Sunday, January 31, 2016

it is george orwell now

Not really. a chapter okay! He writes these long chapters with long sentences and he says a whole bunch of real poignant things about life in the thirties and so on. Trotsky? How interesting?
He was Snowball in Animal Farm.
I kind of want to know what had driven grown men to kill a bunch of people so that they could all wear a tight uniform and march in lines looking like Romans?
That was the fantasy of Mussolini and Hitler and they even started waving their arms like Romans.
Grown men pretending and telling lies..

I am always interested in our culture and our daily society because it has been bred from all of that stuff.
And most Americans do not even know anything of their own country and that they have been living in socialism all along and it is not totally like what Stalin took from Marx but you do pay and give to the master to do with the money as he sees fit. They simply gave everything new meaning.
They all take from something they love and an idea that inspires.
Yesterday, I learned about George Orwell's ideas on Nationalism and being sheep.
In my opinion, they whole thing with Hitler is a result of all people falling for a new leader worse than the king! Stalin would boil people alive! Who does that?? And like an Animal Farm, they, the sheep, follow and proudly. "Look at us, we're American's?" "We're Greeks, We're Catholic, God loves us more because we actually march better than you!" LOL
Then the debauchery (Bill Cosby and pudding) and the lies and the killing of course. Men love to kill.

(***do not get me wrong, you must kick some ass if a bunch of thugs are acting up in your in Sweden this week, "ah, you are going beyond what can be acceptable here, your getting your ass kicked!" )

One could see at least for a minute, that getting away from the Kings and Queens (who killed everyone and their kin as it pleased) to a now pretty  free and decent life, a modern life and nowadays a technical a goal for all of us. It is for me. I do not want to live in the old days when you had to go to the fields and work your ass off in the sun and then give it all the the king..ever hear baa baa black sheep?
It is basically communism all over again. That is the point really. How much of your wool do you have left to give to the master and his dame..and the little boy just gets a little sad that song is and I will not play it for my grandson. Humans have bowed enough, stop with the masters!
"who do you belong to?'

Saturday, January 30, 2016

choose what to think

The things you look for are the things you will find. If you look for betrayal you will find people who betray you. If you look for love, you will find love.

That all sounds really good doesn't it?

When you mix a surge of "love" hormones with that thought, things can get heated pretty fast and then you are driven by something more powerful that you can handle and then you do the wrong thing and you are once again right where the first question happened. 
 Is this real? 
Am I happy? 
What do I do now?
The first thing you do, is sit down and put the phone down. Read something good or listen to a debate on what you love to listen to. Do some art and realize the truth before you.

Practicing choosing to do or say something is harder than just saying a quote from some yogi master who was definitely kind of right. If we could all just relax a little and really try to be happy, we would not have anxiety attacks or pain or jealousy or strife or unwanted feelings of rage and hostility.

It all comes with hormones and chemicals our brain makes and we are  what we are. To emotional as creatures of earth.

I am in the business of health and nutrition as you might know. I all the time get people who come in and tell me how bad their life was before they found religion and god, and how they are now devoute and I should be too. I am devote my friends, I am. To my family, my art, my life, my feet, your butt! I am devout about those things..

Everyone who wants to save me and love God because he helped you find your keys instead of saving that little boy in the woods..listen!
Why are you still stressed though? Why do you  talk about god and then act so mean to me about dumb things? Why do you scoff at every new word I might present because you are not allowed to think anything let alone love a real life, doing everything you actually want to do?
Sometimes, :),  I'll not say a word when I hear people say things about their conspiracy theories.."They"
Who are these, "they"?
Do you think the two dead people in Oregon and over  pasture land that were killed by Negan's Men, er,  the local government people with guns and a mean "I'll kill my own attitude", , are they the "they"?
They were all looking for and finding what they wanted in that scenario. 

And now the rapes and crime that has happened because of the mass migration in to Europe..dude, what do you think you'll get when you have a new ghetto with a bunch of poor angry young men hanging around? They already fucking hate women and would kill their own sisters if they as much as looked a boy or said something.

One girl at work, said, "all we can do is pray"
She was eating a gourmet mac and cheese and organic chicken at the time. 
Yes, that will help because you know, it did not help the mess in the first place so let us beg some more to god so we can fix the lead problem in Flint!
How fucked up is that?
Had no one looked for this problem, we would all be walking around breathing lead, it goes back in the system and is colorless and tasteless.. settles in to the dirt we farm on..   lead and now chlorine and anti chlorine stuff!
We must look for everything, everything!
Pray as we clean up and pray as we say words to keep cleaning up our messes from bad, lying for their local Negan, and bad women who followed them..bad bad who should have been better encouraged by the lord..

Sorry, I think and say too much. I am going to leave you with this song..

get closer

Friday, January 29, 2016

the gem with in

Yes indeed, there is a gem of a potion just raring to be free
and not just sit there and rot because maybe you are too lazy
too withdrawn
or too sad about what could be
could have been
what it is not now
and never has been
and yet you know this
and still do nothing to impress yourself to do more of something
not about how hard it is
or how you hate this or that
I have heard this and it does not nothing
you continue to believe that if your heart is in the right place only the good will come
it does not work that way
bad is always lurking to happen because you forgot to remember
it is random
you lurk with it if you do anything
you nurture ideas implanted in your mind from
a face telling you what to say
what  to eat
what to wear
what to think
offering freedom only if you obey the rules they set

A rare gem of a thought is wandering within your mind
asking you to be fair and easy
asking you to listen to reason
telling you that happiness is right now
right now we are breathing
That gem is a thought, a feeling and a surprize for each wonderful regret
each forlorn coldness you shed
have shed, my sweet, have shed, and all that weight  has now been lifted and you stad more strong
more aware
more enlightened
more content

happiness is now..and... this amazing soap that has made me fall in love with oils even more..haahaaaaa

It got darker as the vanilla has bloomed with the vetiver and tobacco absolute. I have three left because, well, I am generous.
I know it looks ugly on the outside. It is oddly reddish and when I cut it, it made this weird sort of smudge. As the water and your hand so the things in the shower that you do, this soap will dissolve very slowly and become so smooth and silky and all the layers of oils will be driven before you by pure heavenly wafts of citrus. OMG! I am good!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

when it comes to my customers I will spare no idea to make it better for them and me

I had to change the anti aging serum.
Had to!
See, what had happened was, my supplier changed his formula or got to the bottom where the  sediment was  and all could detect was black cumin seed oil, black seed oil and that mixed with anything can ruin a day!
I tried using a little bit of that formula and my own mix of rose hip oil with various added ingredients like cranberry seed oil and a new natural form of vitamin E that goes right with your skin to make peptides and and collagen..
I made it too strong. So far!
This is why they will say, "use at 3% or 7%..and I add 50%"

I get my carriers at Botanic Innovations and I look forward to buying more vitamin C oil from them.
Here is the thing with vitamin C, it works, a little bit and slowly.
Organic rose hip oil works too. It is really high in nutrients, like fatty acids, Cranberry seed oil also has many benefits but one cannot use them straight for day time. I can see it as a face wash with hot steam involved, but I do not want to smell like omega rich cranberry or rose hip oil..for sure.
One must use a lighter, super healthy carrier, right?
Our choices are unlimited..
I love,
og high oleic sunflower
a good quality grape seed is lovely
organic jojoba is perfect
organic fractionated coconut oil..meh..a drop or a preservative

I do love a coconut oil like the one I made with shea butter and rose hip oil mixed in it. It is delicious..I use a brand called "Alive"
It smells so good and worth every penny of 13.00 for like 12 ounces..worth it. Go to Whole Foods and get one and mix it with1/3 cocoa butter, 1/3 shea and 1/3 as itself..yum! Add vanilla and you have a spectacular high  anti oxidant value in the orac scale with the vanilla and this amazing group of skin cream additives. Add a rich anti oxidant few drops of your blend and dang momma!
By the way, Vanilla is way up there on the orac scale  with anti oxidants plus it smells so good on anyone!

Go ahead and make a cream like this or buy one from me, I make them fresh and they are always loaded with my special anti aging formula mentioned above..

I am thinking about Spring as of two weeks ago:)
I love Imbolg!
This is time when you will prepare your little space and make a comfy spot for your self and your will chant by a  song that says things you love
that you long for
that you will nourish and please
that you will flourish in joy
that you will always provide
a kind word and open mind
a kind voice

sing with me now of the how
the how will
the how yes and the how now
not with scorn but with delight and the surprize of each moment
let us be warm and gracious
let us always be transparent
as to never have to remember what we have said

I am offering a new balm with vanilla and lotus highlighted by lavender cardamom ginger and distilled lime.
I wonder if you will love it?
Maybe must be in the mood for ginger which is why I only added like a drop.
The cardamom and why? Look, I feel like cardamom and vanilla should be together and I did not want the lotus to just take over and attack us with floral, it is the dry off and after some of the spice evaporates when you might catch the sweet flower, sunshine, and clean freshness.

The colors which I saw during this round, were always emerald and green lush glens, grass, hay and blue, little, tiny flowers. I imagined a pathway leading to a lovely hut, which is made of mahogany and has a huge stone fire place with a wonderful warm fire in the center and comfy elevated stone beds with furs and wonderful blankets made of silk and cottons. You smell the spice and the musky smokey floral notes of lotus and then vanilla having just been grazed by lavender.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diving Deeply In to Lotus

I want it, I want lotus both pink and white, with sandalwood and opoponax maybe.
I have seen lotus with jasmine often.
Lotus with tuberose even!
I have to be in the mood for  tuberose and jasmine.
I have not mixed it yet because, I cannot taste or smell anything.
I have a cold like everyone else in Southern Michigan! Breathing on me and loving on me all day!
The faks! lol

Right now I am making a pot of broth with heavy duty spices and later I will have some probiotics so I can soothe my inside being ravaged by  creatures that want to attack me and my meat suit!
Rhinovirus..right! It is not alive but lives in you..for about 24 hours and then your body is just in fight mode.
Tea and broth for me, what will you have today?

My mom took care of me so good when I was sick and now, one of my boys does that..
he makes me tea and takes care of stuff and then put a nice learning thing for his college studies and I am comfy and warm and well fed.
They tell me I am getting thinner and that may be true. I do not mind being more fatty around winter and do not care to be bony. It is what it is!
I eat clean and do not really indulge in bad food from a store. Chips from my store? Yes! Ice cream now and again or cake..mmmm chips!
I like the ones with vinegar and salt. I wonder if that would get my flavors back?
I will.
Good thing I made all that good soap last week. Rose with oud is my favorite,
oudh and rose soap
Sex on a hill with tobacco and vanilla..
sex on a hill
And a few others from my shop at the moment! The sage patchouli, rocks hard, so get one, they are going fast and they a big so you get a lot,
sage patchouli soap

I want you to know, this...
I love you and your sweet angel butt!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Take The Political Compass Test

It is fun and kind of makes you think..if you want to. Look, I live with really smart kids who make me do stuff. I think it is an interesting group of questions!

Tell me your number, I want to know! I am in the left libertarian quadrant with some like minded philosophers, not as much as Ghandi but close to there. I am happy with my ideas. Check it out, you'll love it!

Friday, January 22, 2016

good morning and let's talk about Jupiter in Virgo

Yes indeed. Another twelve year cycle coming to end for Vigonean Wonder Virgos and another twelve years ahead to hone in on what is real and not just flat out rules you yourself might not be able to abide by let alone the rest of us. When the rules for life are non negotiable, one must review and then break them!
I am being harsh because these are harsh times my friends and people are freaked out and race is an issue and not enough actors in the academy that are of dark skin. Jamie Fox..what a man!
Be an artist and don't worry if you are invited to the best parties. Be an artist and you won't have to pretend you're still hot at 60. Yes, you are hot..just not like 24 is a cycle see?

Jupiter in Virgo will touch on many factors for us as humans. One for sure thing is that the Earth Rules will have changed..people must live with kind regard for one another and since Virgo loves politeness, it is a very helpful little hint, mythically speaking that is!

This is a reflection of what do you really know and how many books have you read so far because words do matter and I know I cuss a lot but witches can and do, do that.:)
It hard to say it even, "witch"..I am gonna delve deeply in to it and be the raw power woman that I always know that I am.
I have been chanting again because it is power and I have been making amazing things for eleneetha..
Did you check out that rose and oud thing I made?
Oh yes, it is lovely just as all the oils which enrich my life..
Now for the next twelve years from this?
That depends..For me it always goes back to health, nutrition and making classic foods..when I was 12, I made tremendous sandwiches and through the years my tastes have only been enriched by my open minded appreciation of beautiful food and beautiful scents.
With Jupiter in Virgo, I am able to break things down by molecules and it is so exciting..
Maybe it is a good time to start an aromatherapy course, clean your closet, clean your teeth, fix the drain thing and make things tidy.
Be organized, try. Clean up after yourself, try..and..wash with dam fine soap..

Thursday, January 21, 2016

the lady and the snake

 "Take me in, oh tender woman 
Take me in for heaven's sake
a me in, woman," sighed the snake.

"Now I saved you," cried the woman
 "Take me in, oh tender woman A young girl was trudging along a mountain path, trying to reach her grandmother's house. 
It was bitter cold, and the wind cut like a knife.
When she was within sight of her destination, she heard a rustle at her feet.

Looking down, she saw a snake.
Before she could move, the snake spoke to her.
He said, "I am about to die.
It is too cold for me up here, and I am freezing.
There is no food in these mountains, and I am starving.
Please put me under your coat and take me with you."

"No," replied the girl. "I know your kind. You are a rattlesnake.
If I pick you up, you will bite me, and your bite is poisonous."

"No, no," said the snake. "If you help me, you will be my best friend.
I will treat you differently."

The little girl sat down on a rock for a moment to rest and think things over.
She looked at the beautiful markings on the snake and had to admit that it was the most beautiful snake she had ever seen.

Suddenly, she said, "I believe you. I will save you.
All living things deserve to be treated with kindness."

The little girl reached over, put the snake gently under her coat and proceeded toward her grandmother's house.

Within a moment, she felt a sharp pain in her side.
The snake had bitten her.

"How could you do this to me?" she cried.
"You promised that you would not bite me, and I trusted you!"

"You knew what I was when you picked me up," hissed the snake as he slithered away.

And you've bit me, even why?
And you know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die"
"Ah shut up, silly woman," said that reptile with a grin 
“Now you knew darn well I was a snake before you brought me in "

Mercury retrograde and winter cycles

"mom, mercury retrograde is not real!"

"yes, it is!" "It is in a slower position three times a year and it is always money, right?"

I feel it, you feel it and now this big alignment with all of our inner planets..going as far as Jupiter..
Is there a totally amazing change happening in humanity? Every day, there is a change my friends,
There are many forces leading us in the right random direction.
 I know this, it is time to change.

"oh, ma!"

Now back to my interpretation about where this gathering of planets occurs. Has been accuring, I should say. I mean what ever astrology does, it is about what you are already doing and making in your life.

Capricorn (governments, bones, aging) and Sagittarius (wide world, learning, knowledge)!
Obviously, I get that old structures and habits will change. On a deeper level, key people in our society have passed and it touches us, the sadness of loosing someone.
The money thing? Look, it is money, you need to work to get it sometimes.
 Other times it grows like a tree in a lush jungle...I like the lush part so that I can live well, make beautiful soap, eat good clean food with my family and have amazing oils for me and  my beloved friends..who have held me when I was so sad and then we  laugh our asses off  the rest of the time.

It is kind of big for all of us so I  say chanel what you think needs to be fixed so you can get on with being happy..
This aspect is kind of like the tower card too. Yes, old structures must break down, they do not work and so it goes.
The churches, temples and mosques will once again be held accountable and also be in  exposed positions. They should all be held accountable..
It is fair.
(and that whole bull crap with Cruz and Trump (who knows he is insincere) in Iowa at some church thing where they both competed on which one of them is closer to god...eewwewww..fake ass fuks, if I have to listen to Cruz for even five minutes with that whiny voice, I will not listen)))
And how does a religious group get to say who can be president? ..I am just saying, isn't that something a kin to tyranny? No? As long as it is the right religion?
Ah..yes it is, it is tyranny..
How about use your head and make sure you think about the words they use to brainwash you in to getting your support when you should look with in so that  you can live a nice life and do not kill anyone based on your gods?? It has not been that long ago that christians would burn women, men, children, torture them because they did not love the lord enough..I say, enough with the ignorance and tolerance of evil ways.
1800 years later we still have extremists killing each other over these out lived and disgusting ways to please a divine being.
Because really,  we know more about where we are and let me just say, it is a whole lot of swirling magnets!
It is amazing!  So, when our little hot ass neighbor Mercury is slowing down the momentum, our Earth feels it..
"hey, what is up there, Mercury man?"
"don't worry about me, guys, I have to pay some bills and fix a few things, go, I'll  catch up."
ha ha ha
Oh, Mercury! Always going so fast he forgets to do it right, he skims on details  and then has to go back and fix it..

Businesses will fail and big business must change.."hello, Walmart?"
Seems like when a a store grows too fast with too many items  and with out good leadership, you have a breakdown to the simple things once again. That may be a whole other rant about how to run a team that works hard to make the money...

Jupiter (health and welfare)so close to the others has me intrigued and what is this about that planet x that may be or has been hidden and now there is more evidence that , "oh, maybe it is real and pulling on Neptune harder than Pluto could"??
Health of  Bones  Teeth  for sure with Capricorn and having dental issues?
Sagittarius energies are about dealing with foreign lands. Mass migrations because of tyranny and starvation...
This means every one's old structures must change. They will. Learning a language changes you, driving a car does, math does..every word and thought..changes you...

Even my mother has her own cell phone now. She is so cute about it!

"I am calling you on my own phone"
"I know mom, good.."

Monday, January 18, 2016

ambergris a whorish way to start the day

I got a sample of ambergris from Anya. (Anya's Garden) A sample! She gave me basically a lot! I almost freaked out as I had never really purchased so much on my own and regard this ingredient with the most reverence.
You know whales eat cuttle fish and krill, their bodies do not digest the shell which is made up of various minerals and life giving calcium, magnesium, vanadium,,lol
Then, when she has too much eaten, she collects the undigested shells in her stomach and takes them back out. By now the krill shells have gathered together in her body  in a sack like material made of enzymes and proteins..
then  she spits it out on to the ocean to ferment for like hopefully, 200 years, but that was the olden days. As this krill shell material ages in the sun, it converts all that stuff in to sugars and caramels and dirty sex with your delicious man or woman..and deep dives in to darkness knowing you are grand enough to take care of yourself. A krill does and so does a is deep, ok!
Look, it is animal and it is rare and it makes things smell so appealing, especially vanilla, patchouli, anything..I love it so much, but not too much., I may love too much, and now I know,that is okay with me. You see, I am keen and I am willing to learn. I want to be surprised each day by the simple things like a nice clean shirt that looks amazing or a beautiful cup of tea, or a hunking lover coming out of the shower smelling like this!

Our latest batch of old whore has ambergris in it. I am in a daze  a little bit right now because The old Whore of January 18, 2016, is here.

I slow melted the ambergris grains with organic jojoba and other resinous compounds to make an infusion I could mix with all the other old whore oils. Patchouli (vintage), Vetiver, organic, Oakmoss, Labdanum..a few drops of rose and frankincense for incense appealingness..there is more, always there is a few drops vanilla and on top, you'll get smokey bergamot, velvety distilled lime peel and lemon..just on top..The idea is to enjoy each moment and wash with something that leaves you with a thought, a smile or some other more carnal wishes..

I love the way the extra perfume that I poured on top melts and bakes in to the soap in order to give the first few washes a more intense experience. It is 100% essential oils there pretty much..3% og jojoba. I can smell it on every part of me because I cut the soap with naked hand.
Look, she is expensive for a reason. $12.99! She is worth every penny. It is not just soap at this point!
It transforms one to a happier state..creative, intense, realistically rare.
I hope you get one. Really!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

one more lovely one goes away and this witch is here to stay

I loved Alan Rickman. To me after Die Hard I was like, "I want that one!" And then Harry Potter came and my mind was blown when I was introduced to Severus Snape and thought, "that is the man,!", a wizard, a bad ass with class. I fell in love!  I cried in Love Actually, omg, he was so amazing!
Beautiful Man Beautiful Memories.
David Bowie, one of the most prevalent   memories of my youth and I know young people who adore him today. When I was a girl, I got my hair cut like ziggy, he played guitar!

Do we now miss them so much or are they still alive in our memories?  Is this a form of ancestor worship?

The winds, they were hard and fast last night
I left my window open
I could hear the sound they made when they passed through at their high speed.
I tossed and turned because of memories too
swirling in my mind they were
 gathering together to make up
what I need to have another day worth living
another thought worth having
ideals worth repeating
living what I believe who I want to be
so that each moment is not wasted
Every moment, to be used in creative and outstanding ways...

Blend of the day from my house..

"Be The Witch Blend"

vanilla tahiti
sandalwood sri lanka
a few ambergris grains melted in jojoba
patchouli vintage

Friday, January 15, 2016

feeling better with so much to do

I have been away for a rants, no political debates, just flu and a couple of bad teeth. You'd be surprised at how awful that combo can be. lol
I am getting better and better every day so spring time planning is well under way. It is silent for now. My planning, it is silent, for now...
Mercury retrograde..fix what is broken so you can move on later with out glitches!

New blend ideas I have are both for men and women.
Patchouli sage must happen!
Also something sweet for the ladies...
I won't plan too much, just enough to get my juices flowing..

~be well and fix what is broken~

Monday, January 11, 2016

if I were bernie sanders i would quit

Listen, they are crazy, the jackals who hate in politics. I heard someone tried to shoot him. Bernie Sanders!

 I understand the fear of socialism because every time I go to a government building, there are guards with guns. I understand that if the government runs everything, they do it badly. look at national health care! How many forms do I have to fill out so I am not punished next year?
The fuks!
How many forms so I do not have to be punished for already working my ass off to pay for people to be mean to me! So far we the people is a frustraing cluster fuk! That is because it does not take too much education to get a typing we the people can and must learn to be kind and polite.
I get it. Things have to change.
Look at Greenland..(okay, do not say to me, "go there then if you like socialism so much", that is dumb, I am not going anywhere!

Modern socialists are smart and not falling for the "animal farm" mentality any more!
My questions are,
 "where is the money?"
"why do you need more?"
Modern Socialism and Marxism..
That is what the fear mongers want o think. OMG, Marx, Franco, Hitler and Stalin..the angry rotten fuks that they were! Killers they were and do not forget it  and while humans like me and you worshipped them as gods and did their bidding!
It happened! People like you and me did it. They had to or die in the end. They died anyhow! remember that!

In modern socialism, we the people take control of our own money and time. I am not an economist, but do you not think it is time that all the people thrive and make our planet good instead of ignorants saying stupid things on line, on that tv, and then the frenzy. That  is crazy brainwashing all day.
Instead of listening at how we can all live well, they get pissed and make up words about modern liberals being Marxists this and that..
Just remember this and I will stop and tell you of the finer things..
Stalin( orthodox) Franco and Mussolini, Hitler were a Catholic..they all came from strong religious, militant religious backgrounds and they were able to over turn the ruling churches forever..killing millions at the same time, creating suffering and hunger and death everywhere all to get the land to rule over more slaves and more fear mongers!
The Catholic church was power for over 1500 years.  In the 1940's things became more complicated....what with Mussolini's relationship with the pope because he had great big secrets about one of his main cardinals.."humn..boys in and out of his chambers, hey?"

Secrets destroy lives, that is for sure. They made the Catholic Youth together, The Pope and Mussolini did,  they were trained as soldiers to  round  up anyone who was a Jew looking guy or woman, they were violent and it happened.
I wonder if it is any different with Arab looking people and how conservatives look at them today? I wonder if in 20 years their children will say no more, no more heads covered, we have bowed enough, give us books, give us free speech and give us clean food! I wonder! Of course they will change and change and their kids will change. they must, it is not healthy to be in a rigid religious mind set all the time. It does not make for happiness. I have never seen them happy, the religious.
In fact they come to me every day for advice on depression.

Secrets are poison.
I am not talking about your secret stash, I am talking about guilty secrets..
Just do the right thing always and you'll never have to carry that kind of weight on your hearth's mind.

In modern times, we are more in control of our selves. But not that much.
While I will always put theses ideas under scrutiny, even modern socialism, I will look at the end result and talk about it.

Trump, that guy is going to be president and I hope at the least he cuts relations with Saudi Arabia and that The US stops throwing so much money at them! Maybe Trump will take on modern ways to get energy, and looks at where The United States puts big money down and why? And the rest of the head cutting nations, ask them what do they want? say , "no!" and walk away! Who made all the guns the have anyhow?
Who sold the illiterates all the guns?

 By the way, how different is slicing heads from  a poison needle in jail?
Not much, but they do it for imaginary laws of god and for writing words. That Is the other end of conservatism. You are not allowed to think based on national religious laws and it is legal to kill you and me for it!
Writing anything about Mohamed in modern times can get you killed in every country! That is truth..and it is ridiculous..
It happened, and still does, remember Salman Rushdie, he wrote, "Satanic Verses" and the clerics went crazy and put a big price on his head. He lived in India somewhere when he wrote it so how Iran got, in to was the clerics paid the money to get him killed. I think he hid for many years. ( I should read the book)
I do not know, but it is the other end of conservatism.
The other end of Liberalism is the same in many ways..hunger because men and women will go all "animal farm", drinking whiskey in the big house while every one else is outside, cold as shit and hungry, convincing themselves it is right and good and they should be glad they have it. Meanwhile, the horse is gone missing and every one lies to themselves about where he is because they have to lie to themselves or die!! They know what happened to the horse. the pigs sold him  for glue and for money! They knew and yet, they were made to be weak and slaves anyhow..

I say, Bernie, leave this fray of jackals and come to the light where we all live free and kind and smart.
In my town, the rules, there have to be rules, there have to be.
clean up
read up
do art
read up
help your town
help the lady with the garden
help yourself
go to your awesome clean home and make good clean food
have great sex, guilt free
don't cheat
do not lie or steal
sleep free from worry
ask anything
sort through the answers

"people are going to die
I am going to die
your mother is going to die,
no more kid stuff"
Walking Dead

Sunday, January 10, 2016

hi and good good day ahead to you

I want you to know that and that I love you more!
I can see in to your soul, if you had one you see
so all I have to work with are the words you've said to me.
Always kind and easy to talk to
and then the really wonderful stuff just happens between us year after year and from boons to more boons..
what is it that draws you to me, I cannot fully say yet the more I learn about atoms and the law of cause and effect the more I can put it all together in a format my mind can adjust to..

It is big my friends and what ever mystifying experience you might be interested in is fine,
I love you more for it..explore what you want and then come back to the bare facts with me now..

What is best in life?
No, not a sexy body, yes you are too sexy.. Meditation and focus on training the mind.
Did you know that each language spoken lights up a different area in the brain? That is cool so words do matter and thoughts do color every experience.

What is best in life?
enjoying and not judging for one thing like making it so you are never having to remember what you said because it is always the same thing. honest and true. It is what you do for each other now and not what you've done last year, so if anyone makes it so it is different, run, I say, run.

What is best in life?
Loads of money, I say! May you be rich and content beyond your wildest dreams, always!

What is best in life?
Safe harbors, my friends. No uneducated silliness which turns violent.
You cannot ruin your lands and come to new lands so you can fight about the same things.
At least make a list of  what you want before you even know what you are not getting! My goodness, why, why are men and now women, so willing to destroy our home, our earth?
I won't have it. I feel like if you want to fight, then you go to martial arts and mediate afterwards. Be a zen warrior not some hopped up illeterate with a gun..fucking fuks!

Opps sorry  I was going to make this a poetic waxing but I am

I have to work today and we are busy! The snow makes people hungry and it is said to snow with rain...all I hear so far is rain..splat splat splat!

My dish today at home will be;
quinoa with veggies and soy sauce
black beans I made yesterday
and fresh salad
if people want an egg, they can make one for extra protein

I love you more!

Friday, January 8, 2016

spectacular view

I am walking down the street and I would like to smile and leave you be
but you keep thinking my weakness is my kindness and then you see it is not like that..
I exist beyond your illusions and political affiliations.

I know in my heart that every one should be free to say what he wants to and ask the why and not die for it, yea? Free to work hard and have high intentions.
Like a boy should not ever think to kill his momma?? (I read it on the news), why would he do that? I don't know, but when the question seems unbearable, the answer is already before you, there is violent entitlement from bossy mean hurts me so baddly I can't even think, and then I cry from the most insignificant thing..ha!
I say to my mind inside, my god within, the one I talk with when I am, hey, it could be me or it could be you..
you close your eyes and dream of some goods things, like you on a mountain, with your man where there is solitude and graceful words spoken. A soft path made of contentment with each step to your secret place..
You,  on a boat with your girl, your woman your friend, the one whose scent draws you so near, so close, like pulls so hard you feel it in secret parts that become enraged and encouraged by more longing. It is a wondrous thing about being human and sharing each other in joy..
You, with your family around you sharing evening and an good show on netflix and 
you and all your friends..
you just so content that you can and have shared precious memories like this..try now to be something you've longed to do, try it and be brave, be free to let go of your restrictions and dogma made of long gone men..make your own moves and do it as if you care about it. I know it remember what you think you were then..but look at you now, look at how educated and graceful and real you are.
I know this my friend, Mercury makes me cry.
I know that I am happy, you know why?
Because I like coming home and cleaning my work space and making good lotus and sandalwood or tomorrow, a new batch of old whore. 
, mercury retrograde edition..I think it is big and should be attended to and intended to inspire and attract deliciousness and good! 

It will be all chypre' all day and I am gong to let the citrus zing right off the top. I am very looking forward to this.

We will talk!

vanilla blooms desire looms

Is it me who is less tolerant or am I just getting older now?

"fake, everything is fake, fake news, fake wants and they make you want them..I feel sorry for your kids with their fake education.."

I stayed quiet and said my kids are going to come to their own way of life, their own conclusions.

24 hours later, I have a whole book of responses to such an arrogant and ignorant opinion.

"oh you mean like physics and history and words and their meanings?"
"oh, you mean computer languages and art?"
"oh you mean like real philosophy, The Law Of cause And Effect, Einstein and Camus?"
"oh, you mean like astronomy and elements and where, how they came to be?"
"oh, you mean like biology and how to make things work better in our bodies?'
This is the same kind of person who will say things like," the gggg"government" made ebola and aids.."
:"oh so it was not the dirty needles and sex, bad bad drugs, with hundreds of people a year?"

I  must be getting salty but I say, ladies and gentlemen, is it not better to do all those things (not the dirty needles part))instead offering allegations of every kind on this computer you are sitting on at the moment?

I still do not have the energy to fight with some people, my heart rate goes up does, I have to quench my desire to do a round kick to the,  I will continue to improve and get what I want to say, said, I have no fear of a conspiracy, I do not see it as a viable fact in any way what so ever with regards to ebola. Too many governments involved and none of them can agree on who made the earth! ha ha ha how are they all going to agree on such a big secret?  All the big secrets? It is The Illuminati all over again!
To some degree, there are conspiracies and with the way information travels so quickly for now, nothing is a secret for too long. I am surprised they found a pope who hasn't had sex with the alter boys..they could only cover that stuff up for so long!
Do not be so shocked, it happened. face it and do not lie to yourself about the large number of priests who are gay and stuck with their Lot in life..
Lot, that fuk! You remember Lot, he had to leave his home town of Sodom and the next one, Gamora and his wife turned back for a final look and turned in to salt, and he barely made it out alive with his two girls in tow..
Now we see glimpses if his mind, killing off his wife so that he could have drunken sex with his daughters and then later blame them for raping him! "your wife turned in to a pillar of salt, did she?"
I mean how good was that guy? He had drunken sex with both daughters and we are like, "it is God's will!"
Seems like every one in Sodom is a little bit over sexed...
I have always thought of this story and it says it all to me about ancient men and what they have evolved in to.

back to reality here and now..

"The government is more concerned with the dumb squabbles on land no body wants. The ranchers want it..everyone is scared for them. I am, because one thing the government has is men with guns and not all of them are noble prize winners. They are more like Negan's men in the road than anything that might have concealed a major earthly threat to even themselves and their children, come on!!!

Fake is real, Look at the Kardashians, beautiful women who have transformed themselves in to completely different creatures. they all do it..fake ass, fake plump lips to show a good dick sucking ability, ()))fake eye lashes (that a scientist invented for them to brush on and grow more hair on the eye lashes),,and we all enjoy it.
At work, the rich gals come in with the heels and the coats and all the finery from the Somerset Collection, it is pretty..
The coat thing is big now. There is a status in wearing a fine winter coat. I guess I never really worried about it much, seems like I always stay warm enough. I will wear any coat here, I will!
Women here go through stages.
You have The North Face long coat, so two years ago! ha ha ha
Now, it is the Canadian Goose Coat..

We have had actual cold weather for about a week, ))))
It is cold though, and the coats are nice, they are. I would wear it for sure!

Desire always looms..I want I want is good, but do I really want it or am I brainwashed in to wanting it by the government?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

thinking and delusions oh mercury retrograde 2016 in early aquarius

Yes, get ready to fix things you broke.
You Broke!
It has been at least three years and you knew it would come to this. You fought it but he threads unravel and you must face the holes in the diagram, the plan and the money thing.
It always come down to money and how you will fix the next few things.
Mercury is money in so many ways. Fast moving and goes fast and slow depending on what it does..ha h ha

Realize and say what you want.
Fix wonky printers or find new ways to print labels..(me)
Walk away from loud mouth complainers.
Do not proclaim all your hate in one sentence..
but do, say what needs said if the family or your work team is not doing their best things.
Do remind that work needs done and you cannot just wish it done.
Clean up and organize..
Do not just say hurtful things to someone because it is the easiest way to get revenge.
Seriously, this is an issue all over the place with humans, and also,  in a family, it can be brutal.
I have no tolerance for it here and my family knows this.
It is not the way, insults and painful proclamations are no way to win an argument..

Mercury Retrograde
learning to give in
learning to laugh again
learning to change your mind
learning that growing up is unavoidable
growing old too
leaving good ideas behind you where ever you go...

I am making a balm today along with some other things.
I have pink lotus and orange blossom
we will see

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

so people are stupid racist and mean

Right? I get so tired of it because there is so much to do and we just keep on being mean to each other.

So the black lives matter people were yelling in a restaurant at lunch time where there were babies and  other people trying to eat their ten dollar lunch because it would be at least that in Chicago.
Dude, stop with the protests and go do something good. Read books and don't hover over peoples time like that. If you are smart and speak with quiet words, people want to listen.
Do I not have sympathy for the dark skinned person who always seems to be stuck in a rut of hatred from others?
Do I ponder as to why the black skin inspires such hatred?  Do I ponder as to why education is not first and foremost in our world? See, when people are really busy studying, they do not have time to hurt each other. Truth!
Leave it to the horibly racist fuks to be the ones going on line and saying mean, mean things. These are Americans my friends, these are your neighbors and donut shop workers or mean lady at the hardware store. This is how they secretly feel and if you think it is not you or that it is not real, open your eyes.
Stay home more.

I was reading a story about a journalist who frequently visits prisons and speaks with the prisoners. He has a motto, "tell me your story, don't fuk with me."
So he goes to south africa to a prison there and he gets his mantra ready, "tell me your story, don't fuk with me."
He walks in, and the boys are all like 14, 16, and ragged and black..and he thought about "what is it about dark skin??? I wonder how many books those boys ever saw? Why they would lock them up? I wonder what they did?
We really know nothing of how they were tortured as babies..we don't, we are safe in our warm homes with family near by.

When I was in Costa Rica for all of those years,
I learned Spanish and wore flip flops as is the just easily change, because, it is hot there and  your language and thoughts change to correspond to that mentality.  When I speak in my native Greek, I also must change my mind to reflect that language state of mind of the northern sheep herders and accordion playing Greeks!
My point is that changing to to fit the needs of your growth is  essential.

Yelling and demanding does nothing good.

I feel that only thorough real learning will this problem be solved. If I were a younger woman, I would be involved in politics like one of my daughters. That girl is so smart...we hardly like to debate her, but we do, I do, and we do get heated. I respect her so, I listen and then I say things, lol..

"GMO's are bad ok? They are a food made with poison, wrapped in more poison and then spliced with a fish or frog genome, made to feed the poor, the slaves and the worker camps, The wealthy, the rich, they  are beautiful because they live and eat healthy food. Do you think Obama wants a gray rubbery tomato or an organic big ol beefsteak?"
( I know many take the drugs and die, too..drugs are bad))

"Mom, you sound like a hippie!:)"

I do sound like a hippie, in a good way. Not all of us took too many drugs and ended up too broken. That is going to happen anyhow. It is like a light switch, the crone phase..why spend it yelling at people trying to eat a nice meal or just trying to have a break from their busy job, who knows, but I say, humans must change.
Old traditions are not practical in this world You cannot thrive as family,  a neighborhood or city if you are in constant turmoil from violent behaviors and hateful thoughts.

Back when I was a devoted wife, I would read spiritual books and thought that if I love completely that only the best things would is not so. People change or die.. one must love each day they get to do something wonderful, work, clean up, annointed and ready to make it the way you want it. Some things take time, other events are thrown at us and then it is like the rug gets pulled out and you kill that part of your connection for good. Now what? You change. You must change your mind for your best thing..otherwise you are the person yelling down the road, "hey!!"

I decided to help this woman who comes to my store. I thought I will help her and she will be happy and maybe smile more. She came in to ask me what do to about a dryer sheet that was left in the community dryer and it made all her clothes smell. I told her to re wash everything with vinegar  or baking soda..
"no, no vinegar, I have asthma, it smells."
Then, she came back with tears that it did not work and would I come over and smell the clothes because she also burned a pan..
Oye, I went, the dummy that I am.
I showed her that teflon is bad and she should always use stainless steel..I left her with a natural room freshener.
"the smell of the freshener made me sick."
she came in the next day and the next day and the one after that and then the coat, thing, where she needed a coat and I should help with that and then she burned her fuking sheets in the dryer and would I come over for that..
and then she was in the parking lot at work waiting for me.
I told her, finally, that she must handle the sheet thing on her own. "go buy some sheets at Target and get cotton"
"Can you come remove the sheets for me after work?"
"I get done at 11, I will not come over at 11, you have to take the sheets off."
"I can't, the girls do that."
"what girls?"
"the cleaning girls, they come on mondays."
I processed that while freezing my ass of in he parking lot.
She was staring at my coat, "is that a new coat?"
"no it is the same coat I wore before, you can do it, it is for your best thing!"
I walked away from her..enough is enough!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

clear and how I always see Rick in new ways

There is an episode in the third season of Walking Dead where Rick takes Michone and  Coral (Carl) to his home town police station to get  a bunch of guns from the police station. Turns out crazy Morgan is there all crazy because he lost his boy and his wife and stayed there killing off zombies.
I like the spikes all over his place  and Rick even uses that idea when he had 30 days with no incident in season four episode one...
While driving there they spotted a man who yelled for them to please please help him. Rick would not stop. He was so closed and did not want to waste time trying to help a desperate stranger. Maybe he is good or maybe he is bad and desperate or crazy and desperate..
after they got the guns from Morgan, on the way home, they saw the guys, his dead body pieces on the road and I was sad..I mean wow.
There was the idea that Rick in order to take this guy and put him in the back seat with Coral, for a day trip would have been a risk.
Maybe a big one. Who knows..look at Eugene and how they developed his character..cowardly little cute puppy boy!
Maybe that guy was good. You cannot know. Seems to me all of them are a little bit bad.

So, in Season Four, Rick has changed his mind and taken people in. Little girls..yea..see? How do you know who will be bad in the end.
Creepy little girls being taught how to use a do you know who will be bad?

I ask this all the time and all I can say is keep alert and do not falter in your task and you should always parish doing your best thing and not running down the road yelling, "help"!!
It is all so symbolic isn't it?
Maybe not..the lady at the hardware store showed some her true colors the other day. I told her I like zombies and she said, "I don't watch that shit!"
I was a little bit taken aback, "calm down, it is only a story and why are you so harsh.?" To be fair, I would not expect anymore less of this woman I see quite often..she is a smokers voice and thinning hair and she is bitter about most things probably and doesn't even have an email address. lol
why should I care if she thinks less of me for the walking dead. puta! lol

It is a good story. It is cynical, sceptical and asks great questions. Not all the questions but really great ones.
No power, no grid, every one  gets sick from simple things like a cut, flu, they would not go around eating brains, that is the fun part of the story, they would just die and leave a stench.
I am glad I have books to read.

The other day I was listening to NPR on the way to work and there was a great story about what would happen if all of our internet technology would no longer be there. No TV, no phone, no me ranting daily about it..
It happened in Calgary  where there was such a powerful solar flare that it wiped out every single thing.I think they found a new way to save information.
So now the guy that invented google with a bunch of other guys is like saving things in a whole new way..remember blue lotus moon, I mean all that is gone! I feel like I lost so much in each phone I seem to go through. My space? ha ha ha

blue lotus moon
it had to go, it is were different then
you are different today
open your eyes my mom always says
that means do not lie to yourself
and clean up
always clean
"ahh clean.." ha ha ha

What was up with the governor being so bad and hateful ( I can't even stand that guy)and how did he build such a great army of soldiers? Coming back like that and killing everything just for revenge.
And Rick, finally out of his ridiculous visions of Lori the fucking whore who  couldn't wait to fuck Shane and go on with life not missing Rick. They had problems before he got shot. She never really loved him, always whining about Rick's decisions.
Rick snapped out of it fast, he had to. It seems like I like him more and more when he reacts.
He strikes like a snake, just so well thought out. I just watched the episode when he bites that guys throat and just goes berzerker...I love him so much for that, we all do.
That is why I am so excited about the next few episodes in season six. I find that the story, although good, the acting was bland even if Deanna was there. I am excited and feel bad  at the same time.
You know, the "mom" boy and the Ron boy..Rick gets pissed, something is going down..."mom"