Monday, November 20, 2017

so many things to say

I am of a mind to say more though..about soap and what is up with the murru murru butter?
It is hard and smelly like a hot man and a one timer..nuph
murru butter soap murru murru murru murru

I think you should try some of the soap I made with him, murru murru,  and see what you think.
I am working on the vanilla tobacco blend so bare with me. It is just not what I want yet.  I liked the dry off yesterday and I am on a pretty good track with what I want to feel when I put this blend on.
In soap, there are things that do not have to follow perfume ideas. In perfume oil, things will never be like the alcohol sprays. Just learns and adjusts accordingly. In soap, you use large amounts of your dominant oil and pour hard because you want the patchouli to melt on you with the bubbles of soap organic shea and coconut oils. I want all those things. In perfume, I want something now, the top note, and something a lingering memory.

It needs more cedar wood I think or even some woodsy item not spruce, maybe pine. No, not pine.
Pine is super nice with frankincense and a drop tangerine. yummy

Tobacco vanilla notes are listed somewhere or everywhere as I tend to write things down on napkins and scrap paper as much as I write in notebooks. I wish I were more organized in that way. dang man...

This blend, I put in soap.  I saved back some of the blend to make a perfume oil.  I hope to make it nice. Vanilla is the key here and how it meshes with the overly sweet tobacco and tonka.
I want there to be a little bit of almost sick discomfort, fear and desire and that is why I added jasmine grand from India..the best I have had in years. (eden)It is the epitome of what you'd expect from a flower like jasmine and in such beautiful waves and layers of floral tones.  It hides in this blend but good.
It is the vanilla and  cedarwood that lend themselves to make the stable carpet of sweet delectable dirty and memorable encounters..:) we might have to enjoy  as time develops the molecules and mixes them each day to become more what they intend to be.
I do not really want leather here.  I want soft whispers of hidden secret scent molecules just waiting to accept each other and carry on.

I love this, my true work!
I get so excited and happy at the same time..
I say too much.
I love you!

Monday, November 13, 2017

I love vegan and have been vegan and now I live like a french person, what?

Libra loves luxury and eating well.eathing butter and bread are the most fullfilling things one could eat.
And as it goes, these evolving days,were are needing to be gluten free because we feel better. Vegan because blood sugar..
I get it and believe me I have gone through changing my diet due to migraines and guess what? It was me making my head hurt not the bread. It was me holding jaw tight as to contain my angst..yes I have it..the anxiety that comes from fear hormones and dwelling in a flood of muck all the time!

I think Scorpio just wants stability and to relax without fighting because dude, don't pick a fight a scorp..shit! It could be because they tend to be right with a
Look,  I love astrology, it is the best myth around! Archetypes exist..
Like my boy Thomas..
He dresses like he is going to be on a ship somewhere or on a golfing outing! so cute! Taurus is adorable, yo!
Oh except when (another older and should be kind Taurus) they go on my Instagram to preach about their passion and then I get pissed..really? You chose instagram to project your political agenda on my Instagram and yea..I thought it was rude if not douchy..
I will not block either. He will learn to be respectful. I keep telling him,  "I am a cook, you fuk, don't make your diet my religion! I eat like a cook! A little bit and a whole lot of making!
I study cooking. I have studied escofier and all the french cooks including Julia Child who studied them..I have cooked for weddings and banquets and served so many people and now because you are sick and cured from your blood sugar after years of drinking, smoking and eating fast food cooked by other people, you are passing along good information..go to the  facebook then, facebook is perfect for any cultish following..really, my soup with the mushrooms..please, it was delicious, made right for ramen..I am trying to study Asian for ten years is delicate and hard and fast and so interesting. I have wanted the perfect broth you see, the kind you dip noodles in..I have never made a perfect batch to be proud of yet. Each time I miss the mark because perhaps I am too Greek and set in my ways.
The more I study cooking, the more I see my mothers talents when she was a young woman, she cooks like escofier all day. At the end of the day, it is all about the gravy.

I want to live like a rustic french person even tho I am greek,
with a little bit cheese and good bread from wheat which is grown right there and I want to enjoy that meal with a tomato and maybe a fresh very fragrant cucumber which sparkles in your mouth and you would put a little salt on that, pink, Himalayan, mmm
you would cut each piece with your knife as to not make a big mess
that is the finesse with the knife
Like when we were by the river and you caught some blue gills and we fried them in butter on a fire and it was dleicious
with salt and sex I suppose
maybe that is why things are delicious
maybe well fed men are more randy

Saturday, November 11, 2017

good day my November friends

It just got really cold here in southern Michigan! Best soap craft weather ever. When it is too hot outside, the soap gets all mad and hot, truth! The best soap takes its time, gently, slowly and no stress.

"Gratitude is where I dwell"

I made all the clay and salt soaps and today some more exotics..
Too many details make things common so I won't speak of them:)
I organized my labels and burned all the old ones. Nothing stays the same babies. every soap is to be unique in its own time not a soap labels from 3 years ago..
Man I love soap making! I have made such nice soaps through the years here on earth. I have..I am super confident in that.
Do I have batches that were ruined  lingering in my brain? Nope! Why worry about such trivial short lasting things? Why ponder on your mistakes so much that you call them a new name in order to mold yourself somehow, to be timid and meek? Maybe we all do it. I am not timid.

I had a review with the door closed at my job..they have worked with me for ten years but now that there is a script they must abide by, I am not confident enough they said! OMG! I am shocked..but okay!
Me?? Not Confident? Yes, it was spoken in words through a mouth to me...

Cunning wordmanship for something they demand from me. It sticks like nothing else. Everything else they said to me was like when Charlie Brown showed his parents talking.."whack whaak whack...not too many on shelf, not enough on shelf, too many in back, too little now, why to little, whaac whack whak??"
Me not confident, really??
They preceded the interaction with a warning about my reaction to the critiques..
It makes me put my head down automatically and then they shut the door like we are going to talk about brain surgery or something but it is really me and what they want.

I am writing about it because I am considering  stepping down and just taking the pay cut. This is a prod from the gods ())) that it is time to grow the right way and please, no cameras..goddamit, they are everywhere.
Me? Not confident??
"I am an artist" I told them that when they said I am not confident. Was I made to get up at three so I can scan vitamins and shampoo? Yes, for the money, and no for the teeter totter of retail buying?
Well, if I am going to be not confident about something, this is really about the best thing I can be not confident about! Seriously, I loose sleepover such silly things!

"I dwell in gratitude"

Here is what I think and you can judge me or not..I think we are turning so corporate and so cold inside  that our persona changes in that arena. It is theater in war.. money and business is theater. Christmas is theater and Thanksgiving, the most lucrative billions of dollars industry! It is theater. the turkeys all die  and some ass will bring back a frozen one and we have to throw it away.
Thanksgiving for grocery stores is more money than Christmas, which I have been since 1983 when I started at Zerbos with Harry Zerbo and Clair and we cared so much about spirulina then. Not some magic formula on the TV by DR Oz who called everything a "miracle" because people never learn anything they just watch TV. Yes, friends the masses..they flock!
And no, I will not make this about religion, but seems like we do create this case..the god is the camera and the computer and the scanning device which knows how many steps I take and from where..
ah modern times/modern problems..first world problems.

I dwell in gratitude.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Scorpio and sag make me love roses

Look, I rant a lot we all know this, and at the end of the day I will listen and change my mind if need be. If it is best!
Scorpio energy is stubborn so we need to take that indignant and transform it in to something workable and better..
we do not go back for some sacrifice or martyrdom because we are weak women or some dumb crap.
I learned that having gone through two husbands.
I asked my cousin Pete, RIP Pete, why these men want to treat us this way? He said they were weak and got violent because of their own failure as men..anyhow, He is gone. his words like a puff of smoke..point being,
a person can only be held down so long and then they will fight back!

We are only a product of what our parents introduced to us and made us live by. My mom had her limits with the church right from an early age. She can always see reality better than me and yet I see her flaws and how she will give up and say the words, say them and follow along or else..papou too. I find that when fear keeps us from expressing our true thoughts, because of violent outbursts by the listener, I find that there is a despondent reaction to do nothing and say nothing. We all do that.

My ma!
She cooks she does her thing..I love her.
I think again, at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with staying home and cooking all day..sometimes..
This is not really about my mom even though she made an excellent spaghetti the other day!

I want to tell you that there is rose here and I am drawn to it and want it all over me. Why don't we have a rose cream anyhow?
The thing is, that Bulgarian is what I want! Rose otto Bulgaria..OMG, just every wonderful exploding rosy thing,  it is!
Rosy Bitch Cream

rose otto bulgaria

mango butter
grapeseed oil
raspberry seed oil
avocado oil

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November Happiness and all the goodness to behold

There has been a shift. And humans are so driven by it and by each other..we are doing and working and striving to be adequate and dare we dream big and say strive for excellence..?

please no..please let us always be hungry for more, open doors, open hearts and minds for those who were outside for so long
open hope for our children's healthy futures and the grass which naturally grown
let us never just accept certain
lies of my people or those
 respect comes from me first and then you..please keep your culture on those terms
lets not forget that love is respect and the heart will always show on the face of the one who speaks..
let us always attend to what is real and keeps our kin safe, healthy and well fed..sweetness in life!!
Sweetness in life melting over each other like a butter balm from that is livin'!

I am in high company with you. I am very happy, very much!
Thank you for allowing me to enjoy yours!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

thin vale of earth and sun happy birthday scorpio babies mine

For those of you that may not understand Samhain or  Halloween it just means the light of earth is perfectly in line with being just under the line of our sight in the northern hemisphere.
Humans, people made it magical.
Is it magical?
If you think an entity will come and serve you somehow, no..I have never seen such "miracles"

Is it wonderful to set your mind to the tasks at hand for winter and the cold?
It is crisp at first and then it is not.
It is a thin vale..yea...
Enjoy this night and think about what you will learn while hunkered down..hunkered down I say!

I am making something for winter and Scorpio's need for incense with a crispy  electric tone..Sagittarius' need for class to behold, Capricorn's needs to serve and do a good job..not sacrifices..choose what works for you. Nothing should hurt or be so hard as to be a struggle..
With planets in Libra now and this is very nice for her, Libra I mean..she gives way gracefully to deeper meanings..

We must have some oils which will serve us with these characteristic intensities...

Sweetness In Life Mango Butter Cream
rose otto (one drop)
cinnamon (not cassia, one drop)
balsam fir

Does that kind of get your mouth watering just thinking of it?
You know, I love labdanum.
With rose otto! MMMMM I am making a hair oil just with absolutes..only ottos..mmm
(Bulgarian roses are stunning and do not compare to Turkish and I use must as Bulgarian is 10 dollars a drop)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Pisces the rock star of today

Quiet stealthy and always always sees through your shit.

That is Pisces

You get a flighty Gemini Libra combo and you might have illusive, hard to get to person. It is better for them.
People say Libra is flighty or flip flops..yes, for which oil she loves more toady..for life things,  for life decisions like taking all her kids to Costa Rica to follow a foolish abuser..oops
that is me
People say, oh anastasia, "you have had such an exotic life". Yes because when you leave the safely of home, there are strangers and let me tell you this among the thousands of words and ideas I attempt to convey, nobody is gonna love you more than home, a good family friendship, not some stupid thing about dying races trying to retain their genes so hard..
There,  in the jungles, there were vagabonds and wife steelers ready to take over and it was The Americans and other ex pats who took over.
Most ex pat women came home with the kids and the men stayed with the mistress and drinking every night..and the penis..course

My mother raised me to make bread not drink in a bar every night ..oh wait, that is who made their bread every night, me! ha  ha
I walked home at 1 am and had to and it was breathtaking and night, it was scary.
I got to see humanity from a new perceptive and it changed me slowly in to a stronger person because after all my love and power of love and love love love of Shiva, Yogananda, I let it go and found that love is something altogether unnecessary in any of it. In fact, I say one must finally look at danger with disdain not some compliant drone pretending everything is okay.
You look at them and say, no, not me no way!

My sandals broke today and I walked in the rain and none of the expats who passed me by even stopped along the way
I walked in the dark fearing the ghosts but it could have been a big cat stalking me
I took it for granted every night
and then one day I called my mom
I told her everything
I told her how they were
how a local stole my best knife
it was so big almost a sword
In those lonely quiet moments
i listened
I sang
I sang songs to direct my brain
I passed the big house where some Hollywood guys lives

a big giant place with fences and bridges that they had to blow up a mountain so he could have it
They all fight to this day for water as there is not enough and the money crunchers, they wait they drink beer and they deliberate.

so many things to say

I am of a mind to say more though..about soap and what is up with the murru murru butter? It is hard and smelly like a hot man and a one ti...