Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raspberry Lemon Rose Soap

Raspeberry Seed oil Soap with ground black raspeberry seeds, blueberry oil, pomagranate oil, lemon and rose oils..omg but it is like cake for lovers!
You will love love love this one.


That was the year that Neptune went into Aquarius. That was the time when you were propelled into the world in a whole whole new and even quirky way. At one point, by 2002, I was wondering why all the freaks and thieves in my life? Why all the cheatin and stealing? Now I know why. It was Neptune in Aquarius. It is time to look back since then and see what we made during this time. What we left behind (hurt it did) what we shed like a dirty whore. Now we have a week left with Neptune in Aquarius and we will be in a new phase. Neptune in Pisces!!
Bring it! Bring me more love, more kindness, new friends who create, old friends who love the earth, who care about their family, who paint pictures with deep messages of hope and creation. Who have no enemies, who use their words to move mountains, who have skills beyond words, who breathe in forgiveness and breathe out confidence.
Who know we are one, who leave judgement and grief behind them, who can release all tears and fears, who accept boons and success.
Go read what Mystichas to say about this transit.

Monday, January 30, 2012

mountain pride

penstemon newberryi
through mountain pride, the soul learns to take a stand in the world and for the world by aligning its own personal identity with forces of goodness and truth.

warrior like spirit which confronts and transforms.

To the power of good and taking pride in our world and its resources.
"If we only bought what we need, the economy would fail" (why we buy)

The other side of that is that all the skin care crap we toss in the trash or take back to the store just so we can try another thing we might like.
All that stuff comes from some really poor person digging up the minerals for that eye shadow or blush.

Someone asked me the other day why I do not go retail with the soap?
Because I do not want to have to refund money or waste products on people who are willing to throw perfectly great, lovingly made to boot skin care and soap, in the trash because it was their intention to take it back anyhow because they simply wanted to try it for a day or so because the tester is gross..it is gross.
Now they can take that 20, 30 dollars and try something else.
Is it a marketing ploy?
yes and no..I mean you want to see nicer products on the shelves, but it is also the responsibility the (me and you) consumer to be accountable for what is purchased.
1/3 of our land fills are skin care and shampoo bottles, half full, rotting in the earth and spreading poison and disease in to our water among the other things we consume through the air like dioxin and radiation.

My customers are high thinkers who want nice fats on their body and not some hydrogenated muck. They want truth and not sweet lie on a cute box. The big guys can afford a few losses in the garbage, and they don't care about the environment, who dug up the mineral, or clay or roots or collected the resin in the desert.. the small guy cares but it hurts him more when he has to refund 200, 300 hundred a month per store for returns.
I say we wager to put skin care in the same category as wine. You are not allowed to return wine anywhere. The FDA won't allow it. But hey, a diva cup, tamanu oil that you swiped your ass with..sure! I am not touching the diva cup, man!! I have seen it brought back though. Who does that? Show some class for goodness sake!
I get so worked up!:):):)

have a good day~going on a road trip today to Rochester, Michigan:)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

been dropping things

dreaming like crazy, always in a crowd and having to account for my children or my family somehow.
I am also loosing various common things just out of the blue..
where are my keys? Oh yea, I put them there because...
Neptune is rumbling some things I would think
That and Pluto doing things behind the scenes which will cause rashes and hair loss if you nurture grief too long!
My children in my dream reflect all my various affairs, like work, my business, each of my children's various issues, my grandson and my brother's kids too.
I am Thia in the family or Tashoula, course Mom!
I have had various names in my life like; Anne, Ana, Anastasia, stashi (6th grade, I was crushed, and now Stashe at my 'worldly" work.
Someone there said, "all the world is a stashe" heh, heh..

Now that Neptune is leaving Aquarius and staying in Pisces a good long time, there is more dreaming. Remember that one who is actively accounting for one's dreams makes for a smarter person. I think it sparks certain aspects of your brain which can hone in on more information.
There will be new ways in which we show our art. Our creations will be grand and showing us what has been brewing in the stellar nursery in our minds.:)
There will be a weeding out of some wrong doers be their addictions of jealousy, greed, and ego trash, the time is now to reckon with your own truth and own up to who you are and not some scared dummy in the corner crying because you didn't get the red lolly pop totally ignoring the violet one which is offered in that other direction you refused to look to because you carried a bag of judgement about looking any other way.
Now turn your head, breathe in willingness to change and grow and breath out forgiveness and release anger. Focus on the task at hand and don't think harsh thoughts and you wont convey them..
ah yes.that energy thing again.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mars Retrograde

line up your little bottles in a row honey! Think, think and don't share all your ideas with muggles! They are sacred and shouldn't be wasted.
You have worked hard and planted seeds since last July (2011) Now you will see what sprouts based on the energy through your hands. People who matter will remember your hard work but if they ask you how does your horn toot, make then hear you! Make it sweet to their ears and not tawdry like you want to. This is no time to loose your cool. You are a warrior ~ stand steady on your feet. Your mind is clear and concise. Your stance is a warrior stance and you are breathing through your nose toes up, heels down honey!
Oh yea..the time is near. It is a subtle vibe. Let your knowledge lead you to success. What ever you have brought to the table is based on years of specialized knowledge only you can insinuate!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

blackberry oil news

I got the oil yesterday. I poured it in a big batch of soap and then individually in a test Blackberry Sage with Persian Lime Infused Olive Oil.
I put some more lemon oil in there and a bunch of Juniper Ridge white sage leaves. There are trace amounts of peppermint leaves but you won't know they are in there. This soap screams lemon! So far it is soft, I used it in the shower this morn. Dang man!! :):)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the known universe



I wonder if anyone reads my posts on this thing. Who reads these silly ( I like silly by the way) self absorbed rants anyhow? I had a counter for a while but like everything else it became an obsession to go see how many people came and read my words so I turned it off.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Kim Falconer has her new moon newsletter and year of the dragon stuff up you should read that.

Neptune is about to go in Pisces, whew!!
I am so glad to be on an exalted angle with Neptune in Pisces. (It isn't that didn't channel Neptune in Aquarius vibes all this time rather wisely. Neptune in my chart is how I utilize my communication gifts in a (I have Neptune in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter and Mercury in my tenth house. Of course I have had to change. I am still learning.
Neptune in Pisces brings common scenes she does..or He, I always think Neptune is female energy:)don't get me wrong when I tell you that Pisces men are gorgeous and refined to me. I like a smart, artistic man, I do!
If you have a Pisces in your life, they will do right by their art or skill, be by your side when need be and be loyal at the same time they scold you..you have a point when they can be scary keen on your dark secrets, their sting being swift and too easy..On the other hand you might get one who loves liquor or too much weed or ciggies..hey why is it we want to escape so badly all day? I have not seen that much from Pisces but Libra men can dwell too long in this dilemma.
What about the Leo guy who is an avid vegetarian and drinks 10 cups of coffee a day? What about the Aquarius who is addicted to weekend shaman workshops?
What I am I wrong?
How about the Gemini who now has a hurt knee and Achilles tendon issue and still thinks he has to run 10 miles a day to keep his body lean looking?
How about you, what is so consuming that you have to do it everyday?

Pluto in Capricorn will certainly make sure old ideas fade away. You can do it the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is when your adrenals get all shaky for days over stupid work/ego crap when you should be meditating or stretching in yoga..which is also the easy way.
There is loss and heartache and people die even. They go in swoops of three too and we're all left here wondering, who's next? Which is why we are so scared. Which is why we should do what we love,make it real nice,smile all day, eat more green food, less carbs, less potatoes, more mushrooms, more kale. (kale has everything you need for a happy body..it is like taking a vitamin..just 1/2 cup a day with lemon juice..eat it)

1/2 cup thoroughly washed and chopped kale
1 lemon
pink salt

you can eat this in a corner in two bites and go about your day. Eat what you love after that. The kale actually scores 100% in ANDI for its concentrated level of nutrients. Great source of fiber at the same time. Your gut must be contracting freely and not lodged up with putrid meat and dead white flour and what ever other crap is still lingering, spreading toxins.
Take a good probiotic.
I love love the Raw one by Garden of Life!

My new manager is a raw vegan for like 25 years and loves to explain the food thing..Did I attract that?
Hey man, I can't help it if I have mental powers:)

soaps coming up on the menu this week

Old Whore
Blackberry Sage with Mugwort

Patchouli Vetiver Shea Butter Cream with a splash of olive/lime infusion
it is a cream for the babe who loves the grounding vibe of vetiver. the boons, the boons!

have a good day

Friday, January 20, 2012

blackberry seed oil

I am so excited, so excited. I bought a good amount of blackberry super seed oil. Cold pressed!
I will now gather the rest of my ingredients for the Blackberry Sage Soap I plan to make.
I will need white sage oil, blackberry seed oil,Blueberry seed oil, finely ground mugwort herb, rose geranium, jasmine, a splash lemon and ground wormwood. I do not rightly know the outcome of this, all I know is that I am intending something super powerful and cleansing. Something which brings shakti vibes overflowing with boons and creativity!
Blackberry seed oil is a rich source of polyunsaturated fats including omega 3 fatty acids
and both tocopherols and tocotrienols with antioxidant activities. Tocopherols are
primarily gamma tocopherol and alpha tocopherol which contribute to the superior free
radical scavenging and lipid support.
Basically it means that this oil heals and protects your skin. Blueberry seed oil goes further to be able to break up fats and both these super seed oils provide lutin and zeaxanthin which are super powerful micro nutrients.I know that one should eat these oils but I like them on my skin. I do!
I think I will make a serum to go with.
I am excited to see how it works out.

Meanwhile, I went to Ann Arbor today to buy papers (for soap, not for rolling):) and ran in to some amazing olive oils! One with was pressed with super gorgeous Persian limes! At the same time and not just some lemon oil added. There is nothing like feeling the vibe of something that was made just for you to savor! I felt that, I really did. I had to buy a bottle so full of life and energy it is! I will offer a really nice scrub to go with that. Perhaps a Salt Scrub made with this amazing oil will do us all some good now that we are exercising and everything. Now that we can shed our worries and realize we have it all.
The olive oil is from Fustini's Olive Oil and Vinegars! OMG!! I sampled a coconut balsamic vinegar which blew my mind! I wanted to take that home to my pad and drink it and then use some in a bath! Next time I will have to!

Happy New Moon :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Moon is Dark in Sag

I think it is ok. It seems a little calm before a storm.
Boy I am glad I din't freak out about anything this time. And by this time I mean the last year or should I say 3?
Haven't we just been through something? All I can say is, if you haven't transformed, gone through hurtin' pain and reckoned with some notions and beliefs that haven't gone your way..the're gonna now.
Well it could be because you were brave and willing to change. What were you going to do, sit in the corner and cry about your condition and nurture depression? What a waste of time that is.
You will do 10 minutes of Yoga each day and you will think for 20. Ponder on goodness and clean living. Ponder on success and comfort and nice herb and flower gardens. he heh!
You will face each day with brave knowledge and dignity, you will do your best and not even talk about what is bothering you. It could be a douche bag pouring "slime guilt" all over you and you're crying for that!!
No, you will say what is on your mind with kindness and loving words and pass on the guilt and accusations and make decisions based on what you want.
Listen if you feel bad about doing something horribly wrong that is good but don't feel like crap and go do it again..that is why we guilt I think..maybe we like being naughty so we give ourselves guilt as a token to be able to do it again.
ah the dark moon makes me ponder stuff..
have a great day:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

happiness now

I could barely sleep all night. Maybe the dark Moon, maybe all the angles in my chart..who knows?
It isn't as if I don't have a million things going all at once.
Work is great and all but when there is a one person out, you still have to do his work and basically run your ass off..I work retail..the office is upstairs.
Up and down all day..yea I lost some weight:)!!
It is odd to me how I can't shake that place off some days. I get up raring to go and finish projects from the day before and keep all invoices accurate..I know right! Me, a peasant from the village who can raise goats working in administration for a big corporation!
Let me tell you the amazing part right now. Alba, freeking Pacifica and who else..love and toast! Crap, poison and cute box, sweet customer service, crap:)
4 years ago, when I first got this job, I was appealed with the products on our shelves.
I was seriously afraid to say what was on my mind, and then of course I spoke up. That is it junk, poison, bad for your brain, causes headaches and so on..
Now, with good intentions, we have attracted new customers who want the good stuff!
Did I do that?
Did I attract buyers and managers who like holistic, raw food, skincare and life?
Well, you attract people like yourself right?
From my words, to God's ears:)
We have badger, that Sweet bee company, and Hope to bring Juniper Ridge.
If we as consumers make responsible choices for ourselves and our families, we need never smell fake vanilla again.
"My customers make responsible choices and understand the sacred aspect of essential oils"
" I am calm and organized"
" I am kind to all, I have no enemies"

Made Sandalwood Shea Butter with of lemon and pink grapefruit oil last night. I want to eat it<3

Saturday, January 14, 2012

dang shebang

I just came out my shop after making a shampoo bar.
You know, I dwell on things for months, review, get more ingredients, scheme and finally the day comes when I make the fat block of fat...
I normally work with a simple yet astonishing soap formula which always finishes smoothly and without any real disasters.
Working with castor oil is a far cry from that. The soap traced in 30 seconds and let me tell you, if I weren't so excellent at "prep", the finish would have resulted in a rock hard piece of nerd soap with out smell.
I poured in the emollient oils first, cranberry seed oil and black raspberry oil, working fast I threw in the holy basil, a few drops rose geranium, and a splash of lemongrass.
I barely folded everything in the beast and finally in the nick of time was able to smash it in the mold.
I wonder if it will turn out ok.
On top of this boulder; I had a scalded vinegar, with a bit of jasmine wax and Himalayan salt which I poured on top. It soaked right in. It is now in gel phase and I will most likely cut this tonight. I might have to carve it in order to rightfully sell it, heh, heh!

Holy basil is very nice to me right now. Maybe it is because she allows me to shed shame, guilt and whatever other crap holds me back and enter through a spellbindingly confident door which exalts me through every thought.
Maybe it is because she inspires my higher mind and I can see from ten feet high.

What do you think the about black raspberry seed and cranberry seed oils?
They're bitchin' that is what!
I can detect a fruity vibration among the fatty acids! i also got a blackberry seed oil which is so black, actually a deep green but so intensely lovely. I am buying a pound, that is how much I like it. I did not put any of that in the shampoo bar because I only have a little and it is for my face. I took a hot bath and then put it on all over. It goes on and the it disappears. The fatty acids with these small seed oils have the ability to penetrate all the layers of your skin.
Wow~ everything IS going our way:)

The moon is in Virgo today so watch what you say
you don't have to proove you are right and think hard without oversight
be sensible and with grace
and smile at everyone you face

I smell holy basil all over me :)


Friday, January 13, 2012

dating and being human

the UK version in Netflix.
ever watch it? It is fantabulous.
I'm on season two and it gets scary sometimes,that and the excellent writing abilities of the writers..there is something to be said for something that can take you through a range of emotions and make you laugh at the same time.
That is why I love Dr Who! In particular when David Tenant carried the roll to new highs in gut wrenching emotions all contained in one hour and lingering through the next day..
I feel that way about Being Human. A show about charming sweet ghost, a werewolf and a vampire.
Mitchel, the vampire is glorious as he struggles between wanting to live right and being a blood sucking vicious creature. The actor is so good and his Irish tones are nice to my ears.
I don't know about you but a fit, lovely to look at , dark Irishman who speaks beautifully isn't bad on any day. :)

There seems to be some serious stuff coming up this next few weeks. The spheres Uranus and Pluto are creating some angles in space that will effect us big time. Stay focused! Do one thing at a time and take notes. This is no time to be sloppy or emo.
Bring your game on and shed hurt feelings.
Today I will focus on not what I have done for you but what I am doing now, and what going to do next:)

I am going to work and make it my best day there and make money selling to very special clients who come and share their lives with me and cherish everything they buy:)
It is so cool. I attract people like myself. they gravitate towards me. The ones who don't don't..I don't care.
I will smile at everyone today.
I will not have to justify myself or prove I am right.
I will study about one thing, today,the dark little juicy treasure, blackberry.

Making soap tonight!
How about some citrus?

Grapefruit Soap with wild orange from Dominican Republic

Lemon vetiver soap with an orange frankincense syrup drizzle

and to clear the palate a little;
Wild Rosemary Soap with peppermint and holy basil (aka Mind Control)

( oh and as far a dating, I can't seem to manage to go back out of my home after work and offer my time like that. It has to be easy and not a drag right? I only bring it up because I sort of dashed some plans with a man..everyone is like," go, just go".
All day I am like, " when I get home I am going to talk to my kids, talk with Tonie and bathe with something good and watch some telly. what? Too boring of me? Ha! I happen to enjoy space shows and such!
He was a Libra anyhow..two Libras could be super confusion and vague plans, could be flashes of insight and organization..)


Thursday, January 12, 2012


learn it step by step, trust yourself and everything else will fall in to place:)
2 drops madea
2 drops lotus
2 drops yarrow
in spring water

have a wonderful day:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


everyone's orders out, all except for the new ones;)
I put in some time yesterday and worked my soap business. It isn't just a hobby anymore but something pretty big, slowly having crept along and oh, suddenly you have this new reality, new success..and with great power come great responsibility.
It is as if I thought all this out but it took a really long time and my mind only noticed in a flash that, oh, I am a real business woman and not some dumb whore thinking she is a witch just because she loves astrology and space and junk...:)
This last holiday freaked me out on so many levels. I shouldn't be rushed, My business must be fun and easy not some stressed out crap. I make soap, you must wait for it. No more refunds, unless something is damaged. Who am I the bank? I work full time and raise my children. It is my best thing!

One other best thing is being able to weed out my surroundings so that I am not left with clutter anywhere and that includes vampires in mine or your, even all of our lives.. whose only idea of communication is sex topped with guilt..I mean really!
I am not talking about just soap here either.

I am feeling Neptune big time and can see right through all the debris and dust which can make for dirty reality. Not too far in the distance is Uranus in Aries bringing me charming fellows with an occasional wily character who isn't always honest or good. Uranus brings a little grody too. I do not know why I think that but I do.
Go read Mystic for a couple of days and get the feel for this intense, electric gravity in spheres and their modern day meanings.

I ordered some new oils and aim to make a grapefruity soap with vanilla
and a lemongrass shampoo bar.
I will also make a vinegar rinse to go with the shampoo bar.
Maybe it'll be a good shampoo or maybe not. I am not a fan myself due the sticky feel on my hair, but i am only going to use castor bean and og coconut oils.
I will include some Hunza salt for maybe a little more slick.

Have a great day and put some oils on your face.
Did you know there is such a thing as blackberry seed oil? OMG!! I want some of that!!
Happy Birthday to all Capricorns everywhere!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


my back!!
Both the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn right now and making me pay attention to my bones! I am not getting any younger and all the weight lifting I did in my 20's has done some damage. And with Mars in Virgo until next summer, I am being propelled towards some yoga. I go in and out with yoga. I will do it with a group for a few months and then my life gets so hectic that I do not make time for the most important thing, my spine and my neck. Both effected by the Capricorn energy.
I think it is also time to visit the dentist.
Teeth are also ruled by Capricornian energies coming from Saturn's super intense and serious gravitational pull.

I will do 10 minutes of yoga every morning..
I began today with two Sun Salutations and it was good. maybe there is hope for me after all;)

Mars in Virgo is certainly going to bring health issues to the forefront as well as attention to one's eating habits, I would think.
It is usually not life threatening and always tweaks everyday habits so that we become more analytical.

For Libras it is a time to be very precise and honest at the same time.
Pay attention and use your gluteals to lift something off the ground not your lower back. It is a fine line between strong lift and weakening lift.
supplements include Omega 3's, proper enzymes to break down proteins and a good percentage of greens in the diet.
Believe me, I likes me gravy and biscuits but enough is enough.

Today is is black beans and rice with salad on the side. You can add an egg to this plate, they are very good together.

Anastasia's Black Bean Soup

one bag organic black beans
wash and soak while you prep the veg..
chop one onion
4 cloves garlic
4 stalks of celery
saute till soft and tender
add cumin 1 teaspoon
salt pepper
red sweet pepper powder
cayenne (just a dash)
one whole ancho chili
2 bay leaves
keep stirring till the green smell from the spices goes away..about 3 minutes..
Now add the back beans but discard the water they were soaking in first
pour enough water to cover the whole thing ( I use a big stock pot )
Let it come to a boil and then turn it down to a simmer..
about 2 hours of cooking time.

Make some rice and a nice green salad and you have a wholesome meal that provides a nice range of nutrients that are easily processed by your body.

Delish with any flat bread!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


"Can you help with a tea question? I am trying to quit drinking now that I have a baby and I wonder if you would choose a tea that may help me sleep at night which is when I drink?"

As I was processing the info she gave me, I looked through the wide array of teas we stock and chose a passion flower chamomile blend. Nighty Night is good as well as Gaia teas for a wide range of medicinal properties in their tea.
I said, "the chamomile and passionflower together will help to calm you down."
What's chamomile?" she asked me.
That is when I began to study her face, her dress, and her stature. Pretty, 40ish, well dressed, classy haircut...
"How do you not know what chamomile is?"
"Never heard of it."
I told her to drink the Nighty Nighty, because it called Nighty Night and therefore anyone won't ever need know what chamomile is and what it does, just look at the title or get the one of the sleeping bear..no that is the Celestial brand!!Heh, heh...
Bless her and her baby!

I am about the cut the glorious sea buckthorn calendula soap. It is still a bit soft due to high content of supperfatting oils like carrot seed and avocado oil.
It smells bright and cheery.

Have a happy, healthy, warm and abundant day filled with big boons!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

made some soap

the usual blends people love which I had sold out of and something new.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Soap with Calendula Essential oil and Roman Chamomile

I will see how it turns out before I post it for sale. So far though, it is creamy and dark orange colored due to the carotenoids in both the sea buckthorn and callendula with believe me when I tell you is dark brown but when diluted it exploded with vibrant orange color

I put some carrot seed oil in there and also a splash of bergamot as it goes so nicely with Roman chamomile.

I love calendulas. So bright, so simple and offer loads of protection both for you and your family and also in the garden.
Calendula says simple, happy, calm beauty.

composed of these constituents;
Ethereal oil (little ), bitters matter (calenduline), Carotene, Flavonoids (chlorogeniene acid, quercitine glycosides with rutine, narcissi), Mucilage, Pentacyclic alcohols (arnidoil, brain, calenduladiol, erythrodiol, faradol, heliantriol C and F, longispinogenine, ursatriol), Saponins, Sterols.

interesting to note~calendula contains two very important bioflavanoids which today are used in the treatments for their anti inflammatory properties; quercitine and rutine. Both quite helpful to add elasticity to skin, which is why taking bioflavanoids is so important in the treatment of varicose veins and other related vascular problems.
As a flower essence one could say calendula brings easy joy in the room, helps bring in healing warmth and receptivity and ease with one's words and would be a lovely essence for a 15 year old girl, were she wise enough to take it.
Ah, the ones who need healing most, act like they deserve the least:)
That is why there is a nice soap which one can use and apply these vibes towards super intense ideas of compassion and kindness.

Moon's almost full:)

Friday, January 6, 2012

happiness joy in 2012 jan 6

Words are flying out like
endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow waves of joy
are drifting thorough my open mind
Possessing and caressing me

Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world

Images of broken light which
dance before me like a million eyes
That call me on and on across the universe
Thoughts meander like a
restless wind inside a letter box
they tumble blindly as
they make their way across the universe

Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world

Sounds of laughter shades of life
are ringing through my open ears
exciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love which
shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe

Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Jai guru deva
Jai guru deva

by The Beatles

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

soul radiance soap with pretty face flower essence

the bar up there has a splotch on the gold spiral. I like it. I have fat fingers lately. Better that than my behind..which is and always has been fine..
the soap is lovely, this batch is:)
It radiates freshness and vibrant forces. This time, the olive leaf is way thick within this bar.
I have one big mortar and pestle and used it to grind the olive leaf during a long period of time.
Upon its powdery and sweet smelling finish, is when I added the neem leaves (paradise herbs) followed by French green clay and ancient Aztec clay.
Even thought you may and feel a spec or two of roughage, most of the material is dispersed within the soap's structure.

The salt is always added at the finish. I like it to not have a chance to dissolve too much in the soap base. This pink grayish salt smells of sulfur so much! I always wonder upon smelling it, why would some eat this?
You can get used to anything I suppose. Especially if you have some skin ailment, like acne or that other one so many have these days, eczema.

Sulfur protects the whole body against the harmful effects of toxins, radiation, and pollution. It is an essential element for all life. It is important in the building of amino acids and B vitamins.
(just another miracle of the God particle working in intricate weaves of time and space)
Sulfur is an important part of many enzymes and in antioxidant molecules like glutathione and thioredoxin.

Organically bonded sulfur is a component of all proteins, as the amino acids cysteine and methionine.

Disulfide bonds are largely responsible for the mechanical strength and insolubility of the protein keratin, found in outer skin, hair, and feathers, and the element contributes to their pungent odor when burned.
In other words, sulfur has the ability to bind with almost everything in our body and become something else or as in the disulfide bonds, two different sulfur compounds linking together to form something else useful in the body.

Our skin is incredible and part of our immune system which is why I always push healthy real food that you cook at home.

foods high in sulfur;
brussels sprouts
egg yolks

sulfur soap? right here....eleneetha aromatics :)

have an awesome day, this one being 3 of 5 for me before a long break from retail and chilling in my home which I will clean with basil and sage and maybe have a nice friend over for a flower remedy and tea ceremony..I am simple woman:)