Monday, December 30, 2013

Just around the corner

traditions of the new year are awesome..
lets think clear, transparent, kind and furiously in love with kindness!
lets infuse our hands with regenerating energy and we pay that forward to the next guy
that means we ourselves have enough too
we are not marters, that is the old way to think
the new way is,
"all for us"

There is no doubt, that you have to be at the right place at the right time, but what if you make that place in time, years before..your higher mind already prepped you for this moment??
I think so!
And certainly your wouldn't cheat yourself by doing bad things to yourself!
That is crazy right?

If ever there was a time to think about what the planets are doing, it'll be now. We have a whole lot of electric magnetic and otherwise mythological energy going on.

Pluto in Capricorn
Uranus in Aries
Mars in Libra

Mars Pluto, is all about health, well being and cleaning
Mars Uranus is about steel, get a new knife, adventure, leading
name calling fighting
You have Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto will not have this  and so, everyone is subdued once again..mars in Libra can be watch it!
Libra /Capricorn is good for understanding authority and what  it needs to be fed
Mars/Pluto is always a shaker upper, sometimes violent..thank goodness Libra, is here to sort of sort through it and say the truth..
lesson here for all of us,
don't be an ass hole just because you can
people remember that
I forgive you
I always will
but muggles

For now though, the new moon.. is to remember how smart we've become. we can and must look at ourselves and be the best we can be. Here is the secret, you do not have to tell everyone. the more discipline you show in that respect, the easier it'll be for you in the end. It is the hardest thing to not have to justify yourself! It is human, to allow for comrades to become intimate and allow for justification of behaviors..
Uranus in Aries brings skill, new technologies, each of us being at the beginning of a project, learning, growing, and having become awesome! I hope that we will embrace our lives as if they were a space, yo..gooooolllldddd......

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Capricorn Heavens

Time to shine a light on you beautiful! I have to tell you that you are awesome for sure and that I like you very much and if you were near me right now I  would grab your face you creature of brilliant luminous light!
I like your words too and I like you. Are you so powerful right now?
Do you have a seriously heavy vibe going where nothing is going to stop your reality, the way you forged your path so deeply in to the soft pillowy hills and valleys, in your minds deep crevasses and spongy hidden places, like caves where hidden treasure lies, things you had put away for a surprise later. Your higher mind already protecting and guiding you for your future..
Yes, there may be burdens now, things only  you can fix. you are the one we lean on for the facts and a brisk push forward. no mercy!
Your hidden tail, quickly smacking away debris with one flick!
I like you!

muggles and their ways

look, I just do not see the point of spending money raspberry vanilla scented bath products, even if they are phalate free
i think it is interesting that we can scream about gmo this and organic that and then go ahead and say that synthetic fragrances are ok. as long as they are organic or some crap thing..
See how we are, humans!

The thing is, most people do want the best things. But some just want liquid soap. I want to change habbits of humans to apreciate good fats on their skin!! Does that make me a zealot? Should I be watching dactah ahhz?
you have to say it that way..he has a type, he does. ususally an overweight woman worrying about 60% of some crap that isn't going to work!
I look at it this way, 100 month on me..I will need the basics...
shea butter
jojoba oil
rose hydro
silly diet pill which is dried fruit and says 60%?? no..that cuts in to my jojoba habit, plus now it is winter, time for sesame it!
have a wonderful day and take some elderberry please, there is a nasty little critter going around reaking havic!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

last years days and nights

In 2013,
I woke up every day and I thought how lovely it would be
to mix some lemon and some sweet ass neroli
To have and work with the best olive oils ever..brags unfilltered organic..amazing..
I made time lord and old whore this year and I made labdanum black spruce and fir remember that one?
I made some potions, the pluto one kicks ass!
I made some calendulla infusions and I made some herbal tinctures for myself and friends, I made some new friends I have never met:)
I haven't any enemies I am a friend to all, I know that..

I worked:)

I made more old whore and I made her perfume, that one time I know I put too much smoke in there and it may have freaked some one out..they never said anything so I won't worry..
about a dab, no more..
I made some bread now and again and made soap with a friend for the first time ever..
You know I practice alone.
I made dirt, organic dirt
I have a ton of seeds of tall calendulas for next year
The little critters got in my sunflower seed stash and ate the whole thing man! I kicked them out!
haha one of my boys helped me out with that..sons yo, they do for momma!
I have wormwood and lavender out there, i will put more out next year. The grapes and apple trees and apricot and linden too.
I feel like I am a proper crone ~ crone phase it is my sweetie I say to me.
I know things, I do not know how I know, it must be my smart wonderful family and friends then because things come out of me..
I am seeing that we are meant to be here, we've always meant to be here
we are a result of some great force..I mean seriously who can explain the big bang without asking, "where  did that concentrated energy which is still expanding come come?"
Astrophysicists now  think it happens all the time and that our universe is one of many..can we even imagine this?
Why not then? It so happens that it wasn't even one thousand years ago humans thought the world was flat!
But back to me and my best things ever last year, :):)
I am smarter this year, way way smarter..and as a woman of high minded knowledge, fortitude, I will accept my boons for those things.
What if next year I get in to a couple more shops, hey?
I don't know..fear..worry... what if my labels or my words..the picture is wrong..whah!!
The label is fine. It is clean and easily unwrapped. I like the way I fold the paper. I adore to do this!
It  is my pleasure to fold each corner and I know do this well.
So I look at 2014 brightly from here. I am standing on  a far away hill at the moment..looking at  my bright  future kundalini thoughts burning with reasons to explore, expand and skillfully present herself through my hands..
I am looking at valleys where flowers explode each spring and some high mountains way out there too, some must be climbed if your are goat or something..i am a goat..with steel sword is  always polished and always ready to do what is it  made for..truth..the sword is always truth! that is why air signs can't  lie, ha!
we shall rest at the moment, my libra sword and I..

lets do some cool astro thoughts next..and see what we can conjure up for you too:)

Friday, December 27, 2013

too much talk about religion and my three best things

alright, I will shut up about jesus!!
I can't help is everywhere, this lie that expects too much of all of us! I mean it is ridiculous, really, jesus walking on water..perhaps a saying of the day may have been  like, "he's so smooth, that it's like  he  can walk on water.."

Today I worked after a three day rest and the flu and I made it and all is well.
I have just  bathed with neroli and frankincense and sea salt to shed my days worries and fears.
I helped someone deeply and thoroughly. I felt the connection and I worked on  her hands.
the dummy!
She got a chemical burn from a tanning salon she had been going to! They told her at another health store that she was having a reaction from too much die off from the  kefer she had been drinking! I said, " no, sweetie, that there is chemical burn all day from the sanitizer they spray on the light bed thing..and then you fried it into your flesh" I did not over react..but inside I felt dreary for her! You do not get a rash n your nipples from too much fermented milk, no!
I sprayed rose hydrosol on her (evan healy) and then put on a gentle bee balm with propolis..her skin, so dry and wrecked became plump again but still red and hurt! She told me.  "you are really something, really something." I liked it:) when she said that.
I hope she doesn't go back to those things again!

"do you know why they gave frankincense to jesus"

a beloved christian family member asked me on christmas..
"Because it was medicine back then as it is now?"
"Why then, my sweetie?"
"because they would embalm king's body's with it back in the day." "It was only meant for kings"
I was waiting for him to start spewing out about how Jesus was a king..he didn't..
In England they sodomised a king for being gay and yes he may have been a total ass hole but they did it because , well, they were still barbaric like we are still barbaric about orcas in captivity at sea they did it because they said Jesus must have been a king who hates gays and they killed him brutally..It was one of the Edwards! Brutal fuks!
I tell my mom and no one else in the angelopoulos family,  that it isn't like that. If only people would  ponder on his teachings.  I know that we expect something from. god. We all do.
What do we really expect from him, or Buddha, or yogananda or sri yukteswar..
Why are we drawn to gurus who have powers to cleanse us of our sorrow? Because we have been told that the church, jesus, god, even gandhi, listen and helps us! If that is so, they would all have shown up sometimes..many times while humans killed and pillaged the earth..listen, when all the trees are gone and the fish die..that is bad!
Also intelligent must mean, mean! Predators..can you imagine how some intelligent life may have formed on other earths? I somehow do not think they would welcome new arrivals pleasantly!

You are literally stardust, made of phosphorus, magnesium, carbon and you are a higher thinking life form. Isn't that enough? Now you want god to save you from evil too?
 I mean think about that..when a huge star goes super nova and spews out dust of you all over so much space, your brain, higher that it may be, your brain, has to make numbers and letters to show the distance involved!
Are we more special? Was Jesus on every planet like ours, suffering for sins?
Trillions of them just in this Galaxy? Us being one of the trillions?
I think next year will show us many things about  other  planets in our neighborhood..
Voyager is out of our solar system and traveling out in the milky way and taking pictures.
Soon we will send out an intelligent computer to explore  earth like planets..our children get to enjoy the fruits of that labor..
I think then, we will see that these myths are just stories, like Zues, like Mythra, like Jesus..nothing  actually happened the way  they say. they make shit up all the all I am saying..and how come humans kill all the guys who tell us to do things the right way..

While Uranus is in Aries, we will as a human race start to think about what is right. Corporations that pollute the earth must be dissolved! Think about how much garbage we put in our water, our waste, our chemical cleaners or grass fertilizers..Pluto involved will tear us down, make us cry, rip  us apart, weaken us and make us face in anyhow!
I know the planets are are a part of me. My star system and yours..which formed over 5 billion years ago, then it exploded and then made our sun and our sun made us, our planets..we are all a family each planet having become a apart of us..yes i would make archetypes about that! That is why astrology is so much fun, hey!
:) eeii..snow makes me talk like from the north, eeii:)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

better to enjoy the season

than to not
what are you an angry atheist (godless))) vegan? lol :)
 I guess when you add "anger"  to anything, it goes sour!
You walk in a room where people are jingling and must point out about how it isn't real  and that the man has fooled you the whole time?
Course not! You find yourself bouncing along..
Later in a more intimate setting you could point out that it is all silly nonsense..but is it? The whole planet is about to move on, through the year, the century, with time!
In Greece in the olden days as a child in a village no bigger than downtown Livonia, we had feasts on christmas. We had to go to church and we ate cookies and ate all sorts of good bread and cheese my mom and yia yia would have made. The women of my village would take pride in their dough. My mom does this fermented chick pea bread in winter that is a tradition of Proti, Florinis, Greece..
They also seem to cook like Escoffier, making brown sauce like you've never had! I learned that from my mom. I can turn flour into an art in a gravy..
We would make a butter sweet dough and put apricot and prune inside and bake that. good with a  cream cheese dough..I will make that today.
They had lard and duck fat just like the French did which shows that we are not so different..Europeans!

The cook house was comfy and my yia yias domain. I helped her make dough on a big wooden table. I am sure it is gone now, but lately, I think about it and  can remember details. Like where the water came in from the spring and where she had lined up clay water vessels filled with drinking water which she said we were to drink that and not to drink  what comes from the younger aunts, fanitsa, niki and zoe would fetch water from a nearby spring..
My yia yia would cook duck now and again. I have never had the likes of which, to this day.
 My childhood memory of this is that lovely..she was a master at plucking feathers, her hands deftly working and her mind in tune with her task,,I am sure she had never read a book (in fact she learned to read when I did in grade school) She really didn't think like we do today or if she understood the moon or why the sun, or who am I..she just didn't think about this. She did as she was told by her priest father and her priest grandfather before him.  She would have not really cared at all as there was so much to be done before the sun went down and we woul all came in and warmed by the fire and she would on the coldest nights, when the men came in from tending to animals and such, she would mix whiskey with honey and heat it until it started fire and she would pour shots for all to drink, We all got some. It was hot and sweet and made your whole body warm and you knew you were safe. Where a sprinkle of cinnamon was an amazing experience and always special. I was a pig for cinnamon on rice pudding. Now, I only like cinnamon in winter and really not so much when it is hot outside..
But, honey, it's cold outside!

you can choose any filling you like, i will go apricot and prune and maybe a few few chocolae filled ones:)

  • Dough:
  • 8 ounces (2 sticks) softened unsalted butter
  • 1 (8-ounce) softened cream cheese
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

pan caking

I am teaching my young grand son, sword fighting:)
He is a video expert like his dad and always does these moves that aren't real but look great in animation..
'That is it, boy!"
"What, mom?' He calls me, "mom 2".
"Those moves don't work, boy, now it is time you learn the basic 5!"
 He is good and already gets bored because the moves aren't flashy, I keep at him, I swat, I round house him and I slice him, he wants to get me but unless he gets the technique, he cannot.."common, one, two, three, four, five.."
I feel like we could get in to a rhythm and practice discipline! . Mars in Libra! I am a Libran!
So I made these swords with packing material and tape. We already killed one so today, I'll make another better one with colored duct tape, he'll love that!
"You lack discipline, young one"
"No, I don't lack discipline"
"let's have pan cakes!"

Sunday, December 22, 2013


So funny!
Would you try it? I would have in my teens. I am sure of it. I want to try it now, but my body won't move that fast (for too long) hahahaaaa
For years now, I have only listened to Sanskrit chants and it has been good..I have learned many Sanskrit mantras and feel like I could join in if there were a group chanting..but now, I have teens, we listen to their music, JZ and Eminem..The other day, I recited a song to my girl and she was shocked and a little cute!
"I like that young man, Eminem,  he makes nice poetry!"
"Mom, he is forty now, really?"

Happy Solstice!
It has rained for two days here and it is cold and wet. Good day for soup and a nice show.
 No stressing about money and having stuff..or not having the right is what you do all year that counts  everyday, the things you say
the thoughts you weave
your movements and voice you conceive
your one man show
your heart
is it icy or does it glow with fervent fire
for truth
wisdom to see the right way
taking it day by day

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Yule to you and happy new year and happy christmass too

Everyone is here on earth safe for the most part if you don't think too much about it.
I for one would like us all to all consider our lives and where we can fix or get better at something.
I mean for me, it would be nice to come home and not greet like 20 people who came over..yes, they are all sweet and yesterday, I walk in and I was told to hush because "someone" is
'who the fac is napping in my house baby"
one of my boys is "the soother"
"now mom..."
I noticed the person napping isn't here this morn..I mean I  feel bad when I say the truth too loudly..I have a voice. I want everyone to love me so I put up with a whole lot. :) and something real and sword like  just comes out of me!

I feel so good though.
Even in this small event I had to pursue as a parent.
There are many things I can improve on this next season. One thing I can do right now is intend my desires, my plans, my prep, my awesome soaps.. and become a woman of my word and with out fear..and always strive to do my best with skill and excellence...:)

For example, at work, I am now in a position to work in areas I had been avoiding. like it or not, I am an introvert.
I am not really a merchandiser as much as I want people to want  to look at my displays. In a business when people come in knowing what they want, I have to tell you that it take art to take them away from their goal for them to invest a minute on a scarf or a cup..I aim to make it  my best thing in 2014..I think everything we touch has energy and when we touch it and smile or something it makes it more attractive to people.and we do have amazing scarves at my store!

You know me, a libra, who one of her best things is memory..what a freak I am and since I have lived a long time, I remember weird things and then knowing smart people who teach me, like my friend agnishka, or my beloved Tonie and now some of my new ladies like barbara, lisa, elisa and jeez so many new amazing creative, faqing smart people..connie, debi my val, my steven my stephan my robbie my sweet sweet emilies my jason my sarah my boy tommy and my sweet one noodle boy alex and my jonny and john and my beloved george and papapu and yia yia and michelle and the other scorpio gal evoo:)the new super aquarians rolling in like nick and that girl dora and even that actor dude too.omg my mystic and liz green..who's insights in to the phyche and myth is astounding to me!

My life is nice and yours is too.  We have information at our finger tips and we have a nice warm house in which to take comfort in and yes, there are areas in which we will be electrified, mesmerized, hypnotized and transfixed..
Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra..oye!!
Maybe we should think about that for a minute.                                                                                           .
You are special and you are not special enough may be a theme!
Libra's desire to please highlighted by Mars and Uranus here  to shake things up where it is never satisfying enough in Aries..for everyone, not just Aries..
I think Aries people maybe the ones we should look at here, sure but the rest of us,  because of our  need to feel loved and this  seeming  to be the hardest to get or give love because  there is an  unfulfilled vibe somehow creating barriers..
it isn't real!
You may be nurturing sadness because it is so dark and dreary and your brain is making you think things..and endings make us sad somehow. one day closer to death and all that stuff we really have no control over.
Remember, that everything is what it is and you are in control of your day.

thank you for being my friend:)

Friday, December 20, 2013

on the 12 days of saturnalia of which this is day 3

There has been some  dialog at at work about Christmas songs and how we must play them..I haven't said anything one way or another because I love all music.. "Ayia Nighta","oh Christmas Tree", they are all fun happy little tunes...
Of course, we shouldn't , they are dated and hurt people's feelings..we know that Mary was not really a virgin and it is myth, right? As a matter of fact, according to orthodox church teachings, she had more children after Jesus and yet in the Roman Catholic Creed, it states that she was and remained a virgin.
Church goers recite that every Sunday like good little soldiers in line or else. They even honor their Roman king Pontius Pilot for doing the deed in the end..
Oops..we are speaking about his birth, Jesus and silent night..he wasn't born during exactly on this day..we do not have a day..we just want to make one so that we can celebrate the most powerful and sacred night on earth together all at once.... that there is silent inght
holy night
all is calm
nia nia nia

Maybe Mary,  she had  leave town because they would likely have stoned her..they still do in some of those regions on earth.
Questions I would ask if I were Mary's momma..
"An angel made you pregnant? Oh, Joseph and you are just friends, I don't think so! That guy is 30 years older than you, why is he sniffing around here all the time? Mary!!!
Mary's mom may have said things like,
Cool, you can go over his house and milk his goats and if he wants to marry you, you should, because that guy is gorgeous, and he doesn't smell too many goats has he got now?"

The Romans killed Jesus and then continued to do the same to  many others  for many years after Jesus, and then converted their own Saturnalia in to Christmas, also noted are the pagan sabots of Yule where we honor the Sun on The Longest night of the year..
So that all the people could still celebrate...I think, as I look back on my church teachings, it was Peter and the early dudes that spread the word about enlightenment through love and concentration on goodness, forgiveness, kindness, laughter, all  the right reason for happiness.they would sneak  in caves and such, because the Romans would kill them too. It wasn't The Jews that were after them, it was the Roman soldiers.
As I see it, the evolution of man is still so early and in two thousand years or so we've come a long way from killing each  other for not agreeing with each other...

Love truth, but pardon error. -Voltaire, philosopher and writer (1694-1778) 

Paul himself was a Roman soldier for a while until he saw the light. These stories after  thousands years have changed so much that now Jesus is white and Santa's  brown..and it is still fun. I like the snow and my kids all coming home and everyone eating a nice meal..I love that:)
Why would God want you to mutilate your baby for him? That is just not right!
but as usual I digress..
don't get me wrong, I love Christmas because the natural chemicals in my  brain anticipate something wonderful when the sun starts to show again..
I guess that makes me a Sun worshiper!
Our Star, The Sun made us, maybe that burning star has more awareness of something divine than I do..that is for sure one way to see god.
So why do we pretend so much about Christ? Why do we note when a president bows in the enemies temple? A high thinker bows before entering any ones home. I mean, you do not make a show of it like a peacock, but yes a light bow is a show of honor.
Of course he would bow, we bow to the stone..yogananda said to honor the most simple things like a sacred rock which millions had energized  with their meditations because everything is electricity/magnetism and made by our star, our perfect medium sized burning life giver!
I am thankful that I exist. I exist because of that one thing right there and when was that made? When another star bigger and hotter exploded and from that debris, I am here..
It is big! I know!

But speaking of Yogananda,
he started an ashram in California, and he trained certain flowers his techniques on meditation and finding peace with self realization and that if you close your eyes and focus, you will see god.
His teaching still remain as sacred pathways to being a yogi..After he died and they made a big deal about his body not rotting..which is cool or not, I am not sure, I mean he was still dead in there, how long are you going to keep that meat suit around? After he passed, it wasn't the same. The local temple here in Detroit, changed. and  one disciple started his own thing and then they fought over who had the legal right to teach Krya yoga.. the answer is, everyone! You do not own god, shut up! lol I am gonna  go do Krya right now!

Yogananda was awesome and I suppose there was a time, I may have visited the ashram in Encinitas and I know the current yogini running the place is very saintly and feels good to sit next to someone who meditates and sings high vibration chants all triayam bacum yaja ma he..

Thursday, December 19, 2013

taking care of business

I will prepare one of my bigger orders today and make some creams and drive kids to their thingies.
It is a mommas life..I have been training my my mind to like certain chores of motherhood in ways that I think are working..
one being, I say that I like washing dishes, my dishes and I love washing clothes and folding, I mean this is my home, of course I'll tidy up.
I wonder what they will do when on their own. I wonder if their bath would be as clean as mine..:)
Their bed, just so comfy like mine..I like comfort over style around here but my tree is still crocked!
look, I couldn't find a stand and so I got some rocks and a pot and now the tree is stuck in there and there it stays!
I suppose I could crawl under there and set some stones on the other side..
I am making creams today though so I will get to prep  for that.

In the old times when man still hadn't conjured up human images of God he saw that in November and most of December, the Sun was lost to him and then as the nights grew longer and longer and he  had to wonder if this is the end for him too, and then there, on the 21st, The Sun (born) flickering once again over that familiar horizon..
Yule 2013
Beautiful Capricornian Yule 2013
Plutonian in nature
wake up call
know who you really are
shocking events which bring you back to your path~back on track
having the tools to make it good make your words last

And my point if any on this cold Michigan morn, is that mommas would tell stories to their kids about gifts from the lord god in heaven...why, when I was a child in the village, we would hear only stories and maybe listen to an aunt sing..I do not think we had a radio playing all the time either. My yia yia had a cooking house and that is where we bathed. She had a stone oven and she would make bread in it. I have been here in the US for over 40 years, but I remain still enchanted by this memory, the "villager" experience.
I remember the mommas would sit on  a big rock and talk in the afternoon and they would keep an eye on their kids,  the kids never went too far unsupervised. We had all the wonderful foods that we grew and harvested..
I still feel like this is the best way to raise kids..all together as a mom and dad still play a big role in my life and thank goodness for my mom!
I feel like she is just awesome! She brings me homemade spinach pie!

That full moon was just awesome:),  yes!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

walking easily through my day

I hope you are too
I hope that you took a shower with my old whore soap or one of the others and thought of yourself being somewhere nice, somewhere comfortable and somewhere sexy and are all those things already!
I love this! I love the way a man smells with vetiver and lime after a shower and I love neroli anytime but mostly now, in is just so good! Isn't it nice to come out of your bathroom transformed a little?
Your hands and bod with lingering scent and later you get a glint of yourself, the animal, having developed a scent all your own..with hints of tobacco, smoke or a citrus grove, later perhaps the fir reward..balsam fir, that is!
Do you know that when you use essential oils, your whole world is  more aware, more in touch with your best things? All true!
My favorite soap a this moment  is a jasmine frankincense soap I threw together. I could try describe the effects of this on my skin and my senses..jasmine being  calming and soothing to the heart, the mind and ones core  forces of mind. jasmine to me is isis, and lakshmi, the high priestess and me this week:)

frankincense is always there helping your tender parts.

Speaking of frankincense..and why we all need it, boswellic acid, oh..relieves pain, inflammation, kidney tonic, skin care extraordinaire, lung tonic, adrenal support, liver tonic..

I forgive myself for my mistakes, first off.
And I'll forgive you..what ever it takes
I can observe the world without saying a word
my will strong and worthy
my bones secure and sturdy..carrying me easily through my day and I hope this for you  and goodness, gratitude  and joy this season to your and yours..really!

have a wonderful day

Monday, December 16, 2013

white sage soap with cedarwood oils

white sage soap with lavender buds and cedarwood oils

I only used a little bit dry sage and some dry lavender flowers which I ground super fine.
I can't hardly wait to use this, as I have been craving white sage oil for weeks.
I smells like what you think it would smell like..cedarwood and crisp sage.

As a Libran, I must say, sage is all about truth, clarity and self awareness.
Knowing your mind, knowing the right way, and saying it without emotional attachment..

Jasmine Frankincense Soap
This one is just so good for me right now..maybe you too. It is all my jasmine together with a healthy shot of frankincense, Somalia..
I had rose de mai concrete from Eden and here, I  mixed it with jasmine sambac, jasmine grandiflium from both Egypt and India.
You get frankincense right off, peppery, hot, citrus, and then you get jasmine, right there now..soft, silky, royal anointing for a graceful high thinking human..
skin soft

Eleneetha's Shop
I am shipping all week so that you might like to give a soap bar as a gift..

everything about christmas reminds me

of the past
of  snow and me skating all winter..
One time, a boy, Jimmy Hutchinson asked me if I wanted to skate the Hynes River with him  for a few miles and I did. I barely spoke English, I was 12, but I skated like the wind, girls would go, they said it was cold, but I would bundle up, wrap up and put on the gear and skate till dark.
I still have a scar from when I fell really hard on my thigh from trying a spin..
Spinning isn't for me I thought and that scar is still there after all these years.

We are heading into a doozy of a full moon.
the truth always comes out during this time and 'this" time is no exception, more for some that others who have gone too far in some way or another..
you know, gone too far in complaining where it becomes a violent rant, or meanness, or one's lazy withdrawal from the work force..too far...
people get to notice when you go too far..and then they get is that way at work and home really.
I think we've all carried something too far, yes?

The full moon also brings you in to clean up mode. I think we are all making everything nice..we sang with the youngun, the twelve days of christmas..hahaaa
They ate many birds back then is all I can say. I mean a goose is huge..and when your are starving from lack of fruit, looks pretty awesome. they didn't have bananas or oranges as regularly 300 or 400 hundred years ago.
I explained to my girl that early man didn't know from baby jesus but saw that the sun just started peeking over the horizon and soon he could bathe without freezing cockey..

have a wonderful day

Saturday, December 14, 2013

hello there walnut pie

so a girl came in on crutches, her foot swollen or something and while she was gazing at the flower essences and thank goodness in  the great heavens we have them, I  asked her if she should need anything I would be happy to help her.
"what do you know about bach flowers?"
I know a little..:)
I said that after years of studying bach flowers, I know which ones have helped me along the way..
well then, she told me of her her plight in life, and went on and on about not letting the past go and her dad, I mean the guy with her, was like nodding his head the whole time I considered each essence she had laid out before her and how certain flower essences can help you heal better than herbs or drugs..if you intend something,  your mind automatically creates neurons to make it happen...after a long time of her, telling excuses for her mental pain and anguish, I gave her walnut and talked about protection from lower types in your mind..the ones you cling to for no fakin reason!
I was nice, :) I would think that some of us have lived  with a jerkavich or two in our lives, yes? She is like, "it is hard, you can't let things like the kind of abuse I had, go"
I wouldn't pry in to her life, I asked her age, 42, she looks 26..
I told her that you can..
not completely, your heart will tug like a sword went through a little bit and then you are back to "self" you! The one who handles everything with grace and poise.
Yes, I said, the one or two thoughts that you harness, train and master..
I thought to myself that what could it have been, she seems so healthy and fit, her eyes pretty bright..a little bit hard I guess....she had on yoga pants, she chose walnut essence..
walnut is for protection
from lower vibes
like bitterness
more pride
mirroring samelower behaviors

clean icy aura
powerful intentions
knowing your skills
pulling hard to stay alive
to survive
to carry knowledge knives
like swords of truth
like swords of plentitude

ha haha
(incidentally, in tarot swords are air and poignant understanding))

Friday, December 13, 2013

the shining

I feel like Shelly Duvall  in The Shining, with the tights and the long cotton tunic and the big robe on top and the green Ugg boots and my eyes still coal lined from last night.
I went to office holiday party at a worley ball place. It was a costume event and I went as Cher and no one got it! lol Mostly because I looked nothing like Cher. I did take an hour to flatten my hair though. they are like, "oh, look at you!"
Remember Cher, her eyes back in the, dare I ask, 70's?
She was wearing Revlon then and I was just hitting my teens. I loved her eyes! I would get all the Revlon eye make up and make my eyes like hers. I thought foundation was the best thing ever! I still love a nice foundation. Right now I am wearing Mineral Fussion's warm basic foundation. I wear it at work only and then when home, I wear a little balm and that is all.
It is lovely to  let your skin breath and speaking of which, Evan Healy's Rose hydrosol is the best thing in any health store apothecary..every other thing is a step down as far as toner, refresher, hair tonic, and even in private pink areas, offers cooling gentle healing!
That is if you do not have a source on line and just happen to be out and here you are at Whole Foods and what do you do? Not buy it? You need rose hydrosol, you just do! How else are you going to work your oils in to your skin?
Rose is so healing, and we forget that!
She is the queen, the queen of flowers!
She is never, not one time, the same and yet she is, she is always rose, sweet, like apples and high in nutrients which have yet to be understood..
she is cooling
anti inflammatory
helps digestion
opens the heart for forgiving
leaves the past behind her because each year she knows she's as beautiful as ever

I am mixing her with vetiver and activated charcoal in Dark Matter Black Madonna Soap! Just awesome really!
I think you should have one!
I will include one free sample of organic rose  rose hydrosol with each order of black soap from my etsy shop!
anastasia'a etsy shop

I  hope you have a wonderful day which by the way, the black soap is a bigger cut and sure to bring goodness and joy to any beautiful bod!

Sorry I said Shelly Winters before, I have since corrected that little among many of mine:):)! HAHAHA LOL

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

sun moon mercury and uranus in a wonderful blend

of great vibes mixed with new ideas and effervescent response to them.
This is the best time to really clean up your act and get busy doing good for yourself and for others.
So what things haven't gone your way before, this is now and this is who you are now!
You are smart and funny and sweet and I love you..
yes you babe!

Now is the time to learn about how to deal with all your past negociations and realize that you are awesome, now! You have made mistakes, you have let people down, they have totally fucked you over and you are blessed from things like that..not the other way. Everything is learning and this week is the best time to learn and remember the future, not the past..
you can realize your goals, your ideas are melding in a palatable lovely arangement and they are so vibrant!
I hope you have a wonderful day..

good morning starshine

today is cold and tomorrow more cold in Michigan but that has not stopped us here in the north from enjoying the winter somewhat..the nice thing is, we have warm homes and soup!
this is the begining of a pot of Northern white beans in summer tomatoes and olive oil..
one ancho
organic oregano
organic basil
organic Cajun spice mix
organic paprika
about 4 chopped garlic cloves
good salt
organic black pepper
water till the top of the pot
simmer 20 or 3 hours
bring home a baguette and eat a lovely hot bowl when you've been out in the cold..:)

Monday, December 9, 2013

in production for 2014

as always

making charcoal soap with rose one of these days if my rose de mai gets here because the post man lied and said he could not deliver my package on Friday..
do you know  that was so taken by this!
really, we were all here..
see, I can take the bus from the jungle with all of my kids on a bus during a cocaine raid, but one late package and my adrenals go haywire!
ha ha ha ha
In the bus bathroom there was a storage unit that one of the bus porters had stowed cocaine from Panama..
They waited until we were in El Salvador to detain us all for hours because of the interrogations and then the military came and we all had to stand in line..they kept saying, "no te preocupes, senora"
I wasn't too worried having lived with them for five years, I knew the culture pretty well by then.

so now I must go the the post office and try to get my package! Dude, the plan is to not do a bunch of errands and stay here and make things..

I am really content knowing that the mundane can still excite me a little and the fact that Mars is on my sun, my venus and my Midheaven..which means mars will be there too eventually in 2014!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

felicitous fox special

felicitous fox
that is me
maybe it is you too
because we take care of our skin the right way
we love beautiful oils on our skin and that is why our coat glistens

Felicitous Fox Christmas Special
2 ounce bath oil
2 ounce balm
1 soap
the blend is thieves with a shot of  frankincense..

eucalyptus (light)
and frankincense

shipping starts next week
anastasia's shop

have a wonderful day and now for some astrology thoughts..

Thursday, December 5, 2013

the feeling is Sag!

Sagittarius rules right now!
Because they have worked hard, become more diligent and thorough..
This is the best time to get to the bottom of things so you can move on later..By this weekend Mars enters Libra and runs the show for a long time..Till August..
The best thing to do is really focus and don't be a jerk if you are already a Libra. If you are not a Libra person and have planets in Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, you should still be calm and do not over react as much as use the energy to get moving, work out and get somethings done.
Watch for jealousy and revenge is not going to work or worth your while. It is the low road. Take the high road and use your good vibes to inspire people and try not to take thing too seriously. It isn't worth your while if it make you so sad to begin with..really!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

stress and anxiety

lately people with depression are coming in more and more to ask for anything that might make them feel better because they want to get off the drugs.
there is nothing that will make you feel like the drugs..not lemon balm and not gaba..not phosphtidal serene and not st john's wort..
a little bit, yes..
but drugs cover the problem so well that  you do not even have to face it..

So, my question is this,
Why not focus on what is making you so upset?
We know that the root of all sadness is not getting what your heart wants..
but when you are all day in an emergency mode and a total jerk to everyone, we all have to ask..what is it that will make you happy, for good?
You want to get married, you want more money, you are sad because your penis is not as big as the last guys, or that your tootoo is too big.. ::)
or that your belly isn't flat or that your lips are not pouty enough..
it is always something isn't it?
Women in their fifties are sad because their husbands or boyfriends want 20 year olds..
the outside world is a frenzy of "too much and not enough"
I wonder if it is because we have so much that we have time to dwell on wanting more and more that some are willing to do anything it takes to feel better.
and most of the time, it is because someone doesn't love us enough!

I love myself enough!
Everything else follows that:)

have a wonderful day

moon venus pluto capricorn

it is so dang slow too..
so dang sober
serious settlement in "woes"

because cappy brings all those things into focus
because cappy is about duty
and the rules

this is a good day for Virgo and some Leos to get real
Libra you too, get real
get busy
ask for a boon
give a boon secretly to one or three people
you are the only one who will know
and then watch as bounty unfolds before you

it is the real scientific law of attraction..


Monday, December 2, 2013

gods and goddess happy new moon in sag

earthly gods

there is a whole lot going on and we are finally out of a little rut we we had to endure in November..The next 4 weeks are sure to bring many new ideas on the table.
With a sag new moon we can expect a stronger desire to learn something new, or, be forced to learn something new.
It can be exciting even if it is in the mundane muggle world.
For some of us, it is a chance to enjoy some of our work from last summer.
My tinctures which I made a few weeks ago, are so wonderfully potent, I do believe I can learn so much more from herbs and  the most real medicine..forgiveness and more forgiveness..
trust me it is the best way..
have a good day:)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December 2013

secretly saving yourself and the world :)
hidden secrets ...(oh mighty Isis, I am always poised in the deeply satisfying light of  eternal knowing)

hidden vice
hidden love affair
hidden fear
focusing on the details
fear of being alone
when you already are in there, in your head...alone you ahh...

Moon Mercury Saturn in Scorpio..continued..
what are you afraid of?
what is going to happen anyhow?
what do you want?
nothing but this one thing?
that is what a petulant child would say
there must be one reason why you grieve and hate the world..
these things will be more intense for Aquarius, and LEO ooooooohhhooo...grrrrr
Scorpio knows he is smarter than everyone else.. they usually are, that is the thing..they know it and are correct, most of the is the delivery we need to take care with. All of us!
This affliction of being right all the time  may be also strong in Taurus and Leo..ooooooohhhh grrrrr
and then they want to cuddle..go figure!