Saturday, October 7, 2017

boil and bubble as my cauldron sputtles along

I am right now in the middle of a project distilling myrrh. I ordered a kilo and well, we might as well use it up. It grinds different than frankincense. It is softer and harder at the same time. Once ground up, it feels oily and even buttery.
First, know this, I am not even close to being close to being a great cook or distiller but I say, it is wonderful to try.
I try hard as we all might know. I make good food so how else could this go?

Myrrh. I want to tell you about it and I want you and me to experience what it is.
very smokey at first
I almost thought it was too much you know?
As the steam built up I could see the drops of water coming down the glass tubing and allowed it to continue. It has been about 3 hours so far and we are no where near the end point. The water is thick and oily. I smelled it till 2 am on my hand..the left one, the one I try things on.
There is a bitterness to myrrh. that is what breaks down some of the hazy daizy days from our brain.
There is a softness which came later as the material broke down and became steam..a little sticky.

Myrrh, further more , is very calming. It brings a calm which makes one understand without having to proclaim anything. (by "one" I mean me))
I find myself wanting to speak but too tired to admonish

(some lady came in and gave me political cards so I can put the president in jail with her))

"please, no, you are not going to make me hate anyone" I thought, and took her card as to be polite and threw it away later.

I learned that phrase from a smart person. it stuck with me.

The witch says nothing until it is her time to speak, I will  get better at this.
Speak to your higher self, it never defeats you.
For sure the time will come when you will
you will,
myrrh is about moving forward
or so we say and  the time to cast is here right now and every day

you will speak what your heart says and delight to the highest realm of your realm
tell me this, what does your heart say?

the witch she has will
to cast ideas
to create  a platform for wisdom
being quiet
eyes that weep, yes
they will  borough in to your heart and find your truth without words
the kinds of things that make a home where heartfelt and loyal love abides over the sorts of
testosterone raged vibes.

The time is near and nearer yet
the darkest night
the time when you face you shadow
love the dark one inside love the lighthearted  ideas you might always describe
smile at me more often
I hope you do
I am going to check on my brew...



Monday, October 2, 2017

Samhain Casting fall and the big stuff

I will try to contain myself. I will try.
I am going through my mind to choose what products I will highlight this season.
Samhain is going to be awesome this year!
I am getting the fire pit ready each day but gathering wood and baby, I am going to light that thing!
It will smell up the neighborhood with holy water and frankincense sizzling (continuing to sizzle) while I dance naked around the fire chanting, "Oh me my  goddess with in, rise up and win me over :)rise up and spread your fire in every hungry cell, burn out any dark thoughts of fear and fail"

I have been distilling frankincense. I order it from a man in Yemen and he ships fast. @lubanfrankincensesupplier  DHL is expensive, yes  and  his selections of frankincense are wonderful. I say, I can't stop now!
I only got about 1 little of hydrosol out of 16 ounces of frankincense tears. Maybe I am using too much per cook? Nah!
I am calling it a cook because it really is a long time boiling and steaming and dripping and smelling wonderful silky notes of piny, churchy, holy like..crisp, peppery, deeply tell me.
Hey, I was raised in the church. There were nice things about the rituals.

My hungry cells are yearning for your reality, your honesty and never could be jealous or vengeful. Those things bring only sadness and hurt feelings.They always do..see? You can escape and still observe them as wrong and never right.
Also, and they say this in every language, you are who you run with. Must be why I have you still loving me after all these years.

 I love you. I want to always please you and bring you smelly things so that I would rub your hands and your feet
I want to nurish you with words that fill your mind
I want to show you that being kind is being kind
always you  see, they are in your mind
what comes though your lips has weight
what comes from your heart has pain
from longing and desire
and feelings of things  you haven't even felt yet.
Throw them in the fire!

The Hojari frankincense tho..dude! I don't know, I am so in awe of distilling it is crazy.
I am right now cooking the last of the ground of (goo) of frankincense (crack). After hours of cooking, this material becomes like glass almost, like candy. It is crumbly and crackly and I have been dumping it in the fire pit where it will burn clean and with the wood and make me so happy you see?

Casting is casting, it is planning and thinking and quietude.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

"hello" chilly fall nights and new ideas for skin

I like stuff that helps my skin and makes me smell good. I know, I am making lemongrass soap and even using it. See, we can all change and love everything if we want to.
It is wonderful on the skin. So open your heart to lemon grass!
It has raspberry seeds..yummy..

I say, the old whore is brilliant this batch and if you get one, you will be washed with something freeking amazing. I sometimes cast that batch for a longer than usual time.

Organic Vetiver Soap
One of my best batches ever.

Casting, collecting your thoughts and collecting the ingredients which form small yet profound realities..

Casting, spreading rumors not based on reality and only to promote yourself.

"Unknowingly" Casting To Manic Crazy people.."saying every thought" and then wondering why the wrong impressions about you.

Remember about this, every experience does make you smarter. so that you never should never have to engage on dangerous grounds and then cry if you're  hurt by the sharks or the manta rays that can dig up any crab beneath the sand.
(We are all  but food and sex..another little rant idea  right there :)
We are in an ocean of everything and you and me are but a smallish spec and where we all (Earth) are is a small blue dot in space filled with dark matter which holds us all.

Casting is now, it is developing higher skills which retain the thoughts which we mold in to realities.
Casting is being in a secret and hiding for a while. it is honing and it is becoming real. You are real, that is for sure. You are what you always wanted to be. right now. You should be proud of this.

(Fromm Walking Dead ideas)
Remember when father Gabriel said things about  Rick and tried to make him look like a dick in all of Alexandria and Michone had to knock him out because he was in a rant and all covered in blood from fight with the porch dick?
What was he thinking when engaging with the married woman? Dangerous waters my friends lead to facing real dangers.
Rick, he got it together and really got sick and tired of having to constantly bow down to old standards. he chose to be who he is.
I am not Rick and the zombies are in my own head.
by the way, the smartest fish live by hiding and planning their activities..
I know I have been watching a great show about sharks on Netflix!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

hello my beautious lazer mindz

don't be sad about the truth
laugh and laugh super hard
like a penis

You can say those things in your own blog, huh?

Look inside right now, in your head. Stop reading this and pick out the thing you are gnawing over. Do you focus on that one thought and cry as it tears through your gullet and back  to your gut? That is right there, that is Adrenalin and if you can master the rush from that poison or what people call the flight response, that, is what one might call enlightenment.what ever that means. Enlightened, Seriously? To what? When our star will goes red giant and melts us all in to smithereens or when we collide with Andromeda, there may be some problems?? No man who is here meditating in a cave or dead  as a saint can stop that. That is truth..anything else your brain may have conjured up is hearsay, I say.

 play smart and work hard
like a penis

Sunday, September 24, 2017

I saw you

In my dreams and in my mind I have visions what you are and who you are..In reality  sometimes and maybe even often, they fit:) to the truth, yes they do and you are super sexy, you do know that, don't you?

Recently as always my life is so fast and tightly packed in, clean life, family, oils...the grass. The tree they cut down and left it here, the fuks, :) Now I have to call them back to finish the job, that is the trick.
Sometimes having  a stronger physically, mate can be helpful. My husband was like that, where no one would try such, I expect and trust and smile and love and they think I am weak and they get to cut down my tree. I have been laughing about my naivete' all day. It was like that one time I was in Nicaragua and the taxi guy, in the middle of a two hour trip said I can get out or pay more money to get to the town..he smiled too. I gave him another $20!

Today I have  time to nurture the eleneetha in me and you..

Here is my menu at

A great bar of soap, and a perfect after oil for just about anything you want.
That is how I have been training my business. It has to be. Great skin care is simple and should always as much as you can, be organic.

I want to make more money for sure so I can buy some of the oils I am reading about. I love petitgrain sur fleurs; Citrus aurantium var. amara (synonym of Citrus x aurantium L.)it means the leaves of  distilled with the flowers. It is expensive and so good with patchouli! I love it on a man with a bit

The oakmoss with rose soap is gone I think..maybe one left that I have tucked away for someone would would like it.

I did make a fabulous oil for that blend. I will post that and more this morning on the menu.

Rose, vetiver, oakmoss, patchouli and a drop cedar wood..deep and little dirty, a little bit.

It lingers, the rose gets all dirty and it reflects a mood that we should all have. The dry down should be sweet musk mixed with pheromones  of one's unique mixture and it is. Warm, smokey, confident and real.
Dirty Rose Perfume  Body Oil

Monday, September 18, 2017

ideas and more Tatanka and Snake mounds

Tatanka and my snake mound. I love the way the word rolls off my toungue. Tatanka!
this is alfalfa and clover so I can nurish my mound for next spring..

she faces the snake and shows her rare beauty and says .."you live here too.."

there are so many bees here on this sweet autumn joy  sedum..bumble bees , honey bees, sweat bees..all loving this juicy one is fighting.

this is the snakes head and somehow a squash made its way in her head..

Respecting space and providing health to all and abundance to all..!

No, I will not dress up as a native american this Halloween. We all know what I am and pretending anything is otherwise.
Last year I made a joke when someone asked me what I am dressed as because you know, black dress, great hair..
I said, I am dressed as self confidence :)

Compared to most common men, I am. I know you are too.

Willow Witch is scary too..
she is kali and divine mother
and if you should swoon at her blue lotus feet too long
she may appear as as a snake slowly entering your true hearts mind
is that what you can want from her?
do you need the heart to be understood and then accepted as if "yea, I am am very good. I am doing good and feel really must mean divine"
If each thought has power to make electrical impulses and spark in the brain and spark a thought and a memory.."think" what is and what can be and how you are the master...and, how it is happening right now and you are you and there is another you in there running the stuff you are not even aware of..the other you inside..yes, say hello and pull the strings that must be pulled.

take a deep breath, hold it in, exhale it and open the eye above your brow inside there where it hurts sometimes to address the demons, your  dug in deep thoughts, that reside
to unfold and allow to  unfurl hidden secret longings of which you may be too afraid of their if a dragon escaping from a rocky crevice..
take another breath hold it
breathe out
not everything is  about you
and always about me

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Raven speak

"There is a raven that comes to the tree above my grape vine
we often speak to each other
he calls out to me and I to him
he knows me and  he chants my way as he perhaps warns me of evil men
or to say, hey I am so glad you came now I know you'll dig some thing up for me
now sing me a song  lady mine
 bring me fresh water
bring me your sweet time"

I love rose soap in winter. I love rose soap anytime actually. real rose. no department store fakeness!

I started this recipe on etsy and never had time to write about it. It is complex because I am complex.
I really have been  so busy and yet aromas and soap are never far from my mind. You are never far from my mind.
My thoughts are about you, your movements and your stride and how you almost float with grace and poise..
I love the way your hair smells when you hug me. I know you are in my mind when I can inhale your vetiver and rose.
Is there anything more simply adorable?

I relished in the intriguing way the solar eclipse sent me, prodded me and as if a wind blew over me, under me and swept me in to a realm that while acquainted with, not realy privy to parts..yea..the world, making it and sharing the love from the top down..ah the top down..ha ha
Rules handed down by "experts" on the proper way to comply 100% and much used term lately in every memo..
Mark that little box and get on with your life is my conclusion. I don't know about you. Yes, they freak me out a little but every thing is about money as you as you walk out your nice big door.
The lunar eclipse came and exposed all of that..that is the common side of moon worship..every side is worthy of our time, yes?
 Yes but I want to make things and talk about it and make more things after that. That I how I plan my escape from the common. I linger on my plans, my secret plans to make something ridiculous and mind blowing. can I? Sometimes I feel like when I wash with a soap that explodes with a beautiful scent all over me, I feel over the moon with delight..the patchouli cacao soap makes me so happy at the moment. It is simply glorious to the moment.

 Raven Speak

I hold it in a long as I can and it  just burst out..all the feelings I have kept on guard as I channel the rose in this way....
 a beautiful cabin in the mountains with trees all over the place and a long cedar and oak tree lined walk way to the main entrance which is lined with roses at every step wildly climbing over the natural arches of oak trees and stone fences. It feels like a tunnel of deeply musky and airy at the same time and as you step out you can breathe in its simple beauty.

 I have a black almost black  vetiver and I have the most exquisite oak moss like ever in my whole life and there will be a few drops of this organic cedarwood oil that takes me in to the Virginia mountains. The scent of trees fermenting in the top soil, the perfume of mist in the air mixed with sweet fir and tangy, hickory, and fruity paw paw.. it has its own smell, each forest does! Like when I lived near the beach in Costa Rica, the smell of ylang ylang on certain nights was like a drug!

This is the North and winter is coming..:) Raven Speak                                                                           Rose Vetiver Cedarwood Oakmoss Patchouli...incense notes.

boil and bubble as my cauldron sputtles along

I am right now in the middle of a project distilling myrrh. I ordered a kilo and well, we might as well use it up. It grinds different than ...