Wednesday, December 13, 2017

sun saturn mercury R venus all in saggitarius

Yup..I still love astrology and I love science, what?

Feel a little bit shaken lately?
Do you feel like some people said more than they should have to you?
Are you feeling like you are being singled out as a villain and in reality you don't give a fuck but something has stirred inside you that has left you with too much awareness as to  how things are?
For me it is all 12th house.. observing others growth and mine too..
For Capricorn too..a ton of secret longings and realities coming up, making your head hurt during the day, perhaps in your sleep your body reacts by aware of a new deep line on your left side..the one you must always be aware of who you let in and what thoughts are developing to be driven out....

saturn is always 

You have all these other planets kind of clustering around  each other and mercury retrograde brings  things out man! Look at the now the chefs in the fine restaurant business! Poor April Bloomfield, she kept her mouth shut and made a good living and now the actual pig has been spotted! I understand and feel regrets for her.
We are all sexist pigs. One of my managers grabbed my ass all the time. I was a body builder, it was a fine fine ass..I did not care at the time. I never slept with any of them. Yuk! This is why you do not go to the hotel  room at all! Go home,  watch a nice thing and eat some real learn to perform, Osoto Garri!
There are morality clauses being created now that are a needed protocol. We must be respectful to each other, that is an idea which progress and education brings. Men do rule the business and health world and now women who are smart are in and saying, 

"no, I do not want to hug you!"

What kind of freaks me out is how quickly people are willing to axe anyone they can..OMG so mean on the internet, right?
The hate leagues is what I am pondering on. There are many ready and willing to feel better and sweeter, and richer and what ever political things they are groping for..yes groping..National Health Care my ass, make it really free or go home! (seriously, that insurance carrot dangling is old and outdated)Pay doctors loads of money, pay teachers loads of money to make smart people all over earth..YEA!!! 

That Libra moon has brought a bit of justice, and yet still , we must see the  things as requiring review and change.
You must change
You are not safe
keep your eyes open for sly mean vindictive simple uneducated types that may have power in the day time only..

You are your own power and must never back off or spew out meaningless words, you must speak quietly, and with force of wisdom.

Think and be kind.

Do not join in on hate groups about Tump or any other dude in power. they are not your friends and the person who hates them as you might, is not your aware of too much focus on others and take all that energy to make something amazing happen for yourself, your home and your kin..something which helps us all and gets rid of fat fuks who have no respect for anyone with a vigina..


Monday, December 11, 2017

in mercury we trust mercury retro news and views

Remember the heiress lady I served for a week in costa rica  that was a coke head  who came to the hotel with her costa rican boy?

 I did today because we were talking about our dishes and why people loved my food so much then. That boy she was with gave me looks like she is a jerk and we all knew..he was there for money, which she may not have given to him because she had the big talk. I wonder if he killed her?
Ah the resort hotel business!
My only bad review was from her. she said the food was padestrian at best..ha ha ha
see what had happened was, :), I cooked all day to present dinner at the hotel, at six..We had fresh everything because we grew the food right there. There  was an intern there who came to study gardening in the jungle and I got to cook her goods. It was one of my best memories..The plates I produced were delicious, fresh and unique..I had to make many things from scratch, breads, rolls, salads that blew your mind, even before the cocaine..ha hahaaaa
anyhow, at 4 pm all high on cocaine because she carried around a device that she inhaled right out of..yup..she saw me making stuff and wanted to eat and knew she could not and wanted a "plate" saved for 4 am when she eats..she took a plate and it sat there untouched for 12 hours in the jungle..
That was so crazy!
One gal took ecstasy and was so sweet all that night and in the morning when she was paying to leave, she was a jerk..ah, fun right?
The cook, she leaves all that behind and goes home. I loved being a cook there. I made some fine ass dishes, "yo, Thomas Keller!"

I walked to work and to  home all the time.

 Funny, it was in the middle of nowhere and I could walk home because such peaceful natives of the land live there. We became close. We all knew each other.
I love the feeling that no one is going to take my warm bed anytime soon or that I will not have water. Or, kill me walking home.
I am not the adventurous type, all the things I have done in the act of surviving my lot, my creation my attachments and my mistakes that led to my final artistic expressions right now, must be reviewed.

I am emotional to the extreme having lived in violence from men my whole life. having fought back against their strength..I could kick better then I of my things I love so much in all of this, is, that my ideas never stop, do they. I love my growth in aromatherapy, I love it, I love oils so much!

When I tell you about all of my life's adventures, aromatherapy, oils, flavors, balance, taste, classic, review, strain, cool, do not speak, say you are sorry. Is it money you want more of?

"I am sorry". it always works, always..

"just because you are right, you don't have a divine right to be mean!"


Mercury retrograde and how our mind remembers words said to us, horrid words running out of our mouths like water..words..I love them!

Water flows, forgives, fears, deeply fathoms easily, assuring,  and is all of life. Drink water!

Nothing is exactly as you think it was anyway, is it? There must be the goodness that developes and the trust and acceptance of one's self must must must come with back up, doings daily and thoughtfulness, right?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

That Mercurial Feeling

Mercury Retrograde feeling..
That feeling of discontent and always trying to justify yourself.
Prove that you are worthy of  some unknown driving force.
You know it and it is not really unknown either.
It is your subconscious mind trying to avoid the truth while blaming some other thing that has nothing to do with your guilt, anger, hate and punitive reactions??
Not you, you...but you do know of what I am speaking right?

Mercury kind of makes me grind my teeth a little and I have to be conscious of that because maybe we all hold too much in with all this quiet.
Maybe it is time to say what is on our mind and say it nice not some mad crap and snide remarks..say it gentle and why you want it. Say it real because it has to be a way that is beyond your control beyond what you can understand.

Mercury retrograde  is about fine lines and walking a tight rope. It is imaginary, yo!
You do not have to walk any rope, maybe before you quit half though, walk backwards not forward?
Your call, I say go back and fix yourself not go back and accept every lie  so that you are a whipping boy, someone to despise
locked up in a gilded cage
all tied up so the world can't see,
can't see
your beauty and strength and courage and sexuality with is hot like fire and mellow like wine from an enchanted  vineyard..there is a song about it (sting, if you love somebody)

Ah love..
ah relationaships
ah family
ah, traffic and jerks on the road.

Be chill and be careful.. I broke like three things already!

Monday, December 4, 2017

I am making more balms now and here we are Mercury Retrograde

Re think
Re Do
Accidents on a minor level..broken glass, broken plans..chill out and take a bath!
Everything is better when you are clean and cozy!
Balm slowly warming on your clean damp skin and mixing with your personal musk..mmmm

Balm Gele' Skin Food....

You think it is just about melting some wax, adding oil and there you are, done. It is not that easy and sometimes the essential oils require a little more care. You cannot just add them too soon because they will evaporate fast. I have done a good job here.
silver fir gele'

I am very excited because I bought some lemon 5x!
I know it is not organic lemon but it is so strong and so lemony and so refreshing I had to buy 16 ounces.
There is a special set you can but from the menu on etsy and the cream is fantastic with lemon and a little vanilla and deliciously prepared shea butter.

shea butter (3cayg)
avocado oil
marula oil
lemon 5x
vanilla infusion in coconut oil
5x lemon set

I bought enough rose hydrosol to make the spray toner with it and I am very happy.

I am fixing to make some new sprays too!
Good times.
Re Think
Re Do

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

things birth of old whore

I was going to call this soap some dulled up version, like bitch or OW, even!
My friend said to call her what she is..the old whore because to say the things that make us who we are.
I have never been the old whore more than now.

Here it is. It was about a man. I was crazy for him, he was so smart. I was smitten by his thoughts his knowledge and discipline and I was enamored of his martial arts. He made me a good fighter. I was rockin out kicks like a pro!
All the things I loved so much then..I was also fit and young and striking, not american beauty but more Greek..yes, Iam greek so that can not be changed.
We made art and he did all the math with soap(it was before technology with fats on the internet) and it was good..I became anastasia's ideas and it was so good. living the life you believe in is very good.
I opened the door at night, his night, his dark night he hated in the day world was darker yet than any other thing he could have created for himself and so imaginative too!
I was as if the goddess Psyche who saw her lover at night and he was a demon after all. He had been  hiding his true self from her eyes..
It all comes out..and brews and stews for many until it trickles out in small clues  one by one like the hollywood people right now..
I cried a lot when I found out. I screamed at god and all the promises made on his behalf. 
How be so in hate and still meditate and make some Catholic priests, yea?
How can you hide for years and pretend you are worthy when at night when no one can see, you are willing and happy to torture and humiliate women..sadistically? How can you prowl through the internet for just that perfect fantasy girl or boy..who knows what you really like, it doesn't matter really??

Here are some things we allow from men..or our current lovers..I do not care how you have sex..just read more books..listen and don't lie about who you are. You do not have to confess anything!

we allow belonging to them
we allow loyalty no matter what
we allow abuse in the area of unbalanced chores
we allow the pretending during the day to continue in hopes that things will willingly improve because desire for the best things..
we are comfy with the money and do not want to separate the home and suffer out in the world 
we pretend that it is just a joke when they make up a fantasy about you in order to cloak their own debauchery
It is not a is called "gaslighting" in order to divert their own deportment in their lives.

I had asked a question see/ I had dared to present the conditions in the day time.

"How can you behave this way, really?"

"I can never fully be loyal to an old whore like you."

"oh, really??"

Yea..I learned hard that stuck like a knife..I had to rethink my loyalties and I had buried myself in details that took time to separate and come to terms..I stayed cold from then, though.  
I reminded myself and I stayed fixed on my goals that I must not remain in this horrid state of mind.
Horrid because to come to your fullest contentment, you must not need to bend the knee..
I knew I hated this pretend life of me bad, he, big bad!! Lovers or partners like that will think bad about anyone who gets too close. Why? Abusive assholes, that is why!

Fear and shame is a player in our lives, I am afraid. Shed that right now!

Here we are.. The Old Whore.. 

She is just so fine. Chypre' Smoky, resinous, lingering, smart..patchouli, labdanum, oak moss..yum

Old Whore 18 

Don't be sad is just a story..I love you!

Hello December

It is almost December and a new year approaches.
This year as every year has been busy and tumultuous.

I got turned down for a job which was a secret blessing even tho they piss me off with their fake bull shit words..
Retail is like a thing, like on (spoilers)) stranger things..a strange swarm like reality which is unseen and yet powerfully all around us. ha ha
My skills as a human may soon be un-required as computers get smarter and smarter. It is cool and super weird...I will continue to make soap for us!

Also the gender thing..freaks me out. I can't say, "that girl" any more or that is girly..ha ha ha now it is feminine and I must choose my language wisely..
Such things and I get a little bit confused..I think that Tumbler  has exposed a huge iceberg like form or awareness, I am not sure what to call it..but it is here in our young people who are ready to change the world and my archaic opinions won't matter a bit.. it is certainly worthy of notice and a chat.

How does our mind work so that we group like this. We have these groups of humans that hate each other so much over the color of their hats or if they are rich or what they preach about.

How about be healthy wise and kind to all humans?
How about your countries people who died 100 years ago, or 1000 years ago, you put that away now and work towards real honest strength for all  and know please finally put the coffin on it  and I know most humans will not won't no way..they will not stop relying on a god who never showed up for them.
Who never paid for the furnace when it broke, and who never even shed a tear when Jewish babies were being smashed against a wall before their mothers and fathers were starved to death and then gassed to death after that.
Seriously how mean is that? He never showed up. We made that happen..some of us..don't even get me started on the native americans and how they were treated..jeez and we pretend they helped us..they did.

I wonder why we are so forlorn that we grab anything that can fill us and make us feel loved?

I will make you feel love babies..for reals.
I will make good food and make it so tasty.
I will make the best soap ever with blue tansy and more
The old whore
like the fougere'
like the chypre blends I love

I know it is time to remember the good things..there are many for me..
I no longer cry as much
I am surrounded by love and support
I am very cool
a cool old whore babies..

Did I ever tell you the story of the old whore?
(it takes strength and fortitude to call something a name like "old whore")


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Black Saturday normalmente

I was thinking I would say something witty
something rare and invoking, evoking making you cringe a little bit you know?
Is it scary of hurtful or is it funny and truthful?
I am a messenger..

We had the family here for the food thing on thanks giving..
yes, there were a political argument or two. I listened. When you have two passionate minds colliding it is time for the anastasia to soothing by taking people down to what is real.
I told the story of the attic where  the family had to live and they had to stand in line to get soup and when the momma made pigs head dumplings and they were so good the whole neighborhood came to buy one and then the government took away the right to sell pig's head dumplings.
This is what I always remember on these days when we have the luxury to claim a side and fight for the can all change in a breath of a wind..
I hope that you check it out if you want to.
the attic

Also check out some of my work this month at my etsy site..I look really nice :)
Dont spend all your money on a tv, get a soap or three from me, xx

sun saturn mercury R venus all in saggitarius

Yup..I still love astrology and I love science, what? :) Feel a little bit shaken lately? Do you feel like some people said more tha...