Wednesday, January 17, 2018

cold winter and saturn again with pluto ideas and psychic vampires in the realm

" god, why have you driven me in turbulent waters?"
"because your enemies can't swim."
(if he can make a water turbulent, then why not just make everyone happy healthy wealthy and wise?)

All day people are like, "anastasia, is mercury retrograde?"
Even the muggles feel the attractor,  this magnetic force that controls and pulls you, drives you and basically here we are and if you look at us like we look at ants, bees, the evolution while complex, is still kind of a swarm.. (Saturn Pluto)They have a great attractor and it is based on hormone and scent..even smaller that what we as humans have found to be happening in us!
I am no philosopher. and certainly I am no scientist..ha!

Saturn Pluto
Know this..always do what is best and do your best and don't skip and skim and be cheap to your self.
Be free to think things through because in this phase of a new world order there will be more equality and observation of clear injustice to other humans living on earth. If I had it my way and the gods were real, ha! I mean he is willing to drown everyone... everyone ...everyone, because they didn't follow his OCD rules  but someone one splitting uranium atoms in our oceans and he is okay..some one burning humans alive for more than two thousand years and he is loving us now?
The things we make up!

" god, why have you driven me in turbulent waters?"
"because your enemies can't swim."

It sounds okay, right?
If the gods were real, your god, my god were real, why create the scenario in the first place?
Why create an enemy who can't swim?
Why not just make better friends and not blow up the planet and make us breathe broken atom dust!
I can't help but wonder about these things.

And back to my mythology...
With Pluto in this scenario it is always about leaving some burdens behind. You don't have to carry peoples angst. They will try to unload and control you with it. You must know the limit of how much time you can just doll out to anyone who needs for you to touch them.
It can be on the smallest level. If you are feeling even a little apprehensive, then you must act on it and not let weakness guide you.
Pluto can, with Saturn bring you down to a lonely place and there you must embrace the loneliness and make something of it.
Pluto can bring vampires  who may need to be driven out. It is your choice how long you will tolerate them.
You have limits and sometimes it hurts peoples feelings..yea..boundaries.

Monday, January 15, 2018

the next thing to do

It has been a few busy days and I want to say "hello" and thank you!
I do feel blessed but not because I always am and  yet in spite of obstacles, it is my best year ever.
I am constantly challenged and my reactions are not always elegant.
You are too. I know this because we have a very strong connection going on.

It is our humanity and anger in people that concerns me most days.
"There are no sides okay" I want to say. The earth is round so you do not have to take a corner. There are many who have no choice and as much as you think you have a choice, you do and don't.
You have a choice to be kind and actually supportive.

That means do not be a secretive arrogant jerk all day and then say you love me.

This goes for friendships and work relationships.
The constant nitpicking over the what you might perceive are great things shows me that you have to change your focus because you are missing the point. So immersed you may be on that one thing.
The thing is, when you become toxic to others and effect their lives, this is when you missed the point. We have all done it. Moods man, they are vampires!

My excellent way of living and wanting is this, "you must begin from fullness before you can take away"

Fullness of creative endeavors that do not leave you in a rut of always defending your reasons for doing what you do.
Fullness to your favorite best things and then you can sort and take away.
Fullness in favor and not distrust
Fullness in contentment and happiness and not in lust of unrecognizable notions of what is good and what is real and what you hold so dear.

What do you hold dear?
Thank you:)

I hold you dear!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

remember the gnarly bitch in a new way

The Gnarly Bitch is  a cream that I made when I lived in Kentucky... back in the day..
My hands, see, for self therapy, I pulled grape vines out of the woods and cut them down and my hands were so strong nand gnarly, worked,  rough and ready. I cried and ripped them down at the same time.
To this day that is so. About my hands. I am done trekking in deep woods to play. Gnarly, minus the rough stuff now and minus the tears.:)

Soap is dirty business friends and there is always clean up and the anointing which is the best part.

 Even today in the retail business soap becomes a big deal and who gets the best spot. It is always the big guy. Look at the popularity of goat milk soap..
Look at me! I can't do it. I have tried, believe me! I have many reasons and way better fat  options.

It is time to make creams. Everyone wants lemon cream and vanilla cream, I want a grapefruit cream too..we will see.
I will use the last of that shea I have from the chicks in Ghana and make some good stuff.

Ideas for  every day lotions should be simple because you want soft  tones which will blend well with other things you might want to put on later. That is why the basic vanilla cocoa cream is fabulous and that's why people now want more lemon cream. Simple pure, and good for you.
Perfect for any one and even babies.I love skin care so much.
That is why I am thinking of past recipes for face products, like a good scrubber. Like a good cream.

Gnarly Bitch from memory~
The gnarly bitch was nice and I can never make her that way again. I cannot. I did write down the recipe in a booklet which is here somewhere..let us begin from memory..

cocoa butter
a bit of shea
organic jojoba for a silky silky feel
a drop sesame  receiving the golden rays which heal and give
a bit of beeswax
to hold when there is sway
a bit of rose, okay more, radiate open heart to best things
bulgarian of course
a bit of vanilla
to spark an awareness with in me and hopefully now you
to exhibit graciousness instead of sorrow
to pull hard on the rough fibrous vines of angst and regrets which hold you back
get in to the woods of your heart and rip down the chocking thoughts and habits which claim they support you
tear them down and watch as the light comes through

looking at the tenth house capricorn saturn jupiter venus more

when I was a young woman and studied astrology with Robert, at Mayflower
I was very interested in my own chart and how the numbers work. I did all the math by hand and now I just don't need to, what with the computer apps you can get to delineate your own path.
It is real to me still in many ways, still. I have evolved to be an atheist witch and will not can not go back to myths  legends and certain fixed ways to live and believe.
I do not believe. I observe. it is the best way for me to go through and sort through the information of my own humanity.
That being said...
The tenth house is amazing and bad.(sorry, nothing is as sweet as you and I would like)) Honey, manuka, yes!
It can be humans ganging up on what the perceived as weak or not right for their perfect picture  of what you should be to them.
It is based on many factors that have nothing to to with astrology and yet, how how does Saturn pop up to ruin ones day each time while Jupiter tries to calm and quench and say "hey listen to me, you are a tyrant right now and no one wants to live by your ill logical ideas which could be secretly steeped and ruled by wealth, misogyny, male mysteries" and of course the one no one wants to bring up because it is bitchy, the old lady..
Ageism is real friends and I for one never thought I would be saying it it.
Look at how we are perceived  in movies and such..
The witch with in, is what I will reach for..and will observe now,  The master of numbers and who is prodding? The queen of hearts and who is draining your juices so hard that ice queen is near?
The real not so mystery, is that the witch before you, can see right through all your fears. That is my personal for what ever "godly" reason,  talent. It is a gift each one of us has a chance to reach for.because what you are afraid of with be in touch and soon. It will follow up, see?
You get sacred because being a high thinker and concerned about excellence, you may react to made up words  in such a way you had never expected. You know I will say it, the words  others are afraid to breach because of some made up conduct. I am not saying you should cut peoples heads of with a sword. I am however, a libra tenth house person and for sure there will be knives, and
ah tenth house you you gift me with wonderous changes..

How about you lovies?
What tenth house issues are you having to sort through and be responsible for?

Monday, January 8, 2018

how to be great without being pompous astro news and ideas tenth house capricorn pluto

See how everything points to the top corner..yes indeed! Work, your identity at work, your deep thoughts about work and taking care of things one at a time.
Look and notice the opposition between the Uranus in the first house and the Moon there in Libra almost too alone except for the reflection of the world in a whole new way.

Look at world leaders with all their pompous rock throwing  at each other with regards to which groups is better now.
Is it the Liberals socialism gone bad in Venezuela? Yes It is not socialism when there is a dictator! Read a book and not the bible which is all socialism with a dictator who is always watching!

Is it the rock throwing at the democratic socialism directed at Bernie Sanders and other politicians who propose more government aid for schools and making a better humnan race not some dumb fuk dictator holding all the money and food from the people who had no choice about him anyhow, or do they? No, they do not!

Look at the attorney general in charge right now here in the USA!
 A racist, super mean guy who wants to turn over states rights on marijuana and I keep learning about more things that this guy believes and yet, Donny, gives him a job to speak for us!
We observe and we are held captive by their control of our lives.

Look at the two planets in the ninth trying to achieve in a new environment.. Jupiter just having entered the realm and venus following which to me brings out women's rights and a higher form of understanding of how we treat each other.
Are we free?

All these planets (focus, reflection, serious mind, work loads)with Uranus kind of our there reminding us how easy it is to become militant! How easy it is to spy on each other and be self righteous..or how it is so easy to think you are chosen for better things..

choose yourself right now and don't fool around with your health.

I am going to tell you something. I am holistic, I will use homeopathy and herbs to get better. 
I will not let my health dwindle in search of "naturopaths who are far and few in between and a three year course does not a doctor make. 
People will say, I am a healer, I try..
an infection is an not deny the facts is what I  am saying.
Look, please do not take me wrong. I love talking with many a smart natural path like when they come to do lectures and speak about their passion for learning about the body! Yes!! I get excited because I understand more about how our cells work. I love it! A holistic doctor though..I am saying this, find one that knows the facts and then make a decision on what needs done. A holistic doctor must know when a herb cannot kill a bacteria to its fullest like in the teeth(saturn) and the bones will break down and no amount of alfalfa will stop aging..just look a flower's life..she thrives in the sunshine and makes her seeds for the future her...mmm
Everything is work. Everything is leaning or having learned a new way to do it.

Uranus in Aries is about crossing boundaries and leaving the past behind..take with you what is useful because we are moving to the 11th house..

here is my 11th house poem of the day

you say that you are a centerist
there is no such thing
you teeter here and there
because it is so natural like that

one foot the one way and  you are already working to be steady 
did you know perhaps, that you are under all that stuff holding it all with you shoulders instead..

passion is great, yet, takes no real skill, desire, that is a whole other  thing
my talent is that:)
I want many things

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday is Saturn's day

I do flip flop on how my mind works and that is why I get so anxious when I become aware of trips and glitches. I will say this to you in my quiet voice with has much weight. I am a warrior and will slay things one by one. I will think about and say these  things as I go, like a check list a pilot would use,  so that I do not have to remember what I said because each movement each thought takes time and space and what we do in that time and space is how we get to live.

Imbolc is up on us! xxxxxxxxx

I love love love love it!!
This is the best time for plan, I meant to say "Plan".
clean up
learn good things
pay better attention
pay bills
get money back
make investments in you future self
do more yoga
eat more fiber
Saturn aspects love fiber and more water (if I were honest, I would say, every aspect loves water and fiber)

There are many magical innuendos as to what plants are ruled by Saturn..

these stood out for me;
tonka bean

Beets..yummy, with olive oil and lemon and salt and pepper, roasted for about an them!
Have a warm day, it is so cold out there this morning.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

super moon effects and other astrological non things to think about in forcasting

I do not forcast for people. I do not know what kind of year your sign will have.
I like patterns and trends in life and I cannot divine for any one person but as far as what humans will be trending based on their habits and thangs..I might have some insights, insignificant in to what Trump will do with that Korean Kim fellow..
What a bunch of asses men can be. And it is never enough where they go, "okay, I am going too far now."
Nope, the ego see, and men forget that every other ass dictator died before them some brutally and yes, big mouth, big head and penis size for sure must play in to it.
So transparent men can be.
The pene' they are obsessed. One guy I know, is always adjusting and well, "obsessed" is all I can say about that.
"Pride goeth before the fall!"
They do not say  that for no reason. Before one takes one's last breath, I wonder if they then cry out "no, please, let me stay in this meat suit and be in pain just because I know my own awareness!"

I do not want to dwell too long on men's issues because woman are what I am.
That full moon made me think a lot about plans and big future moments where I will deal with what I am doing right now.

Each person has only so much to work with and the rest of their time here,  they have to hunger for and risk things like feelings and expectations, the heart and where they really stand in the life they live!
I wish that our lives  could be so precise like a Thomas Keller recipe. I am sure he has his shabby moments somehow, maybe.
He calls his place, The French Laundry! I wonder if it is  because it is so clean and just perfect. Like his food"))
A Libran he is!
Yesterday I made his version Croque Madame! His techniques are spotless, man! Delicious! You have to make your own Brioche at least one time to truly appreciate his touches.
Might as well put your mind to something serious like perfecting. your skills which really do matter and this whole thing with the way commerce is going, I say embrace it and take what you can from each experience.

Public speaking can be a risk


angry mob

irrational mob

irrational beliefs

truth unfolding

more understanding

one earth


cold winter and saturn again with pluto ideas and psychic vampires in the realm

" god, why have you driven me in turbulent waters?" "because your enemies can't swim." (if he can make a wat...