Thursday, May 31, 2012

flowing river

life is a flowing river
rocky, sandy and sweet on a hot summer day
the water just keeps flowing
and faces the sun and follows its magnetic stream
so warm
so life giving and so violent in patches
try to contain all the river's power and you can have a giant purging of emotion and elation
depending on what you are going through

that once you create your little pool of bliss
you must  not poison it with harsh thoughts and mean behaviors
be an observer of all the glory reflecting back at you and showing you who you are for real

have a wonderful day and enjoy Libra Moon
lighten up and laugh at yourself, it is better

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Libra avoiding the worst things till last

Of course we are talking about Paypal shipping labels and becoming an american citizen.
Fine, I'll study for the American test, but I would rather make things and dig in the garden than grieve over pieces of paper. ( been here 44 years  now! :))

That is why I will drive to the post office and do my shipping face to face..well this year I graduated to the little self serve computer at the post center.
Did you know Paypal can make your postage label right there on your computer?
Yea, well, don't get too excited, it works half the time. the rest of the time it comes back saying I should come back later.
What, I have time to sit on my ass all day waiting and re waiting?
So that is why I put off learning what is up with this application in Paypal.
Fine I will noodle around and try to figure out this boringly mundane life thing...

As far as the american test goes, I'll learn of things that I have no interest in and be glad about it. They call themselves very dignified names like Senator and Councilman and Mr President...and then they support Monsanto because there aren't enough councilmen to disagree with them..
Louise hay says you should love the place where you live and think highly of your leader. I love Michigan, I loved Kentucky, I loved Tilaran and Montezuma (Costa Rica) and Bellville!
Hey man, Barack never did anything wrong as far as I can see..he may even be doing his very best. he doesn't bother me at all.
Question, why does a leader have to publicly admit his stance on certain subjects like "gay marriage"?
I mean since when are they responsible for who you have sex with or marry? That doesn't sound like freedom to me.
Do you actually think all that drivel is worthy? These are the same people who believe that Jesus physically rose to heaven. His body having disappeared somehow..really? No it didn't.

God does not care who you kiss and where, I might boldly add my friends, otherwise he would have saved many from other sort of suffering through what they call "sin" and what some more knowing teachers call "karma"
whatever you do comes back to you
every thought

I love my life
I love my family
I love my home
I love this country
and its convenience
I can get anything I want
thank you
have a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

La Ve De La Rose Flower Essences

There is this one place  around here where you can buy amazing things and that is Zerbo's!
 If you live anywhere near Southern Michigan and you happen to be in West Livonia, check out  Zerbo's, bring money.
The other day I found this little treasure there. A book called
La Vie De La Rose Flower Essences by Natalia M Schotte Ph.D
30 essences are highlighted in her guide and the are super powerful.

I bought my first essence on the spot "perfected manifestation"
I picked up the pamphlet as well.
This essence which by the way, Lilly Of The Valley, supports you in translating your ideas into higher portals of reality.
Helps you intend better if you will..

right thought right action right result~

Well I went back yesterday for sulfur salt and ran in to an old friend there..

"Hi, Bess, honey, how are are you?"
( notice her eyes is swollen and that she was in allot of pain)
I am like, "Bess, you have inflammation, what is up?"
"You know, I had cancer there.."
"what is that  your right eye?"  I closed my  eyes  and then I got real close and touched her left  shoulder and said,
 " Bess honey, maybe you should get out of what your are doing now and away from it, maybe it is shutting down your creativity or you refuse to see something true about someone you love?"
"I can't, I must have all this money in order to retire, but tell me more."
So she follows me to the essences at Zerbo's and I immediately pick up Generosity Essence ( Rose, 'Angel Face')
My whole inside began to quiver and at once I was questioning my motives deep inside and how I was still afraid sometimes. I am generous even though I give enough, this essence isn't for me, thought to myself and then I dared to see it all. Even some of my selfishness!
Live for others and others will live for you, right?
Anyhow I rattled off some stuff about how Capricorn handles being generous and how Capricorn expects that from you in return and she's like, "How do you know I am Capricorn?"
I began reading to her about generosity from the booklet and she gets really miffed.
"I forgive! This is bullshit"
"yea, but listen what it says' "transforming perceptions that hold you back from receiving.."
I was still holding the vial. By now I was ready to throw up and I said, " These are super powerful, Bess!
Just hold it a second"
So she grabs the vial and her eyes open up and she's almost sick too. "whoa ~"
"See? I told you, these are amazing essences right!!?"
"hey, I wonder what you are channeling with that eye business?"
"I don't know, let me see that book of yours."

I bought Angel Wings: The Prayer Solution, magnolia tree 'lennei"
This essence helps you do the right thing in every difficult situation.
And with all the heartache, angst, drama, glory we create for ourselves, why wouldn't we want a little help?

I love you
Thank you
Please forgive me

Friday, May 25, 2012

the soap fat

Nutiva had a sale on cold pressed og coconut oil all month so I have a bunch. It's my favorite coconut oil of all time. It makes the fluffiest lather in my opinion.
Many of the new soap bars you have bought recently contain this oil. I hope that you notice.
Today's soap-making menu will be me making many repeats, (blessing that) ````~~~~
 I might put aside some base for a small batch patchouli vanilla. Why do I want that so much?
Have a wonderful day

Aries and their Uranus Pluto

Re evaluations
about themselves

Hey, if you don't like what your loved one is doing or not doing, step back. Not everyone can keep up with your level of needs you you blend an Aries with some Cancer crab stuff, and you might have a psycho (kidding) on your hands who is super tidy and loves his family but just try to not go to the "thing" with him and see what happens.
Aries does not forget easily and always wants satisfaction.

I think this happens to all of us at some point in out relationships that we might avoid certain subjects based on reactions by Aries type vibes, you know... by some Aries type people.
Another Aries vibe is that Aries always shows these characteristics intimately. At work, Aries has it together, totally.
They do the job well, they have excellent skills in their area and they are pretty. It isn't enough anymore though is it? You forgot that Pluto in Capricorn is making his her way in to a fierce square with Uranus in Aries.
People most effected are Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer.
But then you have Mars the  ruler Aries and co ruler  of Scorpio and  involved here just based on the fact that Mars rules Aries coloring things as well in my opinion and if you look..look at your left side, deeply in the corner of your left eye, there is the Scorpio thing in there..he she is your intuition, that gut instinct to be able to look at the lower chakra stuff, the bowels, the loins, creativity, birth of ideas, the shakti and you might like to bring that in to your Uranus transit. Make something new and innovative which helps and heals, something exciting and feels good, something which enlightens....ooohoooo

The results may be blindingly violent in words mostly but one could figure that might lead to other more intense situations.
Hey, it is a violent Universe because everything is magnetic, when you have magnetism this intense, you feel it. Even if you don't know that you do.

So what is up with you, heh?

A break up
Repairs in the home requiring a tear down
A tear down always leads to repairs
Aries brings skill and new ideas to the forefront
Capricorn wants to control it all
Cancer types must learn forgiveness and open their hearts to new things. So what if Garden of Life is a marketing company, they still have good vitamins, see?

Don't talk shit about anyone or anything. Be nice.
When you are resentful, it shows and colors your whole being..

You put yourself way out there and now it might feel lonely. It isn't really lonely, is it?
Libra, you can really relax some of you criteria in men and then maybe you'll attract more dates...hahahahaaaa ok ok a date not dates!
Hey, I am a busy woman who loves going home to her pad~
if I were to attract a dude in my life he will have to be smart, kind,  funny, read books, work out with me, dig in the garden, eat clean food, drink tea with me, and the most important one is that he must love love love, good soap..
who doesn't?!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Coffee Bean

It is amazing to me how something can take hold of large groups of people to where it is an epic thing.
Take green coffee beans, will you?
Green coffee bean extract contains a component called clorogenic acid which Dr Oz says is going to help you loose weight, reduce heart disease and bring back your long lost lover..
Speaking of which, I just saw a magazine cover where he is standing there and his whole package is! Gross!
Anyhow, if you drink coffee, you are getting this ingredient..3 cups  gives 1000 mgs of clorogenic acid. So not all of it is destroyed during roasting of coffee liuke every vitamin company which has now embaked in selling claims so that they get sell as much as they can before the next thing he tells them to buy for belly fat.
All day people want something new Dr oz tells them is good for their pain, their  fat bellies  and basically lonely lives..or do they hang out at the  beach in their bikinis whilst drinking mimosas and parading themselves like Leann Rhimes and that is why they always think they are fat?
In some cultures belly fat means you are rich and able to make babies and one time that was a sacred rite. To me it still is.
I do not think you are supposed to look like you are 20 when you are 50..I just don't.
I feel the more you love who you are, the less you will need as far as fat burning.
What a strange thing to have so much food that you can't stop eating it and then you spend a fortune trying to take the weight off. If you love the food, eat it. make the food work for you while you indulge and then be content!

Foods that contain this ingredient are; coffee, blueberries, sunflower seeds, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and artichokes..also colantro..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a little quote

 "We should not say improbable things, or things we do not know. We must see their real, and not their imagined lives."
Saint Therese of Lisieux

Pluto Uranus Square

If the last three years haven't been at all trans-formative for you, well all I can say is they have and you have and we have.
I know that I am ready for the next exciting challenge.
It will be interesting being  at the a tip of a cardinal square between Pluto and Uranus ( Libra Sun here)...
The last time we had this aspect was crazy and brief, thank goodness. not that what debris that  was left behind didn't color our world for about two years now.
If you haven't learned to keep your mouth shut and do your job yet, you will.
Pluto is about putting the ego back inside and nurturing the mind rather than outside situations.
With Pluto, it is always bigger than you are. That is how the outer planets work. I mean look where he she is in space..they are saying he she isn't even a planet..Oh he she is a planet all right. Stealthily grabbing hold and keeping his her distance from us yet the pull being intense and covering so much ground at the same time, er I mean space when I say ground.
These two will create some very strong vibes and with Uranus involved, there are bound to be a few surprises and even tragic events which always liberate in the end. That is Pluto all the way.
Sometimes it hurts so bad, you ride the pain wave and then realize you are ok again. We exist in a violent Universe!
I think we are supposed to feel all the pain, it releases new hormones (pluto) which we have yet to discover (uranus)
We are born to love
it is true
i won't forget
thank you

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jupiter Vibes

Listen I could sit here and tell you the ins , the outs, the what have you's, and still not know why I say it!
I know Jupiter is vibing strong with me and our world. I do not follow politics but something big is about to reveal itself to us.
Al I know is this, I will continue to do an excellent job at what ever goes though my hands. That means being detached and only thinking about my task now and not what someone else is doing.
Can I tell you a little story?
this is why I think some people are dick wads..
dick wads
I wont say who or where but as a promotional dvd playing George Harrison singing various songs of his was  just about to finish a clip of him singing Hari Chrishna, ( a clip not the whole song!) someone, I won't say who, ( a christian of the catholic sort I would assume), walked by and turned it off and kept walking!
I am on the other side singing to George when the reception girl came and said, "Anastasia, the  dvd is off, "douche wacker" came and shut it off!"
I am like, "Oh?" "That is where he is at isn't it? Maybe it was too loud for him, I don't know, but it did not go unnoticed by me I can say that!
Listen, I wasn't even the one who turned it on. My point is that this guy was so perturbed by hari hari, he felt a need to protect his religion!
Or did he? Could it be that I am the one who is defensive here over a few songs? I mean Am I going to stop listening to Cat Stevens because he changed religions? Just the old songs, but that is a whole other story...:)

The same one which kept secrets form him and may have tortured his ancestors..that one.. That God.
It hurt my feelings and then I felt that whole business about how people get so defensive about their God.
Know this, they all worship the same one whose name is sweet and comforting in any language.

Then again, it isn't Jupiter at all but a full on Pluto Pattern..what do I know, I am a soapmaker!

"I find your lack of faith, disturbing"
Darth Vader

Thursday, May 17, 2012

the zen whore

did you enjoy lady barbara? She is  a very interesting woman. She  has a favorite know a tool in which one would till small spaces of earth...
the zen whore..
that is me.
Can I tell you how pleased I am with this last batch of soapmaking glory?
Can I tell  you that when it comes to any enjoyable pass time, I choose making soap over any other thing I might also enjoy?
Yes in deed I am a zen whore, I am!

Other soap made 5/16/2012=18=9

Peppermint polenta ( I couldn't find good oats from the store I was in but they had og, gluten free polenta)

Wakame aztec clay with lavender lime and lemon oils

Eucalyptus french green clay with Himalayan salt

Tomorrow, I make a woodsy spruce vetiver
vetiver vanilla
and maybe more patchouli..
people love patchouli!

Unless of course I get any other bright inspirations!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
thank you:)
thank you
thank you

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

hello on a Tuesday and Everything Is going our way day

Check out lady Barbara's page..she is really something and I can't wait to come back to her site and read some more. But for now I must tell you ~~hello~~and all is well.
Soap on the menu this next few weeks:
frankincense blood orange with grape seeds
lavender oat
peppermint rosemary
more patchouli

have a wonderful day and thank you for your kindsness and loving vibes to me

Saturday, May 12, 2012

what's new pussycats?

I have been a little busy with the move and all and after what 6 weeks here, I am making this place my home and awesome shop.
It has to be easy and I must say and  this place is.
Closer to my other job and no stairs to climb makes for one very chill Libra dame!
That is me, Libra Dame..
I am so excited about all the things I want to plant. Wormwood for sure and motherwort, both  essential for healing work, psychic protection and attraction of goodness all around.
The Black Walnut is going to be the ruler in this yard but so far I am ok and have dug out of years of memories (again) and feel pretty good...btw, walnut is all about shedding the past and also offers protection for the future. In other words, you have learned something from all of the crap which broke your heart..
it is what it is
I finished Torchwood on Netflix and it was was really something that show!
Do you know what Captain Jack said to his brother and his old lover who both killed him in the most horrid ways one could conceive?
As soon as he would come back to life and face them he said, "I forgive you".
He still let them go, but he forgave..
I love the writers of Torchwood! Another Tonie find!

Now, I should tell you that I have some new things. I have two kinds of ground grape seeds, ruby red and Chardonnay..yes I do.
I ate some, they are gritty and then make a small amount of slick feel, a gelatinous goo if you will:)
That is why the new scrub..
I like scrubs, not too scratchy, something which rolls on your skin with a cream not just scrub..
My friend Tonie makes some of the most amazing scrubs I have ever used. She has a hand with vetiver that one!

Allow me to offer you something grand, something given through my hands~))

Anastasia's Sparkly Grape Seed
Face and Body Cleaner

ground grape seeds (ruby red and chardonnay)
diatomacious earth
redmond clay
quinoa powder(og)
red raspberry seed oil(og)

I wanted to use it in the shower and feel like it smells of incense . It does. Not too much spruce or vetiver, but just enough to hold the resinous components of the frankincense and labdanum together.
This is a wonderful cleanser for men as well as women!

What do you think of that? I love it.
Thank you for this glorious last week!
my wonderful home
the potatoes which are caramelizing perfectly at this moment
the rain and my new grape arbor
my parents
my Tonie
my oils and
my delicious coffee
mystic medusa

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aquarius has great taste in decor

It seems like that to me anyhow..
They seem like they are free spirited but with sober dedication too.
I know there are some aquarians out there, who are all about changing the world and reform, but when it comes to their taste in design, they have it together.
I always seem to notice that about the Aquarians I know..and then Mystic Medusa wrote something about Chloe Sevigny’s bedroom, and I am like, "yea, I know at least 2 aquarians right now, who have lovely homes with clean lines."
I love Aquarius, I do!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

hola mis amigas y mis amigos

bueno, y los todos!! yia yia yia yia yia.........

Full moon in Scorpio anyone?
(physically closer to Earth)
Feeling like you are the only one who came through this week with your ass still intact?
Feeling that, you have the patience you have so craved to deal better with anyone any any little thing?

Scorpio vibes are about doing what you want and being happy about it.
Scorpio energies are all about delegating your time so that you can have Your time..
Now all you have to do, is get out there and do something you like which also is good for you and doesn't hurt you or others.
Remember the Law of The Universe is all about action and reaction to action..( that whole thing with Einstein:))
That is The Law Of Attraction in other words!
I get it, I get it.If you are unhappy, write down things you love and that make you happy can't possibly walk around in misery all day..there is always something good! Always!

My best things this week:

Cutting Cheese,
Serving Cheese
Eating Cheese
talking with my boy
talking with my dad
talking with my mum
my feet
my burn scars
my grapevines( the sweet little darlings)

Thank You
have a glorious day