Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Manaz Mind and Memory


“We are each a savior, each a god.
It is the fear of what this means which binds us to the realm of humankind.”

I choose Manaz today. He did not choose me, I chose.
I like the ideas of humankind and careful divine influence in this life. When you look at it that way, about you and  how your influence reflects on others, then you can really control more "willpower" in to each task.
Manaz is about organization and intellect.

new little rolls on containers with good stuff in them

I bought three colors. a muted green one and sharper green and the a purple one.

I did not screw this one too tight because even though they say "refillable", the roller thingy is really meant to only go in one time and then that is that. Pulling in and out makes it weak and then it spills and gets messy. I mainly wanted to show you how they'll look.

I am thinking about what I should make and fill these with. I am thinking a three way with glorious intentions. 

I  Morning Anointing
II La Bruha
III Divine Invisible

La Bruha for day!
You know what someone said the other day to me? She asked me what I was wearing? I told her that it was a few oils and if it was too strong?
"no, it is beautiful and it reminds me of a dragon's blood blend I used to have"
La Bruha  is strong but something happens through the day and she changes. She becomes powdery and soft. I always in awe when I see and feel how atoms work!

What? Should I make it a set and do all three in a special deal for May Day Festivities?

Have a good one and remember me in a good way because when all this is over and who ever is left back..there are but the memories and words you left behind..glimpses of ideas flowing for people to respond to.
I will always think of you in that best way.
That your morning is gentle to awake and your day is filled with excellent companions and your nights have dreams overflowing with happiness and adventure.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It rained and a bit of the astro myth to ponder on

Spring is so so good and so wet and springtime wondrous!

If you knew how much work went in to this small space, well you would know why I am kind of sore in my everything today. It is the best kind of sore when your abdominals  are tight because you are tight..
Your core strong and not weak from too much crying or too much anger. Just hard clean work in the bright sunshine. My face was even tight from the rays and then it rained in the deep night and woke me. I thought about my cat out there so I got up and let her in. I keep the garage open for her just in case she gets left out..yea, I loves her! Her name is "kitty" or "baby"! I am not calling her "charley"! My kids are wacky sometimes! "Charley! Ha!

We got a whole lot going on and that is why Mystic mentioned about Chiron and Uranus  doing some thangs together. I feel that quick flash of insight has developed over a few months and reached a peak as of last week. I feel like things may or may not simmer down. Maybe more deaths? I do not know the future and all I know is this, that work is the main thing that makes you a good human.

As far as philosophy, I am not the one. I would call myself a smart dedicated witchy good woman who is always seeking reality and truth and not some bullshit lies made to enhance egos and status levels!
I want to be a poet for sure. I love Bod Dylan's words. He can rant all day and say sentences which make me think and ponder on life. I love all my teachers in this life. Thank you!

My springtime poem for this day will be something like this;

hello there my lovies
remember me
I am here thinking of you and what we can do
together in thought
connected by right actions and
love for our kin
forgiveness and open mind always
like feathers or leaves on a mimosa we are feeling the air
its ways and its sharp sandy bites
we protect and gather
we release and open for getting when moist winds nurish us
always full
always overflowing songs and cheers
expecting the best for me and you together
all of us
feeding our mother(earth) good things
she is sick from the poisons of war and greed
 we can heal her
she is breathing in to space right now and seeking to renew
let us breath with her now and always
divine mother oh divine mother..

our divine mother carries us through space
we have been forever before
I love you

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Body Butter Anyone

We want lotion and butter and oils on our skin but when we think about what we want to smell like in springtime, we stop and can't really decide. Is it just me?
I love vanilla in winter but this time of year I want earthy goodness.
Not  always in an oil but a cream. I did enjoy  La Bruha Bath and Body Oil after my bath and now it is gone. I used it like a whore. I think I love that combination and will keep her around. She is here in a cosmic sort of way anyhow.
La Bruha is vetiver and patchouli with a beautiful rose geranium, one drop, yo, frankincense and choya and she is so so good.
It is the vetiver  isn't it?
It is the vetiver than stays and leaves you with something and it is the vetiver that is willing to bend and to receive.
That is what she will become, my new cream body butter..she will be,
 La Bruha Supreme Spring Balm

Here we go
shea butter
a drop or two melted beeswax, organic jojoba (because it goes on smooth and soaks right in), marula oil, organic sesame oil, and my super seed blend with the black seed oil and the raspberry seed oil and the acai oil..
Your skin will breath and each time you listen to your own breath, you'll get a waft of goodness, musky, woody, sweet aroma of you.
The patchouli does not stand out as much as you think, it will only sweeten the earthy nature of this balm.

Please have one, it will come in those back obsidian jars and be something special and not overly priced..
eleneetha aromatics

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vetiver Perfume Spray

I made it for my Virgo boy who loves really good scent.
I hope he likes it. I love vetiver and with a little sandalwood and a drop this and that, it is just the thing to put on.

It is manly, woody, sublime, smokey, earthy, leathery sort of and richly decadent!

The peoples history of the united states by howard zinn no spoilers and not a review

It is a long one and each chapter makes me question and wonder about how slow we actually evolve.
Take the British (The Pilgrims)conquest of the new world to be just that the Romans before that and this and the Romans dressed as soldiers in 1066 and the Romans killing Jesus and his lookalikes in that era and the Romans killing off what they could so our lives now can be what they are.
This book has given me such a precisely clear picture of life and just 300 years ago. It was not that  long in the whole scheme of things.
Anyhow, when you realize how slaves were brought here and how they have always been slaves and that is how in Africa they were able to subdue the slaves because raised from the start to be sold to other Africans  throughout Europe. Slavery in the 1600's in Virginia was way different. When they were finally after about 6 weeks,  arrived, it must of been gross. No all alive of course..dragged here to there new lives crammed and shackled  in an 18 inch tall little metal bunk.  .Yes, for the whole way. Starving because after a few weeks, the slavers would not even go down there for fear of being killed by pissed of hungry big men with muscles. ..kind of like sardines and in hot disgusting conditions..led by Christians. It seems like being noble meant something else to them.. inhumane anyone?
Aso do not tell me that they were not really christians, their names are on a list in some register of was and is today just that.
Slavery in the early days was gruesome and mean and horrid and I do not see how it kept on so long that there is still resentment against blacks in the south and  all over The USA. In the early days (18900's), in Detroit, they would beat the freed black who arrived.
Humans! They hate outsiders! There seems to be some bad patterns, yea?
The way I see it is, if Christianity serves a noble purpose in the dogma of faith, then how could they continue on so long?
 Every other nation had, yes, even the muslims to some degree, they just enslaved their own people instead.
Humanity seems to always want the upper hand..and they use god or in the case of slavery, they kind of do not talk about it.
"slaves love your masters" Paul
They do not have to and you can tell me that Paul used Jesus to spread the word..that love is always  better..I still think He, if he knew Jesus so well, which he didn't, it was 80 later, so, He spread the word and it was good.. Right..did the slave trade people not follow Paul's writing in the letters to the Corinthians or which ever western city that was just fine with it.
Slaveryof Africans  was just  not like Andrew Jackson and many before him (by 1700, there were a million Africans here), they decided to completely destroy the native population because they were too proud to be their slaves and therefore must be destroyed. It was not just him..
They all did it from the get go.  Not that first winter of course, the pilgrims were starving so bad, they ate their dead and only a third of them made it. How did they repay the people who showed them good info about life here? Well, I do not have to say more, unless you read all the fake deals they made to keep the Native Nations always with another empty promise and pact,  more as to push them to leave their lands and go further west.. Read about The Creek Indians who were a huge working society..dead all.
The much..I can't.
Is is truly something to cry about and I am only on chapter 8! lol

But, back to Paul and his awesome power to spread news, yea?
Well, isn't this  the time for all of us, to think about what is best for the future of all, not just your family and no just your gods and your nobility, what is that?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Yarrow Balm

I am brewing up a batch of balms. It is essential for me right now to make something blue. I do not know how to explain it but when I smelled another witch's yarrow balm the other day, it blew me away!
I need one and I want one of my own.
I have a glorious yarrow oil from Eden and some blue cham too. I also have and excellent carrier base of oils in stock. How nice it is, indeed!
Yarrow is so soothing when your nerves are at an edge. Mine have been for a few days because as a Libran, I am always incensed at people's injustice and unfairness.
"no one said life is fair"
Yea, how is it that the people who mostly say that are at the top pf the money chain?
lol and how about that??
Maybe and who care about politics?...
You should care enough to see who is running your money, your town and your is all political and which words you can say and what you can wear and how much you are allowed to earn at your station..I only bring it up because it is about psychic balance in the end.
Accepting and not really worrying about the outer big world.
Yarrow is about protection and doing all the little things..
If you will notice, yarrow is a normal looking plant from far away and then you look closer at all the details, the tiny leaf fronds and the flowers so miniature and perfectly formed  all individually comfortable.
It is like they formed a tight bond but still have enough space between them to be free and roomy where they are. This mean acceptance and allowing for others glory. Don't be a twat and say mean things and if you do, it will not bother our little yarrow who says, be, be beautiful for you, not them, not any of them..they will not see it, they will always will quickly state the truth without the drama some lower types like to invest in.

Yarrow is about not giving a shit?
I had hoped so, because when I got some sort of skin eruption  the other day from too much adrenalin after quietly, giving someone "a what for",  I  put yarrow on it and it went away in an hour..mostly, it still itches me because I ponder on things too long, when yarrow says, leave that be..come with me..we will sing a nice song..we will laugh hard and long, we will worship this full moon, that brings awareness and not gloom, that brings success and not despair, that brings protection from psychic werewolves and a whole lot of freshness in the air!
Om, shanti, shanti, shanti....

Blue Chamomile
Organic beeswax
Organic unfiltered olive oil
Organic super seed oils

cocaine fueled dancing and bad ass singing, yup, it was the eighties

Prince is dead. I thought he looked awfully frail the last time I saw a random video of him with the caine..awe. He died! I am not crying per se, but 57? What now, is Madonna gonna die from drugs too?
I like Prince. I loved many songs of favorite, "kiss"
"I just want your extra time and your...kiss!"

It is all about the extra time you are willing to invest in someone.
I hope he did not die alone is always nice to have people who care about you and spend time with you.
I feel like drugs make you go away though...they make you hide and make you not do creative things anymore..because everything becomes a chore and your joy in life becomes drama and innuendoes and strife! Or, you think you are reaching nirvana but really you are rotting like the rest of us. The living rot slower obviously.
Fuk, innuendoes and do not raise your voice to me! ha
"I don't want to stop, till I reach the top, baby I'm a star..."

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Customers finding what is meaningful now

They say nice words about me. Even after I rant here and scathe at whatever atrocities  composed by Earthlings!
 Never in the soap I make or my food. It is my grace, if I may  say "my grace".. my babies..never, not on something I love. I tried that and ruined many a batch of beautiful fats and a soap batch with fine oils, this can mean to upwards to 400 dollars hundred each batch..yea..the old whore is special!

Rushing, worrying and loud accusations can ruin a batch of soap faster than I can say, "I am coming after you!" I will too! I raised too many teenagers to fall for the cutting business and all that ..It is like we get depression for too long!  If I am too lenient as to be afraid to tell my kids how things must be and they have so much time to indulge in this depressive train of thoughts..dude,no! Too much time mulling over that one..hmmm, I wonder which parent they got that from?

"You will not loose your grace!"
"You will find what you love and do it well!"
"You will change what does not work for you now!"
"You will work!"

I  sometimes get scared about what is going to be said on etsy about me. I then, remember, I am doing my best and how bad can it be? I lost something, or sent the wrong thing or one time, everything leaked because of the jars being cheap. Man, you learn! I still have those plastic purple things!
I got new jars. They are expensive and last a lifetime. You can wash them and boil them and no parts come loose to spoil your intentions. They are at best 10 dollars each and at worst 18! Life babies, it is all about wealth out there and some preciousness that do actually deserve it. Like of course, you are willing to pay good money for a fine frankincense! I have one that I just wear a dab or two and nothing else.
You keep some things always a secret and never let out your promises to yourself.          
Some things must be a gift to yourself. That is the real power of the goddess!

What do you find precious?

I could make a list but that would be boring. I know, I do it all day, really. What do I find precious today? I find my Bolivian coffee to be delicious! I hear birds singing!
Yesterday was good though! Sunny, and very much comfort. Open windows, fresh air, no cold at all, yes! None of my seedlings died and everyone made it through the cold spell we had for a month of bitter fking coldness..:))
I had heaters going and covered everything at night with a plastic and then comforters. Ha!
More babies! The thing with plants is that they want to live and be happy! Most of them do, and some do not make it. Everything turns to space dust!
 Everything is everything! All life is like this!
I planted many seeds. I will not list them because they do not like to be talked about specifically. They are shy and worry about who knows them. I feel that and so it goes.:)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mystic Medusa says Lilith is in Scorpio oh yes oh yes she is

Now, I  have said this before, but, astrology is weird to me! How, why does it work? I need real answers, man!  Is it a hormone that spews out of our brain to make this connection? Then as a group it creates an unseen energy which we make strong with said energy?
I am sure that is what it is and there is not a real demon witch with powers beyond our understanding and control somewhere sitting on my imaginary Neptune and Jupiter and Mercury in the tenth!
Yea, so Lilith huh?
I see it in a way. My life in the public changing. Obviously, Lilith has shown me in a flash of insight how she dwells in us as women. I get too chummy and then challenges regarding boundaries for sure for me...
Look, all I am saying , is yes, you are brilliant, but, these pedestals exhaust me!
Do not let people change the truth and make you in a to a scape goat.That goes for all of us and of course my little Scorpio stellium in the fun!
Lilith was banned like that, and guess what she said, "fuk off, you putas, you all suck!" That is what happened in the stories anyhow. All lies with hints of the truth mixed in. The reason she has power is because she keeps her cool and is able to walk away after asking too many questions for the men to handle. Lilith..
She will fuk your guts out but you know that is never what love is, love is loyal power to make a bigger power that lasts and that means giving up something of yourself  not dissolving your power by wretched innuendoes to make yourself look better than you already do. Borring!
This also goes for all of us.
Lilith in Scorpio can bring many things to the top. Now it is our task to skim the pain away.

I wonder what she did out there alone all those years? There were stories that she would steal your babies, but you know they lied about it. It was enough for herself to survive let alone steal babies and eat them! She ate roots and berries out there and it made her stronger.
She was banned because they did not like her ways and she was too independent. She loved sex on top and that was too much for the men who all fuked her...that one way.

More great ideas on astrology and thangs...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

water and what is it really

There is such a thing as "heavy water" because along with the one hydrogen and two oxygen molecules, it has a third, deuterium..yea and it exists all over the place in space!
Also, and I know I say things over and over, but this means that we are older and came with that water to seed this planet. That is how creation works. We did not just flash in to existence. Creation has all the time in the ..all the time!
Maybe there is a god, your god, maybe there isn't anything like you made up in your mind but it is all flashes of memories locked away in the cells which need all the water  to survive and each one carries traces of said memories..that is how we make up gods and saints have magical powers..they came before us and we came after..our cells may remember more that you think and therefore being psychic, or telepathic is real because of logical reasons and not magic.
Not to say that magic is not is sort of.
Take for example, the other day,..I arrived to work and a witchy co worker approached me and told me she was sick all day. I know why she was sick and I did not say a word but peered in to her eyes and I said nothing but I listened to all her symptoms..head ache, nausea, lack luster frame of mind..the works..
After we settled in to our tasks, next each other and me asking questions about each task..
she said, "oh, I feel great, what did you do, you witch you!"
I thought her well and made sure she forgot her dilemma having to figure out lists and what not..ha ha ha
I has listened to her symptoms, and then, dismissed them, without saying a word.
Am I psychic or just smart? I know, not about everything, I am not.
Like I did not know about beanie babies and they made fun of me for it at work..
"what, were you in a cave or something?'
"I was in the jungle reading books and making flat bread putas , beanie babies!"
ha hahahah oh oh ohhh
No, I was not raised on technology and having common toys. My mother when I was a child made me learn things like sewing and making bread. In the jungle I learned about making bread in the the heat, yeast goes nuts!
But back to water and what are we? All I know, is it is older and was around before  nothing!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Last Day On Earth TWD The Walking Dead Review of Season Finale Season 6-16

I have said this before and I will say it again.
"fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"
Okay, maybe I am not a fool..but dang, I felt all bereft at the end of this finale. If you are gonna kill Glen, which you will kill him, do it now and tell it! Sheesh!

When they reached Terminus at the end of season 4, there was a big cliffhanger, but we had satisfaction. Rick was still secure in his bravery.  He was almost dead and if not for Carol, she blew up that thing, They would have  been dead.
I hope that they do not redo that one again. Like Carol and Morgan coming over there and saving everyone and Negan running away. And Then they will bury the person smashed by the bat and it will be a war to remember with Negan and the other survivors in the area. Or not.
The other way it can go is , Negan leaves them all there to grieve and cry and makes sure they are good and learned and so, the war still begins.
I am excited. Sort of. The luster and anxiety has waned. I want to see Rick get it together! What the fuk was he thinkng getting involved with Jessie when she is married? I wish the writers would stay consistent. he is noble, or he is not. I realize it is a bad time on Earth and everyone needs to change, they do, they have to. Killing people in their sleep, is low low low..Jesus maybe lied or he was a dumb ass too.
How did they not study things before they jumped in to killing people in their sleep?
No wonder Carol lost it. yes, it is too much. You do it and see if you might all of a sudden break down. You would and I would .

I hope you have seen this episode  by now and that way I do not have to rehash what happened and tell the whole story. I mostly want to talk about how great of an actor Andrew Lincoln is and how bored I am anytime Carl and Enid speak. He is dull to me, Carl is, and I feel like he is bored as hell acting as Carl or he plays too many video games in real life and he is actually boring. I don't want to talk about Carl.

One thing the writers need to do is get Rick's mojo back. If he had one before, it is breaking down and he needs one now. How they will manage that is beyond me, but it needs done.
I know there was no really good way to deal with Negan. He is bad, a killer, ruthless and big.
Big things fall. I am excited about that.

I will leave this review for now. I will think more on it and perhaps say a few more thoughts..maybe this is all I need to say.

kindness and saturn and all sorts of settlin in

I have many chores today because I like a clean floor:)
I wanted to say, "hello" anyhow though.
Did you know I think of you often?
Have you seen me in your thoughts at a per chance moment?
Good, because I like it that way.
I like it when you come to me and adore my goodies.
I made them with pure intentions every time because when something is well thought out, only the best things can it bring.

Think about what you love right now so you can know. So you can grab those thoughts and keep molding them and working on them and tweaking what needs fixed.
Yes, things break..they do.
You fix, you adjust and when something does not sit well with you, you then make a intended choice to repair or leave it be.

I am never leaving you be. I will bother and praise and tweak and remind you of how much I want the wonderful happiness for you. You are mine as I am a child of this amazing Universe, what ever that are mine and I am yours..

Should I start singing right now?


Monday, April 11, 2016

a new lemony special

I was thinking it is time for a special deal at my shop.
I was thinking a lemony one because it is refreshing, clarifying and we all know that citrus makes us all very happy!
I do not have time to make labels this morning but what do you think about a lemony body butter with vanilla? A lemony spray with just enough sweet to makes us smile each time we spray?
And, of course, the lemony soap I made?
lemon ice soap

I will make it so it is not too 25 for the whole kit..
stand by for photos later today...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

my number one diary

It is this. Saying words to make ideas. It is my favorite thing in life.
I love essential oils as much as I love to think of new ways to say my scent ideas. It is because I am a witch of a haughty Libra nature and I am a powerful force to be reckoned with and I can see things you might have missed?
Maybe. I can, maybe, and mayhap!
I love my wonderful ideas, I have to say. I also feel the people that I love. I feel them, I see their faces and I love them. It hurts me a little when they are suffering. I am always the observer to chaos..ha ha
You think I am gonna cause chaos?
Well yea, I have been a catalyst I suppose. Not today! I am a helper and friend to all.

Aries folk are on fire and they could be happy right now if they let go.  You do not have to suffer just because of the penis, ladies. Let yourself really be alone if you can and be free from depending on other to fulfill you. They cannot and the more you want that, the more they might draw away..
It is like not give all your love away to swine who can never nurture but only peck away at until you are left bereft.
The people that need love the most are maybe the ass holes who do not deserve it, I know, it freaks you out if you think too much about it.

The Mars and with The Sun and Saturn is significant.
I love the Aries person, the surround me so I had better. They can be overbearing and yet create the most beautiful art and they are swift to learn, like all goats. I feel like I can rely on the Aries to do the right thing.
Now, this can go across the board for all of us with all this big energy, We have a chance to do the right thing by someone and rely on loyalty and a little charm.. I meant hot fire, anger and hurt feelings. Why anger and angst and not charm? Because the fuk, Saturn wants to play! Guess what, he sucks! He wants to ruin your game and talk about discipline and lists. Tyrant, anyone much??
Saturn is a downer but how one can over come this, is by, well, letting it out once and for all and then forgetting the thing you cannot ever win by and rethink your life. This the time to change, you will no matter what, so might as well do it now. Saturn is actually in Sagittarius right now and that makes a nice trine to Sun energy.  I was wrong about Mars..or was I right? Aggression from some? Too bad, do not let people scare you! They yell and carry on but it means nothing. Some just pull away even more when Saturn is involved. I kind of do and I also notice that time restraints become more pronounced in my day. Saturn! Can't I just have a nice long shower?

Yes, cold feelings and cold weather, lol,  in the North here where there is ice and rain right now. Like an ice blizzard, I say!
I have seen it before which means I am aging..:)
I hope you are getting all you can from your day because tomorrow comes fast my lovies..and don't give me this, "my back hurts" (saturn) it. Stretch now and yawn a little and try to be free from restraints of social bindings. Be what you IS all good. Really, we are good. And I will stop babbling!

Soon I should talk about my review of TWD, season six..I am still mulling it over..soon I will say thangs about Rick and Mayyyy.

hello for coolness in the north

It is cold here and all my seedlings outside have needed tending. I have had to put the heater and down blankets over them at night because I do not want them to die.
I have so many seeds and they are mostly organic. We will see what happens.
Lots of peppers that I like this time. Sweet ones, and super hot ones. I love all sorts of peppers in salad and roasted with cheese...mmmmm
Chilies provide many many healthful benefits to great health and immunity. They are high in all sorts of good helpers like vitamin c and of course, the hot stuff, capsaicin..spell that..

Do not think that I am laying around, I am not and that is why I can't sit down and write my poetic verses as much for a minute..
oh, wait..I have one..

It is an ode to Mars in Aries..along with Saturn and our Sun in Aries..enough of them so I  looked to see why a couple of women got in my face last week. Putas! LOL

Oh, I've ejoyed your hot visit, you faking rough ass puta
but now I must go
Because I don't like you thinking you can say wretched words to me and not leave a mark
You maybe don't know that I have Mercury in Scorpio and I am at times bereft (now)at your uncivilized demeanor and manipulative tactics. I can see something and it shakes me up a little until I see that it is not me at all..oh, is hot, fire and is you!

Words and behaviors...., bitches, fuking cunts, ya putas of low whoreness..(LOL)

You leave a mark and I cry but you just do not seem to mind. It brings you cheap joy, you won!
It has made you weak in my eyes but you might think that it is strength..ha!
Again, I say,  you like to put yourself in that high slot like you've had enough. Look up, it is a long way.
You haven't, you know that..
You will yell and carry on at someone else later and wonder why you are so lonely and fat and ugly for sure..why else would you consume so many laxatives to detox yourself, never once thinking about the reality of what it takes to keep the goodness. It takes love and caring and not being a cunt..smiling and singing and not being a cunt..reading books and thinking and well, a clean kitchen makes me happy, I don't know about you..

Did I say, "cunt" too much?
Think of it in the British sense, not the Puritan sense.:=)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Calming Cooling Cleansing and with Neem

I am pretty happy right now in my work. I have been thinking I want to put turmeric in soap, not too much, for a long time now. I wanted to use neem oil with it because my mind got stuck there. I feel like everyone is breaking out around me? Or, is it because I am always looking in some way to make tee tree oil at the least, a little bit enjoyable? It is all anyone can ask. :)

So, thank you to a wonderful day of soapmaking, I did make this delicious treat-ment for the face and other body parts that may want to enjoy tea tree oil.
I mixed this with spearmint, organic, usa, delightful and bright because spearmint and tea tree rocks the house!

You know, it is said that spearmint brings one joy and clear the bad air around anywhere. I like it. Talk about aromatherapy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A cold day in April

It is chilly out there right after a lull and a fake out in March with 55 degree weather and then bammmm, a blast of winter. So, yea, it is chilly. I have been doing well and I am happy as I write this.
I am happy because I love you and I love my life and I love oils so much.
I hope you do too.
I just got my order from Rivendell. I knew there would be a special difference in their oils. There is. Small farm goodness is where it is at. Check it out and thank you, my Blacker Than Black!
Rivendell Aromatics

Let us make things that bring happiness and joy and use words today which make you smile and bring realization and joy to others.

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Rose geranium (Rivendell)

patchouli sultriness

Friday, April 1, 2016

Norse Mythology and a nice story and wunjo

The Heavener Runestone is a large stone located in the Heavener Runestone State Park in Heavener Oklahoma that has runes (ancient Viking letters) carved on it. There are many people who believe the inscriptions on the rock were made by an ancient Norse explorer who incredibly traveled to Oklahoma centuries before Columbus traveled to America. Most experts do not believe the carvings on the stone are that old. If indeed genuine, it would mean the ancient Norse explorers traveled much further into North America than previously believed.

My rune of the day was "Wunjo".

Let us celebrate Wunjo then. There were other runes which became a part of my focus today. 
I chose the Perdo for inspiration because in reality, I am tired and want to stay home and listen to the rain and eat some fine viddles..duty and life's realities await

Wunjo, is like reality. It is like be smart and trade fair. It is about fellowship and attracting like minded fellows to share your time with at work.
wunjo wunjo wunjo
attraction like minds

I do have that so why am I so lazy?
ha ha ha