attracts bees, butterflies and keeps pretty much most bad bugs away..I have never had a one get eaten here in in Michigan.
The only thing, Rosemary will not survive the winters here. I would love to have her and I might just suffice to grow her indoors..thing is rosemary is semi wild..she likes it a little rough..

If we were to ponder on which oils would stimulate fresh mind
it would basil rosemary peppermint
I have saved us a few basil  seeds from last year and will grind them but good in my vita mix.
I am very excited about the soap menu coming up in the next couple of weeks..
I have the grapefruit soap coming and the "Kyphi" inspired potion which is brewing right now..
Today I added sandalwood rare, and more female tears to its oddly textured jelly..oh, man!

have a wonderful day:)

mars to go direct

things may be boiling over subsiding and then belching up one last push...
the ones suffering would be the ones who are the most stubborn. You must do it..let it be
throw it down like you've never done before
be the woman
be the man you are inside
think of the best things that you love
expect the best things and say them often
I want a beautiful fairy garden
to imagine the cells in each plant speaking to me through the tiny fragments which make it whole
that is you and me
that is everything
are you a rock forever worrying against cracking
you will crack
and become sand
are you a cloud always worrying about storms
they will happen
don't forget that you are made of star stuff
rich compounds like enzymes and amino acids..their creation so violent and hot that it takes big numbers and letter to even talk about it..the news is that your mind can direct their what extent, I do not know, but the longer you resist, and hate, the longer it will hurt you..and "we all come from the goddess" may be a thought more profound than words can describe..
just saying in my Libran way..them is the facts..

I cannot really see other Libran points of view but I know we can all agree that we basically want the same things..clean order calm money food..
Aries, you are in a state of denial all last year and now you realise that you cannot live by your codes and your mothers codes..all codes must change with every new thing we know..This year you will submit a little bit to someone else who you cherish. You will become the woman or man you've dreamed yourself to be because remember this my sweet Aries, you always get what you ask for because of your bright charm..

I would like to touch more on Leo :) Leonine type  people..not the children, adults!
it will be a long one..I have things I know about Leo peeps and if any of you want to listen to the anastasia, she will tell it..not here though and not later chapters of my Lionine ideas and such!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

frankincense from yemen from the goddess and her daughter

These are frankincense tears from the male tree,  Yemen, bitter, lemony, rugged, enticing and powdery..

 Here are the tears from the female tree..soft, sticky, generous and potent, suave, fruity, temple, church.
I am brewing up a potion..
so far it is mostly resin with a little beeswax and jojoba, og...
There are hints of jasmine and hints of a church  or some sacred book store where you can go and hide with an old book and get lost in a time that is long gone..

Tomorrow, I will add more frankincense tears and slowly melt as much as I can and then maybe a shot spruce or juniper..we'll see..I thought just rose but I have been doing rose all winter..Yes some sandalwood for sure and jasmine..a liquid kyphi:))))

"Oh Mighty Isis, open the veil, expand my knowledge, 
my treasury overflowing,  willingness and  poise to accept, you are me!"

That mother and daughter came. She brought this gift to me. I was so happy I almost cried.

I told you, the mother, she is special, I feel like her intuition is so keen and certainly shows in the way her daughter helps her gather oils and such..
I just want to say that this is one of the most profound experiences for me..I would like to share this with you. I ate a little of both. The female is like firm gum in your mouth when you chew her. I ate it all day, yesterday..not the whole thing, like little pieces.. I had amazing dreams all night like I was high on life. My face tingled a little but I felt so good. Most people freak out about eating resins. In Greece we used resin Mastixa as gum all the time..

Boswellic acid is the abundant fatty acid in frankincense. 
I wonder how the female differs in her composition? She certainly smells sweeter.
Now I can see why frankincense is so expensive. It would take a lot of these tears to make a pound of oil.                  I wish I could.
I know, I can't do everything, but I can intend and make potions..I feel like this one is leaning towards Kyphi..however, I have no calamus and that would require a trip to the witch store..and traditional kyphi calls for peppermint and I can't bring myself to use it in such a complex recipe.  I want this balm to be  so intense and then as soon as you put it on your pulse points, it will expand it essence in small particles through your blood stream, maybe even bring better dreams..ask for them:)

earth lore

So.. the brew is brewing 
all we need to is wait 
and wish
and be nice
and be swell
because it is better that way:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

clean up your chicken coop and the scattered debris of mars retrograde in libra

I am going to ask my work mate  with the chickens, if I can come over and clean his coop so I can take all the debris and compost it...he might have moved on from chickens because last year it was bees..He is Sagittarius. They seem to want to do everything and then get in way too deep and come out of it or loose interest, he studies it until it is done and moves on to the next thing...he hasn't said much about the chickens so I won't rely on this for my dirt enrichment..
Last year's dirt is dense rich black and organic. I made is so nice I planted pumpkins in  all that black rich loveliness which if I may repeat because i am so proud, I made,  so we can have something nice for samhain. xoxoooo

Everything is beautiful this time of year what with almost all the trees blooming. I always find that so stunning. Magnolias in bloom are ridiculously beautiful and if it rains, they only last a day or rain..maybe a week.That is it, blink and you miss it. Rage and worry, and you miss everything.

I am reading the news this morning and wondering  about the comments. I read what people have to say..
Dude, how is always a fight with Jesus?
Now the anti depressants and how dangerous they are for the brain. One scientist said it is like a lobotomy so that it renders one not to care  for the good or the bad..
And then in the comments, some person brings up jesus and they all start fighting and blame some dumb ass that says the Holocaust wasn't real and that if you take Jesus, he will guide you towards the best drug for you, with a physician's guidance of course..
Why would Jesus not simply make you able to deal with life and death easier instead of making allowing the rules to be made by a bunch of woman hating cave men..
Don't get me wrong. I am not a feminist at all!
It is not a battle.
I'd like to see us get it together and although some of the damage we've done  can never be replaced or fixed, it is what it is..
We will one day, some of us will know the truth..based on facts and evidence.
Now I think that the gods are made for us to reflect a distant memory, a learning or maybe a wish..
But if you think there is a real Ganesh or a real Jesus or a chosen people, based on no evidence whatsoever..humnnn
no..none of it is real. We make things up all the time. besides, language is what keeps things alive, and language is always changing based on our understanding, new words must be used to explain new evidence so what ever  you think today, will not be what it was back then because when you speak in a language you get the feeling of the words..that is why English is so rich and the Earth's language...

Gravity is real, water is real and so are the complex enzymes and amino acids made in stars..and..that made us..
Is there  a divine creator like the god we've made? It is nice to think so. maybe God is in the flower and the chicken coop..

Back to the drug thing..I think that yes, if it came to the fact that you must have them paxil or the cymbalta..
who am I, a philosopher?
I see is that depression can stay is you let it.
Some times you have to suffer and feel.
People suck, death comes knocking and dang it, religion really sucks..
How does god want you to inflict pain and suffering on another for his defense?
It is ridiculous to think so, honestly!
This perpetual lie has been practiced since the 6th century when all records indicate jesus would have lived.
You mean to tell me he couldn't come down one time when all the people were burned alive for Jesus??
One lady said that jesus is guiding her  with the paxil and she has no worries now..
so he has time for that does he?

ha ha ha

Mars retrograde can mean aggression due to your beliefs..

believing is one thing
measurable evidence is another

Great foods for sadness
Goji berries
They are red and they are tasty treats which make you happy naturally..

"GO JI for yourself!"

Navitas Goji = happy mind
Clorella = removes heavy metals like lead
Propolis = buzzy active mind, intent on the job
Honey to propell

I love you, the real way, my own power my intentions true and loyal and graceful and kind
I love you because you shine
your words from your creature mouth make me happy
I laugh and I cry and you are near me always singing a song
always the best ideas flowing and both of us knowing

nothing and everything
we are all that

Monday, May 12, 2014

Capricorn ideas continued

Now about my Capricorn and Pluto thoughts...

the positive things are;
clean living
great conversations
learning galore, physics, astronomy, philosophy, all the classic, elegant lovely things you love..books..go get them and even the grody ones, you love, don't go asking me what one persons grody is over another..I am more like Walking Dead grody and you are more Jersey Shore grody..:)lol
great body
great skin
strong stellar deeds
positive opportunities
be a real leader people follow because they want to make you happy
they want to give you things
money they give freely
Pluto potion
Pluto is suave
Pluto power
 your third eye
bones and teeth 
underneath the skin
kidney lung tonic

lower plutonians
your third eye,
the inner mind making it right when it isn't
cold taking
lazy thinkers so rigid that__________....
too much pride
being trimmed
bones and teeth
kidney lung lazy..go get you some tonic
clorella detox for a few days or spirulina

it is all good
I will make you some potion
my capricornian plutonic creatures
my "angel butts:)"

I am brewing it up now..
a perfumed capricornian attraction potion...

let us all, fill it with intentions and create particles of energy with attract more goodness
more great food all the gold you could ever require and more after that!
There is more than enough for soon as you think of it, gravity will attract all the forces toward the thing you create in your mind.
 Make it good, yea?

Plutonian Suave Perfumed Balm
sandalwood (rare)
jasmine sambac
vanilla co2
distilled amber resin one drop
orange blossom
steeped in California avocado oil 
with some antioxidant super seed oils..

It is a solid perfume. It is heavenly!
I want the oils to linger on you until later:)))

There is a lovely dry off where you get the softness of sandalwood lingering with hints of jasmine..I love jasmine, I do and with sandalwood, jasmine is incredibly satisfied!

 on sale soon at 

words and what we want a few words on Capricorn with Pluto

Words make us laugh and they make us cry and we use them to get things.
The important things are, which words you think of before you say them.
Do you tend to say more things when you are mad that  you had been thinking all along but when things are good you just say anything but, as  not  hurt someone?

The engagement with Pluto energies has us forgetting to watch our, of course..I want to say things everyone should think what if they may be trivial or nothing like the rules, well, what?
The rules are put in place for the better not to torture the people you say  you love.
That is the capricornian lesson all day.
How mean are you behind the smiling face?
How punitive are your motives that you make up words to justify your rules and the way things must be,ok
Mothers, fathers, bosses, we all do it..
We humans flock together and work together towards something a center, a celestial center..How different are we from bees or ants..our life form creates .tribes, cities, to serve its center..its despotic center and very very old evolutionary tactic we developed many thousands of years ago in China..way before the ice man got caught in an ice storm, about 6000 years ago,  after he had been stabbed for going too far out of his village... and by the way, The Piramids were built by slaves, not alliens..creatures from other planets  would be from another gravitational force that might kill them as soon as they hit earth..gravity is amazing like the darkness of  space, there isn'st any and yet you are carried and very  quickly still to this day..outwardly expanding. Life like ours  takes about 12 billlion years to form and it has to be just so..but each star creates its own specail two can possibly be the same..a few degrees here or there with a bigger or smaller star changes things drastically on the surface of each planet..those are facts we cannot deny!
Every though and behavior  else is subject to our own our minds.

My conceptual thoughts  may sound like anger coming from me. I do not feel angry..I feel like once again in my Capricorn Moon way, I can see people for who they really the girl who fakely says hello to me at the dollar store as she is training the short non blond girl how to work there..
I get it, she has to say "hello" is so fake however, that I don't feel rightly greeted..that two seconds it took her to say something each time, so fake..makes me want to get away from her and get my sponge for 3 dollars:) and split so that I can hurry home to scrub something clean..
It scares me a little..What would the right way to say 'welcome to the dollars store"sound like?
Everytime..she does that..awe..She wants to do well and maybe it is her way to make sure her workers aren't "just" stocking shelves..
everything is learning..

I will say hello to everyone and thank you.
I will even greet the despoti..fakly because that is how he likes it..ha ha ha lol

I love you, thank you for reading my blog:):)


Sunday, May 11, 2014

look at me

This is a very nice blog and especially nice for me because, I am honored by my sweet girl Shabra!
This girl has been with me a long time now and I think I can say she is a classic. she loves rose and she loves sandalwood and she really loves jasmine, therefore she must be Capricorn!

I enjoy reading what other connoisseurs have to say about products that I might also encounter. Also It is nice to read positive reviews about me and the people that I stand and run with.. This is the kind of stuff we should all be reading on the internet. It makes us happy and hurts no one. Beautifully done, Miss!

Thank you, Shabra, you rock!

the full moon

helps us to make time to think about our actions and the words we spew out of our mouths.:))
Me? Spew? LOL

Ok, so money, people and the other emotional zap zone stuff could lead to some anxious behavior.
I am not saying you cannot handle this stuff..of course you can!
The full moon does bring things out in the open. Some things people do not want in the open..they want to stay in the dark as a  lie or worse convince themselves that it is must be true!
If it must be true, then, yes, it's!
ha ha
I laugh a whole lot because sometimes the outside world makes me cry.. I get so sad when muggles are in my face..
Yes, I am a fact driven magical is the best way..

If I could just bring your attention to something other than what is is that you can still choose the right way to deal with muggle folk.
They want the pretty picture. they want, to be right and they must be right!
If it must be right, is it  true?
Good things are when we trust each other to do our best and all of us doing our best..
When we give freely, what and when,  we can..the more we get, the easier it is to give. We should all have all that we need and more.
I feel like money changes everything and helps you to be healthy and wise and money brings friends closer and drives the anger element from us. When there is plenty of money, there is hope and promise for contentment. I am not talking  about TV people and their issues..that is all make believe..I am talking about always having enough to help the world one little act at a time by giving allowing the receiving to happen..
This is so important in our society today.
I say we bless all the dollars in our checking accounts and we arrange our receiving end to open the doors wider to get more.

Today is Mother's Day in the city.  Happy Mother's Day. I would like to thank my boys for cutting the grass and always  digging areas for my pleasurable plantings and my girls, who always do anything I ask of them to help with chores and details I often miss. having all these teens in the house hasn't always been easy, but i feel like it is reall and that I am doing a great job as a parrent.
It is a good day!
Everyone is out buying flowers and cakes for a nice family day and it is sunny and warm.
In modern times, you do not have to wait for the flowers to grow in your pots, they have been nurtured and grown for you!.Just put them in dirt!

I hope you have a good day...I made a blueberry sour cream coffee cake for us all to enjoy..I hope you get to eat something sweet to honor the sweetness in life which our mommas gave to us so easily and so freely..
I love you, thank you, you rock!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

do this don't do that notes on Mars and Libra Aries vibes

It is true. Your life is in constant evolution and your encounters are constantly evolving.
Mars is dong a number on Aries chicks, and men, but the chicks for sure..and also Libra is there looking at and thinking.."why do you jump to conclusions?" because Libra is also going through this Mars in Libra transit which makes Libra to be appearing as  somewhat of an Arian/ Uranian..that said, Libra will bring out some ideas which may shock you and scare you a little..I do that anyhow:) I do not know about other Librans.
Aries..sheesh, being in your shoes for me kind of feels acute intense feel everything mode...
You  want to be at the finish line before you start!
You know you want the job done so perfectly and that leads to being  by the book..your book, their books..Aries usually has a couple of militant rule books they must  follow. They need quick resolution..
be careful babies, that you do not overlook all the fact and somehow come through uncaring about anything but how things should be..your policies, your sunny day look all day and behind that may be a ruthless over reactor..jumper to conclusions without knowing what your or other's  needs are. air  of mistrust brings nothing good to the table..that is why Librans will say the truth..with most folk , we spill..we do have our little secrets, don't we? Somethings you do not tell, you do not divulge..
I am speaking about  Aries types  because in my life, you are all over the place..I have you at work, home, the store, the bakery..
Why do I love you Aries?  Because between me and you, you get me, it is sort of real between seems that way and then you choose the wrong thing and hurt me while giving me candy:))
"why do you hurt me?"
ha ha ha (signifying laughter)
I think that for Libra men, it must be a shocking thing to realize your position hasn't made you fact you now see what else you must sacrifice to have it. Yes, I get it, I too, would be a little upset by having to sacrifice my dignity to some uneducated dick wad holding a pad and paper and think they are cool just because they look like a hipster.. ((dick wad))
Shed the dignity, honey and smile..who are you, some throned king? You have a mortgage, a car and many expenses which require you to submit to your despotic authority..the only thing missing is the tall hat with gold trim, a red on, velvet!
You know what I should say?
"your hipster ass  isn't fit to smell the steam of my piss, honey, you got things to learn, young'un!"
ha ha ha

"two legs bad, four legs better"
"four legs good, two legs better"

The rules change as we go. It is up to us to be aware of the rules and be on top not some ego, black pit bottom feeding!
Mercury will be going retrograde soon, what ever is emotion or activity going down now, will become more acute for the next few weeks..
It could be money being spent and your energy being re distributed in new areas..there are new  adventures for all of us on the sunny and warm horizon. I know this! It is inevitable.

I love you, little hipster!

Friday, May 9, 2014

what did i tell you

ha ha haalol... so much, I have told you.  lol

one's value
I work hard and I believe I give more than enough to my jobs..I took a personal day from retail( today:).one must get off the animal farm if he can some days...I am thankful that I could!

I am making shea butter cream.
more sandalwood vanilla, so yummy.
Babies, it is sandalwood xoxooo
 I pay the same price on oils  you would pay, sandalwood,  about $80 dollars for 1/4 ounce. Now you see why I want it all the time!
That is why perfumes are so expensive. How much rose do you think you can have for $13.00?
About a drop is 5 dollars a drop at best..the bottle it comes in, $ 1.25 and the other oils to carry its sweetness another 5..
That is why I raised the prices on the two ounce bath oils to $17 and even $25 or more  for the finer preparations with neroli or rose. I ask for more because it is in profit we gain and give more..appreciate more and feel desired more.

The Strange Girl blows me away..just lovely and she sells a whole lot. Lindenglitter  found that girl and showed me her stuff! Just lovely. $90 bucks for 10 or 15 mls of essential oils in carrier?
I wonder how she does it..50/50?
That is not an everyday thing then? Unless you do not mind spending $90 bucks every month on something you love..people do.
They buy booze or cannabis..vicadin...the expenses add up..((())))
When I go to a perfume web site, I am always amazed at some prices for fine perfumes.
Not only it is expensive to make a good one, it is also time that makes it good and gives it its complexity,  its value.
 I am  glad I am in a place of more skin care  rather than perfumes, though.
I choose this because, I am a soap maker who likes botanicals and herbs. and I want things for everyday not just sometimes..
Everything, I like, but I will not be doing custom orders anytime soon. It makes me stressed and and that makes me loose some intuition and wastes my money and slows downt what to do next. It is the Libra way..
I will speak my mind,  through my blends and heart notes! My must be this way to succeed..The ideas, yes, they can come for others..but the final thing must be me..
me me me
ha ha ha

What if I make rose hydrosol this summer?
That will be enough for me.
 Man, I wish I had some ambergris!
Wait, I do, a few grains..vanilla sandalwood ambergris beeswax balm?

Stay away from jerks, they suck!
Be nice and say what is on your mind, though.
Some people can take the truth..some get a stomach ache, or both.. it is Mars surging and spinning and getting himself back on track. The stubborn angst you may be feeling is only a temporary glitch.yes?
stay cool my babies, there are good things always!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

the ants

I have history with ants. In the jungle it was common to get a whole hive in a matter of minutes like all on one door, thousands of them.
Bugs love to swarm, so do we, really.. look at cities.
I have had some scouts of these little auntie  ones try to come in and make a living here and I keep them away with soapy vinegar and lemongrass oil.
Today I started to get some new visitors who are ready to make a living. Big ones and had I better vision, I could see their faces. It had rained yesterday pretty good and they came out..
I had to bomb them with eucalyptus(neat) and the rest had to be squashed because they were too fast to sweep in the dust thing..
ha ha ha
I chased them out, hear me?
I also told them they couldn't live here, lol...after that I went ahead and  used eucalyptus and a damp cloth to just swipe the walls so they wouldn't come back.
I had to, no ants in the house!
I used two ounces eucalyptus for a bug job on a damp cloth and I then went and swiped the perimeter of the house.. and,  there is no poison, just better breathing.
I bet a little lemongrass with euc would be nice next time, if, if there were a next time..

I am telling you right now, it is going to be a good day.
Our intentions are clear and we want what we want..admitting we are a jerk sometimes is ok..say sorry..
life is sweet!
Do not be cheap..give and be swell and find your proper place in your life and like an ant, do not barge in where you shouldn't.
Those are pre mercury retrograde ideas our of my head.
The truth will come out in any event and I think we may see a  quiet revolution here in the United States someday soon..I think that intelligent people will come in a be logical and concerned with wealth for all, equality is another thing see?
Wealth for all is better. It means there is always enough for everyone.
 Humans must nurture our proper place..finding it is our task.
Being there always is an art..
I want that!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

longing for home

Someone asked me today how to cure her mom's depression with one my vitamins..
She asked for rescue remedy and then asked for something stronger like valarian..
I kind of got stuck for  a second so I asked what was wrong and she said her mom was sad because she had to leave and go back to another country..awe, sad huh?
I mean I guess valarian and rescue remedy and what does one do?
I said rose jasmine and neroli
for three things
rose for open heart to receive
jasmine to confide (confidence))
neroli to calm perfection of getting
me, I would add sandalwood to make it a rare experience...
Life and our lives...
I know I felt kind of stuck in  costa rica towards the end there. I couldn't wait to come home to where my family is and I still feel great about that..and now here is a woman who has to leave her kin..that is so sad, yea?
Why be so sad about outcomes when new doors are open all the time and her having to go home is no big news. she knew she would have to before she came and reality sucks and how is she going to deal with her loss is a matter of how far she is willing to dwell in agony..
I am sure she sees that life indeed does  go on and one must function..

If you can get your ass to the gym that is even better. I climb stairs at work and do not go to the gym.Working in one's garden is quite invigorating!
That is me
gardenin' annie
miss earthy

All I am saying is, we know to  be kind, loving and do lovely things and if god were real he would turn all the guns in to flowers and all the flavors of earth would be even more vibrant..he would come to dinner and bring gifts for the kids, there would certainly be no talk of any depression..especially no depression!
I mean why leave cryptic messages of who is the best one? Just come down and tell it! God would just show up and fix any thing he wanted..  he remains silent..he would have helped all the women who were burned alive for not loving jesus enough and practicing magic.. and all the men too.  he remains silent..

My grandmother would do magic with the whispering chant and this hand thing..I remember had to sit really close in front of her and look in to her eyes..focus and worked! Women would come over to be treated by my ba ba, they all did it...we had a yia yia and a ba ba was old and kept apples in a chest and when she gave us one in winter, we were tickled pink! All I remember is  that the "stari" (old ones) were really good to me and loved me. awe!!
There were  all sorts of customs in Macedonia. Like when a couple gets married they have to kick a glass of wine over a threshold to signify the transition...focus and intent again! It must be in the has to be the brain.

Earth is for all of us, yes?

Think about it,  there is no evidence of any mythic gods living in us or in heaven, none..There was a big bang  we can now  think about what was before that..expansion, contraction, collapse..Life like ours has happened before perhaps trillions of years ago, or more..and did you know that amino acids are made in super novas and... we are made of amino acids and it takes over 12 billion years to evolve in to life like us? Of course you know, I tell you all the time:))

I do not think we are the only way there are super novas exploding all over place in  the Milky Way let alone The Universe!
It is just that everything is so far in .light time and space!
Imagine a billion light years can't..

We should talk about Mercury next!

near future star movements

I am slowly very slowly becoming a star gazing astronomer with a mythology base:)
I love astrology and now I am understanding that star movements shake us up  but we are so small that we rarely physically feel it.

In June Mercury goes retrograde later in fall there will be a nice fire trine going..Leo, Aquarius, will have a lift and once again develop true confidence without having to convince any one that he is confident because of is art. he is confident because he knows he can and doesn't want to right now..
they do not call it a Pride for nothing my friends:)

I was looking at all the planets today and each day , I find something new in the I can feel the asteroids when they come close to earth and I know that my seeds are all going to sprout in the next few days.
It is good!
 Mercury will go retrograde and you should chill out and clean up now so that you do not have to remember what to do later. Do what you have to do right not stuff things in a shelf and then other things on top..that means also in friendships and in your food intake.
it is really easy to just stuff yourself now and then forget what you ate and then bamm,

across this nation
lack of education
or motivation
too many temptations

instead of that lets do it again
laugh in the morning rain
do not react in anger
do not react at all
of your real
and how you want to look and be to others
close your eyes and see how you want to be
what you want to have
money allows you to have the best things
you should ask for more

smiling make you want to eat is true:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I get to change again and so do you.
Aries, I keep saying this to all of you..
do not try to change another the fak what if they like Mily Cyrus, what is it to you?
ha ha haaaaa
no really..
You know that you do. You want to change your lover, spouse, friends. Not contented with some of their past and current behavior. When you nurture mistrust, you will get really does work like that.
It is all about
Sag is sort of like that and Leo, oh, yes it is about you..a little longer now and innevitably,  the edge will disolve in awesomenes  for you.

I will walk in a room and say something because I cannot shut up and even if I wanted to there would be a little lady waiting to speak with me.and Sag  thinks it is about him and I will say, that yes, yes it was..:)

I have a PhD at whole foods by now if there was one for it, ha ha haaa
Not in a corporate sense either.. I just pretty much know details that my customers come looking for.
I am certainly feeling like I have mastered the art of working for the man and  myself before I ever go out of my home..I do for me and you..
Two things always, with Libra. Would I love to live on a mountain and just make soap?
sigh..not yet..and my mountain is really a lovely ranch in livonia..( I bought another old fashioned rose..I am like an crazy person with the roses this year))
That part of my past was wonderful in many ways but those days are long gone, my friends. I took a whole year just to do flat breads and crepes and the monkeys would steal my dough. They loved wheat!  One time I decided I would not use any fuel and cook only with  fire the first day, I had to go out in the rain to start a fire just for tea and I cried..ha ha LOL..
" why don't they just pave this place?" I was like I Love Lucy crying, "whahhhh"

You can only live in the now even if it is fun to remember the good times and set that asside.
The past is gone, it does not exist, the future, no, it does not is now, this is where you are now...remember that next tinme you think about someone and your hearts tears in two because maybe the past you have in your mind is colored by your impressions now.
conciousness is so spectacular in its is..

The  thing with clothes is that I seem to attract garbage bag fulls with the girls and my friends..I need a whole new room just for clothing.
I guess that would be a walk in closet..hahaa
 I will fold my clothes soon, I have to. Do you ever just re wash everything just to refold and put it away nicely? I like to use essential oils mixed with a little vinegar in the rinse water.. yea, It stays that way for what, a week, two?
My project will be to find creative ways to have easy access to my wardrobe in the space I chose..

It is sunny today and I hope you are...
I am making organic eucalyptus and salt soap this week. I am so excited. I have been wanting that and, Bamm, somebody throws money at me for it!
That there is the good life my friends because you see, I am a simple woman!


Monday, May 5, 2014

scattered roses mars in libra is so epic

It is dang cold and I wish it would not be. It is very sunny at the moment. ::)))
I went out there and started working in the the "yard" last week. I got really sore from lifting rocks and it was awesome.
You know how I like to work hard and then rest. At the end of the day I do not even look at emails anymore, my eyes are done working for anything but a good story..not yours or mine, someone elses.

Watched  Mad Men...great writing, dreamy good, loved the fashion and want to be Joan..actually I am Joan without the ginger.. but the tiresome wrong doing..and the smoking and drinking..sheesh!
Don Draper my ass, I was married to that guy! Oye!!!
Guys, be a good man now, healthy, honest and sexy and warm... and do not do wrong until you are fifty and your chest muscles sag to  become pious..yes, there are too  many bridges burned to go back anywhere. Only forward..
Mars in Libra helps us forget:) all that. We have already moved forward. We have crossed many bridges and seen the water flow safely beneath us and we are ok..
That no matter what happens to you, do not be a judgemental ass expecting some virgin goddess or a man who only will want you and no other woman ever..(the human ratio for fidelity is like what,(guessing here) one in a million, in Costa Rica, 98% infidelity)))
 Besides, who wants some pious judgemental lover anyhow and then one who cheats?
This letter is not about sex so do not worry, I won't go there. It was mostly the awesome portrayal in Mad Men, of American buisness and how they really said those things to their wives and girlfriends. In many cases at the same time..words have power, you know?

Now as far as I know from what I have read, Mars in Libra gets faster here in about a week and will stay in Libra intil late July. It is perfect to make yourself perfect and become more beautiful.
close your eyes
what do you want dream big
work hard
a man who does nothing with  nothing is dead weight
close your eyes
what do you see
how do you see yourself

***For scorpio and his solar 12th house it has been solo and sort of wanting to be, working or caring for someone. You love it but others may have  jealousy and lies..that again may be in the realm of judging by expecting too much from people...some scorpios are really working hard and always doing such a great job we cannot live without them. There is only so much time in one day babe!***

Libra is about getting your money in order even though you want to spend it all on flowers!

I bought a David Austin white rose for the garden. I liked this one because I was able to smell the scent she has. crisp, fruity, sweet, honey jam, pops in your mouth when you smell her! Your confidence exploding in your brain..from the micro nutrients in  its scent aura.
I put her in the ground last night and gave her tea made from bat guano(Jamaican)..I hope she is happy here and  now I am thinking two more  companions. There is a peach colored one but it does not smell. White roses are so beautiful and the old fashioned ones are so smelly good. The rose is my favorite got to see a few apricot flowers yesterday, they are so sweet and pretty. The rose is something just grand..
Before work today, I will go out and trim the lavenders and feed them. maybe that boy will distill white rose with lavender buds if we can..he said he is ready to make anything I want.
Can you imagine a whole yard filled with lavenders and roses? I am so in to having some summertime fun this year! Each year, I will add a few things so that in future years, the fruits of my labor will help others and in some small way and leave my mark. each year I should a sacred tree..I like the idea of trees and me near each other.

My want list grows..and I can think of no better place than where I am now with a few degrees more of sun heat..
Shouldn't morels be in by now?
I will go look. You have a wonderful day!