Monday, July 31, 2017

snake coiled on blossoms

:)one of the best things about working at whole foods is my constant and rewarding access to amazing fats, butters, oils or all  sorts and one such opportunity presented itself and I bought a bunch of Flora Omega from organic sources! (7 Sources Omegas 369)
No, for me, it is not for eating although you can take a spoonful now and again.
I used all of it. 32 ounces of a wonderful mix of glorious fatty acids..
  • Derived from 7 different sources, including algae, flax, evening primrose, pumpkin, sunflower, coconut oil, and sesame
Very nice indeed! For, it is the sesame oil which nourishes in such a comfortable way. Here we have also added, organic red raspberry seeds..finely ground and red and soft until they get wet..then they offer a little bit of a sandy feel..

The snake theme you might be wondering about..

I cook up what my mind throws at me and this time I me and you... be aware of the reasons you strike out. Don't waste energy and work smart. Know you are protected because you are always listening, watching, learning..
You are always serene and dignified..always excellent, 
Protecting your domain is a thing because as you know a nice place to rest your head  with a clean bedding is where it is at! My snake is coiled  and resting on my blossoms :)
I have fed them and they responded by giving me what is big and most grand
beauty beyond what my words can convey..

(by the way, it is not a real snake, it is the energy you create from your core self. It coils itself all the way up or gets stuck way down there where it feels good and drains you of optimism if lingered there too long..)

Sunday, July 30, 2017

soap recipe # 2800

1/2 ounce orange blossom absolute
1 ounce blood orange
1 ounce lemongrass wild
1 ounce bergamot
1 ounce petitgrain sur fluer
4 ounces organic distilled lime oil

manuka honey
organic red raspberry seeds

soap base
organic sunflower seed oil
organic sesame oil
organic pumpkin seed oil
algal  oil
Schizochytrium oil 
flax oil
olive oil
organic coconut oil
organic evening primrose oil

Make soap  as usual and let the goodness flow.
Soooo Good!

Friday, July 28, 2017

soapbitch 17

It is rare that I am home on a Friday morning ever since my new schedule. Waking up  at 4 is different from waking up at 5..very very strange the still of night as I wake a realize my body. I energize each cell as Yogananda taught as he was taught and as I instinctively follow along as I gather my energy enough to roll over and feel each muscle in my hips and lower back.

I then  stretch that and say nice thing unless of course I am plagued by angst of some sort to my ego and my past experiences as I have gathered them as well. I drop all that, I shed all the other peoples pain if only for a second as I make that list in my head about what is next. clean house, clean life, clean products!
This morning I am well and happy and realize once again I cannot live my life for my children and I can only nurture them enough to choose for them selves and yet..all that is bull any given point some human somewhere is in an emergency state. Maybe one of your kin..just saying, it can be draining.
My family?
I live my life exclusively for them and no one else but me and them..I always do make room for myself, don't worry that I am lonely or some weird ass made up shit about is all is the only thing and learning to adapt and adjust. 
My family is what it is and as far as men in my life? If there be a mate who can handle serenity life and no schemes..he'll arrive with his tools and I won't make room for  vagabonds and wife stealers! ha ha ha Bring money.
Look at 58, I want a scientist builder not some lazy ass  drunk guy who complains about everything..everyone and in hate mode..fuk off..and no porn. 

soap bitch 17..fougere

They were all nice for a minute dates..all four of them..:)) see, laughter, it is the best thing!

Remember wig guy? So cute!
Remember when I had an asthma attack after cologne guy?
he was so nice and so smelly...omg
ha  hahaaaaa

I am now going to do some yoga so I do not become a cripple :)
Have a wondrous day of self awareness and kind thoughts for all good people.

soap bitch 17

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I wish I were a soapy kafka but all I am is a soap foam bitch

He wrote a letter to his dad and it was like if you only knew what I went through whilst you were being a dick my whole life..ha ha ha
Ever read Kafka?

I am still on Laurie Garret's "Coming Plague"..oh my though and what an excellently written book on all sorts of modern bugs and bacteria..I am on Lassa fever..
The worst thing about lassa  if you go to the local hospital. 90% death rate and much lower if your don't go.
You see, until a few years ago the hospitals were really sister run missions and they re used the needles without sterilization. You know because god will protect from deadly microbes..not!
Finally and even during Ebola they did not sterilize.  300 a day injecting each person who came for anything. And then they came from Lassa fever and boy boy oh boy..they came with or two and then 50, more 200, 300, re-using the needles..
"sisters sisters sisters!"

As far as me  being a bitch, yea, kind of.
Libras. We do not mince words we mince garlic to perfection, we step up when needed and we do a good job, we are always working and until we are not, then we rest and think and learn and ponder. and if we ponder on you and I   and how we touched our lives, both, our space in time and our pages in our heart's mind, then you know us.
We do strive for balance and making up our mind  may be hard for which oil to use but not really.
There is where we can  allow some of the wretched pain and agony of my humanity transform in to some thing that touches one's soul as they allow themselves to anoint, nurish and soothe each cell of their skin as they cleanse with warm welcoming water....mmmmmm where by I get to bask in  some vibes..what can I say, but, "I love my life!" I love everything and the flowers and what they do and how they speak though each washing,

soap bitch 17

Monday, July 24, 2017

lessons on love

I do not understand how couples can live for years and years together when there are so many ups and downs. They do, and some are perfect. No secrets and no judgments on each others morality.
When you create boundaries right from the start, you allow yourself to have reasons to do what you do. There is a reason to everything. Your reason, not god's or your partner's.
I sure do enjoy the freedom of not answering or expecting others to make me happy.
I have really come far and you know,  it was work and mindfulness and my mom and my dear friends..I have a couple of them.

I mostly see couples struggling when   the  other partner begins by sneaking around..
sneaky purchases...sneaky friendships with same sex comrades who love sneaking around...
sneaky conversations and finally the internet and porn..and oh, the  crying after they get those TV evangelists who get caught smoking crack with a whore in some hotel and then cry and cry..
There are people right now waiting to have sex with you. strangers who you can call and Skype..and your wife  or husband is sleeping in the next room. You do not even have to go to a club  or take a shower..just take your clothes off and take a selfie and then send it to a stranger waiting for your penis or vagina.
 shocked are ya?
It is all true and how do I know? Because I am out there speaking with maybe 200 hundred people a day and ten of them will tell me why they need gaba, kava, and ps 100 which is phophitidil serine and it makes you calm down from the angst of not being  in a true love life. Why they can't sleep and most importantly which product will make them prettier, happier and more content with their lives.??Their comfy money keeps bad people together though.
I am not here to talk about all my customers, I am here because I see how we are changing and  whether I like it or  not I need to review in words.
I also lived it when it was brand spanking (pun) new. I cried tears and tears with every apology.  I escaped with aromatherapy and meditation and while my "true love" was all night not writing and not creating and just having more sex.
Why do men do it?
Why do women on the other  end?
So it is we??

When you hear,

"I am sorry.." more than one time, third time, fourth, .yea..true love...

when you hear "because of you I did this..."

"You made me do it because I was hurt over something you did ten years ago.."

"I will bring up up every time I get caught  order to gas light and support my lie"

"I will cry and cry and say, sorry I have a problem baby"

yes you do

I used to think my man was worthy because of the in betweens that were so spectacular. The in betweens of poetry, literature and philosophy, martial arts..all my best things, you know?
Am I still hurt over my marriage not being the nirvana that I thought we were both practicing? Less and less friends..less and less...

Less and less and my only regret is I put so much money in, so much that was wasted on a no account who lives by manipulation and control mixed with fear and loathing...and all the bibles and Jesus and Gogananda and Lahiri and Shiva and Krishna  and karma and prayer and quotes on all the best things..was not enough, never enough is it?

What is most interesting here is that I am not special. I was shocked as all hell and I was not the only one suffering with this topic. Most women keep this a secret as not to shame the family..
You are worried about shame?
I get it.
It is almost better if they had committed a felony other than what they do and are are becoming..eventually these habits and addictions become dangerous and do become a felony.

I love you.

Open your eyes and see
do not fear the future
you are worthy of so much and it is coming and your body is propelled faster and faster with the way your are shedding all the heavy weight off of your shoulders..
hair flying
fitness and hard work to your goodness..
always smiling you are because peace
true partnership
that is rare and good and should be always so

Sunday, July 23, 2017

friend to all

real convo


him an old dude from the old country (no, not Greece but close enough) Old men are the same from there and  I am counting the produce guy at my store too ..old country mentality..

"anastasia, do you like retarded people?"

me, a little stunned
"we do not use that language any more and besides you are religious talk to god, he made everything and you are supposed to love it because of him, god I mean"

him, "why he do that then?"

" you mean god?, Because he is a jerk, what do you think?"
ha ha
I laughed and he did too for a second

"don't say that!

"why he already knows he is a jerk and will tell you! Read Leviticus!"

Their gods are jerks! Having little to do with our lives and yet  given all the credit. Having little to do with our choices yet given the authority.

Another long week yea? We are fine and dandy my friends and yes, some things hurt us and makes us cry but at the end of the day our behavior  and our words are what memories are for.

be stunning
be kind
be honest
be excellent

do not be a control freak
your last word means nothing
your loud proclamations are are a figment of your angry imagination

be stunning
be kind
be honest
be excellent

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Recipe Notes Lavender Tonka Fougere

I am so excited to offer a fougere' soap each time I make it.
Fougere is a blend of lavender, clary sage, patchouli, oak moss
I know right!
Just those four are perfect but one can really go far with forest fern blends and we should go further anyhow..

here are my players..

Organic lavender oil, Bulgaria and wild French
Super fine aged patchouli oil
oak moss
tonka butter
balsam fir ( just a touch)
clary sage
I will add kaolin to smooth out the texture of the soap bar so that each time you use it, it will be a pleasure!

It will be ready one month before the eclipse..
we are intending
health to all
wealth abundant
clean life
happy home

 Other ideas flourishing in my mind,
Cucumber Lime Soap
Ground cucumber seeds
organic lime oil

Fresh clean scrubby, astringent, refreshing..

Goodness follows me
Wealth adorns me
feeds me
keeps me safe
kindness and peaceful nature is easy for me
I am a friend to all

ya'll we have one month until the solar eclipse on august 21st..okay let us attend

Virgo New Moon
Sun In Virgo

Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius.

oh boy..

Well really, it is good in any event. Whatever you have achieved until now, it what it is.
here is what you do not do.
Stay mad.
Blame others.
Become an ass..

Here is what you do do. Work, decipher and make up your own mind on what is best for your situation and that sometimes means walking away and not  carrying some one's shit. enough guilt and shame too. More work, more doing.

Virgo is about change and becoming useful. Not using people..using your abilities to nurture. It can go both ways with the Virgo notions. I have seen Virgo men do nothing for years. How they can hibernate that long is beyond me. Virgo is the hermit. This can be the wise sage who knows nature and lives as one with nature or it can be a dirty old man in a cave peeing in the corner..yup. (sorry, my village mind never stops)

That said, I am not predicting the future. I can only simply allow my brain to look at patterns when these aspects happen.
Saturn retrograde is one thing and it has to do with higher learning, higher ideas means less violence unless of course you are all wrapped up on that religion which is ridiculous and does nothing good to help humanity.

I feel like enough will be enough one day because as our children have learned more about our universe than we ever could have and they are learning at a faster rate than we ever have..this means higher beings less concerned about sin and more concerned about, fed and healthy..

Do do on the Solar eclipse..
be grateful
be happy
be clean
be cleaner
wash your face
make some good bread
make a dish to feed your kin
expect all the good
say thank you
I love you
I am so sorry..
say it three time a day until then

Have a really good day!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

parenting and other July ideas

There are sales at my shop you should take a look at and there are more ideas lurking for future facials.
Facials are trending for us  because guess what?
You can have all the great perfumes and body creams which I love and then you still need to wash your face and make it perfect and soft.

I got a little extra money and I spent it all on (not all) oils. I bought a whole ounce of white rose absolute. It is going to be good, so good. I know because I have high intuition and I have loved every rose oil ever that I have ever tried and used like ... a whore!
I am very happy!

"this is what I wanted, a white clay that does not have any color, I love it!"
a quote from a mask lover I know.

 (her name will be announced when the oil gets here)

It is simple.. you can make your own two parts clay to one part each ground coconut and ground garbanzo. mix well,  set aside. in small bowl add one tablespoon mask mix and a little olive oil..olive oil only for face washing.
Next mix till creamy adding slowly more olive oil if needed and then add manuka honey and your oils lavender is nice for sure but then you know..white rose absolute!
I am adding rose. Just rose and one drop or ten ..we have an ounce.

I know what you might be thinking about the absolute on your face. one drop baby and it will really disperse the clay nicely and hold the scent together.
As for myself, I like rose and I want it on me and not like a little bit.

This blend should come with a bath oil accompaniment and of course a little nugget of soap. Something that will be dense and horny..oops, I meant a  little thorny. :)
Rose is about love and open heart.
Rose is about tenderness and beauty beyond the heart, it the the penetration of the soul and the sting that goes with that feeling how short lived it may be unless you are like me and drag it along for years and years because they taught you that to do otherwise is evil. You can only be free knowing that it is not. Pull your thorns out right now or they will fester and infect.
I say tenderness because rose needs more care that most plants in your flower beds. The wild ones are great but they can get overrun by weeds and morning glories with their gorgeous flowers can choke and kill many a rose.
Same with people I recon!
Think about the fleeting romances we may encounter that turn out to choke us. This is why roses need tending in gardens. That is why mindfulness is where it's at.

Did I say break ups and fighting from Saturn retrograde? Calm down and chant or sing what ever you like..
Om gum ganapataye
( I sang it to my tomatoes while I watered, they love chants.

It is for breaking obstacles to our growth and that means some things cannot be mended. Break away from your boundaries and become something and not some fuk laying around all day because you are depressed and want to die. Fuk off die if you want to but don't lie around. Who do you think you are Caligula? We all have things to do and you get to lie around being sad and mean because you feel really bad? It happens right? I know it does!
ha ha ha
Not very nice of me to talk about depression..

Look here anastasia
every day I visit and tend and chant here. it is my best thing this summer..summer of love 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Of Love 2017 Mid July Specials

It sure seems lovey so far. I like flowers and comfortable weather. It is hot though and has changed a bit  seemingly drastically this year. I feel it is hotter on my skin and can only take an hour in the garden mid hot hot and I have to go  and do because the cucumbers and squashes and can die just on one afternoon from that hot sun and dry soil. It dries the soil see?
Love garden ..I do post photos Instagram..I love Instagram!
eleneetha aromatics

Yesterday I made some summer of love she wolf with all the wolf madam's gorgeousness notes..

There is kaolin clay, garbanzo flour, manuka honey, coconut flour, all organic right>>then there is 365 extra virgin olive oil..great deal food grade and delicious in a salad..I usually use the oil we are eating at the time so we are sure I am serious about olive oil. I put frankincense, I put loads of dark thick vetiver oil and green as can be and  geranium rose oil and a few drops lavender and course, patchouli.
I feel like the density of the bar if not at times ugly as sin ..sin..we are not born of sin, some dude said that and it stuck because people did not wash themselves after sex or any other hand tricks they had..sin...? Take a bath ass!

With Saturn retrograde you might feel like you still need to work on something. Maybe your life is going nowhere. Go somewhere then but believe you me, everything you need, you already have. You already have me and good soap. What else do you want?
(personally I am obsessed with she sheds.."she shed")


Saturn Retrograde
There are many break ups and people leaving us. It is good to grow and it hurts us. Be very careful of your words and how you treat your loved ones..some might say enough is enough. I prefer way less drama now than I did ten years ago or twenty if I am honest.
I have been through and met many people and when a man says you are crazy and need meds after being caught cheating yet again..and you are crazy? No my are normal. Of course it is not right   to be a cheating abuser and most of us get that more than a lover who cares about what is right..then again, you start talking ortho dox and things get too rigid..and people do and believe what they want.

I just want more dirt for tomatoes and more sandalwood for bath oil and more myrrh for London and palo santo for Alex..yea..sigh and I am sorry your lover did not turn  out the way you wanted.
Focus on what is next. Touch everything and don't be cloudy.
Think about how you can do anything but don't think too long so that you are not doing anything but passing time. Time ticks.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

the human spirit and my view of its potential

Yesterday great things happened. I got to learn my job better because i like money and then I had lessons time with viruses. I had actually read this book twice in costa rica and now I am listening to it. It is a documentary on how some viruses just crop up and what they do so quickly.
As soon as the creature attaches itself to your blood, it is basically over unless you live and then with severe problems.
Any how, if you say that these viruses were made to kill a population of gay people you are wrong friend. Seriously, "they" who ever they are, would not risk their lives and many who had to died because no one had seen this type of organism..such as Ebola or Lassa..there are more..
Malaria is not completely abolished nor is yellow fever and its cousin dengue fever..
I had dengue in the jungle it sucked so bad! It is like your eyes  become so heavy, you feel every nerve in your brain. You sleep you take meds.
By the way it has not been that long since we they discovered how viruses actually work. Science is real and so exciting.

I was thinking though about the human spirit wasn't I?
Well what strikes me most is when they find out one or three of their own start dying, usually  missionaries in a remote village of Africa somewhere, the people they send to study what happened. The really brave ones go there and wrap themselves up and study these killing creatures that are alive and not alive until they are in you. Many died when exposed like those scientists  that did not even wear gloves  when they just got the samples..sheesh!
I myself, do not think there is a dr evil somewhere planting killing creatures in remote caves no has has been in to for maybe thousands of years or more. I mean besides monkeys.

I love learning details about things..and so I observe the human spirit.

Earth herself is so amazing and alien, I wonder why we make up stories?
It is because our human spirit wants to be on top and to be cherished and loved and not dead. Not dead by an alligator at the river and not dead by dangerous means. dangerous men, I mean. dangerous men who shake hands and secretly plot for us to keep what we already have.
Men who rob and cut us and men who yell and pound their fists when they  know they are wrong because they just do not want to say, "I am so sorry."

Let us please focus and come back to what our potential is as women and mothers and lovers even.
Mother wife loving whore bitch dick suker jucy warm smelly of vetiver, spices and amber and all dick sucking should be..
Woman who nutures and grooms her ape and woman who cherishes her daughters and allows her sons a good bye..
"go, be a good man" she may say and not "get the  fuk out of my bathroom you fuk!"
No, she will and might never say that.


Best quote of all time so far...this was regarding a photo of my grandson I had shared on the face book..
Send him to me so that I can see him better. Then bite him and put him up on my shelf 
Bella Neahr Ayers 

Monday, July 3, 2017

It is real as can be and hot and things are summery

I have made a beautiful soap with manuka honey  and extra virgin  avocado oil. It is honey, sunshine and regal poses by the flowers!

I have also created a few  scrubs for the face that you might love with manuka honey and white kaolin clay with a little grit from coconut flour, organic of course.

Scrubber number one, here manuka honey, kaolin, argan, marula and oops :) palo santo and much myrrh in a cleansing base of extra virgin, small farm olive oil with a little sediment.
Southwest Spirit Of The Pheonix..

Scrubber two will have manuka, extra virgin olive oil, kaolin, coconut powder and essential oils of petitgrain and bergamot witch will come with a vial of argan marula oil..nice one! 
Wild Tropical Minx

Scrubber Three...num num num
vetiver, frankincense, geranium rose with a drop lavender one drop:) num num num
She Wolf
this comes with a vial of perfume oil made of the same rich and so nice!

let us attend my friends 
to all the is rich and helps us bend
to our own will of fortune and wealth
born in our own mind's eye
our hearts mind
let us attend to nurturing our selves  
become what we already want what we already have
what we already strive for and as always
touch everything with love and creative fervently rich forces