Sunday, November 30, 2014

WALKING DEAD Review "Crossed"

Number one, Sasha, you dummy!!!

Number two, I am with Rick on this, what is this "three is better than one"??
Daryl, sweetie dirty armed yummy man,  remember that every time you guys do not listen to Rick, things get shitty.
Like if the red head stayed and thought things through, the mullet boy would have confessed eventually.
Number three, there is a bigger threat a commin! Yes?

 Dawn is scared that is for sure..scared shitless. She is also mean and selfish.
The doctor guy, he is bad. I feel like epinephrine is not the right drug for Carol. I am not a doctor so we will see about that.

 They could have had this wrapped up in no time but no, we have to have compassion. Rick is not going to take this for long. At least I hope not.
The episodes are too
I love every one of them, the boring ones, and the really scary ones.

Why do we love zombies so much?
They are an a exciting new fear aren't they?
You can only be so scared of satanic movies and then they become boring..zombies are not some mystic force that is here to take you to a fire pit and torture you, they just want to  eat you..hahahaa
and, it is not metaphysical at all, it is a virus that latches on to  the brain and changes humans, kills them but lives on its nervous system...
Can this happen for real? LOL
I do not think so, but,
how many people died from Ebola last week? Thousands, yes, plagues happen, and they are not anything mystical, yet, they are very scary.
I digress...:))

Sasha, really, "Bob 2"?  He recognized a melted half zombie as someone he knew....??? Sasha, Sasha, Sasha!
How long did you know Bob 1, like a month?! And now you are all freaked out! I get it and keep it together or you will die..and I am kind of sick of it..your moody almost anger all day!
Plus now I am pissed that you are stupid..up there with Eugene! Dumb ass, I am still pissed that he put glass in the gas tank! Abraham is right on that..
Maggie looks super put together with her boots and her gun belt all perfect. When did she have time to get those clothes..when they were in town getting food that time that Bob 1 got bit?
Great legs on Maggie though!
Will Maggie  reunite with Beth only to loose her?
Personally, I think Beth will live..but my opinion does not matter as the  writers do what they want anyhow!

ok ok..
So now we have a nice new direction in the story..some one or two will die..the group gets to fight a new foe..a bigger badder foe!
Can anyone be worse than The Governor? I do not know. It all depends on the actor.

We are going to freak out and have to wait months before we dive in to our new adventures..
My predictions are that the group will come together..
three people will die..
and Rick is going to be a smart baddass and we will all love him more, er, I will!

Tyrese, please..he should have stayed back with the baby and Michone should have gone with Rick. But I know what Rick was thinking..he needs someone with a clear head to watch his kids..Tyrese is broken for sure.
Again, he needs to face the day or not..there is no.."oh, there is good here, lets talk.."
Tyrese, Tyrese, Tyrese!!

On the other hand? Who is a good person in that hospital? Which cop is a good person there?
No, we can't slice every one's throat! I know this.
We want to, we want Rick to unleash himself, but he is so smart, isn't he. He never just reacts..he plans and thinks. he is a real hero.

Lastly, there is Carl..Judith..Michone..all alone..
Freeking priest..he is going to show his dark side right quick..The symbolism of the half eaten Bob 1 leg shows me that this guy is bad to the core. he is ruthless and cunning with his nervous fake ass cowardly shaking!
He is worried about the cross..awe..will he just loose it and freak out or is he running to a leader of some sort whom he serves?

9+ because it was too short..always too short!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I have an idea and it just isn't right yet.

I want glass or a mold?? I cannot put my finger on what I want so I am vague.
I am sorting through my thoughts right now and saying to myself that I should make one scent in a candle and not just for Christmas.  It should be gentle and rich with brewed frankincense and myrrh resins with in the beeswax.
A gentle frankincense candle and it should be a will look pretty what ever I decide. Sheesh, and all this beeswax sits..
The soap is curing though so we are on track..relax Anastasia!

Did you see how that spectacular Mike ( I wonder what his birthday is, he writes beautifully..)) he wrote a nice thing about Fougere cologne?? xo
 It is beautiful and I feel like  once we get something made by someone, something oily and rich, our own smells make it better. I will say that I love a nice smelling warm man..the kind that you smell when you are up close. The old whore soap does that on its own. Add a spritz of a beautifully prepared oakmoss cologne and your man or you are good for the whole day.


This last batch turned out really nice because I became more in touch with the tonka bean. You have to melt that gently in a water bath and temper that for a while with the oak moss added afterwards and again temper until you have a smooth syrup....
You can then pull that and add your more volatile essential oils..the clary sage, the lavender and the your call..if you want to reduce it with the oak moss mixture, you can..I like to add that as I go. A little more here and a little more there...also in this batch, the geranium rose co- distillation added a perfect grassy note..almost like the flowers one might smell in a summer garden..Somewhere in the close proximity...

I hope you get one..

and now for my poem of the day..

as winter settles us all in
we ponder on our wonderful practices
we rejoice in our thirst for more
each cell in our bodies and each cell in our brains open to the best things
always enough money
riches coming easily
our beloved friends returning to say they love us and
our hearts again and again
 open to say welcome home
forgiving those who suck :)
they have nothing to do with you
remember your task
remember your skills
you are elegant
you want some one close and even if they  disagree
they always have your back

Be the one to face the day, not the one who follows behind  others stealthily with a knife in your hand.
Be the one who adores faces and be the one who accepts races and be the one who seeks knowledege and be the one who explores all possibilities..

Friday, November 28, 2014

good day black day black friday shopping

I like to get really nice gifts. I do not like to rush to a store and fight lines. Dude, after so many years in retail, you make boundaries otherwise you are in it all the time.
If I need milk for example, or some daily thing I could get at a conventional store cheaper..sometimes I do, but, at the end of a day, I will not. I buy things where I work.
I have no big needs..just so many wants..

more walking dead..oh, yes, there will be!
more money for enjoyment, like books and good stories, like walking dead..:)
more shea butter
more rose hip seed oil
more kukui nut oil, I love that stuff!
more patchouli and oakmoss and where do we build from It is my call..
 What is it that you want?
I would also like and for sure be grateful for, 
more customers who do not get pissed at me for jabbering on about the Bible, the Quran and the Bagavad Gita..

That is my job see, it has always been my way to point out stuff outside of the fray..and to speak my mind.
We cannot continue to live by a fantasy and hurt our children and our mothers and my goodness, of course we will point out when something is evil..just one cleric raping one boy should give us pause, and when it is uncovered that there are hundreds and  thousands through the ages,, we will all speak of it! And please, do not tell about the few bad ones should not set the example..they do, honey! That is what God is for, to bring happiness not killing for him, not raping for him and not burning women for him..
Or if the Quran pushes towards violence in "his" name and allows for modern science (bombs) to kills for god..or as in the African case, in Nigeria, where they burned those women alive  for witchcraft! If they were truly powerful witches, they could get themselves out of it, couldn't they?
Or if Babaji  or Shiva is still over there in The Himalayan Mountains meditating, What good does that do to the slum people of India? Or the ones that eat rats to stay alive?
Of course, I will say things..and sheepishly add that, that is my Mercury in Scorpio. I can't help it! lol
I can reshape my ideas regularly though..that is the plan, that is what books are for..and then, out of the blue, 
I can get sidetracked for months on that one thing my mom said. That would be Neptune conjunct my Mercury in Scorpio.
 ha ha ha ha..ok, I will stop..after I bless my home by the power of Isis.  I will apply all her glorious attributes to my life and forge on, each step of the way, observing and thinking.

Funny, when I was in that Greek dance group, They made me, I fought it because I couldn't fit in with those girls. I always chose the far end and not the front of the line. I would do what I want at the end spot and wave my scarf. I suppose I was pretty. I have such a strange face, Some of you know!
Some people say I am pretty..funny little muffins!
Speaking of which, was good. The baby was here and he bonded with my other older grandson. It was the best part of the day when they kissed and hugged. So sweet! The baby took to him, just like that!

I wanted to say "hello", before you start your busy day...there is plenty of pie.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the holy week of the grocery business

I have everything I need so I will not be making trips to Costco or Kroger or any other overcrowded venue that sells food.
We are having dinner here and my mom and dad want to come over here and eat with us. I am both glad and kind of meh, I would rather spend Thanksgiving having a walking dead marathon and I will most likely rest..I say most likely because I have a list of things I would rather be doing if I were and the rest of the weekend that most people get to have a break. Black Friday is a big shopping day. People want deals so they come out in droves. I have to is ok, I am ok with it

Eleneethas will have some sort of holiday sale and it will include a candle this year.
I made a whole bunch of good stuff this year and I an very satisfied with my work. I hope that you have enjoyed everything and I would gladly look forward to making more exquisite skin care and soap for years to come..OM

This is not a political web site, it is a blog where I get to say stuff..if I am wrong, I am glad, lets find the truth in everything.
For example, our debate yesterday here in the house...

the three goat women and the empress takes a bow..(who is the empress?))

"drinking is harmful and smoking weed is against the law.."
"I hardly think having a cider is drinking, dear"
"yes but..the blah bla of Columbia said, blah blah..." ( she has read some books now about stuff and you know..we all do it..we become convinced right away)
"One, I do what I want, two, humans like a drink  now and again and a fermented beverage is nice what with all the micro nutrients  that are so important for cell recreation"
"simmer down, mrs.!"

Sometimes I wonder why this girl took up debate in school but I think she was told that the dude who runs debate is the smartest teacher in the school and she loves that. I would have done the same thing if I were her, I suppose. For me it was my English teacher of course! Mr. Derdarian! I told her I was a nerd who stayed home and read Emily Dickinson and Charles Dickens so that the next day I could sit with him after class and talk about the words!
"what, did you think that I was only interested in zombies?"
LOL, She laughed.
She loves smart people and things and she is only 16 and thinks she knows everything.
I told her that when I was her age, I stayed home and studied and made little crafts..She thought I was worldly. My English was still in progress and I needed extra time to do my homework. I am not worldly which is why I can be objective and look at All of them, in the world, fighting, and killing and say..humph,
 "they sure do have a whole lot of time to dwell on the wrong by doing more wrong.."
I think to myself..
They are all so smart! My kids!  Even the republican boy..I am still working on him, gently..and with kindness and no is better that way. There are still times when I want to leave here and go to France and make cheese and eat truffles that I would forage in the woods with my pig. For now..I must clean the floors in case my dad looks in a corner when they get here.

"Take your shoes off!"

I love you! Happy Thankgiving and do not forget the sweet potatoes!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

soap sale at the shop

No biggie, I made some awesome organic soap and because of the cold, the water evaporation made for a hard bar..

Three For 13.00 :)
three for $13
There is cinnamon co2 soap, lemon soap , and a mellow yellow  fog on stone soap. I used the 100% perfume blend and as you know..soap does what it wants to..I am very excited about it.
I get patchouli, all the other subtle nuances are not there yet as they might be in an oil or spray..
Soap is alchemy in a way, yea?
Magic, like Escoffier would do. I feel like a good meal  is like that. memorable...

I made an awesome salad for dinner yesterday where I took roasted red peppers ( my moms garden she roasted them, peeled them and froze them.) and I chopped them. It was about, 8 peppers total.
and then I chopped them and added a whole fresh hot house cuke, sliced  and onion, sliced and then I added some salt on that..I love Celtic salt! Next I put the olive oil, apple cider vinegar,  and one thin  sliced not chopped garlic clove, for perfume not to chew on in every bite..garlic does something to peppers..that is it! I have never been a fan of even a food processed garlic. Nice clean cuts make for the best flavors..that is one big point in beautiful cooking and skin care..
No tomato because they are expensive and I am not spending a dollar on some waxy cold tomato at the grocery..please, no...instead we just ate that with feta cheese sprinkled  on top  and I went back for just salad, it was gone! That is how good this salad is.
Everyone ate..
They gobbled that up in a flat bread and it was good. I love bread with salad. I am a Greek in that respect for sure!

Also, I love you:)

I got a new book and translated version of Escoffier's actual book, not has been a while.I cannot sleep since it came or that I had realized it was here on the table. I wonder who had it before me.? Someone who cared about cooking and making beautiful things I hope! There are no photos so that makes
That means it is meaningful. I suppose it is..Who wouldn't want to enjoy a perfect omelet? I have a special pan just for that!

I feel good, I hope that you are well and happy during this winter's passing and that we will always be fullfilled.. I am grateful if I even had to say, about everything. being safe is a big one. How lucky we are at this moment my friends to be at peace at least with one another and to be warm and well fed. Some of us too much bread!
Do not worry about the past and eat with your mouth closed for gosh sakes....oops am I talking to myself again?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Neroli bliss fullness

My beautiful and fragrant friends, I am presenting s very, very nice cream and I think you need to take a look at it.
It is hand crafted with expert care and vigorous intent towards smelling good!

Kukui nut oil
Rose hip seed oil
Shea butter
Neroli,lots of neroli ( just to give you an idea,I'd say, ten drops per jar))
Ylang ylang
Tangerine, mercott
Bergamot, Italy

It is simply exquisite and light and silky smooth.
What a wonderful healer too!
Organic rose hip seed oil is generously included and composes a third of the base.
I am pleased with this!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Consumed" The Walking Dead, anastasia's review

The best part is Daryl's face as He and Noah are leaving with both Beth and Carol in the belly of the whale!
I am so excited about this story. Carol, what is happening, are you in this now or not. Are you going to fit in with the group or are you going to die. I still do not know, but this episode was great. The symbolism of all the fires we had seen in past episodes and from Carol's whereabouts at that moment and how the writers now and putting it all together and will join forces with or with out her.
I hope she stays. I loved carol in this episode.

I had this idea that Daryl just runs in to Noah and they would be just took a minute. Noah was scared and handled everything wrong.
I think Daryl was playing him the whole time to show Carol she needs to control her instinct to just kill any bad don't have to kill everyone, in an apocalypse it seems, you almost do!
The bad guys suck just as much as the zombies, sometimes!

When Daryl and Carol spend the night in a shelter, I loved that!  Carol knew this the past before all this, she had to stay there because her fuc of a husband husband was abusive, hated women and drank liquor and became more abusive and hurt her..
She has learned to become strong, Carol has. She's had to live hard and be abused to know what that is already and now this is instinct to her. She is used to danger on a daily level for many years now. I feel like she adjusts pretty well, where others fall apart. She holds it in until she can indulge in crying. Yes, it is lonely!
Carol is finally free to do what she wants to do and be who she wants to be..over and over..she gets to decide.
Also she gets to see that her new family of friends care for her in such a way  that she is not used to. She and Daryl have both seen humans on a very low level and now they get to work through that and really, does it matter? Does anything really matter before any of this Apocalypse? I mean who cares at this point if you have guilt or you feel bad about having to kill some guy to protect your kid from being brutally raped? I do not. Choose who you want to be now is the theme, because the remenats are all just smoke drifting up to the clouds, a memory.... smoke  at each phase of her journey since she left the prison, er, was made to go by Rick. It is what saved them for him to have done that, Otherwise, she would not have been there, to be able to come back around and basically save the day. Rick instinctively created circumstances, he didn't even know it. telepathy?

Now here we are, she is in the hospital. She is hurt twice, banged up  pretty hard.. and most likely, there is internal bleeding..I mean when they fell from the bridge in that truck, I think she was more hurt than she led on.
Maybe she will live through this, I am not saying I  know something others don't. I mean it is just a story after all. one of the best. In real life they would both be really hurt..but thank goodness it is only tv:)
The truck fell hard though, didn't it?
Of course, the zombies followed..all was cool..and very make believe and wonderful!

Yes, for the machete and yes, for Daryl making a friend and getting his cross bow back. I love the machete!
"How I was before? How was I?"
"It is like you were a kid, now your a man"
"how about you?"

"....I didn't do anything and he beat me, I didn't do a damn thing and was punished, at the prison I got to be who I want  to be.."

**loved the tent zombies
**loved the whole thing!!
9+ just because I want more!
Carol please don't die, do not break our hearts!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just for Tonie

Have a great day!

the gmo debate

All of a sudden I get whirled in to some debates that have nothing  to do with me..
Like I would choose genetically modified food! I went to a country feed store once and there  was also their "garden' center there with all pink coated seeds..fuks!
I will never choose such a seed to plant in my garden and ever since the industrial revolution, farming on earth has become dangerous!
Yes, I know I have eaten gmo corn and gmo wheat..for sure, not by choice but they have permeated every area of our lives that they can.
There are seed saving organizations though and I am saying this much and I will stop. How about better soothing ways to feed the world? How about get them out of is a desert! LOL Starving people! And yet if you go to a social services center, you will see about all the red tape they go through to get their 250 dollars a month  so that they can eat this food the government allows them to buy.

world hunger
world hunger and starving people


chemicals and more chemicals to make  the food pretty and the right size
then you mix more rare and toxic materials into new chemicals which are not the same as say calcium or magnesium..
no we are talking reconstructed hydroxides..that is like soap times  a billion!
each seed is wrapped in a toxic coating to kill all the bad bugs which for fields that big we are talking about a major problem.
lets us talk about the stuff they spray on it in the growing phase so that nothing each the precious commodity..and it is. It looks all the same and has no flaws, the farmer is happy, he has money and so do the people making and selling the ingredients.
lets us consider that these people employ thousands of people who would loose their jobs when the process changes and it will and must..

If a thousand or so people work for Monsanto..maybe tens of thousands, I do not know..but the anti bug industry is big money and big business. there would a link to DOW Chemical and others, I  am sure.
My short yet clear argument which made my opponent a  little too emotional I thought to myself. She wanted to change my mind and I told her gently that this is no way to run a planet..because in the long run, as humans get smarter they will want a healthy home, our earth..

I am not freaking out here at all..I mean yes, I am an awesome magician, witch (poetic) so to me they are too big to bother with. I have skin care to make and I always choose amazing ingredients. I work in the best store on earth and so I can not bother with politics too much..what I write here to you are my simple thoughts of the day..and yes, we all rant some days!
I like to organize things in my head so that I can choose what will work for the time being..time..time there is a deep concept!

Clearly there is a problem with the bees, they are sick and dying fast..the food they get sucks because it no longer tastes like the micro particles they were created to go suck on..there are so many reasons not to support GMO..
genetically engineered (changed) organisms..
that means they take cells from a living creature like a fish or scorpion and crack the cell of the tomato and splice that genome in to the tomato so that it can withstand cold and long bumpy rides in a huge truck, piled high..
They do that with the bees now too..pile them in trucks so that they can ship them to almond orchards..I think they are called orchards.
Seems to me if you are going to grow throusands of almond trees you should learn bee keeping! Can you imagine then how tasty the almonds and honey might be?

The bees, our true friends leaving, following an ancient calling for sweet wild flowers. If they go, we had better have developed trillions and trillions of little bee drones which pollinate all the corn to feed the world? It has been linked to tobacco somehow, but I do not have details on that.
I can see now , we should sing and live by, "Baby bees don't go!"

In the next twenty years we will see many life forms leave Earth forever..there is a reason! Our Carbon levels have never been so high, and, our air is full of other very harmful compounds..
Yet, humans have never lived longer..all that botox and calcium fortified food made with gmo corn is making for a new race..
Pretty plastic dehydrated zombies..with a nice bag and high shoes, of course!

Friday, November 21, 2014

soft fir or prickly pine

IIf you were going to pick a tree for Christmas, would you choose one that smells like a tree or do you prefer a soft one that does not push its scent too much but also does not scratch?
I am going for smells of course and will not care about silly things like scratches.
I am shallow when it comes to certain things though..I always like a liner for trash and cannot understand how a person can throw a half cup of coffee in an unlined trash receptacle, but like I said it is not just for looks there.That would be more on the bossy side, I guess.
I will bring a tree in this year and I am hoping to get the fireplace going. It is cold here now and a fire is always nice to bring everyone together.

We are doing good right?
R i g h t

It is a German word which means not only to be correct..but also law!
Universal law vs common law and how free we are, and free will based on duty of universe vs duty of society's rule or influence!

I mean here it is, right, the idea that freedom is only based on what your cultural society projects that you should want so it may always be led by a force of humanity and our civilization of the time.
But there is free will?
Not when there is a punishment if you don't follow, right? That is based on a king like deity who watches you and waits for you to fuk up! Even our lowly parents do not do that..I know I do not.

Free will based on Universal laws for the best things is the goal, but I say we are not so evolved yet,  (some us know) to understand that goodness comes from a cosmic understanding of, forgiveness, loyalty, not killing anyone, not stealing..I mean really, you already have so much!:) and for sure, not sitting there saying because you follow some religious sect, you are chosen by the king to hang out at his well lit pad and eat glorious food and float around  being oblivious that there are zombies in hell writhing in agony form hunger and suffering because they didn't understand free will enough for god the protect them.
It all seems so random to me!

Last week, in 2014! Reality..
The dick wads walked right in to a synagogue and killed a bunch of people! How can this be ok and why are we still arguing about Islam being okay? Or if the Jewish god is so real and has chosen them, why did he not show up at this crucial moment..don't even talk to me about The Fascists, they were Catholics, all of them, Franco.. and so was Hitler!
HUmmmphhh! Putas for evil is what they seem like to me..and who am I, The God police?
ha ha haaa
I am glad that I am safe in Michigan in a warm sweet smelling home rather than having lived through many parts of our history when our kind has been obliterated by judgement and our kind!

In my hand the old whore balm
Almost black with oak moss and cistus, dark, dark patchouli
Speaking to your phsyche 
Conscious mindfulness 
Choosing poise
Choosing calm
Knowing you are amazing 
Being so grateful 

Gnarly hands, I know this!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

the snow came

 I kind of hope it melts some so I can put in some more bulbs. My son you see, has taken an interest in Botany and brings home stray  things from the shop. there will be many hyacynths and primrose next year.
It is great!
Now about my askings for myself this year..
I want a sword so much. Ever since walking dead, I just want to practice again.
All my swords are in Costa Rica now and I hope some Tico is enjoying them or maybe they have rotted by now in the wet damp jungle..
I just realized that I already have a cross bow in the garage, a happier remnant of my beloved husband of that time. :()) It was our favorite thing to practice and after that, he turned it in to a religion.. There goes all the fun!! Skill has nothing to do with mysticism, it is practice with time and more practice, right?

I will set up a practice station in my yard and see what I can do! There is a lot to do!

All the should haves get put in perspective when snow comes!

You are fine and I love you.. Have a good day..I need to finish my dumplings and go to work.
And I'll daydream of days when Daryl and I have talks in the woods with our cross bows handy.....hahaha I can look at his awesome sweaty arms!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the soap has done been made

I used oak moss as my carpet of winter scents, wet dirt, green grass a little bit decay for the is fermentation..oak moss is awesome. I put it here with all my coniferous friends like I said before, stone pine, dwarf pine, blue spruce hyrosol, thyme hydrosol and dried green figs from my garden. I powdered that with a pinch organic wormwood leaves and a pinch organic lavender buds. Galbanum and styrax for secret sweetness and steady thoughts.
The other little wee secredt is I did put a dollop of fougere perfume base with the tonka and the clary sage and rose geranium..just a dollop because this last batch is delectable and adds a deep sultry woodsy smokey effect that can only be described as your secret beloved that you? I hope so  babe..:) I love you and you are fine.
Is it pretty? No and yes!

To me the ones that have pockets of oak moss and black juice coming out are even more beautiful! That mean I get a little syrup perfume for one wash.
I did cut away the blotches of oakmoss. The soap is beautiful. It will cure into something special, I promise that.
Thyme hydrosol and blue spruce hydrosol was added as part of the water phase. I believe it will add significant participation in the direction this soap will go. One would think as far as you will allow it to sit there and do it. I am already using one. The lather is fantastic.
I am not getting fruit much so we will change the I am willing to change my mind for goodness!

I love what I do so much, I can only tell you that and display it with the intend that it would be a part of your best day:)

The soap base is organic cold pressed olive and coconut oils..good clean water with our activator, hydrosls (wildcrafted and home distilled by jake), coniferous oils, lavender extract (home made by a crafter of wild herbs), calm mind while mixing, focused loving time with family, quiet words to thrill me, beautiful songs to sing to me
ever expanding knowledge
always my cup to the filling point
may I have another
bring to me the mind to conjure
bring to me confidence to carry it through
fearlessness and primal urges coming out clean
like a sword slicing throughwatermelon.


Monday, November 17, 2014

walking dead and side stories "Self Help" spoilers even though if you like the walking dead you have already seen it

I liked "self help"..
I like the way the writers plan for us to be interested. like in the way Eugene's hair was the clue.
He, the dummy, he put glass in their only form of safety. I would have kicked his ass too. my goodness!
I do not know if he is dead but carrying a sick broken guy for 15 miles back where  Abraham, should have stayed in the first place, dummy, ha!,
Do you see what happens when you rush everything? Mistakes, yo! So, anyhow, the closer it gets to almost getting them all killed because he thinks he can go through a thousand zombies and take every one with him all because Eugene lied and said he can save the world!
Seriously, the guy with the mullet? Abe, why just buy all that??
Why, why? Well, I would tell it that  he lost it when he lost his beloved wife and kids because his wife got so freaked out over him killing a bunch of  very dangerous humans to protect her and her only way to deal? She took her kids out there and left him! Guess what happened to her and the two young ones? yup!!
Zombie death! I would be a little crazy too if that happened to me. Abe is OCD see..he has to get things done so he can get things done!! Freaking crazy red head! I couldn't believe it when he actually thought they could make it through that! I mean, why be dumb? You do have all the time in the world, go around, dude! I want to tell him to calm down and not freak out all the time and.admit you are wrong when it really shows that you should.

Of course we are consumed! That is the next episode. I am excited because I hate spoilers for walking dead and even though I have now gone through three of the books, the show thrills me to pieces!
How stressful it is to weave in and out of danger and  when  or if to kill for safety and how far you will go.?? It reminds me a little like Resident Evil which I have never played but my kids have.
My distant thoughts of the prison..How it could have been nice..But The Governor was the evilist! What was wrong with that guy??
I do not understand? i feel like there are of course archtypes to recal like Hitler and other nasty dick tators....
I love the back stories and I have to say, I would like to see some stronger women on this show..I feel like maggie has been out of it..the other one, Rositta, she is cute, salty. I enjoyed watching her speak for herself. I am glad she is there for Abraham  but I hope he can allow for respect for her instead of just having a warm body.

I digress..
Carol killed those two really sick people at the prison.. before their deaths..that was an issue last season with her having to leave because she killed Tyrese's dying lover..Rick was protecting Carol.??
Yes, because he was also learning to deal with this crazy apocalypse! In the books  Rick also looses a whole lot. We all know this. One of my favorite episodes was him and Carl after the prison was destroyed. Carl was pissed at him that he was so hurt! He barely made it out alive. Rick is amazing and has learned from The Governor, that he must stay away from bad humans. What happenes next will surely display the cast's awesome vibe and great acting.

The next episode should tie more of the story together.
What is up with Carol?
Will she again, save the day?
Who is with already know:)
Is Beth going to live through what is next?

I do not know but I will say this, in the third book, well, it is very gory and upsetting..especially if you are a woman..Michone is a badd ass in the third book.
I have to say, I am a little scared of Michone!
I miss her!
And what about this priest? Really, they couldn't knock down the doors of the church and Gareth just kicks one time.
So I do find that aspect of the priests existance shady..but maybe I am worng about that. I hope so. And that is when I should ask all the right questions.
How many people have you killed?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ideas and creations

woodsy, roots, resins, flowers, oakmoss, clary sage...:)

labdanum oakmoss patchouli, incense, deepth, bergamot as top note
evaporates like fog on the day gets warm, the sediment remains, musky, animal..

my lady

That is right my friends, that is me now..56 and being called, "my lady" and so it goes..we make room for the nymphs and young mommas and become their guides. I am OK with it.
I know getting old sucks because your bones hurt and there are new lines here and there and we loose the hormones that make us sexy. "Age is just a number" I don't care for that , when people say that to me.
It isn't. Just because you think you look 30, you do not and you are not.
By this time in life you have formulated a lifestyle and carry all that you have done with you..everything OK..
bury it deep as you want
lie about it
try to cover it up with status
your big white horse which needs fed with constant praise
you carry everything with is who you are..

Now, I must say, working in an environment where women come in in hordes to buy firming lotions and unguents..dude..just because it says is like spanks for your face. It is for looking at and not real..but they come in anyhow. I find I can tell when puffed up lips come in too. One lady has so much black eyeliner almost all the way to her eyebrows in order to take the effects of aging from her very old face.
It is to laugh but then beautiful aging women with bright clear skin also come in and out. Aging easily and gracefully and that  is where I am at.
I dress the way I want. I work doing what I love which is skin care and letting the world know as much reality as I can. Also I will not join a dating site or chat with men I do not know in real life..I cannot so do not even think it.
Some married men sneak around like for me..when you have to remember what you said because it was a lie, you basically suck, yo! Tell me the truth. I  can handle it!

"Madam Soapmaker"
One boy calls me that!

How about my favorite one, "Saboni"?  My hunky Virgo  says that!

Of course we change, each step in our evolution being a new set of atoms creating electric energy in areas of our brain. And I will wear eyeliner and clean clothes for gosh sakes, I use nature tint because I do not have to be gray yet..
I am all about that! Working out, resting, learning, talking and being happy!

Being happy makes for more happiness. It is very true!

Telepathy is real science now! We can send messages from our brain to a computer! This means mythology plays a role in how our civilization developes its conciousness  through deep time..deep time is 13.7 billion years to form us and human time is about 1.5 million years..a speck in time..what is time anyhow? Good  question, how glorious it is to find out!

There is new idea in cosmology that what was before the big bang..there was another universe which had expanded so far out in space and  like a super nova crunched back in on itself and crunched all that stuff into a dot and then started over to make us here and now and also then? Oh yea!!
I think so because if we think about alternative universes and that is where the math takes us, then of course, we would consider that we are even smaller than we think??
"Oh, yes, that is conceivable!"
The engineer, said to me! "What adventure it is to find out!"

There are secrets there..real mystical stuff unfolding before us. Our children's children to have learned and evolved from what we bring with us..each of conscious energy together on earth..

I love you!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

a girl came in and wants to make candles for everyone as gifts

I get so happy this time of year at my store..we have bees wax and essential oils, what else would someone need to make good creams and candles. The girl came in to see what we have and I spoke to her and said, "hello, miss" :)She was looking to go buy  soy wax and "natural" scenting for her candles she was gonna make for friends and stuff. I told her that bees wax is really better all around as it does not pollute the air with harmful smoke..
Bees Wax! Golden, amber, dim cream has colors, it is alive based on which flowers were the most portent and strong. here in Michigan, there were many many yellows  and orange..I wonder which flowers, They must have been very  bright gold and sunny!
amazing protective
allows for breathing
kills harmful critters
rich in vitamins
rich in enzymes
and food safe
yes you can even eat it..a wee bit..I mean don't start eating ounces of beeswax and green powder all day for gosh sakes!:)
I told her also some other pointers, like...
it burns clean and does not leave harmful ash in your home.
There are more good reasons for beeswax, way  more if anyone wants to add  to its benefits list!
She bought the bees wax and we talked wicks for a bit. She then wanted vanilla and that is where the story really starts.
I showed her the cost factor of diluted vanilla co2 or the fake vanilla down to  the other display which smells like any vanilla you'd  see at any nice store. I explained she  listened and bought the 10 dollar thing to scent her candles instead. I would have bought the vanilla on line like I told her to but people get scared about ordering on line..I understand, what with all the fuks out there trying to get in! But there are really nice steady companies out there willing to serve.
Paypal is great about that..but you still have to be careful about accounts where they can draw money from.
Anyhow, it is my point to say that this chick also remembered as blond smiley in my brain..this chick is open a little bit. She wants to create a nice environment. This means she is reading and thanking for herself. I wonder if she'll come back to talk about sandalwood like that? I will tell her about other oils!
After she had gone,
it was then I noticed the roundish stringy haired little Frenchman  that always comes for frankincense. he is so cute, I want to squeeze him! he finally after a year talked to me with his sweet accent..loving oils and wanting what is us! You never know about people and how amazing (or how bad))they are behind their hidden or not..the eyes never lie. One must be still for that and think before reacting..I hope he comes back.

I am so excited about candles this year!
I am making little votives one of these days. They will be simple in glass.

little votives with beeswax so golden you want to smile just looking at it.

piney oak berry

I have been thinking that it is time for a nice special..a lovely kit.
Something nice as a gift for a dear one..

a soap with ground green fig,  blue spruce hydrosol, thyme hydrosol, and oakmoss,  dwarf pine, swiss stone pine and templin fir, Siberian fir, balsam fir and more oak moss, myrrh, a splash fougere..

a balm..simple for real healing ability..frankincense bergamot in organic sunflower seed oil

a  candle
piney oak berry

my heart is now racing because i love this so much and I must say thank you to some very wonderful people who follow me.

Friday, November 14, 2014

oak moss patchouli base

Is there anything better than you can think of about this time? I am really enjoying building this mossy scent..this smokey, coumarin loveliness.
It will only get better with time too!

I began by diluting the tonka in grain alcohol and then I mixed that with patchouli and a good dollop of oakmoss. It is very thick the oakmoss is and  so I waited a minute to allow it to break down in the, I put the patchouli, dark, sweet, deep, sultry, rich and tenacious! Now, for our little helpers...

clary sage, two very grassy, the other almost smokey..
rose geranium, distilled with rose petals
violet leaf
rose drop
templin fir
swiss stone pine
petitgrain (neroli)
petitgrain lemon
vanilla co2
lap sang su shong co2 (smokey tea)

I was thinking that it is awesome but you will have to try one for yourself..
I was also told today that I smell amazing and what is my perfume. I said, "fougere" :)

I almost want to add more clary sage, but, I will wait..too much of anything might ruin the balance of the subtle notes ..violet smells a little like tobacco..but no, it is its own thing.

conversations with boys The Governor and walking dead thoughts

"I don't think I can really say astrology is real. We made it all up bcause the universe is so much bigger, we now know there are planets with pluto which still forming, made of ice and minerals"
"Thank you, I thought you'd never see that!"
he said that and I was alittle bit ashamed of myself for being.."too spiritual!" LOL
My dear Pisces!
It is more fun to break it all down and see how it all works! You know how... from hydrogen, everything comes!
I started talking to him about personality types and some of my ideas on where we are now in space and everything and my last book on Musolini and the Catholic church..
How deeply crazy they all were! I hadn't seen him in a long while..sweet Piscean angel boy!
The book? Wow!
"your baby is now ours because your Catholic nurse is Catholic, and she baptised him a long time ago,  and if you want to stay here and not be killed you have to become Catholic.
"oh, okay then, we just want to be safe!"
a few months later...
"no, I am so sorry but word has it that you are leaving, sorry in the name of jesus!"

Sometimes rehashing the past makes us strong and more certain there is something better than this nonsense! The stone age  human sacrifice for god  (jesus) to keep us safe when no on is safe from anything..not really ever. Every few million years a giant rock from space crashes in!

That is why I love the walking dead. I love it. You get to see how humans can go to their deepest horrid depths just as an every day events.
You are like,
"I would never do that, I couldn't be that much of a tyrant! I am a good person deep inside.."
I have seen men switch from the most sweetest angel to a demon in front of my eyes, I had nightmares over one of them. darth vaders, The Governor!
The Governor, that fuk!

I am almost finished with the back story with The Governor by Robert Kirkman. It s great writing..he pulls from history too..Carl Marx vs Stalin, Hitler..  reminding me  of  stone age men killing each other off over a dead guy who in Europe, (Ferdinand)they worshiped like a king, servant of god and higher authority over them..and also because maybe their noses were too big and they wanted all there was..
That is real people in the past The Governor's case, it is the child, Polly which he has kept alive for months now..he lost it in the closet that first week of the outbreak. he was couring in fear holding the sweet girl, now dead and chained against a wall.. Killing people so that he could feed his dead child.
How? because..that is how. He had lost it a long time ago, when Polly was alive and the all called he "punkin":))and his brother took care of everything.

How  he became surrounded by a bunch of scared servile people is easy. All he had to do, is do it, feed them and talk to them like you will fix things. take care of things.
The darkness builds up, because it can..mix it with more money, more servants and well dressed in some standard fashion and there, we look let us go and waste all our money and men on killing people...??
When he died at the prison, I wasn't even in care mode for him. I couldn't really understand why he liked to torture people. He had a nice town! No different from people who leave their families for someone they met on happens all the time..there is real suffering happening every day.
I look at The Governor as any man who has too much can become mean, abusive, on liquor, on drugs, no money, depressed, a dark cloud looming over him, feeding a dead!
Feeding an addiction, choosing bad friends who are servile..
it never lasts..
it never lasts
you cannot be great every day
none of the guys we worship can be great

every minute in our mind, we must plan the next best thing..and..stay alert.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

pre hysterical tones

You know, the things that happen in families where the domenant female is not me..or so other super awesome girls think..they think, yea? (people take other people's kindness for weakness sometimes!) My words can be swords! That is all Libra type stuff.
Daughters are like that because they think they know you based on their own feelings and delusions, impressions of life..
As daughters grow they become more compassionate towards their mommas..we are not the evil of
the truth is the dad says that even if he does not always listen to himself either..who are we perfect?

So here we are today another beautiful day in Michigan,  I loves outside! I loves is so pretty and the squirrels are so fat they can hardly is really funny!
I planted clover and alfalfa for them and they are happy! The birds too! I have all sorts of seeds for them to little place is peaceful and secure with new box woods and junipers to flourish through the years. I also planted a weeping Norwegian pine..maybe she will be happy here. He, whatever..I am fine. We have been planting all sorts of beautiful trees here because one of my boys works for a nursery. He brings me trees and i am planting all of them!

I will finally burn a bunch of wood too for a giant camp fire one time should come over and have a beer with me and talk philosophical ideas at the same time.:))

I love learning everything! I love knowing that we are a part of intelligence..of course.. but one that can reproduce itself so many times to continually be making something until it is too much and then it crashed in on itself and churns yet again, some new, better, as atoms once again begin to join together..with hydrogen..the one..hydrogen..the only..hydrogen the first...which quenches our thurst
our knowledge
our juices
you know where..
thriving on forces of blood
deep sadnesses
and true loyal steady honest dear heart love

I love you
have a good day

I have Three amazing orders to fill with fresh Delicious real ingredients..I hope you are fine and happy, serene about heart is open for the best things for us!

Monday, November 10, 2014

mars pluto in capricorn

My phone is broken so I cannot be reached ~ in case you want to ~for any of you loved ones that actually call or text me. I prefer text because I am always on the sales floor or some driving thing. I do not text and drive..never!

I know astrology is only myth but dang it if Mars Pluto hasn't kicked in. More limitations and new perspectives is what  I am getting.

Limitations as in not getting what you want at this moment. waiting, electronics breaking and stopping what ever scheme you may have conquocted in your wee wee

"Omg, my phone!!"
"no worries, just put it in rice and do not turn it on!"

Too late, it was the first thing I did and it got all hot. I held it in my hand as all my pictures and apps from last year, gone, stayed hot for two hours then cooled off..awe..:)


I will go to the place today and get a phone, sheesh!
We are so attached to our devices! And why am I not watching Walking Dead right now instead of telling you about my phone?? Well, my other divice that plays Amazon streaming video gets as far as the episode and won't do anything else!
Ha! Not one boy of mine is here..I am left to my thoughts and waiting. :))

It'll be fun getting a new phone..I wonder if they have waterproof protectors!
They make a waterproof phones, but, I will not make that mistake again. I wasn't thinking and a girl I know was chattering on and  was doing too many things at once! The TV thing?
Who knows..I can wait for good things. I am really good at it!

Mars Pluto

All Cardinal Types like Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorns will be strongly effected here and  now. Such amazing breakthroughs!

I am in awe of our smart people and sad for some who refuse to change because what they know is never is! That is what all the great minds want to tell us. It never ever can be.

For many others today, we are getting wiser, Scorpio is growing, living, so well and also some Libras get to thrive..some not so much..
Libra, I feel like you think the grass is greener on the their side because maybe you are thinking sex will always be this wont because it can't. everything dies or slows down..even you. Living in the "hate" moment so you can justify your addictions is wrong and you know it. I feel like some people never learn though, so I will not preach. You are about to burn some very important life bridges. this time I feel like you shouldn't.. It may already be too late.  I have seen some Libras ask, "why am I all alone and have no friends?"
Being a real friend and loyal loved one is a big  idea in this!
Air signs get miffed and bitter sometimes. For Aquarius, I feel like jealousy and loneliness may be an issue..again I say to you, be nice to those who have been there for you. Maybe you expect something else rather than what you are able to get..

Now I know there are my loved ones who are Sagittarius, and we've gone through our debates on God and The Church..I am right in so many ways that you have cried and you always are my sister no matter what you think God is..and Christmas is pagan not Christian in origin and Hannika is  made up  because because every child deserves presents for the solstice..our great star rising above the horizon and giving us life. We will celebrate that!

Here is the thing. If you burn your bridges now, in six weeks who will be there to hug you Christmas morning when the beautiful gratitude of life fill us with such real joy, real love, loyal friends and real yo!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Roasted Pumpkin with Spices and Raw Sugar


Beth... Walking Dead Review... "Slabtown"

She wakes up all clean on a hospital bed.
Remember what happened to Beth when she was taken away from Daryl? He had finally opened up to us and we loved him for his pain in this. he lost her. These fuks, The Saviors,  had made a lure for travelers and the set it up so they could take what appeared to be  weaker people, women so that they can have slaves to keep order in their hospital..
The leader(so far), Dawn, a wretched woman is in charge. She is OCD and Mean and likes to beat people. she is mean. "We saved you, so now you owe us!"
Beth stays quiet and does what she needs to to do. They put her to work as the doctors assitant.
She makes it clear she wants out.
She makes friends with Noah whose father they killed so they could take him. The two plan an escape.
Why did they need Dawn's key if they were going to take the slab elevator?

Is Dawn the only one in charge? Is that priest in charge? I wonder about that guy.

I  would think that a bunch of Southern macho police men would take her down and do what they want..
 They  had some sort of frightful things happen and things fell apart and they lost their loved ones and now here they are, with that strong person who thinks she is doing a good thing.

Does Dawn think she is doing the right thing?

As much as some still to this day,  modern women are able to wrench open their daughters legs in order to cut off pleasure points on their boys are still no exception either, here in the US.
I wonder if you gave them all a choice, how many would say, "no", or how many  wouldn't.."it is for cleanliness", they many of them would get pissed because they could please their god in this wretched way..Dawn is nothing compared to that real tragedy in our real world right now!

"No one is coming Dawn!"

I look at Dawn like that. Confused and making sure everything looks like she has followed orderly protocol in  case someone up above comes to save them. They  will then,  begin a new society with 3% ruling the masses who are bred to be weak and working for them.
Sounds about right..right?

I was so excited for next week because Carol is here. She was brought in on a gurney.
Is Carol hurt?
Did they knock her out? Is Noah with Daryl? I think he is!
Beth shows us that she is patient like all good Leo people. she can wait for just the right moment to strike. She will strike!
How do Dawn and the doctor underestimate her like this?:) Must be those eyes which make her look like a frightened deer, an indifferent frightened deer with a sharp knife in her pocket.
Carol will be fine. ( I hope so) She is a warrior all day. Daryl will bring back our heroes and we will all be so happy and scared and nervously excited!

Some people said that this episode was too slow and who cares..dude, it can't be all smashing of rotten heads! It will all come together and we will talk about it!

my last "training" and how awesome it was

There was this little one hour class I went to for work which was fantastic..our teacher a brilliant stunning (taurus) blond is always a pleasure to spend time with and she goes pretty fast so you are not stuck in stories about how great a company is because they are eco.
I have known her since the 90's.
She just gets smarter and smarter.
By the way, vitamins are made, like a recipe and "food" based doesn't mean much to me until they start talking about the recipe.
Otherwise, it could just mean they sprinkle some dried carrots on synthetic vitamins and call  it a day and billions made and sold.

We are slowly getting to find out how things are made in every area of our world. Vitamins can be fermented, spiced, and some new way garden of life started making organic vitamins. When they share their recipe for that I might like them enough to get excited.
I rarely do. I  get  excited about the teacher. This last one, Kelly, she brings cinnamon caplets and tells us to bite was glorious. I am getting a whole bottle. Talk about your mouth just waking up with sweet, juicy, shocking goodness. I ate two of them.
(Cinnamon Force, New Chapter)

Did you know that benzene is used to extract sillymarin from milk thistle..benzine?? No!
Yes! And many other chemicals I cannot list. Kelly can! She can most likely recite the whole fakin list!
ha hahaaa

I can listen to her talk to me all day about enzymes and proteins and the micro elements that are made in fermentation! She love the walking dead too. I told  her I got Robert Kirkman's books on audio and she said nothing.She didn't want to ruin it, which I appreciate more. She has even read the comics on The Walking Dead! That could be my next thing. I love the writers of walking dead! I am on the second book, The Fall Of The Governor. Right! I mean who doesn't like a good apocalypse story? The stuff John (or what ever priest in the roman empire decided to compose as a John))wrote in Revelation, pales to that.
I am not here to bible rant though, or rant about weather you get to wear your vestments to work for an already shitty company..or about the world of perfume..which to me is a wonderful place to lurk and read comments from my future prospects.
One time I tried to write a perfumer and tell her that she was amazing and very cold to me..I thought, "did she even write that book?"
Real people love talking about what they love to others who also love these things and who in a in a modern times way, we, you work in your tribe..
I think in the end and the beginning, you have to practice and learn to fit in your tribe and work things through to the next day..if you have a pile of unorganized clothing on top of papers and then a is time to focus again and wrap things up and go from a spot that fits and improves you..
On the other hand, if a perfumer or any  company continually goes the other way, with their cheap versions of real materials, they make a world of zombies..confused because they believe they smell good and do all the things the rich do.. medicated zombies?  Stinky too much liquor zombies? Bar zombies, who cannot even muster a thought of their own so they need that group thing to feel sexy..
Babe, look at yourself naked, without the spanks!
  Do some physical,  spanks..they do that..hahahaa

I am so excited that I  am getting salty.Walking Dead..and so it goes..we found out about Beth and fakin Dawn..
I will tell you in another note..
I love you!

Saturday, November 8, 2014



making the soap

I bought a cold pressed Spanish oil this time that is the most emerald green i have ever seen and so i made soap..
I made Pluto Potion soap with the new dark patchouli I just received, it is almost gone, I love it. Then of course I had to make more of that black charcoal one with the labdanum and frankincense and amber notes.

I made a lot. It sells so well because of the of labdanum which kicks ass when we are talking balance and joyful mind.
Labdanum is so healing to for the nervous system and for the kidney lung meridian.
I seem to use it a lot because I love it and because "use" is what I am best at when it comes to skin care ingredients..not people...jeez..fine, I will say, "utilize" instead.
 You know I want things that do something and to smell really good.
 My wonderful obsession with resins hasn't even reached a peak yet so I am excited about future prospects.

Sometimes we forget why we do this. Why we continue to make things and sell in order to make more. manufacturing is complicated like that.
We may loose sight of our limitations and we are constantly reviewing our circumstances.
That is all good..
It is, as long as you love it right back.
I find that my style is very "chef" like..I explore not only beauty but practicality on some level. Why I question myself, is normal life man! And mercury

I love making aromatic delights for us. I love all of it..I must say, that I have been criticised harshly one time or another..I learned from that and  learned to navigate etsy better..
I still make mistakes with orders and  since it is only soap and not brain surgery or some drastic stress causer, I usually fix my errors to  your benefit. It is the best way for me..

I feel like fear makes us unsure and mad at others who seem to have the stage..
I want the kitchens any day!

I love you!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

and that is what makes me funny

All of my oversights lead to funny stuff!
Like when I wrote "palce" instead of "place"..hahahaaa, I am a dorkavitch..what!
See, I didn't notice because it was late.:)Plus my eyes are not getting any better. I noticed it in my 40's..yes the eyes..they dim like a star might dim because we are made in stars.

I am still excited about my new neroli oil. It smells really  good and I am excited because I have some..enough for all of us neroli fans! With this new jasmine, it will rock!
It has to be an oil.
That is it.
I will offer an one ounce stunning treat to any goddess who wants real jasmine.
The kind that brings so much contentment that you'll just know it without words.

 I look at jasmine as an Isis oil.
Definately Isis!
She portrays confidences based on knowledge and that carries everyone who is in contact with her. Her power is in her golden wings of truth..the cosmic laws and how they always help her achieve her greatness.
Lilith my Lilith

I would always adore your power in me..your symbols are always strength your power in being ale to banish what needs gone!

Yes, there is a very special oil for your after bath processes..
One ounce of mixed oils rich in fatty acids and tocopherols
1 fat drop jasmine oil, co2 (eden) oh, my stars!
7 fat drops neroli
1 wee drop sandalwood

This will not  be a perfume because the oils used are made to nourish like a serum,,but this one is for the whole body and all you will need is 3 or 4 drops on damp skin!

Why jasmine  now when so many other crafters are making complex and very exotic oil blends?
 I feel like when you keep things so simple like this, there is more clarity and focus..It is like the empty space that fills, not all the stuff we are able to know, the mystical smallest things..that is jasmine all day. Even the best concrete cannot compare to the real flower's scent. This co2 comes very close!

Symbolically, jasmine brings love and secrets to the minds eye. Jasmine is calm and secure. jasmine is riches and words that enrich us!
Neroli is awesome. I had a bitter orange tree in Costa Rica in the back yard. The flowers are heaven..I will not mind this next few smelly weeks at all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

being in a heavenly place

I just received a wee bit of jasmine co2 and I can't hardly believe how amazingly pleasant it is. How actually floral, sweet, exotic, rare and pleasant!
Wow..the next old whore is going to be special. I also want to make a balm with this..just jasmine neroli balm..oh, yes, neroli is back!
Maybe it is the vanilla cocoa butter thing I wore all day receiving this jasmine so well. I can't stop smelling it.

What do you think? A balm, or a butter with neroli and jasmine? I almost want to say a butter because it goes such a long way when it is fluffed up with oils, the shea butter..

It is late here, so I will say good night! Morning comes fast..

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

My friend, "ewe, who wants an oily hairy guy on them?" ha hahaaa

It isn't to make the beard oily, it is to anoint a man's everything after a bath like we ladies do.
Now you might think I am taking an advantage and making money on a trend?
I am not a saint and I like money..that  said, I have seen a whole lot of men's products and some are very nice.
 I do not like fake drakar noir on a man!
I like vetiver on a man and lime.
Jo Malone with her sleek seductive looks, yuk! There is no cranberry smell, only taste..besides, isolates are controversial, hense the clarity and transparancy of conventional perfumes..they are used all the time. that is why we cannot achieve any holding power in our oily blends.  We use oils, naturally.
 Some of us smell fine the way we are, with our simple potions.
I have balms from years ago that are still good. I had such beautiful oils then and now!

Beard oil is interesting because someone on etsy is a smart chikie! Guess what happens when we empower women? We make money for us without killing people for it! We sew, knit, make soap, make incense, make food, good food, we make words pop out at us when we most feel their fluffy attractive force between our hearts mind.
I love that about etsy. Sure you have some very gross stuff or silly stuff..but it is nothing compared to what has happened on our planet since man made fire and created a gruesome god to punish.

I have sold a few of my beard oil potions to a few ladies.
They want their man to smell good.

I like vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood on a good woman or  man..some do not. They are perhaps too used to flashy synthetics..I get it..and there is a way to make them happy as well.
It just has not happened yet..they will come around too. Synthetics give head aches and cause inflamation..dude, who wants that!!

His Musky is an aged preparation I have been curing for about two years now..
It was a cold cure due to the neroli and lime oils I used.
Apply a drop or two all over and finally on your face and neck. It will dry off to a gentle musky awesomeness! This goes for the longer bearded musky men, just a drop after you apply everywhere else, like a finishing touch.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Four Walls and a Roof my little walking dead review some spoilers from last weeks episode

In Walking Dead land, there is this church see. a little country church with a priest some sort of priest and that is it. His suit is clean and he harbors a cowardice. He could have opened the door but it took too long and all the zombies came and ate his friends and parishioners..
So Rick and The Gang take a break there having raided a pretty full food bank which Bob got himself got bit at and then finally died in this episode..oye, Bob! Rick was a little impatient even!

So, you know, the bad guy, the cannibal, Gareth..who philosophises every evil act he commits because he was hungry and we just do not know what "they" did to them.
So here we are now..
Daryl came back with someone and I thought it would be Beth, but Carol? Why did Daryl make that face?
Some of you may have already seen the next episode..which I will not say what happened because I haven't seen it so do not say a darn thing..until Monday night.
It could be Carol, but no..How will these awesome writers titillate us?
Is it Beth and does she then tell a back story?
is she pregnant? I felt like she was..fighting?
Do we even care this much about Beth because she a had a heart to heart with Daryl?  I love Daryl. He has been sort of in the background for the last couple episodes. I feel like we will see some deep relationships building..but first, Carol needs to get it together and be a part of the group. She did the wrong thing, she did the right thing? Does it matter any more? They all have things to be ashamed of..things and thoughts they had..fears rising to the surface in the face of true terror..some one trying to eat  you!

Bad Ass Rick, my goodness! He does not kid around anymore. He has found a balance between being kind hearted and loving and "I will tear your head off if you hurt any of my family!"

The whole business of Glen leaving? Really? Why? Safety is in numbers, not too big but  a nice group is enough.
Enough to look out for each, Mullet boy must be taken to Washington DC, right now, in the night! A day is not that big of a deal!
So, no, I do not like the Red Head anymore..he himself stated that he was a jerk. Sorry does not cut it!
And then Glen is all like, "yes, we will go with you, if you just stay and help with these cannibals who were about to eat you a couple days ago!!!" as if he was talking to a child or some one who didn't speak good English..LOLOLOLLL:)

I will give this episode 9+
Remember what Rick said, "be alert", he said. he said it to his boy. That even though people seem like they are all that, they suffer the same, and handle it in their own way..some  go and have gone dark. What are your boudaries regarding that and your people? Do you care about their past? Or what they are now? You carry it all with y ou. Every cell has a memory, every atom ancient.

Sorry, zombies, it was zombies I was thinking about. poor rotting  virus ridden ex humans!

Happy Birthday My Scorpios

It is all good. Really. It'll be way better by December.

Yea, there has been a whole lot discourse and maybe nothing to do with you this time, but yea, it has been a little bit of debris to  clean up. That also depends on how involved you are in other people's life.

I am in awe of a good Scorpio. Yet, I see some of them lately having to conform a little and to have been alone a little.
Facing the dark is what Scorpio is best at. Facing the light is what they can master.
Leaving the dark cloud behind them and being strong as they face the future is what it is all about.

I have three planets in Scorpio. I have been empowered to function better at my "other" job..doing something I thought would be boring and not my style.
Guess what, I became humble and just love it now. It is freedom which I had not realized because I was so attached to the other thing. It is freedom to learn more and allowance of freedom to walk about more.
We think these separations and severings are bad for us and our ego hurts because it is a lonely place at first..but when you look at it as an outsider, you see, it as what it are always alone..really..

The best thing is to love who you are. Your work shows, no matter what. Love what you are doing and stop complaining.
There is a difference between observing wrongs and making them.
Which side do you partake from.
What is you satisfaction composed of.
sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, vetiver, neroli, rose and vanilla..

Saturday, November 1, 2014

honey soap ideas

Harvest Moon Blend  does not disappoint.
It is and has been  edgy and has something that makes you go back and try to figure it out. Aromatherapy or life?

I put acacia honey co2 in there and I think that is why it bites you a little. It is not a typical spice soap for sure. I feel like when you mix this many oils and  "food like" botanicals, you get strangeness and as I said before, it wasn't ready for a while. I had one soap that took a whole year to turn righteous! Like some people, right?
Have you noticed how everyone got a dose of reality recently?
Sudden love affairs suddenly not so lustrous?
Yea, I know! It served its purpose, I suppose!

 Mental Telepathy and what we now know, well,  is going far my we can actually measure smaller and smaller particles and send our thoughts even through our is real magic and connects many telepathic arts together. Astrology myths and thing is soap..:)))

Ok so I had a little break last month from making soap..a break means that I only made soap one time because I had enough of everything. That is good.
My mind has been rich with ideas and improvements on how I can do better business and still satisfy my artistic blending needs.

I love oils and that is the focus. My values are to  make money while providing a product we all love and want..
away from the retail world of, "if you don't like it, you can return it" love it and want it all the time..maybe you don' t always "love" every blend and that is ok.
Who could?
I mean Basil gets on my nerves a little. I feel like basil is kind of nagger..always reminding you he is there.
:) Thank you , my sweet basilisk!

I am ready to buy some oils  next week. I will buy a few citruses because I want lemony lemon soap and I want clay too.
Rhassoul is back so I think a heavy rhasooul soap would be good..heavy and dense when even the lather sucks  your face, perhaps because of the rare lithium particles in this clay which also make your brain calm.
Our brains love lithium and there is only a little bit in our universe..For some odd reason, The Atlas Mountains seem to have a bunch in there.
A little bit compared to the big stuff and always enough for us..
Rhassoul soap..
I have ideas on the scent.
It has to be simple. something we all love and want..
Fougere Rhasoul Soap?
That sounds good right about now..

I am enjoying a whole bar of ghost..a new and pretty ugly one I made with so much salt it just wakes me up and makes me happy. I usually take the scraps for myself in the shower, but, this time I took a whole bar because, dang it, I love it! It looks gray from the combination of activated charcoal and pink salt. After you wet it, it gets darker and darker but never black because all that salt will not allow.
I love it so much. The way I come out smelling after my shower is perfect with that Somalian frankincense I have been using. It is not CO2, I like a distilled resin now and again. they are all so different and I can not say enough about frankincense and how important it is for us!
The Austrian  pine, the firs and the cedars  in this blend, they all make me very happy.

I follow up with a balm and lately I have been using the old whore balm. This last batch is nice. You almost think it is to heavy but it dries off with soft mellow deliciousness and warmth..

Hello there, have a good day, :)