Sunday, March 18, 2018

hello new moon in Pisces

Late Pisces at that!
I just think it is a great time to air our resentments and move on.
You cannot change what happened only what is happening.
Are you going to cower in fear and lie to get by, or are you going to open your eyes and do what needs done? That will be more clear now!
Being realistic about what matters instead setting conditions that you can never live up to and then you make up stories of how you think things are in order to make yourself feel better.
Some tell me that all that is mental illness.
I am not a modern thinker and when someone asks me if I am depressed, I do not know what to say.
of course I am. I have PTSD all over the place, we all do maybe huh?
I carry on and make good art and immerse myself in dirt and seeds and keeping my spine straight and strong.

I love this new moon. Pisces energies can really stir things up.
Begin with a clean space..clean up debris, and stir up some behind the scenes has been sitting there too long and you must deal.
I am so excited about all the boons mostly. Pisces brings hidden money and not hidden money, you'll get some and but good!
You'll get treatments and self care. Pisces needs to be clean and groomed at all times.
At home. they do not really care.

Have a beautiful Sunshine Lovely Day  where your waters sparkle with turquoise shafts of light  and then  starry  nights driving light deeply in the deepest part of your

Saturday, March 17, 2018

my best things and yours and walking dead ideas rick and what Negan said to him on the

Do I still love the walking dead?  Maybe, yes and maybe, no.

I am sorry Rick but your dumb choice to go take Maggie to hill top started this whole thing and I am a little bit disappointed that you would be that careless with lives..all noble for what? If you had stayed calm and put a hot towel on her she would maybe loose the baby or get better which is what  happened. She got herself better. I would have turned back and hid in the sewers until I knew what I was dealing with but you were all like , " I am a bad ass son!"
You forgot that anyone can bleed out  no matter how strong willed.remember you said that when you went back for Darrell's brother, Merle, the guy you handcuffed to a roof in a zombie apocalypse?
I mean what a dumb ass there, he cut off his whole hand when a pinky would allow passage or you break the hand, I mean something else.. Plus why is he wearing army gear and he does not have a knife or three tucked away in all places? Ah that was the past and best season of walking dead. the first one!
Here we are now then, season eight...
Glen got killed, Abe got killed and Rick, groveling and  done. Fighting still and without much sense..I was sick to my stomach when all of them  killed all those people in their sleep. 
And, and, while Rick, he was naked in that hot stupid garbage tanker thing, his boy was getting bit..his own boy! He is being a dick man! They should have helped they boy  Saddik from the get go and that way Carl could have lived another day.
Granted, the fight is real. Negan needs to go down and stay down, but sorry, he is no worse than Rick, or Maggie or Glen. Okay, worse, he is, worse.  loyalty is something even he can't master. he is a big man and yet his dick is normal, well, he just goes on and on about his dick. ha ha ha ha but what he said to Rick, rang true as ever!

The real thing that would happen is many would die, no phones, no toilet, no internet, no food, they took it. No warm fire they burned the beds in it for fun. I realize no TV story can tell what we would really do in such chaos..our behavior would change. Our loyalties would change and our language would change to comply with what needs done..we would all be more like Eugine. I would be more like Michonne Mixed with Carol..

You know my dad he retells the story of the Germans and Italians while retreating in Northern Greece, they were attacked by mountain fighters while leaving the area! So they went back to the village and killed a bunch of people.
My dad was six. 

Later  when The Greek Communists were fighting the others Greeks who were like,  "no way are we comunists, fuk off!"
Greek Civil War:
They took some kids away from their parents and shipped them to Albania to be educated and saved. They took one boy and a girl from our village and after many years they were able to retune and yes, they were different..who knows the sadness of such traumas?
During this time in Greece, 1949 there were many political radical ideas..all about order and discipline and cold rigid environments.
His dad, my grand father, was fighting for the other side. 
There were many women at home and some men were simple farmers that did not fight and the village was about 500 villagers.
Proti, it means first, the first village outside of the big city of Florina, Greece.

My yia yia, and her six kids went and hid in the hay loft, scared shitless. as they lit the hay on fire and drove my dad and his brothers and sisters and my yia yia out.

"Where is your husband?"

 They were soldiers all pissed and they were killing and burning homes everywhere. They burned all of my grandfathers dad salvaged one. he was just a boy and he grabbed the one thing he thought was precious..we still have it.
When the communist  soldiers saw that there were educated people there, they burned the house down.
"where did you live then, dad?"
"We lived above the animal barn as my grandfather had built that first before the house.they killed animals too but we had a few and they kept us warm until spring"
I always say the road to survival is well thought out skills.
I also always say, I Live in Livonia, with a nice setting of homes and nice and sound from killer zombies..

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

more ideas on mercury venus uranus

do not make rash decisions
do not hide yourself under the rug
this is the time to shine as a doer
ask for what you want
of all that is good and pure
so much that you now are in great health
so much now that you can rest
in the evening when we can surrender
to the soft safe homes we can create and have

too many nick knack and fantasies have dragged you down
relying on the wrong dog for sure let you down
fucking dogs
relying on someone else's cape is not comfy
why not pursue a new game
where you are perfectly safe..perfectly confident make no mistake

you are the player
you are the knowledge and doer of all that is good and all that is real in your moment at this moment

carry a sword (swords are truths, words, ideas, representing the element, air)) they are also real knives and swords. learn knife skills!

it will help when lower weak minds come a callin' or when you need to finely dice a tomato with out too much juice on the board.

 your chariot has only room for one
that is what is given to all of us

I say sword but really we are dealing with a lot of fire, Your heart and Your Hearth at home..
feeling burned out maybe and on the positive sexy, fit, good looking, groomed.. because I mean it is masculine all day this Uranus Venus Mercury weirdness..I thought ...still looking good at all times is a nice idea. Seems like grooming  your home would invite more boons. I always find that a clean kitchen and work space is a must before any project is begun. I get more money  when I am generous to me and you ..I do. I know it.

Fire in the hearth..This is where I Think we should remember what we are and why we have survived all the almost 200 thousand years..

I wish we could look at Earth this way like a nice clean kitchen that is a pleasure to walk in to..ah, sparkly clean and happy, bread rising, wonderful old whore smells out of the warming pot I keep the gele in in order to melt the wonderful labdanum in to the patchouli. It makes a delicious black thick syrup.

I was thinking this aspect  was going to be fast . I say, perhaps we are warming up. Venus is just getting started.

Venus Uranus?
Be practical, now? No way!

** art by Emily Balivet

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

saraswati spring wishes shreem hreem saraswati learning memory and making the best of what you already know you know

I am very happy that time ticks through March because you know why? I can go outside and not suffer in coldness..yes..

I hope you are all well. I am taking a moment to tell you about my spring times wishes and plans..

I have had requests for an old whore balm and going forward a gnarly bitch balm..
both who I am and who I have been and what ever I am becoming in my secret soap and essential oil world.
I will now break out in a  little diddly..

Just  because  am gnarly doesn't mean I am not good.
Just because you  think all women are whores, doesn't mean we are is what we were made for and now your mad
don't be mad harness that bitch they say she is and make a thing right by doing your  own true will and by making your brain be your might  where gender plays no role
so yes, be the old whore
be the deeply stunning smart funny attractive rich sultry most excellent sexy whore of whores..

 I am harnessing the goddess saraswati ..I like what she stands for.
In spring time there are many rituals performed around the world. For me it is when I uncover the fig tree from a long cold winter and I pull the long fibrous matter off of the compost and burn it!
It is now that I will plant some seeds, like  spinach and broccoli and collards..
Tomatoes indoors for now..

In  astrology word has it that we have a Uranus little snappy aspect that came and went. It has to do with the metals and the money and medical surgical matters..Mercury and Venus were involved..maybe some small stuff lingers and one must attend to matters here  because Uranus has no heart I am afraid and venus wants art and flair and mercury wants to rush everything..venus mercury in general when together want to rush love and sex..ohh la la One must not confuse my ideas as fact however because  my brain is  what it is!

have a great wonderful day..

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

mercury venus myths aries uranus

love notes
fast driving
clean up

burning a road to your place that you are going..



when I was 17

 I will not begin singing songs..about the past too much. I like happy songs and at my age, soft not rock or heavy metal..okay a little bit. I change as I need to. I mean no one wears their hair like that anymore! 

Always forward, always looking out and trying to take in the scenery..and change as I will it.
 To be willing and able and forgiving and greatful all because it helps my brain work better and not because of some divine reward. That is the lie men tell.
I want that for all of us..The strong will to survive and change as needed. It takes every cell to make a decision..that is why yoga and breathing is so good.
I want peace on earth and the goodness that modern technology can provide.

Yesterday I helped a lovely woman who is Jewish and to the point of not even making her own decisions because the rabbi and her husband and god might not think it is according to kosher laws..
I told her I am an atheist and that stuff means nothing to me and I still love her anyway..
Her eye squinted at me and she asked me what I am?
"I am Greek Orthodox by birth and as far as my parents are concerned, I will honor them what ever  way they want..on my own time I will honor myself."
She squinted more at me..smiling..sort of.
You will never go back  you can't go back all the way and that is why the past is and can be remembered  in all sorts of ways..dreamy, rough edged or spiritually jacked to a degree of myths..where nothing is real.

So my lovely lady..with the kosher collagen thing..
\She kept looking at her phone for her husband's text so he could approve of the chicken collagen she needs because she will not take beef collagen because the rabbi said "no"..
(People, they are consuming collagen by the bucket fulls so they can stay young looking see?)

And if you tell me that Jewish women are powerful in the home and I will tell you the same about Greek women..and yet, god's laws are all men, all men all day!
All day!

This poor creature who is lovely and indoctrinated to think that one ancient text followed to the letter is all it takes. I know that it is not really her own choice. I know because I know.
I did not debate her..
For goodness sake! No, but it is hard to keep my composure at such rigid expectations from a race of people god created to be his chosen and yet he never one time showed up to help them. he showed up when he was pissed often enough, hey??
Yup, he did and he boasts about it throughout most of the old testament...and yet, like in the story of Job, this oppression and violence continues..

Don't get mad at what I say. the truth will set you free as John said in the New Testament and all that good stuff after the pestilence and boils God threw at his people when he was pissed. Imagine that? 
I mean even Amazon Whole Foods will write you up and give you a counselling before they throw you under the bus. 
Well, I am gracious as you know. I will always keep my composure at my sales, it is open and free for me to say things.
I hope you understand..I see every race of people all day long with "special" needs.

."I need this because this, I need that because god, I need this because this and that and vegan, and paleo and belly fat and vegan...."

You know what you need? 
You need to breathe and stretch and not think so much about what you mean and really, not all that much on  this little dot in space, except for the good soap and creams you put on your bod babe!
Collagen anyone??
We got chicken, beef, fish, all not

Monday, March 5, 2018

Piscean overload with Libran moody moon

Well if it  isn't the best time to make some good art, I do not know what time could be better than a Pisces overload and Libra moon!
I must say!

Libra wants order and tidy widey and Pisces is shades of pink and grayish hues
Libra is white on white with spiritual nick knacks
Pisces has things big things under the table
ooh la la

money for sure
boons from recently undiscovered places
secrets never completely told

join us now in this Piscean fold, as we weave in and out of our super fine awareness with sparkles of scented air molecules dripping with salty tears of happiness

I love you

hello new moon in Pisces

Late Pisces at that! I just think it is a great time to air our resentments and move on. You cannot change what happened only ...