Friday, August 31, 2012

Gemini and the meaning of detached

Gemini can be really aloof. And not in a hateful way. Although they do get right to the point and not so gently either I must say..they really allow themselves the full confidence to speak their minds. You think they are cold but really  they are like Iceland, cold on the outside and deep inside, volcanoes!  That would mean they have Scorpio somewhere in their chart they can remember full conversations from three years ago or 30, they remember....
Gemini, they do a good job but their "buddy" thing gets me riled..BUDDY, really?
That is when you say, "seriously, we have been here at your place for 30 days, eating, talking, planning and now we're buddies?"
That is what I would say, because Libras can and do, most times, speak their minds.
Libra is more selective is all. That is why some fearful religious types get offended by Libra. We are ten feet above you and see more. That is just the way it is! We don't really accept having read The Bagavad Gita or The Bible 100 times as evidence of God Union.
Ten feet high dudes! A Good Heart Is A Good Heart!
How are you? Good I hope. I am good too..I love my blog, I love astrology and I love you:)

adzuki clorella facial (((((free sample with each order)))))

2 tbs finely ground adzuki (organic)
1 tbs clorella powder
1 tbs olive leaf powder (organic)
2 tbs ground quinoa
2 tbs fullers earth or diatomacious earth
evening primrose oil (cold pressed)

This is an awesome facial because it is gentle, completely cleansing and eatable! Not that you would, but if you did, it would be ok and actually healthy. Evening primrose oil is an excellent tonic for acne, hormone imbalance and banishing bad moods. I'm excited cuz that does sound really good!

Go buy yourself some evening primrose oil caps. The components of evening primrose, like GLA are awesome for repairing cells and redusing inflammation and become an excellent treatment for itchy, dry angry skin..
Barleans makes a good one as well as Jarrow and The Whole Foods Brand..all of these are cold pressed..I am using the Barleans for the facial and consumption.
Try really makes a difference in your hair too. More shine and bounce!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

a deer

I saw one in my yard! omg! here in Livonia! They must have had a good year eating. There must be quite a few of is rather woodsy here..

Have a rational day and be calm and precise!
(:you are a Queen:)
if I do have guys reading this drivel,(: Kings:) then!

The number 4 Lord Of Completion

"from completion comes renewal"

It sounds great right? Well, along this period of time of renewal, you have had to feel all the adjustments. And let some big things go along the way. And yes it may be because of the things you said that some don't forget.
People remember shit you said. I know I do. Question being, how come you are so addicted to that  person's opinion?
How come this "love" had you under his her thumb and now you still crave the small percentage of  "good times" together?
 You know, all the reasons why you remained under that thumb.
They must of been good for you not to say what was really on your mind.
Love is weird. Not always wonderful right!
The intense astro aspects are about to complete a trend.. It would be wise to  face the music or face the broken record might be a better thought. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

soap on the menu today

to make:

more old whore soap
pink grapefruit neroli soap

there is a third one..I can't decide right now.
More vetiver I think,  maybe a vetiver rose soap? Now that does sound nice!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Aug 26 2012=21=3

not a bad number especially after a weirdly charged weekend.
Love your family and always be supportive but not emo because those times are gone for now.
3s are also the third house, Gemini, short trips here and there perhaps a visit to a new market and having met new people there who will have been fun conversations.
At work someone may  be trying too must speak your mind in an intelligent thoughtful way
anyone with Scorpio, keep it together
do what you should and pay attention to your own actions..more so now than ever and during the next few months! If you cheat or become greedy, people will know. Generosity and forgiveness brings more anyhow.
This area of aspects puts us at some sort of   catapult; a device used to throw or hurl a projectile a great distance without the aid of explosive devices ...and it is the one we have built with our thoughts and behaviors..I know it may be a bit overly dramatic in its description:)
hey man, what do you want from me a friking literary work of art?
I am soap maker for gosh sakes!
And your body is's 50 trillion cells have to be fed somehow...think clearly don't be scared and be careful with your words around strangers.

go to if your'd like to read more about the Uranus Pluto square which she calls the zap zone..

I went to the farmer's market myself on Saturday..I met a soaper there. he is talented and no, I do not remember the name of his soap. They were perfectly gorgeous and his wooden displays rocked!  I thought to compare myself to that and once again became in touch with who I am, an amazing spiritual woman who doesn't just make art... not even,  art+scent, but I do what I want and that is is why I love  soapmking and my abilities to blend amazing scent for you with some proper fats if you don't mind.
That guy was an artist and his soap reflected a wide array of scent.. He must go to those events all the time so has a nice get to see other peoples labels. Like the black elderberry syrup gal..too much sugar though, I moved on. The beeswax girl knew nothing of her product because her uncle is the beekeeper and nowhere  to be seen. I moved on again and bought some poppy seed garlic baguette( now that was so good) and ate the whole thing on the way home..chunk after greasy chunk!
My best thing was that I met a girl who works and a health hut called The Tree House, a weird vegan sit down joint (no pun intended)with herbs and something you would see in the 70's with out the drugs:)
She's like, "oh you know us?"
She smiled and offered me a vegan lemon tart( omg good) and I bought a lapis little stone thingy with a sweet owl perched on it. To me that is good find some cute sweet thing among  some other jagged minerals:)
"yes, I been a few times"
have a wonderful calm day

Sunday, August 26, 2012

wearing sandalwood and rose otto

I dreamed last night that I was in a circle with my fellow man dancing and singing SHRIM...

many lovely blessings to you as you are open to recieving the best things, love, compassion and willingness to change with the times:):):)

launching hellos

The phone rings in the middle of the night
My father yells what you gonna do with your life
Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one
But girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have--

Cindy Lauper

have a realy awesome day and think of something happy and totally tasting good:)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday August 25 2012

equaled to 8
became a day of reckoning
and submitting
and realizing
and learning more( again) about the pain of being human

That Pluto Power phase is well under way. It has been all year but now it is full on and the more you struggle and not accept the truth, the more you will struggle and not succeed in your endeavors..
Pluto doesn't mess around. You have to face the darkness and clear the air..bad habits must be controlled.
If you have a thought and you justify it even though the truth is smacking you right in your face...well all I am saying is you will have sleepless nights and worrisome days!
Why worry?
Now there is the 50 trillion dollar question!
I say 50 trillion because that is how many cells are in each of us!
It is fascinating really. Each cell within is own little micro orbit around its nucleus..its own agenda if you will.
here is a nice lecture about our brains

If you took the time to listen to this, you may note that all of these discoveries mesh with self realization.

"I am an energy being connected to the energy all around me"

We can decide how we feel, and how we create each present moment, right!

Things which will help you to be happy not sad:
a beautiful garden
mountains and sea
beautiful look out
quiet words which soothe
a good cuppa
a beautiful song by from an awesome loving friend far away
a blend of oils which takes you to bliss
everything is fine

Thursday, August 23, 2012

good business

I do good business with many different kinds of people.
Take  the lovely Lilly, who adores lavender anything. I always take her a special argan and shea cream with lavender when she buys herself lavender soap every month. She is a babe! *80 years old and still working in the modern setting. You see her husband when he died, left her with more bills that she could manage so she still works to pay for the business of running her life... and she still loves lavender anything.
I will see her later and she will be so happy to see me. That is just how it is with my soap customers, they adore me!
 I mean months will go by and  they will  write me and say hello and buy a few bars of soap or a cream or two..
Or should I say, they adore my fat creations...not with a" p" fat, but with my two new jojoba
and organic argan oil..

Argan and Shea Cream
80% shea butter
20% argan oil (organic)
about 7% lavender oil (og high altitude)

Processing shea butter is an art and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I make creams in very mall batches and everything must be well prepped and clean at every start.
each ingredient must be gathered and placed in order of the pouring sequence.

***Temper the shea butter as you would cacao butter, low, slow and cool
fold in argan add essential oils until fluffy but firm..too much air in shea butter makes it flop eventually.. you can avoid this by not over beating the shea butter. I have flopped myself a few times..he he

have a wonderful day))))

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

today's spread

Ok ok, you said what is on your mind and now you feel like there is no love and no forgiveness and and now perhaps you should look deeply within yourself and decide where your strength lies and nurture that, Listen, if you don't know, you don't's fine, but say to yourself,  "I know, deep inside how things should be and how they at this moment, they aren't and how sad and lonely that feeling is". It hurts because it wasn't good to begin with? You became stagnant and lazy perhaps? Waiting for that big thing to happen and it  seems the whole time you have no control over it to begin with?
Plus with the Magician, here it means you have amazing smarts and skill to pull anything off.
Through your work and you may be forgetting something.
The thing you work at that you love..the very vibrant goddess with the queen of of most favorite cards in Tarot.
She is poised and smells good of course. Nothing is so bad that she can't handle it. She says what is on her mind in such a way that you know she isn't judgmental or rude..
remember her? She is us right  now.
We see all sorts of events around us and we know what we are manifesting..forget all that sad stuff and your stressed out unshakable lover..(there is always one like that)..
The best thing is that  6 of cups at the end .. do some yoga, eat something good with a loved one, be innocent and young at heart:) everything is rosy and our hearts (cayenne) pump vibrantly with choice trejectories..

" I am at all times confident of my beauty and of being loved"

Monday, August 20, 2012

you are gonna have to choose when Saturn is in Scorpio

You are gonna have to be noble and pay for your deeds when Saturn's in Scorpio.
Or not, which is always the easy way out of something tragic..which by the way isn't, it is just looks tragic because it has been a secret for too long and for no good reason..
We all have our secrets I reckon, but too many may lead to dirty little lies, even to one's self.
Clear the air and start a fresh new happy outlook I say. Do what makes you happy and take some Scorpio precision with you when this aspect is over in three years..
If you are my age you can now remember thirty years, what type of events passed at that time and then look at right now and notice that it is almost the same. You are changing, but at a higher octave..

what do I know about it, I am a soapmaker, a fine oils taker and creator and lover of fats and their chemicals and red type fruits and their juice...and the ideas that flow...they are profuse like Indian Paintbrush flowers:)
They are the red ones above...
with Indian paintbrush essence
quietly planning a takeover..nuck nuck nuck :)

have a wonderful day

Sunday, August 19, 2012

attraction potion

this guy  comes in and says he needs a boost as far as sex chemicals are concerened. I said working three jobs would make someone tired and he should take wheat grass juice for energy. I also made him an attraction potion to set the pheremones a brewin'!

ambergris tincture
rose tincture (captivation)
spruce for him

While blending I could feel it, and you know, it creates a whole vibe around here....

I am giving it to him to bring out his animal side...
No he is not for me:)
(if that is what you are thinking)
They come to me with all sorts of sittuations, they love me so much.

Wheat grass juice for health and vitality is the best way to refresh your cells. Adding other super fruit powders like Acai would add more nutrition than you could ever get in a vitamin pill.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Pizzazz of Leo

They don't even have to try, they walk in a room and all of a sudden every body loves them.
It is wonderful with flirting style and presentation..
going by the seat of your pants, if you will..

How will you channel Leo in your life?
Take a look where Leo is highlighting in your chart.
I have Leo on my 8th house so I can take advantage of this hot vibe and gain something..material..remember the past dies and it hurts like a dirty bitch...that is also the 8th house..if it isn't you, it is someone else going through heartbreaking pain and loss.
You want to go back so bad and fix things, all the while knowing you would have if you could have...
sigh about the 8th house
Besides all that..the 8th is always more money, better skills in trading and understanding the mathematics of perfect merchant skills..

Look at where Leo is in you chart and express yourself with flair in an area of your life. Wearing something nice, cutting your hair or making your place tidy and clean.. Leo loves that..they can easily adjust to any situation with perfect ease.

Say you have Mercury in Leo in your third house of communication, short studies, learning, talking,
I would conclude it would be instinctive at this moment to present yourself easily conveying  ideas in a informative and direct manner. There would be more confidence in one's demeanor and speech..
pretty cool right? A little roar? Fun dancing, singing,  laughing.

So you can see how this New Moon  have given us a little boost, right?

The best thing about this exciting New moon is  Mercury in Leo )))fun(((

 Mars is about to go in Scorpio..That is a real good thing.
There is going to be a clean up of sorts but you can handle  about anything. I want to study that aspect a little before I even say too much. It will be pretty Power Full  Mars/ Saturn In Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn!
I have to read more about this for sure!
But all I am saying is every moment of you life has brought you to this, you cannot escape it you made it is is glorious you doing all the right things and doing well, you forgive and you accept kindness from loved ones..

"I never got a B and I never will"
Dr Temperance Brennan, Bones..
( Emily Dechanel,  Libra girl who plays the cold thing like a true Libran)

"I get my point across with flair"

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Hearth

means the is the heart of the house..
have a lovely day
I love this..
wouldn't it be a nice thing for my shop? I like that idea..we'll see what in everything good, there is a recipe for excellent outcomes..

cucumber lemon balm soap

I think this may be one of the last big ones from this vine but then again I could be wrong.
We have been eating these every day for a couple of weeks now and I am thinking to save this one for soap.
It would represent a glorious summer here at Anastasia'a House.

wonderful language and art being here
delicious food being here
amazing essential oils
and soap being here

I would blend the skin with lemon balm in the Vita Mix to make a smooth syrup, then I would add my oils.
It has to be tart but I will be adding a tad lemon grass. You may not be a fan, I know I have my moments of liking and then not so much with lemon grass. They go together here. I promise it'll be interesting.

Happiness is a New Moon in Leo:)
clean your home and make it nice. you never know who will stop by:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

happy new moon 8162012

delicious day pickle with fresh lemon balm and basil

you know how you should drink more apple cider vinegar because it is good for your liver and helps almost everything.
Yes, you know but you also know for one to drink the stuff is another story.
This salad makes it easy!

you will take 4 large  or 8 smallish cucumbers, sliced in comfortable pieces, 1 tablespoon sea salt ( I used Himalayan as well)
1 cup apple cider vinegar
4 cups clean water
a sprig of lemon balm, basil and parsley
mix everything together
wait a few minutes an hour or two if you can...
eat the cukes. drink the water too..

this is an excellent tonic for the body
helps with fatigue
liver detox
calcium build up
and inflammation
helps  alkaline the body

I just had some, I fell better already:)

Saturn feelings

Things are about to get real. I know it. Maybe it is just me.
Saturn is watching over me

Anyone with Scorpio planets is going to be reflected. How about Aquarius?
yes, you too.
Learn to forgive and accept your evolving cells.
Each one sparking with energy.
If you have Libra planets..I would say, bear in mind the events of the day
and learn to forgive
and not hold a grudge
and if you burn too many bridges, you'll always be on the other side with no way back
Saturn in Scorpio make Gemini more discerning and they are getting it done and doing grandly
some may be lingering to long on some sad things..let that be..walk giving energy to just any stray
That is Saturn in Scorpio doing its thing.
Cancer, Virgo, you'll be alright.
Resting is fine but get on a bike??
:), you can really show you are amazing! of course you are:) look so good and you smell so fine
Sagittarius and Aries, wow!  What adventures you are about to embark on. you will succeed, that is how you are. make good and comfy like you always do.
Taurus,  I love you so much, you are growing , taking the world by it's horns. I love that you can smell the flowers and pluck them with such ease:)
My Pisces, my Capricorn, I love you so much. You are my sisters in the sun. You tell me the truth and you make me laugh hard..sometimes you even make me fart!
( not really)

My wish for you ~

"Little tree, little tree, shake over me, that silver and gold may come down and cover me."
(Cinderella, Grimm's fairy tales)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

me and the douche bags

there are at times in retail you have the ha ha moments

like, Ha ha ha ha, really?"
Yea well, people are connivers sometimes. They  are crazy for the best deal. so much so that that some will take every advantage that they can and yes it borders on stealing. Where do you draw the line?
Well you do draw it.
Take a few days ago when a woman connived and ranted so that we would order  a product we no longer buy to sell and then turn around and tell me she can get a better deal on line  and unless I  price  match, ( I have no authority to make deals like that at my job)she will deny it...while at the same time getting a gift card and leaving me with product I didn't want.
...and it isn't the product. it is fine..nobody wants it but her..I spent 4 hours during 3 weeks in conversation with this woman's rants and complaints about all her rashes! How about that she did this at the same time to all the other health shops around here!?
(because in that 4 hours i listened to her every word and all her tales of searching for her beloved Immunity formula)

We all kissed her ass big time..that is how she is..a scammer..omg, that is it! And how does someone stay on the phone for weeks at a time like this?
 It reminds me of the gypsies that would come to my village and tell our fortunes while their men stole our chickens:)
See? That is the "ha ha" moment...
I forgive her, fine, I do..I forgive her right now but she won't fuq with my mind again.

(and I believe this is Saturn in Scorpio vibe all the way..we all get down to the facts and do it good..let's!
"I manage my work life with detachment"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a big woman

I am not petite
never have been really
big boned like a Greek woman
I don't want to say ogre
or even giantish

Greek women have thick torsos and after all the martial arts and weight lifting in between aerobics, I would say my fat cells have been kept to a moderate level..I am still not 120 pounds though!
I am Sag rising and we are active. need to be moving and stuff:) dang man, no wonder I am attracted to horse type people!

Take yesterday, I was told to retail that means put up a new display at the end of each isle..
This little job took most of the day because it was the very bottom shelf system. so I sat down, then a person came ( they love me), I got back up, two hours of this, then I went and had a snack and it all started again..up and down, up and down..I used my "stellar" yoga moves..(not really stellar except in how I feel when I do them) to get back up. I can't just jump off the floor like I used to.
That there is physical work and the bigger you are the harder it is to get up..I bet it isn't as hard for that sweet petite girl in produce..just saying,
how interesting our lives are...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mother's Blackberry Jam

4 lb blackberries
6 pounds good vegan sugar
a quarter of a pint of pure clean water
three sprigs fresh rosemary
a knob of butter..(1/4 or so of a stick)

put the berries in a pot
with the water
bring to a boil and then simmer until fruit is soft
if you need to add a bit more water go ahead but not too much

after a bit of time..I would say keep an eye on it at all times..
add the sugar, the rosemary and the knob of butter
bring this to a boil and stir continuously for ten minutes or so..
do not over cook
but do make sure it is setting
now you can let this cool and go ahead and fill some very clean jars

serve over any toasted bread or scones
or with a nice breakfast of farm eggs and potatoes

The rosemary may seem an odd addition. I think it works because now you have a sauce that can be served over a more hearty dish..
Like, stuffed portabellas with apple sage and parsley stuffing and mother's blackberry jam drizzle

I should make that sometime!

resolving the past

As I am telling you this, I can hear geese right over my house moving..They quack as they pass. I don't know where they are flying south to, but I know the season is changing.
Hints of chill in the air and new sounds from nature. The crickets right now making music for one another, the balsam seeds popping open in your hand..all resolve the past. Their future too really.
Balsam Seed Pods
Squeeze them and they pop open in your hand and release their seeds..pop!

You can't really completely shed your past though.
I mean how can you shed years of results of your personal choices?

You can walk away and try something else. Remember why you did what you did and now you can adjust and do what you want to do.
I mean if you're residing with a control freak, an emotional freak or drug addict in a rage..walk away.
You are not a marter, that was the olden days. Your  suffering or sacrifices aren't going to change the world.
(now there is one Jesus myth I could argue for hours about..I won't:):)

You are
have enough
have enough
loved up
perfection in your achievements 
your words, your works, come through as music to everyone's perceptions

fehu,  said with one complete breath in for 4, out for 4 seconds that is

Saturday, August 11, 2012


pronounced, May- Bon..

I love this time. It is chilly in the morning and all my plants outside are really taking this time to make sure they grow as much as they can because there isn't much time left for them.
This is not a sad time at all. We are excited, everything is starting move fast and we must make sure we honor this harvest in our lives.
Colors: orange, brown, red
The foods are rich in color with reds galore and deepest oranges and brightest yellows.
Think cinnamon, ginger, orange, mandarin..
Think prosperity, contentment and calm respect for all who are around you..
Make a candle..with beeswax, something for red like your reddest oils and then make it.
sweet orange

inscribe your candle with your prosperity desires..
more money for bills
more money for clothes
more money for that trip you want to take to visit an old friend
burn this candle for three days and allow The Universe to reflect that in your life during a fortnight.

Everything is intention and fortitude.

Friday, August 10, 2012

rain and growth

Water is life! For one thing this vine has grown about 16 inches in the last 24 hours and it is because of the rain which has fallen here and drenched the soil our skin and our  hearts.
It is raining again. The air is so thick with moisture that my head is about to explode:)
not really

soap in the works is about to go down
i am creating something nice so that you will not frown :)
there is patchouli and pink grapefruit
and lemon balm galore
there is mugwort
there are good reasons
and fine intentions to explore
i choose how I feel
i know that I am fine
you are so lovely to me and that makes you all mine

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mercury Went Direct

and it is still not must not fight or squabble but carry on in your mind..
sift through all that stuff you tried to ponder on for the last few days and wait a few more to make sure your desires and reality have the best possible results.
"I am willing to change so that..."

I have these amazing ideas when Merc is retro too! Someone even inspired me to think about getting a few massage clients sounds good, 60 bucks an hour, believe me it adds up if you're good. I am good!
Well, let me think now the day after Mercury is direct..
I quit  massage for many reasons. One biggy was that I didn't like working on "every" body and the other is that I got super bored as a result of not getting attached to my clients otherwise I would get shaky and tired from their energy..see?
Plus there were The Peruvians!
A very wealthy couple which  I would suspect were into the kinky side to massage and wanted me there as a preliminary to their night of passionate love making..eeouww:)
That was it!
And it wasn't so much Mrs. Peruvian, it was him..he just creeped me out..I don't want to see every penis, right?
I am like, "listen, I am not a whore, I don't do that now bark like a dog!"
ha ha ha
Mercury's  better by 22nd.

Monday, August 6, 2012

new ideas and as Mystic Medusa says;

Waiting for Mercury.. (love)
I am waiting for mercury to go direct..I want to buy a printer with the best possible aspects..that may mean waiting till August 22nd and I must say, that is too long..
Why should  we care that mercury is retrograde?
Well for one thing, there is always and I mean every time, more money spent for no reason!
Take yesterday for instance. I am driving home and notice an estate sale in a very posh neighborhood. As I'm always looking for something interesting in which to display my wares I went in.
I bought some trinkets! A hair piece which is too heavy and gives me a head ache to wear it and three bangles of gold and turquoise. Mind you, they didn't cost much, but still.
I put one of the bracelets on and I don't know how I did it but it would not come off.  I had to cut it with wire cutters!
ha ha ha ha
I am waiting for Mercury to go direct before buying a printer. But make soap I will! That is always good time spent!
Have a wonderful day, because you are wonderful!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

the soap shop

people say to me, "yea, I'd like to come over and see your set up."
I use 5 stainless steel bowls and various molds. Not wood at the moment because I do not like the cumulative result of the fat sticking around for a year on a piece of wood. It will go stale..
The set up, is actually a lot of cleaning and wiping of bowls, stirring devises and  carefully wrapped blocks of soap in clean paper bags. I do not want too much blending of scents at the very least not to be touching each other.
It creates a sphere  of scent around my place  as one might imagine. This is the reason why no one can smoke near the soap shop or go in there after smoking ciggs..
I had to lock the shop door last night. The young'uns want to go in the shop and hang out. It smells nice, they can burn incense and talk about life and ponder on their futures..they are so cute!
Well, last night, this gal walks in and I was in the other room but still said, "hey:)"
she says to me, she says, "hi hon!!)
(  what??)
ok, ok, now I remember this girl, artist, smart, smokes and stayed here all night last month...
After five minutes, I went out there to see who speaks to me in such a comfy tone..heh!
There were three of them, I could smell  tobacco on them and I'd say that they were ready to make themselves comfortable and hang out the for the night..
My heart rate went up..I didn't even yell:)
"You guys can't hang out in my soap soap and there is no smoking any where near the soap!"

I am the master of my domain:):)

The new oils came, red mandarin so freaking fine and the patchouli, all I am saying is deep, very dark, a little sweet and very smooth on the nose..
mugwort essential oil to make a spell
and some cyrpus oil to polish my intentions
clear my mind and ignite my mad skills

this soap had patchouli in it:)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Geminis on a full moon aspect

two Geminis who I respect and love came knocking on my door
I showed them this and I asked them that
one pulling "gritty" out of her hat,
the other pure "delight"
I had to think about their reaction and go by the seat of my pants...
I chose pure delight...and made it into something and here we go.....
Happy Full Moon Aquarius
Best day for Libra, Gemini and Aquarius..Step up honey, you will do this!