Friday, January 30, 2015

the language of scent

We speak of it as if it were music:)
" We say, Accord" and " Organ" I never call my work space an "organ" and I rarely use the term olfactory.
I should but it is not really me is it?

Let us talk about my idea next. I will begin with a base of mastic and tuberose material, melted together with a little olive oil and set aside but kept warm..
next mix,
green mandarin, petitgrain, neroli and orange blossom extract (my favorite right now)...mmmmm
Next make a base of sandalwood and vanilla in a little olive oil or sunflower seed oil. It is organic and has no smell to speak of..very little...

Now, I have not given exact measurements..why?
Soap is very different from perfume or bath need bigger amounts of oils..For a small one ounce or two ounce carrier,you would  need drops instead of ounces.

Let us think for a moment. let us conjure up a light and airy moment in time. I want to make a small batch of soap with this blend and offer a set of a scented after bath anointing oil and a nice dollop of  soap.
For my recipe it will be an ounce of green mandarin
1/2 ounce petitgrain
1/16 ounce orange flower extract
30 drops neroli
1/8 ounce Australian sandalwood
1/8 ounce vanilla co2

2 ounces tube rose material from 2002 (white lotus aromatics, the last of it..:()
1/2 ounce mastic gum resin from Xios, Greece.

olive oil and sunflower seed oil, both organic.

It will be ready by tomorrow and I think I might be able to give you a nice little special..:)
I hope you stay warm and happy today.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Being Quiet

I actually had to be quiet. I lost my voice..
It turned in to a thing so I rested and took my oregano oil and other meds (needed) and watched Agatha Cristi stories on netflix. And now, heavy on the probiotics.
What, no zombies? No, The Killing with that tall Swede  whose name I cant think of??
Well I did watch Z Nation..and yes, it was a low budget thing on SciFi..but still fun.
I loves zombies, I loves em!

But now Agatha Christi! Wow,  surprisingly thrilling! What a lovely tale she weaves and how each episode is so well done..Miss Lemon,  is delicious with her ring curls on her forehead..just wonderful, I really think that anyone needing a little down time, should take a minute or hour with Detective Poirot!
I forget how lucky I am to have such pleasures in my life.
 Books I have been reading are many so I wont bore you..until I get to understand how a particle is both matter and a wave..ha ha, a proton is way less massive  than a neutron and it all resembles our solar system and everything else. It has been wonderful learning all through 2014 and I am happy to say, that I see the world in a whole new, and what we are and why humans want to hurt each other because they want the world to end because they think it is all gonna be better next time..I do not know why they hurt each other. I wish we could all just do our job and not worry that God is watching. I wish we would always learn and question our leaders instead of being afraid of them..but hey, I want to inspire not bring you down about reality out there in the crazy world we live in.
But that is me in my private life..I think about things...

I have come to realize yet again, that I am doing what needs done at this moment.

I was obsessed with rose a while back with the witchy rose.
I always wonder how things will smell next month after all the wee molecules have become what they become..maybe you will have something to do with that.
I have been wearing a patchouli vanilla tonka blend myself. That blend has mellowed nicely.
Do you see what time can do?
Do you see the little particulates just longing to be together?
Do you maybe think they do what they do when you are near them and then they become you even more?
I do.
So if the witch comes too strong..she then becomes soft and mellow by your side waiting to fulfill your deepest longings..and showing you which ones are best by attracting forces you may harness by changing your mind to the good not the just the want..see?

Labdanum Steeped in Hay

Doesn't that sound nice for a man, a modern man?
I want this to evoke a masculine nature. something grassy with a hints of wood and violet, clover nearby.
In my yard, in summer, the whole back is a carpet of  purple violets and you can go out there and sit on the soft grass on a blanket and just pluck each flower surrounding you and then you put those in a bowl and you say wonderful words to them and the release themselves to you.
That is how love should be. Something honest and true, for some,  perhaps, fleeting like violets..but not everything lasts forever..some situations last a short but sweet time and they are you have to look at the deeper meaning of things. (labdanum, sandalwood, vanilla) and then observe your longing for honest union and sharing and the deep yearnings for a certain smell of love(errr)....does that ever go away? No..sorry, but no.                                                                                                      It is ok, a very dark dragon  is always going to burn you baby and always love you forever..

(ha ha ha)))

I have a violet tincture I made from 2012.  I opened the the small vial the other day..I found something very floral and sweet if only for a moment.
I think there should be tobacco and vanilla here as well as a drop of this violet tincture.
There is a drop blue cyprus and a drop lavender basil, clary and ausie sandalwood..
An after shave oil extraordinaire?
I think so, I do.

you should get one...
it is on etsy
eleneetha's shop

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Uranian Carpet

I am gathering ingredients for a dragon's blood balm for Imboc.

Imbolc..when everything in nature goes in to what we call a "rut".
I can see the energy and it all has to do with our sun..pouring love and life on us.

There is also an interesting angled grouping with our planet system where pluto and his friends are egging us on or being edgy on us here in  the inside planets, and Mars, the planet in question is stirring things up.
Not really. We egg each other on:) This can bring violent interludes where people get mad and leave..they have had enough and I am sure of this as the sun is about to rise..they, the ones left holding the bag as it were, they  made it happen half way. That is 50% of it!
Accept the "tragedy" and carry on..there will be mundane things all the time and no one will ever love you enough..they can't..hopefully they love themselves so much that they have over spill on you..that  is the best.
if they do not and cannot be happy or forgiving or share themselves..maybe they are not a good fit..sharing, caring working for something bigger than your secret gratifications..look, I know things!
Be grand, be smart and be smelly with my oils:)

Uranus doing his strange thing will bring new lovers as fast as you can say, "lets do it now" We can say it is all spring madness and all that..but the sheep are mating and they are going to have babies just as the next lovely phase of the year begins. To notice that is never know it is tragic.
"What am I ranting about now?"

Astrology that is what..
look at some situation regarding personality types in astrology..
Gemini is growing up and working and willing to put in the time..he has to.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gem backed against a wall and new areas of his life must be dealt with not with revenge but with attentive what there is to work with now.
I think so..
Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer..This is your time. For the next four years you will be in the spot light.hard working, smart, funny and well read..what could be better?

It is big..too big to even talk about the ideas that i see springing from peoples brain..we haven't said anything about Pisces..dude, They can be manipulative so you have to make sure you understand each the end they get their way..they want what they want.
In a really good family..there is always good even when the fighting happens..hopefully you move on and forgive the little things..which to Pisces, money is a big thing..they will do without and eat flat bread all day in order to save for the future good times. The good times are now babies, otherwise you cry all the time in the future..
Libra, hopefully you remember now, that you were to remind yourself often, about how awesome you are and you would never cheat yourself..there is goodness, success and always enough money.
Libra man, need to show up..maybe leadership isn't your thing and you were meant to run in the park with your dogs instead of what you are doing now which is being here and wishing you were there..dude! I can tell right off..when you are here, it is great! **for me, a fellow libran, it is hard to be too harsh with you because, I must admit this to myself to some degree..about me. lol

I want to say hello
to a lovely hunkin mellow luvs
who rides on uranian carpets
 turquoise and blue and gold in between
and then you
like a red dragon
free of burdens and always has an easy way to do
and then you
willing to change and be free
free of agony which keeps you weak
free to love and smile at those you meet
always poised for the best things
always clean and neat
your carpet glistens in the light
attracting new areas new bright
clusters of stars in an even bigger magnetic attracting center force
so big so big
The future light, now you see
you see because you are here                                                                                                                     always observing and thinking for yourself


I am brewing up a new batch of dragons blood resin for a balm.
I have had so many requests that I must simply make it..
It is never as simple as this. That is why I love potions..

Imbolg Dragon
3 ounces dragons blood resin
this I pulverise and then I melt slowly in organic coconut oil. This may take up to 8 has to be low and slow..I add one wee granule of mastic gum from xios( an island in greece)

I also add a few nuggets of beeswax I would say 2 tablespoons at the most here..
When they have all gone liquid..
I will remove from the heat and add my oils..
nagarmotha (one drop) cypriol
a few drops winter witch oil

Saturday, January 24, 2015

fear and love

Here is the way I see things in a love affair..(what do I know, I have gone through two husbands) that I can conjure up fond memories about each of them.

You, we, love each other enough and do not cheat the person you love..stay transparent and do not be afraid to say things..
or you build resentments and walls. The issues or  reasons you should adjust to and lay it down. Lay it down! No, not to god!
Your man!
Your woman, your friends and your customers who throw money at me.
Otherwise you are always at a deficit and your energy goes no where..there is also another inch or two to the chasm between you and well, just try to fill in the grand canyon..ha!
Humans do not live that long..or do we? I won't go there..I will not go to the twilight zone where reason and physics have no boundaries..we are on earth and this is what we know.
Humans want a happy fulfilled coupling and if it does not happen according to their script, they fall apart..
However, some do not. yes, they cry and have the pain. They do not automatically go and do more wrong just to satisfy and longing for equality.

I bring up love affairs mostly because I have many young people in my daily life. They do the wrong things and then expect noble results..when the noble results do not happen, and they are left just crying and looking for comfort, they go back again and reach out..over and over..feeling bad, feeling better, the sex and then back to who we really are..hungry and afraid of being alone.

Be alone!
You won't be. There are so many people who love you and me.
They will not leave us alone. We are not afraid to ask and say things to them but we keep things from the person who sees us naked and vulnerable? That is plain silly!
In the Greek home, the oldest is never told everything..they keep things from the old man because, "he cannot handle the truth"
I say, give it to him!
Let him deal with it! No one is safe from the real truth!  They should not be entitled to less human experience just because they are patriachs..(oops, another rant there))And when you perceive this, you can be free from worry and love yourself more than anyone else could ever.

What do you think about my analogy? Ana-logos..ha ha ha

Thursday, January 22, 2015

fast meals

Can I be more on the go? Do not even ask..there may be someone lurking around a corner just waiting to take more of my time so that he can talk about his latest healthiest thing..he waited two hours. He talked like he had an appointment with me..charming he is. he thinks I know something...which is true:)

You may have noticed my outspokenness and frank oppinions on modern man what ever we are.
you may also have noticed that I have really turned a corner as far as how much credibility I give to my psychic telepathy..I mean should have nothing to do with my product..but it does, doesn't it. What ever energy you have in your hands and how it swirls around you, that is what it takes..what goes in to what  you touch.

I want to really tighten my belt as I have better focus than ever on how I want to develop in skin care and soap.
I mean in a poetic sense, soap is magic. In a real sense it is all about the fatty acids and the bubbles they make in soap.
Take the red dragon soap with dragon's blood and oud.
I can swear to you that the lather is extra creamy because all the melted resin from the dragon's blood is changed in to a fatty soap bar, thick dense and gloriously unique.
the oud, disturbing in one whiff and then the lingering frankincense on your skin after a rinse.
Guess what?
There is a recipe and order to everything! Making soap is a matter of good ingredients perfectly suited to combine with one another and become something isotopes in away, huh?

My next thing in an oil for Imbolc..yes I still practice honoring the is my favorite way to set my intentions for myself..
check this out..

The hay thing is sweet..with labdanum and tobacco and vanilla yes, but also with hay and broom flower..with a touch lavender mailette and finishing touch with violet and  clay sage..great on a man..just luscious on any hunkin' lumberjack too!

 I will make one  more thing soon because I do have a nice tuberose from 2002..
This will be made in to a balm with orange blossom extract (awesome)), neroli, petitgrain and Green mandarin..finally, I will hold them down with sandalwood and a touch vanilla.
I have been conjuring this up for weeks now. I can't hardly wait for it..but wait I must!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Want Vs. Need Mercury Retrograde Ideas

Sometimes, I cannot tell the difference..but they say there is one.
 I want things of course and it would appear that I get everything I want..each thing I get becomes something I had worked for therefore a definite series of events took me to where I am getting and getting..just like the moon going around or planet and just like we go around the an orderly, timely way!
all of our planets are on the same plane..which to me is amazing..not going around but  more like an egg shape in space..
all of these things make me think of heavenly order and what that means. 
When we, as a younger civilization worshiped the heavens as if they we just the two things..sun and moon.
Soon as we understood more and could discern that dragons breathing fire are not real but Jupiter and all the other planets are part of our little system..
Scientists tell me all the time, "the effects on us by Mercury going retrograde are minute in effect. they make no difference in our behavior!"
I get that..but then why oh why do we get so much upheaval when it happens? And each time through the year, it has a is like, if you haven't fixed it the last Merc retro, it creeps in a again and it is money and little things that add up, isn't it?
Hummmm...When mercury is retrograde...
Why do we get so nervous and excited and do rash things?
Why more accidents right before?
Why more fighting and breakups too?
Why people's dirty secrets get exposed and why they cannot sleep?
Why we want more than we need?
I do not know why and many many smarter people than myself have made the attempt to educate us as to the whys of astrology and myths. Joseph  Campbell on mythology and how we make it all up..
that in it self in esoteric terms has a whole lot of weight. I cannot tell you how many time I have let  my emotions get the best of me! I have teenagers here! they rub off on you!
ha ha and lol:)

Mercury goes retrograde with the last week of prep for the chillin phase and realizing our mistakes..yea..yea..yea..
"what condition my condition is in...oh yea.."
Things we can do right now?
Stop, take time alone to sort things through and calm down..yea? Things are never as bad as you we still have to carry on..why carry burdens and anger towards people that have no effect on your life or  our daily life I might add? Why hope for un realistic wants? Why waste time crying, yelling or being so nervous all day?
Mercury retrograde is here:) that is all it is..worldly little mundane stuff made big in your mind and body reacting to...un real emotions!

Invoke a spell in your mind.
Invoke an immage of a strong woman or man who is in control and always has enough and more to share..
not a wimpering sad hunched figure.
They get no love..
you need more love..stand tall and do your will see great results!
I love you!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

the time of time and 13 month calendars

I was reading some wild stuff by a guy named Matt Radford who has a very interesting chart he has made about time and us and deep space. Kind of what I have been ranting about for years now but with a little more effort in to a diagram. Yes it is a crazy and maybe un realistic to think we can change the world in to thinking about what is real and what is not least we are thinking about it, reading more and opening up our minds to what is best.

That idea led me to another web site which states that based on this 13 month 28 day more logical time difference, we are not our sun sign either!
That would make me a virgoan woman and for a couple of years now I ponder on that and say that no, I am Libra! You are Saggitarius! why change the rules now and who is this guy making new rules?
LOL, right?
No body wants to change what they are now, this far in to the idea!
In my own mind, I am so complex that I can only stare for so long in to the abyss!

I get should be a 28 day month and 13 month year..and that would make me a virgo!
Let me see though...
none of it is real, a fish ruling a  giant gas planet like neptune which we named after a mythical god.....we made the myths..the planets are constantly changing and evolving and new stars are born from the dust of old stars..we are as old as time.. we are what we are..a bunch of over confident selfish survivors!
When we get pissed, we react by hurting one another or we make up lies in order to control each other and take the money. always with the coffers! May yours be full so you can always buy soap from me:)

I do have a point in this idea.
There is a grouping among organized living creatures. Look at bees and ants..they make a colony by using a natural hormone between them to!
That makes sense to me. We do the same. We group together in our town, our families and in our races. We have segregated ourselves pretty tightly in order to be safer in the past from all sorts of un explained disasters..which have been explained by science..god does not make wind for example to punish us and rain happened for other real reasons and not that the gods are once again our favor..we know that is not real. We know because our civilization has harnessed technology and we learn the mechanics of our world and it just isn't mysterious any more..Does this mean the art of tarot, astrology  is not real? Thoughts create things baby..they do!
So, what is the difference if I am virgo or libra or scorpio?
The ideas they invoke make for reactions in my brain. Electrically charged receptors make space for my ideas..and here I go taking on more virgoan tendencies..service, cleanliness and good life..all great virgoan things!

I loved and always have loved astrology. One reason was that I was able to escape the super tight greek orthodox and catholic apostolic religion which basically as a child left me with nightly nightmares about that mean old white bearded man who flooded earth and killed a bunch of people. I woke screaming every night and my mother would tell me that will never happen, he loves us..because we are good and bow to him often..
**Noah would have had to collect 15 million creatures in order for that story to have any truth**

Jesus, knocking on the door,
"open the door, let me in!"
"so I can save you"
"from what?"
"from what I am going to do to you if you don't open the door!"

I became a pagan as to escape my Greek heritage so immersed I was in their rules an life and what I am supposed to look like. I became a pagan witch in order to harness my will. My personal personal free will. Free illusion **free will per se is just an illusion created by our clan or society based on a group fashion, foods, books and understanding**
That is when I knew finally who I was, am.
I studded so hard on how to get that strength. It worked for me enough to be able to think for myself and know this much..if witches were real babies, there would not have been an 18 hundred year rein of terror and torture of women, children as young as 2 years old and men for all that time. All in the name of their god of the day..Jesus..who never one time wrote anything himself so we do not know him, we make him up every century or so.
Is astrology real?
Is jesus real? Is witchcraft real?
Yes..they are and we will see how humans craft that idea in to a real life we can accept. Of course we will. No one can hide from progress  and the truth..not the churches or pagans. We cannot devolve..not yet. If ever..I do not see it. Our Universe is expanding..then the big crunch and then here we go again..continuing forever...It is so amazing!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello I love you,

not in the creepy stalky way either :)

I am shipping all orders today and it is good. The tonka, the tonka and what an adventure just working with her has been. A new must in my selection of oils! Tonka allows the dry off to collect itself and carry on!

I like it in patchouli with just says, "carry on!"

Let us all focus on Mercury retrograde for a minute and how old friends and lovies call you and smile for you and make your heart swell right now!
That is what we are here for, to exchange that "energy" which reflects what we are to each other, what memories we have together and why we still care for one another.
We just do. We cannot stop.
We love people who are mean to us, too gruff all the time, and so on..
hey man, you know what I say about that?
"You are not entitled to be mean and mad all the time.  Especially over my errors!"
Make a good memory for loved ones. Tell them good words and make them good food to eat if you want to. But your secret dalliances will only hurt and torture..Mercury is about secrets unraveling! Remember this,
if is is a dark secret and you cannot talk about it in a rational organized way, it is not good..being transparent is the best way. this does not  mean you need to to talk to a priest and confess every mistake..think for yourself and be really powerful with out their crutches which still worship human sacrifice and blood rituals in order to please their archetype of a middle eastern tyrant, if ever there was one!
Find the light and carry on. Smile once and a while at just anyone. Look in to their eyes to see if they caught the glance from you. It is really powerful.

Yes, far away friends are thinking of you. They are wondering about you and sending you love through the ether..hahaaa it is true. mental telepathy is just now being accepted a  a valid science..Mitchio Kaku talks about in one of his books. he is great and loves Alfred Einstein like me.
I love him!

Energy is always transforming and is carried, held by gravity and dark matter and dark energy..slowly becoming not so dark..we will also know what they are light which travels in space..all
we are advanced forms of energy but not as much as we may think?
I do not know.
Does it matter?
Yes and no..and carry on again..

I was thinking about this.."carry on"

I think about it because you are everything you've done. You carry that..every thought, every behavior, every drug and every are carrying becomes a space in your little infinitesimally small time here...
does it matter?
only in how well you carry on.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

perfumes and why they cost so much

They are expensive for a reason. You need a lot when you are thinking perfume and the way it makes the alcohol so dense with its vibrancy.
I have been testing the waters on perfume. I do not decant or strain because I feel like its is a waste of resources..but true perfume is art. It is art all day. Not only does it take expensive and rare oils to make a good one, but it takes time to make it good. Just like in wine making and fine Kentucky Bourbon.
Time..evolution, all fits when you look at it from far away on the outside.

You may have noticed that I have some new higher pricing on the perfumes or room sprays. Don't be mad. There are other things on my etsy ( ) that will be reasonable, I promise.
I want to make a few really nice things and not a production line of cheap citrus sprays just because I want to sell a lot which I do..I just do not want to bust my ass keeping up with orders that might become common and then I will have to re evaluate who I am in relation to skin care and perfume art.
My conclusion, is there is no conclusion to this theme.
I must evolve and make money at the same time. I buy oils from the same guys that  my customers can buy oils from..eden, sunrose, white lotus..

"practice what you are worth"
(sometimes we forget that for  us)

My generosity to skin care is always going to be there, but, I want to simplify and refine if you know what I mean. each batch of soap or body oil can cost up to 300 hundred dollars to make..think about the riches in is worth every penny I invest.., only time and effort bring what they bring..

That Yuzu blend is blowing my mind right now! We will have a gentler priced spray for that. It rocks man!

I am having a Saturn transit through my 12th house. What ever that means..this is a time of creation from with in and knowing my real value and..also..relying on my inner self, my consciousness is  to be comfortable there. In mythical astrology, Saturn is time and the twelfth house is the closet.
As a human, my closet gets piled up with  things I do not need. My clothes change here and there, I wear things out and give them or toss them when they are not good anymore. I do not like to be too raggy, do I?

I love you!
I am watching, The Killing
I just finished the 3rd season..what a well written story and that girl, is a Libran!
and they say astrology doesn't work!!;))

Can I just call myself an Astrological Cosmologist?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Ideas

This is Linda's latest. It is everything I love in relation to invoking a certain idea or energy to my work.

I've been told that I'm changing and my work reflects this.

New Bath Oils on Etsy!

Friday, January 9, 2015

bath oils for the next month

there are some nice new practical bath oils being made ready for you and  I must say, I can smell every thing with new  wonder now, because my cold is almost all isn't mine anymore!

Yuzu Bergamot Orange Blossom Petitgrain
A light after bath oil that is so stunning and so fragrant. It feels like a wonderful day in a Tuscan villa!
My favorite  in the afternoon. It is so fresh, making your mouth just water!
Patchouli Tonka Bath Oil
 A classic patchouli with delicate and light soothers..a drop vetiver and a drop lavender and one drop sandalwood
Witchy Winter Rose
a spicy bath oil for that really hot babe reading this
rose cardamom vanilla is a bath  oil for the rose lover!

The base is composed of organic carriers fortified with green tea oil and kukui nut oil. Practical and smell great, yes!

I am about to make labels..I hope you get to enjoy one. Which one would please you most?

Photos Soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

anything woodsy, fir, woodsy?

I had meant to make the green fig soap woodsy with the fir and spruce oils in there, but it took a very sour note in there somewhere. The oak moss and fir had a tangy effect on the whole thing.
I had been obsessed with fig smells because a boy at work who is a sweet boy, turns me on to his ideas from a conventional stand point. he also loves natural and is also willing to cross the line..
He has all these expensive perfumes because his boyfriend works as some buyer for the cosmetics at Nordstrums..It is all crap..modern perfume is nothing like what we do. Nothing! I do not have to tell you that at times, I do not have the strength and fortitude to explain my standpoints on oils and natural skin care. Dude, there may be nothing at all real in there!
 They talk about it, they describe things so romantically, giving their fancy French names and with having a musk smell or leather, but it is fake all day my babies.
They are lying fuks with tons of money to make glossy looking labels in order to stupefy us some more so that we become lost in their haze, their poisonous fumes. I read one persons review about a natural perfumer. She said it smelled amazing but it was too sticky on her skin and this perfumer should get with the program and use the lighter ingredients even though they are synthetic..right!
Which they are.
The reason I am even talking about it is because I want cassis..I want to make a fruity oil maybe a body cream..The, I do not want a fakin ketone..the magic is in the oil..the invocation creation an image in our mind and making an impression on our hearts. How can you even talk about phenyl hexa or even tri hexa?
They also make an impression..perhaps bringing in confusion,  sadness and a headache?
I had sent a girl I knew in Costa Rica some bergamot soap because she loves it so much..bergamot..
she sent me a perfume in the mail that was her idea of beragmot..I had to throw it away..she has since died so do not worry that she will have her feelings hurt. It is really not that way. She did not know about real oils and why we love them. She was fixed on the idea that shiny expensive perfumes are a status and a royal right.
She loved the soap. I made it with nothing but bergamot for her because she was sick with cancer. She still found time to thank me..I found that very touching and will never forget her. She gave me a gold coin in case I had to bribe the Salvadorian police on my trip back from Cental America. I loved her, just not her perfume.
She did not know. most people do not. They eat raw and organic and then douse themselves with poisonous fumes!
And what is with this whole organic fragrance? It is not essential oil, it is an "organic" synthetic?
I do not want it, I know that.

Leather like English Leather may have a resemblance of leather but honestly the art has died when men would scrape animal hides and then scrape in spices and birch is an art..not some factory driven thing..

I have loved working on leather scents. I am just now forging a nice space in my mind on how and why and what I want in this scent. my plan is to have a leather base which I can use as a final step in scenting..
Chypre and mossy blends like fougere are easiest for me to construct essential oils and resins. Leather? It has been lovely. When I mix my oils I wait about two weeks and then  go back and smell to review. I may not be a famous perfumer but I will tell you that I can smell stuff. I know fake a long way away.

So what makes a good perfume really good?
Longevity and nice finish and the remaining scent at the end of the day.Yes, but the invoked vibration is what draws us to something. We want to partake of the power which drives us to great things..what should they be?

I love to put my warm bath robe on at night and smell my oils from the morning. It feels really good to have that.

So, we  have been missing a few soap bars..we need to make more neem salt soap with rahssoul..people love that soap!
We need to make a woodsy forest blend soap and we need the ghost back..soon we should  make frankincense soap again..We also need to make some citrus. I will wait a month for that. I want to also include rosewood somehow..I am using "we" in the royal sense here::))it is

Rosewood palo santo together?  Both an acquired taste and yet, we crave the oddities..we do!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the dry down of patchouli

The old whore is about that dry down.
I am in a transition with her always because in all perfumes we have "batches" and each batch is  composed of subtle differences.
In most of my creations and I would say patchouli is something I've  become pretty good at wielding, (each drop from my hand creating waves and swirls in tiny shiny light waves with their own electrical charge)) The idea for me  is that patchouli should always finish having transited over many little tiny particulates from each ingredient.
So if you get a strong wave of something you do not understand now, you will later because the dry off, is like a gentle wave of goodness. patchouli when mixed delicate leather notes(what ever that is)), takes on a gentle mellow glow. You barely recognise it and then you do and you say it is just right for you..
The OW is not for just anyone.
She is chypre and floral and musky and leather..I wonder how that big batch I made for that sweet virgo boy is curing by now. that was a nice one. i put a little smoky salt in there..just a sprinkle..for him to invoke his money making skills to a wondrous flow..riches for everyone, by the way!

I have been brewing up a classic patchouli perfume..I posted it and then took it down. It is not ready.
I will not list it until it is cured a little longer both in my mind and heart. Then, I shall display it for your consideration.
New square little bottles will match the sprayers. They are so cute!

I want to make more perfumed bath and after bath oils. It is winter, we want good oils on us after a bath. Our skin drinks all the nutrition right up!
I am currently exploring fruity blends and also as I continue my journey with okamoss and lavender, A spring fougere will be nice with clovers and violets and elder blossoms on the patchouli lavender and clary sage, the an after shave or after cleanse serum..yes!

I am still not at my very best in energy after succumbing to the little winter bug. By tomorrow, I am back to me old self as I already feel a strong desire to clean things and organise some more. Virus? Is it alive? No? It needs a host? A living host? How does it deicide this? Is it alive?
ha ha ha

Monday, January 5, 2015

the debate continues and the questions still ask

theory of life new science

Yes it is a complicated story, you might want to read it again..I had to.
This is a good article because the debate is not God vs. Darwin.
 I am happy about this story in so many ways..the "not fighting" comments.. because fear makes people say and do things and then fight, call people names and generally fight for the blood of Jesus! Enough blood..unless it is from a dragon! lol
Not here. Everyone asks the questions and no one is mad by it. It is science..chemistry, physics, quantum stuff..
We are so smart! We have figured out so much and also that a human sacrifice has not made one difference one way or the other and there is no way that there is a physical entity with powers beyond our control that  cares one way or another about you and me and what we think..I think we do as a group..our civilization right now..also, We are that entity and we are actually praying and singing to us??!!
Just saying,
You may be barking up the wrong tree. It turns out Mary when pregnant  with Jesus, traveled to Bethlehem 15 kilometers away instead of 100 kilometers on a donkey to the other people have been praying at the wrong site..and yet, they most likely felt better and blessed just the same..I bet they did..they come back with the fake myrrh oil from Israel and say it is blessed by the place where Jesus was killed by the Romans..look, it just does not make sense is all..
worship your own work and be smart, I say. Your Will is your God. Not anything else out side of you and get real myrrh oil..Eden has a good is wonderful to purify and meditate on your good, your humility and your true power as an competition with anyone else because you stand above the fray..the common fray!
Think about what you are doing and think how long it has taken you to become who you are now..
Your ancestors through millions of years having brought you here, one birth at a time and that one giving birth to another until you and me...time is so cool like that.  We are an organism which communicates and has a big brain which is able to use energy to get stuff done to make our lives easier and to live longer..
Earth has never been safer, people live longer today than in any other time..

This new focus will be exciting..the results, smarter than ever..we will no longer invite saviors in our politics, we will invite smart decent scientists like Bill Nigh, Dawkins and if he were still here, Chris Hitchens! We will invite real mathematitians to do our budget and we bail our all or is it ok to give all those banks trillions and then watch as millions  lost their many families became homeless because of those banks over lending practices? Millions! Millions lost their homes and the bank's debt, paid..just like that! Humm! Hitchens,  He had no qualms about things and how we should run religion, no more woman burnings and any one who does, is out..and he meant out!
Here come the drones!

ok, I will stop..:)

Any how, check it out if you want to..I am on a little inferma and will be staying in while I wait for jars which I am all out of. :) We need day cream and night cream and they will be reasonable in price..
I am watching call the midwife on Netlix..
Each episode is so good, I cry a little which you can't tell because my eyes are a little watery from the under the weather feeling I am under..It was that cold rain the other day. it really did me in..
Call The Midwife
It is a beautiful little story..heartfelt and gentle like the writer.
The very begining...
"Are you a religious woman?'
"Not really, Church Of England."


Saturday, January 3, 2015

gothic decadense

IHere is a perfect warming tonic for the cold days up on us. 
Spicy rose is perfect for winter! I have constructed a perfectly spicy brew for any hot blooded warm woman or man...

Bergamot 10 drops
ginger 3 drops
cinnamon co2 3 drops
one drop  saffron
set it aside

gather your rose 10 drops, jasmine 3 drops, ylang ylang extra, 2 drops a drop or two angelica, and one drop or two geranium.
set it aside
mix your base 
in a stainless steel  or glass special vessel used only for this purpose..
 you will add, 
tonka 6 drops
oak moss 6 drops
patchouli 20 drops
vetiver, 10 drops
sandalwood, 10drops

this should be slowly heated in warm water over a double boiler and constantly stirred until it is a smooth dark syrup..gently add your middle notes..let the rose mix through and then add your top notes..the spices explode in to fantastic tiny shiny warming particles..mmmm

Mix this in to a lovely body oil or room is so nice!

Friday, January 2, 2015

big news small planet

skin teeth nail hair
cut the hair
cut your nails
check your teeth

We have a couple of weeks to prepare for mercury retrograde. What ever needs fixing  will be fixed.
Until Feb 12 or so, we should not collide with our desires, think clearly and keep  learning. that is what Saturn in Sagittarius is for. learning and more learning.

When you look to the future of us, you can' matter how psychic you may say you are..we see patterns though, and we know that we do make up the past as we go..some more than others. It depends on how vivid your imagination is. How dramatic your outbursts in your head and how mad you stay over things and how that effects people around you now and  in the past..that is a whole lot of  holding on to bitterness over the years.
Also the things you may find utterly shocking, might not really be that weird or shameful to others..
I think Saturn is arrogant in a sense that he will not budge on what he deems is already right. he can be just as wrong, even if he looks all that and has credentials.
Prove yourself wrong sometimes and do not twist the people know and they secretly don't like you too much when you lie to them in their faces.

Also, people are smarter. We are super smart compared to even 50 years ago when women were told just about everything that was  good for them..while they were  drugged up so much that their babies had to be pulled out with metal forceps..and when they got to be my age, Valium and hysterectomies all goodness..I should check my feminism also more  women doctors and scientists has helped, yes?
"call the midwife"

Honestly, look how far we've come in such a short time..all because humans are getting smart enough to think for themselves and do not need a king savior to tell them what to think..although we collectively tell ourselves what to think and what to buy and which shoes are cool enough to make us sexy enough so we can be blakeky blanked in a hot way..
opps I said a cuss word!
Everyone wants to look nice when saturn makes a move..Saturn, looking in to the past while molding your current future. I like him.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

simmering the dragon

the dragon will simmer down and so will we.

Happy New Year

I am making my new year offering at this moment and as my brew simmers down I would like to tell you a few things I think about on  mornings as I plan  and ponder on my day I  remember how amazing I am. lol
((labdanum with three frankincense and cedars and oud and jasmine and rose and lemon drops and bergamot..cade, birch melted in vanilla))

Well, what can I say, what ever this life is, I am on a good path right about now in time and space.
If I were to really turn Capricornian, I would make a list in my head of my finest points and work on those.
What is your good path?
What do you do every day to nurture others and yourself? I mean how can you even begin to give to others if you can't even be generous to your self? I forget that to myself sometimes!
We can be cheap to ourselves! How then can we share anything?
I don't know, but we should also beware of sharing with the wrong people. You give and give, they give nothing much back or do not give the thing you want them to give! Out of pride?
That is still being cheap to yourself in my opinion. That there is a crack in the  love cup so the ultimate price is leakage of important connectors in a relationship..

The sheep are coming. they group together as a whole to create a protection for the whole group. Choose which heard you follow I suppose.
In everything there is a hierarchy and our leader or top organizers must be transparent. And boy oh boy..look and see what you find when that happens!
CIA, my ass! Who are you guys kidding? Earth can be a safe nice happy place..ah but we have to argue about dumb shit (sorry, but when god tells you to bomb things, it is dumb shit) and cover our women..if you'd like to see how they will evolve in 50 years,  when they finally get to do what they want, like drive a car and wear what they want, dude, look at Kim pretty and fake..with the heels and that Gwen Stefanie..both Libras by the way..there are always two kinds of Libras..I'm more the Jessica Lang
Plus i am practical minded and would likely fall wearing shoes like that.:)


The brew.. simmering a rare and heavenly. I had conjured this up last year at this time. That is how it works (the magic)), you put a little treasure away for yourself and it then invokes your inspirations now..
This is a mystic nights blend I made and put away in beeswax as a base for mystic balms and other resin incense notes I love. this morning, all the oils just gathered themselves before me to make this.
It is a beautiful freezing cold day out there and we are warm in here.