Wednesday, June 20, 2018

let someone else shine and it will be you Uranus in Taurus news

I love astrology and humans so even though I am all  science most of the time, I still love to be myself which is my gut instincts on paper..or this screen as it were..
I had some thoughts, I hope you do not mind my telling them.

Take care of the details that no one else seems to have is to be  shared and transparent. When you keep secrets out of greed that is one thing, when you keep secrets to save a bunch of money to give away to your loved ones..yes..that is your best self.
You want to have fun with the rest of the light hearted people who do not know that they are not going to be light hearted for long
Longing..longer, being loved on the  long term and sharing that time having fun together with the right person is very good for you.
Let me say that moods spoil the day. tempers and reaction from you may last a while, so cool it.
Gather around like mind people for sure, unless of course you've made up  your mind about some things and it may be a little to much..right..stand tall, be humble, you shine like this..Beautifully because everyone knows they can count on you.

Wow, things have changed and now all that stuff of about 6 years now, is water under the bridge and the pain and agony of the destruction is over. Good on you Taurus because look at how you have evolved though out this last few years now. Ever a creative artist and stylist and clean living guru..all those things. Making your art stand out is a key here. making yourself known in your town is a also something I am very happy that are focusing on yourself and focusing on being happy and not some social stand. Be free from anger now and let your art shine. I am so excited about this!

There mare many creative forces at work here. right now there is not much air element in astrology what with most of the planets in earth signs and here you are the bright light in the room as usual the one with an eye for detail of the most exquisite nature, one that most could not. You have it all, beauty, great hair..ha ha ha

Cancer have worked hard to get where you are at this moment. Imagine a year from now, you being financially excellent and well loved. This is a great time to take the challenge and be who you want to be and as well, be who you have always planned to become! Take the time that you need, just do not do small things on a large scale in order to avoid growing up..what? Like?
Well there is a mothering in you and sometimes it comes off too pushy. You are sensitive and inconsolable.or can be. Step back and see how much power you have right now. A lot!
Girls cancer is stylish and pretty, boy cancer is a bit of a time waster so grow up and get it together! Perhaps too many toys!

Leo Leo Leo
 when it comes to doing your best..
what do you want  me to say. Do not be a cliche though. Do not be a lazy big word languisher and cry when you do not have clean clothes. You really go too far dearies. Sometimes half the time it is great. You are like an organized surgeon and then you can be a jerk yo. I have met leo men who are both charming and heavenly and then I much, too much gets you burned out.
All leos women and men, get to always choose, what is comfy and what is best looking.
Be very careful that
You are a not  rooster, a cock and we  yes, do need the stylist, the no fear guy..thank you! You may have turned your back on many people in your life. It is always about who are the real friends in your world?
Who can be totally yourself with!Look at your money now and think of how you can produce a whole lot!
Do not take all the people for granted who have molded you. You are not special by the way. You know who you are. You chant one thing and cry like a baby when it hurts.

( that was mostly for my boy)

Here is the thing with such fire energies. Leos can and want to be wild..wild gets you tired and then no sleep makes you edgy, and mean..and they say astrology doesn't work! Drink water not starbucks..and you do not need a personal trainer at 80 day including your food. How dumb!
(not for my boy)


Okay Okay Virgo 
What did you do and what have you done
what have you thought and convinced yourself that it was true 
What do you still ponder on from the past with a little too much love in it
what have you taken hours to achieve days years over and over learning doing 
what can you love at this moment
what can you feel attached to right now.
why do you recluse yourself

Things are really good right now and you may be scared and seek to fulfill your loneliness. You also have great opportunities to create a new sense of community for many who seem to love you.:) course we do!


You have let some healing time happen this year and I am glad for you. You have risen above the petty social media coverage on this and that and have not become that pitch fork wielding bully from the other side, which ever other side you are on.
You have focused on simplifying your needs whilst giving of your knowledge to others. You can shine more while fanning the other's fires. that is why people love a LIbran human. We can allow others to take the flame while we blow gently or with great force.
Remember that the end of the line is where the chain happened to grow longer and as a strong link.
That is my lesson for Libra. We are a chain link from fire emotion to logical balance.
yes we may hurt many peoples feelings when we speak the truth plainly and with out caution
This next few years is about control, quiet thought and pondering on more and better ways to be happy!


Great times ahead babies.  the wonderment of you always giving it your all and focusing on your duties like a pro. You learned to get  by in spite perhaps some mal choices..Scorpio is service to loved ones. He she is attending no matter the time. He is always thinking, looking, taking apart, listening..this goes for Scorpio moon folks as well. I love you so much, you know who you are.
Scorpio is a whore in the bedroom and a neurosurgeon in the, he loves it, who wouldn't? Habits, yup..something he must have and hide as if it were precious. i love you.
This year more money and more control over your gains.

You have been and come a long way. Be careful that you do not assume anything about people based on their politics or any other unreal ideas of who and what you think they are. Sagg ca be a little bit stand offish. It is not because they hate you, it is because they are planning their next  vacation to somewhere sunny and distinguished! LOL 

 Oh yes my have waited and worked and done what you need to do and decided things and entertained and laughed and cried with me. Moon in cappy counts so listen.
That's it..
do not react but listen, react after you listen. Think about what you have heard.wait, you already do that..great! I love you!
Listeners are more successful than people who cannot shut up for a minute to hear others. There is always time to strike like that tail on a great ancient creature I can imagine..Swat!!


Excellent time to change you diet and change your life and perhaps change your mind about what you thought was so important five years ago. You remember how it was almost the end of the world and then time changed everything and here we are, birds singing outside and we you and me are safe. The dog is safe and my kitty is home taking a nap. You need more naps babe and less anger about politics. it makes your face prettier to me and frankly your face is the best thing I have ever seen. Gorgeous, beautiful, edgy and bright eyed..
Do your best and hold your head will preside over many more excellent days..may more excellent family life.You are both the child and the temperance star healer.

Hard working, check.
Hard thinking, check, loves his family, check, cheap to save money so he can give it to his kids, stellar human!
Yes, they can and still hold grudges over some really bad  things from years ago. That is what makes them so smart. they know where to put those thoughts in good keeping until they need them to see what is not what they want. I know, it is crazy. They hurt more and can  take more pain..I know, crazy!
This is a great time to enjoy their lives because guess what, everyone is growing up and there is joy abounding. Creative forces at work and making doing and being free from strain, it is what I wish for all Piscean creatures.

Monday, June 18, 2018

it went from when is summer coming to hot hot hot hating trump wont help you drink water

That is all the stuff of earth and her spin.
Our spin is to distinguish from truth and lies and real heat and unnatural heat or unnatural happiness,
what we will be mad about and what will we be approving of..
fine, I will rant!

You must give the ones you love a chance for sure but the ones you hate deserve one just as much, everyone can change their mind..yea?

The whole thing with Holywood right now is making the news even worse than  ever. Those people do not live  what is considered a good life. They act and lie for a living and now you  want to follow them and wallow in their famous dust?
I swear, if god did not exist, humans would make one up!
These are demigods we have chosen a role models because humans actually do not and are too lazy to think for themselves.
We want to believe the lie so much we entitle the power to decide to a stranger that we have never lived with or actually got to know. It takes two years of living together before the rough stuff shows..fact!
We are lazy. I think it is hormonal because like plants reaching for the best spot to suck in nutrients, people are drawn by their body juices towards ideas and of course actual situations where all of a sudden they are all "me tooing"..and not, " me thinking" about each thing I do and who I spend my time with and talk to. You of course!
And then saying, "I am so sorry"
Grow up, Robert De Niro, you acted a role in a movie and now you  have the knowledge and fortitude to dictate world events? He is one example..there have  been too many apologies as of late in the news. "Disgraced comedian taking a walk in the street"
Disgraced from what? I ask.
He was raunchy enough on stage and you knew that he was raunchy and a little bit sick minded and you laughed..disgraced actor..singer..model... it does go you see it?

Grace is something so profound and not to be dissed in this way..who am I , the grace police?

They were taking children away from their parents before now. Trust me that government agencies are a liberal socialist institution like in the old days and not the new idea of socialism where we all want to respect each other and live together and learn and put away the guns. They are like jails because every border is a military operation. I have gone through many. No one took my kids though. USA USA USA
Why do you need a gun anyhow?
There will be no zombie apocalypse , the deer would not be a food you need because you live in the city with a car and whole foods down the street..dang did not  buy that gun to hunt with. Please!
Go ahead, I am not anti gun politically. I am just  saying a weapon like that in the house has a big chance to get in bad hands or baby hands or drunk hands or jilted lover hands(most likely).

Seems like Americans are depressed, more than I have ever seen. Anxiety.

Supplements for anxiety and anger towards nothing real:

lemon balm
my favorite,
St Johns Wort and a little magnesium, beautiful

cannabis flower organic ( do not be a pussy, it is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of)

Okay, have a great one!
I am planting petunias that are so purple they look black.

Friday, June 15, 2018

mars and venus jupiter in scorpio

mars in aquarius venus leo
jupiter in scorpio
one would think that there was money being tossed about and the finances are being stretched beyond what was fathomed..

I think that some with strong Leo aspects
are for sure severing some financial ties. leo is really transforming, they do not like to suffer, no way!
They can be fearless and beautiful for sure but they burn out and then they do nothing
They have been a kitty for so long they forgot that they were the ultimate hunters
fresh meat is always the best for leon types
I do see many vegan leos too
it is cool
I tried beyond meat burgers one time and that was the last time.
If you do not want to eat meat but crave a meat like look to your food..humm some sort of marketing schemes are at play..even 11 year olds are vegan now..
I am not. I love all the foods. Yummy nice fresh made by a kind hand no tags, no paper instructions..
It is best to have a little place where we all tend to our own needs and forget this, "my house is on main street' bullshit. or I drink Starbucks coffee"
But hey, that is just mom in me is coming out. The villager girl..snake killer..

One time I almost got bit by a black mamba and  my uncles came out after I ran home and told them there was one hidden under a rock by the barn. It was big and black. I must have been 4 or five years old.. Uncle George ran out and my dad and papou and the old ones papou Tran and Baba Sofia. They were of the old ways and were not as fluent in Greek but spoke still their language,  Macedonian.
It is an unwritten language passed down by the people, my great gran the time my uncles were old enough to kill bad snakes easily, they did not refer to Macedonian but only Greek and so did we. We can all speak it though..when I was a kid, we could not speak it in public and were shamed if we did.
heh! I do have a point..
be careful you are not falling in line with the new regime in order to glisten and shine..well some make it easy, others follow them and then the money flows in areas that can seem super shallow..
Be careful not to fall in line with the new regime..Who are you trying to follow anyhow?

I am not telling you to stop eating beyond meat burgers..yes I am! .Okay fine..I would eat one and be gracious..8 dollars for two processed pea powder patties which are  modified to look like meat via a process I have no idea  about and packed in plastic layered in two and covered with beautiful cardboard label.
" do you have beyond meat  burger in stock?" She asked me with her big boobied red revealing shirt too small for her large figuered self!
"no, sold out"

Paleo Vegan
Bullet MCT Oil

I mean we used to make  perfume with fractionated (MCT) coconut oil and now it is a  fat burner.

Eat a salad
make your own bread
touch your food with joy not regrets
such joys don't come easily
lest you forget
the sweat
the heat
some one got up early to get those for you
to sort and choose and clean the dirt off for you
and now you are depressed
you cry all the time
I rarely see you jest
Why are you so sad and mad and not glad

work on a farm one day and see how it refreshes your mind
cut up your own tomato
try one outside in the sun right juicy from the vine

facebook and twitter groups are not your more books rather than quotes..
None of them will care when you get your feelings hurt like Morganine did in The Mists of Avalon..a great read for the summer.
I love you and I love talking with you and hope the best for you with loads of money health and happiness 2018 and beyond..

Thursday, June 14, 2018

happy new moon gemini

Be happy because
it is light and juicy and has even some clandestine all know who you are with your little affairs and flirts gone too far.
Just do not enbroil yourself beyond your reality.
Do not come in second for goodness sake!
Do not  dive in only to find many have dove before you and you are not that special even though you felt that way for a brief period of time.

Oh really, it is silly..I just have this to say..
Oh I am good enough for a tarot reading but when I start talking about real science you scoff like I do not know what I am talking about..
It happens when I say something like, "everything we are is made in stars and that is real creation"
No magic tricks..honestly!

That said, there is a web, infinite and invisible and we are all connected by our brain and when we focus on something, our brain makes room for is all about the will and how to strengthen that aspect of will and being.
What project do you want to begin? Forced to begin?
What has died and must be put away, buried..
be cold in a way because dang man, if you are not a little bit cold, your heart might wander in areas where you should not allow. Danger is everywhere.

Mars is bumps and bruises, yea? Arnica is great..

Happiness for me is finishing what I start and being neat and tidy.
happiness for me is making soap.
Happiness for me  are my plants outside that greet me each morning as if friends and lovers all..
Happiness for me is not travel or jewels..although and new necklace with amber is what I have been dreaming about..
Happiness for me is having all the money I require to buy the best oils ever..

Scent of the day
rose otto
orange blossom
jasmine grand

I love you so much xx

Sunday, June 10, 2018

its better not to even talk about it Saturn Uranus Ideas

I know you have to
you have to let it out
you have to cry it out
and act it out and worry and carry on and then you can sleep maybe, huh?
Do not let your mind wake up to resentments you may have developed through years and years of slamming feelings down in order not to make a fight..based on hate and greed and jealousy
admit it jealousy plays in to it.
review what you do not like from someone and revenge is never good..I get it. You want to slice heads off right now to get some sort of satisfaction , watch how far you are willing to go tho. Even on that face book people are all thinking a quote replaces real living.
(spell: tonight as you might be observing the  moon darkening, say that you are wild and free and have no fears, yes say it and then say three times that you will renounce fear and you will renounce jealousy and you will renounce greedy stupidity..)) Do this for three nights and call me in the morning..ha ha ha

ah, people
they act like they are your friend for years and then you are gone for whatever reason and they never mention your name. or do I hope so. I hope they say everything instead of picking and choosing what feels good right now to say!

This whole thing reminds me of Saturn and how he is so easily offended and he can be a dick. Uranus in Taurus is here to make things tidy, we have that. We have the growth thorough arts and culture again and it is going to be wonderful. I am so happy about Uranus in Taurus because many of us will get our money fears taken care of.
I love money..I want to spend as much as possible on oils for us. It is what I do as a human this go round..To be able to make the oils do anything is exciting and I want to continue to learn. No, you do not come back after you die in a new body, that is crazy. Your cells leave a memory each time you pass them on to a child and so on. that deja vu you may encounter in your brain is a memory of your ancestors cells you still have tucked away in your right?
we have been here since forever..blown up and burned out and created in to unfathomable creatures and here we are conscious of ourselves..beautiful..mystery and wonderment..all day!

Oh, wait one moment..let us look at our own mythology,  the last time Uranus was in and science were a big part of growth in the world.
Looking the part and being so orderly and stern that you forgot to live now? Look good and you do not need to look  like anyone on TV..
You forgot to form real friendships and perhaps you never wanted to accept the truth about how you must live to survive. How you must follow the rules of engagement. How you must tow the line and perhaps adjust to working  for a mega tyrant.

Stand away from all that and focus right now to what needs to be done. make a list..could have been is not right now!
For me, I am folding all my clothing which I washed and dried so they would be nice and  clean when I wear one of my perfumes I am working on.

What am I working  on for scent?

jade jezebel fresh clean  vibrant
white lotus
pink lotus
nun num

queen of flowers sexy floral mysterious
rose otto bulgaria
jasmine grand
orange blossom

Palo Santo  incense deeply in tune
palo santo
Ohhhhhh Yesss

Co2 explosion inflammation aches circulation
turmeric co2
clove  I know it hurts

These are going to be in organic coconut oil and organic jojoba
One ounce glass pump vials.

Monday's Soap batches

 Fougere yes yes yes

Raspberry Lemongrass (don't scoff, people love a lemongrass)

Rosemary Lemon Balm A gardeners delight

anastasia's shop

Saturday, June 9, 2018

menu ideas for summer

"what makes you happiest?"
"Complete ability to be self absorbed in the highest of possible ways and not feel shame!"

the menu is beautiful and the soap base  remains my lovely one
Three things

shea butter
organic cold pressed coconut oil
organic olive oil cold pressed

The oils can never remain the same. Wine is a great example of how the flavors change for every year. Same with flowers and grasses. that is why we must always respect our earth, try. the plastics are not good at all for us, not at all. We are earth. All of us put together. deny it  we might, but think  of our planet as part of our anatomy. Even the dark parts have an important job. Look at the liver and how it works for you right now. My point was that oils change by the growing season. the rain, the sunshine and soil play a past in the final scent benzine turns completely useful with the addition of a couple of carbon and hydrogen chains to make cinnamon is the mystery..the divine unknown.
I am so content and happy at the moment and in time. My kids are great and Summer just brings out my greedy juicy ideas..mmmmmm

Old whore with the new labdanum, done and almost all sold out..:) hurry.
She was loaded yo. 4 ounces patchouli..
1 ounce labdanum
1/4 ounce oakmoss
vetiver to taste, aged please..
ani's crazy citrus blend or a  nice mellow mix of your lemongrass!
jasmine grand

This makes only 8 hunks of too rich  soap bars..yes only 8..why is she called, "the old whore"?:))

I am not in love with jasmine but what jasmine does with labdanum is profound.

I love oils so much, so much.

You can take a look at some of the new items on the web site..
The lavender soap with Himalayan pink salt is strong and very salty and i know this is weird but tee tree soap is back by popular demand..people want it..I have a stinky one here loaded with neem!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

my witchery turned in to kitchen magic the old whore and more ideas about wonderment

Yesterday, someone tried to save me. Usually it is a very nice customer who becomes enamored by my voice and then the dialog.
He pointed at a book about natural healing and then he said it was the best book ever besides the bible..goddamnit these people with their final statements and me who can't keep her big mouth shut or make coffee to save her life..ha ha ha

I showed him the weight loss product he heard about some baseball  player takes to look great and (konjac fiber,, yea  big secret and dumb) I showed him and he was babbling on about this guy on TV and I said, " how can you say these two books and have you ever read the bible?"
 He looked up at me and said, "no"
why do I even?
I have, I told him. "The whole thing, all of is not pretty or loving in any way!" And when an 8 year old girl gets brutally raped and murdered by the namaste people and god just does nothing..sure he loves you, he loves you he loves you..
I told him and you know what he said?
"That is because we are fallen a fallen world god is hurt, and  so very hurt that you say he does not exist."
Awe he is in the corner crying when people are being burned alive, awe he is sad because "fallen" awe..(that was all in my head by the way..I did not voice that sort of sarcasm)

"Fallen?" No way! We live in a most perfect neighborhood in space being given this meat suit to thrive and think and eat and live in a real garden where serpents eat the rats!"
 I told him we are a gem in the stupid whore dummy! (my own thoughts there :)
" read all the bible and then come back we can talk."
I also said something to this effect but I was already behind schedule..
"Either he is capable and wants to help and love you or he is capable and does not want to help because he loves you or he  able and does not want to or he is unable.."
wait let me say that better..

he can and wants to
he can and does not want to
he can't and wants to
he can't and does not want to

Here are some pointers when trying to loose weight.
Eat greens,salad and all the colors of whole grains and do not eat in carry outs all the time. It is important that who touches your me it is and to my mom..she knows things.

I got this new labdanum from a really nice web site as referred by my MH :) xx

I made the old whore with it. I also used my labdanum from France as well  and I am so excited to cut the bars but she is still warm..num num..

The odds of our planet being so perfect  in temperature and if we even wanted to, super safe. They have been talking about the end times for ages and I do love a good zombie story myself,,it is not free from always having to proclaim god's love. Big the work!
My mom would say that!

Best time in my life, family, home, health
best friends in my life
best soap in my life
best choices

Sunday, June 3, 2018

does the full moon last more than a day


These cycles can be a two week affair so keep your eyes open.
Be selfish too.
Say what bothers you so you don't have to build resentments that can last a lifetime and for what?
Some one hurt your feelings and rejected you now you gotta ( got to)( have to and do) make snide remarks and carry on in your brain all day as you seethe? The real cunts are the enemy thoughts you carry on with! You would treat yourself like a jerk in your head instead of a king..??
No way man!
Don't do it. Don't be that ass with a chip on your shoulder all day.
I'd say look at the cycles in your life, your actual reactions form past experiences. When you hang with someone, examine if they make you happy, satisfied and secure that you are accepted with all your smells and
Maybe it is time to review your worth as a human. Your real worth not the crap you show to the fake ass lies of the outside work world.
Now a days, you can make your ass as big as a brick house like in the song and still not ever know anything but what you think is propper. and and a when girl that sucked a dick for a living has access to the white house for a talk with donny..and the babes that we lead in our center of towns to learn how to hide if  they should maybe get killed because the cycles of haughtiness never disappear.  They start early to learn to shun and be better and to sort through who is a upper class and who is an undesirables. Except today in modern times this translates to more than just shit sweeping the road so the king can is more.. The cycles of regrets and hangovers and justifications and sad thoughts of what could have beens..people can make a whole drama for life. Who needs walking dead? Right? Remember when Rick went for Jessy when Michonne was right there being amazing and he goes for the blond..the whore! Jessy! I am kind of blond right now so don't take it wrong if you is a joke!

..ah it just makes me so happy that I am more real (silent,(not) thoughtful and kinder than ever)than I ever thought I'd be. And if the past was any great good and beauty that you so imagined it would still have been and be now. You have changed, you have risen above the restrictions of childhood and have perceived new ideas that make more sense. You  are not an idle mind or an idle person. You love the earth and where you live enough to care about each plant and each little creature..

There was a skunk out there and I hope it was not kitty who may have been sprayed..They all come here for the organic feasts! Someone ate the celery and tried a chile..just one.:)

Saturday, June 2, 2018

if we were on Jupiter we would be a pancake

Jupiter is all about giving and giving in astrology. He is big and he deals with very big issues.We should be grateful to jupiter more otherwise we would be lousy drags all day.
He brings loads of flowers and sunshine, hey you want rain, he'll see if he can talk to the big guy for you..saturn he is a little bit too intense for mere mortals..and yet and yet..our gas giants are there all along having protected us more than we can ever know..
and we pray to the gods and bow our heads and kneel in reverence when we are led this way and that.

Jupiter is here to say, hey babe, get up, and press your shoulders together and look high with your head because guess what?
More serotonin gets released when you do end up happier because of a natural serotonin that 200 times a day ~it is the Jup way. learning for to change! I meant to make that grammar oops..

Things will get a little real in the next years, because our earth lives and breathes and she actually needs us as we need each other to survive. Be kind, make a change, love everyone the same, don't get too attached to ideas that hurt.recycle, jeez! Animals!

I have been taking a wee break from soaping and my inventory is getting dangerously low. It is an exciting time because of course I am building my ingredients and my prep work is what it is about..I am ready to make anything I want really.
I do not have to do anything strange..The old whore is strange enough for me. Still, that fougere is delightful! The clove, delicious!
When I am not making soap, I am thinking about the next thing I will is so true, even now as I write this all I can do is review my ideas in my  head.
How about your ideas? What are your most cherished goals coming up?
My favorite things are, I love soap making, bread bake, all sorts of dirt play with herbs and I have a plethora of herbs growing as I dream of my most perfect rose garden..first things first though, clean up.
It is all about the breaking down to what is really there and that means be clean clear and calculating!

(my notes to you and myself are mere ramblings, I love you!)

Monday, May 28, 2018

The scorpio thing between responsibility and going with the feeling now

If you know Scorpio they have  secrets..ha ha
Like what?
 Usually it is nothing that bad but someone showed him guilt. one day as he was growing up so some scorpionic effects can be like gas lighting..not all scorpios are kind hearted, see?
Stop, there is no secret you need confess to feel whole any how because our morality has changed from the olden days..
We are all the same with our greedy heart and what it needs now!

What are your secrets?
Don't tell me and when I do  find out, I will say, "oh're fine" who cares what you do in your spare time..secrets are so precious to some and that is fine with me.
Why do you feel any blame for anything then and engage even when others are to blame..

I look at all my Scorpio trends in my life and hopefully I can harness this Jupiter thing for the next 12 years.
yes, Jupiter in Scorpio in my tenth house . I am all about nights and so tired in the morning..dang man, change is hard with Scorpio we dissect and we give up at the same time...I am a Libra BTW tenth house Scorpio

How do I harness this Jupiter in Scorpio? How will you?

(Jupiter's is a lot like the spirit of the present..all jolly and fat and brings gifts and good things and too much wine and beer?)
Scorpio is like a surgeon when it comes to decorating and living space..super tidy or all over the place.

Jup in Scorpio is all about it, he is done and ready to rest now. No dawdling or crying about the task.Which may suck yo!
Relaxing is where it's at!

I am happy about learning that Jupiter at 25*  Scorpio now has been here the whole time, so the sagittarius experience with deep and abiding truths and foreshadowing the good light surrounding future endeavors..
This degree is essential to understand is that  some things need not be spoken and we  dwell on separation and killing over her our earth, our mother and our life giving star our sun keeps on spinning us as he  is spun by a bigger force which is all gravity which gave us electricity and this device I get to talk to you by.

The full moon is going to be in meets higher mind..:) wear a hat!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

saturn values as opposed to real values

Let's face it right now, Saturn can be a dick! He is self righteous and indignant when you question him and does not understand he is beyond reproach and then you need to protect him from the truth because he won't accept any other way.
That is Saturn in Capricorn. He is cool but the ego is all about my level is here and yours is here.
There is also the lovely wonderful trine with Uranus in Taurus. And what a wonderful time for many it will be.
It is heavy man! What changes are just right now and around the corner is all about what past you planned for future you which is always now..yea..

It is all about the life and what it means and how just because you follow all of the rules of happiness you keep trying to kill yourself? I do not understand this new form of depression and I feel that maybe too much social media can make a girl one looks like the pictures they show  on the fashion pages,your beauty is in how many smiles you received that day.
i am not kidding.
Look I understand fully that I am not a psychologist, in fact one of my boys drove me nuts with all his crazy emo stuff..
the girl I heard about got to go to a horse ranch and be treated at 13 thousand a month..I hear she is still sad and hates it.
My boy..? Well he cost a lot in that I paid for his phone bill a couple of times:) and then no more..get a job and get your ass on a high place. It is unbecoming to dwell in dark places. trust me, they can suck deep as well as you may know.

I think the first thing should be always wake up and first thing,   make sure you head is heal high and your shoulders always squeezing together..
Saturn can hold you down a bit with is nagging and OCD judgemental and in some, super high and mighty too.
Uranus in Taurus is also a loner type with few but great friends and love for family gatherings and children
It can be a cheap mean cheap skate always on your back for that twenty dollars or their  stuff never be touched or all their things must stay where they are and do not touch his food.
You can see a four year old being territorial but in an adult it can get ugly.

I hope you are super duper great as you read this. i feel so wonderful about life and my being as it were. I never thought I would be this free and happy when I was a younger woman because as i said..saturn can beat a person down..too bad he did not realized I am clever and will eat his face..puta!

ha ha hahaaaa
super fine grape seed cleansing mask

each thing can be anything you like
seedy scrub of some kind like ground adzuki, garbanzo, quinoa, spirulina. grape seeds, raspberry seeds, black seeds, lentils, charcoal..awesome!
you may wet this with honey oil or water..yummy
Love you skin and love me!

By the way, that is not how I look! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2018

June beacons as we move away from this and that to connect with more best things Uranus movement cycles and whatnots

It was an interesting lecture I went to back in the  day about Uranus and how our life cycles with Uranus (they last 7 years) are so interesting. Sudden? Maybe, yes, but in our case right now, any changes you are going to encounter have been a long time in the making and you have refused to see what was right in front of you.

Uranus Ideas


Taurus ideas here are about changing because you need to or you'll die! No..kidding..:Ha ha 
Some people will die of course. Look..I feel like everything in the next few years will change and in the next seven years finances will change, retail values will change and some of us creative types will think of new practical yet artistic ways to make money. We will look at our bodies as a high temple  and do yoga and we will take care of our mind and our skin. I want that for all of us. Your beauty is everything that you are inside and out.
Examine your values and look in to becoming more self sufficient and self is not lonely as you might think.
You be required to be flexible no matter what because the changes are swift and only those who bend, I mean besides a penis, can enjoy more..
Say what is on your mind because the more you suppress your ideas the more they will break though in sometimes rage ways..
This is your best time to open your body awareness and make yourself a priority by exploring more art and more creative ways to make big money..big money
(maybe you've been so wrapped up in your thangs that you let some go))
You need to work it off through some sort of fitness plan because if you don't things can get cooped up in there and again the bull can rage, he is dangerous when he is upset and feels threatened.
This is an excellent time to explore your desires and find out  what do you find precious. What do you find precious what do you find to be precious. is it you car or your cottage by the lake, what do you do there but look at it with a drink in your hand. Relaxing is dull what that is all you have done. Breath with me now for better ways, for healthy thoughts that  travel as if a sphere filled with juicy ideas and loving devotion to conscious constant realization..abundant health to all and clean home and hearth..yea..

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

the whores the vagabonds and wife steelers

Remember that woman that got really mad at me because we couldn't be friends and hang out together?
She came in my store yesterday..we are talking again as I stock the shelves ..that last time, about 6 months now,
we had words because each time she would purchase something or even think about it, it would become a thing.
She had wee little tantrums that took away from the beauty of my business. Know what I mean?
Anyhow she had a tantrum and cancelled the cancelled the order on my end and I thought it was good and over..this way I am not bound to a soap like being tied to a whipping post.."if it is a mirror you want, look in to my eyes." Sting
"we wish her all her wildest and happiest moments" Yea?? Course!

She called and called and called and wrote and I was in a family drama of my own..7 children 3 of five living near me and mom and dad and this lady is worried about if I am mad.
I was..I mean really, there will always be more glorious soap..sheesh..calm down.
I thought it was over. I told her it is all good babe, I get mad at my own daughters worse than anything I said to you which was the kind truth that she cannot carry on like that..I am a crafter not some fuking servant and yet, the service will be extra worldly.
I have been around and to tell the truth I learned this from Mrs. Sorrice in 5th grade, don't cry, every thing ,every thing can be made in to something glorious, something else.
"Move on! Do not carry on!"

Months have gone by..I changed jobs and work nights now. Two more years babies..I am thinking of just soap..just soap of all beautiful kind without citric acid without disodium phosphate, without sorbic acid or potassium hate it all so much. It hurts my head when I get near it and it is not the kind of hate that is like from the heart. I simply feel sad  that once again the jackals have the upper hand and poison is like manna to the masses..You want to use some fucking soap with fake vanilla, go ahead asshole but if you come talking to me about your cancer and how you can't have lavender because of the estrogen, and yet you have no issues with all the other real dangers in your skin care, .really, you wash with all that crap on wet warm skin and it goes inside and pretends to be other things that there are little cells with mouths wide open to be filled. These particles are small and that is why you open the flood gates in your hot shower drenching your blood stream with unnecessary metal particles and you are worried about lavender oil in a soap bar.

The reason I said this is that because there she was saying, " How are you." " I am fine :)"
course she took me to the latest fake soap on our table all beautifully stacked by Sally and colourful..with lovely tags..ah retail!
"I love these",  she grabs one and inhales, deeply,  its sweet  yellow and brown almond fake smell.."mmmmm"
It took me a split second to get her innuendo..not long but it was like a little wee knick..I said nothing for a moment and watched as she picked up all of the brightly arranged styles and scents.
"These are synthetic"
I walked away because I am busy and clearly we are not the same.
Ah the little jab..yes..
Here we are..people and their petty little jabs..
Yes it hurt my feeling only for a moment though. I cannot save the world only the ones who really love the reality of the consciousness among the fake fakers and how they get in..They get in like the micro particles get in your skin care, someone willingly put them there.Like their little innuendos echo in to space..and they break up in to smaller particle and then they drift until they bind with the next thing..maybe nothing..

Now about me..May is busy see, graduations and parties and a jungle to clear so it would seem on some days.
I  made some nice perfume for men. so good..Modern Man 2018..The name will change as soon as I meditate on the right one for the new labels..I am thinking it needs a little bit animal..maybe I will afford some ambergris soon. I hope so. look, it is a lot of is and i want it..OM OM OM
I hope that you do indeed have a wonderful day, I love you. Thank you.