Friday, January 31, 2014

Sale at eleneetha's place

I bought the right jars but they didn't have the proper lids  because SKS gets sold out often..
so, I chose plastic lids as  mercury retrograde has force me to do..I need jars and I can't keep  waiting..
I chose the white caps and I already regret it..
I will make a sale!
Happy Year Of The Horse
Two Balms For Ten Dollars
Organic Olive Oil, Raw Bees Wax, Pure Essential Oils

One flavor is chamomile lavender (wonderful)
The other Patchouli Vetiver with just a hint of geranium absolute (deep, sultry)

I hope that you get to get a set or two because I love you:)

the sign of the times

small times is when you realize that you have teens(joven) watching Bo Burnham and you are forced in watching just a couple minutes of this and it freaks you out..:)
I can't..he is too much!

big times is when you realize how amazingly powerful you are inside and out..
you rise above distractions..all the small stuff is nothing to you!
you slice through truth with a a sword so icy cold that it has now become hot..
more doing
less crying about it
more smile
less anger about stupid stuff like Justin Bieber..poor boy!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

transendental uranus ruler of aquarius moon all new and in the moment

Sometimes, you get up and know what you  are doing, what is next..ok, the dishes, the girls, the boys, the boy, the inventory at work did I say dishes?
I get home and there are dishes..even when I am here, I  could be standing there all day just washing cups..good thing I don't have a job like that, hand in water all day here and then all day there..there are mommas who do that..
you know, men and women at work come to me all the time with their hands all red and cracked from the detergents businesses use to  clean up. I give them a sweet balm we have with beeswax and olive oil..It always works. Everyone thinks I am a genius with this is genius and it isn't is the mira cure..og olive oil, og bees wax, og nothing water no glycerin..none of it..just you and your lovely skin being fed something elegantly soothing.
Here is the thing..
Your hands are not supposed to be in gloves all day.
A better reason not to eat carry have 1000 people go through per day touching your food and even when just one workers forgets forgets the  gloves to go get a box in the back room. Suddenly it is everywhere..his cooties:)sorry dude but just don't touch me..

A person, dehydrated from winter and not drinking water is really cheating themselves. And if we are going to take what is best from Uranus in Aries, it would be/is,  taking charge of ourselves and being proud of who we are.
And although this may feel as a somber and 'reality" based full moon, it is also about you eating well, thinking outside the box, outside of religious dogma and inside a huge ass doorway to a greater  and more profound universe.
You will find that you simply do not have to control every detail except your own details! You may have  forgotten some things. Like how amazing you are inside and out.. but that does not mean you are willing to bow down and be a slave to someone..bow down because you love and respect them and not out of fear..bow down to your loving friends, your mom, your dad and you sweet warm it from your heart not because it is the rules..

I have said the  word "militant" here a few times regarding Uranus in Aries.. and I must say the book  with Mussolini has taken me to a strange world. The clergy living in fear and the one priest begging god to give him a few more days so he could publicly denounce the duce, but  god didn't listen and he died old and broken, trying to save a dying pagan religion..he was smart enough to make copies of his speech but Mussolini got his conies to go in there and take all his papers..I guess some sneaky priest tucked one away..Mussolini had threatened the pope with dreadful information that would ruin the church if they didn't support him. Some think it may have been the thing they are going through now. having sex with young boys..Do all religions make men pervs? Hey man, if you are sneaking around at night for your pens, you are probably doing wrong..and ladies too..your body fluids are sacred to you and yours..same like the food you eat.
To the clergy.. somehow, this,  became okay.. normal.. for the roman catholic priests to continue in secret..I am not sure why people then,  they allowed this old decrepit guy to rule over them, (the pope) on the one hand and on the other, allow some short fat guy to tell them how they can greet their more hand shakes, from now one you'll greet each other with a Roman salute in the air..
Excuse me mr, but how can normal and secret go together? They don't that is how!
What would you do? 
What if the guy had a big gun with a bayonet and he came to your door? Would you hail him high then?
My people hid in the mountains until the soldiers passed through the village..some died brutal deaths. Most eventually took boats to New York and then here in Detroit, where Greeks have huge comunities. Italians too..who wants to live with a bunch of jerks with guns? "Let's go make money in Michigan!"
My great grandfather opend that door for my parents and me to come here. he took a boat and arived in 1920's and  later, through the years, he brought his son and his wife and my grandmother, my mom and then us..
It was a begining!  Uranus was about to enter Aries! There has been a pathway laid out since then and now we are at a higher octave of that same trajectory..

The Sun is shining and it is wonderous what a difference it makes inside my home...outside, 1 degrees:)
in here..
black beans
soft rugs
soft caring friends
electrified knowledge
electric powerful attractions

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

what is up at the shop?

Just some winter comfort, is all!
Check out some new ideas from the soap shop.

The painting is by John Willaims Godward

I am in love with mark maron now and april looks big

according to Mystic Medusa, mystic medusa who does look at the angles going forward, April is going to be a big month for all.
I know this because I read everything she writes or I try..
This whole thing with Pluto and Uranus is bigger than we think..these are the changers of the type which says,  "you're gonna faking change and die" leave and you are wrecked for a minute..or for a whole lifetime for  some.
One of my boys is about to leave the nest:)
And the most basic thing to remember as I have been saying to myself all along, is do the right thing, not the thing I want to do in the heat of anger, be loyal and don't be a jerk..who are you?
I always say that to me and my kids.
Yes, you're mad things didn't go your way and I make you the most angry:) but stop and do not be a jerk.
Now what can you do at this moment to fix this?
I notice that among the 16-to 20 years olds. They are so smart and yet still don't have a clue, they will.

We all have Uranus and Pluto is one thing to know!
They are a part of us..the little one(pluto) from so far away, tugging and pulling to stay in the loop..that is Pluto for you..the farthest away and the one who sees us  from a place we hadn't considered..
That is Pluto.
Remember when Yoda told Luke, he would be scared? And for the first time that little puppet showed something other than cute wise words.
No, I do not feel like Yoda. I feel like Darth Vader some days!:)) But both are Pluto..both are wrecked physically from the ravages of time and both deep down know why..

Astrology is a bunch of math and it always leads forward, never concluding..
so, I  say look at the whole chunk of time this has been happening..It has been a good two years of preparedness, of hard work, of getting up every day and doing it again and loving every minute of it..and not loving some of it.
Let me not forget to add about the other player
Uranus in Aries is the other player here..the militant advisor to the darkness or light..
Uranus the player
King of skulduggery (look at banks and lending and all that corporate weirdness) and lover of battles!

**how interesting**
when Uranus was in Aries way back in the day in the 1920's and 30's..Mussolini and The Pope were in cohorts when DUCE came in to power..
my next book and an excellent read so far..
The Pope and Mussolini

Oh, and I want to marry Mark Maron:)
Dude, no, he is a Libra!! No Libra man for much of the same thing leads to boredome..but now I realize why I like the guy so much..he is a whole lot like me:)

Monday, January 27, 2014

new sandalwood lime everyday cream

So much snow fallen here in Livonia that we all have to go out there and shovel many times a week, and sometimes several times a day. It is isn't a one man job at all and these are the times I am glad I have boys.

The reason I mention it is because I need more butter for my bod and today, for the first time in a long time I have enough (time) set aside to make some creams for myself and some friends.
This cream should be fluffy yet dense, if you know what I mean. nothing is worse than jamming your fingers in air mixed with grease  that has collapsed in to a weird mush..
I have to admit, I get bored real quick with a cream that looks sloppy and there have been times I have scraped a jar all the way to where there was nothing left but air..sweet vanilla cacao air..
The cacao absolute had sunk to the bottom and it just relaxed there.

Today is the day I will make a tub of sandalwood lime butter for me-self.
I don't know what it is about distilled lime, but I do love it so much right now!
If you want some you should get is my recipe which I will list on etsy..

shea butter
avocado oil (california)
sea buckthorn oil
evening primrose oil
baobab oil
Indian sandalwood
distilled lime oil

Do you like that combo? What matters most really are the essential fatty acids and the scent should really be just enough to sweeten your skin and yet still hide until needed.
The sandalwood here hides like that in a way but when all is said and done, it is the thing you get later.           The perfumed wood and your musky you-ness..
I have been wearing this as an oil too. It is quite nice on a cold dreary winter's day or night..
Today it is sunny and the snow is reflecting the light beautifully. It is as if the plants know something is going to happen soon. It is just a matter of time.
Tomorrow shrouded in coldness again, we'll cold, as if it is fog, but it isn't, it is coldness and frozen water in the wind. It is very dramatic.. all of nature is..look at volcanos!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I watched a thing on it. he is worth like 12  billion dollars, or his business is..I am sure he goes home to a nice place with that kind of dough. :)
 What else is there, travel? No thanks!
His business is worth 12 billion dollars and it is a simple idea.  His dad helped him start the business by lending him, $80.000.00 dollars and people lined up.
So I watched it and I studied this fellow. A rather nerdy, smallish man.. consumed with details..I am right, I thought, he must be a Virgo! Yup! No, not all virgos are small, but they do have something that is delicate, like maybe their hands of sof t feet..
Frikin' Virgos! I love them!To me that is sexy all day!
So, anyhow, he found a theme, (southwestern, easy, fast)
made up his spices ( nice)
and  makes good simple food, every time and every time the same way.
I have had Chipotle. Sustanable and all that..
There is  a rather perfect ballance of smoke and spice in the green salsa. His corn salad is perfection!
To me, grilled corn, it makes a burrito!

The perfect burrito has been a part of my life ever since I started going to Seva in Ann Arbor in 1976 with Nck. Seva had the  biggest over stuffed burrito for like 6.00 you go there and they give you a little scoop of something for 30.00! :)

Nick had just come back from Seatle where he ran a sandwhich shop and failed with his brother, Stratis!
Another cute he was, all brooding he was, and that dog he had with him..he dropped it off at me and Nick's place and left him. I had him till he was taken by someone who could love him more than we could. Nick hated that dog! He would run off constantly and Nick wiould have to go look for him, all the Americans freeking out about the big ass dog on the streets..Everyone had dogs in the yard then..nowadays, they need a leash and they need to be contained and quiet.
Yogi was a  big Alakan Huskey, all white. he was too much for me, dude, he would jump the fence like a horse..

It is the year of the horse:)2014 the year of the horse:)
Seems like a really good thing.

sorry about my spelling today..the google things didn't work..she says sheepsishly:)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

the moon's in scorpio

in a sandwich between mercury and the sun..

where are you most emo right now?
and what can we do about this?
because we are a stand off almost always regarding what we want and how we go about getting that idea across.
do we cry, or sneak around coveting? 
it could happen believe it or not, Aquarius isn't realy  envious but also not  as detached as we though, hum?
I know right!
The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and that means we may have a trickster lurking..and  with mercury lingering in this area for a  couple of times by the end of February, pay attention..yes!
If you look at the angles now as mercury goes in its set up, you will now note the areas in which some electrified, sexy, encounters must be approached with caution.
I feel like there is a strong attraction among scorpio and aquarius 
and this whole year there are a few scorpio gemini couples I've heard about:)

I'd like to study more about the  dynamic among family members and how the planets have formed around them in a place in time..
What are you trending in astrology right now?
Me, tons of aries, libras and cancers around and we all have a leo thing somwehre in our charts and only  me and the boys..the girls and I have a very strong capricornian it good or bad..the horned ones will clash!
Libra here, saying stay warm, be happy:)

I thought this was a good read from Mystic Medusa:)
saturn return
(dirty mind))

Friday, January 24, 2014

Saturn the father of time

not the decrepit kind, that would be the hard, Saturn Pluto aspects..but the rightfully knowing your place in time and learning to be gracious and kind. Learning, for sure! That is Saturn!
Right now things may seem hazy and cloudy like when there is still a trace of milk dried up in a cup and when you go to put cold water on it, it gets a little cloudy.
You think to yourself that is exactly what it is, milk. Alright then, we wash the cup.

Saturn pluto together capricorn/ scorpio vibes, you have grand schemes, losing battles and creativity beyond anything that you compare it to.
Look at Joni Mitchel..dude, I listened to her jazzy album and it was amazing, smooth with the depth of her words and poetry together, omg!
You get too much Scorpio with Libra and it might be good and it will be bad..
Is Libra shallow? Yes, all air signs are,  a little..swords..reflecting quick bursts of light before they cut you:)
Gemini..walk away from the mirror :)
I wonder if Maleficent was a Gemini? Angelina Jolie is a Gemini and she playing her in some movie.
Speaking of Joni and other Scorpio singers, like Niel Young, the voice..Scorpios can have a deep voice when they speak but when singing, you always know it is Scopionic! They go to a higher pitch but with a pleasant softness..:)
Capricorn Scorpio or, "oye leave me alone!"

Saturn in Scopio and Pluto in Capricorn are good together but don't expect romance, or excitement after reality sets in..that is how I see it..Scorpio may have baggage, but who doesn't..Cappy too, they should try to see the other's point of view.
The Capricorn thing is good here in many ways.."blessings" because the can really organise the baggage. It is true, if anyone can put stuff away deep in the closet,  never to be seen again, it is Capricorn.
 Scorpio needs to have it nearby so that they can remember it, feel it again the way they felt it before..
So  this may be something we are all dealing with now..we are sorting through our stuff and cleaning under the cabinets, each trinket, reflecting a memory, a piece of paper, a card that a buddist girl gave you  or smile from that.

This is the best time to try some new ideas for skin care, clean and whiten your teeth and fix your hair.
Scorpio vibes are always about looking amazing and not over weight..hardly ever!  So we all have an opportunity to look and feel leaner.

I am happy with my weight, always!
I eat well :)
I can eat a cookie if I want to, with a coffee<)

Have you ever washed your face with an oily balm? I know, it is so good!
Also, we got some new rose hip seed oil from Trilogy in at my store and it is so nice. It does not have the heavy omega smell that many oils do..funny how the better it is for you, the more it smells raw..look at raw me gusta! Still, I would rather use it as a treatment instead of a serum. Hot wet skin takes in nutrients in no time so why not take a few moments in time to nurture your sweet face!

 I  take a very hot, wet wash cloth and put it on my face, 3 minutes..then,
I take rose hydrosol and spray some in the palm of my hand. and the I put a drop rose hip seed oil in with that..I put it all over my face..
meanwhile, I take some charcoal based face cleanser mixed with manuka honey and a wee bit pluto potion, or mystic lebanon, or my favorite right now, organic lavender balm..any oily balm will do.
I make a nice loose paste, I apply that on my face and roll this all over my face and neck..
hopefully by now, you have your shower running nice and hot..wait for it...3 minutes
now take a fragrant bar of soap and get your self in the shower..
Rinse everything and then wash it all off with soap because charcoal is weird and sticks to you..This treatment is very healing and will help your skin in the long run.
After you are done, you must apply another serum  or cream on your face. I like simple jojoba and avocado oils with what ever my favorite perfumed oil I might have the pleasure of using at any moment.
The best thing is one drop rose in 10 mls of carrier..og jojoba/ baobab is wonderful..again, warm damp skin, so, when you come out of the shower,  dry everything but your face so that you just put a few drop serum  in your palm, and smooth it on gently.
Now go ahead, dry off and put on your cream or potion for your day. I like it:)
This week, I am using jojoba with a little violet and tobacco, vanilla..sandalwood
it fades into a sweet smelling me somehow.
Sandalwood is always nice.

see, we do not need much to be happy but we want it all!
Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

in eastern russia

they wear furs and hats and real animals on them cuz it is 45 c  below zero
that is cold man!
people live there because they work in factories and make money to give to their families.
I am just saying, for us to keep things in perspective and even though we are keeping things in perspective, we can still get mad or deal with real suffering..sorry, it isn't all mumbo jumbo..understanding the psyche means real accepting everything about yourself and not just saying everything is a blessing in disguise..
What a bunch of crap, when they say that..I even say it sometimes! I can understand about opportunities to find solutions..but real tragedy is some thing I expect my God  to keep me from:!
Real suffering on babies and children all over the world..women,, :) you don't think I suffer?
Not as much as my mom, having had to see her dad get killed in front of her, but I have, indeed suffered..things...
I feel like we want  go in to this spiritual place that resembles Nirvana..and if it is only in our minds and we are in reality in a cave half naked because ..unless you are out there busting ass and praising your lord, you are faked..

Like god wants you to praise..I mean just the fact that he is all knowing and all loving and already evolved to the place he says I need to, he still needs me to praise him?
"all the glory to jesus", one woman wrote today on this thing I was reading..
oh yea, maybe he should show up once in a while before someone gets cancer and dies too soon..dude!

I wish to praise you and thank you for your goodness and friendship. Thank you my sweet soapie friends:)
here are some affirmations for your day:)

I  praise me, but quietly..
I  avoid trouble !
I  read more and worry less
I  exercise
at work, I  do my best and smile
I always cook good food
I will not embroil myself with people who drain me
I  have rich generous friends
I am generous
My generosity unfolds as boons for me
It is easy for me to be generous to myself
I give freely

one week sour dough and roasted red peppers from yia yia's garden and yes, serve with feta!

ok here is the recipe

you make regualr bread one day with yeast and your favorite flour
make dough
save a little chunk of the dough and put it in the refri untill tomorrow
when tomorrow comes, you take out the ball of dough and put it in a bowl, add twice as much warm water and a 1/2 teaspoon really good salt, I used kosher sea salt other yeast.

mix the dough with the water and add a little more flower to make a smooth pasty looking dough..
now leave that be for 6 hours
later, add flour and make a nice ball of dough and leave that be for 2 hours..
rip a chunk off of it and put it in the  refri..
pre heat oven and bake the loaf of bread...mmm
when tomorrow comes again pull out your dough and repeat..

This is a culture that will reflect only bacteria that resides in your home..on your hands:)
By the time you get to day five or six, you will note a fruity scent coming from the yeasts which have formed. It should smell like a sweet vinegar kind of scent..
so almost sour dough..
One baker told me that sooner or later it always just runs out of steam and wont produce enough yeasts..
I will start another one with pineapple juice wihich is said to be great as a starter it has enough sweetness and yet the bromolain kills all the bad stuff!

I hope you have a nice day:)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

mercury retro


Through February actually.. What great time to fix up your lists of things you haven't wanted to face or even think about.
Mercury is in Aquarius right now..squaring Saturn..
Lay Low and do not speak too much of your sorrow.
I think it is a very serious and low energy time for sure.
But, do not dwell on things which do not serve, keep at it and relax when you can. the Sun will come out with or without you..

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the fox is happy here

you know, fox,  they are smart and so are dogs and cats..
some humans eat them
humans eat whatever they can to survive.
they will hunt for rabbit or even squirrel..turkeys! Livonia deer thrive here. I have seen mommas with their young, but this cold winter may change that next year...I hope they are ok and boroughed in somewhere:)

In this one village, Taiji, in Japan , says it is their tradition (since like the 1960's!!)
we should go back and see why they began doing that..hungry I reckon and now they don't know that they aren't hungry any more. I wonder if the oily toxic meat of this creature is making them some sort of evolutionary dilution of toxins in the know, the fish eat the ocean food, man eats the fish..he becomes a filter of some sort..then right back into the ocean...all the blood shed during the slughter attracts  some sort of other creatues that have developed a  taste for blood that feeds on something else that  feeds the dolphins..maybe it makes a drug like addictiction, a very addictive fat based disire...involving the brain, all the omegas, toxic or no, would definately be taken into concideration when thinking about fish oils in general and now the protiens coming from a mamal like creature also playing a role in brain developement..even though, and with all the omegas and fatty acids, the toxic metals take over and you have zombies..metalic brained killers...
Ever since,  their population as a little village is mostly old people and and fewer births every year. You know, the radiation thing around Japan all the time..How do they need all those nuclear reactors on that small island?
It is the season in Taiji at this moment, to heard these big smart creatures. I am saying to let's think about that and everyone watch the cove if you haven't already. this is reality, not just me ranting..we must spread the word that we love our world and don't want cavemen not knowing that these might be the last few "fish" ever.. ever, ass!
They are Cetacea, a form or ocean mammal, like us, only in water. I have read that their brain is still evolving, especially the orcas! There are continually less in our oceans, the numbers are too big to ignore.
Just leave them alone! Must we rape and pillage our own home? Earth is our own home!

This is Earth, as we are today as a whole planet. A living breathing organism carrying us through space. She is our mother..she needs us and we need her to survive, she is alive in that she is always churning..we should love her!
So, Yoko Ono (she's some sort of ambassador))wrote a letter to the Japanese people about how wrong this is and what is says about Japan as a nation. I liked her letter.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jupiter still opposite venus pluto

Jupiter stands out. It is in the fifth house of too much fun and opposite the 11th and with capricorn there,  the weeding out of friends for some. Also there is a rigid stand off at the moment due to irrational people and over reactors! Maybe it is you, maybe it is the other guy..
If it is the other guy, you must be detached or your reputation will be highlighted.
We are looking at a very interesting map here. Money is a key issue with more creative ways in which to get it! Jupiter brings plenty of ideas and none of them fast acting. Look for rewards in about 4 to 6 months for your hard efforts.
Also look for unexpected news. I think there  are issues with assets and what you own. Course it is tax time..
Mars moon coming up..nice!
go work out, you'll feel and look better..
I am about to do that myself and then I will make some creams today!

the list one of many

make one

things you want
things you don't need or still "put up with"

don't wants..
I can't think of much or I can think of some things!

The world man!
Humans, all they want to do is kill each other over their gods and gold of course! And each cycle of growth has been met with more and more advanced ways to kill other humans!
don't want!

education and knowledge for all...
You want that too? Good, lets us start thinking this together!

I want..

new very good coffee maker
new dish gloves
some new wooden cutting boards
a stainless steel work table from ikea
a new rug for the table area
How about some new clothes? I hear word that there are some linen dresses coming my way, from the 90's and never worn..
I'll look like Elaine from Seinfeld but more witchy and crone like.

1000 extra at all times
10,000 extra for monthly  earthly needs
100.000 extra for you!

It is true you know, as much as we talk about it, money changes everything.
Even laundry soap will cost like ten dollars and then you need the washer  and dryer thing..that is why poor folks are not so clean looking..

Clean clothes make the first impression..

There is a girl, who is so sweet, smart, funny, odd, nice skin and dude, she is always in these dirty clothes. yes, they are "re-cycled" and you got them at the used clothing store, but dang girl, you've been wearing that coat for three years now  and each year it looks worse..put on a brassiere for goodness sake, it is modern times!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

venus retrograde in capricorn

Taurus Libra


Flirtations all over the place and somewhat not feeling the love somewhere at home..
look, everything becomes too familiar when Venus is retrograde and then, there, a smiling face, your eyes meet..
It is long as you don't drop everything and go somewhere right then..that would be creepy! lol
No, you smile and feel a little smug in a shallow sort of Venus way as you walk away. That is Venus!
I think I mentioned jealousy before.
Venus retrograde will bring up issues of our generosity towards other's happiness!
This does not apply to lovers alone, it can be a family thing or a work thing.
How willing are we to praise our peers? For some, it is harder than for others.
Plus, I  think the Capricorn theme really starts to press on  spontaneity for Venus.
She is always juicy and ready to produce, and Capricorn vibes  bring  limitation, solidification and contraction, bones, teeth, back, knees, skin a little bit and eye (left side).
" What are you refusing to see?"
This is a  question I would ask myself.

Venus in Capricorn is about our "loyalty" when things are boring and bland. It is  the only time it can proven as such.

earthly delights
finding your right spot

have a wonderful day:)

seven of pentacles

Sevens are great it would seem. I have been getting sevens like continually and thought that I miss interpreted my sevens.
Here is a very nice story about the seven of pentacles;

Morgana Fillions Tarot Journey

The 7 of Pentacles is about patience, and knowing how to tend to what’s necessary while waiting for the right time to reap the reward – no jumping the gun or trying to hurry things along here – the time spent waiting is part of the necessary process that allows the fruit to ripen to its fullest juicy sweetness.  And in the meantime, there are plenty of flowers to offer their shorter term pleasures.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

the big magnet

The mauder minimum was a period of time between 1645 and 1715 when our sun had very little activity in sun  spots  (from 9 to 0 during that period) made for colder winters. like a mini ice age..
In 1670, there were zero sun spots.
That year, they basically kicked jews out of their countries in europe, the pope ruled everything and everyone (or so he thought) and there were kings, and five years before, the great plague had killed 75 thousand people in London alone!

It was  discovered that a flamable gas forms when you mix it with some metals and acid,( hydrogen) and  that sugar in the urine leads to diabetes!
When it is really cold, our bodies hold sugar and reduce water in order to hold the sugars.
There is more..

It is going back to 12 degrees here soon around here, which is why I mentioned it...and that was then and this is now..drink more water and  stay warm.

again with the 7
it is a nice number, but you still have to I added more numbers.. 01/18/2014
Eights are cool!

Friday, January 17, 2014

agrarian thoughts and guzzles

We eat only prepared food at our house..always a pot of soup, some kind of grainy  bread and some greens now and again, nuts and seeds too..I work at an awesome gourmet store and one of my  favorite things at work right now are kettle chips, vinegar and good. it revives me the crisp potato, drenched in vinegar and salt.
I'll make pasta one or two times a month and that is about it..rice, not too much rice is best for me..
Today, Friday..I won't make a thing.
I want to make many things, but not even one black bean will I boil.
They get to me..the legumes..
speaking on diets and what is the national pass time, "dieting";
I like the paleo diet somewhat, "like how limited", I say to myself.
Stop with the processed food and feel better. If you're eating is on a militant regimen, your interest in it will be unrealistic. It makes a whole lot of sense to me to eat like an agrarian. How come we need so much direction on how and when to eat? How many Americans do you think don't know about kale or ginger...together  are among the  most powerful vitamin boosters? I do not know, it seems like many. Serve it as a side dish..Tell your baby mommas that you know to teach their kids from the beginning about ritual in food and family convos while fitting yourself in your family society and making food together. Some of us can whip up an egg sandwich in like what 6 minutes?


Thursday, January 16, 2014

goddess dammed whores and sun venus with dirty lovers and dirty remnants of bliss

yes sun venus are together..and of course pluto lurking, all of then  in capricorn..I think it is time to shine and you would  er, will be surprised when you do a frikin great job at every corner and every turn today.
yes, life is hard and sometimes a struggle..I find January kind of weird, always, and you know every year we get better, we change or we get in a rut..some even carry on in anger for do you thinks jerks are made?
It happens when you have a thief maybe in your realm..a sneaky selfish perhaps could be an illness, with chiron and uranus. The cold and flu season is here after all

card of the day
seven of swords
Swords are knowledge, information, the mind, the higher mind, and the one after that..they also watch your words..

This card reminds me that we leave something of ourselves behind in  everything we say and  touch.
As we consider what is happening in this card, we might even think that this young man is at work, serving a greater cause.. is he collecting knoledge while leaving some knowledge behind him? He seems to be far away from the group and has set a boundry for himself with very precise intentions.
Is sometimes, honesty too much and  is it sometimes, better to not speak rather than proclain all day about who you are and what you believe, meanwhile you're wasting your've already lost two swords..they were not yours already...

You know what is not have your head in the sand just because you do not want to deal with the truth..
I say that to myself all the time..I am very smart you know and I can, deal with it just fine:) Saturn is in a good place in scorpio..finally! And, this will help the edges of discontent regarding mars and venus in a rather dynamic could lead to tension
Gemin, is doing great
libra too, with saturn in the house of money..a treasure may be waiting for you just around the corner..aries, I know having it your way is the only way,, unless of course there are other ways to be not overlook, the wondrous beauty of your life right now..
work on contentment, leo too..right here, right now..grrr
sag, sideways glance, you and me, our eyes meet..your are smart and thank you..
and, you, cancer boy.. long haired  cancer man with the funny gap teeth and long hair like a rock star, I just like looking at you so much!

There is one more thing I saw today..
Mars Jupiter square..libra/cancer
for me it means constant cleaning, folding, picking up, yesterday I became a little bored I reckon, I mean how many questions can I answer about collagen..
you want collagen? make a stock, for goddess sake!, get some grass fed bones and roast them and then  boil them with, it is more honest for your body, plus, untold numbers of minerals and fatty acids..
serve this broth with noodles and garnish with lime, cilantro (for liver) and green is so good.

Oh, you do not cook..fine buy the collagen, but at least know why you even want to consume it for 30 days.

Collagen is a protein made in the body which protects the heart, the bones and pretty much holds your skin up..

focus on the foods you eat
the words you say
and your thoughts about doing well and you, right now  basking in divine glory...:)

vietnamese "pho"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

happy full moon

ok, maybe it is full of news and realizations
so now you know
something about someone close or the inside part of you that should change too
do you want something too much in proportion to who you are? be it money, love, loyalty or a commitment to righteousness in your eyes??

don't let it ruin your day, people are always fucking up and it is your job to clean up the mess? man, that is your want the end and then you don't. It is like an addiction you love. certainly with Capricorn involved there is discontent and a level of plateau..which needs tending from you..
again, I am talking about all of us here..which one of us can say we have a perfect stress free life?

the full moon can bring out mistakes and with these freaking intense planets involved right mars Venus in a challenge and  Pluto lurking in Capricorn all day for years! Mistakes a motherly types will very much view and talk about. me and my mom talk all the time about the farms..
I mostly think this trend is about small mundane things  on a 2014 plus a million or two level:)
It is Sun Pluto still on some level..we are all thinking about out health and our faces and hair, and our eyes and enjoying each others time..

What is really good is kind and everything will be fine..start freaking out and people leave, even mentally they close more doors.

I find that our addictions get the best of us some days.Pluto  will not wait..what is your addiction?
I love coffee a sweet cake and a good science documentary on some days and the game of thrones..omg, walking dead in a just a few weeks!
Andrew Lincoln, he is so real looking..I love that!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I have been reading about jasmine all day

Jasmine, so rare! You know, they cannot distill jasmine flowers, only through solvent extraction can it be obtained. There are a few jasmine oils out there right now, that have blown me away..the sambac from eden is lovely and of course white lotus has everything that is good, I love his pines and firs! I am also going to make a big purchase of patchouli next month from sunrose because I would say hers is about 15 years old right about now!
We are talking patchouli of which one would like to keep for a long time! I can't. I use all the patchouli and all the fruit and all the rose.
Nature's gift seems to have the most inviting jasmine offering. Now here is a woman who loves oils!
She just does. She loves all the oils but some, you know, some, she really loves!
There are many recipes with jasmine oil. One combines a few drops spearmint, I won't..
I have decided simple is best.
I will take the jasmine grandifolium concrete that I have and let me tell you, I have a whole lot, and I will blend that with frankincense and that is all.  I  will highlight my jasmine soap with jasmine sambac as well. 
Now lets talk about the jasmine and what it brings to us in its super tiny little rays of scent...

Jasmine is about the heart.."hearts fortune" jasmine brings love, dreams, luck, sensuality, moon magic, passion, money, success!
As Rose is the queen of flowers, jasmine is the king, some say..
No...think about it. jasmine is the second chakra which is another queen..the queen of cups but not a king..
this is queen wears a white crystal gown and she is generating, churning ideas and she is the creator..that is the second chakra to me anyhow..
Where rose is the heart, jasmine is the hidden secret in womanhood. the dark and sparkly magic which resides deeply inside of too! No one is being left out! 
 It is said of jasmine that she helps to diminish fear and encourages self confidence..
I have decided to make my dark jasmine with charcoal, activated, because it is awesome on your skin and sometimes you just want to wash your face with soap.

Black Jasmine Soap
jasmine grandifolium concrete
jasmine sambac
activated charcoal
mix well with your favorite soap base or wait until  I cut the one I made:)

alphonse mucha

sun venus pluto in capricorn

mostly its sun venus
good food
skills beyond ego
ego beyond the skills for some
work but good must..
burdens as in families growing apart..(well, the little goats have to go their own way)
warm home
some jealous person

venus anywhere is nice though..the archtype, not the planet. the planet is hot, molten rock and sulfur gas like our air but red and made of sulfur, hot iron particles everywhere, heavy gas form
That we know about venus and her air is something to me because not a thousand years ago, humans thought the world was flat..when jesus was here, they thought the world was we can detect colors in minerals and name them pretty names..there are som many that we use both letters and numbers to name them.. far away from earth.
anyhow.. venus..and astrology..
we have given this rotation of this sphere from our point of view, meaning..we have made it mythology..and I like astrology..I love our star, hey, maybe it is our god..this perfect giver of life!
We are who we create, perhaps we are gods, we are part of the heavens after all!
So if venus is in capricorn all slowing down and stuff, we are too..We are cleaning, getting organized, being fresh, being matronly and resting our weary bones some days..
I don't know about you, I work my ass off all day man!
That is me..a Capricorn Moon girl..It has always been that way. Venus retrograde in capricorn, makes me quite calm and realistic.
When I was 20, I ran, did martial arts, rode my bike, climbed a mountain, and I turned around..
Some of my best things are with capricorn types usually mixed with scorpio..
with pluto involved in the trio at theis moment, not that close but still, the dark underlying factor that there is that one thing...what you really want, the thing..the thing you must have right now..give it, I guess! I mean you attract who you are mostly, you know that.

This powerful "grown up" force can rub some the wrong way..I think Leo types..may be (some ok, some) kind of downers..always complaining about this and that.
Look, there is no perfect living arrangement at this moment for leonean types. They have been a little too critical perhaps leaning towards, hate..sooner or later, leo, you must show what you have achieved with regards to loyalty in your tribe of friends.
You may have just found out who really is the way of growing up.
We want too much fun and it becomes a habit and then the non fun becomes a habit!

And they say astrology doesn't work!
And how cool was that name thing..kabalarian philosophy?
One of the things it said about "anastasia", is  that I am not artistic..I am not really at all, I can draw hearts, that is it:)
but my ideas..omg..they won't stop, there are so many, and I smile all the time about it.."Ana" more art, tasoula, (my momma calls me that)), more art.
maybe everyone of those together bring  boons, my dears boons.

Why not take these energies and make a treat, I like this! I shall!

I am so excited! Should I see if I want to make a  rose cream with chamomile, the blue one for skin?
That sounds so nice to me right now.
I am using a vetiver charcoal rose soap at the moment, I love it.
It is a keeper on the menu from now on.
It is simple, smells nice and makes your face feel nice, clean.
I like activated charcoal so much. Next, black jasmine soap, with charcoal and frankincense?
see? The ideas do not stop...

Friday, January 10, 2014

revenge seekers

I forgot, Pluto is also in this senario and I must say, you will get no real sattisfaction from hurting someone's feelings, because that spot, the jealous revenge spot, may  not be the  place you want to go now..
there things you have not considered, who gets hurt otherwise..not you ..that is done now..but others still face chalanges and strife which is something they all, we all must live through..I say get serious and be is the best way..
contentment is an art form
be artistic

new this week from my shop

I am working with some nice oils right now.
White rose otto, organic Bulgaria
gorgeous vetiver and resinous distilled frankincense oils..
It is going to be a wonderful rich  year with much to be done.
I have made some amazing soap this week as well..
Neptune Rising is simply a must have! Trust me, it is glorious..I mean if you like oakmoss with spike lavender..which I do!
Also, geranium absolute with patchouli soap..just lingers, smells fresh and keeps you calm and radiant!

Speaking of Radiant Pao Laos..please enjoy some other treats, I may have conjured up..
The Thieves Blend Room Spray is back and now I'll make some super fine, super sexy and super healing white rose cream.
I think, I can hardly wait to put that on me and I hope you'll see it that way too.

 This is called, Resinous Pao Lao:)
Below, The exquisite brown nugget of goodness, Vetiver Nutmeg Soap..yumm!
This last one doesn't look like much, it is brown and a little plain on the outside..It smells so good!!
Bergamot and vetiver with ginger and cardamom and nutmeg and lime with vanilla?
All true!
 I love you and I love my life in soap!
anastasia's shop eleneetha aromatics

sun moon mercury venus in capricorn

and Venus is retrograde in  Capricorn..
No wonder we are all taking things so personally. It is  like a planet full of hurt feelings!
Hurt feelings or no, we must carry on and do our best.
And, do our best we will. We are strong women who know what it takes. This is the best time to get cleaned up and fit for life, not just some bull crap about belly fat.
I  love exercise and always have and at my job, there are up and down, up and down...of course I look amazing..yes my eye lashes are still blond from some sort of mutation of past race blended into me as a who I am now. And they reincarnation isn't real!
Real it is when you can trace your DNA  thousands of years back!
Now we know that we have collected cells our grandparents would have made..cells of stress, happiness, loyalty and for sure loss due to man's war like nature..women having to suffer loosing their babies to some ass jerk with a weapon!

They call epiphany.. a holy day in Greece and some other orthodox type religions..
In Greece young boys have to dive to retrieve a cross the priest throws in the deep part of the river..who gets it, is sure to have the best year ever!
I think all 13 of them boys should get the blessing for just diving in to freezing water! But no, just the one..
I was always scared for those boys, plus it is still cold out there in Greece this time of year..
epiphany,  to understand something with striking realization..
Like, OMG!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Babies and snow

Winter babies being born, yes!!
They are around here and most are women!
I am excited because these are ladies I will see grow up because their mommas and pappas love me and will stay in contact..
they grow up so day you are holding them and keeping them warm and safe and the next thing you know they are matching their outfits and shoes and being women!
The boys are sweet too. I have now seen many of them that touch my heart deeply, just grow up before my eyes..

I hope you are staying in if you live anywhere in the north is bitingly cold out there with mountains of snow, now all frozen..I wonder if you can walk on it..I do think I will invest in a pair of snow shoes..I also thought of making a spiral maze in the snow, but, it is too too cold for anything like am bundled up  and my heater is running full speed is all I can say about that.
How fortunate that I should have this time off and not fight the ice too much out there. I need to go do some errands but I will wait untill it is 3 degrees ot there before I leave..yes, I said 3*!
It is cold!

Soap needs made:
vetiver nutmeg bergamot (yumm)
clove soap

Lets us talk about that nutmeg and how it is so nice with smokey vetiver!
Have a wonderful day:)

what does your name mean?

check the meaning of your name here
What is unique to the Philosophy is the teaching that the quality of one's mind—thoughts, desires, opinions, likes, dislikes, reactions—can be measured by the linking of the most personal form of language, one's name, to mathematics.

I have been enjoying this web site. I have entered every one's name that I know, it was enlightening so I read some more about kabalarian philosophy and I must say, I am impressed with these ideas.
It is everything we have  been saying..thoughts create things and your name is a thought, a consciousness..

I used up my ten free chances and now they are asking me to join..

Still though, a good read anytime!
Check it out if you want to!

Sunday, January 5, 2014



Did you go out yesterday and everyone else was out too?
I couldn't find a parking spot at Zerbos and then I went to the local hardware store and no parking and then I go to work and it is like a traffic jam like New York or something in the parking lot. people honking their horns!
The Snow! On a Sunday!
That is why they were out and mostly, they were very happy! Except hat sour woman at Zerbos! They have all sorts of botanicals  and salts I like to is nice, they carry Mountain Rose herbs and spices. She should be kind to me..Pink Salt is my favorite thing!
I ran out of vetiver so I asked her if she had a certain brand since she carries a few of their other oils, I thought there was a chance..
She acted like it was stupid of me that I even asked such a thing, she scoffed even!:) I wonder why she is so sour? It makes her look like a troll..haha:)
I forced her to pay attention to me by making her review her stock, which I could only glance at from the front the make up desk..
"ok, thank you:)"
My friend at work says I can be frightening with my gaze, it must be Pluto in my first house!
Some of the most intriguing people have Pluto in the first..Dali Lama, Stephen King..
Pluto in the first is very secretive in her life and her doings. she is sleek and stylin'..All the Scorpio stuff should be noted!
Dark Lord my ass..Pluto has to be somewhere, yo!

Sunday, Snow, at home, no driving in three inches, trying not  to get in an accident! We are expecting like tons of  snow they say..I expect that they will also make it a snow day all of next week here, so I have jobs for everyone!
my lovelies, I am home for the next four days!
There is food enough and I won't leave this cave save for mailing things.

One Aussie scientist even thinks we might be in a mini mini ice age based on el nino trends in the last 200 years..I feel like it is is going to snow big here in nice!
Make sure you have an extra blanket in your car and extra sweaters too!
Gloves..when it is 1 out there, your hands freeze fast..

"yur hands are shakin so hard, george" being human

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jupiter in Cancer vibes

I woke up singing Lady Gaga songs."do what you wan, you want.."
and at the same time thinking about Jupiter in Cancer, Mystic calls Cancer,  Kataka..which I still cannot relate to mostly it is because she is way further than me in everything mythical and I still say Cancer  about my July babes! Cancer, kind, sweet, right doer, forgives, retreats, will bite you nose off bitches!
Still in astrology we have abilities, each of us,  can all detect all sorts of forces beyond what anyone can conceive at any moment in time.
And Cancer makes me think loyalty, home life, good food and a good warm bed mate, someone who smells of deep rich musky babe mixed with smoke, and a deeper scent only you can smell..:)

Jupiter in Cancer teaches us to slow down, observe and not freaking over react.
Air signs do not want to fight, so we can always submit on the small stuff. I feel like the year of The Snake too, must have brought out some really sneaky and fuqing awful behaviors from some low pluto bangers. jealous, and must take it out on someone!
Do you know or have heard of these lower Pluto in crisis types? You only need one in one hundred, but man, sneaking and manipulating and then taking drugs and going on face book is no way to live, yo!
The Year Of The Snake was to me a time to be or look at people(not you) who are underhanded perhaps?
I feel it is between women more than men, just based on my experience...

. Aries..
I know more than one and since I am surrounded by Aries at work, home, my mom's, I have to say, when you need a worker and an artist at the same time, you get yourself one! :)

Leo doesn't feel like winning right now, or should I say didn't? I know now is the time to either do well or go home  and become a fat fuk somewhere disagreeing with everybody while have done nothing but sit and look at your electronics..I feel like Leo has been complaining about things mostly because they are correct but you can be right and still be too emotional..
All fire signs must be freaking out a little with all the earthly air from the sun and mercury and then pluto in capricorn.
Don't worry, everything is fine.

Someone asked me once what in some one's chart will give harsh quality, and overreacting mind?
Over critical..
Thinking that you are smarter and better than others makes you over critical! It does! Arrogance is an interesting emotion. And most human! Put Gemini in there and yes, you have someone who can slice your head off in very few words!

 Plus drugs like adavan don't help much either! People are on all sorts of shit that makes them crazy when they are not. I mean likely not! :)

Mars in Libra will show us who is willing to go a little further and pour love and passion in to their work...or, are they going to just skim on the surface of their cosmic lake without ever really looking in there, deeply in there, look at it!!!
Dang libra, it is already you! What are you so afraid of, money? Being alone?No more Yemen frankincense?
Libra, do one thing at a time and do it well, and do what you do..the frankincense comes now!
Some astrologers say this is rock star time for Libra, but Mars in Libra says, it is rock star time for everybody!
Take your desires and make them real, be a worker ready to heal, to devote your day and smile all the way and then take a rest, eat some nice food, be in calmed mind, it is snowing out there, and the universe doesn't care about concrete buildings and and individual shares..
Make something with your hands, give it  to someone as a gift, just because..
Your thoughts do have energy. how do you think trees communicate? Your thoughts have/make energy, they spark with electric current  and can but pushed  where ever you want..your brain is right now getting bigger just reading this:)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jupiter is retrograde

Jupiter is  retrograde in Cancer
My memories are exploding. I can remember events clearly right now! So I had to look back and try to make some connections. the lesson is relearned as needed.

Once or twice,
I've  had 3 or  4 shots of tequila and woke up outside in the patio or even bathroom, wishing I were dead a couple times really! I could never hold my liquor, not one time! I didn't die each time, you know. You think your head will explode, but it doesn't, you just have to put up with yourself having slept on a floor, like a drunken whore.
I am pretty much a home body so the only others who know of this are two husbands and you.Oh and that one time, when my cousin Nick, made Irish coffee and I drank two and well, you testosterone that night!
One of the Nicks usually  drove me home.( i think I married him..:)
 We ( me and the Nick's and all the  George's)  would go driving in Nick's Van and sing Led Zeplin songs...They were so cute and respectful. One lovely boy, Mark even taught me to drive a manual! His little round car..he was so cute! We went to Greek classes together. it was enough for us..He became a doctor.
We were like a Greek version of Saturday Night Fever..which means we went home and ate spanakopita while our moms scolded!


"ah, you got anything for my sterility?"
"you mean, your virility?"
"Uh, yea, yea, my virility."
Try, Toncat Ali"
"Does that work?"
"I haven't tried it myself but the gentlemen love it:)"
wink wink
It was an actual conversation, I still like it, it makes me smile everytime I think about it.

The boys!
Even the doctor chooses young companions.
Girls in their 20's.30's and 40's, love them some good ol' testosterone!
Believe me when I tell you that, there is a testosterone veil!
I think women open it sooner than men. We, in our 50's, that is me. in my 50's, we just don't care as much about it anymore. It is isn't a constant urge to merge. We can relax a little and our mates must be enticing on merit and their words.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

intentions for the new year, the new moon is here and i am here well and happy

I see people get sad at the end of the year, but the beginning is happy, glad and looking towards a better year, one which we will do our best and stay calm about the rest!
With this new moon in Capricorn conjunct the sun, conjunct the mercury and venus, squaring mars all of them and activated by uranus in aries..
It is all fine, all of it, and nothing to panic over. We have had one hell of a doozy of a year!
The things we found out about ourselves, have been enlightening and the time we couldn't totally honest with a loved one and all hell broke loose, or the time we even convinced ourselves we were right when we were not..
Humans are wrong all the is your choice to forgive yourself and move on. You made mistakes and in that, a treasure comes!
what treasure?
Well there must have been something you loved and nurtured though the year..some beautiful  thing you made to present to the world and say, look, I poured my heart into could be saying that to your own mind, it could have been a thought which transformed you in secret even to yourself and then you all of a sudden, get a reminder, it makes you smile, almost smugly at first, but you are too smart for that old trick!
Humble and calm you are during hard times and passionate during other times when your kali roars and your mind's eye can  scope the truth and you are content at all times!

the new year brings amazing promise for all
The flavor is very sober
almost feels empty so raw and lonely it can feel at times..
the flavor is about loyalty
strong work ethic
ability to change
health issues
you must move and clean you house, your body, your bed, you pink parts too..
There should be sparkling light, impressions of frozen ice air cleansing you, teaching you and making you see, that you are a part of something bigger than any earthly thought can conceive..
think about your magic carpet of life
how big it is
how soft how lush
how you can roll on it
and the gold threads throughout
and the scent it has
and you
being carried through time
this time in particular being the most grand
the colors
dark reds
bold red
your kali flows
your shakti knows
your shiva chi strong
your higher mind
 powered by saraswati vibes, with song and
churning in constant re-mold

thank you my lords!