Monday, April 23, 2018

they will try to get to you be strong

there are no buts here and what ifs there
you need to do and be what you need to be
minding your tasks or guess what, learn to manipulate others so that they take care of you
carry on about plans and phone calls and whens
(true friendship has no obligations)
now hone in on your true witch art skills
no pressures to declare
no angers to compare
laughter and sweet music in the air
and flowers everywhere..

la la l a

they treat you different when they think you are weak. They can smell it.
Zombies fakin zombies..

Well friends, here is an idea and why I loved The Walking Dead so the prison they had ways to get out of the super safe chain link fence they restored because sometimes enemies are from  all sorts of ways.
You always have that safe exit. Oh, they will hunt you down and try to get you..they are like any virus.content until they see a host to suck time out of. Ah time..zombies, they have all the worries..they have lunches and trips and stories no one cares about any more, they have money and they are cheap they need prestige and a name to carry on their arm and the food they eat has to have a you ever wonder how many hands have touched all that? Do you??

I find humanity this way, being that we all have gone in to the world and spend our time out there. I do. I engage all day and finally it means really many lives I lead.
My ex said that it was the two lives of Annie and I would get mad. He is right.. at work I cannot slice heads off, I mean here I do not slice heads off, I do say my thoughts which may be irrational and rabling, I know this!
fakin zombies

Here Alone
An exquisite film, well acted with the right tension, there were moments I had to pause,, and I have seen it twice.

What We Do In The Shadows!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

spring in your step Love earth love me love her be free

SHE is 
free from old dusty thoughts
that excuse every bad design
or unfair plan
cast raised and mean to others
fires broken hungry people and wars
it all pounds on her 
what you mean and how you mean
hear my words now and lets us, you and me
adorn her and know her better she is us

The temps here finally got up to spring like. 59*
oh, wow almost 60!
Today also they say. To me it felt like knives going through my knees and speckles of shards in my legs.
I knew we were having a solar flare the other day and I was expecting high winds instead i it was all me inside ( I ate a donut, I will admit, it always makes me have pain)) The weather really effects me I say!

If we are looking at  spring time finally. It was a cold cold month and we had snow and well it shows me that one little adjustment in our planets spin around the sun or a cool(er) spot in space can be treacherous some years.
We never think about our earth unless it is earth day.
Global warming and other ideas get washed by the wayside because people are lazy fuks and think they are  modern and spectacular using modern implements to eat their food they never saw being killed.
That goes for corn and tomatoes, everything...
growing your food  is just as hard..we sew we reap..well, the masses they just reap..

Scientists have revealed that plants communicatethrough the air, by releasing odorous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and through the soil, by secreting soluble chemicals into the rhizosphere and transporting them along thread-like networks formed by soil fungi.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

happy birth day Taurus

Oh yea baby..Taurus is big for the next few years..big big big..thank you for all you've been working for, I can't wait to see everything!
You will have the thing with Uranus in Taurus don't you know..
not now you will make it a good chariot so that Uranus can really ride hard and be all that. not yet though.
Ride hard on a soft bed..ha ha ha haaaa LOL

Happy Birthday Taurus and now we all have the earthly delights to make us see what needs done and folded and cleaned and paid for....and driven to and bought and made pretty. Home remodeling is going to be big. I am excited big time!

You will pay for amazing things  and bless that because you get to.
If not, soap is the last thing on your mind..(out of ten things) (unless you live here..))

These ideas will reflect in all of us, money matters and what we value..course Leo, do not be a dick because you are are so awesome in every way..charm is nothing without skills and you have them but dang, you can be super duper too fast, too burned out, too much working and then tired, too much crying over dicks at work..
sound familiar?

The stubborn factor and the planets say this all day(Mars in earthy Capricorn, Saturn in stubborn sorry Capricorn). With the Uranus in Aries pushing pushing pushing  and did I say, "pushing, new ideas t, some being time wasting crap but some dick in an office thinks it is good for everyone and so our culture changes to people easily being offended about the rules of life..oh snap!

they all  have their pars
their protocols
eleneetha's soap

Reputations are  certainly being reviewed and when dicks make up their minds about someone, well, the tv  says it all. Make up your own mind about what is real before you go wild in a group about outcast them somehow..

Did I say dicks too much..
making them happy .never..and you'll try, honing in on your techniques, but nope, when something is not you lie to yourself and say, "oh it is okay, I will do better next time". It is like you manipulate yourself to just accept it, and wake up thinking about it and go to sleep obsessing about it and secretly, carry on and then one day that is it, you  say, finally, "no," You say what your heart has known from the start, but that stubbornness grips you and you feel your ego  bursting with desire to show you can  and you will greedy heart..see it and breathe her..because it is what drives all of your best instincts.
 Know them and be free for tyranny and lies about what  you should want and  and think..cammon!

Be Greedy For Good! BGFG

Own it and be free from guilt about it..Greedy For  Freedom Chant..GFFC

" I do not want this, it hurts my head!"

"you keep saying I am okay, that you love me and all that and then you pound me over the head."

"You keep saying you care and then create a snare which I get caught in and the you say, "why, did you get caught in that, I told you not to?"
"who are you, god?'

My favorite one is this, here, "Thank you that I get to make my best choices today"

Values..are something we all will learn..Uranus in Taurus will teach us that rebuilding is the key our children's future. Good health and true education without fear of  offending anyone, any cult, and or church..
Sorry about the dick thing, I was thinking a vilest thought that I could..LOL
These thoughts are all Capricornian..that weird sort of bitterness that can well up in your heart..shed that right now!
Be mindful  of what you want exactly. Also no one cares about you really they are in their own special bubble just like you and me.
"Do not accept defeat!" They say that to you in big pictures on walls..

That is a dumb word, there is always something is already after now.
Focus on it, and be the artist, of which there  are and more and more of us, you and me, thinking, doing, achieving a family to be all happy, all nice to each other.
I would like that and yes, it comes, a nice family life and a glorious soap art only getting better, and money enough to eat what I love to eat and now , you know, I want more rose oil and more frankincense and more old whore.

I am getting ambergris this month too because it has been a while..oh man..

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

our beautiful garden

( Best house if zombies wandered like in TWD..ha ha :we can live )together all of  us here in this place)

Stop with the plastic in the garbage..jeez and don't tell me to get a life, that plastic takes 500.000  years to break down. Future Life will be will be like  that robot for the new lost in space and by then you' and I will  be gone.
There will be remnants of the past.

It does not have to go that way even though it will. We have buried all of our gods but three or four now along with our mountains of trash  and  our earth still spins and breathes and broadcasts it self around itself. It is so cool. Did you know our planet hums and breathes and it hums in space..yup!

 The garden in our heart must and always will
make it strong
and re hash
tear down weeds to find treasures
clean the place up
that is how things get done
go beyond expectation and self motivated  desires
selfish wants
sparkles for a moment on top of trash
that is a good one
sparkles on top  of trash..

The best things stand the test of time.
clean life
clean home

Sunday, April 15, 2018

last few months with Uranus going in to Taurus

Class vibe

I and know for sure it will be money, homes, house, garden, good food,  a third person getting involved and getting your finances in order could say more about that and for sure your will be pretty!
I have never seen one Taurus slob ever. Leo can go either way, dirty as a dirty dog or cleaned up. I have seen Pieces on the drugs and one time even bad bad ones..

Intensified dream yes!!
I saw my friend Adzia, in my dream and she saw me smoking a long herbal and tobacco (truly the feeling of it was odd)the most craziest cigarette..that was last night. This dream thing is going to be like a rollercoaster up and down..and then up again.
There will be endings as you know and like on the Walking Dead, people will die. Some we have revered and some we could give a rat's ass about. I mean  this social media thing is odd yes, clothes, naked buts everywhere and we worship a queen and her family for who they would marry and invite to the wedding. Crazy stuff humans have made.

Here we are Mercury is about to go the other way, that shake things up but good. For the better? Yes of course! Each day can be met with vigor and intending comfort and beautiful home and garden..the best happy life.
Last degrees in the big planets can be extreme, I say. Uranus is no exception. We can recall when  Uranus was in power about 70 years ago and bad men killed many peasants and babies.
Let us attend to the  transitions that at least at the very least we are all in accordance that we never want this kind of tyranny.
It did not last forever then and science will win it has won and cannot be denied.
Deniers will fall by the way side and the discover they are alone in a pretend world of mystical bobbles and fake success.
 It is time to rest for one more week and do not go rushing in to buying a house you think is the one. Rest your mind because people's opinions of you can make or break you. Calmly say what you think, cry I guess f you are me)
Also you may not see this now but they may be so greedy that you are struggling to make ends meet when your struggles are always met with their disdain.
 Of course they are greedy and slavery is real and we fake named it capitalism.

focus on task
start one at a time even though  you have ten
your lists if too many become a blurr., calm down
"don't be someone's peanut butter dust!"
(peanut butter dust, ha ha "people do nothing, netflx")

Saturday, April 14, 2018

tarot and what I love

At one time I had many card decks and now just one and it is not really my favorite and actually I do not play the cards anymore.
Like I want to see the tower or death any time in any card reading.
What I like about tarot is that and I know this is going to sound unscientific but there is a telepathic energy that drives the hand and then the cards.
You think you are stirring up spirits and if we have learned anything from the Bhagavad Gita is that your mind makes all the enemies. Truth!
All the little thoughts are what wars are made of. Truth

So, I want to tell you about some old friends that have been coming around. I was married to one of them long ago..lovely man..we left the marriage as friends..sort of.
Anyhoot, here we are years later.
He thinks I am still that same witch that can say and do craft which thangs..ha ha I loved the tarot back then.
I will say this friends..
Witches are better for humanity. Become one and see what the good that can happen.
We are open minded, we are always making our will make things happen, we work our asses off, we  see danger and we see friends who need a hand or a new word to inspire. We work hard for the good.
 Years have gone by, and all those years I have studied to become thoughtful and know the truth. a little better.
I even tried to love jesus then but that didn't work out.

Look, I love the tarot and, and, playing  cards is an art and, yet, gambling with fate is silly.
I do not need a lovers card to know that there are men in my life who would love to be here at night..
no babies. I love being free to plan my own days. Truth!

Cheers, to all who can sleep alone and never be lonely!

Witches have days filled with correct choices because they know they cannot blame anyone else for mistakes they made..learning from that is what we do, learning hard, some of us too!
I mean this, a long skirt and earrings won't make that happen any faster.
Card 1
This was the card of the day.LOL LOL 

Look at it and study the things..You want to see that she is thinking about some things while he is of course trying to keep her. He can not  because the snakes the base of the forest tell another tale. One of secret longings and even some lies and shedding the old ways and how that will happen no matter what.

I chose this card not for myself as I say. I chose this card because the aggressive mars factor with mercury going direct here will shake things up so mind your responsibilities.
Be the hen who constantly clucks at her babies (thoughts in your brain ) so that they mind and stay close otherwise the snakes will come and eat them....notice how  his one foot is on top of one of the snakes..hummnnn do you think this card shows a player who is never satisfied? 

Card 2..
 This is about you and me making shadows in our minds and forgetting that we are always protected. This can be about drugs and how we carve affection through them. Notice the wolf and how he is telling the moon what happened. he is crying even. He needs to shed the guilt and longing of the heart. In a few days it won't hurt like this.

Card 3

The High Priestess

Don't kid yourself, she is a witch, say her name!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

aromatherapy perfume and all that stuff saturn in the nook

It is mostly women and yet I am finding more and more modern men in perfume to be quite nice.
I am not talking about the big named guys..they are fake. None and nothing in nature smells  like that. that is why dumb people say they hate patchouli or that everything smells like my brother will say, "oh it smells like patchouli.."
"oye, I can't even look at you about that and grow the fuk up and I am wearing sandalwood, dummy"

I am a follower of a renowned writer of all skin and aromatic delights and one who might not be as relevant today because she is kind of a jerk.

"nice", I say to her because she brought it up, there were comments and everything, she showed a photo..yada yada. She is a jerk yo. She said some thing about to go to her other page on her site..something  where I can look up on google anything she can say about anything now.
The moment fled as quickly as social media will allow and left me with something...I hope I never   don't ever treat anyone like that. You want to know about anything ever? Google it and someone somewhere will also want to know and say what they know..directing me to another effin page about effin herbs..oye..
Like I am saying with saturn yo, you allow a whole generation of learning to go right by you while settled in your once adored  pedestal all covered from the rain.
(too salty?))

Where is saturn in your chart? You should look. For me It is all first house and at my age there is are some maintenance. I might consider hyaluronic injections. don't judge me. I am a smart woman  who needs to move and dig dirts..Saturn is aging..Mars is impatient adversaries....

Look at your chart and see where you need to heed
the mars ambitions others may throw at you or they might just pass you by
while you might be shadowed by any real enlightenment
how would you know about any shadow if you never look out of your rigid choices

think for your self and the rule

..the older you are  the more charming and demure (do not eat choky foods in front of your guests)

beautiful silky stunning and helpful words created in your happy brain..
not to scatter them to and fro
you are quiet and content
(me, oh no, I Must Dig and dig to get to the roots and see what they do in my fancy witchy brew)

don't blame anyone even tho
circumstances have driven you to this point in your road.
like they say in that sweet children's show, "it's time to be a hero!"

Take a walk outside and feel the cold air against your face and tell stories that we all want to hear

In about a week, Mercury will be back to normal. Whatever that is.Your yearnings will transform in to reality once more..
the fervor in the now will have passed and things become what they already have been..
I make no sense and yet keep saying words..
I love you so much.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

cold springtime mars saturn ideas mars in capricorn rules and even teaches saturn a thing or two

He should get out of that nook before it crumbles from above because he has been standing in there too long..
Saturn means to stand upright..

Everything is fine, I see things and people in my life are so many that the  life and breath of my family is a whole big thing I am in and I have to say, they are all doing great and I am not expecting anything more or less.
I feel like we are all pretty honest with each other and well as far as Mars in Capricorn goes, it is really happy here ..
Saturn is all about old ways, cracking ideas and cracking of skin and other breathing is huge with Saturn, teeth, bones and calcium deposits in weak areas of the body...The neck..the you carry the spine..for me Saturn is about  honoring mother and father..this is a sacred task we all should share and rise above. Some families do not make it. Some are torn apart through human means to failure. Some fathers loose the honor and some mothers do too..

Saturn, "get it together"
Mars, "oaky, what do you need at this moment?"

It's odd to see a whole year with out some kid or their significant other not go through a challenge or two.
I watch as family on the distant  states and furter go through their lives, I mean not really,  on the face book.ah social media..use it or abuse it..
What do we really care to know about each other on the face book? Our opinions and politics have already put us in a category, I have read that..

I say things on the face book.There was this one boy that made accusations about me and I almost got mad at  him. All I am saying is don't be dumb and if you you haven't before like me, and many others, this is the time to think for yourself. Insults are not facts. Do not even go there.
Think for yourself.
What are you working for?
Be organized is the key and be  timely in movement.
What is it for I wonder and why are people so mean to each other?
On line people are mean. It is really sad.

I have had almost a whole week off from work. I made soap, read books and made food like I always do  without the lifting of at least 20 boxes weighing twenty pounds and then bending a lot.
I feel better and feel like I can carry this hip another few years :)
They want to give me a new one but I won't.
and always with the need more vitamin d.
I want this whole fake  health thing to stop..
I mean yes drink a smoothie now and again or make your food..I am not joining a team okay..paleo my ass..stop it! get the freshest food you can and make it with simple sides..loads of greens and fresh!

Yesterday I made Greek Gyros..I sliced a cucumber and put really good yogurt on them and I put fresh lemon and salt and some garlic to soak in the lemon juice. pepper done..
I do not put dill on everything people think is greek..In summer I have loads of basil.
The other salad is simply thin slices of tomatoes and shredded lettuce..on that I did drizzle a fine olive oil from greece.."Horio" green and fruity..balsamic over on that too lightly. You stuff that in a pitta.
Sorry no photos, it was eaten off of the stove to be honest, so delicious it was!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

moon aproaching saturn

filled will excuses
filled with anger and refuse
splashes of debris shining in the sunlight
limping ladies down the street who don't drive
fat geese shambling by with jewels and silk at their feet
some barking and proclaiming
yes christ is the way
to what I say
the dizziness gets frayed
sometimes they sting you like a sea creature and leave a mark
their heavy karma for a moment in your heart
sometimes they breath out fire and it lights the way until they fall 
to the past


Friday, April 6, 2018

so many your best things wait for you Uranus transition to Taurus

You have a bunch of things going on with Aries at the end through  Uranus (wait it is the other way around)))right now and in angles with Libra and Capricorn and Cancer  too is involved from a far away perspective we never get to see.
Besides doing your best at all times Uranus in Taurus brings many issues to a conclusion about the monies and what investments you get to cash in on or loose big time.
With this aspect there will be many unusual changes happening and Scorpio is at a  time in their life when they might will settle in a peaceful happiest union..if they want to. Older ones will be like, "nah, I am good right now.."

I remember studying about the cycles of Uranus in our charts. How does that telepathically make things happen I wonder?
I wonder how Uranus can be a rigid influence where the rules have changed and so has the outlook and uniform.
In Uranus in Taurus, fashion and art will be free and beautiful again. OR There can be a rigid new rule or three.
Endings of jobs and contracts..(a three year time period here)
A disagreement or two about living conditions and how many pets can live indoors. If you are a Taurus, you have never looked better. Scorpion, jeez, girl! Watch out for your light attracts many..
Think about Uranus being a higher octave of Mars and how things change and do not ever  really the same topics reveal similar reactions..
Where Mars is rough and ready Uranus is already there..
shatter illusions now friends
shatter expectations and status symbols
shatter dirty mouthed liars of what is real
the incesed masses on their devices that never one time had a broken shoe in the rain with no way home 30 miles out in the dark night when panthers(not black panthers from movies) walk the streets and bombs may explode
Shatter this old world notion now because filters are for coffee..raweeerrr

the things about our body and our mind war factors libra watches as aries strides to make a point yet again

Leo finally becomes a lion
He sure does take  long, huh?
Lazy as fuk fire some  days but when he is good he is so so fine..
I love a leo virgo variety.

Aries Aries where are you in this chart...
is it time to go or
will you tighten the grip
of what you think you need to keep
nothing is real here so do not weep

that there are always two roads

then fine here we go make that money baby face the future with your head held high..

As a Libra with Capricorn and Scorpio tendencies both making me amazing and cray cray too I can tell you it has been a war yesterday..
this one dude started screaming at me because he assumed I am an immigrant.:) I tell you I almost got out of the car and knocked him down with my good knee:)something to show that I am done being intimidated by men. It happened so much that three in one day is like , "oh, just a moment here, what is the malfunction on this day?"
I parked by the dumpster at the Greek store and  he said I can't read and who do I think I am..:)
After two "I am so sorry" in perfect English  or if he may have prefered, Spanish, Greek or Macedonian I said  "I am sorry." he kept yelling, so, I rolled up my window as it went up, I yelled back, "fuk off!"
wow "sheesh, sorry", I said in a tone, louder that I wanted.
I will fight that guy, I mean really, should I have got out of the car knowing I could take him down in a heart beat? As soon as he got close I looked at his stomach and his legs, to see his week points. I would hit his thighs hard with my knee before he could utter another rude comment to me. He would be down hard on concrete. He would be laying there at least a little bloody and the police would would be a whole afternoon taking forms and talking to men behind glass. He was old and his voice would crackle and I saw his old teeth in his old yeasty mouth and got grossed out thinking, this is what mean people become. They get a face that is always fixed in a sneer..oh my goodness, he was a zombie! You roll up the windows if there is just one and drive off. He was so too a zombie!

breathe breathe and go home stop and rest a moment talk to a loved one

I was so funny. Now, I must ask why he thought it was okay to freak out on the one week the Greeks go for all the Greek things at the  Greek store next door to him, I never see more than one car on a four space unit so he was freaking out about the Greeks. Imagine being a darker race of people or black,  and parking there and living with that  racism all the time no matter where you park. I was only parked there like 90 seconds too.
I get it, being old sucks. I cannot run a 6 mile run or hike a mountain for an afternoon, I never want to. I want tea with smart people and I want to know why a proton inhibitor inhibits and I can read, but only good books!

How was your day then?
Everything is good. there are new soaps galore..check it out, yea?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

ah yes mercury retrograde and more money and range of spending

Here is the thing to get through Mercury retrograde..calm down, look at the facts not some made up bullshit to gas light your way through another lie and another cover up..
Who is this pertaining to? I do not know names okay! lol

I am simply reviewing cause and effect in my life as I watch my people go through their thing and  of course they all think I can handle the anythings  they go through because I am so tough!
I am tough and I am worthy and I am faaakin smart, that is between us, I do not chant this in public. I do seem to have a keen eye to get the the cause..ah the cause..
No, do not hide your heart from it..
You had better own it as it follows you till death..a weight of fear and guilt  which can get heavy I say unless served and locked it  away to  your mind's success factors..BTW
What are your ideas of success factors? What do you want in your daily life?
This is the time to review your real desires and wants and ways you want to spend your time here. Is your time spent buying trinkets and jewels and such? Dinner parties and hotel outings?
A nice cabin in the woods with fire and nature?
Eating fish on an open fire or eating a drive through meal and diet coke from McDonalds?
There are choices. and You wear the garments of who and what you are, truth!
Your garments being your words and what you may or may not have said.
Your garments  like the light that shines so hot off  of your forehead
the gleam which sparks joy in your eye and mine
this is what I want all the time..really now

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Saturn Pluto and the destructive factor

You were trying to avoid the truth. You tried and tried to communicate and still the severing of ties grips you and then tears you apart.

Be a LION! (a good luck moon true node in Leo conjunction right now!)

You were trying to be patient and learn but the constant negative reinforcements have made you nervous and insecure and now you may seem like a beggar pleading for the thing you think you want.

Be a LION! ( a perfect showcase for your skills and creative forces.)

You were trying to fix your past mistakes and face your fears and when low and behold, you stopped and you thought  BE A LION  now  !~ it is time to be real.

Be a LION!

You past will never leave you  that comes with the Saturn effects in our lives.
Be a LION and bide your perfect time to hunt and rest..balance is the key and sauvite is required!

Pluto in astrology teaches that death is always present and things, people, cars,, WILL die. friendships and lovers will leave us, heck man, Walking Dead will end, someday!
That is a joke..

Pluto is about the pain of an ending and so one must feel it. The agony of past hurts robbing you of precious present moments, the pain  in your body from perhaps unhealthy and unbalanced  life style...
Who will be strong is this scenario?

The ones who can look at something and be gracious, kind, quiet and willing to change. and proceed with courage and eyes open
The older you are the harder. Saturn is about hardening the mind as well the body. Stiffness and rigidity .incentives or .lack there  of.   Pluto is coming with a bloody bat to tear it down, tear down old fashioned ideas.

it is okay, there will be great treasure among the rubble and you will be absolutely amazing!