Tuesday, June 28, 2016

perfume and what it means to me

It does not mean some oue de carmel de jasmine de fakin urverladdadaaaa
Tell me what it is and why..but do not make up names I cannot or ever will be able to emulate.
Think about it! Then again..:) "eleneetha" ha ha ha,
unless you are Greek, it makes no sense..the product does, it does..
Do you really want to be like Coco? I mean she got that name because of her party lifestyle, yo!
I like mystical things too. But that does not mean I think I have powers to conjure up gold in the form of gold and less suffering. I wish this for all! Gold and less suffering!
More real oils!
Less lawn spray!
The point is, life is real and poignant as well as glorious and clean..and then I go to the perfume sites and get to read all the marketing schemes and words that seduce with a feeling of exclusivity and "we're perfumes" and you are not sort of a thing..
I am not insulted by any means. I still go every day to see what they all have up their fake sleeves.
Sometimes I will run in to a real perfumer who actually puts in the real work and they tear them apart or ignore them..the readers, the bloggers, the elite who think they are special because they wrote a perfume book so beautifully and then maybe you attempt  talk to them and they are like haughty or something, even in the reply's they may grace you with.
I laugh..
The real perfume is the real perfume and no fancy name or isolate can make me happier than a real smell of a peach..that said, I would still smell the isolate..:())

I got a sample of a chypre concentrate and I was shocked at how bad it was. Why would anyone put ylang ylang in a chypre? For the floral notes I guess..yuk. No! Rose, maybe a bit of jasmine like one drop, ylang ylang, no.
A bad jasmine can ruin anyone's day tho..

I am looking at labels and how I want to change in the next year or so. I would like to make labeling a little more efficient and yet still have the leverage to change a little with the product's looks.
They say  I am not sophisticated looking enough with the sun logo thing and I definitely  have outgrown the grapevine and which must transform in to something a little more elegant..I have ideas..:_))

Sunday, June 26, 2016

good morning almost rainy day

I thought I would drop you a line to tell you that I am thinking of you and myself at the same time because we are together traveling through time and space. We are so joined in this trip and forget that we have so much space that it cannot be defined  as long as we look at this little space we are in right now. Sometimes when you get to see where we really are in space it can be super surprising! Like wow!!
I want to say to you that you are my gift and I treasure each moment that we share in conversation or some delicate little reunion about an oil combination :)
you get me and you accept me
I accept you the same and you show me things
 we do it naturally
easily and in harmony with the winds and rains and smoke filled air

You need that from me too, I know this. It is never overwhelming. You accept the separation of time between us and when we speak, it only brings joy and gladness in to my heart. I have had you this way for years and years and you me.
I love that we can be this real with each other and connect on such an aromatic wave of true earthly pleasure..

Two new blends which I am about to attempt are as follow;

***rare and exceptional sandalwood  with rose and vanilla bourbon co2 organic..expensive and worth every delicious drop! That is for a girl I just met who knows what we love and loves oils in similar sense.

****chaparral with wild sage and juniper infused in organic jojoba and then made in to a loose jelly which you can mix with salt or simply rub on before a hot hot bath.

This is chaparral from the high desert of California..I was gifted by a strange loveliness of nature!

There was a third thing..there was..
I forgot what I dreamed I wanted!

song of day

good friend

Saturday, June 25, 2016

garden of the day


life is about unexpected things

and you should speak your mind
yea even if it may hurt a delicate feeling
maybe two
it is okay
say it
move on from it
eat something
have a water
you don't have to defend every thought or belief
you don't have to defend the piety of who or what you are
all you have to do is breathe and say what is on your mind
hopefully it is not hate stuff
and maybe I am sorry in there now and again..

I yell, sheepishly :)))
I have boys and I fuking yell!
What you were expecting me to always composed and well behaved? I try, I try...

One of them broke my window because he took some tree branches I had cut to the road the wrong way through my patio..okay I forgave that..because I hadn't seen the broken window yet and then I saw it..smallish grr
Then as I was driving out I saw that he had just thrown them there where the mail man won't even drive.. smallish  grrr

I texted them and I said to bring the trees back until so we can bundle them otherwise they wont take them so messy. "oye" with the tree branches, I am burning them!
The window broken and now all the tree branches in front of my back porch..rawwrrrr oh, and some ones's cat is missing so they printed flyers from my printer with a full picture of the cat on them!
 I am sure all the ink is gone! Seriously?? LOL
We will get more ink. We must I suppose, :)

What do you want from me, a saint? Some docile little soft spoken monk woman? Only when I close my eyes to see me, am I docile! Rawwwerrrrrr
yes, of course I made them come out there and move them right..I mean, they were kind of big. I cut those things because they were blocking a a beautiful rose of sharron tree under them..bye bye!

You should have seen me when I was a young fighter woman..like Xena, I was..la la la and ha ha ha
I was,  right? Like Xena?

Friday, June 24, 2016

yea, it was fuking hard

I did not say that but it was.
Has anything been easy for me in my life? Nope!
"You are strong Anastasia!" "Really..."

I was telling a girl about why I am not married anymore and how it all went down. I have not held back on the truth because maybe I have had a very difficult and adventurous life? Maybe I have  come so far as to be amazing?? Ah self aggrandizing is fun, ha ha ha..

Now that I am older though , I do not care to go anywhere. I do not even care that England has left the EU..I mean all of Earth should be easy to pass in and out..One Earth one goal..no rape, no stoning, no wars, each country trading freely without stupid pacts that have never worked. Too much talking and not enough telling the truth.. and everybody  has to study stuff and "thangs" which please them or else a wasted life is about to continue to tick and time will show that you have done nothing which has value.

My children asked me the other day about my future plans. I plan my life by cycles. In one's thirties, sex is a big thing, you remember great juicy young sex right?
I do..:)
Memories are wonderful but do not get lost in reverie because you can not go back and even if you try, you cannot go back all the way. Go forward I  always say and be real about the troubles facing you every day..there are many troubles!
They like to call them opportunities now, but I call them troubles!
"were your kids well behaved during your trip back home through central america?"
"Yes, of course they were"
"I raised them on books and they totally got a taste of the real world out side the pretty lawns and perfect little trees..plus we all spoke Spanish"
Such a beautiful language, Spanish!
We had frogs in the house and lizards and there was one time, a snake and I kept my self wrapped in a sheet when I slept because the bugs were never ending.
One time we ran out of money, and propane! I  thought, "no worries, I will build a fire, what is the big deal?"
What is the big deal??
Bamm!! Rain, fuking down pour for hours and then days and then months..going outside to start a fire made me miss concrete so much. Killing a chicken which I fed for eggs , sigh, because we needed food, and then we ate that bird.. the money came and went. It is a strange thing when everything is "Uber" and other countries which may or may be developing, Uber, is the way!
Everything was Uber, low pay with no benefits.
I knew that I would not want to live that way for too much longer, I knew that. We had met up with some Buddhist renoucers, and everything was about shedding the need and greed for comfort!
What a load of crap!
Sorry but I like nice skin that is not eaten by bugs. I do not think your god loves me more than I love myself. I know that. They did not want to actually suffer either, who does?
People who pretend that God likes you to suffer to make up for what he made you to be like..lol
sorry, I wont rant about god and then I might..you never know!
no, not today!
Today I will be so supper stoked that I am  here, safe, comfy and super creative with skills..
Things are going as planned!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

open your heart to ylang ylang

I am not an ylang ylang person I will have you know. I endure it, smell it, get dumbfounded by its intense weird flower thing and then walk away.  wanting one more. It is like tuberose or too much lily of the valley, you love it and then its is too much for anyone. Real tuberose flower smells nothing like the absolute. I do not know why. You can manipulate most things on earth because we are nothing more than atoms but you cannot manipulate all the way. You know this. That must be the reason flowers exist.
I have to say, some people know how to work and tear that shit up as they say in the streets of  Detroit..I know a girl who put it with the perfect kind of roses and jasmine and vanilla and it took my breath away and left me with a memory..something I may have been pondering before I got the two whiffs of her creation..honestly!! Oils are so ridiculously freaking amazing for your heart! Rose ylang ylang with jasmine for the heart all day baby!
I love it when I get a whole new point of view and that makes me rethink things. And why shouldn't re think things? Re do and listen?
I am open to "I'm sorry"I am very very open to "thank you" :)  It always comes with presents.

It is almost July here in southern Michigan..
I want you to know I am doing well and living my life as an older woman.
Men like me well enough but since I am involved with my soap and you all's, why would I waste time playing games with strangers?  I keep asking myself, do I want to leave my paradise (crabtree manor) so I can eat in some strange restaurant?
What, am I a solitary witch?
Plus, what is best for me? You come here and so I do not have to drive. You know how I feel about driving.

Ylang ylang and yesterday...
Well the first day of summer made me cry from the piquant and bitterness of life yes, I did. The full moon, the solstice, I cried but good. I was holding it in all day too. I came home and told my daughter I had a day that was so beautiful and then painful.

"did you bitch slap that day, mom?"
"I tried but the woman whose boy got burned up bad, just blew me out of the water."

Oh it started out beautiful, I took care of some tasks in the garden and sang and stretched and ate really amazing food and just wow! The intense solar thing, right? Maybe I am too involved inside my head by I felt almost too much of earth's spinning.  It is like a snap shot of all the memories and painful stuff all at once..The heat was marvelous and stroked me like warm velvet on my skin. and yet the impending ideas that were about to unload in my brain were there, I knew it. Perhaps I made it happen in my brain without knowing I was attracting people that needed me to give them a lift. I want to help them, especially that mom,

I am glad I was able to comfort hearts and I am glad about ylang ylang and how it brings comfort  in the face of real life struggles of pain and agony in some cases or a way to find true love with in yourself by realizing what is real and what is just you wanting more of fantasies and rigid rules..sometimes, it is like that in life. Not everything is dreamy and angels and fairies. it is intense and it is what it is.
I think ylang ylang is all about intense struggles along with the rich goodness all around. You do not feel that rich goodness all around? ..change your mind and listen to what others say.
Change you mind!  It might be a point of view you had never thought of. Let go of your preconceptions and listen and change your mind..open your heart to ylang ylang!
Be the truth that your heart needs!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

ylang ylang absolute

Not even a drop!
A swipe from a sample vial. I radiate with intense floral like never before. Ylang ylang like when it is moist and hot at Hotel Tilawa in Costa Rica and you are done for the day, having a cool drink and talking about nothing much.. and the ylang ylang trees which are not much to look at during the day, at night confess to you their real meaning and purpose. To make you feel loved, hot, warm, yummy and radiant with goodness and contentment. That's best in life not some fake crap they call some dumb french name with aldehides.
Oh, I broke my magic spell on the invocation..lol

I am making two new oils as a special and we will see what we can do to make you so happy that you just burst with laughter or even tears..it is all good to me. I love you and want to insinuate this in every thing that I touch.

Bergamot with aged Patchouli and a drop smokey choya loban. Like a double brew of Earl Gray..high quality and aged just enough to make it amazing. I love a tea in summer!

Ylang Ylang absolute with a drop bryonia, patchouli and vanilla..yumm yumm
sweet warm dreamy decadent and simple...


Saturday, June 18, 2016

the study with 5th graders

The teacher had an experiment where they would switch it up and make a game and review the outcomes. One day the the theme was that blue eyed kids were better than brown eyed kids.
In one short day the blue eyed kids were rough, mean and rude to all the brown eyed kids. To the point that by the end of the day, the brown eyed kids retaliated , there was outrage..no one likes to be left behind, yo!


Humans! Are we learning that it is better to be kind after all? I hope this.

So yesterday, a really mean couple of women came in with the kids which were hyper and annoying to me , but, being a mom I understand, it is late, it is hot and both mom and daughter are already  mean. I watched them be mean to the kids right right off and they still would not listen but I was courteous and kind. They would rudely ask a questions and dismiss me with each answer while the kids bounced off of each other near the cough syrup.
I find it interesting how they manipulated the situation by causing discomfort and then causing a ruckus at the check out about pricing. I told the check out, " that is the price for the big bottle babe"
She paid and came back to say that there was a tag there in her mean gruff voice. I showed her less expensive oils she can choose from but she insisted that there was a tag. There was not a tag! I was not going to take it. Not now not ever.  "no, there wasn't".
 I walked away as to not engage in drivel..I would rather give her the jojoba as a sample than have her lie to me and make me look like I do not know she is lying but we both knew she was lying to get the price and because she uses the mean thing as a tool.

I feel like when people try to intimidate me, I feel like, well, no, don't. Things are what they are and the things are honest and true..and the price is the price. You want that 40 dollar nice big bottle of jojoba and you do not want to pay shipping from amazon so you come here and carry on and then  lie to get it free? I see...
Just pay for what you love and move on.
What do you need to squabble about it if you already have it?

Love it more if it is already golden to you. Love it more if you already came here for it!
Love it more because it is yours already and
you already  know your skin loves more than any other thing.
Your skin looks nice.
Love everything more! Because it is better for your brain to be nice and fair. To be content and confident
to be real and worthy
to be sexy hot with a twist of naughty and not haughty..lol


Do you like my story about the world of retail? I feel like it is a good way to expose the kind of race we've become, by exposing what kind of consumers we really are.
What am I? A philosopher?

Friday, June 17, 2016

hello form summertime

School is finally over and now we can fix up some long standing issues in our home life here at Crabtree Manor.
We have laundry and folding to complete for like freeking months now. It has not been months but I always exaggerate when there chores standing and piling up like a mountain because of finals and plans and grad parties!!
I have been busy too. The garden is coming along just fine and maybe we will have a nice tomato crop as is my goal this year. I do enjoy all the veggies though. Yesterday, I pulled all the sweet peas as they have had their run and it is getting too hot for them to thrive. I put them in the compost after I took all the eatable fruit. Delicious! I am trying to make better dirt because my back lot is mostly sandy soil. Michigan is really sandy!
I am still figuring out what to do about the trellis situation as I did not realize 100 tomatoes would need to be trellised otherwise they just rot on the ground.
In any event, all is well here. It is making for a bright sunny day after a day or rain storms and the birds are singing..I hope you are too!

I just read a story about the asteroid like a wee moon...earth's constant companion

We are realizing so much new stuff about us that I am blown away..this is why we cannot rely on just one theme about anything. If this is a wee moon, then in astrology, everything we gave to represent the moon must now be reviewed. That is why I question all things mystical..there is always an explanation that is not metaphysical but it sort of is when you look at it all from an outside vantage point.It cannot be ruled by an entity like a person. It is gravity and gravity is magnets :)
Our earth keeps it in line and maybe it is still developing and in time will attract more and more dust and become bigger or not..I do know, our moon is traveling outwardly at about 1 inch a year..
All of these things and yet, right now, today, it is sunny, we have food and shelter and we should all enjoy that goodness.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

adding to the old spice

a drop coriander
a few drops lime
a few drops bergamot

This,  I heard  in a quiet husky voice which directed me all night long to what I want to do next with the old spice thing I am working on. Course there are no heliotrope or aldehides. I do have a few grains ambergris and a few of the last drops of the expensive musk I got from that Bruce guy. It is so rich in hormones that I feel it when wearing it. let us just say it makes you feel like a warrior goddess able to attract whatever you create first in your mind.

Mars is retrograde and I must say and please listen..tend to your inner and outer  home and clean up because it is a wee wave of pain and sorrow..be real be truthful and be kind
don't throw yourself
do't be jealous
there is enough for all of us

everything is connected ..it is so big that we are no more than a blue dot in dark matter and dark energy
we are traveling through space so fast and doing it together
pale blue dot

why not grow gardens instead of lawns
why not real philosophy instead of violent hate books
why not  asking all the questions needed for clearer understanding

eating soup is better
making good cologne for a musky man?
I must, it is my quest for a few years now..some things take a long time and i have all the time to make it good..

should I go on?
Yes I will..
Why not? why not ask why so much blood on doors and in the streets
who is this god you have created to speak for him in such a way?
messing with snakes?
messing with mind forces
messing with your sexual attractors
you are what you are..have that penis
have that vulva
love it and  treat it sacred

I am sorry about abortion and all the things you want to close forever..It cannot be..women must have freedom..
women are 100% always elevated when that right is granted..granted...granted.. we do it to ourselves..granted...
thank you sir...:)
Do your best, smile at me and be free from worry and pain, be free from wanting unattainable desires but hone in the the ones you do best and already have..you have so much at this moment..all the things...
enjoy them
tend to them and touch each one..
now go and touch the ones you love and not in a creepy way but with a look and a kind word
that is what I mean..grace and poise in every breath making us all contented now
breathing in each other's scent in order to form a tight bond..it is invisible the wave of particles that smell a certain way..but real and we can take pictures of it..mmm do I believe now in science? I accept facts and love atoms more! God is an atom yo!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jupiter Moon For Men

Top Notes
clary sage

Middle Notes
black pepper

Base Notes

It is an interesting spicy "old Spicey" type idea..

I like a nice smelling man!

Politics and I don't care

Don't get so consumed about politics and who will be elected.
Trump is strong and mouthy and Americans have always been downright mean to everyone who wasn't them! He just might be our next leader..our big ol team leader...
All I know about him is that he is rich  or something and he wants a wall all along our borders...an ugly, wall which will be gratified to messy looking puta crap for years to come! (graffiti))

Look at this small scale disaster wrecked in the garden...@eleneetha on instagram  https://www.instagram.com/p/BGeie8lkIQx/?taken-by=eleneetha

(it wrecked the whole grace of my garden and the plants did not like it at all) I tore it down..

I think we should all adjust to this trauma with grace and understanding but if I hear of a rape of a woman and it continues because your culture thinks it is okay, well, I don't think you can thrive here!
We must, protect our own and we must allow for women and children to come and be safe. Humans!
The USA..what is it? Who are we really?
 "hey, we  came here and took this from law abiding already here longer than they could ever have dreamed of peoples..for centuries and centuries they were here.. we came and tried to enslave them and when they would not, we killed them all, took this land with blood and bombs and guns and small pox and now it is like,  "hey, your skin is brown and we don't want you here."..I beg to question this a bit sir...
hey man, the fear is real and natural to have dislike, it is  human nature tho..

We do not want ALL of your customs is what! You are not more holy with your hats and your veils..you may not know what has never been known,,bud.

We do not want your ranting hateful masque leaders to tell you what to think and make you more mad when it does not fit.We do not care for you beating your wives, but I may say that, many white and black and brown southern, northern, eastern, downtown, western highlands, all places...men beat their wives, many Livonia men beat their wives..I bet they do. Why do you think they stay covered up?
(laughter here..)

Here where we are in our civilization, bad things will be outlawed. It is not acceptable to think you can hurt your kin. You go to jail for that Unless they are too scared to say anything..humn..In America, people go to jail more often for violence against their women..I learned to fight back but many women can not fight back and are kept safe and always kind of dumb too. They must take Jesus or follow the rules of their sacred days.  The more we know, the more it does not fit.
It will never fit  because the more we know, the more old myths do not fit. There are rarely sheep, or wilderness where a man can have sex with his daughters and blame them in the end and for 4000 years man believes it to be good.."oh, not good, but all the women's fault, for sure! I would say,
"fuk off Lot, what kind of daughters have you raised to do this with you? Your God has low standards!" Who ever thought of the best story about God got the most people to join his group and give offerings and monies..
Oh man..I said bad things about God..I am not irreverent by any means though. I know that I know, about what I can never know...plus in Modern Times, we have evidence and forensics..these are question that must be answered clearly..How long were you in the woods? How much liquor did you take with you as you ran off. How long did you stay in the wilderness for the brew to ferment. How many sheep did you take with you? Where is your wife's body?
(I am in a debate about Lot with a woman on line, Jane something))
You feel insulted and shamed when I say things..don't..someone has to say about the blind horse in the corner who hears everything...(my meager metaphor))
For some really mad crazy steroid taking goons, well..
We can't tell you that because you'll get more pissed and say shit and one day, you go crazy..

It happens in families all the time on a small scale too..an abusive (loving) person just hovering over every move you make..breathing down  your neck to do this or to do that right but is never right enough..because the last time you did it not as good...and...God hates women and fags and dark skinned folk from around the corner...

Humans are naturally tribal by it seems like the Anglo wants to lead. They are saying things like, "oh, they are trying to take our culture away", (they).ha! Which culture?
"You are in Whole Foods Market buying organic lettuce and kava kava..in flip flops enjoying a wonderful spring day.."
The more of one culture, the less of yours kind of thing, right?
So I am thinking that just like all of us immigrants, they in a few years will uncover their heads and Mohamed  or even Jesus, will not be as relevant. It ALWAYS happens. I mean who but me even talks about the old testament characters? ha ha and lol...

People do want art and good food and to be appreciated and not treated like a fukin clown. You're a fucking clown anyhow and I love you. Ina rare and adoring way not some jealous fuking  puta fuckers who do nothing but hate on the world because they are better..no..
I love you because you are already mine and I want all that is good for you so that it trickles down to me and  i then return the good which is transformed into something that touches your very heart deep hearts mind  to such a degree of happiness that you burst in a laugh or two and then we sing together.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

you'll be wise

I know it looks bad for many right now. I know that many have died. There was a time I would also attribute death and suffering to karma which is an explanation I accepted easily and my life went on. Cause and effect ideas in areas of my life which I would say, "oh, I should have done it another way" Or "wow, that was mean, sheesh, anastasia!"

I accepted many things in my past years. Like being married to the pilot fundamentalist who molded me in to a fearful pious fukin woman. There was good in it with the oppressive nonsense about roles in relationships about who will take out the garbage who will change the diapers and why women hate each other so much? I would cry tears in my day about the world and my own unhappiness in a role I was simply to live or die in. And then, I realized one day as I was walking at four in the morning in the jungle with the bats and the flip flops which were about to bust, I do what I want! I will do what I want and hurt no one. I will not walk this wet hill for the rest of my life with nothing to live for accept my next bowl of rice and beans..no, I won't, not so others who prey on you can hide from the world and not change their minds about who they  are and what they actually stand for.
You are going to have to choose and for your own next few years of life, the hills you are willing to climb and the ones which you do not need to climb for any reason! I think so. Each thought is like a hill, each step up, you must work through and plan the next..
In my next boo, "life is a hill, you do not have to climb.." lol

The truth is our planet is getting smarter as a whole. Slavery is not legal in any country, human burnings of which there were many by the church are abolished since we separated them from actual government. They no longer can say "burn her, she is a witch!" "take his lands and monies!"
I mean really! And now they have the audacity to claim that Islam is more evil! They are simply about 500 years behind us and yet, it is 2016, they have you tube  and they are advanced in technology enough to bomb the shit out of small groups of people having a good time in  cafes and clubs! It is sneaky and cowardly and what ever they are so mad about will also be abolished.
The smarter (books, art, science, technology) people get, the less likely they are to want violence.. The Moral Arc, by, Micheal Shermer..

I hope that we can at least now decide what we stand for and which gods will protect us from creeps who sneak around trying to kill the innocent..like, they don't also like sex!

It is sex? Is it really just that?

Monday, June 13, 2016

quote of the day

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. 


Sunday, June 12, 2016

my house is a mess and I want a vacation

I will have on in about a month. A vacation.  When the digging and weeding and digging some more will slow down...unless I take on the big project outside in the front. I have a half acre and most of my lot of land is in the front. I want to rip out all the fuking shrubbery and put something more manageable so that when I am old I do not have to trim hedges. They are bug magnets. I am ripping them suckers right out..fuking fuks shrubbery with vines hiding until it is super hard to pull them out!
I will like to put more useful trees in the front. I have two little linden trees and two apricot trees and I am thinking more fruit. Cherry blossom alone will make you swoon on a bright morning, they will, even if they do not make fruit.
People try to grow magnolia here but it is not really practical. They like further down south to be happy. I would like maybe a string of birch on the wilder side of this place.  Now there is a smart idea. Birch is a wonderful tree! I have been super busy outside. It is like you have to get out there because the growth will take over and your work piles up.
This is why the wealthy have gardeners and working people to do the dirty work..I must be dirty then!

 Because the "back breaking" work can be done by lesser folk....are we still lesser though? Not as much, I hope!
I am still on that book "The Peoples History Of The United States".
I am on the part of the 1800's when by 1860's, slavery was so called "abolished" and they made sweat shops everywhere for the working class while Rockefeller and Carnegie made their money on the sweat of  "the working class", in the streets, men killed anyone who came to get his job, be he black or Italian or Irish..it was brutal for all involved, especially black men who wanted to do jobs that white men did. It freaked them out!
It was so bad when men asked for a few pennies more at a time when these companies were worth millions at that time. It is crazy. people got killed just trying to say what they wanted. police came, the government made them all go back to work, men got their sculls whacked and cracked! People starved and would gather to protest wages and it went on and on. But the groups got bigger and bigger. Many died on both sides. Many and still forces were sent to squash and dissent from the workers. "slavery' evolved into what it is today and the working class is the working class. The thing that happened with all the work and  the actual population not having enough money to buy the stuff you had them make, there was a huge surplus and then the problems happened. Like when a meat packing company packed rotten meat and sold it all!.stupid selfish fuks!
That is one way we have improved!We really have. I know, it is great!
Yes, the meat was bad when they got it, it had been on the road a long time ..they killed people with that wonderful decision. I am happy that we have advanced this far as to not eat canned meat for one thing! One time, there was a huge fire in a tall building "sweat shop" on the seventh floor and everyone died. They jumped out of windows and died anyhow on pavement! They were all women, locked in sewing rooms making linen for the world and never themselves. making 26 cents a day....
How many people lost their lives so we can have the freedom to this degree to say anything that is on our mind?  The internet has made that happen and it will not stop until the apocalypse many hope for so they can be saved by God because good thing they are on his side...:)
oops, I ranted too far..

Thursday, June 9, 2016

summer blooms mars has pulled back and yet inevitably we are still on our way to tomorrow

To say that one's reality is more this and more that and less of your stuff and thangs is silly..to ponder on.

When you already know deep inside about the way it is and what you think you are in the universe..it is all about what you make of things in your own head. Be selfish in a way that monitors your own intentions in all matters.

work hard
be ready
be heady
be wise
be kind with a fit behind :)

be gloriously richly attuned to your creative forces

be accepting of other's greatness because of course if they know you they are worthy
is is that you must proceed to push for all the best things and be aware and ready for greed and jealousy..the enemies of happiness!
you must not dwell in too many forces beyond your own strength and choices
you must face that you are amazing and each day you live will be so much the more of that amazingness
you are fit and pretty

you smell so good to me right now..

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

you are my avocado

I made balms the other day. Beautiful ideas flowing right now. Maybe these retrogrades makes us more creative. Maybe it is just simply thinking things through and doing that matters. Maybe we just we keep doing whatever and don't really care about ourselves enough to  be kind. Ha! Of course we are kind, we are smart and love music:) and oils) and ourselves :) What ever we are it is certainly a survival thing in the whole universe..everything is everything. The bigger it is the more magnets it can connect to. It is metaphysical and then not really and then it is.
I care!
I care about our avocados and our bellies and about my belly and my knees and my hair. I do.
 "I can smell you, that is how I know your're here!"

They are all so good.
You are my avocado!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke

Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke

ha ha
I love this guy!

mars retrograde well shit! ha ha ha in scorpio too..oh my!

In Scorpio? Well, wow!

Look, and understand..astrology is fun and I do not actually think a real entity on mars rules over me. So, then, why, when there is any retrograde I feel it first and then go look and find out if mars is retrograde? Then I find out , it is retrograde! Now I know why I am so tired and want stuff at the same time! It is magnets, yo!
Well, it is, and in the Scorpio sector. Look all I am saying is that if you have angst and things to work through right now, you have a little more work to do.
This means that you might have to fix things that have been brewing for two years (a mars cycle)and know that they are to be worked on. You cannot keep hidden your duties for too long. They add up.
This also astrologically means watch out for lies, thievery and hidden longings being blurted out.
I also think you should take extra iron if your periods are making you too weak. rest for gosh sake.
Your plans are not most important to time. Calm down and rest and then get it done the next day. But get it done. You must face the truth about people and thangs.
That said, the only thing you can do is do your best and focus on what is real and how you can get it with the idea that it wants to come to you and do for you and feel you inside and out.
It can happen when there is real honesty within and one's obligation to offer freedom to others without judgement and without holding grudges! Get over yourself!
If ten people say you are doing wrong, you are likely to be doing wrong..admit it, move on and do not blame others for exposing what everyone already knew! You will not "get back" at anyone for real except yourself anyhow. Then it all starts again with secrets hate glowing in your eyes. You cannot hide that.
Everyone loves to have a scapegoat!

 Fuk that!
That there  is Scorpio  Mars retrograde stuff!
And if you can, you must say exactly what it is and face it and deal, baby!
There are money matters.
Let us make money honestly though. Once you start lying to sell a product you have cheated yourself and others.
Like selling dried red berries from Brazil is gonna make a real difference in Brazil or for you. Spinach powder in your smoothie? What, do you use a spoon for this concoction? eeeweee!

Mars retrograde in Scorpio

cut away
clean out
"you can go back but you can never go back all the way..stay, so you do not have to go back.."


I am working on some stuff and I will share as I go. My girl Tonie placed an order so I gots ta make it good for her!

Monday, June 6, 2016

quote of the day

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts. 
Paramahansa Yogananda

old spice

I am working on an "old spice" blend to see if I can please this girl who wants a natural version.
They add chemicals to every cologne now so I will not copy them too much!
Old spice contains both musk and ambergris. Do you think you can handle that?
I can because I have always loved "old spice" on a man. Not a grandfather either! A warm just showered man who is fit and good and works as hard as I do.

Here is the idea;


I do not have heliotrope which is fake probably anyhow!
I think I will make a little and see what happens.

Tell me this, what do you like on a man? Nothing but a good soapin? Yea! Scent that stays close and heats up like you do,

Saturday, June 4, 2016

quote of the day

Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.

lets make new words let's not use old words that do not serve us notes to me

blasphemy (made so the high priests could torture people and take their lands and money)
faith (you had better have it or else)
(hope)) I question hope)
the poor (there will be poor always)
Slaves (be good to your slaves)
the rich (1% =90% of wealth)
the slums (too many)
the cast system, where you follow a divine leader in order to be safe in your tribe stuff!
Thou shall not kill, unless it is the enemy babies on Passover..

We do not need blasphemy for sure because if that were true, the priests having sex with young boys would not have reined for so long..yea they'll keep blowing secret stacks of smoke to indicate who their new leader is but say a questionable remark about their religion and the freak out. "Blasphemy!!"
They know they are lying too. They have no clue about the beyond. The beyond..what ever! Some people are so worried about death that they should  have a perfect setting for themselves sitting right near Jesus in forever land, that they forget to work and cherish on Now, Today and Their Love Garden.

Love Gardens are where your whole circle and your whole tribe around you is happy, healthy and free to say whatever the fuk they fukin want to.
One time :) my boy Steve called me an idiot, he was 16. I went after him with an over ripe pear and hurled it at him because he was too fast, ha ha ha ha, and it smashed on his chest. He was so shocked. We laughed our asses off. He was so mad..ha ha ha ha
We all did Martial Arts and  he could take me by then! I love them, my kids!

By the way, no body knows for sure maybe they just like being in a club and feeling good on themselves! Nice. What if they all decide that Jesus said to play with snakes to prove how powerful you are? He didn't and his myth of a figure never would.They starve those snakes so they are weak BTW..sigh, many snake handlers in churches have died ..let us say there is a high percentage.

There is a part in the bible where when Jesus died , graves of dead  yo, the walking dead...
There were no living dead then as much as they know there are not living dead now.
I guess you might count the thousands of cunts (in the brutish sense) and dicks (in the kill bill sense)who sleepily haze though their day in a meaningless trip to nowhere..
I see it all day and believe me I stay detached from them as much as I can. I like smart easy to talk to people not some always offended tribe of pretend there is a heaven and a devil because
"I will get mad and cry and call you hateful, I will!"
"I am not hateful.And, you started the conversation. have you even read the bible you so love?"
"no, I just know Jesus.."
Which part?
God was so upset he made himself in to a man so that he could fix everyone and then he made himself be tortured and killed and then he rose from the dead and floated to the sky..and he told everyone he is coming back in their lifetime..it did not happen, yet and he also said that if you do not "believe in me", I will send you to live with my cousin the devil who is nothing but the most agony and most pain and most melting skin and snakes on the body..yea, hell sounds really fuking bad! Thanks Jesus!
"how far did he go up? Did he go as a smoke ghost of some sort..? what do you think heaven looks like? Why is god so dramatic and why does he not just speak for himself why the killing of himself to save us? No one was saved at all. People were still tortured for many years after wards and later by the priests and church fathers..oye!

I want to know why these myths run our lives so much that we can not turn around without offending 38 thousand different faces of Jesus? I mean yea, if you know the creed, you know who's is the best one! :))The one with robed old men walking around and saying words that help nothing.
If our gods were real, we would not need hospitals! we would not take Prozac or codeine or other drugs..we want to feel him..all that there is in there in my three pound brain,  is me in there in my brain in my sphere swirling and churning and sparking and using 25% of all the energy it takes to live in this head.

Blood is real and your ancient cells are real.
Mitochondria (a type of bacteria) is real and eats nutrients, uses them so you can read this!

We need new words!

Us All of Us
Ask again and again until you can measure and not be judged and have some panel decide which bathroom you can go to or if girls can wear pants!
We were not allowed to wear pants in school in the 70's and now we're like,
 "hey, you are bad because you cover your women!!"

"Fuk off, I wear what I want!" "who are you again?"

Be kind always so that the last memory impression of you lasts a few minutes more..
Have a good day and allow me a rant in my mind now and again so that I can remember what is most true for me:)

Time to make a Love Garden Soap
hot hot summer love

organic orange
ylang ylang

Friday, June 3, 2016

quote of the day

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.
 Dr. Seuss

out of the garden to say, "hello"

I have been working in the garden and have had to already harvest comfrey and nettles which I fed right back in the soil. Comfrey is one of the best fertilizers there is what with all the silicon and calcium it adds right in to the dirt for next year.
It is all about next year isn't it? Making room for something better sometimes means sacrificing what is already good and delicious. It just is!
Just as in what ever our universe is expanding in to, we are also expanding in to our universe here in our own small reality.
**note to self**
We have fears and anxiety and expectations and broken hearts ion our smallish village minds.
What is correct, not to be afraid? No..you will be, as yoda showed us! Don't get so shocked by sex and how the young ones are so fluid now..relax..sex is sex not the right or wrong way. Be alright with the ones you love because you might not see them tomorrow. Fear comes from pain and separation from love and the ones we love and not having power to blog with:)))

I have been busy making soap for the spa that buys from me(The Well) and making new soaps for us to enjoy as well.
Be "well "and happy. We are safe even if our water costs a fortune!
Flint? They are fuked..sorry, it sucks, they just wreaked all these human's immune systems and said they are sorry!
"what you are afraid of a little lead, why a whole Roman Empire was built on lead"
Drugged slaves and drunk lazy fuk rulers who used and abused their jurisdictions. Interesting as they say they work for the people yet even in Detroit they are so broke and cannot seem to run their budget so they turn off the water of the poorest humans to get the books in order and still they are broke! Humn...nan nanannaaaa

Did they do the right thing in Cincinnati, with the gorilla?
Should we all now go and hold signs to shoot the mom? "She is a bad mom, she is this and she is that.."
Look, he is four, old enough to mind and know better, but he was petulant that one time too many!
She surely could have handled it better. We get overwhelmed as mommas on some days.
Zoos are evil anyhow,yo. Make reserves for the majestic creatures who are our cousins instead of locking in them up in captivity. Look at dolphins and how they suffer in captivity at the sea world!
The fuks.
There was a crowd when the boy got in. No one stopped him because they are all in to their own thing and no one dares to touch another's child in fear of some stupid fight with the mom, who was too far away to get to him in time.
No, we cannot shoot her!
They did the right thing. If the kid were killed, there would have been "kill the zookeeper".
 Very sad and killing the mom would not be the right thing. I bet those same people are christians and religious and go to church and pray for god to love them more...
I love you more and will tell you in person..