Sunday, March 31, 2013

all this for mocha?

day three..omg so yumma licious! The blood orange comes out at you first of is always the young uns', they are raucous and want all the attention..and we love their laughter...don't we?:)

This soap has already gotten a few shades darker than the picture shows but it will not go black all the way like some can when using vanilla oil. Natural vanilla co2 won't get as dark in soap as some so called natural vanillas, but we're not even going to go there, why would we, when all we have to do is be who we are, but I won't go there either..:))))
I thought I should have added more ground coffee but I'm glad I didn't, no one wants coffee grounds in their creases, now do they? Non!
Lets think about the best mocha you've had to eat times 8 billion!
I was quite heavy handed with the cacao absolute in this blend because I want to see how far I can take cacao before I succumb to its dark delicious magic. I can go pretty far, that is for sure..cacao is so beautiful to me!
A Nubian God among food and soap!

have a wonderful day, love,

all this, for mocha?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

your wish is my comand

you want more bath  and body oils,  massage oils and perhaps feel a little sad when all you have is 10 mls of delicousness and you need more?
Fine, I will make a few, limited edition massage two ounce and amber...
if they sell nicely and you like them, I'll keep them for us all the time.

here is what I'll offer you to begin with;

lavender massage oil

of course we  already have the trio of rose jasmine neroli..she does light up the garden with all that magic!

How about a piney spruce with frankincense and other anti inflammatory oils for a deep tissue massage?

Also lemon, green and organic with Cyprus oil and birch to really get in there and rub hard on them little pockets of fat you keep wondering It is just me then...:)
not really..:)

I have made it to a point in life where I love my body. It is silly not to. Yes, some of us are round and some angles and bones jutting, or our eyes get more and more sunk in as we age..but sag and sink it is going to... no matter what and no matter how much work you do to make it seem so that it hasn' has..
and there is a look, yes?
Here it is:
she is 60 ish
has had at least one thing done to her face, lips, some sort of eye thing, she is always wearing a long expensive coat in winter, except for that one who is 66 and still  wears "fuck me clothes"  with the heels and the short puffy coat and too much lipstick on her drawn lips..her bum looks way too firm to be real at her age. can you get your bum all plump with surgery now?
Hey man, who am I to judge her..I just know she fits in to an archetype, as do I in another one, what with being an old sort of hippie chick who is always appropriate and never too vulgar except in very tight circles..
I love you, thank you, have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


she is inspiration
she is fire
good talks
and all the creative pregnant forces
 which slowly erupt and enrich our lives with goodness
both stellar
none unworthy, they are yours after all:)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

full moon in libra

Emotional and hurt somehow..calm down!
 Everything is wonderful and perhaps the polarity if Aries Libra is getting to you a little.
Here are some sentences I'll throw at you of my impression of what people are showing and speaking to me about..

why me? how about me?
he (she) hurt me, she (he) hurt my feelings.
she (he)doesn't know me?

Aries vibes all day and infused with some really intense realities what with Uranus poised to take a wonkey lead!  I said wonkey, is there anything else when Uranus is involved?
With Uranus,  you have a strong leadership vibe and a weird Uranian boldness which can be cold and cutting and by the book..somebody's book.
It goes right through you like cold steel, the honest truth does!

If you feel left out, review your own behavior and do your duties..nothing is passing you by, your are going along and so remember to be grateful for where you are now which is really far and remember that you are loved by so many, and some people cannot fully disclose their feelings because of fear, pride, jealousy..
(all forms of self loathing, so quit!)
Tell it! say you are sorry and you are content and you are so very very wonderfully accepting of other's seemingly bad qualities..

Why at this moment, I can almost forgive the dog poop girl on etsy for hurting my feelings every time I go try to look at something on the main page..fine I forgive her! May she live and prosper!

have a wonderful day~

Monday, March 25, 2013

vanilla cupa

I just bought come very tasty heirloom coffee beans from Rowanda.
 Organic and quite yummy and rich in a  morning cup of fresh brew, I must say!

Doesn't that look good? I rarely drink coffee this way. Give me a basic prefect brew with half and half and a bit of raw sugar and I am very happy..but....the thought inspires me....and..I would have a cup with a friend over a chat about things and what have you's...

Vanilla Cupachano Soap! I meant to say it that way..Tonie's idea!
 "Oh you met a guy? Are you gonna go have a cupachano with him?"
She is stunning as a friend and lover of goodness!
I had to!

Organic cold pressed coconut and olive oils make for a dang fine soap base, with raw organic cacao butter as enrichment!
ground Rowanda coffee, og
vanilla co2 total
ylang ylang extra
blood orange, a spot, not too much~
cacao absolute

The coffee is not so finely ground that the soap is completely black, non, there is just enough to speckle it:)
I look forward to showing you:)

Meanwhile, the energy is good and intense..remember to keep your cool and keep to yourself, do your job and pay attention to yourself and how suave you are.
Today, be thoughtful and  blame no one for mistakes made.
Say you're sorry and move on, you're busy!
Take a bath later, drink a little wine if you want to..everything is good, we are well fed and no bombs are blowing up in front of us..right?
(so be it)
Om to cool
Om to smart
Om to happiness
Om to clean food
Om to big money
Om to comfort like a floating rug on which we are carried effortlessly where ever we want..all we have to do is think it and it is already done..
Have a wonderful day:)

all this for mocha!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

two new oils to work with

I am fortunate to present to you, the beautiful Austrian Pine and of course  Templin Fir Cone from Austria, which has delighted me before.
It must be the air over there in the Austrian Alps:) ...  because this is not your ordinary piney distillation.
Can I say creamy piney? Like you are just enveloped in creamy comfort. Woodsy to the extreme both oils are! And the templin fir cone really seems to give a church feeling to me..maybe the mental picture of a temple because of the word:)
They both smell resinous and super smooth I can tell you. I will for sure anoint this blend with frankincense and maybe a drop or two myrrh today, it'll be amazing!

I would like to make this soap very intense as a cleanser which is why I'll add a whole heaping dose of black walnut powder. You all loved that last soap I had made with black walnut powder, remember?
I have people writing me back after they were done with that bar telling me how much they enjoyed it.
I had taken great care to melt chunks of resin which I used in the final step to bind my creation together..
I will do that again this time but with myrrh resin and also copal resin.. a sort of fusion soap, because copal is generally connected with The Southern Hemisphere of earth:) and pines and spruce, Northern.

Ok ok
here is the plan so far:

Piney Fusion Soap
Templin fir
Austrian pine
Black Spruce
frankincense co2 wild
frankincense select wild

 melted copal resin
copal absolute
melted myrrh
melted mastic

black walnut powder until it turns black:)
let us now wait to see what will be brought to us..shreem to soap!

During the last three four weeks I have been working with labdanum and, that distilled lime is nice right??
Labdanum Lime will stay as one of my top soap bars from now on because she strokes you as if your are her's, she is easy and refreshing and even brings you a little vision of you, feeling happy and so right!

thank you, love,

Friday, March 22, 2013


yes be edgy but don't be rude
be understanding and don't conclude that you are so right and they are so not
sure some you meet will be snots
but you are tied in a proper knot not some glob
you are above the fray
and disillusioned angry mob
you are accepting of events and always move on
always knowing that
money is just an illusion
you'll always have enough, therefore...
let the giving light in your mind shine over you like a fountain
a fountain of boons:) that is boons not booze...::))
thank you~I love you~ have a wonderful day:)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

freezing in Michigan

freezing temps, and I  do not want to leave my home for anything. Leave I must, though...
You too?
It is too cold, too, too cold, no wonder people flock to Florida about now. We have 6 more weeks of this, before true spring arrives?
Maybe it'll warm up soon, I feel like I'm in an ice age. :)
Also, I feel like a fluffy kitty should sit with me while I read a nice book, you too? yes to joy!
Happiness is the whole point and I shall smile today and greet everyone with lightness and joyfulness:)
Have an awesome day! And don't forget to smell amazing, it'll reflect through your inevitable magnetism....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the ram's horn

The Ram's Horn restaurant burned down last night!
My son told me because he and his friend were going to have a coffee and talk about Socrates and physics over coffee there and the place caught fire!!
How fitting for The Ram's entrance! The Sun in Aries!!
 I mean really, and they say astrology doesn't work! Why, there are symbols everywhere.
The place was a piece of crap anyhow and no one got hurt. Everybody got out and mostly my boy, and that other one who is always here. They are now talking about that..

So I must say, Happy Birthday Aries ! Thank you for always teaching me about getting to the fiery point. You rock! You are generous, kind, fierce, constructive, mean and dandy! So pretty and you shine like a rising star all day...and through time.

Libras, it is our un-birthday, so we should all take more probiotics!
My favorite one is Garden Of Life for women over fifty and now I love love probiotics even more!
 My whole family must take them when sick in any way. They work!
I went to another lecture on intestinal fortitude last night and I am convinced and will further rely on fermented foods.
  The speaker said so much that it takes me a few days to soak it in and understand all of it, which I did.
But man, he was good, he spoke so beautifully!
 I now understand exactly what is up in the body. That unless you take care of the colon, you may not achieve full health and longevity. He also touched a great deal on acid reflux and the causes of this very common ailment..very interesting...

"stop eating so much, you fat fuck!"
A quote from Raging Bull

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


about something, I do not know what, but it is grand in every way.
I mean, who am I to expect so much out of life?
I do!
I am a hard working gal, focused and mindful most days:)
There isn't a reason to be sad, from expecting too much or the wrong things. Been there, done that..Now I am home, and, cosmic consciousnesses has shown me the honest my mind, whatever my mind is..
I am a part of the bubble, in it, submerged in its soapy foam..
is everything about soap? hahahaaa

have a wonderful day,

honey rose scrub and mask

2 tablespoons each of organic;
garbanzo ground
quinoa ground
manuka honey 2 tablespoons
french green clay
2 drops rose otto
4 drops chamomile
og jojoba until it is a paste (about 8 tablespoons)

mix well until smooth
it should look like a nut butter
now wash your face and rinse well, pat dry..

Monday, March 18, 2013

staying mad

you cannot stay mad at a leo person for long, yes, you get mad at them but then all you want to do is hug them and pet them like a kitty:)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

sandalwood rose over lebanon

yea, Mystic Woods in Lebanon Soap has changed, I can smell the woods and the spruce and the frankincense and cade..I now remember that I put cade in that soap..mmm, no wonder it intrigues me so! I wore one drop rose otto and one drop sandalwood after that woodsy bath..It was nice..I have been putting a drop of rose on my heart is open for the best things:)
mystic lebanon :)

Mercury's going direct soon and I am making more soap this week.
Coming up,
Honey Rose
Lavender Rosemary

How are you, good I hope and well rested for a coming rush?
We're ready, I know this...::))

speeding up

Mercury will speed up and going direct soon, and it is already speeding up, right!
I am getting so much, done it feels like some zen thing. You?

There is nothing wrong with getting all your ducks in a row because as you may know ducks need containment and if you train your ducks right, then you can do anything.. :-))just about:)

Ask yourself what you want to get better at and then practice that!
Am I too old to learn math?
Learn the secrets of the universe?
Ask what is intelligent design?
Our minds are constantly trying to find divinity..or some force which may save us in the end..but as we are a part of the forces which we choose to make divine,  we glide, and we swagger and know we are right where we need to be. I mean, what else can it are here and I am here and it is already done..


do good
be kind
be detached
don't justify yourself, you ought not have to
tell the truth because you can

make it yourself
make it simple
love it
love your belly
love your butt

I love you:)
 mercury is going direct, and...there will be 3 months of awesome planetary movement and many pretty grand achievements!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

everything is learning

From the moment you get up on your two feet and even when you are sleeping., you are learning. But how exciting that you learn with others..I am really thankful that I have so many high thinkers in my realm!   (I am the queen then)
I am so over humanity some days! I tried to watch Gandhi the other day and just couldn't! I mean what, another fucking show which displays humans total selfish and horridly cruel behaviors towards other humans?!
I turned Ghandi off after he was thrown out of the train because some stupid jerk said dark skins  can't sit in first class, that is never compromised. "but I bought a first class ticket"
I already felt the adrenalin rushing through my veins in the first five minutes!
How long ago was that, 80 years?
You know... all last month I watched The Tudors and then read more about it and the fucking burnings and torture of humans, happened..we did all that!We still do. How will people of the future see us to have been, I wonder? As we now ourselves look at that part of history 1000 years ago, we know that it is brutal "uncivilized" behavior..and yet.. my friends in some countries still, they perform female mutilation of the genitals, make young boys dance for men and here, where we are civilized, we perform male genital mutilation( circumcision)  on babies just born, in hospitals all over the US! You might say, what about  cleanliness?
 It is modern times, we shower every day and bathe our babies every day..I am all for stopping that, it is unnecessary and archaic!


So,  I took a break from all the human horror and just watched The Stones on my tele..I just found out I have You Tube on  that all day yesterday I danced with Mick and loved watching Ol Kief,  and cleaned this place and after which, my friend Tonie called and I sang some songs from the stones to her and she made me laugh and sing some more and she said to me she said,  " I know that thing with humans but  even in all that awful stuff,. there  are some who do really amazing things."

Ghandi is like, "what do you mean dark skins can't walk on the paved part, we are all children of god" "It isn't christian"
He must have been appalled deep inside like we get sometimes...they killed him!

People hate to change, and loose their religion, they are so afraid of burning forever..

You are in space, of course you'll burn and churn, you are  burning now as one of the highest forms of energy created by stars and kept alive by that fire:())

"be the change you want to see in the world"

and have a wonderful day, where you'll smile at everyone and that'll always attract better things.

***I never quote people perfectly, so sorry about that but I think you know that already:)

Friday, March 15, 2013

quick rant about the pope

don't care
world church?
Jesus did not wear gold robes or ever talk about burning or stretching people and or torturing them if they didn't follow him..but his so called apostles of the "world church" did!
fine help the poor and do some good..
White smoke!
smoke and mirrors is what I think!smoke and mirrors....

vanilla late


How do you feel about coffee and vanilla in a soap bar?
 It has to be small because I get bored with vanilla, but what if you add something like a few drops blood orange and maybe some orange blossom?
Then it would be still be a coffee vanilla soap but with some flair and mystery!
I need to think about it. I won't rush in to that but I want to remember a soap I had made a couple years ago called bon pomarigio , where I had used coffee and a mocha but with hints of citrus and vanilla..
I  am out of cacao absolute but no worries, I'll buy some..mmm
cacao, vanilla coffee with og blood that does sound nice to me..
I dreamed about it being frothy and looking all fluffy on top like some soapmakers do. dang, I am not foofy in anyway and what if the foam just crumbles in your hand as soon as you get it wet?
what if's and what should haves you's about soap? If those were our only concerns  in life we should be so lucky..we are:)
everything is fine, spring is on her way and we are fine fine fine:)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

it is 4 am and it is just a matter of time

I made some really nice soap last night. I know I always say that but this time it is special.
patchouli neroli petitgrain from mandarins

It is always just A Matter Of Time with patchouli:)
The thing is, I have bought 2 new patchoulis this year that are very nice. They must have aged because for the last couple years, I was like, meh..but lately, it is all good and smooth!
I have always stuck with Sunrose's patchouli, Sumatra, but White Lotus has a dark patchouli that I thought I would try, and I must say, it is nice. His two year seems like a nice brew too.
I put  four ounces of it in this batch, four! Then, a full 10 mls neroli and then 30 mls petitgrain from madarins..
I also up on completion of my masterpiece soap, took a bath with the remaining oils in the bottle!

You can't go wrong with neroli and patchouli..and me, I love the mandarin petitgrain, it is simply delicious!
There are a few granules of pink Himalayan salt on top and some of them having slowly floated throughout the soap as well. Do you see how dark it got from all the patchouli? It smells just wonderful!
a matter of time soap

"i am submerged in cosmic life force"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


pink lotus on my third eye
and some nice chypre I concocted
fir cone

have a wonderful dreamy day:)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

dark moon night

I washed all my sheets yesterday and then sprayed my bed with lavender and then I made some dang fine soap too.
Mystic Woods in Lebanon
I do not know if there are mystic woods there, in my mind there are. The romantic notions and ideas which flow have churned something quite nice for us.
mystic woods in lebanon
frankincense labdanum cyprus black spruce fir oakmoss patchouli bergamot and lime too..
og fat base
so creamy and so fine
I love that oils are in my life. I cherish these moments with you because of this!

Monday, March 11, 2013

a million planets in Pisces and Mercury is still retro

in Pisces! All of the inner planets are conjunct in Pisces, the Sun is about to unleash some dang huge waves and I think the fog will clear but month. So ride the wave, stay calm and be glad for the changes..
If and I say if you are a Sag or Gemini person, look with in, work hard and then go to your mom and cry it out. Find a mom, remember your mom and eat something delicious, smile:)
That is the thing about moms, especially mine. She isn't always fair (Pisces) but she is generous because she doesn't want you to suffer as she has suffered..
What does this have to do with Sag?
I think they are hit hard and they have high expectations of themselves..and yes money has a lot to do with it. I mean who doesn't want to be independent? I know I do. I am Sag rising myself..It makes me learn better. I love information, details, and I love elegance in clothing and a nice home.
Here is the thing with this energy in my opinion  it makes one question their abilities, it makes one scared that they may have no one to turn to and fear makes one angry enough to yell..
ah, to yell or not to yell, that is the question..:)
yell about the peanut butter half eaten on a plate, do not yell about politics and the world..that can be nurtured in any other ways. By living what you believe and turning inwards..
Maybe you do not need half the shit you have is mostly decor, yes?

I will tell you something. I came back from Costa Rica with literally my back pack and 50 cents in my pocket, no coat, freezing my ass off in Chicago in April and when I finally got to Detroit, my mom and dad picked me up and fed me and I took a hot shower and it was so comfy and clean in her house.
I got a job right away at a Greek diner as a prep cook for 8 dollars an hour and worked 7 days a week there..
long story, and I hated it and loved it. And hey, ask them who was the cleanest prepper and who could make the best Greek salad dressing there, ask, go ahead ask :)..some of us have a touch with garlic and olive oil, I guess:)

With all the Pisces planets in Pisces now, we are made to remember that family is so very important and hard work always pays off and forgiveness is real and sometimes it is ok to take a break from the fight to just say, "can i come home?" Or, ""can I make a home here?"
No? Then get the fuck out, why cast your pearls among swine?

Greek Salad Dressing
1 cup olive oil (the good stuff)
1/3 cup beautiful red wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon tomato puree
1/2 teaspoon good salt
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1/2 teaspoon good oregano
1/2 teaspoon finely chopped celery
1/2 teaspoon finely chopped garlic
a dash  tobasco
a dash dijon
blend well and pour over green and such

Friday, March 8, 2013

Chypre Soap Blend

The Chypre (pronounced SHEEP-ruh) family of perfumes takes its name from Cyprus, which is Chypre in French. The island itself is now thought to have been the home of one of the first major perfumeries in the Western world dating back to 2000 BC.
read more here:

  • 3 ounces bergamot essential oil
  • 1.5 ounces oakmoss absolute
  • 1 ounce lime essential oil
  • 3/4 ounce labdanum eo or abs

This is Christopher's recipe from White Lotus Aromatics..the labdanum is from Sunrose is the bergamot. She has amazing citrus oils at Sunrose and her new petitgrain is heaven. It smells like the flowers, very special indeed.
I am inspired to work with bergamot and I have been for a while now. 
All these ingredients are not new in aromatherapy, but  it is always so exciting to crack open a new bottle of bergamot and then the labdanum, forget it, it takes you away, you become a rider on a wave of scent!

The recipe above is a nice way to enjoy Chypre..soon I will show you photos:)

old whore soap

look at that pasty thick smelliness in there..the melting vessel for the old whore and and all the other stuff I need to slowly heat up when working with resinous substances.
What is left must be diluted in a potion. It is the remnant of what simply wouldn't pour out.
It is composed of 13 year patchouli (Sumatra), labdanum, smokey vetiver, myrrh, sandalwood, jasmine and a few drops wormwood extract..
The labdanum is so sticky, I couldn't get it all completely off went in to my skin and blood stream. I feel really good and happy as you read this:)


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Karen's Kale Salad

one nice clean bunch of kale, chopped
dried cranberries or cherries or both, a handful of each
pine nuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, a handful of each..
a nice onion, I like the sweet Vidalias
two avocados
two lemons

take the avocado and smash in it the kale, massage the kale, beat it with your hands, add lemon juice from two lemons, massage some more, smash it but good!
Add everything else, mix and eat!
Eat it all if you want to!

Ol' Kief!

I once had a crush on David Crow, but like any Libra woman, I am willing to move on.

I have been listening to a book on tape by Kieth good!
Ol' Kief writes some really beautiful sentences. In fact, I would say the whole book is like a song, one of his songs!
He writes like a poet, ol' Kief does!
One of my beloved customers gifted his book on tape for me to hear. He said if I like interesting writing, to listen to Kieth's book..
It is like driving to work with a friend. he speaks as we speak, naturally and honestly.
Plus, the drugs and the parties, studio 54 with Mick, I mean he loves and hates him...and loves him.

David Crow, you say?
I got a little enchanted by him and his writings of oils.
He is so good at it!
At this moment however, I would have more chance in talking with Kieth than David Crow;; ) but then again anything is possible. He loves oils David does, that is certain! I also think he likes younger than me California blonds..ha ha ha

I am actually thinking of having a coffee with real a man though..I have cancelled every date since 2011 or something! I'll agree to plans and then I cancel and I do not do it. The suitors fade away like long lost Gemini man, will come to the store and smile at me for like 20 minutes and I can tell he is on the verge of saying something intimate. He goes, he comes, he wants to say something..he leaves!
This new one (Aries), however, keeps insisting..sigh..he calls me, he wants me to wear his jacket while I walk to my car..
I said now your coat will smell like me, and you know what he said?  He said, "I hope so"
That is flirting right?
Oye, my stomach hurts from joy in life!!!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mercury retrograde 2013 no#1

all water
digging in deeply
showing our fears on our sleeves
on our cheeks and in our eyes
bitterness flows in through the liver and comes out of the mouth
in bitter words
no, think twice and don't repeat too much about it
be awed by them and choose words of a kinder nature
sweetness plants seeds which explode into radiant doings

the truth prevails and it doesn't just may hurt like a dirty bitch
a draconian queen
and perhaps an angel being pecked by ones who believe themselves more profound, more high on a ledge
Does God see them better?
Are they more secure on their pedestal?
Not by a long shot and once a clear understanding of the truth, that gods particles are small
smaller still
and they are also linear
and reach out like a disk in space
we know where we are
right here right now


money flows out
paying this and paying that
and paying him and her
giving with our hearts open
giving to our needs generously
money flows out
and I am the hanged man waiting knowing with patience and poise

Monday, March 4, 2013

two balms from last summer and how someone should have these

the one in back is lemon verbena, it smells so good, so, so good!
The one in the wee dish is a frankincense with something else.. maybe soon as you open it, you are struck with such force you didn't even know could exist in  an unseen capacity. It does! Exist, I mean:)
Frankincense is all fire but I believe it cools your fire and makes you see, all that you are and all you can be.
To have squashed all sadness and fear and shed all expectations  with kindness and reverance but not fear..
life, me and you and and
and earth and the stars are made of diamonds:)
(a quote from dr. who which starts march 30)))

"the stars are made of diamonds"
in reality medium sized stars really do burn out to become embers of carbon which cool enough to become diamonds as we know them!

Our lives are so good, yes?

manuka honey facial scrub

Mr Stackich of Stackich honey here in Michigan gifted me with a jar of manuka honey.
He is so nice and very elegant on the phone, I must say.
He has been importing it and I wanted to try it. It is delicious and I've been eating it every morning.
In March, everyone will get a free sample  of my manuka honey scrub with every purchase at eleneetha's.
I made it for me, I love scrubs, love them!
Here is what is in the scrub:

manuka honey
ground organic quinoa
ground rose buds
rhassoul clay
ground st john's wort
rose otto
Roman chamomile
organic red grape seeds, ground
organic jojoba to make it a little slick

simply take a pearl sized chunk in your palm, add water and gently polish you face, neck and knees if you want to!


good Monday to you

It is oily balm time at eleneetha's my sweeties..It is white rose and jasmine and it is Tunisian neroli!
The oils are spectacular and I like to anoint, and, I know you like to anoint and smell amazing all day.
My base will be a simple cold pressed avocado with a few sea buckthorn oil and organic cold pressed olive oil.
There are three "flavors" of  gorgeous jasmine sambac with a few drops sandalwood, the notorious neroli with a drop or two lime and one which will stand alone and always mesmerize, our white rose co2!
I am at the moment waiting for the jars and viola, yummy, smelly, sweet creamy goodness!
New soaps in the making will be coming up too. It is time to make more soap, I am getting low.
I know I am getting low when family members and friends come around for a chunk or two and I have to stop them from taking the really pretty ones! They are all pretty!
You are the most pretty and everyday you get prettier and today you look like tomorrow!

Friday, March 1, 2013

a tasty salad

Spinach Salad with Beets

I had been feeling very weak lately. I barely made through yoga and both my thumbs hurt really badly.
Especially the left one..
(Louise Hay says that is fear of authority, being too authoritative, or worry, being under someone's thumb)
**** "my mind is at peace, I am secure"
While it is true I am always battling fear and I also worry, as if I am a warrior of the inner mind:) but, let's face it,  I have work to be done and can't take too many long breaks! ha! Yesterday, I slept on and off all day. I dragged myself home from yoga which almost felt great and tried to eat something and slept some more.
I felt that I needed some iron to strengthen my blood..
I could have taken iron pills but they make my stomach hurt, I don't know about you, but too many pills is too many pills for me..

Spinach Blood Builder

You will want to gather:

clean spinach, organic if possible and one big bag..the whole thing baby!
one sweet onion, sliced thin
three nice tomatoes, large dice
one nice cucumber thinly sliced
a dash of salt on the cukes
1/4 cup olive oil
1/8 cup red wine vinegar
salt to taste, I used about 1/2 teaspoon on the whole thing
a good dose of black pepper
massage thoroughly until the spinach is reduced by about 1/3 of its size
taste for tang and saltiness
now put that aside

in a another bowl:
one can of organic beets, sliced, drained
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon pink salt if you have it
1/3 cup nice clean water
(allow this to sit )

now take a nice big bowl and put yourself a nice portion of salad
on top put about 4 beets and some of the vinegary juice
 ( I also drank some of this because I know apple cider vinegar is good for my achy joints)
eat it alone or with a nice meal..
I ate it with some baguette..I need a little starch when I eat greens:)

You can eat this for three days and it just marinates this house however, it was gone by midnight. Everyone gobbled it up and today they said thank you for a wonderful meal..awe! I did also serve them some amazing mashed organic Yukon gold potatoes and a wonderful gravy with that..mmmm