Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tommy C and left field

Well, I can't say  that I am not shallow enough to comment on this. Ever since Dawson's Creek (which was the only show we could get in la Cioudadela, outside of Tillaran, CR), I have been intrigued by Katie Holmes)
She never quite melds with what the rest of them are doing..
I feel bad for Tom. He is still deep  in that religion and she seems to me anyway that she is concerned with real life and how that is going to pan out.

Here is why I don't follow religion:
none of it is real
the earth revolves around the sun the sun around its galactic center which spins around the Super giant black hole..
we are an organism which has evolved here and now during 4.5 billion years of time. from the first bacteria that formed here in the fiery molten rock for a few million years..( i guess it takes a long time to make a living being)

God is water God is thought God is works and God is cells collecting starlight to make
If higher beings live on a planet which is perfect..we haven't yet met them. But I bet that the very first stars from long ago are pretty interesting..
Time and space is still not understood
Creation is happening continually as new stars churn and blow up spreading stardust all over The Universe.

anyhow..look at how one thousand years before Jesus~ Mythra came from a virgin birth followed by becoming  a divine leader followed by a public execution followed by a three day re birth to heaven.
On our planet the awareness of god during that time was translated in to these myths all around Earth during 5000 years of time here.
You know, a thousand years is really nothing in the scope of time anyhow..
It isn't that I do not follow Jesus' sayings. But to have taken the divine teachings of truth, love, compassion and forgiveness..
and translate that in to hey lets hate on the non Jesus lovers and kill their asses because they do not believe in Jesus.

I am just saying that God~ he isn't jealous either..jealousy is a form of hate, why follow that??

"I am guiding my thoughts always like a chariot rider"

Religulous! Bill is hard to watch but dang it if I didn't watch most of it..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sweet kind life

I just love this. Let me be her today. I call upon my Isis, my fairy queens my hope deep inside inside. To create a good platform and an honest vibe. To bring in glory in the boons department and always to be kind:)
Thank you for my sweet life and all the goodness:)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Childe Wynd

Patchouli Spruce Soap

60% extra virgin olive oil
40% organic unrefined coconut oil
a good dollop of patchouli to envelope and protect
a good dose of spruce to think clearly and command your loyalties

That from the worst possible things come shelter and healing..
thank you:)

Does that image creep you out a little? Yes, it does! Yes, it does..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

the upside down emperor

is about leaving your comfort zone and maybe having a lot to do in  shorter time than usual??
That is how it is  though.
Like yesterday at work, I couldn't get anything finished, it seemed.

I don't have to touch returns any la la lal laaa new girl is gonna do it...she is cute and fun to boot it...huh huh huh...
:)so I am helping this girl learn the process for hours..and then I was alone for an hour and people needing advice on good stuff for once..
Listen I get tired of Dr ozerator, ozzy...Now he wants to give people glucose for their sugar.. I am like, why not use just plain cane syrup? 
So it was nice to have intelligent questions but for a second there, I had the potential of freeking out a little..(Gemini energy for sure, finally in all the Gemini Jupiter honesty I could muster up, I said,  "well, I need to get some work done now, thanks for stopping by"))
Wow..that is so weird to say what is on my mind. I am so intense inside..a little is all good!
I breath in deeply and do what I must gracefully...
Have a good one:)

I cant hardly wait to make soap later. I am scheming something really cool. Maybe it'll be good!

shredded frankincense rose soap
melted in herbal tinctures of red clover, fig wort, mugwort, wormwood, larch resin, cedar resin, grape brandy
 add essential oils
frankincense, myrrh


Saturday, June 23, 2012

spread of the day

The Empress prevails as she sets her sights on The Eight of pentacles and planting her seeds across The Universe and also on the earthly plane. It is all about getting it done today and focusing on the task with grace, the empress again) and diligence (eight of pentacles)..The upside down King of Pentacles is like dude, what about me, my ego or a certain serious side effect of your laziness and scattered thought patterns...

The Empress is Don Quai ( what else)
don quai is about juiciness, plump breasts and lips, richness surrounding..attracting love and other goodnessess...
The Eight Of pentacles  is always about accepting conclusions as if you are a planter of seeds.  You know you have skills with this card, whether is is  seeds of ideas and words or actually gardening. Most seeds that you plant come up and thrive, others you accidentally swipe with your hoe and yes, you get  sad and shake your head sometimes..but mostly you take care of the rest of the garden a little better now..
Ginger is about warming the heart, and providing components which expel toxins with regards to liver and heart really..
Lastly, we have The King Of Pentacles:)
This guy is upside down because there are still some loose ends with regards to a break up, mistake, the law and other mundane worldly fellows.
Who knows!
I am keeping my eyes open though..what if it is your inner ego and comes out  as fear or insecurity? With alfalfa involved here I would think it is bone related. Teeth and skin too as this herb is high in calcium and other trace elements which help the bones and teeth.

Have a wonderful day and bring some good thoughts my way,
I'll send them right back because each time they grow more fat and they are enough for everyone..and as you already know,
"everyone has their day in the sun and that is why you glow"



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Dark Moon

read Kim Falconer's newsletter on this new moon and go ahead and read:)

She says to set a fine intention towards something right now during this very auspicious time period. You get your lucky wishes on or bad ones if you should choose the dark side. Go into the light. You forgive easily and comfortably.

But back to me...
I intend to flourish in my soap making and spreading my seeds all over the world. I wish this; that it is always delightful and rich...for me and you:) thank you:)

"Hey you can get a gallon of coconut oil for 5 dollars.."
" I can't because it goes rancid, the organic coconut doesn't and at the end, the soaps still smell really pretty good. Some money isn't worth being saved.."

I intend to flourish at my glorious job and wield my creative abilities with ease and grace.
I am intending to flourish as a detached yet effective mum.
I love my home.
I love my awesome family..

Two of my children talking..ages 12 and 14...

"Where will you live when you're grown up?"
"What do you mean, I am staying with mom!"
They love me and they are comfy here, that is a wonderful blessing to me.

With The New Moon in Gemini we can take the opportunity, a three day window of power and by Wednesday night all this  having crecendoed in to boons and high regards.
Forgiving is easy. It actually makes my knees hurt is  our best thing that we hurt less.

Happiness and Joy
New Moon in Gemini~~~the dirty truth came out, it cut your inner sensibilities as if with a knife and now you have survived (again) having sorted through your fears and rigid wants..ohh, rigid!

Sun going in to Cancer~~~now we clean up a bit and fix the situation.

Jupiter in Gemini making it as if it a bit much, words, emotions having taken a new turn.
You can change, there is no try there is only do...(yoda)
In which house is Jupiter going to  visit you for a year?

Jupiter in the first- you colored your hair and gained a little flair

Jupiter in the second- money coming and money coming in

Jupiter in the third- the new connections, the drives, the friendships made

Jupiter in the fourth- moved, more space, all bright and cheery

Jupiter in the fifth- kids, gossip about family, friends, enjoyment, music, art

Jupiter in the sixth- health, work, the way you service others( not just in bed)

Jupiter in the seventh- a new awareness about the public, issues with your community and how they see you:)
of course you have you best foot forward..because right though is right action..always:)

Jupiter in the eighth- more money, settlements galore, deeper committed loving vibes

Jupiter in the ninth- study more

Jupiter in the tenth- be honest and forthright, love your mum and dad, hey...

Jupiter in the eleventh- a desire to lead by helping your community..know that there is a slippery slope here and you must always retain your true intentions~ the ones  you had in the beginning of your quest.
You can get lost in your causes and your compassion for the world while your loved ones get none.
Just saying. You are gonna have to choose.

Jupiter in the twelfth- best dreams, best alone time, best being held in, knowing that no one has power over you and you are always protected. Look at the darkness directly, you'll see, we are already in it and going about 66,000 mph whilst spinning and twirling through all the  darkness..
*i do not know the exact speed we travel through is really fast though!

Earth is moving around the sun.The sun is moving within the Galaxy.The sun is revolving around the galactic center.The galaxy is moving within the local group.The local group is moving toward the Virgo Supercluster.The Virgo supercluster is moving through the universe.The universe is expanding.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dark Moon

Monday and a long dark Moon in Gemini.
Or should I say Gem?
You are a gem and people love you.
If you need to walk away right now, just move on. We are not made to suffer or beat ourselves up over mundane crap.
It is worldly and not important in the whole scheme of things.
The "scheme" is the wide array of plans you have formulated in the last billion or so years.
Yes, I say billions. You are not your age.
Our life giving Sun is the daughter of another mother star which blew up and again formulated our exhistance out of gas and dust..
You are gonna worry about a few piles of clothing and a stain on a carpet when all that glory is right now upon you? ( the carpet stain is code for the yucky stuff we endure)
No way Jose honey!
You are going to think and prosper and learn and give way for someone,  a person who is really your brother or sister.
You are already everything!
Deep breath now..
thank you thank you thank you~~~~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

amber soap

It is so rich that you can smell it about 40 feet before you get to it.
I wonder if anyone will like it?
It reminds me of some of those Indian oils, like Kumba  Made and what was that other one that had an orange blossom something something?
I would, back in the 70's, drive to Ann Arbor just to smell some oils from India in my  favorite shops there. I still shop at Orchid Lane on Liberty Street to this day!
Now I see the difference between synthetic and natural but did you know that some  people do not like essential oils at first whiff?
Well, how are they gonna know when everything smells like mango or fake coconut or raspberry ketones?
They are not. They are willing to consume synthetic fake ketones for loosing fat! rather that actually love real foods and real smells because that is what they grew up with.
And here I am having made a somewhat synthetic soap......knowing all this:)
Just so you know, some of the resins and waxes in the amber paste I used are real. It is just that this paste has withstood 20 years in a vessel and has still retained its incredible perfume..whoa:)
have a wonderful day
honor your father
remember he was a boy once
with dreams, ethics
and a penis


Friday, June 15, 2012

soapin news

June 2012
made single note ~~~~
lavender soap
rosemary soap
no added  ingredients
just plain super dense vegan soap made with my gorgeous og coco oliva soap base~

The lavender is spiky and the rosemary will be wonderful for a clearing of energy in any room.
Prices will reflect what I would charge at a farmers market.
$5.00 each

Who doesn't love a nice bar of plain lavender soap on the counter.
I wash my hands all day and I like the simple scent of spike lavender for everyday hand washing.
get one of each and enjoy them:)

listings are on my etsy page

thank you

what to ask for

and what to say

have you found yourself to be talking a little too much lately? Yesterday, I almost said too much. I always have a risk of that. Sag rising and that at this moment Jupiter in Gemini is all about gossip and here say. It is so fun, that the more diabolical ones would dare to go further. I am not diabolical, right?
I even found myself over thinking what, she said nauciousness instead of nausea..who am I and freeking scollar?
I make spelling errors all the time. Some even find this charming about me..who cares! (sometimes, I cringe and then go to the nest thing)
Ah Jup in my fifth house till later this year.. bringing me some good fortune, some learning and cheer.

Some dancing, why not?
Some telling a lot!
Being honest with forgiveness galore
always having money at your door
and yes don't forget that you are an old whore:)

have a glorious day~~~

Friday, June 8, 2012

Stomach Issues and The Solar Plexus

Do you ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach?  It is like a quiver. They used to call that nerves!
We know better now. We know that that are actually nerves! A lot of them!
We know that this area of the body is a control center! The road to Rome if you will! Nerves which lead to the liver, spleen, pancreas, gastric excretions and of course the supra anal or above the anal what nots..
(I am not a doctor)
Think about it. all of those things involved in formulating your gut instincts, how you process information and which juices you will excrete upon each thought or experience.
Our experiences are formed in layers, each evolving from the last one.
have an awesome day:)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


If you do anything on line, you ought not miss Mystic Medusa's "Housewitchery"!
I can spend hours reading her ideas on herbs and their magical powers. I swear that woman flips me out sometimes with her amazing insight. How does that work? How can some people hone in on so much information?
I do not know. We all have that special something which makes us divine! Perhaps some get a little more sparkle, a bit of spice and a huge ability to understand from a compassionate nonjudgmental place.
That is why I love Mystic Medusa..
check out her site..
each article is worth billions in info..quadrillions even:)
here too!

Have a wonderful day and everything is going to go your way
that is because you've done good before
now The Universe has opened some awesome doors
new friends more money endlessly coming your way
saying, hey there you old whore
give me more and here is some money at your front floor

thank you thank you
for never ending boons

ok ok
I like to rhyme, is that weird to you?


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

soap menu news

To be posted at;

Rosemary Lemon

Amber (not sure if the amber is real, making it anyhow, I have a pound from Syria which I bought years ago, it smells amazing, I am making some soap with it..what?:):)))

amber patchouli?
amber rose?
I know it isn't real, but it is mostly real right?
sigh.....I am making the soap..I am :)


Eucalyptus Mint Green Clay Himalayan Salt

Lime Geranium with cardamom and ground  organic cucumber skins pureed in aloe vera in a vita mix. Like a cucumber syrup!
Stunning in looks and scent.

Thank you for visiting and your business! I really love that.
Have a great day!

Listen libra

You don't have to stress out but do not tell me you weren't super capable of freeking out a little over the smallest thing.
OK, when you realize you really have no control about any of this anyhow and then you mirror something which of course makes you feel super uncomfortable about yourself.
As you watch all the fast action before you in the next few months, you will find new ways in which to be detached.
Forge a space for yourself where you will be at peace and where you will think of yourself in a whole new way (again!)
Really, work and learning are what you should use time for. And think about your zen garden which has been formulating for ten thousand years, think about your earth oven. Let all the turmoil pass before you like a river flowing.
I am the Bubble of Water, God is the Ocean..
Maybe water is God..oye and then we throw our poop in it..dude!
Now my stomach hurts again!:)

                           The Earth is Our Mother
 The earth is our mother, we must take care of her
The earth is our mother, we must take care of her
Hey yunga, ho yunga, hey yung, yung
Hey yunga, ho yunga, hey yung, yung
(Her sacred ground we walk upon,with every step we take)
 (The sky is our father, we must take care of him)
 (His sacred air we breathe it in, with every breath we take)

Monday, June 4, 2012

astro too

OK so because things can go in any crazy way let me tell you that they already have..
I mean the full moon, the squares and all the craziness that propel us to feel pain, suffer emotionally and restructure our lives, is going to happen. how you handle things is what makes you who you are.
thoughts do become things..
Your cells in your body are alive and working in any magnetic force you direct them to work..
your thoughts create every experience.
Now let me continue with my astro rant for anyone who will listen.
be careful with your words now. everything you say will be noted and you may have hurt someone's feelings. yes there are others around you who have strong feelings now and you can help by doing what you do best. Giving comfort and have a wonderful heart.

Sagittarius; get your groove back and do not worry about this group or that group. Do your best and everything else will fall into place. You are outstanding!

Isn't nice that you are not embroiled in any super intense situation right now?
Great time to prepare for your next steady but successful endeavor.
Read some good books and be awesome!

thank you all for your contribution to my wonderful internet life:)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

astro thoughts part one

Aquarius, I know you know what to do;
do not make your friends and social engagements more important than forgiving and dealing with the truth..
just sayin' babe..
you haven't exactly been there for the people who have been funding your PC gatherings and fire dancing.

Gemini, you can grow and flourish in many areas, but this is a time of focusing on family and your inner angels showing you that kindness is more important than money.

Libra, dude, all you have to do is watch it all  like a dirty little movie where the ghost suddenly comes in the room and you feel the cold and this energy tries to pull at your heart and suck out the joy, but you know you are stronger than any ghost!
Burn the thoughts of your past pains and move freely through time.

Aries, you can get more out of life if you now move on from a draining situation. Your generosity always pays off and right now is no exception. You should get some money, again! How do you do it?

Leo, sweetheart, Everyone loves you and you do such a good job.

Virgo, listen don't be so concerned about the next life, and miss out on this one. All I am saying is enjoying this life makes the next one all that much better.

Scorpio, you are going to change for the better in every way this year...or...suffer more.
You seem to outgrowing a pattern and having to focus on serious ownership issues. Be willing to listen to others.
Capricorn too. Changing your habbits is going to be your middle name. You are humble, want the best things and you are willing to do the work.
You are burning like a silver flame while old ways crumble before you..

Pisces, all I see is an ellegant person who is there when you need something huge.
Who has the ponzy? Pisces!
*ponzy-a secret stash of money**
Who has bread and cheese and some tea? Pisces!
*bread and cheese- as all  tasty food treats**

thank you