Saturday, December 31, 2011

I am banana

I am a banana..I am a banana...
look at me move:)

Happy New Year!!!2012 Oh yea!!

white witch rich with old whore

I have so many witchy names that I got one confused. Actually, during this holiday season I messed up two orders..
This is what a lovely user of good soap and cream says to me, "don't worry, just send it with my next order"
Where I would always follow with something like, " hey man keep the cream on me" 'or, in my own head I would say, " You tool!" "Now, she thinks you are a dumb ass whore!"
I am a dumb ass whore then, ha ha in my pad in Livonia Michigan, am! :)
seriously though..

Once it leaves my shop, I cannot rightfully send it to someone else.
The task at hand is~~~ to take accountability for our actions and adore what we buy.
Oh, she ordered a Sand Storm at it highest price and I will include the rightful violet juniper soap called white witch in her box and maybe a corner or two somthing something..
These are the things I have had to adjust to when dealing with ETSY~ness
Why are you giving me a minus? Why? ( I am a baby about that!!)
I will tell you that fear manipulation is not for me on any day.
That is why I will explore making a new web site which will take me out of the fray and elevate me even more.
Will I leave Etsy? No, I do not believe that will be needed at all.

"What ever challenge I encounter in business, I can take care of it with a yearning for learning the exact pathway to success and sitting down with my fear and by ironing out my worries"

Good things do cost money. And when I say I only use really awesome fats, just know that I also pay top dollar for every gorgeous ingredient that goes in my stuff.
BTW, the African gold oil smells like the inside of an anus...I put just a drizzle in the black soap which I just cut this morning. Just a bit on top. I am looking forward to smelling this soap in a week or two to see how the banana might come through.

Soul Train
soul of a banana
an African inspired black soap
right now on etsy:)

Friday, December 30, 2011

don't get your hackles up

what is a hackel anyhow? The plumage on my neck?
Oh yea! My hair does look really good right now! It is those lovely African oils from Shea Terra..I want them all the time, the marula is wonderful with argan and makes your hair naturally glisten. It seems like I always have argan oil around lately!
Argan oil is high in squaline. I did buy some squaline derived from olive oil with vitamin e at the market the other day. I still don't know how I feel about it. I like the least amount of tampering with my essential fatty acids, thank you.
Vitamine e, is not one of my favorite things because it is mostly made from GMO soy..who needs it!
Mystic wrote something about not getting my hackels up as a Libra and it got me going on reviewing my life in 2011. I am keeping it cool and bringing in the boons through the thoroughness in my mind.

For me it means, be kind
be graceful and dignified.
always show respect and smile at everyone or a nod:) will do
always forgive even if it takes you a day or two not years ok
let go of what you want from others
drop the bag of bitterness against them
be perfect when making something
be organized and take notice of details
always be mindful of the best thing at this moment
let that big bag of judgement go babe
who are you? The guilt police?
Guilt is a reward to do the wrong thing again
drop the big bag of jealously too ~ it is a form of hate
become a true artist of potions and fats and allow all the best things to unfold before you
written after a dose of walnut flower essence and pretty face flower essence

thank you
check out this lovely review about eleneetha, so many boons!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

aster faster

the first flower I picked up was Aster for Illumination.
When you feel like the whole world is on some stupid strange freeking road to selfishness, what else would you choose?

Money money is good but if you is the point and lie to get your way, then that is what you are going to get.
These are a just a few things I conjure up while sleeping. It is like I know you are lying to me and I can see you from 10 feet higher
So yes, illumination.

2 drops wild desert rose for opening my heart and forgiving more, allowing success to fall at my feet on the floor:)

Madia Flower essence for precision and focus
(here is what the flower repertory says;
positive qualities:
Precise thinking, disciplined focus and concentration.
Patterns of imbalance:
Becoming easily distracted, inability to concentrate, dull or listless.
The healthy soul needs to learn to contract as well as expand - it must be able to narrow the consciousness, and limit the experience. One who can do this is able to focus and direct energy in a very clear and productive manner.

Indian paintbrush for the constant creativity and ideas which flourish in my mind and project to the world through my hands..:)
sunflower for one who chases starlight all day, who turns her head and looks at our star all day...

And is where is Mars right now in my chart I have to ask?
Mars in Virgo till Summer 2012!
All I am saying is look and see where this planet resides and visits in your chart and you will find some stuff stirring up.
If I look at my natal chart, Virgo is my 8th house of sex money and other peoples money, digestion, little viruses that creep in.
I got "crop dusted" by a perfume wearing muggle! I mean really, I could smell her on me an hour after she left! I had to go home and lie down for a bit because she poisoned me with her disgusting fake whole bottle of poison she poured on her self.
I kept backing away and she kept talking about vitamins for her kids. Poor things already being slightly confused from all the per~fumes on their mamma.
It isn't just me. My daughter has to take a shower upon returning from visiting friends and washes all the stench from the perfumed sheets and towels and detergent odor on their clothing.
I use an Eco brand laundry soap. I want to smell vetiver not freeking Tide! Dang man!

Mars transiting the 8th makes you very sexy and alluring. You are like a sapphire ball of light almost black in the middle...and the farther out one looks, the colors seem endless glowing gold and silver, remnants from a super nova having gloriously created these elements in its death throws only for you...

If I look at Mars being in my solar 12th, I get a completely different picture.
One more intriguing. Many people getting sick, myself as well tackling some sort of winter Michigan cold that blew me away here a while ago.
There is a shift from almost plodding to now walking more briskly forward..Plus,if the planet makes any sort of connection to natal Mars, then you have a person who may not even have one moment to spare..
Stop and spare a moment for your self and don't be sorry!

Which soap are you using now? I am bathing with the ylang ylang clove coffee soap I made a while back. It is a nice bar I must say. I waited a long time before using it and I am glad I didn't let all of that batch slip away before enjoying a well cured bar for myself.
My friend Miss Lindenglitter, loves it and said it smells of carnation.
Ylang ylang is funny, too much and your stomach turns a or two drops and you have a sweetness that is quite unique and feels good in your nose.
I would love to get my hands on something new pretty soon. I want the yarrow, I know that and I deeply crave the chamomiles as they remind me of my childhood. I might buy some zdravets next year and a couple of different resins.
I want some frankincense which is real incense~y and some vetiver which is real smokey mixed with the smooth Hatian.
I have added a beautiful smokey vetiver to the old whore soap. Her rich aura of scent lingers on you a little more. Plus she is for anyone. She is good for your skin too. Yes she is...

Thank you:)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

which flower

I have a new experiment that I am conducting every morning and I really think it makes a difference in how I conduct myself all day in my mind and with others.
I prepare my flower essence blessing before leaving the house. 2 ounces pure water;
with each 2 drops of essence of my choice as I recite my intentions to myself. Like, pomegranate for abundance and yarrow for a golden glow of light around me and desert larkspur for service and better communication of my that.
I find that the aura I create around myself is subtle but there is an attraction of just the things I intend in the morning.
Maybe it is only my mind but maybe my mind is all it takes to create the reality I choose for myself.
Tomorrow I might choose calendula for steady thoughts or chamomile along with black eyed Susan for knowing my true self and being calm enough to choose how I will execute every action.
At the end of the day, I find that when I don't spend too much time justifying my ideas, I am much calmer. Hey, you want some belly fat burning Dr oz thing? I will put that together for you!
By the way, I love my belly and everything it stands for. :)just between us, I mean what am I supposed to look like at my age anyhow? And high heels? Forget it honey, I have feet like bear paws! (from martial arts, climbing big hills, having babies and making soap:))

Sunday, December 25, 2011

saying so long to 2011

this being our last week together.
I will remember all the good times and release the angst and tethers
which bind me to negativity and sorrow and I will have become more confident and have shed
wayward thoughts of doom
I will bring in precision and focus and boons.
I will have learned to trust my heart
and take probiotics so there are no farts
Happiness and Joy Full 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

spreading the love

and generosity and what it means for me, Anastasia.

It means that I can put my needs aside for a few people here and there to give them what they need.
When I didn't get the job as vitamins buyer, I was crushed. One, because I am so clever and why can't they see that and two, because I am super clever and they should exalt me to any level I might choose!
So here came an ordinary looking quiet bloke and they said he wowzed them. I thought to myself,seriusly, he wowzed them? Ok, ok, I will exalt him. I will serve him and make him feel loved. It turned out he is pretty stellar as a fellow. A raw vegan for 20 years or so..I mean seriously, the guy is lovely. I now call him guruji lol, he laughs every time.
Does this mean I wouldn't have cut it as a buyer? No, man..I am still very clever and meanwhile have processed some new tasks that will inevitably help me in my freeking corporate "other" life.
Why do I rant about something so common, you might be thinking?
Well, when I get a little trimmed in my life, it sticks with me a while. I have to hold my head high in defeat as well as when things are grand( which they are).
I have been a little trimmed recently.
I took it rather hard.
The feeling of fear and uncertainty tried to creep in and hold me back a bit.
And, there I was being held back and decided to use this time to get better at what I am already doing.
Make better soap and get some darn good labels made.
I have the labels the way I like them, but when one has to cut and then seal and then tape over..jeez, I can spend 2 hours on one order!
In 2012 I will commit to 2 or three butters and 3 oils and print actual labels that do not require to much effort besides lining them up so that they are not crooked.
Thank you for always being so good to me and may your days be filled with family and harmony and riches this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets talk about it

maybe not soap but how it was foggy this morning and one reviews the last year and its glorious frustrations and elevating motivations.
Ok soap it is..
Well I have ground the roasted plantain skins (platanos they are called by locals in Costa Rica), they turned pitch black and I have been pounding them but good.
So far they smell sweet and caramel like. As if the soul of big banana still remains even in the ashes of what it once was.
I wonder what it will apear to be at the very end of this process of my African Inspired Black Soap mande with Black Cumin Seed Oil.....
I haven't decided on the scent as a finality..we will...oh yes we will!
Seems like if cumin stands out in the soap I should go all India..sandalwood, patchouli and a drop of jasmine?
Or make it completely medicinal and go helicrysum on the whole thing?
Not the time to make that decision. For now the pounding and the grinding of the blessed banana soul.
"I allow the Universe to bestow its wealth up on me easily and often"

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Yule ya'll

This is the night. The time when the Sun makes its way back to us, as if your didn't know. I feel the magic all around me and even though emotions are high, we are keeping it together, able to look at things with compassion and even cry from loosing a friend or lover.
It is same if you ask me. It hurts just the same.
But I am not here to talk of pain and loss. No!
Everything is learning and if you have to have your gut wrenched out then do it and be done with it because every thing is good.

Now, for the soapmaking goodness and all the stuff that makes me happy..I have dehydrated platano peels and will make an African inspired Black Soap. I am grinding them but good and then adding raw cacao nibs and grinding them finely and then making soap using Black cumin seed oil and African ootanga oil along with some castor oil just in case it makes a good shampoo bar. What if it does?
What if you rinse with vinegar and it makes for a nice head of hair?
I like where this is going, I do!
But what should the scent be? Lemon myrtle and petitgrain? that sounds nice.
We will need something which has staying power due to the cumin seed oil having a slight scent... patchouli maybe?
"I open myself up to the wisdom of the Universe"

Saturday, December 17, 2011

merc retro then direct with uranus direct and more thoughts on that

So as you know I make soap..ya, it is my passion..
so, I planed a nice offering as you may have read on the post before this one. I wanted the tree smell and the holiday feeling. I got all that and more by the way.
But this story is why things get jumbled. Why after money is spent and believe me, merc retro is all about money decisions and waiting for money, writing checks and having to release that addiction of hoarding.
I bought many oils for festiveness but everything came late. My 2 ounce glass jars have yet to arrive.I get so upset..meanwhile I do have access to jars and such and whilst on my travels to procure, I encountered a gorgeous group of oils from Russia.
(*there is a picture of some Anastasia and it is not me)))

They have resins available to consume, pine, cedar, fir!
I have been chewing on larch resin and my body is ringing..first off I drank twice as much water the days I chewed larch resin, second, I had more physical endurance and didn't want to eat so much. Huh!!
By the way, it may not be for you especially if you cannot endure any sort of odd bitter taste.
I kind of like a little bitter, it stimulates my gut and I want my gut instincts to be fresh and work well. Bitter stimulates the liver..which is where one stores bitter thoughts as well.
Have I said bitter enough?
I am releasing more and more with these transits.
Maybe it is because having had Pluto transit mt 12th for so long which has now has moved forward to my first house, I feel free. I do not cry as much and I have feel like I mastered new skills even throughout the heartaches.
Now with Uranus, we have some stuff we should review.
What happened last August? Review that and now add an octave and gauge your growth from that stand point because honey it is about to get real!
January is another very intense period of growth where you can move to the next level what ever that may be for you.
Many insecure people in your life will fall away. let go and grieve and do your work. You must complete your tasks and think clearly.

I look at friends like this..

nice looking skinny fellow, "are you married?'

Me, "no I am not married, I make soap and study astrology"
fellow, "oh I don't believe in any of that!"
Me in my head, "bye, while already having put 4 feet of distance and expanding that rapidly..
Really, already carrying a bag of judgement? Walk on honey!!

I am fussy I will admit that. I am not looking for a sex fest here. Just an intelligent man who likes to build gazebos and grow stuff with me while we have tea and talk of flower's moods and stardust. We Libras! la la la la.
lol lol

New sale coming up on etsy
have a great day and pay attention to details.
thank you

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The feeling of Uranus going direct

and the Moon blaring down at me all night and it is cold cold cold Michigan, Livonia, Lunar eclipse December10,2011 :) :) :) if you are up right now, go look at it and make a wish.

"Thank you for my beautiful home life"

Thank you for wanting my soap and then buying a bar or two. That makes me happy. Every other thing can fall by the way side because I seem to be quite content with the way things are at the moment. Good soap, chill home life, great business sense...

Uranus direct today.. electric vibe, honest vibe, sometimes eerie in its nature..tell you what with this aspect we are about to embark on to so much information we are gonna blow governments and old outdated beliefs like a super star on its death throws. Why should't we?

I have been reading about the next Uranus Pluto square a-comin'
Uranus is in Aries which is conflict of sort at any moment. They like to tackle big things and it has something to do with their excellent hand eye coordination and their animal charm:)
And Then You have Pluto in Capricorn breaking things down as it gets rid of unwanted crud balls that can't even linger in any corner. Pluto energies are like being in open water in the where to hide is all in your head so make the best of it I say.
(yes, I said crud balls))

I am down with doing your best. Be polite and kind if you can. But move it honey, you take too long, some might think. I do it all day.
Yesterday I could barely lift the totes at work. There were about 20 boxes all told.
I will continue to do one thing at a time and not rush too much, I think to myself...
I will walk in to the back room at work and my coworker will say, "50 boxes Anastasia!!"
"dude, really, stop counting them!"
"I cant", he
That there is Uranus at its best.
making soap tonight.

In The Woods by a Fire Soap
firs and spruces and smokey notes

Kyphi 2011 Soap
to bring in the yule one needs somethings grand and traditionally holy.
A sacred blend of resins and woods

Candy Cane
peppermint cinnamon soap with vanilla specs and for the whole family
gentle, mild and 2 for one:)

Have a great day:)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

the way things are in December

I woke up at 4 in the morning while the moon was blaring down reflective light upon my bed where I was tucked under my three down blankets..(my room is cold). I made a wish. You should too. Bring things in to the open in your own mind and then you can share them with one person. Hopefully the right person and release those sad insecurities to the Universe, saying, "I am worthy of all my good and accept myself and my gifts joyously"
My emotions are high right now. I can feel injustice in the air. I can see peoples shallow expressions and think to myself, "what am I doing with this lot?"
That is my Capricorn Moon, Saturn transiting my Libra Sun and Pluto being in the first house on top of my Moon right now I suppose.
We can linger on the wrong thing and loose sight of reality. I must be diligent and not too emotional. I get my feelings hurt all the time..and that is where holding ones head up gracefully applies to happiness and calm detachment.
Problem, I am not detached as a whole. Having three planets in Scorpio..yea, I am a little intense and gritty at times even.
The other day I got in trouble at my job for saying "hell". I was just messin' and said "what the hell dude?"
Yuppers, I was that person..I said I was, But really, what the hell dude?
My wish? The one whilst the moon was shining it's glorious light upon me, was,
"Thank you for my new home"

Let me tell you about my new butter slash face healer. You can use it all over as I do. It is loaded with super seed oils which will soak in and provide nutrients right to the source and not waste a moment.

Super Fine Shea Butter Cream
date nut oil
ootanga oil
sea buckthorn oil
yangu oil
marula oil
argan oil
kukui nut oil
carrot seed oil
baobab oil
shea butter to hold the all together
These oils are suspended by the shea butter and not a simple additions. No, The oils are woven throughout the thick shea in such a way that you get 50/50 shea to oils ratio.
I am not messing around when it comes to the healing essential oils within this cream.
rose otto (of which I only have a few drops left~I used it all like a pig:)
Roman chamomile
calendulla oil
and one drop yarrow for golden light energy to flow upon you:)
I hope you get one and thank me in the morning!
thank you

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gemini Space Dust

The eclipse is in Gemini and it is coming soon to consciousnesses near you.
Gemini, look over your bills and pay them and don't look back and worry about what you had.
You're moving on and making something of yourself, albeit not the comfy way it always has been. But that is only for now. It is only a matter of time honey!

Can we say that for the rest of us? What do I know besides my intuition which is mighty keen I tell ya!
Libra, pay attention and don't skip steps based on haste..that is haste not hate Cancer folk..
I know you have some judgment baggage here and there and must release, forgive and move on honey. Use your great memory skills to accomplish something grand for yourself.
Virgo, be well, find some new interests which make you flourish in golden sunsets, not golden showers but golden sunsets mmk? lol (kidding, k?)
Leo, you are going to change your direction completely in February, meanwhile do a great job at what you are doing now..soon you must perform at your highest.
Aquarius, quirky, quirky dear Aquarius!!
Someone is mad at your because you would not take their advice always drumming to a different beat and all. Maybe they feel like you are not in step and it hurts them a tad..what do I know!!
Taurus, move it honey. Take some probiotics (Garden Of Life Raw For Women)
What a difference a few of those make.
Capricorn, you can change and accept new ways of doing things without giving up everything for cyber space.
Aries, be nice to your inner sanctum of friends and family. What can I say about that? Listen, they didn't like Jesus enough in his own home town, and you know how that turned out!
Pisces, with Mars being in Virgo for the next 8 months, I suggest you think more and say less. It will be interesting to watch you. So grand you all are:)
Sag ladies and gents..come out of your cave of darkness and show your bright light
like a new sun forming from the debris of an old shattered star coming together in glorious brilliant cleansing light.
Breathe now and be free from misery and shame from abusive words and sad,sad angry soul suckers that have been removed for you:)Time to be suave about yourself! Your beauty and grace unfolds where ever you go.
Hey Scorpio, you do an excellent job at something and people can see it more and more. Come the new year, you will be super busy. Oh yea!
Well, bless that!

*question, how is day old baguette and hot black tea so good this time day? I have been enjoying it and must tell you that my astro thoughts are not meant to hurt anyone in particular or at all.
:) :) :)

Thank you

Monday, December 5, 2011

oh my sweet Virgo

you have such smart ways
I cleaned up my house
and threw out old frays
I cleaned behind mirrors and greeted The East with gratitude for having more than I thought
I paid homage to The Hot South for its path of fire and passion
I bowed to The West for its painted brightly~ colors which bring inspiration and fulfillment of all my desires
and to the North sisters I give my respect for honor and survival and wisdoms of the sages, within me:)
Have a great week!
silly me
what am I a poet now? :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

to begin at the begining

would be long a tedious for you, maybe some day I would tell about my life but after writing a few things down, I am afraid it would turn out in to a misery fest. You know the kind of time where you analyse whys and hows and oh my but that was a sad thing there.
It is all in what we nurture, what we pay attention to. I can tell you that with Capricorn Moon in the first house, I can mull a thing over and over and cry and remember and grit my teeth and set it aside finally, as something I am dwelling on for the wrong reasons. It can take days if I let it. Years if there is an ex involved, lol!
I am free and they are free to move on to glorious new situations!

So I would rather make stuff and share it with you.
Like this mask I have been using every night now for a week.

One vanilla bean, ground with green clay in a mortar ( I do this for about three days so that everything gets good and mixed up and pounded into a fine powder, I then add a few pinches of patchouli herb, you can use what you want like calendula or rose. Grind those up together and then add maybe a few drops of your favorite face oil.
*dry patchouli herb and vanilla bean smell amazing together.
This can be used as a mask or a scrub. I mixed it with vinegar for a really stimulating face wash.
I followed with some plain cold pressed marula oil. My face still tingles a bit and I have a nice glow.

Try infusing organic coconut oil with vanilla bean and patchouli herb. It is wonderful and then you can use this on your bod whenever. Why spend money on expensive creams which provide no real cure. Try the natural way!
Simply heat the oil in a double boiler and allow the ingredients to meld together. It is beautiful really.
Thank you:)