Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday soap ideas and fragrant notes in my aromatherapy life and year of the earth dog

Earth Dog 2018

Earth creates Metal. In order to gain in joyful fulfillment throughout the year, it’s auspicious to show solidarity and brotherhood, so that the noble and vigorous righteousness of the Earth Dog will have been converted into material and spiritual wealth.

The year of the earth dog is all about intelligence and paying attention to details, protection, stability and also a new generation of students and youth demanding freedom from religion and government tyranny based on sacred teachings.
The dog can bite or be lonely in a cage suffering all day in a closed off place.

 The dog can run in the woods and be wild whilst impeccably dodging obstacles confidently fully aware!

Earth Dog 2018 

great oils
petitgrain for the auspicious green
black pepper for allertness
frankincense for your paws so that
we  step gently painlessly and confidently through the forest of our lives.the one we stand on, run on, tread though and weave in and out of..ferns don't count.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

new moon ideas aromatherapy soap in view Feb B Sale at ELENEETHA'S

making mindful memories

I am shipping orders today and making some nice things for my lovely ladies and men.

There are springtime soaps coming too!

Lavender Rose Shea Butter Soap

Almond Milk Vanilla Soap

Patchouli Petitgrain Soap

Old Whore 2018 February B New Moon Edition

Eucalyptus Rosemary Mint with Himalayan Pink Salt

Right now at the shop..On line orders only.

I am very excited to put some money on to my oils this year.

I am thinking about the expanding being smoothe and wealth to all who get to use my things made from my hand at my little work shop here.

I am so glad to say that I still love my soap life business after all these years. It is true.. I mean, no, I do not always make pretty things. We know the oils must be set free to speak for themselves..the magic is in the hand the  releases them to their next journey.

There have been lost packages I never saw again..I wonder what the heck?? The one patchouli I sent that time to my beautiful lady, just now got really good!
I was so worried about that package the whole time because I am a little scared of its non perfection..I do get scared.  The what if's will eat you up.
Stop it!

I do want a nice fragrance on me. I always start with my oily face wash..
any one of my gele balms will do

So good..then when the shower is super hot, I rinse and lather with with my favorites soap of the day. I use the old whore and I love a lavender soap with clay on any day any year since the dawn of my soapmaking desires met with learning the math skills to make it real..
Thank you to all who have and still remain my true friends in aromatherapy.

Some one asked me,  "what would you do with the dragons blood balm?"

we know it is a stomach tonic

I take that as okay, that is the solar plexus, the gut feelings, the grace and poise under pressure, the rendering down to the math of what is accomplished, what are your burdens and your digestion of changes among the many.. I would use it as a pain rub because it has salicylic acid naturally. A nice foot rub too, deep under the feet in the center, hold the thumb there for a second and let it go. It is so nice. I massage my hands so they can be a little more nimble for tomorrow..
Dragons Blood is about self care and secret plans..

 It is one needs to confess anything they the have to be sorry for..  I know for me, it is male energy, steady, warm, smoky, heart and for me I think this; ability to lead and work under pressure.
There is a sort of thing with dragons blood and it is the secret musk that develops on the body under his lovely red veil of power!
dragons blood gele

Thursday, February 15, 2018

the big melt down spring new moon no blues just shaded pink and blue hues

We got such big snows here I never thought it was over and now it melts...oye, it is a load off your back too. I love being safe at home but dang  man, I haven't touched dirt in ages..months which seems like ages.

(don't worry I did not cry about the review, I can laugh about it actually..those were great words, "Fetid" "Putrid")

I took a day off from people and watched In The Forest  with Evan Rachel Wood..she is good. I loved it!
Sometimes I read reviews on line and I am actually amazed at what things humans say to each other. It was always another crafter then, or some review on a perfume site..

I am fine babies, a bad blend does not make a woman want to, you wan to say, "fuk it,  no more bull shit.. I am going to become a pot farmer and take vacations like real people do." lol
ha ha
No way.. here is my poem

two and a half years

to make some good nourishment
to think about tomorrow as if it is today
to ponder on flowers as the soak up the foggy spring rain
to melt in ones scent and know what one wants
is this what agape is and can be all about

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

ah new moon the old whore, new moon ideas and what is happening at the shop

I got a bad review! It was bad!
She hates the old whore, she said she is vile..

she bought three old whore soaps too!
one of them is tonka and it is and will continue to develop. Tonka is strong in that batch too!  Tonka indeed can be "vile"! lol

I am still a little stunned so I will not get defensive too much..
I think take these as opportunities because if amazon can kick my butt every day, I think I can manage one gal who hates the whore..who she said was, "vile"
who is she,  gordon now? Do I have to make her a better sweeter more whorish old whore for her to take it back?
She can't..

The old whore, she opens doors
to look at one's soul and ones grief and smoother it with juicy love
good will and open heart
well yes, she is strong and delegate. Put her down and let her breathe..
. Put her down and let her alone to simmer. she is quiet

You know what?
Some oils are not for everyone..
all those know how I can't stand spikenard and even some cedarwood and no I do not wear jasmine but when I do I get money and looks..:)
vile you say? Really??  Yes, we are vile at times. That is the beauty of the dry off. and some oils do not  match just like people. I thank you my vily one!

And as my daughter says, all reviews are for your good.

I am sold I make moire or take a break? Do I let myself take the grief of one bad review and carry on with my soap life..well you know we have to talk about it.

So now I am sold of the OW!

I have three versions I am working on. There is  something I need for her to be has some dragons blood..omg, deep, inviting and a little bit vile..
here is the one that is the mother sauce

rose otto

dragons blood drawn on the lunar eclipse jan 2018

Your tub will get oily because I put loads of oils.

Vile you say?
Tonka jasmine is kind of vile yes..
Plus I think that maybe one may not like jasmine like some people like jasmine, and my dreams of classic tonka with jasmine did not pan out exactly? It could be and let  us say this, it is just soap at the end of the day.

You still get the loads and loads of oils in there.
The whole tub thing, is complex. I clean mine all the time..

Don't buy the old whore if you cannot stand her vile nature...:))

she is a bitch  because enough with the lies of what they say you should be expecting
enough with the anger that leads to condemnation and distrust hurt feeling and lust

separation from reality

all in the proclamation of a fantasy

a fantasy

How is yours. The nature of who you are shows in each word you say and in each thought you make/

The old whore she opens doors  inside ones heart  perhaps, I do not understand all her ways..

The Old Whore, she makes notes around us that are powerfully rare and ambitious in  poise, reverence and grace.   Heart shield she secretly holds, ah the old is indeed in place.

Did I ever tell you the story of the scorpion and the frog?

"A scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river. The frog is afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, both would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog then agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature."

Monday, February 12, 2018

pretty soon the new moon and venus neptune in Pisces

in Aquarius

with also mercury

then then you get Venus and Neptune in Pisces
ah sweet tenderness
sweet happiness
and contentment
and making up stories and pretending when gone bad gone wrong and lingers in decay..low energy is decay!

remember this about Pisces they will cut you down if needed
they will bite little pieces
they will nip and then when they open wide, you see the hidden teeth they can let you clean like the little fish they allow near them because they mean business that is why..also they will help you when needed and give you money.

If we just look at the whole picture of humans we can see patterns, yes we did create them not the gods and so with each  thought we build our lives.
To be who we are
to live what we think
to say sweet words to each other or no words..

Mistakes for sure can suck a dick ) I know you hate when I say is Gordon Ramsay, he is doing this!
We all have them and know this, just because someone is creative  it does not mean their heart is creatively good or happy.

The new moon on valentines day tho, needs to be noted.
how lovely for all of us aquarium minded free thinking soapies!

There is a new stamp, I am so excited!
the formula has become better and better!

Let  the oil flow, organic coconut olive oil///shea butter...
con permiso, yo quiero mass

Saturday, February 10, 2018

gordon ramsey

An abusive jerk in the kitchen and then a soft lover of the good life?
I just watched hell's kitchen..oh my goodness!
He is ruthless and so insulting that  I scream..
Is he a master?
Yes! What detail,like a surgeon.
He is a jerk because he can..I mean how many people can say, "oh my god you look like a soft cupcake with the frosting melting you you're filthy you fat.." "get these bimbos out of here."
I turn it off and then come back to more.

I work in sales in my outside life. We cannot say things like, that. yes ma'am no ma'am..of course ma'am, have a great day mam, I am sorry ma'am, no we don't have it ma'am no it is not in the back, no we don't have it..
order on line it will free you up big time..unless you need the top 30 sellers at an amazon whole foods store..which are never out.


Me, I am fine and it snowed big time here.
My meditations have been going great and I am doing yoga every day.


I feel really proud to say my customers here at  eleneetha's, are the best I have ever had. I mean, the kind of person who wants dragon's blood or neroli is, for sure special, right? The kind of person who just wants simple clean ingredients.
All good all the good.
The kind of person with eyes closed knows rose otto or tansy or the soft earthiness of yarrow..
The kind of person who loves a nice shea cream and a nice hair oil and a nice clean smelly soap like old whore.
These are the amazingly powerful creatures I am surround by and I want more
and  we shine like that one picture nasa just showed from us a long way away..
Thank you so much for being so me for me and my hearts mind that transcends time and space and makes us one mind connected by atomic forces unseen yet  they respond to each other through us..
I know that
and that is why I make such fuss.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Champaca and patchouli news and ideas

Each oil takes its own time to marry with another oil and become a beautiful piece of smelly art. This is one of my most best secret things about my aromatherapy and it makes the magic see? I do it because I love making it and I  love the language it speaks to us then..maybe our secret longings can be real and reach far and wide to present us with ideas we never imagined would be so grand.

 The champaca in my last hair potion was so good and so much like candy, I wanted to continue with the goodness and just do champaca and patchouli together, kind of like pluto potion but not..see?

Patchouli is so good with the sweets like vanilla and ylang ylang..

champaca co2 needs a few days to expand herself.. and here, I only used the two, patchouli champaca..

I made a very very oily base to not have to heat the jojoba too much
it looks like jelly with very little beeswax..loads of good quality patchouli and no scrimping on the champaca,  I know it is hard when you dump 50 dollars in a must!

Champaca is odd in the way that many spicy sweet rooty pungent things that have come from Asia India..she is sweet like a candy you just want to keep chewing. She is sexy like no other!

Champaca  Michellia champaca L a magnolia that is just grand.. and the weird is a bright sunny delectable fun. No stress no worry.
They say when a flower is in full bloom one can smell it on a hot day like really far away! That is so cool when you break it down and notice how scent of course travels in waves like music and and..good nature!

I wanted to present her for the full moon but both she and the dragon's blood need more time, maybe today..

Dragon's Blood and Myrrh Gele'
Ground up one full cup of dragon's blood powder and poured in already melted beeswax and avocado oil..just a little bit beeswax..and the as the low and slow gives heat the dragon's blood gently gives and transforms/ It is beautiful and messy..boil all implements before and after..

Monday soap ideas and fragrant notes in my aromatherapy life and year of the earth dog

Earth Dog 2018 Earth creates Metal . In order to gain in joyful fulfillment throughout the year, it’s auspicious to show solidarity and b...