Monday, December 31, 2012

Tomorrow's New Year

The ritual of crossing over an invisible threshold isn't new at all but people have been doing it for a long time. Thousands of years even..So to me it isn't that weird to know that tomorrow will be 2013..
I am very excited about it and a little scared of course.
In the course of a year so much can happen it all becomes a blur and then you look back and you have a twang in your heart because of losses and violent separations between other humans and yourself. And it is all because we don't want to change..the reason it hurts so bad I mean.
Also we are self serving and arrogant..that is Saturn in Scorpio right and and next year too.. so there is that aspect on this whole is awesome because we get to do it again and do better..

The thing with rituals and the crossing over is important to me and in my mind, cannot be under observed. Look at how we still have weddings and funerals in churches, where we cry and beg the divine spirit to not forget us at our ultimate demise..

When I was a little girl in Proti Florina Greece, I remember such rituals of Christmas and the new year with Ayios Vasilis which we celebrated this time of year..

Happy New Year
Another chance to do it amazingly!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

still on etsy

yup still on etsy.
Ok.  ok, sometimes I go through my mental stuff...I want to be in a peaceful honey space. And all the friking nail polish on etsy is annoying! Not every day, but , quite often there are more and more business people making etsy sites because they know about 500 million people a year go there.

Hey man, people like nail polish..who am I the nail polish police? No.  but in my mind I think....
 " Like I want to see nails everywhere" They put layers and layers of chemical latex bonds on their nails and they  may be all yellow underneath..but that is besides the point.. There are  many other products I would rather not look at next to mine..but then...

Look at us!! We are on etsy, looking at pretty things reading pretty words..hopefully some of mine.
The point is that etsy is want a red velvet cape ( which dang it but I need one of those..), you can get one. You can get any color cape that an artist made on etsy...Perfume with natural oils? Yup, there are many..always read the ingredients..cute witchy names don't always mean aromatherapy.
People make  nice things though,  like my friend Matt who makes those sweet tea shirts.
he has taught his young un' cute..

thank you by the way and have a wonderful day.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

the dud

I don't  know if you were with me around 2011 when I made that whole batch of incense and then I took the really sticky concentrated parts and put them in a frankincense based botanical soap. Some sort of kyphi blend I had wanted.
For months after cutting the soap, I would walk by and smell it, put it down, and think, "not ready"  for months! My friend Tonie would say, "leave it, it'll be good"
I had doubts and once again, she was my wisdom magnet.
After a while and more than two months later this product had transformed itself into a special and spectacular soap with heavy vibes of protection and steadiness..I can't seem to find the photo but you might have enjoyed a bar..that was the past..and....I was also going through a Saturn aspect in my chart..Saturn is really important and worthy of investigating where this giant is making magnetic angles in your chart...

Saturn teaches patience
growing up

in allowing others to shine, you get brighter
say you are sorry
Saturn wants you Saturn makes you be you are sorry..true story::))lol

Today we have my gorgeous satsuma which I added a whole heap of orange wax to.
I am heavy handed at takes a long time anyhow and now orange wax even longer..
At the very worst, we will have to toss it..or in 6 months it'll remind us of Italy in Summer..Italy should smell like mandarins and oranges and maybe you are  on a marble patio overlooking the sea..with citrus trees all around and as you know you can always walk by and pluck a lemon blossom and blow yourself away because nothing you had smelled in a bottle can compare..unless of course you go to the next tree and also pluck a bitter orange blossom and you rub that one  on your heart..

have a wonderful day"_))

Friday, December 28, 2012

the past

Have you ever written something, a poem perhaps and then gone back to read it years later?
I have a hard time  with that. It is weird to go back and glance at the frame of mind you were in a year ago on paper.
I usually stay within a few weeks time frame because when going back to read, you have to edit yet more embarrassing errors. Or, you are like, "Did I say that? What a geek!"

The past is so messed up, yo!
In the past people fuck you over or you have done it to them.
Well, perhaps we expect too much from others and not enough from ourselves.
All I am saying is, emotional drama happens, take it from me. With 7 children, there is always one giving me heartache..anger or sadness, it is still all the same heart wrenching human condition.
There is a trick to not getting too involved in their life but having boundaries enough to get your way in all things..
Do you think that is a selfish way to think? To demand your own way?
I don't. This is ma smoking, no perfume unless it is mine or Justine's and no traffic in my bathroom..

More importantly in this little rant of mine is the fact that each morning you get a chance to do it all over again.
You can wake up and blame yourself for ruining your own life, blame everyone else. or smile and be glad and don't have a ruined life! What, one little thing crushes you and now you are dead? No!
Be glad and measure your talents daily and say thank you for all the goodness..all the goodness and wonderment of being. Remembering, having good food and being warm under a full moon on an icy winter's morning..
that's the stuff!
thank you:) have a wonderful day.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Full Moon

We had our first big snow fall yesterday. It is always exciting to see that much snow falling and covering everything white. So cold and the wind has been howling before all the snow came.
Wind is comes to clear the air.
It is about ideas and it is about cleansing both the body and the mind.
Now as winter settles in to it frosty rest, we too can take reprieve and rest our weary minds..

The full moon exposes true intentions and one must gather them and decide where one sit on the fence and get pelted by take your place, be quiet, and you will be peaceful and calm..
Who am I a philosopher?

Pluto is going to play it big for the next few  months. I know this because I follow Pluto in my chart big time.
In my first house at this moment and perhaps for the rest of my life here on earth.
Pluto has had some touchy angles in the last few months and with Uranus involved, it can be violent and passionate at the same time.
It is like "he loves me he loves me not"
he love me
"he" meaning he, she, them, it, god..
look at it like this
you have a ram and a goat serpent in a battle or grazing peacefully on the mountain range enjoying their lives....
because in the end, it is about happiness and contentment and that there is never an end..everything is always continually expanding, changing, disintegrating, coming back together because each cell has a memory.

now my brain is thinking about this;
if all that is true and each cell has a  memory, and in the beginning after the big bang , our planets formed, the exploded in heat so hot that it is inconceivable to fathom and that is what mystics back in time may have thought was Hell and God punishing us..maybe some have visions of what happened as we have formed in time...
maybe it is our cells remembering all that and yet through that, fire and brimstone, we have flourished and become more intelligent than ever before!
now my brain hurts for all that big thinking!!
have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara

Matt Smith (Dr Who) is Scorpio and his new companion Clara is Taurus in real life..
They have a certain chemistry which ooses brain plus sex..
That is Taurus and Scorpio together..intense, sexy and earthy with a little sting...
what do you think??

Dr Who Ideas by me,

update after the episode: The Snowmen  12/26/2012
In spite of all the commercials  and breaks I loved it. I need to see it again because Moffat is so fast, you are like supposed to already know stuff..I love  the doctor, all of them...and we still cried at the thought of Amy..
My daughter Emily, was a little confused as he is married to River, as  you may recall, .but you must also know that River died in the Library episode and they are in reverse time with each other.
One of my favorite and most creepy..they are all a little creepy. Dr Who;The Library..

I hope that you get to see this and as for me, I will wait for the box set of the season to really indulge in The Dr and Steven Moffat's style of writing.
I still miss Russel T..he made me cry at every story. He can rip your heart out with words that man can..

because he's the doctor

but dr how, he saves the planet all the time and never stops to bow..he's the doctor, but dr who......
sung by charlie on youtube.

Tonight, and all for us..Dr Who Christmas Special -The Snowmen

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012


Remember when jane fonda had dance exercise books and we would go to Bally fitness and do aerobics?
Well, in the olden days we would learn routines that we did to the beat of each song and they were the same every time.
I still think I can do the whole set of 9 to 5 with dolly parton or something..hah hahahaa
By the time I started teaching aerobics know, you go to class so much you fly through that..I was an ok dancer..if it weren't for my bow legs I would have gone  not really..I went to real dance classes all the time and could not keep up to save my life.
But I still loved the movement and excitement of dancing.
and by the time I began teaching, I wanted to dance to billy idol and the kinks..people would walk out of my class. Oh man that hurt.
Then, something happened. My classes became so full that there was a waiting list.
I made it fun, it was loud, I ran next to them, I did 500 or more sit ups a day.
(you can still see my six pack under a nice smooth layer of fat that there is at this moment:)

In your 20's you can do so much more physical stuff. I know, I  know, you are as old as you feel. It is true but your bones can only take so much abuse not matter how much botox you squirt in your eyebrows....
then again that crease would go away..botox...really? For about 1500 dollars,  you can inject enough filler to make your self look 20 years younger....
the future is creepy sometimes and then it is just like we are making it, I suppose.

I mean I think my mom who never wears make up looks really pretty..she was so pretty as girl, we all were.

I think I will not mind my crone phase at all, I'll be graceful as I age.

happy festivus
2013= 6

Sunday, December 23, 2012

the pope

It is blasphemous to talk about the pope..course their kind made up the word so we would all be afraid..and believe me, we were in light of the consequences.
What does that guy have to do with making the rules of who goes to heaven? Or who has sex with who?
Honestly, I don't think a so called monk need   avail himself in current events but instead should be in his cave meditating.

and Santa..what is this modern day retail booster have to do with solstice, sneaking into bedrooms making lists..??
He knows if you're la
he can go to jail for that I am sure and yet every year we sing his song!

Santa is Oden, modernized by Coca Cola..

see back about four thousand years ago while cultures on earth, decided they were the chosen people, the northern people were making up stories of their idea of god, Oden, Thor, Freya...others were looking at other options to say god..
after about two and a half thousand years, a collective group of Christians had a meeting and made Jesus's birthday be around celebrations of yule that simply would not go away....people have their customs!
Even after 500 years of hearsay, after he was gone, they most likely did not know..they only knew where the stars were during a roundabout time...some say that is January 6th others say, March, April....point being, everyone wanted to partake of feasting during Saturnalia and all that fun.. so this is Christmas..and what have we done..
Oh, The Romans celebrated Saturnalia during Solstice..and the druids  had their own thing...

It is pre dawn here on pre  Christmas eve...
I can't sleep. This does not often happen as I usually sleep like a log..a yule log!

God's name is sweet in any language..

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Winter Soltice

i hope for you all the joy and contentment that you can stand and then more money on top of that and that you are always smelling good and looking gorgeous!

libra men

Libra men are zealots!
They are collectors and love metal.
I meet one now and again and we totally hit it off. Libra men are funny, quick witted and overweight by what, 60..50??
Sorry guys, I meet a lot of men and by the time they get to be my age and if they indulge in beer and cookies, they break down just as much as all of us women..
When I was 20 ish I ran, rode my bike, went to the gym and then martial arts after I go to work, walk about 10 miles up and down stairs, come home and rest from all that. I never go to the gym as i have developed some sort of aversion to the sweat factor on equipment from other people.

Anyhow this story is about Libra men...and how they always like me..not many men is complicated lol~
Like this overweight Libra dude that came in last night, he was my age, rather tan, and spoke of his cars and his accomplishments in collecting and how he bought a car from warner brothers from the dukes of hazard..
"oh, cool"  I said, when I saw them..he had pictures.
And then asked him why needs so many..9....(maybe he has money, it is very opulent in bloomfield hills michigan)
He spoke of his mom a couple times and how he can't leave her..awe!!!
I love my mom like that, I thought to myself right away.
But Libra on Libra just doesn't work for me..too many Libras in a room and I get very tired of boasting after a while..see how it is complicated? I am like the princess and the pea about men...

Libra loves to have been accomplished, they do good work and have high intuition. They can see light around people, at least I can. I can see the obstruction if I want to look. I am never is a gift from God, ma'am!
there I go boasting,lol


Thursday, December 20, 2012

my name is anastasia

"what's your  name again"
people ask me all day..all day I say!

ann ana anastasia tashoula and yes they all have their own profile..
ann, innocent but still a zealot and unconventional

ana, more compassion and guilt  than ever before
cried a bunch during that phase..
which is why some people pull you towards them. To purge something. i would guess that my marriage to, you know, that guy..was the cause of much of my sadness ( he loved to prove how diabolical I was, ass!))..oddly enough, I did some great work back good as now?

 No way! I can still use all the best oils, avocado, shea butter, cacao..they are all at my finger tips and any oil I want comes to me as much as I want..but not all there is because there is enough for all of us! This is what i love, and this is who I am right now.

elder hawthorn red clover soap with red clover extract, violet leaf, elder co2, marjoram, african lavender, rosemary...
leave this be for as many and three, four weeks
and it will unfold something nice..your hearts desire as clover opens the heart and hawthorn protects it. Knowing your higher purpose and doing good deeds is the way to freedom...clear your mind from all debris, all sadness.

we are one
breathing light from our sun
each cell with a its task
gladly knowing what to do
saying, "i love you"


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

cacao to cacao

I am so in love with vanilla or should I say vanillas?
The Madagascar version is my favorite..funny so is vetiver from there.
Everything I get from Madagascar is fragrant, smooth. Don't get me wrong, I love all of them, the Tahitian vanilla total is fantastic.
What better to pair with than cacao??
That is how you say it now. Not cocoa but "cacao".
Why the change in wordage, you might wonder?
Well the people that harvest and roast cacao beans speak mostly Spanish but not limited to. Anyhow the rest of the world calls the chocolate, cacao after it's processed in to a dark brown powder or paste..
The seeds are harvested and be raw I would assume at very low temps below 115 degrees.
I tried making cacao when I was in Costa Rica, but it was such a pain in the aasss that I quit. I only had like 5 or six beans anyhow. It takes a long time to do anything without equipment but the people there adapt, not so much.
There was a time when Costa Rica produced a ton of cacao, but there was some sort of thing that killed most of the cacao in the northern areas..sad..don't worry, there are people down there who are planting new crops and maintaining the plants health organically.
Vanilla grows in the same areas too. Hot, damp, rainy, sunny, well drained..Ah, what a life for some. I would love it, if my mom and dad and all my kids were there with family, what with all their little quirks, that is where I am happiest, I think.


ever since the number seven

..and other not so random thoughts....

The number seven comes up for me a lot. Probably because I have a 12th house Saturn and all that goes with that.
And, probably because at this stage of my life, I am continually changing into what I'll become.
Take work, for example.
Well, guess what? All the negative people have gone. There are those there:) who just want to go to work, do well and enjoy their job...

as much as you can in a retail setting, and I can attest to the fact that it can be really fun and really good...
people are changing however, they watch TV and wait for a TV doctor to tell them what to do, they don't even use Google for gosh sakes! Books and such things are going to be more of a rarity, I am afraid .but hey, that is the out side world my friends. Not us!
We are always looking, examining, considering the karma involved..karma...the personification of cause and effect, the law of attraction, the secret, om..

Anyhow I am always reviewing the seven.
It comes before 8, :)..
* is my favorite
* it is about fighting, reviewing and realizing that sometimes you can walk away from a fight, you do not have to argue every point and not every attack is about a is about valor, being scared and doing anyhow.

The Seven of Wands can also indicate strong convictions.
In order to take a firm stand, you must believe in your position and yourself.
You’ll need integrity and strength of character to see you through.
If your cause is just, use the energy of the Seven of Wands to make a difference.
more on 7 of wands here;

Monday, December 17, 2012

Whitethorn and Elder Soap

I got some herbs at Zerbos. A whitethorn  elder blossom tea by a brand called Almased. It contains woodruff, marjoram and celery seeds, whitethorn or hawthorn and of course elder.
I am steeping that all day and will cool it and then really grind the herbs with the liquid. This, I will add to soap in the final phase with the following  essential, all that  you see in the photo.
Elder flower, linden, sweet clover and red raspberry..the marjoram  essential oil is from is perfect unto itself..

This blend of herbs which one would drink of they weren't a saopie, is an a excellent tonic for kidney and heart. hawthorn is well regarded among alternative folks as a helper of heart health. It has a property which helps break up fatty sticky stuff in your veins..If you are looking for an herbal experience in soap and wish to stimulate your circulatory system, you would do well to choose hawthorn as a daily tea and take a bath with my herbal creation..I am making soap with it. It'll look very herbal and you should use a bit now and save the rest for May Day celebrations..
Do plant yourself a hawthorn in the yard, the flowers are so nice in spring.

what do you think of this combination up there? Nice, right?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

gg neroli

gg neroli

"g" for gratitude
grub for goodness sake!

Creamy goodness, pure Tunisian neroli and loads of shea butter in soap is a once in a while luxury. This is that once in a while!

I am in awe of oils! I love them so much. I love neroli so so so so much lol

Trouble is, unless you use a whole  bunch and for us working girls about a 100 bucks worth is stretching it.
You have to "gird your loins" ( as my Tonie says) in order to made up for that kind of expense.
(BTW, that may be the right idea, but you get it)
you know what I say?
"Is that all, give me two!"
ha ha ha ha
ho ho ho


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


As we all get older and every year around this time, as we  get to remembering how good we have it, I'll say this much about it.
Thank you for this day
thank you for all the money
thank you for delicious food
thank you for soap and essential oils

I call this soap "satsumas"

My friend Michelle, sent me a wonderful parcel!
 Orange wax which she has kept in  refrigeration and  she doesn't want it to just sit there, she gifted me with it..
A whole kilo for gosh sakes!
She loves me, and I love her..golly, how long have we all been making soap now?

I made this soap..last night.
Red mandarin oil with orange wax..
I wanted to put neroli and I thought about that, or black pepper.. or patchouli..yummm
I held my hand with both hands;)
made it simple
it is bright
with subtle mandarin smoothness and joy mixed in.

There will be plenty of time to make more about geranium, anyone craving some about now? Not everyone loves geranium, and I can take it or leave it..right now, I can take it, I even want some. A good geranium oil can be hypnotic.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

salt scrubs

I made these for one of my gals and wonder how everyone else might feel about salt scrubs.

I have a soapie who loves loves vetiver! I swear that girl must smell amazing at the end of the day because that is how vetiver works. It bides its time and just gets better on you through the day and then at dusk, you get another layer of its gloriousness!
 I hope she likes these:) I am  also making more vetiver soap for her and maybe a couple of others who might like that earthy goodness!

I love the jars because they provide a secure seal and no leaking is important for someone in my line of work..that and hairs..which is why I am considered OCD about the floors here.


Monday, December 10, 2012

dark moon work

means rest and thinking, scheming, stocking of thoughts, smiling secretly knowing what you know you want, every thought and every whisper of a dream can become real if you intend it long enough..
I am intending flourishness
more knowledge
farming and all the miraculous oils we can get our hands on:)

next soap for yule will be......

a red mandarin neroli soap

And for me and Tonie,
Geranium Bourbon and Vetiver Soap.
I happen to, right now have, an awesome smokey vetiver and also a super fine geranium oil.
What do you want me to say? It is smacking good. It is deep and sultry and the vetiver makes it more so. You are left with a glow which is undefinable. Thoughtful? Yes!
 Like a fire in the woods and a woman... burning with fervent ideas, mysterious and handy at the same time.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merlin and patchouli oil reference

they use real references to oils and homeopathy all the time on the  show. My kids are like "too bad it was cancelled" Merlin prescribed patchouli for circulation and blood thinning....

Some things are only meant to be with us for a while I got cancelled because the writers were able to be as creative as they have been and can only create so many scenarios of Camelot being under attack!
I love the energy of the writing and the acting.
A Libra to play the king. He is cute..and the guy who plays Merlin is a what else but Capricorn!!
They both display perfectly their signs, too. Libra's ability to smell good and still allow for jack ass situations and then there is the Capricorn, able to laugh at him and know that he is something more powerful than any earthly king could create and yet he is still humble..biding his time, changing things with his will and ability to see though all the way to the edge of reality...
Capricorns are like that, man!!:):)

Friday, December 7, 2012

archaic yultide

since before they began writing things down, men and women had festivities during this time of year..
it is cold
all the fields are resting
there is plenty of food
and fermented drinks
beer really saved the world was a clean way to get liquids in you even when the water isn't so clean and it makes you feel nice. This note isn't about beer though. It is about me making a ritual of soap and scent and texure....

two months of festivities were the custom December it shall be at my place!
I will begin with my gift of specially prepared resin and black walnut soap.
There will be 11 more creations coming during this best time ever here on Earth.
December 7, 2012
Archaic Yuletide A Black Walnut Soap

In prep for this batch I gathered my resins. larch, cedar, mastic, myrrh, and ground them as finely as I could.
I then slowly simmered  this in a stainless steel container in a water bath until it became a loose paste. During this phase I also added the balsam fir absolute which really needs a hot process melt to be loosened up a is weird sweet and tangy and sweet again.
This was poured in to a soap formula at trace..trace mean that the soap cream is ready to be poured in a mold and have its chemical
Once thoroughly mixed in the resins dispersed evenly and very smoothly in the soap cream base! jajaja
I then added the walnut powder and essential oils of frankincense, cedar, cyprus and templin fir cone:)

Black Walnut Wood
Feminine and Masculine energies are present in Black Walnut. Closely aligned with the elements of Earth and Spirit. Walnut is sacred to the Gods Vashaan, Zues, Jupiter, Thor, and Vishnu.

Magical properties: Black walnut wands are well used in magics of teleportation, astral travel, weather working, averting lightening, powers of the wind and breath, and motivation.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

mugwort and mistletoe

Next time you need to relax and just chill out, go ahead and smell some mugwort.
Today I did just that. I took a long drag man! I inhaled the scent to get the the feeling it gives! I had a bowl of oils ready for soap cream, I poured in the mistletoe extract and then the mugwort.
It gives a feeling alright!
I almost passed out.
I began to sweat and my head was spinning. I had to lie down for about twenty minutes. When it was all over, I was relaxed and focused. I finished my chores and relaxed a bit more.
Ah mugwort!
What adventures there are in soapmaking, right?

christmas smells

what would they be...
would they be anise and mint
or cinnamon with orange
or spruce with fir
and frankincense and myrrh?

I want them all for the feeling. the coming  in the house and it smells of all these plus bread in the oven or some goody on the stove.

I will make a soap for yule today.
It should have some resin and melted things in it.
I'll infuse it with my thoughts for the amazing year which has been
and I'll conjure delicious schemes for the next which we shall easily navigate and create like a magical children

soap to be made 12+6+2012=14=5

 a great day to chill and be internal. 5 is about resting getting over a cold and actual chills, meditating, breathing....understanding without reacting..comes easily

old whore

a third one too..
what, patchouli mandarin??
(I need to think about that, it'll be a surprise, a last minute thought)

I have been wanting more cardamom lime soap. That was such an underrated soap and so creamy. All I did was add organic thick coconut milk at the finish. It made a nice hard bar too.
Lime is one of my favorite oils. So fresh and bright!
I should make more of that one.

ah the old whore she opens doors xx

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mercury and The True Node In Scorpio

Mercury and Venus too, Saturn in the beginning stages of Scorpio ..yea...

The True Node is a place not an item like another sphere. Apparently it has powers to bring good and better days. For Scorpio, that is so welcome. They are the last to complain and say they are weak right now, to say they are sorry and to ask for some compassion..all true.

I am talking about Scorpio because if ever in the year there was a time to hone in on some thing which needs clearing out and deciphered, it is now.
Lessons learned and new beginnings are all in order. But not before some tears are shed. Cry for the good, I say! Cry because you are safe and someone (many) loves you..otherwise the venom which you create with your thoughts, poisons you, I mean, where else is it going to go?

Monday, December 3, 2012


Watching Merlin on Netflix..very nice and enjoyable and my favorite character is Morgana!
The actress is  Scorpio!
Gorgeous, stunning and emotional..
I love astrology, because I believe Morgana should be Scorpio.. what else would she be?
Katie McGrath as Morgana

talking about love talking about the will to be loved

I am not shipping soap today like I thought I was going to.
 My schedule at work changed. When you work a job like this, you have to be accountable..well I do anyway. We invest so much time with all those people and then the corporation runs on a  rhythm on to itself....I am off tomorrow and would rather handle your packages calmly without work related issues surrounding my brain.

My awesome I've grown and enjoyed the process.  I have  grown to love certain people in the time they spend in my rhelm (spell that one) if you will.

The Gemini guy, gorgeous))..the Aries girl I work with, ( she is brillant) The Sag girl who I will argue religion with, she is Armenian and freaks out if you mention anything about science..the Capricorn Aquarius really big guy who stuns everyone with his leader abilities. Some men are born to control a whole group, yes?
There are also  many Libra men who work with me as well, and Libra women too. We Libras, we must enjoy the service,  the status and trust of clients and such..they are all so smart and diverse. I mean how else would so many Libras get together in one place? If you count all the people who run the store, Libras are there at the toppish:)
 But..we are also behind the scenes too. We are awesome at not leading..we are awesome at attracting and enjoying while being precise, we Libras are.
Cancer women now , are more subtle. sexy and curvy they are... I work with a Cancer girl who is  so ficken cute! Her ass wiggles when she walks away and yes it is  fun to watch men hang around her...puppies all of them..all she has to to do is unload boxes. I should spray some vanilla patchouli on her..I gave her some sulfur soap for her skin. She used it. her skin did look better.

I love them, even the Virgo ones, even them:):) (kidding) stop being sad Virgo dear, the best is yet to come!
Virgo is smart funny charming but the best thing to me is Virgo is, compassionate on a personal level. They will not go and save the world for you, but  they will be there when you are crying, they will tell it like it is and they will be understanding. Someone has to analyse and decipher!

more on people later.

"I am opening my heart and turning in and all at once to have expanded out to everywhere, my thoughts are like seeds spreading across vast waves of time and space"

I hope you are well and happy to have read this, thank you:)



Sunday, December 2, 2012


lets us see..

a person works to make a masterpiece..
(or one which they deem so)
anyhow, they work and they wrap and they set up a shop for handmade things that is easy to navigate on line.
etsy..awesome people, good crafters, nail polish makers..fine I'll join..
90% of me loves it. I attract a customer who knows what she ~ he wants and loves is special to me.

Go to the bath and beauty home page on etsy and tell me how many brown dog poop soaps you see. There is always at least one..this morning there are three!
Think about 3... whoa, 6 and then 12 dog poop sellers!?? What sort of gag is this?

I suppose that is what one might consider as life's "fecal notes"...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pluto in Capricorn and what do I know about it

All I know is that I have The Moon in Capricorn and Pluto is lingering at my ascendant ..and that should give me a pretty good gauge to me as to the flavor the vibe and because Pluto in Sagittarius was passing over my 12th for so many years.
Well, I know this much..Pluto in Capricorn is still kicking my but. In a good way in many different ways but also in a hard my bones hurt sort of way as well...
(notice the use of so many W's in a sentence..That was Pluto in Capricorn!)

I get frazzled with money..that is a big one because I love spending on food, oils, and books.

I work full time
I maintain a lovely soap business which also takes my time
do all the laundry
I clean the kitchen daily, they all help a home is tidy and smells so good..
I study with Emily, she is so smart
watch a Merlin

I do not want to make plans or hang out..
I do not fit in with the in crowd
I do not want to date

Tell  me about your impressions of patchouli and vanilla together and how that makes you feel.. maybe we can have tea together:)
other wise your accomplishments seem like bragging.
Look in to my closely into my  eyes and let me smell vetiver under your arm pits and vanilla in your breath... allow me to hear your ideas on God and how we are already infinite and part of a huge exploding star...

If Pluto represents "getting rid of" processes, one would do well to look at the house that Pluto is visiting for the next 7ish years.
I should make a mental list today of all the qualities of the first house and how I will harness Pluto's energies..
this time:) lol


Friday, November 30, 2012

more on soapmaking

It is wonderful to meet people who care about soapmaking. I know I do. I love it! It is my craft!
 I love getting new oils and  creating gorgeous scent combinations and I am continuously in awe of rose oil; each distillation being uniquely all its own:) sigh...:)
Right now I have a little elder co2 that smells so nice and fresh, I am thinking to use it in a batch of soap for the future.
The thing is, maybe it is better off on its own..I'll need to think on that because all at once my mind drifts towards helicrysum and ravinsara....towards violets with elder....
That is how rich the craft of soapmaking is! The opportunities are endless, meanwhile you can still enjoy the classics, like patchouli and lavender and neroli.
I love neroli! I do!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

new soap this week

I had to. I had bought this really amazing avocado oil at a posh little market down the street the other day. Golden green and very nicely cold pressed. Why wouldn't I want to  make a nice soothing soap for this time of year?
Every one is really dry and itchy, yes?
I know, and there many reasons. Dry forced air blowing through your house and work is one reason why you're dry. Another may be your skin care..

Just for now and maybe later, who knows, I really like keeping the soap base consistent but a tropical oils blend is nice on the skin.

I split the batch in two and created these gorgeous chunks of lovin'!!

here is the recipe:

12 ounces avocado oil
12 ounces macadamia nut oil
64 ounces cold pressed  extra virgin fruity olive oil
30 ounces organic extra virgin coconut oil
a dollop shea butter at the end
( you can go figure out your calculations with your water phase if you get so inclined to make some soap)

One is patchouli (aged) and love love

Below that you have an all time classic sleep potion "Silence" with lavender ylang ylang extra and wild chamomile and just a dusting of sandalwood powder.

I hope you get to enjoy one or two and remember how wonderful life can be for you and me, honey:):)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

some stuff happening in the sky

We all missed our alarms this morning! Everybody is home sleeping except me. I am doing laundry (daily)and I am
telling you this.

The Holidays..I mean what is it? I love the lights and sparkly things, but the expectations, the rise in loneliness and feeling empty like no one is going to be with you forever..well they are not...the feeling like you haven't got what you really want most???
I have heard that..
I am thinking like you get what you make.
What you make with each day. How your thoughts molded every event.
Your words shape the type of friendships and connections you'll make and what you'll expect from others in the future.

All this Gemini stuff too. I know I have had to watch my mouth a few times!
I'll give you an example of what happened  the other day...

Me, " all I know is I'm fine, my girth keeps my skin up"

Fred in Grocery, "Now there is an unattractive word there, girth"

Me, " unless you're talking about a penis" just came out!!Todd the other grocery guy was standing there..completely
shocked and delighted..( he must have girth then) Fred who is some sort of Jehovah's Witness not so much.

Men are so weird!
I said I was sorry and walked away from them. They started looking at me differently all day like the time Elaine had some pornographic message on her phone and when George and Kramer and Jerry heard that, they all became besotted. They had never seen that side of Elaine..she always seemed like one of the guys.

Jupiter Gem
You brighten my day
and bring flowers and gifts my way
your words like honey can pierce some too as Lilith visits you for a few hot little sweetness, you..
you'll gladly share knowledge and experience
on walking out of the haze
the delusions
the dreariness
You smell like roses and jasmine and everything good, I detect a little sandalwood and patchouli somewhere in there too.
honey darling dear, I love you:)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

some new blend ideas that I have for soap

~I want to do a Red Clover Chamomile Linden Blossom Soap with hawthorn berries( just a few)::

~I am thinking of course to make a new Tree Sort of blend with everything I have in stock right now, cedar, larch, mastic, birch, fir absolute, frankincense, myrrh, black spruce..I mean nice is that?
      Like The Time Lord inverted..
Like a super huge star collapsing in on itself and then shooting everything out again as if a flower is blooming...
We are all in that... but everything is so far apart we can't feel it. Sometimes you can. Sometimes you feel the electric current with in your own heart or in a split second you may feel yourself out of your body...things are moving so fast you don't even know it is happening.
and that is why I love space!

~Neroli with Jasmine, Linden, Rose and Petitgrain Sur Fluer

A very special soap for someone who loves pure essential oils on the skin and deserves the very best.
Soothing, calming, illustrious, charming, loves the woman within and digs the man all the way. Sleeps well with a quiet mind and relieves any pain with ease.
This is an emotional blend. Forgiveness comes to mind.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Eleneetha Aromatics

Here is how it is going to be, see...
You buy 50 dollars worth of stuff from me, you get free shipping..
email me with your choices
send payment privately to Paypal;
any other request can be send via email or text; 248.909.6608..please tell me who you are and how much you love me!!!
thank you:)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thankful Day To You!!

Here is my list of gratefulness;

 Awesome soap goodness for sure

Right now  have so much food there is no room in the cooler

My kids are all home and safe

My mom is still making a meal for us today and we will eat and laugh and sleep later

My dad is...he is dad...papou..helping yia yia...his favorite thing to say is, "you, you, you.."

My little grand child, jumping and running up and down the sweet little noodle boy, he is...

Strawberry pie from Whole Foods Market...a nice coffee and I am stress, no worries, just family:)

Have an awesome day:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moon day Special

The Day of The Moon..Monday

We howl at the moon, and we cry and we weep and then we laugh at all of the silliness..It is all a dream really it is! We smell so good and we sleep well too, because we know deep inside in our hearts mind who we are..

aaaahoooooo!!! I should call this an offering to the wolf in me!

All Day!

you get in this offering:

1 one ounce annie's dry rub cleanser

1 2 ounce room spray
(temperance weaver menu)

1 10 ml roll on perfume in og jojoba
(same as the sprays, from temperance weaver menu)

1 or 2 guest sized bars of soap
(((Fine, choose any soap you want:)))

$12.99 + shipping

Monday, November 19, 2012

people said

They, some,  say I should write about Costa Rica and about my experiences there..
I can never think of the right words. How it felt like the end of the world where I had no one. They weren't my enemies and they weren't my friends either. You can't get a break.The pay is 100 a week on the average and that is if you are good at something..and hopefully not involved with their government.
They called me bruha because I look like one and made bread like they had never seen before, I walked miles a day to teach English for money and I looked at the visitors who came and left..
Americans, white and fatter than most I hate to say but true none the less.

dang man, we have so much food here!! So mush good buttery goodness!
Time to work then, this week, yes??


Saturday, November 17, 2012

so i bought the osho zen tarot deck and book

Robert said it is the one thing every reader should have..
I said, "I don't want to be a reader, I want to  be a reader"
He laughed, "Did you hear what she said, she said?   I don't want to be a reader, I want to be a reader."
I couldn't even look up at him but he got my message, I guess.

I would like to be a better understander~ of the physics of spirituality, the occult (which doesn't even mean the devil, but a secrets unveiled) and I would have better understanding of The Buddha as they say...but enough about me..

When you go to the Mayflower, Robert becomes this fountain of energy and information..he blurted out some stuff about the millions of levels of a human being, which stuck with me. That is, you connect on many levels with people you love and sometimes not on all of them..
Like the mental, physical and emotional aspects of a humans consciousness.
I bought Rudolf Steiner's Occult Science..

And I began reading the osho zen tarot book..very fun very fun:)
maybe I'll share some things  about that sometime:)
Thank you for being awesome to me:)

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Jupiter Gems

You parade before me
ripe for the plucking
You parade before me
angry as the dickens
You cry before me that your world may be broken
I don't think so
it is transforming always and that hurts your Brain from all the expanding
take it
take it all in and remember your realities are in the millions
millions of levels millions of chances to do good, be kind and forgive with all your heart
it fixes everything
the forgiving does!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

people, me and the lord of success

Have you ever read a book which just jerked you around and made you cry because the story was so enriched with emotion and heart wrenching experiences?
I believe life is like that..
You meet people who touch you deeply for a few years, break your heart a few times and basically jerk you around mostly because they can.
And there it is again..The Lord Of Success! The six of pentacles!

Sixes  are about relationships, daily meetings, having lunch and talking to your everyday peeps. Sixes are also about affairs of the heart and actual affairs!

It is true when we say that charm and warmth flow through and new links of attractions are created..there is sex and it is good..if and I say if..a person gets seduced by the sex, they would certainly be obliged by attracting more of those sexy type folks in their daily attracts like...

Sixes are about making choices all day. Which is better in the long run or for my ego, my shiny white horse which needs feeding or theirs..sixes are also about sharing..
It is about what you now have and what is always seductive and adventurous..till it becomes what you now have..

**I am going to The Mayflower Book Shop today to visit Robert and his little sweet bookstore.. we get to look at some very interesting astrology book ideas..and tarot studies, religion.... He has so many trinkets in there you actually becomes one while there! I always have to review why I am holding 100 dollars worth of stuff in my know, three four books and a little statue and it is a hundred bucks right there!
I will buy a new deck. I have been looking at a Zen Tarot that looks really nice and I should look at the Thoth deck for sure!!

Here is a little bit of what he says about Jupiter In Gemini:))))

  • October 4th Jupiter goes retrograde in Gemini until January 30th, 2013. Re-thinking is inevitable at its most retrograde position 6 degrees Gemini, Jupiter basically will be conjuncting the last Neptune/Pluto (late 1800‘s) conjunction degrees; signifying a new explosion of ideas, science, the arts, new spiritual knowledge, changing world scenarios, inventions, innovations, and world thrust for progress, growth, and learning. Free Universities anyone?! It may also take that long to figure out what the heck happened during the Election. Jupiter in Gemini is the love for learning and making connections; as well as being busy, even though, perhaps, much of it is superficial. Those born late February, May, August, or November will feel it the most, a sense of expansiveness and wanting to do everything at once. Good for learning, growing, connecting, playing, sharing. Jupiter going retrograde on the degrees of the infamous VENUS TRANSIT of last June, and going back to degrees of last Neptune/Pluto conjunction along with Mercury retrograde on Election Day going back to near opposition of VENUS TRANSIT degree and Jupiter’s degree at October 4th retrograde will make for one of the most interesting spiritual and karmic situations for some time to come. Many a higher revelation and truth will emerge concerning the quality and state of mind soul when it comes to love, compassion, and the future destiny of both earth collectively and the individual. Anything not done out of love and higher motivation can backfire at this time. This is a great time for re-inventing work, divining true calling, taking up a new art or musical pursuit, or just pondering one’s true self-identity in all this crazy world which seems always at war and in want of peace and joy. None-the-less, we will be starting to make sense of the huge outpouring of spiritual and scientific information at the end of the 1800s, and a renewed sense of global responsibility may well be upon us. A renewed sense of love and virtue, right work and heart thinking is awakening in the midst of these somewhat difficult times that often appear chaotic, ecologically damaging, apocalyptic, deluded and void of any virtuous merit. If there ever was a time that artistic and spiritual perception, insight, and action was needed, this is it. May all beings find happiness and their own creative part to play and work. OM!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who are you? A Reflection of the Chariot

First off, no more TV unless it is Netflix, check!

Second, start working on being detached from every bit of news that is on the computer or in the office.

This stuff has nothing to do with your real self and will not really enrich your journey in life.
Enjoy what you do and all the best things can come from that.

Third, be aware of people.
Yes, the ones you work with..sleep with, clean up after.. compassion levels, in check!

Some people are just plain mean and will never be your is ok..move on from emotional vampires and be what your inner voice has been telling you to be and remember there is a price for everything you get to know this...
yes, you are different from the rest, ten feet high as you often say, ( ok ok I say this ) but you still have lingering doubt and little fear creeps in, you're afraid of being'll be exposed, trust me on that. Eventually people see who you are. They are drawn to you for that. They want some hope, some kind relief from their inner pain  which they nurture and nurture because they aren't getting what they want from something that they really want. Their heart is breaking, they are crying and they are so disjointed in their mind.

Seeing the truth may be painful but at least now you can do something else..but first things first, mind your are the make the horses go where you an awesome driver then!!

**yesterday I took the girls shopping for Winter coats, it is freeking cold here and they are like still in hoodies, so twice now we are in TJ Maxx and they still won't choose a jacket! I got so mad, omg!
I yelled, you guys are going to make me drive to every store, till you find the same thing in some other store, all because you think I have bad taste?"
"I do not have bad taste, I just think it is ridiculous to have your pants hanging down where you can't walk or some thing...and, I want you to be warm, it'll be 27 tomorrow!" Emily was crying by now..she cries easy, Sarah is more daring, no sense arguing with an Aries Capricorn Moon type, they are crazy! You have a ram and and a goat..eye!! Too much!
Half way home I calmed down, It is no sense trying to change their minds..grrrrr!
Detachment, more detachment!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the news

 Kristen  wore her underwear to her vampire movie and who cares?
I don't, but...
That is where my Capricorn Moon says, wtf?
Daring, huh?
"Keep you panties for your lover at special times is my opinion but I am told by my daughter that I am a prude..
Am I wrong about this?
Aries chicks like to show it off, so we'll give her that.

Oh how about this, Venice..
Venice is basically a disaster waiting to happen, but does regularly flood. People know and get ready for it every 30, 40 years, now it is the sixth biggest flood they've have had in like 200 years..The sixth seems normal to me, but we make everything about how bad. Those Venusians, they are walking in it. Boots on, and off as they even seem to frolic in it..still though, it must be tiresome..wading though water..why live so close to the sea?

Oh, and how about that general guy?
He is getting fired for what they all, ok, lets say 90% do regularly and hide it!
Honestly what does who you're sleeping with have to do with how you make war?
I could care less about that guy or his vampy mistress. I imagine she is quite accommodating in the bedroom.
Maybe they are all jealous?
ha ha ha

Today, I am packing orders, making white bean soup, and enjoying my home..I hope that you have a good one:)

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Moon in Scorpio Opposite Taurus Solar Eclipse Too

make a wish, right now.
Think, scheme, plan..don't install just yet.
keep it tight in your heart and don't talk too much.

Be happy
You have abundance flowing
You have everything you need always..
Think about the good things not the hard stuff..fix the hard stuff, don't just cry about it..

I love you
I love me
I love abundance
and comfort
thank you for being my friend:)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mercury Muse

I love the style of this serving plate. I do. And as I scheme about myself for the next few years, I will serve myself  as more stylish..yes I will.

As I tend to do with ever Mercury retrograde I start dreaming about stuff.
My sweet little shop..where there is soup, bread and beautiful conversation..and soap and an oils or two,
an earth oven in the yard, me making bread for about 100 people day and staying home to do it..
after all I am not getting any younger and I will have to retire in ten years or something..

reviewing your mistakes
your desperation
your angst

The reason why we review is because we are unsatisfied, I suppose. You can choose how you feel about it.

Maybe you thought you could live with certain things that went against your grain a little and you covered that notion up with all the goodies you were getting from your situation. There are always goodies.

Ideas for retaining dignity through Mercury retrogrades;

be suave
be thorough
want the best thing
be detached
always think of the kind way to say things
don't be a hater
eat salad
go watch something good on Netflix and rest yourself..

***I'm in the last season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I have really enjoyed Joss Whedon's writing skills very much.. I will certainly consider "Firefly" next:)
As in life and in stories people write, the keenest and the most skilled one gets to be tested and win while at times seemingly loosing, and  seemingly dying and then digging deeply to find strength they conquer all of it with beauty.

I hope you have a wonderful day brought with showers of money and pools of good fortune.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

future ancestors

Proti Youth

These were "the kids" in my village 60 years ago.
Bottom row: 
 my mom, thia nicki, thia fanitsa and thia zoi..I do not know anyone in the top row but my mom does.
They didn't walk around this way all the time. It was a celebration where you dressed in your best frocks and wore gold on you. They had gold coins all over the place( I wonder how)..
The rest of the time they had to work in the fields, feed chickens, pluck a chicken if we were going to eat one and even pluck a duck!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

some astro thoughts on Nov 6, 2012

Saturn is well into Scorpio and when we watch our Scorpio firiends, we get a glimpse of the power of Saturn and what its energies can perform.
Do you have a planet in Scorpio?
I do, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune in the tenth house!

The power of Saturn,  idea that I have is this one;
From a seemingly dreadfully inconceivably difficult place, where the people around are just so needy, intense, jealous, love you, must have you, use drugs, ( I count alcohol) love their drug what ever it is, break your heart, make you see, control attract what you are..ouch!

 When you have Scorpio energies, you have a want for the best thing so you can tuck it away in your secret place and Saturn comes along and  makes you realize you cannot hide anything from yourself. Why would you?
If you are doing what you want, you are happy right? Why be sad anyhow? People change, they do, you cannot control the ones you love anymore, they have their own ideas of what happiness is. They may be wrong and cross over a line which creates a chasm that cannot be filled enough to make it right. The shattering of old ideas of love is just the beginning of this transit.
Personally, I do not believe we must be with that one person in one lifetime. It does happen but rarely and then we have religion telling us how unholy it is to break up and how women are trollops and how men this and women that! In the end, it comes down to what you have contributed to the arrangement and what you expect from your lover, friend, job and family..did  I miss one?
 Oh, the money!
You want some, you'll get has always happened like that before and so why not now? You fear the silliest things, they would be like lead and mercury seeping into the most tender parts of you and poisoning your cells with fearful notions.
Vibe on the good and only good shows where diamond energy glows:)

People change and become what they want to be and believe me, you cannot hold them..they write songs about it!

What if you have neglected some responsibilities and now Saturn brings everything to the table to review?The Scorpio energy is about to show how really amazing you are, dear.
What ever house it is in and for the last 30 years, you have had a chance, no, an unavoidable task at doing something well.
Yes, it does mean you must get out and work with people, speak to them through your impeccable gift..
It is the best one you have and it blows everyone away.
The people, they are drawn to you because you do things with the skill of a Kraken and the elegance of  Astarte!

Monday, November 5, 2012


5 year patchouli, dark with some citrus and vetiver...

Vetiver is so weird, right!!

I have never had one batch which smelled the same. It must absorb whatever is in the soil while it grows and form its construction of elements of scent..
The vetiver from Haiti is thinner layered than the one from Sri Lanka, it is just the way I see it..
I had one once from Madagascar and it blew my mind with how smooth and mellow it was..
sigh..I wish I could have more of that one...I will again, I know that:)
The vetiver from Haiti is sharp, earthy, sweet, tangy makes your creative juices flow. Vetiver, Sri Linka is smokey smokey with feelings of dried cherries roasting with tea and cloves over an open fire..
 I have just finished my fat batch of Sri Lanka vetiver and now I'll need to purchase the next one.
White Lotus Aromatics is having a sale on vetiver, Haiti this month. I might go with that and see if I can mix it up and get some more Madagascar origin vetiver..yumm..

Lately, I have ladies and men coming in my store asking for vetiver all the time. I am always happy to hear that but then I get protective and want to know why they are buying it and will they treasure vetiver or are they just buying it because their yoga teacher says it will help their back pain and relax them?
I worry. What if they don't like it?
They say they have never even heard of vetiver till now..
I always make sure they can handle its rooty and dirt  smell, which as you know dries off to become something really special on you.
Especially when you add patchouli but that is us..not the world!
Well, people know more now. they reach out to vetiver and smellier oils like tamanu, pomagranate oil  or rosehip seed oil to heal the skin so why not vetiver? I mean I don't know about you, but I can smell rose hip seed oil on me the next day or even pomagranate oil and they are just the carriers! Tamanu, forget it. I only use it at night.
Have you ever tried vetiver to relieve muscle tention?
Maybe that is why we're so happy with our lives and our actions, we are always rubbing vetiver on us and it soaks in to make us better..ah yea..that is it!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I have more

Are you kind of going back to the same ISSUE and re-living all the reasons why it didn't work then? Why you were so sad? Kind of so lonely?
 Things got to a calm comfort zone and then it is all the same challenges all over again?
I am sure there were many and all you had to do is be poised and do well , do a good job, be charming and be charismatic and always do the right thing, otherwise, there is a price to pay.

Well it also hurt then too, like a dirty bitch. Love is like that. Life, your ego is like that.. but it has to for some odd reason.

 I believe it is because we are striving towards GOD and knowing more makes our brains expand because knowledge up takes space, the brain makes new space for it like an "addition" to what was already there.. and that hurts.
I reckon so..what do I know?
It is all nerves, enzymes and co-enzymes in the end sparking with fervent life..It hurts, it's hard not soft. Can you imagine beings having evolved billions of years being a part of a huge explosion in space which annihilates  them with no warning and now they themselves are spread throughout the Universe, moving with infinite like speed connecting with new star dust to form something new with all the same stuff?

That is right now and all the time and we're in it.

er...back to on earth:)
Mercury retro in Scorpio by next week
clean out
know the dirty truth
hurt if you must
do a colon clean with chia seeds
talk with your dear ones and share your thoughts
let go of pride and  your ideas of honor
do not manipulate
do not lie

2 tablespoons chia  in 12 ounces water
do it for a week and notice how clean you feel, how radiant!


so more darkness?

we turn the clock back here in Michigan one hour tonight..the whole eastern standard time thing, you know it.
Well, WTF?

Why would I want more darkness in the morning so I can have more light in the night..who thinks this stuff up? Leave it alone, I say!
What is one more hour of dark gonna do for you, really?
Maybe you are supposed be home by five in the winter, maybe you should be all tucked in and safe.

I am interested in this plan and how come we all voted for that? How come we all and I don't know how many people are in the eastern time zone, but how come we all said that is cool? Instead of worrying about which president guy will do a worse job, ( you know.. politics is like mean polite war) I think we should abolish daylight savings time and call it "a day"..
"don't want it, in Detroit"

Friday, November 2, 2012

The old ways

My old ways, I should say.
A long time ago, I used to make this mastic soap and I made a mastic balm to go with it..
Today mastic gum is hard to come by and a handful  can cost about 50 bucks!
Let's just say that I have a handful.
Let's say I make us a new balm today.

I am laying it down first. My plan, that is!
I have myrrh, frankincense
rose and a few other resins, like larch, cedar and birch resin of some the mastic gum..yumm and wierd!

Mastiha is cultivated mainly on an island called Xios pronounced, "hi-os".

Mastic has a plethora of qualities and uses. It absorbs cholesterol, is an antibacterial and acts as an oral antiseptic, aids digestion, tightens the gums, heals wounds and scientists recently discovered that when it is administrated in small doses it cures stomach ulcers. 

I just want to smell it a little. I think it goes well with red mandarin too which I just happen to have a rich supply of..

Let's see what I can conjure up for you and me today..


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cyprus oil and the benefits of diuretics

 In  urine, fats are lost from the body to the extent of 4% of the volume of urine. So, it is but obvious that more you urinate, the more you lose fat. Then, urination promotes digestion and also does not let gas form in the intestines as well as removes excess water from the body and reduces swelling etc. The most important role played by urine is that it removes toxins from the body. Added to that, it also reduces blood pressure and helps clean kidneys. Most of the medicines for lowering blood pressure are based on this benefit of urination.

That said what are supposed to drink Cyprus oil in tea or something?
I wouldn't be opposed to taking a drop once a day but what else is there but soap in order to gain the goodness and all the awesome benefits of Cyprus oil?
In a massage blend and maybe body scrub?
I am not doing a body scrub, you can make that at home easily.
A massage blend would be perfect though. is when I start to ponder about that idea...
I do not want to smell of Cyprus and lemon all day. I want to smell like rose, patchoulis,  vetivers and sandalwoods and this is why I would only do this  as a treatment at night..You bathe, you rub it on, and then you look refreshed in the morning..

The soap is a green clay salty affair with simply Cyprus oil and lemon. 4 ounces of lemon in a 6 bar batch.

I want to have it stand out and also do something at the same time.
When you wash with salty clay soapy foam, you will realize what you have in your hands. You will take a hand full of it and hold it to your nose and breathe it in..glorious? wonderful?
Oils do that like no other thing on earth!
The oil:
2 ounces of your favorite carrier oils
I used organic jojoba, evening primrose, sea buckthorn oil, 32 drops Cyprus oil and 5 mls lemon oil.
It is strong but not bad at all in its final approach. Rub it in your most pearly parts, by your bumm.
What if it works and you urinate a bunch of fat and stuff?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Full Moon in Taurus Everybody!

Not to mention the fact that mercury is about to go back in to Scorpio and if that  doesn't get your train of changes in faster mode to nowhere well, I say then what will?
You staying calm, that is what!
You staying poised for greatness!
And you recognizing when someone is trying to be charming but it is really manipulation and fake?
Frankly, I have been in a really awesome space with regards to my choices in the last few years.
Sure, I have my family near me and everyone helps everyone.
I want that! I love that!
I want to call my boys and have them come to me to help me if should have a car break down or my computer breaks down and then the dang printer again!

Listen this week it was all those things!
My beloved Betty, my red Focus died for good yesterday:(
She was very good to me Betty was!
She took me to work, to Ann arbor, to Zerbos and back home.
I am wishing that my next car will be as good if not better than my Betty was..
I am driving a 5 speed scooter right now and listen at my age, I am over manual gear driving but I wont even think about buying till late November..
The printer is another story. I got this wifi thing and it was working just fine until my computer stopped communicating with the printer. i have tried everything. And I know there is a logical pathway to solving this problem..but really now, what a drag.
I am almost fed up with it! lol
I have had to improvise on labels again and do them the hard way. I hope you are pleased with your goodies when they arrive.

I always like to review the retrogrades for the whole year in 2012..

All in Fire signs and  two of three having regressed back to water.
What does that tell me?
Skill (aries)
Flamboyance and display (leo)
Higher purpose (sag)
which is now, with the Sag thing.

By the 6th of November we'll have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio.. for a while. I can live with that. I mean what is a stupid printer problem when you think about the real disasters in the world?
I can be grateful I live here in Michigan where we only got  the tail spattering of the big storm. that was magnificent in strength and power to destroy as it hit land. Here we had a super cold windy icy rain day.
How long has that storm of Jupiter been going on, 400 years or so?
Space is awesome! We are in it and sometimes it is violent, yes?
 Blessings for everyone involved by the storm, please stay warm..xx

Friday, October 26, 2012

Planets in Scorpio Now

The Sun. Mercury, Saturn and True Node all in Scorpio way up there in its Disc of Archetypes which is revolving and twirling in space all on its own. In space the constellations are far away from each other even though in astrology,  we only detect them for a month at a time, in space the distance is billions of light years away!! The who idea of distance and time is still complicated in my soap making brain! I love following astrology and I love to study the details involved but give you the math, I cannot.

When you follow stars the way astrology does, you know that this stuff out there is going to happen and then bamm, you are all in it and all that emotion may be swirling around all of a sudden. You are in the middle of a twirly whirly sort of sparkly goo..and you made it. That is how I see all this transiting Scorpio stuff!

And now back to me, heh!
You too!

Look where you have Scorpio in your chart and see  where you were, where you learned to troubleshoot and do, with Libra before that.
Libra having to hold balance and doing it well!
I think look at Libra and where you may be too rigid about your  beliefs of perfection where elegance dwells and everyone smells good, and perhaps only wanting things your way. With  Libra in your 7th house you might be juggling a variety of affairs with regards to money and holdings at this time.. Libra in the 12th would be a review of all that 12th house business of inner power, dreams, and secrets and also being held down by someone. and so on.. Look at where you have this Scorpio powerhouse visiting and you can see how the last few weeks were effected by Libra energies!

Where eventually you'll have to concede and where you can shine by doing not shining..
I always say this, "a nice white shiny horse is beautiful with you on it but eventually you have to feed that bad boy"
:) it is all about what you produce in the end..maybe like a plate of food. You can throw a bunch of slop in a pan or you can take time to make it pretty and that means taking extra steps and sometimes we are lazy..
I say a lot of things!:)
I love saying, I do:) I feel like you are right in front of me here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scorpionic Composure

Finally, Ill be making more soap this week.
When Mercury hits, we are always delayed. I was slightly delayed in making time to enjoy my favorite activities.
The shadow put a stop to our plans and we must also stop  for a moment and rethink our strategies.
Holding on to bitterness and heart ache from the past seems really acute right now due to the Scopionic energies which may effect some intense sorts like ourselves..not a good time for stimulants because they might cause a headache and that is anger at yourself.
Let it go!
The more you think and rethink and then brew on how you were hurt here and disrespected there..dang man, forget it!
Those people who've been cads to you will fade away right quick!
You will remember how awesome you are and remember to hone in on the good stuff you've got. Boons my dearies boons!
Your boons and mine~
how we are amazing at something and how noble we are and how our families love us and how we look great and eat well and use really good soap..:):)

Scopionic Composure

Jasmine Lemon Lime Soap
Shea butter based soap cream
with yuzu, lime, pink grapefruit, lemon, and jasmine sambac

Confidentially Yuzu

We do not hear too much about this fruit.
It is sort of a sour mandarin or a sour orange of some sort... no, it has a strange thing all it's own so a smell hard to define in my opinion. Sort of a lime and lemon with a little resinous vibe to it.
What do I know about it except that it smells really awesome to me and I fee very content when using this oil.
Today I mixed it with sandalwood (Sri Lanka) oil and I feel really good about that:)

Used in aromatherapy, it has been found that yuzu oil is very similar in action to bergamot, having a refreshing and uplifting effect on the body whilst calming the mind. Also in common with bergamot, this oil has a powerful anti-bacterial action which makes it effective against colds and flu, which would account for its success and popularity in Japanese folk medicine.

It is a very effective oil for use with stress, burn-out, nervous tension or anxiety, where it helps to bring a soothing and calming effect to the emotions. It gives upliftment to depressive states, frustration, regret and also helps to build confidence.

I want all those things on any day.

Confidentially Yuzu

8 drops yuzu
8 drops lime
8 drops pink grapefruit
4 drops sandalwood
1 drop jasmine (sambac)
1 ounce carrier oil I used og jojoba

You can put this in you hair and at the base of your neck and also all over your sweet ass..:):):)

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

vitamins and nutrients

that have yet to be discovered?

Yes, as we get to find smaller and smaller particles of matter in space (our space) we also continue to find more and more that there are nutrients yet to be discovered which play a vital part in out bodie's life cycle.
What are they?
Up till now, we know about polysaccharides and we know about phytonutrients and we also know about the importance of essential fatty acids..
essential because they cannot be made in your body, you have to eat them..
Recently we have knowledge about anthocyanans, the tiny materials found in red fruit like raspberries and red grapes..don't even get me started on how good grapes are for you..get organic..
Listen you can take all the little brown or red pills for your health all day but none of them will heal you as fast as a blueberry. Blueberries are like eating a vitamin!

That said, I take supplements. I have since the 1970's!
I take omega 3's,
probiotics and a few mushrooms here and there. Do I do this everyday? No!
Your body needs rest from all that stuff every few days..
Eat right, and your troubles fade away like fog on a sunny ,dewy morning.

Mercury is in a shadow for the retrograde in your last year with honesty and be the woman you are ( or man) and be what you want to be. You'll be fine just pay attention because it'll be necessary.
Be grateful
be kind
forgive and walk away
walk away from a fight (so hard)
try not to justify yourself so much
forgive the past, you were there and did the best you could
I love you

top ten foods high in vitamin e

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

vitamin e and tocopherols and even tocotrienols

yes, vitamin E..
Remember when you would break open a capsule and spread on your skin and then actually feel better because it looked and felt better?
Don't do that anymore!
Those things are always in a carrier of soy bean oil and you know what that means!
93% of all soy is genetically modified!
Goodness knows whith what, scorpion venom or some weird thing.
If you want to consume vitamin e, you can add some wheat germ to your diet and if you want it on your skin, use a nice natural cold pressed oil like hemp, pumpkin, almond, they are all good.
Soybean oil?
Never, ever..and yes, I am a zealot about who makes my food and what oil I use on my skin..
New Chapter has a food based Vitamin e as well as Garden Of Life and I am sure there are others. My very favorite supplement of vitamin e was from a brand called Mega Food, but they discontinued it due to the high cost of making it.
I mean what are you going to buy a $6.99 mixed tocopherol or a $70.00 food based with all the tocopherols and tocotrienols?