Monday, May 30, 2016

one more

While religious tolerance is surely better than religious war, tolerance is not without its liabilities. Our fear of provoking religious hatred has rendered us incapable of criticizing ideas that are now patently absurd and increasingly maladaptive.

 Sam Harris

quote of the day

Never cut what you can untie.
Joseph Joubert

Sunday, May 29, 2016

quote of the day

Beautiful sentences pop into my head. Beautiful sentences that aren't always absolutely accurate. Then, I have to choose between the beautiful sentence and being absolutely accurate. It can be a difficult choice. 
Christopher Hitchens

palo santo and dragons blood

There are a few people who love palo santo. They love it. The question for me is, how do I make it so I like it in a soap or perfume oil so I will love it?
I have tried.
I made a roll on oil for my little love in a far away place and I wonder if she will like it.
I put the infused dragons blood and I also put the myrrh. A lot of myrrh. I feel like they belong together like long lost lovers who finally came to their senses and have submitted to their need for each other. I feel like myrrh brings peace and elegance and it is one of my favorite oils of all time.
Palo santo bugs me a bit. Almost as if I  look at  and ponder a lover of a friend and wonder if he will be kind and good to my lovie. I do that!
Palo santo comes from South America and Myrrh from the very hot Middle East yet they are from the same group of tree. Yea.
Remember this, you attract what you are and so anger in another is something that reflects on you and shows what you attract an in your heart and nurish in your mind. There is a notion that your most secret thoughts come out sneakily in your words. I will make my secret thoughts to be of beauty, art, food and wealth, good health to all, wealth to all and self realization to all. It is really the best way as if lovers from long ago came to their senses and found each other at a better place and both willing to do what is right and delicious.

Myrrh is about coming to her senses and being calm. Palo is about bring strength and future evolution of thought patterns.
Everything, everything is a "spell"!

...and she muttered a shanti shanti om,,,,

dragons blood in organic jojoba
palo santo
choya loban


sales and tips on getting them

I am all about making more money. So I will focus on what is real.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

hot hot hot my poem for the memories make them all good now and then will be better

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you can love your self because you know, you do know! You are here, I am here, we are safe and we are fine, we have no fears, our mind is clear, we smell fucking great and the rest is near..what is near you say? What is near is our mind's eye, inside, our conscious mind, our cells, can be driven or pulled it is easy both ways.. the way we communicate with in is what shows on our faces in our eyes through our middle ages..
we are serine and so keen that so many words I could say as this would pale to insinuate what we are.
I do not know that and neither does anyone more than me..and know, I love me and so I love you.

We are special when we feel enlightened. I feel like we are. Aromatherapy makes you think!
It can really show one the way to a path of thoughts, feelings and desperately glorious  raptures of expression.
Everyone wants a rapture!
I hope you get one :) or eight!

Friday, May 27, 2016

quote of the day

what is best in life

making art
living clean
no lies
no expectations
no regrets

okay no regrets it is...

One cannot live in regret mode because it means one is constantly lying to one's self.
It is easy to do especially since the human brain likes to justify does, we do.

I am thinking if you are living a life without strife there is nothing to justify and all goes as it will.
Can we really control outcomes?
To a certain degree, yes. We can choose to do the right thing always so we do not have to remember what we said or did and then have to carry on about how it is bad now!
Every thought leads the way for the very next thing.

What is the right thing?
I do not know for you but I have said this before and I will say it now,
I can see past my own intentions and innuendos. How about  you?
What covers the most ground in your mind?


I was asked the other day about my communication skills and how I handle speaking my mind.
I speak my mind in all matters because I hate fact I have never been one to squash my emotions for too long. I will however hold on to things for a week or two and then move on..

Regrets? What is done is done, it is what it is. Is it strife and disappointments or it is happiness and acceptance in all matters?

 It is everyday stuff, yo.

 Moods tho, they are like vampires.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


So many that it is a lost cause. Humans will evolve as a completely different species in a thousand years with our DNA being so tampered with.
All I am saying is this, "please do not mistake the science from reality!"

The science is sound, it can feed many people.
There is nothing wrong with the science and.."
After that I can't hear anymore.
I can't!

You think it is feeding a whole lot of people..oh it is..they are many who are still starving too. We hate them more, they are called,  Syrians, Africans and Mexicans....starving people my ass!

Wash all your food!

All the seeds are made to be Round Up resistant and then...when they plant them, they spray round up to kill everything else.
Weed killer is an antibiotic and that is how it kills everything else.
That is our dirt we are pouring in to our food and that is GMO.
The science is just a means to an end and that is to sell more Round Up all over the world, which by the way has been killing the sales and by big margins every year! That is Monsanto, clear and simple!

Maybe not for you? I am just over reacting like the hippie witch you think I am?
I am not, because it is something really profound I have come across in my mind throughout all my studies.
The glimpses  of what we are are in the dirt. It is exactly what we, humans are made of.  (yes, the sages had a glimpse of that even in the "beginning")The dirt and the tree have the same components in them as us...we cannot keep putting poison in our seeds and then calling it good just because of the "science".
Please listen..

So..they do something to the seeds (that is the science part)  so that it fights round up which is. glyphosate, which kills bees and birds,  which is an antibiotic and which is poured in the the dirt and then your food grows with that and you get to eat traces of glyphosate each time you take a bite of a papaya or tomato..traces like 1 part per adds up. There is always a return. this is clearly the wrong way to govern a planet and nurture our kind! I say!! (said in a British sort of pompous way:)))
Antibiotics you say?
They are rated by how deadly they are and how hard they can kill your bad bugs inside you. 90% is bugs and not you!
They ruin you inside and it all connects to the already know not to take too much antibiotic because it strips you of everything else that is good just like the dirt your food grows in.
How do you take the evidence for granted just to support a science that is only encased in this killer beast of a burden as if we are all a bunch of chemical zombies going about our lives as if a zombie..

I got to listen to this guy yesterday and really liked his amazing talk on health. I loved it!
It made me think about all of the things that I find precious and what I want for myself and it is not Round Up!
GMO is a failure of civilization! Here come the fungus and mold to take over! Zombies!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The web

The interweb that joins us somehow in a space that cannot be seen and brings all sorts of things to reality we've never pondered on before.
I am in it and you are in it and never the two shall even meet with one another in meat suits.

I read this thing that said to fall in love with someone who can laugh their ass off with you because at 80 with a bad hip and no more sex, that is all that is left.
Hormones rule, they do leave and invisible trail. It is what attracts to you and holds people and things. We should make them last and make them  sultry and make them unforgettable and make them hardy and make them so beautiful as to always attract what is best for you! Now go and fuk like you want to and do not feel the need to proclaim it.:)
I know I will laugh my ass of when I am 80 if I live until then. I might not but I never ponder in the death zone anyhow as my moments are all precious right now and I must always be on guard from hateful fearful twats  and my own bad thoughts! These enemies will never be too close to my awesome "web" of friends and family..
Together, we are here in this together, why make rules about what god wants?? Have no fear and do the right thing always. You are already in the god zone by just, it is all the god zone.
"yea" :):):)

Today is the first day of spring for me. It is comfortable in the morning enough that my plants do not need covering tonight. I will still cover them. The chill in the morning air might be hard on them. :)
I planted so many different chillies and heirloom tomatoes that  salads are gonna be delicious and fresh for months!
"yea" again!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

quote of the day


It is time to make fougere soap  again. I am really excited because it is also time to make the old whore again too. oh yes, the finer of finest old whores.

I love them both so much and this time there will be magic. Why this time more? Because I have some really interesting things up my sleeve as always. Plus to me it is a ritual where I get to lead the way.
It Is always magic gathering ingredients my lovelies and when you have a complex system with patchouli, then you have stuff and thangs that are gonna touch everyone.
That is my intent to really be in touch with many, many people who are high thinking soap loving sweet smelling happy hard working blokes and mistresses!
There are whole lot of boys here with me using fantastic soap.
Things are good!

I will make a gorgeous fougere soap. I have some of the best oils from all over.

The last one had pink lotus. I loved it.
This one will have some deeper oils I must throw in there like the little witch in room on a broom..only instead of "iggetty, ziggetty zaggetty zoom!"
It is chanting or singing, always songs in a language of happiness, love and all the things that make us glad to be here and you know,
because things respond better to music which travels in the same way scent does!
These last few projects around here have been enjoyed with sounds by Fever Ray and Buddhist chants!:))

Fougere with sandalwood and musk..ohhhhh..
please I had to. just a drop to the sandalwood gives it a new thing..a little bit sexy and drawing close for attention.
I put it together a while ago. Every time I wear this sandalwood, people are drawn to me and it is in this soap. I had to, for the spell!
"and she uttered a spell.." (room on a broom)

eleneetha aromatics

Friday, May 20, 2016

quote of the day

“How to Meditate 1. Sit comfortably, with your spine erect, either in a chair or cross-legged on a cushion. 2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and feel the points of contact between your body and the chair or the floor. Notice the sensations associated with sitting—feelings of pressure, warmth, tingling, vibration, etc. 3. Gradually become aware of the process of breathing. Pay attention to wherever you feel the breath most distinctly—either at your nostrils or in the rising and falling of your abdomen. 4. Allow your attention to rest in the mere sensation of breathing. (You don’t have to control your breath. Just let it come and go naturally.) 5. Every time your mind wanders in thought, gently return it to the breath. 6. As you focus on the process of breathing, you will also perceive sounds, bodily sensations, or emotions. Simply observe these phenomena as they appear in consciousness and then return to the breath. 7. The moment you notice that you have been lost in thought, observe the present thought itself as an object of consciousness. Then return your attention to the breath—or to any sounds or sensations arising in the next moment. 8. Continue in this way until you can merely witness all objects of consciousness—sights, sounds, sensations, emotions, even thoughts themselves—as they arise, change, and pass away.” 
― Sam Harris

Thursday, May 19, 2016

quote of the day

“The only angels we need invoke are those of our better nature: reason, honesty, and love. The only demons we must fear are those that lurk inside every human mind: ignorance, hatred, greed, and faith, which is surely the devil's masterpiece.”
― Sam HarrisThe End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason

Palo Santo and other thangs

I added a palo santo dragon's blood thing to my menu and I I will add a ginger lily jasmine too.
I have been thinking about ginger lily a lot. It is for a sweet girl in the north west who loves real things and oils and such.
I am really surrounded by an invisible web of awesome people.

Here goes with my idea..I will infuse dragon's blood for 6 days in a hot water bath and jojoba, I will strain with clean never been used cheese cloth and I will then add my other helpers to this dragon.
Palo santo

It will linger and be quite divine! I want it to liner as a meditative tool and still be good for my skin.

It is on the menu now!

Ginger Lily and Jasmine
Organic jojoba
white ginger lily
jasmine grand
a drop ylang ylang extra
one drop vanilla

Have a good one:)

if you are still spraying round up look

It is about details and I will be excited when Monsanto is dissolved and real earth is taken back to herself  be taken care of not poisoned by cancer!

There loads of article about the evils of Monsanto but no one would pay too much attention because they were under the impression that it must be all pot smoking hippies making claims about round up and cancer and global warming..
(claims made by alcoholic junkies I might add)

Now here it is..famers are getting sick from the chemicals and they are finally doing something.
It is a good thing to get mad when there is wrong doing. It does not mean we are all unhappy but we are all responsible for that happiness.

We are all connected through an invisible web where dark matter is very much a part.
We are together here.

Happiness as you know is very much a choice and depends on who you surround yourself with. Monsanto is a death star, yo!
It is also the number one chemical sold in Pakistan.
True Green
The fuks send me mail all the time! Linked to cancer! Oh yes and sterility!
Should I go on?
Are you the guy that says I caved and had to spray because of my neighborhood watch.
They are still in the dark ages your community, you pay dues to live a clean and healthy life and not some show on your lawn carpet? Yea?
You have babies for goodness sakes..your babies and then you HAD to!

Please stay away from my organic grass that has healthy weeds which if I want to I can eat.
I eat the dandelions, talk about a liver cleanse!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

quote of the day

Almost all our suffering is the product of our thoughts. We spend nearly every moment of our lives lost in thought, and hostage to the character of those thoughts. You can break this spell, but it takes training just like it takes training to defend yourself against a physical assault. Sam Harris

oye scorpio don't ,get mad because I said Hilary and notes on fear the walking dead

I realized I may have dented a few scorpionic feelings with my Hilary remark. Look, it is a blog, If you take everything I say at face value, you must not. Astrology is not a science and mystic things only take you so far like in that  last episode of fear the walking dead..where it seems like they are making a story about some mystic mexican witch who can do things.
What an insult there! Yea every powerful witch woman is a dumb ass like that? Why? Can't they make one witch be amazing and loving? (oh yea, meeeee))
Also I will not apologize like a politician every time I open my mouth..relax, I have scorpio too and I love me just fine, so you can't be all bad. Besides according to new astrology you might be Libra! Nooooo, I do not want to be a Virgo but I do notice my Virgoan ways! I am everything!

Why are all witches on tv evil stupid whores with powers?
You can conjure up anything and you want to rule the world by following some mystic myths that have nothing to do with what is going on? I guess any storyline will do. Evil witch it is!
Borring! FTWD
If you had real actual powers to make actual magic happen like materialize a new bone or grow an arm or fix peoples cancer..would you really do magic at that point to scheme during a major outbreak where everyone is dying so you kill the rest of the living so you  can all go to the rotting dimension?
I hate it sort of. I want to like it. It is just that how many adversities during an apocalypse can you do a story about? Devil and God doing their mystic thang!!!
The characters are so blaze and can't be Rick and Crew, Not ever! Even Rick and Crew can to all that forever! It is already kind of lack luster for me..shhh, I will watch as soon as it comes back, don't worry.
I have watched all the zombie stuff and read many stories about outbreaks and is fun. In real life zombies would not want to eat flesh, they just would  die in a  horrid way in real life like, Ebola or any bad flu like thing emerging out of the jungle because of global it real is it not real? Hey, stop arguing and let's figure it out. It seems real to many researchers and still you have fighting! I would say that it is real enough for us to take notice that we are jerks hurting the dirt that  grows our food! Yea, all of us spraying lawns! Common! I digress!
I even tried to watch some natzi zombie thing, I tried, it was so bad I could not.
Right now I am on a book called, "apocalypse crusade" :)) The premise being that a cancer drug creates an epidemic!  ha haa :) what? No game of thrones? No, boring! To me okay, don't get mad at me for your show!

Witches and Priests
When you look at mysticism and how it works it all comes down to control of the brain through repetition and religion as you know carries it further by making you take oaths that eventually get justified or else to become true.
Ahh humanity!
So, if I did hurt your feelings about Hilary it is kind of good in a way because that means you come here and read me:)))
It is crazy that stuff,  and I wish her all the best. Do you think I actually care if she is president? I will continue to do my best daily and have no far as scorpio goes..look, we all have secrets..that is what keeps our power close by. Also, because the inner mind is a force too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

mr president make america mexico again

That is if Donald Trump becomes president.
Why? He'll either become like Putin where people turn up missing or pretty much be another guy in the white house for 4 years unless some crazy kills him first.
I mean, who would want to be in that job? Two sides hating on each other while at the same time not remembering that all of us, we're minions you and me! We do all the stuff they do not have to.

Okay so, you have Bernie, I love him but I pause on Hilary and only because I know she is a Scorpio and has secrets..I bet too, that they can all  lie about everything and  about each other. Mostly they raise money by speaking! Loads of money okay! Loads of it, while they stand at their podiums chanting drivel!
It is all talk and business as usual!
Look at Saudi Arabia, I mean what the fuk, are they leaders of their union or not? If so, which I think that, yes, how come we never condemn them enough for the outrage of millions of people pouring in to Europe and here if they can so that they can get away from the tyrants who starve them and kill their families?
Well, for one thing, they are starving so they flee the place where there is no food for better lands with better grass. All Animals do that, all living creatures on Earth. I should go and do speaking engagements..except that I am not dishonest enough!
Fake faces with fake ideas and blah blah blah..all day and on the telly too!
In between all that, you have the faces that sell you the latest studies on what will kill you or not kill you, make you prettier and make you smarter and make you thinner and coffee is bad and sugar is cancer..
Hold up! Make America great again, make it like when? The revolution when the settlers of the anglo saxons of england came here and while at the same time breaking free from the king, they tried and succeeded in doing the same thing to who ever lived here before them. remember the native americans? yea, all slaughtered and killed!
Who is the immigrant?
Yes, we are! Even the native american came here from way up there looking for grass and grain!
And if you tell me that wheat is bad and you should go gluten free, please!
Balance and clean food is the key and we are agrarians and latest studies show that grains are important! Only if you are celiac is it when gluten is bad. If you are not, you could be actually hurting yourself by being so extreme! Latest Studies!
john oliver scientific studies

I did not wake up today to rant, I just read a few stories and saw the world through my computer and thought I would share some thoughts with you.

This is one reason why I am reclusive. The world is a phoney place where you have to take oaths in order to be counted for the king, the leader, the guru, the Even in the perfume industry, you have giants who run the gig and all the minions beneath them who look down their "nose" on anyone who is lesser in the scale of leadership.
 Oye! Just shut up with your ozone smell!
:) :) :)
That is why natural perfumers are so slow to be counted. It will change my friends. Because when one works for the best of all, there is a great return!
There is always a return. You cannot behave in such ways and succeed as a nation or a business or relationships. There is always a return.
I think for a long time you can tho. Until you realize what is important!

I must go in my cave right now and mix a few things.

I am working with dalmation sage because my Tonie said..
I love her and I love you, my ladies and blokes who smell so yummy!
Hide somewhere where you do not have to listen to faces talking and read a wonderful story..I am so happy to be here now and say what I want without being judged that I will smile right here right now!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mercury puta or a hot rock?

It moved in the same ark or whatever in front of us in front of the Sun and way intense I guess. (all I can sing about this is, "burning yearning") Mercury makes us stressed and anxious yes, and it is because we might be doing wrong. I think if we are doing wrong, it is a wake up call and one might have just missed a bullet...these are things I always look at with Mercury..
What kind of lessons and proclamations are there made. "learning yearning"
If it was a placebo effect that Mercury was intense..well.. then my brain is really something.
 Our brains! It must be a weirdness and and organism which works like one thing rather like ants but we just do not see it because we're all in it. Like,we always thought god was in the heavens and when we went out there, there was only the heavens and empty space between the big burning rocks close to stars and the rocks having evolved to make life.

Maybe God is in the words you say with each breath containing scent from deep inside you...

Life, it is in the dust and it takes iron..oye!!!
Too much right? Iron can kill us and has to be present for life!

Look at Homeopathy! How can it work? How can one atom make such a big difference? It is a placebo that works! That is how and telepathy plays a part. I think one atom does matter, obviously, look at how we came to be..traveling on a spec of a spec of iron..
Telepathy between animals and humans is not a rarity or something we see as meta physical today. We know that by a look we can disarm a child or love a kitty more. If a tiny piece of dust with iron can carry a whole civilization of creatures in its tiny little structure, then I can see where a tiny little molecule can linger in and make a difference. How? By triggering the brain to respond to an order by you and me.. if only we could do it more.

Trigger your brain to choose the best things.

Make my, your words sweet, my breath to be clean and sweet with flourishing inspiration in mind,
I will my prowess to swing and glide though each task of my day..I am a goddess of earth having ridden on stars and achieved great knowledge and grace...whooosh!!

If you think everyone should be gluten free and wear special underwear however, I will not do it!

Friday, May 13, 2016

49 cardigans

You know my friend Agneshka, right? If you don't, it is okay. She loves shopping and buying nice things. She sent me so many nice cardigans and tops and tee shirts and tank tops..She must wear something one time and then put it away because I am one lucky rich girl right now!

Taurus lady, is there anything you can't do. Is there more grace and poise coming from you? I am struck by that because I always feel like you have given everything there can be and it is so good...I love  you my little Taurus girl, I do!

I have so many nice pieces of clothing as she has very boho chic ways! :)
The wool sweaters, not much for me..I will likely give  them to someone who can tolerate the woolies..I have a thing with tags on my neck too! I will rip those out if it gets bad like during the day and the tag is scratching like a bitch on me!
ha ha haaa

It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Southern Michigan. I must go out there and dig some more. I have to make the lines straight this year because my mom said every thing was crooked last year. I am trying okay! Did I show you so far? I am on the instagram..eleneetha..I always show the photos there.
Join me if you want to!

We will talk soon about the musk oil business..

Thursday, May 12, 2016

frikin me

I am such a fucking geek!
If you go to my etsy  or have gone and found that shipping fees are ridiculous, it is not because I am greedy and want to take more money from you, it is because I overlooked a detail in my shipping profiles. It said optional so I left it alone and that made each item added the same price as the shipping. It adds up if you buy more than one thing.
I am so sorry and if you hadn't noticed, please disregard this note. If so, and you had qualms, please scold me and tell me my mistakes. I am willing to always change even if it hurts and in this case, it does not.

eleneetha aromatics

That said, I will continue with me and my frikin geek ways.
You know I work for a pretty awesome grocery store and sometimes I get to work with a manager who does not realize how awesome I am and may attempt to treat me in an ordinary or common way.
The first or second time! The second time hurt my feelings but do not worry, I have gathered my witch wits and squashed it to where that person cannot touch me ever, not sexually, but with rudeness and common tyrannical means. Yuk!
You know, I have not just fallen off of the turnip truck. I have worked with some wretched people who were raised badly by bad dumb parents. Drugs, parties, bad foods, right wing pretenders of killing while watching telly and secretly doing bad things to where they take it out on others because that is the only way they respond to their dirty hate filled lives..what do I know about their pain?
 I want to get up in the morning and work and do a great job and be awesome! Why would I cheat myself?
I am not the social police by any means but, a Libran I am, and we don't abide unfair ungraceful behavior. I can spot a jerk a mile away..I know the side eye, the smile behind the hate, the fear when they look at me in the eyes, the underestimating gaul of a wimpy uneducated oaf, the sexual attraction of my unique mind..I have seen and experienced all of these events throughout my life.

I love the way my life has gone so far.  How about you?
One big reason my life is so good is that I have really high thinkers in my inner circle. I have supportive and very smart beautiful lovies all over the place. It is enough to make anyone super ecstatic..
I meet so, many sad sad lonely souls who fine some sort of reprieve in my company. That is good and can be draining. I have learned to be sterner..more stern about how much time I am willing to devote to xeni. You know, anyone who you just met that won't leave you alone to work? They think they know you and want to hang out and go places. I always say, " no" :)
I want to come home and mix oils and restaurants and night clubs are time taken away from that sacred art of oils and me..


There is a storm headed over right now so I will bid you a wonderful day and please accept my, "I'm sorry" about etsy!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mercury passes in front of The Sun our mother star

It only happens 12 times every 100 years!
Does it mean it is an omen?
No! Stop with the omens!
Does it mean that astrologically we will experience more emotion, war, overheated arguments?
That is all the time babies. I like to give it a meaning because I think mythology plays in to our psyche as much as our own dreams color what we are, say  and do.

Never the less, I feel like Mercury is  high,lighted by all of us earthlings who have looked up and thought about fate and why karma.
Everything you do stays with you forever. Simple as image of what we've carried along with us so far.
 And, if the great saints and sages of Earth had any glimpse of anything Godly and messages and hints,  it was that.
Call it sin, karma, baggage, lies, dirty phone sex with is all the same thing, generally and each one of us are colored by our regional needs and desires.
You did it, it is done and cannot be undone.
We only move forward or stay stuck all the time in anger, resentment, hurt feeling and all for what?

That is the question..for what did you break that friendship forever? For what did you yell?
I know you are tired and your bones ache for the druggery of work.
Or, is it really druggery?
I guess so, if you are dong it for someone else and they are mean to you and you hate it.
I am a hard worker really. I worked all day yesterday and it was for me.
You have to work. It is the way of survival and readiness for the more challenging task ahead.

It is never as bad a Rick working for Negan, working for another, I hope not.
I happen to just be working for a pretty good collective fellow. He is a fellow all day..there are women but they are kind of all formidable because you never know you true limits until they show you. You need limits because otherwise you get burned. I know my limits in the outside world. Inside, I will always love my family and my mom and pour that love in my food and soap blends and I shall  always love you!
It is called attitude and what does it have to do with Mercury.
I Think very little unless I say, burned out much? You could be!

Today will feel Mercury's path around the Sun and in front of us. The heat, the fire, the diamond in the rough.
And yet, you will see the diamond who refuses to move or grow but stays stuck in the carbon among the ashes..

Maybe all of us do that. refuse to grow because of ideals which have long burned out and now have an opportunity to shed the ashes and become diamonds. Is Mercury going to be sucked up by our star The Sun and engulfed in flames?  Not a billion years maybe and us along with her and Venus..
I am not scared. I am happy to be here right now and know this;
We have become us more than many times over and time which is God...ohhhh is so big...

Allow our life giving star, The Sun, to throw some new waves colored with the remnants of mercury's  journey in our little corner of time..Be sweet and do not carry on about the small stuff begin to fix the big stuff.

Mercury passes in front us in front of our mother star... ideas.....

Saturday, May 7, 2016

This time is the best time

I have been looking back on my life and all my stuff and thangs that I've done and I must say this is the best one. There have been events that make me cringe at my stupidity and naivete, which I still have, by the way.
There is not a bigger geek.
I do not know things in modern is hard keeping up.
I wonder if it is because we are lazy for details when we grow old? I do not know.
It is too much and I am happy in my garden doing what comes without my consent or thought on how. It happens and earth spins, we grow, plants grow and everything breathes.

 Everything breathes! The Earth breathes. There are natural systems in place which happen so that she can prosper and breathe. Do we ever think on that? No enough!
I love her as my mother!
the earth is our mother

Yes, it is Saturday and the day before Mother's Day. I like Mother's Day.  I like this one very much!
I am having a little cookout for my family. I think mom and dad will come and eat with us too. And, I, have a rare Sunday off. Wow! Amazing!
Usually Papou is only about Yia Yia's food and no one else can compare. He loves baguettes as much as me and there will be baguettes and good salad. I am not worried about him.
They are so weird my parents.
Welcome, everyone!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

looking at soaping for the next three or five years

I work retail so basically there are templates of displays we must follow. Loosely. It is encouraged that we are creative and make things flashy so that we can make money. It is all about how you present yourself at first sight that will set the tone of what you deliver. Sometimes it is shampoo on a shelf and other times it is your feet bulging out of mangled flat shoes that you should have never worn because they are bad for you.
Women! Many never care too much about their general health, remember when women put lead on their faces. Yea, it was in the powder they used to whiten their face. It was always better to be as white as can be.
I am glad that one is going away. The white is going away. Every woman is beautiful not just the white ones!
I say, "It is better to have clean natural skin!"
I have always enjoyed good skin because as a girl, I broke out as much as any other girl teen.
That is why everything I do is about the oils and how they nurish. I have never gotten away from that. of course I delve in to perfume and such rarities for a handcrafter. I am not a perfumer and have no interest in isolates or numbered ozone puta things..ketones! Get outa here, and now you are eating loose fat on your belly because some ugly ass face on the telly told you to do it.. Goodness me, it is tiring! Oh, yes, now you are "raw" and only eat "kale" and "kale" chips with soy sauce!
Cut some kale and stir fry it with garlic and live a life and not pretend good health..that is the way of a good human..:) I mean how much dry kale can one person eat and be happy?
Be real and if you tell me one more time to stop eating sugar, I am going to bite your left ear lobe!
I will eat healthy cake and not deny my brain's need for energy. Too many blanket statements on health make me edgy. So get off my ass and stop feeding in to this inflammation myth. I have bones that have endured many years of beatings and fights and hard ass work..all sorts of beatings. I am a fighter, we punch and fight and kick and sometimes for real..not just in the dojo. Man, those days were awesome. I was a good kicker, really good and one time I was in a match with Rhonda and she was kicking my but. She hit me so many time in the face that I grabbed her and wrapped her tight in my arms and told her, "stop hitting me!" I would not let her loose for a few seconds.
Man she could punch!
ha ha haaaaa
Do I want to do that to my customers? No. I just don't, the ones that need the love the most act the worst and I still do not want to crush them. I must be getting too soft.

I want to explore the atoms in real things and yes, distilling is sort of a manipulation of said botanicals, there is a big difference.
It is not wrapped in poison. You see the chemicals that are isolated from the plants in such a way that is not natural. You have high heat, and isolation of certain compounds by more harmful chemicals.

My craft, The craft, any good art.. is complicated because the intending is well thought out and loved through the whole process.

This is a creamy shea butter lavender soap..and that is not all!

I used good things in here that are hidden but will bloom out slowly and delightfully!
I put the linden blossom hydrosol and the sandalwood hydrosol I was hiding in the back of my cooler.
Oh yea, it is stunning to say just the least!
I put the shea butter and rose hip oil and a bunch of neroli and lemon too. You will not detect the lemon at all. It is just a quiet little supporter of fine atoms. I put vanilla co2 infused in organic jojoba and then I said, "on the grass, soaking in the sunshine, may this be a bright refreshing mist which soothes and heals and delights all who come near."

I say things!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

about to make some butter for someone

She came up to me close and said she wants cream and soap, the lemon set. I saved one back for somebody when I took it down from the menu. I thought,  "someone will contact me and want this."
Hey! This intending stuff is really powerful. I am intending more today!  

What is up, are the stars giving you a hard time because time continues to mold you? 
I know, me too. I have had to face the day many a day and sometimes it ain't pretty. You have the stupid drama and it can magnify all of your other dirty secrets. Just saying. Humans can be vile!
This is why if we take anything from astrology and saturn we can say, "we've grown".
We have all been vile, so do not just remember all the putas who hurt you, remember the ones you were a jerk to as well because we can all be jerks..yea?

If I have learned anything in this life, it is that we can change our mind. We can be kind and tolerant of other's differences. It is our best thing if we can master what tomorrow brings by careful organizing and sorting now. "Constant Diligence" anyone??

What does tomorrow bring for you?
You do not have to make a list but with Saturn for example, you might just have to. You'll forget things and maybe forget yourself and some bad thought just festers like a sore on your face. Just saying that there are beauty all around many good things about this moment. The morning, fresh with moist air and fluffy spring plants just take it all in and yea, we are good..we are, do not look for things to argue,  simply be, are, breathing and happier than ever, all true,  right now be what you want to be, not some puppet or show piece on a pedestal. That is what is ever fleeting. What stays is the sweet musk of you..I feel like thoughts make that sweeter or more bitter.