Wednesday, April 30, 2014

contradictions in happiness

one or the other

one of the things I love about the art of astrology is the ability to have honed on the mythology of "us" and my intuition pumps..those two combined and of course my northern Greek upbringing..a Macedonian way of life across both borders, the customs of my "people" and how basically we were all farmers! Somehow by the 1900's they all thought they were Arians or some dumb idea someone on a throne thought of..
They argue about who owns Alexander, keep Alexander, he burned down the ancient library, that fak, lets make this place work now!
 I learned two languages as a child, Greek, and  ancient Macedonian,  Slavic dialect is slowly dying. English is the one to know all over earth!
someone's house from my village

I work  with a guy from that region. He is sweet to me because I am wonderful to work with and I understand every word he speaks in Macedonian, the other boys at  work, are like, "that guy is crazy!"
He  ruined lunch for the Gemini boy with the Scorpio Moon one day speaking about politics and his idea of the wars today....His race of people is just now showing their hard work, speaking Greek, Macedonian and English..some even speak Albanian too.
My great, grand parents actually had to learn Greek. That whole region was so secluded each little village had its own thing, but they knew enough to get marriages from other towns around the bend. My Yia Yia on my dads side comes from a family from the adjoining village, a priest's daughter she was..  They say evolution isn't real! It is real alright, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this off of a device of some sort..I wonder what those books, so many, would have shown us?
Good thing he couldn't destroy everything because we have bones and we have knowledge of the color how calcium radiates blue accross the whole universe and that everything, is light..sparkling, fervent, sparkling with life..

There are some things we should always treasure about the past, like the way our mommas raised us and the way life was simple..There are many things about ourselves we should re think..
Fighting and spreading violence on earth is not the way..especially if you think you are doing it for god..he doesn't care, your momma does..she suffers your agony, your pain and she loves and adores you when you are grand, showing your best work yet..look inside your deepest parts and see what you really are, what you really want...there is enough for you and everyone else..some how, some way, your hearts disire is brought to you, always..warring to win, is not the way for us...all winning is the way for us!
Lying about how things are so you  can feel better in your
look the other way from all of that., Love your body and your ass, who cares about some fake add!
Be real with god inside your mind
The one who you are without saying a word.
The one that knows your true intentions before you do.
the one you answer to..
everything you do now is because you made it with your thoughts. Every thought is real enough for you to construct with your hands something wonderful, and with heart, sharing something wonderful, something which makes people you live with, work with..very happy...

How did it take us until the 1980's to stop using lead in everything?
The Romans famous aqua duct system was made of lead, they slowly poisoned everyone, each other,  knowing early on that it was the worst thing! They didn't care, a little bit is not bad..they would justify things like that I am sure!

Lets us decide what kind of world we want.  One based on honesty and true respect for each other with the ever wondrous knowledge and goodness always coming our way..right now its is already here:) Future man will likely look at us like cave men, using decade plant material as our fuel ,just like "we" look at lead now..

ok ok..I must get some chores done, the seed planting has begun..have a great day, say you are sorry if you have to but do not be one  who overlooks the truth and skims due to laziness and sloth....
be the one who radiates success and riches..

Scorpio in any one's chart shows me a person with eyes so deep and understanding so rare of the finest things.
That is why I even mentioned the Gemini with the Scorpio Moon. Ya'll  have calm elegance, I like that!
Now, to make some shea butter goodie to brighten my day and yours..


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

good morning

I love you and thank you my soapies!
I love making soap and I love talking about it. I love all the oils and I love my frankincense pleasures in so many forms, all of them really.
It allows my mars in Gemini to be directed with fiery force. I am still getting more beautiful inside
I can only imagine what I will create next..because my intentions now are rare indeed..
competing with no one and allowing creative, penetrating forces to carry me to riches and success..
my success, a beautiful garden with an array of oils past and present and beautiful people to share that with and allow the real magic to take hold of space like a velvety carpet ride but with TARDIS abilities!
We are special. I have said this before but now I am saying it again. Pure essential oils can change your life, alter your brain's chemistry to create  nuro transmitters to accommodate your new awareness..
Your focus on now..never to hurry but always to work with grace and clarity of your far as you can see place...
I woke up thinking how amazing we all are! I mean I think you love the same oils because you say such nice things to me:)))
Have a wonderful  day!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

ice cream?

"do you like your green tea ice cream?"
this question was asked to President Obama by a Chinese dignitary..
I only read the head line because right near by was another story about living longer if you eat raw fish and drink green tea..
"I am sure, Mr Obama was gracious and said it was lovely! He is a Leo, and for Leos it has been a time of giving up to the system or being locked in a situation..
Green tea ice cream? YUK
let me see,now,  organic rocky road, Adel's blackberry ice cream, some whipped piece of crap with guar gum, or green tea ice cream or french vanilla with raspberry swirl..?
Rocky road..wins!!
I would taste all the rest  the green tea ice cream but I am not going to waste time eating tea..even though if that was all there was I would be gracious.
Ice cream lasts an afternoon at my house so there is no chance of getting too fat eating it a whole thing of it on my own like they do on tv..
I always freak out a little, like why are you letting that whole thing melt on the coffee table and so now it will not freeze right again and it'll  taste "icy"??
I like green tea, I do, I know I should drink would cut in to my espresso spot though:)
We got this new machine at work and I can taste all the essential oils in the organic Italian coffee he presses though that thing! It is a Frank and I would only dream of having one..I already do at work though and if we think about it, I am there most of the time and there is a superb barista waiting to do my bidding:)!!
So really it is already mine...I have been doing a double shot everyday now for two weeks. It gets my day going like nothing I have used in a long time. It has become this little ritual, I like the reprieve. The cream it makes and then the bitter hot taste of pure essential oils, fruity, rich, dark, magic..

Retail is rough business you know. The people, the food, the boxes and the occasional freeking nut bag who only wants magnesium in a capsule but not to  say magnesium oxide with citrate and glycenate.. "only magnesium glycenate"
"magnesium is an element, you know that? It isn't already created as magnesium glycenate, or magnesium chelate?
Chelation is a binding technique which allows the mag to be more useful in your body.."
"oh you won't convince me, now show me another"
(he actually put his hands on his ears))
"what are you a Taurus man fixed in your ways?"
"no, I am an Aries"
"ah, that is why I am not mad at you!"
He must have some Taurus about stubborn to the extreme!

hah ha hah ha

Smiling, I said, "magnesium is is a rock sir, they grind it up and mix it  with citric acid"
No, no, you  won't convince me, I know I have seen an oil!"
"I do not think you should drink that and I believe they extract that from a northern part of earth and it is only for bathing."

I walked away from him thinking, I gotta let it go, I gotta not care, I  gotta just accept
him for what he is
just another soul
having met life's   journey and
then at some moment, a speck of time
he may have
tripped over his own shadow
a little part of him stayed there
it makes him feel strong
like he belongs
to a secret stance
that might just restore
his false confidence


Friday, April 25, 2014


vanilla and cacao with cacao butter soap, balm and hair and skin toner..

I need a little break for desert so I thought I would whip up something like that combo.

I will tell you this much, people who buy from  me want OW more than lavenders and cacaos but there those who love the chamomiles and lavenders.
I love lavender with oakmoss and then once in a while I like German cham with lavender. It is lovely. add a little rose and righto..perfection in cream, balm or any other lovely thing I would put it in.

Regression To The Means except  in interesting concept proven over and over that is is real in our daily lives...
you know, always going back to what is an average for you..
remember how they would  say, "once a blank , always a  blank"
I say make the average the best you can and don't be lazy about it so that your regression to the means is better each year!
Do you think it is easy to break your daily habits for something better?
How can we encourage out intuition to be more active I our habits, to serve us?
Seems like we have to convince that inner being that he should make that happen. He is like CEO, and you are are automatically serving .."He', I mean you, inside your head..that is the part we are getting to know, both in science and in meta physical studies and the occult..
in the end it is always mind control+ plus rare and random luck which is not dependable..right?
I do not know about you, but my choices have put me here now. I must have thought highly of myself even then to be so well set now. I feel like I am in a good place mentally too.
That is why I am thinking the vanilla cacao with maybe a shot mandarin..
in a balm..
I ordered jars a week ago! They will be here today..We'll have a special, I can't wait to show you..
I made olive oil cleanser with grapeseeds, also
a toner like Tonie said to do, vanilla bean lemon..
She and her girls rave about it. Miss Linden Glitter, you are so smart..this one is for you!
Basically you boil 1 cup water with a vanilla bean and a half lemon when finished you add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and strain..
Eleneetha's retail version with contain a diluted form of this mixture and one drop lemongrass as preservative. I never use toner but I poured this on my head and it was glorious!

I have to go. It has been one of those weeks where I am busy early in the day. I wish I could stay here and cut paper and read things:) and take pictures to show you..tomorrow, then!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

new balms and creams

there will be a frankincense balm because I recently met a little woman from Yemen who has frankincense nuggets as big as my fist..that is what she said. we really hit it off. He daughter usually speaks for her for her and she listens. Her English is good enough now,  for us to have had a great conversation. She was raised like me in a small village. She still wears the covering on her head like a scarf like the women did in my village way back in the day.
We talk about how much I have longed to go to Yemen to clollect frankincense. "ah levani"
I ran to my car and gave her some birch soap (the only thing I had in the car)for her sisters skin condition. They had come in to talk to me about what to do about a certain virus that attacks the skin.. I wish she would bring me some.of those chunks of levani and I would mix that with amber, the fosilised one.. that would be cool. I will make balm for her sister!
I want that so much right now. I wonder if we can distill some?
How the yield would be.or how much she would give to me?
 I love, love, frankincense!
I also have a sample of one of sweetest German chamomiles I have smelled in years..
sometimes the blue oils take on a bitterness..not this! Eden sent me a sample and I fell in love! Also the patchouli I bought from Sunrose is starting to mellow. She said she ran out of the 12 year old one, what could I do but get what I can?

It seems like we will have a great year in soapmaking which kind of starts now. people want nice skin all year long, but Spring is when we take our sweaters off, we must be ready to show some sleek, taught skin..taught lika a tauiger..haha
Ok, ok, there is a posibility the lady will never show up is cool because when she does show up, it'll be an even better surprise!

I won't even look at the planets

And I will tell you that you're really doing great and hiving fun and getting it in.being attentding in your work and focused in your mind!
If you think people's snide remarks go unnoticed, you're wrong. But you, you keep walking, sayingless and doing more..

Mars is about to go forward, Saturn is in its last few degrees in Scorpio, frikin Uranus is in Aries opposite of what it was 80 years ago squaring Pluto way our there..our little quiet helper our little bridge to the outside and the inside..both so vast in time and space that the numbers are symbols of bigger numbers!
Things are changing on our planet, like it or not. We know more, we are really smart to even compare us to 30 years ago..I never had an I Phone 30 years ago! We called each other on the kitchen phone.
We used to walk on each others porches 40 years ago and holler.."Joanie!"
Imagine 80 years from now and what memories you've made when someone you've made) gets to see it all in a Uranus cycle..80,  give and take ok..look at the ephemeris if details on dates are important.. I find that astrological cycles are in cluster of time and not simply daily events that take place in our lives..humans need routine...Uranus hates it so much that he becomes more militant about not having it..or being eccentric in his militant ways..I have mentioned in politics at the beginning of the 1900th century, the wars and the fighting with each other about who owns what when  there were people already here! Their ancestors having walked here over an icy bridge, I wonder if they were like, "wtf?"
"We are going to have to fight them. How many can there be?"
*80 years ago, there were a few men who ruled the world, women didn't work, they washed clothing by hand everyday by the river and if you have a secret fantasy about that, let me tell you when a girl is hunched over from youth over a rock she looses her luster quickly in time!

Let us now rejoice for our washers and indoor sinks and electricity and our great scientists who gave it to us..thank you Tesla!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

song of the day


houses in order and mosses in the same spot

Moss on neptune turned out amazing I think..
I glazed the the the top with a perfume I had made that was a little too sweet for my taste but when mixed with spirulina and more oakmoss turned out manifque..
Moss on neptune is beautiful with the lavender and the tons of oak moss, I used all I had, it was alovely one from Sunrose..soft, mossy, elegant are words that come to mind.

I played that song  from yesterday.."you are a strong, huh, beautiful woman, huh..."and sang for you when I made this, lol!

I know that words have power because now I can measure that power with the way I carry myself always..and that means singing and a whole lot of talking and having girls leave me alone when I make, isn't that nice?

 Moss on Neptune

lavender oakmoss labdanum  Austrian templin fir

layers of hidden citrus notes long having been settled in to  vetiver and patchouli

topped with kashmere lavender from white lotus..omg, yummmmm

I was going to mix the spirulina throughout the soap but no. The algea has to be on top so that you can use that part up right is loaded with blue green spirulina ( a thoughtful gift from a long soapy lovie of mine, Miss Martha:)))and some other oils I thought I would surprise you with having now made its own layer of salty rich oceany soap cream.It is made to kind of be a scrub or skin rejuvenating polish..don't worry that it will make a messy paste. It is still soap, I just feel that because I fluffed that part  up with organic coconut oil, it has a lighter density that the inner core of this soap.
Why rejuvenating? Because even if you simply use olive oil and water on your face, just the touch brings blood to the surface, giving you color and  natural glow.Your skin needs to breathe, not to be coated day and night with a layer of some wax..if it is bees wax, lovely! If it is some other weird thing, wash it off.
Of course staying clean (in all ways) is the key to great skin..get up breathe, work out, walk, climb, eat something again, good bread and coffee..what else?
Tell it to your self..
"this makes me so happy"

The inner part of this soap is made with oils only so that you can enjoy its rich velvety flavor..
It is also bordering on classic lavender oakmoss.I used a bit of labdanum here with templin fir and then a shot of sacred sanctuary perfume.

This soap might be just the thing you need. Think of it as psychic detox, accepting floating on air, dreaming, knowing more because you are floating on air..what is that, the sea? It is me, the animal in me..mine and
your mind, free from worry and doubt
mine and your ideas flourish with energy and attraction
let your mind collect them in thick icy clouds of us composed of what we once were and can be and what we now are..all a part of that..

you smell divine
you are kind
you are sweet
and you smile and say thank you

perfection in knowing who you are
right(ous) not pious..but actually good hearted
simple easy
That is who I want to be with you gliding right there next ta me:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

song of the day

strong beautiful woman paula cole


the birds are singing and it is raining like spring time

they begin around 5:00 am here..maybe 5:20 is a time when I can really hear them and say "hello"

I hope you have a nice day and that you think about things. Don't be a dick..a lot of people become dicks when they think they can.some do..that is why the place I work is so good. There are rules see? And if people don't love you enough, we do not have happy workers..we are like the bees except people and men are in charge..some women but mostly men.
They are all nice save for a few top wigs who never speak to me..which is good..I do not know what to say, I get all twisted.
I say things..
I seem to not have a good filter when I get nervous..I do not cus out loud or anything,  but I feel like all Librans have some quirk like that..we're an odd the best friend you never have sex with:) or the one who listens to your plights with you..really takes it and thinks with you..that is the Libra way. The Anastasia way goes a step further..
I am the friend you'll keep, yo! The unconditional kind, not the creeper who expects things..ha ha ha!
I know I know, astrology and myth..I am am trying to figure that all out out but the more I learn about the universe and what we are, the more I feel that it is better to look at my place in this vast ocean. We all should do that together and be free from restraints of how much a divine being loves us..we made him..we  love ourselves, it is easy!

All I know is that we are alone in ourselves in our head!! And the best way is to make a nice inside your head..make it clear and bright and not a bunch of clothing everywhere over other things you do not need scattered around..
We store things like that inside and out. It is nice to check yourself once in a while and then get on with it..that is also the Libra way..
Oh, don't worry, I never forget my Mercury in Scorpio won't let me. I want to... some things you love the pain from. The kind that tears at you like a flash of light, a sword and you are like , "oh, yea, give it!"
It lasts but a fraction of  a second in real time what ever that is! You then remember something else have to. It is time to work my babies..time to get it done and be the woman or man, be the creative force that drives goodness, that makes things happen, that is always in charge of what is real and what is now! Work hard and it is all good because you have so much to smile about, don't you now?
Remember about Mars in Libra going direct soon..I think it is going to be a nice push and organization "now"is the key! Get your future life in order right now is the message!

I love you..have a wonderful day!

I have been burning wood and leaves for a couple of days now
I walked around the fire the first day and evoked a circle
the second day I burned the wreaths I  had made last summer with the lavender and yarrow
The were glorious smoke the neighborhood
the leaves made a nice fire. the ashes, broken down material
remixed with more dirt,
to make new things happen for a short glorious colorful time and that is "us" in our the bigger scheme of things.

Ok, now I hope you have a wonderous day!

Soap to be made today
Moss On Neptune
Clorella Salty something really good.
I am thinking of labdanum oakmoss and templin fir cone..weird and good..a drop spikenard maybe!
Of course I'll take photos!

Here were some soaps that went out this week!
Thank you so much!

Monday, April 21, 2014

song of the day

cat stevens ruby my love


looking into the furure now saturn notes

Saturn in Scorpio was rough for some, Leo's, Aquarians.
Aries, having to grow up fast now, or Gemini taking on the world!
I have planets in Scorpio and I must say, my dearest friends have one or two Scorpio planets here and there. I find that we attract who are are so I must be in high company. You would think that Scorpio vibes in a person would make them competitive, no, they are not! That is the way Scorpio succeeds in everything, by simply  always observing what is best and mostly staying too! Staying down and thinking more. Standing  back and understanding every one's needs, mostly his own. That is good you know. You live for others and you may be wasting a whole lot of years just based on the idea that sacrifice is better because of Jesus..or some other supernatural being you have to thank and praise so that he will help you if you beg and praise him enough..maybe it is about something else anyway..maybe I should simmah down?? Nah...
( I told you, I say things))
Maybe all this mythology does mean something and you become who you praise?
 Have I just had and Epihany?

But the bottom line is Saturn enters Sagiatrius soon, we should think about all the new ideas we've had brewing in our minds.. I know I am  brimming! Mercury in Scorpio in my chart has always made me more critical of myself than of others.I feel like I  am  enjoying praising others and praising myself at the same time..maybe that is the real  message of god in all languages..that the smiles for each other only bring goodness..and that means relying on your intuition and your real intentions..

I am so happy about this Spring! Enough seeds and enough time..time to think and create
time to forgive and love myself, you, ideas flowing, my heart glowing
enough food for all
brimming with laughter or a good story
our homes always inviting the best things
an open door to receiving more and more easily and effortlessly
enough for everyone..
me, making anything I want
which I do
you sending me notes about your day and how you like a certain oil or soap that  I made..

hah hahaaa, sorry, I do go one in the morn!

I love great skin care! That makes me happy. I nice bath with a little salt soap and a glorious scrub on my face..that is nice..

My products are wonderful to me and I hope you use them every day..maybe my things are your good habit..your love of your skin?
Here is a great recipe for a wash on the face..

1/4 cup good fruity olive oil
1 tablespoon manuka honey
1 tablespoon ground quinoa (I love the smell)
1/2 teaspoon Celtic salt
1 tablespoon tomato seed oil ( because I have some and it is a great anti oxidant providing valued SPF naturally)

in a blender or better yet, vitamix
grind the quinoa well and add the other ingredients..
store in a container which you will keep from direct heat..and, because you would not add preservatives of any kind, use it in about a month..
shake well before you my house it stays frothy the whole time but because of temps at your place you may have some sepparation..
you can add one  lavender or rose otto if you want to..

I will make some today for everyone and it will be my little
Rose Lavender Spring Skin Care Treatment

It'll be a wash, an oil and a soap
How's 20.00 for the whole thing?
I want to make it fair and avalable all the time. I will use a super seed mix I  have been brewing up along with the quinoa in mine..

I found a nice paper which can absorb any oil that might leak on the outside and still look good!
check it out.

Look how nice it still is, even though I have been pouring out if it for a couple of  weeks now, and as we all know, there are ineviatble leaks on the bottles and jars..I am thinking up some good stuff, so many good, gud stuffs!
have a wonderful week!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Your own personal rebirth

It is very exciting to be here and now, right here and right now!
And it is very real even if it doesn't feel that way..
We have had such doses of reality that we need to escape a little bit.
Weather it be flirting which I must say, I've indulged more frequently as of late. With Saturn in Scorpio, I can only say that we all have been a little self involved. We are repairing and finding our way. We are letting go of things that will not serve us. We are facing reality and have had our last big party..I love  all of it but Saturn in Scorpio has had me working my ass off and I love a good story so at the moment there is, Mad Men..the smoking the drinking the nap the sex and the coughing on mad is like an evil bewitched, I tell ya! The first year of bewitched with the first Darin..with the cute witch.
Some of us.. so overwhelmed that all we can do is carry on and do our job.Be real and love our kids. We get  sad and make mistakes, get over saddened by some heart shattering even by a late husband or lover and I don't mean dead.  I mean, when we as humans know it is time to buckle down and do what we want, yo. Take Saturn in Scorpio and learn, get ready to learn, get ready to soar with knowledge because it is just now getting interesting! Saturn is headed (inevitable) in to Sagittarius..phew!
Do the work, be indulgent in your approach, and really learn it all as best as you can, say you're sorry, say, "hello"
higher learning
real god understanding
expanding business based on intuition's guidance
taking care of the inner mind as well as the outer body
feeling emotional restraint  especially in certain areas of the body..

"I walk easily through my day"

Saturn is bones, teeth, skin as well as having built  a large protective barrier between you and the world.
Think about it..Saturn is all about restrain only if you have nothing to work for..when you intentionally  love and learn and gentry arrange your life, everything is fine, you are fine, no need for lies or sadness or judging harshly, no need for sadness at all..because what is done is done..that is the big idea about re-birth..
The "egg" and yes, of course the chicken came first..ha haa hahaaaa, see? It is like that..right now your brain is getting ready for your next little shift and you get to take a few things much are you willing to carry?
ha ha haaaaa
I love you!
Happy Easter

Friday, April 18, 2014

hello and happy wonderous springtime joyful friday

two plutos

One for you and the other for someone else..I am not sure who loves a wee balm jar like this but I know I love to have one near me at all times.
This is a delicate scent as much as you think the patchouli will dominate and it does in the end, that is why we love patchouli..
patchouli knows patchouli is hot and bitchin' and strong..patchouli knows!
the lovely canaga adorata comes from a lovely source..soft, heady, tropical and very able to transform in to something wondrous with patchouli and orange blosom absolute!
Do not ask me why patchouli ylang ylang are so sexy together..they are:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

something new brewing

As I  was making this blend today, all the oils seemed to fall in my hands as if they were waiting all winter for me to adore them into a usable composition! This place smells so good right now!
I love to see and use a green tea soap. I love speckles of green tea throughout the bar and do not care about shiny purples or striped designs..
This is frankincense bergamot, rose, smokey vetiver, a few drops patchouli and loads of green tea, lime!

Frankincense Bergamot and Organic Green Tea Soap

I think it is really something special which is my real present one of a kind scents for brief joyous moments in our time...together:)

I believe my product is really focused towards a certain group of men and women who know exactly what they want and also love sexy deep vibes from vetiver and patchouli!
Vetiver in most things as far as I am wonderful and deeply satisfying!
The root system of vetiver offers many good things for Earth too! It grows all on its own, not much wants to eat it, it smells grassy and dirt, fragrant sweet.. and makes your mouth water, literally...the root does. The root system of vetiver is very strong and is able to to hold together the top soil in the tropic areas  so that the rains do not allow all the soil to wash right?
The energy is therefore very sturdy with profound deep inner convictions which do not easily get washed away.
Memories for vetiver lovin' types are always happily painful or something they simply have put away and gone on with life.
There is vetiver in this soap..and rose:)
 I had made a vetiver smokey rose balm last fall and I had it stowed away in a special place in the cold cabinet in my sun room. Now that the temps have become less frigid, I need to make good used of  some of the perfumed balms I had made in 2013! They have seasoned well and are perfectly cured for use in soap. There is some beeswax here so this is not completely vegan soap and of course bergamot stands out along frankincense..the vetiver is in the background holding rose, gently..rose de mai and white rose in this one..crisp white rose, heavenly, certain, inviting...

Happy full moon my sweeties, I hope you thank your momma(moon) and tell her you care..I did:)
This is a day to make yourself happy, by staying honest in your own head and doing good by smiling at every one and me too!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the lunar week and all the stuff exposed during

There is a condition, that is like sex when you talk about religion, weather it is due to you like or dislike, the feelings may be the same.

From what we know of the brain through our studies as humans, we know that there is a "pre" thought before we act..right?
Well, this goes so much deeper that it is scary! Take a pencil and put it in your mouth through your teeth sideways with the point pointing left. Now, take the same pencil and put the eraser side through your teeth with the point directly in front of you.
You may see where i am getting at. Smiling makes this funnier!
When you have the pencil sideways it automatically makes you smile while the pursed lips around the eraser makes you scowl..
Take this a step further and look at any sort of pictures and see what comes up in your head..The results of experiments like this show that we are continually effected by what we say, look at, and how we hold our faces up..all  that skin just hanging on bones and ligaments..I am smiling:)
Try it. go look at a cartoon with the pencil sideways and see how much funnier the cartoon is than the one where your pencil is pointing out with your face pursed up in a scowl.
simmah down now, simmah down!
But do you see that it is funnier when hold the pencil sideways and not that funny when pointing? An act of your mind without you planning to do it? Or, are you planning as you go?

What I want to say to you really is that I am passionate about the truth overall..and easter should be what you make it. Spring, trees blooming,  rebirth of flowers and new fruit after a long winter of coldness and rarely tasty tomatoes and what you've already made it. I cannot tell you how many grown men I've seen on the roads dressed in bunny suits and holding an easter special..the eggs, from another race of people who worship the natural order of the world, pagans, now delegated to a malefic sect of an entity they (the Romans) themselves had and still have,  created! It was the Roman way to control the people they had conquered, I think and Paul creating a unified religion for all the people. I think during a time when you are being overthrown there is more zealotry and mystic hocus do not rise from the dead after being dead for three days. I just cannot happen. In fact all the magic in the world wouldn't make it so. The body deteriorates after a few minutes!
He may have been in a coma, Jesus, and able to in three days walk away..I think that these visions may have been visions for sure. I have them all the time in my mind..dude! Be real. I dream of things, like horses and beautiful me on one riding and being free. I have visions of my next thing whatever it may be. I plant seeds along the way so that you feel good and free just to sitting near me
because I accept you right now right here
and you accept me
even as I say shocking weird and crazy things
you are here smiling as if that pencil is always sideways not pointing..

I love you
I do what I want

Monday, April 14, 2014

howling at the moon

I woke up with the wind howling and the Moon shining on me  in my bed though the curtains. I tried to go back to wonder sleep bliss and , it wasn't going to happen. So I got up went out side barefooted and smile at the moon again and thought about this magnetic power which has my blood easily coursing through my body and making me excited to be me! I  cleaned my work space well and thought about what I want to focus on on this very intense Full Moon conjunct Mars retrograde.
 I will pack orders, each one to be reviewed so I do not make mistakes and I will enjoy this well deserved three days off and plan out my plan, see.. by rounding up the dead stuff, composting that and then planting onions...maybe we will see. First things first..nurture my business, nurture my home and family and nurture myself the whole time!

 I love this place, so warm and comfy it is and this year the explosion of flowers will be spectacular! I want to go out there right now and start digging.
My duties are to brighten the place up and fix things up around here of course but mostly, it still means slow down, take a step back, see where I'm  at at the moment, say I am sorry if I have to,  and then only go forward..

You are only moving forward and since we are going that way anyhow it is about being grateful for who we are now and  for what we've done that counts.I cannot explain why but it seems to be a key to success and real happiness!

You may have become so entrenched into your work, your home or something else, that you have forgotten some details about your own misdeeds or your basic needs as a human.
Or you are wasting time not learning by feeling bad about what isn't happening at the moment.
Pain and anguish only get you so far my friends. You had better open your eyes and see what is and  not put yourself  on a throne. Dethrone yourself and be free from social pressures and social expectations!
I am so glad we are dethroned  otherwise we would still be putting goats blood on the door so that god could see we are not the Egyptian babies..dude!
Really, god passes over and kills babies now? And that is ok? What are we doing?

Three or four thousand years later? Need I remind you of the Rwanda genocide when the quotes were , "Kill the Tutsi rat mothers and their rat babies so that they cannot make more!" I just heard that on NPR the other day about a movie on that whole episode...I haven't seen it yet because I have to be in the mood to get strong enough, but I think I will, get strong enough, because those are the real zombies of humanity, sigh...
I wonder why the US didn't put a stop to that horror after 30 days? I guess we didn't have drones then, lol!
Oh, it is okay to control all the opium  in the world but what is in Rwanda, a bunch of machete wielding tribesmen?

The only thing passing over is everything all the time and we, with it....
There are some family rituals that should be passed over, but who am I  to say which and whose?

I am going to make soap and feed my awesome business as if it is my sweet lover... each day, my mind making my wondrous life easy and breathtaking at the same time..that is the real magic, essential oils are magical and you are a magical creature always intending as you do and always creating as you intend to. Don't you see this brilliant light from the sun reflecting  off of me to you, it is there, please, do
see it for what I want you give you, which is a smile, a song...
thoughts as infinite particles racing in time together, me you, part of the infinite..whatever we are...

"In a bar of soap?"
"Yes! I do what I want!"


Sunday, April 13, 2014

shea butter smoothies

shea butter smoothie with lycopene

they are so good

I like a nice oily balm after my shower, why do you think my skin looks so good at my age?
We olive skinned  gals are lucky in that respect.
More likely, it is the fact that I have been using oils since girlhood!
That was a long time ago..and here we are now.
I have many friends now from another era, when all this stuff was new. the soap making, the balms, the rose..
I have been reminded,  when we would use gallons of rose water, white rose water..
(maybe in 10 years, I will have grown enough white roses to make it again)

bergamot frankincense smoothie with super seed oils
Right now my new obsession is, super seed oils and  has me making a new smoothie buttery type things.
We are talking only hydrating oils and no fillers. Not perfume really, I mean I had to add a scent. Still, the individual seed oils themselves, have a beautiful scent all on there own. It is a beautiful element to skin care!
So nutty and I can detect now some differences is the fatty acid smells. Like omegas. I can detect a sort of animal scent in them. They are so important in our body's defense against inflammation and pain.
 Another interesting aspect of seed oils, like watermelon seed or tomato seed oils is that they all have an ability  as a natural SPF! Take the tomato seed oil, rich in cartenoids or the raspberry seed oil, rich in anthocyanadins (spell that)..also naturally rich in spf potential..I have heard that it is around 15-30, but do not quote me on that. You do not need to be laying out in the sun anymore..ten, fifteen minutes, yes, hours, no!

It isn't finished yet.
There must be something else..
Like maybe just mandarin in a butter for summer?

Mandarin has its own vive! (I love it every once in two years or so and then I put it away:)
I  made a lovely  one with neroli/patchouli/sandalwood and one with frankincense/ bergamot.
I find that mandarin as a citrus top note,  that is very un-citrus.

I used to have a  mandarin tree in Costa Rica when we lived on the farm with Jerry who loved our family and later after I left for home, Jerry almost killed his crack head brother because Jerry wanted control over the farm and profits for some business venture..I am glad I wasn't there for that violence. Jerry had to come back here in the states to drive a truck even though he is a pilot, he drove a truck because he could live in the truck at the same time. He had a finger missing which he never told the truth of how it went missing. Something dumb, I am sure! There is never a good reason to loose a digit, I suppose!
 I loved that guy, he was always good to us, I hope he is ok down there as he left to go back because he married a woman there a few years ago..she was a hot Costa Rica woman who seemed to really adore him..she came with him to live in the truck and see the US and it wasn't three month in, she up and went back to her own bed and comfort and warm sunshine.
 Who would blame her?

The moisture in the tropics keeps your skin really hydrated, so no one really needs much , your skin is always plump with hydro air.
The price?
Yea, there is a price..but on that farm we enjoyed bananas and "manderinas". They start out green and as they turn, you feast on them. Their skins would just snap open in your hand and  you'd devour them for a week or so, maybe two..wouldn't ya?
This is the time for  the mangos! They are wild and everywhere on the Pacific side. Those little yellow ones we now pay one dollar for, here at our market, they fall out of the trees for weeks there and you just pick them up and eat them, make juice and eat them some more.
There were wee chili trees all over the place. You couldn't even touch one of them things! Of course you pick them and pickle them! Delish! Anything to make black beans taste more interesting:())

Listen, there is always a price and the only way we should live dangerously, is through constant evaluation of our mind's eye and if we live here in the north, we should apply oils and hydrosols on our skin and sing  a song, something I can sing along with you:)

Friday, April 11, 2014

mars setbacks are really still just going forward

Mars goes retrograde and the world is still turning. Don't look at the news for one day and see how much better you might feel and how you are tending to your own needs anyhow.
You cannot change the world and no matter how special you are, it will still turn when you are gone..
It'll turn out, all you are is a memory, a thought, an intent of a higher realm not yet understood by you is like you know, but you do not know..I know, I know you know that I know sort of thing.
We are consciousness that is still evolving over billions of years..also that..did you know that if you are traveling at the speed of light, time then stops for you? What does that mean??

So just because mars is retrograde and making us tired, doesn't mean we are going to get mad and, we are going to be happy and content with ourselves first. Don't forget also that the full moon is  a commin' and that  is what is most in the lure. Only do your best and be respectful..most importantly, be accountable to yourself first, always mindful, always present...perfection in my mind!
If you need quiet meditation, you will make time for that, if you need to find a kind friend or lover, you will attract one. It is all begun in a thought. I am so happy with the one's I've got!

(there is a whole section in the book, Incognito, on how the mind has zombie systems that you, your will,  are not a part of..zombies are real, I tell ya!!)))

Secure your mental and physical fences, I say, because keeping your boundaries safe is what is best..this means time alone doing something for you. Not sex, and not reading a book with a friend and then chatting it up, later. I am right now watching being human uk. I lost interest after season three, when Mitchel died, he was amazing!
What is it with vampires having to hide their past evil deeds? ha ha ha
Even in mythology we created monsters to scare ourselves with! I wouldn't want to go against a kraken or zombies but it is worthy of thought to consider that a  modified drug in the food chain keeps the masses in line so much so that the bacteria they started with, would mutate and infect people's brain. Lol but not!

 I said no news!

The Kraken
a soap with seaweed absolute and a fresh breezy scent of the sea and salty citrus..yum
Now, that sounds good! I'll be a good day:)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

the full moon a commin and more angular nothings

The Earth will be in the middle of a very powerful line up in space. Sun Earth Mars line up is something that doesn't happen much in space, so the magnetic forces are super intense for the next week or so..
Things get stirred which you didn't think would get stirred.Don't let yourself skip steps or falter in your duties because that there is some heavy sheit and some people heads will roll. The Year Of The Horse is all about, rolling thunderous change, or transition, even.
They already have really...rolled...All the steps have been made by each individual already. You know it.
I feel this line up will show some people are more ruthless than you thought..good thing you didn't invest any time or money one them. What have i been saying about doing our best? Yes, it shows in each word you utter. I see it all day, it is true what they say, "smile and the whole world smiles with you, cry and eventually, you cry alone"
Don't cry. Do your best! Take a shower with the old whore (in you)..attract a perfect lover or perfect work mate, attract a perfect paycheck with a big fat raise, attract your next work or art which will atonish even you..
That can all happen right now to you!

When we are learning about blending oils we sometimes do not get the monetary value  each perfect batch of soap really is..long sigh here... and there is me... I'll end up dumping too much and not enough  neroli to make happiness in those  smelly areas of our brains. I will brighten our mornings and soften our nights.
Each time you apply a little balm on your hands or face, you'll be elevated by unseen light ridden particles of scent..yea, it is big..and we are connected by a web of unseen gravity, joined  through our thoughts..permeating and penetrating areas not yet discovered and yet still, we know that they reflect light in certain waves, each compistion making its way deep inside you and your conciouness is even at this moment, accepting all the goodness. I love that!
 We all learn by observing our own reactions to life based on our desire to please and I, my soapies, I feel like we are special. I feel like anyone who likes patchouli is a friend of mine and anyone who loves it with vetiver is my sweet and most  kind and delicious friend.
I want to make you happy, you bunnies who buy my soap ..I like it that we are like minded. I'd love to sit and eat with you, some nugget of goodness,
you,  my creatures of laughter and song
you are my sexy hound dog(s) even though it is the year of the horse which all dogs do very well in!


I have been wearing patchouli with neroli and mandarin..very nice dry off..very nice! Not too much mandarin, you know..just to brighten things up:)

have a wonderful day :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

tomato seed oil

cold pressed and non GMO tomatoes, ok, ok:)

I am excited about the next thing. I have some really nice healing oils for our bods babes, which, I think, will not only help our skin but also smell nice.

Anastasia's Super Anti Oxidant Hydrating Skin Treatment
The  serum comes in a 10 ml vial
tomato seed oil (cartenoids, lycopene, zea xanthin)
pom co2 (punicic acid, antioxidant, omega 5 and a conjugated linoleic acid)
organic cranberry seed oil
wild watermelon seed oil (ootanga)
organic jojoba
organic rose hip seed oil

This blend I will also be made in a butter with shea for a creamy skin treat.

The scent should be something we all love and cherish
for the serum, just a hint sandalwood

for the butter..I am still thinking..I want fresh and heady at the same time..that is why neroli with patchouli..
I will know soon enough, what to make of it..for now, I am planting seeds and eating them!

This weeks soap menu will include,
cacao patchouli soap
lemony lemon soap
lavender palmarosa salt
bergamot lavender


the occult

It is a thin line to use mythology as a tool for concepts of humanity  or to use mythology as the facts of how it was..a long long time ago when there were dragons and unicorns.
We are smart and know what is up
How about all the people out there? The masses?

If I only worry about my thing, everything else will take care of itself.

My thing is wonderful. I get to make soap and offer goodness for money and help the earth each time I sell a bar of soap! It is miraculous. I have sold to people all over the planet. France, Hong Kong, Israel, Autralia, UK!!!

I love making..making anything and anything from a classic dish to a classic novel, oils, gardens, perfume, ideas about oils from other masters, hydrosols, art on the wall and everywhere else, trinkets and small treasures layed out.
My happiness is all that..more and more goodness comes my way as the sun is shining and I will impose my will on no one today..but do my best as I smile within and without whenever I think of my good fortune!

I believe the trick is being happy within your circle.
I want you you to know how easy that is for me. I have fun at work and home as much as I want and not all there is. I have kids you know! They are also little wildlings ready to fly. They have bit me a few times, I can tell you that..some of you have been a  wee part..when I share.
The problem? Life!
too many, "emotional intuitives" and not enough "wisdom"- from them of course-:) and a certain  mentality coming from me.
I will tell those kids how low they are if they are!
They always come back to me ready to try again. I woke up today not worrying about loosing control as a momma.Also that our children are a reflection of us so we had better love them more...
each time they fuck up. The crisis point is when we get a chance to forgive, not before or after..not as much..
Hear that boy?!!
When you raise boys, you get to see a  whole lot of testosterone. Their living quarters smell like goats live here! I think I have said this before..oh, well, Libras do repeat themselves often! I am so glad they are at the back of the house!

I am making a new cream with oil of tomato seeds. This oil feels really nice on the skin and I think we should try that winter is over, I find that all I have left in my powder room )) is some serum. I want   a nice smelling shea cream! What, tons of neroli and patchouli for spring? I am thinking, I am thinking!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

the endings are not ending

I think aquarius, taurus, scorpio, should all take a step back and not say a word..will you? Not say a word?
If you do this nothing too aweful will happen to you. If you freak out because something has hurt you to your core, then you risk the damage of becoming the dark thing you hate so much.Here we are at some very important star cycles in the heavens.
I am looking at some heavy planetary shake ups..Pluto, Uranus Mars
you can already tell the earth is quivering and being rumbled because of the magnetic forces..war is war, between brothers and between countries.
Look Gemini, you are mad, I get it, lighten can't say everything you want because you are so cute.
Things do get real and life goes on forgive and let it go. besides, it isn't you, really.

These emotional moments are perfect opportunities for all of us  to manifest nobility and grace, but do we?
Yes or no, do we want the last word so  we may resort to words that hurt and things said on facebook?
You hit too low and people get really pissed.
I read somewhere that you should wait six hours before responding to a wrong.Do not say a word for six hours. Do not tweet or remark on the social networks..
The idea is that reacting is futile when the damge is already done..
 It is either we are ready for battle or standing down. I am standing down as a Libran..even though last week I blurted a couple of remarks about some dumb and is my way to say what is on my mind..

retail is where the masses will flock to brings money for goods.. things get intense.

"I drove all this way!"
"I am so sorry, you should have called, I would have been happy to explain the reasons why your product isn't here..yes, "maam, is there something we can adjust so that you can have what you want today?"
"No I want that B6 and  that is what I want." Here is our number, please call and i will call you as soon as your thing arrives. that the real scenario..
here are some others I may have thought but never acted upon..

"do you know anything about this stuff?"
Yes,  I know about all this stuff! Ask me and don't ask about acai or mangostien juice and don't get mad because there are no white mulberries..They are out of season, ok. eat some other dumb thing which will not do a damm thing to your belly unless you get off your ass and work out..
Blueberry powder, sweet potato powder in your smoothie, ewe!

I am so glad that I have been active all my life..because carrying all that extra weight around hurts everything when I have been over.  I do  get over my ideal weight  in winter a is ok, I still  feel strong but my knees kill when I am  too much over and I love being as active as I think I am in my brain. movement is a beautiful thing!

"where is the salad dressing"
"oye, just a walk a few paces, you are already in here and it is the same set up as any grocery, the milk is in the back or any perimeter wall all over the US!"

"do you have N E E M?"
 "hey man, why are spelling?" i always forgive them for that, but it is funny.
They need to spell it because it is an odd word, they have just heard about it.
I would never use neem oil directly unless you use it  outside on the is a smelly one.

Taurus, is needing some tender lovin and thy also need to move on, Why have tenor and be sad and lonely babe.
Get out and see some sunshine. You are dragging your health to the ground clinging to this thing which you hold so dear.
I am saying be free and doors will open for you.
You are an artist and have flair. Something good is going to happen. Today!

My Virgo, sweet, rough, honest, sexy beast! I know your clear vision is really clearer to you now. Let go of what could have beens and be the superb person you have always been. You must be free from the slavery of social bindings and your minds rigid dogma..
with reverence yes, fear, no!

(there is a guy at work, he is my age and been eyeing me like what is she all about, he said yesterday, he is going to convert me to Catholicism..the only way to god)
bring it..and this should be interesting..I wonder if he is a Virgo? he is smart and sad at the same time but so catholic..
"do you believe that Jesus resurrected?"
"Uh, no, what was he then a zombie?"
he didn't even flinch..but I could tell he was thinking of stuff to argue with me about.
"look", I said, "that stuff was thought up when they thought the earth was the center of the universe and flat,
Alexander had conquered that region a few hundred years earlier and brought the Persian Mythra myths with him. that is how history works. it is not metaphysical and Mary was not a virgin..
he said to me, he said, " yes she was, because the birth was a flash of light came out of her"
"that is utterly ridiculous"
"So now Jesus is a metaphysical superman?"

I do not understand everything but I will alway voice my ideas, they flow..
I love you
it is nothing personal when I write..things just come out. please forgive me if I've hurt your feelings!

Friday, April 4, 2014

tid bits

Did you ever wonder about your brain and all the stuff going on at this moment in your head?
I do every day since I started my new book incognito, the secrets of the brain and us, what we are and what we do and  why, we're so emotionally and electrically fired up..we humans are.
Mars retro my sweeties, just think of it like rapids on a wide river and either way you either get through it in rough parts or some might just loose control and collapse or worse, take the lower parts which lengthen the journey!
Be good to yourself would you? Do one thing at a time and try not to get burned. Calm down, be humble. This is the time to be humble..I promise, I am right:)
Anyhow one thing that keeps coming up.
This electrical neuro charged little three pound brain of ours  has as many neuro connections as there are stars in the universe! Isn't that wild?
That there is big news right!
 I am so excited about us and what we are. I have learned this so far,
we are not alone and  things are so far apart that it would take billions of dollars and years, to reach other worlds..that is really good...  that is why we have probes out there like Voyager and took them a long time but they  got out there and took pictures and we saw, water volcanos spewing out of this little moon and another with lava and methane rain. We  have an idea that there is a huge ocean under the ice on Encelidus, one of Saturn's moons.
 There is  salt in that water and perhaps other forms of life alien to ours.
I am really excited because think how lucky we are that we know all this and how we shouldn't even think of getting any of that water and bringing it back here.
It is nice to know what is out there, and that we are not alone  at least it made us aware of our own mythology and what our brains think about and how it becomes real, the step by step way we've evolved until now.
But what I am so "scientifically" learning is that, we do create our reality. each time we think something, it becomes easier to think it..and then its automatic and then your made physical steps toward  it and then you one day realize you have what you want and it all starts with a thought and all this is  electrically lit up all the time..(((the brain needs rest too which is why we sleep (my own opinion)))

I am thinking about you being happy and healthy and well fed. There is nothing better than luxurious food in your belly..I love you:)

neroli sunrise supreme

remember when I told you my friend Nick is coming over and making soap? Well, I decided to not make the old whore and focus on something special for all of us. Plus, that blend is so intimate and deep, I need to be completely alone when creating..yes, she is that special!
So I made some of my basics, like lemongrass patchouli (which I have grown to enjoy)
and this neroli little piece of art here.
One of the things people do not realize is the immense volume of oils one needs to make soap. they think it is a few drops like you see the sweet bottles  at the store with lavender oil or sweet orange.. I think all in all, for 10 bars of soap we used 11/2 cups total of citrus and others!
That is why most soap makers turn to synthetics! They are cheap, always the same, you do not need as much and your profits are greater..
fak always the same! I will focus on providing more in use for any one of  my products  and promise this by helping the life of our world one transaction at a time.
I think it is important to make and do what you are..what are you? 

"I am submerged in eternal light" 

When making citrus soap, the numbers increase. Otherwise you have no scent because citrus evaporates really fast. All you have left is the light scent with the smell of the oils you made the soap with. I love olive oil, I do, but I want something more to linger on me after a bath!
Also, you can take that palm oil and toss it to  friking tim buk tu! "I use it for hardness'
hey man, the only thing that should be hard is a penis..everything else can bend and "smooch" a little, yes?
My beloved friend taught me to say risque things, because she is a dirty little Capricorn with a sweet smelling mind!

I hope you have a wonderful day, please forgive me if I've hurt your feelings in any way.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

recipes for the day

Nick is coming over to make soap. He is someone I trust and he has abilities similar to mine. He is an Aquarius fellow..ah,  some of you think we're having sex. It isn't like that, although plenty of women want that man, he is beautiful. It is time to let someone help me, I am busy, maybe we'll make more soap for the world, my way! hahahaa
Our friendship is so stress free and awesome! I let him in and we make soap. He loves neroli, I love neroli and we make soap and talk numbers and measures. he has an elegance hard to describe and a sensibility of a gay man as my Tonie would say.
Today we make soap.

A Neroli Brew, the last batch just blew me away(neroli winter's brew) it was so good

more frankincense fir with cypriol( that nagarmotha stuff)
I only made a few  last time just to see if I like. I do, very much like,  and if you are looking for a tenacious soap bar that will stay with you through the day, Nagarmotha is a key ingredient..I wonder if I mix it with rose what would happen?
Not yet..this blend is for breathing and focus. Nagar motha aids in breathing and clears the mucus membranes so it is also a kidney tonic..not to be used while preggers babes..
I just sold the last bar or should I say nugget of this amazing soap  so we need more. I feel like we will and should use all of our mental abilities towards clarity and focus in the coming weeks..clarity is my favorite:)

And, a new batch old whore..I have a chunk of the wild batch I made last time. I had that batch  on sale..yes, she is rough but once you add water and smooth your hands, in your way, all over her she becomes perfection and a part of you. Soap is very intimate, isn't it?
She knows what it is you want and climbs on that like she would her inner stallion. (behave) There,  she rides the wave of success..people love her, she has no enemies.. she opens doors in  mind.  There, where the seed of all creation lies.
That is what I intend for her always.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the walking dead and spoilers for the season finale

Holy jugular!!
Ok, you know, I am a momma and I work so as my children grow older we all settle in to an orderly life and watch something on our devices..I like Amazon, so I watch things like game of thrones or breaking bad..that was good..
The best one ever by far, friking, intense, beatiful, The Walking Dead!!
Dude,  Andrew Lincoln is some man! Just an awesome actor! Of course he is Virgo! The sexiest dudes ever!
The guy is my hero. I mean he is ruthless in his quest. Emotionally, his has the ability to surprise and delight at the same time. he freaked me out a little.Then there is delicate side of him too, that is why I love Michonne so much. the woman rocks! This is a perfect woman to have at your side when you need protection from zombies!
The Hero,  The Samurai, Michonne and the Archer..Daryl..Daryl, you scruffy haired god, you!
"you're my brother", Rick says to him, he says..I cried.
Looking for some martial arts and zombie killing?
The Walking Dead is perfect.
This whole last season everything moved slowly, Rick got a chance to heal and he would kill anyone who tries to kill his boy. He did, he has, I get that. He would try. There was a second there, in the finale,  I thought the boy wouldn't make it..these are ruthless cannibals here with a brain they have now encountered!
I feel like the show will develop even more brilliantly, next season. They will get out of the cage because (hopefully)Beth is there eating human meat with one of them..and likely pregnant. Also Tyrese and Carol are still about with the baby..they might let her live to raise the baby and she will sneak out and let our friends out.
My forcast, is, they will settle there and make it good..but it means killing the canibals, or, they all sneak, there will be a battle. How far it will go, I do not know. It seems like a good place to live, I would change the name, plate of food, may ass!

I love this show!
What are we going to do until October, read books? Make an awesome garden? Make soap?

Andrew Lincoln- Virgo God
Norman Reedus- Capricorn, lovely
Danai Gurira- Aquarius, queen
Chandler Riggs- Cancer with a Gemini I am sure. He plays the boy. His character is a malcontented teen during vicious times, and about to be raped, what would any parent do but, rip the guy's jugular like a vicious beast..and the boy, once again to learn that safety means loyalty to the family, the inner sanctum. It is a slippery sloap, one must constantly diligent to his code and one must weary of evil all around  in various colors and disguises.