Monday, September 18, 2017

ideas and more Tatanka and Snake mounds

Tatanka and my snake mound. I love the way the word rolls off my toungue. Tatanka!
this is alfalfa and clover so I can nurish my mound for next spring..

she faces the snake and shows her rare beauty and says .."you live here too.."

there are so many bees here on this sweet autumn joy  sedum..bumble bees , honey bees, sweat bees..all loving this juicy one is fighting.

this is the snakes head and somehow a squash made its way in her head..

Respecting space and providing health to all and abundance to all..!

No, I will not dress up as a native american this Halloween. We all know what I am and pretending anything is otherwise.
Last year I made a joke when someone asked me what I am dressed as because you know, black dress, great hair..
I said, I am dressed as self confidence :)

Compared to most common men, I am. I know you are too.

Willow Witch is scary too..
she is kali and divine mother
and if you should swoon at her blue lotus feet too long
she may appear as as a snake slowly entering your true hearts mind
is that what you can want from her?
do you need the heart to be understood and then accepted as if "yea, I am am very good. I am doing good and feel really must mean divine"
If each thought has power to make electrical impulses and spark in the brain and spark a thought and a memory.."think" what is and what can be and how you are the master...and, how it is happening right now and you are you and there is another you in there running the stuff you are not even aware of..the other you inside..yes, say hello and pull the strings that must be pulled.

take a deep breath, hold it in, exhale it and open the eye above your brow inside there where it hurts sometimes to address the demons, your  dug in deep thoughts, that reside
to unfold and allow to  unfurl hidden secret longings of which you may be too afraid of their if a dragon escaping from a rocky crevice..
take another breath hold it
breathe out
not everything is  about you
and always about me

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Raven speak

"There is a raven that comes to the tree above my grape vine
we often speak to each other
he calls out to me and I to him
he knows me and  he chants my way as he perhaps warns me of evil men
or to say, hey I am so glad you came now I know you'll dig some thing up for me
now sing me a song  lady mine
 bring me fresh water
bring me your sweet time"

I love rose soap in winter. I love rose soap anytime actually. real rose. no department store fakeness!

I started this recipe on etsy and never had time to write about it. It is complex because I am complex.
I really have been  so busy and yet aromas and soap are never far from my mind. You are never far from my mind.
My thoughts are about you, your movements and your stride and how you almost float with grace and poise..
I love the way your hair smells when you hug me. I know you are in my mind when I can inhale your vetiver and rose.
Is there anything more simply adorable?

I relished in the intriguing way the solar eclipse sent me, prodded me and as if a wind blew over me, under me and swept me in to a realm that while acquainted with, not realy privy to parts..yea..the world, making it and sharing the love from the top down..ah the top down..ha ha
Rules handed down by "experts" on the proper way to comply 100% and much used term lately in every memo..
Mark that little box and get on with your life is my conclusion. I don't know about you. Yes, they freak me out a little but every thing is about money as you as you walk out your nice big door.
The lunar eclipse came and exposed all of that..that is the common side of moon worship..every side is worthy of our time, yes?
 Yes but I want to make things and talk about it and make more things after that. That I how I plan my escape from the common. I linger on my plans, my secret plans to make something ridiculous and mind blowing. can I? Sometimes I feel like when I wash with a soap that explodes with a beautiful scent all over me, I feel over the moon with delight..the patchouli cacao soap makes me so happy at the moment. It is simply glorious to the moment.

 Raven Speak

I hold it in a long as I can and it  just burst out..all the feelings I have kept on guard as I channel the rose in this way....
 a beautiful cabin in the mountains with trees all over the place and a long cedar and oak tree lined walk way to the main entrance which is lined with roses at every step wildly climbing over the natural arches of oak trees and stone fences. It feels like a tunnel of deeply musky and airy at the same time and as you step out you can breathe in its simple beauty.

 I have a black almost black  vetiver and I have the most exquisite oak moss like ever in my whole life and there will be a few drops of this organic cedarwood oil that takes me in to the Virginia mountains. The scent of trees fermenting in the top soil, the perfume of mist in the air mixed with sweet fir and tangy, hickory, and fruity paw paw.. it has its own smell, each forest does! Like when I lived near the beach in Costa Rica, the smell of ylang ylang on certain nights was like a drug!

This is the North and winter is coming..:) Raven Speak                                                                           Rose Vetiver Cedarwood Oakmoss Patchouli...incense notes.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I hope you've enjoyed the full moon so far

Full Moon

Things build up during the full moon cycle which is right after the new moon cycle and that one was a solar eclipse and everything went from summer to fall..just like that!

The full moon shines on how you are scraping you stunningly at times glide through what might be tragic situations.
I feel that yes, as long as one intends and diligently makes dreams begin to become reality..there is the transition.  It is like passing from fire to metal and ice. In this case earth (Virgo) through mud and water. (Pisces)You respond how you respond to those things.

and always mindfully?

I hope..I know this, it is that  speaking your mind may be  the key to freedom and  I feel very free here and this blog anyhow. :)

What do you think about this below?

One of my artist daughters is displaying her art at a  street fair in Detroit , Dally In The Alley..ha h ha

I made these for her, for the fun of it...


I am a willow witch or at the least I aim to be
always learning to bend
always l;earning to control where my roots will attach or how they will spread underneath all the unseen wilderness of expansion
am I nothing but a photon then taking millions of years to break free and realize 
yet again and again
I am part  of everything
I always have been

Dally In The Alley..:)

I do not dally I am afraid..when I am done, I am so done..I rest like a queen Let the young ones do this for divine mother...
me me meeeee
willow witch of the not very north

Monday, September 4, 2017

peace contentment and knowledge

Labor day :)
In the olden days I would make a bunch of stuff and talk about it. I have no free time at this moment in  my life to ponder too much on too many complex notions I may have been brewing up through the year. or two..)))

Here and now is where I stream line my motivations and make really outstanding products that touch a you are showering and wondering how an ugly bar like this can send you off in imagination land where you become a new person instantly, thinking and sniffing, inhaling hard on the goodness.. it should be..:)

Something smokey for our special time?
Something resinous and rare and a little creepy dahlings?

Let us intend!

dragons blood
more dragon
dragon's blood runs cold
dragon in my eyes
I leaped over the dragon's wings

lets us intend our final orange blossom journey
I have only a little bit left,,orange blossom white rose body cream..mmmmm

Let us intend our righteous power, our undeniable connection to something greater than words like hope

mastery of our minds is beyond such silly notions
be in control of each idea
each thought
each "why"

Be a master of yourself before you look out there for someone to lead you.
It feels really good to be taken care of but that is must nurture you body and  your mind always and then always use pure essential oils and actualized your thoughts with each breath a little closer to peace, contentment and knowledge.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hello Virgo

We are already shifting towards the harvest. I am going out today and picking all the peppers and I will pickle them for the winter.

lady soap maker went out one day
 to see if her garden grew
she picked all the veggies and the cucumbers and onions too. the garlic, the juicy redness and meaty tomatoes and she sang them a lullaby too. They love that. She thinks they care about her.

The days grow short and mid day gets hot and the nights are crispy cool
condensation adorning each new bud..they will not make it.
you want them to
they try
you both cry
take a deep breath
and here here is where hope makes its  preparation
where minding what is real becomes easy
where clean up is beautiful and everything you touch becomes more gorgeous each day
where sparkling light makes you seem that way because your thoughts have transformed you in to this moment
your face so peaceful
you close your eyes and breath in all the good, your body tension leaves you and you can accept what you  have here and now..right now..
and yet like a sweet just forming bud, too late in summer, knowing this , accepts and yet demands true space in space..your face is adorned in the same way..each line be it deep or just forming.

lady soapie went out one day and knew her garden would grow
she put in the time
her hands dirty and sweat glistening in the sun
there is no way it wouldn't, you know

life is a garden you hands and the things you touch your fruit..I want sweet juicy ones

and now here is my real poem
about moles

something lingers
lingers in my garden
its sweet little teeth taking sweet little bites from my tomatoes
He leaves little tooth marks on each one that is not ripe
he goes for the juicy the sweet and the ones I would keep
he dug a tunnel  right under one such fruit
he just ate from his front door
so cute
he begs for my pardon

Monday, August 21, 2017

and what a feeling HAPPY SOLAR ECLIPSE

How interesting that this last week was a doozy, yea?

This is rose of sharon, or wild hibiscus..I love it and they tell me it grows like a weed and I am glad. Let her cast herself across my whole yard. she  is really stunning! 
Her flowers, they close at night and open with the sun. 

Glory! Perfection! Pay Attention, be free of fear again and again!

Be stunning and be real
Be happy that you are here
what ever is divine
let it be what it is
nothing to do with you for sure
make your own divinity I say
what ever you want
make it real with each thought
with each thought, transform it in to a real idea
with concrete value
with loving intention
with hands that linger on the good
with mind that proceeds with reverence for nature and her beauty of which you are one with..


Saturday, August 19, 2017

you made me cry

guys get something clear and I mean the few very sexist men I have encountered in the last month or so.

Please and Thank You!

 I will say anything I want and you do not get to be all do not get to make a ticking time bomb over a topic.

you do not get to be offended by my words about your religion
cover your head, I don't care
your vestments mean nothing to me
you do not get to treat me worse than any person in charge
especially your gods be they real or imaginary
you do not get to spread rumors about me
you do not get to treat me like a  servant
you do not get to engage in conversation
that only leads to war for any of the above topics
you do not get to be mean to everyone just because you are having a bad day
your mom may be dying  or whatever is weighing your mind..there are many things which weigh our minds
you seem to think it is way to be rough with people and you create drama and bad hurt feelings
who do you think you are, Caligula??

ha ha ha

sorry I had to bring this to you as I approach my 60's but it took that long to find words to reply to your unkind racist sexist what supremacist attitude.
I have known and not necessarily  in the "known" sense,  vile white men and vile black men and they all had a penis, they loved that thing and they still do. I am sure!

talk about everything yo

ideas and more Tatanka and Snake mounds

Tatanka and my snake mound. I love the way the word rolls off my toungue. Tatanka! this is alfalfa and clover so I can nurish my mound...