Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Cancer girl I met a while ago

She is sad because she says she can't get a long term boyfriend..
"I know why", she says to me. "They are only supposed to be with me until I fix them and then they leave and go to the next thing"
I thought about that and it may be true for Miss Crab.
It also maybe true that she is overbearing. She has to have things a certain way..
This gal must submit to her loving kindness yes, nurture and feed, yes, and now reconstruct what she is attracting in a guy.
It seems to me for the last two years that I have known her, all her men, they have been of shallow nature and lead troublesome lives. "he comes and goes"
"he will disappear for a week and then call"
She will say these things to me.
I do  know this;
How do you expect a guy with three kids, an ex wife, and a drug habit which he recently quit, and no job, to be a solid find in a mate? He won't buy you lunch that is for sure!
I want to say to him,
"What, you fucked everything up for years and now you are gonna be good?"
" And you want me to nurture you back to health while you work through this?"
 I would mostly think it and not say anything..who am I now, wisdom queen?
I'd be like, "see ya buddy, I'm busy!"
 It hasn't always been  so..we all have our regrets but I trust that we have done what we've done at the time we did it the way it needed to be done  so we can learn what not to do next time and for sure what to keep on doing,  yes?
Further more,I do not believe one can attain a solid relationship from meeting someone on line..sooner or later they will show their true face and true voice.
I say, go to a bookstore and meet someone real. Or take a yoga class and breathe and imagine your perfect friend and lover. He is being constructed by the tiniest of matter in your mind. If, that is what you want.
For sure eat a salad for lunch..


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pisces 2013

I am in awe, my stomach hurts. We have The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron all in this sign.
Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and that is where I am forced to review what retrogrades are, for real.
Yes, you'll  have your unexpected bills..that is all mercury retro and for that we fear this 3 times a year 1 month event..I  mean it feels like it's all year..you basically get over one mercury retrograde and soon you can expect another. I guess this is why one mustn't over spend and over do when it's smooth sailing.
And for sure not to fear Mercury retrogrades..and always put a little money away for an emergency..
If ever there was a time in our evolution as humans to be grateful, this is it. To be compassionate  yes, to clean up, fold and re do..yes!
Clean up the house is one very important thing when Pisces comes around the wheel..giving of yourself and giving gifts to loves ones..that is Pisces. Loving delicious food, that is her majesty miss Pisces!
Pisces knows she is the boss, she doesn't even have to say anything. But when you need an extra 20 grand, man, they pull it out of thin air! Sheesh!

Pisces and all her powers glowing in space
divine magnetic forces showing us light
ranging in colors that are in their rarest beautiful violets and blues
so far in to their density that they are black
so bright that they seem white
showing us grace and poise
and knowledge
and a reality which is not in a race for time
but on a platform made of shafts of light  not yet seen by human eyes
made of golden matter
residing far in to the depths of our mind's eye

God is in the star light
reflecting off of Pisces now
being energized to be free by Mars
being shown real love by Neptune again and again
being loyal to her needs
honest and matter of fact
being ginormously generous
being graciously accepting of boons
just saying
that, being comfortable at having
she loves to be rich my Pisces does.

Find out where Pisces is transiting in your chart..you'll be enlightened on what is up in astrology right now:)

Friday, February 22, 2013


I get to help with a birthing in a few weeks. I am very excited. It is my first one where I am not the one giving birth.. I won't be a midwife, but I'll be there with my rose oil and warm cloths and warm touch on her lower back and all the muscles of her mamma belly!
I am a little scared? Sure, but It'll be fine because it is set up with all the pros near by including her midwife..
 Am I a  doula? A little one? Awe!!
I will make a special potion for her as I made for her first baby.
I mean at the very worst, I'll be in the way and I'll go home..we'll have to play that by ear and intuition. It has occurred to me that her mom will be there and her man, whom I admire very much, so that is cool..you know..three (her mom, her midwife and me)women in a room may be too much for the mamma..I'll be humble and quiet and breathe with her, I will.
Mercury retrograde is the  best for thinking up new plans for one's future..so what if they are crazy, every seed brings up something!
I love you thank you and please forgive me of my type o's and bad spelling sometimes as I am a geek at heart and love you, oh I said that:)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the money handlers

I do not handle to money at work..they are special breed of people I like to call the "money handlers".
They are really intense all them because one mistake and you are out of there. They run their money click with so much tight control you get a certain amount of intense people..there are many scorpios and I see some libras..aquarius too..
I think about hings like this. Like how I have learned from my Aries Pisces boss about being graceful in business and still get what you want. She has a perfect balance of understanding details in numbers with skill.
I think about going somewhere 40 hours a week and really loving them, the other librans, and a taurus chick who is so soft and kind to me and that sweet virgo gal who always tells me "hello"..or the theft girl who always rubs her arm against me to say hell instead of saying hello..it is cute!
 I am thinking that, having reverence for the money handlers..they are a sacred part of us..maybe we should think that about our banks, maybe we already do and now go to a much smaller more intimate credit union..
maybe the bankers of of the world might learn this too and stop wasting money on  having control of the planet.
have a great day:) yoga time:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

being meddlsome

not me but others..hahahaaa

you know I have a lot of kids, they need things, they need to learn things and the more they grow up I see that they say things I never taught them. that there is shocking, but also it allows me the opportunity to pull away even further and do my own thing and most of all to not be so in to what they are doing..
At some point in  their time with me, they let go. It is dramatic too.
It feels draconian if I can say draconian in this message.
I must always remind myself, that it is not about always being happy, and the heartache and deep connection of your children never leaves you.
You want all the best things for them and you sure hate to see them waste time, make excuses, show unfathomable arrogance and pride..it always seems worse when someone else is doing pride, not me..:) and they do all those things. I know I sure did.
I always convince myself that..no no, I am a harder worker than anyone in this house? By golly, I know that is true, if you are talking a physical woman who will try her best. (and sometimes fail), that is me all day..

sadness is a weird thing, loving someone is a commitment to their best things and I am so happy to be in this warm house telling you this..that.. I will make something nice for their tummies!

A Fist Full of Ginger Broth

one fist sized ginger root chopped (peel first)
4 cloves garlic chopped
a nice pinch of cracked red chili ( I used New Mexico chili)
1 table spoon oil ( I like avocado but you can use sesame or coconut oil too)
fry that up on low
add water, 2 cups
add soy  1/2 cup
no salt yet
simmer for twenty minutes

pour over noodles where the juice floats on top like ramen, top with green onion and whatever you want..I like nothing but the bits of ginger..
taste it..do you need salt? put some salt on top..a little bit..
eat it
it feels so good and ginger is so good for you, it would take me all day to talk about it..I will..
and you will be happy

thank you

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

one more thing on Anne

I have been reading and I have concluded that she really had no choice but to succumb to the king..
I'd be hiding in corners as to never be seen, because what are you going to do, say no?
No, he will take and you will be hanged..
What an ass hole! Change the words so you can impoverish one woman for another, get sick of her and cut her head off and then on and on. How about how Henry just turned his back on his daughter, who he loved as a child? can you imagine a young girl facing that kind of rejection?
Ann Boleyn must have been intriguing as a female, what with her abilities to hunt, study languages, write and dance..and then she had babies and he got bored..
Some men want  a 20 year old on their arms, it makes their penis look bigger.
 Remember in The Odyssey? Odesseus  comes home after twenty years and the first thing he did is he killed the slave girls who were forced to sleep with his enemies..
Nice of him, even if he wasn't real.."I mean how does it take you 20 years to get back home to your wife and family? You could have walked in a few weeks! Greece is not that big dude..what do you mean she turned your men in to pigs?"
They write these kind of stories because in some way there is truth, grains of truth about the culture and society of the  day in the time ( a very short time in the real distance of time)
I am so glad we are here right now..

mercury set up

it got us ready before it got us ready..
mercury is about to go retrograde..
I can already see the scurrying, the rushing and with water involved and  the energy is painful if not ecstatic..
Remember the snake .she is never one to make un-thought out moves, she waits, she takes care of her skin and when the opportunity presents itself, she attains her goals.
Remember the mouse, kind sweet loving but food for something bigger and dangerous..he is the one to most likely take liquor, use pot, take a pill, take two pills, take another pill for the pill which you take, eat a bagel with coffee instead of a salad, think to take and not give, give too much and then not getting love back from another (hey man, some people are just bad and you get away from them).

With Mercury retro in Pisces, we'll suffer through something for sure and am thinking an emotional reality not some tragic thing.. being human has its tragedies, however.
I don't even know what I'll suffer through but something always has to give when there are Pisces energies.
 Are these Pisces types the strongest in the zodiac?
Probably..think about how early on they grew up, faced life and worked hard to make something of themselves..and I'm not talking IBM..there could be any thing, art, music, cooking..Pisces does it super good and matter of factly. In public, Pisces is not overly affectionate, sometimes they seem cutting toward us..it is ok, they just do not care for bull shit and you know about the world and how it's PC and you must only use certain words and not other words??
Pisces is a leader and a friend, it could be your mom, your dad and you man maybe:)
They teach us to not necessarily forget the past but if anyone  can bury it and get on with life, it is Pisces!
They always come thorough and if you are doing wrong, they will know. they can take the truth and bear the pain of that truth and cry while knitting a blanket..see?

so I say,  de-clutter and get rid of the piles of clothing you'll never wear, and give it away, clean with lemon and rosemary or lemon myrtle and then let it all settle once again in to a clearer gain to the distance..

an amazing (Piscean Distance) soap will be, jasmine clove with lobelia, poppy and a little bit lotus..


Monday, February 18, 2013

life is sleazy

no really life is sleazy!
 I am just watching the Tudors on Netflix..
Human's history in that region certainly looks awful from my point of view.

The church actually broke away from Rome and the empire..that was big..big..big..
To this day there are purest Catholics who believe the only way to heaven is to be catholic and there is only one divine guy (pope) in touch with the God and Jesus .remember that they were and are two different entities in the "scriptures"..you know, The Creed, I believe in god, the father almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of all things  visible and invisible..and in one lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God who for us and our salvation...begotten not made..and in one catholic and apostolic church...
(seriously, what  does that mean, he was so too made the same way we were, I guess they still didn't know that because it was the olden days..)
In fact, if anyone didn't recite and fearfully believe the creed, well,  they were a heretic. These guys burned and tortured fellow brethren with out any remorse..
dang man..for Jesus too!
Well they tortured and killed him in his  home town, so...

But as usual, I digress and perhaps spell something wrong in some way..:)

The church, the church, the church and women are whores..
Well, they were cunning and creative and getting themselves a rich guy..hey man, who doesn't want to wear purple silk and bathe every day?  What is the alternative? Boiling your own water, starting your own fire and getting milk the hard way, on a stool next to a cow named Betsy?
But one woman like Ann Boleyn, sheesh! She seduced that Henry guy ( or did she?)  and he was so arrogant he broke away from Rome just so he could marry her..that must have been some V JJ..hahaaaaa (yes I said, v jj)
good for him..:)
Today, the catholic church still has tons of money from them days..for every person they schemed and tortured  they took from..took their gold if any, their lands and all the stuff that goes with that..their women as servants..
So did the king..for sure he did, after all, he had ultimate power over everyone.
Henry sent his beloved fist wife away, she was lucky he didn't have her burned for heresy! She must have been good to him to have maintained her dignity and head for so long.
I do not know why men do such things. Why to this day we still argue over who  is pious and who isn't .it seems that when a person has power, a person will use it..

I remember in my own marriage..( I do not talk to you about it much)..I let that guy rule over me in the same way. i thought that if i loved him enough, he would never mistreat me, he would know that true love is stronger than chat rooms and sex talk on the internet..it is a drug like any other drug. The internet and its power, makes our  bodies spew out adrenalin and other chemicals from our brains to make us feel ecstatic...
Now, the internet is our Ann Boleyn, and chat rooms our mistresses and we really don't care about popes and chamberlains..
I don't..but I do care about the law. I say..stay away from the law, they do not need to talk to you or me as we have nothing to say, nothing to prove to them and everything to prove to ourselves.

We must know ourselves and our true motives..we must always know this. We must not lie to our  own mind in order to convince ourselves the ends justifies the means, it never does..
All those people and their power..they all still died from having babies and lack of knowledge..everyone dies and gold is made in stars for all of us..

 done ranting now:)
have a wonderful day, I am gonna go clean my kitchen and mop with a little lemon and holy basil in order to prepare for all the goodness a commin'
**** mercury goes retrograde soon
pay all your bills so you aren't surprised by more bills..clean up...sort through..be happy and work hard..don't forget the working hard part!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

cucumber aloe soap with roses and thyme

og cuke skins
og aloe juice
og thyme leaves
rose buds
lemon oil
rosemary oil
eucalyptus oil
clove oil
cinnamon oil

og coconut oil
ev oo

sounds good, stand by..the final product will look darker than this photo shows..( this is a photo of a cuke soap I had made last year)

I hope you have a wonderful day where you'll combine art with logic and hard work..think about how you are the divine force with in you and you are traveling through space as such high speed, it blows your mind..don't think about it..it is already done:)

Friday, February 15, 2013

the snake's ways

a good hunter is only as good as her tools and her use of them..
find what you do best, get to know it as automatic and wham!!!
amazing results occur!
I used to say, "I am a cave woman with computers" No more of that, now.
This is just another tool, like a recipe to come to perfection, so are the steps to learning technology and getting what you want.
Getting what you want is not evil..it the tool of our consciousnesses as humans.
Getting up
getting down
getting money and getting fit..
It is all about survival in the end and in 2013's snake year, it is about the recipe, and instinctive pathways to attaining our desires..
The snake is desire, yes..but what happens when you mix the snake with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Scorpio?
Things are quite somber if you ask me. And although sex is there (even our stern Saturn is horny, he just colors it something capricornian), it isn't on the forefront for many people..Scorpio has certainly hadn't been himherself!
The ruling planet of Scorp is Pluto! Now they have to work and do for others, Scorpios do. Capricorns too!
Us Libras will be fine, we'll move and say and be confident in a Libra way..Cancer's brain is expanding and they are busy in their mind, Sag, honey, I do not know what your thinking, and I love you, but you are being so serious, gaull! Gemini, loneliness is but a conversation away..forgiveness is best and dignity will come with real love..
Taurus, this may be a time where you are creating tenure..you are gonna shine in ways you didn't yet know you wanted to shine in:) and they won't be able to stand it without you..you love that:)
Leo, honey, This snake is going to bite you in the ass, if you don't stop wasting time..(Lions love to be served, yes?)
Virgo, trust may be a two way thing..do not think that just because you meditate, that you are closer to god or anyone else is..everyone else is!
Pisces, if there were ever a time to show how slick you are and if you are an Aries with any Pisces, you are in luck.
Aquarius, now that you've been humbled a bit, how does it feel to let all that pretend shit go and be free to make your own conclusions? Good hugh?
I must go, have a great day and remember to hunt well and pay attention, look at them, look into their eyes, honestly and securely in the knowledge that all things are god, and you are he....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Healing Spice Mix

No I did not invent this..I am fortunate to have interesting friends with educations from all over the world!
This one is by Larisa, The Russian Chemist who likes to sew because now she is married to some engineer and lives in China for the next few years with her man..she is very interesting and has many awesome raw ingredients..she also has access to frozen sea buckthorn berries which she mixed in a drink  with this spice paste.
she sent me this recipe:
It gave me me so much energy, I thought I would jump out of my skin! She just keeps pushing this paste so i made a whole batch to eat once a day..one quarter teaspoon..
this is not a vitamin but it is so much more...anti  inflammatory
anti fungal
anti coldness and worry

3 Table spoons black sesame 
1 Table spoon ginger powder
2 Table spoons turmeric
4 Table spoons
 milk thistle Seeds *
3 Table spoons grape seeds powder
5 Table spoons pollen
1 Table spoon Royal jelly (bee’s product) * I used raw organic chestnut blossom and mint honey from Italy..
1 tea spoon clove buds powder *
0.5 tea spoon coriander powder
0.5 tea spoon black pepper powder
1 tea spoon saffron
1 tea spoon anise seeds powder
0.5 tea spoon cinnamon
1 tea spoon cardamom powder
1 tea spoon white sesame seeds powder (I used tahini)
1 tea spoon coconut shaves ( I used coconut oil)
0.5 tea spoon  ground lemon peel
1.5 vanilla extract
honey up to 800 g

Using blender mix all dry ingredients. Then combine the mixture
with honey. Put in glass jars and store in the refrigerator.
Take 1 tea spoon twice a day before breakfast and before dinner.
If you would like to repeat the course have 10 days break
and then you can prepare the same mixture again.

anastasia's room and body sprays

I sell more room sprays than ever before these days.
Maybe it is because people want fresh smells without having to plug in a device or light a candle of take a bath for that matter..
To take a bath, one must clean the tub, and that takes at least twenty minutes.
Even my sons who are in their own space way back there in back of the house, will come and say, "uh, mom, we're out of room freshener and one of our female friends said our room smells like goats."
Well, what do you expect, what with three big lads in a smallish space and then you add their friends..goats..
fermones smell very animalistic and right now, (spring) in nature, animals breed..males smell a little more as to attract females..yesh yesh..nothing more than animals, we are:)
For the boys I make a lemon lime concoction..
for me, I love citrus and I love patchouli..as in
AGAPIMENI ROOM AND BODY SPRAY, which seems to be everyone's favorite..


I am so looking forward to making more sprays this year! I like citrus that is for sure, but why not a little clove and jasmine..spicy, hot, intense..
also by popular demand, I'll make a thieves blend..
you  know;

cinnamon bark

In grape alcohol and not by Young Living..
by me, anastasia..
What? Does young living  think they invented essential oils? humph!!
 Europeans began producing essential oils in the 12th century! This blend is basically named thieves because of the 4 dudes that would steel goods from dead people who died from the plague..they were finally caught and not hanged after they divulged their secret as to why they weren't infected. They rubbed themselves with cinnamon, oregano and clove...

have a wonderful day..I am gonna go scheme some more about essential oils and good soap..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jungle Life 2

it was by now 2005 or something..not that it really mattered what year it was. When you live in the jungle, time is changed. Changed to reflect the sun's patterns there..sunrise by 5ish, sundown 5ish..
There are 6 months of glorious weather in the mountains where I lived. So many trees and vines..the vines will grow right in on you in weeks and it is creepy at first..that is when you learn to use the big knife, the machete..a sword really..
you are like wtf? Where did all these vines come from?
There was some sort of device the electric hippie put under the porch so it would sent to the university messages about the seismic activity with earth quakes and volcanoes..very cool..
The university came once to check it and they were polite and left.
By then my Spanish was passable.. Once I was to entertain an Indian (rich) guy, some sort of investor in the property..
He was nice but he told me to go home..
He takes my hand and looks me in the eyes and he he says to me, you have had a big event has separated you and torn you apart, I see the gap."
I was like yea, I know, what am I doing standing at a dirty beach town bus stop in the middle of nowhere?
  I do not drink or party at the bar, I do not sleep with strangers in the middle of nowhere and I do not sniff cocaine ( you can always tell the sniffers)

La Mona En Seda
monkey house to me and my family

I would go teach English in town (3 km) twice maybe three times a week..the rest of the time I would stay on the hill and water the flowers and make tortillas outside. I would love to roll dough in a shady spot and just cook it on a open fire..after three years living in Tilaran, we had adapted to Costa Rican life..put the beans on in the morn, make some rice, chop a cabbage with cilantro and lemon, make a dough to fry up later, and go work your area. there were hibiscus fences in beautiful  shades from yellow to red and purple..
the ylang ylang trees glowed their scent at night..sweet and heavenly..right before nightfall, the dragon fly came. it was incredible to see so many chomping on mosquitoes .they gobble them up..still, you'll want to hunker in for the night by 8..it gets buggy no matter what by then. the netting around beds in the tropics is there for a reason. by morning you might see some pretty big fellows resting on the outside of your mesh..mostly big moths, but still!
4:30 am the monkeys come..they had been so used to being fed, they banged on the big door in the back..
I got in to the rhythm of the monkeys..i gave them bananas and they ate and watched me work through the trees...they loved dough..on a few occasions they took my dough right out of my kitchen window!
 I knew I should have closed the window when I walked out of there..but they are quick as lightening!
In what Costa Ricans consider  winter, the rains came. You really do not want to be out too much when it is pouring rain..same as in winter here in Michigan, I suppose. The weather forces you in..driving is dangerous..
when it pours rain for days at a time, you are forced to stay in most of the time..
it was like this...
hotness, explosive down pour, rain steady..calm for a 30 minutes stretch  or not..hot, explosive downpour..rain..on on and on with the rain..the books literally disintegrating before your eyes! Once I was caught in the rain while  going to town, my sandal broke and I went to teach English with broken sandals .they thought low of me for that..I was appalled at their shallowness..people with money acted weird there..there is a much wider gap between the wealthy and what they perceive as poor..I was a neither their peasant not was I poor, but they must have thought so based on my broken sandal..
funny how some things just stay with you. I think that before I left CR, my student had regrets for his behavior towards me and my broken sandals..but all I remember about him is his arrogance and I can now see his fear..living well requires big money..developers money..millions really..a private beach is everything to them..having the suv and the pool and your child in private school..he wanted to learn English specifically to lure big investors in his beach front schemes with a couple of other big players..they wanted enough money to desalinize the ocean water so they could build their resorts for the rich..all with gates and guards..once I decided to walk the beach to another class just down a ways but they called to authorities and got me in trouble for trying to walk past a private estate..really?
My stomach hurts for those people..a little bit, it does!

Monday, February 11, 2013

gathering ingredients for the new blackberry sage soap

I do not know if I can do it..years ago, I made a soap which had a bunch of herbs in it and sage..it had been inspired by Republic Of Tea's Blackberry sage tea..
It has been 13 years since I made thing..I have forgotten what I put in there, beside the tea herbs..
yes, sage oil for sure..
some oakmoss
omg, that does sound good and magical.
I think I'll buy some white sage oil and more of that fruit raspberry leaf co2..maybe grind rose petals and then  add rose rose leaf absolute..if I want to!
I want it to be fruity and sweet and yet have that sage come through. I want it to be herbal and for some reason to be black purple in shade. I want to smell the earth, the grass, the flowers there...

I have also bought a whole bunch of rose buds.
rose patchouli soap
rose lemon soap
rosy frankincense soap
chamomile rose soap ( a red chamomile soap!)
and maybe I'll make an amulet to wear..I would like that, I think:)


kale salad

super salad
detox salad
so many salads!
I like kale but not every day
I like the detox salad but not everyday

Detox salad by Karen at work.
This is a gal who will eat guacamole out of the thing with one sprouted tortilla and make you want some...
 I am like give me a hunk of french bread with that, would you Karen ?! Where is the cheese?
I like cheese, and olives and a boiled egg now and again, I am Greek!
I work (on a boat) with very advanced foodies..but in a healthy way..you know, a whole foods type place...
So... Karen makes this interesting salad with like everything in it!

chopped raw or broccoli
chopped cauliflowerr
chopped brusel sprouts
red cabbage
sprouted sunflower seeds or not, they will sprout anyhow in a few hours because of the moisture in the salad
a few chia seeds (why not)
lemon juice
I would add honey, or a bit of coconut oil..
I  like fat, thank you very much! a little bit..

at first I was like, meh..but I had some anyhow because I like food and I am willing to try something new..
not bad
the raisins add sweetness now again with a bite and the broccoli is very pleasant to me..plus I felt good all day from that one plate of food..
maybe you'll try it..eat some organic veg, why wouldn't you!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

the year of the snake

the snake represents a lot of things..fear, lonesomeness, death and power too.

I do believe that this year we will have an opportunity to simplify (yet again) and re group our thoughts.
Hide even, from bad things..hey man, if you are out there protesting or fighting, some bigger thing is going to step on you..that is the law of attraction as much as all the good stuff that the law is composed of..

the snake is all about observing
really taking in the smells, the taste from the air on any situation
be it work or your passion ( what is your passion anyhow)
let the people who exploded into leadership last year have their hurrah..that was the dragon..
the snake is all about knowing what's up..understanding every aspect and leading without words.
Quietly planning, observing  the movements of their prey or the thing which they want most.

I suggest basil, holy basil and chanting to hanuman for monkey vibes..
apparently monkeys (and honey badgers) are but a few animals that handle snakes with ease..I suppose humans do to..
still if you are going to make an amulet, a monkey is your most attractive choice..haha

snakes are also about saving, waiting and being reverent of the forest..reverent of your core values and certainly knowing truth from its base.

monkey man, Hanuman,
give me the glowing reverence of my core
show it to me in all sorts of ways
from knowledge of the divine
and all things which I can control
my kundalini quivering
and winding itself up my spine to my madula oblangta
my pineal gland softening, opening my mind to my infinite  potential lifetimes and chances
I am you, Hanuman, you are me, Hanuman...


2013 year of the snake..slow and steady wins the race...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

you're fine it's my design

Monday morning gentle snow quietude...I am imagining that this will be lush by summer..

lush is what its about. what is coming and what you are creating..right now and  at this moment..

and don't be a pompous ass..be real, do not lie to me, or yourself, I'll know, do not be fake and do not spread bad gossip.get a job, go work it off, your gloom and lazy reviews which continually quell unrealism((;)) in your brain...

Pluto in Capricorn is going to make us all a little more realistic that is for sure and my reality is that I am safe, right now and I am fed and warm right now and I have everything I need right now..
So what is it that drives me to experience fear? An unrealistic number in space somewhere? Well I should think one can harness Pluto to say to themselves, "fuck that!"

It is just a number in space or it is just another fluctuating wave of emotion on a world level, a planet level..
some less evolved choose violence to quench their fears, and hatreds..I mean really, how can you even fathom a god who hates, how?? A god who needs a beggar there praying for more money or a lover? If he loves you so much and made you in his image, then you should be happy and quite content!
right babies?

*unrealism; a thing which you do where you allow some thought to become a wave of pain and emotion to the point of creating more hurtful attributes than what  was the original reason for the situation..
you know letting something fester in your mind..seething festering..((;))

I just watched the first season of Downton Abby! I loved it..love love loved it!!
love you too
thanks for letting me rant i am now gonna go work it off..to music:)

Monday, February 4, 2013

jungle life

the view from the porch of the house in the morning

the house as you walked the long hill up..those are ylang ylang trees in the back part

Has it been 9 years since I met up  with two very eccentric hippies in Costa Rica?
I met Harry and Bertha when I was cooking at hotel Tilawa in Tilaran, CR..
They came and stayed with me for a week. It was a very small hotel, where folks would stay  and enjoy the rain forest  They were buddhist, christian, hindu, everything..he was so full of energy that he made you excited just standing next to him! ( it happens) A rare and drugged up genius, they would say... they would smoke ounces of weed in a day and I heard rumors that they would smoke crack and fight for days...people say things you know, when you are not there to defend yourself...they wanted to save the monkeys, the water (which there never seemed to be enough for everyone), the land, the bananas..
but that was later..
meanwhile I was loving cooking for Jon Paul at Tilawa..I had built up my clients we were making money all day everyday..my menus were stellar! I made fresh rolls every day and would make some fine salads. the likes of which they had never seen, I can tell ya!
So when Harry and Bertha came, I waozed them with my cuisine..naan, curries, freshest avocado sandwiches ever! My sandwiches were my specialty..I would roast peppers and stuff them and bake them with a crusty bready thing..man I could cook in those days!
He freaked out when I roasted a pig..I am cook we cook for everyone..they were vegetarian, so I made everything separately for them..
He wanted some  so bad..all day he  would come down and talk to me and inhale the roasting smells of cumin and pineapples and garlic and mangoes which I roasted the thing with:)
(the pigs feast on green bananas in that region, it changes the meat somehow)
They loved me. They were elegant and she had the biggest rack I had ever seen in real life..I wondered if they were real? Maybe not..who knows..
He finally conceded and ate some pig..he chowed on it..I presented it to him with all the trimmings..my mango relish, the chili relish and of course lots of good beer..he ate and ate and ate and then cried and cried and cried..it was super dramatic and left me with an impression. I liked him very much in a crazy way. Bertha, had a way of taking you in and keeping you for life. Scorpio women will do that with me. Her flair for presentation and love of fine things..was really something..
A year later Jon Paul in a drunken rage, fired me! ( another long one, I'll tell it  one day)
 I moved to the beach to a town called Cobano..pronounced "covah no"..
I am standing at the bus ready to go to cook for some rich Spaniards in a neighboring town and there those two are!
I had forgotten their names..they were delighted to see me..I am like why do all these people here look so rough..is it the red dust and no rain that always seems to make you look so dirty? Yes!
In the rain forest  you deal with the moisture..dampness, mold..at the beach, there is salty sand and red dust and people mist everywhere..when it finally rains, it is such a relief, people start dancing...

They invited me to their place. I didn't go until 6 months later. She made sure to keep me in touch and was always kind to me. I finally took her up on her offer one day. It felt like we were driving to the end of the world. All the twists and turns in the road and it all seemed like uphill..it was..by the time we got up to their place, I could feel the cool air, it was 20 degrees cooler up there! Monkeys looking at me eating and holding their babies while eating..I was enchanted..
they told me I could live here, for free.
All I had to do is never cook meat in the house and always go to town and get bananas for the monkeys..
I am like, "really, ok!"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

pregnant thoughts

bursting with ideas
clean cuts which illuminate brilliantly
precisely showing me what needs done
instinctively knowing the outcome
continually growing
and casting my ideas into my brains mysterious vastness
their voyage so intensely long and each step met with enriched mind heat
and each moment like a universe of time and with it, all its gloriousness

thank you for this day

Saturday, February 2, 2013


light your candle by the fire
stand beside the blaze and
remember that  you are fed by our star
who's blazing life force
gives you energy breath thought
you are
and reverent that each molecule each atom that makes you is only for you:)
may the coming warmth of the sun feed each of your cells till they are charged with so much energy there is an explosion and woa..what did you do, dude? You made something  your seeds have spread to millions of minds and will make contact with millions more:)

Om to success for the coming spring..om shreem om hrim om gleem om
om to glory
om to loving for real
om to honesty 
om to sharing the glory
om to there is enough for all of us
om to earth  3 billion something something,  2013


goldie hawn, stress and her face

she a is a Capricorn btw..
I understand a cappy man much easier than a cappy woman as they are all uniquely different...
goldie goldie goldie

ok, so I am cleaning up my place and sit down to find a movie for later but during the in between time before netflix on my telly, I have to endure a few seconds of cable..it was three in the afternoon, there were the usual tv talk clappy shows..clappy, they all clap all day..
so goldie was on Rachel Ray..
dang man..how much work has she had?
she could barely move her mouth and her hair was like a 20 year old all blond and sexy...
look, i just don't think botox is pretty.
and anytime time you have work done,  it makes you a little more doll like..yes? and that is creepy...

in 100 years (;))
we will not have too much difference between old and young on the street..what happens with the stuff you cannot tuck, because your face is too bloated from sleeping drugs and alcohol? ah yes..you see that among the elite..look at that lohan girl..awe!!

but goldie, she was talking about happiness, my most ever favorite subject. happiness..
that  if you can train your brain to always be happy, you can go through this life, happily.
that is the trick, isn't it? Mind control. We now know we can train our brain with drugs? yes we can feel better with the simplest drugs out there and in most cases we feel better way before they actually get in our system. We know we will so we get on with already doing it..

ah the brain and its sparking neurons. that we can control where our brain sparks is lovely to me...

goldie, i love you honey, but are you  saying that money can solve everything and stress?

I wonder how the Syrian woman feel right about now..if they are stressed because their sons are slaughtered in the street because their men are fucking ass holes afraid of god? can you imagine them sitting there and thanking god for this day?
what about the afgani boys who are dancing boys for men..yea, their mom is pretty zen about that..
happiness is you being calm and changing your mind though.
lets say you want to break it off with someone..for what ever reason...happiness, sadness, the brain scrambling to put into words  reasons for the break??
maybe you need to be also be sad..need, no, will be..will be sad, angry, mad,  goldie!
Now I know that she is talking to young Americans who are stressed. about school, boyfriends, money, having enough time..their fat ass bodies..because their mom just buys everything she sees on the telly..
and she did make total sense! Decide what you want. Do you want a happy home? Do you want to stay with that person? Do what you want and you'll be happy.

Accepting the truth and being detached is the best we can do..or we'll be like those assholes out there who just blow each other up, every time things do not go their way and something changes..
it is gonna change
but mostly they can't master their human sexual nature so they make it so godly and impossible that they themselves need an outlet..so they sneak around on line, or text some woman or man and lie about their ten inch penis and write to some stranger, their dirtiest thoughts by night and by day they act "normal"..or worse they have little boy slaves to dance for them because since they are not women, god says it is ok..
ah the human..how complex and dumb at the same time..

thank you for this day

Friday, February 1, 2013

Libra Moon Aquarius Sun Facial

You will need the following ingredients;

rahssoul clay 1/2 cup
ground quinoa 1/2 cup
ground rose pettals 2 tbspoons
ground st, john's wort 1 teapoon
ground holy basil 1/2 teaspoon
(organic all)
now you can use water to wet this or you can use what I used, organic jojoba (my fav) about 1/4 cup..(mas o menos)
Roman chamomile 20 drops
Rose otto 4 drops
I also because I have them, added jojoba beads to this..you can if you have them..

I have about 4 ounces in stock and will give a little sample ( about enough for a week's worth of everyday scrubber)) to every order in February..I will:)

type one society

Just to get to  be type one society is going to be another what 100 years? Unless of course they all blow each other up and there is nothing left but a few stranglers in the dessert now knowing that god loves them most? And when the rest of us finally show them that this behavior is no longer needed because we are traveling the galaxy and your little piece of god's fucking earth means nothing in the whole scheme of things.
the whole scheme is that this is creation..this is how it works..there is no savior but your own mind.
Michio Kaku

I gotta stop reading the news first thing in the morn!!