Friday, March 30, 2012

the curtains

are going to be purple velvet over the aqua walls at my place. My one oldest boy says it is too much for the eyes but when it all comes together, it will glow a new tone. I will eventually take photos when it is finished but for now it is forming slowly from my mind's eye.
I want to have a feel of blue green water and all the feng shui I can naturally produce.
My new house has smallish bedrooms. That is because all the space has been concentrated in the living area which is basically one huge room with nice windows and a fireplace which I might just put a wood burning stove right in there.
A well lit place indeed, my new place is:) and it is comfy. My whole family (as you know, 7 kids, grandchild, friends of kids and my parents), well, they all love this place. No steps and no carpet. The floor will change big time..but it looks ok for now.
There is also a patio which is closed off with "push out" windows which will now be referred to as, "the solarium".
Tonight we will sleep there. I am so excited and very happy that this will be my final move. Yes, at 53, I am putting down some roots:)~which reminds me, I have to dig some holes for all these trees I bought. They looked so good on the computer..heh! I was hoping TyTy's would have sent one of those cute boys like in their videos to help me with details like digging and holding the grapes for me and stuff...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

do you feel the rushing

Yes, you will have to work right now. It will seem as if your days can't possibly have enough time in them and to make it a little more intense. You will have enough time and energy. Except for that other day when you could hardly keep your eyes open because you had enough for that maybe that was just me.

I am moving tomorrow..I am moving to my new house..oohhooooo:):):)

Ultimate Face Washer
1/2 teaspoon red raspberry seeds ground up
1 cup clay of choice (I used kanwa clay)
5 ml frankincense (wild co2)
1/2 cup quinoa
1/4 cup of red raspberry seed oil

Make a nice rich paste and take a little in your palm. Now add enough water to make a cream and rub it on your face and neck.
It will feel oily, it will. Rinse it well and wait a few seconds before you dry off.
Go ahead and dry off.
Are you still oily?
No, you are not. If you wait a little more, you might be able to add a little serum but, I do not. Perfection? Yes!!
You can always buy some already made at my shop Eleneetha Aromatics.
It is very nice and makes your skin tingle and glow.
I love scrubs, love them!
I love you!
Thank you:)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

batch happiness 2012

I made my last batch of soap at the old house the other day. One of them is Cyprus Lemon Soap:) The other, Blackberry Sage Soap.

80% organic extra virgin coconut oil cold pressed
20% extra virgin olive oil also cold pressed

one ounce lemon
one ounce pink grapefruit
one ounce litsea cubeba
one tea bag of Juniper Ridge White Sage Mint Tea
2 ml sage oil
one ounce blackberry seed oil at the finish
I had to stir this for a couple of hours for some reason or another but I was patient and let it do its thing.
I also should say that I reduced the water by quite a bit so this bar is more condenced and much more firm.
Smells really nice, too!

Coming Soon
By popular demand..
Diatomacious Earth with Black Lava Salt Soap
have a lovely day:)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

dubious ruffian

I am at a new blog, ya'll!

Please come and enjoy some delightful read now and again.
You can still come here..there will still be soap talk and little ideas from eleneetha..
Come to for an extra treat to your day.
A new idea, positive vibes, always love and more love involved..:):):)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

two things

I am a banana and I love you. Not the creepy stalky love, the kind that says, hey, I see you, you are like me, I praise you.
What are we still stuck in an era where we kill each other because of different faces? Like The Ice Man 5000 years ago? The guy is walking up a mountain and some caveman ass shoots him with an arrow!
The guy had a family dude! WTF? he is walking up a mountain maybe trying to get him some food..(this time I know it is him, not himself)) and you guys kill him?
His goatskin coat was well sewn for that time period. He was in his forties when he died. He had an advanced copper axe on him that really impressed me. I love all blades, I do:)
Read about him, Google him if you want right now.
In studying this man, we have now been able to discover that he was most likely hit by an arrow.
One scientist found that with his new high tech camera. A shadow of what looks like an advance arrow head. He had many arrow heads. Gorgeous workmanship.

Fantasy story by me:

It has been one year since all the electrical grids were blown out by that solar flare and still no power. No radio yet and no computers, no banking or gasoline after a bit.
The cities are dirty rat infested disease ridden crap places...
The streets filled with garbage and fires burning everywhere to at least get rid of some of that trash..In the country sides, people are better off.
Zizzy is busy. She is walking around her place to make sure it is safe for the night. It is fenced well and she feels very protected at this moment. Not long ago someone tried to get in, stay a while, she gave her some food and sent her away. She can't nurture everybody.
The fruit trees look good. This year she planted potatoes and soon she will plant corn and wheat at the North East corner.
Her pantry is filled with dried beans and garbanzos, so they have food. Water is another story.
Some of the cities have enough gasoline stored so that by now, some towns are getting a truck full of water every day..there is a meeting point and everyone scrambles to fill every vessel that they can and carry it home. Rainwater is collected by some smart people. It is precious, water is!
She had right away,devised a rain water collector so that all the rain water drains in a container. She is so smart!
The toilets do not flush so she had to build an outhouse. The boys dug it out. There is a way to incinerate human waste, so she has now formulated a plan to build a kiln of some sort..good thing she read "mother earth news" and kept every issue. Good thing she has books to keep her occupied for a while.

She looks inside her earth oven and checks to see if the beans are cooked, they are..yep!

There is always enough soap right now and she doesn't worry about it much. She took all the coconut oil she could get her hands on on the last day of retail. The store was mostly empty anyhow..
She makes a paste out of soap and a bit of silica (fuller's earth) and it is a good way to clean dishes and clothing.
It has been hot, very hot. Good thing she planted all those trees way back when. When was that..2012?
That was years ago..
She stopped at the line of her beloved birch trees and checked on her little stash of fungus (birch polypore fungus)growing at the base. Looks amazing! She will dry that and make a powder.
It is medicine for wounds and all sorts of parasites.
She thanks Divine Mother for all her gifts and perceptions and goes inside.
"Let's Eat!"

Daily Dish soap paste #1

softer type soap, grated 1 cup
1/8 cup water
a bit of baking soda
1 c fullers earth, maybe a little extra
1/2 cup high quality cold pressed oil
make a paste

have a :gud: day and I love you:)

Friday, March 23, 2012

the dreams and the reality

First of all I went down to the last few grains of scrub I had made with og red raspberry seed oil. I am not only going make up free today, I am once again reminded of the perfection around me. My skin glows pink and gold ( am an olive complexion).
Do you know why? Because my amazing friend Tonie, aka Linden Glitter aka Dubious Ruffian(of which I am one), is best at finding good stuff like red raspberry seeds.
She finds amazing people who make amazing things.
As far as skin care goes, let me tell you that I respect her all the way because her and I, we are on the same plane of magnetism, plus she makes me better, as good friends should:)

My current scrub recipe is as follows;

kanwa clay
ground of red raspberry seeds and oil (omg, so nice this oil is)
2 ml frankincense

~Try this combo on your face at 90/10 clay to seed ratio
add enough oil to make a paste
do it
and then go do some yoga, after you wash your face, of course. With this Mars in Virgo retrograde thing going, we must focus on our health and ability to make good choices.
Remember this, that your fears are inside of you or you might be mirroring someone else's fears or both.
Take a step back and do not pay too much attention to others behavior, I know you want to. Only do what you do. Do what you do, not what you've done:)

I trust myself and I am always graceful and kind, right!

I am about to move..dang~ it is close now.
I will take pictures of the new place soon as well..
It has allot of garden space, more than I thought.

Today I will buy my wild flower seeds and various hummingbird attracting flowers. I am so excited about a bit of dirt, I am:)
have a great day..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

thanks for the memories

I am starting to pack up for the big move. It'll be so much more roomy at the new place and well, when one begins a project of this magnitude, one will for dang sure encounter some old memories stored in a clay vessel of some sort.. My sweet gift cards and even the "be grateful sign" that one girl made who I had to run off from here, I thank her too.
Hey man, I am getting me a garden:) A secret garden filled with vines and thorny brambles.
Closed off from the outside by woods and cover for my animal friends. There will be enough berries for everyone!

Four year ago, when I came back from Costa Rica with 50 cents in my pocket and no jacket in Chicago in April, hungry because I ran out of money in Houston, I was so happy to have made the journey. The whole experience back in CR leaving me numb with thoughtful ideas and gratitude for the opportunity and super duper gratitude for a hot shower and a warm bug free bed. My mom asked me if I wanted to shower..the answer was yes:)
I had left Canes, Costa Rica, the week before, on a bus and made the trip all the way through Central America, all the while keeping an eye on my children like a hen with claws..never once leaving their sides and making them hold each other's hands through the long lines at the Fronterras..(borders).
These stops were often met with plenty of street food and delicious sweets but each area with dangers too. Military in some and very seedy stops in others. The food, always delicious as it was prepared by women, women who would steel from you in a heartbeat! I smiled at everyone and spoke in brilliant Spanish, so they liked us.
Of course they did!
A friend who is still back in CR, often said to me, "no, you can't take the children on the bus through central america, they will take your daughters they are so pretty!"
"what do you want me to do, stay here and be dirt poor and do laundry outside without giving my kids a opportunity for education of some sort!!??"
"no..I hate to see you go, here hide this gold coin in your bra and if you need to use it for any emergency, you will.."
I used it to pay for this rental home I am in now as the 1000 down payment and the whole move here...I am thankful to this day to that gorgeous gal!
Happy Spring :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I know I am geek

not a writer so if you think of me as an ass sometimes, well it might be true.
This why I can't read my own posts on some days.
Who cares, I keep being propelled to share my thoughts, something which should be shared.

"hey Freddy, how did you like the soap I left in your glove box for you being so sweet and driving me to ann arbor that one time.."
"oh I hate eucalyptus, so.."

"Really, not even a thank you, seriously Fred?"
"Well I thought about lying to you but.."
I said my gracious but prompt goodbye and I was, needless to say, stupefied for a moment there. It was peppermint you knob! ( the problem here is that people are so stupefied by synthetic perfume they have become toxic and their nose can't smell anything good anymore.)
I'll forgive him, the dummy.
Things he might have said to me were;
"thank you so much Anastasia, that was kind"
Or, "I gave it to my sister for her birthday..."
"thank you"
Seriously dude, who raised you some dumb ass philistine who never showed you how to be grateful?
Fine, I will forgive him and wish him all the best:)
I do not think I relate very well with people who hate peppermint or those who do not know the difference between mint and best friend, bff ha!, she is not always a fan of mint. But she has been known to partake of mint and loves eucalyptus..many people do.
oh, it is all eucalyptus to the them?

Timelord Soap has been cut. It smells like a Timelord..

Monday, March 19, 2012

the shea and the good

The most recent batch of Blood Orange Ylang Ylang Soap is loaded with shea. So much so that it is still a little soft because I add a whole big spoon full at the end. I am talking a big spoon holding a cup or so of material.
Plus I added the Tahitian vanilla I just bought in this soap batch as well.
The final result is a fragrantly pleasant bright bar of soap. In 3 weeks it'll be nice and hard but who can wait. It is ready to use in all its shea-xpansion...right now.

This recipe is composed of Nutiva cold pressed coconut oil (my favorite)
extra virgin fruity olive oil (changes with each batch)
beautiful clean shea butter (sunrose aromatics)

blood orange essential oil
Ylang Ylang Extra
Tahitian vanilla CO2

Other news from my shop is that I am moving to a new lovely workshop habituation.
After walking through my new home and finally deciding what will go where, I am forced to conclude that the garage will be converted into a soap shop with a wood burning stove for heat in winter.
I want it to be a comfy place to work and hang cars allowed:)a couch, two really nice wooden work tables I have collected in my travels. Yesterday, I stopped by an estate sale in west bloomfield and picked up a really nice tablecloth. This woman had rugs for sale at 2000 each..she gave me a sweet little plate because I loved her things so much. I have to be careful with being too greedy at estate sales (you see all this nice stuff) and so I only take a few bucks to those sales. The rugs were exquisite and she had some really nice art. I didn't dare ask the price for the paintings.
The tablecloth that I did buy is linen and super fine. I am happy:)
Things are good.
have a wonderful day and be happy too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the intense violet

How do you like the blazing violet there? Kind of intense like me and you.
If you have anything in Capricorn or Libra or Aries, you are in an intense violet mode.
You can take the high road or the low road.
depends how you are raised and how deeply you communicate with your inner self...
I can tell you this right now, it is not a contest and you will come out a winner.
yes there will be aggravation..that is because maybe you expect too much from others and as a result have misunderstood your own motivations.
Do a good job right now and the rest will be easier.
Pay attention to details and ask the questions that need asked. Say what is on your mind and don't be an ass while having a fine ass cuz you are doing yoga, working out, being happy..
"happiness" the final outcome desired~

Today March 14 of 2012,11 AM EST~ I Anastasia, Crazie Annie, Anne, Ana, Stashe,awesome soapmaking babe who owns her own home am very happy and delighted that it turned out so well in the end.
I am calm and graceful through all processes...

All of my oils have been arriving as well. I love to have so many riches before me.
I have had a hankerin' for an all white shea butter soap.
The kaolin in my stock is super white and fluffy and now all I have to do is choose..
Most likely, the cypress frankincense spruce combo I have coming together in my mind will be reminiscent of underground timelords soap. I keep wanting more underground timelords.
It was a bitchin' soap bar man!
I believe it was the cypress in the blend. We will see what comes of it.
I will attempt a re-creation from the debris of the last one..frankie will be there:)
cyprus, spruce, elemi, wild cedar, a drop vetiver, juniper, a few drops of this and that.
I am so excited so have a work shoppe away from the kids. My new place has the sweetest set up and a half insulated garage which I will fully insulate and make it my soap shop. I have friends who are giving me a stove..omg
I already have my planting list....check out this place...
paw paw, cherry, apple, chestnut,grapes, and a bunch of berries.
( )

Do you know how good chestnuts are for you? OMG..The trees themselves provide protection and bring comfort in you life. Chestnut has the energy of stability and protection from despair..
I have made an extract ((way back in KY, the 90's)) of this material and will want to utilize chestnut infusions in soap again.
Next will be walnut, but I do not know how many nut trees the property can support.

***yesterday, I got to meet the Briggs and Featherbell girls!! They are awesome natural soapmakers who have gone to selling at Whole Foods..that is so nice as they are 100% essential oils based and well made soaps. They love patchouli and we hugged..he he he
I am so happy that we are getting more and more high quality natural soaps in our store..
(so cute!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

best black beans

one package organic black beans
one pig pot
3 New mexico chilies
3 bay leaves
1 spoon full salt
organic oregano 1 tsp
one whole head garlic
one chopped onion
fill with water
add 1/4 cup olive oil (evoo)
smoked pepper blend 1 tsp
bring to a boil
simmer 2 hours
take out garlic and chilies
smash them through a strainer and back into the pot (use the stock of the beans to really get it all back in the soup pot
simmer another two hours

eat with some salad
a fried egg
and a bit of fried cheese ( I use kasheri)

so good!

have a great day:)

merc retro

mars retro in Virgo
saturn retro in Libra

just a few things that need tidying up before you get on with it!
Don't be scared of retrogrades, they are nothing to worry about.
Just do one thing at a time, pay attention and try not to spend all your money..ok you need to buy things, fix the dryer and fix the car and fix the dishwasher..
you will and there is always enough money for that stuff.

Monday, March 12, 2012

mango lassie clafouti

1 package Bobs Red Mill whole grain pancake mix
4 tablespoons coconut oil organic cold pressed
4 free range eggs
1/2 cup vanilla sugar
3 cups or so mango lassie or Keifer
mix well
line your pan with coconut oil
pour the batter in the pan
top with red seedless organic grapes, cherries, plums or any other fruit that you like:)
organic sugar on top of that
organic ceylon cinnamon too
400 F
45 minutes
comes out all sizzling and smelling good
It is almost like a corn bread but sweeter..not overwhelming..I could eat this with anything..a wonderful salad with blue cheese and walnuts..would go nicely:)
eat it

konjac fiber

not the latest of Dr Oz ideas but boy it sure took hold and now people just want to take it and be thin.
It comes in a capsule or loose powder that you can sprinkle on your food. It expands in your belly so that basically you cannot eat as much as your gluttonous mind wants you to.
I tried it the other day and well, it works pretty good to fill you up, but the next day I was in the bathroom for what seemed like hours. Why does every "thin" making supplement make you have "crampy" bathroom time?
Even that pharmaceutical product does the same thing..makes everything a quick evacuation so you do not absorb any nutrients and food doesn't stick on you.
I do not know the name of it but you can go here if want to see what the buzz is about..we are certainly talking "buzz"! I don't think it is good.
Some of the women who rely on these things look like dried out alligators with skin hanging from the HCG diet and and basic dehydration.
I'm scared for them. (not really)
They come in the store looking for fat free lotion and fat free shampoo and soap. I am at first dumbfounded and then realize I am dealing with the hcg diet. This diet omits any fat from the eating regiment. No oils or skin care products with oils. They want fat free lotion because with this diet your skin dries up. God help you if you have dry heat in you home all winter and you are doing the hcg diet. No amount of aloe gel is gonna be enough.
Furthemore, Twinlab Na-PCA is awful and is composed of some synthetic slippery substance which feels like it is moisturizing because it is slick can't be good for you, just look at the formula..seriously? Pegs, in this day and age?
Ingredients: Water, SD alcohol 40, PEG-8, sodium PCA, eucalyptus globules oil, fragrance, borax, polysorbate 20, monolaurin.

One has to choose who one will share one's skin care beliefs with. I get so emotional about religion and skin care on the inside. On the outside I keep my cool. Ok, there was this one time...
What am I, a reformer?
That would take way more energy and anger. Don't get me wrong when it comes to "pink slime",

I am all for Never using it and eating food with this substance, but to actively go on a reform mission would be a little too much. Or would it? I do tell clients about "returns" and how we dump them in a land fill, and some do stop and at least give it a glancing thought..How do you graciously tell a customer to not worry about returning the product, you're thinking that they either want it or they don't? Right? I mean that shampoo was in your bathroom. The bathroom that you use after taking konjac fiber! Dang, how can you take that back and hand it to someone?
(why do you think I bathe as soon as I get home? ha ha..I do not do all the body care returns anymore, but when I did, I wore gloves..I had to)
I wish we could all live simply and enjoy what we purchase. I love everything I buy. I really do, why else would I spend the money?
I once heard shoppers referred to as grazers..huh!
Retail is like this.

If anyone can be best in serving it is Libra!
My Libra inclinations tell me to solve problems by listening and slowly planting seeds in to people's minds..some Libras need to justify themselves and some of have learned to shut up and let others have the glory and while doing so, Libra can become wise and worthy.
Elegant too..
Is Libra doing her make up differently? Come to think of it she never wore it before.
Why not? She certainly has the eyes to pull of dark and piercing..
Her beloved husband at a time told her she looked like a transvestite clown when she wore it that is why.
Maybe she did. He hated her hard toned strong body..that one did.

Aries I still urge you to take a step back and realize who actually loves you because you yourself have been in a social frenzy..I am reminded of the girl in Forrest Gump..Robin something..too much is too much and before you know it, you have gained a few pounds and your face looks bloated..not your face but anyone's face:)
get your skill on and you will flourish

Taurus..I love bulls. So warm so talented..delish! every Taurus man I know makes me fell comfy and warm. You can just relax and they will take care of things. Or will they? Sometimes with Taurus you have to push them a little..Then they get excited, don't they?
Tell a Taurus that he is an excellent artist musician and see him light up..yea?

if you are looking for the superfood way to loose weight, acai is still top notch and nutritious all the way. I love the Genesis Acai and I once drank some Noni when I felt ill, and it sparked up my day. It isn't all pegs, we have really good choices for health and well being today. We are lucky and in a pearly zone of our time here..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

dreaming of peirced penisses

I know! I am shocked myself. I think it means I am getting a cold. Every time I dream of penis I get sick. OMG!
It won't be too bad, I knew yesterday I was getting some sort of respiratory bug coming on. No more high fives at work!! I will decline on the touching of hands.
I will buy some oregano oil today and nip it in the bud and stop freaking about a pierced penis..
I freak myself out sometimes, I do...

I will be making more soap tonight. All is well. Just dreaming weird stuff..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

the internet

why do some of these people go on line a trash everything they see?
All I want to see is Johnny Depp in make up and wonder about how wide is that KK ass in real life. Sometimes it doesn't look great to me. I think it is the angle in which they take the photos..
But, am I going to write something, perhaps my first time in public and it is a snide angry cutting thing? If you don't like someones clothes, how does that make them no account and scum? Really? Who are you the scum police?
I enjoy the tabloids, that is why I like to look at the fashion and the ideas of some of these people. It is fun to see what they look like in a gown or bitchin' boots of some sort.
I am amazed and a little miffed now that I can't even read my daily mail because of the readership being such jerks about Ashton and how is new girl is older "looking" than him.
She seems nice to me. A writer of stories..I mean I do not know the woman but if she takes time to write, she is likely to be introspective on some level. I must quit the daily mail uk! i can't take it. It is too mean.
You become what you think about and who you blend yourself with. They have a saying for it in every language.
"Tell me who you run with and I will tell you who you are"
I wish there were a sweet tabloid that wasn't soaked with dripping would think they would cancel such a thing and not let these type of posts color their image..but honestly for me, it is time to not read the daily mail..
I don't care for constant snidely griping..I want to see all of them and keep going to next photo. Yes, Coco has a huge butt that just jumps at you from the screen..she is so interesting.
Who cares if she has had implants..which I do not think she has..and the look in Ice T's eyes is always like so smugly content, dang, man, that there is fun!
(I think his name is Mr ice tea or something)

I am off today. I will be making stuff later and packing some lovely orders. I might even drive off to ann arbor for paper. You would like the papers. I want to cut all the black ink papers and serve soap in them.
What do you think about the hand made papers with the vellum label? Would you always prefer the printed ones with goddess images and what not?
(the whatnot meaning other images of glorious myths and legends)
We will see what happens.
There will be an upgrade of some sort in 2012~
During the next two years, I would like to have a proper work shop with my earth oven and garden near by.
I have sourced paw paw trees and would like to plant persimmon..for sure pear and apple but also peach plum and two types of cherry.
Cherry is a gorgeous tree all year long (in Spring, the blooms are magnificent) and while tart cherries are wonderful for joint and gout issues, the dark ones are all about anthocyanins and other micro nutrients which are said to be super healing with regards to skin and the immune system.
Now that I know what elderberry looks like we will line the property with as many brambles that I can get my hands on including blueberry and all the raspberries.
I want it to always be enough for the birds and us.

I am so excited:) Did I actually buy an ounce of neroli? It almost feels like the olden days but better!

Neroli Patchouli butter anyone?
Neroli Vanilla?

Dang, I wish I had some Turkish rose right now!

I hope you have a beautiful day:)

Friday, March 9, 2012

enjoy the flares

don't be afraid of them. Well yes, they could wipe out our atmospheres and we would all suffocate..
We're not gonna suffocate!
Everything is fine. I did get a whopping headache yesterday. Could be my emotions though.
We all have something bothering us. Something that must be dealt with and fixed.
When I was married, I called that husband work. Now, it is Anastasia work.
Kids with allergies, periods, house repairs, car stuff, now the dryer is making a huge clanking sound.. constant little stuff that can drive one to yelling or redirecting energy towards other things. People maybe?
Listen, I constantly overestimate the intelligence of humans and it all stems from religion. Just because I love science and astronomy, does not mean I do not believe in God.
Further more, I should point out that it enhances my understanding of God and how really magnificent the whole process is.
Now if only people would stop fighting about what they "believe" in and look at the facts, we would all be better off today!
Who am I , the belief police?
No, I am a soapmaking momma who owns her own home and is never alone...

have a good day:)
love you
love God
love my brain and hands too

Thursday, March 8, 2012

some sort of void moon and the golden plate given to Libra now

I know it seems like allot on your plate, just keep moving ahead and count everything. It is all about counting right now and just as in every perfect recipe, the out come is a gorgeous mouthful of food, or some nice thought or word. Try counting all the great things you say about anyone and skip the criticism..

I am just out of the shower with "Oh Mighty Isis"
She smells of rich vanilla and super intense ylang and she rubs the right way. Like a foamy creamy massage.
As I sit here I am surrounded by a steamy aura of scent. It is interesting how people will respond when I pass. I rarely wear ylang ylang. Vanilla Ylang together is potent, rich and tenacious on you. Next time I will add neroli to this soap. That would be nice a touch of neroli.
I just bout some. Neroli and vanilla are awesome together! I bought a good amount of Tahitian vanilla. I am so excited. I will make a butter with it.
By the way~~
Butter season goes on break for hot months here in the Northern I never ship shea butter products in June July August September.
Wait, it is only March..we are good on creams.
Next I am doing a rose hip cream with shea and cacao butter. I feel like my skin likes a little cream sometimes and to be honest I do not like any sort of store cream on my skin. It feels like a waxy shield that blocks my skins ability to breathe. It is like an invisible papoose all over me!
Most likely my subconscious memory of when my mother would wrap me in a tight mummy like papoose so my legs would go straight.. Macedonian folklore and all that!
They never did, my legs. I am still gorgeous, don't worry:)

The tray of fine gold and dishes of health and well being should be passed to the next guy and then when you turn around someone is handing you another plate of something golden..
maybe we should all take a day and praise praise praise
I am trying it today..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

full moon in Virgo

The Full Moon, the dreams, the fast paced thoughts and happenings!

The freeking ruined parcel, in Australia which arrived at my clients door all ripped apart and disheveled like a dirty whore showing up at a party. The post workers seriously having no mind about being careful and shredding any packing material!
fuqs! Does the word "fragile" mean anything to you?
Guess what? I did not freak out. I did not get emo about a box not being absolutely perfect.
My lovely buyer was perfectly gracious too. Not all flipped out like it was my fault!
How nice for me and her.
She will be sent a nice new box. Did I make any money in my soap business last year?
A little bit. Why? Because when you ship things via post or any other thing, there is always the wonkey factor. Even with much bigger less quaint businesses, there are shipping mishaps. Jars broken, water or oil damage, you name I have seen it. We always take it in stride knowing the vendor will offer credit..not a refund..not ever. I gave refunds, paid more for shipping, sent extra product and want to go a little further as to not upset my customer. Some less lovely clients give stupid -points on etsy ( one dislike~ about etsy)
Hey, your Christmas didn't go right because of your high expectations, not a parcel of soap, k?
That said, one can see I harbor resentment over the negative point not the refund.
( I release and I forgive, I release I forgive..

Money always comes. I have enough all the time. There is nothing to fear, not even a - point..

Hey, you don't like the smell of one of my bars? Right!

No way, oils are beautiful and always smell great, all I do is honor them in delicious dispersing material..and we all know how much I like essential fatty acids. They are right up there with terpenes, anthocyanins:)and green clay!

So I am, from this day forward, making my soap endeavors work for me as well as the customer..
I will continue to make special products and not rush outcomes. that is the important thing. To have a vibe that meshes with goodness and joy. To have a vibe which brings opportunities for success though my hands..
I am always gracious and polite. My work space is clean and tidy. there is only perfection now:)

thank you
rantin' annie

Sunday, March 4, 2012

mercury retro again Mars retro in Virgo!!

three times a year and here comes another one. I think it is good so one can
re organize some thoughts
behaviors and come to terms with physical type mistakes with Mars retro in Virgo.
For example, you may have automatically swindled someone without really meaning to. Give more thought to your values and how you obtain money. It has to hurt none and you must be generous. That is the key to this aspect in my view.
Organize and clean your home too. Throw away your clutter because it will open a new paths, new opportunities in your life.
say, " I am sorry"
" I made a mistake"
"Thank You"

words have power
be respectful
get off the computer
after you read this of course :):):)
gotta go but I am so excited because I made banana soap again today. I used a bunch of vanilla co2 and a super fine ylang ylang, organic.."Pluto Power" as Mystic says..
I have been grinding this stuff for weeks now with raw cacao nibs and ground roasted orange peels, roasted banana peels, and some other secret little helpers to make you happy.
I also found a wee jar of mimosa absolute that Justine Crane gave me a few years ago and threw it in the soap base.
Oh Mighty Isis
You are strength therefore I am strength
You are comfort therefore I am comfortable
You are wealth therefore I am wealthy
Oh Mighty Isis
be my guide through this day..thank you!

(* Isis in this case being the God in me)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

High Winds

caused by the Sun and blasts of magnetic particles hitting our planet. Even from millions of miles away, these forces leave us helpless!
Be safe and watch yourself. This is no time to be careless, go binging on the party life because it can leave you in a chaotic life situation.
Better to stay in and read something nice.
Bless your family and bless your life.

be clear and honest with all you encounter
and change your mind about those who shake your tolerance factors
the ones that sap your energy and make you angry
you are wasting time
think on something stronger
and don't justify every thought to others
they don't get it
your light may attract some vagabonds and gypsies
know what they are and move on
no one enters without an is the way of witchiness:)(I have forgotten that twice!)
if you like that thought build a ray of light around yourself** You cannot nurture everyone, nurture your skills, your creativity, your super awesome abilities!!

read more
talk less
read more
think more

make each thought give its reward... as positive vibes vibrantly sizzling with extreme goodnessand excellence and boons and joy because of boons and excellence...~~~...


Thursday, March 1, 2012


what is temptation but a wish to make a wrong decision?
a course in miracles

witching hour

well, if I can't sleep, I will get up, drink water, make coffee, talk to ya'll and do a yoga pose or two and then meditate a little before work.
Mars in Virgo, so much to do, and little time for foolish endeavors!
That is why I must be diligent, stay focused and be prepared for adrenalin rushes.
That is why I bought some breathable sportswear..seems like hot clothes get me all flustered right now. It is like an orgasm gone bad!
My hot flashes are about one a day at work upon arrival of the first hour there.
Then as I get used to the pace and feel of the day, I am good.

March 1'st..oohoooo!
Happy Birthday Pisces Mamma, my cousin Lea, Walter and your little one, Kirk, my sweet Jack, and lovely Ben,stellar streak Matt, super amazing Mystic Medusa and whoever else I might encounter that brings me Pisces goodness:)