Thursday, April 30, 2015

what do you think of..

When you think of your favorite scent?
For me,  this changes but I would never on any day or night turn my back to frankincense and rose.
Good rose and not the kind that turns your stomach. I suppose most absolutes kind of do turn your stomach though.
You just can't stop smelling them while trying to figure out what draws you near to them. Like jasmine for example..oye! A bad one can ruin your day, man!

Spring is full on here in Southern Michigan:))! My wild geraniums are so happy and really multiplied since I moved them away from the wormwood. The yarrow came back out this week as well as all of my roses seem to be ready to go. I have three peonies as well. That should be awesome!
I am wearing a man's thing I made with cyprus blue and labdanum, hay, yarrow, sandalwood and clary sage and a basil top note that helps us radiate abundance and joy!
I like the way it dries and turns in to an amber musk on the skin.
Modern Man is what I called it over at eleneetha's place.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

the 70's

As in day time temps not the years..ha ha So, I will go outside and spend an hour cleaning up some more.

A whole lot has been brewing for years now with "race" relations and I am a little ticked that whole towns get to be destroyed and for what? To prove that police are totally military state and your kids need to be home studying for their next exam so that they are not distracted by anger all day.
What do I know, I fight with my one boy all the time. His perfect life is sleeping till three, making music till dawn and eating healthy while smoking ciggies..
so dumb they are, and we were in the 70's.
"tin soldiers and Nixon's la lalaaa"
I just remember all this anger and my dad being held up in Detroit in his first day going to work when we came here.

Of course the police force  is angry. Of course the poor live under the poverty line but guess what?
It turns out that the buildings they live in are loaded with peeling lead paint and guess what else? They get a government payment for having been poisoned, and knowingly I might add.
We knew lead was poison a long time ago and yet continued to use it every day and in every way. It is like everyone is in a mass hypnosis by lead..which brings stupidity and anger. no matter the color of your skin.

So, we continue and we think and we we ponder on what is next. I do not know. I know that we must  find a balance through science and knowledge and truth and all the clergy praying after the big fail, means nothing to me! They pretend to be chosen now?

"I say that in 5 years it will be robo cop there and and many other violent towns first and then all over the place.

" drones, they do not see color", I said to a man who likes to come to my store and talk to me.
"oh yes they can!"
"Oh so then they can forecast based on all your criteria?"

I have the solution, make everyone move to the country so that they can detox and then maybe the police will chill out and the poor the ravaged and the disabled can read books on honor, business, mathematics, our physical place in the universe, and many other beautiful time passing activities! What is a  case of toilet paper gonna do for you from the CVS, dumb ass?
What does it really do? You fucking live here and you do this? I am so sorry for you Fredie honey..really, but based on your criteria, I am also weary of you. I am also weary of police who hide in their armed cars behind buildings so that they can rob innocent drivers. yes, it does happen.
When I was in Costa Rica, this white boy from San Jose came to my place ( I was teaching English at that place) to sell me crack pipes..I laughed and said to him, he needs to get his life in order and that I would never be interested in selling such devices. He was cracked out! I think they have another term for it now, like tweaking. I never notice this until someone points it out to me.

What do you think is precious?
What is precious to you?

For me it is lavender peppermint soap for my sweet london girl and for me, more lemon soap with salt.
That last one is all gone and we loved it.
I bought a whole lot (for me a whole lot))of vanilla co2 from white lotus, so the vanilla zombie is back but this time with aged patchouli and cacao absolute. I know right! I am awesome to the core!

Monday, April 27, 2015

natural does not mean natural

Now they use terms like, "phalate free" to describe not natural scenting.
They just can't fucking stop!
I am not really mad but, wow! It has been proven over and over that chemicals in (on mean eventually in)) skin care are bad! No, they kept using lead in the rice powder because it was malleable and easy to smooth out skin tone.."oh, wait, it actually degrades the skin so bad it causes scarring"
"fine, we'll stop making it!"
"Oh, now, we will make some other thing that isn't real so that when your children grow up not knowing the sweet actual smell of a daisy, then you will have forgotten all together what is real and what isn't."
Always with the concessions. Who needs it!

Skin care is all fake out there with their aloe and their safflower oil. Cheap, over processed, both! Perfumes? With their beautiful description of flowers and leathers? Fake, fake, fake poison!

So what do we use to wash our faces with? Do we use a cream that smells like este lauder... a milky solution of oils and stabilizers?
Sorbic  acid, for gosh sake, and worse! What good does that do?

I love using black seed oil as a base for face wash.
Sometimes if I am really gritty, I will use soap after a good oily face washing or scrub. After that, I will tone with rose hydrosol and follow with a nutrient rich oil combo.

Here is my serum for the month of May:

organic red raspberry seed oil
organic black seed oil
organic rose hip seed oil
organic cranberry seed oil
organic blue berry seed oil

I use this emulsion neat on my face and allow for the fatty acids to hang and protect as they gently do their thing, repair and protect. I know, I know, the black seed has a tone. It does not matter to me. I feel like it helps me. I will take a little in my palm and apply on to my face as a wash or add this to clay for a cleansing mask.

I hope you have a nice week. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just cut

These are still soft but I reckon they will harden up in a few days and weeks.

The little square ones will be a part of the spring time special coming up.

I do think they are pretty and I have no regrets about all the blood orange I put in there. It compliments the spicy labdanum notes just fine but... I could not resist adding frankincense to give it is deep incense vibe.
There are two patchoulies and both are aged. They do not stand out so you needn't worry that you'll smell like a hippie. 
I still need to put together the body smoothie. That will be tomorrow, for now,  rest and sleep.
But I ask myself now, what will I make for a cream?
How should it smell?
Chamomile and rose?
Sandalwood and rose?
Frankincense and myrrh?

I am really attracted to chamomile right now for some reason! Chamomile with frankincense? I love that!

prolific soap star


I made soap for a girl who loves my neem soap with frankincense and then I made something else really nice.
Organic ground raspberry seed soap with a gorgeous essential oils blend and I also added this awesome shea butter I had  here too, so it will be extra creamy and good.
the oils

The oils are  very good together. I hope it turns out nice. I say that about all of them and why wouldn't they?

The seeds of raspberry are very nutritious and a little gritty. I plan to make a new scrub with this material for the face with manuka honey. For now, I wait to see how nice this soap bar is gonna be.

I have been very busy with the garden and my projects outside so I haven't been blogging much.
Know that I think of you often:)

The next special will be really good.
1 2 ounce scrub
1 4 ounce butter
1 raspberry seed neem scrubber soap

I look forward to it.

the butter: shea butter, red raspberry seed oil and marula oil
the scrub: black seed oil, red raspberry seeds ground, redmond clay, manuka honey (chamomile rose essential oil blend)
the soap: our new organic red raspberry seed scrubber soap


Monday, April 20, 2015

my mom and i talking

We were talking about a Greek we both know and how he is a
he was a jerk to everyone..he is long dead now..he was nice to me always until even then, as a 12 year old and  only two years here, I told him we were studying evolution at my amerika school and he freaked out about monkeys and humans not being the same.
clearly not, but most of what monkeys are, are like us..I tried to tell him that but he was insulted rather than interested in such nonsense.
I could even then, at my young age see the terror in simple peoples lives against patriarchs like that guy.
I was telling my mom that as you get closer to death, you have to make good memories because that is how your loved ones remember you..not as some weak minded fool and manipulator or abuser of women..
she listened, my mom did. In Greek culture, Greek women give men a lease to behave this way. They empower them as was their role back when they were nothing more than concubines in wealthy families and rag wearing mud slinging bitches in the hills!
My family came from somewhere in between that.:)

My mom
"humph, that guy was the biggest porno head and womanizer, he had a reputation, everyone knew it!"
"mom, he was so devoted to the church so proper!"

she mumbled..

Hey man, they have all known that all along! Look at what the Catholics still try to hide about the priests molesting boys. And yet,they would be the first ones to throw stones if it meant being part of the denying crowd of conspiracy theorists a king worshiping idiots!
They struggle to look proper while inside a simmering brewing testosterone fueled all that tried to care for them.
They usually  choose one of the minions to lavish that person with what they have left(sometimes it is a lot) and then they die..
Then, you remember them and your conversations together.
Not many..
Because who needs a confrontation every time?
 I was trying to explain about physics and you are scared of actual creation ( the proof is in the bones and layers of sediment)..that was many years ago I had that convo and this was my memory..
Mercury is about to go retrograde here soon..I feel it. I do feel it.:)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

you are worth it

It is one thing you  kind of have to ponder on if you are in a relationship. Whether it be family or a lover. I think you are worth my time and annie energy! I am a libran (ha, I can't stop)) and I love satire with pain and I love to laugh. sometimes inappropriate, sometimes brutally my place, my famz, Feelings can get hurt because there are so many people, but I love it when we are all together. My boys are so, what is the word, "strapping"..ha!
 My family is worth my time and my hard work. I bust ass!

Yesterday...while busting ass and all the while thinking not so deep thoughts like the vibrational sound of,

"Hi, do you have any moisture gloves for wearing at night?"
"You know, I don't, but I might "Procure" some if you like on my next order."
Did her eyes twinkle, I know mine did?
She paused.
""what, were you mesmerized by my use of "procure' in a sentence? Try soft socks if you really can't find moisture gloves.."
We laughed..

I love it when people and me connect like that.
It is sure better than paper clip girl that is for sure.

Have I ever told you about Tim Minchin? What a strange little genius!
His song, fucking mother!

I see that many have been visiting my soap creations on etsy..thank you!
I really hope you get one of the dragons blood vetiver choya bars.
It is so beautiful and that is just a few days since I made it. It took a week to let me have the resinous undertones of pine and frankincense come out from way deep in there. You will get vetiver always but the dry finish will be interesting when it mixes with your own body musk as a soap bar. How nice is it to have a gliding expanding whiff of forest and glen and sunshine days, warm up on your brow. each time you wash your hands. Hey that is where the third eye may reside, go there sweet scented atoms and welcome to our transformations.
Welcome too, vetiver's ability to relax our muscles and bones a little.
I did not add as much choya loban as to make it like smoke, no..please, it is my desire to have the dry off go sweet and smokey smooth. I put neroli and a whole lot of it, so that a top note does exist, you just don't get it but very subtly, as it should be.
I loved making this soap. It is wonderful to gather my ingredients and make each thing a proclamation in my mind and then allow my thoughts to mold each ingredient in to a rare treat. Like a morsel of deliciousness. This blend is Miss Tonie's idea made my way..I loves her!

I would ask, what do you think of as precious and worth your time and energy?

This one is the old whore as the top layer and as you know her worthiness is precious. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

how will astrology change with knowledge and physics

It has to happen.Astrology must change with the has. We no longer think that mythology has much to do with the real brewing cauldron of creation.
Not at all.
We have already begun to include the great attractor  in our language. which is a thing, a real thing a place that takes up an area of space we cannot imagine. Astrology has transitioned in to personality types instead of mythical representations..I get that. But why am I so attracted to Aries then and why is this angle between these players so hard to hand sometimes..these days, especially..
Bruce ( a hunking Jew, (and goddammit, I mean Jew as in I would say That Greek guy) who is so smart and very Jewish, like in practice)
He wanted to talk to me and unload.."I was just in my car screaming at god"
I didn't ask him what is wrong..
"did he answer you?"

He wanted to tell me things because I get him. I love me a strong Jewish man!

I was married to a Greek, he was lovely to me and the crazy one had me drugged with some strange witchery of manipulation and agape. Bruce is married so don't get any ideas.
I am sure you have your own stories.
Being a Greek from a village comes with its baggage, ok.
On the other hand, I notice with my Armenian sister, we have some of the same family obligations based on duty and respect and hard work.
My dad worked hard for us to have more, American while at the same time holding on to Greek devotion to his ortodox indoctrination, I mean I can still recite most of the liturgy in Greek.
Who am I a revolutionary, meditating and questioning these ideas now? Yes!
Well, there is dark matter which won't be long to know has always been there and we just now get to know..the great attractor for us, is part of some other giant connection in a greater universe...
nothing is mystical and everything until it it isn' that god? A hot crashing spinning bubble of stuff in a chemical  reaction with dark matter which allows such beautiful things to happen? Like us,

thinking about all of it.

Humans are obviously tribal but that is slowly changing.
We will, some day, a long long time from now, be one color and mixed but good and then who knows? You see a long time ago, there were many sorts of human types of people. Homo sapiens survived every one of them. There is only one kind of human no matter the color or place..that is am thinking this..When everyone is your cousin, how can you shoot him? It is nice to think so but some cultures which are built on warring and hatred of their women must not be allowed to continue. Of course by always learning, always teaching and always to think.
because we are getting so smart, we make better decisions and work harder to be happy. In real life, you for sure want to use your knife to cut a tree for grooming and not killing your friends and earth brethren. Okay, I get that, so why are we so violent? Weapons were the first things we made..hunger is my answer?

"it is going to be fine, tomorrow is a new day" :)
"is it?"
"yes, you must do your duty"
he smiled at me.
I wondered what was bothering him so much that he found some sort of solace in me? I have the eyes that do not lie.
He is so intense..

I am hungry now..
I wish I were in Singapore eating breakfast of some sort of street fare like they do.
I am having a coffee and fillo cheese wraps cuz I am in amerika babies!

have a wonderful day
I made some interesting soaps this week and I look forward to the new moon

like a goddess chanting to innana, reawaken in my heart the abilities which always bless and honor me and I radiate this
my art flourishing my mind's ideas streaming gently
like a clear stream from a mountain
with pretty moss and wild flowers

I am poise
I am grace and kind words
I am smiling face in the face of terror
I am keen eyes and keen mind
I am ever so grateful
I am not scared
The sun shines on my face

Sunday, April 12, 2015

the giving

You know, the transition between being a child under mamma's wing and you making a place for yourself with your own living.
I wonder how my kids will share their money.
 I notice one of my girls is like my mom in her money ways..she scrimps and saves and becomes a tyrant with the saving pennies. Smart, that one.
What is money and surviving today? If we do almost of our transactions electronically, when do we see real money?
We are continually changing in the way we do business and the world is getting smaller. I am selling to places far away and I feel as long as I make really good soap, we will have bread on our is a telepathically mystical thing and I am willing to go further and say I am strong and powerful..with new and rare abilities to attract my best and a nice house filled with love. is comes easily and often as does my willingness to change and observe in new ways.

Remember when Michone put her sword back where it should be? With her! Right? And why was it bloody before Pete went on his rampage?

"mom, go to this zhar zhar, it is so cheap there, look!"
 I had just gone there before sol I knew which store it was. It just opened up and I am in love with t!!
I feel like I am out of amerika and back somewhere like this. The kids always stay with the parents and they play.
First off the music is not English,second off there are always kids running playing tag between the isles, a big one and down to about three..omg so cute.
I gave him my last thing to scan and he said, "no, that is for you)"
"are you sure, this is a business, right?"
"don't worry"
I told him thank you..he was nice.
I love this thick olive oil he brings in. I went there to see what spices he has because of my interest in spices using allspice in a balanced format to make shawarma, and there were cases of rich thick cold pressed olive oil. Just so good and makes the best creamiest soap ever and you can eat it!

ah, marinades..they are so good to me!

Give me a baguette and a salad of baby greens and I am happy.
I like one made from scratch and me, not even one time having loved a marinade from a store.

Here is the thing I always taste from the bottled sauces. it is  citric acid and stabilizers to thicken something so that you can make a thousand of them. I taste it every time..your damn soy oil and canola. keep it..
I will take the dry ingredients and mix them with the wet my own way. How hard is it?
If you love to cook, it is super easy when  you find your perfect rub and spice blend and and not too much cinnamon...
not too much coriander
black pepper
some say allspice
some say
garlic, a all big pieces from the bulb chopped fine and mixed with a creamy carrier like olive oil and yogurt,
olive oil and tahini
or just plain olive oil and lemon juice.

Pasxa Blessings to you all,,I love you!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

soap making

People ask me if I give lessons. Mostly...
The answer is, "no".
I work alone. It is my best thing.
If you like the soap I make for you and want to make it yourself, I will council you and answer questions to the best of my abilities.

There are secrets and techniques that are yours or mine that cannot be taught.
Your invocation factor in the mix is also important when it comes to making anything. As in the crystals that form in happy ice or sad angry ice, so do all of the things you invoke leave a weight, a mark.

Have a wonderful day:)

"Thank You"

Friday, April 10, 2015

hello wonderful day

a poem

“Catechism for a Witch’s Child”
When they ask to see your gods
show them lines
drawn delicately with veins
on the underside of a bird’s wing
tell them you believe
in giant sycamores mottled
and stark against a winter sky
and in night’s so frozen
stars crack open spilling
streams of molten ice to earth
and tell them how you drank
the holy wine of honeysuckle
on a warm spring day
and of the softness
of your mother
who never taught you
death was life’s reward
but who believed in the earth
and the sun
and in a million, million light years
of being

Thursday, April 9, 2015

it was fake after all

I became seduced, see? I got involved in perfume and a whole new door opened up for me. Recently and always with the frankincense and me..which is why I fell in love with the time lord..I ran across a web site that wrote about the choya and everything sounded so nice..")

The fake fuks!
They send me a packet of fake..after all their serious talk too! I had to buy a wee sample.
(the black musk which they said is ambette seeds, dude, gorgeous and yet, the fake is there)
They made it sound like they know what they are talking about. I bet that they do. I want to say some of it is real and I overreacted. You know, you first get a thing and get overwhelmed by too many smells.

So, I spent ten bucks on research and development..

The thing about body scenting with me, us is ..well, so many things..
for example the skin soft smooth and after years of vetiver and patchouli, warm vanilla and spice..
ah, that is just us. ha!

Fake..ends up being weird on me especially.who needs it?
Well, a lot of people do not mind the perfume.
Look at Jo Malone..she is brilliant at marketing her ideas and fake even if say, 40% is pure essential oils, they still need to mix it with a dispersing material and their is crazy! Ever read the ingredients on a deodorant label?
Even a the health store it can be dangerous.

About me and perfume..of course at this moment in my life, I now know and understand more about scents and their molecular weight. How frankincense is heavier than rose for example.
After all, throughout all  my life, I knew my path, always, was to be through my hands like my mom and her mom. Each one of a higher evolution than our mothers and yet, the theme continues.

Black smells really sex with govinda..

Sunday, April 5, 2015

iron and humans

I mean we should be happy anyhow, not just today because Jesus came back to life to elevate in to the sky and as told by basically illiterates,  that he is alive as one with the main father, him but not him and also him..
so sweet and simple this story is. It has everything.I was very touched by it for many of my life's years. I cried for him as he suffered. As my father's church re told the story during holy week, from the old documents that they have saved all these years.

I was told yesterday by a sweet baby boy ( he is 23 or 24))christian that the road.."the one road" he used math to say a straight line and then all the roads around it which lead to it, not being as good..
How many people have illustrated that simple whatever it is?
One road, that is all this God has prepared for us? The only way! Or, you are dead and forever in torment?
Jesus was one of thousands who was torchered by crucifixion in  this way by The Romans. They continued to crucify for a long time afterwards. During those times people were to submit to Rome and say the emperor was a god..not the god, a god. Thus, as in some cases now, people thought it was the end times.
This apocalyptic (the end of times)ideology took off like the winds to tell everyone there is way to get away from suffering and from  the Romans. The Romans were ruthless! They had been there for 100 years already..they were not just there, everywhere, they were building roads and killing and killing and raping women and enslaving boys.
But speaking of the road, lets.
The one main road can be dangerous too, I say.
Also if all the other  roads are not as good, then how would every one finally meet at the center?
Look at our bodies for example, how all the blood goes in and out of the heart and all the veins have a role and the organs too, they  strain and drain harmful things..if the heart wasn't getting clean rich oxygen and nutrients, it would fail..It does fail..therefore, all the systems are important!
Us, having finally arrived bearing gifts and news..
"Oh, is it just you then, how did you get here?"
"we took the road by the river, it was quite lovely really."
"hang on, ok?"

"let them in, peter, we need some new blood around here, all these people telling me I am awesome which I am, are boring me!"
"they took the side roads, sir, the one along the river!"
"Oh dear, you had better throw them over the flat Earth edge to hell then!"

Just because some one took the scenic route, it doesn't mean he isn't going the wrong way, it means he is bringing other stuff you may never have seen before. Like spices and silk. The whole time they were making up stories about Jesus in the west, China was making silk.
I mean really, stories change..

I told the boy, that, "it is really  insidious to have such exclusivity with divine god, boy, and to worship a human sacrifice for two thousand years with out looking at any facts is irresponsible."
The earth is not 6 thousand years old, it is almost 5 billion years old, the begats do not add up. That is one of many mistakes in the data.

 You cannot see the continents move but you know they are and have probably as slow as your nails grow. and they took many violent years to form.
I said that it is but a "glimpse" of what is.
"a glimpse?"
he got a weird look in his eyes so I calmed him and tried to leave, he followed..he wants to debate..
I loved it..
You have to stay calm and never yell in order to debate, :)
You have to listen thoroughly with out making faces..

The one road? Really?

Do you think creatures on Gleason 581 had the same experiences about God? That is a planet out there with all the right stuff..not too cold and not too hot, plenty of water and other planetary accretions from a distant super nova explosion which formed new dust filled with gold, silver, iron to form our blood, iron..the death of a star really is life!
 We know when there is water and plenty of star made minerals, things happen. Enzymes spark and things move around and try to make more things, but iron is what finally kills a huge when a star burns through all its fuel, it makes iron soon as it does, kills it in a violent explosion which  comes to form smaller more stable star systems like ours.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

choya loban


I have everything I need for our smokey blend.
I do have not dragon's blood yet. I will have that Monday when I go to the only store around here that has resin.
That will take a little time to melt down in coconut oil maybe a couple days..we will see how I feel when I have it rubbed up on my skin and it is has released its scent to me.

I have choya  loban here now. My goodness, it is smokey. Destructive distillation..clay pots and lots of heat. I guess that is why the smoke scent.
I wore it  for sleeping last night. I feel good. I can breath better even.
How interesting this oil is!
It was definitely used as medicine.
It is so super healing on the skin. So, we get a double help from dragon's blood as it also has been noted for its healing abilities on the skin and digestive system.

I am excited for this next soap, for sure!
I have also been very interested in a white spruce absolute foot cream. I do not know why I am so drawn to feet at this moment but it is happening that we should take a look at our toes.
and then rub them down with scented cream.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

full moon eclipse

like being on the outside looking in to a ball and you are not in it but you can see everything.
Words at this point will hurt some and yes people get their heads cut off..
Seems like to get your head cut off, you have to go pretty far. in the game to die..but some do.
They were zombies with all their woes so you cannot change them.

I wish I could make every one least for a moment..
I like happiness. But in our fast passed world there is common strife that we take too far and then we get sick, huh?
I do not know..I think about reasons after the fact  like any one else would. If only we can harness that gut instinct to act before the traumas..

Surely we should be able to detect "the joker" when he comes calling?
"Surely I can trust my fellow man.", I say this to myself.
Everyone has god in them.
That is unwise my friends and not because on the walking dead where most people are sick fuks, no, it is because the law of regression to the means..average best..kind of thing.
I  say "joker" because it is true..the archetype not the bat man character..
He brings passion, quick wit and raunchy sex and drugs of course..he always has something.
He will take as fast as he gives..take and move on to the next adventure.
I do not know, but I seem to encounter "joker would be's all the time" I have concluded  that there are far and few in between really noble people in this civilization. Most, meander through life wanting and wanting more..
And, in the end it is about time and how much of you have to produce your art and always do something good for yourself. Making a wonderful living yet needing less..hmm..
a really good one..otherwise you are scrounging around trying to find five dollars to buy soap detergent to wash your grubby coat.
In Cost Rica, I shredded coconut to get oil to make soap with ylang ylang flowers and cinnamon bark that was growing on the was ok soap and when you can buy a bar at the market made with palm and cucumber scent for a will not want an coconut soap there. My main point to that was  to understand the process of ingredients at the flower level is really complex and raw..ylang ylang when freshly picked in the evening almost makes you sick with sweetness..jasmine too. In that case I dried the flowers first. They are too juicy otherwise.

joker and why I say that...
Uranus playing around magnetizing us and wobbling our waters..yes, it is that cool!
We have Saturn, our  giant quietly keeping it real..Pluto far away trying so hard to be a planet..maybe three planets and what drives it all is magnetism and other such forces..not mythological creatures..
what it shows us is during this time, we choose emotions and behaviors based on how much we wobble.
Too much and  things hit one another.

All that said, hello and happy full moon in spring time and lunar eclipse it is brewing!
Happy reflecting on what needs done! You already have the gist on what happened. heh!
Happy me and happy you.. I have been busy making soap.
Ghost of frankincense tonight. Remember how awesome that soap was?
I do!
Also,  one of Miss Tonie's favorite ideas right now is,
cade, vetiver(smokey sri lanka) choya loban on the bottom
neroli on top
dragon's blood in the middle area where the gut instincts rule and obey your command.
What say ye, too heavy on the smoke? I do not think so. I think the vetiver will be so happy with the choya loban..and make mellow.
I will have to make this a balm as well as a soap bar..what a nice special I have in store for next week, I must say!

why? Why do I work so hard and rest so hard?
Look, there is no other way, we have to work and produce something. We must! No matter how much we do not want to serve others, or submit to our civilization in some way..we must find a way to survive the next 100 years and then think about a thousand and what we will have become then. That is all based on what we do at this moment as a pathway to the next thing..
Aye, senior, I rant too much!
You see, I am clever."))))